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MR. J. L. STELLU will continue
the bimtin-4-4 under tUe firm name of
fctelle & Seeley,
Popular, reliable aud withiu your reach.
li've taken over 100 Brut rrouilutns la
tit rast lifty years,
Other mikes of Pisnm. Four mak.w or
Organs I" bSBOtlfttl HR tolgnii See our
Itotk More buying. We Imve tin goods.
Oar prieee are right, Bvaryiblug .u ti.
U. libit llildk
IS4 Wyomlnn Ave.. Sr.ran'.or;. Pa.
Punch Cigars
G., B. & Co ,
feNBriMtW) on Each Cigar
Garney, Brown & Co. Mfr'a.
mini 'ii. ejUAui,
sri ci u.tsr.
mm nnnn to u.j
. ; uvbiw
Happeuinjs of a Day Tint Will Interest Hyde
Park. Mim,
A Number of Hyde Park Merchants
Victimized by Fakirs Urownies'
Entertainment at Mors' Hall Bur
Jars Enter Raid's Butcher 8hop
Christian Endeavor Anniversary at
Washburn Street Church.
Mrs. Chambers, ot Yonkers, ft. Y., is tbe
truest of Mr. E 0. UiuiruicK, of Green
L H. t'b.n:nbers. nf Onaon, is the zaest
of b;s sister, Mrs. M. i. fine, ot csaad:r.u
Mrs. ft M. Stoddard of St evens villa, N.
Y., it? visitiui,' Uer sju, wuo it a student at
Wood's college.
.1. .'. UaaoiBf of Fittaton, and J. B.
WkJtMtfll, ol HerBBtoo, Ml batnrday af
ternoon for Hiuleton lo attend the twelfth
anniversary teieOration of the Christian
Endeavor uuiou he.d Sanday m 'ruing at
Audetiried ami In theeveuiuija: H izleton.
The many BarantoO friend of BOH Jtel
lie.'er cf .1 ,hu D. Green, formerly
ill Y. Pi:t-tun bat now uperinteudeut
and general ntaaamr of the Superior Wis.,
stove work', trill be interested in the an
nouncement, I her comics marriage t' C.
A. Chaff, a prominent banker of Superior.
The ceremony will be rt-rforaied tomor
row at West Pitt-ton by R-v. Dr. McLeod,
pastor of the First Preebg terian churea of
ttisciiy. ImmssiS lately af:er the Kerv:ce.
Mr. and Mrs. Cbaae will depart for the
W bome BOOM thai awaits tn-.'oi i Su
perior. Misa Green is an accomplished
musician and m at eUarming ostess. The
best wishes of a larj circle of friends will
follow her to hut periaueut western
The Cfcaaabariatn Lir.d Companv.
!di(ar :):. troii Tribi jte;
E tcfcsBd find letter fr'.m Humphrey B.
i 'han.riTiain in answer to a letter writtea
him who abroad, which you will please
pULliHli. It was not written for pablica
lion as you wdl sen by wh it It rplllslBS,
yet in ft roeannr will somewhat GOBtM
lict the aenstation made in an article of
Thursday, Feb. 1, of yonr napr. Wiil
inrther state tuat I r.hinx that the Scran
OB people have U"t now nor have been
latarteied in the Fort Worth property,
but will ?ay rhat t lev were interested in
the Ptie'uo UOOSOlidaMd Land company of
Denver. TkatockWat sold in the mar
ket by one I, -wis F. Newmaa, who mis
represented th' matter and the facts in
recar 1 to the company's bnsinesa in every
respect, if tlw reports of those who have
rioted the land are trne. I wonld
dao aay that I have bad two conferences
witiiH. B Ch isnhfrlain. and he states to
cm :' Ua irill give as ell the information
in his possession sad convincn( that on
the part of their eomp toy it waa an error
injudicm'U'. I asic all of the Hcranton
atockhoiciers to suspend judgment nntil I
present the information that f now and
thall soon have, and if dettrad, have the
promi-e that .Mr. Clmmberlain will meet
Ha at ton, and if he cannot then show
that tn f.u ure was unavoidable and not
brought or. by th ir company f r specnla
tive j.urposes I, for one, will j in with
otl.-rs to bring him to jmtico. I have no
confidence m i-wia f. Newman, who ia
now in Bpringfleldi lli and to in
terview him U IkaJMM fntiirem regard to
thee mattera. Very mprtttMf,
A. ij. BrocitM,
Jermyn, Pa.. Feb. :!, l-!4.
The letter from Mi. ' hamberlain is as
New York, Feb. h'H.
T. D. S'torkpr:
Dsajt 8u got hart Monday, Tuesday
Dm cruel and raid WM made on mo
jf dlmjilflad customer and I bnva btall
in hot water since and been obliged to
pent DOM consideration of my accumn
li r i-il mail. 1 hope to got to it first next
Atn accused of selling stock In a oom
j.any which hud DO title to the land. Ev
ery dollar we received was paid to the
pnrcl nb of the land and a telegram from
Fort Worth confirms rnv statement that
we have always had DM session and own
ership nnder a deed md declaration of
tt Hst. Every one reads the accusation, no
paper publishes my denial, or few.
RrmNriTOii 'iypev. liters and Edison
Photi' graphs for sale and rent. Copying
Work executed. Phonographs rented for
an evening's intertainm-tit. Telephone
U'M-i. Edw. Gunster Jr., t4i Hprnon
Anheuanr Huch Boor.
Loala Lchnian's, bpruoe ob
Mr.slc Boxrs Exclusively.
Best made. Play any det-ircd number of
tnnes. GantKohi A: Sons., manufacturers,
103CI Cbosttiut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orchestrial organs, only Id and lift
fipecirdty: Old music boxes carefully ro
PBired and improved with new tune, i
Beadleaton A Woeiz'a and Ballantlne'e
Alee are the best. E. J. Wau.ii, agent, iM
Lackuwauna avenne.
New Biayole.
A new bicycle worth tb will be sold for
8fi The miichine Is guaranteed and is a
rare bnrgniii. Machine may be seen at the
'irlbuuo ofiluo.
Belnhart's Market,
88 and 8."i Liiekawanna avenup. Every
day from 6 a. m. to 10 a. m. Hound steak,
11c. i sirloin steak, 14c.; standing rib roast;
10c.; chnck roast, Sc.: boiling meat, 4c;
freeh pork, J c. ; pork sausage, l;,c,
Til West Sid (e of the BOtAltrOM
TutBUini U looated at 19 Boaih Italoava
Hue, where nbwrlptloui, adrrileiBBM
ami conununloatloui wlU raoaiTi pronpi
attention. J
Pot same lime put several bnitOMI
QDQaaa, but Hpeci illy drui stores,
hsv,' boon visited by yoaog ntn who
lltTt worked sue 'sstully want is
e illed the "ll.iii-H uil" game, The
BOheme i to make i pnielias '.i.'eiierally
mailt and have tUfgs lull zobaned
The man will then rf OelVt a lai g'
Rtnonnt of small oUnuga In return, lie
usually savs that ha OOM not e ire to
carry so much loose money m his
cloth and will return the coin and
vit bis large bill back, and then tender
i smaller plco to py for the krtloU
When the ll iti-lt iinmer has the loose
money In is baud be pockets itreral
pieces witboat the clerk's knowledge.
He Ihed p.isses tbe rest h ick, and gen
Tal.y the clerk doss not think of count
ing it. (.'ii Saturday last a man wear
tug a cap aud a re. I mustache outer I
lb drng store ot J. J l ivies, on south
Main iiveuue, and ask.-d for a certain
drag, but the clerk tohl bint that it
could li d be sola indiscriminately. He
then bought a package of cigarettes,
aud gave in payment a bill. While
obanging It, the clerk who it a mm of
keen judgment, had his suspicions
.roused. Tue stranger also notioed
:!ist be was being closely watchel, and
did not put his h inds 00 the change,
but told the clerk to put it back, and
change $0 instead. Tbtl was doue, and
UO more qnastioni were Blked. This
man visited a drug store on North
Maiu avenue with tiiesamj result.
Christian Ecdavr Anniversary.
Tue members of tb Obrittian En
deavor society of the W isiiburu Street
Preebyterian church wid iujt tomor
row evening to celebrate its anniver
sary. Uev. Thornton A. Mills, of lie
inorial Presbyterian church, Wllkee
Barre, will b tbe sp 'aker. Tbemeeting
to be held on Fri lay evening by the
City Christian. BadeBTOt union will
take place at Ibl First PreibyterlBU
dbnrcb instead of the Plymouth oburcb.
A Vet of Thank).
An interesting meeting of the Welsh
Philosophical Boeiety was held iu the
rooms on South Slain avenue Saturday
evening.. Duriug the evening Eh tnetei
P. Davies iliscoursed "Theoretic li Ms
cfianics and their Welsh Derivatious. "
ifter which a general discussion fol
lowed. A vote of thanks was tendered
to the unknown friend who presented
the library wita $1,000.
Th Erswcisa A.-i
Th large number of West Side peo
ple who failed, owiu to the crush, to
obtain even standing room at the two
receut Brownie entertainments at
Young Men's Christian Association
nail, will have an opportunity Feb. 10
to see them, as they will app-ar iu
Mears' ball. The churches ou this side
hare taken the matter in hand and its
tuccese is already assured.
Th ova at Wark.
Thieves entered the butcher shop
of W. A. Kie l on North Main avenn-,
on Tnnedsy night at a late hour by
means of a rear entrance and stole a
small amount of money and giveral
bottles of pickle i goods
Interes ing' N-ws Ttotss.
D. E. Smith, the well known liquor
dealer of this tide, attended the fu
neral of his brotner, Stephen Smith, at
FltetTtllfl yesterday
Mrs Randolph Jones, who is a pa
tient at thelrsrmsr. hospital, PrHladel
phia, is rapidly improving
The funeral of LaQra K., wife of A V
Call, of the Ilrisian Hill, occurred yes
terlay niorning at 8 o'clock. Inter
ment ma do at Newtonoemetery,
Ihe remains of QeOTge, ion of .Mr
and Mrs, Tbotnai Jones, of Bynon
street, were interred at the Washuurn
Btreel c-iritery tti Saturday.
Rev. T. J, Collins, pstor of the
Ber anion Str--et Iisp'ist chore i,
preached at Sayre yestrdy,
An entertainment will tie given nnd
er the Mltpio of the Simpson chapter
of the Epworth league on Tnnrsdsy
evening at the Simpson Methodist
Episcopal church.
Mrs, Henry Eergerhoff, of North
Lincoln avenne, Is seriously ill.
William Oram, alderman of the
Fourth ward, if able to bs ont after a
severe illn-s
Mrs. William li, Ow-in, of North
Bromley avenue, is ill.
Mrs L. H (libbs. of Bonlh M in
aver n , la in New York city, r i ig
the funeral of her father, W. H. Uil rp ,
rif that city.
BeT. Off McArthnr, of New York
city, who will lecture in the Elm Park
church on Thursday availing, will loo
tnre In the Jackson Street, Baptilt
cbnrob next I'riday evening. His sub
ject will be, "Chips.frotn Many Shops "
Waco council, NO, 40, H iughters of
PoMhontM, Improvod Order of Bad
Man, will give m entertainment an I
social in Mears' Hall ou Feb lo
An infant oblld of Mr. and Mrs. I).
M Ibomaa, of I Is South Mam ft fen tie,
died on Saturday, The funeral will
occur this afternoon.
ft?, R. N. Harris, of PitlltOO, 0C0U'
pled tb pulpit of the pi moutb Oou-
gi :n'i I'm 1 c llrcli yes-e,
William 11. Owen, of Nortn llromloy
avenue, is itrrlotulf ill.
Tbe Hyde Park Eitorary and Debtt
ing society will m et this evening In
its rooms on South Miin aveiiiu.
Csrr'a home in id uiiuco meat Is now
being sold by sev i d lealera here.
The political light U now on at this
place and ou all nlH 1 1 in leadrrs nvH
assistants are working tho csiiiiaigu
with a vim never Before, exhibited.
That the Democratic party already
feels Insecure it shown by tho many
artifice! they are using lo bring Voters
Into the fold. Republican, candidates
have bten approached, hut to no avail.
They are in the final to fight and not to
Is-tray their party The contest this
year is not confined to any partial
isr onlce, but of course, the
office of luirgoss is most spoken of. At
firHt lMnocruts were willing to back
Duggaii to the extent of two vote to
Iiurka'a one, but have now become lets
demonstrative and acknowledge a close
run. As to the election of the Renub
lican candidate, Michael Cum. ion, to
the office of street cominitHioner, there
is not tho least doubt and it is expjatod
that, if popular sentiment counts for
anything, Mr. Cunuiou will have a
complete walk-over. Ilu slrjet
work and expenditures, compared
with that of diu successor, shows
that ho did more work with
lem money. The oonnollmen,
Taylor and Webber, are cousi lersd a
strong team. Several years ago tiioy
ran together aud wer both elected,
Taylor has sines remained in the cou
cil aud is looked upon as one of tho
leading spirits of that holy. Tin
humorous incidents of th c imp tin ire
beginning to show tbemtelTat, Tho
latest lau,;h is at the exiinusu of John
M li nt who has declared himself in
tbe field a a stump candidate tor tax
collector. Wuy Mr Hoffatl should
siorifiee blmselfon the political altar
Is more than his Iriotidscati understan 1
as he does not have the slightest
chance of being elect I at even his
nearest friends have refuted to sign Ills
nomination papers, Were it other
than John Mdl'itt tho Uspiibliciu
leadera aay they w mid beliefs idtna
ou- had bribed him to run, but in
honesty of Mr Moffatt is s well
known that no such thOUbtOBU be eu-
tertalnad by them ami they hops that
he will before long Srtj the error of hit
w iv and retire from tin tisld A num
ber of friends have signed his nomln t -turn
papers, but when Interviewed
claim that they did it merely as an act
of friendship and that when it Oplll IS
to voting they will not SaOTlttoe their
party's interests.
The Junior Christian Endeavor so
ciety of the Presbyterian shuroh held
a plsasant socisl in the ohnreh ptrlbrt
Friday evening The children acquits
ted tbemselvei in a or editable manner
iu the musical programme they reu
dered. Eight refreabm mts were also
The st. Mary's Church choir had a
sleigh ride to Arch bard ou Thursday
Eillie Wool, of Avoei, speat Friday
afternoon and evening with fiiou Is at
this place.
The Assembly bald a meeting at the
offloeol Hr Hopkins Saturday night
an 1 m id s arrangements lor a social to
be held OU Feo. 84
The council and school board will
hold their regular monthly meetings
Electric lights have been Introduced
into Price's cash store.
Mr. aud Mrs. 11. F., Marshall spent
Suuday at 11 iwloy.
Jessie v ui V7ormer, of Part Jervis,
is visiting hr aunt. Mis. A. C. Van
Warmer, ou Elm street.
The hills in this vicinity wire in ex
cellent condition Saturday night and a
1 irge number of coasters enj yed them
elves. Cheery street seams I to bj the
most popular street.
The Consumers' lo company has
Commenced harvesting ice on Lake
Arid, and large trains of ice pass over
the Erie and Wyoming Yalluy railroad
overy day.
John Warded is rapidly improving
and is now able to arise from bid.
The Young Ladies' Missionary soci
ety will hold an apron and cike eocial
on Friday afternoon of this week.
Notice of wiiere it will be hold will be
m i Is later.
Martin Doud and family, of Oregon,
arrived here last Wednesday. They
contemplate making Dunmore their
fature home
John Decker, of Susquehanna, who
has been visiting at the bom of James
Madis in, has returned home.
Mrs. W. L Pnroell is visiting friends
at Plymouth.
H. B, Spencer is about to erect a
buildiug 00 his Drinker street property.
Jntnes Hannon, of Old Forge, visited
friends lierUst weak
Mame Johnson, of Hyd l Tark, is vis
iting Kit Clark, of Cuestuiu streit.
Oar popular street cir conduttor,
Prank Spenoer attended a hanquut at
Peokvilla Friday night,
An ititrsting and novel entertain
iii-nt Will take pi AOS at Company 11 ar
mory Friday, Feb 8, under the auspices
of the Young Men's Christian associa
tion. The members of tlio gymnasium
insisted by a Wllkss-Barre class, will
work eari:stly to make the occasion
the greatest success of the seasou.
A valentine social will lake place at
the North Main Avenue It iptiit church
Tuesday evening, Feb. 18, Th ladies
of the church have tho matter in hand
and are working zealously to make the
entertainment a social and financial
Miss Powell of New York city, is
visiting Miss Annie O'Dannull, of
Brick avenue,
Andrew Peel, of Utah, arrived here
a few duvs ago, and will maku till",
plans Ida future home.
I'n Utrlaker D. D. Jones, of North
Main aveuu -, is ill with the grip,
AldefDMfl Willi mis, of the First
ward, is indtsposed
Mrs. Cole, of Wayne BVSUUe, is seri
ously ilL
The many friends of Jamil May,
wiil be sorry to to learn of his serious
Peter Conway, of Wilbur street, a
rnnnrr in the Marvin mines, broke
both his legs while attending to his
work on Saturday. He was tripped
and fell in front of a car, which piss d
over both legs, crushing them billy.
Sergeant Hpellman and Officer Ghoh'
eidle, assisted by a citizen nam d Kline,
arrested three Palandsf on drove
street yostenl ly morning at 8 o'clock
for fighting with their boarding home
boss and his guests.
A light was in rrogross in front of
th Bristol at 18.80 o'clock Saturday
night when S-rgoant Hpnllm in nnd
Officer CrSOheldl arrested the combat
ants. OdC Of the psrtint nam 'd Bftff
resisted the officers and had to be
drugged to the station house. After
nrrlvlng at the lockup he again
i i id and m ule a fierce
ouslsught on Officer Grlobct lie,
Wlon placed in the 011 ha divested
himself of his coat, arranged his sus
poolers iu a coll, tied it to one of the
liars in the cell window and deliber
ately endeavored to bang himself, His
attempt at self-1 stru t ,u wis frui
trated by the tiui'dv intervention of li
prisoner named Sulllv in, who alarm" 1
the OjffiosfO II" was then removed from
tie' cell and secured in the hallway,
where it was impossiblu for him to
harm inm .f.
Ask your grocer nntl butcher for
Carr'a DoUe mud- mtnoe fitJgi
A Blair Ave KaB'a Blitill Fractured
in an Assault.
Joseph MatullS, of lilair ivenno, is
iu a precarious condition His skull Is
fractured and tllS nttsiiding physician,
Dr. Uullivnn, says he may die.'
Henry Smith and Jose ph Judge an
tho men wlio OOmmittad the assault,
and tho weapon they Usod was an nx K
lint h men admitted the assault bsforo
Ahlrinsti Blair and were committed.
Chief Simpson will have the ltnesses
placed under bail to testify in case
Matulis dies.
BipplDga ol a Day That Will Interest
Many Tribune Readers.
His Wife and Daup.htor Thrown from
Their Sleigh Ziegjer la Dragged
Beneath the Sleigh lor Mora Than a
Block Joseph KluuipfT Has a Simi
lar Experience Getting Ready tor
Church Dedication.
Mr, mil Mrs William oegUr and
their daughter hid a very narrow es
cape from serious injury yestei d tv af
ternooil, The party were thrown from
a sleigh and thsir esuap) from harm is
They were returning from Simon
sou's where thoy had been paying their
respects to hotel keeper Weie'ael's fain
ily. While coming on Irving avenue
from Moohc street the hors was going
at aphelty lively gilt when one of the
runners of tile cutter struck a rock.
Tits sleigh careened aud Ml i. Ztlglcf
aji I her daughter WOM thrown out.
Thejf got up none the wois for their
fall, but were horrified to see husband
ami father being dragged along beneath
the overturned sleigh, one of the shaiu
being under the horse.
At Hemlock street there is a vory
deep guttter, and this proved to be
Ziegler'e safety. Tbe alelgb jolted and
passed over him in the rebound, but
tho ntotneutnm he had obtained caused
him to go a considerable distance be
fore he could use his limbs. Ho got up
hill the worse for his experience and
Started in pursuit ol his stood which
had, l y that tuns, got literally and fig
uratively out of night.
A Hscend Uunawav.
The people of Irving avenue had not
finished discussing Xieglur's plight
when another hois attached lo a box
sled came dashing along Th sleigh
was unoccupied and the reins Were
dragging the ground This horsa was
not as apeedy as th former, and two
Twelfth ward boys, John Hays and
Frank McNallv, captured it bsfore he
could do any damage The boys mail
the horse retrace its steps, the youth
ful portion of th community (dinging
to every conceivable portion of the
sleigh, it proved to be Joseph Kliimplf's
outfit The owner had been lurch d
out coming down tho hill from Moun
tain Ltko.
TreparlnB for Dedication.
The Polish societies met ynsterdiy
mi l m id preliminary arrangements
for the dedication of their remodeled
church by electing Michael Suit ter
marshal of ths day and directing him
to invite thvPolish societies in Luzsrue
and Lackawanna c innties. They alto
decided to levy an assessment nn them
selves m order to raise the 1400 neces
sary for the purchase of the high altar.
The church is rapidly Hearing com
pletion. Tho seats have been ordered
and painted. F. W. 1'ilger has a large
force of uwu on tho interior decoration.
The new stations of the cross arrived
Saturday and they are th prettiest to
be seen iu this vicinity. They oatno
direct from Munich, free of duty and
cos' lijod The various figures stand
stand out in bold relief and the tffeot
is very beautiful.
The Cow Was Klded.
George Fritz, residing on Maple
street near BlaBord avenu. is a tnird
working, industrious oltiten who en
deavors to rear hit little family with
all the euro lie can bestow. Among
Mr. Prill's possessions until last
Thnrsday evening was a cow that lie
prized very much. Thursday night tho
animal was taken from tin barn. A
search revealed tho animst hidden be
tween rocks near tbe Brie tracks and
its throat bad been cut, The thieves
evidently ha I Intended to complete
their labors I'riday night. Their little
game was spoiled, however, and they
are luclty ir they get oil with that.
Shorter I . . i , -i
Rev Jacob Butor led the services at
tin roomsjof the Young Women's Chris
tian association yesterday.
Tne Scranton Athletic club members
will make merry this evening, with
faces, forms and attires assumed for
tin occasi n, at G trmanta hull.
I ne Krieger breln will hold a
masked ball tomorrow evening. A
sister society from Wilkes Barro will
Tbe funeral of Mrs Bebastlan Oral
nicl took place yesterday afternoon.
A RetpeOtabl P OtO It Too Hoi
for His I.ay-Out.
A BOO-ponnd man who gives bis
name as BlOWttt and who tins been
tigaged as a fakir iu this city for two
years off and on, had an OXpefieuoo on
BatUr day that ha will remember for
some time,
Ili shop was nn lower Lickawatina
BVanUe and he gulled his dupes with
an io game ror in cents no sop a
hall of can ly Whloll he took at random
from n bx. Be had a hslf doisn "cap
pars" In tim room, and 'soma of them
would not like to havn their names
published. I lies coufe Inratas, by in
Vesting 0 quarter for three packages,
would oooaaipnaltv bs very fortunate
and would win, so It appeared to th
uninitiated, two, and oven three dol
lars at a clip
BlewHtl's plan worked very tnoOOM
fully till about 8 o'oloOk when Market
mall RbOlnbart and sotm friunds came
in. The form T s iw through Ulewitt's
fake g tun at once and so Informed him
The fakir then thought it was lima ti
(dose up and so stated.
Among the losei i was a voting man
from Atoos, who bad lost 1 1 (hat he
could ill afford, Mr Khcinhurt took
the fOUtll'S part BO I told the fakir that
' d'ir departing he Would have to re
in id the money. His speech and manner
Implied that hoiusant what it said
mid BlOWttt rslnclanlly yielded. Then
tbe other losers began clamoring for
tho wealth thsy hud dropped, nnd
iliev made it so hot for IlleWitt that he
fSOSDSd through a buck door. air.
Itlodnhart paid his compliments to th
fellow's confederates, ftoma f whom
me offioal holding their authority mib
j' it lo lbs county court.
PkWitt gives a OrayOB free of charge to
every tenth person ordering one dozen
Photos. You will be the lucky pOIOOB,
Parlors IIIO Lackawanna avenue.
' -
Th Kag-n.
Groves' photos, 418 Spruce stroet.
Books by Kxprnss.
Any person ordering ten or more books
at one tlUM may have them sent by ex
press prepaid.
PkWitt'k line position photos are meet
ing with great favor.
"Sperinl low price sale at Uattin & Co's
this mouth. Don't fail to see advertise
Books I Books I Books 1
During the coming week wo shall offer
to the subset ibera of TllK Tkihl.nk rare
baiataius iu books.
WO have a large hue of hriLdit and BOD-
ular Volumes, elegantly bound, that we
intend to give to the patronaoftbe paper
at about one-fourth of the usual price.
The following list will give rou an idea
of the Inducements and the BBUtnal Op
poriutiiiies lo secure valuulilu uddittotis to
your library.
Heaiilsi Tribune's
I'll.e Price
The World's Fair iNew) 'J.5U I ,N5
I'm I i.i ml History ol tliullruat
Civi War 8,00 .ho
Pilgrim' Progress (lllust'ud) .51) .an
Earl It, BOB mill Sky 75 ,T6
Marvelous Wonders a.75 .f-.ri
Life aod Work of Bporgeon 1.60 .on
Pietorial History of too Bible 8i78 .ao
ttneennol Wonders 8.T5 .w.
From Pole to Pole a.75 .80
Pictorial History of the Uni
ted States 8,00 .fin
Science of I, tfi 2.7,r, .IK
UfeofBarnnn 1.60 .Mi
Indian Horrors l.fiO ,80
Ji sepbus 100 i.oo
Bbopp's Photographs 'j.m i i;.r
Columbus, lbs Navigator,.. .60
Hear Column (Stanley's
Travels) ,80
Webster Dictionary In one
hall Russia ,86
e- a
iu presentation of two or tbote
Conpoos, Bubsorlber ol TUB 'lltlii
cnk may purobaaa any book in the
! above list.
- . .
Vi lA '4 ' i
i i yt yi a 72 yi y 7a
A New
COR One Week, commenc
' ing Monday, February
5, we will have a CHINA
when we will sell Cups and
Saucers for less than
Their value. Remember
this sale will be for one
week ONLY, as wa posi
tively will not sell a cup at
the sale price aftsr next
116 Wyoming Avenue.
lA 72 i H V V2 A
MWobave the most complete assortment of
Mens Fnrniabiag u.kuIs that ever sp pealed
to ttie eye or to tbe taste Borne of our new
siia.ies and deebjtBs in Ties are eepaelally at
tractive, The, are selling at Scores which
save you no sxanae for baMg without all sorts
01 sizes and styles.
Christ 13.11, HATTER
203 L-ckawanna Avenuj.
Tlif (iical Marvel of Dental Science
A reoenl diexnver) and the sole
property of
Henwood k ' Wardell.
DEN1 is i s.
316 Lackawanna Ave.
B the us-of tins remarkabls disco very
leatn are a dually removed without pale in
he meat agtrarated oaaoi Local in its up
plication, ragetabte in Its gompotitloB ami
slMKilntelv harmless and'nfllolenl In every
qaae aNiSSHTliKNB has the unqaallfiedeB
dorsemeal o( the most repatable physlolani
as well us thousioMii who have I n relieved
Br its woaderfttl power,
lll I I OIH eoil lll,,l U ,,v.l.,ll .1... l
Slve OWneri of this lOVatn dile dlsnnmnxi I
m e using it in their practice wiib heretofore
unhoird of reenlta
All the hllh ir grides ef mehBlel and CD'
oratlve dentistry praaMoed in this ,,111,.,.. n.
eluding OltUWM m BRtoaR wuitK
Plate made m sMfully iionudi kinds of
i sleds!
Uni T 48
Scranton, Pa.
Do You
Do You
Do You
Do You
Do You
Do You
Do You
Clothes for
Clothes .for
Clothes for
Clothes for
Clothes for
Clothes for
Clothes for
Almost Nothing?
Almost Nothing?
Almost Nothing?
Almost Nothing?
Almost Nothing?
Almost Nothing?
Almost Nothing?
PRICES on brand-new Suits and Over
coats in our windows will convince
you that we are about giving them away.
Martixi & Delany
Coal Exchange, Wyoming Avenue.
Is tin; most )opiilar musical cslablisfimciit in Northeastern Penn
sylvaii'a. The highest grado of Pianos and Organs. The
lowest prices obtainable anywhere and the most liberal
terms ever offered to purchasers are some of tho
leading inducements. Look at the list
8ohmer Pianos,
E veraft Pianos,
Vo!;u & Son:;' Pianos,
Ma hi in Pianos,
Popular Pease Pianos.
Esley Organs,
Story & Clark Organs,
Chicago Collage Organs,
Palace Organs,
ALdall kinds of .Musical Mer';hanJU)
constantly ouhaud.
The Holidays are htre, and this is tbe p!:o;e to bay Pianos for a Cbristmai
reaent. Prices aro lower than any c;th;r rnusic; ston in Scranton Special
Attention -Bomembor always when you start out to search for a Piano or Or
gan that Christopher Columbia punts with Lis tiht band to tbo xact place
you want to go. Nowhere it is:
Ouernsey, Prcc.
- V V
Do You Need an Ulster?
Do You Need an Overcoat?
b YOU do, now is the time to buy one,
and our store is the place to get it.
Because we are going to sell everv one
which we have in our store this winter.
Price is no object, profits have now disap
peared, and you can buy one very cheap.
Try it.
Collins & Kackett
220 Lackawanna Ave.
P. S. Lcok for our name before the door before en
tciinj;. Make no mistake.
Special for This Com
ing Week.
Men's Cork Sole Lace Slio'8,
Qoodyear Welt, T4 grade, J") i
to be tfflaVtJV
Men's Cork Sole I, ire Shoes,
hand-sowed welt,$5ffrade, to AO
be NO.'O
J AC K KT. Full
Skirt, Balloon
81ee vaww v.liliu-k
and tan, Cost to
make, it,
I, idies' Doagola, Ki 1 Bntton,
Patented Tip, QoodyOBr
welt, Common SBI Inst, all
14.00 grade, to b 0
Ladies' Khip Kid Button,OOTk
soles, band turn, C, minion
Senee last, only a few pairs ') ) K
of tin m, 0 grade, to Ik. . .
Ladiee' Doll Doagola Bntton,
doable tolea, Common sens- -only,
$1 grad 1 ol is id 1 ui nt 0- J
Missos' Strnin'ut ( Bntton,
spring heel, sum 11 to if-' 1 1
grade will soil nt Ol. 1
Hoys' School Shops, bntton nnd
liu-e, sites 11 to '.'; $1 90 will ft 7
Nil lit .' I C.
Wo will givo you
the choice of 40
Jackets, nil ibis
Beason'a m ; k e,
Not One in the
lot thai oost liss
than IIS to 120,
.1 hi K ITS.
ninl WRAPS. It
will pay you to
si'o t li is offering
of Tailor made
SCHANK'S Arcade. Shoe
We neei room for new Sprinj
& Co.
Ladies' Tailor C'oak Makers
nuil Fun tors,
Sfto 5! 'wyfiR sr.,
Scientific Eye Testing Free
By Dr. Shimberg,
Tlio Specialist on ttio Kya Ileniliinlias nnd
Nervoiihiii'sH rellnviiil. Latest ami Improved
Style ol' Kyo IIIiihhi'h noil Spoctrteles ut tlio
Loweel Prleas. Host Artlliciul Kye iimortod
for 15,
30s SPRUCE ST., op. Post Olfice,
I Portfolio of Photographs
""coupon. I
S February S, 1694
R Si'ti or bring in 2 Coupons
s of different dales, together
S witli ,"i cents, end receive this
s Album id rare Photographs,
; Cor. Pann Ave aadSpmeeBti
ci IT ti us out.