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Gives a Convincing Argument Against Ike
Seigniorage Bill.
The Proposed Violation of Faith Criti
cised in an Unimpassioned Speech.
The Country on the Eve of a Period
of Disastrous Inflation The Pas
sage of the Bill Would Inevitably Re
sult in a Sin.cle Silver Standard.
Dull Day in the House.
Washington, D. C, March 8.
H FTER the passage of a number of
A bill, at 2 p. ui , the vice presl
M eD' m before the senate the
LTu i .t,l business, being the
Bland neiguioraK aot, the peodititf
queation being on Mr Allison's motion
to reconsider the vote of yeeterdey or
derinir the engrossment and thirl read
ing of the bill.
Mr. Sherman, Ohio, expressod th
hope that the aeu ite would m iki no
real objeotlon to Mr. Ailisou's motion,
bo aa to leave the bill open to m u id
ment. Ua proposed to show the im
portance of hurinur the bill amended.
He declared that there was no dispmi
tion on hia aide of tba chamber to pre
vent action on the bill. He suggested
that senator on both sides should pro
ceed in the matter without tiktu? ad
vantage of a rapid declaration on the
' part of the presiding afllOOT that the
bill had been read a third lime.
In his opinion th bill ws a viol i
tion of the public faith, as declared in
the aot of ltK), which pledged to the
redemption of the silver certificates the
entire silver bullion purchased by
them. Ha believed, also, that it was
the beginning of an unlimited iisu of
paper money to meet current xpjndi
tnres. And' he beliaved that it woul 1
substitute for this bi-mstallic itandard
of gold and silver the monometalism
of silver only.
Tbia bill is a plain and palptble vio
lation of the puolis faitu ta plain aa if
yon should refuse to pay United States
notes. The bill before us, strange to
aay, provides for taking fifty-five mill
ion of the bullion pledged to the re
demption of the treasury notes.
It takea it from toe vaults of the
treaanry department, where it is
pledged, aa sacredly as a mortgage
npon laud or us any other obligation of
publio faith.
In the further courts of bia argument
Mr. Sherman declared that there had
not been a dollar gained by the govern
ment in the purchase of silver bullion.
There naver had tien any foundation
for aeigniorage. The word "seignior
age" was one which onght not to he en
grafted on the laws of the United
States. It represents the powr of lord
or king to seize a portion of the bul
lion brought to the mint bv its owner
to be coined. It meant toll, But there
could be no seiu'uioroe in the caae be
cause there had been no profit in the
He believed the passage of the
bill meant the beginning of an unlim
ited iasue of papar money. There was
outstanding today of the various forms
of demand obligations :t36,(XW,000.
an 1 it was prorosad to add to those lia
bilities the sum of 169,000,000, or if
the senator from Nebraska was correct,
theposaible sum of $110,000,000, Did
anybody suppose, Mr. hliermau asked,
that tbat vaat sum of money could be
maintained at par with gold? What
waa there on haud to meat that enor
mous liability.
Mr. Harris expressed hia determina
tion to resist any re-consideration and
any amendment of the bill, on the
ground that if the hill had to be sent
back to the house, the clianoes against
action on it there would be nine to
Finally it was arranged tbat Mr.
Allison would have the floor tomorrow
to spenk in favor of his own in dl on,
and then at 4 . V), the senato after a
short executive session, adjourned.
After the passage of several minor
bills in tna honse this morning Mr.
Sayers, (Dem., Tex. j presented the con
ference report on the urgency dsil
clency bill and It was agreed to.
Mr. Richardson. (Dam., Tenn.,)
called up the bill reported by the
deekery commission abolishing the
offices of commissioner and deputy
commissioner of councils and asked its
consideration as a privileged matter.
Mr. Cannon adverted to the methods
of accounting in the postoffice depart
ment, which brought up the star route
frauds, and the discussion drifted off
to tbat subject.
Tbe bill was passed and the honse
then went into committee, of the whole
on the District of Colombia appropris
tion bill. Aa reported the bill carried
a total appropriation of $5. 157,573 and
provided salaries for 2,054 persons, in
cluding teachers of the public schools,
as against $5,418,224 and 2,001 salaries
in tbe bill lor the current year, and SS
timates of $0. 000,103 and 2. 108 sahiries.
After brif da bete bv Messrs. Morse
(Rep.. Mass.) and Wheeler (Dam ,
Ala..) tbe committee rose and at 4. 50
the bouse adjourned.
Haven for orders. Engineer Patriolc
Dngan, a new nun had just stepped off
his engine and us he was about to outer
the telegraph station nearby, the en
gine exploded.
The Bran an whose name U John
Ltfiiox, a new man, who caiuo from
IjMig Island, was at bis pout and Ar
thur Hotter and Edward Fox, two
brakemeo, who lived at White Haven,
Were killed outright. The engiua is a
complete wreck.
Aesthetic Wllkei-uarreana Ara dazing
Upon th Rislnir Watsrs.
Wii.kks- Bauiik, Pa., March 8. The
Buiquehanua river her continues to
rise rapidly. Early this morning the
water broke through the channel near
here, and this afternoon a large portion
of tba west side of the river ii sub
All traffic by electric curs or vehicles
to Kingston and other points has been
abandoned for a time. As far as can
be learned no particular damage has
been done as vet.
The Indiaua Makes a Most Creditable Show
ing Alluat.
Tho New Cruiser Taken Out for a
Preliminary Trial A High Rato of
Speed Easily Attained, and the Suc
cess of the Trip a Surpriso All
Around -Thousands of Enthusias
tic People Welcome the Boat Upon
Its Return.
Madeline Pollard Will Face tho Gal
lant Kentucky Colonel In a
Court of Justice.
WASHINGTON, March 8 Congress
man w. O. P. Breckinridge, long en
titled the "silver tongaad orator" of
Kentucky, son of a Presbyterian min
ister, veteran of the confederate army,
a member of one of th most distin
guished families of his state, and here
tofore conspicuous as a politician and
churchman, began to lav the rolo of
defendant in a suit for $90,000 damages
for ereacti of promise and sednctlon
brought by Miss Madeline Pollard, nleo
Half an horn before 10 o'clock, the
time for the court to opu, the corri
dors swarmed with people seeking en
trance, including several old ladies
half ashamed of tneir pre-nce.
So small is the courtroom that Judge
Bradley had given orders to exclude
every one but those having a legiti
mate interest In the case. First on the
scene of active pirticipiiits in the ca-i
were the attorneys for ttisi Pollard.
Messrs. Wilson and Cariisl. Soon
afterward the most constrictions pr
sonaije of all, C donel Brecki aridge,
of Kentucky, arrived. There was a
ruddy g'ow of health on his face,
tringed by the snow white heard and
looks. He was accomoanied by Bn
Butterworth, the Ohio ex-congressman,
who had been engaged to take
the place of Colonel Totten in the de-fens-.
Last Angust tho anit was filed, a few
days after the coid marriage of Col
onel Breckenridgo. Since then both
parties to th suit hava been engaged
in taking testimony in Kentucky and
Cincinnati, the attorneys for Miss Pol
lard undeavoring to suostantntte her
assertions that Colonel Breckinridge
sednced her when a girl in a seminary
at Cincinnati, was the father of h"r
three children and had made repeated
rrnnises to marry her; while the
xtatem nts secured by Mr. Breckin
ridge ten 1 to blackn the character ot
the plaintiff.
M;ss Pollard for a year held a clerical
position in the census buraan nt Wash
ington and has done mnch writing for
the newspapers, sometimes under the
name of Madeline Vinton Pollard and
occasionally aa Madeline Breckinridge
Colonel Breckinridge, it is under
stood, will take a leading part in his
own defense. If he does so there can
he no doubt of tbe ability with which
it will be conducted. Apart from tho
able assistance he will receive from
Colonel Pnil Thompson, an ex congress
man from Kantn-ky, who is a brilliant
lawyer, Colonel Enoch Totten,
counsel for the defense, is one
of the strongest Washington at
torneys, a middle age 1 man with a
white moustache. He is in i lorida bs
cause of weak health and will uot re
turn until the 15th, for which reason
the defense has unsuccessfully endeav
ored to secure a further postponement
of the trial. On-' of th most active
workers in the arrangement of the de
fense it a son of Colonel Breckinridge,
who has been untiring in nts efforts in
his father's behalf.
Issue of the charges against him is
considered of the moat vital importaico
to the Kentnckian since hia OMBpaigu
for re election to hia seat will be con-
luctel this summer. In Washington
society, and particularly Kentucky cir
cles, tbe greatest interest is manifested
in tbe case
TIIF. now
first of
nnvv, r
from a i
Seven liars Anarchists Arreatad by the
Frsnoh Polios
Paris, March 8. Seven anarchists
were arrested by the police today.
Including in the number is the father
of Martial Bourdin, who was killed by
tbe explosion of a bomb he was carry
ing Greenwich pnrk, London, on tab
ruary 15.
Three Man Instantly Killed b the
Enratlntr of a Holler.
Wilkks-Barre, Pa, March 8. A
Lehigh Valley Railroad engine, No.
468, hauling a coal train coming north
todny was side tracked at Tunnerv
station, three miles below White
At New Orleans, Tom Kinder, accused
of murder, died fiom nervous excitement.
Canada's great railway magnate, Dun
can Mclutyre, is Beriously ill at Montreal.
Dr. Arthur Dotutron has been indicted
at St. I - for tho murder of his wife and
Mrs. Abigail Hobart, nt Nnshua, N. II..
celebrated tho footh anniversary of her
Illness and melancholia led William I'.
King, a lialtimoio young man, to shoot
Re-election is asked by Senator ('hand
ler in an open letter to New Hampshire
nepu ouoen t,
Robbers tnnrdsred Joseph M Archer, a
rich stoyk dealer of North Baltimore,
to get his hoard of (8,000,
Silver bullion certificates may bo struck
off Now York's Stock Kixhauge list, as
trading has nearly conssd.
The New York supreme court has din
no I the appeal taken In tho Seamun
will cute, involving $l,noi),(MU.
Threats of assassination were made
against rather I II 7.grld, of Fremont,
Neb., who knows no mason for it.
Bagel to di together. Dentist J. .I.Lock,
of Ban Fraucivco, und .Vlisa Alice Alders
ley, took gas, and the woman is already
Tho Denriison, (Tex.) cotton mill, which
cost S.YI0 Oou ami tins nover been used, was
sold at public su.o for I, WW to satisfy u
In tho interest of harmony. W. J. Honl
Iter, of Providence, withdraws from the
Republican senatorial nght in favor of ex
Uoveruor Wotmnro.
For t4."0,000 tho Cincinnati Commercial
Ouzetto has boon sold to Now York capi
talists, represented by i'erry S. Heath, the
Wusulugtou correspondent.
Tbe Mississippi river is booming nnd hns
risen over ten font In tun past thirty-six
boors. As It is over aevontoen feet from
tbe danger Hue, no trouble is anticipated
Philadelphia, March 8,
h ittleship Indiana, the
her (d iss in tbe new
returned this afternoon
most hucc 'ssfnl prelimi-
n uy trial trip. She cam up the river
with a big American Bag at her stem,
and tho Cramps burgee at tho mast
head. Her steam siren bellowed al
most continuously in return to the sa
lutes of nil sorts of craft along the
water front.
Crowds of people wavo I the big war
ship a welcome back from th do. ks
and home tops along the river, and
when she swung into her berth at the
ship yard she was cheered by the
thousands of work men engaged in fin
ishing the Columbia, the Minneapolis
and the other ships under way iu the
The Indiana left the Cramps yards
at U o'clock Tu 'sday Doming and an
chored (iff the Delaware breakwater for
the night. At 4 08 a m. on Wednes
day the anchor was token aboard and
the shid headed out to sea. The day
was a psrfeoc one for a sea trial.
Too coursa over which her trial runs
were made was off Cape May, and ws
between tbe southwest lightship, at the
five fathom bank, to the northeast
lightship, DOo nauticil lines up the
coast. Tn ship was put over this
course six times three times in each
direction. The turns wero rasde at
full speed and the trip waa practically
under five hours' continuous stoaming
at high spaed.
The averages were 14,03 and 14 12
knots respectively. A mo lerate force
draft of half an inch nir pressure was
used for the next runs and an average"
of lo knots was maintained over this
course. This is the spend called for in
the contract with the government. The
last two ruas were made under a forced
draft of one inch air pressure.
The great mass of steel and iron
ploughed through the water, but only
a slight vinration from engines or
screws conil bo felt. The ship made
lo i knots on these last two runs. At 7
o'clock this morning she startsd on hr
return trip to this city. Coming np
the bay and river an average of 14
knots was made, with n favorable tide
tot eighty miles.
Ths perfortnanos of the Indiana on
this preliminary run was very satisfac
tory when tne condition of the ship is
considered, tier side armor, turrets,
conning townr and guns have not been
placed on her yet, and she consequently
ilraws three foet less water than she
will on her official trial. This will
ink her screws deeper and is expected
to increase her speed. Ordinary soft
coal was nsed on this trip, while caro
fudy selected coal will be employvd
When the official trial takes place.
Taking all things into consideration
it is predicted that the ship will make
at least sixteen knots and possibly a
quarter or a half knot more. A prem
ium of $25,000 per quarter knot will be
arnttd by tho builders fur anything
abov fifteen knots, ami from $100,000
10 $100,000 will probably be paid by
the government iu addition to the $3,
020,001) numed in the contract.
Thoy Are Still Pushing a Tunnel Tow
ards th Entombsd.
WlLU8BARRB, Pa., March H. There
is nothing new to be obtained from th
Onvlord mine up to this evening The
rescuers are still poshing the work, but
with considerable dlliiculty.
Tho latest from the Oaylord mine st
11 o'clock tonight is that the workers
have gained thirty-two fret today.
This is tho greatest progress mado in
any one day since the accident oc
curred. Baperinteodeot Jooo H. Davis mads
ids way over the fall of rock and ooal
lain this afternoon to a point where the
entombed men are supposed to he. On
coming to the snrface tonight he re
ported that there worn no signs of find -nig
them at this point It is simply
guess work now as to whun they will
bo reached
1880, when be wot ttripptJ of bit dt
trctivo stsr ami placed under arrest
he enjoys the preOlOUS boon of personal
liberty, Onco convicted of murder and
Conspiracy and consigned by the
verdict of tho jury to tho peni
tentiary for the term of his
natural life granted a new trial
by tho supremo court as the result of
errors iu the previous proceedings,
broogbt back from Joliet nftor three
years of incarceration, a jury of Ida
peers this nfteruoon declared as the
outcome of a second trial that has oc
cupied four months ami four days, that
he had neither part nor parcel in the
assassination of Dr. Patrick Henry
Tho jury retired on the stroke of 11,
and attnndud by three bailiffs, was led
to a room on the floor above. At 4.25
a verdict of not guilty was returned.
Witnesses Testify Hafore th Grand Jury
at Ma.1l...
MEDIA, Pa., March 8 The case of
Professor Hwithin C. Shortlldge,
charged with the murder of his wife,
was before the grand jury today mi l a
Dumber of witnesses, including Rev.
Dixon Jones, a brother, an I Mrs Jonos,
mother of tho murdered woman, were
A true bill will undoubtedly be
found, but the condition of the prison
er, who is confiued iu the Norrletown
insane asylum, is such that bis removal
eutinot be permitted at this time,
Two Thousand Silk Weavers Severely
Handle a Workman Who Re
fused to Join a Strike.
The Calamity Has Been Postponed for An
other Mouth.
with a manager by the name of Knuh,
Miss Nicolaus visited Roster & Bials.
To her spokesman Mr. Kour saidl
"I do not nsre to have Miss Nioolaus
here," said Mr. Kostsr. "This theater
is no museum, and we nre striving to
keep out of it anything of a freak na
ture. There is nothing further to be
said. I decline positively to even con
aider your suggestion. "
The party lost no time in getting
nut, and clotting with Mr. Kaitb, who
hod not heard of their visit to the
other firm. The contract is for ten lillOO a wnek. to bogiu April L
ulonros Clllzans Hava D-cldd to Ship
Negro! Out of th County.
SnOUDUORQ, Pa., March 8. The
negroes, who now sro living iu camp
oear Tannertvllle and tbe vicinity, who
have been terrorizing the farmers of
the neighborhood, will b sent away at
tho expense of tho county.
Tomorrow the linos of thirty of the
men will bo psi I and they will be
shipped slesswbere.
the report was false.
General Ritumptlnn in thn Oonnellsvllle
Coke RfKlon Will Not Ooour.
PiTTHin iiu. Pa , March 8 -The re port
that. the. was to be a general re
suuipiion of work in the Connellsville
coke region and that (1,000 men would
get employment was untrue.
The superintendents of the big Frick
and McCdure coke workers say that
only if the demand for coke increases
will the ovens be fired up.
Jury Declares Tint lit Hud No Hand In
tha Cronln Murder,
Cmcauii, March 8. Daniel Cough
lln is a free man tonight. Cor thn
first time sinoe tbe morning of May 35,
PATTBBflON, N. J , March 8 A mob
of about 2.000 men aesninbled in front
of tbe Murray Silk mill at (I o'clock
this evening. Prank Newkirk, a rib
bon weaver who refoted to go on strike
with the other operatives of the fac
tory, left the mill, but had not pro
ceeded far when a powerful weaver,
who headed the mob, struck him on
thn face, knocking him into the gutter.
Newkirk, who is also large and power
ful, regained his feet, and drawing a
piece of iron about n foot long from his
pocket, facd the crowd and rntreateu
buck to the mill felling all who came
in his way to the ground,
Whnn he arrived at the mill, he was
unable to gain an entrance nnd while
groping for the door, almost blinded
with blood, a striker struck hiut on the
bead with a stone, knocking him down
on Ibe steps of the factory. The crowd
then pressed forward and bsgan to
trample the prostrate man, when two
policemen appeared, and after much
difficulty re-icned Nowklrk who was
again on his feet, wielding his iron bar
right and left, trying to keep the crowd
at bay.
Tho policemen then undertook to
escort Newkirk to his home on Stony
road, but wiien near the foot of the
hill near thn Passaic Palls, a number
of those in front of thn procession
threatened to throw the badly scared
weaver over the preoiploo, Thinking
that the strikers would carry out their
threat the policemen hustled Newkirk
to thn police station.
When Newkirk and thn officers
wore near the postoffice, stones and
bricks wore flying in all direction'. It
required the services of several officers
to prevent the mob from entering the
court yard.
Old Kentucky and Uaderths City Lamps
Riot on a Tram.
QDIMCY, III, March 8. A small riot
occurred on the Wabash traiu out of
CJiiincy yesterday betweeo the male
members of the 'Old Kentucky" and
"Under the City Lamps" companies,
both of which showed here Monday
night. They left on the Wabash for
Jacksonville yesterday morning, nnd
about thn time the train reached
Camp Point, twenty mileseastof here,
the fight was started.
One of the beligereuts was stabbed
with a knife nnd snvoral others wore
bruised by being hit with sticks of
stovs WOod, Tho two companies have
happened to be in the same towns on
the same dates i-overal times of late , and
there is much bail blood between them.
Kisnuth Hue n R lapse.
Ti uiN, March 8. Louis Kossuth has suf
fered a relapse and is now very weak.
Firms in Philadelphia violating the semi
monthly pay law will be prosecuted.
By MM explosion of n boiler ut McDonald,
J R. Nelson was blown forty feet and
Many Italian friends at PottSViUc mourn
the absence of their countryman, P. Au
tonis, nnd tOT.
A machine in the harbor wire works nt
AllsntOWO nearly torn off ono of Harry
W. Slefnrt's iirnis.
It hns developed that AngUSt Dixon was
tho victim of murderers in Pittsburg, lie
had been robbed.
The snow flood in tho wes t branch of
the Bosqoehanna river will start tho logs
from the lumber samps,
AOQOsed of embetlltOB funds from a
building association at K iading, Charles
1. Derrick, an agent, is iu jail.
Among the appotn t incuts yesterday of
fourth class postmasters is the following:
Pennsylvania, L. I. Stevens, Helta.
A large millstone in Randolph Mc.Mtil
llo'l ohop mill, at Altoona, bnrsted, knock
ing a hole through one side of the build
ing. The Rose Tree Coon club, at Media, cap
tured tho biggest coon over seen iu Dcla
wnio county, and banqueted on tBe car
die". Warrants uro out for the arrest of Po
lice Sergeant Qoaekeobos, of Heading, who
most answer serious accusations inmlo by
Hannah Richardson.
The grand jury today found a truo bill
against .lames Menu, who i- charged with
tun murder ot Jonn Miuiidors during n
drunken quarrel in Cheater.
The fourteen inch mill of the Itesdinu Rol
ling mill company, resumed opera! ions yes
terday morning, sun with other depart
ments running, the mill gives employ inent
to nenrly .isn men.
Rev. Mr. Allison, editor of tho Presbv
leriao Hnnner, has decided not to accept
the positiou on tun siate board or chari
ties made vacant by tho death of James B
Scott, of I'ittsburg, nnd which was ten
dered to hlui by Uovuruur Pattlsou.
Tho Provisions of tho House Bill in
Regard to Importad Tobacco Are
Unchanged -A Reduction Upon
Smoking Articles, Playing Cards
and Other Necessaries of Life Um
brellas and Parasols Aro Lightened.
Matches Reduced One-Half Other
Washington March 8
n 8 previously stated iu the United
jp Press dispatches the date whoti
J the Wilson tariff law goes iuto
U u effect is changed from June 1
to June 80, 1801, by the senate com
mittoo, aud this dato is mads to effict
not only articles Imported but articles
withdrawn for consumption except of
course where otherwise specified iu
the bill.
Tho provisions of the homo bill in
rogar 1 to imported tobacco are left
unchanged, ami there is no change in
tho law as to the sale of tobacco on
hand, the only tobacco changes bjing
iu regard to dom-stic cigars aud cigar
ettes. The house bill also stands unchanged
as regards pottery (exotpt ono little
Increase of 5 per cent, oil porcelain)
Internal revenue tax of 2 cents a pick
on playing cards remains, but with a
proviso that uo pack shall contain
moro than fifty-four cards.
Among miscellaneous articles
changed by the bill thero are a number
whicb have been previously mentioned
in these despatches, but may ba re
peated us follows: Unsised printing
paper, suitable for books and newspa
pers, is redoosd from 15 to lOpsr cent ,
parchment napjrs ara increased from
25 to !i0 per cent. ; tire crackers are
changed from S cents a pound to 50
percent, ad valorem; gunpowder is
taxed 10 cents ad valorem; matches are
rod need, from 80 to 10 per cent; furs on
the skin, but not made up, are taxed 20
per cent, ad valorem, fur lists and ma
terials are raised from 130 to 35 per cant,
ad valorem.
Lead pencils are increased from 35 to
40 per cent, and slate pencils from 25
to 30 per cent , and clny pipes are made
dutiable at 10 per cent, ad valorem, in
stead of 10 cen ts per gross. Umbrellas
and parasols are reduced from 35 to 80
per cent.
Careless Handling of the Exploalve Ellis
Two Men on chipboard.
St. Johns, N. P.. March 8. A Beri
ous dynamite explosion occurred last
night aboard tbe seuliug Btoumwr Wul
rus, at Orneuspoud. Tbe harbor being
tightly fru7.on, it was found necessary
to use dynamite to break tbe ice so
that the ship - could gain open water.
Three of the Wlarus crew were
wsruiing dynamite in tho galley when
the explosion occurred. Two of the
men were killed ulmost instantly and
the third seriously injured. Tbe ves
sel was seriously damagad.
A Terrific Explosion in Front of
Camera Di Deputati Cre
ates Havoc.
Sale of
The Appointment cf a Schoolmaster
Crestea Riot nt Brussels.
Brussels, March 8 A riot occurred
today in the village of Comblaln Au
Pont in the providence of Liege any
about twonty-ilve miles from the city
of that name, which involved almost
thn entire population of the place. The
recent appuintment of a schoolmaster
who wan generally unpopular was t lie
prime cause of the dislur Kane.
Hep 'aled protests against the reten
tion of tha teacher having been of no
avail, the people made au attack upon
the residence of the burgomaster this
morning aim tlireutened us destruc
l'he crowd, refusing to disporse at
the command of the burgomaster, that
functionary ordered thu gendarmes to
fire upon them. Tbe command was
obovud and the tiro was returned. The
crowd was Anally scattered with the
lose of two killed aud a dozen or mora
- ;
Troops Have Been Withdrawn and the
Strike In About Over.
CHARLESTON! W.Va .March 8. Com
nany K. ol Iho state militia, arrived
here today having i -en ordered back
by tho governor. The other two com
panies will remain lad finitely. All is
quiet and Montgomery hails with joy
tbe departure of Company K.
A committee of the United Mine la
borers yesterday heida conference with
Captain Pegs and the sheriff stating
that they denounced tho rio: . had noth
ing to do with it and would assist in
bringing th rioters to Juttloe, It is
said the strike will probably bo ended
soon, and a I general go-towork move
up nt started,
Cowboy Qormley Returns to Chicauo
with Bis Wife nod Is Jailed.
CHICAGO, March S Ucnrude Kosen,
tho daughter of A R Rossn, who dis
appeared from her home Monday night,
returned to Chicago last night as the
wife of Andy Qormley, the cowboy,
formerly connected with Buffalo Dili's
Her bosbsnd was at OBOC placed un
der arrest for sbJootloD. Bs takes bis
arrest very coolv. They were married
by a Milwaukee justice.
. .
An Alderman at Enetou Decides Thirty -
five Trainmen c.tess.
Kaston, March 0 The thirty-five
suits brought by men who claimed they
wero induced by the Order of Railway
Trainmen to quit the employment of
the Lehigh Valley Hiilroad company
during the slriko Inat fall were decided
today in favor of the men against the
order by Alderman Young.
He awarded each of the men 888 for
one mODth'f pay.
Clor donl'l's NiKhtinarn Will Blossom
as a Theatrical Star.
Ni w YORK, Marsh 8. Miss Z-lta
Nil olnns. who gained notoriety through
the $10,000 check which she said was
taken from her by George Gould, its
alleged maker, is iu New York egSiu,
Sim bus decided to go on tbo stage, and
yesterday arrangements were perfected
to that end.
Previous to closing an engagemi-nt
ROUE, .March 8 About 6' o'cl e
this evening a Urritio explosion resem
bling the detonation of a large cannon
startled everybody iu the vicinity of
the chamber of deputies. Persons wsre
hurled to the ground by the force of
the explosion, while others, able to
keep their feet, ran in all directions iu
their endeavors to escape they knew
not what.
When tbe excitement had somewhat
subsided the fact was roalized that a
bomb had been exploded in front of the
Camera Di Dep ituti, wherein the
sittings of the chamber of deputies are
held Two persons were found to have
been dangerously wounded and several
less seriously injured. Many of those
injured were cut by fragments of
brokeo glass, but others were hurt,
some of them badly, by being thrown
violently to the ground or against
The polios are on the alert to catch
the miscreant nnd his accomplices,
if he has any, while the populace are
fearful that other explosions will occur
before the bomb throwers nre caught
The chamber of deputies had, for
tunately ndjourned an hour before the
explosiou took place, otherwise it is
likely that several persons would have
been killed, as tbe number in the vicin
ity of tbe chamber was at least four
times ns great an uour earlier than it
was at the lime tne bomb exploded.
The police say this evening tha'
eight persons wer wounded seriously
by the explosion. Two men and two
women have been arrested on suspic
ion of having boen implirated In the
plot. Soon after the explosion troops
were stationed on the Piazza Di Ciio
no. and in the streets leading to this
open space before the parliamentary
building. This evening all the streets
in the neighborhood are doubly pa
trolled. t
Convention of Workinamsn Raise Their
V Agaiaat th Wllion Bill.
Philadelphia, March 8. A move
ment to hold a l ig convention of work-
tnginen in Washington on April o and
to protest ngainst the nassage of the
Wilson bill by tho senate, was inau
gurated here tonight.
Delegates representing about fifty of
the largest manufacturing establish
ments of tbe city, employing about
20,000 operatives, have joinod iu tbe
Baa Ball News of Intoreetto th Cranks
POTTSVILLB, Pa., March 8. The
Pottbville Slate league team hns been
formed Into n stock company with A.
1). Cochran as president. .lohu F. Smith,
of H.istol, is the uianagsr.
Tho State League association will
hold its next meeting in Pottsville on
April 2, aud elect the umpires.
The Hostelry of Thomas Williams Ie
Burnod nt Midnight.
WiLKBS-BaRRI, Pa., March 8. The
hotel or Thomas Williams at Mill
Creek was destroyed by tiro at midnight
Loss will reach $10,000, partially in
sured. The origin ol the tire is un
Economies amounting to 17,830,000 will
be mods by the Argentine government.
Unban deputies have rejected a bill pro
viding for a World's fair at Rome in ;x
l-Yw American nrtisN arc repreeouted in
the Intel national Art Kxhibition at
"Tho greatest financial genius of mod
era times," is what Dr. MiqnsL, Prussia's
finance minister, styles ox-Promier Qlad
stotlo. Qeorge Armlstead, whose residoncoat
Blaekoralg Castle, Scotland, Mr. Glad
stone visited last fall, has declined tho
offer of a peorago.
Merchants of Bengal and Madras pro
Lest to the Indian government again at the
exemption ol cotton yarns and fabrics
from import duty.
President Cleveland and Major Qeoeral
Bcbofleld have promised to roviow the
Knights of Pythias next August.
Becood ' iomptroller slensur has decided
that the government win par only $VM
per Union cannon hi nt I rum Washington
to Sim l'luucisco.
it is proposed by Benator Wilson to
abolish railroad ticket "training" by im
posing a penalty of 15,000 on ibe "scnlper'
nnd on the railroad dealing with him.
- mm
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stock of Printed India .Silks, we
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