The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 01, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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SciatiOj sharp and aliooting
pains, strains and weak
nesses relieved in one in n
i ute by the CtrocuiA Amr
Pain IYamkk. It instantly
relieves weak, painful kid
neys, back aclic, uterine
i a i n s and weaknesses,
OQaght, colds anil chest
.pains. It PMMMttnt ner
' vous forces, and hence
cures nervous pains and
muscular weakness w hen all others fail.
Price, c. : five, $1.00. At dfUgglstS or by
Dul. PoTTM DatS) and Chum. Coar., llo.stuit.
Now Open
Tbeir direct Importation of
Exceedingly Handsome
And Embraces the choicest goods
for early spring and sumnur.
rrutnr town oorretpoaaents or Tun Turn
I'nk should hIjii thuir n lines in full U null
news letter, sol tar psbuwtloo out to guard
mount douuiitiou.l
A Weekly Paper Piomlifd Exoltlng
Accident nt the D mut II . Station.
8p$okU to the flbronfon IWbana
AHCHBaLD, Pa., Fob. 88. Improve
ments are in progress on tha Carroll
luil(liii) ou Center street. When the
itiiproTemonts nro completed it will be
occupied by J, Nauntmi as a cii;ar
maouttotory and oontootionary store.
Archbald is a town of 4,500 people
with bandionn ahnrohN, electric
liuiit. a good public lobool eystsu, two
patMngtr and OHO street railway coiu
mnnloatlni with other towns, mid it
oujjlit to bo able to support a weekly
oswspaper. So thinks Editor il.miil,
of tho Carbondale Berald, who was in
town j est, rdu looking I ho tnattor up
If tht project tnetts with encourage
ment Mr. U.mld will at one uiake ar
rangements to supply ths public witu
a Weekly shoot thai will contain all tho
startling news of this lively borough.
h"V. It. N Shaw, of VoorhtttvlTlt,
X V., will preach in Iht Presbyterian
obnrob on Bundaj morning and ovon-
Patrick Sweeney otlltd on Garbon
dale Criendt yesterday,
At the looal itietttnte to be hold at
Mayfleld, ktaroli 8, s ma of tho Arch
bald teachers will take a prominent
urt. ProftttOt White will read a
paper ou ''Arithmetic," Professor Datis
will talk on "Across the Continent,"
ati.l Miss Alice Sweeny will doltve.' a
Martin Mahaly, of the Bait Side, is
serious) ill.
Miss Kate McHsls h 11 returnod from
a pleassnt visit with Pittaton frltndt.
P, A. liuiiiu. fa tries Hergau Him
I Thomas Hanopby, of Jermyn, osllsd
I frltndt In town last Tuesday.
Last Tuesday evening a peculiar ac
cident happened to the loooUOUVt at
i t relied the Delaware and llulsou train
that arrives here at ." 10, As tho train
as Bearing tho Delaware and Hudson
station oue of tho b dts hurst and the
locomotirt tpptartd at i( it was in a
mass of dim.'. The engineer stopp-d a
ih rt dittanot from the station and
piiHed the tire, and with the assistance
of tbt locomotive that happtntd to be
Dear, the tram was taueu to Carbon
dale. Wbiie tho oxuiletutut was at its
ueuht a team belonging to Martiu
Cavrltr took advantage of tut situa
tion, dashed down Hill street ou a run
away and ran into a lamp post oppo
site tho Catbolio church. The wagon
wss somewhat datutged and out of
the horses wss slightly injurs!
Parch asert of SUkl aal Drass Fab
rics wiil securs jreat a Iranians ia vis
iting onr s'.ore at this time.
Experience of previous years dera
ccetrates that the choicest and most
desirable fabrics arj alwayt sold early
and not duplicated.
The only way to appreciit-? them if
to set them for yourself. 0 tr descrip
tion nay be all very fine aal very ex
plicit, bnt there is nothing at sitisfac
tory as a look with your owa eyes
And no mors convincinj argumsnt
that we havs the flast (jools.the new
est goods, the most s'.yiUo, goods of ev
ery descrip'ton, than the fact that an
inspection of oar stock always leads to
a purchase.
An Ecttrtaiainat Balz-t of L v Local
Newi Intelllsvn'ly Prsper.d.
Special to fa.: .Scranton Tribune.
Avoca. Pa. Feb 38 .Misses Lizzie
Wyli and K::t7 Minz, of Carbondaln,
are the guests of Mitt Msme IfoCrnd
A. P. C'nrran, of Scranton, spent
Sunday with bit partntl on Grove
M'-'srs. T F. ntnimmOM.J. Dorn,
D Burnt, W. J Laelehole, Jo
Craeiton and M Wlialan were among
the vititort to tht county teat yssUr;
Iiv. T. F Kiirnan, of Partoas. pre
sided at the Lsnten services at til
Mary's chnr'th last evening.
ltUSJtl Agnes and QaMVitVt GHUm
pie, of Pitttton, were visitors here on
W. L. SebUftr, of Syracuse, N Y.,
Is in town visiting his family.
Rev. Father Ionlan, 'it Donmcre,
wa a visitor here Monday.
Mrs Kate Lewis and family, of Brad
ford, Pa., is visiting hnr sister, Mrs J
B, Anderson.
Will McLaughlin, of Hbaiaokin,
made a bnirist trip BSTS Uoadtf.
KitMt B. O'Brien and Fannie Wb
ber attended a fnnsral in Wilkes Brr
The skating on tht old reservoir has
been real good during the past week
and wa enjoyed by onr young people
Mr. hnd Mrs. Bfank Flock, of West
f'ittston, are thn gir-sts of Mrs M. A
Lrugeists Uenniman and Manners
Save both had a very nat lettering
psinted on their store windows.
Misses Anna Mxntahella and Anna
Krantz, of PlttS ton, were visitors here
on Sonday.
The Women's Christian Temperance
union intend holding an entertainment
in the near future,
L. B. Williams, of this place, was
lately chosen president of the Thistle
band at 1'lttston
K-v. (J. T. Priee was in Kington yes
terday attending a r .men conlerenco.
An EnterUlnlnir Writer's Word Pic
turos of tho Maple Cltv.
fffic4at to thn Scrttnton Trthun.
IIonkhdale, Pa., Feb. 28, - Hon.
Henry It Seeley will deliver ths last
in the series of lectures at the Itaptlst
chnreb tomorrow (Thursday) evening.
Judge Seeley should be greeted by a
large bouse,
Mr. and Mn. Audrow Thompson,
Miss Jessit Grant, Miss Daisy Holmtt
and Miss Clara Torroy, left yesterday
for a trip to Nisgara Falls. ?TJi
An oil painting of the lafe Giles
Greene, father of Homer Gnetie, is on
exhibition in the window of Jadwiti &
Spencer's pharmacy. It was txeuuted
by Miss Clara Keen and is a work of
Cork for QlOtrr Utt Dr. Thomas'
Fclectric Oil according to directions. It
- the best remedy for all sudden attacks
cf colds, paiu and iullaumittiou, and in
A Live Rspjrtar's Buijot cf Eatsrtain
ing News
Sprtial to the Sc-mafoa IWoaat,
IfOOSIO, Pa.. Feb. 88 Charles Wil
lard, the tntlkra in, has purchased a
span of bay horses.
Maule. the oldest daughter of John
Davis, of Brook street, is Very tick.
Mrs. John Metz is under the doctor's
Tht Women's Christian Temperance
union will hold their hnsinesa meeting
in the church this afternoon.
Tmsdiy eveni:ig;.Mr. au 1 Mrs. C. C.
Howtll celebrated the ttuth anniver
sary of their marriage at their pleataut
home in Avoca. Th? following guests
fr'ra out of town were ia attjndance;
Mr and Mrs. Reese, of Wilkes-Bsrre ;
Mr. and Mrs. D. Hss. of Welt Pitta
ton: Mr. and Mrs Jabez Lee; Mrs.
Thomas Turner, of South Eaton; Mr.
and Mr? Howell and Blalf Howell, of
Centermorelan J ; Mr. and Mrs, John
Hailstone and daughter, Tina; Mrs
8, W. Bonse and daughter, Miss Min
nie, of Moosic; and a numner from
Avoca. Avery ploisant evening
spnt by all. The presents were prttty
and asuiu.,
Soma of the youn? people attended
a party in Avooa, lues iy evening, at
the homo of Mr. D. C. Morton.
The Woman's Forei.-n Missionary
society will mest ia tha church Friday
Mrs. Btoll, of Harvey's Like, is vis
it! g relatives in town.
Miss F.mtna Motttlltr has rtturnd
hi. me a'tor spending a few days with
friends in Moscow.
Lake Clark took a trip to Marietta
ai. ! pnrenate 1 i h-rse for Mr. Gillie -a
daughter of Storm King, with a rec
ord of ' 13.
- -A
Million Frlnd
A li"end in neor in a- friend Indeed, and
not ls than 'one million pcopV have
found j'lst such a friend In lr King's New
Ijiscovery fur Consumption, UougM and
f oi ls, If yon have never uttd this Great
Congh Medicine, one trial will convince
-, . ; t.Niit 0 Ioih w.0.h-rf:il i urativn powers
In ail iiisnases of Throat, ' host, and Lungs,
F.orh brittle in gnaraOtted to do all tliat, is
..laimed or money will he refunded. Trial
bottleafrn at Mathews fires', drng store.
Large bot'.l.-s ."oc. anil I t '
JSi and v. . Innac Pivii Are A
ablv ...I". I b v Ro-antoalans
flpetffli to the ftciantmi Tribune.
PklOKBUBO, Pi Fob. 88, On Mon
day evening a sleigh loid of Scranton
ladita agreeably sorprissd Mrs. Isaac
Davison Hilstead street,
Mrs. Davis w is tqutl to the occasion
and a bountiful repast was serveil to
which sll did jostle;. The remainder
of the fiveniii:: was apoit in singing
arid playing of games until nearly mid
night when thov depu te I after thank
ing Mr. and Mrs. Davis for their kind
The following is a partial Hat of
those present: Mrs John .1. LtWll,Mrt
Blohsrd T. Roberts, Mrs Haul Jones,
Mrs Reeso Mad io.ika, Mrs Kran Jen
kins, Mrs. Divio Williams, Mrs John
Holland, Mrs. EUtat Bryant, Mrs Mir
garot Williams, Mrs. i: . Me' 'all,
Mrs. William J. TbotDSt, Mrs, Lucy
Campbell, Misa May Btf Wart, Miss Liz
ItBniiani, Mies Lizzie Williams, Mrs.
H. B. Souse and Mrs W W. William i.
Dyapr.p. la, and Indlgsatlnn
III their worst forms at" CUrtd by the
use of P, Pi P. if yon are atbllliatta and
run down, or If von need a tnnie to regain
flesh and lost iippetite, strength mid TlgOrj
take P, P, P., and you Will l strong and
healthy, tor shattered OOnttltUtlODI and
lost manhood P. P, r, (l'rlckly Ash, Poltt
Hoot and Petnseluinl is the king of nil
medicines. 1'. P, I', is the greatest blood
purifier in tho world. For sulo by all
Intortttlnr Notsa of N-wi from a Cool
County Capital
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
MoNTRfMB, Pa , Fab. 23 At an of
ficial meeting of the Metnodist Episoo
pal church held on Tussday ovouiug, a
committee wss appointed to gat pledges
lor the purpose of building a new par
sonage, W. A. Titsworth, dtputy prothono-
tory, has purchased tho Bard property,
on Church street, which means that
great improvements will taks place
there the coming spring.
Hugh MoCollum has received the
appointment of deputy revenue collec
tor in place of F. C. Fordham. Hugh
is a young man who will make a good
collector, and those Who have business
with him will find him a pleasant gen
tleman to meet.
E ('. Pordham, tx-deputy revenue
collector, will hereafter devote his
tune to his increasing business.
Local and PtMO&al Nawa Dlahad Up In
mi App it.islntr Muniiar.
ftprcial to tk ekvoHfoa TWoMst,
Porxst City, Pa.. Fob. 88. Cantata.
"Rtbtooa," March 17, at Davis' Optra
TBiTltlBDNI is steadily gaining fa
vor in Forest City.
Mias Alice Gregory, who hats been ill
the past few days, resumed ber posi
tion in tohool today.
John Coiuuy iuteudt opening a mer
chant tailor shop in a few days in W.
J, Maxey'a block
Bd t'orey, of LTuiondale, spent yes
ttrday looking attar his buaiuess Inter
sais in tins thriving borough.
The Fpworth League of the Forest
City Uetnodltt Bpitoopal ohurob held
a very Inttrtltlng session last evening
before a largo audience, ICev. J. C.
Bogan gave an extemporaneous speech,
tbetnbj ot being, ''The Pnlptt and the
Stag." A number of others spoke upon
the subject, and go id arguments were
made both for and against tho In
fluences of the stage. The league lu
ted is to liavo an interesting satMiou
next Tuesday evening, to which u cor
dial Welcome is exlalided to all.
Superintendent W. A. May, of Scran
ton, made the Hillside collieries in this
place an official visit today.
Mrs. Benjamin Maxey spent today
with Carboadala friends,
A wadding was celebrated the Intttr
part of last week at St. Agues church,
Rov. J. J. o Honor performing the
ceremony which united William Evans
and Mies Buttle Goodrich in ths bonds
of matrimony. Mist Anna May Fox
wss bridesmaid, while John Cotter
served as best man.
A gams ot checkers will lie played
Monday night at the Olympic club
rooms between Clarence Lewis, of
Thompson, obampion checker player of
Susquehanna county, an l J un Oar
micuael, of Scranton, champion ottccker
player of Lackawanna county.
.lames Dillon, a resident of this place,
and well known as a clover b iXtT, died
at his home ou lower M tin street last
night after an Illness of live days of
pntumonia, Ho leaves a widow and
The following were registered at the
Forest House yesterday I F. H. Urea
Ion, Pittaton; D. E. Neil 1, Scranton;
J. E. MoMiobael, Philadelphia; J. J.
Mag bran, Scranton; s. Jacobus, New
York: C. E lionnett, Binghamton, N.
Y. : S. S. Seamuns, Scranton, and
Mrs. Charles Howtlls, of Gibson, it
the guest of Mrs. X. Brundage,
An Rpltomiasd Btoord of Paaalne Evsuts
cf Local Intaraat.
Si mal to the BcmiitoH Tribune.
TAYLOR, Pa., Fob. 28 George Hag
ndoru was in town today.
The Piesbyteiian church htdd a re
ception Tuesday night at Archie
Boyd's, in honor of their pastor, Rev.
Mr. Mitchell, who has severed his
charge hero.
John Bray, of West Pittston, was
among today's callers in tht borough.
Reports havo gotten in circulation
that th" supreme court lias knocked out
the borough. Th supreme court has
bas not yet handed down its decision,
although it was nrguad one week ago
Miss F. lith Sweot. of Peckville, is
the guest of her cousin, Carrio N'y
hardt. Ex-Miyor John Follows, of Scran
ton, was a visitor hero on Tuesday.
Mrs. Jon s, mother of Dave Jones,
leader of the Methodist Episcopal
church seriously ill with pneu
monia at her homo ou Ridge street.
1 lie BepnbHoan candidates don't feel
the least disturbed about the report
to at the Cltlaen's recent candidates
will rout -st tho olection.
Thursday night the Ivorito lodge
will celebrate St. Davids Day with an
entertainment and flitppir at Weber's
Cure for Headache.
As a remedy for all forms of Headache
El-ctrie Hitlers has proved to be the very
best. It effects a permanent cure and the
most dreaded habitual sick beadaohes
yield to its influence. We urg- nil who are
afflicted to procure a bottle and give tins
rem. dy a fair trial. In rases of habitual
oonstlpatlon Electric Bitters cures by giv
ing the needed tone t" the bowels, snd Few
rases Ioiik resjs' Hie us., of Ibis medicine,
Try it once. Large bottles only Fifty cents
at .Matthews Urof, drug store.
A Ruaum" of thi Current Hsppsningt,
I'rnpar-d wi h Cars
Swciril to the Srranltm 'Tribune,
M. L. M.ller, of Moontdale; A F.
( jisse, of Bootti and George M. Patter
son, of Oaroondale, were wslooms visi
tore here yesterday
The William McKinley II publican
olttb are flxlng up tbelr rooms in the
Old Fallows' building,
Tbe COUtlSll held their laat msnting
Tuesday evening, and after transacting
routine business 'j turned, I ho new
council will meet and organize next
Monday evening They stand five Ra
poblloans and four Deraoornta With
J. F Nicholson at burg-a, th" ll -pub
I ii an a have a working majority.
It is said I hat. John Grant is a candi
date for ileik and William Tennis
wishes to be treasurer. As Ihcao offloSI
pay ipiltn well, no doubt othera will be
in the Held before election
Mrs. Harriet Russol, while leaving
Ilia residence of William Toman, Thirl
street, yesterday afternoon, fall and ss
rtrtly Injured herself, u is (eared
that n number Of her riln are broken.
s. w. Cook is in Philadelphia under
medical treatment at tbe llaluiemau
i'nraonal and Olhor I'arairi npba I'laaa
antlv Written ftt Live Headers.
Stu-i iuf to the SOfOnfON Tribune.
PlOKVlLLt, Pa., Feb. 88 Mrs. W.
W. Brando W, of Scranton, spoit yes
terday with Mrs I'r.'kering, of Hickory
The Ladies' Aid society of the Msth
odist Episcopal church cleared fill. 71 at
their public dinner yesterday.
The funeral service of Miss Bognrt
will be bold this afternoon at II o'clock,
at the Methodist Episcopal chnrob of
this place, ou Iticted by her pattor,
Rev. F. P. Doty. Interment will be
made in Prospect cemetery.
Mrs. Charles Miller, of Park place,
called on her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 8.
F. While, yesterday.
Blakelv Council No 880, Junior Or
der of United American Mechanics,
will hold a basket toclal in Ltdyard
hall Friday evening, March 8.
Sltfhts and Scenea In tho Pioneer City
Qraphloally Daaoribsd.
Caucondai.k. Pa.. Fob. 28. Shortly
before 1 o'clock this morning the alarm
sounded for a fire, which proved to bo
in the old i risbie breaker, now leased
and operated by Ira J. Moagley, of
l.ingbamtiiu. Sooa the whole struc
ture, which consisted of the old breaker
and a now addition, which was recent
ly built, was enveloped in uncoutrolla
bio 11 uues. The lire companies were at
the Hcuiie, but could do no good, the
lire being out of tho water district. Tbe
breaker wuh cotniilelelv destroyed oaus-
lug haavy damage to Mr. Moagley, who
says is partly covered with insurance
I he lira will throw 112 hands out of
A special mooting!)! the Lackawanna
club will tie held tomorrow ( Thursday)
evening ut 'J o'clock for the purpose ot
considering tha ndvisability of giving
an afternoon, tea ou Monday. March D,
James M Stewart and Minor Hump
ated loft thia morning for Philadelphia,
where they will bo in attendance at the
department encampment of the Grand
i my of the lUptihlio
John ( 'iiuuingh am, of Forest Oity.
was among ths visitors in this plaos to
Emmons L. Peck arrives in this city
today from Elk Grove, Pa,, and will
inak a visit with his parents, Mr and
Mrs K M. Peck. of Washington atreal
On Friday evening will bo hold a
cottage prayer meeting at the homo of
.Mr. and Mrs Walter Varcoe on Arcb
tiald street, under tho auspioet of the
Baptist Christian Endeavor society.
Miss ituth iPblllipi, of Busquebauua,
is visiting irlon Is in town.
The funeral of Annie, the 2-yeur old
laughter of Mr and Mis James Dry
Ion, of Oak avenue, occurred-this after
noon. I ni : m. or. was madu in Maplo
wood cemetery.
Una evening's special mooting in the
Young Men's Christian association
hall was conducted bv Rev. T. 0, Jep-
ton, pastor of thn llsptlel tabernacle
Ho look to his theme " I he Ark. II.
R Hall pleased tho audience by ren
dering a baas solo in his usual talnuted
manner. An effort ia being made by
the association to secure tbe aervices of
Rev. R. J. Cain, of Pittaton, to come
hero and conduct siveial of the special
A very iniot wadding took place in
this city last evening and the ceremony
was performed at the Presbyterian
parsonage by Rev, Charles L;ein the
pretence of a few friends. The con
tracking partiss were Miss Kate H.
UurliirHt and Egbert A, Treat, both
residents of Carboiidals. Mr. and Mrs.
Treat have taken up their residence
temporarily at Munu's boarding hous.e
ou Linuulu avouue.
An EnlrnabU Lady I'aases Iuto Rant a'.
Port Jervlf.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
HOHESDAU,Feb. 28 --Superintendent
L. G. Rose receive l word today thst
bis mother had died at hor home in
Port Jervis at uoon. Mrs. Lovina C
Hoao was 88 years oi l last Septetaber,
and ia survived by four children- Wil
Hum R. Rose, Pbillipsport; Lymau O.
Rose, Honeadale; Charles C. Rose.
Scranton, and Miss A. E Rise, Port
Superintendent L O. Rose and his
brotiier, C. C. R"e. of Scranton, left
here for 1'ort Jervis this afternoon.
Christian End"avor Social Personal
and Othr Britf Notaa
fiptefoj ft fas Scranton Tribune.
DCRYBA, Pa , Fab. 28 Miss Grace
Marcy is able to bo around again after
it brief illness,
Rev. Jamas Mitchell left today for
Washington, I). C
The Christian Bodtavor society of
the Presbyterian chapel gave a sjcial
Monday oveniug in behalf of their re
tiring president, the Rev Mitchell.
Tbe Order of Sjns of Temperance
celebrated their socond atiuiversaiy
Monday evening.
Colondl r.unk K'a Story.
Walhlnglon Poit,
"Major Winteratnith rushed Into.General
Hanson' room one day in a slate of gi eat
mental disturbance," i-aid Oolouel Kiigoro,
of Texas.
"General," be exclaimed, "a man nut
here In be hall stepped in. just now nnd
took me lor you."
"He did P said Hanson, "1 11 go out and
kill blm."
"Oh, don't trouble yourself about Hint."
replied the major, "I've killed him al-rradv."
Beecham's pills are foi
biliousness, bilious hWdache,
dyspepsia, heartburn, torpid
liver, dizziness, sick head
ache, bad taste in the mouth,
(natcd tongue, loss of appe
tite, sallow skin, w hen caused
by constipation ; and consti
pation is the most frequent
cause of all of them.
Book free; pills 25c, At
drugsti rcs, r write B.F, Allen
Co.,365 Canal St., New York.
Lost Manfeood:-';-;
atrophy, ale., asrali eared bi IMvAPOttha eVi "l
M hill., 1, it. I,.,-,, v . wit ii inalMitaeeaeMuieara, Bold bi
m .in ia 1 1 1 , - a, miiiiihi, .
Savl soured Ibe BROBINU PORQR ol
wiin in Blums A Son f..r a psrnuthentousl itaed, 1 simii rendnet BilsntlBc mm
I'atbologloal Hbootna for tbe Prevention, Re
hitf mut 1 luie of Liunentss and other imp.-di
uitnttln ttie movements of Horses Incidental
or dno to Imperfect shoeing I stmlt give lbs
stork my personal atteotl n and guarantee no
eatracuarge. except forlmmovement. Lams
nees, etc. , will betreated afternoons, a free
OUnlQ and professloiia advlcs slvi-n every
Monday from 1 to. v m.
Mr. V. Storting iliuel
Winters town. Pa,
Nerves and Blood
Stronthenod and PurifioJ
by Hood's Sarsuparilla
Ecrofula Humor and Distress In
tho Stomach Cured.
The following testimonial eomesfrea Mr. D,
Sterling HlUel ol Wlnterstown, Pa., who eon
duets a prluting offlcs ani eolleettng agency and
It tat jronhgttt Juttlee of the peace in the male:
"('. L Hood A Co., Lowtll, Mass.i
" Hood's Barsaparllla is a wonderful health,
restorer, nerve strengthener snd Mood puriOsr.
Vor the last four or live years I havo been
trout, led win, humor and scrofula In the blood,
breaking mil all over my body, which caused
llehlui! ami kept me limn ie,t at niuht, 1 was
also, at the aiui! tune, troubled ullh a
Sour Stomach,
which was anything but pleasant. I could not
even take a IWallOW of watSf but what I lllf.
feted from distress ami acidity, I did not enjoy
u good meal uutll alter i commenced to use
Hood's baruparllla, I could see the good tt
Hood's5?"" Cures
feotl alter the first few doses. I continued to
nil- tbt medicine until now i have taken Hve
bottles ami feel eutirel) oured." D, Htkhlinu
MlTZBL, Justice Of 1'eaee, WlnttrttOWU, l a.
Hood's Pills aol es lly, yet promptly and
efficiently, on tbe liver and towels.
There are hundreds of young men and young women in thh
country who tun e splendid ability, but thoy have never been
wakened up.
Wood's College of Business and Shorthand
Ifus been an Inspiration to hundreds of young people. If yon
are tired of Inactivity and want to do something taugiblo,
(Hue to the College.
F. E. WOOD, Proprietor.
Imported by Us direct from Saxony, Germany.
Sole Agents for Scranton.
A Beautiful Carpet Sizs Rug, made from Best
Mohair on Hand-Loom, soft but tough Mohair
Yarn, double tied into the back of the texture,
thus making its durability everlasting, the
more so as Mohair remains completely inacces
sible to moths or dust. The silk finish of the
"Mohair -Sultan" perfectly beats the genuine
Oriental Mohair Carpets and ths cost is but
One Half.
We carry also a full line of
Dr. E. Grewer
The Philadelphia Specialist,
And his ssepsitted stall of English and cor
man i ajrafslanaart now tiriuuoutiy located
Temple Court Buildin
Vnero thoy may i consulted DAILY axd
The Doctor In n gra.luatu ot thn rnlrnrsitT
er PMnsjrlvaais, formerly d. montrator of
gayjuolojry sud snroery at tho lledloo chlr-nu-lcal
College, of Philadel.liia. Ho U alM
an honorary member of tim Medic,, chirur
(ileal Association, and was physician and
surgeon lnble( of the most n,.te".i American
and Oerman hospitals, comes highly Indorsed
ny tat leading professors of Phlladolphla sal
New York.
His many years of hnsrtital experienoe en
bles thli eminent phyaleian Kiel nurgeon to
crirrectly diagnose end tint all defomlt i
Slid dlncnr os with tho most Haltering success,
and his high standing in the state will not
nil W him to nec-iit any insurable ca
LOH1 MANIlWUII lll.linu It
It you hats seen siren np ey your i.hysl
flan cull upon the dis tor and ho examined.
He cures th,. woi -d caseof N'. ryous Det illty,
Ben tula, old Borst I ainrrh. IMlee. eml
Weskneea Affections of the Ear, Eire, N.we
snd Throat. Asthma. Ieafnes. Tumors, i 'aa
reis and Crl inles of every description. Ooo
nltatlon in Knklish and ilormaii Kroe. which
shall be considered eacred and strictly coufl
ones Heursi OA. M, to ' P.M. Daily.
Sunday, it a.m. to s i m.
National Bank of Scranlm
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000,
BAIfUEli niNEfl.lPreildenl,
V. V V A I SON, Vice I'residnnt
A II. WILLIAMS, I ashicr
PAMi-ri, ttiNna, a tMM M rvrnnsnT.
Ihvimi A. PtMon, PlBRuaB, Kim kv,
JoSl.fll J .llllMIN, M s. Krmkiikii..
ciias, P. MAttaawa, Jons r Pohtbu.
W. W. Watson
This bank Invites (he patronage of business
men and III US gen. -rally.
The new offer
made to Tribune
readers on page 7.
It is the best
one yet made
Third National
Bank of Scrantoni
Organized istj.
Capital, $200,000
Surplus, - $240,000
Tills liaek offers to depositors
1 . i',i.. warranted by thtlt balances, bush
e ss ami responsibility.
Special alt, tit ten given to business ac-
oounts, Interest paid on time deposits.
nriaXIAU CONNKLt, President
OKO, 11. ( ATI. in, vice-President
Willi AM M PK K, (ashler.
William eiiin il, Oeorste 11. Oatlln,
Alfii Hand, Jnmet Arrhhuld, Hear
II. I10. Jr., Milium T. smith, Luther
Axminster Rug
In Variou3 Sizes at the prices of Smyrna Rugs.
Real Daghestan Rugs, $9 Each,
Bokhara, Anatolian, Bahudurr and Kazae
Oriental Rugs.
406 and 7i()S Lacka Ave.
"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa.
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
Tribune Art Feature
To miss THE TRIBUNE'S World's Fair Portfolios would
be to neglect the best opportunity yet offered. The ad
dition of tbe "Wanamaker" series makes it more alua
ble. Bead new announcement on page 7.
likaijL?' I evUiSerjQl
An Elegant African Fibre and
Cotton Mattress for
WORTH $7. See our Show Window,
fiitii id mm
Have arrived. Also Baby Carriages, Crockery,
Etc. Bedroom Suits, with Large
Mirrors, &15-50.