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I Va.ves 1
5 a
f Fittings I
Norrman& Moore
i20 Wyoming Avenue
Now Officers of Sixteeiitb -Degree Coimcll In
stalled villi Impressive Ceremouies.
?C8 Fenn Ave.
Big Cut in Ladies',
Misses' and Chil
dren's All-wool
See Them in our
Bargain Window.
415 Lacka. Avenue.
Wall Papers,
Window Shades,
Mattings, Rugs, etc.
127 Wyoming Ave.
The cambro American ohoir will re
hearse at the Young Men's Christian As
eociation hall tonight at B o'clock.
The ordinance granting a franchise to
the Economy Light, Heat and I'nwer
0. nipauy has been approved by the mayor.
The Ladies' Aid society of .the Kim Park
Methodist Episcopal church, will (jive n
book entTtaiuuii ut and social tomorrow
There was to have been a ruoetiog of the
j'.int committee of couneils on the bridge
question last evening, but only half the
committee atteuded.
The mayor yesterday approved of the
resolution providing for an election to de
termine whether council-, shall have power
to purchase lauds for public parks.
The ladies of lira. W. R Uall.stead
Lodge, Division 8J, of the (i. I, A. to IS. of
Li E. will have a pound party for a worthy
lady at their hall on ij afternoon.
The light on Hollister street near the
Homo of the flood Shepherd, erected
through the instrumentality of A. T. (Jon
nell, is much appreciated by North End
There will be no organizad opposition to
the bridge project this year. Those who
pposed it most three years ago or, at
l'-ast, a great many of them, have since
altered their positions.
Tickets for the ehirity heueut perform
Mice, "'flhe Escape from Moby," at the
Academy .ln. UU and M, are on sale at
William Conneli i; Co, s Men-low BfOOk
store and T. J. I.uce i Sons, North Mam
The Central Republican dob will bold a
meeting lit its rooms on Washington ave
nue next Tuesday night at which arrange
ments will Iw made for furthering the
campaign of liulusha A. Urow as cougress-nmn-nt
A meeting of tho ladies' committee of
"The Escape from I.ibby" entertain tin.? t.
will be held this afternoon at l o'clock at
the rooms of the Voong Women' (Juris
tian association. I!u-dnes of importance
will be transacted and a full attendance is
I.evin Irving Handy g popular lecture,
"The Road to Victory," which will be
given at tbelElm Pari: church tomorrow
t vening Is well worth healing, All who
bad the pleasure of listening to Mr. Han
dy at tho last Tencher's institute Were
thoroughly delighted.
The funeral of Mrs. f). A. Fuller, whoss
death occured on Monday evening, will
take place at the family residence, corner
Lackawanna and JAdarus avenues tomor
row afternoon at 'J o'clock. Interment
will be private, and only relative and im
mediate friends are invited.
Foote & Shear, the well known hard
ware men, like to see harmony existing
1. etween the llrin and Its employes, and
annually do soiuethiug to en com ago the
spirit of good will. Last year their em
ployes were given n banquot. Tin year
it took the nature of a theator party. The
event transpired last evening.
This is the way the Carbon l ale Herald
notices one of Koranton's well known
musicians: "There is no more popular or
talented music teacher in i-crnnton than
Mrs. Kate E. Wilcox, who has her studio
at 30li Spruce street. A diligent worker,
thoroughly educated nlniiff tin, linns of her
profession, and n successful exponent of
1. ,v ft. , . . . . . .
in minims mara nesl iuhluo-i it is no
Illustrious Commander in - Chief
He iiry N. Dunne!! Was the Installing
Officer- The Men Who Assisted
Him Thoso Who Were Present at
the Banquet A Number of Toasts
Responded to in an Eloquent Man-
Tim new (.fibers of Sixteenth degree
council. Ancient and Accepted Scot
tish Kite Masons, were installed last
night ;it Scottish Kite hall, on Wyom
ing avenue. Following the installa
tion ceremonies R banquet was served.
illustrious Commander In - Chief
Henry X. Diuinell conducted the cere
monies, assisted by Illustrious First
Lieutenant Commander diehard lisck.
er Brookway, Frederick Bnragne God
frey, Theodore Cramer Von Storch.
Dr. tleorgo K Hill, Frelerick F.
Schoen and William Jenkins Welsh.
The oflloera installed were Thomas
Franklin Penman, most equitable
sovereign prince grand master; Utin
tave Adolph Miller, most enlightened
senior grand warden: Charles William
Koeslpr, valorous grand treasurer; John
Morns, valorous grand secretary.
Anthems of t lie installation services
Were sung by the Scottish Kite Quar
tette, consisting of Louis ,1. Siebncker,
tirst tenor; John Morris, secoud tenor;
Frederick J. Widmayer, baritone;
Moses Morgan, basso. After the im
pressive ceremonies of installation wore
completed the members of the couueil
retired to the banquet hall, where an
elaborate feast was spread.
the 8PiICfl.MA.KlNp.
After the luxuries with which the
board was laden has been discussed, the
party was called to order and Dr.
Henry N. Duunell introduced us toast
master. He delivered u short ad
drees about the eupreme council
nud then culled upon William
J. Walsh to respond to the toast,
"Tho Sovereign Commander, Henrv
L. Palmer." Other toats refunded
lo were "The Governor of Pennsylva
nia," Joseph Gillespie; ''The Grand
Lodge and Grand Master of Masons of
Pennsylvania,'' Charles W. Kuesler;
"The Grand Chapter, Grant CotnnMUV
lery and Other Graud llodiea of Penn
sylvania," Ricbarl B Brock way; "The
Memory of the Brethren of Thee 1))
grei'S, Whose Labor Here Below Have
Ceased During the Present Year," John
Morris; "The County of Lackawanua, "
Lieorge M. Watson: "The City of
Scran ton, Its Future, " Controller Fred
J. Widiuayer; "The Prop3ctive
Bridges of the City," T.C. Von Storch ;
"All Masons and Masonic Bodie of
Ali Rites andDsgreesOvrthe Surfaco
of the Earth," T. F. Penman.
Those who were .present nt tho ban
quet were: Dr. Henry N. Dunuell,
Cbvirles It. Kinsley, Joseph Dannor,
Moses Morgan, C W. Rosier, John
I'.negel, Dr. Martin E. Hermann, Con
rad Schroeder, Richard B. Brockway.
George Broome, John Morris,
W. J. Welsh, L. J, Siebe-dcer,
T. R. Cohen, Fred J. Wld
Moyer, James G. Bailey., George M
Watson, Gostavo A. Miller, T. F. Pen
man. Fred F. Schoen, Peter Ziegler,
Robert J, Williams. Dr. Charles H.
HIM. T. C Vbn Storch, F. S. Godfrey.
A. K. Gould, Joseph Gillespie
Providano Ccuclave 195 Holds a Public
Installation of Officer.
Providence Conclave 193, Order of
Haptatopbl, publicly installed officers
for the ensuing year at Fanner cV Chap
pell's hall Inst night. The ceremony
connected with installing the officers
was elaborate and impressive.
The hall was well filled with the
members and their friend, and the
audience was repres3ntative of the best
element of the North Lid, The order
appeaist to be fast gruwiug In popu
larity. The following are the officers in
stalled: II. N'. Ilandrick, archon ; pro
volt, Louis Hntf; prelate, C. E Potter;
secretary, A. B Mnnn; treasurer,
George Griffin; inspector, F.rviti Gear
heart, warder. William F. Maye . sont
Inal, Thomas Kennedy; correspon lent,
G. W. Benedict: trustees, S. 1! Rob
inson, George Griffin, T. S. Morgan.
I. A. Reichardt was past archon.
After the installation ceremonies the
members and their invited enests were
treated to a supper by the order.
Decision Rescind by tba Coronr'a Jar;
nt Last Night's Hsarln?
The jury summoned in tho death of
August Hubert met last evening in the
court home and beard testimony of the
persons living ut 308 Franklin avenno.
After lUtetiing to the evidence the
jury returned the following verdict:
' Tne jury rtnpannolrd in the afore
said c ie, find that August Echart died
Jan. 81. lH'Jl, from the effects of hem
orraga in t:ie plural oavity, the result
of the perforation of the lung by a
bullet from A pistol, discharged by
himself with suicidal intent. "
Th Providence Journal Says the Play I
.Admirarbly Conatruc'ed.
Tli Provt ience, R. L, Journal has
the following to siy regarding "The
Escapo from Libliy," which will be
presented by local amateurs for the
benefit of the Associated Charities nt
the Academy on next Tuesday and
Wednesday evenings:
"The Escape from Libby" is the title
of a tive-act comedy-military play pro
duced by local talent at theopera house
Inst night before n large and apprecia
tive andieiiee. The play is admirably
constructed and contains numerous ex
cellent features, while the plot is well
carried out. There ara many thrilling
Wonder that she numbers among her pet
rous many of the best rmullie of Scraa
ton. She has a very large class of pupils.
Borne of whom give promise of future suc
cess fer beyond the ordinary. While sbo
has never made it a rule to give concerts ,
yet there is a prospoot that some of her
pupils may be hoard in public during the
next few wieks, and if 10 Carbondale will
be one of the favored points. It would be
a great musical treat, too, for anioug lb?
pupils .if Mr. Wilcox are several most
charming voices."
Stoiuoi for you in a new building at
llll Franklin aveuue.
POI it of Ikaaa COUPONS, pre-
Mnted at Tim Tribune (Mllce, cor
ner JViiii nvonnt! iiml Spruce 4lrrt,
entitle the koMatta u the priv
ilege i,f I lip ., ..paralleled nAVr
lb ,I1n( r, Jullhp, popular book
itiiton oiii- reader. The offers maUe
by Tli Trllinnn iiiiiiiaxeniunt are
a follows:
I.". CENT! and I our Coupon for
any foltome in the f'olniiiltas Ke
flex. Over 100 titles tusclert from.
tUiVIA ami Tour Coupon for n 10
volume set ol Illekens complete
w orks.
scenes and incidents which are particu
larly true to life in the days of the rebel -Hon
and which stir np the enthusiasm
of the audience to a high pitch, chief
among which is the scene where the
hero nuke his escape troin Libby pri-
Amusiua reil'orntauo f i the Banetlt of
L eal Cammsrclal Traveler.
The local branch of the Commercial
Travelers association had a ben lit at
the AttademT of Music last evening
when "Dr Bill" ws presented before
a good siz d audience. It was an en
joyable perform nice and tho spectators
were kept In a continual ro ir.
Tho company wis not remarkably
strong. Miss Lansing Rowan as the
ex-queen of the bal lot did orae splen
did noting mid was by far the most oa
nnble member of the company. Miss
Sidie Peters did not have a very im
portant role, but sh sung a couple of
longl quite acceptably and danced with
much grace Will Miller Jnrnum was
first class as Dr. Bill.
' One of the weakest bits of the per
formance was a character presumably
mvaiit to represent a young man of
good social position conversant with
the m tuners of decent society. The
part us played by George R icbling was
silly and weaiisnme in the extreme.
His manner, talk, walk, and general
behavior wer.i impossible creation.
If Mr. Roebllng dared to appear in real
life in anything resembling the out
landish oatloatnra of his stage per
formance ho would undoubtedly be
giren a hou id spmiting by his parent
or guardiun and sent to bed,
All Minds Ar Not Constituted Alike.
Parents should make every effort to
place within tho reach of their children
the greatest variety of reading. All
minifl are uot constituted nlikc. Each
child has Its peculiar dislikes.' What
will interest, umuse and instruct one
will prove wearisome to another. The
boy or girl who has every object placed
before him. in other words who has a
complete library, is almost certain to
be entertained thereby and early
acquirrs habits of industry anil a love
of books and home.
Such a library is provided iu the
Encyclopedia Britannica offered by the
TkiuI'NG. Do you realize that this is
a reprint page for page of the great
Ediuburg edition sold by Charles Scrib
ner's eons at $o a vol time besides having
nearly '.',000 pages of supplemental mat
ter added to it and an entirely new Hue
of maps 1110 istne'.' You have always
wanted this grett work but the prio
was and is, though Scnbner's, 125 It
is now within your means and on easy
terms of payment. The offer must
soon be withdrawn. Give your order
now and do uot wait till the closing
Colonel Boiis' Plan for Applicant to
Earn Rlif Given Tham.
The Associated Charities held its
regular weekly meeting last evening,
There were present Colonel Ripple,
Colonel Boie. Luther Keller. W. T.
Smith, E. J. Lynett. John H. Fellows,
T. J. Moore, T. J. Kelly, and Phillip
Mr. Kirst stated that cases where
the men were willing to work were be
ing constantly 'referred to him. He
had no work to give them and wanted
instructions. The matter was referred
to the committee on work.
Mre. Duggan reported that she had
investigated thirty-five cases since the
List meeting, eighteen of which were
worthy and soventeon unworthy.
Colonel H. M. Boies suggested that a
quantity of lumber fit for kindling
wood and a number of buck saws be
purchased, and that the men who want
relief be made to earn what was given
tliem, by sawing woo 1. The split wood
could be done up in pirkage and sold
for kindling wood. No action was
takn on the suggestion.
A motion empowering the president
to employ a clerk in the office to attend
to tho books, etc., was carried.
Deputy Sheriff Cm it Interfered with His
Frank Melinairo, of Cirbondale, was
convicted in court yesterday of a
felonious attempt to kill, but when the
jury had made its report and Melinairo
was called up for sentence, he could
not be found.
A capias was issued for him Rnd
placed in the hands of D-ptltv Shoriff
William Craig who arrested Melinairo
as he was leaving the city on the o 10
Delaware and Hudson train last even
Mr. Craig took his prisoner to the
county jail where he sp-int the night.
Interasttnif Event at ths First Presbyte
rian Church Tomorrow Evening.
The young ladie of the First Pres
byterian church will give a "pink
tea" tomorrow evening iu the lectnre
room of the church.
Dr. nnd Mrs McLeod will receive
and Mrs. Frank E. Pratt, Mrs, R. M.
Scrantou, Mrs. Post and other young
ladies of the church will assist. There
will bo alio a nnitHM entertainment in
connection with tne tea, which might
well be called the "Mystic String. "
Charts Jiffrov and Miss L zzle Wood
houss Uuitsi In Marrlag.
Miss Lizzie Woodhonse and Charles
Jeffrey were married by Rev. Warren
G. Partridge at the home of the
bride's father, on Ash street, yesterday
A pretty wedding breakfast followed
the ceromony. Owing to the family's
recent sorrow there was no large we l
iug, only relatives and a few intimate
friends being present.
rVdui kdlMlN Found Guilty but Recom
mended to the Mercy o the Court.
Charged with Tearing Down the
Fence About an Elmhurst School
House -Verdict of Not Guilty Or
dered in the Case of John Capinski.
Coal Stealers Escape by Paying for
the Coal and Assuming Costs.
CKNTtaiMi I'oor C-oiipnii for -g
nny book In the Itugby gene.
S 17 OHMTt and 1-Noir Coupon for gj
Hiij ihiuh ill nip ,r,,ir(l IftCI'lFB.
Young Lidi Erjoy an Ezallnt Star -
optloon Exhibition.
Tho younger members of the Yonug
Women s C'hriitian association were
agreeably entertained last evening by a
stereopticou exhibition at the associa
tion rooms on Washington avenue.
The exhibition was given by Klward
Chamberlin and consisted of views of
famous places as well as a number of
cimic scenes. It pleased the large nud
ienco very much.
He Rseelvtd ths Uuantiu u Vol of Hi
Company II last evening held an elec
tion to fill the vacancy caused by the
expiration of the trtn of service of
Captain W B. Rockwell,
(Juptaiu Rockwell wt unnnimonsly
ro olectod. He is an efficiout officer and
has been in the National guard over 15
years and is deservedly popular with
his command.
Beadleeton ft Woeri' and Ballantine'e
Ales are the best. E. J, Walsh, agent, W
Laokawauna avenue. "
After court opened yesterday morn
ing the trial of Frank Melinairo, the
Carbondale Italian charged with felon
ious attoinpt to kill and carrying con
cealed weapon, was resumed The
defendant, wheu called to the stand,
said that a crowd of young men had
thrown stones at htm and he bred a
hot from his revolver to scare tbein
The judge said that there was no evi
dence to convict of carrying concealed
weapons and at 1 1 110 the liirv retired
to consider the question of felouinu
attempts. He was found guilty, but
recommended to the mercy of the
court. In the caae of concealed weapons
tho jury directed tho county to pay the
Martin Devanney, of E'ralinrst, wa9
next put on trial tbargel with malici
ous mischief. The prosecutor was C.
it. hmith, or the himhur.n hohool
board. District Attorney Kelly nnd
Attorney (.'. Comegys nppearod for the
commonwealth, and Attorney E. C.
Newcotnb for th defendant.
It is alleged that Mr. Devanney tore
down a fence about the school of the
Elmhurst school district. Tho defendant
admits having torn down the fence, but
aid that it was erected by the district
on land owned by his wile. It had uo
business there and he removed it. The
case is the outgrowth of a dispute over
a email strip ut laud close to the Llm-
hurst school liouso. Mrs. 1 vanney anys
she is the owner, but the Elmhurst; dis
trict says it received it from the Dun
ning school district out of which the
Elmhurst diitrict was erected. The
defense was being hoard when court
Yesterday morning in court room
No. 'J the trial of John Capinski,
charged by Rueben Brown with false
pretenses was resumed. On motion of
Attorney Dawson Judgo Archbald in
structed the jury to return a ver
dict of not guilty. The judge told tae
jnrora to pass upon the question of
cotits. They directed the prosecutor
and defendant each to pay half
Max Slewiskey and Anthony Orban
were directed to plead to a charge of
assault and battery preferred ;by Johu
F. Hennessey. They answered not
guilty It appeared from the evidence
that on July '21 the three men had a
fight in Jermyn which was brought on
by an overindulgence in strong drink
The prosecutor declares that the de
fendants hit him on the head witli a
stone, rendering him unconscious for
some time.
On their part thu defendants say that
Htnnessey wan the instigator of tho
trouble and inflicted serious injury on
them. The jury thought all parties
equally to blame for the trouble and
returned a verdict of not guilty, with
directions for defendants to pay ooe
half the coats and the prosecutor the
other balf.
Michael Robbing was on trial before
Judge Archbald in No. 2 In theater
noou charged with obtaining mine
tools and mine supplies from the Lick
awanua Iron and Steel cjmpauv by
false pretenses. George W. Uiell
acted as prosecutor in the case. As
sistant District Attorney O'Neill and
Major Everett Warren developed the
esse before the jury for the common
wealth and Attorney Jauus M ihon fur
the defense.
On Sept 15, 1890, Robbing went to
the Pine Bruok shaft of the Lacka
wanna Iron nnd Steel company where
he had been employed up to a few days
prior to that date. By pretending that
he was abuut to resume work in the
mine he succeeded in getting supplies
and mine tools valued at ijto 15. The
defense was that there was no inten
tion to dofraud, that Robbing was an
employe of the company when he ob
tained the goods and thought he had
sufficient money due him to pay for
Attorney James Mahon made a nlea
for his client In which he described the
la with regard to false pretense and
incidentally the kind of caps worn by
the students nt Oxford in England.
Major Warren m a te "the closing argu
ment for the defense unl at 4 o'clock
the jury retired to make up its verdict.
It did not return to report while court
was in session.
Patrick Gibbons. Henry Vansellor,
Dennis Buckley, Henry Howelta and
MrB Bridget Joyce were arranged be
fore Judge Archbald charged witii lar
ceny nnd receiving. L I). Kemtnerer,
tletective for the D ilaware, tYieka
wanna and Western Railroad company,
was the proocntor. Major Everett
Warren was the prosecuting attorney
and Attorney C. Comegys defended tlm
1 1 1 (let. 7 thoro was a wreck on the
Keyser Valley branch of the Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western company
nnd several car were smashed and a
large quantity of coal spilled. Bjfore
tho wreck conl 1 be cleared up. it is al
leged that the defendants stole about
forty tons of coals, some of tbem U9ing
horses and wagons to draw the coal to
their homes.
They agreed to pay for the coal, and
the company not being anxious to
push the c ise, Ju ige Arcnbald directed
a ver lict of not guilty to be taken iu
each case upon payment of the cojts by
the defendants
Kirst' Chain Oang- Wilt Not DUgrac
Itself by Labor.
During the pint few days five va
grunt have been arreated and aeu-
t'ticed to various periods uf timo In the
chain gaug. V ester lay morning each
man wni supplied with a chain at
tachd to a tw. lvepound ball and sent
to the stoue crusher ou South Wash
ington avenue.
There they were placed In pbarge of
Special Officer Caspar, who was in
structtd to muku tho mea work nine
hours a day. The tramps refused to
work", and Weary W igglui, tile ap I
ru :u of theVjirty, inform d the
that they dia not intend lo do a bit of
work during the entire day. They pos
itlvely refused to us the hamiunrs.and
tlie iijlicer was compelled to return tue
men to the station house.
JANUARY 24, 1894.
Your ohoioe of thtes toantifu
pictures, "Telephone Girl," "De
iltvoiiiig Christmas Presents"
unil "Miiiili'tis Swinoino." ,s,.ud
by iiint I or liit'ssriioci nt bring
coupons like tlnsol tlnw (tiller-
nil dates, Willi ill cents, stamps
or coin, to
Cor. Perm Ave. and Spruce St.
3 i
There is no aotor more popular with
our theater goers than diaries T El
lis, the sweet singing German come
dian, who will be the attraction at the
Ac idemy of Music tomorrow evening.
He grows mtore popular year by year
nnd can count on being a greater fa
voiite with the ladies and children
than nuy uf the singing eotuedians.
His pretty comedy drams, "Count Cas
p'T," iu which ho will he seen, has
been entirely re-wtitteu since be was
last seen here.
"A Temperance Town" aotually has
a plot, and a very good one. It attacks
hypocrites who make use uf a queer
Vermont prohibition law, under whioh
one can suffer cumulative sentence for
aelliog liquor, which may amount to a
life time, and indeed has done so. The
play is based on an actual circumstance,
and the particular case Mr Hoyt had
in mind when he wrote "A Tomperance
Town" was that of a man who was
convicted of letting 7uQ glassos of
liqnor,and was sentenced tooyer 21,000
daya or about sixty years in j til, The
Academy on Friday evening.
A new comedy drama iu the German
dialect, entitled "The Prizt Wmusr,"
will be produced for the first time in
this city Tnursday eveniu', ut the
Academy of Music by Charles A, Gard
ner, tho famous 'comedian and sweet
singer, and a company of first class
actors. New scenery and etage effect
and now coatnmes have been providol,
including a startly realistic avalanche
that presumably buries all the princi
pals out of sight.
She Was Taken from the Floreaoe Mil
lion by Usr Uncles.
Mr". Catharine Brrett-Broma?e, of
Providence, yesterday invoked the aid
of the court to obtain posseasion of her
10 year-old daughter, Mamie Barrett,
who is in the custody of her uncles,
John and Thomas Clark.
Last week Mrs Bromage had her
daughter arrested for running away
Irotn home, made her spend a night iu
a cell at the station house witu uu at
tempted mnrderar nnd a number of
dissipated and worthless young men
for neighbors The nest day had her
sent to the Florence mission by request
of Mrs. Bromago.
Tho girl was taken from the mission
by her uncles, who nre Mrs. Bromage'e
brothers. They ay thnt tho girl is not.
incorrigible, na the mother asserts, 'and
declare that she has not received proper
treatment nt home.
Mrs. Bromage says she is the proper
guardian for the girl and is willing and
anxious to provide a comfortable home
for her daughter if she will return and
demean herself n become u young
woman of her years.
Un motiou of Attorneys Hulelander
it Vosburg, who represent Mrs. B:om
ate, courtggranted a writ of habeas
corpus commanding the Uncles Clark
to produce the girl in court tbis morn
iug at 'J o'clock.
Programme That Will Ba Rsndsrsd at
Excoliior Hall.
An entertainment and social undr
the auspice of the Pine Brook branch
of the St. Vincent de Paul BO'-ity will
be given at Excelsior ball, Wyoming
avenue next Wednesday evoning. Tl.e
programme will b us follows:
Plnuo duet.
Misses Nellie Currau and Maggie Har
rington. Solo Miss Allen
Recitation Miss Jemima Jones
Minuet Miss Aunie McLean
Solo Mie Oernidiue Blewitt
Kecitation Mis- Agues Callahan
Morse Mandolin Club.
Solo Miss Dougherty
Recitation Edward Vail
Solo Miss Angela Blewitt
Orpheus tuaitotte.
ttugallou, White, Foote and Eaton
Duet Misaes Harrington aud Mclialu
Leybourne Family.
Solo Ed Wnlsh
Court made an order yesterday allowing
depositions to be taken in the ejectm it
suit of Mrs. Annie ttetvlu and o.hers
aguinst ex-Jude Johu Htndley and
There are two colored men sorvinj on
this week's panel of jurors.
Tatrirk F. (iibb ms, through hi a't -r
noy, M. A. Mettinley, yester lay filed hi
nuswer to tho equity suit brourht agalnit
hi in as tho guardian of the children of his
deceased brother, John T, Hibbons, by
their mother, Mrs. Theresa Qlbboae, vho
Is dis-mtintied with the disposition her
husband made of his estate. ,.
A marriatjo license was granted by Clerk
of the Court TuotttM yesterday to Will
iam Hoar and Ann Sample, of Elmhurst.
Fifty 0ma for Tan Cnnta.
Kemember that fifty benntiful pictures
and not simply sixteen--and they all
representing the most notable buildings
and exhibit! of the late World's fair cau
now be obtained at Tin: TrIBDRK oftlco for
HI cents end three conpous. Part lot tin
World's Fair Portfolio contains these nr
tistic gems and souvenir". Cut your cou
pons anu get tuo pictures.
Mit Joseph LVOWMUM has llought Mr.
Thouias Francke's drug store, at the Cor
nor of Washington avenue and Spruce
street. Mr. I.owenherg is a graduate of
tho Philadelphia College of Pharmacy of
ton years' experience. The store will be
kept well stacked with pure drugs, medi
cines, perfumery, toilet and fancy arti
cles Physician' prescriptions and latnily
recipes carefully compounded. ,
The grent people of this country who
accomplish so much In the affairs of life
have the peculiar fashion of executing
whatever may come to them iu the Tine of
action on the spot. Thero is thnt pile of
Harpr's, Frank Leslie's, ilcClure's, Ke
view of Reviews, North American, Cen
tury, etc., that you have read. They aro
a joy forever, but uot a thing of beauty
Our Mr. Scliwencker can transform them
so that they will become the brightest and
handsomest volumes in your library As
soon ns you read this will yon not get ell
tho numbers together, before they are lost
or soiled, and bring them to TR TRtlPKl
binders! A few conts will give you some
beautiful books that will take the place of
thoio rough and nigged magazines.
Lawrence LougMiu, of Carbondale, Has
a YarieJ Experience for a Bey.
Ragman Mose3 Cohen Says H3 Stole
a Bag of Rags Lawrence Was Con
victed of Theft Some Time Ago But
Had Sentence Suspended on Ac
count of His Youth Another Case
on List Against Him.
A diminutive sp -unman of humanity
was seated at the defendant's table in
court room No. 'J yesterday afternoon.
He was Lawrtnoa Longhlan, of Car
bondale, aged 1:1. His clothe were
saveral sizes too large for him, and well
ventilated shoes made a vain effort to
cover his leet.
Lawrence was charged with larceny
and receiving aud seems to be h very
bad hoy indeed. Attorney R. J. Beam
ish is defending him and Attorney
James Muhon conduct tho prosecu
tion. it is alleged by the prosecutor, Moae
Cohan, that on July 8 last the boy
stole from iiim a bag of rags nud sold
it to another rag gatherer namd Har
ris Cohen. Tho bag of rags was brought
into court and ideutilied as the identi
cal bag and r.ig that young l,ougblau
bad relieved Coiien of.
The boy seemed not tho leot
concerned ns he at tut the defendant a
table and ktiooke T his heels against
the legs of the cnalr he was sitting ou
whilrf the witnenea for the prosecntiou
were relating their storios. Hi) is
a shrewd, cunning looking youth, and
although young in yeurs is old in mis
deeds He was convicted of theft in court
several months ago, but in considera
tion of his extrem j youtii sentence was
suspended. Sine then he has been ar
rBted leveral times for theft and there
is another case of larceny au 1 receiv
ing on the list ugaitist him at the pres
ent term. He is a brother of Jams
Loughlan, who was", convicted of rob-b.-ry
at the last term of court and sen
tenced to spend three years in the
Eastern penitentiary.
Several mouths ago young Liwrence
hud his left foot tfttn ovr by cars on
th Delaware and Hudson gravity road
at Carbondale aud badly smashed. He
was taken to to the CarboudaU hospital
for treatment.
After being in the hospital for a
short time he began to chafe over hi
inactivity and the restrictions placed
on him, and one night he m ule his es
cape from the institution before bis
foot was entirely healed.
He departed without shoes anl with
very little clothing on, After being
Oaptnred he was taken to the county
jail, bi bondsman antrenderins him
Since thon he has be ta oue of Warden
Grimes' boarder. In consequence of
the injuries he received his fuot it d
f or med.
When court adjourned yoiterday
nfternoon tue protaontiOD hal rested.
This morning Mr. Hsamish will en
lighten the court and the jury a; to
the theory of the defens".
He Will Be AaaUted by 21: Emma
Conrad, Soprano and Pianiat.
Theodora Hemberger, assiitsd by
Mist Emma Conrad, will give a con
cert at the Young M-ti C.iristian
Association hsll tomorrow evening.
Tue following programme will be
"Sonata for Piano aud Violin in fl Minor,"
"Cnvntiua ", from Wl Trovatore'' Verdi
"Violin Concert'' Molique I
"Etude Migonue'' Schuttt j
c: "Snce?" I Piano S!ol- .Bamberger i
"Ballade," for Piano audViuliu,Moskowski
"Arabian Song" tioilurd
i. "Thou Art Miuo All," 1
c. bio Rose,, Blueben." Hemberger !
d. "Nymphs aud Fauus," Walts Song,
n. - rantasie Btneea,
d. "Czardas,
Are worth going a long distance 1 0
see. No such collection enn be
found DeRrer than New York tr
Philadelphia, and theu it is uot sur
passed in the matter of unique er.d
exclotove designs, or richness
dalntiiie-s nnd delicacy of mate
rial. Iu a word, our Curtain stock
this fall reaChe our highest idenl
ofwhutis should be, ,nd cannot
fall to meet the approval of the
most refined and ai tistic tastes.
Yet nil this does not mean high
prices. On tho contrarr.the vulues
we uow offer are submitted for
your inspection. Of course, we' ve
every make, and among them will
be found the very choicest crea
tions iu Brussels, Irish Point, Swiss,
Nottingham end other Lena coods;
also the New Suowflnke Hwis?,
wtth t-illr Stripe in tout rutting
cobra. Also nil lines of t-ijk
Strips, Tapestries, etc., mace to
Best Sets of Teeth, JS .oo
Including Hie painless extracting
ef teeth by an entirely uew pro
cess, S. C. Snyder, D.D.s.
kg S
Vn bare the mot complete aaortmont 0
Men's Furnishing OooiIh that ever app.-l-l
to thu eye or to the taste, home of our nen
shades and di-ttgns in Ties arc estierlally :il
trartlrc They arc selling at figures wnicl
give yuii no gxcnie for beiiiR wittiout all sort
ol bxn nud styles,
111 lw Jia., nATTSt,
Lsckawanna Avenu:.
Dr. Hill Son
f-'f t teeth. 55..7I; ben sot, $J: for cel t
and teeth without jlates. callatl emeu m
bridge work, cull for prices unit refere o .
TOKAWHA, for extracting n-eta w.tUou
iiain. Koetner. Nogaa
Violin Solo..Hubay
For Sale at a Bargain.
Two .'in-foot quartered oak counters, one
25-foot quartered oak wall ens ', one 12
foot show case, five i nk tables aud chairs,
anil nil othe furniture in the store at 222
Wyoming avenue. V. II, C. A. building.
Inquire at Frank Moyer's office.
For Furniture, Etc.
Aftfr ?worlng Off
How many have taken vow of absti
nence with tlie birth of the uew year is
perhaps hard to estimate, but we uow
know that such etforts are futile against
inveterate habit, a habit which has become J
a disease. There was a time when it j
wtuld have benn easy to quit, but having
neglected to do so the liebit continued un- I
til by the constant or friquent use of the '
poison there was forced a chauge in the
nervous system which made it not lily
possible to drink, but necessary. Then
you could drink a good deal and uot eeein
to get drunk, b-jt you also fouud it neces
sary, to keep yon feeling good and you
"craved liquor" because you had become
diseased, Now that swearing off does no
good aud the pledge can't be kept, go and
nuilro your resolution good for all time by
takiug treatineut at the Keeley institute,
7'0 Madison avenue. Srn jton, Fa.
1)1 ID
BOIKS-In Midaletown, N. V., Jan. 17'
Matthew I,. Itoies, brother of H. M.
Uniee, of thlacitv. Interment at Ssuger-
ties, N. V., Jan 19.
EUVBNBURUH-At tM Sanderson ave-
line. Jan. n-2, ism. Edward Rivenburgh,
aired til years. Funeral from the hnuso
Widnesdav, Jan. 24. at .' p. m. Rela
tives and friends invited.
Have yon ever Hnntington tried
For oysters stewed or oysters
At Lackawanna avenue 413
Yoo'll find the nicest yen liavt
Open Until Midnight.
Ppr P.ont We wil1 allow 2s ijer
L3 I Ul UGIII. cent, discount on all
nioPfHinf sales in our Cloak,
0 lObUUHL Fur and Millinery De
partment before taking inventory.
Dr. Jaeger's Woolen Underwear, etc. (slightly imper
fect), we will allow a discount of 15 percent. The
above are bona fide offers and our patrons should not
fail to take advantage of them.