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Another Anarchist CnttM Excitement iu
Pavisiau Hotel.
Edeon Breton, an Anarchist, Aged
Twenty-threa Years, Throw a
Bomb Into a Crowded Cafe -It Ex
plodes with Terrific Force, Wound
ing Number of People -The Mis
creant Under Arrest.
l'.vuis, Feb. 19
EDEON" BRETON, --'3 years old,
threw a bomb iu the c.if n of tbe
Hotel Teviuinus. it tiu St. Lazsre
railway station this eveniug.
'Hie bomb exploded iu the middle of
the room tad wounded twenty person;'.
An instrumental coucert began in the
cafe, which is on the ground tl or of
the hotel, at $ o'clock. Shortly before
9 o'elook, a pale, thiu young EMU,
.with a light pointed beard, paid
for a drink which be had taken at
a table iu the middle of the room an 1
Carted to leave. When uear the door
he turned suddenly, drew a bomb from
bis coat, aud threw it toward a group
of parsons who had sat uext to him.
Tbe bomb struck an electric light fix -ture,
tlieu fell on a marble table an I
exploded. The great hotel and station
were rocked by thesboeK. Tne mirrors,
windows and doors were blown to
atoms. Tbe ceiling and ttior were
reut, and toe walls were cracked. A
dense, offensive smoke filled the cafe
for four minutes, and In the obscurity
the bomb thrower escape !. When the
einoke cleared awav, five persons were
mercantile taxes when it w is iu evi
dence ttiut thuy sold their goods al well
as msnntaotnred them. Tbt decision
is that they en be so nsieaied wh-m
the company maintain! a store separate
from the manufacturing establishment
Wliere the goods are told
The opinion was delivered by Justice
Williams in the c.aso of the common
wealth, by Ueorgo I) LCre iry, citv
treasurer, ngiiust Thorn t Potter ft
Co. , appellants, tin nppeal from 0 ui -moi
pleas court, No. 1, of Philadel
phia county.
A Vardlct iu the QavpeataV Case K- U. i
hat Kvoiing.
Mir; inrrOWK, Pa.,;tVb 18, The jnry
in the Carpenter case reached a verdict
at 3 o'clock this ttvoiunn of guilty of
murder in the decree. The evi
deuce daring the lust two diys of the
trial was so overwhelming that, at its
OODOl Olton, counsel for the defense
elected not to address the jury.
A motion for judgment was made bv
the commonwealth, pending the ills
POM of which a notion of non-trial
was made bjf the dnftnw, based on al
leged Irregularity iu tilling the jury
wi'eel in December, union exceptions
to portion of Judge Lynns charge to
"the jury. This motion wilt b argued
before the judge iu chambers on March
Many Insurgent Sympathizers
rested at Rio The Presi
dental Election,
Montkvikix), Feb. It. A dispatch
dated at Rio di Janeiro on F-0. 7
reached this city by mail yesterday. It
said :
"Attemots have been made on land
recently to hel(i tha insurgent tljet, but
they have collapsed, as the nam of
the plotters were betrayed to tha
government, and tha leaders of the
conspiracy were arrested. Among tha
two of
fonnil - . ff - trnnnit.i.l nn.l Hl'fn
hud slight injuries. The bomb hd i PfWOWft are tweuty offloers,
an tilled with hnlliri and ranah bit luera
of iron, which had riddled the furni
ture and walls and indicted most of the
After leaving th cafe the bomb
thrower started down the street on a
run. Three policemen had just pasaed
in an omnibus when tbe explosion oc
curred. They were going on duty aud
jumped to the street tin moment they
saw the fugitive. Tiie yondV man
turned on tnem as they called to him
to atop, and tired five shots. Police
man Poisson fell, badly wounded
Ml Dlg'JL, However, C'KIUUU.'I lUB
mail an i, wnu me neip oi ronce
man Barbea and a waiter named lis
aier. overpowered and arrested tha
bomb-"hrower. They took him to the
police station in the Rue De Moacou,
where, after some hesitation he
his name and age. The prefect of po
lice, M. Laurent, chief secretary to M
Dubost, minister of the interior, and
several other higb officials were sum
moned to tha station, and the examin
ation of the prisoner was begnn. Police
Commisaary Gavrel taking the evi
dence. Meantime the sound of the explosion,
the smoke and tbe cri-s of tha wonn led
had attracted a great crowd to tbe
hotel terminng. Doctors Serene,
Bonenfe and Thysun offered their ser
vices. They obtained bandages and
drngs from a nearby apothecary, and
dressed the wounds of tbe injured,
eome of whom had been carried to
rcoma in the hotel, others to the drug
tores in the neighborhood.
At 11 o'clock only an incomplete list
of tbe injured could be obtained. It
was aa follows: Mr. Borde, both legs
pierced by bullets and pieces of iron:
Mme. Leblanc, of 21 Rue d'Amsterdam,
ihinbone fractured; Mme. Lehlanc's
brother, ear split and body brnisaa; un
identified man, wounded in the intes
tines by a flying pic of marble; Dinn,
Vnnheit, Roqu t, Foubert, Raymond
and Lanstan. cut or torn by fragments
of marble or glass.
Th United Press correspondent was
admitted to the Rn : Moscon police
office shortly after the arrest. Breton
sat handcuffed between two policemen.
He showed the effects of his hasty
flight and tnssle with the police.
Otherwise he looked calm and comfort
able. The removal of his ontsid coat
had revesled a collarleis flannel
ihirt and the general garb of a w,rk
ingman. In his pockets the police had
fonnd a pair of braB knnrkles, a dag
ger, a Swodish knife, a 6-chHmhen.d
revolver, a gold half louis, two frane
pieces, eleven sous and a small silver
locket containing a lock of brown hair
tied with n ribbon At first he refused
to talk, telling the police that it was
their business to find nnt who ho was.
After giving his name and nga be
again t.ecime silent. Eventually he
added that ho was a cabinet Dakar and
had jnat arrived in Peris from Marsail.
les this morning. "Yes, nm an an
archist," he exclaimed irately in re
spouse to reiterated questions, "and the
mora of the bourgeoisie I killed, tbe
better it wool 1 please me,"
- --
William Hilts Instantly Killed by Fall
ing from a High window.
New Yohk, Feb. 18. William A.
Miles, the brewer, heud of the firm nf
William A. Milea & Co., No. r,0
Christie street, was instantly killed at
10 o'clock tide morning by falling from
tharoom of the drying room of the
brewery into the yard. Mr. Milea fell
about fifty feet. His heud was terribly
crushed and almost every bone in his
body was broken. No one witnesaed
the accident anil consequently uo one
knnwa how it occurred.
Mr. Miles was 55 years of ago and
had been in the brewing businesR for
many years aud wus a very wealtbv
Tha Supreme Court Rondsra an Opinion
Relating to Mercantile Tax.
Philadelphia, Feb. 13. The supreme
court this morning handed down nn
important opinion dealing with a ques
tion of mercantile taxes. In brief tbe
issue raised was whether a manufac
turing company could be assessed for
Reports of insurgent movements in
the sonth are contradictory. It is reit
erattd that the insurgents are still
pushing across the Sin I'sulo frontier.
Although the large army long e.vp'Cted
to reinforce the insurgent tiVt has not
appeared. Admiral Da Gama has
gained receutlv. Many ineu have
joined the fltet and abundsnt
supplies have reached him from the
near-by country. It is aaid that
on Monday some seventy men enter
ed the insurgent naval service. Tae
government is about to transfer troops
to Rio Janeiro from Nictneroy an 1
strengthen its forces in tbe south, nota
bly in San Paulo, but there is no
sign of its taking the oltmsive. It
war ship are atill at Bahia. Com
mander Nieineyer, of the cruiser Nic
tneroy, has resigned. The insurgent
d--et Las ceased interfering with for
gave i eign merchantmen, and a small amount
of commurce is carried on
"President Peixoto will not be a can
didate for tbe presidency in the elec
tions to be held on March 1, when not
only president and vice president, but
also senators and deputies will be cho
sen. Tbe insurgents protest against
the election, as thy say the constitu
tion forbids holding it at a time when
martial law is operative in any part of
the country."
A Banker at Bitter Diasaanta Wags
Account of Railroadsra.
New Ca tle, Pa., Feb. 1. The
Pittsburg and Western railroad is sev
eral months in arrears in the payment
of wages. The employes are rejoicing
in th it they have discovered how at a
small cost they can secure their nnney
as fast as it is due them. J. H. Camp
bell, a banker of Butler, Pa., is en
gaged in buying up the time of tbe
railroad employee at a slight discount.
Last week Mr. Campbell bought up
$12,000 in orders. He then sought an
interview with the officials' of the road
and presented bis claims at their face
The Pittsburg and Western people
flatly refniel to pay Mr Campbell his
money. The gentleman lost no time
in issning nn attachment 00 certain
property of th Pittsbnrg and Western
company. II irdly hud he done so
than the railroad (.fficials proluced the
money demanded by the Butler
hanker. Mr. Campbell again pur
chased orders amounting to $fi.000.
The railroad officials ngain demurred,
bnt when threatened, paid over the
If is estimated that over 8800,000 is
dn the employes, and Mr. Campbell is
en leavonng to pOTOnMC- all tbe orders.
On hie first deal Mr. Campbell cleared
OTarf $000. The railroad company de
clines to p'-nnit th employes to go to
Butler on pases, but the men are piv
ing their fare and fl icking to Mr
Campbells bank in (lrovs.
' 1
Woman snffragislH will merit in annual
conclave at Waxhington this week.
Spunking A boy Mnaller than himself
cast young Hydney I'm sons ll.'l In court
Seals are morn plenty off Cape Flattery,
.stale oi Washington, tnnii lor many years
Attorney General Olnty is after the
judge who recently naturalized a China
man. Ki-Attorney Unnnral Charles .I.M.UwInn
n noted Maryland politician, i dymg nt
Haiti more.
Consnl (Isneral lle. just arrived, says
th Turks drive Americans out of tbe
country upon tlm : -i.t.-st pretext.
The big liriet New York sailed from Now
York foi Newport News to be overhauled
in dock, preparatory tn tbe spring sensou.
A alx-tou cylinder full upon and
crushed i v tho llfo of Machinist.). W.
jeering, at Mine islnud Navy Yard, Cal.
Contrnctora won a long suit for $'J:i,770
agalnat the Knoxville, Southern and Marl
ettu and North QtOtgUI inilraud, uud the
road must lie sold.
Plotting to blow up Jl.ogan county (111.)
jail with dyunmlto to free tbnir luver.
Ida Shellei- aud Ooorgiu Williams were ar
rested just In time.
Senator Hoar wns the guest of honor at
the annual banquet or the Lincoln associa
tion at Jersey City lust uight. He spoke to
the toast, "Abraham Lincoln."
The second annual dinner of the Lincoln
Assocluti iu of the Union league wns given
last eveniug tn tbe League building at
Philadelphia, Senator Shelby N. Culloui,
of Illinois, responded to the toast, "Abra
ham Lincoln,"
Senator Galllngor Otto a Measure Iu l'laco
oi tho Wilson Bill.
Hopeless Battle of tho Republican
Members Against the Nefarious
Tariff Acts Mr. Gray Has Discov
ered an Uncut Jewell in President
Cleveland-Vindicated by the Mes
sageHawaii Receives Due Attention.
WaIHIKOTON, D, C. Feb. 13.
the senate today Mrs. (lelliugur
(Rep,, M. 11,1 introduced aaubati
tule for tlio Wilson trail!' bill aud
bad it referred to the tiaaucti com
mittee. The substitute is a slight
variation of tbe resolution heretofore
offered by him. it daolirti that, in
View of the widespread industrial de
pression, it is the sense of the senate
that it is unwise to attempt any change
iu the tariff laws.
Mr llr.iv. (Dttn. EM.) In pursuance
of notice heretofore given, addressed
the senate on the resolution reports 1
by tbe QOmutttM on foreign relations
declaring it unwise and Intxpediont at
this time to consider further the ques
tion of annexation of the Hawaiian ter
ritory. He said that tho resolution
presented a question of inter
national morality. The president
needed no vindication for hav
ing withdrawn thi treaty of
annexation, and he (Mr. Gray) would
not ntte mpt any The facts as stated
iu the president's message fully vindi
cated him iu the course hi had pur
sued, and indeed he (Mr. Gray) had not
heard the presidents conduct in that
respect seriously impugned or attacked.
The question rem lined whether the
president was right in n t re -submitting
the treaty, and it was for the sen
ate to decide on the pending resolution.
In his speech Mr. Gray severely
criticised ex-Minister Stevens' con
duct, and accused him of complicity
with the revolutionists to overthrow
the Hawaiian monarchy. After occu
pying the floor for a little more than
three hours. Mr. Gray yielded for a
motion to go into executive session, on
condition that ho should have the op
portunity of . conclu ting his speech to
morrow. He is to ) followed bv .Mr.
Daniels. (D-;m . Va.,)audMr. White,
(Dein., Csl )
The presidents message, transmit
ting further dispatches from Mr. Willis
aud n "correct version of the interview
of November 14 1888, between Srcre-
tary Oresham an 1 Mr, Thurston, rep
resenting the provisional government
at Washington," was laid before the
senate and referred to tiie committee
on foreign relations
After the executive session, Mr.
Bryce (Dun , O iio) presented the
usual resolutions of regret at the news
of toe death of R 'presentativs Houk,
of Ohio. The resolutions were adopted,
ind, as a further mark of respect, the
senate at 4:1) adj inrned.
nooiiDmoa in the house.
After tbe consideration of a number
of unimportant bills by the nouse this
morning Mr Bland (Dem.,Mo), bad
read a proposed amendment to the
pending seigniorage bill authorizing
the secretary ot the treasury to nuv
coined, under tha act of July 14. 1800,
ilver bullion to tbe amount of "i"i,-
130,(Ht and to issue certilicatos thereon
to tie used in the payment of current
expenses, lha secretsry is also author
ized to issuo certificates in excess oi
this amount, hut not to exceed the
seigniorage. Various bills, favorably
repnrtt-d Ly the committee on the Dis
trict of Columbia, were tuksn up, con
sidered and passed.
At 2 o'clock tho District of Columbia
committes hail conclu led its budness,
and on motion of Mr. Breckinridge,
(Detn , Ky ). the bouse went into the
committee of the whole on the urgency
deficiency bill. Th" total amount oar
ried by the bill is 1888,888: Tu bill
Tha resolutions setting apart today
forjtnlogitt upon the late Senator Stan
ford, of California), were taken up and
a number of western members made
hrief ad dresses. The president's mes
sage transmitting additional corres
pondence in thn Hawaiian matter was
laid before the home at the c inclusion
of the eulogies, and the house, nt 4.15,
A Parisian Anarchist Crata Exclt
mnt In a Oourt of Justice.
Paiiis.FbU. 12 Alt anarchist named
BoisH in, one of tiie many arrested dur
ing tbe recent police raids on anarchist
bnttntt, was plaued on trial today mid
convicted of having explosives In bis
possession. The judge sentenced him
to fonr months imprisonment. As
tho judge concluded the prisoner, who
had a large piece nf bread iu his hand,
threw it at the julge. The missile
struek tho judge on tbe As Bols
son threw tbe bread he shouted: "You
are a srowil of pig. Wo will blow you
all Dpi Long live anarchy."
The act of the prisoner created Tor a
time great excitemtnt In the court,
many of those primeut thlnkiug the
piece of bread was a bomb.
case for the prosecution. He announced
that the two of the prisoners had
plea led guilty.
W. J. Steen, tbe coal operator, was
the first wltntll. He Hliinatd the
number uf riotura at 2:10 men, and aw
nropnrty damaged, including his own.
lie saw men who were working at
tacked bv rioters and Abttisd, Tha men
were directed iu their movements by
the bliislHof a bugle. Mr. Steen posi
tively Identified fOI ty-niiio of the pris
oners a participant in the uets of vio
leuce diiaeribnd by him. Urllllu win
lams, a Bower hill minor, IdtntlfUd
five of the prisoner! U having hetui in
the in b that attacked th" mine prop
erty where bsWorksd ObtrlsS GllleS'
pie also aw the riot and identified sev
eral of tbe prisoners. Court then ud
jourued for dinner,
I .
teiis oi tlm Greatest Blluird oi tlm Prtteit
Rata Occurrancn of ih.i l'hnoomanon In
Two gnSOSeelfi Wlnlara.
NUOitA Fai ls, N.Y.. Feb. 18. The
rare case of an io bridge forming on
tWO successive winters iu the Niagara
gorge, below the falls, has again oc
curred. Tho high windsof the past few
days broke up the ic in the lake uud
sent it down the river.
It began tumbling oyer the falls yei
terdav at an enormou rate ami at H
o'clock last night tbe gorge was
lammed so tbAt a bridge formed at the
foot of Prospect p ark. The bridge is
composed mainly of slush ice and is
very solid.
An Interesting Exchange of Compli
ments Between Vice-President
Green and Mr. Thompson.
Philadelphia, Feb. 12 The annual
meeting of the atockbolders of the
Philadelphia and Kriu railroad com
pany was held trdiiy. Secretary Van
iSandt reud tbe annual report of the
director which showed tht the coat
of operating the road in lHtiy was Oil
5 10 against 71 2-10 par cont. In tbe
preceding year. The increase in net
urnings last year ofir isi)2 wasiii.-
;tl)s. and after tbe payment uf interest
and other oharges the net balauce is
$207.4lttl Th gross earning in lHUJ
were 8, 104,871) and the operating ex
penses $8,848,888 The report was
unanimously adopted.
lhe proceedings were enlivened try a
battle of words between Second Vice
President John 1. Green, of the Penn
sylvania Railroad company, and Ex
pert Accountant David 8. Thompeon,
of the brokerage firm of L. II. Kyler oi
Co. The wordy hostilities grew out ot
an intimation made by Thomo
son that the Pennsylvania rail
road directors of the Philadelphia
and Erie, they being a msjority of
tbe board, would suppress any attempt
to have tbe Erie's management uf the
property investigated by the board.
Tne intimation was preceeded bv others
of a like nature, all tending to cast r
flection upon t ie integrity of the Penn
sylvania's treatment of the Philadel
phia and Erie minority stockholders.
Captain Green refuted the allegations.
Mr. Thompson presented n resolutio 1
providing for the sppointme'it of n
committee to investigate theslTiirs of
1 be Hblliidelpbia anil company,
but uhscqtioiitly withdrew this and
his submitted nnother aud more
lengthy one w iich instru itod the sec
retary to furnish general information
concerning the property. Captain
Green moved the reference of the mat
ter to the hoard of directors, but to this
Mr. TbQUlM objected and exclaimed
that bucIi 11 reference would virtually
kill the resolution.
This brought Captain Oroen to his
feot. "I want yon to understand, sir,"
said he, "that you cannot aland there
nd impugn my motives with impunity.
I nm an Official of the Pennsylvania.
uud as such 1 no my duty a 1 see It,
honestly and unswervingly, I am also
lirecior of the rittSbttrg and Erie
and when I sit iu th" hoard of the lat
ter company my uctions are controlled
by what I think are the best interests
of tlnit property,"
Mr. 1 hompson s voice grew hoarse
nud Ids luce livid as lie replisd tnat ho
had not intended to reflect, upon the
personal integrity of any nieinb'rof
thn bonrd, some of whom lis lis I long
known and esteemed Captain (Ireen's
motion whs carried, DO 008 shares vot
ing in favor of, and 8,010 shares against
tho proposed reference.
The meeting adjourned nftnr tho
election of the following directors to
serve for tho ensuing yesr; N. Parker
Shorlrldge, W. Basel I Wilson, John P,
GhrOeU, Samuel On.tllln Thompson, J.
Bayard Henry. William L. Bikini,
Henry I) Welsh. William J. Howard,
Amos It. Little and W. II. Barnes.
8 -
Another Crank Xmpilnonad for Having
Threatened to Kill Q-ieen Victoria.
LiiNiniN, Feb. 18 A "erank" named
Wyndhnm Carter was arraigned iu the
BW Street police court today on tbe
Ohafge nf threatening to kill i,-i
Victoria because she had deprlveu bint
of the lltle of Earl of W nchninbe.
It wiih evident that the prisoner was
crazy nnd hn was sent to nn asylum.
a 11 .
Two Freight Trains Collide in the
Snow Street Car Travel Univers
ally Abandoned Telegraph and Tel
ephone Communication Impeded In
Western Pennsylvania Passenger
Trains Behind T ImOi
TIIE worst bin
ing hern ti
Flftv-Klgbt Men Arrulgnad at Plttaburg
llii. Judge Kwlng and Mage.
PtTTSBDBO, Feb 12. All of tho for
eigners of the Mansfield valley seemed
to be present nt the court home this
morning, wither as witness's or specta
tors at the trial ot the lifly eight men
chnrgsd with riot Judge Ewing and
Mague occupied the bench. The trial
of fifty-eight, men at one time is some
thing unprecedented In the history of
Allegheny county. District Attorney
Burleigh, assisted by Harry Gearing,
bus charge of the prosecutiou. The
defendants are represented by Attor
neys Rownnd, Blakely, Miller and Ste
bick. The jury w 01 complete I by 11
o'clock aud Mr. Burleigh opened tho
Miss Alda BobioSOtt, of New Castle
victim of Professor Hartshorn's alleged
crimes, has MOB taken to an Insane asy
lum. Attorney A. I.inbart may DC debarred
in Allegheny county for securing a char
ter Tor au Anarchist society at Minis
Awakened at midnight by a fit of
coughing, Aire. Jamb SnlilrMser, uf Pen
brook, near Harrlsburg, was soon a
It BBS been suggested that every paper
in the land open subscription for a mon
umrht tu llenrge W. Chllds, in Philadel
phia. Secretary E Ige denies that the cattle on
the farm attached to the West Town
hoarding school are effected by tuber
culosis. He say the cuttle there are all
Andrew Itnub, aged 74 yoirs, one of the
best known residents of this valley, died
lit his homo iu I hillns yesterday. Deceased
retired from buatness fifteen years ugo,
mill loaves a large estate to his family.
Among the fourth-class postmsaters np-
pointed yesterday were the following from
Pennsylvania: . Humime, Huntsvillc,
Luzerne county, vice B. D. Huut, re
moved; Hugh Muliigau, Kusli, Susque
hunua county, vloe itouieo Ujbiusou, re-sigued.
FOOT Wayne, lnd , . Feb 12.
blizzard in yours in rag-
today. All trallic is
and street car travel
he Pittsbnrg,
Fort Wnvne and Chicago pesaanfer
train No. ','. is nnow-bouud ui Convoy,
Ohio. Switch engines are unable to
work in tbe yards in this city, nud more
trouble is feared by the officials here.
At noon four cars loaded with perisha
ble freight could not lie moved away
from the down town station with four
Bloat ut Potiavlll.
POTTSmti, Pfl., Feb. 12 The big
storm struck Schuylkill county before
noon today and a heavy snow bus
fallen. Tonight there is a heavy down -pour
of sleet which is whirled about
by a stro ig wind. The enow has
drifted on the turnpikes nnd railroads
and travel is greatly impeded. All
trains are very late this evening. The
snow trouble is greatest on Broad
Mountain in the neighborhood of New
Boston Junction and Delano aud traffic
on railroads is being carried on witli
great difficulty.
The collieries resumed operations to
day after a two and three day idleness,
but few of them will be able to work
tomorrow. The storm is welcomed in
this region for two reasons Up to this
time the chances of a good harvest of
ice have been very poor and tbe open
weath it has kept the collieries idle
more than half tbe time.
Telegraphic Coinmunica'.ion Impid'd.
PlTTSBORO, Pa., Feb. 12. -Today
opened clear nnd cold. By 'J o'clock a
vigorous snow storm was in progress,
with the wind blowing twnty-tive
mile nn hour Toward a OOO the enow
gave way to adowupour of alnet, wliich
continued all day without ccs- , i
The electric and cable oars service
throng hout tho city is greatly impeded,
some of the grades becoming almost
impassable. Telegraph au I telephone
communication throughout the west
ern part of tbe stato is almost sus
pended. Kansas City Trains B-hid Time.
Kansas City, Feb. 12. Tne worst
snow storm iu years raged all over
Kansas and Missouri yesterday an I last
night and to lay not a single train in
the two states is on time. Tbe snow
averaged from a foot to two foet on the
level. I li k It winds accompanied it and
at some p tints iu cuts it is twenty or
thirtv feet deep. At many places the
schools lire closed today. The snow
was dry and the telegraph service was
not injured.
Heavy Fall Along th Lthigh Vallay
Wll.KK.S-IUliltE. Feb. 18 A sovere
snow storm has ben raging hers and
throttlbonl the Wyoming valley all
day. BliSSsrdsot the worst kind are
reported in thn country disiriet.
though no ncci lents hive as yet taken
place, At Dallas. I'miknanuock, Fair
view, Bear Creek, Hear Lake, Hazleton
sud Bbloksbinny the snow is said to be
from ix to ten inches deep.
The Wi ld at ItSttf Miles Pr Hour.
Clkvki.anp, 0 . Feb 12. A severe
wiud and snow storm from the north
west struck this city this morning, and
for a time the Wind blew at B sixtv
miln gait. From all along tho rail
road entering In Cleveland came re
ports that the BUOW and win I had
greatly impeded train.
. -
Drifting Tlndlv at Grand Rapid.
(IraND Rapids, Ifloh., Feb, 12 The
win ! is blowing at thn rate nf sixlv
miles nn hour here and the snow is
drifting badly. The blizzard is the
worst hern in years and the storm is
general from Fort Wayne to tbe Straits
of Mackinaw, Some damage to out
buildings has already resulted.
A Fatal Oolltslon at Fremont.
FrBMOMT, Ohio, Feb. 12 During a
blinding Snowstorm this morning two
freight trains on the Wheeling and
Lake Erie railroad colli led near Bello
vue. Engineers Connell and BtOWCll,
Fireman atollnllen nnd Brakeiuau
Johnson wets killed.
e a.
WlllleSaaport R.calvea a Chill
WtLLtilUPOOT, Pa., Feb. 12 A
snowstorm o the blizzird order struck
this section this morning mid snow is
still fulling. Electric street cars are
running In trains and then have bard
work to plow through the drift. Tbe
snow is eight Inches deep.
President Cleveland Inflict Another
Patoh of Letter Uion Cengioe.
Washimithn, D. C, Feb 12. The
president seut to emigre tins after
noon another chapter in the Hawaiian
matter. Today's batch consists of
copies of two letters, on from Sucre
tary (Ireahaui to Minister Wiilis set
ting forth an account of his interview
with Minister Thurston, when be eailud
to ask if the United States would use
force to put the queen on the throne,
the other from Minister Willis to Sec
retary Oresham, giving nn account of
his decimation ot the invitation to at
tend the eelebration if the establish
ment of the provisional government.
In nis letter to Mr, Willis, Mr.
Uresham says Tlinrftou called upon
him in the morning and asked if force
would be used, and he (Ctrtsham) de
clined to unswor until the afternoon,
v. beii bo asked Thurston to return.
Meanwhile Mr. Oresbam called upon
the president, and in the afternoon, in
response to Minister Tntirstou's inqui
ry, told him it was not the intention to
use force nor do anything to injure the
provisional government or tbe people;
that if injury oamo to thin it would be
through their own acts.
Mr. Willis, it appears, gives BO rea
son for declining tha invitation sout
Th Scranton Champion Eslly Wins
th Oain Thla Afternoon.
PttUiADfLPHIA, Fb. 12 in the
match game of pool this afternoon ha
tween Jerome Keogb, of Scran ton, and
Ohrant Eby, of Harrisborg, th former
was mi easy winner, playing a remark
able game.
Tliu SCON wiih as follows:
Keogh 18, 8, 18, 10, 8, 18, 18, 7. 15,
4, 1, 1,4. 15, 15, 11. 15, 7, 'J. 12-2'X)
Khy-0, r,. 1, 8 0, 2, 0, 8, 0, 11. 12, 18.
11,0,0, 4,0, H, , L 88, hcratuuet
Keogh 1, Eby 5
Tuesday and
(February 13 and 14)
We will offer all Odds and'
Ends accumulated in our
During our Reduction Sale
the past week.
Representatives of the Leading New
York Journals Organize for
Self Protection.
Nkw YOKK, Feb. 12 Representa
tive of tbe lendiug newspapers ant
news associations of tbe east met in
this city today aud formerly resolved
to perfect sn organization for the col
lection of the news of the world and its
distribution among themselves and to
their clients oastjartct, north and eonth.
1 here were present the representa
tives of the New York Herald, tbe New,
York Tribune, the New York Sun an 1
the New York Times; W. F. Baikain,
of the Rochester Union and Advertiser,
who is president of the New York
State Associated Press; L. Clarke
Davis, of the Philadelphia Ledger;
Charles E Warburtou, of the Phila
delphia Telegraph, H. H Oololaser,
representing William M Siugerly, of
tbe Philadelphia Record; Berith Wil
kin, of the Washington Post, and the
following nam d member of tbe New
England Associated Press: President
John H. Holmi, of tbe Boston Herald ;
General Charles H. Taylor, of tbe
Boston GHobe; Stephen O'Meara, of the
Boston Journal; C. H. Clark, of 1he
Hartford Courant, aud Samuel B. wi' B,
of tbe Springfield Republican.
Charles A. Dana presided and thers
Short lengths Table Dam
ask, from ito 4 yards,
at pricas which make
them intrinsic value V
the purchaser.
Napkin3, in both sizes 0
and 4, some patterns of
which we have but half
dozen, wiil be offered at
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Damask and Huckabock
10c, 18c, 23c.
Having no more of tha
was a full exchange of views about the ' CherUO QuiltS We Will offer
business of news collecting and dis- mm j . . ...
tribnting. It was apparent from tbe
outset that th"re was a determined dis
position to maintain the integrity of
the newspapers of the eat at.d to in
duct their business on broader bus-ni-SR
iineR. The newspaper warfare which
had been sn aggressively condncted by
the Chicago manager of the Westtrn
Associated Press was discussed in it.
various bearings.
The opinion wns unanimous that the
time had now arrived for a combination
of the newspap -r interests of the At
1 antic seaboard, the future to deleter
mine whether the sob-r thought of
individual members of the Western
Associated Press should develop a re
atrainiug influence upoa their own
It was resolved that a committee
should be appointed representative of
the entire east which should formulate
a plan of combination. The Pbiladel
pliians selected L Clarke Davis, of the
Ledger, to represent them. John H.
Holmes was chosen by the members
of the New England association
as their represent itive. Preeldi
Hit Balkam will repr,s-rit
the New York State Asssociabd Press.
Berick Wilkins is the Washington rep
resentative, and Captain Evan P. How
ell, of the Atlanta Constitution, wns
requested to represent the Southern
Associated Press. By agreement among
the United Press Newspapers, the New
York Times was selected as tbe re pre
tentative of the United Press on thi
committee of six
The committee organization sub
sequently organized and selected John
11 Holmes U chairman aud the New
York Tun s us secretary. A tne. ting
of th members of this committee will
be held tomorrow to consider the de
tail necessary to the formation of this
eastern newspaper association.
The'i Iron Mill Started
Yalerrtav with New Hand.
PiTTsni mi, Feb. 18. Large crowds
of iron workers stood about in the
snow and sleet watching developments
this morning at Lindsay e MoOutOh
eon's Second Avenue mills, where an
effort wa being made to start the
works independent of tho organised
workmen. There was no disorder of
any kind, the finishing mills started
and a few pn Idlers went to work, but
the msjority of the old hands refused
to take their jobs at the rednoed wages.
The plant has been Idle ilnoe Jon
and gives employment to over 400 men.
the Marion 11-4
same price 95c.
at the
510 and 512 Lackawanna Ave.
Maltese Cross
And Oak tanned Leather Bel'dng,
H. A. Kinqfsburv
813 Fprnce St., Scranton, Pa.
LewlSg Reilly & Davies
and Might
Said They Nnadeit ( lotbe
Cell Again
BOSTON, Feb. 12. Burglar entered
the store of U E Fletcher ,t Co., gen
tlemen'a outfitters. Boylstoo itreet,dnr-
ing Thursday night, and stole about
8)700 worth of goods.
They loft a note stating that they
were aorrv.biit bard time forced them
to the job, and hoped the linn would
not feel bad if they hijuld "happen
round thnt way again."
m .
Wllaon'a Condition Not a Seilou aa
That of tho Asa-rloan Pord.
Kansas Citv. Mo., Feb. 14 Con
gressman W L Wilson, chairman of
the house wave and means committee,
who is lying ill nt tho CoStOS House
here, 1 closely confined to his room
but is somewhat better today, and x
perts to resume bis journey to Mexico
His condition is not regarded as se
WslmiNiiTON. Feb. 12. Form!
era Pininsjfrmiiu, hniii snous,
solder, noHAeasi shijtiny lo
noHAieeef pales.
. 1
11 liUil
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