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Events of the Upper End of Lnzeme County
Briefly Narrated.
By a Voto of Six to Five, It Is Decided
to Run a Straight Party Ticket
Against the Citizens' Ticket Headed
by Burgess Maloney Louis Seibel
Is Placed in the Position of Honor.
Young Lady Sues Meyer Schlosser
for $25,000 Damages for Breach
of Promise Other Pittston Affairs.
The Sckaxton Titit'.t'NK's PitNton de
partment is in chare;,, of J. M. Fahy, to
Whom news items aud ootupluiuta uiay bo
The Republican borouxh convention
assembled iu the town h ill last oveni Dg
in pursuance of a regular call for the
purpose of nominating a Republican
ticket. Wbeu Chairman Ouarles 13
Smith culled the conven tion to order,
the following delegates presented their
credentials: First ward, II Knnwles;
Second ward, Oscar W alburn; Third
ward, Thomas Huntlv; Fourth ward,
Theodore Davenport; Fi fth ward, Jacob
Shorer; Sixth ward. Jame s Richmond,
Stanley Crooks; Soventh ward, C. K
Campbell; Eighth ward. William Wil
eon; Niuth ward, E, G. tiase; Tenth
ward, Thomas Davo Jenkius; Eleventh
Ward, Alex McMillan.
After considerable disonssion con
cerning the seating of two delegates
from tho Tenth ward, which sub
sequently disposed of by one of the
delegates withdrawing, the chairman
announced nominations for burgoss
were in order. Mr. Kuowies, of the
First ward, made a motion that the
convention indorse Thomas Maloney,
of the Citizeus' tioket. To this
C. K. Campbell offered an objection,
stating that auoordiug to the rulos of
the party they had not the power to in
dorse any candidate other than a It
publican, and as Mr. Maloney was a
Democrat it would De entirely out of
order and exceedingly bid form. Mr.
Campbell was sustained in his remarks
by the chairman.
Erastns Cage nominated Lonis Sei
bel. Some of the delegates contended
at this point of the proceedings that
they had the privilege of voting against
Mr. Saibol, since the other portion re
fused to entertain n motion to indorse
Mr Maloney. The ballot for burgess
resulted iu favor of Mr. Seibel by a vote
of l) tor and 5 against.
The nomination for a tax receiver
was next taken up The nam 'i of
William Drury, the Citizen's candidate'
aud W. li. Young, the present incum
bent, were placed in nomination. Oa
the first ballot Mr Young was elected
by a vote of 7 to 5. Edward Divis
was nominated by acclamation for high
conns table.
The nomination for an auditor was
next declared in order, but the conven
tion was unable to find a candidate
who was willing to accept the honor.
It "was finally decided to nomi
nate William Campbell, of the Fifth
ward, subject to his aceeptaucs. The
nomination for ward officers was next
taken up Mr. Knowles, of the First
ward, presented the name) of John
J. Jordan for justice of the peace, John
John B. Drake, conetable, and Thomas
McKune for school director, These
names were the same as nominated at
the Citizens' convention and met with
mueh opposition. C. K. Campbell
arose aud stated ho was in favor of ex
punging the names of all Democrats
coming before the convention for suc
cor. The nomination of the remainder of
the ward officers was still iu progress
at the closing of this letter.
Tim seleotiouof p-rmanent chairman
and secretary for the ensuing year re
spited in the election of Mr Smith and
Mr. Huntley, the present incumbents
diss Hattle Welter Brings litigation
Against Meyer Schlosser.
A decided sensation was aroused here
yesterday when it became known that
Miss Hattie K Welter.of Ilughestown,
had through Attorney W. H. MoCart
ney begun suit against Meyer Schlosser,
of this place, claiming damages to the
extent of $25,000 for an alleged bench
of promise of marriage. The plaintiff
claims that for over a year Mr. Schlos
ser had been paying attentions to her,
frequently calling upon her aud in
many other ways manifesting bis mat
rimouial intentions, which he finally
made clear and unmistakeable by ask
ing her hand in marriage.
Sue gave her consent and began pre
p irations for the wedding. All her ex
pectations were, however, rudely shat
tered just prior to New Years by the
publication of the news of Mr. Schlos
r's approaching marriage to a New
York lady. This wedding occured iu
New York on New Year's day, and now
that the couple have arrived at home
after a delightful weddiug tour, Mr.
Schlosser is confronted with this
$25,000 breach of promise case ,
Minor Matters of General Interest
Luzerne County'Readers.
Mrs. J. Keongh and daughter, Miss
Constance, of New Haven, Conn., and
Mrs. James Gihnartin, of Long Branch,
re visiting Joseph Fahy's, on William
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weismann are
in Scranton, where they will attoud
the wed ling of a relative this eveuing.
The Juvonis club will hold au in
formal hop at the rooms on South Main
street tomorrow evening.
Miss Ella Touhill is in Scranton, vis
iting her sister, Mrs. E. D. Hoffman.
Miss Mattie Lance entertained the
Circle of King's Daughters last even
ing. She was assisted by MisB Nellie
Miss Sophia Newman, of Scranton,
visited the family of her uncle, S. G,
Goodman, yesterday on William street.
Mrs. R. J. Beamish and daughter, of
Scranton, are visiting her sister, Mrs.
J. A. Thomas, on Church street
Rev. W. J. Hill and son, of Bing
hamton, are visiting friends hero.
Chief Keating aud Officers Kelly and
Gaughan yesterday arrested two Fo
unders on a charge of stealing a gold
watch from a fellow countryman.
They were given a hearing before
'Squire Gibbons, who bound them over
lor trial, but a settlement of the case
was afterward effected.
"01 1 Oleson," supported by an excel
lent company, will he the attraction at
Music hall this evening. The show i8
a good one and should be greeted by a
large audience.
Iu explanation for the error in the
financial statement as appearing in the
Gazette, that journal in its issue of
last evening says: "Inexcusable care
lessness on the part of a compositor,
first in the setting np of the type and
again in the correction of the properly
marked proof, made Borough Secre
tary Joyce's statement, printed iu last
evening's Gazette, appear ridiculously
inaccurate. The transposition of two
lines of fignres oansed all the trouble.
This statement is made in justice to
Mr. Joyce, in whose manuscript re
port the calculations were urfect."
In common pleas court the applica
tion for n charter by the Star of East
commandery, No. 7N, Knights of Malta,
of this place, has buen continued to
Monday, Jan. 21), for hearing.
The funeral of John Hart, of Chapel
street, who died Monday morning, will
take place from his late residence this
afternoon at 2 o'clock. After services
in St. John's church interment will be
made in Market street cemetery.
The Musio ball orchestra under the
the leadership of Professor Ackerman,
after a short existence has disbanded.
The following musicians will
hereafter furnish the music at
the hall Thomas Gill, first vio
lin; George Worp. second violin; John
Turn, trombone; Fred and Ed, Adrian,
first and secoud cornets ; base viol, W.
J. Gillespie; clarionet, John A. Gilles
pie; flute, Walter Oatraud; drums. John
Being Out Nearly a Weak, one of Them
Beoomes 111.
Doylestown, Jan. 23 At 8.35 this
afternoon the jury in the case of Wal
lace Burt, on trial for the murder of
the aged Rightley couple, was dis
charged by Judge Yorkes on account of
the serious illness of Charles Allen,
one of the jurors,
ine jury nas oeen out since n.-lo
o'clock last Wednesday night. Burt
was taken back to jail and will be
given a new trial.
-1 -m
Why Thousands of Families Owe Their Health
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Thousands of persons ar suffering
from no definite disease, but are tired,
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To moet the ueods of just such over
worked, over-anxious men and womun
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blood growu thin and impure, Paine's
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It is the greatest remedy the world
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body, for sleeplessness, debility and
all complaints arising from depressed
It restores the functions of the diges
tive organs, strengthens the mental
and physical powers, relieves the dull
ness aud drowsiness of nervous weak
ness. "Ten nights are rmjuired to repair
on 3 night's loss of eleep," says an ud
age. But nothing so calms and soother
tne nerves as Paine's celerv compound
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sleep during which the d illy loss of
enormous energy is replnoed and the
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For men and women subjected to the
einrmous strain of social life, or spend
thrifts of vitality through any form of
dissipation, nothing will save them
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Paine's celery compound is the out
come of a long life devoted to iuces
sant scientific study of disease of the
important organs of the body and their
dependance upon the nervous system.
No leas an eminent scientist than Ed
ward E. Phelpe, M. D., L. L. D. pro
fessor in the Dartmouth college medi
cal school, first prepared Paine's celery
compound, the groat remedy that has
cured eo many thousands sick, nervous
aud enfeebled men and women
throughout the country,
Paine's celery compound supplies the
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Rheumatism is relieved wheu every
other means fail.
In all wasting disease rocovery be
comes a simple, easy matter when the
strength is kept up by Paines celery
compound and the nerves and vital or
gans receive iu abundanuo the food
they demand.
The foundation of recovery from
diseases which attack special organs is
laid by the utmost attention to the
nutrition of the wnole body. No nutri
tive agent was ever discovered that will
feed aching nervos and brain, and re
store the natural function of the vital
organs, like Paine's celery compound.
Well nourished bodies, well fed brains,
sound sleep, health aud strength have
come to tbousaudi from Paine's celery
Mr. J. H. Engle Is a prominent mer
chant in the beautiful town of Ham
burg, Iowa. His reputation Is too high
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paration unless it has superior merit.
Read what he says of the great good
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aud bis family:
"I feel it my duty," he writes, "to
say a good word for Paine's celery com
pound. I have suff -red for years from
neuralgia, and tried many different
medicin 8 without relief. Finally I
was persuaded to try Paine's celery
compound. After using nine bottles I
am. in better health than I have been
for many years.
'My wife and children have a'si bsen
using the compound wun marked bene
fit to all of them."
The Picture above is of Mr. Engle
and his family. They have had the
same experience as thousauds of others.
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Young Folks' History of Oermany. By. C.
M Y'onge. -
Young Folks' History of Roiuo. By C. M.
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Italic I'Ut Wtstn .'. '.!
Oxford Edition
OF 12 MOS.
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iKso p s fables.
AHoe, a Sequel to Earnest Maltravers. By
Andersen's Fairy Tales.
An April Lady. Bv tho Duchess.
An Egyptian Princess. By Ooorge Ebors.
Aurollan. Bv William Ware.
Aurora Fiovd. By Miss M. E. Braddon.
Arabian Nights' Entertainmout.
Arundel Motto. The. By Mary Cecil Hay.
Barnauy Bodge. By Charles Dickens.
Baron Mini chanson.
Beyond Pardon. By Berths M. Clay.
Birds of Prev. Bv Miss M. E. Braddon.
Bondman, The. Bv Hall Calno.
Bride of Laminormoor. By Sir Walter Scott.
Cast I'p by tho Sea. Bv Sir Samuel Baker.
Catherine. Bv W. M Thackeray.
Chaplet of Pearls. By Charlotte M. Yonge.
Chaudos. Bv Oulda.
Charles Auchoster. By E- Berger.
Chariot to Temple. Bv Mrs. howaon.
Cllildreu of the Abbey. By Begin Maria
Coningsby. By Lord Beaconsflold.
Cousin Pons By Honore de Balzac
Crown of Wild Olive. Bv John Buskin.
Deldeo, or tho Iron Hand. By Floronce
We will give any book in
the above edition for four
coupons and 25 cents.