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MR. J. L. STELLE will continue
the business under th firm name of
Btelle & Seoley.
Popular, reliable aud within 'yonrreaoh.
Bare taken over 100 first premiums in
Ike past fifty year.
OUier makes of Pianoo. Four make rf
Organ In beautiful new designs. 8e oar
stoik betore buj ius. We have the good,
tnr prices are right, I. very thing m the
H.umc Uue.
194 Wyoming Ave.. Scranton, Pa.
Punch Cigars
The Leading Events of the Week in Scran-
ton's Religious Circles.
Rev. J. G. Evans, of the Welsh Bap
tist Church of Olyphant to Be In
stalled Next Tuesday Rev. D. P.
Jones Asked to Reconsider His Res
ignationCedar Avenue Church
King's Daughters to Celebrate First
preparation to celobrute Us seveath
nmversary on nlk 18
Lental season tiegniH next Welnns-
uy and Rev. E L. Miller, of the Holy
Trinity church, will conduct (our ser
vices each week, besides the Isuuday
service. Neat programmes have beau
printed aipl will bu distributed tomor
row. A special service win oe neiu
nrb Saturday afternoon for children,
t 4 o'clock.
The Holy Trinity church is reiolved
to make a tinal effort to clear the re
maining dbt. Pyramids will de dia-
i tu tod tomorrow among young and
old, into which apneial otferiug can be
ic 1 1 during Lent.
The Women's union, of the Holy
rinitv church, paused at their regular
mewling last Thursday to purchase a
chaudolier for the main audience room.
G., B. & Co,
IronriM nn Eaoh Cigar
flarney, Brown & Co. Mfr's.
UOTu i.3i r u.
T. H. Jones, of Booth Main avenue, was
at sintiugton yesterday.
James W, Davenport, of Shamokin. was
a scranton visitor yesterday.
Miss Katiu Melley, f.f Mabauoy City, is
visiting friends In Providence.
Joseph P. Phillips city engiuoar, is at
Beaver Falls inspecting the Iron work of
the proposed Parkor s'reet bridge.
C. G. Uarrinon, counected with the Edi
son Electric work, at Schenectady, N. Y.,
Visited Scran ton frieuds yesterday.
Mies BioknaU, formerly clerk under tax
Collector Woruiser, has goue to Chicngo to
prepare for missionary work, at the Moody
The Philadelphia Inquirer of yesterday,
Bays: "W. II. Peck, cashier of the Third
National bunk, of Scran ton., aud one of
that city's most progressive business men,
is at the Qirard house."
The Shenandoah Herald say: "Mis Car
rie W, Faust resigned her position ns
teacher in the White street school build
ing nml will leave for Scrautou on Monday
next, to accept a posi;iou in the Colliery
Engineer office. MiM Faust's mother will
move to Scranton on April 1."
A sleighing party comprising Mr. and
Mrs, Harris Lillie. Mrs. Justine Lazarus,
aud Miss Lazarus, the Misses Schooley,
Miss Pierce, and Messrs. Miller, Schooley,
Lewis and Bechtold, drove from Plttston
Thursday evening and were entertained
by Mrs. L. S. Richard, on yuincy avenue.
Attorney S. M. Reynolds, of Terre
Haute, Ind., called ou old friends in this
city yesterday. Mr. Reynolds formerly
resided in tats city, but sevoial years ago
went to Fiudlay, O., where ho was inter
ested in the oil business. After a time he
went to Terre Haute where he now prac
tices law. He is brother of Attorney H.
C. Reynolds, of this city.
Eugene O'Rourke, who is well and
favorable known, not oulv as a clever
delineator of Irish character, but a an
excellent singer mid ague dancer, will
make his second appearance here this
evening at the Academy of Mnsic. He
will present the Irish comedy-drama
specially written for hitu by the actor
author, Mark Price, tutitled "The
Wicklow Postman. "
A feature of the appearance of the
world famous nulvini at tho Academy
on Monday evening in "The Three
Guardsmen" will be the fact that noth
ing belonging to the theater will
be seen in the production, evtn the
ttage furniture iB orris 1 in the com
pany a baggage cars. Die supporting
company include such artists as Will
iam Redmunil, John A. Line. William
Harris, Eleanor Moretti, Augusta de
f orrest and Alias Maude Dixon.
If the word unique can be apply to
any comedian on the stage today, ami
ht him bettor than it does Joseph A
OU. of "The Dazzler," we don't know
who he is. He is original in everv
movement and expression, and audi
ence are convulsed with laughter at
hi mere appearance on the itage. At
the Academy on Tuesday next.
BnOKOTON Typewriter and Edison
Phonographs for sale and rent, f 'opy ing
work executed. Phonographs rented for
nn evening's entertainment. Telephone
2343. dw. UuuBter Jr., 486 Spruce
The German church of Pricehurg i
making rapid progress. The trustees
lias seenred a lot, aud i not paining
the ch irter through court. The work
of erecting a home will begin a soon
spring opens.
The Calraniitlc Metholiit church of
Bellsvuo will meet next Tuesday to
elect three trustees.
The Ladies' Aid loolety of the Bille
vu church gave it annual report last
Sunday evening. Daring the year they
paid fiOO for neoBssary repair in
the church and now have $29 on hand.
The Biblical and Literary society of
Dellevne, bold weekly meetings iu the
C'alvinistic Methodist church. Last
Sunday they proved their love for the
chnrch by presenting $30 to the fund.
Ltet year tney did th same. This so
iety ha on it roll some of the leading
ttzens of Hdlevue.
Next Tuesday afternoon the West
Side pastors will meet at the home of
Kev. K. G Jone, when a paper will
be read bv Rev A. W. Cooper, on "A
Brief ttlanes at Rational isui, or The
Relation of Reason and Faith to Ra-
igion "
Many new members have been added
to the Christian church, of Providence,
aud next Thursday the la lie will hold
free social, to give the chnreh an
opportuuity to got better acquainted
with these.
A Macedonian call took Rev, T. J
Collin from the city to labor for a few
lavs at Sayre, Pa. A sweeping revi
val has come upon the cuurcn or rtev.
A. Ii. Browo and the special rvices
held have completely exhausted the
pastor. O.i innrsdav morning a tele
gram wa received by Mr. Collins urg
iiiii him to eouid that day to aid tho
avre church, ine reverend gentle
man lett. und will not return to bis
pulpit for the morroiv. Kev. A. K-yn
olds, of Waverly, will occapy tin pul
pit of the clariton Street church.
Jiext I' ;sday afternoon and evening
Rev. J. J Evans, pastor of the Welsh
BaDtist .inch of Olyphant, will be
nstallei In the afternoon ttev. u. J
Willia? and Rev. W. Thomas, of
Taylor, will preach. In the evening
Rev. W. F. Davies will deliver the
onarga to the pastor and Kev. vv. a,
Jones will preach the charge to the
Very successful meetings have been
held in the Welsh churcn of Provi
dence during the nast week, and the
interest nanifested has decided the
pastor a d people to continue them for
next week again.
The coming of Rv R. b. McArthur
D. D., New York, is anxiously looked
for by many in onr city. He ia one of
the beat orators of the day, and has
thoroughly mastered the art of public
speaking. He will lecture on Thurs
day evening in the Elm Park chnrch,
and on Friday nveuing in the Jackson
Street church. The doctor should be
greeted with full houses.
Last Sunday evening the Tabernacle
church, by all but an unanimous stand
ing vote, asked their pastor, Rev D.
P Jones, to reconsider bu resignation
The reverend gentleman did not give
them a definite promise to do so, but
cordially thanked them for sticn
gratifying manifestation of g iod will.
A Christian btidearor rally will be
held at tn Plymouth church next Fri
day evening, when several interesting
addreses will bi giveu by those active
and interested in the movement.
Rev J. Twyton Jone, of Pittsburg,
called on friends in the city this week
The reverend gentleman is very sue
cessfnl in his present Qeld and added
to the church twenty-one members by
confession of faith during th nijuth
of January.
The ChrUtian Endeavor Society o
the Welsh churoh, of Providence, will
hold a festival on Washington's birth
The Sunday School of tho Welsh
chnrch, of Providence, have taken np
the Ukutata, ' David, which they per
formed two years ago, and will soon
present it again to the public
A committee has bseu appointed by
the labernaclechnrch to arrange for a
farewell meetini; to Rsv. D. P. Jone
providing he will not reconsider his
The Sunday School of tli9 Puritan
church expect to enjoy the Brownie
next Friday evning. They will per
form in the armorv.
The new officers recently elected in
tho Puritan Sunday school are doing
good work. The school flourished mi
der their management, and the scholars
soon hope to go to their new quarters
A Chinese bride coming
head Eimira Telegram.
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Louis Lehman's, spruce - 1
Music Boxen Exclusively.
Bast made. Play any desired number of
tnnes. Onutschi & Sons., manufacturer,
10H0 Chestnut etreet, Philadelphia. Won
derful orrhestrial organs, unly to and $10.
(Specialty: Old music boxes carefully re
paired and improved with new tunes.
flesdlnnt.on ft WoerB'a and Ballantlno
Lackawanna avenne.
Alee are the best. E. J- Walsh, agent, Ut
Hook- bf If all
Add 7 cents to tho price of any
found on page 0 and we shall mail
your address.
Don't miss tomorrow' Elmlra Telegram.
New Bioyole.
A new bicycle worth 7o will be sold for
iX. The niRchine is guaranteed and is a
rare bargain. Machine may be seen at the
Tribune office.
Relnhart'a Market,
(8 and 8S Lackawanna avenue. Every
day from 6 a. m. to in a. m. Round steak,
tic; sirloin steak, 14c. ; standing rib roast,
10c; chuck roast, 8c. ; boiling meat, 4c;
fresh pork, 12Kc ; pork sausage, 12
The young people of the St, Dlvid
church will hold a sociable and enter
tainment next. I ties lav evening at the
rectory on Bontb Main avenue. Among
the performers will be Mis Margare
Gibbs and Mr. 0. E. Burkhard, of
Grn Ridge, After the entertainmsu
refreshments will be served.
A nnmber of St. David's people at
tended a social given by one of th
guilds of the Trinity church, of Car
bondale, last Wednesday evening.
Rev. S. S. Marqni, assistant of Rev
Rogers Israel, ha deci led to leave hi
present field and expc s to enter work
in Alasdichmntt
The New York Churchman published
a very interesting article trom Kev. Al
11. Mill, rector of St. David's, givin
a brief hintory of the church from its
erection to the present day. Dnrin
Mr. Mills ministry tho debt has bee
paid, many improvements effected and
the membership increased from 3 to
100 Among the improvements sf
fected are the remodelling of the base
ment and the insertion of a Bteam
book henting apparatus The prospeets ar
u to origin and the t. David 'a neon a be
nave that there Is a future for thai
Next Wednesday will be Ash Wad
neday, when services will be con
ducted at 10 a. m. nt St. David
churoh. Dnring Lent the recter will
coadnct daily services at 4 p ra., save
on b rlday evening, when ssrvice will
be at 7. 30 p. m.
Special Lenten servio will fie held
nt the Graee Reformed church next
Friday evening to be conducted by
Kev. nicnaru morns.
The Ladies' Aid society, of Christ
church, Cedar avenue, is maki
At the close of the prayer meeting
meeting lat week the congregation of
Rev. J. Suter, of the Second German
church, surprised tneir pastor by celo-
lusting his birthday with song mil
ood cheer. A very pleasant evening
wbh Bpent.
The committee or the German Meth
odist Episcopal Sunday schools will
meet next Vadn6i Uy at the parsonage
of Rev. G Hausser. pastor of the First
Geriuau,ohurch, when a programme
will be drafted out for the next con
Tub Ladies' Aid Society of the First
G"rman church elected the following
llioars at their annual meeting: Pres
ident, Mrs. G. H .nsser; assistant, Mrs.
T. Roth ; secretary, Mrs M. Schroe.ler;
treasurer, Mrs. A. Dietzel. The so
ciety is iu a flanrishiug condition and
its annual report was vary compli
mentary to the organization.
Th last quarterly meeting for tin
inference year of the Wyoming dis
trict, vvill be held tomorrow morning
n the following churches. Park Place,
Hampton Street, Taylor and Waverly.
Presiding Elder J. G Eckniau will
conduct the evening servioe nt the Park
Place ohnrch.
Love foast will bo couductod tomor
row morning at 9 ;!( by Rev. A. W.
Cooper and Rev. I. L' Jones.
The Kings Daughters of the Cedar
Avenue church will celebrate their an
niversary tomorrow evening. They
will have charge of the regular even
ing cxorcisa, and a run report will bv
i he Cedar Avenue church is about
to add sixteen feet to the rear of its
diflce. The contract has been
awarded to Spruka Urns, The addition
will compriss a room that can be used
by the Epworth league and Ladles' Aid
society. A gallery will b built in the
rear of the pulpit where the organ will
be placed and the choir will sing. The
work will probably be completed in a
few weeks
The Foreign Women's mission of the
Providence church met last We lues-
day and elected the following orlicrs:
President. Mrs. Mnna Cahoons; sac
retary, Mr. Charlotte Marsh ; treas
urer, Mrs. J. T. Nyhart. This is the
oldest society in ths conference, and
Mrs. Charlotte Gar In-r, the retiring
president, has held oflije for nearly
twentv-one years.
Rev. It Colviile, D. 1)., of Bingham-
ton, has been called to Hanson Place
church, Brooklyn, which has a mem
bership of over 2,000 persons. His
transfer will probably take place earlv
In Annl.
Next Monday evening the quarterly
conference will be held at Park Plaoe
church. Pastor Jones will conduct
special meetings dnring the week, be
ginning Tuesday morning.
Tomorrow evening the Christian En
deavor society of the Providence
chureh, will celebrate Endeavor Day,
The evening service will be condujted
by them, and ths order of service pub
liheLby the Utiitsd Society of Cnns
tian Endeavor will be followed. The
published pamphlet comprises appro
priate passages bearing ou the thres
lines of activity, suggested by the in
ternational convention. They are "Onr
Denomination," "Good Citizenship,'
and "Beneficence." A!very interesting
exercise is anticipated
the Ladies Aid society of the Prov
ilunce church expect to bold a social
ths latter part of next week. A good
programme is I eing prepared.
Ths cleric met last Monday in Dr. S.
C, Logan's study aud passed unani
mously to endorse tho plan suggested
for the Moo ly meetings, which are be
ing arranged for next snininer.
The Christian Eudiavor society of
the Washburn stroet church will bold
its annivorsary mestlng next Tuesday
evening, when the address will be
given by Rev. Mills, of Wllkes-Barre
Ihe committee on mission work
among foreign peoples iu our valleys
met last Monday in the nmce of Colo
nel Boies. It was decided to appeal to
the churches in the Lackawanna Pres
bytery to contribute to tlio work, and
Superintendent Logan will 'probably
ail Iress many or the ootigrogatious iu
hehalf of the work, the church erect
ed at Peckville is doing well. Lnst
Snnday thirteen now inembars were
added by right hand of fellowship
1 here are other Held just as promis
ing, if the necessary funds are forth
('Hi.Rrn op Christ Scientist -Spen
cei building, Alii Adams avenue. Ulhle
lesson at 18.80 a.m. Church service nt
7.30 p. in. All are welcome. Seats free
Christian Chukck North Maiuaveuue.
Services 10.30 a. in., and 7.8U p
Sermons by Pastor I. M. Kiutor.
HiiNiTV BvAROsuuIOAL mission, corner
Luke and Kurtz streets Itov. J. (i. Whit
mire, pastor. Services. 1U:3U a. in., Sun
day school, 2 p. in.
St. Paul's Gkrman Chi rch Prospect
avenue. Services, 10.30 n in., and 7.80
p. m. Sermon bv pastor K. Killing.
Chestnut Street hbhman Church
Pastor. Rev. rape, M U, will preach at
lu.311 a.m. and i.3U iun.
Christian Chai'kl Penn avenue.Ureon
Ridge. Service, 10.30a. ni.;8nnd7.80 p.
hi; Hunday rciiooi at w.4. for lllblo study
Keats free. All are welcome.
Calvary BUOBJMD Church--Corner
Monroe avenue and (tlbson street, Rev. W
11. Sliibblebiuii, pastor, i'rencbitig 10.30
a. in. aud 7,30 p. ra.
Church Pastor J. C. Schmitt will preach
at 10.30 a. tn. aud 7.30 p. in.
Dunhore Baptist Chapel A. B.O'Neal,
pastor. Services at 10. 30 a. m. and 7,3U
p. in,
Orekn Riuue Baptist CnuRcn-Pastor
VV. J. Ford will preach at 10.30 a. in. aud
7.30 p. m.
Calvlnlatia Methodists.
Calvinistic Methodist Chuhch Belle
vue. Pastor T. J. Morris will preach at 10
a. m. and 0 p. m.
Calvinistic Methoiust Church
South Main avenue. Pastor Hugh Davies
will preach at 10 u. in. and at U p. in. Sun
day school at 2 p. m. Christian Endeavor
at ll.Uti a. m.
Calvinistic Methodist Church Wayue
avenue. Service It) a. m. and U p. m.
Sermons by the pastor, W. R Edward
First Welsh Chuhch South Main
avenue Pastor D. Jones will preach at
10 u. in. aud an Euglinh sermon at il p. m. Church Wast Market street.
Pastor It. S. Jones, D D.. will preach at
IU a. m , and at U p. in.
PLTHOCTH Conureuational Cnuncii
Jackson stroet. Services 10.30 a. m. and 7
p. in Suunoiis by Rev. Hurris, of Pitts-
Penn Avenue Baptist Church Rov
Warren U. Partridge, pastor. Service at
10.30 a. ni. and at 7. 80 p. in. Tho Lord'
supper will be celebrated fh the morning
and In the evening there will be a song
service. Ail welcome.
Jackson Street Baptist Church
Pastor D. '. Hughes, D.D., will 1 reach at
10. SO. n. ni. and 6 p. m. Prayer meeting
at and l.l.' Munday school
at2p.ra. A cordial welcome to all. Sent
free to all.
First Baptist Church - Rev. A. Reynold
will preach Sabbath nt 10.30 a. m., "Ulfts
of i ii ace," aud at 7 p. m. Seat free. All
North Main Avenue Baptist Church
Pastor W. (i. watkiiiB will preach
10.30 a. in. and 7.30 p. in.
Welsh Baptist Church West Market
strvet. Pastor W. F. Davl will preach
at 10 a. in , ami p. ni.
First Welsh Baitist Churcb, South
Main avenue. Paitor W. S. Jones will
preach a Welsh sermon at 10 a. m, and an
English sermon at 0 p. m.
Hickory Street German Baptist
PdkTTaN Church Wuyno avenue. Pas
tor, D. A. Evans. Services, 10.311 s. m.,
communion; ut 7 p. in , "Abraham." Sun
day school at 9 p. ra.
Tahernaci.k Church South Hyde Park
avenue. Pastor. 1). P. Jones will preach
at 10.30 a. m. aud at 0 p. m.
tJiucE Church (BlFOBsMO Episcopal)
Wyoming avenue. Pastor, Rev. 0, L.
Alricb. Service 10.30 a. ui., "The Moot
ing Place,'' Exod. xxv, 22. "The Three
fold Call." Young People's so
ciety at 0.30p.m. Union Bible class ou
Thursday evening at 7.35. Prayur meet
ting, Wednesday 7.46 p, m.
Saint l.uke's Church Kev. Rogers
Israel rector, yuinquugesitua. Holy Com
munion, s a.m. service and sermon, a.
Suuday school, 12m.: evening prayer
and sermon, 7.30 p. in.: Kindergarten open
at 10 a. in , nt 32. Washington avenue,
where children will bb kindly Cared for
while parents attend service.
Saint Luke's Dunmore Mission-Rev.
Samuel S. Marquis In charge. Uiiimiua-
BSims, Sunday school 3 p. in.; evening
prayer and sermon, 4 p. m.
St. David's Church Jackson street.
Rector M H. Mill will officiate at 10.30 n,
. and 7.30 p. in. Mii.o school ut 2.30
Church ok theUooo Shepherd urean
Ridge street. Services at 8, 10.80, 2.30, 0.45
and 7.3U.
Holy Trinity Church (Evangelical Lu
theran) Adams avenue and Mulberry
street. Service conducted by the pastor.
Rev. E. L. Miller, at 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p.
. Free pews. All welcome.
St. Mark's CnuRcii Washburn street.
Pastor, (i M. Schuidy. Services, 10.30 a.
m. and 7.80 p.m.
Zion's Herman Lutheran Church
Miflliu avenue. Pastor. P. F. Zizleiuau.
Sorvices ut 10.30 a. ni., Sunday Echool at 2
Christ's German Lutheran Church
Cedar avenue. Pastor Fred Holtor will
preach ut 10.30 a. in. aud 7.30 p. in,
Elm Park Methodist Episcopal
Church W. H. Pearce. pastor. At 10.80
o'clock, subi-'Ct, "An Uuufluished Life.
Moiling service at i 30 p. m.. suhiect.
I.ikeu Lebanon Bedar." Suudav school
atz p. m. epworth league at 0.30 p. m
Simpson Methodist Episcopal Church
Morning prayer at 0.80. Preaching by
the pastor, Key. L. C. Floyd at 10.80
and at 7 p. in. Rev. George Core will
preach. Sabbath school at 12 in. Ep
worth and Junior leagues at 0 p. m. All
Green Ridok Methodist Episcopal
Church Pastor George A. Cure will
preach at 10.30 a. in., and Rev. L. C.
Floyd nt 7.30 p. m.
Providence Methodist Episcopal
Church North Main avenue. Service
10 30 a. m "The Lord of tho Spirit." and
10 p. in., "Am I My Brother's Keeper?
by pastor, M. D. Fullor.
Hampton Street Methodist Episcopal
Church. Pator A. W. Cuopar will conduct
love least at a. m. Address to Pro
bationcrs at 10.30 n. m. Sermon al 7.30 u
m. r.pworiu league ut o p. m.
Cedar Avenue Methodist Episcopal
Church Pastor E. L. iSuntee will preach
at. 10.30 a. m. aud at 7.30 p. m. The
Kings Daughters will celebrate th ur an
niversary. Suuday school at 2 p. m. Ep
wortu league, o.-i.i p. in.
Park Place Church Pastor. J. F.
Jones, l.ove least at a. in.; sermon
at 10.30 a m. At 7.30 p.m. Presiding Elder
a. u. i-.ckinau win preacn.
First German Methodist Episcopal
Church Adams avenue. Pastor G. Hau
ser will preach at 10.30 a. m., "The La
Jew;" ut i.JO p.m., "Healing Virtue in
Second Methodist Episcopal German
Church Prospect avenue. Pastor 0. Sute
will preach at 1O..I0 a. m., "Lay Atid
Every Weight,'' and at 7.30 p. m "God'
German Methodist Episcopal Church,
i-ktersih ro-itev. o. m. ficliaiiX will con
duct service al 3.30 o'clock and at 7.30 in
the evening. Addressee in Gerinuu am
Lngllsh. All invited.
First Presiiyterian Church Services
10.30 a. m. and r.SO p. ni. Preaching bv
the pastor, Dr. James McLeoil, Sunday
scuool, IB. 10 noon; lonng rsopirl No
ciety of Christian Endeavor, 0.30 p. m.
enurcn prayer meeting Wednesday even
ing at 7 45.
WASHBURN Street Preshy.tkria
Church The pastor will preacn at both
services. Morning, at, evening, at
7.30, "Three Relics of Eden " Bible school
IS tO.j Christian Endeavor, junior, nt4 and
senior nt 0 30 p. m. A cordial welcome to
Providence Presbyterian Church
North Main avenue. Pastor George Guild
will preach at 10.30 a. ra., "A Losson
from the Life of Beniah;" and 7.30 p. m,
Christian Endeavor Day.
Second Presbyterian Chi rch K,.y.
Charles E. Robinsoii, D. I)., pastor. Ser
vice 10.80 a. m., sermon to children fol
lowed by a talk "Hlory's Crowu." 7.80 p.
ni., Christian Endeavor celebration. In
teresting addresses All are welcome.
Sumner Avenue Church-Sumner ave
nue Pastor R. G. Joues will preach at
10:30 a.m. and 7 p. in.
Hickory Street German Church Act
ing pastOf. A. Weber. Services 10:30 n. m.,
Luke xviii, 31-42; 7.30 p.m., Luke xxiii,
Dunmore Presiiyterian Church J, W.
Williams, pastor. Morning service at
10.30, subject, "All for Christ;" evening ut
7 80, suhjoct, "Couiocratlon." Tho large
'"pel cbolr will uing at both services.
Sabbath school at noon. Young People's
Society Christian Endoavor at 0.30 p. m.
All are welcome.
Basket Ball Hulurduy night.Nnnticoke
Champions vs. Young Men's Christian as
sociation. Chairs can bo reserved for this
DtWrn givp a Crayon free of chnrgo to
every tuuth pernon ordering one dozeu
Photos. You will be the lucky persou.
Parlors 810 Lackawanna avenue.
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I luring the coming week we shall offer
to the subscribers of The Tribune rare
bargains iu books.
We have a large line of bright and pop
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The following list will give you an iden
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ted State 8 00 . 90
Bcieuce of Life 2.75 1.00
Lifeof Bam n m 1.50 .60
Indian Horrors 1.60 .60
sephus 3.00 1.00
Shepu's Photographs 3.50 1.25
Columbus, tho Navigator,.. .60
Rear Column (Stanleys
Travels) .80
Webster Dictionary iu one-
half ttnssia .K1
On presentation of two of ttiee
Coupons, Subscribers of THE TRIB
UNE muy purchase any book iu the
above list.
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
PRICES on brand -new Suits and Over
coats in our windows will convince
you that we are about giving them away.
Coal Exchange, Wyoming Avenue
A New
COR One Week, commenc
' ing Monday, February
5, we will have a CHINA
when we will sell Cups and
Saucers for less than
Their value. Remember
this sale will be for one
week ONLY, as we posi
tively will not sell a cup at
the sale price after next
weicbel & Millar
116 Wyoming Avenue.
Is the most popular musical establishment in Northeastern Penn
sylvania The highest grade of Pianos and Organs. The
lowest prices obtainable anywhere and the most liberal
terms ever offered to purchasers are some of the
leading inducements. Look at the list
Sohmer Pianos,
Everett Pianos,
Vuse & Sons' Pianos,
Mehlin Pianos,
Popular Pease Pianos.
tstey Organs,
Story & Clark Organs,
Chicago Cottage Organs,
Palace Organs,
And all kinds uf Musical Merohanilis
constantly on hand.
The Hobdays are here, and this is the place to buy Pianos for a Christmas
resent. Prices are lower than any other music store in Scranton. 6peclal
Attention Remember always when von start out to search for a Piano or Or
gan that Christopher Columbus points with his right hand to the exact plaoe
you want to go. Nowhere It is:
J. W. Guernsey, Prop.
We havo the most complete assortment of
Men's Furnishing Goods that eer appealed
to the eye or to the taato. Borne of our Iiuiv
shades and designs in Ties re epeililv at
tractive. Thoy ore sollinit at tlituros wUeb
give you no eteoae for being without all sorts
of aizos and style
205 Lockawanna Avenua.
an Ulster?
an Overcoat?
YOU do, now is the time to buy one,
and our store is the place to get it.
Because we are going to sell every one
which we have in ourstore this winter.
Price is no object, profits
peared, and you can buy one
Try it.
lave now
220 Lackawanna Ave.
S. Look for our name before the door before en
Make no mistake.
The Grout Marvel of Dental Science
A recent
discovery and
property of
the sole
HeniYood.ii Wardell,
itrvi ists,
316 Lackawanna Ave.
a 10 cent citjnr, now 5 cont.
Th Rag.
droves' photo, mii Spruce street.
Book by Ezpraa.
Any person ordering ton or more books
at one time may have them sent by ex
pross prepaid.
De Witt's fino position
iug with great favor.
photos are meet-
"Special low price sale at Battin & Co's
this month. Don't fail to see advertise
By the use of this romnrkiihl s diBeovery
teeth are a tnally removed without pain lii
' ' ni ni .-1 t '. .ii ...1 eaaos l ocal in its up
pihation, vegetable m its composition and
absolutely hvn:. mid sfflolenl in every
ease AN.sEHTHlCNE has the iiiuU.illfled en
dorsement of the most reputable pht'sii'l.ins.
as well as thousand who have been relieved
by its wonderful power.
lbs Henwood nd " ardoll are tho ejelu
slve owneri of this InValn ibis diseovory and
are uainir it In their practice with heretofore
inihe ird-of results.
All the higher grades or nsehanioal and op
I'ratlve dentistry pra.i iei'il in till oOoe, in
I'latos iiiinle successfully from all kinds of
An immense stock of
Boots, Shoes, Slippers
ami Rubber Goods that
we must sell before our
Spring Goods arrive, in
about three weeks. We
simply must get rid of
The very beat grade of
of Toot wear to be found
In the entire city ;it e
tremely cheap prices,
We have the goods and
you have the money.
Will give you lull Millie
for your money,
A Rich ( LOTH
Skirt, Balloon
and tan. Cost to
make, $16. Now
We will give you
the choice of 40
Jackets, all this
season's make.
Not one in the
lot that cost less
than 12 to $20.
and WRAPS. It
will pay you to
see this offering
of Tailor made
Arcade Shoe Store.
a-psspspW w $'$
Scranton, Pa.
Scientific Eye Testing Free
By Dr. Shimberg,
The Specialist on tho Eye lluadnohes and
Nervousness relievo I. Latest and Improved
Stylo of Eyo (llasse and 8po. tacle at tho
l.oweat l'ii. ... Dest Artltloiul Eye ineortod
for $'.
305 SPRUCE ST., op. Post Office.
We need room for new Spring
Stock, Yisit us,
& Co.
1 .ttdios
Tailor . C'.oak Makar9
and Furrier,
sl R1 rOB ST.,
I Portfolio of Photograph
February 3,1804
Send or bring in 2 Coupons
of different dates, together
with 5 cents, and receive Ibis
Album of rare Photographs.
Cor. Penn Ave. snd Sprnce St.