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Best Spring Remedy in the World Paine's
Celery Compound.
There Is one true specific for all disuses arisin? from a 1biliUtil nervous
system, und that is Paine's celarv couio mud, so generally prescribed by phy
sicians. It is probably the most remarkable remedy that the scientific research
of this country has prod need. Prof. El ward E. Palpi, Ml)., LLD, of Dirt
mouth college, first proscribed what is now known the world over a Puiuo's
celery compound, a positive cure for dyspepsia, biliousness, liver complaint,
nenraliiia, rheumatism, all nervun diseases and k 1 I i v tronotei For the Ut
ter, Paine's celery compound has succeeded again and again where everything
else has failed.
The medical journals of this country have given more spase in the last few
years to the many remarkable ca3ei where the use of Paine's celery compound
has made people well than to any other ono suhje-jt.
fOutor town rorroHiionilont1! oTTriis TRin
UKBtbonld thuir nitintw iti full to 0..0U
Ufws letter, not for imblicutiju uut tojjuard
tfaiiwt duce-ytiou.l
THIS is the month the thoughtful
housewife thinks of the advent of
spring and the advantage of getting
(wing done during the enforced quiet
ness. WASH gooos
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mcnt wo gave you la"t year? They re
handsomer this year than ever. Foreign
Novelties aud Dutnosttc Staples. Select
now wu lo tho asairtiujut in so abound
Is rupl to with a solction diotated by tho
tast s an t want:- ot our patron. Selected
by ezjkesisnoed buyers. The harvest is
raady Now we want tho assistance of the
maijy irudent, money -saving housewives
of our city to hi-lp gather it For Hood
Linen we promise you returns beyond
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Crashes and Towelinir. including all the
best makes of Kitchou and Kollor Towel
inus. Hemstitched Hock Towols. A good
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f-i. !-4, 10 I Wo have watched tho fluctu
ations of tho market. The different qual
ities, weaves, widtli and yarns used. We
can say that these goods will stand the
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An Interesting Budget of Local Nw
from a Live Rp irtir
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Peckville, Ph., Feb. 21, -Election
day passed off very qnietly here last
Tuesday. Every Republican candi
cate was elected in the First ward.
Mr. and Mrs. John L Hnff returned
home yesterday from Himex county,
N. J., where they have been for the
past few weeks on their wedding tour.
D. R. Lathrope is suffering with the
Dr. J. B. Grover, assisted by Dr. F.
L. Vansickle. performed a successful
operation on Willie Vaughn here yea
terday bv removing a tumor from his
right hip.
Harry Monroe, a young man board
ing with Mrs. Oscar Travers, and work
ing at the Mount Jessnp colliery at
Winton, received an injury yesterday
by falling in the screen room a dis
tance of twonty-five feet, and striking
on his head and back, which leaves
him in a very critieal condition.
Mrs. Frank Beiisconter is visiting her
parents at Susquehanna.
Mrs. Mitchell and daughter and Miss
Bann-ld, all of Scranton, visited yester
day with Mrs. Thomas Si vales.
Beware of Frauds. Be sure yon get
the genuine Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlo OiL It
enres colds, croup, asthma, deafness and
Accident to Charles Taylor A Pleasant
Wedding Farswill Racsptton.
Special to the Scranttm Tribune.
JERMYN, Pa. Feb. 21. Thi funeral
of Mildred, daughter of J J. Place
takes place today at Falls, Wyoming
Yestsrday Charles C. Taylor, while
on his way to Jermyn, was thrown
from the wagon noar the resirenoe of
Nelson Graves, striking on his head
and shoulders, injuring him severely.
Ho was assisted to his feet aud was
able to walh and after a short time re
turned to his home.
A number from Jermyn attended the
funeral of Mrs. Michael Lally in Arch
bald yesterday.
The farewell reception of Rsv. Mr,
Sanford was well attended at the par
lars of the First Baptist church last
evening. A purse containing a sub
stantial sum was presented to the evan
gelisr, who leaves today for other fields
of labor.
You will never cease to regret it if
you miss the lecture tblsovening in the
Methodist church. Dr. Pearce, of
Scranton, is too well known to need
any introduction, and his talk on
"Travels In Palestine'' is one of his
Rnshbrook lodge, 850, L O. 0. F.
meets this evening. Thore will be de
grees conferred by the home team.
A large company assembled at the
home of Mrs. tireenslade, ot Cemetery
street, Jermyn, last evening, to witness
the marriage of Miss Elizabeth A
GreenHlade to Mr. Edwin J. Dawe,
Rev. T. Gendall officiating. The Citi
zens' band was present to discourse
sweet music. William Hall, adjoining
the Greenslade home, was tilled with
the young friends of the happy couple,
after the supper until a late hoar.
Bepibllcan Ticket tin Winner at
Tuesday's Election.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Taylor. Ph.. Feb. 21. Tne Repnbli
can ticket won over the Citizen's ticket
vesterdav by a small majority. The
fiirht waged hot. vet peaceably. Tho
counting of th vote was not completed
r.ntil 3.30 this a. m , and the telegraphic
(iffices being closed and to late for press what prevented its nonappearance
in today a Iribuse.
The vote is as follows: Burgess
William P. Griffiths, 282; Andrew
Doles, 2.20.
Council Henry E. Harris, 357; E
E. Weston, 317 ; Thomas M. D-tviss.2Sl,
Casper Ott, 34!); Robert Linney, 3 )8;
John R. Price. 809: John Franois,
ISOr John Ayers, 118 1 John S. Stein.jr.
152: Griff W. Owens, 96; John Shea,
145: James Law, 173.
School directors William Powoll,
291; M. M. Williams, 309; William E.
Rogers, 308; Evan C. Davis, 308; John
Francis, jr., 281: M. C. ludge, 181 ;Ui
rioh Hosier. 170; C. F. Ward, 175;
James Price, 203; Stephen John, 188
Auditors Samuel J. Phillips. 801 ;
John Connolly, 295; T. J. Powell, 803 ;
Elwnrd J. Harris, 158; Henry Fahner,
101; John Shea, 151
Assistant Assessor William D. Phil
lips, 294; Joseph Counoly, 290; John P.
Thomas, 142
Register David F. Evans, 171;
Thomas G Francis, 75
Tax collector John D. Jones, 293;
Alonzo Heudershot, 207
Justin of Peace William P Grif
fiths, 205; John H. Powell, 310; C. H.
Van Horn, 177; George Hood, 145,
Congresstnau-at-Lrgi Grow, 382;
Hancock, 55.
A Brief Rfoord of Failing Events In a
Live Town.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Moobic, Pa., Feb. 21. Master Bertie
French, of Main street, celebrated tho
sixth year of his birthday Tuesday af
ternoon by entertaining quite a large
number of his small friends. A pleas
ant time was had by all.
C. J. Wwtkins, the clerk at W. R.
Manillas', was a caller in Taylor Tues
day evening.
Misses Eliza Prioe and Lizzie Mo
Murtrio, of South Main street,attended
the masquerade party at Pittston
Wednesday evening.
Electric Bitters.
This remedy is becoming so well known
and su popular as to need no special men
tion. All who have used Electric Bitters
sing tho same song of praise. A purer
medicine dons not exist and it is guaran
teed to do all that Is claimed. Electric
Bitters will cure all diseases of the Liver
and Kidneys, will remove Pimples, Boils,
Bait Kheum and other affections cnusod by
impure blood. Will drive Malaria from
the system and prevent as well as care all
Malarial fevers For care of Headache,
Contispation and Indigestion try Electric
Bitters Entire satisfaction guaranteed,
or money refunded. Price 60 eta, and tl
per bottle at Matthews Bros., Drag store.
The Qlsnwood Sage Banqiiettod by Eu
Uiuaiastlo Neighbors.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Montrose, Pa., lab. 21. Last night
at the Tai bell house occurred the ban
quet given in honor of Congressinuu
tdect, Hon. Galusaa A. Grow, by Hon.
James T. DuUois, assisted by the fol
lowing, committees: Executive com
mittee Wm. M. Post, J. P. T.iyli r, F.
1. Lott, T. J. D.ivis, John S. Court
right, Hon. E. H. True, li. B. Littlo,
S. S. Wright and Searlo McCollnm.
Iuvitation J. P. Taylor, E. H. True,
F. I. Lott. Banquet John S. Court
tight, R. B. Little. T. J. Davis. Com
mittee on toastB F. 1. Lott, S. S.
Wright, Win. M Post. Reception
committee Hon. D. W. Searle, A. H.
MoCollum. G. P. Little. W. D. B.
Ainey, 8. S. Wright, C. A. Vanwor
nur, J. P. Taylor, John S, Courtright.
When the members of the Susque
hanna Bar association and invited
guests entered the dining room excla
mations of delight was heard on every
hand, for the dining room had been
beautifully decorated for the occasion.
Evergreens and Hags were tastefully
arrunged, so that it was a bower of
beauty. Great credit is due John K
Rayusford, the proprietor of that pop
ular house, for the beautilul and per
fect arrangements made, The menu
was as follows:
Bluo Point Oysters on Half Shell,
Mock Turtlo Soup, Bread Sticks.
baked Halibut, ( ream bance,
Potato Balls,
Chow-Chow, Worcester Sauce, Olives,
Turkey Stufied with Oysters,
Cranberry Sauce,
Koast Duck, Currant Jelly, Fillet of Beef,
.Mushroom banco und rout",
Westphalia Ham, Champagne Sauce,
Potato Lroiiuettes, Spaghetti.
Sweet Potatoes, Radishes, Tomatoes,
Cold Slaw and Lettuce,
Kouiau Punch,
Oyster Patties, Chick.m Salad,
Looster bnlad,
Brown Bread and Butter,
Vanilla and Struwbeiry Ice Cream with
Pineapple Ice,
Wine Jelly, Black Cake, Angel Food,
.Macaroons, Lady 1' mgers Kisses,
Oranges, Bananas, Malaga drapes.
Assorted .Nuts, l.ilam cneese,i
Dairy Chee.-e, Banquet Wafers,
Too, cotlee ana cuocoiato.
Alter tho number of the menu had
been discussed to the satisfaction of
all speeches were made and toasts
were responded to by Coogressmau-
elect Grow, Hon. James T. Dubois, A.
H. McCollum, esq , and others, ine
banunet was attended by prominent
Susquehanna county citizens regard
less of party affiliatious, and was an
enjoyable affair throughout.
The Majorities In th Democratic Strong
hold Rtduerd.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Stuoudsburo, Pa.. Fob. 21. The re
sult of yesterday's election has proven
one of the greatest surprises for years.
This town can generally be depended
uuon to give safo democratic majori
ties, but yesterday's vote brought the
old-time Democratic majority down
to 4.
The Republicans elected Samuol S
Lee to the council and the Dsinosrats
made a winning fight for Judge A. J.
Heller, as was predicted in The Trib
une a weok ago. E. L. Dreher made
a nice run for school director and was
elected. Dreher has made a most ex
cellent record as school director, and
the people re-elected him because he
he was deserving of re-election.
B.,F. Morey, editor of the Montrose
Democrat, was also elected school di
rector. Thu most interesting fight,
possibly, during tho day, was ma la on
chief burgess. James Edinyer, the
present incumbent, who was renomi
nated by the Democrats, was defeated
by Hiram W. Kister, the Republican
candidate. Kister's majority over El
inger was 5.
The returns from the country dis
tricts are comin,' in very slow, but
there seems no doubt at this writing
but tliBt Hancock nas reoeivod only a
small poriiou of the Democriic vote,
and his in n ritv over Grow miy not
reach 1,100 There waB no enthusiasm
for tho Democratic ticket aud nothing
was don- by tho Democratic leaders to
bring out the vote la the country dis
Criticising a Young Lady.
"Sho would be a nrotty girl for but one
' What's t lint V" asked Charley.
George Her face i always covored with
purine and red ulotqpos.
Charley Ob, that's easily enough dis
nosed of. Used to be the same way my
n-lf, but I caught on to the troublo one
day, and got rid of it in no time.
Oeorge What was itf
( barley Simply blood ornptions. Took
n short course of P. P. P. J tell you, it's
lbs boss blood corrector. The irovernor
hnd rheumatism so had that you could
hear hitu holler clear across the country
every time he moved. He tried it, and
you know what an athletic old gent he is
now. If somebody would give Miss Daisy
a pointer, she would thank them after
wards. AH the drug stores soil it '
Republicans Carry the T.-wn Pronal
and Othor News
Svecial to the Scranton Tribune.
Nicholson, Pa., Fob. 21, Election
at this plac- whs quite lively. The
town went Republican. E S. Wheeler
(Dem.) and Frank P. Stephens (Rep)
were elected for scho il directors. Wes
ley Stephens (Dm ) was elected bur
gess; L. li. Stephens (R;p.) and 1. T,
B;nno ( Rep. ) were elected poor masters.
The Republicans wore all electod bat
Miss Mitchell, tbenrtlst, was visiting
friends lu town on Monday.
Pat Keller was the first on to cast a
vote on Tuesday.
Miss Georgia M. Le Barre is visiting
friends iu Scranton.
The Obicquiei to Be Conduottd by the
Lodge of Odd Fellows.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
HOHMDAUL Feb. 21. The body of
John Miller was brought here from
Middletowu last evening. Mr. Miller
was 28 years old and died of consump
tion. He is survived by a sister and
parents. The funeral will be held
from the home of his parent at 8 u. m
tomorrow (Thursday,) Rev. William
Schmidtt officiating.
A delegation of Odd Fellows from
Middletowu will attend, and the fn
neral will be in charge of the Hones
dale order.
John Miller learned the trade of
cigar maker with Ferbor Bros., leaving
them in 18U7. For the past three years
he has been in bulnM at Middletowu
Numerous Nwy Paragraphs from a
Britez Correspondent.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Avoca. Pa., Feb. 21. Miss Carrie
.McDonald was a visitor to Pittiton to
day. Mrs. B. J. Hums, of Pittston, spent
yesterday afternoou with friend here.
The hose company left on th 0 85
Lehigh Valley train for Pittston to at
tend tho firemen's fair.
Mrs. H. M. Steeves wa? among the
visitors to the county Beat toduy.
Miss Van Doraii, or Arohbald, i the
gnest of Miss Lizzie Renniman.
Miss Nellie Buckley spent today in
Will Graham. Will Brown, and
Misses Beruice Sirei and Flora Davis
will attend a masquerade ball in Pitts
ton tonight,
Mrs. Alex McCaa, of Plains, Is the
guest of her daughter, Mrs. Hose New
lin. Miss Nellie Mangan is visiting iu
Wilkes -B.irre.
Mrs. J. R. Sitterly is ill at the horn
of her parents on Main street.
Mrs. James McMillan, of West Pitts
ton, visited here today.
A male glee club has been organized
from tne members of St. Mary's choir.
Their leader is Professor Gwylim
Amos, who ia also leader of the choir.
Miss B. O'Brien Is visiting in Provi
dence. The postoffice will bo opsn tomor
row, Washington's birthday, from 9
to 10 a. in. ; 12 to 2 and 0 to 7 p. ni.
Rv. Father O'Rourke, of Wilkes
Barre, preaohed at tho regalar Liuten
services in St. Mary's church on Tues
day evening.
The public schools will be closed to
morrow. Miss Nelli Whalen returned today
to her home in Wilke.s-Barre, after a
few day's stay in town.
Mr. Frederick Seller
St. Peters, I'enn.
Like a Young Man
Although 71 Years Old
Rheumatism Cured and Strength
Clvon by Hood's.
"C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: i
" 1 have taken three bottles of Hood's Sarsa
parilla and am now using the fourth. I can
truly say It has made a new man of me at my ad
vanced ay,e of 71. 1 have sullered with rheuma
tism for many years. For ten years there has
been a swelling in my sides and also under my
knee Joints. It was so severe I could not stoop
down without pain. Nothing gave me relief un
til after 1 commenced to tnke Hood's Sarsar
parllla. 1 have continued to improve steadily
and thu pain has left my sides and knees, en
abling tne to stoop to the ground with ease. I
am working like a young man. thanks to Hood's
Sarsaparilla. I cannot praise It enough In re
turn for the good It tins done lor me, not alone
for rheumatism, hut also for kidney trouble."
PRBDBItlOK BILLIBS, St. Peters, Penn.
Happjnings of the Day Intelll
gtntly Discussed.
Special to the Scrnnton Tribune.
Am iiUALD, Pa., Fjb. 21.-Miss May
Birs, of Carhondale, called on friends
in town last Tuesday.
Miss Esther Gillespie and Miss An
nie xighe, or i'tttston, are visiting
friends in town.
Mits Katie McIIale is visiting Pitts
ton friends.
Miss Annie Hart, of Carhondale, is
visiting Miss Aggie Craig, of Spruce
Miss Delia Coyne is enjoying a visit
with Wayiuart friend?.
Miss Maggie Devers, of Avoo, is
visiting Miss Maria Morau, of Rail
road street.
L. J. O'Horo. the well known barber,
mude a trip to Plymouth last Tuesday
and visited the scene of the Gaylord
mine accident.
Mrs. Joseph Remmett and M.a. W.1I-
iain Campbell, of Ulvphunt, called on
mends hero last Wednesday.
Professor James H White called on
Carhondale friends last Wednesday,
The funeral of the late Mrs. Michael
Sully took place from her former home
on Church street yesterday, At 10
a. m. the remains were conveyed to St.
Thomas' church and a high miss of
requiem was celebrated by Rev. T. J,
Connerford. Tho pall bearers were:
Patrick Duffy, Patrick O'Boyle,
Thomas Muuley, John J. Swift,
Thomas Scott and Miles Mc Andrew,
Sr. Among tho persons from out of
town who were present are: Henry
Kearney. Miss Nellie Kearnev, Miss
Bridget Kearney and Miss Emma
Kearney, of Carhondale; Patrick Law
ler, of Peckville; Mrs. William Camp
bell, Mrs, Thomas Fadden, Mrs. Joseph
Pemmett and Miss Kate Hoban, of
Olyphaut; aud Patrick Walsh, of May
Hood's Pills cine Constipation by restor
ing the peristaltic action of the alimentary canaL
Dn. Wood's Norway 1'iue Syrup cures
coughs aud colds quicker than any other
remedy, because it eomDlnea the iuu
henlitig quality of tho pine treo with other
valuable medicines. Sold by all dealers ou
a guaruntee or satisfaction. "
m -
Numeroui Notts of Nsws from Soran
ton's Southern Subuib
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Mlnouxa, Pa., Feb. 21. Quite
number from this place attended the
surprise party of Taylor last evening
at the home of Hugh Flanuery, of that
John Mulheirn, of Forest City, is vis
iting at the horn of his mother, Mrs,
Anthony Cnsick, of Stafford street.
The election passed quietly. Every
thing was quiet around the polling
places with the exception of a few hot
words which were exchanged.
Patrick Heart, of this place, who is
employed as a mason on tho construe
tion of the Delaware, Lackawanna aud
Western railroad, will remove to Ding
hainton, where he will resido perma
nently. Lucy, a bright and interesting chil l
off. is. Gallagher, of Main street, is
very ill with th measles.
Dr. J. J. Walsh has steady business
in this plac this week.
Tho Greenwood colliery has worked
three successive days this week and ex
pects the rest of this week.
Reassuring a Visitor.
lhicaao Tribune,
"I don't see why you didn't want mo to
say anything about Miss Jlixloy's a
mamma," said Tommy, looking at I
gnest. "She doesn't look near as old as
grandfath ouchl Who's that a pluchin
me ou thelaig?"
Sharp, shooting pnras,
back ache, side ache,
chest pains and palpi
tation relieved in One
Minute by the Cirri
cuka Anti-Pain Plas
ter, the lirst and only
pain -killing platter. It
restores vital elettririty,
and hence cures ner
vous pains and mus
cular weakness.
Prietl sc; I,.,-, fi at ii i ni mi by
mail. Poi-iuk Dkuci anoChbm, Coin ., Uotlon.
For Delicacy,
For purity, and for improvement of the com
pletion, nothing equals 1'otzoNi's Powder.
The new offer
made to Tribune
readers on page 7.
It is the best
one yet made
Dr. Grewer
The PblladelDhia ImhU.
A till llin uuy, .niu t ! .(...( tn I 1 n.
muu uow ijormaueritly located
Temple Court Building
31 1 SPRUCE ST.,
Whern they may be consulted DAILY AND
Tho Doctor Is a graduate ot the University
or 1 ennnylvunia, formorly demonstrator of
pliysioloL-y and turaorv at tho Medico-Chlr
urglcat College, of Philadelphia. He is also
ii uonorary member or tho Medlco-C'hirur-gical
Association, and wu physician and
surgpon-in-ohlur ot the most noted American
ana uerman hospitals, comes highly indorsed
tw tho loading profossors of Philadelphia and
HU many rears of hospital exnerlena n
allies this eminent physician anil surgeon to
correctly diagnose anil treat all MIOfBINe
and diseases with tho most flattortng success,
and his high standing in tbo state will not
annw nun 'o accept any incurable cast
LOSI' MAMKion M - nun it
If yon have oeen given up ny your physi
cian call upon the doctor and be examined.
Ho cures the worst case of Nervous Debility,
Scrofula, Old Borca ' at .rrh. Polios, Female
Weakness, Affections of the Bar, Eye, Nose
and Throat, Asthma, Deafness, Tumors, Can
cers and Cripples of evory desoription. Con
sultation in Rm;llsh and German Free, which
hall lie considered sacred and striotly confi
dential tlHts Honrs: OA. M. to t I. M. Dally.
Sunday, 8 a.m. to X p.m.
There are hundreds of young men and young women in thii
country vho have splendid ability, but they have never been
wakened up.
Wood's College of Business and Shorthand
Has been an inspiration to hundreds of young people. If yon
are tired of inactivity and want to do something tangible,
come to the College.
Carpetings !
SPRING, 1894
National Bank of Scranton
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000.
B A )(TJET, niNF.S.rPresI lent.
W.W VA1 sun. Vice 1 'resident
A. B. WILLIAMS, Cashier.
) in i mi A. Finch. riKWK B.,
JoHurn J. Jkhuym. m. t), Kemkiier.,
Cuah, P. Matthew. John T. Puhteh.
This bank Inritns the patronage of business
meu and firms KeiK-rally.
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
Organized 1872.
Capital, - $200,000
Surplus, -
This linnlc offers tn depositors every
facility uurraiitt'd by their balances, busl
iiess bikI responsibility.
Hpuclut attention Klven to business ac
counts. Interest paid on time deposits.
UKO. H. A 1 1. IN, Vlre-1'resldent.
WILLIAM H. I'Ki k, ('ashler.
William Connell, Oeorse II. ratlin.
Alfred Hand, James Archbald, Henry
llnlln, jr., William T. Smith, Luther
Wiltons, Axminsters, Moquettes, Velvets,
body Brussels, Tapestries, Ingrains, &c.
now ready. The largest line of new pat
terns and novelties we have ever shown,
which we submit for the inspection of
buyers, rrices will be found thoroughlv
Japanese and China Mattings, in Plain, Figured and
Inserted Patterns.
Linoleums and Oil Cloths, in all qualities and widths
from one to four yards wide.
"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa.
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
Tribune Art Feature
To miss THE TRIBUNE'S World's Fair Portfolios woukl
be to neglect the best opportunity yet offered. The ad
dition of the "Wanamaker" series makes it more valua
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The Furniture Men
After Whit comb Riley's "Man in the Moon."
O! "ECONOMY" has got the best furniture atore.
Wheel Whom!
Dou't you wish you were them?
And their prices are cheaper than ever before;
And their iroods are so handsome a kins would be glad
To own such Carpets. All he wants can be bad
If he'd just go to "ECONOMY," at I would advise.
My eyes I
But won't be be wise
If he goes to "ECONOMY," as I would advise?
And "ECONOMY'S" got carriages that elsewhere yen on't buy
Wheel Whingl
What a singular thing?
That o'er carriage men here they sour far on high.
Their bedroom suits haven't their equal in town,
And I know that these facts are authentic all round.
Whang I Hoi
Why certainly sot
I know that these facts are authentic All round.
You will fiud "ECONOMY," Nos. 220-7.
Qeel Whirl
Wbatagreat place It 1st
Nestling down on Wyoming Ave's rnmantlo clime;
Just loaded with furniture, massive and fine,
Every thing that you want, so just oall any time.
"ECONOMY" sell their goois-cneaper than any one oan.
Whingl Whaunl
What marvelous men I
What very remarkable, marvelous men!