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MR. J. L. STELLE will contiuuo
the buaineas under u,o linn uumo of
iStelle it Seeley.
THE evkr popular
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took belore buying. We haTe tho good.
Cur prices ura rlstiu EvuiyiUinu iu the
lUUslC llu.
;S4 Wyomlno Ava.. Scranton, Pa.
Punch Cigars
G., B. & Co,
twprlnt'l on E-H'h C'gnr
Uappeulngs or a Day That Will Interest Hyde
Fark IsldSU
The Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern Road May Make the Opening of
These Thoroughfares Possible by
Removing a Culm Pile Remons
trance Against a Saloon Interest
ing News Notes.
Garney, Brown & Co. Mfr's.
I III I.I Hlil M. -I.U .li t-
AEVir.E mmi TPji.Kt.u,
J. E. Reynolds, of Berwick, If in tho
Attorney Milton w. Lowry is in Phila
delphia on business.
Dr. and Mrs. Barekley, of Honosdale,
were, in the city yesterday.
Mr. .iii'l Mrs. .1. E. Kern havo returned
from their wedding trip.
Amos Wanick, cf Blnomsbnrff, i visit
ing bis. on, John Wanic k. attbe Wyoming
Mr. and Mr. p. J. Casey have returned
from their wedding trip and are living at
tbe Wyoming.
J. W. Bunta, of Philadelphia, is in the
ciiy on bui:i"- connected with tbe new
glass factory to be located at Taylor.
Will P. Bolnnu was on the street yester
day for the llrst titne since bu recent ill
ness, and was receiving the hearty cou
gratu ations of bis numerous friends on
bis recovery.
Republicans Return from Ynterday's
Su qieiianna County Convention.
Quite n coterie of prominent local
R"lrU!'licaus from Susquehanna and
Wayne counties wen in this city lust
night on their return from tho Repub
lican county convention held at Mon
trose yesterday.
In the party were: Rtprsentati ve
Pbllo J. Burritt, Uiiiondale, Bntqne
hantu county; E. R Hardenburg,
Honesda -v:io will receive the sup
port of tue Suiquebnnna county dele
gates for the senatorial nomination of
the Twenty sum district, composed of
Wayne and Susqnehauaa oonnties; L.
P. Wedeuian, secretary of thecouaty
convention held at Montrose, and T. C.
Matizer, Forrst City.
From the pirty it was learned that
Arthur Coddingtou and L. li Miller
Were elected delegates to the state con
vention with initinotloni to o:e for
General D. 11. Hastings, for governor,
and V N'. Reynolds, for secretary of
internal sfl urn.
Myron L Wright, the present con
gressman from the Fifteenth district
was uorainateJ by acclamation as Sus
qnehsnna eonnty's candidate to succeed
himself. The congressional conferees
appointed were constituted senatorial
conferees and wero instructed to sup
port Wayne's tandiduto for senator, E.
li. Harden burg.
The action sf the convention assures
Mr. Hardenbnrg the nomination and
lection; the two counties are over
whelmingly Republican. Mr. Wright's
chances for the congressional nomina
tion, While not positively assured, are
nevertheless favorable, Wayne connty
is placated by Susquehanna's support
of Mr. Hardnnburg. The gentlem in of
the party did not know of any congres
sional liee buzzing in anv ear popular
enough to deteat Mr. Wright. Brad
ford and Wyoming are yot to be heard
Before adjourning the convention
voiced its sentiments in a resolution
condemning the incompetency of Mr.
Cleveland and the rule of tho Demo
cratic party generally.
Burgess Maloney, of Pittston, was a
visitor in town yesterday.
Chief Victor Bnrschel was re-elected
chief engineer of the lire department
on Monday evening. He had a tnejor
ity of twenty six votes over lus oppon
ent, ex Chief Dainty, The department
ha made a wise selection, as Mr. Bur
schel Is fully afqoaiated With the tin
tief his office involves and devotes a
large amount of his time to increasing
the efficiency of the department.
John McOarmy nasaccoptet a pou
tion as mine foreman with Deninnoy oi
Co., at Pittston.
Mrs. John Farrell is convalescing
after a few weeks' illness,
Mrs. Drden and son, Michael, spant
Snnday with frisnds at Pittston.
Miss Artie Bntier has accepted a
position with a leading millinery es
tablishment In New York city, for
which place she left on last Saturday.
Miss Lou Shields, of Wilkes-Barre,
is visiting at tbe home of Henry
John Moffatt, jr., is confined to his
home by illness.
Tho ihopi of the Dnnmoro Iron and
Steel c)npany will commence working
full time on March 1, This news will
be received joyfully, us the shops have
been on eight honrs time for the past
few weeks.
An electric ear left the trsek near
Third etreet yesterday morning and de
molished Isaac Bntler's rear fence. No
further damage was done to car or pas
sengers. Pabst Milwaukee lager beer on draught
and Hockaway oysters fresh from the
shell at John Loiiman'h,
21W Lackawanna avenue. 1
(The West Side office of the Scrkntov
TltiliUNK is located at lis South M.tia ave
n us, where subscriptions, advertisements
sud communications will receive prompt
For a long time the opening of Ninth
mul Meridisn strets ha leen desired,
and the work was to have been done,
but a snag in the form of a larger sum
of money than was at tirst calculated
has stopped its procedure. Common
Councilman Robathin stated that the
first intention was to open up Ninth
street to Muridan, but the Delaware,
Lackawanna ami Western company
fought it. In regard to the culm which
it is nsoeatary to have removed, the
city engineer stated that it would cost
about $lolH) The railroad company
may put in a culm separator next uin
mer and have the material removed.
Then the opening may be completed.
Against the Kalnon.
William J. Capwell, a property owner
and contractor of Lafayette street, is
circulating a petition among the resi
dents of that neighborhood, which
remonstrate! against the opening of a
saloon thereby W. B. Stevens, who has
applied for license and will use the
premises of John Edwards for that
An Eisteddfod tn Be Held.
John Butler and T. It Morgan, of
Wilkes Barre, visited the West Side
yesterday for the purpose of transact
ing business pert lining to the eistedd
fod to be held iu Wilkes Barre on Sr.
Patrick's Day, and in which several of
our best local singers will participate.
John Davis Eurlsd.
The funeral of John Davies. son of
Mr. aud Mrs. Robert Davies, of Belle
vue street, took place yesterday after
noon. A large numner oi menus was
present and Impressive services were
conducted in the Bellevue Welsh Oal
vamsiic Methodist church by Hev. J.
T Morris. Interment was made iu the
Washburn street cemetery.
Short News Note.
Miss Marie Thomas, daughter of
Rev. H. Tnomae, ot Frost burg, Md., is
a guest at the homo of T. G. Thomas,
ou North Garfield avenue.
Alexandra Stevenson, ot North P.roia
ley avenue, will move into the Koch
Hotel, on Lafayette street, in tue near
David Jenkins, nf Keyset avenue, is
very ill with pneumonia.
The Westminster church juvenile
choir of 125 voices, under the leader
ship of Bezateel D ivies, have nearly
completed their rehearsals ot tie can
tata, "Either, the Beautiful Qaeen,"
which will be produced iu the near fu
ture. An Infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
Enoch Harris, of South Main avenue,
died yesterday afternoon.
Thomas Evans.of Audenriad, is visit
ing his brother David E. Evans, of
Evnou street.
Jssie Neiss, of South Hyde Park
avenue, is seriously ill with typhoid
Rev. D. J. Williams, of Blakely,
called on T. G. Thomas, of North Gr
field avenue, yesterday.
Miss ('on Williams and Margaret
James of Carbondale, were among
friends on this side yesterday.
A child of Mrs. Frmik Benore, of
Scranton stre-jt, is very ill.
The Cymrodorian society will ban
quet at the Wyoming House on St.
David's day. Judge Edwards will bo
the toast master.
An entertainment and social will be
held In the Tabernacle Congregational
church tomorrow evening.
Best patent flour i
Feed, meal or corn 1.
81 lb 'granulated sugar l
Stowei's hams
Stower's bacon
Good butter
Fresh creamery butter
(iilt-edgo dairy butter
4 cans peas
1 can hint corn
I cans good corn 86
8 quarts green peas 88
4 quarts muilium Im-hiis Z
Fresh egkjs 'M
JOSIBO A. .Mkaks,
113 South Main avenue, Scranton.
Popular Relalouse Dim at Saint Ce
celia's Aotdnmv of Hiart Failure.
Sister Mary B maventure Duanigan,
a native of Philadelphia, died at G it')
p in. yesterday at st. Cecelia's Acad
emy, in her fifty-third year. Funeral
service will be h-dd at the academy
tomorrow morning, at 0.80 o'clock.
Further particulars of the services will
bo announced later.
At the tlml of Sister Mary's death
she had for thirty-five years led a re
ligions life and had been twenty year
in this diocese. She taught for several
years at St. Mary's parochial school in
Providence, and left there for duties
at William iport. where she remained
nntii she came to Scranton a year ago.
Among the sisters she was nrv p p
nlar and inueh beloved on account of
her Hiuiable and willing disposition.
She Wat also a groat favorite with pu
pil. The cause of Sister Bonaventure's
death was heart disease, with which
she had been troubled for several years.
Since last August she had been con
fined to her room. For the past few
days her death had been expected,
Edwin Barbour's Interesting PUv Pre
sented B.fore a Fair Sl7."d Audience.
At the Academy of Music last even
ing Edwin Barb ours Interesting play,
"The District Fair," was presented be
fore a fair sized audience. The sev
eral exciting climaxes were liberally
applauded, and the piece as a wh ile
aeemod to please.
The oast was an Moeptable one. It
was headed by David Hanohett, who
did some very goial acting. Neil Scully
appeared to please tbe audience in a
character part. Miss B -atrice lugram
and Miss Emma Italia were also good
in their respective rides.
Office Seeker Who Are Dependent on
Reorganization of Council.
C. E. Chittenden is a candidate to
succeed himself as chairman of select
council, Mr. Chittenden's friends state
that he iu entitled to a second term and
are working with that object In view.
A.T.Connell opposes him, and the latt -r
gentleman is couutiug on Democratic
support to s.-c ire bis election.
In the common council P J. Nealis
and James Grier are the Democratic
caudidutes for chairman The Demo
crats are likely to caucus, and in the
event of Mr (trier's nomination E E.
Kobathan will dispute the title.
For the office of clerk of the lower
branch there is a host of candidates,
John l' Mahon, Joan MeLtin and
William Grady, from the Sixth ward,
and William Dawson, from the Sev
enth, being among tho aspirants. In
all probability Mr. Mahou will bo
For the office of city clerk no one ap
pears in opposition to MarLin T, La
velle. For the office of eity engineer
Joseph P. Phillips will seek a re-election,
sud those in a position to know
state that hi election is assured. Ho
will be opposed by E. F. Blewitt
Lares Force cf Men at Work In Pine
nrook Mine).
A force of seventeen men are at work
under the direction of Klmund Bartl,
securing the foundation for the uew
high scuool building,
In the first vein, walls eight feet
thick are being built aud the space be
tween them will be filled with culm,
slurried in with water. This method
is adopted in the lower coal fiel Is, and
so successful is it that, when it solidi
fies, the pillars around it can be taken
out with no danger to the surface.
Miss Agnes FJolien Says That Is the
Fate Thai Has Befallen Her.
Wants Dig Damages.
Miss Agnes Bohen, a 17-year-old
young la ly who resides at Minooka,
yesterday began an notion in trespass,
by ber next friend, Lyman iu Agnew,
to recover ijil(,0iM) damages from
George Sheen for defamation of char
acter. The declaration in the ense was filed
by Attorney A. A. Chase, and sets
forth that on Feb 20 Sheen, in the
present- - of a number of persons, de
dared that Miss Bolieu had been guilty
of improper conduct with Lyman E.
Agnew, In whose family she is em
ployed as a servant.
Miss Bohen is quite a prepossessing
young lady. She indignantly denies
the damaging charge made against
her by Sueen, who formerly paid court
to her. She alleges that his attentions
were distasteful to her and, therefor,
she dismissed hitu.
Her father was a so! ",er in the late
war, but has been dead lor a number
of years. Her mother is an invalid and
to support herself she became a servant
in the family of Mi. Agnew, who is an
engineer at the axle works.
That gentleman has also brought an
action against Sheen for defamation of
obaraoter and has filed his damages at
Miss l!ohn says in her declaration
that by means of the false, scandalous
and malicious words spoken and pub
lishsd by Sheen she has fallen iutodis
grace, contempt and infamy with many
persons with whom previously she was
in great esteem.
A capias for the arr st of the slan
derer was placed in the bauds of the
Text of the Muasures to Be Presented
Thursday Evening.
City Solicitor James H. Torrey has
prepared the ordinances referred to in
yesterday' TRIBCNB, as requested by
jonn E. Roche, and th measures will
be presented at Thursday night's meet
ing of select council. Both measures
are identically the same save for the
names of the strsets and location. It
wilt be noticed that the in lyor is au
thorized to execute a bond for the pur
pose of permitting the city solicitor to
go into court and have n board of view
for the purpose of condemnation up
poin ted.
Following is tho text of tho ordinance
for the South Side bridge:
Be it ordained that the city of Scranton
hereby appropriate to public use for the
purpose of securing and constructing ap
proaches and abutment to a bridge pro
posed to be erected over Roaring Brook
from Spruce street iu the Seventeenth
ward to Front street In tho Twelfth ward,
the lands and properties fully
upon the tWO maps prepared by the city
engineer and attached hereto, Map A, rep
resenting the property appropriated upon
the west side of Boating Brook and Map
B the property appropriated ou the east
If no agreement shall havo been reached
with the owners of said properties, or any
of them, as to the compensation or dam
ages tube received by t hem by reason of
the appropriation provided for In the fore
going section, in such case, upon the ap
proval of tins ordinance, the mayor is au
thorised to execute in the name of the
city such bond or bonds as mav lie neces
sary to secure said damages and enable the
work of construction of the bridge to pro
gress; and the city solicitor is authorized
to have viewers appointed by the oourtto
determine the amount of said damages in
accordance with the law.
Thru i hereby appropriated out of the
moneys to be derived from the sain of
bonds for which consent of tbe electors
was secured nt a municipal election held
Feb. IK), 1894, for t he purpose of paying the
damages resulting from the appropriation
provided for In iha first section of this or
dinance in the sum of thousand
dollars or no much thoronf as may be nec
essary. All ordinances or parts of ordi
nances inconsistent herewith or supplied
hereby are hereby repealed.
It will be observed that the amount
of money intended to be appropriated
is not specified. This omission will bs
remedied Thursday evening and it is
probable that the excess over the ac
tual cnat nf-the bridge will be appro
priated for damages In each case.
Thsrsfor Mrs. Annie O. Fralev Asks for
a Divorce.
Mrs Annio 0 Frnley yesterday took
the preliminary steps to secure a di
vorce from John Fralev, Slid is rep
resented by Attorney Charles C. Ol
iver, In her libel Mr. Freley declares that
for more tban two years past her bun
hand ha nbs-nted himself from her
domicile, and has contributed nothing
toward her support.
He Ooe Bick with New Laurel.
Si tu York TnbHnr.
Mr, (irow is a record-breaker. When be
entered congress first, ho was the young
est man in the house. Now hn returns
with the biggest, majority any representa
tive has ever had,
. .
Well, It S oiiitl That Way.
W'illiiH Ititrrr AVirs-flftder.
With Lackawanna county giving 5,000
majority tor UroW and
rather looks as If tho party's name was
BABBU sells furniture Thursday on
rSnn avenue, next door to Windsor Hotel
McBhiiie'h now Turkish bath. F.vory
thing uew. .MJ0 Spruco Btruet, oppuslte
Court Uouse-
Happenings of a Day That Will Interest
Many Tribune Readers.
Fred Rcntscblcr Accidentally Shoots
His Brother The Ball Entered Be
neath the Eye and Descended to tho
Mouth The Supposition Is That
the Ball Was Swallowed -One
Species of Imposition Shorter
What came very near being a serious
accident, t-vou though it was uninten
tional, happened yesterday afternoon
when a boy named Renteeblet dis
charged a revolver, shooting hie brother
benoath the eye.
Jacob ami Fred Ren techier are
brothers residing at the rear of 7H'i
Alder street. They are affectionate
brothers living together iu perfect har
mony and both of them are young men.
Yesterday morning Jacob found a re
volver in tbeicloset at the rear of the
house, it was a S3 calibre and Fred, iu
endeavoring to explore its mechanism,
discharged the weapon.
The bullet struck his brother, Jacob,
beneath the eye ami descending entered
his mouth. Hero nil traces of tbe lead
en missile were lost. and the supposition
is that the wound- (I mail swallowed
tho bullet. The wound, although
ngly in appearance, is not danger
oils, and eave for looks is not even un
comfortable, Th shooting being pure
ly aecidental no arrest was made, al
though Sergeant Davis, Officers Roche
aud Lowry mule an investigation.
One Specie of Impostor.
There are impostor in almost nil
walks of lif, and street car conductors
run across the spcoles more frequently
than any other class, and Conductor
Grimes reported the following cae
yesterday: A woman residing In the
.Nineteenth ward boarded Mr. tirimts
car yesterday ami gave him a nickel in
payment of her fare. After he hail col
lected all the tares the woman cooly
informed him that she had given him a
quarter. Mr. Grimes was stag
gered and denied tbe Imp ntiition
He informed the woman tha.
sin hail worked that game once he-
fore, claiming that she gave a dime
when she only gave a nickle. She tre
ated gucn a scene yesterday, however
that Mr. Griuie deemed it prudent to
present her with 80 cents. Couductor
Mauley stated tuat the same person
tried to impose ou bim in a similar
manner, but fortunately a lady psSISU
ger was able to disprove the woman's
assertion A strict watch will be kept
on her in future, nud another inch
move will subject her to apprehension,
Shorter Paragraphs.
Dr. J. W. King, is preparing to goto
buffalo. He has been lu this elty about
three years, and has been a very sue
cesstul practitioner, lie has had a
great uiiinber of very successful cases,
aud as a surgeon he is reported as be
ing very successful!. Scraiitou'however,
does not offer him the scope lie desires
and to seek a larger field he will locate
iu the Bison city.
There must have been a good sized
row on Hickory street somo time M m
day night or early yesterday morning
A large pool of blood was discovered
on tho sidewalk and drops ot blood
were discovered on the walk the en
tire block.
The funernl of Charles Htggins Will
take place this morning Funeral ser
vices will be held in Wilkes-liana
The funeral of Mrs. Fred Hauim will
take place tomorrow morning. Nirvices
will be held in St. Mary's ohtircli.
The Star Social will raffle shaving
set on April il The officers of the or
ganisation are: President, Peter Phil
lips; vice president, Charles Miller
secretary, William Kellermau; treas
urer, Matthew Damal.
e- .
Controller Qeorgo Mitchell Moves a Vot
of Thanks.
Before re rgauization of the board
of control last evening Mr. Mitchell
arose ami said: "It is customary at this
time of the year to show our apprecia
tion of the efforts of a reliiring presi
dent to be courteous mi l impartial.
The members of the board of control
wiiose existence ends this evening, owe
our retiring president our heartfelt
thanks for the unusual courteBy he has
shown. Triii. we deplore the fact that
owing to Illness he had to be absent
himself from our deliberations, but 1
am confident that we are all grateful
that he h is been so close to the valley
of shadows ami survived to assist iu
building up the educational institutions
of this city. 1 also hopn, and 1 am sure
I voice tho sentiment of his colleagues,
that he may bu spired for many years
to coutlniio in bis present sphere of
usefulness. I move a vote of than ki lo
our retiring president."
There were several eeconds to the
motion, it prevailed, and in reply Mr
LangsialT said- "Gentlemou, I thank
you for the many courtesies I have re
ceived at your hands. You have treat
ed me very considerately ami 1 bespeak
the same kind treatment fur my sue
Harris sells furniture Thursday nfter
noon. Peon avenue,
. .
Muelo li -. Exclueively.
Best made. Ploy nny desired number of
tunes. Qautsobl tt Sons., manufacturers
HUM Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won.
derful orcbestrial organs, only $a anil 10.
specialty : dm music boxes carefully re
paired and Improved with new tunes.
A t urd
l he sdvertlssment that the college
lei i.Iiii ; is for rent is calculated to excite
sotii" comment. I here is a dill er-nce be
tween the owners of the imiiiiiuc ami ihe
management of the College as to the prlos
of rent. We wish to assure our patrons
and friends that ample provisions will be
made for the maintenance of tbe school
and every department will be sustained by
larger and better appointmenia,
W i s cum. kok os Bosinrss and Short
hash, F. L. Wood, Principal.
-e .
Anheusnr Hunch Beer.
Louis Lehman's, Bfin Bprnceitti
New Bicycle.
A new blcyclo worth Vo will be old for
1.1.1. The machine is guaranteed and is a
rare bargain. Muchmo may bu seen at the
iribunu oluco.
Ik you want the Inter stvles and finish
in photography, you can get it at Qrlffln's,
Wyoming avenue. We are introducing
uew novelties constantly.
Beadlenton It Woerz'a and Ballantlne'a
Ales are the i -----1 EL J. Walsh. uuenL JM
Lackawanna nvunne "
Progressive Euchre
Tall Flower Vases.
vJ P A T A
twl&lv I N A A
WFflft N Q N M
C U 0 P
r s t
Wife lamp Frames for Cowing,
116 Wyoming Avenue.
FEBRUARY 23, 1894.
your choice of three beautiful
pictures, "Telephone Girl," "De
livering Christmas Presente'1
and "Maidens Swinging.'' Bend
by mail or messenger or bring
coupons like this of Unco differ
ent antes, with 10 cents, stamps
or coin, to
Cor. Peitn Ave. and Spruce St.
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
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coats in our windows will convince
you that we are about giving them away.
jyia,rtin & Delany
Coal Exchange, Wyoming Avenue.
VN3fcf& l? ?
f AST 5TEAB h- bad saved 1300.
lit- bought ;i bouse worth $1850
-paid $300 down, gave ;i mort
gage for $1,550, Today be est i
mutes us follows:
Rent aved
Interest on iiinrU-ae.
Tax.-- nmi repairs
Net saving c n r.-nt.
Saved on salary....
t-'IO 0J
. !H U i
. : ii '.i .in
,9131 BO
. 1-Vl KJ
To apply on mortgage I'-Tu M
REFLECTION "la FOUR year thai
house will be free from ilebt and I shall
li iv.- ii it. tin,, of my own."
RREBM RIDOB is the paradise fer
homo. Finn & sons have recently fin
ished a beautiful villa, whleh they offer,
mi easy payment, at R1850.
Call at their oMee, between Washington
and Adams on olive itreet.
B 'l'l' UENTJ ME New g
I 'WinSF r ianqs 1
ESTAB. 186G. S
B V..rk r.-r us. No. S
e HI Plfta svenu
5 Bole dealers In this section, g
j Omee i-.i Adam avenue, ea
The Great Marvel of Dental Science
A recent discovery and the sole
property d'
pnwnrn :r nvvifl
310 Lackawanna Ave.
After having eleven teeth extracted at
one sitting by the petal method, l pr..
1 II eatlraly Mtlaraetorv in every
particular. j, n si- AMONS
hSt ff$$$ wo) e $$$$ Sii
i ...
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Ladies' DoiiKola, Kid Button,
Patented Tip, Goodyear
welt, Common nemo lnst,all J") OA
$4.50 grade, to be O-1'
Ladies' Kino Kid ButtOD.OOrk
aolcs, hand turn, Common
Sense last, only a few pairs
of them. $5 grade, to be... 0"'
Ladies' Dull Dongola Hntton,
double soles. Common Sense J")
only, $1 grade closed out at v I J
Misses' Straight Coat Rutton,
Spring heel, sizes 1 1 to 3; (ft j (1
trade will sell at 0''
Hoys' School Shoe-, button and
laco, s;z;s II to '1; si '-'"i will (l
sell at Uv
SC HANK'S Arcade Shoe Store.
JAC K E T, Full
Skirt, Hal loon
nml tail. Cost to
make, !?1G. Noc
We will trivo yon
the choice of 40
Jackets, all thi-3
season's in a k a,
Not one in Iho
lot that 'ist less
than 912 to 920.
and WRAPS. 1&
will paj you to
sir tliis offei Ing
oi" Tailor-made
Garment s.
i We need room for new Spring
Stock. Visit us,
& Co.
Lm.6S' Tailor-. OlOSk Mitkri
KtXQ K1 'CE ST.,
i) fo CO I tWT HOI si; BQ U ARB)
Scientific Eye Testing Free
By Dr. Shimberg,
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NrrvousntH relieve!. Lutcst and Improved
Btylt ot i-yo QImmi lad Botaoltt t. thi
LoWMl Pfftotii sst Artilloial Kyoi liidcrtud
for $".
305 SPRUCE ST., op Post Office.
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any volume Ue Onlumbsi Re
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2 '!.7" nml I our 4 oiiiini for 11 10
volume iet or Dlekene' complete
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any book In I lie Oxford Sri I en.