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Four Billions
Of loss in a year is a
steep price for Democratic
And the Worst
Of it is that the country
hasn't yet got Democracy's
completed bill.
The Iwbn lioui OsteOtytCtl to the Uniittu-
logical Title.
r niove two liiivs of notice. Again the
orowil broke into appreciative cheer
m Williams enunciated in dangsrous
iiiut, biqi of tho crowd shouting: "u
sh-uld be done."
Wilttiuni further Slid that if tho
foreign snsrohtsts reinforce tbs
ployed there would bo worm work fur
t tie police The epoiker wee repeat
f.lly cheered.
Fun In the House During the Hawaiian
Debate --Mr. Morse Called to Order
Upon Account of Having Used Un
parliamentary LongUOgO Mr. John
son Pictures Scenes from the Comic
Opera of "Liliuokalam." -The Fed
eral Election Laws Debate.
V vjiuvux'N. Feb. 5,
'HF. house bit to ren-Hl the tod
OrololOOtlOO laws wis debated
la the senate during moot of the
session, Mr. L'bsud!er v K-p , N'
H.I leading off with a Speech OgalOSl
tho Mil. mi Mr. Flryo (Bop., Me. i it
Instrated the necessity for such law
bv what be called the "twiestol l tale"
of th- Tammany election frauls In
the presidential election of 1868
the wholesale naturalisation of
foreigners, the "repeating" and the
wholesale false resitritiif. H ask-d
Mr. Faltuer i Pem. , 111. whom cohal
sought Ut for biO special SntSgOttlSt,
whether such a system of dishonest
prootleoo do not justify the exietenc"
of the federal statute' which the bill
proposed to repeal, but the Illinois 100
ator refused to make such on admis
sion. The discussion was participated
in by several members, ana theu the
bill went over till tomorrow.
The auti-optiou ipiestion was brought
up by resolution to refer to the judici
ary committee the Mil intr luced some
weeks ago by Mr George tDetu , Miss i
After some remarks oy Mr. B-rry
(Deui., Ark.,) an i Mr. Wishbura Rsp.,
Minn ,) no action WM taken n the m
tiou, Sir. George not being in the
chamber. The senate at 113 ad
Tho Hawaiian debate was resumed
in the house to lay by Mr Morse, of
Massachusetts, who had five minutes
Before he hal proceedel for a minute,
however, Mr Outbwaits called him to
order for uaparliatwotary language.
"To what language do you refer'.'"
asked Mr. Morse. ''To the insulting,
iinpident and unparliamentary lan
guage just used," answered Mr Uu:h
watte. Mr. Morse, according to the rnle.
took his seat, and the. words excepted
ti were read at the clerk's desk, as
"And yet. strongs to tell, at the
command of their master, tne great
Grover Cleveland, his cu:koo in the
house and senate, stanch Southern
Democrats, the loudest suouters for a
white man's gov-rnm-nt, disregard a.l
their ancient tradition about white
man's supremacy and the white man's
The speaker ruled that the lang'iaj;
wan unparliamentary to speak of mem
her of the ;house and senite as being
controlled by their masters the presi
dent. Mr. Horn explained that he woull
withdraw the words "controlled by
their master, the president " Before
Mr. Morse could procaea his time ex
pi red.
Mr. Johnson of Indiana took the
floor and made a strong speech, ar
raigning the course of the present ad
ministration in atterantintr to restore
the deposed queen. He drew a vivi 1
picture of the effort of Mr Willis, and
evolved out of it all the plot of a new
comic opera to be etllsd "Lilionka
lani " He drew a picture of the opera
playing to packed houses throughout
the United States to the inexhaustible
amnaementof the people.
Resuming the courseof his argument,
he contended that even if Mr. Stevens
had been gnilty of conspiring in the
rebellion (which he denied) Mr. Cleve
land no right to go back and review the
completed acts of a previous admin is
trntion. The president, he mid, was
ably secondsd hy his secr"tsrv of state,
who had no canse to stand up for Mr.
Harrison, who had defeated htm for
the Republican nomination at 0 ilcago
in 1881, and who hal D ide It iinpissi
ble for him (Grrsobam) in all time to
come 10 secure I Republican nomina
tion. Tnat, he said, was before Mr.
Greshan descended to his own level in
the Democratic party.
Postmaster General is Dtr:nlned
fitemp Out thn Evil.
Washington, Feb, 5 Up to this
afternoon Postmaster General liis.sell
lias received no official inform ition of
the proposed or actual resurrection of
the Lonissna lottarv .ml tne establish
ment of its headquarters at. Port
Tsmpa City, Fla. Genoral liissell is
thoroughly siiva to thefjcsHslty for
prompt and vigorous action in the
premises and in osse the fact is estab
lished that the lottery company lias
again opened for business he will exer
cise every power in his control to stamp
it i.ut with a view to a thorough exter
inination of the evil.
He has aak"d the state department to
take np the matter with the govern
ments of ail the Mexican end South
American slates, ami if p issible secure
action by which the ... me of making
drawing in one country in order to
evade the laws of another may Pe pre
Socialist William. Addresses a Meeting
of the Unemployed,
London, Feb. 5 Another meeting
of the unemployed was held at Tower
Hill today at which the socialist leader,
Williams, announced that a demon
stration would be made in Trafalgar
square on Saturday. He declared that
if the police interred the procession
of the unemployed would send them to
heaven by chemical parcels post. This
statement, was greeted with cheers
by the assembled mob. Continuing,
Williams declared that a piece of ex
plosive the sizi of a pen u v. which could
could be carried in the pocket, would
Known River Coat Opsrators la
Financial Trouble.
PinsurKii, li , Feb. ." An execu
tion lor 1180 lhK was mind this morn
nn: by S. S. Smith, trustee for tha
I'nion National bank, against Horner
& Huberts. tOO Wtll known river coal
operators The amount is to cover a
debt of 178,000 duo the plalnttB Oi
Saturday a jn U'lu nt for 88$ 000 0OT
eriug a debt of 889,000 w ..s entered by
Stella D. Hays against Simpson Horner
individually.' It is not yet known
whether there are any other judgment
c reditors ol the firm, 'there are, how
ever, several units pending for Jittered t
.mounts No statement of tho BUSO
oial condition oi the firm has been giv
en out. The assets consists of coal
Ian It, beats and barges. It is not yet
determined whether an assigmujut
will be made,
Tne partnership betweeu 11 iruer and
Roberts has been in existence thirty
years and has been rated anOQg the
loading river ooa firms.
Giant Opirators Ar Said to Ba UmWr
tbe Market.
CBIOAQO, Feb. 5 On the board of
trade it is whispered that Philip D
Armour, Marshall Field, John W
Doatie, George M Pollman and other
magnates iu the local financial and
commercial fi -Id, together with Aldi
sou Cammack and his crowd in New
York, are "uuder the wheat market'' to
the extent of Untold millious of bush
els, aud they have laid the fouudatiou
for a gigantic deal in breadstuff.
Two years ago it was Rockefeller.
Mackey, Blair, of New Jersey, and Ar
mour. Last year it was Armour. Rocke
feller and Jack Culahy. It is reported
that from 60. 00" 000 to 75,000,000 bush
els have been hedged and sold snort for
May delivery.
Against this vast volume of sales
there are 01.000.000 bushels of cash
wheat in Cnicago elevators, and 10,
000,000 boshels additional in the war
huusrs of Dulut'n. Milwaukee and St.
Louis Minneapolis l out of the ease
entirely, as the wneat at that point
conl 1 not be got away from the millers.
Settlement on terms satisfactory to the
"longs" would have to be made on any
where from 30,000,000 to 50,000,000
An Angry M b Clamors fir a Prisoner
in Lebanon Jail.
LWAXOR, Int., Feb. 5. Tbe pros
pects for a lynching bee here tonight
are very bright. Saturlay night Frank
Hall, a negro, assaulted Mrs. Ak-rs a
widow, who lives aline with hsr chil
dren on a farm four miles east of Leb
anon, holding a r-volver at her head
while be accomr.lish d his purpose
He then fld bnt was snbs-qnently ar
rested at his home and brought here
The news that a mob was organizing
in lucsd the sheriff to hustle toe pris
oner away to Indianipolis Tais morn
ing Hall was returned for a hearing.
A mob at once snrround.d th j ill and
an attack is expected at any time.
4 About 11 o'elook the county prose
cutor mounted the jail steps and
pleaded with the mob to disperse. He
told them that Hall would be vigor
ously prosecuted and said that the
jailor's wife was dangerouily ill an t
tnat the noise muhtprov . fatal to her
N'o attention was paid to his words
At noon the mob was trying to get a
leader and demand the prisoner.
loops at OT McLaughlin Manlfsate No
Anxty for Capture of tho Fuglilv.
New York, Feb. 5 - Inspector Mc-
Lsngaiin was ask I I'm afternoon
what he knew about William
Itslian,who Is reported to have escsped
In I'lttston while under arrest there for
a murder OOtnfflltted In N'ew York.
Trje inspector sai 1 he knew nothing
whatever about it-das, nor about any
murder ne may have a inmitted here
or elsewhere. certainly did not
want him.
Andrew Kenns, a well known business
man, r,f Camden, N. J.
Kx-State BeMtOT Willies Henry Kirk,
81 years old. of Newark. X. J.
Lieutenant Charles t Kminerirh, United
States navy, at .Mare Islafld navy Bard
81 M. BatfliitOU, I well known cnsl ship
per and miner, aged Wl, of Haltimore, Md.
PrafeoMf Bdnood Protmx, ebemln and
member of the Institute, at I'aria, aged M
Edward A LlppinOOtt, years old, a
wealthy wagoa oallder, of Atlantic City,
N. J., at Chesterneld, N, J.
'I heron Persons, the young captain nf
the BelVatiOfl Airny at Phanixvilln, I'a.
ills home Is at IluiUon, Mass.
Frederick BoottjgeT, 7i years old, who
Intrddoced the eUItnre of grapmnt K.:
Harbor City, N. .1., nt Lower Hank, N. .1 ,
Theodore 8. Barton, a pronslnsdt New
Orleebl broker and tZ-pTOsideOt of the
Htoi k exchangn. lie was killed by an
overdose of morphine.
Mrs. I'rlsrllla Vanlnrn, aged 87, at
I'itt.hurg, Pa. Him was n famous teinpor
ance advoeato, and the heroine of the Itmi
peranos rruiadt of May 81, ih74.
Henry Newman, 111 yems old. an nvan
geh.t who worked to eavi, drnnkaril and
lalleu women, and founded n mission hear
ing his name In Jersey City, N. J.
At Wells, Minn., ye terday Morton H
Wilkinson, United Hlstes senator for
Minnemift from IH.M to IKI1,,, di"d of aimp
lexy. Henator vvllkins n was 76 years of
I). T. .Innea, of Illinois, chief clerk in the
life saving service, in the treasury depart
uirnt at VVaaliiuuton, He ha. b ill k
two weeks. Mr. Jones was Ml years old
ntik has been in tin, truasury for twenty
At Southamplon, Kit?., just after his ar
rival by steamer New V'oi k. Frederick at,
Somers, a promiiieut t 'aliforniau and
member of the Lotus club, New York.
Ho was formerly an editor 01 the Call-
forma Argouant, and latterlv nroprleior
of Current Literature, New York, and
promoter lu hurone ut a type setting machine.
The PlHylul Allien ul Hillish ami French
Tfoopi in BoOl
In a Recent InCOOlitaf Ltetw'een E-ii(f-lish
anil French Military Polite
Forces, Six Are Killed The British
Are Mistaken tor Natives- Lieuten
ant Marit Ainoiiu, the Victims.
This Is the BiCOnd Battle Within a
Few Weeks.
London, Feb s.
fi DI8PATCH from Sierra Leone
A save that a detachment of British
IpA military police encamped in the
u U Sofia country were recently tired
Opsin by a Prenoh force, The British
returned tbe fire aud killed six of the
French force. Several of the attacking
part) were captured.
It was only a short time auo that a
force of British consisting of ttisuitieis
of the West India regiment and it de
taohtnoa! of the military police, the
latter uuder command of Captain
bendy, was tired upon by a French
force under li e command of Lieutou
ant Urritl, near Wanna, who, it was
subsequently explained, mistook them
for natives. Captain L'lidv, Lieuteu
ants LiltOU and BoUghtOO, a sergeant
and twenty six privates were killed
Ttu Britien at once responded to t tie
fire and shortly afterward the French
retired. Lieutenant Marit! was
wounded aud was captured by the
He explained that the attack was a
mistake on bis part, be thinking that
the British were natives
The attack was made in the eailv
morning before the sun bad fairly
risen, end in the dim light the mem
bers of the West Indian regiment, who
are negroei. were thought to be Sofiaa
aud their nfllc-'rs Arab. Lieutenant
Merit! subsequently died from the
effsctsof hit wonuds and was buried
with military honors by the British.
First Attempts to Kid His Wlfs and
Than Bhoots Hlm.alf.
LaTKOM, Pa, Feb. 5 Godfrey May,
one of the best known merchants of
this place, attempted to kill his wife at
3 o'clock this nfternoon aud then com
mitted suicide by shooting himself
through the heart. May came here
from New York about a year ago and
opened one of the largest dry goods
stores in the city. His wife was cash
ier Recently he began to find fault
with his wife's business methods an. I
quarrelled with her frequently, Mr.
and Mrs. May were at the store today
until noon. whn they went home for
lunch, and al I! o'clock neighbors heard
pistid shots in May s house.
gJRuihing in they found May lying on
the floor shot through the hesrt. He
hal the smoking revolver in his hand.
Mrs. May was bending over li-r hus
band almost frantic with a bullet
wound through her hand. Mrs. Mav
Stated her husband had taken her to
task about business mutters, and in the
heat of the argument shot at her. He
then placed tiie weapon to his heart
and fired, killing himself Instantly,
Tha K.sult of a Wranwl. Over a Site for
an Industrial fichonl.
HaBMSBLTM, Pa., Fob. 5 --As a re
suit of the controversy over the selec
tion of a site for ati.lndustial school be
tween advocates of Boiling Springs,
Cumberland county, and Scotland,
Franklin county, the attorney general
lias naked for a writ of quo warranto
to OOQpOl Captain Groorge W. Skinner,
of Fulton county, to show by what
authority he exercises the duties of n
member of the cuiilint tee.
Ids contention is that Skinner's vote
decided in favor of Scotland and that
in view of the farts I hat he holds a
federal appointment ho had no right to
YOtC OT OOOUny a seat as a member of
the commission. Attorney General
lleusel has fixed Thurs lay for a hear
Pottiville D.slr. to M . ...... with Ser
vices of Num. rou. OltHale.
PomVtLLB, Pa, Feb. 5 At last
fall's election the people of this
county elected a controller and
three county auditors As the
duties of then officials conflict,
the clerk of the commissioner's offloo
refused to give the auditors the books
lor 1808 so that they could be audited.
I be auditors then secured an hUiicIi
inatit on the clerk. A hearing was
given the matter before court today.
1; has now been decided to withdraw
the attaobuieot, and the commission
ers will nsk for a quo, warranto to ouat
the auditors, as they era not needed
now that there is a controller.
Fire In a Oroc.rv l ." a Liaa of About
Savannah, G, Feb. 6 Fire sterted
this morning al 10 o'clock in th guano
warehouse of Wilcox, Gibbsci Co. The
Savannah Grocery company's six story
brick building was consumsd. It wa.
worth 1 180,000 aud Insured for $180,
I he fir 1 1 - x t. extended I to Komi 's
Wholesale grocery, a thiee-story bin d
tug. The stock la valued at $150,000 ,
insurance, HUM ooo. i he DUliaing De
longs to Wii 'ox, Gihbs & Co , end is
velusd at $100,000, insurance, $W. 000.
It is still burning
An Importer of Carbons ' from
Flnanolal Stringency.
New York, Feb. 5. Simon Dissan,
mi; rt r nfcirnoiis, assigned tod ay to
Leon L"wis, giviog prsferenos for $07,
400. He has been iu business many
vein s and was repot tad heretofore to he
worth over $;I0II.IMI0 The assignment
is ascribed to dull business, the finan
cial Stringency and heavy losses ir en
dorsing for others which he had to pay.
His trale was ohialy with mining peo
ple in the wsst and in l'iiiiisylvani.i
He sold the block diamonds used in
drilling. His liabilities are reported to
be very heavy.
s -
A Philadelphia PolloemaO Kills Hla Wife
and Ulow. Hi. Brain...
PuiLADILPHIA, Fob. fi. Oilier Al
belt Lanabanof the Ninetseth district,
committed suicide this morning, hy
ShOOtiPg, in the statin of William Hog
era in the rsarof lib Lancaster avenue
Officsr Smith of the a una district, was
notified and wsnt to Lauahsn's home,
4(188 I lei ion avenue. He climbed 111
the window mid found Lsuehan'S wife
lying in the hallway dead. Her face
and body wore mutilated and it is sup
posed that her husband killed bur and
then committed suicide,
Mrj. Kate Lsnabnn, who was found
dead at her home this morning und
who is supposed to have been lulled by
her husband, I 'die. 010111 Albert Lann
ban, who was found dead in a stable
with lua brains blown out, was a hard
It is supposed thst I.anahau went
home this morning atier coming oil
duty, aud finding his wife drunk and
no breakfast ready a quarrel took place
and Lanaliau beat the woman so badly
that stie died. Realizing what he had
done and terrified by the awtnl result
of his auger, Lanaliau want to the
stable near his home aud killed him
self. -v
McQann'a Resolution Aimed at Judge
J. r, kins Not IV p ilar.
Washington, Feb. 5 Mr, McQgun(
of Illinois, attempted inisuccessf nlly to
Secure unanimous Consent in the house
today of a resolution to investigate the
notion of Judge Jenkins iu the North
ern Pacific railroad objection.
Mr. McGhUlD, who is chairman of the
Labor committee, wanted to find out
wuetber Judge lenkius had ubnsed his
powers to oppress the employes of the
Northern Pacific and intimidate them
so as to restrain them from striking
If he had he wanted the judge Im
A Shortage of $904, S olen by Ander
son, la Revealed.
Washington, Fob. 5. The count of
the silver vault in the treasurer's ollice
was completed this morning. A short
age of 04 was found, all of which was
stolen by Anderson, th young mes
His friends, who are highly connected
politically and socially, are making
every effort to have the affair settled
aud have agreed to reimburse Treas
urer Morgan if the prosecution is I
Ax- fcssJ
V 8s N
f t f A
7 mm
- B r' K U
7 1 : '
l f : ' "
VtpJ ?
Police Ji sticf So yo hare been fighting, ebt Didn't this tnn of yours bite
your ear offf
Mum MoTaBRYRS Never lunched me yer 'finer, I did it meself.
Bishop Potter, of New York City, Will
Officiate Bishop Whittaker and
Rev. Blanchard Will Assist.
Philadelphia, Feb. 5, Blsbop Pot
ter, of New York, this afternoon tele
graphed that he would olfi. iate at the
fuutralof Mr. Guilds an I he will make
the address at tbe church. The regu
lar burial service will be read bv Bis .p
Whitaker, of Peuiiiylvania; R ?v, Dr.
Bodice, of the church of the Saviour.
The lute A. J. Drexel was a communi
cant at the latter church.
It was announced this afternoon
that the following will act as pall
Five Million Dollars Have Already
Been Placed in Philadelphia on Coal
Accounts Plans for the Future.
Philadelphia, Feb. 5 An after
noon pap?r s.i)s: The revised plan for
the reorganization of the Philadelphia
and Reading railroad will sbortlv be
Issued pTODably in a day or so. It is
being withheld pending the satisfac
tory completion of negotiations for dis
posing of the floating debt.. It is
known that $8,000,000 have already
been placed in Philadelphia on the coal
and coal accounts. The intention of
the plan is to ruise euough tnonev to
hearers: J. Pierpont Morgan, of New i pay off the Speyer loan. The release
A Bi aton Man to Try Ills Faith in
Power to Beat the World.
Boston, Feb. 8 -Within two weeks
a well known clubman in this city will
start on a novel trip around the world
Under the name of Paul Jones, on a
wager, be agrees to start without
clothes or money, travel .round the
world and r turn with $o,000 iu one
The start will be made from the
Boston Press club.
Secretary of State It omero Roblo, of
Mexico, isdyldg at toiler. ireto, Mexico.
Safe breakers got (I ,000 from the Arka
dolphin Lumber company's store, at Ds
lark, Ark.
Inmates of tbe Rhode island state prison
are making 8,000 pairs ol "hail leg" bjots
for liraziliitu soldiers.
A gold rjoin assignment of i.
coming from Prance to New York on the
steamship La (Jhampagne,
Mexicans hnve released from prison Web
terWillet, a young American, whom they
srrosted as a revolutionist.
At Wellevllle, .. the Pioneer Lottery
company's ISO workmen won their point
and resumed nt the old wages.
I'tnrlng vengeance from a vendetta, as
told by a letter, an unknown Italian shot
himself In Central park. New York.
Bcperlntendent Brookway has been re
stored to his position in control of the
stain Reformatory at EUmlrs, n y.
Iiueliug in the streets of llrookhnveii,
Miss., .lames A Ktiglanil and Leonard, two
old enemies, shot each other n ally,
If the Immense now crop of coffee in
Central America the steamer San lllns has
landed a great caivo at Sail Francisco.
For embezzlements . itiug l.;t,l)iKl
ei I'resldenl, Lionard, of the defunct Manta
(Asm bank, San rranoisoo, has been ar
rested. Ohio ( lit, Fellows are nuked In aid Mrs.
Schuyler Colfax, the penniless widow of
the ex-vlce president, who Was a promt
rent. Odd Fellow.
In the almshouse vnrd nt Springfield,
Mas., n llol.tein bull ran amuck and
gored nml broke t In. ribs of both John Lin
dell and John Weir
The Bdteon iteii Phonograph company,
in New fork, hns been notlOT-d of victory
In its London suits to restrain infringe
mollis upon lis patents.
A first marriage, contracted when Prank
i one, of U n ine, Wis,, wns only 17, didn't
free bin from bigamy when, after his
majority, In. married again
The bite Senator It. L. I'nvenport's
voungost daughter, I' nines, who is worth
f.Ml.oisi, has eloped from Klkhart, hid , with
II. sackctl, a Hllhoiiette artist.
Suit, for 110,000 damages la brought
ngnlu.t Mayor Hopkins, of Chicago, by
William Oorbett, r Buffalo, hurt In a col
Union Willi one of Hopkins' teams.
Fur charging Arthur B. Booed, of New
..k with connection with the Sng
iiomn i niowing ano mo n arueu mm dei
Dr Mary Walker had to pny (I cents dam
Ill probate court nt. SI I'nul, Minn., the
suit of Mis. ureyrer, as first wlfeof the
lute Commodore Kittson, for a dower In
terest lu t he commodore s .l,0ik),oirj estate,
Was dismissed.
Silicon large .pinutity of arsenic has
been found in the atOUMOB of the late Her
mail (Iroenke, at Haciue, Wis., his .vldow
who has married again since Ins death, lies aui-pcctod.
As executrix of the Horden estate nt
Fnll River. Mass., Eniin.i L. ilordon, has
certified to the ispuil distribution of their
murdered parent a estate between hemelf
and her sister Lizzie, who was acquitted
of the llordeu uiuruers.
York; John R, McLean. Washington
Cornelius Yanderbilt, Oiauncsy M
Depew, General Horace Porter, Judge
Edward Patterson, Colonel Frederick
D, Grant and Hon. John Bigelow, of
New York; Enoch Pratt, Reverdy
Johnson, General Felix Agnus,
and Charles F. Mayer. Bilti
more; E. P. Wilbnr, Bethlehem,
Pa.; Dr. James MacAlister, Frank
Thomson, Judge Henry Green, Judge
Craig Biddle, Frederick Fraley, Henry
H, Paul. John Lowber WTelsh, Ferdi
nand J. Drei r, George 0 Thorn is. Will
iam Al. Nng-rlv, L. Clarke Davis.
Richard (' Dale, Clement A. Hriscam,
William V. McKeau, Eugene Delano.
Isaac H. Clothier, Charles 1", Warbur
ton, Joseph M Wilson, Richard M
Cadwalader, Joseph u. Roeengarten,
John Russell Young and Colonel M
Iticharus Muckle. of Philadelphia.
lelegrams of comlolence wore re-
celTed today bv Mrs. ChilJs from
Henrv Wattsrson, J. S. Morgan A Oo .
the London bankers. Hon. Hoiirke
Cockran. ChaUUC V M Depew. Joseph
Pulitlter, Hon Hugh J. Grant, Sena view it iu thst light
by the finance company of the Raditig
collateral, which it now holds, will
provide sufficient funds for that pur
pose. There will be no assessment upon
either the stock or preferred income
bonds. This may be regarded as a cer
tainty. Working capital will be pro
vided by having the general mortgage
bondholders fund tbeirjeoupons for five
years The net earnings of the company,
which would otherwisa be pud out
for interest will then be available for
current needs and permanent improve
ments The next provision of the plan
suggests tbe only real difficulty. It
is said that the holders of the three
classes of preference income bonds,
aggregating $53 000. OOJ, will be asked
to waive the clause iu their bond whicn
obligates the company to pay interest
if it has been earned.
While all capable financiers agree
that the Reading caunot be success
fully reorganised except on this basis,
it is a serious question as to whether
the preference income bondholders will
510 AND 512
OUR Reduction Sale of
LINENS will com.
inenc: Monday, Feb. 5, and
ontinue one week. We (juote
be! ow a few fijures in Cream
ami Bleached Table Dam
asks. Napkins to match
when desired.
56 inch, 23 cents.
Recent pi ice, 30 ceuts.
58 inch, 28 cents.
Recent price. 88 cents.
60 inch, 32 cents.
Recent price, 40 cDts.
G4 inch, 39 cents.
Recent price, 4 cents.
68 inch, 45 cents.
Recent price, 05 cents.
72 inch, 55 cents.
Recent price. 60 cents.
72 inch, 68 cents.
Recent price, 88 cents.
72 inch, 88 cents.
Recent price, f 1,
72 inch, $1.05.
Recent price, $1.20.
72 inch, $1.19.
Recent price, $1 60,
72 inch, $1.75.
Recent price. $0.
80 inch, $2. 10.
Recent prioe, $2 SO.
90 inch, $2.25.
ReeeDt price, $2 50.
Dinner aud Lunch Sets.Towels and Counteif
pane, it correspondingly low prices. See our
"Cherub " Crochet Cuilt at toe. and the Ex
celsior Marseilles at LD1
Dill U
Maltese Cross
tor .1 Donald I amerou. Senator Will
iam H. Allison. Uieherd Watson Oil
ier, Governor McKinley ami the LolUS
lub, of New York.
Spvcial trains will leave New York,
Washington an I lidtimore tomorrow
morning for the accommodation of fu
neral attendants
The funeral promises to be one of
the largest ever held in Philadelphia,
lu addition to the large list of purtonnl
uiiiUHintances of .Mr. Childs, thous
ands of people in every walk of life
who did not know him personally.
seem to feel his death as a personal be-
reaveui'iit. and hundreds of th. in will
undoubtedly strive to gsin admittance,
to the services at the ohurch tonoi -
row Besides the personal
the dead philanthropist and the gen
eral public numerous organlsstlOUS
and societies will be represented by
delegations at th funeral
The vestrv of St James' church, of
which Mr. Childs was a member, Kill
attend in a bodv The 888 employes
of the Ledger will assemble in the
composing room of (US Ledger office at
noon and will nisrch to the church in a
body. During the services the Lulgei
ollice will be OlOSOd so that all the em
ployes can attend. The officers, faonltv
Sttd woman's advisory board of the
Drexel institute will go together t the
church. A special train iesving New
Y rk at 8 o'clock will bring about
thirty members of the press olllb of
that city and a delegation of N'ew York
editors and publishers, a delegation
of New York Typographies! union No.
0, and a delegation from the Interna
tional Typographic l union.
A commitee Iroiu the Boston Press
(dub will come on from that city. In
addition to the above delegations will
be present from tne following organi
zations. The George W. Child's chap
ter of the Brotherhood of Locomotive
Engineers, the Presbyterian Minister
ial association, the Typographic" I
I'uions. No I nud 2. the btortlOUl
tural society, and numerous others
S. essae
The Brasilia!! tUSUTRent Still Continues
in a State of Activity.
London, Psb, fi. -a dispatch ro
ceived Irom Rio Janeiro this evening,
layi "Admiral Da lam-,, the in
surgent commander, arranged to Innd
troops at Niohteroy yesterday, aa he
had been iiiloimej tint two regiments
of the national guard, stationed near 1
that city, weru likely to destrt tho
government sh soon ns en insurgent
force appeared The plan waa dis
covered ashore aud the landing there
fore was abandoned The national
guards showed no sigtiB of disloyalty
when approached by Admiral Da
dame's agents."
Another dispnteh says: "Admiral
Da Game has given forty-eight boms
notice tnat he will blockade Rio aud
has disposed his Host accordingly. This
step is intended to assert belligerent
rights for the insurgents. The action
of the foreign commanders is tiwalltd
I with anxiety."
Thn Murderer of John Saunders Now
Awaits His Trial.
CHK8TKR, Pa., Feb. 5 After a hear
ing before Magistrate Berry and the
coroner's jury at the same time this
afternoon, James Lynn, the accused
murderer of John Saunders, was com
mitted to the county .1 ul without ban
to stand trial. The principal witness
examined was William Piles, a young
man who witnessed the quarrel be
tween Frank Farrell, of Philadelphia,
au l Lynn, the defendant
Bis testimony showed that Saunders
had stepi.ed in between the men and in
friends of I that wav received the fatal stab
wound All three men were under the
iiitlueuce of liquor
And Oak tanned Leather Belting,
H. A. Kingsbury
S13 Sproce St, Scranton, Pa.
block railroads and
Clarion and McKeau
i treat snow drifts
highways Is Poreet
Struck by a train as he was driving
serosa tbe railroad tracks at Lebanon, Q,
11. Shirk was badly Injured.
Manager W. P. Kelfer left Ada Gray's
company in Kea.ling because ber aowll
wedded luisbiind, he savs, Intel fered w ith
The i tobanon bankers, Induding Cashier
Riese, of the defunct Safe Deposit Hank,
who were arrested OS charges ol embezzle
ment, have been freed.
The I amCrCC colliery, operated by the
Mineral Railroad and Mining company.
resumed work t Bhamokin after a lengthy
Idleness, giving employment to 8,888 mo.
Two furnaces oi the Pax ton Kotitng
null at Hsrrlsburg Ware MOWS in yester
day. Instead or the Chesapeake Nail
works suspending operations today, as
wet announced, only tin. puddle Mill will
K. A Rankle, who shot and killed Amos
Kwing, the highway robber, at Valley
I'orge 00 Saturday evening, was sionar
tted this afternoon by the coroner's jury.
Ho was released OU a liaboss corpus pro-
seeding nud admitted to bmi.
The second mid third lifts of the Hazel
mine slope at llazlelon are caving in. The
Mine IS Operated by Pardee A Co., and Is
one of tho largest lu the legion. One thou
sand men are thrown OtttOt employment.
ThS mine Is situated near Cai anlierry.
On Saturday nfternoon a 7 year old boy
named Lewis, residing with his patent,, at
Qreensborgj was Insteatlj kiiini by the
accidental discharge of a gun fn the hands
of all older brother who was Bra paring i
go, hnntlng, The top o( the little fellow's
head wns blown off.
The county commissioners of PottSViUs
have effected a loan id J.lo.oOtl on notes
divided between tWO banks. This money
is to lie Used ill paring outstanding orders
tor last year's debts. The county com
nttoetouoro SUM decided to levy SDOt ial
tSZ tblS year tO pay ofl this temporary
Lewis. Reilly & Davies
Reliable Footwear.
Feet of everv description fitted at
Lewis, Reilly & Davies.
Win does svery s veal eg at ti.'.io p.m.
except atiir,lsy.
WaRUINOTOS, I'eb. 5. Forecast
fur Tuimlnu: r'ot Meters IVnii-
' iplaanfo, nil; sstderfM souMsra
portion. norM ivtaels, For iseff
it nsaweanra, generally fair, iSsrmer,
ii in.! tliijtiny to son th, , .
We Ex 8 Eyes
Fur oi charge, I in doctor is
needed you are protuptlj tolil
so. We ulsii partwtee a per
feet tit.
AT COST for one week only.
t j. wa,