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Tlio Puritan Wero Not Without Their
PlSSSMfSS of a Worldly Cliurartrr TBSM
Waa, IIowoTir, Very Little DiunUi'ii
netta Heroes Ware Wholly Mortal.
It ii not altogether ID rnsy thiiiK for lis
to raallss that Um generations who ban
h'n in-fore as iii lif' have ban Just snob
Men ami women as WO OOnelvei ari', (lif-
faring In ttielr aurroundlnga, ii'lr knowl
edge and their habits, bntiossaeslog all
the elements of pood and All, of weak
ness mid itrength, which goto makeup
human nature todny. Detptte the persist
cDt Idol breaking of t lie times, the most of
ni almost unconsciously ooptinue to set
our heroes upon pedeatala and apart, and
if it secretly (jriitilii -. ns, because it en
hances our own self reapeot, It alaoahooki
ns to be told now and again how wholly
mortal they wen- that George Washing
ton waa not sopretarnaturally good as the
cherry tree incident would imply; that the
heroes of Hunker Hill and Valley Forge
were often flogged for their misdemeanors,
and that even the godly founders of New
England were early forced to make laws
fur the punishment of Just sued offenses
(J pervade our society today. N tt.evetl a
careful process of selection could uarout
envy, deceit, dishonesty anil licentious
ness, and w e find Ciovertior Bradford Md
ly expressing his fear that "tatane hath
more iower in these heathen lands, as
some have thought, than in more Chris
tian nations, especially over (..oil's serv
ants iu them.1'
Many a night of jollity is needful for
the full ripening Of the habitual drunk
ard. And indeed, though serious, purpche
ful people, thinking more of divine wrath
than of earthly joy, the Purttani w ere not
without their pleasures. Their gathering!
Wen by no means all religious. There Was,
for example, no element of the religious
in the early Thanksgiving days, of which
they became so fond that they sometimes
bad two a year. Good, healthful animal
enjoyments tilled those days. We think
better of the PuritflS for it; We OTS glad
to know that they must have been might?
men at the trencher; we can even forgive
them for the human quality it reveals
that they were most 'potent in Dotting,"
They brought with them from England
their beer drinking habits, ami pitiful are
their complaints on Drat coming here
against their enforced abstinence. Some
of them afterward narrated their experi
ences, as if they were well worth the tell
inc. It was "not accounted a strange
thing in those days to drink water,"
wrote one, and good Parson Blggtnson of
Salem rather boasted that whereas his
stomach formerly endured only "such
drink as was both strong and stale" be
was then able to say, "I can and ofttimts
do drink New England water very well. "
But this unhappy necessity did not long
continue. The Puritans very soi'ti began
to brew and to distill, and New England
mm early won its widespread fame. The
name of their stimulants was legion, and
their consumption on festival occasions
chief of which were the funeral and the
min ister'sordinatiou was enormous. Flip
glasses are preserved which hold over a
gallon. The punchbowl was passed from
mouth to mouth before every dinner, and
beer or some other strow drink preceded
breakfast and accompanied every meal
and was partaken of as freely by the chil
dren as by tlieir elders. It is recorded that
a miss of s, sent to Boston to be educated,
left the borne of her grandmother in high
uuo.geou necause sue was not given win a
With each meal. And her parents approv
ed her conduct on the ground that they
wanted her "brought up like a lady."
Bat thougli drinking was so general
.there was surprisingly little drunkenness
in Puritan days. Cotton Mather complain
ed that every other house iu Boston was
an alehouse, but New England through
out the seventeenth century was sober and
law abiding. The tavern keepers always
men of social and political importance, as
the "precedence lists" of Harvard and
Yale reveal were constrained to see to it
that no man drank more than a quart of
beer nut of mealtimes) that there was no
singing or dancing or gambling on their
premises, nor any smoking of tobacco.
The minister, the magistrate, the deacons
and the constables had an Unpleasant hab
it of publicly chiding the overboisterous,
or those who tarried too long with thu
wine, and the titbingman would force
himself upon the company of the HtrniiK'r
in the inn and sternly countermand his
order for drink if it seemed to him excess
ive. There were, too, fires and imprison
ment, the stocks, the pillory, the drunk-
ard's clock a barrel with hobs for head
ami arms or the bilboes for the intoxi
cated, and for the incorrigible, disfran
chisement and the shameful badge por
trayed by Mr. Volk.
Wo laugh at the sumptuary laws of
enrlier times the regulations for bakers
and feather bed makers and almost every
other tradesman and every laborer. Some
of them are ludicrous enough, but it is not
certain that in small and Isolated commu
nities, in n new country nt least, they
were not, in the main well suited to t he oc
casion, however it tony have been in more
populous England, whence they WON
brought. Even the penalty of fine, impris
OOment or the whipping post, w hich await
ed the youth who persisted in courting a
maid without the formal consent of be?
parents, amusing though it seems today,
may not have been unbeneflolal in so prim
itive, a society. The New England settle rs
were bothered with few theories of gov
ernment. Thy foundations of the republic
were laid broad anil deep, hut they were
concerned mostly with their daily lif" and
those! about them, and they tried tn pre
vent wickedness and to punish it In the
way which seemed moat simple and most
direct and should best serve as a warning
to others.
It is well to bear in mind, however, since
a contrary notion has obtained credence,
that, as compared with Europe, in their
time, they were far from cruel in their
punishments .aveonly in cases of offense
gainst religion. One of the hardest les
sons we ourselves have to learn Is toler
ance of belief. Two centuries ago the ne
cessity was never dreamed ,1. Men who
Showed contempt fur Iho",vord prsjsohed"
wero placarded and publicly pilloried;
those who disputed were caged iu the
market place and there preached to; those
who could not be silenced w ere driven into
exile. Hut of actual bloodthirstiness, of
the tortures which make the criminal his
tory of Europe so terrible, KeW England
knows little. Men were banged alas,
they were burned too but not for trifles,
and their taking off was made a public
holiday. Hut Incessant exhortation and
publlo preaching to the condemned pre
ceded their SXOCUttott, not the rack or any
other implement of physical torture.
Harper's Weekly.
Ruttnna of I'm hlminon Kurds.
Perhaps In nothing more than in the
art of making buttons did our southern
women sho,v their skill and Ingenuity,
ffcimu were crocheted and were of nil sires,
easily made of black and white thread,
and very durable. Others were covered
buttons, but (he molds, w hich have since
those days been furnished to um in such
abundance by our Connecticut friends and
brethren, were then made of pieces of
pasteboard or old boxes, the cloth used to
cover them being filled up with small locks
,i( our own white fleecy stapletogivethem
tbe desired roundish appearance. Hut the
prettiest as well as tbe most durable of
oil our buttons were those mudu of per
simmon seeds. Thesu are a beautiful dark
brown color, very smooth and glossy, and
needed only to be washed and dried and
have holes bored in them to be ready for
use. Wut of the fruit of the persimmon
tree we made beer, while the buttons just
seemed as if made for lis and put dow n
among our woods to be bad for only the
trouble of picking and washing them.
We talk sometimes of Yankee kill and
Ingenuity, and vet, as we look back upon
tbe past pud think of bow we managed
when thrown UPOUOnrowu resources, It
seems as if w hile trying to separate OUT
selves from Ihem wo were show ing our
selves, iu many ways, to be of the same
blood and lineage. Blue nnd Gray.
A Relentless Destroyer who Fighti the
Hardy Insects With NmoUe.
To look at the mild, timid ants of our
cool climates, which rnu at the sight or
sound of people, build their humble nests
under a stone or 1 ho roots of a tree, and
Content themselves with gentlemanly lit
tle thefts of needs or grain, or such small
matters to look at these gentle little fel
lows you would never imagine that there
lire some branches of their family, distant
rousius, which are fierce in the pursuit
at their human neighbors' goods, so strong
and so intelligent that even grown men
are afraid of t lu-m, nnd sometimes whole
Hag s turn out to light them. Hut it is
so, and these eyes of mine have looked
Upon them and their l ilt bless doings.
Tim formlga, as pais destroyefta called,
constructs a citadel for itself under
ground, its only communication with the
world above being DJ scent passages, ir
it can And any wood lice thereabouts, it
captures and carries them home, make i
yard for them a veritable farmyard- and
keeps them content by furnishing a supply
of fresh leavea every day, just fur all the
world as we feed our farm stock. Thefor
mlga Isa marauder of its own kindred, too,
making raids on Its Weaker cousins and
bearing off their eggs, which, iu due
COnne of batching, become .lio slaves of
their captors.
Usually the people of those tropical re
gions pay little attention to tbe doings of
the formiga. They come and go as they
list, running over the rooms, tables, dishes.
They are fished out of the butter, tapped
out of the bread and cake. It isall amat
tat of course.
Rut when thesu sturdy little fellows in
vade the house iu swarms, ami a warm re
ception boiling water fails tn diminish
the nuisance, then the services of the ant
man become necessary, and be is sent for
in hot baste. His stock in trade are an
enormous bellows and a load of a cer
tain kind of wood found in the ncghbor
Ing forests. After stopping up all the open
ings leading under the bouse, except a
central one, he enlarges that and forms it
into a furnace that will admit the pipe
of tbe bellows.
Then he lights a fire, and with the aid
of the great bellows forces the smoke into
the ant citadels Under tbe surface of the
ground. Of course these are very porous,
and when the smoke passes through them
it goes nut into tho house above. Then
the ant man leaves an assistant to work
the bellows, and going into tbe bouse
stnp-i up 1 very aperture and crack that be
can And.
Meanw hile there is a wild commotion
among thoso doomed insects, whose home
is being bombarded with smoke. They
understand their danger with the very
first puff that reaches them ami know that
their only hope is in flight. They all has
ten to the central chamber, where their
precious eggs are stored. At a given sig
nal from their chief each one seizes an
eg: then ail turn in baste Into the sub
terranean passages that lead into the gar
den, deserting their homes ami carefully
"hired stock of provisions, but holding
fasl to the treasun d egg-.
Hut there, before them, ale the cruel
wreaths of bluu smoke. They turn and
rush to another passage. Tie- same tiling
then-. As a forlorn bope tho poor ants -
we can't help feeling sorry for them, after
all run into the old deserted galleries, or
set to work to mako new ones, hoping
their enemy will not find them thereat
But the ant man is patrolling the ground
around tbe house. As the old or new gal
leries are cleared out by the bttkYe little
nuts the smoke penetrates them and comes
to the surface in a thin wreath. Thi y are
thus betrayed as well 11s smothered, and a
stroke of the spado ends their frantic ef
forts at escape.
All this time fresh quantities of the hot
smoke are being forced through their high
ways and byways, and the frail bodies of
the formiga are shriveling and dropping
along theirliueof attempted retreat. Soon
they cense to struggle. They cannot
breathe (he rarefied smoke laden air. The
next day, when tho soil has cooled off,
they are found calcined in their once busy
galleries, their roasted eggs ut their side.
Poor little creatures!
Hut, their human victims call the ant
man a blessing. Philadelphia Times.
Ureal luitflteh Ik-un-dy,
itiwrMiNi arm ium.
h Cray's Specific Medicine
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torrbta, ami inpotoncyi Mid ' AImmm tlmt
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LOMOf Mt'inory And rOWtP, 01muhs nf Vi
Ion, I'liMiiaturu Oil Am ami many other dU
(MUWI that lead to hiwuiity OT Consumption
ami an rarly ui avi', writ' for a pamphlet.
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N. Y. Tim Bpoolflo HtdlCiM in md hy all
drunitte at $ per packing. 'r wx packiiKva
lor St,r fnt 1) until n reri'ipt if miou-v aml
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f"on account if eounterfstsi we bevs
saopted the Yellow wrspper, the only genu
lie. Sold in Bersntou bv efattnews Hros.
Walking Coder , Ladder.
A well dressed, smart appearing man
near the entrance of one of (he big liroud
way hotels the other day turned out of
bis way deliberately to walk under a lad
der leasing against tho wall. He had to
crowd close to the wnll nnd climb over a
coll of rope to pass under the ladder, but
Seemed to take great tatisfaction in bis
"I suppose," said a bystander, "that
man feels he is helping to break down su
perstition nnd disprove the foolish beliefs
people haVS held for centuries. Vdnybc he
isa member of the Thirteen orab, whose
members go out of their way to walk on
der ladders, assemble 18 at tables, cross
their knives, spill salt with each other and
do all manner of things like ( hat.
"Hut the superstitious people will tell
you such things don't count. They nri n't
tests. It's only when 1.') get together by
accident or a person accidentally does
any one of the thousand and oiic'urdueky
things' that bad luck is to be expected.
Kismet doesn't belabor you beoausoyou
spill salt, but when you spill salt It is a
sign Kismet has it in for you bad." Phil-'
ndelphia Press.
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Tlie Knlarr's I.arli of Tin t.
While KmpSrOT rVsnois Joseph, Queen
Victoria, Queen Christina of Spain and
tbs queen regent of Holland am renown
ed for their tact, King Leopold of Bel
glum, the Portuguese royalties and par
tlcularly Bmpsror William are noted for
the absence of this ijuallty. Perhaps the
most amusing illustration Hint, can bo giv
en of Bmpsror William's lack of tad was
when, iu taking leave of the pope on the
Occasion of 11 visit to Home, be exclaimed
in Drench, "Qua Dlsu vouabenlsss" (God
bless youj. The emperor was probably Un
conscious of the purport of his remark at.
tint moment, but the idea of bestowing hi
blessing mi the pope, instead of himself
receiving it at the bands of the venerable
pontiff, must, have taken even his holiness
by surprise. And yet it Is entirely in
keeping w ith the diameter and utterances
of Kmperor William, w;ho considers him
self ns God's vice regent over the German
empire, ami not only as the "summus
rex," but also as tho". summus eplsropus."
Boston Herald.
A HiRtnrln BtsphaSrti
When Alexander tbe (ircnt conquered
Poms, kiug of Indin, be captured a huge
elephant which had fought very stoutly
against him and set it five after having
placed round Its log n band of metHl re
cording tho fait that be bad dedicated it,
to the sun. Three hundred nnd lifty years
later this elephant was found with the in
scription of Alexander lutact. New York
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The Flour
"Chicago, Oct. Bt Fhs first ofiiciai
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m 1
In the snip of th shears,
The bondholder Wars
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I photographs.
"'i Milium iiiiiiiMimiiiMimimmiiiiMMiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiimr:
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