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Punch Cigars
G.., B. & Co .
Imnrintnri on Each Cigar.
Garney, Brown & Co. Mfr's.
William V. Brown, of Stroudsbnri;, is ut
Valley House.
Mrs. M. A. I'.ecker, of Lancaster, is at
the Wyoming,
Ex JuJe H. A. kusnp spent yesterday
in HnmsbiirR.
T. H. Stevens, of Wilkes lai re, was a
Visitor here yesterday.
Ex Judge v. H. Jissup is iu Philadel
phia on lenal btwiuess.
Max Krto llaudor, of Wilkes-Uurre, was
lu Scrtiuton yesterdey,
Charles Hall, of Chenango Forks, N. Y.,
Win in this city yesterdey.
E. R Jewett, of Montrose, was engaged
on briMness bore yesterday.
John B Morris, of Milton, was calling
ou Srrautou triomU yesterday.
W. N. Keyuolds, of Tnnlcbauuock, was
i' i t on ba-iness here yesterday.
Henry B, Ju Iwin and I" B. Wbitney, of
Carboudule, were in Scrantou yesterday.
C. P. Stone ami Mr. and Mrs. V. M.
O'Brien, all Ilingbamtouiiius. registered at
the Westminster.
Tallie Morgan left on the Delaware.
Lackiiwanuii and Western 1:80 train this
tnorniuj; for New York and will return to
Moscow this evening to attend his music
classes at that place.
Barney Ferguson ami a clever com
pany will present the laughing success,
'McCarthy's Mishaps, " at the Acad
emy of Music on Thursday evenin;:.
Mr, F-TiiO in's character has been
changed somewhat iu order to Rive
him fuller scope for his many resources
to exeite merriment. He is seconded
by William Carroll, who was the or
iginal Miohael Mulligan and Barry
Maxwell, a ininwtr?l man of fame, who
his bad an eccentric character role
written for him. Barney Reynolds and
J. F. Wilson, whose excellent work
here with "The City Directory" is well
remembered, are faa makers who have
a host of friends iu this city. Mar -guerito
Finson, Gertrude Fort,
Carriu Bear, Bertna Waring. Zjluia
Ralston are also in the ensemble.
That beautiful legendary drams,
"Davy Crockett," with Frauk Mayo iu
th title roU, will be seen at the Acad
emy Friday ev-ning There is some
thing deughtfnlly attractive aboat
Mayo. His natnralness is. perhaps,
more marked than that of any actor on
the stage today personating the heroes
of the lorest and mountain Ha car
ries witn him from the titas of his en
trance until the curtain descend! on
the "teg the, admiration of the entire
"A Brass Mouk-y," which will be
pr-seuted at the Academy on Saturday
evening, is a striking manifestation of
Charles H. Hoyt's peculiar aptitude for
pointing the arrow of truth with
amiable satire, wnerewith to ''shoot
folly as it flie." Ne-vneas is not
claimed for the mat'ri tl made use of
to freely by him. It has been used
time oat of mind in one form or
another, but it has remained for Mr.
Hoyt to create a new foree by corabin
ing the materials in a new way, and
flavoring the dish with certain 1 leas of
hie own.
Happenings of a Day That Will Intel Hyda Movement Afoot to Bring About More Law-
Farlc. ReadJi'j. fill BaNtU Observance,
Her Clothing Ignited by a Stove, She
Sustains Fearful Burns Funeral ot
Miss Jennie Evans Concert of
Lackawanna Council, Royal Ar
canum -Choir Rehearsing Easter
Music -Personal and Other Items.
It Moral Suasion Will Not Induce
Proprietors to Close Their Places,
the Law Will Be Enforced In Ex
treme Casos Line ot Work Mapped
by Committee's Report City Di
vided Into Districts.
nappeuiugs of a Day That Will Interest
Many Tribune Headers.
Report of Auditors of 3. Vincent Ds
Paul Society.
The following is the report of John
.1. Keegan, W A. (jrady and M. J
Burns, the committee appointed to
audit the accounts of the St. Vincent
De Paul society, of Bellevne:
Totnl amount of cash received
from all sources upto date $270.70
Disbursements by orders.
For provisions tfu.m
For shoes 37. 19
For f,$ tons coal 16. IV)
Flour donated and distributed, nine bar
The following articles of clothing, etc.,
were collected and distributed Dy the La
dies' Anxiliary and St. Vincent do Paul
Society of the central city for distribution
in Bellevne:
Twflvo pair hose, 68 yards gingham, V.)
yards flannel 2s yards calico, 10 yards
muslin, 8 spools cotton, 3 dozen buttons,
80 under garments, 'A large shawls, li small
neek shawls, 4 pieces old clothing, I pair
shoes, collected and made over 40 pieces
clothing, distributed 5o loaves bread, 27
families were granted relief.
W. H. Echoonovsr Died Yesterday at
Moras Taylor Hospital-
Wi H. Schoonover breathed his last
at the Moses Taylor hospital yetterdny
afternoon at 4 15, A few days ago thn
attendant physicians were hopeful of
hie recovery, bnt his weakened condi
tion was nneqnal to the task of recuper
ation. Early Monday evening he be
gan to sink ill from that time on his
life k"pt slowly ebbing away until the
end came.
At II o'clock last night the remains
wore removed to his father's home at
Aeh street and Peun avenue.
Schoonover is the yonng man who
shot himself at the borne ot his father-in-law
iu Bollevue last Wednesday
The fnnnral will take place Friday
afternoon at 8 o'clock. Services at the
Penn Avenue Baptist church and Inter
ment in Foreet Hill cemetery.
1 Received from Honpltal and Remand
ed for Aotlen of Ornnd Jury.
Wolfe Berner, who was shot by Offi
cer Lowry several weeks ago on the
Ninth Side and taken to the Lacka
wanna hospital, was discharged from
that institution yesterday.
He was taken by the police to the
tation house and at the afternoon po
lice court remanded to the county jail
to await the aotion of the grand jury
in default of $300 bail.
Berner showed the effects of his con
finement and is not entirely recovered
from the wounds.
McBride's new Turkish bath. Every
thing new. 506 Spruce street, opposite
Court House.
The West Sid ofuVe of the HorantiIM
Tantmi Is located at 189 South Msiaave
nne, where subs-nptiom, advertlsementi
and communications will receive prompt
A terrible accident befell Mrs. Mary
Campbell, an aged lady residing on
(iraut avenue, at 7 o'clock yesterday
morning. Mrs. Campbell resided with
her daughter, and while the latter was
iu the back garden t ho old lady went
to the stove to remove a vessel. In
some unaccountable manner her cloth
ing caught tire, and in an Instant her
form b-came enveloped in flames, The
ereitmsot the aged lady reached the
ears of her daughter, who dropped her
pail and frantically ran to her mother's
assistance, She endeavored to subdue
the flames, bnt did not snooeod until
her mother was fatally burned. Mr.
Campbell rived but a few houre,durlng
which time she stiff-red untold agouy.
Deceased Is the mother of John.Thomai
and Patrick Campbell, of this city, and
was about t0 years of age.' Her tragic
death caused grat sorrow iu the neigh
borhood. Funeral notice will appear
Beard of Trade Meeting.
A regular meeting of the West Side
board of tral was held laat evening
in Clark's hall, at which the viaduct
matter was discussed. Councilman
Davlee sttted that Lackawanna hill
should be paved, mid Mr Hagon said
bethought the matter could b pushed
to a successful termination. A motion
was mad" to the effect that a petition
be circulated through lower Jackson
and Robinson streets, and Lackawanna
avenne, to Ret the signatures of prop
erty holders for paving. B D. Jones,
referring to the paving of Hyde Park
aveuue, stated that he was sur that he
could get the signatures of the people
tnero, without auy eilort.
Uuder the head of new business,
Councilman T. Ellsworth Davies agi
tated tiie paving ot South Miln av
rue, from Oxford street to the city line
The matter was referred to the stre-ts
and bridges committee, to sea the
property owners and gain their favor
A special committee, c insisting of B.
M. Jonse, William R. Williams and
William Farreil wsa appointed to try
and procure tiie Round woods for a
pnbiic park. The widening of Shet
land street, from the Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Western railroad to Main
avenue, was consiiered. Mr. Lauer,
who wis present, stated that
he thought options could easily be pro
cured at this time on the necessary pro
perty. A committee was appointed
to seeure options consistiug of A
M. Morse, T. H. Dale, and P J. M:
Cann. A vote of thanks Wat tendered
to the West Side council men on ac
count of there faithful services in assist
ing the tire department,
M as Jennie Evans Buried.
The funeral of Miss Jennie Evans,
daughter of Mrs, Catharine Evans, of
Decker's court, whose death occurred
on Saturday evening last, took place
yesterday ufternoou from t'ie family
residence at '-.HO. Rev. R. O. Jones,
pastor of the Sumner avenue Presby
terian church, delivered a short ser
vice at the home, after which the re
mains wore removed to the churca,
where the pastor conducted an im
pressive service, daring which he spoke
in high praise of the deceased as a de
vout christian. The flowers consisted
of a star and crescsnt, given by the
members of the church : a pillow from
her shopmates with the words ''A
Friend" written upon it and a basket
of flowers from Miss Lizzie Jo-eph
The pall hearers w,-r Messrs. Richards,
Daviea, Humphrey, Brace. Price and
Henry. Irit-rment wis msde at the
Wsstiburu street cemetery.
Complimentary Concert.
The Lickawanna Council, No 113d,
Royal Arcannm, contemplates giving
tiie residents of this city a music il
treat on the evening of M irei 22 it St.
David's hall, on North Main avenue.
Some of the beet local talent of this
city anil Wilkes-Barre will participate,
including such artists ns Professor R
J. Bauer, Mrs. Joseph O'Brien, Mrs A.
E. Council, Llew Herbert, Professor
Protberoe, Miss Jnlia Allen, Edwin
Bowen. and Miss Adele Breakstone, of
Wilkes-Barre. An address will be de
livered by Professor Qsorge Powell.
FraWnal Ouardlans Will Settle.
Scretary Oeorga Evnon. of the An
thracite lodge No. UH, Order or Frn
ternal Guardians, U in receipt of a
BOmmnnloStion from Joseph L Tull, of
Philadelphia, assignee of the order,
notifyiug him to transmit at once the
he'iefit certificates of each member for
endorsement for the amount of the
lirat dividend, which will lie returned
to the secretary with a check ns pav -ment
for each members claim on the
Died Last Evening.
Thomai D. Lloyd, a respected
resident of this side, died at (I o'clock
last evening at his home, 1801 Division
street. Mr. Lloyd wa ill but a short
time and death was unexpected Ha
was a man of estimable iiualUine and
wsll rtspected by all who knew him
He is survived by his widow and live
cliilurnn 1 be tnueral notice will ap
pear later.
Newe In Mrlef.
St. Patrick's Church choir, under the
leadership of Professor Haydn Evans,
is preparing an elaborate programme
of mnslc to be rendered on Easter Sab
bath nt the ohnrch.thn chief portion of
of which will be from (ionnol's miss.
The funeral of Martha, the 5-ynar-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Smith, of Bellevne, occurred yesterday
afternoon at 2.110 o'clock. Rev. W. S.
Jones officiated. Intermnnt was made
at the Waehtmrn Stroet cemetery.
Miss Lulu Wade, of Washburn street,
is recovering from the measles.
The Hyde Park Choral society met
Inst evening in the First Welsh Baptist
Mrs. Margaret Thomas, of Frack
ville, Schuylkill county, who has been
visiting at the home of Thomas J.
Davlee on North Lincoln avenue, re
turned yesterday.
Air. and Mrs. Bert Helmes, merchant,
of Jermyn, called ou Wuet Side people
Bendleoton ft Woeri'a and Ballantlne's
Ales are the beet. E. J. VtiUB, agent, SI
Lackawanna avenue.
A special meeting of the Pastors'
Union of BorantOU wee held yesterday
at the Young Men 's I 'uiistian associa
tion hall to hear a report of a special
committee which had been appointed to
arrange an immediate plan for the
closing of places doing business on
Sunday in violation of the law. This
committee is composed oi RV. Oeorge
E. Guild, oi the Providence Preahv
tenau church; Rev. O E. Robinson, of
the Second Presbyterian church; Rev
l 0, Hughes, of the Jaekson Street
Baptist church ;Rev. V. A. Don) , district
secretary of the American Sabbath
Union, and Mrs 0 0 Simpson, presi
dent of the Women's Christian Tom
psraooo nniou.
The committee reported that the
work of the union in regard to Sun lay
closing should not be In the nature of a
crusade, but that moral suasion should
be used to induce proprietors of plaOSS,
offensive to the community on Sunday,
to abandon business ou day. Kind
ly Chrletian measures should be used to
tiring tins about, and the law resorted
to ouly iu extreme cases
Tim plan 8UQOK8TKD
A detailed plan wa suggested by the
committee iiirlu ling a general canvase
of th city for the purpose of ascertain
ing every case of violation of the law
and seeking lirst a general closing-up
movement by April I. They suggested
the appointing of an executive com
mittee of five person! to direst the can
vass with pow r to enforce the law
wi'h those who do not comply with
the request to close April l.
R v,F. A. Daily, of Green Ridge, was ap
poiuted chairman and the other mem
bers to be app uute.i w is left to the
discretion of Rev. Warren G Part
ridge, Dresldent of the Pastors' union
The city will be divided into thir
teen districts and a sub-committee as
signed to each district to make a can
mayor's co-operation.
The union has forwarded to the
mayor a communication petitioning
him to lend his co-operation to the
A nuanimoua adoption was made of
the report, and j.lau.s were periecte 1
for the printing and circulating it
among the sub-committees.
Rev. Warren G. Partridge presided
over the meeting, which was largely
attended by the ministers and promi
nent laymen, an I church women of
the city. Bev. James McLeo I offered
the opening prayer, and Rev. C E
Robinson pronounce 1 tiie benediction
Fell on the Delaware and Hudson
Railroad Yesterday Father Win
ters Edifies a Large Audience
Peter Roblin, Jr., for Clerk Gate
and Gate Posts Sink Out ot Sight -James
Scott breaks His Arm.
Work on Grand 8 and and Fence Will
Bsin on Thursday.
The base ball men met Manager II.
H. Archer, of the Scranton Traction
company, yesterday, and from him
learned that the company could do
nothing iu a financial way toward as
sisting the base ball association iu fit
ting up a bill park.
Directors of the association an
nounced last evening that a plot of
laud comprising three aud three-quarter
acres of land had been leased from
the D-laware, Lackawanna aud West
ern company. It is located on the p
poiite side of tne Providence road
from the Traction company's power
house. The contract for the grand
stand, bleachers and fence will be
awarded today and work on them be
gin Thursday. The grounds have been
secured for one year with the privilege
of fonr nt a rental of $)0 a year.
All players will report here on April
10. and while in the city during the
season will have to report at the park
each day at 10 a. m. for practice. The
officers of tbo lub for the year are;
Ale.t Dunn, president; W. L. Betts,
ecretaiy; Walter Price, treasurer;
M irtiii Swift, manager.
An office for the association has been
opened at room 7, Arcade.
He and His Associates Entertain a Larip
A idience.
John Kernell, the well known Irish
fun maker, was at the Academy of
Music last evening in "The Hustler,''
a farce comedy which has become as
sociated with Mr. Kemell's name. The
company was much the same an the
one that presented "The Hustler" here
earlier in the season.
One of the most, entertaining fea
tures of the entertainment was the
work of James F Cook and James P
Smith as "The Two Millionaire
Tramps." Their acrobatic feats were
wonderful and elicited great applause,
Miss Mamie Mayo imitated Theresa
Vangban's Qe'rUMn wmf singing spec
i vliy in '14(12 'very well . Mr Kemell's
witticisms were much appreciated by
tiie an llence. " I ho Hustler'' seems to
keep quite un to date aud well up nt
the front of snows of the farce oomody
- .
To Be Enforosd by the Branton Trac
tion Company.
On and after next Monday street cars
operated on Lackawanna avenue and
the other avenues of the it will stop
only at intersections and then at the
furtliur crosing.
This sleo has been unilr advisement
some tune by the uiaungement. and it
has finally decided to take if. In rela
tion to the metier J, EL Gormley, su
perintendent Of trsnsportation, sail
yesterday :
i ne proper maintenanoe oi our
schedule and th safety of the public
demand that etopplug of care every two
or tin ee fust be prohibited. 1 he eross
ing is the natural stopping place. Pa
trons of the system are later there
than in the middle of the square and
the loss of time ou all our roads ia
caused by delays Incident to this prac
tice." e
He Approximates the Requirements.
11,1 hiuyton 1'imt.
lion. Josinh Quincy Is now eligible for a
place on the civil service commission.
Voluntary Homicide.
0 ''"', ;l 'oflf.
That ( IhleagO jury evidently suspected
Dr. Crouin of havlug committed suicide.
Eastkh millinery opening at Mrs. Lang
staff'B, 10!) Wyoming uvonue.
Milwaukee Book Beer.
I'abst Milwaukee Bock Beer on draught
at JOHN I.oiimann e,
219 Lackawanna avuuue.
A telegraph pole, in Home unaccount
able manner, broke from its moorings
uud fell across the tracks of the Dela
ware aud Hudson railroad couipauy at
the same point, exactly whore the
broken rail was discovered about a
week ago. It fell at a right angle with
the tracks. Had It not been promptly
removed the fast express, In at the
Steel Works depot a little before 1
o'clock, would have run upon it.
County Surveyor A B Dunning was
at work in the neighborhood taking
uieaeiiirmeuts ou South Washington
avenue, and with his two assistants
moved the obstruction.
Eloquent Sermon at St John's.
Every seat iu St. John's c.hnrch was
Occupied last night and the congrega
tion wan well repaid by an eloquent
sermon ou "Fnitu Without Good
Works" by Rev. P. C. Winters, of
Plymouth. E ither Winters is a young
man yet, but bis powers of speech re
flect great ability. The syllabus of
last night's sermon comprehends the
duties of Catholic relative to the exer
cise of; the greatest of all Chris
tian virtues, charity. Catholics, who
on the surface lead pious lives to merit
eternal salvation, must perform good
works. Every syllable that dropped
from the speaker's lips was clear and
resonant, and the sermon made a lust
ing impression upon the auditors
Fractured His Forearm.
James Scott, aged 12, fell upon his
arm when returning Irom school yes
terday afternoon, and had his forearm
fractured a little above the wrist. Ho
was engaged in a harmless gamo with
some playmates and tumbled when
running, lie is a sou ot 1 alrick ncoll,
of Fig street. Dr. Mauley was called
and set the boue. The little fellow
was resting comfortably last evening
For Clerk of Common Council.
Peter R'diling, jr., Is making n
thorough canvass for the clerkship of
the common council. He Is a potmlur
vonng man and a hard tighter. He is
verse to valkiue about his cnances of
success, but his friends say that he has
a surprise in store.
Another Csvs-ln.
A cave-in eleven f.-et deep and abont
six feet in diameter happened yesterday
iu front of the premises of a man named
Gallagher, living between Cherry and
t ig streets on Irving avenue. It took
the gate posts and gat' to the bottom
The residents were terrorized, thinking
every minute would find then en
Scramble for a School.
School Director Grif T. Davis, of
Greonwood, was empowered by the
Lackawanna township schoid board to
employ an additional teacher for No.
4 school, of which Professor T. J.
Coyne, of Brack street, is principal.
There is a scramble for the position.
Mrs. C. G, Poland is not entirely out
of danger, bnt site is gaining strength
almost Imperceptibly, and her pbysi
ciatis feel certuiu that the crisis has
John Charles Miller, of Cedar avenue,
was out of doors yesterday for tbo lirst
lime since Dec. 1.
Abraham Steinmets, after a lengthy
siege with pleuro-pneumouia, was on
the streets yesterday. ,
Miss Katie Hopkins, of Pittston ave
nue, is recovering from her late seri
ous illness. Her many friends will bo
glad to learn that site will soon be
about again.
Martin Healey, of Dunmore, paid a
visit to South Side frlen Is yesterday.
Shorter Paragraphs.
The funeral of Patrick Rully will be
held tomorrow morning from the fam
ily residence on Pittston avenue. The
remains will be taken to St, John's
church at 10 o'cloak, where a requiem
mass will be celebrated. Interment
will bo made in Hyde Park Catholic
Company A, Patriotic Guards, which
meets at Eruehan's hall, elected the
following officers: Captain, Qui Vy
meyer; first lieutenant, Fred Erhardt;
second lieutenant, Jacob F. Mantl
The other officers will be elected at the
next meeting.
William Brown, of Culnr avenue, is
about to begin the erection of a dwell
ing house on Gibbons street.
The Forest band will hold a picnic in
Central Park garden June 2D.
The Patriotic Order Sons of America
elect, d Eugene Tannler and Charles
fyllerman Instead of Fred Bcbwenk
and I'red Kerchoff, resigned, respect
ively recording and corresponding sec
retaries The Scranton Athletic club has com
pleted arrangements for its annual out
ing to Purview Tuesday, July 111.
Many Applloante for Licenses for New
Houses Uriro Their Claims.
All day yesterday tbo court contin
ued to lislen to the many applicants
for license for new houses. Arguments
and testimony were hoard in a few
casB where remonstrances were filed.
When court adjourned new applioS'
(ions from Oi l Forge township were
being considered.
This Happ Chance Will Soon Pass
The question is frequently asked.
What doee it require to constitute n
successfully educated man or woman?
Home one baa answered this question by
saying, "An uducated person is one
who knows how and when to act."
Ourauiateurjorators have often thought
to tickle the fancy and play upon the
credulity of their audiences by pointing
to inch men as Liucolu aH glorious ex
amples of the men who havo succeeded
without an education. These orators
mistake, college buildings for education.
Lincoln wiih an educated man -he got
his education at a different sort of col
lege from that of Harvard, Yale, or the
University of Michigan, lie availed
himself of the mouns within his resell.
And this is true of every man that
bus mado a success. Tin: TRIBUNE has
practically endowed u university. It
has brought within the roach of its
readers a college as complete as any in
the country, namely, that grout reser
voir of hiiuisn Knowledge in all lin
ages, pant and present. Thoy have se
cured to their subscribers the whole
eale price and the oasisst possible terms
of payment on this great masterpiece
of hniiiau genius the Encyclopedia
Brltannioa. Only 10 cents a day!
With this great work as your own a
thousand gates to prosperity will stand
open before you which without it yon
will never discover. Send address aud
a Volume will be sent for examination
to any part of the city Remember
that only eighteen days remain in
which to seours the club rates and easy
terms of payment, which is supplying
hundreds of families with a library,
m.u.aiua hone of the most Insidious of
health destroyers. Mood's Sarsapanlla
counteracts Its deadly poison and builds
up the system,
WADE Tuesday, March 18, Mrs. Maria
0, Wade, aged 64 years. Funeral her
riCM will be held at the residenoe of her
son, Cbarlee E. Wade, 540 Qnlncy ve
nne, on Wednesday evening at ? o'clock.
Interment in Belvldere, NT. J.
JACKSON In Boranton, March 18, iwi,
James yonng Jackson, son of Thomas'
ami Elisabeth Jackson, aged 2 years,
Funeral Thursday afternoon at 8 o'clock
from residence Ml 2 New Street.
Going through our stock we made a careful selection of
To close out these odd lot we will sacrifice them,
Our Bargain Counters Filled with Surprises.
Martin & Delany
Coal Exchange, Wyoming Avenue.
Largest and Best Line in
the city.
116 Wyoming Avenue.
Sole Agent,
205 Lackawanna Ave.
UlinilllNIIIIIII iimimti:
Haven mm
' ESTAB. 1866.
(tew York warerooms, No. 5
W Fifth avenne S
jg Soledeftlen In thti Motion I
m t KHoa I'M rVdamfl tv enue S
Scientific Eye Testing Free
By Dr. Shimberg,
The Specialist on tho Kye, Beedsshes snd
Ifervonsness relieved, Latestand Improved
Btyle of Eye tllnss.'S mid Spe, tiu leH at the
Lowest-Prices. De-,1 Artlllclnl Kyos las rted
for t"
305 SPRUCE ST., op. Poat. Offlca.
We arc now in our
new quarters,
Come and see our
Window Display
Saturday, March
Florey & Holt
PRING . . .
Styles of
Have arrived.
Best quality and
lowest prices.
220 Lacka. Avenue.
Easter Opening
Jackets AND
ror the Spring an
Summer of '94.
Stock Large and Attractive.
Prices the Lowest m Record.
8c Co.
Cloak Milkers mid Furriers,
!--l -HI :CK ST.,
Special for This Com
ing Week.
Ladies' Kid Button, pointed and
Philadelphia toes, patent leiuiifr
tips, special price, $2 69; worth, 8.50.
Ladlee' Dongola Kid
sewed, special price, $3; worth 1400.
Misses' Kid Button, plain toos,
spring heeL specinl price, $1.5!
worth - fSW)
Hoys' School Shoes, Dmgvla top,
si. 's il to 51, special price, $t. Sl
worth 3t00
Men s Csir Patent Leather Laos,
pointed toes, special price. S3. 00;
worth 4.00
Men's Calf BlttOhar, hand sewed
welt, Piccadilly last, special price,
$2.89; worth . $3,50
Little Hoys' Shoes, button and
lace, spring heel, made "just like
papa's, ''slsss 0 to 101, special pTice,
:ji 50; worth 1.90
Youths' Calf, button and lace,
ipring heels, Gtoodyoar welts, siz s
II to 31, Special price, $2; worth, $9. SO
SCHAM'S Arcade Shoe Store.
wyomim; IVIft
TheQreat Marvel of Denial Bdence
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property of
Henwood & WardeU,
316 Lackawanna Ave.
I AST YEAE ho luul saved S0O,
Ho bought a house worth $1860
paid 1300 down, oavo u mort
gage for 11,550. Today ho esti
mates ns follows:
Interest on nmrt.i?agv.
Tx and reps Ire
Net sa ing 00 rent . . ..
Saved ou salsry
To apply on mortgage,
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... -6 N lie M
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1S0 0
.$270 5J
REFLECTION "In IOIK years that
hoUSA Will bo frsfl from debt Hiul I fthull
lltive n home of my OWD."
GBEEN RIDGE Is the paradise foe
homes, i inn .v Sons have recently fin
Isned a beautiful viiin, vrhloh they r,
on eaej payments, at atsno.
rail ut i heir ofltoe, between W enhlntrtoa
ilt,l Adams on Oftw Mreet.
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LcndniK Artwll
WarerOMnl I Opposite Columbus Monunwnt,
205 Washington Av.Soranton,Psu
what j.u. skamons says about
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particular, J. u. skamons.
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5 lf CKNTS and Four Coupon, for
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nud Tour Coupons for n 10
volumo i of Diokenri oomploto
20 C1-" NTS nitil Four Conponn for
any hook In tho lCui(by IWH
15 OBlfTS and Four Coupons for
any book In tho Oxfortl . i i
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