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That only TWENTY -POUR
DAYS remain in which to
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The Part
Of wisdom is to embrace
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Til TO
Caught Cold While He Was Walking Homo
from Brooks' Club.
The Grand Old Man Contracts Cold
from Exposure at Night, Is Seized
with a Chill and Is Now Confined to
His Bed-He Makes Light of the
Attack, but His Physicians Are Apprehensive.
London, March 7.
R. GLADSTONE la seriously ill
us the result of a cbill.
According to the statement
merit made iu connection
with the siekuess of the ei-preiuier.the
latter walked home from HrookV club.
No. 60 St. Jarues street, yesterday
evening, after diuing there with bit.
late secretaries. As a result Mr. Glad
stone contracted a chill, and upon
reaching his houie hud to be hurried off
to bed.
In spite of Mr Gladstone's desire
that a physician should not be sum
moned, clalmiug teat hie imlisyositiou
was, only a slight mutter, a doctor was
summoned and Mr. Gladstone was put
under treatment
This morning Mr, Gladstone's condi
tion was inch that another physician
was summoned to attend him, m 1 this
afternoon one of tne physicians iu at
tendance upon the distinguished p
tient gave a stateueut to the news
papers which indicates that Mr. Glad
stone's illness is undoubtedly serious.
Mr. Gladstone's physician said that
the absence of a hih ferer, however,
indicated that there was no gnat dan
ger at present.
Mr. "Gladstone left Brooks' club,
which wae highly heated, at a late
hour, and walked home through St.
James' Park, though the night was a
chilly one for even a young and robust
man to venture ont into after leaving a
heated club and dining.
Tnis morning Mr. Gladstone was
found to be suffering considerably
from hoarsnss, and was kept in bed
despite his I remonstrations. He in
sists -that he is only suffering from
indisposition, and toat be will bs ail
right in a day or so; bis physicians
do not. take this view of the case, an 1
while they say that be is in no danger
at present, they will not allow him to
leave his bed until a considerable im
provement has taken pi ice in his con
dition. The report of Mr. Gladstone's illness
has spread with remarkable rapidity,
and from many quarters are
coming In. asking for particulars con
cerning bis illness and expressing hope
for his speedv recovery.
Mr. Gladstone, late this afternoon,
was reported to have somewhat im
proved. The offisial bulletin, issued
this afternoon, only says that the ex
premier is suffering from hoarseness.
The reports circulated in regard to
Mr. Gladstone's health caused a num
ber of prominent people to call at bis
rssidenee during the day. Among
those who tailed were Lord Rosebery
and Right Hon. Henry Asqnltb, the
secretary of state for home affairs.
Mrs. Gladstone has sent a letter ex
cusing Mr. Gladstone from attendance
at the dinner to be given by the Dnke
of York this evening. Mrs. Gladstone,
however, will be present at the dinner
referred to if the improvement in Mr.
Gladstone's heslth is maintained.
After leaving Mr. Gladstone this
evening Dr. Bond sitated that his pa
tient was suffering from infl iramatinn
of the throat and a troublesome cough.
He remained cheerful. Dr. Bond said
he had a good appetite. Mrs. Glad
stone attended the dtnner given by the
Duke of York.
Bsprtsentatlvt Meredith in Reoslpt of
Numerous L.tters.
Washington, D. Q, March 7. --Rep-resentative
Msreditb, of Virginia, who
had a heated colloquy with Represen
tative Fink, of Illinois, on Friday last,
growing ont of the consideration of the
appropriation bill, has received a num
ber of abusive of abusive letters from
varions parts of the east.
These writers of letters are located in
Pennsylvania and Nsw York, Some of
the writers express a d fairs to come to
'Wnshington and thrash Mr. Meredith,
while all of the number write him in
the most intemperate language.
A Number of Prison Drunk Out of
Nsw Castle Prison.
New Castle, Pa., March 7 -William
Hart.a notorious robbsr;'William Ash-
ton, a common thiei; Hamiinl Soheli,
charged with robbery and assault and
battery; Perry Henry, charged with
larceny, effected their escape from the
county jail last nignt by forcing a cell
door fastenings and tawing two sets of
iron bare over the jail windows.
The discovery was made at (1 o'clock
this morning. Therois no clue to their
Citizens of Wlllsos Barra Preparing for
Thtlr Annual Bnak.
Wilkek-Bahhe, Ph.. March 7. The
Susquehanna river at this point is
rapidly rising, nnd at 0 o'clock tonight
the water was eighteen feet above low
water mark.
There is a probability of the West
Side being flooded by tomorrow morn
Jtlfrht Hundred Notice of R.duotions
Will Be Mailed Today and Tomorrow.
Washington. March 7. Hereafter
all notioea of reduetion of pension will
be sent to pensioners by registered
letters, ibis plan has keen adopted by
Commisslonsr l.ochren, and necessary
arrangements havo been made with the
post oflice department. The number
mailed today und Thursday will prob
ably aggregate 800, but after thut daily
average between IU and MO,
It was stated at the bureau yesterday
that a margin of nine or ten days in
addition to the required thirty days
from time of recsipt o( notice iu which
additional evidence could be tiled
would undoubtedly be allowod. Fur
ther time will be given if asked for by
the pensioner.
The Story of Hie Captuto Shown Up as
a Canard.
London, Marah tl The most careful
inquiry ou the part of the United I'ress
fails to reveal auy foundation whatever
for the sensational story cabled to
America today by a certain news
agency to the effect that the Simon
pure "Jack the Kiper" had boeu dis
covered iu Loudon.
Notaaiugle newspaper in London
prints anything of the kind today, nor
d the police know anything about the
alleged discovery of the Wnite Chapel
batcher, The story sent abroad today
U a silly and utterlr baseless canard.
An Explosive Found Outside the Eow
Street Police Station Creates
Great Alarm.
The Seigniorage Bill Travels Rapidly iu tba
Ably Advocates the Cause of the Veter
ansSenator Sherman's Last Effort
to Stay the Tido-Tho Eill Will Prob
ably Pass Today Mr. O'Neill Tries
to Excuse the Pension Whittling..
Sarcasm of Mr. Henderson.
London, March 7. The police of
London in general and of the '"E" di
vision in particular, are infferieg from
snother dynamite scare, but their
previous experiences in this line have
led people to look with suspicion upon
their alarm.
Aceordiug to the story told by Super
intendent Richard W Btegglej of the
polios division referred to, a tin box
apposed to contain dynamite or some
other high explosive was found last
night upon one of the windowsille of
the historical Bow Street police station,
almost fronting the more famous Bow
Street police court.
The tin box is described as being two
inches deep, one inch broad, an 1 as
having a round hole in it from which
protruded portions of a burned fuse.
The discovery of the box was made
by one of the policemen attached to
the Bow street police station, and he
immediately gave the alarm. The in
spector aud snperintendent were called
and tbe box was taken to the extrem
ity of the yard of the police station,
wnere it was watered for a long time.
The discovery ef the alleged bomb was
signalled to Scotland Yard, and from
there tne news spread that au attemnt
had been made to blow up Bow street
police station by moan, of a dynamite
bomb. In fact, the startling "find"
wa soon magnifi'il into a report that
the Bow street station house had ac
tually been the scene of a dynamite
Gradually, however, the effects of
the scare passed off. and the superin
tendent of police made a careful ex
amination of the alleged dynamite
bomb. When the box was opened it
was found, it is said, to contain a cart
ridge, supposed to be loaded with some
high explosive, though the scoptics in
sist it contained ordinary gunpowder.
In any esse the box was found to be
blackened with the smoke and fire
irom the bnrned fuse, snd there is still
some doubt aa to whether an attempt
of a very weak nature was made to
cause an explosion at the Bow Street
ponce station, or wnstlier some prae
tical joker had been at work.
The West India Raiment Ir.fl cts Heavy
Lose on the Natives,
L'inii N, March 7 The admiralitv
oflice is in receipt of despatchei from
Uathnrst, Gambria, this morning re
porting another engagement between
liritish troops -a detachment of the
West India regiment -and a strong
band of followers of Chief Fodisilah.
Rear-Admiral Bedford, of the 11 ig
hin RaUigh, reports that the West
Indians were attacked by the natives
while advancing upon the village) of
B.mijur yesterday, a Bffbt ensuing, in
wiiich seven of the British soldiers
were wounded.
The West Indians ODenad a deadly
fire upon the natives, causing them to
retreat. The advantage was followed
up until tbe British took possession of
Uainjur, which they burned. The
loss to the natives in killed anil wounded
was very heavy.
Numerous Appointments are Confirmed
by th Senate
Washington. March 7. The Renate
bee aonfitned the following nomina
tion: Charles Jonas, of Wisconsin,
consul general at Ht Petersburg.
The injunction of secrecy was re
moved from the following nominations
which Were c nhrinnd veslerday: Ht.
Clair A. Mulholiand, pension agent; P,
Gray Meek, snrvsyor of onstoms; John
R. (tend, collector of customs, all at
Water taroa have been lowered in Road
ing. Attempting to tow a log ashore, Wil
liam D, Hoffman nm swept over a dan In
)he Schuylkill river above Heading aud
he Mil mil All fl ' ! I erniJM iv.i naunpin.
tlon of Schuylkill county favors the taxing
of hunting dogs nnil the hhIi- i f di ail game
pronionea oy law.
A great nnmber of llerks county citi
sens have petitioned tlio coinnilssioners ti
build a 112,000 bridge over tbe Schuylkill
above anouuiaKeravuie.
II. H. (Jriggs, a Media Republican, who
wns disiniisen irinu mo i 'niiaaoipnia post
office, after twenty years services, lis
asked the civil service authorities for
It is understood that Factory I Inspector
vt stcnorn win proceeu against certain
firms luid corporations for violating the
semi-monthly pay law. It is slated that
he bas already proceeded ngalust the
United collieries at Iloutzdale, Clearfield
Tbe appointment of Freeman C. fiay,
Henry u. Tsmpie, or yvestmoreiaaai sum
uel Ilgenfritz. York: James ( 'leaver, Juhu
W. Eichelbnrger, of Bradford, and General
John A. Wiley, Vennugo, aa members of
the Pennsylvania commission to assist the
Antletam battlefield board in surveying,
local ing and marking tbe lines of the bat
tle at has been aunouncod at
the executive department at Ilurrlaburg.
Washington, 1). ('., March 7.
BILL appropriatiug 148,000 for
the purpose ot reclaiming the
United States ship of war Kear
eage and her equipment was re
d to the senate and passed.
. Harris, Tenuessee, called for a
vote ou hie motion for a second reading
of the seigniorage bill. T ie bill was
read in full and the presiding officer
said the bill wss in committee of the
whole and open to amendment. No
amendment being offered he followed
with the unnonucjiu 'lit that the ques
tion was on the engrojsuiout and thir l
reading of the bill aud thut the stage
being rapidly passed he s lid that the
question now wss on the question shall
the bill pais.
All this hnd been accomplished so
deftly end speedily that the opponents
of the bill did not seom to realize that
their opportunities had slipped away.
Finally Mr. Hoar inquired what bad
become of an amendment wbloh Mr,
Stewart had offered or proposed to of
fer. He was informed that Mr.Stewart
had abandoned the purpose, and aa the
presiding oliicer put the question,
"Shall the bill now pHi-','" Mr. Hoar
interposed a motion to ndjourn and
called for the yeas and nays, The mo
tion to adjourn was taken by yeas and
nays. It was defeated yeas 19,
nays 50.
Mr. Sherman spoke brilly and in an
tiniuspassioue 1 in inner, but with great
earnestness ngiiust what he t-Ttnid an
attempt to rush a bill through. The
precedents of the senate had been set
aside, and the day would come when
this would return to plague the senate
Mr. Sherman said that he desired to
address the senate at lengtii. No one
dreamed that tne bill would bo passed
today, and he was not prepared to
speak now.
After some fnrther colloquy the bill
was allowed to go over till tomorrow
principally for the aooommndation of
Mr. Sherman, but with no indication
that there would be tomorrow an
abandonment, or yielding of the par
litimentarv a iv intago which it occu
pies. After action on Mr. Allison's
motion to reconsider, the next vote is
to bo on the passage of the bill. After
a short executive session the ssnate at
8.20 adjourned until tomorrow.
The discussion of the pension appro
priation bill was resumed in the hon e
this morning. Mr. O'Neill iDsin.,
Mass i, in charge of the bill,
closed the general debate Me
reviewed the varions speeches
by Republican members end
replied to their several criticisms of
and charges against the bureau. The
csiis of the great sudden decrease of
the isatie of pension certificates, he
said, was a decision mad ' by Assistant
Secretary of Interior Hnssey, In the
late administration, which reduced the
allowance of a certain class of certifi
cates " per cent. 'The bill then came
np for consideration under the B-unuute
rule and for amendment.
After several amendments had failed,
Mr Henderson (Rep , 1 1 I cause 1 some
thing of a sensation by lefemng to tin
speech of Mr Black (Dam., III.) He
said that gentleman had stood up here
with a bouquet of rhetoric in one hand
to attract the votes of the soldiers,
while in his other, his withered one,
he held a dagger to drive into their
Hon. o. a (mow's first bpkob.
Mr. Grow, (Rep Peon. ). offered an
amendment making the lowest month
ly pension rate for disability, i ' If
the government were to do anything
for the old soldier, be said, it should
do something substantial. Dollars
and cents should not be weighed in
tiie national scales against the heroic
deeds of the defenders of their co untry.
The magnitude of the struggle of 1MDI
68 nnl the magnanimity ot the vi ctors
to the Vanquished were the sutijeot of
nn eloqd nt fivr-minute outburst by
the ex-sieakor.
Ii was bis first speech since re enter
ing the house and hn was listened to
with close attention. His voice was
full, round and impressive, and his
stirring sentiments evoked n round of
applause, The amendment, bowevor,
was obnoxious to tho point of order
thai, it changed existing laws.
i be committee then rose and the
hill whs reported to the bouse. The
Pickler amendment wns agreed to aud
the bill pawed without a division.
At 4 10 the house adjourned until
e -
I' House of the Delaware end Hud
son Breaker le Destroyed
Wilkkh-Baiiuu, Pa., March 7 The
extensive engine house and pumping
stntion of tho Delaware and Hudson
Coal company, at breaker No. 'J at Ply
mouth was dsstroyed by lire this morn
The large trest ling near the boiler
house was altio badly damaged. The
loss is estimated nt f.12,000. The ori
gin is unknown. Work at the breaker
has bsen suspended for a few days.
Desire to Be Heard In Opposition to Put
tins the Deity in the Conetltutlon.
Washington, March 7. Much fool
ing has been aroused iu religious oir
clou, und among free thinkers as well,
over the resolution of Representative
Morse, of Massachusetts, to secure roc
ogtiitiou of the Doity In the ouustitti
tiou. Haviug heard the statements of
the church people, the committee is
o mfronted with the question whether
ii shall afford a hearing to tho antago
nists of the resolution.
Requests for au audience have been
made by free thought societies of New
York, Chicago nnd Washington. There
is an apprehension on the one hand
that these people may present tboir
views in a manner which would bring
down criticism upon the committee for
listening to them. On the other ha ml.
a refusal to listen to both sides of the
esse would invol.'sda charge of preju
dice aud illiberality.
Rush for Seatu at the Pollard-Brsokln-ridse
Washington, D. C, March 7. The
trial of tho suit against Congressman
Breckinridge, of Kviitnoky, by Made
line V. Pollard, for broach of promise,
and iu whioh is involved the charge of
seduction, will begin tomorrow in rn
ing iu this city.
A. A. Wilson, the marshal of the
District of Columbia, has received httn
dreds of applications for seats at tho
trial. In view of these applications,
Marshal Wilson has asked the judges
of the district supreme court to allow
tbe largest court room in their jurisdic
tion to be used, nnd tbe request will be
granted. This chamber, known as
criminal court room No. 1, was used
for the trial of Guiteau.
A Manager Wautu Damages for Failure
to Fill Hie Kngaaemeut.
PITTSBURG, March 7. Manager Hiin
derson.of the Duqueuse theater, has be
gun proceedings against Charles Cogh
lan, now tick in the hospital here, for
damages for noil fulfillment of con
tract. The engagement at the Chicago
opera house next week bas also been
ihii: ul lbs; Asiassins Said to Have Been Seri
ously Injured.
Excitement Still Hifih Over Yester
day's Affair Crowds of Excited
Men Thronp; the Streets Arraign
ment of John Boland Bat Shea Still
Believed by Many to Have Shot
Ross The Election to Be Contested
lives. On January 'M last he waa or
dered to vacate the premises by the
board of health, end it is said that .he
believed that Alderman Lomasney wAs
responsible for this order.
In conversation with a policeman,
Duuau when asked why he shot tbe
alderman said: "I had a good reason
for doing it. If you knew aa much as
1 do you would have done it yourself.
He is a villain and anything but a
friend of th unemployed."
This was all the prisoner woald say.
He will be arraigned tomorrow.
U an
British Subjects Constructing Tele
graph Lines in South Africa En
counter Stubborn Obstacles.
Port Natal, S. B, Africa, Maroh 7.
The Portuguese having obstructed
the progress of the British parties en
gaged in constructing the telegraph
line between the British sphere aud
Tete on the Zambesi, Lieuteuaut Com
mander L'arr, iu command of the gun
boat Mosquito, landed a party of blue
jackets in order to protect the men at
work upon the telegraph lines.
The Portuguese fired upon tbe Brit
ish lauding party and the fire was re
turned. The latest advices from the
scene of the encounter say that Gov
ernor Quillman, the Portuguese official
in charge of the district within the
Portuguese boundaries, has been snm
moned to the spot where the conflict
took place, and he is said to be on his
way there with two Portuguese gun
boats and a nnmber of troops.
It is added that the British com
mander la believed to have asked for
reinforcements and the latter are aaid
to have been hunted forward imme
diately upon receipt, of the message
announcing the conflict with the Portu
guese e
A Oanc of Lnborers Run Down By a
Flying Train.
Nkw YORK, March 7 At. H o'clock
this morning train No. 7, known as
the "Owl," eaatbonnd, on the Pennatl
vania railroad, wh"u near Elizabeth
struck a party of men who had been
put off a freight train. Tho men were
thrown in all directions
When the crew made a search one
was found with a crushed head ami
both legs cut off. He was taken to the
hospital in Bliisbetb, where ho died
an hour later. Aiiomer victim was
found between the tracks torribly in
jured. He was taken to the hospital,
where he will probably die.
The men are UQkaowo, and were
evidently in search of work
IiiQnost on tbe Victims of the Slatington
(1nvs In.
ALLBNTown, March 7 The body of
the fourth and last victim of the
quarry accident at Slatingtou was re
UOVered this afternoon.
Like the other three bodies fonnd, it
waa in a w rribiv imuilateil condition.
'The coroner's jury tonight returned
verdict that the deaths of tho four
Hungarian! were accidental,
40. .
Tho Car of the Eteotiic Street Railway
Are Still Tied Up.
YoUNOstown. O , Maroh 7 -The
Electric Street Car company mude no
effort to run their cars lust night nor
bmy men have been sworn in ns
deputy sheriffs, and another attempt
will be soon made to run cars if tlie
militia has to he called out to protect
the uon-union men.
' Fire at Blnffhantton.
BlRORAMTON, N. Y., March 7, 2 n, m.
At 1. ir Ibis morning lire broke out In 0
C. Smith's huge cigar factor)-on Noyes
Island, this city. It is now burning llerce
ly. The bla7. hM Spread t0 an old build-
in"; near by and has also set lire to the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western rail
road bridge over IhoOlieuejMJO river.
In the doorway of I . own bouse,
Btepnen ueer. a Dairyman, or .leneisou
vilie, hid., was ahut dead by au unknown
Potter Palmer, the millionaire propria
tor of the Palmer bouse at Chicago, is
seriously ill with the grip. Mr. Palmer Is
70 years of age
While talking with tho governor, .'ohn
W. blue, e prominent Louisville polltb ian
was struck blind and speechless and is
now dying.
A World n Tair in Mow York in 1000 Is
proposed by William Morrie Hayes, to col-
enrste tne opeuini; or tne twentieth con-
tury of the Christina ore-
Vicar (lenerul Michael May, the aged
pastor or tue uuurcn or the Most Holy
Trinity, Williamsburg, who was made
monrignor about a yenr ago, Is dying at
his boms adjoining tbe churok. Ho has
been in the parish for more than forty -live
Tkoy, N. Y., Murch 7.
excitement of yesterday,
.used by the killing of Robert
Ross, a Republicau watcher,
and tho woiimliir' of his brother
William at a polling place iu tbe Thir
teenth ward has not subsided this
morning. Never before in the his
tory of this city. remarkable
for election contests, was there one
like that which has just term i
tstediu the election bv a small plurality
ou the face of tbe returns of Francis J.
Malloy, the candidate of the Murphy
Democrats. The street corners this
morning wore crowded with groups of
excited men. The crowds consisted
lamely of employes who had failed to
return to their work.
It is learned that John McGongh,
ono of the mon who did the shouting
in yesterday's tragedy at the election
polls was seriously woundoi in the hip,
although he escaped after the shooting
of Robert and William Rosa. The po
lice know, bul will not divulge the lo
cation of McGoagh, but it is intimated
that bis wounds may prove fatal.
"Bat Shea, who, it is alleged, tnur-
lered Robert Ross, is iu jail. The pis
tol wound he received iu the head dui
ing the inlee was not serious.
The condition of William Ross is ssi i
to be improved, and it is not believed
fatal consequences in his cass will en
John H. Boland. who surrendered
himself to the police yesterday when
it whs learned that the police were
looking for him in connection with the
shooting, wns in police court this morn
ing. Magistrate Douohne stated that
as the coronet's jury hnd the investiga
tion relative to the trasoly in hand, he
would adjourn nil proceeding in police
court until after the coroner's jury had
returned a verdict, and Mr. Boland
was remanded to jail.
The Labjr of the Searching Party Qoee
Unceasingly On.
Wilkks-Bahue, March 7. There are
all sorts of rumors afloat from the Gay-
lord mine at Plymouth and nono of
them are true. There is nothing iu the
Uorv sent out that a fearful stench was
letected yesterday and that work could
not be resumed nutil disinfectants had
been used.
The rescuers are hard at work and
from what could be obtained by the
United Press reporter this afternoon is
to the eSeot that it will be some days
yel before the bodies will be found.
'Thirty of the men employed in the
work of rescue were discharged this
Snperintendent Edwards osme nut
of the mine late tonight saving tno
workers bad gained twenty-live feet to-
lay. Superintendent I'icion savs the
air is ns good as can be expected in the
mine, sud that there is no o lor what
ever from decomposing llesb.
The place where tho rescuers are
now nt work is being carefully watched
H8 the roof is not very safe and
"squeezing" continues to some extent
Another rumor was spread at 11
o'clock tonight that the bodies bad
been fotiud. This maf not be accom
plished for some days yut, from the
present outlook of affairs.
Another Club Will Represent Alleutown
in (lis State Laau-'.
Alii ntown, Pa., March 7. Albert
L. Johnson! president of the Lehigh
Valley Traction company, and former
owner of the Cleveland Brotherhood
Baseball loam, today said that Allen
town would bo represented iu the
State league but not by the team signed
Ly Manager Hanlon.
Mr Johnson is negotiating with au
ex-national league player for manager
and tlio majority of the local team will
ha reservo players held by the Na
tional league and who will bo leased to
tbe Alleutown club when uot needed
by their own team.
The Siilstv of Practical Frcgrese Will
Take Action.
QARRtSBURO, Pa., Marsh 7 The So
ciety for Practical Progress is co-operating
with the factory depstiuont in
its crusade against the "sweating"
shops ot Philadelphia, Pittsburg, and
ether large oitici of the state.
Mr, Watohorn and his deputies are
endeavoring to locate these establish
ments, but, with poor success. He
ways: "With the co-operation of the
Society for Praotloal Progress anil
kimlrrd organizations we hope to
eventually stamp out this great evil
' e M
A 11 I n Receives a Shot In a
Boston, March 7 Alderman Martin
Lomasney was shot at noon today iu
the city by a crank named James Doo
n in, 117 years old. lie tired five shots,
one taking effect in one of the alder
man's legs, Doouati was immediately
Tho alderman was romoved to the
city hospital. His assnilant is evident
ly a laborer, who has been hanging
around the city hall for ssv ral weeks.
The motive for the assault is not dis
ulosed. The assailant's name la James H.
Dnnnn, an oil finisher by trade. He Is
the owner of tbe bouse iu which hu
A Demonstration Will Be Allowed
Kerlin, on March 18
BERLIN, March 7. Anarchists have
decided upon, and are already perfect
ing arraugemonts, to march in proces
sion to Friadrichshnin cemetery on
Sunday, March IH, to place wreaths on
the graves of tbe anarchists who were
killed in 184
The police authorities havo signified
that they will offer no objection to the
procession, provided it shall take place
In the early hours of tho day. On the
occasion the organ, Der Ssial
iet, will be printed ou red pap;r.
Hawaiian Provisional Government De
sires Shelter Under the Wing
of tbe American eagle.
Sale of
In addition to our nian-ijincenh.
stock of Printed Iiidia Silks, w"
Lave added a new line of
Wash Silks,
Glace Brocades,
Swivels, &c, &c.
San Fkancisco, March 7, Ths
schooner Transit arrived from Hono
lulu at 11 o'clock this morning bring
ing advicss up to Feb. 20. Advices
sent by tbe Oceanic, ou Feb 13, report
ed important action having been taken
by the provisional government in tbe
matter of preparing for a constitution
al convention to organize a representa
tive government.
This was followed on the 17th after
au evening meeting of (he annexation
club, by notion ou tbe part of tbe lead
ing members f the club as citizens in
organizing formally a- apolitical party
iu support of the government. This
movement embraces all classes and
divisions hitherto arising Htnoug the
snpportsrs of the provisional government.
Among tbe principle of the platform
agreed upon are- the following: To
support the provisional government.
Resist the restoration of monarchy.
Establish a practicable form of repre
sentative government. The govern
ment to be united as soon as possible
with that of tbe United States. No
class legislation discriminating against
any class of loyal citizens. No persons
to be employed by tbe goverumsnt un
less loyal to it.
The Monowai yesterday brought the
nnWH of the passsge of the McCrery
reiolntioo. The second paragraph is
generally regarded as final and decisive j
that the United states will not inter
fere to restore the queen.
The native royalist dailies, however,
ully insist that in supporting tbe
principle of non-interference, it means
that Mr. Stevens' violation of that
principle must be redressed and that
tne queen s immediate restoratlou is
accordingly to be expected.
1 his tsacliiug will doubtless be more
or less believed for some time by the
majority of the natives.
Four Wcmen Are Rendered Iis;nsib'e
by Burglar
Philadelphia, Pa. , Maroh 7. A bold
burglary took place last night at the
resilience of Mrs. Anabel Long on
Washington street, iu tbe heart of the
town. Mrs. Long's household consists
ol henelf, her three daughters and her
Some time last night burglars en
tered tbe bouse, and after ransacking
tbe first floor, made their way to the
second story. Mrs Long anu her eld
est daughter were sleeping together iu
one room nnd in an adjoining room the
two other daughters were asleep
The burglars chloroformed tho fonr
women and tied the oldest daughter's
hands together While tbe robbers
were searching the room the effect of
the chloroform passed off from Mrs
Long and she recovered consciousness
and her outcries frightened the men
otf and brought her son to her from the
floor above.
Long tired a half dozen shots from
tbe window to alarm the neighborhood,
but the burglars made olt. In their
hurry to escape they left most of the
booty they hsd Collected,
- -
After a Four Month's Trisl Will be Sub
milled to tbe Jury,
CllU'Aoo, March 7 After a trial oc
cupying four months, and involving
an expenditure of f 100,000, the case of
the people of Illinois, against Daniel
Oongbltn, charged with coinplicy in
(be murder ol Dr. P. 11. Orontn was
submitted for a verdict of twelve men
this afternoon.
Only Judge TnthiU'e instructions re
main to be delivered, Prosecutor
Bottnm conoluded his address at 4 :H0
o'clock, and on account of tbe hour the
court deferred I lis reading of the charge
until morning
A long retirement of the jury is ex
peoted by everybody. The general
sentiment is that the jury will dis
agree, e
Kossuth is laid to bo improving iu
Kaiser William has bought a villa near
Potsdam palace for Ins eldest sou, and ho
will remain under tutors there until ready
for tho university.
Of 10(1 anarchists arraigned in I'aris
courts, thirty-four were held for further
examination, and tbl rest were discharged
for lack of evidence.
Preach papers applaud the speech of
Lord Duffcrin, the ktiglteh ambassador,
who declared the prospects for European
peace even brighter than in 1SU3.
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Duchesse Cord.
510 and 512 Lackawanna Ave.
Maltese Cross
And Oak tanned Leather Belting.
H. A. Kingsbury
513 Spruce St., Scranton, Pa.
Washinc.toh. March ". Fore
cast Jot- Thursday: For tatt
trn ftaasyleanM, genrrally
fair. MrfaMt winds. f'or unuf-
ria f VnnsifraaiVi, (irciifrniai onrf light
shower, probably Hlgktty wafmerOM the
lakes, nerMeatl itimfj boeomtog variable.
Lewis,Reilly & Davies
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