The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 02, 1894, Page 6, Image 6

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Babbit Fur l or Hutu -Ituaalaii tYolfakiiia.
Cliinvan Dogakin Robes- Animal of Cuii
ailit anil Alaska Ilrvorcnce Ciivrn to
Whitv Beasts.
"White has always been consideroil a
mark of distinction among tout," said a
soologist. "Vim will Bud meution ol that
laot in iho Bible, fifth chapter of Judges.
(The Indian of tail ooantry need to regard
a white buffalo bide as of exooptioaiJ ml
uc, ami for one auch they would uivesov
eral horsoa. Nowadays the aborigines of
Alsska set such store by a white marten
kin that they will pay five foxakins for
it. Tim reverence with which white ah
pbantsare regarded In Slam is well known.
In Africa Kmn Cetewayo, who was sub
dued by the British, kept a ben) of royal
wbite cuttle. They were said to be very
beautiful. The zebu, or sacred ox of In
dia, is wbite. Blue, by the way, is most
rare in mammals, the only species In
which that color is found being the t'
faced mandrill, 'i'hu so tailed blue fox
rather a deep drab.
"it is a curious fact that many wild an
imals Increase with thu settlement of a
country, feeding in the cultivated Balds,
and tlms procuring food mure readily than
when the land was unreclaimed. An ex
mpleol this is afforded by the rabbit,
which has Increased so enormously in
Some parts of the world -notably in Aus
tralia and New Zealand, Into w hich it was
imported. In 1891 no less than MI'S bales
of rabbit skins from New Zealand and
Australia Were offered for sale in London.
Vast numbers are killed (or the use of
meat preserving companies, which put
them up in cans. In this shape they are
sold in great quantities for ships' stores,
being a very cheap sort of meat. The fur
is chiefly used for maUinn soft felt hats,
for this purpose the hair is cut off by ma
thiiiery and pOHSed through a blower,
which throws it into revolving copper
tlisL As it accumulates it adheres togeth
er and forms a sort of cloth.
"The prices for skisia of all sorts depend
much ou fashion, and hence are apt to
fluctuate considerably from year to year.
A line tlonskln with a black mane is
worth 9800, but the hide from a menag
erie specimen of the royal beust, beiii;
ever so handsome, will hardly bring more
than 9195, Ti-r skins cost much lesa
than Uonskini, but the hide of a white
tiger, which i tui albino and extremely
rare, will fetch a small fortune. Tiger
daws an mounted for pins by jewelers.
They are worth $1 or even more apiece in
the rough. There is a woolly tiger of Mon
golia which has a fur of great richness.
The length and thickness of the hair are
due to the fact that the animal lives in a
cold region.
"Domestic cats contribute largely to
the supplies of the fur markets of the
world. Of late they have been turned to
commercial account In another shape,
many tons of them in the f..rui of mum
mies, as embalmed by the ancient Egyp
tians, being carried to England and sold
at u high price for manure. The substance
known in trade us 'civet' is obtained from
the so called 'civet cat. ' It is of a yullow
color and has the consistency of honey. Its
smell resembles that of musk. When un
diluted, the odor is so powerful as to be of
fensive, but when properly mixed with
other substances it becomes agreeably ar
omatic and delicate. It is utilized chiefly
for minglii )g wit hand improving the bou
quet of less cosily scents. Civet cats are
sometimes kept In wicker cages for tha
purpoao of collecting this secretion, it is
said. The latter is used by women iu the
north of Africa fi r powdering their necks.
It is exported from Aden in horns.
"Wolves furnish many skins to the fur
market. In Russia about 170,000 of them
are killed annually, a reward of 10 rubles
a Iwiug offered for them. During
1SS "0,(100 of them were slain in the prov
ince of Wologda alone, the number of per
sons killed by wolves in the same province
that year being 203.
"Chinese dogs, belonging to a peculiar
breed native to that country, supply much
material for robes, a good one requiring
eight skins. They are exported by way of
Shanghai to London mil New York. In
color they are black, white, fawn and mot
tled. About 78,900 of tbe hides aro sold
In Eaglaifd annually. Iu Mantchoorin and
ea-teru Mongolia are thousands of dog
farms, which rear all the way from a
score to hundreds of these canine beasts
for market every year. Tbo skins take
brilliant black dye ami make excellent
sleigh rohes. They ara used to a consid
erable extent for making men's coats in
Canada. The skins of Siberian dogs an;
likewise utilized as fur. But the Siberian
animal which yields for its size the most
costly of all furs is t!:e sable. It is only
about 9 Inches long, Including the tall, and
in orilsrtn trap a iti?le specimen the hunt
er must oftn endure many a hard day of
exposure and toil. From 13,000 to 38,000
sables are ruiifjlit annually, many of the
pelts being employed in China for die robes
of mandarins.
" Another small nnd valuable fur bear
ing beast i the marten of Canada anil
Alaska. For r-nturits the trapper has
SOOgbt to rapture it In the forests, its
precious skin going far to repay him for
Ids long winter's tramp and toll. The pelt,
made up into mulls, capes and boas, is
commonly but erroneously known under
t,b nani" Of 'table.1 The toils are made
lip separately into garments, which fetch
very high prices. They era also used in
the manufacture of the finest 'sable' paint
brushes. No rSirt of the creature iH lost.
Kvsn the skiti'i of the paws are sold by the
pound to traders, who m ike them into
COat linings and lobaOOO ponchos. The
Hudson Hay company exports to England
about 70,009 of the pelts annually. Yet
another little animal, mostly taken in Si
beria, furnishes the ermine fur, which is
worn by the queen of England and is also
lised for the slate robes of British peers,
Nevertheless it is no longer so fashions-
hie as it used to In', and her. re is much
Jess costly than formerly.'' Washington
He Meant Overshoe.
"Hearing a gentleman sneak of hjsover
shocs as bis gums." said a physician,
"brought to my rnlnd a story told of a
prominent PhiladelphUU), who, with his
wife, went to make a Call on a friend in
New York. On entering the drawing room
the hostess Inquired of Mr. where his
wife was.
" 'Oil,' said Mr. , 'she's in tiio ves
tibule cleaning her gums.' Philadel
phia Call. '
Flies of Newspaper
Writing in tiie New York News, n con
tributor observes the collection and
preservation of files of newspapers and pe
riodicals for public uso in New York is a
comparatively modern idea. The N'jw
York Society library was the first of tho
public institutions to start, what is now
looked upon D a nseded requisite of a li
brary iu a newspaper oilier.
It V. .w Less Deadly Than the Billy and
Could B Tut to Many Uses.
Probably the most popular order which
Superintendent liyrnes ever issued was
the one abolishing the night stick. No
Cltlsea Was ever known to call a night
stick anything but a club, a term which
is never used by the police to desipnato
any weapon they ever carried. Club wasa
bard, harsh name that most citizens were
unable 10 disassociate from clubbing and
led many to believe that they might soruo
day have the misfortune to be unjustly
clubbed. It will surprise such people to
learn that if they ever should beclubbed
they Will fare worse under t tie Weight of
the short, hard batons now carried than
under the blows of the old time night
Sticks. The explanation is simple.
The night sticks were made of the best
seasoned locust. Well seasoned locust be
comes comparatively lif,hl and is springy.
The batons, or billies, inch replaced them
are made of the heaviest wood available -
rosewood, lignum vits and the like and
lire short and absolutely devoid of pliabil
ity; consequently a blow no the bead,
which, dealt with a night stick, would re
sult only in a scalp wound, if dealt w Itb tho
policeman's present weapon might result
iu a fracture of the skull.
So true is this that many of the older
policemen who have carried a night stick
for years will draw a revolver on a refrac
tory prisoner; hoping to intimidate blm by
the exhibition of It, rather than to risk
drawing the billy, which would have lit
tle or no terrifying effect on the prisoner
and might result iu his death if the officer
w as ton ed to use it .
The night stick bad manv Uses with
which the general public had little chance
to grow familiar. The regulation length
was S3 inches, but tiny often exceeded this
by two or four Inches, The leather thong
Which the user w rapped about his baud lo
re-enforce bis grip ou the weapon was
nearly as long and was strong enough to
sustain the weight of most men. It gave
its possessor a reach of at least five feet,
and time and again the night stick has
been used as a support uutil other assist
ance could come for some unfortunate
who had fallen or jumped overboard, und
in easisi of great emergency where tho
drowning man or woman was losing
strength or growing benumbed with cold
awaiting the arrival of beats or ropes the
night stick and strap have been used to
drag them Up to the pier. Again, it has been
found Invaluable OS u life saver when lit
ters were too far away and the ambulance
was tardy in respoudlag to a cull. Four
null with two night sticks, one of the
sticks slipped under the knees, the other
under the arms of the patient, could carry
hiiu easily and rapidly to the hospital or
Another and probably the least thought
of use to which the handy night stick has
been put was iu extinguishing Are, Fires
started, no one knows how, in rubbum in
cellars or In bedding or clothing in rooms
and closets are among the most common
that give the Bremen a run. Many such a
tire that would have resulted inn damag
ing conflagration if left to await theur
rival of the lire department has been beat
en oat with a night stick. Last, but not
least, the fear of it has quelled many an
iucipient riot, w hile the judicious use of it
has kept many dangerous corners frco of
tWcorner loafers which made them dan
gerous and has done more than the fear
of arrest and imprisonment to break up
the gangs which used to infest many por
tions ef the city. New York Sun.
No r tli at sarsaparilln lias the merit to
hold the confidence of entire communities
rear atter year, aa Hood's Sarsapurilla. It
posaessoB curative powers peculiar to itself.
Hiod'i Pills are puroly vegetable, care
tally prepared from the best iugrudiouts.
TitKnit Is nothing like Dr. Thomss'
telectric Oil to quicsly euro a cold or re
teve hoarseness. Written by Mr- M. J .
fellows, Burr Oak, St. Joseph Co., Mich.
Is Iho worst morally, but not Hie most
Almost as demoralising to character,
though not positively criminal, are the
many ways of trying to increase one's
wealth at tlm expeme of others - by gam
bling. Sill a third way of getting some
thing for nothing is to hunt for n sine
cure. The new mayor of Brooklyn, elected
on a strong platform of municipal reform,
reluming home from a short trip just aft
er Ids election, found three bushels of let
ters from applicants for Office, most, of
them, it is sale to say, from lazy young
men w ho wanted an "easy place."
This incident bus led to I he quotat ion of
President Lincoln's apt saying, "If ever
this free people this government in ut
terly demoralised, it will come from this
human struggle tor office a way to live
without work."
Value for value is the onlj rule in busi
ness, politics and morals. Youth's Com
panion, Men Taming.
There are tamers and trainers. A tamer
is simply n man of unlimited nerve. A
t miner has nerve and judgment . My friend
tells me that II trainer can teach a linn
about as many tricks na can be taught a
dog. Sometimes the lion himself w ill uri
consciously suggest anew tiick; "1 had to
train four lions to jump a gate. Due of
them was so stubborn that I determined
to leave him for the last When I came to
him. lie wis lying in a corner. 1 began
striking blm. He sprang up and came to
ward me. He had a wicked look, so I hit
him a sharp blow from below ou the end
of the DOSe with mj cane, the only Weapon
I ever take into I lie den, The blow stUUg
him so it turned htm around, and as if to
escape another he jumped up to the bars
und remained standing w ith ids forefeet
upon one of them, lie gave men look
w hich said plainly, 'I'll stop lu re if you
won't do it again.' He looked superb
standing there drawn up to ins mil height.
So 1 sat down on i he gate, lit a cigarette
and kept bill) iu that position till I had tin
Ished. I trained the other lions in the act,
and a line appearance the four made stand
ing against the bars." Harper's Young
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1 1 a ss Rsv
Disease; of Oolnmbas' Map of America.
"The remarkable discovery of n copy of a
map by ColambtM, drawn on a letter writ
ten from Jamaica In July. l"ia, is rerout
ed by Nature. This, although only a rough
pen and ink sketch, shows exactly tho
opinion of Columbus himself as to the part
of the world ho had reached, which he te
lieved to be the east coast of Asia. The
oritjinul map, drawn by Columbus and
his In-other Bartholomew, was presented
to a priest named Hietonymo, who gave
it, together with a description, to Alexan
der Strozzi, a noted collector of early voy
ages. He is supposed to have copied the
original map ronghly on the margin of
the letter from Columbus, which he hatl
bound in a volume with other documents,
and this volume is now iu the National
library at Florence. When the existence
and significance of the map were discov
ered -by Dr. 1!. von Wieser, professor of
geography at Innsbruck, acting on U-balf
of the Austrian iiini nte For Historical
Research. Fall Moll Gazette,
Sometliinc l or Nothing.
"The darkest hour in any yonnpr man's
life," says Horace Greeley, "Is when he
sits down to plan bow to get money with
out enrnit g it."
There nr more ways than one of mak
ing this fatal mistake of trying to get
n.,Uiethir f M Th" ' riminnl way
I Irv3 Aade a well
a sn ..wi-i (-j
, i '. . . - i
VS-Wef -WrJV..
1 IIK Hit t V
I'RulU 1
RES I LTf ... M HATS. Cui
Nervou buewwi, Full mar, J
PftitMli. BitwD.BMi.usw. Ntirbtlv
tiolis, etett CeVUfvd by past ftDUsWS, fflVM VlBOf mitl liSG
to ttbrunKen oraani, and quickly imi rarely lOBtoroi
(Mi Miinitmiii in old try mns. Ratlyoarntftlln veil
pocket. Prl -ofl.tO apaekmft. Bin wr , with i
writlt-ti itiit-iiiit-r i flirt- uium-v rcfuii W-tl. l'-n';
lei unv unprincipled arupfclt noil you nm hind qI
imitation In ilt on Iw In illo none ot nor Ti
h-1 h;miit trot it. wi'wiii acini it by mail upon reeolpj
ol price. Pfunpnlol In .ii"-i envelope free. A ildroiu
Ort ntuL Mi'tlit-ul 4' l'i ' i CUetftf HI., ur our unfit.
BOLD by Matthewi Brot., Wholoaale nnd Re tail
Drnggtati, SCRANTON, PA., and other Lead
ing i -t .: -i
Ccmplexfcn Pressmd
iemoven irtcme. fii"pij3I l
Jvsr Molf Blsrklioidj, 'S1
lunhum a:.d Tan, and r 1
Removes Frtekle. Plmr'j;,
: U.I. - ' i . .1 .
I..VI . n
stores the sLin to its o-i -:
nal freslme.-s, produeine K'Aff
clear ana nealiny r. .-n-.V'. wav:-.
pleiloa. Bnperlor to SU face
rroamtlors othI perfcctlv hnrmlcrs. At all
UrUUiStS) Or mailed for SOctl, bend lor Circular,
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srlSSx haw. you r"ilTADDU
wtmm a Ln Inn fin
ftSTMMA vn inn nn
wJ Jft. -e a will euro jrmi. A
C jSS J wenUorfnl linen to niirerrn
1i ill., ' , i. nrnvwhltla,
i.rUAV KF.VEK. Afimh
UntntdlatMfwtft An sflwleiit
remciW. conrntent to carrr
In poekSt, ready to mi n dmt IniHrMlun of enld.
i nnltnucU I'an I.ffrla IVrmnnant Cere
Bitiif leUonsni aateedornonsjrrefiindee. I-rin-,
tit (. Trial free al praigiits. Reilstered mnii.
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MTSUTMOl The snfeat i,.ni nifi't rrtrnpity for
mb.ii inuL an . km dliessss. rlcxema. in n Halt
ftheiim.oM Snra. Knmfi. ''nt. Wnntfrrfait ri'in
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' lilHH.-iHnH.KlTliisrMio .hi lent health and
ifajfcr . btpplBAU whor lioknAM! ptlnorojr
!' 'Mil,- una i .t .J nrt prfvuii'"!.
gvr . vr srUBswy.HooodAry ni t6rtl it$
rial rol'n, rnnlnrli. drnMpAlfti nnd
In nil hlood ami akin (lUnnsfH, llko
TT lilotcho1, iilmj li-st, um rlirorm- nli .n,
sJt,-' t'ttr, wnid hciwi, bolin, eryniiiat
gflJ rczcmft we infty uny, wltli' tu fear or
ml -..ntra)lM,on,thiitI. P. P. Is ut bent
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intuitive, iptMJ ntid pcrnmntait oQfM
In all cafn.
I.nilli'i wlnun 'lyntfriut urn ihiI'ikmI
an'l whnse bloodllla an ltiimr pAdla
tlon, lun tu i M IrrnKulnrUinfl,
arejtnrullarly hnui'litt"! by thn W'-n-dnrTiil
tonic Od IjIikmI f -nn'nitiiK DfQP"
rtlMOf P. P. r Prickly A;h, Pon
Houtand PotftAHlam.
s , . 1 1 i , Mo., Auk. Hth, HtR.
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Hp.QitiML'rn., .inn 111 ry 14t I8O81
UstaiBti LirPMAM Dioflss BaVsUIDul
an. : Ot nlU k i bate tried your K
p. p. fur a dlsoMOof thf PplQj uminily
known a i iklO 0M104r(0i thirty yOAfaV
tntidlng, and found Rrtftt rollff; It
purldcHttin blood and n iiiuvcn nil lr
rltatlon from tho snat of th dltt'iiHe
nnd .mvnnt't nnv ipreaulnf'Ol tbf
Moron, i have taJcen Bvoor il bottlM
nnd ftfl confident thai nnotbor coarif
win tffeot a utire, it dm klto rollevofl
nii ffoOB fndlgpirion and atoiuach
tiuublt'5. Yoon irulv.
Atti.rrnjy fti Law.
Book on BHOd dm VM Free.
I.lprman'i. i. -' -li. .
1.1, 1. , , Al.. 1 l.lUg,
N. 'T ill . i.r. ! v Will l,r .r ., i, a Vttl A,. 1 ,1 m, 1 1. W H T PI 1.-
'lit' A RAN I hi. tn ( urn Ni rt. ux II, .1. hi. I.M, nf Hi, mint Rnata. k.
ISTolOBMM Rmlmlonif fromaoy rmisi. If mi;li'rliil, ticti trimht. n teth
riMiniiiiiiiliiih in intH'.ilv, l. nil pit Imi lT mall. 6 lum i. lor ti. With m.n ,
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Astrakhan Cu-nuiar Cape, m inobas long a; io
Eteetrie Seal (.'irmilar Cupn, 30 In. long.. 2u ou
Jraj C'riUiinei Circular l.'apu, :J Iu. lonu 'Jit U0
4o dozen Amerlean ttal Muffs at. 25 e;eb
1 lot . I cblldsea's wits at (toe. cmh
1 lot o feli.-igb Hobos, plusb lino J fcl oact
Ladies' Plush and Cloth
Coats at Your Own
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If any one uiMioation can be said to contain all human knowloile it is The Tribune Edition
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mm 671 Map. and Plans. Including 881 CfcloradMnp.,
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138 Wyoming Ave.
The only Practical Furrier in the citv.
Seeds and
Large Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
Lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
Hotel Waverly
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Twrlfth a n.t Market r-trt ftatici for Tisiting Sorantouttua aua m -Ik
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All kind KreOi I Nh rrrt'lvrd daily
Kanrj- SmoktHl IliilibuV.
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Milt Mark. rrl.
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Main Ire Bll rr l ove nun
Bine Point
Soli Bltel. i Iftmn, Shi imps
Best in tho market,
Brandt Clay ProductCo
OFFICE: liitiKhamton. N. ?.
FACTORY : Brandt, Pa.
906 South Washington Avenue,
i Contractor aurl builrlor of Concroto Klauijl ni,
I Conorvtv Bloek. PoSBtO, Bntter ami i on
I Ulna, Wvt tV-lluri dr!o4 up. Orrler.t mav bo
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Main and Eynoo Btawta, or at SrraatOD
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1 Uarawi Walks,