The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, February 12, 1894, Page 7, Image 7

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    Tin: sen anton" tiuijune-Monday Corning, rEBiirAnv 12, 1894
Our Series of the World's Choicest Books
Eagerly Sought After.
The Splendid Quality of the Binding!
and the Remarkably Low Prices at
Which the Various Volumes Arc
Sold, in Connection with the Tribune
Coupons, to the Readers ot This
Paper, Cause Admiring Comment
from Thousands of Book-lovers.
The ppjuilur inttrit manlfaiUd in
the iiiAxmtu-tiit etiaap boo otter unite
by Tn Tmbom aonUooai wttu no
iiTii of abatsuieiu Soviral iustahuoiUs
of the Tanous ssriea have basil or l; I
aud exhausts, but the demand still
continues. Much appreciation, is tt
presisd for the DMiOtM mlirprln
whtolt aaablaa raadara ol this paparto
tvure, a t prion ordinarily paid for
i :. vY--'0 onti 1 books, -(:..-.
works of the !,..-: literary iinalitjr
bound bonml in a manur iviniueusu with ttaif worth
The baadsotuo seti of itwdard aut'.i
Ott, 111 luperior KiikUsu vellum cloth
bindings, are greatly admired, and IN
biii purchased witrt an avidltv ttiat
liitUss an tally selection vlvisnble to
all who have not yet availed thtUMtlftl
of this unprecedented opportunity to
equip their libraries wita t:is word's
its ' ird literature.
roar ooaponi out and Mloot
fr the following titles:
Baargt Billot J voiu:u $J v
Cocper i volumes I H
t'ooper. Mttar bicdiag J volumes.... t TS
luiuai volumes 1 W
Liekem-10 volumes 9 74
Taanttr 1ft TTlaiaai Tirj bin s w
You have jeneraily paid 89 oeutt for
a psper oovrred bOM We propoaa
to give you an elegantly bouuvi bock,
tamptd in old, fresh from ice pres..
printed la Urge, clear t.sps, for M
eents. You- oau at almost any title la
tuis series. Oier 1 900 have been to.'d
la the ;ast few days
Cb-:3n;, Old aaJ Kaw
Ejj: lyuae.
buss's seoret.
Chi'.dren of the A'jbcy.
tale OgiWie.
Torn (.'nngls s Loj.
Vicar ol Waketield.
.Arabian Nigtrs Huiertaiuoieu:.
Deidee, or tho Iron Hand.
Ejgene Aram.
Tne Countess Eve.
Tee Confess!'. Li v.f a WoOUM.
Zanoat, ('2
Baiwl Uav
Wco-d aud Marr.ed.
To Years Before ;ns M u:.
All Sort and Condition of il;a
Brd Mover.
Tom Brown a: Qstc rJ.
Ked i .:'.etc.
Tom Brown's ichcol Day.
A Stran Story.
O iver T is:.
Monsieur Leccp
Mill in Um Iw
Dick's sweetaear:.
Jo an Uaii'ax.
Keaeiia C&illingly.
Last Days A PtiaaptU,
The Spy.
Pitgrtm'l Progress.
The Foragers.
Daughters of HetU.
Fein Holt.
Heart ot i Id.
EtataU Orayatoa
Fair w .men.
The Bondman.
ChaDit at PenrU.
Frederick th ijr:aid U.s Gur:.
Armorel of Lyoaijs.
t-.f Helo.
B ancanamp4
Liai- K.ia Llub.
a . Arri: Laly.
Aorora Fuyd.
A Maraeit Man.
Triops, Tae Carrier.
The HnorabU Mi-i.
Lad Maudes Mia.a.
M ilea.
The PaviaUm
Border Ba -1
Bride ot Laaimerr.-. .'
Life of Daiol Boone.
Tke Rival Princes.
Mm'.t Baw d.
M jrdered In toe K it U )fg i i
B-r'-acb of Ai.a :n.ey.
Ka.. ,rih
Last of the Mohicaas.
hoandon Bells.
Old Myddietoa'i il .aey.
Binr. i
The Mstariooa Island.
Myitery af OrcirL
The Soad Wife.
Hearth for Baail Lyndi. iMt.
Rob Roy
The flvm of the S-ivea 'iabls.
Swat Vivaa.
Tbe Wa;eof Sin.
Vlvaa firey.
fitrange Adventarof of a Pit Ml . t,
B7ond pHrd in.
T&a AntU jary.
Birds of R i
The i tm of Qirdlestoo
Fern Lenves.
Cnar'.es Aacheiter.
Pool Play.
Gold Blai.
Martin Cruzilewit.
Oor Mnttiul Friend.
Pickwick Papers
A Pair of Bine i.
Tr.e Prairie.
Tbs Unman and Dirloe.
y eaeaaea,
Tb story of an African Farm,
Consln Pons.
Crown af Oilves
Life of Kit Canon.
David ' . :leld.
Child's History of England.
The Fairy of the Alps
fto Name.
My Loid and My Lade.
Tour of the World In Day.
Twenty Thousand Leafvee Uadef
The Phantom Bkip,
Jane Eyre.
Kaiokerbrx-ker History of .S'ow York
Lady Aodley'n Hecrei.
A Hardy Ifora'Dian.
IJ'.uKo ou the Maisli.
The Owl ii i...
Old Curiosity Shop,
Kick ut t he Woodx.
Wit, Humor and Pathos.
Queen Uortens.
In the Bchlldngocourt.
My Heart'n Darling.
Life of David Crocket.
Lady Qaatlemalaa'i Divorce.
The Bin ot Joust Avulingh.
Hulf Hour with (ircai Humorists,
licit Hour with (ireut Story Tellers.
Silas Wurner.
Half Hour with Ureal Novelists.
History of the Uulted States.
Southward, Ob.
Her Dearest Foe.
Orent Expect afloat,
Grimm's Kulry Tales,
Uilded Clique.
The Vendetta.
jEop'H Fables.
Vixen. v
Faith and Unfuith.
The Deemster.
a fail start.
Scenes from Clerical Ufa.
Charlotte Temple,
Griffith Uiiunt.
Maoteruiau lloady.
Muster Passion.
Old Mamaelle'a Secret.
The baroan fuse.
March in the Uenks.
Sloane Stpmi ii Sciuid il.
The Wigwam and Cabin,
liny M.niim'itiijj.
Plying Dutchman,
Maiittoti of Dare,
Marry Lorreqoer
Don Quixote.
Donald Qraat
Cut Up i tbt Baa.
Ol hat ran pie's Money.
ttavaabj Sadga,
Den nil Dnval,
ll'ia i'horiie.
Tl o Dove in the Eagle's Nest.
The Fust Violin.
Madcap Violet
Rlohard Bardla,
Tbl I'artlng of i tie Ways.
Fort Liars and Other Llai,
The Vlcomta'i iinde.
Far From the Maddeuiug Crowd.
Draunie o l,if..
Fateoai or lufjuiious.
Mary St. Jehu.
Bhadawt and Bunbeanti.
ritra, ihi Phoenician.
Sw: Family Kotitusou.
Rot D'Mole.
Ladles' Panlly physician
An Egyptian Prlaoau,
Anderson1 Fairy Tales.
Vanity Fair.
The HnoMtaaa,
i n.- Blrghteyei
lv-t:tv Vears Alter.
The Sci!t Latter.
The Partisan,
The Scout.
Mvrlei Crusade
Bai n MaachaaaaBa
Kathantio Waltou.
The Arundel Motto.
Is LUa Worth Uvlag,
Prlaeeai Saaihtai
Willi RelUi
Thaddetu ul vVaraavA
The Wooiaa o t.
Twice Told Tales,
K..vkU Fleuimiug.
The Young Duke.
S-.taue Cise of Dr. Jekvll UJ Mr.
T'lis series coutains over LOO titles
end is peculiarly adapted to boys. The
lUthon are aiuoni; the most noted iu
C.e laud and the booki are all htirarv
gems. Fifty cents would a good
bargaiu, bat four coupon! and vIO ceuti
takss the prize.
Peep Down.
The Boys ta the Forecastle.
Roauoke IslauU to Murfreesbor
Popular Nstural History
Barbara's Triumph.
Stories from American History.
The Bmngglere' Cava
Erila; lue Bold.
Adventures Amoui the InJiaus.
The KiSeaad the Hojud.
O.ltort the Traveler.
Parents' Assistant.
Anduboa :h-' NaturslUt.
llarlie'a Letters.
Haaff's Fairy T ilea
For: Sumter to Boaaoke Islau I.
Sv hoc! Life, or Three Years a: Welvar
Ocean Waifs.
The White Elephant.
My Tour ia Europe.
Xitttra's Yjung Sobleman.
Frank WiMaian's Adventurers oa Land
and Water.
Anat Diaaa.
The Ooid-n Magnet.
Round th l World.
Scores Abcut Animals.
Yoang Voygers.
Grace Od Uwia.
Oermaa Fairy Tales.
Famous Men.
Boys' and Oirls' Story Book,
boy Lonqaeror.
Yonisg Fuiis History of Greece.
Adventures of Famous Sailors.
Iioys ol the bible.
The Adventures of Itb itoy.
Y.ung F..ks B-jvko," BirJs.
Th Yr.unu Foresters and Other Tales.
Salt ''Valer.
Boy Slaves.
Yoiing Adventurer.
Old hfarry'l Travel oa the Coatlneat.
Tom Tracy.
Abbott's Stories for Children.
brauy Grahame.
Grey Hawk.
Fsirv Tain from l!r-tano.
W; d Spfirts ia the Far West.
Eaoorn Fairy Legends Correut la South
irn India.
Cliff Climbers.
Pirate Island.
Cdgewortb's Moral Ta'ss.
Y nng Acrobat.
Dick chnvelry.
Perils of tint -lunge.
Through the Looking Glass.
Dirk Rodney.
Oar Yonng Boldiefa
Bush Bora,
Onen'al Fairy Tal.
Yoang Folks' History of Home.
Spanish Fairy 'iales.
Eric Dar.e.
Eight Years' Wnndria?s in Ceylon.
F'.rt Pillo'v to the End.
The Fire Brigade s Ciinir
Jacka-ips and Other Tales.
Yo .ng I olks' lli'tory of Germany.
M'jl'reeshoro to F ;rt Pillow.
1 ha Mo'intain Cave.
I'Unt Hunters.
Tho VI r 1 1i M
Paol Disk.
Baron Mniir-htusen.
HteWOfth'l I lassie Tales
Ji' k Wheeler.
Yonng Folks Natural llisfory,
Young i'f.lks ii;t.,rv nf I ruoe.
vi.nrteraof tto Great Deep,
Tho Wolf Bay in China,
The atagtrian'a Show Bet,
iluk Heawoftb.
Lake (tnr,ett' Hi In Cut.
Adventnri"! of Pamoni Travelers.
BaodfOVd and Mertco,
In the Wilds ot New Mexico.
Thn Tiger Prini e.
The Had Cric
Number il.
'J hie series If the triumph of the ag.
All the popular bonks, over 1,0110 tiller,
bonnd in i loth, stamped in gol I, at 10
cnt One young man took forty
book! of this sarins, had all of Dickens',
ill of Idiot's and a splendid Hue of
miscellaneous woi Iff for only (A. Toy
ptlnt ii large, the hooka lira new and
for the pleaiureuf tooling they do the
Airy Fairy Lillian.
An Old Man's Darling.
Allan y iarterinnin.
Ah In a Looking Glut,
Arabian Nightv Bntertalontfeii
At thl World's Mercy.
Bonnie Dora.
Bride of the Tomb.
Child's History of BngUad
A Dateless llargnlu.
The Uaer Slav. r
The Duke'e Secret.
Dedlee, or the Iron Hand.
Dirk's Wanderings.
Doubly Wronged.
A Drapuruln Woman.
A Dreadful TatBptatloa
A Driilhbrd Man lege.
East I.ymie.
Essavs of Ella.
The rroaen Pirate,
Orlmmii' Household Fairy i'alo.s.
Dm KenmerVi wife.
The Houno on the, Marsh.
Tne Hou. Mrs. Vereker.
Handy Andy.
Jane Eyre.
John Halifax, Gentiemen.
Lady Audley's Secret,
Lust Days ol Pompeii.
Tho Last or the Mohicans,
Lorna lioune.
A Life's Remorea
Little Ooldeu's Dnnghter.
Little Nana.
Mr. Forteeqttei tn Andreau ltomunce.
Tne atattai of iho Miue.
Malt; a Tale of thl Caravan.
Molly Bairn,
i'he Nun's ('urwi.
'Jld Mam'sollu'a Secret.
Oliver Twmt.
I he Patlitlnder,
Tho Pioneera.
i'he Prairie.
a Prince of Darknafa,
Quienie'i Tirrlbli secret.
fill Reproiob t Aiiuesley.
ftoblusOV 'rusoo.
Bory O Moore.
The Rabbl'f Spell
The Rom lad the Lily.
The Sket, Ii Book,
Thl Swill Family KoblolOB,
Becond fhoahta
SiiMiigeCaiu of l)r Jeykyll and Mr.
Tom Brown'i Bobool Pays.
Tour of tbl World In iitKhty Dayi
Twenty Thousand I.eaguVi Cudor ths-
i he Two orphans.
rwoYean Before the xiat.
i inter Onn anta,
A agrant Wife
The Wlteh'l Head.
Wiiii Reply,
t .hi bv Waiting.
A Woinan'a F.uu.
A wiftiv Orlna,
; dam Beds
Crooked Path.
Cardinal Bin,
Blind Love.
Uoylo'i (iatnea
Wife III Name Onlv.
Janet'i itepantancai
Unter ot Batleatrae
Ivan the Serf.
Lady V'aliwoith'i Dlanoadii
For Faith ami Freedou,
We Witle
' hristiuns Stories.
Col Quaritih
Family Affair.
a Mental Btrugels,
For Aaothar'i Bin
Myitmoai isinuu.
Rsdieuied bv Love.
Prlaeeai ol Tbitja
We Two.
At War with Herself.
Missing Husband,
ilel w eeu 'Two Slus.
Ilarou Mumiiauseu.
Evil Oeimis.
The books embrace tho works of tne
mist raoowned nuthorson subjects of
science, history and fiction are really
among the t I standards aud
are worth more than double the amount
which the readers of TtU TRUUM
have to pay. i'hey are bound iu a
uciiiue cloth 0OVII with gold top;
Horse Book.
Hampbrey clinker.
Hyi oriou.
Irving's Sketch D.iok.
irvmg's Lito ot Washington,
Jeremy Taylor's Holy Liviug.
Juuius' Letters.
The Koran.
Last Days of Pompeii,
Legend! of the Patriarchs an Pro, bets
Lives of Celebrated Men.
Lives of Calibrated Women,
Macsnlay's biographical Belay.
Mill on Liberty.
Mrs. Candle'i Curtain Lectures.
Natural Law In the Spiritual World.
flight Side ol Nature.
floctea Atubro-iauue
One Hundred Years of a Nations Life.
Outre Met
Obiter Dicta.
P.i' and Present,
Pla: ot.xry and Sollar World.
Hu aichV L vm. mtijo vuluma.
Pr. Be Writers of America.
t e's Tales.
Pr. i ott'i Mbcellaai'i
Reebtles of liiaa Life.
Religion of the Ancient World.
Kochoioucault s Maxims aud llolleo
Siira Private,
Sartor Kraur u.
fcay n;s, wita and Othitwiee
Beamita'l Ancient History.
Bobmlta! History of England.
chmltz s History of iirece.
Pchmiti's II i. lory of Home.
Seekers Aftft God.
Self Help.
Seneca's Morals.
Saven Lamps of Arr hitecturo.
Smith's Rejected Addraaetv,
The Spect it r.
Sejncer on Elucntluii.
Sterne'a Sentimnntal .L.iirney.
Story of an African Farm
Taine's iiisturv of Bogliah Literature,
'l backaray'i Haiiy ami Late Papors.
lain, for the Pnoole.
The Bpiearian.
'iue R-iirii of Liw.
The Unity of Nature
Vanity Fair.
Westward II".
v. iilnim Mcistci's Apprenticeship luJ
American Humorists
Ancient ib-ligious
Art and Life,
Artie Discovery,
Bacon's Esays.
Beyne'i lii-aya.
BetW i ( harity.
Biogrnphla l.lterari. My Literary Lift
and Iplnlons,
BroWB'l Hiblii Dictionary.
Brown's I Sonoordnnoe,
Bnffon'l Natural History.
111." II War
Batfir'i Analogy i,r Religion.
liulwor'a Wit and Wiailom.
arlylv'a Kaininlscenriis.
f heviifs,i'a AdVka to I Wifn and Mother.
Ooafiasloai of aa Kafllah Opium Eater
Confn'iiis mid Mencius.
ook'a Voyigie,
rrasy'n De( islVlBattlai of Ihe W uild
i nrlom Myths
Classic I ' .rim li ,
CliiS'l". )ssys.
Cyclopedia.,! Bmluat Christians
I Imroiidii
David ' opperflild,
I loii Vgiiixntp.
Early Days of ' hrisllatilty.
Eliot I (Qeorge) Esaaya,
BffS and Babylon,
An liiypllan Princess.
Etaei ve Aninitie.
Emaraoa'i Essay,. Fiist aud laooad
EmlaiBt Ann ricaoa
Esfaya f RUs,
FamOQI Warilnrs.
Fox's Hook of Martyr.
H'lklel Lit and words OfOhrial
(Ireat ilanarals.
ureal Tboaghti from Oreek Aatbon
Ureal Thought, r, ,,lUu Authurs'
Highways nf Literature,
i hn llei mils.
Hero, and Hern Worship,
Historical Bvldeaoe,
History or All itnllglona.
Ultory of Middle Age,
Hlitory ol 'Norway, iTwedin ami Dtnmark
History of Ihe Ollnmiin Emplie
HlHtoiy nf the Pilgrim Fathers
History of Hnia.
History of Spain and PortDga
History of Frame,
History of Uermaoy,
Ulitory or Holland and Heigium
lllstoiy or India.
Hisinry of California.
Hiaioty of Charles mi.
illstury and Poetry of Finger Rings
Tlilneries OODtllni ovir 100 tltlft,
emhrsolng the brat worki of all tint
famous nutlinra and covering Hie ii I i
of science, ait, philosophy, hlntory,
and Ration. Hu h look ii printed from
larga type, on Hue paper, ami 1, mib
stantlally bound. The regular price Is
75 oeuls, but you may have them at 110
cents BOfltn of thia class usuully re
tail from 1 to l 2H
Hu trnitlnn Utntt fxm ,.r ioi(ai; U Bl
Iht lw u ili ( t$nt In mall.
WEAK MEN YOnR attention
II ' ' TO Tin:
Ureal 1 nalieh Bexeadv.
St Sl
Oray's Speotflo Medicine
IF YllU S1IFFFB from Ner
HUM i i liu.1 lc
Ili lit v Vl'....L ..,.- ,,f bm.I M....I
.. ......... v. f J .I1U, (.11.1
loi i Ilea, ami IiiipoO n.-y, and all dlauunm tiiat
.... .. ,,,,, vl ,,, m.hw hu. Hia'amwe, aa
l.ooa ut Memory and l'owor, Dinmam nf Yi,
Ion, l'reinutiirn 'id Aun and many otliurdh
sal that land to Insanity or Cnnsumptloo
iei mi mill v grave write for a iiamoiiiot
AddreesORAy M EDICTNl Co., liulfalo
N. v Tn.. hpselhe Uedleiaa . sold iv au
ortunlate at I per paokage, or i paekagsa
lor sy,,ur mint by mull nn leei-ipt of money and
"I n WOO "id,;r w i I'Aiia TEE
(t""tM KOUOUIll M COUBtrftJtfl t UiiVit
lUOpttfU ttlO VvllOW WntMiri, tl ly gfDU
inc. Hold in icriBtoB bf Mm Umwi uirui
Atlantic Refining Co.
itanofaetureri ami Deelerilu
llluiiiiiiatins aud Lubricating
Llniaed Oil, Naptiins ind Qaao
lim-a of nil gradns Axlu (Dense
Pinion Groaee and Colliery Com
pound . also, n lirga lino of Par
rgfllna Win ('undies.
We alao bandlatba Fatnom CROWii
ACME OIL, t In, only family aafuty
burning oil In the market
ofttt'sj- Coul KlflUMMk WyoBilnj Vv
ui ku ut riiio Brows
ill Robinson's Sons'
Manufacturers of tin) Calibrated
fedy, uiiJim Kiutantjr, lackel Ly NwU)n.., .1 Kj
HD r ifttv pMMii uj IM'PdM Iwiik.iUiHiMlH inu. H
HB U(e I I" I e ii,. i KlnbHul M'f.iii
1 ami M. u. Oui M.iuio Remedy m H
putttlvnlv cure. I OOk It VHP Hi (O, I tilaftajo, III. M
1 1 PHl
KX),OCXJ Bbk Per Annum,
oil and manufacturing coi
alanulrieturers and Unaleri i
Mttj am n. i
Also Shafting and Journal Creasa.
OFKlCli:-7'-l Wt Lackawanna Ava.
vjuab Haiidiap Strssl
1 ,.' i f f) If
4.R A -..,S,JrsijJ.-
1 be above brand of Hour ran bo had at any of the following merchants
wl will aooept Tiik TRIBUMa n ut it coLI'on of SS on each one hundred roands
of Hour or ."iU on each barrel ol Hour.
Eerinton - f P, rii. a, Wublagton avenue.
i in .1 Modal Brand
Hyde Park Canons) pevta, Wastabarti st.
ii...M. Iiil Hrand; J. m ,i a Mi-ars,Main
avenaa Bnpertatlv Brana.
tireen Klila-e A Meilnl Hraml
Dunmori r P Prfoa ii.,ui m,.,ibi Brand.
"Ivihsnt -Jamas jordau, Boperlative bratel
Iliinniore K i Mauley Su.rlti,i hraml.
rrovldeaoi -Fnni 'imijii x Main avs
nn. Hiiterlallvn hiiul:i'. J Uilloaple, V
Maiket tre,.t. ilnlil Me.lil Hraml.
Kiisor, Pureilatlve
Pickville Bbaffsr
Jermyn O, i) Winters .V Suri'tulativj
Carbon dalB B CUrk. field ItadalBiwid
, Hoaaadale- j x. Poatar a 0a lioKi Medal
; Hraml
! Boneedela V,P Bobaaek.Bnwrlatlva Brand
I niton S i: Finn it Ben, Held Mwlal Hran 1
(iniildsbnni S A. Aitiuns. (iold M. dal hraml
Tonvaaana Tobyhanna a Lehigh Lumaa
I Cn . 1 1, .1.1 Mi-dal bland
Mercereau . 4 Connell
and Fine Jewelry, Leather Goods,
Cloc ks, Bronzes, Onys Tables,
Shell Goods, Table and Ban
quet 1 .amps, ( Choicest Bric-a-Brac,
Sterling Silver Novelties.
Ice .'. Skates,
All Prices and all Sizes.
1 1 on, tht x y. Triton, Aov. 1, U9X
The Flour
"CniCAOO, Oct 81. Fba first offlcial
aiiiiouiici'ineiit of Worlds Fair di
I'lotnaa on Hour has been made. A
medal has been awarded by the
World's Fair judge.? to the flour manti
faclured by the Washburn, Crosby Co ,
io the preat Washburn Flour Mills,
Minneapolis. Tho committee reports
Ihe Hour strong ami pure, and entitles
it to rank as Brat-clan patent Jluur for
family and lakers' use.''
Three Magnificent Oilers.
Trio of Chances to Get the
Finest Art Portfolios
Printed at ternn so easy that all can buy.
The World's 1 'air Portfolio, in four
parts, each part containing between fifty
and sixty views of the great exposition,
and the whole forming a superb represen
tation of the greatest exposition the world
has ever seen, may be had as previously
announced. Three Coupons, cut out as
explained below, together with 10 cents
in cash, will secure it. The demand is
heavy, but we will fill all orders as fast
as the Hying presses can print the hand
some books.
I he "Wanamaker Panorama of the
W orld s Tair. which has occasioned such
a furore in Philadelphia, is a voluminously
illustrated history of that great event. It
is a history that is both highly entertain
ing to the young and old, and instructive
to all. It is such a volume as should be
in every patriotic home. In order to have
a complete, continuous and connected his
tory, it will be necessary to have all the
parts. One new part appears each week.
I here are sixteen, magnificent, marvelous,
full-page views in each part. Ten cents in
cash and two coupons of different dates,
cut as directed below, will secure it Part
One is now ready in unlimited quantity.
Other parts will be announced.
The young folks all delight to take that
famous "Trip Around the World" by
means ot the handsome and instructive
Portlolio of Photographs showing noted
scenes and picturesque spots in all parts
of the globe we inhabit. It is an educa
tion in itself; this album. Don't fail to
have it, if you haven't it now. It will be
a lasting treat. Just now. in particular,
see the views it gives of Hawaii, the land
where Queen Lil ruled. Two coupons and
? cents in cash will secure this treasure.
e've had to do it. The demand was too
great. We've had to make THREE offers
where we though two, surely, would be
enough, But the public wouldn't be satisfied.
So we've added the Wanamaker series, and
continue the other two. You need all three,
to be really in the swim. Each one is better
than the one before it; at least, that's what
you think. Better order early it you want
a prompt reply. All the various parts are
going like hot cakes,
FEB. 12
Office, 813 West Lacka
wanna Ave.
Quarries and Works,
Portland. Pa.
This Coupon, with two like it, but of different I
I dates, and with Ten Cents in cash, will secure one s
I part of the World's Fair Art Portfolio in four
parts tne one announced oaiore. 5
FEB. 9 2
This Coupon, with another like it, but of differ-1
ent date, with Ten Cents in cash, will secure one
a part of the celebratad "Wanamaker"' Portfolio, de-
a scribed above. New part each week. Part One I
a now ready.
FEB. 12
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This Coupon, with another like it, but of differ- e
ent date, and with Five Cents in cash, will secure
the "Trip Around the World" portfolio of photo
a graphs, a rare and interesting glance at noted