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MR. J. L. STELLE will continue
the business under the lirm name of
stelle & Seeley.
Popular, reliable aud within lyour reach.
Usve taken over 100 first remluuil In
tit past tlfty year,
C'iber msk;s of Plsnn. Fonr mnfces of
Otgsns In Ivantiful new design. -e our
Mock before buying. We bare the good.
Cur prices era ngUt Eveiyluiu- " ibe
luutic hue.
:S4 WyomlnQ Ave., Scranton. Fs.
Punch Cigars
G., B. 8c Co,
fmprln'" ! en Eaoh C 1 grt r
Happenlnfis of
a Pay That Will Interest Hyde
Park Readjri.
George Benore Seriously Injured By
a Fall Meeting of the Hyde Park
Literary and Debating Society Ra
pid Increase in the Membership of
St. Mark's Lutheran Church So
cial to Be Given By Waco Council.
Carney, Brown & Co. Mfr's.
ivlKl UUUaJf MJllAJlgL
E. F. Blewitt was m Wilkes-Barre yes
terday. Dr. S. C, Snyder is confined to the house
with mdauiatory rheumatism.
Al Blandin, of the Ureea Kide Store
compauy spent Sunday in ilonesdale.
T. B. Howe, o' Canouee aveune, hss re
turned from a weeks' business trip m New
School Controller Jacobs, of Dickson ave
nne.returneJ from New York Saturday
Mrs. Alvin Leonard, of Ureen Ridge
street, has returned from a short visit in
J. D. Carpenter, of TunkhanuoekXwell
known insurance man was at the Wyom
ing yesterday.
Emmet J. Flab haf returned from a busi
ness trip to Philadelphia. Mrs. Fish ac
companied him.
A. C. Uptergrove, formerly with Bauer's
musical orjani.atiou and now of Montrose,
is visiting triends in this city.
Alloa N'CaoIs, cashier of the Montrose
First National bank.aud Mrs. Nichols were
in the city over Sunday. They attended
the funeral of the late Byron Wade, who
was Mrs. Nichols' cousin.
David L. Boone, formerly treasurer of
the Grand opera house, Wilkes-Darre. was
in the city yesterdav. Mr. Bonne will on
Feb. H commence his duties as treasurer of
the Arch Street theater, Philadelphia.
Flans for a: Mafts and Lusjrne
Stresta and th Vialact.
City Engineer Phillips yesterday ex
hibited the plans for toe viaduct nn
West Lsckawanna avenue to W. F.
Hailstead, ny request. Today they
will be submitted to Mr. Archbald, the
compiny's eniner. Mr. Phillips
stated yes:rdny that he had no doubt
bnt that tiiey would be approved.
Plans ar also completed for new
bridges at .Mattes aud Lnzrne streets,
and the plans for the three structures
will be sent to New York for ratifica
tion. While Mr. Halhvted was at first
opposed to the viadnrt, Mr. Phillips
states that he is now warmly iu favor
of the plans as proposed.
PCnder this headin short lettors of interest
will be published when aoCOnpMied, for p'lli
liention, by thM writer's name. ThkTkmii NR
will not bs held responsible for opittioOS hare
expressed ,
The Escar. f-om Libby
Editor ofTHETRiiifsn:
The Fcianton Times of this morning, in
n sensational article.reflerts unjustly D on
the integrity of F. F. Kingbnry. general man
ager of the rnC' Dt "Escape from Libby"
entertainment given at the Academy for
the benefit of the Board of Associated
Charities. The article in question was un
warranted, and. from inv personal know
ledge of the financial management of the
entertainment, was wholly uncalled for,
It was only for the purpose of showing to
the Times reporter that the rumors con
corning Mr. Kingsbury's managoment of
the ''Escape from Libhy'' were untrue
that I exhibited to him the receipts in full,
given bv Mr. Kingsbury tome. Personally,
I have every confidence in Mr. Kingsbury's
honesty of purpose, and I am sorry to rim
him made a target for sensational and un
reliable newspaper writers.
Very truly, Joiix H. BLACKWOOD,
Music Boxes Exclusivity.
Best BO ad. 'lay any desired number of
tunes. (Jsutsohi At Sons., manufacturers,
1031) Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orcheslrlal organs, only $." and lift
SpeciRlty: Old music, boxes carefully re
paired and improved with new tunes.
L to date. Conrad's new hats.
The West Side ntllee of the Sornt.)N
Tririink is located at 188 South Main avs
line, whre subscriptions, advertisement
and coinuinuicaiioui will receive prompt
A farewell mtftlog was tendered
Rev D. P. Jones, pastor of the '1'aher
iiacle Congregational church, last
evening, previous to his departure for
Columliw, 0. An excellent progariniiie
Of a musical aud literary nature was
rendered, A pleasant feature of the
evening was a presentation ut a Hand
sotnely cloth-bound edition of u com
plete set of twenty live volumes of
TBI TsiBOMl'S Etieyclopedia lirittan
nica. Ttu presentation was made by
ltev. H, L hvatis, who made u very
feat iptfOO,
Mr Jones responded feelingly, thank
ing the members for their kindness to
ward him During the evening the
evening a dispatch from C mimhin, 0
was read saving that they eould not re
consider Mr. Jones' resignation, which
had been aik-d for, hut Mr. Jones,
: : :; i the pleading of some of the
members, decided to remain. The
eveniug's programme was tbenoontin
tied. The meeting wis conductol al
most wholly In the Welsh language,
Tbosrf who made remarks were: Rsv,
B, I Evaus, Rev. I) C Hatches, Rev.
R. S. Jones, of Providence; Thomas
Kvnou. Ahig Jones, Rev Hugh Davies
Rov. Peter Roberts. Rev. A. Evans, of
Providence; Rev J. T. Morris, Rev.
William Jones, Uev. D. D mlels, Ben
jamin Hughes, Henry P. Davies, D. U.
Thomas aud Rv W. S. lones. A solo
was rendered by Llew Herbert and a
duet by J. Jones and Miss Fannie Jen
kins, Mrs. H. U. Reese rendered a solo
aud Llew Herbert again sang, Mr.
Joues' reconsideration was a source of
comfort to the tubers of his cotigre
gstiou and friends, as he is held in
high esteem by his many associates
Pdinfullv Injured.
George Benore, of the firm of Benore
cv Son, lnwber dealers, on Scranton
street, met with a psintul accident yes
terday afternoon by falling on fie ice
in the lumber yard of the firm. He was
assisted into a conveyance aud takeu to
his home on South Main avenue, where
Drs. Allen, Reynolds and Sultry at
tended. The result of the doctors' ex
amination proved that the smill bone
of the leg, near the foot, was frac
tured and that the bone of the foot was
dislocated. The fractured limb was
set. but it will be no doubt several
weeks before Mr Benore will again re
iaine his place at his desk.
Talk on Education.
An interesting meeting of the Hyde
Park Literary and Dibating society
was hel I last evening in its rooms on
ooth Main avenue. Chairman C. E
Daniels announce l tnat owing to ti e
inclemency of th weather the address
of Professor George Howell on the
sui ject, "Suonl I Y ung Men Go to
Colieg"?" was Indefinitely pistpone.l.
Professor Howell was pres-nt and gave
a very eloquent talk on educational in
strnction among debating societies.
Impromptu speeches on Queen Lilinn
kalani were g.veu by Louis Howell, W.
J. Davi -s, W. A. Price, Charles House,
Philip Davies and Jo m Hughes. The
meeting then adjourned.
Told In a Few Lines.
St Mark's Lutheran church received
fourteen new members on Sunday. A
year ago the membership numbered
thirty-five, it now nnmbers 108, show
ing an increass daring the past year of
tlT members.
An entertainment and social will bo
held at Mssr's hall on Thursday even
ing under the auspices of Waco Coun
cil, No. I") Dang iters of Pocahontas,
L 0. R. M
Mrs. B. Humphreys, of North
Bromley avenue, is seriously ill.
The members of the First Welsh Bap
tist chnrch held a meeting after trie
evening service on Sunday an I decided
to give a social and entertainment in
thi church on Washington's birthday
The rmains of the infant child of
Joseph McNamara, of Scranton stroet,
were interred in the Hydo Park Catho
lie ce metery yesterday,
Wyand Pfieller, of North Hyde Park
avenue, and Miss Lizzie R -iger.daugh-tar
of Peter R-iger, of North Hyde
Park iiV"nue, will be nnited in mar
riage on Wednesday, Fob. 21.
Jane Davis.of North Bromley nvenne,
is ill.
The Ladies' Aid society, of the
Be Heme Calfaniatlo Methodist church,
will hold an entertainment this even
ing at the chnrch. Tne L idles' Aid
have bsnn working snccessf tillv the last
year. Admission, adults, 10 cents;
children, 5 cents.
(,'arr's home made mince meat is now
being sold by several d- alrs hsre.
constructed with an axle to which is
attached a huge crank and to which
the third cylinder is attached. The
lifferouce iu the working of the
two and three cylinders lies in
the manuer the ecceutries aro set,
boing on thirds instead of quarters.
The links, as well as all other parts,
are constructed heavier than in ordin
ary locomotives In order to withstand
th" extra pressure exrted by the third
c Under. Large elliptic springs assist
tiie engineer in reversing so much
weight. The boiler is of the culm
burning type, and is a tHI-i ticU of the
Woolen patont The wholo af
fair is handsomely painted and
presents a neat, yet herculean
appearance as she pulls her large tram
along with scarcely an effort. The lo
comotive rttlscts much credit upon
those who had charge of hr construc
tion and design. The onlcinls justly
feel proud of this new addition to their
already line line of locomotives and
made the trial trip yesterday when her
strength and general utility was dam
oustratud and the fullest expectations
The Qrsat Educational Work Tut With
in Reach of All.
The public has shown its apprecia
tion of the liberal offer made by Till-:
TSIBUMI in regard to the edition of the
Encyclopedia Brittuiinie a bv the liberal
ordeis booked since the proposition wss
put before them. This offer will be
open but a short time, however, and
those who desire to take advantage of
it should not delay. The terms ot the
proposition are these: On receipt of
only TBI TRIBUNE will forward to
auv reader the tirst twelve volumes,
balauce payable at the rate of 10 cents
per day; or, on the receipt of $1 Til)
cash, the complete set of twouty-tlvti
Volumes will be sent, the balance to be
paid nt the rate of 5 tier mouth.
The price of the entire set is only
Jl.'Jtt per volume for the twenty-live
volumes, winch is less than one fourth
the price of the original edition. At
the same time the edition thus olTered
is far superior to that produced at
Edinburgh, since it is brought down to
date, aud is urovidid with numerous
mans and illustrations that are not to
be found iu the original. Euery de
partment of research contuins the
latest developments and Information,
so that the work is a complete epitome
of l'J;h century facts.
Tne work is liaudsoinoly printed on
line paper, is bound in heavy silk, and
in the most substantial manner, S aiuj
pies maybe seen at Tim Tiitmsi: En
cyclopedia headquarters, 437 Spruce
street, where subscriptions may be left,
Lizzie Hanley, of Oiyphant, apponred
before Alderman Horan, of the Second
ward, and had a warrant issued for
the arrest of John Padden, of Oly
phant. The warrant wss placed in the
hands of Constable Davis and Padden
was arrested and giveu a hearing be
fore Alderman Lloyd He was held in
sjUOO bail.
Considerable excitement was occa
sioned by a runaway horss on Wayne
aveuce Saturday evening. The horse
belonged to Dr. Jenkins. The Doctor
jumped out of the vehicle and escaped
unhurt. The horse ran furiously along
Wayne avenue and got fastoued in a
picket fence. In .the animal's frantic
efforts to get free the carriage was
wrecked ami the fence demolished.
Bystanders stoped the horse aud pro
vented further damage.
Henrc Smith, the man in whose
house Joseph Mathnlus received his
iujnries, which may yet prove fatal,
and who was imprisoned as the accom
plice of Judge, had warrants issued tor
the witnesses in the case. After
Mathnlus was murderously assaulted
the witnesses went into Smith's house
for the purpose of taking him to a
neighbor's house for safe keeping. All
the crime they were guilty of was re
moving the injured man to the present
place of refngo. Smith preferr
ed charges of house-breaking,
William Thomas, 1G years of age, a
son of Butcher Thomas, of Albright
avenue, was found aimlessly wander
ing through the streets of Taylorville
yesterdsy and was locked up. Ho gave
the name and address of his parents.
Officer Gleason communicated with the
boy's father, who statnd that his son
was incorrigible nnd oould not be pro
vented from rambling.
Ask yonr grocer Bnd butcher for
Carr's homa made mince ra -at.
Happenings ot
a Day That Will Interest
Tribune Readers.
He Was Employed by William Korn
acher Left Sunday Nis;ht After
Taking All the Money in Sight He
Was a Protty Giddy Youth-Plans
lor the Now Mattes Street Bridge
Completed- Young People's Enter-lainmont-
Shorter Paragraphs.
Artolph Brill, a drug clerk employed
at Korn achei' s pharmacy, on Plttston
avenue, left this cily very suddenly
Sunday night and forgot to tell his elu
plover that he WIS leaving. He did not
tell any one else apparently, for his de
nartura was not attended with any
farewells to anybody. The fact that
lie had gone was brought very forcibly
to Mr. Kornaeher'l notice yesterday
when hn opened the safe and found
that tin- money it contained, amount
ing to fVt, had disappeared. A look at
the oath drawer showed n similar con
dition, It having been despoiled of its
Inst cent. Mr. K .irnm her stated to a
TntBUNH reporter yesterday that his
clerk probably got awav with $100,
Brill came from South America
about four months ago ami took tho
place of William Miller, who hail gone
lo a school of pharmacy in l'uiladel
phia. He seemed to be a pretty gay
youth, and to those acquainted with
his mode of living, his luslv departure
is no surprise. He WM sweet on the
girls, and singling one out he would
lay siegu to tier alloc tions by Bending
her a costly present, one young lady
offered a diamond pin, which she
refused to accept. His nights, too, he
spent, not in sleeping, but in n mild
method of detmiicherv uud it is almost
certain that Mr. Komaobor himself is
not aware of his losses in the short
time he has been iu bis employ. No
effort will be made to bring him hick
Mr, Kornncher said yesterdav that he
might go as far as ho was concerned
and what he rsgi itted most was that
the fellow took away a chemical work
of great value owing to its rarity.
Plans Finally Completed.
The plans for tho new bri lge at
Mattes street has beou finally com
pleted and today they will bo seut to
New York to the headquarters of tho
railroad compauy for approval. The
new bridge will be one foot an 1 four
inches higher than the present struc
lure and the width of the roadway will
be titty six feet. Work will be com
menced on the improvement as soon as
the weather will permit.
Young Psop:'.i Entertainment.
The Yonng People's Society of
Christian Endeavor, conuected with
the Hickory StreetPresbyterian onurcli,
will give an entertainment on Feb. 31
the tollowing programme will De ren
dered: Song bv tho society, prayer,
Rev. Mr. Weber; rocitation, Miss Liz
zie Schetior; violin solo, John Uery
burner ; song, male qnartette; zither
solo, L Krans; song, Wm. Gutheinz
recitation, L. Behuman; duet, Miss
Westphal nud Miss Wirth; tableau,
"Rock of Ages," members of the so
ciety; song, qnartette.
Shorter Paragraphs.
Harry Beaver, an 11-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. John Beaver, of Pittston
avenue, was ruu down by a brewery
wagon at Cedar avenue aud Hickory
street yesterday. He hud his leg
George Gredlein has purchased the
restaurant of E P. Buunell on lower
Lackawanna avenue uud entered into
possession yesterday.
James Loveland had a sat of whoels
with corrugated tires cast at the Dick
son works yesterday. He intends to
have then testod by the Traction corn
puny. The corru?atol tires, as devised by
John Roland, is no infringement on the
wheel, us patented by the late Mr. Par-malee.
Hooks I Books ! Books 1
During the coming week we shall offer
to the subscribers of Tuk Tiuhunk rare
Inn gams ill honk
W I have a large 1ms of bright nnd pop
ular volumes, elegantly bound, that wo
intend to give to the imtrons of the paper
at about niie-fourth of tho usual price.
1 he following list will give you an Idea
of the inducements and the unusual op
portnuitios to secure valuable additions to
your library.
lli'gllllll' 1 rililllie s
Price, Price.
Tho World's Fair (Now) 3.5U t .S3
Pictorial History of tbeQreat
Civil War...' 3 00
ilgriins' Progress llllusl'edl 2.5(1
l.nM h, Kea and Sky 2 78
Marvelous Wonders '-J.75
lie and Works of Spurgeou 1.60
Pictorial History of the llible 8.78
Museum of Wonders !2.73
From Pnle.'o Pole -.75
Pictorial UiSiory of thu Uni
ted Slat
Kuleuce of I .de
Life of Itarnuui
Indian Horrors
I, aephiis
Boepp's Photographs
oluinlius, the .Navigator,..
Hear Column Stanley's
Webster Dictionary In one.
half UiisKia
1. 80
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes 'for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Cloth bs for Almost Nothing?
pRlCES on brand-new Suits and Over
coats in our windows will convince
you that we are about giving them away.
Martin & Delany
Coal Exchange, Wyoming Avenue.
on presentation of two of these
Coupons, subscriber of J'HK THIIt
B NIC may purchase any book in tin,
above list.
Hkminhton 'typewriters nud Kdhon
Phonographs for sale and rent. Copying
work executed. Phonographs rented for
an eveiiinu's elitnrtal.'iiueut. Ji lenl.ouu
:n;i. Edw. Quntter, Jr., bpruos
New Iiicycla.
A new bicycle worth ITS will bo sold for
fH6. The luiicliine is gum auleed and is a
turo bargain. Machine may bo been ut the
1 1 .in. o otlice.
Is the most popular musical establishment in Northeastern Penn
ylyania The highest grade of Pianos and Organs. The
lowest prices obtainable anywhere and the most liberal
terms ever offered to purchasers are some of
leading inducements. Look at the list
A New
COR One Week, commenc
' ing Monday, February
5, we will have a CHINA
when we will sell Cups and
Saucers for less than
Their value. Remember
this sale will be for one
week ONLY, as we posi
tively will not sell a cup at
the sale price after next
116 Wyoming Avenue.
Sohmcr Pianos,
Evereit Pianos,
Vose & Sons ' Pianos,
Mehlin Pianos,
Popular Pease Pianos.
Estey Organs,
Slory & Clark Organs,
Chicago Cottage Organs.
Palace Organs,
And all kinds of Musical Merehaudisi
constantly on baud.
The Holidays are hero, and this is the plsco to buy Pianos for a Cbristmaa
Preeent Prices are lower than any other music Btore in Scrauton. Special
Attention Bemember always when you ntart out to search for a Piano or Or
K in that (,'hi litopber Columbus points with his tight band to the exact place
you want to go, Now here It is:
J. W. Guernsey, Prop.
Eslnhart'a Market,
Its and .15 Lackawanna avenue. Every
day from (1 a. m. to 10 a. m. Hound steak,
lie: sirloin steak, 14c.: standing rih roust,
10c.: chuck roast, be.: boiling meat, 4c;
fresh pork I'-'ic. ; pork sausage, Via.
FEBRUARY 13, 1894.
Your Choice Of tlim l :nil iflll
pictures, "Telephone Girl," "De
liverinK ChiiHtimw Presents"
and "Maidens Swinging." Bend
by mail or incssonjror or bring
coupons like iiiiHoi' iiirco differ
ent dates, with 10 cents, stamps
or coin, to
Cor. Peuu Ave. and Spruce St.
A social undr the auspices nf tho'
Ladies' Aid society of the Methodist
Kpiscopal chnrch will be hsld at tho
church parsonage tomorrow 'night
There will be a musical progratniri",
nnd light refreshments will b served.
A gonral invitation is extended to nil.
A special invitation is extended to
young people.
Miss Nellie Knight, of Pittston, spent
Sunday at this place.
Tho Pntinsylvania Coal company and
Krie and Wyoming railroad companies
will pay their employes today.
The Onnmoro Iron and Steel com
pany turned nnothsr huge locomotive
nut of its shops yesterday. This
latest piece of mechanism is of the con
solidated type and is one of the largest
iocomotiva in this suction and the snc
oud of her kind in the world boing
built with thresdireut action cylinders
She is a novelty in every detail and
has proven a diflicnlt pieos of work
owing to the intricities which were in
volved iu adapting the three cylinders
to the cousolidatsd mechanism. The
wholo d 'slgn was originated with tho
utmost ncfuracy ns no other locotno
tive conld be used as a mo lei. The
three cylindor type of locomotive was
patented by John B, Smith, president
of the Krie and Wyoming Valley rail
road, in Juno, lsui nnd sinco
that time three small and
two large locomotives hnve been
built anl used very successfully
Engine No. 4, the latest ono built, is
the largest one on the road and a
weight of over sixty-live tons rests
upon her eight drivers. The second
pair oi unvera are a noveitv ur -i;
Egg coal as fuel Is not liked by Dela
ware and Hudson nnginors.
When completed, Scrnnton's now Dela
ware nud Hudson station will bo tho liuost
along the line,
Tho ''Delaware and Hudson Canal com
pany'' operates (Ml miles of railroad to 10S
miles ot canal,
Electric looomotivo headlights cost I7.i
apiece, but are said to bo olToctive in pre
venting accidents.
The Lehigh Valley's Month Easton ihopi
are on fonr-dnys-n-week time, caused
through economical nnrossitios.
It coit a Hootgis railroad rotnpany ii,."ii0
damageR tor failing to knp iti pamettger
station platform lighted at night.
One hundred nu 1 Ifty emptv Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western . box cars will
transport ico from Heart lake to various
Certain elements among Handing rail
road nerurlty holders are anxious to have
John Wanatnaker undertako tho road's re
organization. The I'hlgh Valley will noon run a vestl
buled ex pre h between New Y'-rk and Chi
cago, it is tiuiidiug st. tho wuguer ral
nce Car company's works.
Wage reductions at OoSton aro recelyod
with disfavor bjr the briikettien ; but Le
high Valley olllc-inls claim tlmv nro rnu-
(lred nercesHiiry hy tho dull times.
It. P. Cowles, tho night, train dispatcher
i,r the Delaware, Laokawaoue and West
ern OOmneoy In this city, bai few superi
ors In this country n a dispatcher. To such
men as Mr. Cowles the company owes its
wonderful immunity from accidents.
The Lehigh Valley railroad will soon
have its own telegraph linn Into Jersey
I'lty. Charles Armlirnster, of Bast Munch
i hunk, the superintendent of construc
tion, hn' just returned, linviug Completed
tho stringing of a table weighing 9,800
pounds across the Newark Hay draw.
Owing to tho transfers during tho Le
high Valley's tlO-Up, the Krn has captured
4211 cars of live stock, 102 cars of potatoes,
i!l cars of fresh meat ami 5!t enrs of miscel
laneous freight which would, it is said,
have been retained by tho valley but for
arrangements made when its tracks wern
Prom preliminary reports it. appears that,
the gross earnings of the Delaware nnd
Hudson company increased last yar I888,1
777 over ISM ahd 11,508,1)6 over 1801 The
increase in not earnings was $1111, 108 and
111 the surpliis applicable to dividends it
was I7II,0N5. Uecripts from the coal busi
ness last yenr amounted to 88,089.648, the
largest sinco 1HMS, when they reached $10,
63S7067i The SUrplttI earulugs,nlHo, are the
largest since that year, aud the percentage
to the stock is 10.71, against 1(111 iu IWILi
and 7.84 iu IH9I. When it Is remembered
that in IS1I2 tho Delaware and Hudson had
to Compote with the McLood combine, this
Steady growth Is very siguillcaul, Tho
road's present management lias decided
cause to feel satisfied with itself.
The Rave,
droves' photos, 43,1 Spruce street.
In tho drama. "The Silver King,"
which Carl A Batwin Will present ut
the Academy of Music this evening,
then) is found all that contributes to
hold the close attention of an audience
for lumrs. The plot is so skillfiilly
wrought out that it cannot fail to
idease and excite, and as the breathless
audience watches it unfold, the opinion
that it is the greatest meln-drama of
the ng- becomes stronger and stronger
aud universal with opinion.
Thomas W. Keene, the tragedian,
supported by a company of exceptional
merit, will appear at the Academy of
Music tomorrow evening in a grand
presentation of "Richard III." BtVOrnl
vears hnvo passed since Mr. Reene'e
Inst appearance in this city. During
that period he has gathered laurels, and
also many dollars, in other places as a
onaKtipearean actor, iho death or
Booth nnd iiarrett left him one of the
best exponents on the American stage
Of the Hard of Avon's dramas, and his
ncceeO is, as it should be, vary suc-
(IKotlllF. TBaTORIR'8 Al MCA.
The clever come lian and dancer oc
oentlque, John A Ooleman, plays the
role of the "would-be-explorer" in
Thatcher's new comedian, "Africa."
which comes to the Academy of Music
next Friday evening, Feb. 10, and to
say that a moio truthful or natural
portrayal of the character would be
poealble Wonld be to underestimate tin,
cleverness of this truly great artist.
His grolcstiio nnd grncolul d inces are
a feature among the tunny features of
Li BOXbl MAItll!.
Agnes Berndon, in her play of "La
Hello Marie," or "A Woman's Re
venge," in the first placo has surround
ed her fair self with a good supporting
company, yet hIiu. in her dual role of
Jean, tho betraved mill girl, nud Ma
rie, mi embodiment of vengeance,
stands out as does the sun nf tor a sum
mer shower. "La DslU Mario" will
be the attraction nt tho Academy of
Music Thursday evening
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220 Lacka. Avenue.
a The UENU NE New S
1 WuUsTeP pianos 1
ESTAB. 1866. S
N. w .,rk ware rooms, No. 5
j; w ruth avenue r
s I C. RICKER & CO.,
I 9 ledealera In this section S
l mice IK) Adams avenue S
The (itral Marvel Of Dental Science
A receul
discovery and
property of
the Bole
Honwocd & Wardcll,
316 Lackawanna Ave.
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Kits III ,,, Mill! ,,!
After having eleven teeth extracted at
one kitting by iiu painless method, l pi -
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1 1 SKA ions
The new ollbr
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readers on page
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soles, hand turn, Common
Sense last, only a few psirs
of them, lt"i grade, tube... 0i-'
Ladies' Dull Dongola Hut ton,
double soles. Common Sense Q') " -only,
Ifl grade closed out nt O ' ''
Mises' Straight float llntton,
spring heel, sizfs 1 1 to 8; if'.' djl j Q
j;rdo will soil at ! 1 ,
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HI 'Kt ICE T.,
Scientific Eye Testing Free
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The Specialist, on the Eye, HeedeohOI nml
NervonsneAS relieved. Latent suit linprnvisl
Htyle of l-'.yo (i limes nml Hpectaclesnt the
l.owesl PrleSS, Artlllcial Lyes Inserted
for J.Y
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