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5 M
i Pine
1 Valves
Norrman& Moore!
.20 Wyoming Avenue
Holgate Referred to John M. Harris Id
mi Uui'oui)liuieutiiiy Maimer.
1 he Trouble Caused by an Efl'ort lo
Ascertain the Standing ol Bellevus
Republicans in the Third Legisla
tive Convention F. M. Francis, of
North Abington, Chosen Delegate
to the State Convention at Harris-
tC8 Fenn Ave.
( rrand Display
Laces and
415 Lack. Avenue.
Wall Papers,
Window Shades,
Mattings, Rugs,
127 Wyoming Ave.
ILis it Aih Wedueslay.
Belle Archer ia "An Arabian Night,"
will be lit the Academy tomorrow evening.
T here will be a meeting of the bridgn
committee at the tnard of trade rooms to
night. The Sevan ton u cycle club will hold a
social at it rouim on Washington avenue
Friday evening.
Iu a pool tournament in I'hiladelpei
VrSterday JeroBIS Keogh of this city beat
Stacker, or1 Reading, by a score of 150 to
i J.
Biarrv I rob and lanie-i Littleiohn, wh.
w. re arrested for fast driving Monday. :
wvro liberated yesterday upon payment of
IB each.
Ulerk of the Coortl Tboiuaa vesterday
. i marriage licenses to Howell I).
Phillips and .lane v:ranton; John
C'ooney and Norn Kearney, iiauiuore.
An entertainment M given at Com
pany H armory, F'rovldence, last night by
the i.olumbi in Literary and Athletic club.
It was attended ly a large number of per-
A very tine programme will bo carried
out at the rooms of the South Side Voting
Women's Christian usouatiuo oa i ndav
SVSning, 1 be OCCaaiOO being tbe second
Misses Hannali Jenkins, Susie Morn and
Jennie Morgan, formerly with l.eah Jones,
Milliner, areiu New lork city purchasing
goods for their new millinery store whlcb
tbey will open shortly on sprnce street In
the store room formerly occupied by Wat
kins, the druggist.
l;urgess T J. Duggan, of Ixiniuore.
is a bnsy man. Besides being en
grossed ty bis law prsetloi in this city
he is doing tome stalwart work to en sure
bis re-election as burgess of Dun -mora.
He lias active arid well organ
ized opposition tins year, but neverthe
less, stys lie will win.
J J. Wagonburst, of Clifton town
ship, was a delegate to the third lefts
latlva convention vrhlc'i mat in this
cits' yesterday. Mr. WiiRoutntrst Is a
lumberman and one of the wott in flu
enttal citizens In the eastern portion of
the county. He has three sons who
have cut a wide swntli in college ath
letics. Two of them were members of
the boat crew of tlia I 'nlversity of
l'ennuylvania last yenr. and rowed in
tbe great race with Cornell at Lake
There nre t-w butler people In the
city then Tallle Morgan the probibi
tion editor; character and sight music
teacher." Jle it a bundle of compressed
energy and is imtautly working at
bigh pressure.
Another man who possesses a surplus
of energy is Thomas Harlech Jonet.the
West Side druggist. Atllle from hit
duties as druggist he finds time to look
after his oxtemive coal interests, net
as treasurer of tbe Soranton poor dis
triot and cultivate bis legislative boom
so that it will be In goo! shape two
years hence.
The Hepubllu Savings
aiid Loan association, of New York, liav.
lug sold over li,uuQ ahares of its stuck in
Scrantou, has called a meeting for Friday,
Feb. 2 at 4 p. m ,, at its office, Dime bank
building, for the purpose of electing oth1
cert and directors. New rbares will also
be offered for sale. Y. H. Case, manager
agency department, and L. If Uadd, gen
eral manager, will be present and explain
tbe plan and purposes of the association.
Come and bring some one with you.
There was uti abundance of. ti re
works at eouvoutiou of tne Kepub
he ins of the Third legislative dis t net
iu the arbitration room of the court
bouse yestordsy aftarooon.
At 9.40 the con volition was called to
order by T. J. Matthews, of Spring
Brook, in the absence of John MoCrln
dle, of Mooalv, the chairman of the
district standing uomiuittee. K J.
Northup, of Gtlenburn, secretary of the
committee, read the call for the con
vention and B E DaPno. of North
Abington, was ObOMQ assistant secre
tary. The convention was ready for luui
MM and credentials we.'e called for.
The secretary read the list of districts
entitled to representatiou and the (ol-
lowing hiiuded In trtdentlaU:
Btnton L. K. tides and Thouias I'atter-
I'litton J. J, WagKDhurst.
Covington- i'. E. Hodson
lilenburu -K. J- Nortbup
Qooldsboro- K. UilUauel
Ureeiilleld K.ili'h Ncwtou.
Lackawanna Soiuii district, lieuiy
Hood I Beat district. K. B. l'avts. i'avld K.
JOUOS, it.!.. -1 Brass uud Hsese An
thouy; West district, John DaMI and W.
S. AuthOQ' Nortbeut district. Charles It.
t.iuul, Johu Hughes; -.'.lt Invest district, P.
l tlechoeL
La i'lume H II. Holgate.
Lablgb- Krauk Lewis.
Madison- '.'barbs M. Lancaster. W. A,
De Pew.
Wewtou C. J. Thomas.
North Abington 0. K. Stoue, O. W.
Mason, f, I'.. DePue. P. W. Slade.
i!d Forge -First district, John Cook aud
P. P. Wlltou. Saoond district, James A.
Salmon: Third district, Thomas Cr. Thom
as, William llaskius, lr. E Westou aud
David T Jones; Fourth district, Jolm A.
Boott OeorgC F. Miller.
South Abmgtou U.S Oraves. (iilbert
OnrHu, J. D, Aylatworth and John U.
Spring Brook T. .1. Mathews
Waverlv- K. J. Carpenter,
After tbe list bad beau called, J.
Willis ReetJ, a delegate from the
north district of Licktwanus. wauted
to kuow why that portion of the town -ship
had not been atked to preteut cre
dentials. Mr. Holgate iu reply said
that It was no longer io tbe district as
it had been annexed to tbe city.
Attorney John M Harris hogan a
speech iu defense of tbe north district,
but Mr. Holgate interrupted hitu aud
Mid he bad no right to speak iu tbe
convention, as he was not a resident of
the Third Legislative district. This
Mr. Harris denied, but Mr Holgate
persisted that at tbe last election Mr.
Harris bad cast bis vote in this city.
This angered Mr. Harris aud sprmgiug
to bis feet he said:
"1 say yon are mistaken when yon
sty 1 voted in this city at the last elec
tion. That is as mild a way as 1 will
put it. "
Mr Holgate still objected to the ad
mission of tbe North district delegates
into the convention on the ground that
It wa6 now a part of the city. Mr.
l'.eese then succeeded in getimir tbe
j floor and explained that it was the
' East district and not the North district
that baa bee u anaexad to tbe city. Mr.
Holgate thereupon withdrew his objuc
i tions and Mr. R?ese hau led in the ere
j dentinls of himself, John M. Harris,
j G. J Powell and William Jertnyn.
Mr. Holgate immediately entered a
j protest ngsinst the Eist district deb
; jjat-s beiug given a voice in the con
: veution.
MR. liAiihiS fKoTEslS.
Mr. Harris entered a protest. He
sill Heilevus is still a portion of
the Third Legislative district and that
nothing has been done to disturb its
1 relations with the district. Mr. Hol
gate claimed that owing to the peculiar
situation of affairs in the East district
the voters bad abstained from holding
primaries and that therefore there
could be no duly authorized delegates
from that district in the convention.
"7 bey kuow enough to protect their
rights, " continiiid the speaker, "with
out seeking the advice of a pot-house
politician and fourth rate lawyer "
These poiuted remarks drew forth a
protest Mr. Harris indignantly de
nied the npellations aud challenged
Mr. Holgate to point to a single inci
dent iu his I Harris') career that would
Justify such statements. He said that
be found it dithonlt to Terrain trom us
ing something stronger than words in
I Jr. Weston raised the point that the
legislative district was fixed by tbe
state legislature, and can only be
changed by tbe legislature. At the re
quest of Mr. Hoisiit", a committee on
credentials, consisting of Prank Hod
100, K. I',. He Pnennrj J. A. Wood, was
appolntsd. The Mist two nsmd pre
sented a majority report refusing the
delegates of the East district admission
to thi convention Mr Wool pre
itnted a tniuority report grsntiug them
The minority report was adopted by
a vote of It) to 81, aud then n commit
tee of resolutions consisting of it. H.
Holgate. John M. Hunt and J. J.
Wagonhurst wns appointed While
the committee was preparing the reso
lutions the temporary organization was
made pormaneat. Tbe resolutions were
as follows
'I In- RajmMIOMI of the Vfaitd Lacks
waunA Legislative district, In convention
nnsnmbled, renlllrni their devotion to the
ordinal principles of the Republican
party. OOnulood in tbs platform adopted
at the Minneapolis conveuliou.
Ki-olved, 1 hat wn denounce the Wilson
tariff bill, with all Its heresies, abomina
tions mid iuiquities, as a direct blow at the
workiugmen of the entire country, and
particularly of the Laokawaaoa vulley.
Resolved, That tho lack ol' work and
wages, which is parulyzing every iuduatry
In our midst, ru:I pauperizing our own
people, is due eulircly to the worn -out un
American Idea of f i ee trsdo in coal, Iron
aud other materials Vrhlcb lie ready for tho
labor of the masses in our section.
Resolved, That WO believe lOOUS SOUS'
ttj, OSS Republican party, one tariff, and
that such au one us will warrant our
miSrl iu working to the full capacity, set
our nulls tnd t-piudles la notion, an 1 give
steady employment to our own people at
reniuueruilvn wugus. We also bidieve in
one home helongiug to every worklnmau
WBO Is Willing to Work and euru it, and
such a public policy as will afford every
laboring man tho means to possess aud
enjoy It.
Resolved, That we heartily indorse the
osodldsoy of Qsnsrsl D. B, Hastings for
the head of the ticket ut the geueial elec
tion. We believe that by character, train
Ing and fitness he is pre emiueullv lb
iri'pdr man tor governor of tbo cotnuiou
wealuh ol Pennsylvania, and that his nom
ination will .be triumphantly mulled ut
the polls.
whereas, Tht policy of tbs Dsnooratlo
party, at present lu complete control of
all lmiuehes of onr national n ivsrnmsnt,
aims directly at the destruction of oa, Is
Just i ml system created uud fostered by
the genius and patriotism of Republican
stutesuieu of Blaine, llarrlso.i. Reed uud
McKluley nut Which industrial system,
properly stvll the American system, has
proanced suoh phenomsnsl results iu the
building up o( tho nation's wealth aud
prosperity after the demoralizing und ih
strnctlva ravages of the greatest rebellion
ot all time, uud which commands the uue
qulVooal iiidorsement and aitmiration of
every great uatlOB, England excepted.
Whereas, Just at this time the Kepub II
can party in congress is In great uoed ot
lueu of ttlstiSgnUhSd abilities, of rle el
perience, of profouud scboUrship and elo
onant address to moot aud defeat, if possi
ble, the sffOI ts of the Democracy to it
Drive American workingmeu of the just
rewards of tb-ir daily toll by thetiutuu
Deputy Sberitl' Williaui Craig's Appoiutmaut
Said to Be a Certainty.
In the
ut the
OOmpetlttOD Ol foreign pauper labor
vVhtrSBS, Th common wealth of
splvanla mors thau any other state
union fee's the deadly blows Stmull
great industries, her coal, her iron, her
glas- her wool, her nil, her lumber and
othei -manufacture needs the orOtSOtloO
of her ablest SO ns iu the halls of uutiouul
legislation, And
Whereas, Hon. Qslusba a. Qrow Is emi
nently fitted to meet the domauds of the
hour, be It the seus- of this conventlou,
therefore, that the Third legislative dis
trict, through its representative, doull in
its power to aid iu the re-nouiluatiou of
IL n. lalusha A. Urow.
The resolutions were unanimously
Dr Weston, in au eloiiustit spasch,
presented the name of J. Willis Useie
as delegate to the Republican state
convention which meets iu Harrisburg
on May 28 John M. Harris seconded
the nomination. K H. Holgate placed
F M. Erancis. of North Abington, in
uominatiou, and said that this year the
country portion of the district was en
titled to the state delegate. A vote
was takeu aud Mr Itesse received S3
votes an J Mr. Francis S3 Mr. Kiese
was then chosen alternate.
e .
Be U-aded an Excellent Comoauy at tbe
, (..ii. v Last Night.
C'OSgrova and Grant's comedians
evoked much laughter ut the Academy
of Music last night with that enter
taining farce comedy, 'The Hsz.ler."
Jos 'ph A. Ott, a modest young man,
and Miss Aooll Lewis were tue bright
particular stars of tho aggregation. As
an eccentric comedian Mr. stauds
aloue. He has no duplicate ou the
stage today. His every uppsarance on
tbe stuge last evening was the signal
for an outbreak of laughter.
Miss Aunie Lewis assumed in n clever
manner the character of "Kitty Starlit-lit,"
which Kate Cattletou and An
nie Boyd made famous. John P. Cur
ran, Albert Hart aud Miss Jossa
Hatcher contributed materially to the
enjoyment of the evening
Rthaarsal to Bi H id at Usual Flacs
Tblt Evsninir.
A rehearsal of the Caiuhro American
choir will ba held in Young Man's
Christian Association hall this evening.
Several communications of interest to
the welfare of the choir from protni
cent musicians will be rsad.
Eight large choirs have been or
ganize! in Wales for the purpose of
competing with the Ssrantou choir in
the contest at Carnevon iu August
next, whicn will be tbe greatest of its
kind ever known.
- - -
Livy B, Richard, for tliu pant two years
Msoelat litor of the BfRANTOM THlBUSE,
baa Inst been advanced to tbs editorship of
that piper, a place mSde vacant by the re
tlrement of Dr Usete, The Thikunk is one
of the ablest and most influential journals In
Interior rV'finsvliuni-t.iuiil It wlllcrtalnly lois
neither In ability orueethje by the selection
of Mr Richard as its controllluir head. Al
t.bougli ciiinpirutlvely yuuiiK lu years. Mr.
Richard thorough training and Hps
SSperlMOS in the ueld or modern joiirualism.
aid this, coupleil with the posses! in In all
exceptional degree of thai faculty for this
peculiar work which Is Inborn and cannot be
artiriViuiiy orsated, will fornlsh sn efBclsnt
Snd eomwsts equipment for thedlsebarge of
the duties of the respouslblo piHltlou to
which he bus so Worthily Leeu called
i tii u a ii.. COUPONI,
MOtd Ht Tht Trtbuni 'Ollloe. -nsr
I'i'uit iu rinif hikI Kpfuot ilft(
ntltlo Ihr Iiuldur to ull th iri
ot tho unpiirnlltili1 offci
tor i . - i 1 1. ii 1 1 1. - i ' " i 1 ' 1 ' . i, ....
ulimiiL utir it uili'l 'llu ulVfll iinnlf
by 'I h Trlbun nirtiinic'"ut Mi r
10 CENTS mill Potti Conponn for
nny vol Utile tii tb Ovtottibtti Hi
rli'M. Ovr loo i n 1 1" to Uot frott
S7fl mtit l our CdQpOQI br n 10 "j
valuwt hvt ut Dloktaft' ooniplAk jj
WOlkl m
nity book In tbr Kugby Hrrii".
I M j itinl four CoQiOM l"r 5
uiiy boolcln tbUxTurd ftsrlei.
Kind WmiU from Catlondals.
Darbontfiili tttnht,
Tbs Herald notes wtib pleasure thai Llvy s.
Hlehaid has keen promoted from a SSbordM
at" pOSitlOa on the SCRAMTOS TSISVSS to
that of manntlng editor Mr Richard,
tboagh yoong In years, is recogalsej ss a
faithful, eontclentloQi ami papabls lournallst,
and Till: Tltiut'NK dlmotors ere to I on
gratnlsts i on their good Jndgmesl in selecting
blm as a SnSOSStOf to Dr. best, lie will Ull
the push 1011 with credit niike to himself mid
the Jonriitd Over which he preslUs. The
Herald predicts for Tbs Tribomi highly
sacjessful and honoiahle career while it
remains under the iddaiicei.f Its new editor
Thinks Hh Tdacerns a Chauge.
lyVltst func Timn.
Po) ii short lime past tbeio bat been n no-
tloeable ohangs for the better In the Bohar-
Ton TsiBDKB, not only In appsaranos, hut in
th natter thut has gone lots it. Ther. seems
to have bstS a thorough lnjictloo of up to
datly.'iiehs in its sdttOrlSl uttsraucst through
OSt! TBetS Iris bSMI more of that. tfSnohant
and telling f"ic.. that tin. is the best saprsssjon
In par hki wd lell, erei.c is and epigrammatic
snots always attractive and interesting. The
old tjms picturesque and lal ured edito
rials sro inlwed, but In their pluci, huv
some ciisp and breezy csmp isltlous, full of
die and SBSTgy and possessing a potent graOS
thai revealed clever liaiid llsOS Llvy 8
Richard assumed editorial BMBSgSBSnt, THE
Thi BUBS has been th.- gainer in respect to
thus.) eesntial attributes that uttruct aud hold
the reader.
K prnsentatlve Fan's Olfsrlny.
Ilyilt Fail CbHrlVr oerii.
Editor Leete, of the Sobabtom Tbisobs,
has resit li I'd his position en thut paper l.tvy
9 Htchard, who has been associate editor ou
TrsTRIBOBS, hut been sdvanoea to the edl
torslilp This Is a merited ptomntk.n. Mr
Klchard. though a most tUasansn'Bg MBtls-
man, is rich with jonrsallstle knoWBMMand
a w riter of grace mi l atiillty. lie has already
done . 1 t tii servliufor TMBTSISOMS, hat
In his new p sltlon. for which hu is admirably
titled, his anility will he more fully shown
Anbeuisr Butch Beer.
I.oull Lehman's, 3SS ripruce ou
S. L. Lacier, of Wilkes-Barre, Filed
His Bond as Deputy Collector of the
Third District Many Applications
for the Position of Peter Ginter ns
Chief Clerk Collector Herring's
Position Not Lnviable.
S. L. Lacier, of Wilksi-Burre, was in
tho city yesterday Mr. Licier has
been deputy Internal revenue sollector
of the Third district aud bis object iu
vititiug.lhu city yestesday was to tile
his bond and take out a new commis
sion. It must uot be iuferred from the
foregoing that tho new collector in
tends to retain the old attaches of tho
ofiics. Of course, it is uot expected
that the changes will bs made at once,
but Mr, llernii' has declared that it
will rsquiro six weeks or two months
to make all the necsasary trausfers,
ami pending the obaogSS, the new col lector
wishes to have himsslf protected
by having everybody connected with
the department take out new bonds
and tile them with him for the faithful
performance of their dntisa
aPPLlCANTU koh position.
'I here are a acute of applicants for
the various positions, but the plum is
the dsputyiSip of the Second or l-uran-
ton district, This offies( pays $l,bUu a
yeur.and ex Commissioner W. J. liurke
and bis immediate friends aresaugnine
of that gentleman's appointment to
that particular berth. There is one
drawback, however, and friends of
every other candidate point to it as bs
int; very significant.
Everybody concsdes that eg. Sheriff
Charles Hobinsou will dictate the
policy of Mr. Herring iu all appoint
ments, and it is a fact that with tho
many letters of recommendation pre
sented by Mr. Kurko to the new col
lector, none is to bo found from the
jolly ex-sheriff.
Mr. Burke's friends endeavor to ex
plain that uwuv. but the friends uf one
other candidate assign as the reason
that Mr. Robiusou has already indorsed
William Craig for the position and
these latter cotiti lemtly predict that the
plum will full iu that geutleman's Up.
Indeed it i reported ou the best of au
thority that his appointment has been
decided upon.
The position of chief clerk, that has
been filled by Peter tiiuter for several
successive terms, will probably be
warmed by a Democrat.
W hen Mr. tiinter asked Mr. Herring
as to the possibility of his rstention it
is reported that Mr. Herring's reply
was "lJeter, there is nobody looking
for your position." Pster very un
wisely circulated this story and now
the woods are full of Democrats, gun
ning for Peter's place. It would seem
though, that when the offices are no full
and the npplicauts so many Col lector
Herring's lot Is unytbiug but pleasaut
Several Ueasurss that Wers Acted On
Mayor Counell yesterday affixed his
signature to tho following ordinance,
and they became operative. They are
as follows:
For lateral sewers on Silex, Mineral,
C'arlou and Gordon streets ; for riprap
ping the bunks -of the Lackawanna
river at Albright avenue bridge; trans
fertng i" from appropriation tor build
ing Carbon street bridge to thut of
Seventh!ward street repairs, appropriat
ing funds from the appropriation for
paving intersection ol Lackawanna aud
Washington avenues to maintenance
of street light iu the Ninth ward ; for
lateral sewers in Tenth district, Ssveu
teenth ward.
These resolutions were approved i
Directing tho city solicitor to appeal
from award of viewers la gradiug Ox
ford street, and using discretiou ia the
award ou Cartield avenue, permitting
tbe civil service commissioners to oc
cupy council chambers for holding ex
amiuatiou, directing city engineer to
name certain streets, directing the city
solicitor to appeal from award of view
ers for gradiug Lincoln avenue.
To B Held ia Future ou ths First Tues
day of Each Month
City Superintendent U. W, Phillips
yesterday inaugurated a nswdepsrt
urn In the methods heretofore in vogue
among principals in the city schools.
Mr. Phillips presided ut a meeting of
principals held yesterday afternoon at
the board of control rooms In the city
ball. The meeting was called by Mr.
Phillips for the purpose of discussiug
and settling nuy questions that might
arise or that might distress a tousher
who Rt tempted a solution
Mr. Phillips' idea Is to solidify the
system, to iuiitruut the principals in
tii w nutter of school regulations so
thut they may impart it to the teachors
in their buildings A similar mseting
will be held in future on the first Tues
day in each month, and much good is
oxpectod lo result.
One Fart Each Week of the Ctlsbratad
Wanatnaker Panorama
Owing to the extraordinary dstuund
of our readen for the World's Fair Art
Portfolio in four parti, wo have been
unable to get a sufficient supply. In
its place we, therefore, take pleasuro in
offering the Wnnamaker edition or
original photographic views of the fair,
showing its treasures of art and repro
ducing the iuimit.ibls coucsrts along
the Midway pl.iisanoj.
We have received five hundred
copies of Part I. A new part will 1) I
placed ou sale oacu week uud a supply
ordered sufficistit to meet all demands.
This la the celebrated Wanain'iker edi
tion which iiss created such a furore
iu Philadelphia, and it is far and away
tbe beat photographic panorama of
the groat lair yet issued from any
Two Titllii.SK coupons of different
dates aud teu cents in cash will secure
the 11: sl part. One new part will bi
issued each week, and cm be secured
ou corresponding terms. Order at
tilled in the
once. Orders will las
order of their receipt.
Struck by a Locomotive and Cut
Pieces at Cliff Street Verdict
of the Coroner's Jury.
Mumnel Moore, aged W, was instantly
killed in the Delaware, Lackawanna
uud Western yard near Cliff strtet
crossing about 0 o'clock yetterduy
morolng, He was horribly mangled
and parts of the body were cut loose
mid Kcattered
Young Moore was employed iu the
copper department of the Machine
shops and left home for work about H
o'clock He was walking on the track
and stepped out of the way of an ap
proacbing locomotive oulv to step into
tbe way of locomotive No. 13, which
was coming from an opposite direction.
The boy was knocked to the ground
and dragged for about twenty feet,
liith legs were crushed 11 it and the
tody was otherwise injured while the
ioteatlntl were scattered uloug the
Uudertaker Kaubtook charge of the
remains aud removed them to his es
tablishment on hprnce street and later
they were taken to the home uf tbe
boy's mother oa Jackson street by
L ndertaker t'nce. Coroner Kelly tm-
paunelled a jary consisting of Martin
bird, Simon Coffte, W. A. Ksub, U
Frank Sqniter, P. O. Knight and
Charles B Danisls. The remains were
viewed uud tbe jury met iu the court
house last evening.
The jr.ry after listening to the test;
mony of a number of witnesses decided
that Moore was accidentally killed
while walking on th Delaware, Lacku
wanna and Western track at the Cliff
street crossing.
Large Altsndano at Oa of the Beaton's
Fleasaut Allure
The Sciuntou Bartenders' association
entertained its many friends last even
ing at it annual ball in Tarner ball.
The hall was tastefully decorated aud
presented a very attractive appeurence.
Promptly at I), lid o'clock Hayes Bros,
orchestra, which was furnisliiug the
music, struck up the "Belle of Chicago"
march, and soon lji) couple were mov
lug over the floor to its accompani
ment. The bull was one of the most
successful ever held under the bartend
er's auspices.
Arthur Evant was master of ceremo
nies and hn wat ably assisted by John
McNay. The rscsption committee con
sisted of TnoniM May. Arthur Evans,
Johu McKay, Thomas Boland. William
Thomas uud George Karl. The floor
committee consisted of John Banford,
Oeorge Karl, William Thomas, Thomas
J. Morau, Thomas May, Thouias B
laud and W. J. Fahey.
Joseph Hetliulis May Die from His Injuries at
Aity Minute.
Henry Smith and Joseph Judge Are
Accused of Being the Ones That
Caused Mathulis" Wounds Appli
cation for Writ of Habeas Corpus to
Have Smith Released from Jail.
Hearing Will Be This Afternoon.
Attorney A. A. Vosburg and ex
Judge Stanton applied to court yester
day for a writ of nab"a corpus to have
Huury Smith released from the county
jail, Judgj Aid, bald granted the writ
and the hearing was set down for '.'
o'clock this afternoon.
Smith aud a man named Jos. Judge
were received at tho county jail early
Sunday morning on a commitment 1b
sued by Alderman Williams, of Provi
dence, on information which was
sworn to by Dr. Sulllvau, of Provi
dence. It set forth that one Joseph
Mathulis was suffering from wounds
which might cause bis death and that
Smith aud Judge were respousible for
th wound-,
Joseph Mathulis resided on Blair
avenu- with Smith, who runs aboard
ing boose, uud is u sioglv mau. A
week ugc Saturday Matnuli uncle,
who resides iu Pittstou, cams to visit
him. The visit was made an occasion
for a celebration, and Mathulis pur
chased three i. -g . of beer iu order that
Feed, Meal aud Corn .. $ 93
Highest Grade Minnesota Patent
Flour (sacks) 90
Highest Grade Fmuily Flour I! if.
Graham Fiour, 50 lb. sack 78
Rotobsgsa, per bnsuel
Soda Crackers, per ponnd 1
Bods Crack-rs, per lb bv the bbl 1
1 lb box Baking Powder f
i lb. box Biking Powder 1
i lb. box Baking Powder -
liriar Wood Pipos Ii
5 lb. psll of Fruit Butter 10
Lead Pencils, per doz 2
Pure New Orleans Molasses, per
gallon 12 y
59. per gallon 19
lialr Brushes j
Socub Bruthes 8
Hex Stove Polish, per bottle 0
A First-ciass Tea that we can
Same Tea, pounds for
Choice Coffee at
A First- class Coffee "t
Smoking Tobacco and a C'jb Pipe
with each ponnd
Seonrioe, per pound can
Callie Powder, per pound
Bluing Puddles, worth luo
Canned Baspberrise, worth loc ,
Preserved Blspkberrita, worth ic'j
2-lb. patksfe Fancy Ksletni',
worth 18a, nt
' Currant?, per pound
Soused Msckered, w.,rtn io
Large Jar Preserve., worth $j 39
Tumblers Preserves, wortti 'JOc
Mtuwna iviuer, per doz. quarts
"c'win naier, DOr 001
theguestt might propsrly enjoy tbo i $4 Shots at
: Shoes st
i Bboeg at
The liquids were for the use of
4 I
8 1
boarders iu tho house and a few invited
guests, but during the evening there
were several outsiders who came in and
helped themselves. This brought ou
the light aud in the melee wbica fal
lowed Mathulis was struck ou iht heal
with an axe. The wound is ou the lift
side of the head, an 1 there is a piece of
bone depressed on the brain This
caused paralyzation of the organs
of Bpeech aud als i of tbe arms. This
morning Dr. Sjllivan and Dr. Donne
will perform an operation which may
save Mathulis life, or he may die under
; less than
! value.
one-half their
HOLVEV TO lector:.
Participate In th Dancing nt
Muslo Hell.
The ltalo-Americati band, BOOtnpBr
tlvely new musical organization, held
its flrtt annual ball in Music hall lust
evening. The affair was very largely
attended and enjoyed.
The music for dancing was furuithed
by the band, under the directiou of itt
leader, Professor tlnlseppe Morena. an
accomplished musician. Tho commit,
test in charge of the affair were: He
ception committee, Victor Sartor, John
Carlucci, 8 DeMsrtino, D Sauoblrloo,
J. Buven . floor manager!, G. Obiei, N.
Pierro, G A, Pirro, G. Petavento, sec
rotary, Johu Morena, manager, Nlcbo
las Carlucci.
Heaxtleston ft Woera'e and Ballantlne'e
Alee are the beet. E. J. Walsh, ageut, Bs
Lackawanna avenue.
Somtthttii' Mew
I u jiliototat Orovos', 1ST, Spruce street.
Tlit1 new offer
made to Tribune
readers on page 7.
It is the best
one yet made
She Will Speak in Dunmore Odd fel
lows' Hall.
Au entertainment aud lecture will be
given Jin the OJd Fellows' Hall, Dun
more, nuder the sat pices of the L).val
Legion, this evening.
The lecture will be delivered by Mrs.
A. M. Holvey. of Wett Pittston, who is
the lecturer for the Woman's Chris
tian Temperance Union for the state of
Poniitylvanla Mrs Holvey is one of
the most forcible temperance lecturers
in the state. She Is not a stranger in
Dunmore, hnving lectured iu tbe Meth
odist Episcopal church to a large audi
ence a lew months ngo.
Vry Styllth.
The new process photos at Groves.
Fcranton't Butlntti Irjteratti
The will soon publish a care
fully compiled and clattuhcd lint of tho
leadiug wholesale, baukiug, mauufactur
lug and professional interests of Scrantim
and vicinity. The edition will be bound
lu book form, 'orautlfuhy illustrated with
photogravure views of our public bnild
ings, bloc's, streets, etc. together
with portraits of leudlug cltlfOBS, No
similar worit has ever given au equal te
piesoiitatiun of BcfantOU't many Indus,
trios. It will be uu invaluable exposition
of our business resources. Sent to
persons outside the city, copies of
this handsome work will attract
newcomers and be an unequalled
advertisement ot the city. The esca
lation Is on a plan that cannot fail of good
results to those concerned as well as the city
nt large Uepresenta'.ives of Tiir TmnuNK
will all upon nOBI wboki RaMM
are dksikid In this edition and explain
its nature more fif.iv
Those desiring views of their residence!'
In this edition will please leave notice at
the ollice.
D ou want the later stylos and finish
111 photography, you can get it nt ilriffln's,
Wyoming avenue. We are lutroduclng
new novelties constantly.
Second Clttrlct Republlcaua
In pursuance uf a resolution of the
standing committee of the Republicans of
the Second Legislative district, n conven
tion will be held lu the arbitration room
at tho court house, city of Bcranton on
Tuesday, Feb. 13. 1SIM, at 8 o'clock p. m.,
for i he purpose of electing one delegate to
represent said district at the state conven
tion to be held at Harrisburg, I'll , on
Wednesday, Mav 88, 1H1I1. Vigllauco com
mittees will hold primaries ou Saturday,
Feb, 10, between the hours ot 4 and 7 p. ni.
W, S. Mii.i mi, t'hairmau
A. J. KoiiB, Secretary.
BcraBton, Pa, Jan. So, 1891.
Krglltb, You Know
Themetsotype aturovus', 4 Bpraoe.
Shoes nt
j L-trge Clothes Hsset, worth 9 h .
, Medium Clothes liatiiet, worth
Small Clothes Basket, worth 70c '
vvuue wash brushes, worth $l. Z'j
And a great many other
; things that we will sell at
about one-quarter of what
they are actually worth.
, W will nflTor o viivVn. P
the scalpel. He has been In a coma- I "w " uuaiauwi ui
lose condition ever since the injuties j fixtures in about a Week at
iiuiivi.'. .in.. ' . j . .'..-7i un
less todiy's opiration ii successful.
It is maintained that Smith did cot
inflict toe injuries Mathulis is suffering
from. He says he endeavored to act as
a peacemaker and got belweeh Judge
and Mulbiili. who, it is c intended,
were engaged iu a struggle. These
reasons will be urged for nil release at
the bearing today.
Hew Lutherans and Epl .comliaa Will
Observe This S ason.
During Lut servicis will be held in
Trinity Lutheran churches follow
Sunday morning at lo 80; evening! at
7.30; Wednesday evenings at 7.-10 at
North Scranton mission in the chapel
on Short avenue, Friday evenings at
7.30, lectures on the Catechism; Satur
day afternoons ut 4, address to chil
dren. Dnrlng holy week services wilt '
be held at 7.43 each evening except on
Good Friday, when tbe seivice will be
at 10.30 a. in.
At St. Luke's church thessrvicss will
be held accrdiag to the following
Ash Wednesday. 10 3U a. ts.. 7.43 p
m. , Sundays. iO.SOa m., 7.30 p. m ,
Mondayi", iu a. m., 5 p. m. , Tuesdays,
lit a. m., 5 p. m. ; Wednesdays, 10 a. in,,
7.45 p. in. . Thursdays, Ida. m . 3. p m. ;
Fridays. 10 a m , 5 p. m. , Saturdays,
10 a in., 5 p. m.
Books by Express.
Any person ordering ten or more books
at one time may have them ssnt by ex
press prepaid.
BUHOTOS Typewriters and Edison
Phouograpbs for aide uud rent. Copying
work executed. I'honograpbs rented for
sn evening's entertain'mett. Telephone
JlMii. saw, itunster Jr., 4!c
Dr. Hill 2- Son
Pet tenh. $5.3(1; beat set, SS: tor puU raps
and teeth sv:tDout plates, called crown an!
bridpe work, call for price snd referer.eo
TONALOIA. tor SStlietlBS tvetli without
pain. No ether. No k'i.
McBridi'i new Tarkish bath. Lvery.
ttqng new. (00 Sprocs street, opposite
Court House.
Price List
Daisy, $1.75
Reliable, $1.
Househ'd, Si.uo
Novelty, $2.10.
Universal, $2.10
Have you ever HuotiogioB tried
For oysters stewed or oyster?
At Lackawanna avenue 413
You'll find the nicest yon have
Open Until Midnight.
Best Sets of Teeth, $8.00
Jccluding the pnlulens extracting
ut teeth by uu entirely new pr
S. C. Snyder, D.D.S.
Henry Battin & Co.
126 Penn Avenue.
Eureka Laundry Co.
Cor. Linden St. and Adams Avt?.
Conn House Sqcahi:.
All kinds of Laundry work guaranteed
the best.
e) j,
This Is
Small lots, in all departments, to
close out cheap.
Dr. Jaeger's Underwear (slightly imperfect) at 15