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    Those Who
Were visitors at the World's
Fair will want the Waua
maker Portfolio as a some
Those Who
Wore unt, will waut it he
it is in' a liberal
I neat ion ia art, mechanics
ami descriptive literature.
f j; A.llMl, . ,
t vB -
It Decides That Dishonesty Shall Not Be Uis
couragwl at Klectiuus.
The Silver Senator from Nevada nod
the Three Populists Join with the
Democrats In Inviting Electoral Corruption-Senator
Cameron Makes
His Second Speech -The House
Passes the KVCreary Resolution
MAing, En-Minister Stevens De
mocracy's Hawaiian Scape-Uoat.
w tstiiMiivv iw
TBI etottag debet, in thossaat
on the turns bill to rcpl t
f.deral lscUoa law was BK
iitWrestiu than that of nuy pi
debate, 10 the seusl.
IntaiMMDil than lliatoi auy tue
vims day. It was opened ty ttoar
(Bap., turn. . Bad snood by Mr Bt.
(lem.. nan Mr. Boar' sptMh was
, bittsr arraignment al the Democratic
party in regard to 'he election fraud
on of bi bbssbUoiis being that
wherever there was a crevice in the
protection of tit freedom of Iba ballot
there th Democratic puny would be
found trvintr to break through, ami an
other betn,: thst lbs 1 1 m STOOld BOBM
whu the Dem erst would ueeJ fed
eral elect. on laws. It forno other rea
son than to protect thui against each
Th Democratic position In favor of
the bill was stated by Mr. Gray , Dtn .
Del .), to be that th election law
ought to be wip'd out, not only be
cms thy wtrt .it wir with every tra
dition of self government, bat because
thjr buttressed ap t le very fraud which
thy were professedly iutnd-?d to de
Mr Cameron. I Rsp., P.. i faood an
opportunity for stating that, a secre
tary of war, he had interfered to pre
eat electioa frauds in ItRt, and that
the rnit of hi iuterferen.. ta was that
Mr TiUu wa not president of th
United State. All amendments that
wr otfer-d to th? bill wer- rejected,
and th bill w.a pass-d without
nmendme::" yeas nays IS, the
only saespttonfl to its being a strict
party Tore, bdaa that one Republican
senator, (Stewart, tfa ,) and the three
P pn'.is: senators. iAiln, Kyi and
Puffer. i .Ot"d w.til tDe Dera'fc.TatS.
The till had bo passed by th house
on "Jctober 10, 193. and U a simple
repeal of all the statute relating to
UDrviors of lction and special
deputy nunhals. The tenet ad
journed at b' N p m.
Today ii the hoaa.wa c'liefly de
voted to role calls and lion or. were
alout eTen between the McOeary
Hawaiian ISBwlalloO and the Bland
cntonsm bill Oq ths first roll call
177 member voted, and Mr Springer
ruaoe tn point or oraer mai mis wa a
qnornni, owir.g to vacancie in the
Sown About one hour was consumed in
dijensHin? this qasstJoa and it finally
wnt over without a decision, and a
econd roll-aall was ordered, when the
MeCkoary resolution was adopt!, yea
177, rays 75 Mr Boateils (Rp., Me
called np his privileged resolution
which he introdnced just before the
Chnstma holidays, an t on a re and
nav Tote it was defeated, ye-n 'ri. nays
Mr Bland Dem., Mo i called nphis
silver eigniorag bill, and on his mo
tion to go into cornmitt of th whol
for it consideration, th Republicans
and som eastern Democrats began to
filibuster, and succeeded in tying np
the honse until 7 o'clock an I in delay
ing action on the bill. At 7 o'clock th
house adjourned.
Only Tbrse Membar. Fall toSappirt th
A !:.-.. . ration.
WaaHiN'iTON. Fb 7 Th adoption
by the bouse todty of th foreign f
fairs coBDrnit:e's resolution can.uring
ex-Miiiiater Stevens for his conrse at
Honolulu, after a Irg'.latiT battle
covermg a period of five days, finally
dispose of the Hawaiian question a. a
"qneition," to far as the house is con
cerned. The debat ODOO th rcsoln
tion and the possibility of a certain
D emocratic defection when they were
pot to a Tote, was followed with deep
interest not only by the BftfMaot, but
by bis coiiitllntional advMrs, tiie
lnsmber of hi political household, o
to apeak, as well.
It was expe-;;d by Mr. Mrarr
that a very considerable rni'ii or r,f
Democrats who are not oTerly friendly
to the administration would vote with
the Republicans in opposition, th ar
gument being that the resolutions een
aured a foreign minister, Which was
an action never before taken by th
American congress. As the debate
progressed, however, the opposition
within the party line gradually
diminished until when the vote was
taken thin afternoon only three Dino
crats were found in opposition.
hundred squire feet of the glass roof
0( the building fell, nearly burvlng a
detail of firemen, who were lighting
the tire directly beneath the portion of
the roof. All of the firemen escaped
without injury except minor bruises
and cuts from tilaas.
It is thought that asirsteiustio effort
is being made by intend! irio todt
utroy th World's fair building.
Kirly this morning a small Mi was
found in n piln of ruhbish the
building which was easily extinguished
slid the police claim to have evidence
that both blas.s were the work of ail
H He. No Doubt That th. Wll.ou Bill
Will Pat.
PmaallM, lb On Monday
when Senator i lay pasted through
Pittabvrg OU his way to Washington,
be talk.d to a friend on the Wilson
tariff bill. The gentlemen in rJUMtlon
ikd Senator Qoaj very frankly if he
thought the Wilson bill would int. a.
Ho said lie was dssirous of knowing as
the messure would have great weight
ou kit bnsine.s.
Senator Qoaj replied: "ThaDono-
crats are in powtr and ar able to pas
the oi. i and it will be passed.
i Will Docltlti Urn Dispute Between Brazil and
thf Air ;n in. Hi public.
rhi Papers in the Controversy Ue
IWOan Argentine and Uraiil to Be
Presontetl to President Cleveland,
The Arbitrator, on Saturday The
President Will Examine Am unit
Maps ami Modern Document!. A
Decision to Bo rendered Months
Only Surviving Creenbacker Issues
Call to Himself He Desires
More Currency.
THE foriini
Braill bi
public v
Btandina of th Playar. at th. Philadel
phia Conte.U.
Piiii.AUKM-iiiA, Eeb. 7 -Pool tourna
ment snore: First game, Tate, 150;
Coata, 121. Second game, Stocker,10U;
Slier ins ii. 151).
The Btanuinsr of players is as follows:
Sin rinun won 'I, loslU; Tii'o won 1, lost
1; Coata won 0, lost 8: Keogh won 1,
lost 0, Dougherty won 1, lost 0, Sum
mer won 0, lost 1; Wilson won 1, lost
0; Stocker won 0, lost I,
TnoendiarU. Att.mpt to D.stioy
World. Fair Building-.
Chicauo. Feb. 7. At 4.40 f.b.i after
noon fire wa discovered in th roof of
the southeast corner of the agricultural
building in the World's fair ground.
The fire wa soon under control and tbe
Jiimagn to tbe building waa insignifi
:ant. Twenty caaaa of exhibit wer
-owewhat damaged by water. Ont
WaHeVOToji, Feb. 7. Heorge O
Joues, ahnlrfltan of the national com
mittee of tue National Greenback par
ty. today issued tbe followiug call for
the preparation aud signing of poti -lions
by those who favor a largely iu
created volume of money
"National Green hackers aud all
other who are ia favor of the immedi
ate issue of a large increased volume of
constitutional money and of perpetu
ating on our statute booksthat decision
of the I'nited Stats suprsme court,
rendered March B, ISS-t, which iu ub
stance waa follows:
That United Stat Ugal tender
uots. commonly known a greenbacks,
when issued by direction of congress,
It meet the requirements of the gov
ernment or the necessities of the peo
ple, are constitutional legal tender
rnouey of tue United State, and all
who fav r tbe fre and unlimited coin
age of silrer are hertby requested to
mt in their respective cities, town,
village and aeiirbborooods on Satur
day. March 'i, I4M to celebrate th
tenth anniversary of that important de
cifiou.aud then and there to prepare and
obtain signatures to patulous to their
senators and representative in con
gress, requesting tuem to sue lily enact
law authorising and directing the
turther iscue of greenbacks and for tbe
immediate repeal of all laws relating
to the coinage or ut of silver that
lisve been enacted since January 1.
1878, and to re-enact all laws relating
to silTer tbat were in fore on that
and to immediately forward (aid peti
tions to their senators and representa
tives in congress at Washington.
The Oold Depoolt.d fir Amount
to $28,000,000
Washington, Feb. 7. -Treaaury offi
cial today hgan transferring to the
cash balance the gold deposited for
bond. In ronnd figures this amounts
ta a9, 809,800, The stated balance to
dsy tai.ds: Gold, IM 111(88; cur
rency, 14,081,788; total, 117. 11 5.32
Figures could not be obtained today
to show whether in addition to tbe gold
paid in on the bonds the treasury in the
iHual court of business gamed or lost
Ontario voteil for prohibition by 81,730
The Vesuvius has sailed from Fort Mon
roe. Vh. , for a cruise in tbe Mouth.
New Orleans husinets men have ap.
pealed to congress not to repeal the sugar
An earthquake shock was felt at Keeler,
Cat. and Hawthorne,, Neb., on Monday
On mam dug 17,000 of gold in an hour
from the new mine at FarOOIQ Hill, near
iJenver, CM.
The third man, Albert. Narsker. has lienri
rlty.rned at Newport, Ark., to liang as nn
Ollphanf. train robber.
Qovernor Klr.wer has renoininatnd Nr.
William T .lenkina to bs health officer for
the port of New York.
!'tnr Hchenrk, azed 79, droppwl rlea l at
the funeral of llankir Kdward WoaNi i"
a Friend.' church, Nw York.
After geltlnir her half cut short, band,
some young Clara li iedy, of Oaleon, O.,
ran away from BOBM in male attire.
Tbe "fickle" winter wnathsr in the
peach-growing section of Kn lucky has
left little hope of any crop of the fruit.
At Lawrenrn, Kan., t'hsrln. lirskn
'alally shot Harry It -eves for Intimacy
with Mrs. Drake, then committed anicldn.
A jiilt threw ' ondnctor 11. A. White off
the teareiid of bis train at i'lne liairen
Kla , and he was run over anil killed
A neighbors believed aged Mrs. Mouth
well and Thomas ', of Forest City
to lie White daps, both were shut dead.
Mr". Allie lllock f'arr was arresteil it
Denver, CM , for oompllclty In the mur
der of hor hnsbaud, Harry Carr, an attor
New York city will at once expend 1880,
000 OB park improvements to provide work
for the niiemployeil, lnaTV,tNB noon aft
orward. Historian 11. II. Maiic.roft, has linen ex
pelled from th ('nllf'irnla BOttftf of I'm
neers for writing ininged tiiiltnth ahout a
mem her.
'ihe nominee for rollertnr of internal
revenue at lioKlnn, li lwaril Hunovan, lias
underKotin a severe suritlcul operation for
Supposed rich gold mines in the Wichita
uioiintiiiuM.l Ik Inhoinii. werii simply ".taltnil
tracts, fixed up to draw immigrants anil
sell the land.
Comedian W. II. ('rami had his colored
servant William Bill, arrested In New
York for stealing tl.Hlft from the actor's
overcoat pocket.
Chairman Hut eh, of the hnu e agrlcul
tore committee, has introduced a new
anil .option, mil, which he has urmn en
gaited In preparing for many mouths.
The barn and outbuildings of J. 1). Ell
wood, six mile distant from Hyrarhore,
111., together with 150 I'ercnoron horses.
were burned early yesterday morning. Tbe
barn cost over 17,000 and the horses value
will bring th total cost above (SO, 000. Tbe
origin or the ore is unknown,
Wabhinoton, Fob, 7.
al iitiis-nlatiou of the
v controversy between
hi I the Argentine Ite.
will be mail Saturday
next to Pridnt Cleveland, who is to
arbitrate the dispute. The territory in
question, known ns 'The Missions. "
lies at th juncture of the two coun
tries with Paraguay, and has been the
subj.ot of controversy for many years.
Ths claim- of tho two parties largely
deptad up hi the identification of a
river marked on an ancient map, and
the search for proof bearing upon this
point bas led ton thorough rausacking
of th archives and libraries, not only
of the Argentine aud lirnzil. but of
Portugal, Spain aud the Vatican, to
that there tins been accumulated in the
baud of the commissioner who pre
pared tho cases for thsir respective
countries narty everythini; iu exist
ence tbat could throw light upon the
discovery, occupation aud history of
cbe country.
The Argentine Republic committed
its case to Dr. Zeballos, minicter to the
United States, and ever tinue his arri
val here latt summer tie has oeen
busily engaged in its preparation. He
win present to fresnlsnt lveiaud a
brief in support of th contention of
his country comprising 880 punted
psgf. 1 tie "record of the ce ac
compauyinir tbe brief consists of five
larg volumes of original documents in
manuscript and nn itnuieuie portfolio
of maps arranged by centuries
Included in this is th first map ever
made of South America. There is alto
a small library of the official records of
Brazil and the Argentine Kepublic, in
which i sat forth In full every docn
mont referred to or quoted in the com
missiouar's brif. Tbe minister' early
framing In tbe newspaper held is man
ifessed by the orderly and couiprehen
sire arrangement of the case, aa well as
in the elegance of the typography and
binder art m which it l clothed.
The Brazilian commiision consist of
liaron Rio Branco ?nd General De
CastfO Ceruueria, with their advisors
and ttacus. Since last full Baron
Bronco bas been in New York. He
will reach Washington Saturday morn,
ing and be received by President C'lev
land with Dr. .eballos at th white
house in the afternoon It will b
several month before th decision of
President Cleveland can be announced
The possetaion of the country lying
between tho Uruguay and Parnna
river bas been in dispute siirco th
early years of tbi century. The Mis
siones, as it i oalled from th number
of Jesuit mission long ago eatablishad
throughout It territorv, is a province
wtll worth the lrorts of two republics
to Rciinir. Within its 88.080 square
miles is to bo found every diversity
of country, the stretches along the river
bottoms and upland plateaus affording
valuable grazing and timber land, and
its little explored mountains being
slid to hold rich initinral deposit that
only await further settlement to de
vtlup, Such in brief it the country
the rightfnl pnasestion of which Brazil
and the Arirnntine Republic bav asked
Preside.,! Cleveland to determine.
. -
He.aationAl D. vulnpmant Are Expc-td
s. th Cas Progr.....
Mil I I.INT'AV N, ft. full, i Hie in
ttrest in the Carpenter murder trial is
increasing. At the opening of the
morning tetsioii of court to lay, Judge
Lyon overruled th motion by the
d"fene to quash the arrav of jurors
and several other prnlimiuary nm
lion looking toward the continuance
of the case. At II o'clock the jury
had besti snl.c.led, and District
Attorney Hchwnyer consumed the hour
from tbat till noon In opening the case
The i . i in mil ion of wiln.asiw bsgan at
the afternoon stisHion in the prsseno of
th largest crowd that over gatherad
iu a court room here. The evidence
Htibmitt'iil served to establish th fact
of Hi" murder and fix the location of it
Sensational devclopmcuta ar looked
for iti th trial, as the chain of oi renin
ilancea outlined by th commonwealth
iigainat damns I) Curiieiitar is strong
i Lilian's friend iu New York and
had visited llnrluusii suvurul timea iu
penitentiary with reference to the
luovemllt in hit behulf, and promised
to do all ho could for him. District
Attorney GUrtDOB BiirUigh did not
think thorn was any likelihood of Brk
nan being pardoned. If there was any
alli inpt lo free ti i in th district al -
ome) nines would have something
to say 111 t lie maltr
"There Is no danger of Berkmiin be
ing pardoned," suld Superintendent of
, Io n G Mara. "mi may rest as
Kilted of that. But if there is uuy at.
tsmpt to free him th pollen depart
ment will do ull,lt can to prevent it-
le t Liu ui Is a dangerous i riinlnal anil
is only safe when behind prison walls "
Think th Nomination Will Uo to Har
rison, HcKlnlev nr Hd
Lot, Cal., Feb. 7 In con
versation with a reporter tolav, ex
Seeretary of War Robert T Lincoln
aald: ' You know, or leustwisu 1 will
tell you ho you will know, that I am
ill of politics, aud that InmnlUtiil-
Iug Ktrictly to private nlTaira. but
will give you my views on
th political outlook. The pros
pect for th Republican partv nr
brighter than they nav ben for many
yeBrf. It It too bad the party should
have had its future blight by the (In
ploruble stale the country is now in;
tint this state of all airs Is What Will
insure th" success of tbe party all over
tbe country, Idon tbouBVB the Wil
son bill will pass the senate as th bill
tmw stands It hat no features to rec
ommend it to tbe upptr homo of con-
Mr Lincoln would day nothing ou
th Hawaiian question He believed,
however, that congress would do what
was right in the promise. Regarding
the probable candidate of tbe Repub
lican party in 18, be said: "1 think
the nomination lie between three,
Tnoinns B Red, of Maine, ex-Preti-
leni Harrison, and Governor McKin-
ley, of Guio.
Th. Kx Prldent te Dnlivtr a Onurs In
Ini.i a n a i', I ml , Feb. 7. - The
dat lias been fixed for the departure of
ei-Prosident llnrrlsiii to California
where b Will bnllTer a course of lc
tinea on legislative law at the Stan
ford nnlvsrslty lis will leave here
Feb. 90, accompanied by hla private
secretary, Mrs Mcivn, and his grand
children, and will go by way of
southern route to the I'aoiiln coast.
Tho ex-presldent will occupy rooms
iu the Uiiivantty building, ipeoially
tilted out for his convenlano and
comfort, while Mrt. McK and her
children will remain iu San Jot. The
party will be gone six week.
An Attornav Trying to 8. cur a Pardon
for Anarohlat Brkmn.
I'lTTSHDiKj, Feb. 7. Attorney Firled
man who defended Anarchist Bsuer
and Nold, charged with complicity
with IJerkiiian iu the attempt upon th
life of Mr. Friuk, admitted today that
he bad been in communication with
An Injunction Issued in the State
dustrlal School Case at
Boiling Springs.
The Mission Factions Are Hostile Oyer a
Land Contest.
A Peculiar Action Brouirlit in the
United State Court Dispute Over
Joe Smith's Dreams Reminiscence
of IU32 A Bitter Fight lor a Piece
ot Ground Which lb Regarded as
Uuyond Price.
Till: long
the Re
ter Dl
take the Bland ill hit own defense, and
whether or not the testimony fur
the defense relating to Martin
Burke and portion relating
to Patrick G'Hulllvan honld be
omitted. The mutter was left largely
to the decision of Mrs. Coughlln, the
faithful little won, an who has bn in
constant atlendanc at the, trial.
Coughlln'a father was also appealed to
frequently by the attorneys. Th
priBOBBf himself bad little to lay and
wat evidently trutting lo th judg
ment of the others.
llAldtibiiLKii. 1'.. Feb. 7 - The Dau
phin county com t. just prior to ad
journment this evening, gran ted a tem
porary injunction restraining Gtorgi
W. Skiuner from acting at a member
of tbe State Soldiers' Orphans' Schools
commission, aud also restraining the
commission which meets tomorrow
from taking any action looking to tbe
approval or purchase of the site for the
stat industrial school at Scotland,
Franklin county.
Th contention of the petitioner who
are citizens of ! Boiling Spriugs, whioh
hat ottered a sit, and others is that
Captain Skinner Is disqualified to act
as a member of the commission by rea
son of ills accepting the federal ap.
pointment of pension agent at Pitts
burg, an incompatible office uuder the
constitution A further heating that
been fixed for next Monday afternoon.
Captain Skinner Is here and thinks
he will able to bold his seat.
John Matthews, f'harued with Conspir
acy to Defraud, Is Under Pall.
Nkw YnitK, Feb. 7 -John Matthews,
of the Urge firm of Pitt V S,-ott, for
warding agent of Loudon, I'm is and
New York, who is charge I with con
spiracy to detraiM the I niteil Mates
osteins, surrendered hiiusell Inlay anil
was held ill 5,00(1 bail for examination.
W. T. Todd, cashier of the firm, and
Thomas ft Jones, a in -nilier of the
firm here, have gone to Kurope.
It is claimed that the government has
lost. $100,000 in duties through trick
sy- -
Th Qov.rumsnt at Klo d. Janatro Has
D.cie.d to that F.ffct.
Rid ik Jamciro. Feb 7; 'I'll gov-
riiiuent has decided that martial law
shall cease on Feb. 'if aud that the
presidential lection shall take place
on Mar 1, in accordance with the con
stitution. Dr. Prudeiits d Morse.,
president of the senate, it the only can
diditt yet named for the national
He is a civilian from the state of
Sao Paulo. It is posaibl that he will
be acceptable to both sides.
Applicant will be examined in April at.
Harrlshuig by the Slate i'harmacuiulcal
Th Lehigh I'resbvterv at BhBaahdoali
resolved to found an Italian mission at,
Allegheny City's I&.000 books iu the pub
lic schools may he turned over lo tbe Car
uegie library
The senate tins confirmed lha nnmlna
tloti of J. II. Mercer lo be post insster at
Im... in lung l'a
The Consumer's company will in May
next reduce the price of gas in Heading
from i:,!. 10 lo
A party of fifteen coasters collided with
a street carat Huston, mid Miss Kate
Hums suffered a broken leg.
Suspected of robbing many Lehigh Val
lev freight cars at White Haven, Theodore
Knore was sent to the lockup.
'Ihe Uetall Farm Implement Dealers'. s
soulatloii at Urn i i ."ii elected William
hborllldge, of llnllefolitn, president.
Lawrence Keating, accused of wounding
Kli hard Arinoiii at t ho iilliertou riot, last
August was held in 1 1,00(1 ball for trial.
Word was sent to W. C. Hock, of Tre
mont, that, the body of Kngln Manner, for
t Iv of that place, IihiI been found at
Mtddloshorough, Kr ,aud murder is feared
At Indiana executions aggregating
ni'o.ii , weui i' 'i i i i nuniiisi r,
.1 MUldrBB and the Him I Lick Manilla,
luring company. Milldiun conducted BI
tensive fire b.lck works nt Ilia, k Lick
This throws several hundred men out of
Iu a lit of Jealous rage Mary X.avilla. at
Norrlstewn, threw a bucket of scalding
wnterover Andrea lli..uga, aged 115 years
All the .kla pealed off bis face and his
condition is critical. Until are Oroeks.
The u annul was held to await the result
of Urotiga's injuries.
A couul of colored prisoners beaame
obstreperous at tbe county uilioe. liar-
rlsburg, ami threatened to kill Warden
Hrluser. A detachment of police under
Hergeant McUanii found It necessary to
shoot several limes mid to light hard in
1 order to get the prisoners Into cells.
Kashas Cm . Mo . Fb. 7.
ong delayed eiiuity dill or
'organized Church of Dat-
Day Saints, against tbe
diurch of Christ of Independ
ence, to determine the title to In
famous Mormon lump." lot in ludn
pandenOB, Mo , was taken np fur trial in
the United States circuit court yester
day. The morning wat consumediin read
ing the petition and answer iu the case,
in the afternoon Judge Kliniinds, of
Illinois, spoke for the plaintiff and was
followed by Colonel Southern, of lude
ii".nl for tbe defense. Arguments
will be concluded today.
The suiL is a contest between two
factions of the Mormon church to de
termine the ownership of n piece of
ground iu tbe City of Independence ou
which tbo Monuous expect to erect
someday n tamule which shall be tbe
most magnificent ever reared by the
band of man, and from which on th
Inst day of the world, it is be
lieved. all good and faithful fol
lowers of Joseph Smith will ascend
direct to heaven It is claimed tbat
in WM an angel of the Lord appeared
to Joseph Smith and informed him that
Jackson county. Missouri, was th Bi
tot location of the Garden of Eden
Tbe spot where th Lord it laid to have
appeured to Adam and Eve is identical
with tbe Iocaticuof "Temple Lot, " and
there th prophet determined to erect a
temple and dedicate it for that purpose.
Tho property is regarded by the con
tending factious of tbe church as more
preciout than all tbe fabled wealth of
the world Four years ago tbe reor
ganized church brought suit to dispos
sess the independence branch of the
much-prizsd property, aud, although
the coila of litigation to both side bar
fur exceeded tbe aotual value of the
property, they ar determined to fight
on for its pouaision through the court
of lust retort.
Dnoune. a. Rldiculau. a Story that He
I. to Marry Mr. Elliott F Sh.ptrd.
New York, Feb 7 - Mr. CbaanoB
M. Depew dsnUd today the report pub
lished iu the morning pap.r that his
marriage to Mrs Elliott F. Shepard
was among the possibilities of the near
Wheu shown the story, in his private
office at tbe Grand Central station he
said: "It is ridiculous. 1 have only
teen Mrt. Shepard olicetmc the death
ot her husband
Then to a more aerions tone he added
Mrs Sticpafd's husband died only
last March. Mrs. Depew died in May.
It ia not customarv to consider a
second marriage within a year, at least,
of deaths such as these. It Item lo
me a very cruel thing to ban.' Mrs.
Htb'ptrd's name around like t his.
tt is altogether alumni. People
must at auv rate see each oilier before
anything of the kind could lie coul.m-plrtsd,"
. m
Sims, th A. V A. Man, !av He Will
Return lo Knukauua
APPURON, LVYiB,, ('! 7 Piofessor
Sims, the American Protective Asso
ciation lecturer, who was arretted
her Inst night on the charge of libel,
preferred by Peter Router, ninvor of
K ml, an .. a, gaTe bonds in the sum of
18,800 fur hit appearance at the next
term of court, and was relented from
the custody of the slienir Sims and
followers returned to Gshkosh on a
midnight train.
On their war to the depot tboy were
followed by a crowd of hoodlums, who
threw eoine atones; but, so far as
known, only one man was bit, and he
BUttarBd but a .light contusion of tbe
skin ever one of his eye.
It Is feaiad that last night's work is
bul Hi" prelude to a fierce battle be
twren the rival fanatic. Br for bis
departure Sims said that he did not
propos to be kept from .peaking iu
Kankauua, aud that with t! 500 good
and true Am. i lean PrOBBttlVB associa
tion men, he would return to deliver
the lecture Ititoudcd for the ears of the
A Tunkhannuok, r Elouss with a
Wllk. Narr. Hw.Uiy Lady.
WlUCU BiRBB, Pa.. Feb. 7 Mr.
Keibel, a prominent toeiaty woman, th
wife of AJhcrt Belbtd, a well kuown
merchant hern, list eloped with Dr.
PkSB, formerly of Tunkbannock. It it
believed that th.y have gone to Ne
braska where, tin, is a ..-.
lag physician. Pace is u faacmating I 60 inch, 32 Cf?Ilt3
I .. B-1L.I I .
juuug ii in miu ju.h. . nm is a very
handsome woman.
She leavi t behind a most beautiful
child aged ft yari, who is being care.d
for by Mrt SeitH's mother.
UR Reduction Sale of
LINENS will com.
meiic: Monday, Feb. 5, and
continue one week. We quote
belr.v a few figure in Cream
and Bleached Table Dam
asks. Napkins to match
when desired.
56 inch, 23 cents.
Recent trice, 2C cecti.
58 inch, 28 cents.
Recent price 85 cent.
He Gives Important Testimony in the
SuitB Brought by I. L. Rice to Oust
the Reading Receivers.
Recent price, 40 cc-nti,
64 inch, 39 cents.
Recent price, 18 ctnt.
68 inch. 45 cents..
Jt'.-cetjt price, 93 cLt.
72 inch, 55 cents.
iiecent price. C5 ceat.
72 inch, 68 cents.
decent price, iO cents.
72 inch, 88 cents.
Recent price, It,
72 inch, $1.05.
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72 inch, $1.19.
Rci;t priaa
72 inch, $1.75.
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80 inch, $2.10.
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90 inch, $2.25.
Recent pric. 8! 5 1.
Dinner and Lunch Sets,
81 50.
510 and 512 Lackawanna Aye.
Maltese Cross
Ai.d OA uiiiiiod LeatLer Bel dag.
H. A. Kingsbury
SI 3 Spruce St, SoiltaB, Pa.
HUGH IS ABIE 10 WALK. lb Report Tbat H Ha Bn
flnlleltln Car Far.
I'mmu mi, l'a , Kel, ?. The story
toltBrapntd from Harrliburg ys tarda)
tating that SughO'DounollTthB Isada!
of the late rTrttWBBtBBfl strike wa In
that city soliciting alms to sake him to
Philadelphia is untrue O'Donneil came
down from Homestead today, to deny
the storv.
II. says while ha ia not. BB wealthy
as h. once wat, h was not i n ll.-iins
burg yesterday soliciting aid. notthBI
is he In want, nor it hi hair grey, as
thu dispatch stiitinl
-SS -
Th Defense's Testimony In he Cough
lln C. Abnut OompleUd.
OBIOAOO, Pah, 7. The end of the
famous Oonghiln trial is nnBZDBCtodl
near at hand. At the opening of court
today Judge Wing, of the defense, ob
tained an adjournment until tomorrow
and announced that the defense testi
mony waB about completed.
After tb court room had !een
cleared t'oiighliu, hi father and wife,
together with Judu W ing and Attor
ney Uonnhor, held a long consultation
'Two questions were earnestly discus
es.! Whether or not Cougbliu should
Philadelphia, Fob 7 B P. Wil
bur, proBioont ol the Lstblgh Valley
railroad, wa the only witness tfall
afternoon bsfore the mastet in the suit
of Isaac I. Ric to oust th Readtn
reeeivere. Mr. Wilbur testimony re
lated entirely to lb I Btoah trstisactioas
bv which tbe Boston am Maine
and New York ami New England were
secured and was iu its eisentit!
details slmilrtr to that given by tbe
olhvr membrrs of the hoard of mana
gers who have tBStiBod. Mr. Biju'
vcatiUd t' know if the cisrj, boms
t7UU.lHW, which hsd beau paid on ac
count of the stocks, ba I bn inclule )
in tbe assets at tet forth iu the state
ment and why tbe announcement of
the transactioni appeared in tbe form
of a foot note in their report.
Before Mr. Wilbur coul1 reply to the
nnattonfl Mr .Tonti ti Johnson ronn.
i- - m . .
sel for Mr McLeoJ. l nt -rjosed and TOWBU and tOUnter-pan?S
stated that the money wat treated byit , .
tbe r.ceiver as a contingent ass- t at COlTeSponClingiy 10W
a the receivers were threatened prices. SeO OUr "CheTUb"
at the time with a law suit 5T . . .
by Prince & Co., of Boston, be- uruuiieb yuill ai SoC, am
cause of their refusal to comply UVg TjJxrplsinr Mcirnpill at
with certain dBmanda and th.y took I Jl? A-c!bl0r ITiarseilies &l
that manner of letting the security $1.95.
holders know of tbe tratisictions with
out acknowledging the company's lia
bility and that they hopjd to counter
act any tBtion Prince ntight bring by
pleading breach of contract oa his part.
The hearing then hi". j lurnol until 11
o'clock tomorrow morning.
Thy Will Be Anaiirnei Before a Court
of Juttlc. on Mondsy.
PlTTBBURQ, Pa., Feb 1 The Mans
field rioter will b call-? 1 (or trial on
Monday. Ture will be fitty-eiitht of
them tried togBthsr,and when they ar
arraigued before t lie bar, there will be
scarcely any room for lawyers, wit
uesses aud jurors Tbe number of de
fendants wi.l be larger than iu any
trial that ever ooonrod iu Allegheny
comity, and the district attorney is
figuring in all sorts of plan to gt th
case before the jury in an intelligible
The chief ttOUbl will be in iudenti
fioatiou of the pri-oners, as a large
t umber of lhm will resort to an
alibi as a defense, and th separating
of the innocent from the guilty may
prove bothersome to the jniy.
Pittsburtr Ho: semes Ar Endvorine tc
Onto. Recognition this Season.
PmSBURO, Ph., Keb. 7 Pitttburg,
after all, may be repiesented in the
gratiil circuit next year, A number or
horsemen are eiuUavat ing to pnrohase
the necessary amount ol ground ;il-
jolning ths halt rail tract at lioK'i
Hocks, to enlarge it Into B mile tr ick.
The oWUBrB of this property, however.
realizing the value of the ground for
Moing porpoBSB, have raised lite pric
to Bnormoni ngaraa,
The racing people arc t moot the
property owners Saturday and if rea
sonable term- i- in be obt itnod the Ian I
will b purchased and put iu shape
aud tins olty will b iu the grand cir
cuit next BBBB00
i, - ,
Rummsto th. gff0t That She Rod Kx
litd Wer Unfounded
LoMDOM, Keb 7 -OthtB despatches
having arrived here today from Amer
ica station that rumors WSfB in circu
lation to the effect thai the ouoeu was
dead, the representative in tins city of
the I uited Press sent a lelegiaui ot
Inquiry 10 QoUBrnl Sir Preilerlck Pon
sonby, her majesty' privat secretary,
who ih with the itieu at Osborne
house f
A reply was received from Sir Fred
erick this afternoon st ittng that th
qUSBD is enjoying line health
It Bnn.ath tb Waves Off
Oap Eattrai
WsVIBIMOTiin, Feb. 7 The life sav
ing service bas received no details of
the sinking of an unknown steamer on
Ouler Diamond shoals, Caps llntUras,
North Carolina The keeper of the
elation there simply telegraphed the
fact, adding "no signs of life." Th
point where the toiiiner stink, is fully
ten miles from the shore.
Hop is entertained from th fact
that no signs of life are visible, that
the rrew may have been taken off by it
passiug Vessel.
Lewis.Reilly Davies
Reliable Footwear.
m .ii ft
&r y if
r'cet of BTtl
Will 8
. tcrlpUoa tlttd at
Reilly & Davies.
' ererv StOUtUS t '1 N V.H.
SlOBpt iiturdT.
VKHiNOToa. l-'eb. 7. Forca$l
fur rauisjrfay.' foi safra
'eiinsilr inici, ruin, ienrmr in
1 1 n(i ul uurfion, south icinds.
For BMStBm niisriinfii, rail., south
icind , fcrcoiiifni; runuMc.
We Examine Eyes
Fwc of ohorga, ii dootor i:t
needed you arc promptly told
bo, We ;iLso oaraittee g per
feci tit.
A I' COST tor otio week only.
W. . II Hi