The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, February 08, 1894, Page 7, Image 7

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Our Series ot the World's Choicest Books
Eagerly Sought Alter.
The Splendid Quality of the BtndlngJ
and the Remarkably Low Prices at
Which the Various Volumes Are
Sold, in Connection with the Tribune
Coupons, to the Readers of This
Paper, Cause Admiring Comment
from Thousands of Book-lovers,
Tbe popular lutonst uistiilsstai m
th innKuiticMit ehaap booit otter mad
hv Tiiv Thibi'vr mmtinuss with m
tijiu of ttakMBtai Btmal lutaUBMU
of tha various ssrifS have besn Oraarafl
aud sihausfcid, but the dsuiuud (till
continues. Much appreciation is x
reiid for tlis busiuess tnterprise
whtob enables rsa;lsrs of this pUM W
snir. a t prices ordinarily paid (w
cbeip paper-bourni book, standard
works of tb bigiwst literary qnslil
bauud bouud iu .1 manner i-jinuumu
rat with ibfir worth.
The handsome ! of standard auth
or!, in supsrior English vellum cloth
biudinirs. are greatly admired, aud ure
btiug purr-Based vfttti an avidity t!it
wake au eat! y saleclloii advisable to
11 who have not yt availed tlisnitflvm
of this unprecedented opportunity to
equip their libraries with tile word
tndard literature
Clip your coupon out aud select
rotu the taHswlltg tides'
Ueorrfe E'.Uot S volumes WW
Cvir i volume . 1 -J
Cooper, btUfi biadiu-u luuies ... 1 ;
1uumm- W 'u:ut J
Dickaai- lv volume J J
TteekW 10 volumes- very h'.e . . . 5 WJ
oxfORD eon ion.
You have gMKtaUj pud 83 eeut for
a paper covered book We propone
to give von an elegantly bouud book,
itamped'iu io'.d, fresh from me prsss,
printed in Urgt, clear type, for .'"
ceuts. Vu cau net almost ay Hals n
this series. Over L0Q0 have been sold
in the vast few dys.
BOOKS is ruis BaUUt&
Cttestauts, Uldaui sw.
E-ui Lyuoe.
lit secret.
Children of the Abbey.
tale ugilv.e.
Tom Cnnnle's Loir.
Vicar of WakeaV.d.
AraOiau Nights entertainment.
Deldee, or the Iron Hind.
The Cjuattss Eve.
Tee Cvufesaiviis of a VYouao.
Zauoal, '.'
Baled Uav.
IV .ued ami Mimed.
Two Years Before tU M.w:.
All Sorts and Condition of Mix
Bed Rover.
Tom Brown a: Oxford
Bad QattsJatt.
Tom Brjivn'i School Days.
A otramje Story.
O.iver Twist.
Monsieur Lecoq
Mill on the Finn.
IJ'.ck i Sweetheart.
John Halifaz.
Keuelm Chillingly.
Last Days -it Pjuipeu.
Tbe Spy.
Pilgrim's Progress.
The Foragrs.
Daughter of rieth.
Felix Holt.
Heart of licld.
Kestell of Oreystoa.
Fair women
The Bondman.
Chaplet of Pearls.
Frederick the ureataai hi Coord
Arrnorsl of Lyoues.
Self Helo.
Lime Kiln Club.
An April Lady.
Aurora Floyd.
A Marked Man.
Crtrp, The Carrier,
Trie Honorable
Lady Maude's ataala.
Tbe Parisians.
Border Beatles.
Briil of Lamnwrmoor.
Life of Daniel Boone.
Tlie Rival Prince.
Molly Bawn.
M ordered in the Ban Morgue
Reproach of Anuareley.
Lest of the Mohicans.
ebaadon Bells.
Old Myddietoa s Money.
Tbe Mysterious Island.
Mystery of OrcivaL
The Second Wife.
Search for Basil Lyndhurst.
Rob Koy.
Tbe Hf.use of tbe Haven liable!.
Violet Vifaa.
Tbe Wajea of Sin.
Vivan Orey.
Strange Adventure of a PLeaUii.
Beyond Pardon.
The Antiquary.
Birds of Prny.
The Firm of (ilrdleston.
Fern Leaves.
Charles Ancheater.
FonI Play.
Uold Elsie.
Martin Cbnzzlewit.
Oar Mutual Friend.
Pickwick Papers.
A Pair of Bine Eyes.
Tbe Prairie.
The Hamau and Divine.
Tb Btcry of an African Faro.
Cousin Poa.
Crown of Wild 01lvs.
Life of Kit Carson.
David C'opportltsld.
Child's Hlatorr of flnglau l
Tbe Fairy of the Alps
No Name.
My Loid and My Lady.
Ton ut the World in BO Days.
Twenty Thousand Leagues I'nler
The Phantom Sbip.
Jane Eyre.
Knickerbocker History of New York
Lady Audley'e Meeret.
A Hardv Horeeman.
Jlouse on the Marsti.
Tbe Owl House.
Old Curiosity Shop.
Nick of tbe Woods.
Wtt, Hnmor aud Pathos.
Qaeen Hortene.
In the BchilliDgsuourl.
My Heart's Darling.
Life of David CrocLet.
Lady Caetleoiains'a Dlv.'rre,
The Sin of loost Aveliugh.
fl .it Hour with (iroat Humoriils.
Half Hour with Oreat btury Tellers,
btlae Warner.
Half Hour with Oreat Novelists.
History of tbe United States.
Southward, Ob.
Her Dearest Foe.
Oreat ExTcttione.
Orimm's Kaiiy Tides.
Glided Cliiiae.
The Vendetta.
jEsop's Fable.
Faith and Uufnith.
Tbo Deemster,
a Start.
Scenes from ( lerical Life.
Charlottn Temple.
Orilllth Oauut.
Masterman Ready.
Master Passion.
Old Mamsvlle'! Secret,
Tho LerouRO Case.
Mnrub In the Hank?.
Sloauo Siiuaro
The Wigwam and Cabin.
Uny Matinerlug.
Hying Duteluuau.
Madeod of Dsre.
Marry Luriequor.
Don tguixote.
Donald Oi ant.
i'.ii up by the Rea.
Other Peoplo's Money.
Barnaby Rod
Deonb btfVat,
I'ora Thorue.
The Dovu In tbe Eagle's Xeit.
Tho First Violin
Madcap Violet.
M I'lhcbampe.
Richard Hnrdis.
Tho Parting of the Way
Forty Liars and Other Llai
The VleoBU'S Urlde.
Far FTOa the Maddeniug i iowd.
Draa as ot Ltfaj
Famous of tafaJSOtOi
Murv St. Jouu.
Shadows -.. i Siiubeatns.
Alas I
I'Lra, Ihe PhOOOlOiaa,
Bwtts Family Hobiusou.
Ron O More.
LmlteV Famllv Physlciau.
An E,j.v4'tiu niaoaaa,
Andoraon' Fairy Tales.
Vanity Fair.
The MofUfctooe
Erhj liirghteyes.
1 weulv Years After.
The Scarlet Letter.
Tho Partisan
iUe Scout.
Merle's Cruaad
BjirOO Muneba'iseu.
Katb.trli'd Walton.
The Arundel Motto.
Is I i.'e Worth l.iviug.
Pnuco uuabiuw.
Will K-ilty.
TbaMoui of Warsaw.
The Wviitnr O t.
B) rlu
i'w le I'oid lialsat
Rboda Flmutln.
The Yooaj Ouk.
Stiavge i e of 1- .tekyll and Mi.
This series contaius over I'D litis
and is peculiarly adapted to boys. The
author are inong the most noted In
tb? lutld and the book are all literary
gtus. Fifty cents would be a good
bargain, bnt four coupuni and M cent
taktl the prixe.
B jOK. IS tlU9 SKHltS.
Peep Pown.
The Boys in the Forecast'...
Roauoke Island to Mr.rfreesboro.
Fopuiar Natural History.
Barbara Triumph.
Stories from American ILstory.
The Smugulers' Cave.
Erilnz the Bold.
Adventure Amouj the ladiaus.
The Ride and tbe Hound.
QUbtrt the Tra velar,
Parents Asiistaut.
Audubva the Naturalist.
Barlia' Letters.
Banff Fairy Tales.
For; S'imter to P.-maoke Uiaad
huol Life, or Torosj Years a: Wolver
i)cean Wmf:.
The White Elephant.
My Tour in EuroDe.
Nature's Yjung Nobleman.
Fraak Wilduian j Adventurers o:i .and
and Water.
Aunt Diaaa.
The Oolden Magnet.
Ruund the World,
btonea A boat Animals.
Yooug Voysgers.
Oracle Uocdwin.
0rman Fairy Tales.
Famous Men".
Boys' and Oirls' Story Ilu)k.
Boy Ccnuueror.
Y'oung Folks History of Oreece.
Adventure! of Famous Sailors.
Boys of tbe B.ble.
The Adventures wf Rob 1W.
Yonng Folks Book of Birds.
The Young foresters aud Other Talaj.
Salt Water.
Eoy ri:i7rs.
Yr.ung Adventnrer.
Old M".tv's Travel ou the Continent.
Tom Tracy.
Abbott's Stories for Children,
ttaaiey drabame.
Orey Hawu
Fairy Tale frm Uretann.
Wild Sporn in the Far West.
Eastern Fairy Legend torrent .6 Bo lib
ern India.
Cliff Climbers.
Pirate Island.
Edgeworth's Moral Ta'es.
i',ung Acrobat.
Dick Chevelry. '
Perils of tbe Jung's
Through the Looking OlaiS.
Dirk Kodnev.
Our Y'nnng Soldiers.
Bnsh Boys.
I ir-.-ntal Fairy Tales.
Yonog Fott History of Rome.
BaUlM Fairy Tale.
f.ri- Dane.
Eight Years' Wanderings q Caylon.
Fort Pillow to the End.
The Fire Brigade.
Orsndfather's Chsir.
lackaaapea and Other Tale.
Young Folks' History of OerBaoy.
talfrasjaboro to Fort Pillow.
The Mountain f.'ave.
t'lant Hunters.
Tbe War Tiger.
Pan) Blake,
iiaroo Mm,' luusen.
Edg.-worth ' lassie Tales.
.Taclc Whenlur
i'our.K Folks Natural History.
VoutJij Folks History of Franc.
Wonders of the (treat Osep.
The Wolf Boy in Chins
Tbe Magician's Show Box.
Mark fceaworth.
Lr.ka Benuett's Hide Cut.
Adventnres of Famona Travelers.
Sandford and Merton.
In the Wild ot .Vew Mexico.
Tb Tiger Prince,
The Had Eric.
Number 1.
'I his series 1 the triumph of the age.
All the poniilar books, over 1.U30 till,
bound iti cloth, Rtamped in gold, at IS
i cents On young man took forty
books of this series, bad all of Dickens',
tha I ill of Eliot's and a aplendtd line of
misoollaneous works fur only 0 Tna
print ia large, the book are now aar
for thn pleasure of reading they do
Airr Fairy Lillian
An Old Mans Darling.
Al'an (juarterinain.
Ah In n Looking disss.
Arabian Nights' Kntertaluuiebt.
At tbo World's Meroy.
Bonnie Dura.
Brld of the Tomb.
Child's History of England.
A Dateless Bargain.
Th Deer Slayer.
The Duke's Hecret.
Dedlee, or the Iron Hand.
Dick's Wanderings.
Doubly Wronged.
A Desperate WOtttaO,
A Dreadful Temptation.
A Deathbed Man luge.
East Lynue.
Essay of E'.la.
TboFrozsn Plrato.
Oiiratns' Honschold Fatry Tales,
Ouy Kenmer1 Wtf.
The House on the Marsh.
The Hon. Mrs. Vereker.
Handy Andy.
Jane Eyre.
John Halifax, Qentlemen.
Lady Audley's Secret.
Last Days of Pompeii.
Tha Last of the Mohicans,
Lorna Doona
a i .iie'h Biamorsai
LittlO OoMen's Daughter.
Lit tie Naus.
Mr, Fortatquai an Andraao Romance
Tne Master of tbe Mine.
Matt; a Tale of tbe Curavau.
Mullv Bawu.
1'ho Nun'n I urse.
Mid Main'sellu's beuret.
UlTM Twist.
The I'atutlndiir.
Tim I'lonwiB.
The Pralrlo.
A Pi nice of Darkness,
QOeeale'l Teniole Srcret.
'i Rrprosch of Auuealey.
Rublokon Ciusou.
Itory O'Mooie.
The Rabbi's SpMI.
Thi' Rose and the Lily.
Thf Sketch Book.
The bwiss Family Robinsuu.
Secoud Thoughts.
Strange Case of Or. Jeykyll aud Mr,
Tutu Urown's School Days.
Tour of the World iu Eighty Dave.
Twtttty Thousaud l.eaguen I'uder the
The T wo Orphans
Two Years Befor the Mast.
I oder. Currents.
A Vacraut Wtfa
The Witch's Head.
Willitt It,., i
Won tv V ait lri-
A Woman's Fate.
A Wife's Crime.
Adam Urde.
Crooked Path.
Caidiual Slu.
Blind Love.
Doyle's (lames
Wift iu Name Only.
Janet's Itepeiitauoe.
Muster or llaliaiitrao
Ivau tbe Surf.
Lady Valsworth'a Diaiuud.
For Faith and Freedom.
Weo i tie.
'.'bristmas Stories.
Cot Qoarltoa
A Family Affair.
A Mental Suugale.
For Auother's Slu
Mysterious Island.
Redeemed bv Love.
Pr incess ot Thule.
We T wo
At War Willi Herself.
.!i-'ng Husband.
Batw eon T wo sius.
I i: an Muuehauseu.
Evil Oeuiu.
T he OOOKI stubruce tho works of the
IBOat renowned authors ou subjects of
science, history auil fiction are really
iiuiiiiiu tho i. I taudards aud
are worth mora than double the amount
which tho readers of Tub TRIBUNE
have to pay. They are bound iu a
nnlqM cloth cover with gold top;
BOOK! IN Tins sKRIt;,.
Horse Book.
Humphrey Clinker. s
rvtng'l Sketch Book,
trviuij's Life of Washington.
Jromy Taylor a Holy l.iviug.
Junius' Letters
The Koran.
Last Days of Potupeii.
l.ejeud of the Puiriarchs au ProphOtt
Liver of Celebrated Men.
Lives) of Celebrated Worueii.
UaCaulay'S Biographical Essays.
Mill on Liberty.
Mrs. (.'a idles Curtain Lectures.
Natural Law in tho Spiritual World. ,
Night Side of Nature.
Nodes Anibrosiauae
Dae Hundred Years of a Natious Life.
Outre Iltr,
Obiter Dicta.
Pas', aud Present
Planetary and Stellar Worlds.
Hu arcb's Live, lu one volume.
Pruse Writers of America.
Pee s Talaa.
Pn s:ott' Miscellanies.
Baalitisaof Insi Life
Religion of the Ar.cient World.
BoOMfOUCault s Maxims uad Rejec
tions. Sir rn Private.
Ssrtor Resur u.
Say n.v, (Vtw and Otharwlsa,
Scumlta'3 Ancient MUtory.
Schmlt2's History of F.cglaud.
lahinita's History of Orrere.
Scbmitz s History of Rome
Beeksrs Aft? r (iod.
Self Help.
Seneca's Morals.
Seven Lamps of Architecture.
Smith's RJectcd Addiesses.
Tbe Spectator
sp.-nceron Edacntlon.
.-terne's bentlinontal Jr.urney.
Story of an Afncnn Farm.
Taiuu's ilistorv of F.nglrsh Litorature.
'I hackeray's Early and Late Papers.
Tales for tho People.
Tlin Epicurean. ,
Thn R. ign of Liw.
Tbe Unity of Nature.
Vanity Pair.
Westward Ho.
Wllhelm MOsiei's Apprenticeship and
American Humorists
Ancient Religious
Aft and Life.
Artie Discovery.
Bacon's Essays.
Bavne's Essay a
Bedn's ( harliy.
Biogrnphia Lltersrl. My Literary Lit
and Opinions.
Brown's Hiblo Dictionary.
Brown's Concordance
Bnffon's Natural History.
bonyanYl Holy War.
11 .tier's Analogy of KsJIgiou.
Bulwer's Wit and Wisdom,
t'arlyln's Reminiscences.
I Tievnssn'R Advico to a Wifa and Mother,
OonfaaslOU of an Englitb Oplam Eater.
Confucius and Mencius.
i ook's Voyg.
Creasy Decisive Battle of the W orld
( urious Myths
Classic Comedies,
t las'ic. Essays.
Cyclopedia of Eminent Christians.
Daniel Dcronda
David tjopMrfuU,
Don Oulxote.
Early Day of Christianity.
Eliot's illeorgs, Essays.
Egypt and Babylon.
An Ej;yplla p Princess.
F.b'Ct vc AfTlnitle.
Emerson's Esays. hirst and Second
Eminent Atneticaus.
Essays of Ella.
Famous Warriors.
Fox Book of Martyr.
Helkle's Ufl sod words of Christ
Oreat Oeuerol.
(Jrent Thoughts from flreok Authors.
Onsat Thouglita from Latlu Authors.
Highways of Literature.
Ths Hermits.
Ileroas and tlero Worship.
Hlstotlcal Evidence.
History of All Religious.
History of Middle Agiw.
History of Nurway,Swdn and lienmark
History or the Ottnman Empire.
History of the Pilgrim Fathers.
History of Kusm.
History of Spain and Portugal.
History of France,
History of Ustraany,
History of Holland and Belgium.
History of India.
History of California.
History of Charles XII.
History and Poetry of Finger Rlugs.
On the
t write that yon may Snow
the kooiI 1 havi rss elved from
U. II. H. 1 was all out i
health aud suttiTing wlibeOB
stipatlnh and blllonsnosa I
tiled Other mrdieiuea, hut
tliov failed to do any good
At bat I bough a botll.' of B.
II H and DSCON I hud n'd It
til 1 wuut to work aa well as
vur. Ol s Nn.soa.
Bui UJrrUiton,Warinco P
Complexion Preserved
Heiuovet Frteklss, Pimplas
Uvr Mol, BUekhesds,
Sunburn and Ta, and ta
t-1 tho aklu to I :
list bawntSS, producing a
Oear and naUthf com
pleilon. Huper lor P all luio
..r r,.M,iln hint TK'ltlTllV
r. '...,..,.. i . . . i , .. ...... t , i ... ,i
aVljraSaWSM usavu w ow w. fcj. ,ui mwmm,
VIOtA SKIN 80AP lnioiuiisH. u
klu 1 ell, ln llosp, uuaull f lao USUI, ..J tdnstl
,tvl k ii. uutv. sUiluwl; !"" n tt&aiui
ai drass Prios 'i) Cents.
G. C. BITTtMERdvCO.,Toi.cDo.O.
E. Robinson's Sons'
Manufactursrs of tbe Celebrate!
I Lager
Photographic Panorama
Now Ready
hnrmlebS. At all
For sala ly Matthews Hi us
Morgan a i
.Morgan Urns. slid
Ensossso it ths Hihiist Minn al AumoniTiis
nave you rrnnnLJ
l.iAi.itit will cure v., i a
WOBOfn ul I" "ii (it '! fl
tiuni iiiU, Moi i ',
liiiiun.t UrouihUU,
Of DAl t I. V 11 It . Atdrl
It-UiVilV. COiiVviilllt Lu Clan r
in i i 1 ' l v to i:" OQ fimt Indlt-ailuD of i
4 KiitlkUrd 1 4o EtsrU rrrtuuiic ut H a"
ntlrB('tiuii.'uaiaf)ttfutl 0? money rufuinlt'tl Prlti .
AO eta, 'l i 'ul tr-v ut Itriitiglits. ltia!lfttfrei.1 inul.
tiU MBMi H. 1). . . as Mlr.lTt.iH liter, i. . ,01. 1
o xs m -mc a. w f m
MCTUTUni 1 1"' f"1'"1 Kutl Httftnt remedy i r
Sfll-rV I nULs ttllisklnolss-niPfcK.'ti' h Halt
Rbeuminld Hsireniiuri.. i'm. tVottdrrfui rain
eUj I.. i iMisFtt. ! ct. .i hnu pi in
llaLi ii ,v iiibII prui.Riil Artslrwisn nn gln.- Dnl.fTI
1(X),(XX) Bbls. Per Annum.
Mauufttr'turtrs aiiJ nalHri t
Fur Hula tiv Mrittlu'wa Br" oruu br uutl
3Ii)rKttii fc Co
1 likrliaf 'iftff
viav qnn9
Ilso Snaftlog and Journal Greasi
Officii -ttl Wst Lackawanna A va
VuiiK.S: Msridiau Str.x.
l V :.WMPvz
1 hm0
1 i urn Hit K V. ft . bunr, Aer. ;, Mi.
The Flour
' "Chicago, Oct 81. Pht first offlcia'
niiuouiicemeiit of World's Fair di
plouius ou liour has been made. A
medal litis been awarded by th
Wurld's Fair judges to the Hour uianu
faotnrad by the Washburn, Crosby Co ,
in the i,;rent Wasbbtirn Flour Mills,
Minneapolis. The committee reports
thu Hour strong and pure, and entitles
it to rink as tirst-daia patent flour for
family :md bakers use."
Something new. It is a (reat Education
lor any Man, Woman and Child who
reads The Tribune and takes ad
vantage oMts Grand Offer.
It consists of Over Three Hundred Photo
graphic Views of the Sights and Scenes of
the World's Fair and Midway Plaisance.
It Is Issued in Weekly Parts, or Portfolios.
Each Portfolio Contains 16 or More Different
and Distinct Pictures.
Over THREE HUNDRED Views Shown, No Two
All of the pictures are of e(jual interest
and importance to complete this beautiful
and exhaustive pictorial history of the World's
Columbian Exposition.
'1 lie above brand? of enn be lnid at any of the followitiK merchant,
w bo will ncrept Thf. TRIBUNE FLOCB COUPON of '.'j on each one hundred pounds
of Hour or 50 on each burrel of flour.
Eeranton F. P. Prhsa, Washington avenue,
Ouiit MeJs i Brand.
Ityd') Par k - i iii wm & Davia. Washburn St.
OiM Meilal Brand; swsspb A Mn,rs,Uain
aventiu, Superlativo lirami.
Qreerj itiilc a LBpenear.OoliI MeiisiBraruL
liuninor'--K P Plioa HulJ Mmtal Hrarnl.
Olypbant' fames Jordan, Bupsrlative iiranj
pBUnorer I). Manit'v Bttperlatlva l)rsui.
rrovldsnoa Fenner ,t rh,sti,eH n Mairr uv.
anta Superlative bMUMtU, J Ulllsple, W.
Market ativet, Modsl Urand.
PeckvUlS fthaffar A- Keiser, Superlative
JetmTn-C, t. Winters j Bnparalatlvs
r'arbondale U B, ( lark, Qold Maslsl Brand.
Hdiiesdale. J X. Kostur 6c Ota Gold Meils
llonesdale- WJ. S, liourk .Suprrli.tivo Bran 1
1 idturi-S. t. Finn Su. (.i.dd Medal Bran I
Uuuldsboro - 8 A. Adam. U, Id Medal brand
Tubyhanna Tobvhanna l.vliiKh Lnnibl
Oo . Hold Medal hr uud
EViercereau & Connell
and f ine Jewelry, Leather Goods,
Clocks, Bronzes, Onyx Tables,
Shell Goods, Table and Ban
quet Lamps, C hoicest Bric-a-
Brac, Sterling Silver Novelties,
This series 0011 taint over lui) titlss,
embraoioic the best works of all the
famous nuthors and covering thn llelila
of science, art, philosophy, history,
and riot ion Utrh book is printed from
large type, on flue paper, and is sub
stantinlly bound. Ths rejrulur price is
75 cents, but yon may have tbem at DO
cents Bonks of this olass usually re
tsil from $1 toTl 'io
Uv ttniinu refills sxtiu fur puituyt any oj
(A i,uo.;j mi. seal t mail.
Ice .'. Skates,
All Prices and all Sizes.
T CHICAGO, niiaoil, on the inore of Lake tficbiaran, from
May 1 to Ootobfat bO. lfcyo. Mood tbf Maic City the Jlieaui
City that catued tht whole uild to halt and eaze in iron
der aud amazement. Thi was the crowning MtdeTementin Americ r-.
history of 4U0 yean. Every nation 1'rom Gieeulaud's Icy Mountaiil'
to India's Coral Strand," from darkest Africa to the islaud ul ;); -pouted
forth their riches as tribute to the World's Culuinbiau Esp
lion, that it should be the most marvelous display ol ancient aud in i
ern limes. All that the human brain had conceived, that humau ski
could execute, was there. All this wealth of the earth and genius
uiiud was concentrated there within an are of 033 acres, of which J.". '
acres were covered with buildings that aloue tost Twenty -three lliili
Dollars. (July the spirit aud the pictures of thi?. the eighth and great-
eat wonder of the world, remain with us. The spirit will make our
nation greater and all humanity better, while the pictures make a pic
torial history that Will tell the Itory to all the children of men.
The Photographic Amoranui of the Wo; Id's Fan is designed to
perpetuate the glories of the Magic City, for the t-utertainmeut of tLc
multitudes and for the eaitg hteniaent of posterity. It presents vivid
and realistic views of Grand Exposition Buildings, with their towers,
pinnacles and glittering domes, pictures of State and Foreign Buildings,
of massive Arches, of Colonnades and Peristie, of noble Ststnarj and
Egyptian Obelisks, of Sculpture aud Mural Decorations, of jetting
Fountains, of beautiful Interior Exhibits, of Venetian Gondola., glid
ing over the deep Lagoons, of Pa Uioiis. of Foreign Village. ..1 Cafes.
of the Wooded bland, stud many other attractions of the Dream City,
Including the famous Midway Flaisauce. the bazaai of nations, or the
side shows of the W orld's Fair.
Every vestjgeof the World's Pair ia fast passing away. Already
tire has played havoc among the bnildiugs. while a small army of men
are al work removing everything In the form of Buildings and exhibits
that was dear to the sight of the World's Fair visitors. But thanks
to photography, it ramaini for the enleitaiumenl and edirieatiou of the
mill til mlns and for posterity .
The "Watmmaker Panorama of the World's Fail" is a vol urn
inously illustrated. histon of that great event, It is a history that la
both highly entertaining to the young and old, aud instructive to all.
ll is such a Volume that should be in CVerj patriotic home. lu order
tb have a complete, continuous aud connected historv . it will be MCM
Bar) to have all the parts.
The Tribune Order
i oh thi:
i World's Fair Art Portfolio 1
Foote Sc Shear Co.
COUPON, February 8, 1894.
Office, 813 West Lacka
wanna Ave.
Quarries and Works,
Portland. Pa
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' , Itise or tstst MsnhiaU, ImpoteLry, ISlijliti y Emissions, Youtlifiil Krnrs,
II Mcr, tal Wunv vxtii'sslvt. us of TotiliTo or Otilum. Which luiHo Con
: niiuihtion mid laaaiHSs. Wlrh avara S1& asaliv m urm a sntii.ii usr-
at Sl.OO pi rboi, abolt
sviuihtion uiiil lusaatty
smpi- n. euro
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Wlrh evvrv M&ordurwoirlTAawriUi'iisiisr
or reriiuq ino niorxr, oid at si.sw p. r doi, a doi
jK. atOT'fa VUkMlCAI. CO.. CisrTCWad, Oslo.
faun. Avaunt.
Semi or bring 2 Coupons of different dates, to- g
gether with 10 Cents, and receive each part of Mag- j
nificent Photographs. No delay: no waiting. Part first j
is now ready. A new part each week.
THE TRIBUNE, Cor. Penn Ave. and Spruce St,
Kach part can be obtained by cutting out
two coupons of different dates, in this col
umn, and sending 10 Cents (not
stamps) with each two coupons.
The other Art Offers are still open