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    With fenders on our street
cars and those overhead
wires buried, Scranton would
be almost ready to hail the
crmtton 3181!? nkttt t
Butthe towering pole nuis
ance doesn't seem to take
kindly to current threats of
its demolition-
EIGHT iu;ks---; t on mns.
TOM 81
Admiral Dl Ganid a Fugitive and Mello'j
fflNmbonts Unknown.
President Piexoto Refuses to Abide
by D.i Gama's Terms ot Surrender,
and Moves Against the Insurgent
Fortifications The Latter are
Yielded Without a Struggle In the
Absence of Leaders History! the
War Admiral Benham s Action.
W ishinqton, March 13,
along cipher dispatch from Min
ister Thompson this afternoon
laying tht President Peixoto
had rSrtUsd the terms of surrender pro
posed by Admiral Da (Jama and tint
the fort had opened tir on the insur
(jents with a determination to force
tbm iato unconditional surrender.
The terms submitted by D Gams
sro what have been xpected.end Pres
ident Paixoto i Understood to have ex
pressed himself as favorsbl to accept
ing similar condition in the eTeut of
Da Gi ma's surrender loma time ao
They offer to turn orer to the rot? ru
tnent all the forts iu th bay now in the
bends of the insurgent ant ell th
warships which h ive been un ler Da
U-arua's comtnind, and to snrrouder the
garrison of the fort and crews ot the
vessels to federal authority oa these
conditions That Da Crime and hi
officers b- allowed to leave the country
under Portuguese protection, and that
toe rebellious soldiers end sailors b
spared their lives.
The government forces bagan aetive
operations against the insurgents at
noon,the forty-eight hours notice given
by President Petxoto having expire!
The hilltop batteriea opened hre at 8
p. m. No reply wis mile by the in
surgents. Tne government vessels en
tered the harbor at 5 o'clock, but did
not tire. They found Forts Villegalg
non and Ccbres abandoned by the in
surgents. The deet was greeted with
cneers from tbonsan-Uof people on tn
hilltops and with salutes from ell the
government farts. The insurgent snip
meanwhile hid themselves among tne
merchant vesssle. lying in the bay.
Aiimiral Da Gam is reported to
have ded aboard the French warship.
The Brazilian revolution, which thii
action of Admiral Da Gains will in all
probability bring to a close, began on
the night of September 5. 1898, when
Admiral de Melio attempted to repeit
the coup da main by wnioh he had
driven President da Fonaeca from
power. While the high government
officials were at the opera he seized all
the brezilian war vessels in the harbor
of Rio de Janeiro and demanded
President Peixoto's resigned in, Mello
tbongbt the President would abdicate
without a straggle, but, instead, he
immediately began preparations to
bring the rebels to termi. Congress
backed up President Peixito. Al
though tne rebels had the Seat, con
sisting of twenty-.'our battleships, tor
pedo boats and armored coasting steam
ers, the principal forts which formed
defences of the harbor of Rio remained
Mello, on Sept. JO sent an ultitna
tnm to the citzens of Rio. He declar
ed tbat if thy did not surrender the
city at once bo would recommence the
bombardment and level it to the
ground. No attention was paid to this
communication, an t on Sept 24 th,
ships reopened fire. The bombard
ment lasted all day sad was continued
the next and the next.
A reian of terror followed, Banks
snd business places were stint up. and
them was a great rush for the country.
No attempt was made by the insurgents
to destroy the city, but in the fire that
was aimed at the various governme&t
buildinga vaataarnxge was done in ev
ery part of the eity. Bursting shells
carried destruction into th streets, end
many hundreds were killed and
wounded. Discontent was general in
the city, and Mello was counting on a
popular uprising in his interest as n
zonserjusnce of the bombardment.
On Jan. 29 Admiral Bnnam fired a
shot at an Insurgent warship in de
fence of American rights The trouble
was brought about by the American
vessels the Amy and Glad Tidings, botn
of which were laden with otrg 90S con
signed to Rio merchants, and neither
thought it advisable to approach the
docks without assurance of protection,
So tbev called on Admiral Benham.
who ordered the commander of the De
troit to clear bis ship for action and
escort the vessels to the dock.
The entire fl'et was pnt In readiness
for a fight. As soon as tbeBraslllans
noticed that the Amy and the Glad
Tidings were made fast at the docks,
the Triijano fired a musket shot aero.s
the bow of the Amy. The Detroit fired
a 6-ponnd shot under the bow of the
Brazilian vessel. The officers of the
TraJanO were surprised, but they fired
an npologetic blank cartridge, and the
incident ended with the hailing of the
I'rajano by Captain Brownson, of the
Detroit, who warned the Trojann's cap
'.ain to instruct his men to be cnrful
ibont the direction in which they fired
their innskets.
The government flet, consisting of
the Nictheroy, the America, the Ballls,
the Tiradenter and five torpedo boats
booght in Germany, sailed into the
harbor of Rio last Saturday. Admiral
Mello iH somewhere on the southern
coast of Brszil with the Republics and
the Aqoidaban, but bis exact where
abouts and his attitude toward tho
surrender of Da Gama are both un
With a Shottrun H Attempts the Life
of a Shsrlff.
Willi vmsi'ort, Pa, Maroh 18
Sheriff Fullmer had n remarkable iid
Tenture with an eccentric old farmer
named Coxe in Susquehanna township
yesterday, wbers he bad gone to serve
a leg il p iper. The farmer bsoams
much excited and lost hll temper, aud
setalng a shotgun attempted to kill the
i Octal,
Sheriff Fullmer grappled with the
man mi, l after a terrible struggle suc
ceeded In (mating the gnu from bis
grasp, but not until he had been in
jured by a blow on the head. CoXS
will bo arrested
The Crew OverJ tyed bv Their Kesi-ua
from a Watery Bravo
St. Johns. N. F. March Ul. The
steamer Virginia Lake, towlllg the
British steamer Briscoe, Captain 8oares(
from Hamburg and j teenstown, over
due at New York, nrrived bete at 7
o'clock this morning. The Virginia
Like oantS across the BrltOO0 at i
O'olook yesterday morning about
seventy miles off Caps Race, The joy
of the Briscoe's crow at the pros ct of
rescue was intense.
The Virginia Like commenced tow
itig at davbreak and had no difficulty,
but the rate of speed was not such
that the fore bulkhead alroidy weak
nad by the ship's eaoonntsrs, w is jtin
able to stand the strain and bagan to
leik. and water poured Into her cargo
spice The extent of tho damtg is
unknown tvi h is been without coal
tor three weeks, b-dng obliged to burn
spare spars aud portions of her wooden
decks Very little food was left, and
the Virginia Lake had to supply a
E-Premier Goblet Supports Bour
geois' Constitutional Changes.
He Attacks the Government.
Bui Wains iiif Brecklorldge-Poltard AUorneja
Against Uaa Of Guns.
Ho Dismissal Bslligarant Champions
ot the Kentucky Colonel with I Slight
Reprimand Reading oi Depositions
Consumes Much I one Miss Pol
lard Nol in Court Tho Four Vol
umes ot Irving in the Caso at Last.
Paris, March 18 -Jean Baptiste
Bourgeois, radical deputy for the Dole
district ot Jura, spoke at length in the
chamber today in favor of his proposal
to revise the constitution. He urged
with speoial earnestness that the sen
ate be deprived of its power of ultimate
veto. He wa interrupted frequently
with applause and hostile cries.
Ex-Premier Goblet, Radical-Socialist
for the First district ot Paris, supported
Bourgeois. He violently attacked the
government for its administration of
the police and its readiness to ignore
all great national issues while dealing
with some passing emergency. All sen
sible men. he said, had grown tired of
goveramjnt by policy. The people had
been weari-'d and disgusted by the
eternal dnel between dynamite and
guillotine, which was allow.' 1 to crowd
into the background the ulfairs ot the
U Goblet said tnat the senate's posi
tion was anomalous. It was nabear
able that an aseinbly elected by lim
ited suffrage, as was the senate, snoald
be allowed to check an assembly elect
ed by universal suffrage, as was the
chancer of deputies. M. Goblet spoke
of the agitation in England against
the house of lords as an instance of the
popular dniaud which every country
mnst sooner or later grant. "There is
the lesion for France, " h exclaimed.
Tn Englanl the ministry Itself is giv
ing the signal for revolt against this
reactionary abuse."
Th &I!H'.nt3wn aturdtrtr Proclaimi His
Innncenes in Court.
If II H.lN'TOWN. Pa , March 10 Judge
Lyon this afternoon overruled the de
fendant's motion for a new trial in the
Carpenter murder case. The prisoner,
Jams Carpenter, convicted in Febru
ary of the murder of his blin I father,
was called for aiatencs iramidiateiy
aftr the opinion was rendered.
Without the least manifestation of
nervousness or fear he heard the
words that do md nlm to death on the
scaffold Before sentence was pro
nonnced he proclaimed his innocence
of the crime.
Jla'ional Guard Ennlniis to Bs A'.tsnded
to Utx.: Woik.
HaKRUBURO. March 13 - Govornor
Pattnon and party will return tomor
row evening from Florida and it is ex
pected that the report of toe adjutant
general, which has been delayed, will
be irivon out n?xt week.
National gnrd companies are clam
oriug for the fall inspection ratings
Ludwig AuguH Frank'-, poet, nged M, at
v iennu.
At Knme, Dr. Del VlSO, minister of the
Argentine tUpUOllfl to Iruly
Ifcr Lenon, a Denvur. (Col.) pioneer,
capitalist and prominent Mason,
At Passaic, N. J , Lmis P, Lawrence,
Inventor of many ndcessfnl devioes, in
cinding the LaWreOCS air brake.
At. Hamburg, Captain Heiorioji Khirs,
mm of the pioneer steamship commanders
of thn llambiirg-American line.
Suddenly. In btSpUlpit, atOinafm, Neb.,
Itev. A. T. Wood, age"! 7H, the ptoneiw pas
tor of the Westminster Pr-sbyterlan
William Stevenson, of Bethlehem Pa.,
for many years superintendent Oi the
northern division of the l'htgh Valley
railroad, expired nt. .la' konvilln, Fla.
There are i!) applicants for liquor li
cences In Lehigh county.
Danville physirlnn-- are imnlile to decide
whether the prevailing dlim.i tle-re is
smallpox or chlckenpox.
While attending the Philadelphia Meth
odist conference, at Baeton, William Hush
wne robbed Of In watch.
Among fourth class postmastere np.
Painted yesterday for Pennsylvania was
W. J. hnlllvnn, S11VSI L ike.
The Arlington hotel and several other
builililigH at ll'intzdale were burned yes
terdHy. Loss about, llt.000,
The Lehigh 'osl mid Navigation rmn
linny state tax case was yesterday decided
u unity in ravor or tim oomtoonweaitn,
Senator William F, Chandler, of New
Ilnmpshlre. yeitlerdny wap:hed armor
plnt'i making in the Bethlehem Iron
Blasts of gun oowder, used in oxcavat
lug, broke thirty-seven water pipes, id
ready laid, in Lebanon, and coat the con
tractors 11 So.
The ci)Ilntrl inlieritiiiice tax of (inucral
Willlaiu Lilly's estate paid Into the xtiitu
tressnry tmliiy amounts tosiV.vlW tlty
Treasurer McCreary, of Philadelphia, also
paid into tho treasury;toUay 1100,000 per
sonal property tax.
Washington, March 19
SI' I'll a gathering of lawyers as
tille.l the circuit court where the
Pollard-Breckinrldge case is en
trial this morning has seldom
twen seen in Washington, .Members
of the local bar crow led the plaOl) to
set what sent ence Judge Bradley would
mete out to the visiting Kenttickians
who had made n pugilistic assault
upon Mns Poll ifd's attorneys the night
Within the recollection of the court
officials there he'd been no instance of
S resort to tUtlOttffs bv practitioners
before the local bar, mid the sentiment
of lawyers was for a strong punishment
of their brethren who had ho disturbed
the dignity of the court.
Colonel Breckenndge, smiling ns us
ual, was shaking hands with his cousin,
Joseph Brsekenndgs, when Judge
Bradley took hie seat on the bench
There was a moment of silence follow
ing the roll call of jurors, the judge
Seeming to watt lor explanations from
th lawyers
Then he said "I notice the papers
have laid out a course of procedure for
m to follow regarding an occurrence
just ontside th court room after the
conrt hal adj mrned yesterday even
ing, which th conrt did not see, and
which the parties concerned iu it prop
atdy regret as much as the court does
It is not a matter of which th court can
take judicial notice, As it was past
the hour for adjournment when the
plaintiff's counsel had finished
speaklug last night, and us 1
noticed some evidences of excitement
on the part of the defendant's
counsel. I thought it best to adjourn
the court, thinking that alter u night
of thought over the connection in
which certain words hal been used the
counsel might look upon them differ
ently, dad the trouble referred to
taken plsos in court it would have been
the duty of the court to take judicial
notice of it, and he would have done
so promptly."
there wus a pause and a rustle of
surprise, after which Jndga Bradley
"There is another matter about which
I deem it my duty to speak. Tne court
has received information that some of
the gentlemen representing the defend
ant have come into the courtroom
armed. There is a law for the punish
ment of the offense of carrying con
reeled weapons, not ns Stringent as 1
wieh It Was. this is a law -abiding
.oiumnnity, the courts are adequate to
protect citizens, and as such conduct is
uncalled for, it is molt reprehensible
If the court has information adtqnate
lie will see that prosecution is beguu in
the police court of the District."
After tne counsel on either side had
vigorously denied that thy were arm
ed the trial was op -ned with the read
ing of deposition
During the morning there were no
ladies in court, no! v; n Miss Pollard
and ,her two friends NDDearing. al
though it was said that she had re
Covered from her prostration of yestr-
lv Her attorneys have not. vet de.
cldad whether the plaintiff will be
placed upon the stand to testify, as she
Il in SOOb n nervous state tlmt they fear
she well I not lie able to stand the or
Aftr recons the reading of deposi
tions hogan and OOQtiOUOd nntil all the
depositions were read and the exami
nation of witnesses was resumed. Ihe
hlerk bonneted, black robed, kindly
faced sisters who s"in'l out. of plare
in the conrt room, entered, and one of
them look the stand. Sbo said she
wes Sister Cecilia, of Pueblo. Col. She
laid she belonged to the Order of Sis
ters of I'liirity, and in ls, was in
charge of the Nor wood Foundling
nsyiiim near Cincinnati.
Sli did not recall any psfton ny the
name of BurgoynS who wis at the RJJ
Inm wlill" she wmh then, She did
remember Dr. Mary Street, who after-
verdi bsenme Mrs Logan, Dr. street
had visited tne asylum twice to see a
Tim four volumes of Irving's works,
which the defense triad so herd to have
excluded from the trial, were shown
sister Oscllla, and In answer to lines
lions, she said books resembling these
had buen presented to her bv n female
patient at the asylum. When the wit
DOM went to i'linblo she left the books
nt Norwood.
In answer to questions by Mr. Car
lisle ths witness said she remembered
a female patient who had been discov
ered correspond idg with another per
son through the Cloolnnatl Kuquirer,
she had met Mis Madeline Pollard
since coming to Washington and had
once received a letter from her.
Before argument proceeded further
Judge Bradley siid it was II o'clock and
ordere l an adjournment,
It Was Kied bv 06,000 Persons nt th
World's Fair.
Washington. D. (,'.. March Li -Col
lector of Customs Clark, at ths port ul
C'.lioagO, hss made ii most interesting
report to the treasury depirfment to
day on a chapter which cone rns mat
ters at the Midway PlaisanOS of the
Worlds fair.
At the opening of the Irish village
there won one essi utisl thing lacking
tn make the "Blarney Castle a conn
ternart of the original structure in In ¬
land, and that was the "Blarn-y
Stone. The iiiHiiager, desirous of in
dowing the visitors with un oppeitu
I nil for becoming famous sp niters.
took into bis con li leOOB James Itlley, a
contractor, and requested that h pro
dure it "Blarney Sleiin "
Mr. Riley Secured the services of
Oharles Thompson, an employe of the
village, and these two men on a dark
night In June repaired to the corner of
Flty seventh stient and Portland
avenue, in the city of Chicago, and
there dug up from the street a lime
stome paving block, about IS inches
long and BxlO inches In dimensions
They carried it tn the village mid
placed It in a case which had oven re
crived that day in bond, case No. 97,
serial 4,000, addrcMed to TIioiiiiin
B iker, Irish Industrial village.
This StOUS WAS then planed iu the
walls of the castle, where it remained
during the balance o( thv fair, and wan
kissed by nt least 30,000 people, a fee
ot 10 cents a pe0e being charged.
-- -
A Manl'd Man Wlw Hklppsl with a
Yeunu Girl Looked Up
A i fOONA, March 18, J W. Beauien
derfer.a married man, and Cora Fisher,
a 1 1-year old girl, who eloped from
Lebanon, were captured in this city
and locked Up tonight
Bsameaderfer was a reporter on the
Lebanon Report and abandoned Ins
wife and one chill for the girl who Is
unusually well developed for her age
and rather good looking.
' S '
Veto Awilti: . the urn ...... M.tti
ure, Suvs It' presontative Traoev.
Washington, March 18 Rspreaen
tatlVO Traeey, who rpresnts the Al
bany district and who ia very near
President Cleveland and thoroughly
understands his views on financial mat
ters, snys that the Bland seigniorage
bill would receive a prompt veto
The more the bill was discussed nud
nalyssd the more vicious and dauger
onr its provisions appear.
No Moil- Bodies Aia Discovered at
Qaylord Mine Peter McLough-
lln Is Buried.
OUR i li
WlLKKS-BARRK, March 18 There
was little or no excitement at the Gay
lord mine in Plymouth today and there
were bnt a few curiosity seekers pres
ent. Only ono body has so far been re
covered. The rescuers made little or no head
way this afternoon owing to n terrible
stench that assailed them nearly all
day. They expected to reach more of
the bodies, but had to quit work for n
time late this afternoon as they could
not stand the odor.
The night shift oams out of the mine
at 11 o'clock tonight, reporting that
vary little headway had been made
since noon today. As fast as they can
remove the debris the roof continues to
fall and the propping up goes very
low. The stench c mtlnues to increase
and this, too, causes great delay.
The funeral of Peter McLaughlin
took place this afternoon. The remains
were taken to ht. Vincent Catholic
church at Plymouth where the services
were held, rully 8,000 people were in
Ths Paterann Striker. Threaten to Brtna
Dynamite Into Plsy.
PaTKRBON, N. J., March 18, - Over
1,000 Striking ribbon weavers and silk
Iveraolimbed t tin hill to the V.illev of
the Rooks at noon today and drove out
the dyers in Charles Vermorel's works,
using the heavy dye sticks on the
heads of the workmen. The procession
then went, to tho Se & Shoeban's dye
ing shops on Pate.HOii street, and
forced the men from tho tube, not oven
nllowiug them to dolT their wooden
The strikers next visited the mill of
Dexter Lhiubert - Co., au I actd in a
similar manner. Une of the strikers
told Mayor Urauii today that if the em
ployors did not come to terms in a few
days, they would introduce dynamite
into the struggle.
v mm
The Blnvnr Who Ha. Iieen Haias.inir tho
British Taken
LONDON, March IU A despatch to
tha admiralty office from Bathurst,
. s in ' . says :
Chief rodi Hilah, the slave trader,
whose deprsdattons among ths natives
ill thn British "iihere led to the recent
fighting iu this territory, resulting in
several instances in the defeat of the
lintisn sailors, has lajen captured in
F rencli territory.
- - -v - i
A Frothing Oanlns Orsatss Hnvnu Down
at Carlisle.
Carusmc, Pa., Maroh 18 A dog sup
posed to l.w iii id went through here to
The animal bit tWO children, sixteen
hogs and eight dogs.
- . .
BoffalO(N. V.i has ordered the slot ma
chines ' in.
Itichanl I'roker has decided In purchase
a ranch nd breed bones near nan Au
ton Id, T'OX.
Eastern capitalists are to p 11.800,000
fot the Mercer gold mine in the Camp
Floyd district. Utah,
Congressman BOOK has been defeated
fer re-noiniliatioii iu ihe Sernml
district by llunry .1. BlbSOq, bj 1,030 nut
Julian L white prominent in Baltimore
society and baslnessjli shortly to wed Miss
Sophie Beylsrd,a French girl, VhoSS mother
was Miss Hltohte, of Boston.
James K. Btratton, wanted for the nun
del of Detective Balllgan at Ravenna, O.,
February, 1887, hasi u Identified in the
penitential v at. Buutsville, Tex.
MUwaukes's oommna council has been
asked to maka religious prosscutions, like
that conducted by the AmsrlOSn Protec
tive sssooistloDi a criminal offeass.
Li a crowded smokingcar mi the New
York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
yesterday, Oharles Peierson was stricken
with Smallpox, All the tram new had to
be vaccinated.
Mrs. Bradley T. Johnson, who lies criti
oaiiy ill In Baltimore, armed, clothed and
equipped the Fust Maryland Confederate
reRimcut nuilng the war, lhS went to
the front and nursed its Wounded men.
Three SptKbes o:i Hi1; Bland Belgoloragt
Senators Sleiv.irl and Lindsay Speak
in Favor ol Its Passage A Vole on
Mr. Allison's Motion Will Be Taken
Today A Resolution Introduced In
Ihe House Calling for Information
Iroin tho CarnOgiePhipps Com
pany. Washington, March 18
L-ir-,HKItK were three np-echeh mad"
ill tim senate today on the
Bland seigniorage bill. The
first two were in favor of the
bill, and were made by Senators Stew
art, Nevada, and Lindsay, Kentucky.
Th" third Was ill opposition to it, and
was made bv Senator Dolpb, Oregon,
who declared that tboss who favored
it were, largely, those who were in
favor of the free coinage of silver.
Tim discussion is to close tomorrow
at 8 p 111 , when a vole le to bt taken
on .Mr. Allison's motion to reconsider
the vote ordorlog ths bill to a third
resding. The final Vote OO its paSSSgS
is to be taken on Thursday at the same
hour. Too shifting of positions on
committees, uiade necessary by the
entrance of two new senators Mo
Lanrin, of Mississippi, and Blanobard,
of Louisiana was accomplished by
mutual amicable arrangomonto. The
senate adjourned at fi 80 p- in
Most of the day's session of the hoOSS
whs occupied in consideration of the
sundry civil hill, An amendment of
fered by Mr, Dunpby, Democrat, New
York, authorizing the expenditure of
$U0. 000 for repairs on the Now York
city post offi IS was adopted. A motion
by Mr. Morse, Republican, Msssaohu
seits, to strike out the appropriation
for tho Inter-State commerce commis
sion, gave rise to an animated discus
sion of th effect of the rtoent decision
of .Judge Crosscut), at Chicago, while
Mr. Daniels, of New York, was unau
thorized and in opposition to the dec
laration of the supreme court on the
subject Mr. Morse's motion received
bnt live VOtOS.
A resolution introduce 1 by Mr Cnm
mings, (Dem, N Y ,) c alling on Secre
tary BerOert for all the information iu
his possession respecting the reported
failure of Carngie-Phipps Company to
furnish armor plato iu accordance with
their contract, was favorably reported
from the committee on uaval uff iiri
and agreed to.
him up. A document has just been
handed into the poatofuce dOfArtuaent,
winch t -.:,. to this remarkuhle fam
ily and politieal harmony. It is on
behalf of u candidate for the postmas
terabip ot Broadford, Payette county,
The applicant is Walter Slillwagen,
and he is indorsed by fifty-three Demo ;
crats, all bearing the Sams name of
Slillwagen, and evidently his relativet.
Among them are repi esentatiVM uf al
most every avocation, from physicians
and ministers of the Gospel down to
He Thinks Lad Uosebsry'a l....r-i
Crant-u a New Llhioal Departure.
LONDON, March lit In the lobby of
the house Of commons Michael Davitt
said today . "It Is useless to shot our
eyes to the faot that Lord Hisebery's
language creates Virtually a new de
parture "f the Liberal party on the
iiiiution hi home rule
"The words spoken by the premier
yesterday fnrnlsb the clearest justifi
cation of the action of the house of
lords in rej-cting home rule, The
position of the unionist lords is Kug
lish and thev must b convinced of tho
justice u! home rule before It will be
granted to Ireland. That is Lord Kose
Pery's doctrine,"
Curtis Though' I Was Qmt'.e Cow, but
Find. Out th C intrary,
NOBRISTOWN, March 18. -James Cur
tis, ot Philadelphia, sulTered a nou-suit
iu court this afternoon in his case
against Valentine B. Schlosser, of
Montgomery county. One day last
year a drove of steers belonging to
Schlnssor was being driven past Cnrtie'
residence, on Marion avenue, when one
of the animals stepped and looked
through Curtis' window.
Curtis testified that he thought it
wus a cow belonging to a neighbor,
Thinking the annual would break his
window he went to the door, shook his
coat nt him, and tried to shoo him
away. Failing iu thif ho got a broom
and started for blm The steer gave a
Itiorl and charged him. Cuitis landed
on the cobbles in the street.
The steer got on him and gored and
kicked him. The steer was finally
driven aw.iy by some women within a
fenced enclosure shaking aproua at
him The steer was captured and
killed. Curtis was severely Injured
and laid up for about ten weeks, and
has not been able to do his accuslomed
work since. Por this reason Curtis
brought suit nalust Schlosser, claim
ing such damages as In has suffered
from his injuries
Camd.n Hove J'lav Wilt West with
Tregio Riu!ia.
Philadelphia, March 18, Playing
In Han was great sport for a crowd of
reckless small boys in Cam I n vester-
dav. Thev tied 8-year-old Charlie
Betiiiv to a stake and set tire to him
Then they started a war dance about
the post. Ignoring his icreumi of ter
ror. The boy was frightfully burno I
SBOUl the body and legs, and if lie liVes
lie will be maimed for life The doc
tore, however, are not willing to say
that he will survive
Three of Iheb.vs wdio so cruelly
burned him are in jail, weeping penlt
ent tenia, and explaining that it was nil
in fun. All admit their purls in the
fiendish gaine, and their stories agree
except in a few minor details I'rotn
these it is evident thai t he burning was,
not planned, but was the outburst of
boyish recklessness.
Deetres Damages for Twenty 'Ons uve
Imprisonment in Mine.
WlLKK.s II.Miitic, March lit The suit
of Joseph Matuskowils against J. 0
Harden ft Co., for $86,000 damages
was cuiie i iii tne common pleas court
hero today. The plaintiff is one of the
survivors of th" JeAnesVtllo accident of
February, 1808
lie was one of the seventeen men
who were entombed In the mine there,
tind rescued after h iving been iinpri
soiled for tWSntyOns days. At the
time of the accident nine mu were
di owned ; four died of suffocation ; and
four were foqndjallVe. The mine opera
tors are charged with negligence.
An Applicant for I- t :li ne.ikfd bv
Fiftv-foiir Relative..
WaSFUKQTON, March III A family
that can turn out fifty tour Demo
crats on occasion should certainly have
consideration Wbsn one comes out for
ollioe, aud the other lifty-three back
The Sinking Silk Weavers Try to In
timidate the Warpers Who
Refuse to Join Them.
Pvi i i son, March 18 -Another riot
ous scene wus witnessed on Temple
street hill this city shortly before 6
o'clock this evening Over 5 000 per
sons surroiiiid-d the Bamford Bros ,
silk mill, 10 intimidate the weavers
and warpers who refused to join the
strikers A.t S 30 o'clock chief of Po
lice Grant and Captain Bimson with a
fqasd of forty-two mn charged the
orowd and dispsrssd them
Afterward a body of silk workers
uiirched op CI '.IT street singing the
"Marsellaise," but wore soon routed by
another detachment of peltos end many
of them wre knocked down by the
i fficers.
Nearly all of the operatives wre as
corteii to their homes bv policmu,
and Mayor Braun isuud a proclama
tion this afternoon calling upon the
strikers u preserve order.
1' is thought that th dyers' strike
will be settled tomorrow on terms
agreeable to th" workmen
We call attention to our large
Spring siock, comprising
Brussels, Irish
Point and Not
tingham Laces.
i Plain and Dotted Swiss
and Tambour Goods
Irish Point Lace
8j yds lonj at 18.98 and $8.85 a pair.
I he Greatest Drive
Ever Shown.
The quantity is limited aud
i-aunot be duplicated.
President Tags, ol Texe, Ussa a Pun
with Deadl-.- Eff-ct
FnKT WORTS. Tex., March 18. R
W. Pai;e, formerly preetdent ot th"
Merchant's National bank, of this city,
shot and instantly killed A B Smith,
formerly cahier of the bank, at 10
o'clock this morning
Page was alone in a room used bv the
bank to wind tip its affairs when Smith
entered to talk over some alliirs. Whal
passed between the men is not known,
bnl several shots ran out and When
attaches entered the room they found
Smith's body on the floor. Page is iu
- -
Abacdoud Line to th Otttyebuig Bal
tltfteld to Be Completed.
GbttysDURO, Pa , March 13. The
Qettysburg Eilsctria railway, which
was forced to abandon work on the
battlefield last June lor want of money,
and Which was almoat in a receiver s
hands two wrek ago, today put a gang
of men at work in the "valley of
deato" to blss! out the rocks just whore
tne j d was left off lust year.
Tils railway people claim the road
will now be liuishod
A Cineinnati Kerohant Given Proper
K'H.-ni for an Annitcnment.
CINCINNATI, O., March IU. "Uneyoar
ol ) lemocratic a Imtnistratton and pros
pects of three more" That was the
canss iriven In the deed of assignment
ol P. E, Alden, the hatter, filed in the
probate court this morning,
The iisseti we; v reported to K worth
10,000, with liabilities between 7,000
nud 18,000,
Premier Caslmlr Psrlsr, ot Prance, has
the inBnsnsa
Princess Mane, wife of Prince Perdi
Dand, of Itnli-'aria, is in n very critical con
dition. Thecaar hen thanked ths kaiser for his
birthday vihen, and practicallv retortisl,
"Bane to von."
'i he Empress ol Qermanj left Herim tor
Abvsiin yesterday. She ve ncconipauied
by her children.
Uueen Margaret ol Italy, gave a fare
well audience to William Potter, the re
tiring I' nited States niiuister, and Mi
Potter. Qermanv'S silver oOtOS have fallen more
tliiiu 84,000,0011 Ihdow Ihe aiithoricesl limit ;
m than 8i, 000,000 will be ooined, np to
e-nmrk pieces,
.billies II. Mulligan, of Kentucky, has
been appointed oonsul general to Ajia.
From 800 to KM clerks will soon be drop,
ped from the treasury through economic
reforms in progress.
Intel mil revenue receipts shOW that
a largo quantity of whiskey iii being re
moved troin bond to escape increased tax
The instgnation tins tieen aCOSPted of
Naval Cadei HackB, Olson, of Wlsoon-
In, who Was put under arrest lor carrying
official papers to Washington without per
Major TbomSS Itoee. who was three
tunes hreVStted for gallantry, reaching
the rank of btlgadter-gettSral ul volutiteeni,
and who dug out of l.lbby prison through
the famous tunnel, was plnced on the re
tired list yesterday.
i ' e
I RAIN i fasHiimton, Uarohl8.-JVire-
I I ami foi HVifaesduj: I'm- tasttrn
r ' PMiaewlvoalo, HyM eaoieers fn
W Ing morntag,' atr dUrtaa
the (fin, lUghttu cooler,' rarfeoM isinas
scooinMg nortAgMst, For teestsrn Viui
plvaala, psasraligstr: coofcr in stmtAern
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1 J. BE,