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Fittings 8 'the hopes of the democrats
O" -
One Week from Tomorrow Will Oocur the
Battle 01 tin Billots,
Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avenue
1 bey Will Nol Be HoaliieU, as thu Hoo
ple Do Nol W.uii ,i Cli.tiio S.-lfrt
and Oomman Councilman to Bo
l ' li 1 in Ibe Even Numboi i il
Wards end School Oontrolleri In the
Odd Numbered w.uds.
JT8 for.a Am.
Grand Display
Laces and
mbi oideries
415 Lacka. Avenue.
Wall Papers.
Window Shades,
Mattings Rugs, etc
127 Wyoming Avo.
One week (rOU tomorrow will be
tiectlon l.iv, mill viuit lurfaoe Indloa
llOM WOUld lend thti obtAfverltn believe
tbat tlie Campaign ll taUie Mil uninter
esting, some Vim y o:u nest work la being
done .n many of too wardi o( tiu olty,
The Democratic itateemen o! theoltj
think tiiev -of ah opportunity ol . uu
getting control ol kbtoity nounoili anil
tri miking an IntofMtIng flli t in nil
of tho doubtful warde, They nre work
tiiit quietly, however, without muoh of
tin' liurtli Which usual l) marks their
There is unall bopc for the inooou
of their lohcme. loe people arc oou
f I Dead that (bay now bate th muni
elpal uiioblnery working unoother ami
mora economically than ever before
ml nre not nnxtooi for u change.
Ever) aroircMivo Berantonleu reallate the lium hin now arrived when
Soraaton mint make many permanent
Improvcmenta if aim would kt
al fomi with bet growth Id population
and Importance.
Nt'fclM wisk UOVtRNMKiT
At tblt Important1 jr io.i u naadi
a continuance of tnowite, r.uiservativo
govarnuteul ii baa aaperlauead for
aavaral year. Taxpayer! generally
realie tl'i fact, aud will be loatli to
make a ermine, especially as tin can
dUale presented ty th Republicans
lecturer N. H. H rooks, of Wnnder-
laod. in onu of tile uioit genial of Ululi.
Saturday was hit ihirty-'dftii birthday
and in' waa treated to aaurpriaa that
for it time dkaurbed his equipoise of
temperament When tbo ourteln was
wrung (Idwii on thu opening fu.iliuo of
tbe Bltemoon performance Mr. Ilr .
took hit position nt tii f Midgut! to
deliver ble uanal Bator lay Itotnrt to
tin' children, llefora bo bail fiuisbed
the ourtaln waa inddenly raited ami
i i us Homer, one ol the m 'mbere of Ihe
Wninl-i l in I Stock company, in the
nam ol Mr. unii tire. GreorgeDavia
and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thome, pre
anted Mr, Brooki with anatlaaand
iliotlonary, Poronoethc lecturer waa
aliunel deprived of the power of speech
and alter battlly expreealng iiin tbauki
roibed from tho etnge with hht ImoIh
under hit aim.
Attorney ft, J, Bamtih t iIjv.ihhk'
his leisure hours to tile uountruation of
a drama that will be tiio I next ton
Hon The sconn is loontcil in the coal
regloni with a contention imtwenii
capital ami labor aatbt itroug feainro
The drama win p hums nuuv novel
featurea am) admit ol ruainttu r
proilnction of ic.nti in an I about n
Coll 111 I II 0
Dhputy Bherifl William Oralg wan
on laturday the recipient of many
congratulatloni on ih dcolalon of In
ternal ftwenue Collector Herring t.i
appoint blm tlepuly collector of thin
dlatrlot Mr. Oralg will attnmathe
dutiee of ble office ou March 1, Uotil
thai time tiu win continue to perform
th tittle of deputy iberltf
PrOthonotnry PryOf is a very enter
litiiiK litlker. i ! . uiareluuJ
of itorlee, aneodotee ami remlnitceuuee
wbiob ho relatet in Inimitable atrle,
llnortlje, while o ie of tne busiest in
the county, is nltO one of th moat pop
William iwrrv, whooo clever toting
in I'ne Ruing denotation" at tiie
ca.iemv oi .uueic ou r riiinv nun nut
tor potUleni in tu couotile and on the urday evening, waa ao much nppre
TkeQineiil ef eeatml
SbeeU3 'bis evemaj.
Coeai on s-,urd 'anted a new trial
ia tne caaa uf J jLa Jeruiya BgMiaat R A.
The BeiailtUU rl.-.ic a,-..l I.aJd-r .ampaoy
w... b . . - !;.& iaa;a. bail at Turner
ball this evenia.
The furniture f..r use la tbe new inter
rnr.l revenue nas arrived and is L--luf
anpaoiced and set up.
Electric Chi lod. No. U'j, Bertteini
Eutual A:d aeeeetaiiin,Wltl bold it annual
bail: Mneie ba.i on laoevmlagof Pebvti,
On -itarday tbe c-.urt made an order t.
rectinK chat Domootea Li jpp. an lnar
priauoer at tbe illiuutv be removed Vj
ibe Hilisijf! Boate
The Central riepi.i-iiu eite wfll meet
tLis evening, at time ofltcers wid
be Botninar.'d. Tbe eteeCaM will take
place at tbe rtrst meeting m March
The mambers of the -Scran -on Checker
Club bene ctw;lmrl itbe P.ttaton p.ayer
to a game, and utter have accepted
The game wdi i- played la Ptttetoa next
V'eilne.:ay .,r Ti. iriday evatlaf
oliovl boardaan men of high itanding
tu the ward! hi which they have been
nominated; uhu who have builneai
qnalltkatione, intelllgeac, ami
uuiiuc:io:ed uitettrlty.
e'.ect uud common conncUmen are
to ls elected in all the even numbered
and eehool coutrollers in tlie odd ntUtt
bared wardi in tbo Tenth and Six
teenth warda th.e HepubUoU Cudi-
dnfee for eeleot counoil hove no oppo-
sitiou. The Teutu ward candidate is
Cturle F Waguer. clerk of the county
eontmltcioaere. 'i'ue people of the
?:xree:i:d ward pay a ursceful tribute
t.i the past eervloee of Captain William
Kellow by returmui himwitbont oppo-
In the beoond wnH Wadd M Finn,
tbe well koowu Kepublicm aul
M ::;iu. is Oppoeod by Jam J.
Flvnu. a Democrat. In the Fourth
ward W, J. Tliouuui. who at present
occupies a seat in the common council
wauls to l promoted to the sel
Ll f..l ... L .. ..V. . . II , .
uim -.'L iidiis. ins oiryjuvill
is iu,m ener. I'emocra;. in
the sixth ward Patrick G ldeu
present seieot conaoilman, is a candi -date
ou tbe Cltlaen'i ticket. His right
to a re-election is con tee ted by M K
Clark, wao received the Democratic
Fred Dorr, tbo Kepublics.n caudi -date
in tho Kightb. is battling with
Edward J Walsti. Democrat. In the
Twelfth ward tho Democrat hive the
battle to tbetxtaelveei James.) Manly,
ri:e present iocuuibent. and John F.
Kearney are the warrior. QcorgO F,
Kellow, Kepublicin. is itivin P. F.
i Mc'-'inii. the present selectman, an in
! testing In tbe Fourteenth ward
j with good promieee of sacceis. Michael
(J. Barn. Democrat, and Jolin Ciwley.
In lepeadint. are atrnsf rlinsf for the
ealect council in the P.ibteent n wird,
j and in tiie Twentieth Tbom is Mcl trail,
bu.d a regular j rmocrat, i. waging a hopehm bittlo
agaiQit A r uonneii. tne present em
cient leleetman from tliat war J
For the ofHce of comrain council El
war! F Wenzel, Republican candidate
in tbe Tenth ward, and Daniel Bottle,
Democratic sandl late in the Twentieth
ward, are unopposed.
The other candidate are- Second
ward, M, '' Morrte, Repaollotn, and
A L Frar.'; is. Democrat, Fourth
ward, .-siBson '1 homes, it pub.ican. iind
.William II Rao, Democrat; .sixth
i ward. John F. Itio., D.-mocrat,
ilcbaei J Uuane, Cltixen'a party.
, L;ihtb ward. F B. dlry, Repnbn
I can. and Morn hch wartxkopf, Inde
pendent Deniicrat. Twelfth ward,
' Morris Sweeney. Democrat, and Henry
' W. Ceflev I"er.ny!vnia Demo'-racy .
- Fourteenth ward, H. U Kriegbnttm,
Repnblicaa, and P. J, tfeolle, I)
i r it: Sixtentn war I, Attorney J, W.
t f'rowinir. RepnbHcan, prent conncil-
man, and iarl" I? BobAit.DemoOTat;
M M Williams. It
i itn. i by aorantonlana, i one or tne
moat entertaining actors oif the i
that can b Imagined, lie u u itrong
j believer in the idea that the public
want to lituifh uud than he no one
i can--- more good, genuine, heart y
j laughter, but he duet not tiuvo to ro
I eort to coarai or low tactics to do ao.
; As Martlu McSiisyne, Mr Barry gives
j one i f the most oharaoterll
ttooi of n prosperous, good-benrted
Irishman that is to bo found upon tho
American etnge. Hi oompany ie en
Joying h lenten rest tbls week, a prac
tice lie bus followed evsr since be first
became well known to tbe amusement
world with his late partner, Fay
i ii
Mr. Ida M.. Comb Beenrec of Them
from the Coutt.
Mr Ida Eugenie MoOomb was on
Baturday freed by the oonrt from the
V t'ound her to Eiitor John MoComb. of
Hilton Facie There married
Wfm ww nAt tt r a . . f i V . , I . Mr- Xt.'l '.
ll'" .... ,u., I..,- .......... I ..... ...... I I,...
most cruelly and offered great Indig -nltiee
to her. For that reason the div-orc-'
was granted
A'sieatiue Etrbaoh waa granted div
orce lr im Mr M iry K F.rbach bee uiso
she had been unfaithful to him. The
Erbacbs hay been separated (or aom j
time. Mrs. Krhach now making lur
home in New Jersey. Nellie Jacijues
wis grunted n divorce from Wilirel
Jacqnee for dosertton. and for the lame
reason the bond, In name only, which
joined Joseph Li Milburu and Sarah
MUburn together waa dissipated. John
. Jiin- s was also granted a divorce
from Eliltbotb Jones for desertion.
Iu the cage of Lizzie Price ugainet
Ellswortn Price an alias subpena iu
divoice was leeueda
Th y Will Assent the OOOt cf Siwers tJ
Be C)ulrucld
Court on Saturday appointed C.
Carman, Timotby Jone aul Daniel '1.
Kelly Viewer! of the proposed sewer
system for Webster, Taylor and Proi
peetavennee, Mulberry street, Buenzil
and Bcbultl courts 'Ihey will meet on
March h
Attorney C. II. Soper. Attorney P.
W Stokes and Frank Moeiler were ap
pointed viewers of the Ueln sewer in
the Thirteenth district, and Attorney
,1 I -i riiL;, Frank . I Dicker! and W.
II Iierhy viewers of tho sewere In Si
let, Mineral, Carbon uud (iordon
Was Tendered Mite If ay be at H.u
"Franklin Avenue Hmnt.
At Lake Artel Dee Coosooem lea eonv
peny f Berantwi bas sbao forij tnen at . Riffbtaenth ward.
work barveating ice, aod the lake it now i p:j,jr:ari, present conncilman. an I Ja
scene of bus activity, r be ice j tin ! f ,, ,.rnocrat Nineteenth ward
ty carloads of it . being diiir
this city.
Sr.omon lioldsmitli. of ilsinith s
hawar, ha jost return--1 after a long t r
in Ne.w Yor: city ar.u sat tlwt the de
preciation of pr.res if 'lry good in Man
instance 1 so great that fifty and anient y
five cent will In. y a m ic i n- one dollar
did a year ago.
A Horael Woman Who Wa Turuak
and R'iie.t'1 Arrest
Mr. Haggerty, M years old, arid
homeless, was drunk an 1 creating n
disturbance en ' dsr a7euue early
yesterday morning. When .-pecml
oflicer Phillip attempted totstkenor
in custody, she screamed and refused
to acu impany him. Tne om;sr proved
,-: to the emergency and trana
ported her to the municipal building
in a dray. She wa full of rooeotanoe
when brought bnfON Mayor ( onnl I
yesterday morning and was fined 'J k0
Anthony Dacey. H year old, of the
South Side, was so helplessly intoii
catud on Lackawanna nvenuo that it
reijulred the united efforts of two oftl
cere to goide him to the station house,
lie pleuded ' hi ft OtTeoeo" utid tbe
mayor dlicherged him with a reprl
Tbe Flrtt Week of Manager Davit' Ven
ture Very Suooeetful.
The lirst week of Manager Davis'
stock conipnny at Wonderland wn
very successful. If his cotnpnuy con
tinues to do aa good work as that
wbioh characterized tbe performance
lest week, tbe patrons of Wonderland
will be given many enjoyable treats.
An excelleut comedy, entitled "Ko
tuatice and iieality," will !" produced
ou Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday
of this week, and on Thursday, Fridny
mid Saturday a dramatization of
Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist'' will be
presented. There will be matinee
every day except today and Thursday.
Ik von want tbe later styles and finish
iu photography, yon can get It at lirtfllnV,
Wyoming avenue. Wo are introducing
Dew uuvelties constantly.
shinned to ' '' vacn('y cause I by resignation of
' I County Auditor John Kink, August
F ranz. Republican, ami P J Mickey,
M)J no Of ' MTflOU
In fonr of the eleven wards in which
members of tho boir 1 of control am to
elected, tr.e Republican candidate! are
nUlppOied, In tho Plfth ISd Fifteenth
war Is 'ieorge li. Cirson and John II
Williiitus are given a re election
sj a reward for past service,
and iii tbe Ninths, ward, VVil
Item .1 Welsh will succeed QfOfgC
ii Thompson without, a Itruggle,
i rank H Darker will succeed II W.
Kingsbury In Ihe Seventeenth ward.
In Ihoiirst ward QfOfff Mitchell,
who has been an ofli dent member of
the board for year, bus a ipiasi imposi
tion in the hope of ex Select Council -
an Qeofgc Archibald, it Ii gener
ally Conceded that GeOrge! candidacy
itajoke. Menry J. O'Malley.the )mo
cratin mem tier from the MtAOOrntlo
Third ward, le asked to earn hi right
lo return by defeating Thomas Connor,
iiolepi.ndeiit John llnvtiiney hit been
nominated by the Democrats of tlie
BaVIUtb to succeed himself, but he is
opposed hy James J I'adden. imlepend
flit Benjamin P. Moore. Itspuhlinan.hae
ropreseuted the Klovunth ward for sev
eral years and Is a candidate for re
election, ills opponent Is Charles J
Conrad, Democrat.
Charles S. Jacob who now repre
sents the Thirtueuth ward Is the lie
publican candidate and Is opposed by
Attorney '1 houia t, Wells, Democrat.
Barmen Note wants to be returned
from the Nineteenth ward a a Demo
i rat but Jacob Muutz, Republican, is
likely to Interfere with his praisewor
thy nmhitlon.
In the Twenty first ward tbero ore
three candidate, W. S. LaugsUfT. GUI'
zens' candldato, K. J. Leonard, Demo
crat, and David J. BfTRO, l'-ople
party, Mr. Laugstaff bus represented
the ward wltii much nbllity for sev
eral years and will undoubted ba reelected.
A birthday party was tendered In
Mis Dell Maybe at her home, VII
Franklin avenue, Saturday evening.
Those present wore (tertle Long,
Lidia 'atnjiliell, Uertie Cnmpheli, li,
i uniiii'll, Kilty ( ampbell, iAIay U id
mail. M iry l)en, Anna .Mayer, I '!
Mayer, Dorn tlrigge, Vergie dtigge,
Mary Scotl
Norma ' Atln, I'eisr ' lodman, Wni-
tef Mayaie, RuftU Jdohnrd, llopie Mc
Clercn, Vivian MoClaren. Fred Lttner,
Jerome Scott, Stevn Myhe, John
Bleter, Harry Rttful, of Wilke llarre
geiend District
pursues oc of a
EnBlisb, You Know.
ThgueziotypeetUroves', iii Spruce.
Hepnhlh ne
P'Snllltlon of Ihe
stHiiilnig committee of Ihe Itepnlilli itiiH of
the second tacglelntlve dletrlot, n conven
t loii will lie h"ld Iii the nrliit ration room
nt the court house, i-liv of Scrnntou on
Tuesday, Feb. IB. IHWI. nl, 'i o'clock p. in.,
for Ihe piiriee of electing "lie ilekgate Lu
represent said Mm elate conven
tion to ln In lil nl. lliirnshnrK, rl , on
Weiiiiesdar. Majrte, latti VlgHaooeoom
nltteee will bold prtumrteeoe Mnmrday,
Feb, in, b twera tne bourn of 4 and Tp. m.
w. s Mm, i ah, Ohalrman
A. J. Km. ti, Secretary.
BcranteD, Pa , Jan. ML 1181,
Furanton'a Butlnee Inlnrette
Til TfMBVgS Will soon publish a cam
fully compiled sad classified list of tho
lending Wnoleeale, Imiiklng, inanufaolur
lii' Hhd profeanliiiinl Intereeta of Hermilon
slid vicinity. 'I he edition will be bound
In book form, beautifully Illustrated with
pliotogrnvure view of our public, build
inn", hilsllie bloi Us, strmits, etc. togelher
with Dortrnlt! of leading citizens. No
slimlnr work has ever glveu an eqttOl re
proiientallon of Scraniou a many Indn i
trie. It will le' an Invaluable exposition
of our bntiue resources. Sent to
I pernons onteide the city, copies of
this handsome work will alt.rnct
BOWOOmcn and be an uneiiinlled
nivvrtlvein"iit of the city. The clrcu -I
latum Is on a plan that cannot fall of good
. results to those concerned ns well nithe city
atlsiire. Representative of Tub Tiuiu nk
will call upon HgOU wiiohn namK
are tiKaiimn lu tbii edition and explain
It nature more fully.
Tboso desiring views of their residences'
In this edition will please leave notice at
the office.
, ,
Mt.lliutiK'ii new Turkish bntb. Ilvery
thlng new. WHI ' Spruce Ntreet, opposite
Court House.
Vary Stylish.
Tbo new process photos at Groves.
Grille Writes Euh'ridiuiuilly ou Military
Court Martial to Be Convened Pro
motions That Have Been Made.
Shoes lor tins Non-Conimln'iioned
Officers Captain Fellows lo Retire.
Oflii it', I nt. i I. lined it Montrose.
New Hoard ol Otlicei ; Oi ( ,iniod.
Colonel Ripple leaned Ihe followln
order the past week
BiAOQOAJiTini lira ukuimcnt.
Si liANioi, I'll . I'ub 5, IVil )
Regimental 1 ndm no,
I. a regimental i ioiii t mei iial is hereby
ordered to convene at regimental bead'
nnrrtere for ih tiiai of Private Walter
Hobu, Oonpan) H, Thirteenth reglment(
n i i'.. ami such where may come
before li Bald oourt will ooavene Friday
evening, February 88, 1884, t I o'ciuck,
nini have nermleeion lu sit evening!
ii Detail for oonrt: LleutenanoColonel
H. a. Coarsen i nfJloer of the oourt, Lien'
leueiit JettieeM Dakford, judge advocate.
By ordei "t
i loboxnti Bin v H, RirfMii
SV, s. Mu i in, Adjutant
Piivate Hohn is to he courtmartialed
for uou 'attendance at company drill.
Tho follnwlng promotion liuve been
made the neat week Company A
Bergennt Hurt Thayer, to Plrat Ber
geanl Bamuel imuhh to Second! Her
gi ant Qee to Third Sergeant; Corporal
A. It. Livingstone to Pourth Sergeant,
and Corporal t Ieorge Llco to Plfth
Sergeant. Tho following were ap
pointed corporals A Weineehank, I .
K. Ilartmau uud Llo Schluipff.
The following promotione were mu i '
In Oompany i Tbomai Qlllman to
I'lrst Sergeant, Corporals John Hughes
and L. Keel to Third ami Fourth Ser-
gionte respectively, and tne following
private were promoted to corporals
A. It Foot!, and Hooert Ward. Bern
cs: Cnrlyle wa made oompany clerk
The noti-coinmitsioued staff can dis
pel all lent' of going barefooted tbll
winter. Order! have been received at
regimental hendaunrten to Mho: th-i
nou-commisiloned staff. For the por
poso of taking measurement! every
nOUeommiRllOn of the stuff should be
present ut headii'iarters tonight.
Tho proceedings, Boding! and sen
tence Qxed in the court martini of Cor
poral William C. Hawker, Company
L, Thirteenth regiment, bava been
approved by Brigadier Qeneral J. P. B,
Captain BogOOe D. Fellows, Com
pany F", will resign ble commission im
mediately aftvr tne ring Inepeoiion
This will be u lerloUl loss to tun com
piny and tO tho i-giiuniit All efforts
lo urge Captain Fellows to alter his
determination have proved futile.
The nonoommteeioned officer's
schools for February have been poorly
attended, and the knowledge of guard
duty, not of a "very superior" charac
ter, with but. ii few exceptions. The
adjutant has made ii note of absentees
und also of in nt Union tbe attend
ance in the liiture is more general and
the general knowledge mure perfect,
the examining board will have a heap
of work on their hands, as Regimental
order, No. 0 will sureiy be enforced
this year.
Adjutant Millar, accompanied by
Dr. l rke, went to .Montrose last Wei'
dny evening to conduct a non oouimis
sioned ofiicers' scnool in Cotupanv (1.
After the school the officers of Com
pany i. bandsoinely entertained the
adjutant and the doctor. Company (
has handsome and commodious i fli 'e
and company rooms added to ttieir
armory, but nre seriously bandioepped
hy n cramped drill room. Company li
will hold its own at tbeeomlcg inspec
tion. Majors Mattes nnd Whitney will hold
a preliminary inspection of the several
companies in their respective battalions
this week, beginning this evening with
Companiei A and G,
Those who uro wagering that Com
pnny A will be don up by Company
D this year, do not want to underesti
mate Captain Stillwell's ability to keep
his compuuy in first place. It is to be
admitted, however, that Captain Darn
nrd uud his tigers are not after the
gore of lompany a .
The next mm commissioned ofiicers
school will be postponed from March
I to March B ou aceount of the spring
From a patriotic standpoint, ought
not the Thirteenth celebrate Washing
ton' birthday either by a street parade
or entertainment of some kind?
Sontlneli on post nr required to
memorlll paragraphs 808 ami 808 of
tho "Manual of Gourd Duty." Look it
up, boye, and be sure not to be "wrong'
about it when "Wright'' asks you
about it on Inep totton.
The nllirers of the Thirteenth regi
mOUt met last Monday evening and or
ganlzed a board OfofaOOreOf theThlr-
leentb regiment by electing Adjutant
Miller Moratory and Adjutant Mattes
treasurer Four laws were adopted.
ami committee! on state of the regi
ment, music committee, Bounce com
inittee and armory couimitlee were
elecled. 'I he board will meet the tirst
Monday In laniian , April, July nnd
i hdober In each year. g f(j
All that contributes to hold the close
attention of Ml audience for hours, to
amuse it, to thrill it. toexoitc and to
please it in every way by ingenuity of
plot uud skill in acting, m iybesoeu
and beerd In the great melodremi,
"The Silver King," which OOBM to tho
Academy tomorrow evening. It is H
play that never grow oi l, beoattM it is
full of the vital interests of hum in life
which strike bom i to each beholder.
Ul'iMAH W. K I i . I
Th dlntlngiiieheiljtragedlan. Thomas
W. Keens, supported tiy a carefully se-
b'cted oompany, wdi ii the attraction
at the Academy of Music Wndn-sduy
evening. on which occasion Mr. K nine
will be seen in hit fcmiUt e.linrncter
nation of ''Rtohnrd lie Mr, Keeue
deserve success by right of his long
apprenticeship, hi gradual advance
ment, hi endless dramatic achieve
ments and a must .'I tuns, brilliant
The announcement . . mad that
i harming Agues Birodot) iu her crea
tion of ' I, a Hells M ule" wi.l be with
ue ugnin on Tiiuraday eviuiing ut the
Academy. Mils BerudOU Is no tlrauger
and tho enjoyable uerformeUCI given
on her last epSMfeBOe is long rrmum
hi red with plCMUre.
William li'atsold'e Cellar InvaUeU anil
Treaervee Htolen.
After a i -aeon of insctivily the burg
lar has again served notice of hia plea
ence In the city
On Saturday night IU entrance wus
forced Into the cellar of the house of
William F'assold ut Capouse avenue
uud New street, und a large number
Of bottlfh of conned good! owned by
Mr. Paaeold uud a tenant named John
Snyder v..-ro carried away
The intruder burned a number of
match" an 1 eel fife to pieces of DOWC
piper in oi ler to locale the preserves
An entrance into tho cellar was
gained iiy forcing open an onteide door.
There is no clue to the burglar.
To iii" Bdltoi ef Tin; Taiai
i lake.thli method of tendering my sin
1 1 hi thanks lo the friend! who expressed
for me such kindly sympathy la my recent
bereavement, cnuseil by the end ilea III of
lev son, BamUel Moore. I wish nlso to
particularly thank the members of ih,
iu isi inn Endeavor eooictyfof the Penn
avenne Baptist church, my sua uisss
mateeaod m fnllcw aaeoolntM m thi
Delaware, Laukapreane and Western
ibopa, where be wn employed, for the
kimlly offices which they performed
Monk and Ladder Ball.
Tkeaanaal boil of tbeBeranton Book
and Ladder company In nlwnvt a social
event or more than nrdlnnrv Interest. The
c iiiipauy will hold It seventh annual ball
ui. Tttrner hall tin evening, und tho who
attend era assured an enjoyable time, a
llrst-class orchestra will furnish music.
Anheuaer llutrli Beer,
l.nllle Lohmau'a, ilV i hurme ob
The new offer
made to Tribune
readers on page 7.
It is the best
one yet made
Tin Second Year of Ihe InUtOUOO Celebrated
at Hisrs03 Roouis.
Court by Us Acilon Conilemned lile
Commitment to Jail
The case of Frank 1'avolosky, the
Ki-yeurold PrlCCborg boy who ws
Committed to the county jail on F'eb.
j by Justice of the Pence Lloyd for
obtaining pound of tobacco from
thHtorof H ltosenleldt, was brought
to tho attention of the court Saturday.
As soon h the fact with regard to
tlie persecution of the boy were made
known the court orlered bis release on
hi own recugniz.tticj in the sum of
L'urkoiidafe Leader.
There is mi mure Interacting pave of the
Si ha n ton TatattRi nowadays teat that m
which the cditoriul opinions of tbe paper are
expressed A new haiol Is guiding the con
duct and exprcadng tea eeotunents of that
Journal and doing them m such a way that
The Tumi m: la not eeoonfl to an) um;
per iu Peaneylvanla. The new editor. Latvy
S. Richard, Is a yoaog man of remarkable
talent with the pen nnd wide knowledge ol
bLttory and current affdre, and his selection
tor the highest ettcels reason for extending
ci ngratulsttont to Tin: Tntnt "tou it ex-
cell.-nt iud;nient.
Aeroellea Truth
The Truth never cares to meddie With th
affair-, of it local rott temporaries, so far b
they concern business ur editorial direction,
nevertheless it take-piea-ure in (alieltetlng
the new editor of tho ti n . los Tunas L.
Lily S. Kiebard. upon the well deserved
trihutes tu bis Industry and ability which
bavl appeared of Iste in several leading newi.
papers. It would bl diffi:ult to find one
mere eevnectly devoted to jooraallem than
Mr. Richard, and he ful y merits all th" kind
things that have been said of him.
I: Will Feign Ahead.
SCroato Beeord
Tiir. TnUVHn staff has undergone some
rhaugee. 'Air. Kiebard. formerly aisselate ed
itor, ie now editor-in-chief, with Mr. E. T
Sweet ee his eeaootatoi Mr. Rlchardta awall
equipped, well-trained writer wAoee articles
Sre always bright and timely, and he has a
good eeeoad In Mr. Bweet Between ith el
them there la no retain why lui. Thibvm
hliuuld not conttetM to forge ahead. We Wish
them w hat they desire so w.'ll complete suc
cess in their journalistic Work.
From Former Ataodatie
'Ai'v. K T.i "uily rim.
The PlttCtea, I'eiina . llaiotte says ' It
will he most agreeable news t.i the in in l'itt s
ton Mends el i.tvy a. BlCharde, who for two
vara waa a valued member of the Utrette
Stag, to earn thai he has Won mad I maua
Ingtdltot of the Bcrantea Trihnee, with fall
charge if lh editorial tn 1 news depart
The Times seconds the cotigratulilions. Mr.
Hi hard head Is nUay full ef tiraint and hll
hauda full of woik. nnd tic combination ts a
sure winner. Hie nisnv fr ends In Trej an
i ieaeit with the saeoees he is aehtavtag, ni
predict stIU greater promotion for him in tee
Hi Id of Journalism
- -
(The following is one of the best poems
Of the lata 1I. 3, 'I Poyle, of Wilkes
Hut re. I
I Htnnd in the silence thai ileal h has made.
By the side of tnv loved one tomb,
And fondlf fancy, her pbeUtom shade
Is blent with the shadows that fall nun
Oft Ihe gisgion grave, where wr
mom ulng laid
All the pride of hit eaily bloom
The llowert nnd buds that m death I daik
a wreathed 00 her robe of rest
Seem siiilngiiig to hie li ,nii her shroud of
And nod hi n wistful and moaning way.
As though thro thou fol ins nbe would fain
A ngu to my Haonii oreett,
The authem'il winds that nronml mu sing.
Aie surely her spirit voice
For they movelikctue breather nu angel's
iv inn,
As It used to dO,WbeO (was wont to ilng
Thro' nrv raptured soul, nnd went caroling
To hid tne iu love lejoieo.
The Milken iMVee, with their rustling
Strew softly the moss KOhed i lav ,
And sliver grasses arrav the ground.
A tho' e'en the enitli ihe bad meelly
To welcome my steps lo her lonely mound
To her homo in the shadows grey.
I is sweel to draw llnis n balm foi woe.
From the shadow land a dole so dread,
Ami to i eel i )! faooy'e enlivening glow,
Like dlstnnl sun its li ahlues on snow.
Itlends with our sorrows, to kiadlv throw
It sheen o'er the dint of trie dead.
( h shrouds' and sorrows' und stllluess
deep '
I thauk ye, that after all
Ye yield mo my lovo iu tbo winds that
In tbe fragrant leaves that around tin
lu the in. i ms Hint wnkoti and buds that
Ihe shadows ihnl fade and full.
George Graff, of Dr. Parkhurst's Ma
dison Avenue Mi3sion, Makes a
.Short Address on tho Work -The
Large Number ol Pprsons Rescued
from Ruin Show How Well the Work
Progreeeee Here.
The tn und annlvertury of the .Scran
ton Itetcue Mission was celebrated lust
evening at the million rooms. No. Ill
Fruukiiu avenue A number of the
executive coin toil tee. winch include
some of the lies', known Mcrantou H
pie, und Superintendent GeOrgC P.Ben
born were present, uud from their re
maiks was gathered the information
L'iveu belOW, which will give mucii sat
iifactlou to all who have helped t bit
doMrving work nnd encourage othen
to lei.d their ntaiitance in the future.
The preliminary exercites included
cotigreuatiiiiiat alugiug au l anthems by
the mhsiou choir, made up of minion
converts, live men and us many women,
'ieorge Graff, formerly lUpirintOU
dent at the mlielOO, but at ireaent at
tubed to Qev, I)r Perkunrit'i Kew
York tfediaon Bquare Cburcb home,
delivered mi interesting address, tell
In; of his work iu the inttropolis and
encouraging the Mcrantou people to
support tbe mUllon here.
TftlafAJBBI Williams' BKfOKT.
A. U Wlllinmi, tho ttaaHUier, deliv
ered Ihe report for the following ex
ecutive commit!; J. A. LlCling,
preeident; Mis Francis T. ii, secre
try I.utber Keller, vice preoidoflt , A.
B. Williams, treaiuter, Cel. B. H
Hippie, Lr. J. B DWO, W. J. Hand,
W, ft Peck, W. D Kennedy, Mrs. J
L. Btellennd A. W Uicksou.
Up to this date MM moetlngi buve
been held, with en attendance ol 81 BM,
nearly equal to tbe pnpulaHon of the
city. Of tbls i. umber IU uuve been
converted and i-iH hsre atked for pray
ers. Lodgings for 2,000 have BOOB
given snd BOO sitk-les of clothing have
beau given sway. These figures, whicu
show that the mission has accomplished
lore couversioat per week au 1 broagut
forth a reijuest tor prayer from on
out of every bundrei iu attend su ce,
speak for themselves.
Many friends of the mission bev
j during the past ytsr furnished ciott
iog. Some sent no name with the
i picksgei, but ns far us known tuey ere
.i follows W. h Davis, . L. I L .
Dalerille, Pa.. Mrs J bcrnnton; Mre.
B ii. Weston. Mrs. Horn. Mrs. Kver
hardt. Mrs. Moir, H. A Coanen. Mrs.
Fuller. Mn. Lixon Torry, Mrs. Seven
son, Mr. Davis. Mrs C E Western. Mist
LiisuoD aud the King's Dsnghters of
Providence, Ry, Bicbard Hiorne.
Tbedirhura in-n's for tne past y?ar
amouutei tof5.Sdl.SS, while tbe re
ceipt were lest tins sum by 3G 40, t
follows Cash contributions, sJj?.
Mill's meetings, fjll', and the haiance
from the churches, etc,
The object of the mission is to reac
by the gospel all classes of people, and
the written testimonies ol those re
deemed show bow well tbe work tm
prospered. Tbtse testimonials come
from rescued drunkard!, young man
who were faft going to ruin aud
others, a portion of whom nre now em
ployed in Scranton is follows: Oce
miner, ii moulders, 1 railroel BtetiM
foreman, 1 t-levabr men, I railroad
brakemeu, 3 enjiceers. 1 plumber, 1
csnv.isser, 1 laborer, 2 carpe-'er.
cook, .' tenmsters, painter., i r otv.
even women ttm cco.v.;.i,; .
are living in Scrsntoti. Two of tin
converts married during the past you
Bnd have homes. When one of the
cinrertt has lived for a year a consist
ent Christian life, tbe anniversary is
celebrated at the missio.1 by Ipecial
music, 1 ght refreshmeuls and a social
Beedleston dt W ten's and Ballantmet
Alet are the best. II J. W aLsh, ajeLt, a
Lackawanna aveuta
We would like to call you iittentiou
to our Tea and Coffee Dupartunu:.
You may not know it, but it is nott'J
tlie less ii fact, that we handle uud nl
Wayi have iu stock the finest grades of
both Tea and Coffee that can be had
In this or any other city. We have
neon doing nusinsss direct with one
tea importer tin I one enffee importer
lor the past twelve years, und our dif-I'-rent
grudes do not vary a particle
ear iu and year out. Wo now have
such u trade ou Coffee that enables us
to have fresh roaita as often II twice
esch week, which in itself i quite an
idvintnge, as ooffM is never so good
as when fresh roasted. Here h a li"t
of our Routed Coffees and the piesetit
prices. When tiie O 'rket drop we go
down with it evry time.
It. I Ini -'ava and UeoiU,,
IU Tlos Kelokerhecker
Ai aluan sioi ha
Mandhaltta'ilavai.,, ,,
cild 'ioveriiUiitiil .lav
B . b Head ,,,,
l"aii''y Mtracalbu
ea'Oos Peborri
Ooldeti Hlo
1 holes ala.'aca.ha
I ' .vtlai
ii. Rio ...
Urouitd hto
irouiid Hie,
grudes of
And in Teas we have live
the I '.', v.'u.o vari.lia
------ . vi iiivni
'Ajjorj.7. Al.'JV (Xilonv S
M Pired Japan, OrMo Japon.koyune
CBpowder and Yonng Uyaon. Etch
variety is giadaJ u, follow!;
Ritrs Pona
y ': i
1 0.
Each and all of lb above ur pure
sound Teas, the different- being, of
..une, in s'.rength an l flavor, irlnci
! pally the Utter. We have maintained,
end will maintain ejcii grade fully up
to the etenderd end vou cn nlweyi
I get exactly tbe same tea if you will
learn wtat ralte yon Wit end then
stick to it. We take more priJe m tbe
quality of our ten and coffee ttsn la
ei i ot'jrr departtnent end it is gratify
ing to t.fcur at we do ultiiott daily the
! comment of cust'jmeri,. "Tte Tea and
Coffee we get here w better than
any we get anywhere we go F .
heeij nver be afraid to eend to u lor
either tu or coffee i'ou will AL
u AYH get a better urticletf eilue.r foi
j the Bmnunt we charge you than you
can get eieewbera. If 303 nave lay
I doubt regarding th 'correct uesi t'f
these joet drop us a postai
; card stat. ng tne Kind of tea or coffee
. and tbe price you have been payiug
and we w:i; be pleased to eend you a
Maple and see if w cannot give you
something considerably oetter for 'tbe
seine 0: lest money. Ve would like to
! try it.
Scranton Cash Store,
F. P. PEICE, Agt.
Dr. Hill Son
fet tetii. su-. bast set ' fee eoia ctps
ad teeth w:ltict : u ra..e . c-r. :. kid
.v'1!1' w',,'k- c. fa prices aii reternne-e
i'ON ALGlA. fur . xtra.:.:.; tsofth w.tho:
Iuc. Ndetber. No gu.
Huntington s
Somethins New
In pbototat UroVM', S5 Spruce street.
We hae a lare assort-
ir.ent ol
LABOR AT Leave your orfjer a:
Our Lackawanna avenue
restaurant open until midnight.
Best Sets of Teeth, $S.oo
Including the paluleas ixtrnctinj
(if teeth by au entirely now prw
S. C. Snyder, n.D.s.
mo ttiujuM, AVii
Make a note of it
Eureka Laundry Co.
HENRY BATTIN & CO,, Cor. Lindtn St. ind Adams Ava
126 Penn Ave
v ei at Room Mjotvua
All kinds Of Lauudry work cuarautoed
xn tbebeit
This Is
Small lots, in all departments, to
close out cheap.
Dr. Jaeger's Underwear (slightly imperfect) at 15