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PRUtT it beass,
Scntntott Z$f$B.- Sribtrat
The Last Ri'es 0TM tlv Reflttlfl! of the
The Obsequies at the Church of St.
J.anios A Vast Concourse ot Peo
ple Pav a Last Tribute to the Hon
ored Clay -The Ceremonies at the
House, the Church and the Ceme
tery -The Eulogy Pronounced by
Bishop Potter.
i mwm
Philadelphia. ten c
THE tituil tribute which tne living
pay th de id li i been rarely
seen adder such profoundly im
pOSitlg Conditio) Hi at the
funeral of Qeorge W Child1, whoM re
main w-re eonigued to the tomb Ht
Wbodlanda tins afternoon. The great
conoours of people which slowly but
steadily formed its-df Into avast us
samblage in the vicinity of Twenty
tcood and Walnut str-ets, aud which
looked at every detail ol tha oarcutony,
whs te-itimony iliut the houors iiiveti
were given to no ordinary man After
a prlvat service at the residence for tha
immediate relative and friend of the
family. Iba ciset waa borne to the
chancel-rail of St. Jam' churoti. and
the pnbiic rites were solemnised In tha
presence of a hashed congregation.
There was but a iugle departure from
the beautiful litnp'icity of tha services
of the dead the fitting eulogy p.'O
nounced by Bishop Potter, of Maw
York. Thee services, beginning it 1
o'clock, oontinnad for an hour an I a
half, i;d then the remains were carried
out, before the thousands Who stool
with uucovere 1 heads, and the cortege
passed out Walnut str-et to Woodland
Cemetery, where, with the imp!e
officeetor the barial of the dead, all
that was mortal of George W Childs
wa consigned to the vault which,
within a year, had receive 1 tha remain
of his life-Ion friend, Anthony J.
BISHOP potter's address.
Bishop Potter's address was a inas
terpijce of pulpit oratory, and will
long be remembered by everyone with
in hearing of his voio As ha retired
to the rear of Iba chancel the hymn,
"My Gfod, My Father" was tnhf.
Following this cann the creed and
the prayer. read bv R-v. Dr Bodine,
nnd the hymn, "In the Hour of Trial."
Prayer and benediction by Bishop
Wiiitaker completed tin service in
the chancel, and the fnneral cortege
left the Bhnrofi while tus recesiional
hymn, "Hark, Hart, Sly Soul," wa
being annir.
While Rev. Dr. Bodine was reading
the Cra-d, Mrs. Child, wtio had borne
np nobly thin far, was noticed to droop
over on the shoulder of J. W. Paul, jr
Quickly kind friends around her
to nnd that she had fainUd. K-tora-tivea
were instantly applied, and in a
few minutes she was restored to con
sciousness, and was afterwarl alii to
follow her nushand's remain to the
In spite of tha reiterated announce
ment that the interment would bo
strictly private, about a thousand per)
pi gathered in the vicinity of the
brexel mausoleum at Woodlands. A
large detail of poiiee. was required to
keep the near path entirely clear.
A few minutes before 3 o'clock, the
undertaker and Ins assistants cima up
with several carriages containing the
selected tioral pieces. These pieces,
the brazen doors of the man-oleum
being thrown open, ware so diooed
n to form a backgronnd of bloom
In front of them was placed the bier
in which the casket ws to rest. And
directly opposite the handles of the bier
yawned trie open mouth of the deep
narrow crypt, adjoining that contain
ing the remain i f A .J Drexsl,
The carriages bringing tha gentlemen
erving a pall hearer arrived next,
their ocenpant forming in line up n
the niarble approach of th tomb.
The coffin was borne between them
and placed npon the waiting bier
Biahnpa Potter and Whitaker, andVRiv.
Drs Blanchard and Bodine, entered
the mausoleum and took th-ir stations
beside the coffin.
.Mr. Chil i's, supported on Mr Paul's
Brni, entered the doors, and behind her
came the members of tne family Sne
seemed very wak and rested heavily on
Mr. Paul.
Theaervico began at ones and lasted
but a few minntes. At five minute
past '' o'clock Mr. Paul, on whom the
duty devolved, cast upon the colli i tlie
aymbolical handfnl of earth.
The mortal remains of George W
Child bud been consigned to ttia grave
An tnaeniou. Svnt.m of Defrauding the
Government Dieoovered.
HtW York, Feb (1 Samuel Nirhol.
colored, a driver for tne firm of Pitt it
bcott, linifllsh forwarders, wa nrrcstcd
today at Old Bridge, N. J., by Special
Custom Hoime Axtnti McDonald nnd
Andtrion, Pitt & Hcott, for whom
Nichols worked, it is alleged, have been
difrandiug the government for a long
time by a rather ingenious method.
They would bring into this port, en
ronte for Canada, enses of good in
voicea n cheap crockery, etc., but
containing valuable articles, thon re
movo the good here and put up legs
Valuable good in thnir place.
It i behoved that the government
ha been cheated out of over $'Jl)0,0OU
recently by the firm' operations.
National Convention at Top.ka Forty
BeUftatei Respond to the Call.
Topeka, Kan., Feb. 0. The national
convention of lite Farmers' Alliance
and Industrial uuioh wa called to or
der in Representative ball at 10 o'clock
thia morning. There wro forty dele
gate from a many different tntes
present and about 300 members of the
Kausaa state alliance. Ujveruor
Lewalllng doliverrd the addre of
WtloOUM on the part of the Staff,
Hi-speech w is political in oharai'ter
and coiiMstu I principally In calling
attention to the inlitry ami poferty
liwaiiing thronghont the oonntry,
lie was followwd by John F. Willits,
national laotnrer of th alliance, who
speke on behalf ol til state alliance,
The response t the two welcoming ad
dresses Were nude by "Farmer" liau,
ol N 'w ,rk. and John DfWOan, of
South Carolina.
At tonight's (Mllon President I. mi'li
delivered hi Annual address. All of
' h sessions .' pl i list of tins ni rn
in; will le held in secret.
A Combined VtT'tt to Secure Reduction
of tha .-"cslt of P.ioie,
Dcmtcr, Feb. 0 - Tlie ClgArrakera'
association y-sterdty Inangnrated a
lockout in order to obtain concessions
from the Cigarntakcrt' union. The
three factories interested have tried to
secure rod net ion In the scale of l.'i
per cent, but all etforts have been re
sisted. Two hundred workmen are thrown
out of work. The faotorlM have a large
surplus stock on hand
The Tabulated Results ot the Police
Census Show an Alarming State of
Affairs A Tariff' Argument.
Nkw York. Feb, 6 Mayor (iilrov
today received from President !eth
Low ami Profs -r Richmond Mayo
Smith, of Columbia college, the tabu
lated resuit of a census of the unem
ployed in this city taken by the police
Under the direction of Professor Smitii
The census is taken bv police precincts
and the table shows the number of un
employed In each precinct The thirty
three precinct into which the city is
iivid'd show the number of families
suffering from lack of employment to
b -IS GSl, consisting of 308,601 parsons.
Of th tne number usually employed
i 7"0i3. The nnniber out of work i
J7.S80, or 53,595 males and 14, 638 fe
rn des.
Of the 681 families asked the
question, "Are you in need of assist
ancet" 89,811 responded "yes," and 9, -807
reeponded "no ' Aooompanlng the
table were letters from ProfeSIOf Smith
And President L w. The former writes
a commentary upon the figures.
It shows, be says, that there
are more unemployed in the
Thirteeauth precinct than in any
of the othtr preciuct, but that
here i really mor dittreej in the
Fourth precinct where 1,168 unem
ployed families, L,0ffl are actually in
need of a.saitance. It aboWs further
that 80 per cent, of the fami
lies whose bread winners are idle are
in need "' assistance Tins include
abont 185,3r0 persons who lack the
necessaries of life.
President Seth Low in his lettr
ay: "It is clear that tlie city and
citizens are face to face with a problem
of the first magnirude. I cannot
imagine a more impressive argument
in favor of prompt action upon the
tariff which ah ill be decisive on one
dir-ction or the order that the
element of uncertainty may be re
moved from the pathway of a bnsinsss In the meantime whatever
word can Oe given should bo given by
tne city and by private person. The
strong mint continue generously to
help the weak. "
Foitiitim iiit'iit ol Hit' Vote oil tlio Ktpntl ol
Ptdsral KInUod Laws.
i Klanded Debate on the Bill to Repeal
the Federal Election Laws Sena
tors Who Oppose the Measure The
Hawaiian Resolution In lha Lower
Branch Mr. Sickles Creates a Sen
sation Mr. McCraary't Oder.
Sieia'.Iit Le1er at London Ad-
dresees a Large Oa'herlng.
London, Feb. U Williams, tha o
cialist leader, to lay addressed another
meeting of the unemployed on Tower
hill. He repeated the incendiary
peech made yesterday and again
threatenel that If the police interfered
with the demonstration proposed to be
held on Saturday they would be blown
up with explosives.
He delivered a long harangne in the
course of which he said that men with
ont work had a perfect right to be
Executions Amounting to Nearly $7,000
Entered Airelnit a I'lt'eton Firm
WILUB-BaBU, Feb. l --Fxncntion
to the am oint of nearly 7,ui);'i wsre
issued today against the Pittston
Preeeed Prick oonrptny by M
Hoiipt, of Wllkes-Birre. Tne aherilf
went to I'ittstm tin afternoon and
closed the concern.
The liabilities and asset as jot have
not been made known.
The government of I'it.tshurg is bning
OperatM entirely on borrowed monev.
Tie-little daughter of Samuel HaoUob(
neading, was burned to d nth in the kil
A b'iv named Lewi, near (Iroenstmrg,
was acctdantally shut to death by an older
A new trial was refused Harry .lohnson,
of AiiioitowQ, who last summer drowned
his little daughter.
.Jurt'.'o Bodllcb informed Hnrks county
that, the securing of a divorce will, hero
after, be a hard job.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kaves, of Munrv,
hnvebeen found dead In tmdrooiii, kppaf
eutly overcome by gas.
A tree that he was chopping fell upon
and leilhd Oavld J, Peters, at I'lenaant
( nrner. Lehigh county.
After an enforced shut-down of six
month the Bethlehem Bilk mill, employing
4IHI hands, has resumed operations.
Having disappeared a week ago from
hi Las! on home while insane, I'red Archer
was found at Washington, N. J.
Hoiling Springs hopes, by an injunction,
to prevent the official selection on Thura
dayof Scotland ns th site for the new
Soldiers' Orphan school.
The city of Reading has suod the bonds
men of ex City Treasurer Jota Obold for
flV&S, which sum he was short in his ac
count when he was compelled to resign.
Master Henry W. Watson decided that
the hast End trolley road, Williainsport,
uiav cross the Philadelphia and Krio rail
road tracks at grade, thus eudiiig a long
During the progress of a Dankard revi
val at Snyder church, near New Kntar
nrise, the nortiou of the Hour on which
were tbo Beats for the women fell into tbo
cellar. A number of women went clown
with the floor aud a panic followed, but
no one was seriously hurt.
n LTHOUQH it had been the pur
M pose of the senate to hav a vote
j 00 the passage of the bill to r
lAl peal the federal election laws
taken at I p. in today, it became nee
aesary t postpone the close of the
getmril debate until 8 p. m tomorrow
and to have an agreement for the tak
ing of the vote before the senate ad
j mrned tomorrow. Then are several
senators who have yet tospsak unon it.
Those who spoke today were llawlev
(Conn.), Parkins (Cat.), and Prye (Me i,
ail liHpublicans.all in opposition of the
bill, and Daniel (Va.X Turpie (Ind.),
and Harris i l'euu ), all Democrats, in
support of it. The discussion win, at
time, very lively, particularly as b
Hveaji Prye and Daniel, The senate at
I 83 adjourned until tomorrow.
PBOOtlDUtCH IN THK llolisu.
Consideration of tlio Hawaiian reso
lution was resumed in the house and
a 1 dresses were made bv U'presenta
lives Outhwalte (Dem.. () ,). Culberson
(Deiu., Tex,), Storer (Rip, o.i, Bver
ett (Dem., Mats.,), Lou I (Rp Cal.,),
Turner (Dem, (Ja,), Sii'kles iDern., N,
Y.,). DrForest (Dem, Kr.,), Hibnrn
(R;p., Ia, i and Hooker (Dem., Was.,)
Mr. Sickles created somewhat of a s -u
satlon by avowing hi opposition to the
resolution and announcing that he
would vote against it, and he carried
out his declaration later.
At 11.30 the house began voting on
th" pending resolutions and that iutro
ducei by Mr. Blair, (Rep,, N. U,) de
claring for a policy of annexation wa
defeated, Ave 'JO, nay 155. Mr.
Hitt's resolution condemning the ac
tion of Minister Willis in interfering
with a Republican government to
which he was accredited, was also lost,
aye 98, nays 238.
Mr. Bead (Rep., Me.) made a motiou
to re.cuinmi) the JlcCreary resolution
and this was defeated by a vote of 97
to 133. On tbo resolution offered by
Mr. McL'reary the roll wa called. The
Republicans refrained from voting
and only Hi') Democrats voted in the
affirmative no cpaorutn.
Mr. McL'reary moved a call of tlio
liotig, and the Republicans under the
leadership of Mr. Reed oegan filibus
tering and kept the house tied up until
li 3d. when all leave of absence wore
revoked, telegrams sent for absentees
and tha house adjourned,
- r
happy Pensioners.
Parties Who Will Beoeiv Aid from the
Washington, Feb, o The following
pensions were granted today: Penn
sylvania -Original, Frederick W Kocb,
Stoelton; Charles A. ('irspeaker, Alle
gheny City ; Thomas Graham, Brad
dock ; John Hahn, Philadelphia (twenty
years' service); Robert Sivage, Piiiln
ilelphia. Additional, Hmiry Blnne,
I'luiadelphia; Christian Btooer, North
Hope. Butler; Thomas VValkir, Beading,
Increase Atno Lacy, New Drigb-
ton, Beaver; lleniaini i Mver. Smith
ville, Lancaster; Oeorge B Oamhle,
H-rrick. Bradford, .lolin It. Crawford,
Wilkaa-Barre; Wood Lloyd, Philadel
i ' i if- Philip I hls, rinladel
phia; Perry Kipp, Towaada; John B
Lel kicher, Lmcaster.
Original widows, etc I'Uheluila S
Fisher, Philadelphia; Annie Gallagher,
Dowingtown; Levi Taylor, father,
Scranton, Mary h Woolson, I'luladel
phia; Sophia Hare, Luialale, Mont
gomery; BopblaCarr, Plalnsfield.Cum'
berland , Hosanna L. llillboru, r rank -
fort, Philadelphia; lilleii J. Smrritt,
Rockdale Mills, Jefferson; Mary Bren-
nan, I'liiliulelpliia . minor Ol Aoraliam
Hewitt, Manchester, ork , Annie L.
F'rick, Kin rna ns, Lehigh j Annie T,
Snyder, Philadelphia, Anna M Men
ninger. South Lastou, ivirtliampton ;
Johanna Newmeyer, Pittsburg; Anna
M Olass, Scarlets Mills, lierk.
i-- a -
Kiogh Playincr Mak'ie Ifltn Die Fav r
itn at the Philail.lphla Tourney.
Philadelphia, Peb. n Score of to
night's games in th itatn pool touilia
merit :
Kd Dmighcny, of riiiladelphin 14, 2, '
D, io, is, ia i2, m, , i" . id, ii, i
Harry Hammers, of Philadelphia o, n,
'i, (i, r,, h, 5, a. 6, 6, 12, 8, , 8, r, :t, 081,
Scratolies- llouuhertv, I: Huuuneie, 0.
Second game, Jerome Keogh, of Scran-
tnii-M, ir,, it, in, n, i., ia, 14, n, a, i, .
16, r,. 0,8-160,
Clarence Worker, of Heading ,, 0, 1, II,
8. 0. I. I, I a, II, 7, 0, II. 15, 0-7J, Hcratuhe
Koogh, :i; Stoeker, 5.
Until Diiigli Tiy and Summer! were
olT In their games, Siiininiir wa very
nervoui throughout his lint aptiearanoe
b'fore nn SUdlenoe, but he made ex
reliant shots at times.
Keogh is a marvel, taking the fifteen
halls without a miss manv time. Hi
plaring had Stoeker 'paralyzed, al
though the latter never had an opening
to hIhiw hi ability at any time. Both
Stoeker and Summer can play batter
than tbev did tonight. Keogh' piny
ing ha inado him a favorite In the
OUtslde of the Park, whora they were
sheltered, The fire rut off egress by
i he hi airways and ladder were brought
into uso with good effect.
Ella Harmanii. a servant girl, wa
badly burned about tlie fare and arms
and lti feared inhaled the fUmCS, She
is in an extremely critical condition.
The loss is estimated at iJ'Jo, 110(1, insill
mice $15,000, Tha gueeta loss about
4,000 in personal property,
, .
FIGHTING moonshiners.
Two Unit. J Slate Deputy Marshals
Killed on the BISOI AllnKheny.
WARM BnUNW, Va,, Feb. li New
bus just been reuni v-d he'.-a of a desper
ate light on "Black Allegheny" moun
tain, near the Wo it Virginia lino, be
tween several deputy Unite I States
marshal and a p irly of illicit dis
tillers, Two of the marshals warn
killed outright, a were also two of
the distillers, and one man wa badlv
Hani Collin, who ia known here,
was the member ol the party who wa
badly wounded.
shot his father.
The Terrlbl Crime of Charlea Morrison,
of PltteburK.
PlTrSBDBa, Pa., Feb. 0 -At 1.60
o'clock this afternoon Charles Morris
son, aged v.', shot hi father Kdward
Unrrisson, aged 66, twice in Io . head,
indicting wounds that it ia thought
will prove fatal. 1 he shunting oc-
cunvil at their house Io. Villi l'enn
avenue Charles wa arrested. His
letim wa taken to thu Wt Peuu
The cause of the shooting ha not
been ascertained.
The Senate Judiciary Domini tlee Holds llie
Matter Over Until Monday.
I be Senate- Judiciary Committee Took
No Action Upon the Nomination,
The Vote Postponed Until Monday.
1 be Delay Doos Not Seem Favora
ble lo Mr. Peckham Senator fiill
Remains Confident.
Duluth Makes a Clean Swesp In th
Interest of Good Times.
DtJLUTH. Minn.. Feb. (! Itav T.
Lewis, Republican, was elected mayor
of Duluth today bv a in ijoritv of 8,880
in a total vote Of abont 10,000, The
Republicans elected sixteen aldermen,
which is n clean sweep. Tbo fight was
m ule a party one with the position of
Major 1! ildwin on the taritl question
is an issue.
The presont city administration is
Serious Accusations Against the Gov
ernor of the State Offers of
Policy Shop Men Refused.
One of th Lara-eat Hot ds in the Town
Kosikhkkt, Pa., Feb. 0. The Park
li .lei, the largest and most popular res
ort in this part of the atate, wa de
stroyed by fire early thia morning. The
gueta all eucaped in their night
clothe. They ran barefooted through
the mow and raw winter air to houses
U ooi
W tSHlNOTOH, Feb. 0
senate judiciary committee
took no action on the nomination
of Mr. Peekbam for eupreme
urt justice today The nomi
nation goes over until Monday next,
l li l postponement i not fav treble to
Mr. Peckhalu, though it will give the
administration more time tor mission
ary work : The postponement was e
cured by Mr. Hoar, one of tbos rlied
on by the administration, who an
nounced that be was not y"t prepared
to vote for confirmation, and asked for
time to consider certain papers, which,
ha said, had just been placed in his
bauds. This announcement wa very
gratifying to Mr Hill
Th entire time of the committee to
day wa taken up in reading papers
and letters bearing on the case Both
sides seemed somewhat afraid to com
to a vote.
Senator Hill remain confident that a
favorable, report cannot bo obtained
from the judiciary committee and that
the senate will reject tiie nomination
when a vote is reached there.
Senator Llndiay, of Kentucky, was
favorable to the confirmation of Mr.
Ilorublower, but is reported against
Mr. Peckham in obedience to the reso
lution of the Kentucky legislature
Several member of the committee
have not yet iven any indication how
they will vote.
obvious purpose of advancing a runner
occupying a base, which result iu put
ting out the batsman or would to re
sill if handled without error.
With tins definition embraced in the
rules, a penalty for failures to auocas
tuhy in ile the play has been framed.
To seotion three of rule forty this ad
dition is recommended i A foul hit
made by the batman while attempting
a bunt or aacrific hit, as ddinud iu
rult thirty, is one that fills upon foul
gouud betweeu home have aud tirt has
and home base and third base.
The committee will also recommxud
that the umpire he given authority to
remove for the llrat olfeuie any player
who uses prolan or improper language
on the field.
In section 3 of rule 10. baseball ml,
was changed to read "a strike shall be
called on a foul hit mail by the bats
mat while attempting a 'bunt," strik
ing out word "la one" In name para
Rumors of Warlike Preparation on lb
Afghanistan Frontier.
Bkcbkkls, Feb. t; -The correspond
out at Constantinople of the Independ
ent Beige telegraphs that Russia is
making preparations for :.. mediate
seizure ol Herat, iu Afghanistan. The
Correspondent add that 4i 640 troops,
mostly cossaclcs, are concentrating on
the Afghanistan frontier.
It may be pointed ont that the corre
spondent does not give any authority
for the statements he makes.
Lively Scenes During the Closing
Hours of the Festival Rex Has
Taken Entire Possession.
TOPEKA, Kan., Feb. 0 The boodle
charges, which have bsen made so fre
quently by insinuation and general nc-
OUaatlOU aitainst liivernor towelling
and other (tat offi:crs, were given to
the pnbhs today specifically, The
charges come iu the form of a letter
written by a Kansas City attorney
named smitii to liovsruor Lweiiing
Jan. 4 The governor is accused of rs-
eivin'j ijt., 0t)ll for a month forgiving
ins oflicial sanction to the policy shop
mil gambling lion. The letter was
given out uy Mrs. M. r. Lease.
(inventor Lwwelhng this morning
positively declined to talk in regard to
Smith's letter, persistently asserting
that he had nothing to say. The United
i'ress correspondent wu informed this
morning by a state official, who de-
lined to permit his name to bo used.
that the policy shop men had tendered
him $') BOO for his iulluouce, aud that
be had ref used it.
In n few days, it is sai 1, other speci
fic chai'Kea are to he sprung on tiie
state administration, aud an effort will
be mad to ihow that the wliolesnie
liquor dealer of Kansas City and the
out keepers ol ltnsasliav raised a
pool and are paying the governor 11,800
monthly to ignore the prohibitory law
and permit Haloons to ruu without
Uncle Sam made 193,825 eilver dollars in
his mints last week.
Polly 810,000 1 Boston! response to the
appeal of Kdward Itlake fur Hume Itule
t nulls
Pound guilty of liilline bis two sisters,
lolin Hart, of Rookford, 111,, was sentenced
to death.
Two thousand lurid posters, put up early
Sunday morning toaatound Boeton church
goer, were torn down ov the nolico.
In the presence of n great crowd. Mayor
(lilrov, of New ork, turned the thsl
shovelful of earth 00 the new speedway.
Captured at Lot Angeles, Cal., after a
long chase, Ike Itullis, the noted counter
fetter, Will got twenty years in the peni
tentiary. After drawing a pension twenty -two
yeaisns a ktetioan war veteran's widow.
laivtula i nok) WoHiwiiiii M under arrest.
at Kalians I ity.
Holding up a depot lull of passengers at
( T. a buhl negro highwayman
etnpiied the money drawer and lied, bul
was sunn rmiKhl.
Actor QeorgC II. Colvln was foiled by
two waitresses, who roomed with ins wlf
01 New Yolk, where Im ti ted tu shoot llie
latter, also a waitress.
Il'i-ause site knew when slut married
damns B, 'SSWeg t hai he mint o to prison,
Mrs Laura B, Caswell, of Si. A I ban, Vt ,
was refuse I S divorce.
Police dustiee Thomas Itrnilwell knocked
down two footpads who assaulted bin In
( hiiago. He nughi have shot both, but
preferred to thresh them.
Ity nrcuteulally nltikiiur a dvnnuiile
Cartridge with Ills pick, Christopher T
sail waa blown to pieces At Home, ll
with Contractor W, n Corner,
M. l'apillnud, a writer on the atnfl" of the
I, lorn l'a role, wounded Deputy Olivier
llafe.ou in the ariupil in n duel. The cause
of llie duel was a certain ill tide published
by PepllUud in lb' Libre Parole.
The senate lias rolillt tiled the nntniua-
tions: Miate department, Thomas Moon
light, of Kansas, to b minister to Bolivia)
interior, Harrison II. Wheeler, to be pun
nIoii agent at Detroit, Michigan. '
Another supposed infernal machine was
found outside the Magamnsdu "nntenipls.
It waa taken to the muuirlniil liiliiirntnry
for examination. The poltoo believe it to
be the work of some practical joker.
Among the appointments of fourth class
postmasters were the following: Penn
sylvania, A. K. Megel, Daubervlll e, vice
Abraham Haulier, resumed; Mrs Lizzie A
Padeo. Ilillsvllle, vice Frank Smith re
The treasury stated balance at tho close
of business yesterday stood at fS2,W)J,Stll,
as follows: Hold, nl. lati.UUil; currency.
tlH.IHti, MW. The amount of gold deposited
on arcouut of tne new bond lunu aruie
gate tit), 171,000.
Davenport's Companion Arrested
in Tcp-ka.
Toi'KKA.Kan ,Fob. 8 Henry Beckett,
a fakir and maker ot paper pictures by
profusion, and a br -aker of feminine
heart by inclination, is under arrest in
tlio Shawnee county jail on the charge
of bigamy aud improper relations with
Mis France Davenport, a pretty
yonng heiress of Klkhart, Ind.
The arrest wa nude by Sheriff
Burdge on a telegram from Chief Shea,
of Chicago. Last Siturday morning
SaCkett. accompanied by a pretty girl
20 year old, engaged rooms at th
Keith truilding as man and wife, aud
were assigned to room 81, Mies Haven
port, iu the mean time, had ruu out
of money, and it occurred to her that
Mrs. uhtorn W. Crane, of tin city.
wa an old friend of her mother, and
would be wiiling to identify her
in order to get a urart cusneu.
Mis. Crane did SO, but In the mean
time Mr Crane bad seen an ac
count ot Miss Davenports eiopem. nt in
the Sunday paper. Tlie voting woman
came into Mr. Crane's offic yesterday
morning, and be frankly told her the
k'reat mistake she was making. Miss
Davenport admitted that she had run
away With Beckett, and that they were
not married. She did not appear to re
alize the irreparable blunder she had
made. She agreed to leave him for the
time being until she decides what she
wants to do nest. Sue says Sackett
agreed to marry her, but sue ha only
his word.
Tlie officers think Sackeit ha another
wife, and if be bad not he would have
married his victim betore this for the
lo n. 'o in ber own iiNine. Beckett's
lather lived in Topeka twenty years
ago and operated a hook store. The
older settlers remember lum a some
thing of a sharper himself.
The Defendant' Coun.el Makes an Ef
fort to Quia Time.
MtiyiitNTOWlt, l'a , Feb ( Th trial
of .lames H Carpenter for the murder
of his fatner, James s Carpenter, at
Port Koyal on Dec lit, IMi.i, began here
today. The commonwealth was rep
resented by District Attorney Sell
weirer, Hon. L. V. Atkinlohti and .lolin
,1 Patterson, jr. The defense has been
made by IJudgC BuCUer, of Leads
burg; William Sp uisler, of New
Bloomflald, and Jeremiah Keller, of
this place
The legal battle was opened after the
arraignment of tbo prisoner by a pre
liminary motion on the pan of thede
feinlant to quash the array of jurors,
based on a claim on illegal tilling of
the jury wheel lnDcmber. Pending
argument, court adjourned at ll o'clock
NEW OBLEAHB, La.. Feb. 0 His
Majesty, Hex, wa in full possession of
his royl carnival city today, nnd New
Orleans turned aside from busdnoss to
pay homage to the king ol mirth.
Mardi Grras ia a legal holiday in the
btnte.and all the banks.exclianges. pub
blic buildings and store were closed.
The weather was nil that a fatidiou
iuonrch might require It was bright
uud balmy. There were present in
the city many distingnUhed strangers,
including (idiieral chofield. Senator
Mandersoo and McMillan, Phil Ar
mour, the Chicago millionaire; Col
onel J. T. Harrahan, and a large dele
gation of railroad men and a host of
military and lny strangers who
watched the p irade from the club and
other point of vantage along the
route. The visiting soldiers took no
pirtinthe procession, but were en
joying the novel sights on the street.
Long before noon, Canal, Camp and
St Charb-s street were fairlv jammed
with people, and the polio bad diffi
culty in preventing hopeless tangles of
humanity. It Was 11 o'clock when
Hex appeared. He cjin out from hi
den on Culliope street with his long
train of beautifnl ears an 1 gar cour
tiers, a host of ban Is making martial
mnile The knig was greeted with the
utmost enthusiasm on al. sides.
Hex this year has taken from the
great poets and story t-Hr of ancient
and modern times material to make up
the theme of literature illustrated by
bis pagoant. There were nineteen
fl aits in the procession. The car
nival came to its close tonight
with a brilliant pageant and
a series of balls thitwere BOolal tri
titnphs. Th days pasted without a j
siugle serious accident, and in that re
spect the carnival wa an exception.
The throngs on the str,ts tonight ex
ceeded, if anything, thoe of yesterday
and today, but they were good natnred
crowd and sntTer.l jostling without
complaint, I
I ) R Reduction Sale of
LINENS will com.
mence Monday, Feb, 5, and
continue one week. We quote
below a few figures in Cream
and Bleached 'laUe Dam.
asks. Napkins to match
when desired.
56 inch, 23 cents.
Recent price, 80 cents.
58 inch, 28 cents.
Keceut price. Ji cents.
GO inch, 32 cents.
Krnt price, 40 cents,
64 inch, 39 cents.
Recent price, cent,
68 inch, 45 cents.
Keceut price, B5 cents,
72 inch, 55 cents.
Recent price. 83 cents.
72 inch, 68 cents.
Itecent price, 85 cents.
72 inch, 88 cents.
Recent price, fl,
72 inch, $1.05.
Recent price, $1 85,
72 inch, $1.19.
Recent price, fl 00.
72 inch, $1.75.
Rcent price, $2.
80 inch, $2.10.
Recent price, $2 35.
90 inch, $2.25.
Recent price, $2 50.
Dinner and Lunch Sets,
Towels and Counter-panes
at correspondingly low
prices. See our "Cherub"
Crochet Quilt at 95c. and
the Excelsior Marseilles at
Andrew Fov Flatly Oontredleti
Wife's Testimony at the Trlnl.
CftlOAOO, Keb. 6 Andrew Koy, nc
ensed by his wife of conspiring with
Daniel OoUghlin and others to murder
Dr, Oronln, and under police susplolon
since May, 1889, Was the star witness
for tbo defence ths trial today. M
did not spend a milch tiuie as Mis
Koy on the wltnalt stand, and Bttly
contradicted his wife's story regarding
the secret conspiracy meetiugs held lit
hlshoiise; the rending of the ''remove
at nil hazards letter," ami the uifi'ting
of Iturke and (iugtilin outside Key's
boil the night of M.iv I!
Toe prosecution did not change tho
tonor of Ins testimony.
Rules to Ouvern Qamee Recom
mended at Cincinnati.
Ciminnati, Feb. 7. Th special
nil of th committee of National
13n Rail player teaon, ended this
evening, The committee will rooom
mend n new rule to fill the definition of
fair and foul hits in the batting
rules. The following i the substitute
A bunt or aaoritiue hit i a ball batted
by th hitniiiii atnudiiiif in his posi
tion, that fut's within fair gr. uud us
defined In rule DO, that i made tor the
Payi That tha Rpjrtu of Reading
R-Ortenizat:on Are Mix'd
Piiii.AUKi.nil a. Feb. 6 Receiver
Passon, ol the Reading Railroad com
pany, laid today that the reports about
the Heading re-organisation pla-i were
considerably mix" I l"p to the present
time the receivers have not had pre
Seated to them for their consideration
any feasible plan of re organir. itien,
Receiver Paxson said what they bail
been considering was tha disposition f
the floating debt and whion has ben
practically rccomplisher nnd wnic.i is
a step toward re organll itlon.
What th New York friends of th
company are doing in th matter He
orivret Paxton does noi know.
An Operation Performed on Oorpsral
Jatneq TentiT at Senev Hoevitn).
NiwYoitK, Feb. o -Aii operation
was performed on Corporal .lames
Tanner's stun pa at tbeSeuey hospital
thte afternoon iv IVs. Qeorge R Fow
lr, U. Delatour, W F. Oamphell and
H B, Cameron, The reaiupntatioo
consisted of the removal of two aud a
half inchos from each stump where
they were pres-d by tho artitlcial
Mr. Tanner seemed Somewhat ex
hausted after tha operation Be i
now retting quietly
510 and 512 Lackawanna A?e.
Maltese Cross
And Oak tanned Leather Belling,
H. A. Kingsbury
313 Spruce St., Scranton, Pa.
Lewis, Reilly k Davies
Reliable Footwear.
Albany, n , shivered at aero.
York shivered at live degrees below
Preparations for ths Ice harvest have
been made all along the upper Hudson
Thirty degrees below pero was the local
record-breaking score at Pulton Chain, in
the Adirodacka
Rome and Utlca,N, If., principal cities
on the M'lliawk. llie at last sure ot plenty
of Ire. Thi men in. v is SO below zero
t Itete
Fulton county, N. Y , near the Nin th
Woods, was nut' uniformly cold, though It
w us v. i v (Hgld thlrt) lielow zero nt-
Uayfleld, twenty-four at Northvllle and
eighteen at Uloverevlllo.
The coldest and wannest localities in
the country respectively wore Baranac
Lake, N. V., where tort.v-otio degrees be
low zero was reached, mid Key West, I'la ,
where it wus sixty eight degrees abovu
p WASiiiNiiToa. Fob. (i.Forecml
for Wednesday, tor eastern
' '.UN' i ' ' I flii irsnthar lll
' eonUttn peaerofiv fair, with
lourmrr iiiuis ifuriiio ltV(uc.rfnj, Jul
limrj llVdncvifui night by iiicmviiii j
l'eet of every
Will e
iescription fitted at
Reilly & Davies
'Toniiif :tt r. fW P.M.
We Examine Eyes
Free of oharge. 1 1 ;i doctor is
needed you txe prompt! told
so. We ulsii gjuarajitoe a per
feet iu.
A l' COST for one week only.
I J. HE,