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I Va
s I Ererj Oae Who Applies to Relief Agent Mrs.
Duggan Is Ofared Employment
Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avenue
.8 Fenn Avo.
Very Choice Line of
415 Lacka. Avenue.
Wall Papers,
Window Shades,
Mattings, Rus, etc.
127 Wyoming Ave.
The Scranton Press club will meet at:i.30
tomorrow afternoon.
The water will be siiut otY tomorrow
from Hyde Park from 8 until lo a. m.
St. Lake's Sunday school will meet this
week iu tbo church at J p. iu., instead of
12 m.
No arrests were made by the polico yes
terday, and In consequence Um mayor did
not hold the usual daily police court.
The lecture room of the Penu Avonue
Baptist church is undergoing repairs, and
will bo, when completed, greatly beauti
fied. United States I'ommHuioner A. J. Col
born baa moved hU law office into the
commissioners' office on the second llnor of
the new building iu the south
east corner.
Companies B aud C have arranged n nt basket hall games for the cham
pionship and trophy put up by W. W.
Berry last year. The first t;unio will be
played tonight.
"Bob" Stewart, colored, of Hyde Park,
was admitted to the Lackawanna hospital
last night. Ho has a sprained knee. "Bob"
was a well known character abrmt town;
he was at cue time a hack driver.
The inquest on the sudden death of. J.
Aberbeck. who dropped dead in Oakford
court Wednesday evening, was concluded
last night before Coroner Kelly. The ver
dict was, that dtatu resulted from heart
Judge H. W, Jcssup will address the
meeting at the Railroad Department
Yonnif Men's Christian association, tomor
row afternoon at :j.45 o'clock. Kail road
employes and their families arc, invited to
There Will be a gam e of basket ball at
the loui.g Men's Christian Association
gymnasium this evening between teams
A and U, taken from the association's first
team of players. N'o admission will bo
The estimates committee of councils was
nwi oao a meeting lest mgnt to con
sider the appropriation ordinance, but on
account of the meeting ol common council
an adjournment was taken until Tuesday
afternoon at 4 o'clock.
' Under the Oaslight" at Wonderland is presented i;i excellent Mtvlo. Todav
will be the last opportunity Pcraiitoninus
will have nave or witnessing this really
good play. The Bowery dance is ono of
the best things that has over boon doue at
Professor Albert S Unites of the 111 V;ui
or statistics, and one or the faculty or the
I'nlverslty of Pennsylvania, will deliver
his famous lecture, Illustrated with
i-tereoptlcon, on "The World's Fair'' at tl
Young Men's Christian Association hall
Monday evening, for the benefit of the
J oung women's association.
T."...v, : .. 1 1 .. r ......... i ,., 1 1 ..... . . . , . .
for This Afternoon.
J. V. Uonant will givo the fourth lti
the series of Lenton recitals nracodirnr
Evening Prnyor, at Ht. Lnlca's church,
this afternoon, at 1 'o'clock, with the
pnllrnvini nrnin .
v.. v. g, .-." J .
Triumphal .lr..v I.eliimens
' ' i ' iu '
iffertolre Salome
Evening Stnr" Wagner
Meditation Cappocci
Frelnae w ely
New Stationery Store.
John L. L. Travis at Wfi Lackawanna
avenne has addod to his store a stationery
department. manK nooks and stationary
of every description can ba had at low
Havk a large force extra clerks today.
incc the Associated Charities Began
to Caro for the City's Work ii i e.
Poor the Applications Have Been
Reduced One-Half Plan to Provide
Against Fraudulent Applications.
That tho board of associated chari
ties is doing n magnificent work is evi
denced by tha faot that since Mrs. V.
1! Duggan was MO tired as relief agent
the application for aatlataooi have
fallen off fully ," I per cut.
The board, through Mrs. Dnggan,
has given relief to ovor -lOll worthy and
deserving persons and families, repre
senting an expenditure of $ii)i) cash,
besides the great quantity of clothing
and provisions that has bsju diitrib
The work of granting relief is being
ratematiitd as rapidly ai pwilble by
Mrs. Dnggan andSnpt, n o, li Tbomp
(on. All applications that have been
made are being carefully recorded on
specially printed blanks, and thesa will
be placed on file,
The board's agmts ln.vo bean most
thorough iu investigating every Ap
plication that lias been made. Mrs
DuggM yesterday related the O&M of n
healthy, vigoroai tnin who applied to
her lor aisistanoe, As soon as. his Bp
plication oante in she at one visited
the man's neighborhood aud inquired
of several families living iu the vicinity
is to whether the applicant was de
serving of help She was surprised to
learn that the fellow was n machinist
and was regularly employed, "It is
needless to remark," said Mrs. Dnggan,
"'that the nun's application was
marked undeserving. That same man
Is at present before the poor board with
an application for relief," concluded
the relief agent.
Many persons who have come to the
Board of Associated Uliantus for help
have baen either given employment by
the board s agents or nave uhu directed
to persons who hare given fietu employment.
particularly interesting caso in
this connection is that of a man whose
home was in New York state and who
was compelled to relinquish a desirable
msilioti on acc Hint ot it fonduess for
piritnone exhllarants, He drifted to
Scran ton and, happening into a meet-
on of the Rescue mission, became con
verted and determined to lead a better
ifo. Tli9 superintendent of the tuii-
lon sent 1) i tn to the board for work,
and he is now doing Brst-clasi work iu
i lucrative job. Several widows with
linilies have been assisted to work.
Two of these receive 88 a month, while
another gets 188 each month for her
tit host work.
At present every able bodied parson
who s-i9s aid or the ooirj is onerM
employment of soma character. The
ale in vogue at tne headquarters of
he board is that he win refuse to
work mav starve. One man wiio was
given work yesterday m iruing came
o tho cilice of .Mrs Dnggan and Mr.
I'hompsoti at noon aud indignantly in-
uired what they mant iv giving mm
i job t'nat paid him only si a day.
Mr. Thompson has been diligently
at work ascertaining the methods of
operation of Boards of Associated char
Ulas in tho larger cities or the country
with a view to adopting every goo I
suggestion that he cm apply with good
results to the work in Boranton.
He intends to immediately hive
printed blanks ttiat will be placed in
evorv house in the city where tramps
or other persons may ba likely to apply
for assistance financial or otherwiss.
These blanks wiil each bo numbered
and will have a stub attached with a
corresponding number.
r or instance, it a person codips to
Irs. Smith's homo aud asks for ai
Mrs. Smith will not givo the applicant
a lank note or anything of the kind
On the contrary, she will take the
name and address of the applicant, and
mail the same to tho IJjarl of Anociat
cd charities agent, at the same lime
tearing oft tha numbered stub and giv
ing it to the person who asks for help
Right hero, Mrs. smith work ends
As soon as the card from Mr. smith i
wife reaches the relief agent tho case
is investigated, ll found to be a wor
thv one. when the person with the
numbered stub presents it, he or she is
given the desired ail. If the applicant
is a fraud tn? chances are good that ho
will never present tin stub to the
lie is well recommended and is said to
huvo a marvelous throwing arm. It
is a case of the pitcher ducking his
head every time to escape the live
throw to second.
It la Directed Against. Palriok H. Oal
laifher, of Dickson City Borough.
The first remonstrance against the
grunting ore liquor license this year was
filed with Clerk of the Courts Thomas
yesterday by Attorney (). 11. Partridge
on behulf of a number of residents of
1 licksun City borough,
Patrick H Uallugher, who inks for
hotel license in the First ward of
Dickson City borough, is tbo parson
against whom tire remonstrance was
lodged. It is stated that the hotel is
unnecessary and that Mr. Gallagher is
an null' pcrsitfi to conduct such a
place. It is also asserted that the hotel
is to be located withiu a few feot of a
propose. i church, the contract for the
erection of which is about to be
The following names aro attached to
the remonstrance: W, H. Morgan, J.
0, liowuian. William 11. Richmond.
Matthew Mcpherson, Frederick K
Tracy, Tbotttal drier, &, B Reynolds,
(totner Perry, Reuben Morgan, Rich-
ird Sharploss, William Jones, T. M.
Corkley, John Mintou, S. W. Blatch-
ley, llliam McPherson, Ldward L
Brans, Thomas Oliver, (l 0 Rogers,
liioiuas Williams, Tnouus Jones,
tieorge I lleasou and Jonah Riaon.
An Iut( muting- Ln.'turs to B t) , Iv.m.J
by Prof. Bollss Monday Evening.
That the World's fair at Chicago
was a thing of beauty anil that the
memory of it will be a joy forever not
ne who witnessed its gtandeur would
hesitate for a moment to allirm All
who saw it as well as those who did
not cannot fail to bj impressed with
the remarkable triumph of American
skill and American geulu) which mads
it possible.
The privilegfi therefore, of seeing
reproduced its beauty and hearing tol I
am sum of iti wonderful story next
Monday evening will be appreciated by
ill. Protestor Albert S Bailee, who u
to lecture on the Columbian exposition
at the Young Men' Christian Associa
tion hall for the benefit of tbo Young
Women's Christien association, is in
eery way qualified for tho entertain
ing talk he undertakes, a gentleman
of knowledge aud culture, he cannot
fall to make en.ioyablo to its fullest ex
tent a Sttbjeot Of such uuivorBal inter
est as the World's fair. Both the lec
ture aud the osuse deserve a large audi
ence. Tue price of tickets is 33 ceuts
and they are on sale at Sanderson's
lrug store, Stelle it :ijefjy's and at the
Young Men's Christian association.
Courts Asked to : . Who Should
Hv Possession ot Land
Adam A., P. J., Nelson and M. YV.
Snyder, Philena Scott and Caroline
.Nicholson, l,v t.ieir attorneys, litllslan-
der iV Yosbnrg, instituted a suit in
ejectment yesterday against Anioinotte
Richmond, Polly Snyder and (f W.
Lloyd, for a property in Priceburg.
The plaiiiliif s allege that they inher
ited this property from their father,
and allowed their step mother, Polly
Snyder, to live on the premises for a
time witiiout objections but muling
that she was eudeavoring to place it in
the hands of Antoinette Richmond, and
that all the parties in possession claimed
to hold adversely to them, thev brought
uit to establish their title and obtain
possession. The land is 78x180 feet.
His Partner, Aaron Phillips. Not Pleased
With His Conduct.
Aaron Phillipi, by bis attorney, E
C Newcomb, obtained a preliminary
injunction yestorday to restrain O. E
Hallstead from disposing of a quantity
of timber, of which thev an joint
Phillips savs that about a y iar ago a
largo nnmberof trees were blown down
on one of the farms in Benton town
siiip, and with Hillstead he obtained
the right to taka them away and m inu
factnro them into lumber.
Without his consent, he say, Halls
tead has sold the timber to Silas Smith,
who is preparing to manufacture it. A
preliminary injunction was granted
and made returnable on Wednesday.
Wi Distributed Aiiuii Tw,'Qty-onc Desti
tute and Djierving Cases,
hirst Session Since tho Judicial Opin
ion ol the Legality ol Outdoor Re
lief Large Number of Applications
for Immediate Aid Mrs. Swan
Scores One on Mr. Gibbons Ap
plicants Mostly Women.
Only twenty-nine days.
He Will Assist tho Antintam Battlofi! !
Commbglon in Their Work.
Colonel f. L. Hitchcock was on
ihursdiiy appointed a delegate from
Pennsylvania to assist the Autietn
Battlefield commission in locating' th
positions of tho organizations from
this stato in order that thy may be
properly marked.
Ho will be tho representative of ths
Ono hundred and lhirtv-second Penn
sylvania volunteers, which was mule
up almost entirely of man from this
portion of the state. The regiment was
commanded by Colonel Oakford, of
this city, who was killad at the very
beginning of the regiment's action by
a shot fired by Confederate sharp
shooters, air. inic'icocK was atijiiiani
of tho regiment. Vincent M. Wiloox,
now of Mew York, was linuteuant.
Colonel and Charles Albright, of
Mauch Chunk) was major.
J nines Archbald commanded com
pany i, mado upenlirely of railroaders,
principally Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western railroad employees. Colonel
J. D. Laciar, managing editor of the
Hcruntou Republican was captain of
the Mauch Chunk organization, com
puny Q.
Tha One Hundred nnd Thirty-second
regiment held its annual reunion npon
the battlefield f Antletam two yoars
ago and at that time marked the po
sition it had occupied during the en
gagement, and this will provo of great
assistance to Colonel Hitchcock in his
work with the commission. He does
not know when the commission from
Pennsylvania will viiit the battlefield
to do the work assigud to it,
Manager Swift Baourei Contract with
Flanagan and Pntchen.
Manager Mart Swift of the Scranton
Basebnll club, yestorday signed Tom
Flanagan, tho elongated pitcher who
occupied tho box for Scranton last
season with indifferent sncoess.
He also secured the signature of
Catcher Patchen to a Scranton con
tract. Patched was last season with
the strong Dsmorest club at William
sport, one of the strongest semi pro fessional
organizations iu the country.
Sho Wat Sister of B. T. Evans, Ply
mouth, and Z Evans, Carbeadale.
The death is annonnosd of the wife
of the Rev. J. Miles, Congregational
minister at Aberystwyth, Wales, and
editor of the 1'yst nowspapsr.
Mrs. Miles w is 48 year of ago, and
hsd been eick for several years. Her
demise was not unexpected. She leaves
four children: John Thomas, a stu
dent at Glasgow university, Lilly and
(twlady nnd Maud at home.
She was the only sister of B. T.
Brans, Plymouth, and Z Evaui, Car
hondale, in this country.
V. W. C. A. NOTES.
The services for women ami girls held
at the oung omen S t hnstian associa-
lon every Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock
have been enjoyed by an increasingly
larg' number. The meeting tomorrow
will be led by Miss Lottie Short. Doors
are open at 9 IA and the secretaries will bo
lad to muet Hraugers oetore the service
'hose who come once to theso bright nod
helpful meetings reel at home immediately
for all are welcomed. The invitation
reaches nil who cau possibly attend, mem
bers and imu members alike. 1 ho tlrst ur
teen minutes of this hour meeting Is de
voted to a song service.
The Juniors will bold their service this
afternoon at I o'clock. Miss Kate Ken
Di Iv, wh i will coiid'ict the meeting, will
he glad to hio a large number present
Missel under Hi years of age are Invited,
I'lckets for the Holies storeoptlcon n
lei talnment can bo obtained at tho rooms
The Juniors will enjoy a "psanut hunt"
Muutlay afternoou from 4 to 0 o'clock.
I iirls under 16 years of age can join thty
WOietT, 'rerms fl per year, payaoiequar
A fancy work class, free to members or
to Juniors, win be organized Wednesday
aftornoon. Parents are urged to send
their girls to enjoy tho Junior privileges.
Hie rooms fnrnlsh a sain and helpful re
sort for restless girls.
1 uesday evening is the tegular mem
hers' social evening, aud next week they
are to be lavoie.l with a lecture on "Ul
gestlon," by Dr. M. L. Ontes. Admission
free to all members. 10 cents to non -mem
bers. MemberB are urged to bo present
and mylte latly mends.
Miss Delcie Gates, who has been tbo of
llclont and popular assistant secretary, has
severed her eonnert ion with this SSIOCta
tl in to become general aerrotarv of tho
Young Women's Christian association at
Music Bozsr Exoluslvsly.
Best sjade. Plav any dcwlred number of
tunes. Gautschl & Sons., manufacturers,
liiHU i:nestnut street, Philadelphia, won
derful orrhestrial organs, only $5 aud $10
Specialty: Old music boxes carefully re
naired and imoroved with new tunes. M
Everybody can be served at Coureen's
today. Telephone, 3553. Store, 211 Wash
lngton, next to Connolly & Wallace.
The first meeting of the poor board
since the judicial opinion nftiruiing the
legality ot the board to extend outdoor
relief, was held yesterday aftoruoou at
the Munic ipal building. The only ab
sentee was President W. s. LangstsJE,
Following are the names of members
present: Mrs. Frances 15. Swan, John
Uibhons, P. J. Murphy, Dauiel Will
iams, Charles Tropp, Thomas Shottou
aud E. J. Lynett, secretary. Mr. Shot
tou was elected president pro tern,
Out of tho large number of persons
present who were examined aud asked
aid, twenty-one were granted assist
ance to the total amount of vt "
Superintendent U. W. Boomer, of
Hillside farm, roported 179 inmates of
that institution during February, of
which twelve have been admitted sines
his Inst report. Two died anil
eight been discharged, total remaining,
Dr. II. F. Evans, resident physician,
of the almshouse aud insane hospital,
reported for February as follows: Mil
patients, sane, 48; insane, 21; total, 117;
female, sane, 88; insane. HI; total, 48j
whole number, 112. There were 131
patients in the asylum Feb. 1, llnoe
when (1 have been received aud 8 dis
charged, which shows 111 remaining
March 1. Two deaths but no births
occurred during the period.
Outdoor Physician Dr. P. F. Oun
ter, of the central city, has made 07
visits among 11 old and 12 new cases;
1 were insane.
Outdoor Physician Dr. W. A. Paine,
Hyde Park, has made DO visits among
21 patients; 4 were Insane.
Outdoor Physician Dr. J. R. Murphy,
of Dunmoro, has made 48 visits among
patients who required 2 operations and
2 consultations; confinement cases, 1.
Outdoor Physician Dr. J, A. Manly,
of the South Side, made 07 visits; in
sanity cases, 1,
Nearly all the applicants were
women who were wiiows, hVl ick
husbands or Wen deserted. Tbrse of
the applicants were men. Sime of tho
stories told were pitiful in the ex
treme. None were refused iisiistancs,
as nearly all of their oases ha I bsoa iu
vestigittod by the different numbers o!
the board, Ttiosa whoie statements
wero not known to be true wsre re
ferred to the member representing the
llstrict for investigations. A list con
taming the names of persons assisted
will after each mseting bo given the
loard of associated cuarities to guard
against imposition.
On motion of Mr. Uibbons.the prasi
eut appoiuted inorubers Tropp, Mur
phy and Cibbous a co:nmlttes to meet
the mayor, street coinmussiouor and
Board of Associated Charities, and de
vise soms means of furnishing work by
the city to deserving malo applicants
Matters became interesting at one
period of the sossion when a South Side
woman had been voted $ I u-r month,
for three mouths. Mr. Gibbons dis
covered that she was not, morally, what
she should be. He made a motion that
the vote be reconsidered and that the
case be referred to Mr. Swan and Mr.
Tropp for InveHtigation. Mr. Gibbon,
cast the only aflirmative vote, when,
upon motion of Mrs. bwa.i, seconded
by Mr. Iropp, the case was referred to
Mr. Gibbous as properly belonging to
his district.
That an idea may be gleaned of what
pathetic cases of destitution aro met, a
few are hero presented: Caroline Peal,
a comely little womau, lives at -140
Hickory street. Her husband has been
sick ana only ahlo to woru at ono times
for seven year. They have hve chil
dren, none of whom are old eunugh to
work, except a bov who earns ol) conts
a day about three timos a week in tho
mines. Two of the children are sick
with measles. The board appropri
ated her $8 per month fornix months.
Bridget hulltvan. n:() rig street, ban
five children, and while making her
tppeal held a nursing babe In her arms
The oldest cnild is but six years and
four months old. Thev live in a house
worth about $1,200, built by a building
association of which her husband was
a member. Payments for three year
had been made when her husband died
Now she is in arean for four mouths'
paymeota, all her money going for food
to keep herself and nve little ones rrou
starving. She was allowed $tt per
month for three month.
John Wickbeiaer, 110 Pittstnn ave
nus. is eighty-fonr years old. Up to a
few month ago he lived with the help
of his daughter, who Is but elghtoen
year of age. She is in a delicate con
ditieu and deserted by her husband.
The case was looked into n few day
ago and their supply of provisions con
sisted of four bread rolls. The old man
is evidently possessed of some educa
Hon, nnd during the late war acted as
nurse after finding be was too old for
more active service. He says he would
willingly work, but cannot find em
ployment Six dollars for two months
wero allowed him.
interested are cordially invited to at
tend. Let every union in both coun
ties be largely represented.
Delegates are also invited from other
temper nice organizstiou8. Entertain
ment will be furnished to all.
From the Icy North to Land of Flowers
and P.op'tual Youth.
A dainty novelette entitled "Snow
balls to Oranges," and written by
Helen K. Ingram, has recently been
issued by the New Florida Short Line,
which is composed of the Pennsylvania
railroad, the Richmond and Danville
railroad aud the Florida Central and
Peninsular railroad, the popular route
to the south.
It is the story of a young man who
for years was considered his uncle's
heir, hut finds on his death that the
$2,000,000 loft him is only a trust aud
that it is his duty to search for the roal
heir. lie decidos that if the unpleas
ant errand wore done ut all it were
well dono quickly, consequently takes
the New Florida Short hue from New
York, the land of snowballs, to Florida,
the region of warm suusiiins and
oranges. Hie travels from New York
to the south, where he expects to find
the missing owner of his uncle's mil
lions, are vividly described. The beau
ties of tho country through which this
most excellent line passes are dwelt
upon, and the glorios of tho Piedmont
seetiou given a prominent place.
The hero visits the Interesting cities
of Columbia, Augusta and Savannah.
He saunter among the pines of health -giving
Ashuvillo.spends a day at Aiken,
goes to Brunswick, to Fernandina, to
Jacksonville, to Tallahassee and to
Ocala. So absorbed, in fact, does he
bocome in the charms of the country
that he all but forgets the object of his
visit until one duy in Tampa a name
dispels the glamour of tho place and
seen and stern realities force them
selves upon him; he continues his
search and succeeds in finding the
rightful heir, or more properly, heiress,
whom ho, of course, marries, aud ever
afterwards blesses th road that led
him so safely to a wife, fortune and
lifelong friends.
The tale is prettily told, and is made
doubly absorbing by the delightful il
lustrations of the always interesting
South that crowd its pages, and the
lainty binding of white and gold,
le SOrated with Snowballs and Oranges
adds to its value. It is a book well
worth reading, and all who want a
cony of it cau secure oua by addressing
. S. ihweatt, ivsstern raetetunr
Agent, Richmond A: Danville R. R .
21) Broadway. N. Y , or J L. Adams,
General Eistern Agent, Florida Cen
tral & Peninsular Riilroad, 888 Broad
way, N. Y.
Sworn in as Member of Common
from Nineteenth Ward.
Council Last Night Reconsidered Its
Former Action on the Regulating
Ordinance and It Now Stands in Its
Original Form V. H. O'Hara
Awarded a Contract Action of the
Select Council Concurred In.
Blue Grass." whic'i is a story of ex
cititing life iu old Kentucky, will be
givtu n acetiic production at the Acad
mv of Music ou Monday evening. Ihe
Philadelphia Press says: "Blu Grass"
was presented at the Chestnut Street
theater last evoning with t!w advan
tage of a strong cast and elaborate
scenery, before an audience of tair siz
Ihe play is writteu with a view to
making as many "points'' as possible
An interesting and, in many places
exciting story is unfolded, and tin
climaxes to the various acts are effec
reus MORRIS.
Patrons of the Academy of Music
have occasion to feciiitate themselves
on the coming engagement next Tues
day night, of Felix Morris. A comedy
menu quite out of the ordinary is to b
presented for their delectation Mr
Morris is surrounded by an admirable
cast, and the plays will be "A Game of
Cards," "The Vagabond,'' and "Moses,
each wholly unlike and of absolute
merit. The works were but recently
given in this vicinity, and have been
highly commended, while the remsrk
able skill of the artist, Felix Morris, is
most genoroiiily remarked as being in
comparable and perfect to tho smallest
Charles A. Loder, the proprietor and
principal commediitn of "Oil! What a
.Night, is the same jolly rotund fun-
maker as of old. He is associated with
in exceptionally elover company o
recognized comedians and will doubt
less do a large business. A number o
pretty giris, who give clever song and
lances, will also be seen with the com
pany. Charles A Loder will be seen
at the Academy on Wednesday next.
Only twenty nine days.
RtV. Btn Oli.l Will Dsllver nn Address
to Young Men.
Following the usual interesting song
servieo at the oung men s Christian
association nn Sunday at 3 45 p. m.
Rev. Ben. Oliol, of Jerusalem, will ad
dress young men. This gentUman 1
an eloquent speaker aud has a rioh and
varied oxperleuce of human life in al
part of the world, which will certainly
lend an unusual charm to his words.
Tho Young Men' Christian sssocia
non meeting is a piace wnero young
men of all ertfUs, or no creed, will be
welcomed cordially and asked to "come
Everthinu fresh. Everything uow. F.v-
eryimug cucap. i ourseu.
Will Be Bald in the Elm Park M, E
The Woman's Christian Temperance
unions or Litu.erne anu Lackawanna
counties will unite in a mid-vnar con
veution, in the lecture room of the Elm
Park church, Scranton, Thursday and
Friday. March 18 and 18, beginning at
2 p. m. Thursday.
An unusually interesting program
has been arranged, and pastors and all
It was b 15 last evening before a
iiiorum of common council could be
assembled id their chamber notwith -
tanding that Captain James Moir, the
resident of the body, rapped long nnd
oudly with his gavel in hopes ot bring-
ug the tardy members to their desks.
After the roll was called P. J.
Hickey, who was returned at the re
cent election to fill the vacancy caused
by the resignation of County Auditor
oho 1'. Rink as councilman ot the
Nineteenth, handed in bis certificate of
lection and was sworn iu by President
Mr. Hickey selected a seat alongside
Dauiel P. Battle, the 240-pound
member from the Twentieth ward.
hey are the two heaviest members of
the body, Mr. Hicknv having about
thirty pounds less of adipose tissue
ban Mr. Battle, lie will tuke Mr
Rink's place on all committees.
W. J. Ihomas, cbairm tu of the
street and bridges committee, reported
resolution awarding Lue contract to
V. H. O'llura, for rip rapping the bank
t the Lackawanna river at the ay
Aug avenue approach to the Albright
avenue bridge. His bid was $869.80
The resolution was approved
The action of the select council in
pproviug the folllowitig resolution
wa concurred in : Directing the city
olicitor to appeal from the award of
viewers in the matter ol their report
on tho damages caused by the construe
tiou of the Fourth district main sewer
and the grading of Tenth street aud
Bromley avenue; directing the city
solicitor to have viewer appointed to
assess the damage West Lackawanna
avenue property owners will sustain by
reuson of the construction of the via
duct; asking special committee on
bridges to bold a public session, at
which citiz-ns will have an opportu
nity to see the maps of the proposed
tpproaches to the new bridges and ot
er suggestions.
On third reading ordinances were
passed appropriating $300 for the re
pair of themountain road in the Twelfth
rd, aud for the construction of sewer
system section B iu the fourteenth
At the last meetiug of the common
council the police regulation ordinance
was amended so that the proposed cap
tain and lieutenants of polico were
wiped out of existence and the force of
patrolmen reduced from forty-three, ai
proposed to thirty-eight.
Last night the council reconsidered
Good Penmanship
Over three thousand voung men and
women who live iu Scranton have learned
tojwrito'at Wood's college. The special
class in tho night school of March and
April is designed to help those whose
clurngrnpUy is not up to modern require
mcnls. lo write well, in correspondence,
is as essential as to dress well when you
meet people In a business relation. the Siok.
In mini v instances invalids aro restricted
by physician to easily digestible food
usually boiled or sterll.ed milk is pr
scribed. In such cases tho value of Hoi
don's Peerless llrand Evaporated Cream
or unsweetened condensed milk ia appar
ent' Prepared by N. . Condensed Milk
Fancy grocerios, full line. Courseu.
Tu k best place in tlio city for moals i
order ou short notice nnd at all hours
Also lunches of all kinds always ou hand
John Lohman'k,
21D Lackawanna avenue
Lackawanna Avenue
This will be our new num
ber after APRIL 1st. You
can buy anything
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
and Sterling Silver Nove
ties very (JHiiAr at our
old place this month, 303
Spruce Street
Best Sets of Teeth,$300
Including the painless extracting
ot teeth by au entirely uuw process.
S. C. Snyder, d.d.s
its action and restored the ordinauce to
its origiual form.
Only twenty-nine days.
Money goes a long way without
getting tired if you Like it to
1 26
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Wringers, . . . .
Best Goods.
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Isn't itr
Rtv. A. Pen Oliol and His Wife to De
liver Addresses in This City.
Today aud tomorrow there will be
rare opportunities afforded to all who
take interest in that wonderful country
culled the Holy Land, Kev. A. Ben
Ollel, an Israelite by birth aud a gen
tleman thoroughly conversant with the
Hebrew language, literature and cus
toms, will speak at several places as
announced before.
This afternoon he will be at the Ues
cue Mission, 111 Franklin avenue
where, at II o'clock, he will address ths
Israelites who may wish to hear him.
He will also remain until 5 o'clock to
answer any questions they may wish to
ask him
Mrs. Ben Oiiel will addresi a parlor
meeting at 1 o'cloek at the residence of
Mr. John It. Fordhani, on Sanderson
avenue. Ctreeu Kidge.
In the evening, at 8 o'clock. Ben
Oliel will speak in the Green Kidge
Presbyterian church, everybody being
Tomorrow he wiil speak ou the sub
ject of "Mission Work in the Holv
Land," at the Jackson street Baptis't
church, Hyde Park. The meeting it
to be a union one of the West Hide
churches, ane will begin at K p m.,
with a fifteen mlnnte ong service In
charge of Mr. Griffiths, the Sunday
school superintendent At 4 10 he will
give a gospel talk lo the young men at
the Y. It C. A. building, on Wyoming
avenue. At the time of the usual eve
ning service he will oscupy the pulpit
of the First Presbyterian church.
There the subject will b "The Fulfill
ment of Prophecy in the hole Land."
Every Bible tudent will feel interest
ed iu what he has to lay upon the ub
.lect. On Monday, ut 10 o'clock a. in.,
ho will meet with the pistors' union.
Their meeting has been called a half
hour earlier than usual in order that
the pastors themselves may hear him
Llewsllyn Bright, cf Provldsncs, Is a
Fortunate Man.
Llewellyn Bright, of West Market
street. Providence, made a rich find in
his cellar the other day
About eix months "ago Mr. Bright
purchased the property where he re
sides from Mr. Pitts for ,2 000.
While working in bis cellar the other
day he found a package containing
gold and silver coins amounting to sey.
eral hundred dollars secreted iu a cor
ner. They bore dates ranging from
150 to WW, and have evidently been
stowed away upwards of thirty years.
Flowers G.ven Awar.
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Cloaks and Furs
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