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Hamburg and kiss
WE HAVE now open aful on sale
the newest ami most desirable
things in the ever-popular
Embroideries. Our stoek of last
season's goods luul been reduced
to a very low point previous to
opening our new ami beautiful
collection tor the spring of 1894.
The goods eaiue direct from the
makers 00 the other side to the
wearers on this side,, with only
our own moderate profit as distributors.
CamVriite BigingS, 1 to 13 iuebes.
from 1 to BQ cents,
C:;iubrio Insertions, to 3 In oh si. from
10 to oO cent.
All-over KiubroLVrv iCaiubri.o, M
inches widti From 50 oaats to L JO,
N linsook Embroideries, 1 to 10 inches,
from . to OSatS
N ilasook insertions, r to 3 Inehsatrom
from 10 to 50 cnuts.
Niasook All oTr,90 iuohes wide, from
80 cents to $1 S3
NainS'Xil; Flounejnct, i inches wide,
frcm M ceuti to $1 SO
Full lio of Colored Embroideries. Col
ored Groan'. with White Embroid
ery acd Whit Liroaais with Colored
All the newest thiag in Pciat de
We have re-marked twenty
lines o: last season"s goods
in no way unfashionable
at prices to satisfy the most
UP AT CL-mK's GKcEn).
Standard, Lrim sr.! Jfaaales Educa
tional 7-.-wi Penoial T-iptoi.
Special to tlut Seranton Tribune.
Clask 3 Gazas, Pa.. Feb. I The
mtuiM struct oar vicinity ia fail
force last nif, presumably giv-u oat
by a dramatic troupe that played Uncle
Tern's Cabin at the Summit on Jan. 12.
Mm B. F Courtriih: and Miss Msrit
H-md attended the faieral of a near
relative by tne name of McFarlane, on
Satnriav laat at Plymouth.
Mr Floyd was a MOSTM at J. D
Ayleeworth'i over Sunday.
d. F. speneer, of Toompeon. left for
his home on Wednesday evening last
It is annonnced that an agency for
the Spencer Steam heater has been es
tabliaaed here
H. E. N'.rthup returned to Stroud
bnrc on Monday last, after a montn'n
Mrs. Samuel Polhamns is reported as
improving from ulness, butintill
not able SO sit np.
About twenty know now how the
measl?t feel as SOsTSS of them nav-i
had them vry severely.
Onr public sonVil will re-open on
M.rnity r.ext after a vacation of five
week. It is preenmaolv nre now
that the school bnild.ntf. N'o. 1, will be
heats'! by the new ttern heater.
TOiit or town correspondents of Tn a Tilin-
Drh inonld etgtt their netnei l it full to eaoh
Uowa letter, nut for publication uut to guard
acniiiai deception. I
Vriof Mention of the Houses of Worship
and Other Btiilittng-a.
Speciui fo the Seranton Tribum.
Foukst City, Fob, 8 During the
past twelve months Forest City has
mi the erection ef some liandaomo
buildings, among them beiuir Man, t
A Leonard's block, K. J. Onrond's
building, W. J. Maxtr's blook, Prod
Btruub's blook, Belts blook, J Ma
DoDald.s liandiome three itory blook,
Henry O Noll's blocK.aud iiuuy others,
Two now ObtUehOS of handsome itriio
t tiro have been erected during the past
Otr. They are the t'ouirrosiatioual and
Preobyteriao churches
The Congregetytnal ohnroh is situs
tod on Delaware Street oq a hiindsoiiin
plot of ground at a considerable orfcv ,
tlon soots Miin street, overlooking
that street and the streot below, and h
nod view of the biuutiful stretch of
hilly woo llutid on the Rati si le of the
Laoltswanuo may be obtained from the
ohnroh site. The chinch has a base
mont which it used as a lecture room
and fcr jirayer iiieeliiirs
The main room has a seating oanic
ity of 800 persons. For the past five
TtOM the church has been organized,
but has ulwavs mt in a hall, The
membership of the ohnroh is large, bnt
for nearly six mouths they btVO been
without a ptstor, RfV. Khyt Morgan
bevlng been their pastor, hut Who It
now located at Wilkes Uirro. Mr.
Morsfau took a pronttnont part In the
i nildittgOl the church. and much credit
is due huu for the SfOOtioU' of this
house of worahtp The Coogrogotioual
Ohnroh m:mO rs may feel justly proud
of this church, wtnch is a worthy ad
dllioQ to our town.
The ProsbytortM church which Wtt
Itarted lots last fall Is nearly OOtn
pleted. with the exception of p'.atter
Ing and some ether work. The church
is of the same design the BlutDOOn
Preobytorisn ehepol Itissituatod ou
(Tppel Main ttreet, adjoining the resi
dence of Benjamin Maxey. This church,
like the Couretatiotial church, has a
bosessent which is used for similar
purposes. This society has been or
laaiSO ' for a number of years and met
ia Maxey's bill for a long time, start
ing at firs with a Suuday school, with
William D. Brydea, sr , as superin
Kev M. J. Morgan who at present it
at the Welsh settlement, was chosen as
pastor until about a year ago, when he
resigned on accoaut of poor health.
The auditorium room of the church
will seat 173 persons nicely Sunday
chool is held every Sabbath in the
basement. William Jetmiugs. sr., is
superintendent, J. D. Caryl secretary,
SBd E. C Boabam treasurer.
The Pioneer church, of Forest City,
or the Methodist, which was dedicated
In lSs), the society has a bandsocae
pmoti.ttre under construction oa Oun-
iai street, facing toward Main street
and at the rear of their church. Rev.
J. C. H a"an as been the ensretic
and popular pastor of this caurch for
tae past two rears.
The Baptist church society is not
building, bat has a handsome church
on Delaware strest, which will be
dedicated in a short time free from
The Episcopalians have a neat stone
church opposite the Baptist edifice.
The Catholic chnrcn adjoins the Bip
tist church property on Delaware
street. Their church and dwelling
property are amjn the most valuable
in town.
Th seTitial Inng healing principle of
the pine tr" has finally been sajoOSM fully
separate and refined ir.v. a perfect congh
medicine. Dr. Wood s Norway Pine
Hyrnp. Hold by til dealers on a gaararuen
ci tatitfaction.
Patrick Harrar's c s Stoek A
Cold Day for Purps
ftftfrial 1$ the ftrrrmlon Trifrtto.
MllrOOBA, Pa.. Feb 2 .William
.Thomas has withdrawn from tbe field
'as a candidate for jnstlce of tbe pa see,
leaving a clean rnn for the present jus
tice, p. T. O'ifara.
i'atrick Mnrray, of Dtvis street,
purchased a foil, blooded Holsteiu
beifer last week. Mr Mnrray says it
Is no nse to keep somtnon stock in this
Everrett Campbell is visiting friends
at Sqnnretop.
M, vV. Ctttfck anrl John H Kelly
witnessed the parforrnanoa of "Mrs.
Grundy, Jr." ar the Academy of Mrisie
last evening.
M. J. Carroll, of visiting
friends at Sport Hill.
A nnmbr of children t Oreenwood
enjoyeil a slsighride tofiypiant yes
terday. They wsre chaperoned by Miss
Delta Knapp.
Yesterday was a hard day for dogs
A number of dogs belongiug to Green
wood residents nad fits and died in
stantly. Ex-Supervltor Patrick 'Coy no ia a
candidat ' on the Citizens' ticket, and
bis friends predict a re election.
T. J. Coyne and John J. Diskin, of
this place, attended Ftther Connolly's
fair at Dickson City lust night.
i)lea at the Home uf Her Daughter In
Special to the Seranton TrtbuM,
HoNCSDALft, Pa,, Feb. Word was
received here this morninir of the sud
den death of Mrs. J. E Eldred at the
home of ber danghter, Mrs. Lee
Btearns, at Wilkos-Barre. The body
was brought to Honesdale this after
noon, Mrs. Eldred was 08 years old and is
lurvlved by tbree children, C. P. El
ured, Mrs. Lee Stearnes and Mrs. T.
Hebort. The funeral will be held from
tbe home of C. P. Eldrod at 3 p. m,
tirely different styles of bridges, winch
will be submitted for tbe adoption or
tbe councils in a future not far dis
tant. One is the plan of a massive
stone bridge for Sixth avenue and tbe
other is for a modern iron bridge for
Salem aven tid.
Tbe plan for the Sixth avenue bridge
provides a thirty feet roadway and two
eight feet sidewalks. It is to bo con
structed of native stone mill it is esti
mated that the cost of such a bridge
would not exced sn.nM
The plan for Salem avenue provides
for a modern iron structure of auDiciout
width to sacuro uni form roadway and
Mdewulka. and its estimated cost with
abutmonts would be $1,000.
A Fire Company to He Ortranlnd The' Callous.
,s'i(Vlii to the .s'lTdafim 'JWf'UrlS.
Throop, P,, Feb. a The Oltlions'
caucus was held at school No. " of the
Second ward, when the following olll-
oors wore noniustodi Judge ofoloo'
tlon, Pstrlok Oosri inspectors of elec
tion. Henry Armitrongi John It Mc-
Donsld; assist mi asseisors, John L,
Kvans, I'atrick MoDfNUOttl vigilunoe
contmittOS, l'ainck CosgroV Miohaol
If vou wish to become acquainted
with the news of our town, subscribe
for Tin: TRIBUNE
Chaila Lsppor le eonllued to his
home by IllutSA
Mist Tillio Hartley it still on the
tick list.
The meetings at the Baptist church
oft Sunday uXI will be as full ws:
Prayer meeting at 10 ;i I a in, j Ititile
school ut '.' p in and proOOhlng servioos
at 7 p in.
Meetings at the Methodist Episcopal
ehuroh are as follows (':ajs ihsetlng,
10,80 a. m ; Sunday school at ' p. m, ;
preaching by the Her. Mr Divius at 7
p. m
Watch Tine TtUBUNS for tho evonti
of our town.
The Rot. Thomas Biker, of Justus,
returned home on Tuesday last utter
two Weeks' hard labor among our Bap
tist people.
1 he body of coal known as the ('lark
vein has been reached in the in on
abaft of the l'ancoaat Coal c nun toy of
tins place,
The young men of thin vicinity Bra
anticipating the organisation of n tire
company. It has be-n rumored that a
prominent OitlseO of BorBOtOn has pre
sented the boys with a hose cart.
Stephenson Atliertou has added
ureatly to tho appearance of Iuh prop
erty by the erection of a uew vorauda
and fence.
Will Oleudyke is ereotiug a new
cage on the old Meed plao '. It is to be
hoped he will eaten the bird.
Miss Jennie Tellt'ord, of Blakelv, has
returned h in after a week's visit at
tbe home of Mits Hannah Indian, of
this place.
Mrs. Jones, of Oneida, NT, Y , is visit
ing her dau.diter.Mrs. H. W. B.dlman.
James Philips has moved into his
uew houte on Sanderson street.
Cnarlot Gill and wifo vitited their
sick sister at Peckville.
Mrs. George Haverly has oonsented
to take charge of her old class at the
Methodist Episcopal Sunday school.
The friends and relatives of Peter
atanchorn attended the ohriitening of
a young son .at the Stauohoru resi
lience. Gerrome Syker, a promiuent young
man of this place will leave for Arkan
sas ou Feb. j
The choir of the Bmtist church ihet
on Fridar last to prepare for their Eas
ter exercises.
Dancing class is well attended at
Walsh's hall.
A. Well-known CI Inn of Carbondala
Joins the Silant Hoet.
fyecial to the Seranton Tribune.
CaBBDBDaLB, Pa., Feb. 2 Thursday
morning at 6 30 o'clock occurred the
leath of Sanaa -1 E ftaynor at his home
oo Lmcola avnn It was in May
18M when Mr Raynor was stricken
with paralysis, from which be never
fnlly recovered.
Mr Raynor was born in Mo i
trose nxty-six yesrt ago, and hat
been a resident of Ibis city for aixty
two years. He was one of the oldest
living members of the Presbyterian
chnr' h, having joined tbat communion
in WA, In lfe-Vl he was ordained a
deacon, and in M'i he was installed an
elder He also, as the Sabbatb school
tnDtrintendent.served the longest term
of ny in the history of the chnrch.
Many years ago he was a prosperous
merchant and tbe position he last held,
which was on account of ill health he
was obliged to resign, was that of
teller in the Miner's and Mechanic's
Savlags bank Deceased is survived by
ids wife and two children, Francia,
wife of Dr. 0 T. Mnak'ir, and
Q rtrnde. Tne funeral will occur on
,'wtiirlay afternoon at. 8 o'clock from
nit late residence, 'id Lincoln avenne
Services will tat conducted by Rv.
Charles f,ee. Tbe pall bearers selected
are as follows, and all of whom are
tne eMr and deacons of the First
i'resbytTian chnrch. Dr. R. Oilman,
J E Burr. C K. Lalbrop. H. Bolton,
W .1 Male, Jobs B H ft, H H Ma
jor, George Norrls, N. Mohrs, P. H.
BnggS and John Mulligan.
Onararoeed Care.
We authorize '.ur advertised drtigglat to
tell Iir King's New Discovery for Um
anmptlon, DoUgbS and ( olds, upon this
SOUOltlOB, If yon are anili tnd with a
OoUgh) 'old, or any I.nng. Throat ordinal
trouble, and will nae this remedy aa di
rected, giving it a fair trlal.and ntpeilencn
no bSBSMii you may return the bottle an 1
hare your money refunded. We could sot
make this offer did wn not know that. Dr.
King's New ULcnvery c.nld im relied on.
It. never diaappointa. Trial bottbm free nt
Matthew BtOSi drug store, l.argo tine
fJc. and tl.
- -A
Republicans at Clark'a Oreen Are Qatn
Ing Wlartom Thie Year.
geafful to the Scrttnton 'tribune.
Cl.AItK's Gkkkm, Ph., Feb, 2 A Re
publican OBttcnS was held hern on Fri
day evening last and a full ticket
named for the first time In a number of
years. Home little contention arosn
even at this caucus, as some will still
insist on a People's ticket.
It seems passing strange that a If. -publican
township cannot have the
privilege ef holding its own caucuses
without dictatorial influences being
brought to bear upon It.
a '
Our Sister Olty Contemplates Spanning
tbe Lackawanna River.
Special to the Hcranton Tribnn.
Carbondali, Pa., Feb. 2 In accord
ance with the city authorities' knowl
edge ef the fact that two new bridges
are needed in this city to span tbe
Lackawanna rlrer, City Eagineer
Frlolt has been busily engaged for seme
time In preparing plans for two en-
From the
of Birth use
v sm i i .
It Is not only the
purest, sweetest and
most refreshing of
nursery soaps, but it
contains delicate emollient properties, which purify and
beautify the skin, and prevent skin blemishes occasioned
by imperfect cleansing at birth and use of impure soap.
y()t list's ' " eew tnat u M"i'lr applitatiun uf I he CotlCinU Kbmkuirs will afford Instant
ic1k(, i ' " i anil bleep, sml puna to a tuecriy anil SOOSMattl .1 1 SIS lorlui-
iH,;, 1 ! i 1 1 . i m u ,' htUOOrt, ami not tu uk them wilhout a inuuieui'. del iy is to fail in your duly. Curei
uuJc in cluUliuod ate ucalliaueul.
There lire hundreds of young men and young women in this
country who have splendid ability, but they have never been
wakened up.
Wood's College of Business and Shorthand
Has been an Inspiration to hundreds of young people. If you
are tired of inactivity and want to do something tangible,
conic to the College,
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rConibination Goal and Sheepskin Rugs.
rine Angora Wool, all sizes.
Real Leopard, with full head.
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URUi. a nii ( mat. v .1.1, 1-. oln rmiis
"All ahoul Uaby'fe Skin, - and Half," mailed free to any ail In
Pesos M. .1. Collins ihem ) and John
Brown (Rep.); School DlreotorsW, 11.
i .-ti, and .1. L HeLsughUn (Reps );
High Conatable W. (i. itynoldB
(Rep); Tai Collector Kd. lJuutiier
(I) -in )
I' li SO ia election day, when the
new offloials will tm selected,
Evanta and IncManta of Wayne's Capi
tal Entertainingly Tnld.
Sptrial to the Scionton Tribune.
Hosi.siiAl,K, Pa., Feb. 3 Tuo La
dies' Ail society of thn (iermuii Luthe
ran church are sunn In 'ive a fair in
the ( ,ira llmise. A large number of
articles has already heim contributed to
the society.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McDowell are
at the home of Graham Watts, on up
per ESast street.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Donovan and
Dlrby have returned home from their
visit with relatives at Fort Coventry,
N Y.
The heavy snow fall, followed by
very Hue sleighing, is in miring many
farmers into Wayne's capital.
Miss Mary Menner left this morning
for a visit at Easton
On such a line day as today has been,
a ride over the snow behind a fast
horse is surely exhilarating, but pe
destrians and drivers of slower animals
are in danger of life and limb. The
plnco for speeding a horse is not in the
borough, but ou same lets frequented
road outside,
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve.
The best snlvo in the world for Tuts
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, (.'happed Hnnds, Chilblains,
Corns and all Skin Eruptions, anil posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay requlrod. It
U guaranteed to trive tmrlect HiiUMactinn
Of money refunded. Price 'ia cents per
box. t or sale by Matthew bros.
Vigilant Mlchaal Walsh. Parsonal and
Other No'es of Interest.
Sjteciol to (At Sernntm Tribune.
Forest ClTY,Ps.. Feb. 2 Coustahle
Michael Walsh took five prisoners who
were PoUndors to the county hotol this
week. They were engaged in a fight
abont two months ago and run away,
but returned this week and the vi;i -lant
"Micky" nabiied them. Many of
tho law breakers have wished
"Mickey's" visits lik angels would be,
few and far between.
BariiuninF, Maxny intends instill
ing tomorrow with friends In tho Eluc
tric City.
Miss NsIIid Oiirttina, or Aldan ville,
spent Wednesday in the lurough as the
Knelt or her cousin, .Mrs. John Cun
I.sfavetfo I lacker has been chosen to
fill the vacancy cansnd by the reeiicua
Of Thomas llrown, sr., to the office of
common councilman.
Kev. I). I. hapnen'a aubitot for Sun
day morning will he 'Memories of the
I'ast. In the evening there will be a
missionary servic", as announcod in
Thursday's TtHBUMI
Tne f,rystl Lslll correspondent to
the Forett City "News" lays, "Th
wind blew HO miles an hour nt that
place Monday and Tuesday." It Is a
Wonder thev are living to tell tho fact.
GrOOfgS lirnlu in building a neat reii
dericn on South Main street.
The following registered at th" For
sst bouse yesterday 0 J Horton, Blug
hSIStOO. N Y , F D Stevens and
George R BsSOb, M I) . of Seranton,
Vf J, QoidSfl and P ,1 QdinUOU, of
Pittl ton I sj, It K en. of VVaymart, B
0 Pordhsm, Ron trots; Frank Amu,
of Blngbsmton, N Y,
Borntigh Ollh era Who Will Retire with
Unanllled Reonrdn.
fivreiot to the gsreeiM iwseso
FmiitHT JiTv, Pu., rob, 2. - The fol
lowing lire the retiring borough ofti
enrs who have fulfilled their duties In a
deserving manner llurgess John Mc
Donald (Detn ). OounolTttlOU W. O,
W ntts anil .1. L. Harris (RspS,)) Ant -tor
Frank Bood (Don i. Justloes of tl o
Msatlug of the Safety Investment Loan
Fnerial to the ftraitioO, Tribune. '
Oi.o FoBOB, Pa., Feb. 2 A branch
meetiug of the Safety Iuv 'Stm-nt Loan
company was hell at ex- Stint re Ke
ojfh'B offlcrf on Thursday evening, when
the district manager. John W. Pike,
wns present. Action was taken on
several loans to In innde shortly. This
society opened up a branch here two
years aito. and it has neen the means of
many owning their own homes, nud it
nppears to bo doing a booming buti -nest.
Our well known local Nimrod had
his portrait together with his dogs and
gun taken this morning.
The TlUBUMl is increasing in favor
day by day Hnd nobody wonders.
Deacon Stark, with bis usual kind
ness, has taken a leiglnng party to
night. Traveling and religion mixed.
Baby Carriage Robes
Sheepskin and Goat Robes, with felt or
Satin lining-. Large line to select from.
Moquette Rugs
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SMYRNA RUGS, 30 inches wide, at $3; worth $4.
SMYRNA MAT3, 50c. each. These are bargains.
COCOA MATS (all sizes), for out-door use, 50a '
and upward.
Dr. ED. Grewer
The Philadelphia Fpecialist,
And bis sssoelatod itaS u EnoUali u,l Ger
man Phj'BiciaiiB.ttre uuw la-ruiaueutly lucated
Temple Court Building
.11 1 SPRUCE s r..
Where lliuy niuv be consulted tlAILY AN'D
The Doctnr Is a graduate ot thfl Cnlveraity
ef renneylraala, formerly demonatraUir of
physiology and rorgerv at the Millco Chlr
nrKical College, of Philadelphia. He ia also
an honorary member f the llodloo-Chlrtir-gical
Aasocintlon, and was pbyateUu and
ti.ri;eon In chief of the moat noted American
sml Ocrman .; . comes highly lndnraod
by the leading iirufeaaora of Philadelphia and
f,ew i.rk.
His many years of hospital cxnerienoo en
ables thla eminent physician and Burgeon to
rnrrectly dlagnoae and treat all defnrxnit.ea
and dieoAsoa with the most flattering auccesa,
and Lis I i.h atanding in the atnte will not
all w him SO accept anv incurable case
If you Uave neen given np ey your pByst,
rian tall anon thl dis-tor r.n.i Ve examine.1
He enrea tni" worst caaesof Keg VOUS DeblUtT,
Be ro falsi Old 8.rea. i atarrh, IMos. Kemail
Weakness. AfTiv-tiona of tbe Bar, Eye. Nose
snd Throat. Asthma, Heatuos. Tumors, fan-
cots and Crli pUS of erery d.crlptlon. Uon
snltatlon In Kncllsh and Herman Free, which
shall l e considered sacrod ainl atrictly couti
(I Dine Honrs: 0 A. M. to t) 1'. M. Dally.
Sunday, II a.m. to '' i u.
406 and 408 Lackawanna Avenue.
Hood's Piaises Itself
Kidney Troubles Brlght'a
Disoaso Curod
Now Able to Work and Sound OS a
A. It
in iix- bund or H bumsosj
r rivet you a feeling of
inrror and drUSO, Thern
i no longer ncceaalty for
Its use In iiihiiv dlacaaes
formerly regardcil as In
curable wllnout coiling.
The Triumph ol
Conservative Surgery
Ih well lllunlrnted by the
fact that.
ttattll cured without the knlle and without
piTn. Clumay, i-hnllng frutwa can be thrown
away I They never cure hut often Induoe in
11 1. 1 i ii i i t ioii. hi inn sml death.
TIIIUnRS "sm isn, fibroid (uterine) mid
I Ulliuno nuiuv others, are now removed
without the nerlli of cutting oucratlom,
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the lower bowel, are permanently cured with
out lisln or rcaort to the knife.
CTnWF In the llhulder, no mnttcr hnw
O I WISE, large. Is omshed, pulverised, wash
ed out and perfectly removed without cutting.
CTDIPTIIRC of Urinary I'Hsange Is also
OiniOIUnC removed without cutting In
hundreds of esses. Por pamphlet, refer, neca
and ill particulars, send 10 cents (In stamps)
to World's Dispensary Medical Association,
No. m Main Street, Huflalo, N. Y.
JWr. ,ofiti .'mi i ton.
or Boottdsle, i'a.
"I do think llnnd's Hal napnrllla Is 'wnrth Its
welghtln gold.' For four yenra I suffered misery
wllh tSI rlbln pains In my hru k and IrmiMa with
my kidneys. Thn dnctni . thought i had Brlght'l
inieasr. tinny n lime I nun to give un win a.
and conUnually grew worse, and whin I sat or
ItOOped down I had to bo helped 110, At last
had to give up and ia In bed And rettMMII sU Innit
weeks, it wai then i began to take Rood's
Harstpot llla, and I 101111111111111 Unit II was helii-
llill me altlioiigh I hud 1 1 lold nothing would
help qui and thought
I Would Hnvo to Die.
Hut I continued to Improve (III I am now In per
fect health and have as good a back as any man
In town. Today 1 can dp a BOOd day's work,
nud truly leel that Hood's Marsaparllln was a
(eoU-acnil to mo. I am aa sound as the bntt dot-
lar that was ever made, and I want this state
ment put Into print to that everybody can see
what good It did mn. Every word of the above
can ho proved by a aroro of pcnplo here who
know how 1 suffered and bow I have been
eured. I took but six botlles. I think no one
etn pralso Hood's HnrRnparllln as inuca as II
will praise Itself." .loHNlUxTOtt, Bcotldalo,
Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania.
Hood's Pills aro tho beat after tHnner Pills,
assist digestion, cure headache. Try a box.
National Bank of Seranton.
oroamiiid iswx
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000.
v. w, waison. Vice Preeideuli
A It. WILLIAMS. Cashier.
"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
Seranton, Pa.
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
VXT'HU.Emany manufacturers an3 doalfre are making eztrai tl
tucnts ooaoomiag the merits nnJ dumbility of mtvlinm or low a;r-i
pianos, inU-nding purchasers aboull not fail to examine tbe famous
Illustrated book containing valuable information on pianos on applicstt.a-v
E.C.Rickerlw Co.1
3 Adani3
stiit'r.i Hint..
litfiNo A niton,
.lltSl I'll .1 .1, 11 SI, V
Ciiah. I'. It ATTN I Wl
.mil . M KvrninnT.
M H, UVMlllMU,
.imiv 1 rouriH.
W. W Watson
'I'M., .mutt itlTllM Utt i'..ti t'liano of bulii(iui
inrn Hiitl tli Bll gfin'rHlly.
Third National
Bank of Seranton.
Statement 1 n, 18S8, railed r..r bj
tii, Cekaptrellet ol lite Ottrreuei!
in SOVItOl S,
l. nana ...j.
I.vei.ll iilns
United Mui. -. Honda
Older Honda
Hanking House
PteUllnUtl on 11. H Heinle.
Due from U, h TteSimiet..
Hue Irons Hanba
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17:1. UN
(apllnl 100,000.00
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Hlvldemla I .1,11,1,1 I.NN'J ,10
n,iostie.' l,TSS,BftS mo
Ho., to Hanka HO,ir.'4.07
11 1 1 111 roNNK.i.t, Preildeut,
.I H II. r A'l I. IN, Vice rie.blent.
tritUAM X. VIA h, ( 1, abler
William -li. i.e.,,,-,. II. Cut I In.
AHmhI llnntl, Heni-y Hollo, Jr., .Inmea
Ar, I, In, III. WIIIUui T. S111III1, l.utlie
Tills bank isiTiira to depoaitors every
feelllty warranted by ib. lr linlunr. s, buel-
miee ami reNponsllilllty.
Hpeolnl attenllou tin n tn bualnnaa eo
eouuts, Intereat pa nl ou 1 line deposits.
Days left of our Odds. Ends
and Remnant S.ilc but still
a few choice things, maybe
just your selection, arc here.
We Are House Furnishers
That statement will ncer
become threadbare; ami we
don't have simply a spatter
ing of everything only, but
a Complete, comprehensive
stock of Furniture) Carpets,
Lace Curtains, Crockery.
Stoves, Baby Carriages, Re
frigerators, Lamps, Clocks.
Our Credit System
Allows you to pay for it at
your leisure- -in homeopathic