The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, February 05, 1894, Page 7, Image 7

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Our Series of tlie World's Choicest Books
Eagerly Sought After.
The Splendid Quality of the Bindings
and the Remarkably Low Prices at
Which the Various Volumes Are
Sold, in Connection with the Tribune
Coupons, to the Readers ot" This
Paper, Cause Admiring Comment
trom Thousands ot" Book-lovers,
The popular interest manlftts4 iu
the uniiiuitieeiit cliHup hook offer made
by TBI TMBWS! c.mtiuues with no
iifn of abatement s vr.i Instalments"
of the varum series have baan onUre I
and exhaust !, hut the demand still
continue Much appreciation is ex
preurfd for tilt busings etiterprice
which enables rollers ot this paper to
secure, a t prices ordinarily paid for
cheap paper-lvmitil books, standard
works of the bighaal lltararj quality
bound bound in a iiinur o.-uiuieudu-rute
with ihtlt worth.
The baudsome Mia of standard auth
or, in superior K:icliU vellum cloth
liitidiucs. are irreatlv admired, and are
bailiff purchased with an avidity that ;
makes an early selection advisable to
all who have not yet avallad IhsiAaalfSI
of this unprecedented opportunity to
equip their libraries wit:i tao word's
standard literature
Clip your BOHrfBI out and select
from the foUoDltBg titles;
Cieorue K'liot o volume JO
Oeoper 6 volumes 19
Coope', better biudiujs--4 volumes I .4
Dumas volumes t "9
lHckens-lW Volumes ;
Tharlier 1J volume-Very tine . 5 W
You have generally pud K cents for
a paper covered book. We propose
10 fin you au eU.,;a:.tly bound book, 1
sutnoed' in sold, fres'a trow me preas. '
printed iu toft, clear type, for 90
cents. You on tfe. almost anv title in
this series. Out 1.000 BAT MM m!A
in the past few days
Chestnut, UiJ and New.
East Lynue.
Duke's Sterec.
Children of the Abbey.
EtHe Otfilvte.
Tom Cringle's Loc
Vicar of Vakedeld.
Arabian Nigir En:ertaiume Bt
Deldee, Ot tie I.-ou Hand.
Ejgene Aram.
The Countess ETa
Tne Confessions of a Woman.
Zinoui. '3j
Baled Hav.
Wooed and Married.
Two Years Brore Mut
All S:rts and Condition of llx
Red K;ver.
Tom Brown a: Oxford.
Hl i.taanlett. J
Tom Brown's School Days.
A 3:rani Story.
Oliver Twist.
Monsieur LMOQ..
Mill on the Floae.
Dick s Sweethear:.
Joan Uali. 'ax.
K-;nelai Cuiilinglv.
Last Days of Pjinyii.
The Spy.
Pilgrim Prepress.
The Forair;rs.
Daughters ot Heto.
Felix Holt.
Ha.-t of O ld.
Kesceil of (ireyston.
Fair women
The Bondman.
Chaplnt of Pearl.
Fre.tsnek the Great aid Bit -'.. .irt,
Armirel of Lyunesse.
Self Helo.
Dime Kiln Club.
An April Lady.
Aurora Floyd.
A JUrid Man.
Crisps, The Carrier.
The Honorabi-i HJaa,
Lady Mamies Mama.
The Parisians,
border Beadle
Bride of Lammermoor.
Life of Dauiai Buue.
The Rival Princes.
Moiiy Bawn.
Murdered in the Bu M.rgii
Reproach of Ann;rIey.
Last of the Mohicans.
Shandon Bell.
Old Myddleton s Money.
The Mysterious Island.
Mystery of Or- ivai
The Second vv'lfe.
Nearer for Basil Lyndhnrst.
lob Boy
The Home at tbt Hsiven 'isbles.
Violet Vivan.
The Ware of Sin.
Viran Grey.
Strange Advent jru of a Pbeaton,
Beyond Prdon.
The Antiquary.
Birds of f'rev.
The Firm ot Oirdlestoo.
Fern Leave. j
narles Aricbeiter.
Fool Play.
0 dd Klaie.
Martin Cbuzzlewit.
(. haodoa.
( atherlne.
Onr Mnttial Friend.
Pickwick f'apr.
A Pair of filue Eyea.
Tne Prairie.
The Human and Divine.
Th Htory of nn African Furm.
1 .u,i. root
Crown of Wild Olives,
Lifaof Kit (,'araon.
David (.'oppertleld.
Child' Hiatory of England.
The Fairy of (he Alps
No Name.
My Iid and My Lady.
Tonr of the World In H Days.
Twenty Thousand L.-agutw L'nder the
The Phantom Ship.
Jane Eyre.
Knickerbocker History of New York.
Lady Audlcy'a Mecret.
A Hardy Horsetnau.
House un the Mnrali.
The Owl House.
Old Curiosity Shop.
Nick of the Wood".
Wit, Humor nnd Pathos.
Queen Hortenae.
In i he Schilllogitcourt.
My Heart's Darling.
Life of David Crocket.
Lady ( 'astlemaina's Divorce,
The Sin of Joost Aveliugh,
Half Hour with Ureal Humorists.
Half Hour with Great Story Tollers.
Bilas Warner.
Half Honr witli Great Novelist.
History of tho United States.
Southward, Oh.
Her Dearest Foe.
(Irfat Expectations.
Grimm's Fuiry Tulea.
Gilded Clique.
Tho Vendetta.
I Fables. ,
Faith and L'ufuii h.
Tho Deemster.
A Falee Start.
Scenes from Clerical Life.
(Jlinrlottrt Temple.
Oiilllth Daunt.
Musterman Ready.
Master Pastion.
Old Mamselle's Secret,
Tho Lcronge C tse.
Mnrch in ilie Rank.
Slonne Siiare Scandal.
The Wiuwnm and Cnhin
Guy Manuel ing.
FlyuiL' Dutcluusu.
Macleod of Daiv.
Marry LorttQUOIt
Don Quixote.
bonald Gronli
Cait tJp by the Pea.
Oilier Pooplo'l Moucy.
barnabj Radgti
DOBttil OBTBlt
Don Thome.
The POM in the EStllt'S Nest.
The First Violin.
Madoop Violet.
Riobud llniiii
The PBtllBg of Ibl Ways.
Port Liar, and Uther Li 01
The. S'loouito's iitido.
Bo taw,
Far From the Maddeuiug Crowd.
Dratnai ot Llfa,
Famous or Infamous.
Mary St JobB,
Rbadowi BBd BbuombMi
i'bra, the I'lioeiiician.
Bfl 1(4 Family Kohlusol).
Itoiv l' More.
Ladies' Fanllj PhyololBB.
An Fjiyptian Prlocosa,
Anderson' Fairy Tale.
V unity Fair.
The MoOBatOBfv
Brio BirffbtayM
'i'areoti After.
Tue Si'arU't Letter.
The i'artisau.
l'l.e boottk
Moi le's Cl usaile.
b roB MnnehansoB
Katharine Wa.tou.
The Araodol Motto.
Is Lilt) Worth Liviug.
Princess Miiisbiue.
(.' arda.
Willv Keilly.
Ttaddeoa ol WaraatY.
The VTooiBff 0 t
fWio Told Tales.
Rhoila Fleiiiuiing.
The Youuit Date.
Strange Cass of Dr Jekvll and Mr.
This series contains over 100 tltlB
and is peculiarly adapted to bovs. Tho
ItUbore ro moii the most noted in
Ura laud and the hooks are all literary
MM Fitty cent would be a good
bargain, hut four coupoua aud'.'O cents
taks the prize.
Deep Down,
Tne Boys iu the ForecaaUo,
Roanoke Island to Murfreesboro.
Popular Natural History
Barbara s Triumph.
Stories from American History.
Tbe Smugglers' Cave.
BrBBI the Bold.
AJvectures ABMHM ths Indians.
The Kifleand tbe Hound.
Gilbert tbe Traveler.
Parents' Assistant.
Audubon the Naturalist.
HartU'i Letters.
Ha-iffs Fairy T.iles.
Fort Sumter to Roanoke Island.
S;iiool Life, or i'aree Years at Wolver
ton. Ocean Waifs.
The White Elephant.
My Tour io Europe.
Nature's Young Kobleman.
Frank Wildman's Adventurers on Land
and Water.
Aunt Diana.
The UoUlec Maguet.
Round the World.
Stories About Animals.
Yoong Voysgers
(irac.e Goodwin.
German Fairy Tales.
Famous Men.
LovV aaa 1 i.rD' Story Biok.
Roy f umjueror.
Young Polka History of Greece.
Adventures of Famous Sailors.
Boys of tbe Bible.
The Adoentores of Bob lioy.
Ycnng Folks B..k of Birds.
1 he Young Foresters and Other Tales.
Salt Water.
Boy Slaves.
Young Adventurer.
Old Merry's Tra7el on the Continent.
Tom Tracy.
Abbott's Stories for Children.
Staniey Grabarne.
Grey Hawk.
Fairy Tales from Bretano.
Wi 0 .p'.rta In the Far West
Eastern Fa.ry Legends Current in South
ern India.
Cliff Climbers.
Pirate Island.
Edgeworth Xforal Ta'es.
V. ung Acrobat.
Dick ( hevelry
perils of the .lung e
Through the Looking Glasj.
Dick Rodney.
Onr Yonng Soldier.
Bash Boy.
oriental Fairy Tains.
Young Folks History of Home.
Spanish Fairy Tales.
hric Dane.
Eigi.t Years' Wanderings io Ceylon.
Fort Pillow to the End.
The Fire Brigade.
Grstiilfather's ''hair.
Jackarips ar.d Other Tule.
Yonng Folks' Hitory Ol Germany.
M;i!frefsVirro to Fort Pillow.
Ttie Moaotatn Cave.
Plan; Hai tera.
The Wr 'i iger.
Paul Blek"
Karon Munrhsasen.
Edceworth' classic Tale
laM Whe -I. r.
Young Folks 1 atnral History.
Your.g Folks History of France.
WoBfWraOl the GreHt lieep.
The Wolf Boy In China.
Th" Uagtrtoo' Mmw Bos,
ark IIMwWlBi Bennett'i Hide CM
Adventures ' f FamoOl Travelers.
Nodford and Men oo.
In tli wli l Ol .Vew Mexico.
The 'I Iger PrlBCfa
The Ited El ic.
Number PL
This if iis is the triumph of the age.
All the popular hooka, over 1,000 tltlee,
hound in cloth, "tumped in gol I, at 15
cents OM young man took forty
bOOkl of thl seriee. had all of Dickeus',
all of Clint's and a splendid line of
miscellaneous woi I; i fur only f! The
print Is large, the hooks are i,w an I
for the pleasure of reading they do the
Airy Fniry Lillian.
An Old Man's Oarllng.
Allan Qiiartermain.
As in a Lookiog I Usee.
Arabian Nights' Entertainment,
At the Wnrid'a Mercy.
Bonnie Dora,
Kilde ot thu Tomb.
Child'a Hiatory of England.
A dateless Bargain.
't he Dttf Blayer.
The Duku'a Becret.
Dedlce, or the Iron Hand.
Dick's Wanderings.
Doubly Wronged.
A Deaperate Woman.
A Dreadful Temntntion.
A Deathbed Muriittge.
East Lynnn.
Esnnys of Ella.
The Froz -n Pirate.
Grimms' Household Fairy Tales,
Day Keiunere's Wife.
The Houre on the Marsh.
Tne Hon. Mrs. Vereker.
Haudy Andy.
.Inc. 'i ell na.
Jane Eyre.
John Halifax, Gentlemen.
Lady Audluy's Secret,
I as) Dayi ol Pompeii.
'I'M Last of th Mohioaus.
Loroa DooBo,
a Lifo'e RaiBorao.
Little Gulden's Daughter.
Little Nana.
Mr. FortoeqM; an Andraao Romaaoa,
Trie Master of the Mine.
Mutt; Talo of the Caravan.
Molly Dnwu.
The Nun's Curse,
old Mata'aaUaVt becret.
Oliver Twist
I he i'atutliider.
The Pioneers.
The Prairie.
a pi nice ol Darkofaa,
QBtOBiBI Terriide Secret.
'1 lie Reproach of Amiuuley.
It. In i on Crusoe.
Rory O'Moore.
Tim Babbl'l Spall.
The Roto Htid the Lily.
The Bkatoh Hook.
The Swiss Family Koblusou.
ooood ThOBgbta,
SliangeCiiku of Ur. Jeykvll and Mr.
Tom itrowu's BohMl l'ai.
Tour of the World IB Eighty Dav
TwOBty ThOMBBd l.eaguts I'udur the
The Two Orphans.
Two Year Before, the Mast.
A Varraul wife.
The Wlteh'l Head.
Willie Heilly.
Won Pv Wnlling.
A Woioau' Paoa
A Wife's Cnuio.
a dam Brde.
Crooked Path.
Cardinal Sm.
Blind l.o i
Hoylo'l Games. ,
Wife in Name lnly.
Juliet's Rtpo otaooa.
Muster ot llal BBttM
Dun MB Serf,
Lady Valaworth'a DlarooBda,
Pot V'ttiiliaud Freedom.
Wee Wlllo.
Christmas Stories.
Col. Qaaritob.
A I'uiMly Affair.
A Meutal St i titinta.
For Another's Siu.
Kyatonooi island.
Redeemed bv Love.
Priueess of Thule.
We Two.
At War wub Herself.
Ml-siug lliishatid.
Bet ween Two Bint,
Union Miiui'haiiaru.
Evil Genius.
The books embrace tho works of the
most renowned authors on eobjects of
science, history and fiction are really
among tho recognized staudards and
are worth more than double the amount
which the readers of The TbIBUHK
have to pay. They are bound in u
unique cloth coyer with gold top;
Horse Bo k .
Humphrey Clinker.
Hyi oi ion.
Irving' Sketch Book.
Irvine's Life of Washington.
Jeremy Taylor's Holy Living.
Junius' Letters.
Tbe Koran.
Last Days of Pompeii.
Legends of the Patriarchs un Pro; bets
Lives of Celebrated Men.
Lives of Celebrated Women.
MaOauIay's biographical Esays.
Mill on Liberty.
Mrs. Caudles Curtain Lectures.
Natural Law in the Spiritual World.
Night Side of Nature.
Nodes Ambrosiauue.
one Hundred t ears of a Nutions Life.
Outre Aler.
Obiter Dicta.
Past and Present.
Planetary and Stellar Worlds.
Plutarch's Lives, iu one volume.
Pr.aie Writjrsof America.
Pcea Tal -9.
Prt s s Miscellanbe.
Real ties of His i Life.
Rollg oa of the AucieBt World.
Rocbeloacaalt'l Minims und Rejec
tions. Bu ra 1'rivata.
Sartor Resnr us.
Bay Vt 1 o aB 1 Otherwise.
BCBBJitx's Anrlent History.
Sclimtti's History of EugUud.
ifchmitt's History of (ireece.
xhtml, s Hi-torv of Rome.
Seekers Aft'jr God.
Self Help.
Seneca's Morals.
Seven Lamps of Architecture.
smith KejtoiM jLoaraaaia,
The Spect itor.
Spencer on Education.
Pterne's sentimental Journey.
Story of an African Farm.
Taiiio's ilistorv of F.ugliali Literature.
Thackeray's Early and Late Papers.
Tale for the People.
The Epicurean.
'ihe It-ign Of Law.
The Unity of Nature.
Vanity Fair.
Westward Ho.
Wllhelm Meisicr' Apprenticeship and
American Humorist.
Ancient Religions
Art and Life.
Artie Discovery.
Bacon's Essays.
Kavne a h'says
Ilede's ' harity.
Bingrnpbia Literari. My Literary Life
and Opinions.
Browo'a Bible Dictionary.
Brown's Concordance.
Beffofl'l Natural History.
Banjraa'i Holy wr
Kiithir a Analogy of Keligion.
liulwer'a Wit and Wisdom,
f arlyle'a Rotninisceiices.
Chevaase'a Advice to a Wife and Mother.
' onfeeiona of an Etigllah Opium Eater,
t 'on fur i ns mid Menciua.
( oolt'l Voyug.ia.
Creasy a DerMvo Battles of tho W orM.
CBrkrBa Myiha.
( lasaic OOBM Ilea.
' IiihOc Eaaya. .
I lyokiOtdla of Eminent to .
Daniel DafOSd
Imvid ( lopBOrnold,
Don QalloM, ly Days of ( hriatlanily.
Bltot'l lOeOffj) Esaaya,
Egyj't and Batn-lon.
An Egypt In n Princess.
I .In ve Alllnitles.
Kiners'Oi's Essays. First and Becond
Emloeat Americana,
Espays of Ella.
1'hiiioiis Warriors.
Fox's Hook of 'Martyr.
Qelkle'l Life nnd words of (:hrlst
Ore at lenernls.
QfMI Thoiighta Irom Greek Author.
Gn at Tbonibta trom Latla Authors.
Highway of Literature.
Tbe uarmiti,
Heroea nnd Hero Worship.
Hlatoricaj Evidence.
History of All Itellglou.
lil'tory of Middle Agea.
Hi-toryof Norway, Sweden mid Denmark
History of the Oitomnn Empire.
History of the Pilgrim Fathers.
Illatory of Russia.
History of Spain and Portugal.
History of Fram e,
History of Germany.
History of Holland nnd Belgium.
History of India.
History of California.
History of Charle XII.
History and Poutry of Finger Rings.
DoOOroUye Putter lluif .
It is no new idea, that of coiicealini?
thu useful but very practical dusting
cloth iu a daOOntiM bap;, but the duster
ba;; dMSribtd by The Modern Priscilla
prcsonta new points iu the wanner of ita
III M TV AM 1 11I.ITV lll.KMillli.
dtOOTatiOSi The imc referred to is inudu
of blue Matin nnd t riBHBBd with h border
of ohajnoia, This border is cut in Mlllopi
lit Ihe tup mid dei'iii'iileil Willi dinks and
croManti, painted iu bro&ae colora, Tbt
bottoBi of the cbsnoia is painted Inborie
Ontal linen With the brOVM colors and
l ilt in strips to form fringO, The duster
i provided with a largo tnetal ringfor
mm . - r - I .-an
Ills Wife In a New Ugbt
A young married man received such a
shook of surprise BN to his Wife's OTOWdi&g
and elbowing nttaininenta that hebMbot
yot recovered. He expected to muke a few
laloctloua one cloning, not Hiispecting hi
better half wM away on the aaine errand,
and was not it little surprised tOBOO her in
one of tbe big atoree, He kcjit just out ol
her sight, however, and watched her He
opened his eyes in amazement an he saw
the way she crowded upto theCOUntetl and
forced the uttenlion ot the clerks she, the
dartlag creature who coal d not walk o block
yitiiout the lupportof his arm, and who
always wniied for bia niabrtanoe to alight
ing irom a ear or in dousing a street. New
iurk. Evening Bun.
Crlt olsln a Young' Lady.
"She would he n pretty girl for but one
"What's HiatV asked Charley.
George Her face is always covered with
purple and red blotches.
CharleyOb, that's easily enough dis
posed of. Used to b the same Way my
felf, but 1 cantbt on to the trouble one
day, and got rid of it in no lime.
George What was it?
i barley 'Simply blood eruptions. Took
a short cjurse of P. P. P. 1 tell you, it's
ihe boss blood corrector. The governor
had rheumatism ho bad that you i ould
hear him ho'ler clear across the country
every time he moved. He tried it, and
you know what an athletic old irent he Is
now. If somebody would give Miss Dai-y
a pointer, she would thank them after
wards. All the drug storea sell it
,,, ,., , is o-.l i. hi TO TUB
rent F.iitfludi Remedy,
9J Gray's Spsclfls Kedicine
IF YOU SUFFER fr",M tifi
"ili !
Tlie Bridge of Learning
raofi. The turbulent ttrtam of life laaludded wilh llie reeft and rlij;tl-
ii l tbe uubdnny lot of many to battle againat aiicb breakers frotn tbe
niH-s, ii is line, tisi.'s can hi; found for tae failure to sunnbiini tbe
How oft repeated is tbe admonition: "Don't crow tbe Iji iJ till you o i to it." Another form for
ilti! tome advice is: "Don't borrow trouble." But It ia equally Important ihai the bridge should be crossed
when ii is reached and that trouble or respousibillt) should be borne manfullv when one iii- ts it (ace to
of ice, misery and Ignorance, and
craaie to tne grave, in many
tltflieullk-s, hut liKtially :i uian is
the architect of his own fortune. With a few men the greater the difficulty the more certainly it will i
overoome, but tin' average man sin inks irom a task us a mad do would shun water,
No one, in thia iige, h ao bate as not to wish for tin education 1 but how many ttwri are yet am jti; ai who Lava
not the moral courage to any IBOrifiOl to uoiuire that educit'o.'i. F.vea the i.m .rcj;jry and nelfisli covet th? look
and bearing of a man who KNOWS, for knowledge uod widom at the moat potent factor in thrift, but when a
perfami Iirh Attained a knowledge of men and their action, of the government and their ruler, of acienc. art, religion,
nnd all the tiling with which master tuiuds are liable to grapple, then the question of muuey making become a StO
ondary conilderatloR,
When ODS ha pat himself In pOMefslOB of the "facts ia tbs Oill," Bfa at tat lt;rlS of time aui m onsy . be
succeeds ao well that eoon he is better off financially on account of the sacrifice l that the sacrifice becomes an invest
ment. Educution of the Allll A11AM LINCOLN kind ia obtained a iitt'.e at a time, bat with a constant application.
No one should wait to take
To gel nn education. The procesi of taking a day off to get an education ii at follows: Yon bear or real an alius ion
to some vaguely familiar sut ject and feel eager to know more about it, and you determine to look it np a t tbe f.rtt op
portunity . but before t but opportunity comes another and another of 1Mb polatf are presented to your w.nd. and W tea
at last you come to an encyclopedia you begin to look up these points iu a wholesals war. But the interest g ns 1 D .
some of the questions forgotten, therefore the mind dois not grasp th; bro id application of the facts at, J OBODOt 1
member them, whereby if yon go Immediately to your encyclopedia while your mi nl is keen upon the it eject it is im
possible to forget what you read. This necessitates your having a set of tbe best encyclopedia in yoar own library i
on the most convenient shelf.
THIS 18 RIAL EDUCATION. When esch and every family shall have kdopteu this plan, eaucat'.oa wi.
advanced and civiliz ition lifted to a higher plan.
Do not neglect the opportunity offered through THE TRIBUNE to procur.
a library on easy payments. The offer must be withdrawn in a short time. Hun
dreds are providing themselves with this unparalleled encyclopedia. Go and do
likewise before it is too late.
,1 Man. T4AOSM
.JttiTeBiia. um iiu.ui
bUSty, WtMMM of B
torrnto, Mid ttnpoten
ly itixl Mitirl, BporoM
I . aiul all disfast'S that
arw f rom oVttlvindlllfMM ut1 MlfftbtlM h-
Loss of Mi'tnory ami Powvr, UtfnntM uf VlkV
too, Kriuatun Old Ae and tUAQV OtbotdlaV
Mftet that It-'ad to lnnanlly or ContunpnOO
and in ?iirly L'niVti, wr tfo: ptimphht
Adilrttrt 'JUAY M1DK ISE CO., Buffalo,
N. V. Tin BptolflO Mt-dioitiH is sold by nil
drueifists at $ ptr pftckAn pr ill ptotOagM
for fsVorfkHtit bv mail nil rtici'tpt of monry.and
v.ith try lfl.00 ordir. W RUARATEE
1 cjtro or mi dj refunueMBWawavaMSHMBBMBW
t-iyOit arr.niiit of fotiUtrfi it W havu
I adopted tbe Yellow Wrapper, tbe m genu
llie. .-. : in hrraiuoti liv AlatthcwH i :
Closing out
the bal
011 r
DIXTU HnOU CO,, lni'i'. Capital, $l,tKtO.O0P.
ilA dollar sartd it a dollar tamiJ.' ,
Thin tadlva' Sollil Frvnch DoriRnln Kit'. Kir
ton Hoot delivered fre anvwhrn In the 0 81,1
9 -a receipt oft'osli. Munt-y Ordt r,
or I'mul Not lur M,
Kaiials tvery vfav the LkiuU
sold in nil n.-lull turen for
t'i.'M. We BUI thl bout
curlveii, Ibeffafor iiuar-
anttf the jtt, fi.'. aud irmr.
MM Ii nnyoiie Is not MtUtled
we will refund the money
or sond not lu r pai r. Opera
roe .1 ii 'iiuii N !,.
WMth ', I, K. k EE.
slies 1 to S uiij half
Ftr .PSrJt
1 H- fX
K-ki- i:.f'!r, x
lah 1 V BK B
! It
lBHaKfl -"T Billll' '
11 I -'SSELUiJiii
Ull, ' ? 1 JS",t ."
Jjg Ii n
Dexter Shoe Go,,
ttOsTON". '
This series MBlalsi over 100 titles,
(mliracltiK thu beat works of all the
famOttS authors and covering tbe Ml.
of science, art, plillosopbv. history,
nnd fiction. Btoh book Is printed from
lur(s typv, on fine paper, aod its stilt,
xtantlally bound. The reenlar prion I?
78 oMiits, but you may have them at SO
ct-nta. Uivilc of this classusually re
tail from $1 to ssl 85.
Ilti fading : cii extra fur potluge any of
the boukt nil! It lent ly mail.
at following' prices:
Kuwia-i l.v x Clrenlar rap a, U inches, M
BtootrlaSaal Clrenlar Cape, s in t
Aatrakbae Otreular t'apea. si in
Wool n. a Olrcalar Cap ll in. itn.i
st'.ne Mnrt ti circular Capes, SI i io.oj
BrowB Mm t -ii ' iron In Cap, 91 ill I5.lkl
Otter ir, utar c;im., 21 in saiw
Seal Sacques
Sestl Sac,, una, :W Ino' M Imi I1SS.00
Seill .InrketH. Mi hKlkm lOil.UI
simi Jaoketa :;i laohes iiiu it too
Asti 'akban Jacket W laeaai ion; 11,00
Circular Capes
Seal Clrotllal Cap, 00 Ineliea Imut, w III
lliitterllv Capk fHTinu
I tter t 'I ron lur Caps, ;l 1 IBaneS Itinir, w I tli
Butterfly Caps lo.".tK)
SaulaClroalar Cape, 101 bbssIobi a oo
AtrauiiMii clrenlar ;pe, :u inohos ti
Eloetrle Seal Circular Cape, St In. long III 00
'Iray Ci liiiiner t 'li ciil'ir 'ape, IK) In lotitf
4n aokffl Ann i h'nn H nl MnfT at .... f I U eaeh
I lot tehllilren'S ts nt U4o. earh
1 lot of Melifti Itnlios. plush Mn 'I . . . :l amh
Ladies' Plush and Cloth
Coats at Your Own 1
138 Wyoming Ave.
The only Practical Furrier in tho city.
906 Sunlit Washington Avenuo,
Cmitraetor anil lmllrir ot Concrete l'Uirglnir,
Cniicroto Hlook, I'otSto, Buttor and Ciitl
Una, Wet Olliir dri I up. Ordora may b
lolt t Tbouipmi A Pratt, Will am A Co.,
Main and Eynntt Btreata, or at Scianlun
Klovo Work. Also Knundatloiia, Cialvrua.
K,ah Wire Tuuiiol and Cnltlua. rim: n.,: for
i In i. Ion Walks.
s Sons'
What Is More Attractive
Thau a pretty faco nltk a freah, bright
complexion' For it, use Poxtoni' Powder.
!niifactnrer of the tViebrateJ
ICK).(KX) Bbk Per Annum.
"rom fhr X. 1 . 7r.Eunf. Acit
The Flour
"Chicago, Oct. 1 Fhe Brat cAci
tr.nonr.ceinent of Wttrid'l Fa..- ' -jlomas
on flour has been Bad A
medal has been awardei y h
World's Fair judtes to the flow masa
fsctureJ by the Wahbnr:i. Crosby Co,
.u the great Washburn Fiiui Mills,
Minneapolis. The committee reports
ihe flor.r strong and pure, and entitle
it to rank as filSt-claa patent flour for
laiuily and bakers use."
Tho above bfattrl of flour ran lie lm.l at any of ti.e following merchants,
v. ln will aooapt Tnv Tkihim n ova DOV7NS o! on each oaa hualrad pound
of flour or !0 on each barrel ol flonr.
Ceranton r P Pri,-, Vaahlastsja avaaae,
QoM MihIh. llraml
Byde Park Oaraon & lv.via Wahbnrrj St
Hoi,! M.slal Uran.l; .t-aeph A Meara. Mar.
asaoaa BBpaflasltre Hran,t.
Ill oeu Hhlce A l.peni or.lKil.l . ,....' p .
Daanore-P. P. I'm OoUl Melal liraii.t.
I'lvphant .lames .Ionian Snjierlative Brnn.l
pDnmols -F I MaDieV Superlative llratnl
I'rovlJen.'a Penner OtaaBJMjl S Vain ase
nni'. Superlative hi an J ;C. .1 itilWpie, V
Market . ..U Medal Bratnl
Skaffar m Kier. Supcrlatlre
. D. S Ob Supcratat.v.'
Jermvn i
i rand
Qarboadale K s Clark. ioW Me.lal Brand.
lloresdaJe-J N. Koater A- Co vlu Meds
Uotieaiialo V S.-henek Bran.t
i s. toll S r I'll . A .-.; i,..'.i! isr..t. '.
liouMaKir, A. A.lams. Uold llesUi Brat 1
Tobyhatma rvhvkjima .M l.ehi-h LBIBbJ
Do iK.l.l wlal hrand
The on ly aafe, nr and
reliable) Female FILL
ever offered to Ladle,
eapecially recommend
od to married Ladica.
AaV for Ba. MOTT'S FKHSTTKOTAT. VIT.18 nnd tnke UO other.
s'lBeil for circular. PrtM ifl.OO per bos M'xe for B&.OO.
Utt. MO rrsCHKMlO.Vl.CO.. - l lovtluud, Ohio.
Sjr C M, 11 A ll i; I Dranlat, 111 Pawn Asnme.
The Tribune Order
1 iiH S
I World's Fair Art Portfolio I
COUPON, February 5, 1894.
Send or bring 3 Coupons of different dates, to- I
gether with 10 Cents, and receive each part of Mag- g
S nihcent rliotogr;iphs. io delay; no waiting, as eacn s
8 part is now ready.
THE TRIBUNE, Cor. Penn Ave, anil Sprnce St.