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The Son anton TMBOirefl Pittaton de
partment li la charje t J. M Pnhy, to
whom newi Items mo oomplaloti may bo
William Pabus liahavh Va!ly Em
plora Fatally I' jard.
William Palanea Lehigh Valley rail
road car Inspector received i: juries
yesterday morning that malted lu his
death, Tim accident occurred about
8 o'clock yesterday morning In the vi
cinity of Cozton yard Paleus it ap
pear boardo l a utornlog train for the
purpose o( riding to the yard, lie bad
partially succeeded when a car stand
ing on another traok oaoght bin The
l pace between tho oart wii s am .11
that ho (Ml fairly iqaeeied to death.
(V hen the morning train bad passed
on some persona who hud wituesiel
the occurred harried to the spot and
plotted him up.
Tho nnfortunate man wa plaoed
aboard an engine and taken as tiniokiy
poetiblo to iho Pittston hospital, bat
hi spirit 11 d a tew minutes after
reaching the Institution.!
Palsn wai it Biiii(io yoang man and
boarded with Pis titter, Mrs Isaac
Joins, of West Pittaton. Hit remaint
wore taken o Mia inonu of Mrs, Frank
Buaiman, 809 York avenue, another sif
ter, front which pl ies the funeral will
take, place Saturday morulog at 10
o'clock. The body will Irn taken to
Ashluy for Interment.
Lt d to Rst with Iinprow.vs Ceremon-i-
iu Pittaton CuuitUry.
The of C't rl B inker tok
place from tho family home on La
Grange street at 9 30 o clock yesterday
afternoon, Divine services wore eon
ducted by Kve. .1 li Sumuer and Dr.
McNnlty, The funeral :ortirf was a
large one and included Qobonta lodge,
Independent Order of Odd FellOWS, ot
which he was a member.
A quartette composed of Mrs. K,
Miller, Mitt Speeo, T. R Stnley aud
A Matthews reudored several pretty
hymns duritit; the ceremony The pall
bearert were the following members of
Oohonto lodso: C. H. Fotter. Gh M.
I?.tx, T. 'R Lince, Cornelius Evans,
John Anderson, L. Goodman. Inter
ment was made in Fittstou cemetery.
Among the out of town people who
were in attendance wore: R-v. O. M.
Colville, D. D., and wife, of Blngham
ton; Henry Banker, lleorue Banker,
George Haine, Mrs Martha 13 inker
aud John Beedsr, of Wilkes B.irre.
The Remedy That Makes People
Well Paine's Celery
Among Burlington Institutions none
of tho col!, ue nuil lins comp tro witu
the Medical School. It is tho firs:
building shown to strangers,
The imildinu where i; many fruitful
investigations Uave been c.mijd on
celery compound Piistant headaches
go, Chronic combination no longer
tronblet you, anl thj terrible heart
throbbing from wblob SO many tired
worn 'u suffer leav, them in p ace.
Beoautsof this wonderful dtsoavsry
m j
aV;Vlfc.-f -"-'-hf WSk'-Wm
W ,iAal 1 'I' at, ,: '. ;"iV-
mm m-s--:-
Epitcmizid Newti Notes of Interest to
Wide-Awak BtadefS Qnrally.
The weather of yesterday, while very
disagreeable underfoot, wae all that
conid be desired overhead.
'The District Fair" will be the at
traotion at Music hall this evening.
The play it an excellent one and is de
tervinu of a good houv
J. J Curt, of the Wyoming Valley
Home, it in Cforristown trying to have
tatistied a claim for 189 20 auintt the
"Rube Stacy'' comedy company, which
played here last week.
Mifi Maria Barrett, wno accom
panied her brother. John E. Barrett,
to N'ew YorK, haa returned home.
Dr. Underwood, of South Main
street,' it on the tick list.
The Fairmonnt colliery at Cork Line,
which it owned by M. W. Amtbury.
but which was leased for a number of
years and wa9 operated by the Uallory
estate and other coal operator, passed
into possesion of Mr. Amsbnry on Feb.
lSinsl The ininea have been idle for
tome months, and there U no prospect
at yet of retnmption. Gazstte.
The Black Diamond Hook and Lad
der company's fair, which has been
held for the paat sis daya in Armory
hall, cam to a close at 2 o'clock yet
terday morning, after n very suocetsful
ran. The net receipt! will fool up
$1,200 in cash for the six days.
The Stevent Coal company h is pro
tented the Hookies a check for $23.
Seven o'clock is the boor fixed for
the opening of the tnpper at the Meth
odist churcii this evening, but ono ta
ble will be ready at ti o'clock for those
who with HUpper at that hour.
The fnneral of C. W. Carr will take
place from the family home on Wyo
ruing ttret this afternoon at 130
o'clock. Rev. T. W. Swan, assisted by
Dr. Parke, conducted the aervicet, and
the interment will bo in West Pittaton
An unknown Italian tritd to pats
tome counterfeit silver dollars in town
yesterday, but wat detected in the act.
Toe Downey Misaionary tnciety, of
the Broad Street Methodist Episcopal
church, will hold a tea at the parsounge
on Broad atreat this evening.
Ik TOB have made up your mind to bny
Hood 'a SursHparilla, do not be persuaded
to take any other. Be sure to gut Hood'
i-arsaparilla, wbioh possesses peculiar
curative power.
Hoop's Pili-s rure all liver ills, bilious
ness, jaundice, indigestion, sick headnche.
Paragraph of Interest Qracrfully Pam
nad for Hurrlad Raadtra
filarial to the Scrnntim Tribnni.
Nicholson, Pa., Feb. 23 a branch
of the Republic Savings and Loan nt
sociation of New York, is being organ
iaed by A. B. Clay, secretary of the
ficranton board.
Lee & Phillips, the Tenntasae fun
makers, will give a concert at the opera
bouse on Thursday evening, March 1,
Mr. and Mrs. B D. Cooper, of Elm
hnrtt, are visiting parents in town.
Edward Farrer loaded a car of cider
this wetk.
A. II. Moore loft town this morning
on a busmen trip to Jenuingtville,
Wyoming county.
Criticising a Yuunir Lady.
"She would be n pretty girl for but ono
'What's that?" asked Charloy.
Heorge Her face is always covered with
purple and red blotches.
Charley Oh, that's easily enough dis
posed of. Used to b.1 the name way my
self, but I caught on to the trouble one
day, and got rid of it in no time.
George What was it?
( barley Simply blood eruptions. Took
a short course of P. P. P. I tell you, it's
jhe boss blood corrector. The governor
had rheumatism so bad that ycu could
hear hiiu holler clear across the country
every time ho moved. He tried it, and
yon know what an nthlotie old vent be is
now. If aomebody would give Miss Daisy
a pointer, she would tnank thuni atter
wards. All the drug stores tell It.
But It will Not Shrink.
FhittKti'luhia Times, Pern.
The majority for Grow indicated by the
official figures is 180,241. Mr. Grow ia cer
tainly justified In considering himself
elected and if his majority next time
thould shrink a hundred thousand be can
still consider himself one of Pennsylva
nia's favorite sons.
and to much hard work accomplished
is a matter "f pride with every trui
jinmnate of Vermont University.
To th. credit of American loientlstt
it is i-uid that the first fruitful investi
gations of the Influence of the nerves
upon the proper nutrition of the body
were made by Prof, Edward E Phelps
M. D, LL. D. while active professor
in t tie Dartmouth Medical School and
lecturer iu the Vermont University dc
These researches have since been cir
rled on in Europe; but the result by
far tho niott valuable from all these la
bors It Prof. Phelps' discovery of the
prescription that has come to be known
as Paine's clery compound.
Now and t' en a discovery like this
one ie so greatly in advance of its day
that it startles the whole body of con-
orvative physicians. N o great remedy
ever caused so much talk and inquiry
its Paine's celery compound. Scien
tific men all over the country and in
Europe have analysed aud discussed
it, and the mdical world has agreed
in recommending it as a truly remarka
ble remedy for dii orders originating In
im nre blood and impoverished uorve
Paine's celery compound is pro
nouued by physicians of ail souoolsto
be the most decided stop in the know
ledge of diseases of the kidneys, liver,
and stomach.
Refreshing sleep comes from Paine's
of Paine's celery compound, thousands
of homes have been made brighter and
hosts of sick men and women led from
despondency to health and activity.
Sunlight has n it cist more brightness
into thousands of horn ;s throughout
the country than has this greatest re
mtdf of the nineteenth century. Ner
vous women suffering from pain and
depression find relief aftur a few days
us of this wonderful remedy,
The thousands of testimonials from
men and women all through the conu
try tell the story most convincingly of
tho value of Paine's celery compound
as a sure reliaf in the wortt forms of
nervous weakness.
Paine's celery compound will build
up the boby iu strength and healthy
tissue. It roba old age of its sleepless
ness, depression, and feebleness.
Permanent oure in difflonitand ob
stinate cases of Bright'sdisease are told
by men and women of the blithest
standing in their communities.
No medicine is so universally used in
the homes founded for the aged, feeble
the weak and suffering, A list of the
public Institutions alone where this
great compound is daily nssd would ex
tend to great length. A sound body
and a sound mind urn sure to follow
the persistent taking of Paine's celery
compound. Try it and be convinced,
at thousands of others are, that it la
the greatest remedy in tho world. J
We have placed on sale
our line of Ginghams for the
coming spring and summer.
Finer Goods, More Tasteful
Colorings and Lower Prices
than ever before, are what
will recommend them to our
A. B. Brown's Bee Hive, Pittston, Pa.
Thousands Remnants of Dry Goods. Cloaks and Fur Capes daring
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Every inch of counter room covered with the greatest bargains ever
Ladies' FolfHftts, thia season's styles lOo. each.
Hoys' Winter Wuiata lOo oach.
Mnffl 30c. each.
Cloaka $ 1 .50 each.
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18 TH BEST. (Jet prices and
ten iho furnace and b con
vinced. A full line of HEAT
ERS, Appello und GaUSS Door
MOOSIC POWDER CO. f. Robinson's Sons'
Made at the UOOSIG and BOBH
Manufacturers and DaeJers i
ll hrioatlnrr
ilso Shafting and Journal Groasi
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WuHKIt:- Meriillan Strait
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lOlectrio Batteries, Kuso for oxplod
big blaatv, Safety Fuse and
RepaunoChemical Co. 's High Explosives
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completion? For it, uc Pozzom'a Powder.
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100,000 Bbls. Per Annum,
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ance of our
at following prices:
Small v:-.u"i That are Cortaln te Re
turn Large Intert.
TV. ere is a widespread i lea that books
are eostly luxuries, and that only those
possessed of abundant wans can afford
to b9 the owner of works covering a
yery wideranneof topics. Hence many
men, young as well as old, who are
desirous of educating themselves, are
prevented from so doing simply be
canse It is iinposiihlu for them to
spare the money ueeded for obtaining
the neceteary books. It is quite true
that the possesaion of a complete
library involves large expenditure,
which is bayond toe reach of persons
of humble means. But it is a fact that
the ability to educato ona's self does
not depend upon large expenditure for
booki. At best an education is but an
epitomization of the knowledge of oth
ers, and does not involve original re
search excopt iu a few cases. To ob
tain such an epitomizition does not
necessarily involve a detailad study of
all the works upon any desired topio.
mnce this has already been done by the
best scholars, the results of those la
bors are confined in those great con
densations known as encyclopedias.
The encyclopedia is the poor man's
complete library. Iu it is the concen
trated wisdom of tho best minds the
world hns ever seen. It is authoritat
ive and complete.
The amoont required in order to ob tain
possession of that gieatestof all
eucvelop sdias, the Britanuioa, is so
small that no one can plead povorty as
a reason for not purchasing It. The in
significant sum of 10 cents a day can
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regularly employed, no matter how
small his wages, and yet that is all
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A little solf-donial is all that is nee -nsiary,
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ing of bread upon the waters, for no
money Is so well spunt or so certain of
refnrning a large interest as that de
v jfeil to obtaining an education.
TllK Tnnn.SK invites every working
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fourth the price heretofore asked, and
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pronounce; these rapidly.
Bix thick thistle stick-i.
Flesh of fri silly fried flying-flih.
The sea ceanetli, but it suflicuth ns.
Hinb roller, low roller, lowor roller.
Give (Irimee Jim's great gilt gig Whip.
A box of mixed Mscnita, a inixod biscuit
Two toads, totally tired, to trot to Tob-
Strict, strong Stephen Stiinor snnrnd
slickly six sickly silky snakes.
She stood at tho door of Mrs. Smith's
Bsh-Mttoe shop, welcoming blffl in.
Swnn swam over the sen; swim, swnn,
swim: swan swam back again; well swum,
It is a ehamo, Sam; these are the name,
Ham. 'Tie all a sham, Sam, and a shame
it is to sham to, Ham.
A haddock, a haddock, a blnck-spotted
haddock, a bluck spot on tho black back of
a blaok-spottwd haddock.
Susan shlnetb shoos and socks; nocks
and shoes shine Susan. Hhe cnaseth hIhii-
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ehuck Susan.
A Choloe Thet'a Inexplicable.
Chicago Daealea,
If Colorado doesn't like free raw mate
ri I why does she put it in her guberna
torial ohniiV
Tiikre is nothing like Dr. TbOOMS1
Eclectric Oil to quienly euro a cold or re
lieve hoarseness. Written by Mrs. M. J.
Follows, burr Oak, St. Joseph Co., Mich.
tj "plIE possesses of men's I?and5 are quietly con
stifned, but Knowledge, uvr;ic;r; is tr;e mind's 5
The funeral of John Leonard, of
Keyser avenue, took place from his
home on Tuesday and was largely at
tended. Deceased whs an old and re
spected resident of Providence. His
remains were conveyed to the Holy
Rosary church, where high mass ot
requiem was celebrated. The pall
bearers were: Patrick Anthony, John,
.Michael, John, jr., and Thomas Leon
ard, nephews of decerned. He is sur
vived by his wife, tivo sons and one
Thomas Crofton, of Putnam street,
arrived homo from West Virginia
Tuesday morning.
John Salmon, of Putnam stroet, fell
into a man hole at the Von Storch
mines on Tuesday and sustained severe
spinal injuries.
The elopement nf Warrsn Kimball
nnd Nellie Coles, ot Green Ki Igo, took
place last Satnrday. They were mar
ried at Binuhamton and returned home
Monday. The parents of the bride re
fused to give the couple their blessing
or allow them to enter the parentHl
Thomas Harrington appeared before
Alderman llorau a few days ngo and
had warrants issued for the arrest of
John Harrington, jr.. nnd two aocom
plices whom be charges with burg
lary. The warrants were given to
Constable Davis who arrested Hairing
ton. The case cam" up for a hearing
hofnre Alderman Horan Tuesday even
ing but sn Harrington did not havH all
bis witnesses a postponement was
granted Harrington claims the no
uf"d stole the money while assist tin;
him to move his furniture. The
amount stolon was $50.
Charles Martin, of North Main ave
nue, proprietor of the Psdriokl hotel,
had Kiohard Coslett nrrestod for rais
ing a disturbance on his premises on
the night of Feb, 21. Coslott assaulted
Thomas Deacle and broke a window
and showcase. Tho matter was com
promised, DUN MORE.
Miss llama Golden was taken to the
University hospital nt Philadelphia,
whore she will be treated for rheuma
tism. Mrs. Wnrdell is quite ill at her home
on Orovo street.
Preparatory aarvieM will be held in
the Piesbyterinn cli nch tomorrow
evening. Mr. Broueon. assistant to
Ksv. Ralph Uillam, will conduct tho
Mis Kate Ssoor called on Pittaton
frwnds on Tuesday.
Abner Bpsnoer is oonralesoing after
being confined to bis home by rheuma
tism during thH past month.
The funeral of Matthew Steen, who
ended his existence by snooting him
elf last Sunday morning) was held at
Moscow yesterday.
One annoying feature of the Trae
tion company's cliangs is their re
fusal to carry and transfer No (1 pas
sengers to to the Lanrel Hill Park liuo
when making the down trip. People
residing along Butler stiout are com
pelled to wall: n, long distance tnseenre
rapid service or tnke the Suburban li: o
to Keratiton. The officials have proba
bly ovorlookcd this matter, which, it is
hoped, they will soon remedy,
Miss Mary Thornton returned from
n visit to Wyoming yesterday.
G. S. Kirwin, of Olyphant, was a
caller here yesterday,
Frank Gallon has leased the Pnroell
property on Drinkor street and will
open a news stand.
Mrs. Law, of Avoca, in visiting nt
the home of Andrew Allen on Upper
Blakely street.
ripest estate, qndurift or?u?r."
v VngHg7 A
V" i) cL Mat8'
Hnstan I.y.-.x CircnLir rap:e, 'J iuohns. H.W
Electric Seid Circolur C.ipes. 24 in 8.M
Astrakhan Circular Caijrw, U in KM
Wool Htfcl Circular Oapaa U ia 44.0)
nvm- Nart'ii circular (Japes, SI in 40.00
Brown Martao (Jircuia- Canes. 24 la 4i00
Otter Circular Capei, 24 in 50.U9
Seal Sacques
Hoat SaconoK. M lnn
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Airrakbaa Jackets, ai bubs lotu.
....9180 oo
.... 10.J.U0
.... UIUU
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Seal Circular Ca, 30 Inches long, with:
llutterlly Cape " ; j o
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Butterfly Cap mM
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Astrakhan Circular Capa, 80 inchea long a 00
Kloctric Seal Circular Capo, 30 in. long.. 20 00
fir.iy Crhtttner Circular Cupe, UU tn. long SJ 09
40 dozen American B al llufta at 81 25 ouch
1 lot t chilrlren's sets at ugc. each
1 lot of blelgh Kohos, plush linod S3 uacU
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138 Wyoming Ave.
The only Practical Furrier in the city.
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Urge Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
Lawn Grass Seeds
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and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
Hotel Waverly
European Plan. First-claa Ear attuchoj.
In pot lor Berguer A F.Lgrl'a i . -
N. L Cor. tin and Filbert Sto., Pkilidi
Mot desirable for resicianta of H E. Poun"
lylvaula. All coiivt-ntcuce for traveler
to ami from Broad Sire't atation and tho
Twelfth and Market Stroet station. D
ilrable for Scrautonlana and pu
lie tu the Anthracite Kagioo.
All kiudi Fretfc 1 lab received daily.
Fancy StnokeKl Halibut
Boneless CoJ,
Yitnntitilh t'.l is
Milt Mtiekerel.
RoekawATi 'itnpenk Hav,
Minute lilver dive anil
Illue iii I
etawftjSw i,,,mml " TukWlaM than your neighbor you aro to that extent a
If any one! uMicationonn bo eaia to contain ail human knowlogde it ia The Tribune edition
Truly it ia may bo mini that wimt it does not contain is not worth knowlni M 000 Taies r Laws Ouarto Val
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nRl'URm.VP ZUTtXT.ri0 ' aI,"' frUn'ai", of kn,0 No wonder such a mar. as the London divine,
&XS& n& oMMf b01" "t0,t'd b8 Ut tha Bibl8 " would
m fill R 8. DEPT., IS? SPK ST.
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SettlUipH, a 1
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Brandt Clay Productuo
OFFICE; Binghamton. N.Y.
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Contractor and builder of Conors l l . . i ,.r,
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left at Toompeoo & Pratt, WIlliamB A Co.,
Main and Kynou Strwto, or at Sorantoa
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I . Win- Tuuuelaaud Cotluia. nagtflne'for
Ulardaa Wallu,