The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 15, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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Chest Pains
Short breath, palpita
tion, weak, and sore
I lungs, pleurisy, coughs,
i. olds, asthma and bron
chitis relieved in One
Minute by the Cuti-
,CURA Asn-l'AW Piaster, the first and
unly instantaneous pain L.'.l.n ; plaster,
lor weak, painful kidneys, back ache,
uterine pains and weakness, it is simply
Won del ful. It vitalizes the nervous forces,
and hence cures nervous pains and mus
cular weakness when all others fail.
Price at,c; five, $1.00. At all druggist or by
nuil. rorriiR Dkcc. amj Culm. Coif , Uoatou.
OF -
Women's Muslin and
Cambric Underwear
AS IN TUE I' AST, our effort thi yeer
V huve be.-u exerted to gather together a
flock of I'uderwear that would give the great
eat possible satisfaction In nuanteoi tuiten
's. oareful aea of wvrkuiaushiti and perfec
tion of At.
Aud while tbe price are a low a.- can pos be atforvW tor sued high class work, we
4o not -utr lulu coipt:tiou with the inte
rior grade of goods W e y sold at seemingly
low B rices.
The stock now placed on exhibition Is all
uew and fresh. No shop-woru or eouuter-soil.-d
food m the lot. ana include ouly the
'ate-?! style and stupe.
I mention today some
3Clai Ddi
W tilth eBWsOt 00 duplicated
at the Bticwi
Fine Muslin Corset Covers, 19c
Fine Cambric Corset Covers, 23c
Right Dresses,
Walking Skins,
In connection with the special bargains in
Huahn underwear, we name som.
unusual values
In Children's .White Dresses
At lie., Ho, c., Ha, 98c
Infants' Long Slips
At tfe, aSc H, tc., KM and L3t
It is wall tn remember that whoa we advfr
Han ".pecan bargains itn not ar to postpone
lamination foraaiogkl day The reason Is
that 4.1 our notices are esgerly scanned, and
w we positively avoid alt forms of sensational
.d'ertlsementa it has been proven by experi
mce that everything mentioned in our notti-er,
is precisely an stated therefore, the response
in prompt and large iota are sometimes sold in
a rew hoars or days, ae it may happen.
Bntartaanine Paragraphs Concerning
Prcminent Peopl.
SpecinI to th Scranton TViA-iie.
Avctca, P.. March U -H. M. How
ell and Attorney L J. Baiter mada a
bnainea trip to Moscow todar
Rev. U. F. Crane it ia New York
Mrs. A F. Rboadoa vintad her
mother at Willies-Barre today.
Mra. J. R. Sitterly spent today at
Whits Haven.
An infant ahild of Mr. and Km W.
i McDonnell died yesterday and will
be buried tomorrow afternoon.
Work haa been commenced on the
building of the addition of St Mary s
chnrcn. William O'Malley, of Wilkes
Barra, ia the contractor.
Liriaion 9. Anclant Order Hibernl -ens,
Board of Erin, and the West Side
brum aorps wiil go to Wilkes-Bam
to participate in tba parade there St
Patrick'a Day.
Mieaea Nellie and Annie Callahan
left for a few days atay in N'ew York
Miaa Annie Cranaton apent yeaterday
In Pittaton.
Kev Fathera Shenlay and Aablay,
of Carbondale, were Tiaitora here yaa
terday. An infant child of Mr. and Mr
Barnard King died yesterday and will
be burled tomorrow afternoon.
The choir of the Avooa Methodist
Episcopal chorch will give an enter
tain man t Thursday aTening, March 21),
eonaiatlng of chorales, solos, dnets,
unartettes, recitations, and reading.
Tne admission will only be 1i cants,
tuna giving any and all an opportunity
to bear tome good music, from oar local
talent. C. E. Clark will preside aa or
ganist. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mm
John Gallagher di-n thia morning.
1 he funeral will take place tomorrow
at 2. 38 p. m.
Brief Naws Motes from a Lively Town on
the Susquehanna.
frjieeial to the Hrranton Tribune.
MksfioI'I'EN, Pa, March 14 Mra.
Shepherd Hoberta and aon apent Ban
day and Monday in Wllkea-Barra.
The Presbyterian Sunday school and
Mra. Hennard French's elocution class
give an entertainment Friday evening
Mrs. Floyd Kellogg is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Johu Hawks, of Tunk
bsnuock. Tbe Women's Christian TemperAnoe
union met with Mra. Theodore Sterling
Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. A H. Starling visited Mehoop
any Monday.
Mrs. Jackaon Love, who haa been tick
for aeveral weeks past, ia convales
cing. Misses Martha and Mary Tanney, of
Tunkhannook, visited the Misses Preu
man over Sunday.
The Epworth league is in vary
nourishing condition.
Mr. and Mrs M. S Kintner, of Me
hoopnny, oalled upon their son and wife
Ontof town correspondents ofTits Tats
Dne should sign their names In full to uaoh
Usws letter, not for publication out to guard
against docoptiou.l
A Talentad Cor. v indent's Tludget of
Brightly w rlttsn News.
Speci'ol to the SSTflafSa TWhuns.
Factouyvii.i.H. Pa., March U The
1SU4 oiuldins' boom has uotutuouoed in
The Ladies' Aid society of the Meth
odist church met at the home of Mrs.
II. L, Harding
Mrs. Niger, who Ins beri taking
care of her daughter. Mra M J. Wat
kins, the last mouth, relumed home
The friends of the llev W. J. Wnt
kius, at. S'.nrkville, will tender him a
donation at the residtmoe of Anson
Steveus, on Tuesday evening, Marsh
Thomas Reynolds, of Ureen Ridge,
expects to build a residence this spring
on the hill uar M. N. Reynolds'. Mr.
Reynold! will probably be better r
luembered as the son iu law of Mrs.
Ahuira tjuick.a former resident of this
With a very few exceptions, the
roads iu this vicinity are beglutnug to
assume their summer like solidity,
which is something quite rare for this
season of the vesr.
The exercises at the armory last Fri
d'iv iu conueotiou with the olosiug of
the grade school were well attended
The chlldreu sustained their purts in
the dialogues aud recitations iu i way
that showed careful study and rtdected
much credit ou the teachers who trained
A large chorus uuder the direction of
W. N. Manchester ts rehearsing a
special blister programme entitled,
"Christ Triumphant."
The Woman's Christian Temperance
uuiou has engaged Mrs. A M Holvev.
a tnembsr of the Kate lecture bureau,
to give a series of three lectures in the
Baptist churcti, beginning with Suuday
eveuiug, March IS. aud continuing
Monday and Tussday evenings. Sun
day eveniug will be a gospel temper
ance sermon Aduiisaiou free.
Rev. M. J Watkios occupied the pul
pit of tbe Baptist church at Jeriuyu
last Sunday.
Mr. Moray, a senior of Hamilton
Theological seminary, of Hamilton, N'
Y . , preached at the Baptist church
here last Sunday morniug and even
ing. Mr. Morey haa accepted a call to
become pastor of the Baptist cuaroh at
Jertnyo, Pa and expects to entor apou
the work immediately after his gradua
tion next June.
The correspondent of the Scran ton
Republican reported last week that the
sight singing clasa under the direction
of W. N. Manchester was a "Bowling"
success. We think the correspondent
not beiug present mast have drawn
on a very vivid imagination for a
slang word foroeful enough to properly
convey the intended meaning
Pen Pictareaof a Hustling Lackawanna
Valley Town.
Special to tae Scraafon Tribune.
AftCHBALli, March lo Intelligence
reached here last svening that Mr
Matbew Roche, who was well kaown
here, died at his home in Potter county
yesterday Mr. Roche was a brother to
Miss Ella Roche and a brother in-law
of T. F. Kielty, of thts place. Miss
Roche and Mr. D. P. O'Ronrke went to
Potter county last night to be present
at the funeral.
Mr. P. H. Swift, proprietor of the
Globe hotel, will retire from business
on April L He has seanrad more de
sirable and profitable employment.
The employes of Jones, Simpson &
Co , will bs paid tomorrow.
M. F Giltiool. who has creditably
represent id the Metropolitan Life In
surance com rjaoy iu thia vicinity, has
been promoted to tbe raaponsible posi
tion of assistant superintendent of the
Binghamton district. He will assume
his new duties on April 1 Mr. Gil
hool is an energetic young man, who
is well qualified for his new charge.
P. F. Corcoran has resigned bis rosi -tion
as engineer for the Crerent F.ic
trio company to accept more lucrative
John E Swift, of Dnnmore. called
on friends here Tnas lay afternoon.
The funeral of Jennie, the 5-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mc
Longhlin, of Main str', took place on
Monday afternoon. Interment took
place in Minooks. There is much sym
pathy felt for Mr. and Mrs. McLongn
lin over this, their fifth bereavement.
Fred Kinback hss gone on an ex
tended tour through the west"rn states.
Miss Katie R-llly, or Olvphant,
called on friends here last evening.
Miss Katie Philbln, of Scranton, who
haa been visiting relatives here, has re
turned homa
Miss Dora Dieehe, of Scranton, is
visiting at her home her.
Stepnen J Barrett, of Hill street,
desires it stated that he will lie a can
didate for delegate to the Democratic
county convention. Thia announce
ment may appear premature, but then
Mr. Bsrrett la a firm believer in the
old adage that "the early bird catches
the worm."
A Live Reporter's Daily Riatime of Cur
rent Topioii of Interest.
fiptiiat to 171" Hcntnlim TWA a a.
PlOXVTIXI, Pa.. March 14 Mrs.
Mollahan. of Wilkes-Barre, is visiting
her (laughter, Mrs Daniel Dorris.
Mrs H H. Hoffecker is visiting her
mother, Mrs. William Mack, at Tunk
hannook Mrs. Jessie Scott, of Mill street, Is
suffering from a sevsre attack of rheu
matism. Mrs A. A. Ayres has been suffering
from a severe attack of aiaknosa.
Coe F. Tuthill and his mother, Mrs
Robert Tuthill, visited with trleuds at
Scrsnton Inst Tuesday.
John Kirzer, of Klzsrtown, Is visit
ing his children. Alton F. and Mrs. M.
S. Shaffer.
Mrs. John Mitchell ia on the sick
Mrs. Wilson Webb, of Wilkes-Barre.
is visiting for a few daya with her
noico, Mrs. Henry Chapman.
Mrs. H. Mnnzer and Mrs J. Giggs.
of South Gibson, are the guest of Mrs.
Thomas Pope.
Don't forgot the bee on the founda
tion of tbt new Methodiat Episcopal
church today. Bring your pick and
hovel along.
Jeff Warren li building a tenement
bouse on the back of his lot at Bell
Mr, Thorp, of South Canaan, has
been visiting bis son, A U. Thorp, of
Maple atroat, thia Week.
Charleo Bateo, of Wlnton, spent Sun
day with hia brother, George Bates, of
Brook street.
Oar borough fathers will meat in
their chamber next Monday night to
look after tbe finances of our borough.
John R Williams, of Green Ridge,
formerly of this pllce, has purchased
the William Davis property.
The street commissioner has begun
bis work on our street.
J. G. Bell is sale ngont for the Cham
pion estate aud will give tbe right
figures on nny lots that any one wishes
to purchnso.
A bold thiof eutered Trevor LaflB
geti'a residence one day last week and
stole a valuable watch and clock.
The dancing class oujoyed a social
hop at Mr. Anduld's last Monday eve
ning. Th tiuostioti ia inked overy dny, why
don't the council give us the grade for
sidewalks mi 1 pais an ordinance to
compel every property owner to have
his fenoa let on the Unu und build u
good suitable walk iu front of his prop
erty. It would be a groat blessing lo
thl people and add a groat ileal to the
appeal auce to our town, list the coun cil
wake up to Oils at OUOO, ns it is the
wish of nil taxpayers.
s -
Pioneer City's Sights and Scenes Oraphl
eally Reported.
ftici i to the Scranton 'IWAuas.
CaRBONDALK, Pa, i Marcli 14. Ou
Friday evening of this week the Venus
social club will ,give a Hiiuisl to their
frisnda In their parlors in the Opera
house block Many guests from out of
town are expected to he in attendance.
Musis for dancing will be furnished by
Yovd Smith, of scranton.
11 RlVonbnrg, Of Belam avenue, ntid
1' K Diirfee, of North Main street,
will leave tomorrow morning for a
trip to Floriday.
John Simpion left this afternoon for
North Carolina, where he goes to look
after his interest iu a lumber tract
Tnis morning occurred the death of
Georgia Borroli, the V -year-old Son of
Mr. aud Mrs George Barrel), of Itol -mout
slreet Deceased was a victim of
diphtheria. The funeral occurred this
afteruuou and was private. InteiTutiiit
was made iu Muplvwood cemetery.
This afternoon tho Outsrio and
Western compauy disposed of the four
houses by public sale which atood ou
the property recently purchased by
them from W. W. Watt, ou New Cem
etery street. Amoug the purchasers
are Lewis Oraiuer and John Moou.
The houses are to be moved off their
present location, us tho company will
use the laud for railroad purposes.
Last eveniug about t) o'clock a fire
broke out iu the home of Edwarl At
kiusou. ou Belmont street, The build
idg was saved, but tho household
goods were badly damaged by fire and
water. The home and its contenta
were insured iu J. O'Hearu's agency.
Frank Barry attended a social iu
Hy le Park this evening.
Heretofore cottage prayer meetings
have been conducted in the different
homes on Archhald street, under the
auepices of the Baptist Christian En
deavor society, but commencing on
Friday eveuing of (his week the meet
ings will be held in the school house in
that locality.
A festival will occur in the Welsh
Presbyterian church ou the evenings
of March l(i aud 17
Rev. E J. Balsley is in Salem, where
he will conduct aaervics iu Si. Jobu's
Episcopal church this evening.
William McMinn loft today for
W likes-lit rre, where be has accepted a
position in n barber shop
Mrs. S Reed, of Bradford, Pa., is
visiting frisuds and relatives in thia
My physic ian said I could not live, my
liver out ol order, frequently vorailed
greenish mucous, skin yellow, small dry
humors on face, stomach would not re
tain food. Burdock Blood Bitters cured
mo. Mrs. Adelaide O'Brien, 3"i Eichouge
St., Buffalo, N. Y.
A High Class Oonosrt In Prospict--Por
sonal and Other Item i.
Special to the Scrtinton TWkwa?.
Nicholson, Pa., Marcn 14 The
Universaliat choir assisted by Mis. E.
M. Tiffany, will give a concert iu the
Nicholson opera house Friday evening
March 10 The following programme
will be rendered:
"The Ilsavens Are Telling," flaydfn
"'Irande Vniso llrilliante," dnlescoff
Mrs. K. i HniMii and (ienovieve Bacou
"When the Heart Is Yi nug,". Dudley Buck
Mr-. B. I ifTany.
"Saviour Breath an BvoniDI Blessing.''
Double Trio of Voices.
'Lo Denier Hourirc," Wollenhaupt
mis. .u. u. Kuily.
Recitation, "Mygel Schneider's Barty,''
Mrs B, Tiffany.
"Where the Lindens Illoom,"
Dudley Buck
Llewellyn Milelrts.
Walzer in ' Minor Chopin
Mis ' MDtTK VO Bacon,
"Two Forest Nymphs" (Hover
Mrs. L. Shi' Ids and Mrs. Kdson Tiffany.
"Down by the Sea" Lucas
Airs. Kdson Tiffany.
' The Farting Kiss" Ciro Pinsiittl
Mixed Quartette.
Dr. (.'. li. Newton and Joroino H.
Cornell was the two delegates from
this plane to attend the Rpiibllcn
nominating convention held in Tunk
hannock on Monday
Patrick Coyle is in Philadelphia hav
ing his eye troated.
The stono riuarriee will bo starting up
Tho psople In Trinklisnnock and this
place are talking of running an BUo
trio road between these two places
On Wednesday evening, March 81, at
tho rink, there will lie a meeting hold
hy the branch of the Knpuhlic Savings
and Loan association, which is being
organized by A I! Cluv, secretary of
the Scranton hoard. It will he tho
lot v of all bnilness men to turn out
The first annual ball of the .lolly
Four Social club will he held Moaday
evening, March 211. at the opera house.
- .
rOROoHa Oroap, Asthma, Bronchitis
mid Sore Throat, use Dr. Thomas' Eclec
trie Oil. and get t he genuine.
Events of a Lively Coal Town ao VI. wed
by Our Correspondent.
,'' ml f the Sirantim Trlliunt.
Forest City, Pa., March 14. -Uenrga
Schooiinvar, a braketnaii ou mi Krie
coal train, had his hand badly urushid
this morning at Aarat Summit while
making a coupling. II i ml will have to
lie amputated.
Mrs. A. M. Gillett and Miss Lamia
Monro", of Gibson, are visiting at the
homes of Mrs 1'erry Muxey and Mrs.
J. L Westgate
A debate was held boforo the K
worth longuo at tho Methodist Eiilsoi
pal church last evening to a Infge audi
ence, me subject as was mention,, I
in today's Thibunic was: "Resolved.
That England will fall Into decay aa
did the other nntiona of antiquity."
The nfHrmative side waa represented
tiy Oliver raMMII and llsv. J. 0
Hogan ; negative side by J. Q Waters,
William Jennings, sr., aud Johu M
Brown. Good argument was produced
on both sides, lite Judges, l. J. Os
good, Benjamin Milton and W. J.
Maxny, decided In favor of tho nega
Mra. Z, A Bell and son. of Carbon-
dale, were the guests of Mra. Nelson
lioll yesterday and today.
John (J. Miller, of 10 iston, fa., anil
1). Walker, of Philadelphia, were at
the Forest House yesterday.
'The Hillside oolleries will be Idle un
til Tuesday. Their employes will re
ceive their monthly "long groan" to
The Cantata company thai will pro
duce "Rebecca" at the opera house
Saturday aVening are making progress
as they are practicing every other night
this week. Benefits for the Welsh
Congregational olniroh Secure your
tickets early, pridt 2, 35 and GO runts
Our Live Representative's Newsy Budget
of Looals.
Plircial to tlte lirruntoii TWftuus.
JBBMYN, Pa., March II KeT. Twy-
"on Jonaa, of Plttlbarg, will preaoh In
the Congregational churc.n Smiidiiy
The evening service will be iu English.
Nicholas Moou, of Carbondnln, and
I lines Boyle, of Scranton, wore Jer-
myu callers yosterday.
( buries C Taylor, of 1 oinpkiusvllle.
who was thrown from his wagon re
cently, breaking a collar bone aud oth
erwise injuring hlmtulf, Is able to bo
ut dining the tliio weather.
The William MrKmley Republican
club met Tuesday evening. They have
tioiiglit chairs an I tables and have their
rooms nearly furuisUed.
Dr P J. Mauley was callel to Win-
ton profesalonally yesterday.
1 he directors of the Jermyn ceme
tery asSOOlatlon held a meetiug lu S D
Davis' office last eveniug.
Slunrt Snyder gave ills fi lends a can
ulue -'up i tan Tuesday. Wo exleud
A class of eight will be confirmed bv
Bishop Uulison upon his uext visit to
St Jamat'l church.
Several of tho Cstholio eocieties will
attend high mass Saturday moruiug iu
honor of Ireland's patron saint. A
large uuuilmr will go with the Wilkes
Karre oxcursiou ami participate in tbe
lienie Burrett and Uartie Vail, atu
leuts of the Multifield State Normal
school, arc expected home Saturday.
Eijoyable Party- -Ptrsonal and Other
Naws Distud Ud Carefully.
Siirciot to thu Seninton Tribune.
MlKOOKA. Pa., .March 14. A vary
enjoyable birthday party whs bald at
the i in me of Director ti. T. Davis, of
Oreenwool, Tuesday eveniug, in honor
of his thirty-third birthday. Msny
valuable presents were received from
his numerous frieuds. Following were
tbe guests; Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Dond,
Mr. aud Mrs. T. D. Mascbally; out of
town guests Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Rogers, Hyde Park; Ed. Joues, Scran
ton , Miss Maggie Rogers, Hyde Park ;
Mr. and Mra. William G. Thomas,
West Pittston.
Township Treasurer J. G. Jennings
is enlarging bis Gilmore avenue resi
dsnoe by the addition of two story
P. C Connelly ealld at Elmhurst
Roman Cabbage, a driver boy at the
Greenwood miues, met with a painful
injury yesterday by having bis ankle
Tony Gallagher has signed with the
Miners I lil I toot Hall team.
Tba Shamrock Fife and Drum oorps
of this place li rapidly progressing in
musical development, whion will be
seen bv their open air concerts.
Mra. P. Connolly, of Main street, ia
Miss Csasy Muloney, of Wilkes
Barre, is at tne home of bar parauta on
Green avenue.
A 100-yard foot race will occur at
Greenwood ou March 2o between Jack
Gallagher and Jerry X. Reardon.of that
place, for f oO a side.
All the News Regarding a Breezy Sub
urb Carefully RiporUd.
flfcJCCraf to the ocrunton TWbune.
CLARK! Green, Pa.. March 14
The Rsv G. D. Moore, of Southern.
N. J., will commence revival aervices
nt the Methodist Episcopal chapel at
the Summit on Sunday evening next.
The mum party held at F. S. Bene
dict's on Tuesday evening last was a
great success.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Miillinex at
tended the last sad ritea of Mra. Peter
Phillips, of Nicholson, a sister of the
former, at factory villo on Tuoidny
II Sisco is reportod at being much
Mra. O Chapman la sniTuring from a
severe lllnesa, and is aa comlor table an
circuinstancea will permit.
Tbe protracted meetings at the Ban
tilt eliurch still coutiuue unabated in
enables the more advanced
and ('OMacrvatlve Nun.
genus of to-day to euro
many diseases without cut
(Inn. which wen- formerly
ri gardi il as Incurable with
out retort to the knife.
RUPTURE or Breach, la
now luilinitl) cuhmI with
out the knife and without
pnln. Clumsy Trusses ian
le. thrown away I
TUNIOR8, Ovarian, I I
breld (Uterine) and msny
others, arc aow removed
without the perlla of cut
ting OpriatiollX.
ever huge. Fistula nnd
other (llnenees of the lower
bowel, an permanently
i II red without tinln or re
sult to tho knife.
STONE In the lllndder. no
matter how large. Is ermh
M, piilvnilaotl, washed out
snd perfectly removed
without rutting.
For pamphlet, refwmnissi
and all puitlrulnre. u nit 111
cents iln stamp!) to World's
IMipensniv Medloal Asso
ciation. No., will Main turret,
huffslo, N. Y.
1 and I Commonwealth Nffc
Made at tho afOOMO and RUSH
I. ii II 1 1 n & It und Powder Co s
Electric Batterlna, ! for explod
ing blasts, Safety Fuse aud
RepaunoChemictl Co. 'a High Explosives
All Run Down
Always Tired, Sleepless and
Without Appetite
Blood Vitalized and Strength Re
newed uy Hood's, Saraaparilla.
'C. 1, Hood ti Co., Lowell, Mais.;
"PoraeouplSOl years, 1 waa auhjeet to leel
ngs anything hut good. 1 always lult tired, 1
uiilil nut sleep ut night anil Urn httlo 1 could
lat did not seein tu heoelt ms any.
I Did Not Have Any Ambition
to go annual oi win k and In fact was Dot aWe to
lo a guodilay'a woik. I happened to piek upa
lrcular einbiaclng advertisements and teiu-
uioiilals lur Hood's Haisapanlla, ami alter lead
Ing them ilecldeil to gie llooil's S o s uianila a
lal. I have talo n llvo Imttlrs ami innst i
that i havodcrivcd wonderful benefit from It and
Foul Like a New Man.
would recoouMBd it t" an luflersrs and would
i go ilium not to hesitate buttodeeldeatones
i take Hood's SarsaparlHa." PadlM Ifttn,
IU North Tenth Btreet, Beading, Pennsylvania,
Hood 'a Pills are Dromot ami efflelent vet
ea?y Inaction. Sold hy all diuggitv Me,
"here are hundreds of young men aud young women in th'u
country who have splendid ability, but they have uever beju
wakened up.
Wood's College of Business and Shorthand
Has been an itisjii ration to hundreds of young people. If you.
ue UreU 01 Inactivity and want to do (something tangible,
come lo I lie 'nil, (
hi mm ss Courses.
F. E. WOOD. ProDrietor.
lUpholatary Departrrienl,
CARD TABLES, ruM' ard Cl0th
Wood and Brass.
UMBRELLA STANDS, Si? 90c m" ia 0x
Hat and Coat Hooks,
Easels and Screens.
Step Ladder Chair, $1.25.
Oak Tables, 90c. to $1.15.
SPECIAL, to Close Them Out:
Velour and Tapestry Table Covers at just one -half
their former price.
Full line of UPHOLSTERY G00D3, Gimp Cord,
Tacks and Fringe.
Dr. E. Grewer
The PMladelDhla SDRdalist.
And Ms Mocit,.,i ttl of EoglUfa and Ger
BUa IJLlclai, now permanently located
Temple Court Building !
.ti 1 SPRUCE ST.
Where the may be eonsultad bAILY AND
The Do-tor ts a graduate ot the University I
c: 1 cnnnylranla, formerly demonstrator of
mnoiojrf ami urgerv at the Medlco-L 1
urirloal College, of Philadelphia He la also
an honorary member of the Medlco-C'hirur-
(leal Aisoeistlon. and was physician snd
lurgeoii in chief uf the most noted American
and German hospital, comes highly Indorsed
Jjy the leading profeeors of Philadelphia and
New York.
His many years of hoeoltal rrnerienoe en- 1
bleu trill eminent phyaieian snd snrgeon to '
correctly dlacnoe'' ami treat all def..rm:t es
and diseases with the most flattering a ucceea,
aud his ! i.h standing in tbe staU- wdl not
all .w him to acrent any incurable case
If you hare neon given up Dy your physl
clan call upon the doctor and be examined.
Ho cures the worst cssenof Norvons Uebillty,
Krrofnla Old Sores, t atarrh. Piles. Female
Weakness. Affcrtlons of tho Ear, Eye. Nose
and Throat, Asthma. Deafness Tnmora. fan
cars and Crii-iilna of every description. Cm
sultstlnn In Eiik-liah and iJorman Free, which
shall be ronsldentl sacred aud strictly coutl
Ufllee Rearai IA, M. lo P. M. Daily.
Samlay, U a.m. tu ; p.m.
The most complete
in the market.
Hull & Co.
205 ADD 207 T(UG AYE.
1 1 ii
National Bank of Scranton
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000.
W.W. WATSON, Vice President
' o" ri Hinss, .iamfs M FvrnnART,
laviNii A. hjroR, i'n i.. i i. Finlrv.
' r, J J' KV M H Iomi-m.
W. W Watson
This hsnk Invites the patronage of builue
men and tlrtnu generslly.
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
Mut. lin n i Krb MM . ISM. railed for by
the Comptroller Bf the (')irl eney.
Leaai i.tia.tao M
OrerOrelts 114 T. It 7
DaitaO atatrs llonds 10,000,00
Other lliimle ni:i.n77i
Raahlng Bonse.., 11,074.41
rremlum. out. N. Ilumls.... 041 7A
Hue Iruni 1 1, a. Treasurer 7,000,00
Hue fruui Hanks VUN.41,1 7:1
Cash iiiiiiio .4
Capital oon.onn HI
Surplus MOJHMkOO
Viullvldvd I'loflta Oil lHixut
Olreulatloa 7,nou.h
OlTldends i.i i ...
Depollls.' I.MM.IIAO AS
Due to nanks 00.8fl0.ftu
UKO. II CATLIN, Vlco-President
William Ciinnell, Uenrg-e II. Catlln,
Alfred Hand, .lames Arrhbeld, Henry
Hello, Jr.. Wlllletu T. Hnilth, Luther
This hank oil. 'i to depositors every
facility warranted by their balances, holi
ness aud responsibility.
Hpeolal attention given tn business ao
counts. Interest paid ou time deposits.
"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa,
$2 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
n nssmr avsa v ssv s mm
"The other man ilo-; the rcork. All I
have to do is to carry up the brick.''
The Same Way at tne Economy
All you Imvo to do is to bring in the
money isnrl very little at that ami vre
Jo the rest, This week we offer tlia
Greatest Parlor Suit Ever
Offered for the Price.
A five pieco over stuffed Turkish frame
nit, upholstered in AflMrloaO laamnsk.
Trimmed in Silk Plaah and extra heavy
Frinire, soft top anil torini; edge, coti
sitting of
Tho above in a combination of rich colors.
You Should See It-
SPECIAL A tOO-piece Dinner Set
prissnted with all purchases of $73.00
or over.