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He Dafeats Johnson's Amendment Concern
ing Steel oa Free List.
The Pittsburg Orator Continued His
Remarks Specifying Certain Dis
crepancies Between the Theory and
Practice of His Antagonist Mr.
Johnson Briefly Replied, Denying
the Alienations in Detail, and Depre
cating Dragging Personalities Into
Tariff Debate.
Washington, Jan. 19.
THERE was a Ingot number of
member present when the
house met this morning than for
some time past. The usual crowd
Was In the gallery. At 11.10 the house
went into committee of the whole to
consider the Wilson bill,
J5r. Dnlzdl, Pennsylvania, then took
tip tbe line of Bttaok against Mr John
son, Ohio, on which he was engaged
when the house tools a recess yesterday
Mr. Datsell summarised his charges
against Mr. Jonusou as being
First That ho lias misstated the facts
before the committee.
Second That Le was anxious to have
teel raili put on the free list, while he
was still protected by 109 United States
Ti ird That, he forred bis employes
into receiving their wages in one-third
cash and two-thirds scrip.
Fourth That he had made a statement
on the il ior of the house iu regard to the
redemption of those certifk'atea which
was uutrne.
Fifth That ho privately altered the
stenographer 'a notes and inserted in the
record a statement he did not make on the
floor, which was true, and eliminated a
statement he did make on the iloor which
was untrue.
Again referring to the question of
Fcrip, lie asserted this scrip was hawked
about the streets of Johnstown, and
that it was bought up by a relative of
Johnson at a discount. The statement
of Mr. Johnson that be paid better
wages than the other mill,., Mr. Dal
el characterised as untrue. He had
direct evidence from a person who
was in a position to know,
that the wages paid at the
Johnson mill were not higher 1:1.1:1 at
the other mills. He asserted that Mr.
Johnion wns in sympathy WlthEnglish
manufacturers that he had at his mill
an English engine, made in Manches
ter, and imported from there, together
with the men to run it. And the
presiding spirit of tho mill was an
Englishman named Mozam, wuo had
been naturalized, and who openly an
nounced Ins intention of returniug to
England to live.
Mr. Johnson had made charges
against trusts, said Mr. Dalzell, which
lie would like to reply to at some
length. He was unable to do so at this
ti mo, but he knew there was a trust
composed of English and Belgian man
ufacturers, formed the purpose
of seizing the American market,
Mr, Dalzell counted upon Mr. John
son's antagonism to steel rail trusts,
and to Mr. Carnegie in particular, and
said that the platform of the free
traders was "anything; to abuse Carne
gie." And the gentleman from Ohio,
said Mr. Dalzell, bad hurled abuse at
the "robber-barons" and at Mr. Car
negie. But Mr. D ilzall thought Mr.
Carnegie and Mr. Johnson were very
much nliko In several respects; tney
were both "robber-barons," and both
bad got rich in the Bams way; but
their tbe resemblance ceased.
The philanthropic "robber baron"
who would not vote to put money in
the pockets of his stockholders, took
advantage of the rigors of winter to
drive a dicker with his employes'
wages, and had p:iid them one-third in
cash and two-thirds in scrip, and that
while Johnstown had scarcely recov
ered from the awful calamity which
had recently overtaken her. Repuhli
can applause.
Mr. Johnson disclaimed any inten
tion of posing as a philmitropiiist, but
he had urged that steel rails should be
placed upon the free list, beeaue there
was a pool to raise the price of steel
rails. Ho had notified the champion
of the eteel rail trusts, Mr. Dal
zell, that he proposed to offer this
amendment putting rails on the free list
so that he might be prepared to speak
against it, and he said tliat Mr. Dal
eell had come here armed with pins to
stick into him, but he would have to
bring heavier cannon to bear to mike
nny impression on him. He deprecated
the fact that personal chatges had been
brought into the debate, but he would
answer them brit fly,
In reply to the charge that ho was a
monopolist. Mr. Jobnson laughingly
pleaded guilty. As to the charge that
he was engaged in the manufacture of
a class of steel rails whioii would
not be affcted by putting steel
rails on tbe free list, that he would
still be protected by his patents,
Mr. Johnson said that all the patents
he held were not on tho manufacture
of steel rails, but many of them were
ou machinery. Ho did have twenty or
thirty patents on steel rail manufac
ture, but the remaining seventy or
eighty wero "bluff ," patents issued to
sustain other patents. He acknowl
edged that he had tried to monopolize
the business bv means of bis patents,
but the courts hail not sustained them.
On the subject of scrip, Mr. Johnson
said it was a quostiou of closing the
mills altogether or paying partly in
scrip, and he chose the latter. In his
opinion, jt was better to do that than
to close the mill as was done at Spar
rowB Point, and as was advocated by
tbe steel rail trust, it would b time
enongh to complain of that issue of
Rcrip when his company failed to re
dee tuit.In regard toliis alteration of the
record he oxplmned that, when tho sub
ject was being discussed before he had
replied to Mr Dalfcell'a questions with
out being prepared, and when be had
goue homo and, looked up tne matter
he found that the scrip bad been re-
deemed that day instoad of a week ago,
as bo hnd stateil under a misapprehen
sion and that it was not redeemed at a
small premium as be supposed, but at
par. He had then mado the change
ri quired in the record.
Mr. DaltsU Ton changed the roc-
ord in that respect without asking tne
consent of the house. 1 say now that
you diil it clandestinely.
Mr. Wilson, West Virginia, male
the principal speech iu oppoiition.
He pleaded earnestly that the work of
the committee on ways and means
should not be altered without due con
sideration. The amendment placing
steel rails on the free list was de
feated by a vote of 70 to 100.
K)brt F. Kinnocty Alan Denies State
ment, Mad- by Johnson.
Philadelphia, Jan. 80. Robert P.
Kennedy thus replies to certain state
ments made by Congressman Johnson :
First Mr. Johnson's Statement that the
contract made between myself and the
j.vryiand steel company is "a contract
not to inakerails,"lJ false. The 800,000 tons
of tails naineil iu the contract, or such of
them as are not now o!d, are for sale to
day to Mr. Jobnson or anyone else at a
price that will bo satisfactory to me, with
a covenant upon my part that (hey shall
be made at theBparrow Point works.
Second The ' new pool" of which Mr.
Johnson says I am the secretary, 1 say pm
itively bas no interest in or control wliat
ever over my contracts with the receivers
of the Maryland st"oi company and the
Pennsylvania steel company.
Third Ir the Maryland Steel company
is to get 1900,000 or any other sum, or the
Pennsylvania S'eel comoany is to get sso, -0(K)
or any other mm, from the "pool" to
wliich Mr. Johnson refers, 1 know noth
ing about it, and 1 believe that his state
ment to that effect is eutirely false.
Charles B. Wilsou Exercises Oioat In
fluence with the Dtukv' Ex-Rulr.
Ban Francisco, Jan. 19 -Charles B,
who has figured but
little in Hawaiian
news in this country,
but he is one of the
most prominent fig
ures in affairs on the
islands. It is he,
more than any one
elso who is respousi
Me for the attacks on
the queen's charac
ter, and this hss been
one of the most prom
lnent factors in the
cans for revolt,
Wilsou has long
been the queen's favorite and during
most of the time has occupied the po
sition of marshal, where his position
and influence with the dusky qneon
mado him virtual ruler of the mon
archy, He is a man of considerable
ability, astute and calculating Com
paratively little is known in the United
States as to his early life and anteced
ents. Among the Hawaiian! he is
known as "King Bolabola."
Many Oilers from Eastern Capitalists Rantfe
from 00 to ISO,
Witsun ie a man
One Toot Costs tho Railroad Company
Fiv Thousand Dollars.
Philadelphia, Jan. 10 George W
Ditlle has been awarded $5,000 dam
ages tii tbe Camden Supreim court in
his suit againi the Camden and Atlan
tic railroad.
Bittle claimed that he was perman
ently injured by his horse running
away after b-ing frightened by tho
blowing of a locomotive whistle.
Hear Admiral of Uncle Sam's Fleet Gets
Instructions from Grovor
Rio Janier.ii, Jan. 19.- -It is generally
understood here that Hear Admiral
Ilenham, commander of the united
States floet in the harbor, came to Rio
on mission of arbitration.
There are many indications that
snch a million, if earnestly undertakeu
by him will be successful.
' - ...
Professor BhoMlfdgS was taken to Nor
ristown Insane asylum.
Berks county expects a bis; revenue from
a more rigid enforcemout of the dog tax
John H. Adley. a colored ex-policeman
of the Pittsburg force, was fatally shot at
Jumping from a train near Harrisburg,
Hugh Conn tumbled into the river, but
was not hurt.
The Howard Plate Glass works, at Dn
riuesne, employing over M0 men, has re
sumed in lull.
The car shops at Palo Alto are to be
shutdown indefinitely, thus throwing 150
men out of work.
In agas explosion in aShnmokin colliory,
Frederick Nicholas and Joseph Strausser
were badly burned.
All slate quarries excepting Chanmnns,
in the Bangor region, which are working,
reduced wages 10 per cent.
Hulled to tbe ground by his runaway
tenm in Easton, Joel Stout, a miller, was
found with a fractured skull.
The business of handling tho Bedford
water continues in the hands of the Bed
ford Mineral Springs company.
Heads suffered severely in a riot at a
Lithuanian church fair in Shnniokiu, and
many alleged rioters were locked up.
Tho nomination paper! of tbe candidate
of the Peoples' party for c.ongresmnn-nt-large
were Bled at the state department.
Rev. Dr. William H. Roberts, of Phila
delphia, will on Jan. 'J4 deliver the Found
ers' Day sermon at Lafayette college,
Bas ton,
Tliero will be no conference between
General Manager Voorhees and the griev
ance Committee of the Lehigh Valley rail
road employes.
Isaac Seaman, a peddler, was ontioed
into a bOUSe at Pottsville, robbed and ter
ribly beaten, nnd Peter L,awson and Au-
thouy Fere are iu jeiL
A 10 per cent, cut In the pot.tors wages
was announced by Wick Bros., of Kitian
ning. The men refused to accept it aud
th pottery is shut down.
Flannagau and Gallen, the young men
captured at Williamsport. wero taken to
Allegheny county, Ma., to 0 tried for tho
murder of a mine sup irititondetit.
The men in Beading railroad shops will
work onlv four days a woek of eight
hours. This affects all shops ou tbe
Reading system, including the miners.
The grandson of tin. famous Indian.
Chief Cnrnplanter, called up in Governor
Pattison, la reference ton large trsctof
land he claims to own in Poai.nylvauia.
George W. Tonilinson, ex-sheriff of Lan
caster county, was convicted of aggra-
vnteil assault anil nation- in snooting a
man who trespassed uu his farm to hunt
fur rabbits.
The Judiciary Committee Wishes to
Hear His Reasons Getting the Is
su') All Ready The Plates Prepared
for ex-Sccrotary Foster Will Be
Used The Vest Yet to Hear From.
But the Bonds Will Be Taken.
Washington, Jan. 19.
today 0TOUght In B number of
additional offers to take tho 5
per cent, bonds to be issued by
the government on the first of Febru
ary. The offers varied in amounts,
one of them being as low as ij"0. Tbe
prices oifre 1 were regarded generally
as good. One, it is said, reached 130.
Treasury officials expect a great
many more offers before long, as they
say that time enough has not yet
elapsed for the circular off-ring to
take bonds to have reached and been
posted in mativ of the more distant
cities. Tn- offers today, it is said,
come entirely from the east and in
cluded lirms and persons iu Philadel
phia, 13 iston and New York. The
offers as they are received are collated
in proper form in the divisions of loans
and currency, where they will remain
Until they are opened Feb. 1.
The experts of the bureau of printing
and engraving are engaged in putting
the finiiliing touches upon the plates
from which the new issue of bonds will
be printed. When ex-Secretary
Charles Foster was contemplating a
bond issue shortly before the olose of
the Harrison administration he ordered
plates to be engraved, aud these will be
used for the forthcoming boti la, Th-v
were nearly finished before M ir. 4, 1898,
and more work was done upon them
early in the Cleveland administration
Since then they have been Stored away
in the bureau agaiust such a conting
ency as Secretary Carlisle's order of
Welneslay. It is necessary to change
tbe dates on tbe plates ,and to make
other alterations iu the script on the
body of the bonds, but otherwise the
designs ordered by Secretary Foster
will be used. They do not differ ma
teiially from the patterns of form -r
bond issues. At the bottom will be a
foot note stating that they are issued
under the act of Jan. 14, 1873
Tiie report that Will H. Low, the
well-known New York artist, who was
recently appointed to a position in tbe
department by Secretary Carlisle at a
rating of 16,000 per annum, was en
gaged to de-dgn tho bond", is contra
dicted by Mr. Claude Johnson, the
chief of tho bureau. Chief Johnson
laid today that the first batch of bonds
will be printed week, but the day
of their appearance or other detaiis, be
saidj bad not been decided.
Tho resolution denying tho authority
of the secretary of tho treaiury to issue
bonds for uuy other purpose than the
redemption of the greenbacks, iutro-
luced by Mr. Usiley and reported
favorably by the sub committee, was
liscussed in the bouse judiciary com
mlttee today at som t length, and
further consideration was then post
poned until next Wednesday, the reg
ular meeting d iy of the committee.
Mr. Carlisle is to be invited before
tbe committee at that time to explain
his decision. There is little doubt that
a majority of the committeo disbelieve
in Mr. Carlisle s authority to issue
bonds, but there is no probability of
action by the bouse on the subject
even should the committee report tbe
resolutions favorably, a thing which In
itself is doubtful.
Secretary Hay of K.iifbti of Labor,
Oppose, In .tun of Bond.
Philadelphia, Jan. 19. The Knights
of Labor, after consultation among
their officers present at a meeting last
night, sent the following dispatch to J.
R. Sovereign, general master workman,
Des Moines, la. :
Secure counsel and go before thn United
States Supreme court immediately. Kil
ter injunction proceedings against Gar
lisle, restraining him from issuing fuO,
000,000 of bonds. The interost of the peo
ple, upon whom the burden of all taxa
tion to pay the interest and principal of
those bonds fall, require that you bhould
immediately tako this step agaiii9t the
secretary of the treasury enjoining him
from incurring any further debt while the
resources of the government, if properly
applied, are sufficient to meet all lawful
Signed. Jims W. Hayes,
Secretary-Treasurer Knights of Labor.
Today the following telegram was
received by Secretary Hays:
I)k? Moines, Iowa, Jan. 10 John W.
Hayes, Philadelphia: Case submitted to
counsel. If there is reasonable ground on
wliich to force standing iu court, injunc
tion proceedings will begin at once.
(Sigued) J. H. BovjanoN,
General Muster Workman.
Mongolians Destroyo 1 by Earthquakes
with Thalr Uerda and Flocks.
Siianhhai, Jan. 19. Terrible death
and destruction has been caused by
earthquakes in the province of Urge,
One hundred of the native nomadic
population, with their 11 uks and herds
of horses, wero swallowod up or other
wise destroyed.
Told Newly from a Coufdrt9 Stand
point by a Participant.
Baltimore, Jan. 10 Not since tho
foundation of the Maryland Confeder
ate society has there been such a no
table gathering at tholr annual ban
qnct as was disclosdd at the Carol! ton
hotel tonight. The occ ision was one
of the greatest in historic interest to
all living participants in the civil war.
The lecture, which preceded the ban
quet, was notable because, for the hist
time, the story of Les and surrender
was told from tho Confederate stand
point and no better orator could have
been slcted, Colonel Charles Mar
shall, C S A , one of the most promi
nent members of the Baltimore bar,
was a witness of tho closing scene at
Wiliner McLean's house at Appo
mattes As the military secretary of
General Lee he accompanied his ohief
at the meeting with General Grant to
arrange the terms upon which the
army of Northern Virginia was to be
surrendered. Colonel Marshall was
tdjntant general as well as his military
And Belnir a Negro Was Lynched in the
U.iual Southern Way.
New Orleans, Jan. 19. Some time
ago the corn criD on L naries iteed s
place was burned and he concluded It
was set on fire. Suspicion pointed to a
negro as being the guilty p-rty. It
was proposed to organiz a mob, go to
the negro's house and give him a severe
beating. The mob was organized and
Wednesday night they cautiously ap
proached the cabin of the negro and
attempted to take him by surprise.
lie heard them coming, howover.and
prepared to meet them. Jnst as the
men appeared In front of the bonse the
negro threw up tbe window ana thrust
a double barreled shot gun through tbe
opening, blaz-id away. One man,
named lioberts, an employe, was killed
outright, and a sou of the proprietor,
Mr. Used, was badly wounded. After
firiug the negro attempted to escape,
but he was twice wounded and was
finally captured. Yeeterday morning
his body was found banging to a tree
on the tdanation.
But Not Aware of It When He Bade
Her Adieu.
LewisBORO, Jan. 10 - Last night
Mark Halfpenny, a gentleman of high
social relations and interested in the
woolen mills here, and haviiif a wife
and family, eloped with Mrs. Alvin
Angetadt, the wife of a prominont to
bacconist. The couplo met at Watson
town and after taking suppor at Coon
er's hotel, bought tickets und had their
baggage checked for Cleveland, O.
Mr. Angetadt took his wife's trunk
to the depot and bade her good
Having that she intended visiting rela
tives at Uealesburg. Halfpenny hud
often visited at Angstalt's house, and
the three had often passed tho evening
playing cards. Angstadt is now al
most distracted with grief and has
telegraphed to the chief of police of
Cleveland to arrest the couple when
they call for their baggage.
New V irk, Sueo, aefcsMMS t-nd Western'
New Outlet from Wllkee-Barra.
New York, Jan. 19. The New
York, Susquehanna and Western Rail
rosd company closed a traffic alliance
with the Wilkes-Barre and Eastern
railroad which extends from Wilkes-
I'arre to Stroudsburg, where it forms a
connection with the Susquehanna and
Western system.
By means of this alliance tbe Susque
hanna will bavo a direct line between
New York and Wilkes.Barre and the
anthracite regions, affording it direct
connection witli tho Lehigh Valley,
Jersey Central and thu Delaware und
Hudson canal systems. The road will
be open for freight traffic Jan. 88, It
is expected that passenger service will
be put on at an early day.
- i -
Examination Into the Causo of the Sus
quehanna Bildae Accident.
ENOLEWOOD,N. J., Jan. 10 Coronor
Voile, of Hoboken, with twelve jury
men made an examination of the
wreckage and the trestle of the Susque
hanna railroad this afternoon. From
all that can be learned the trestle,
which was constructed by Ross and
Satiford, is thought to have been suf
ficiently strong.
The springy uondition of the ground
in addition to quicksand, which pre
vails iu large quantities, are the only
accountable sauses for the accident.
Every one of these who were at work
upon the trestle have been accounted
for. so that the actual number killed is
For thirty minutes Mount Jefferson, of
Oregon, belched forth black smoke and
Plessanton, Ken., choso Mrs. Ann Aus
tin mayor by eight majority, women cast
ing 1V9 votes
Laura Schirtner-Miipleson, the prima
donna, is very ill at Now York mid sings
in her delirium.
In a furious quarrel in a St. Louis street,
William Haywood, colored, was ttabbeil
by Jennie Leggins.
The International Bricklayers' and
Masons union liavo elected William Klein,
of New York city, president.
With chloroform and pnissio ncid II. B.
F. O'Doll, a Chicago real estate man, ended
his life at Port Huron, Mich.
Iu a desperate tight With Officers at. Mer
cer, W. Ya., two ban-Ins named Mullen
were killed, with Sheriff Hall.
Oxalic ncid, swallowed by Henry Tels
kau, a Tombs prlsouer, at New York,
brought hiin to a horrible death.
Angered by the rivalry of John F. Morris-,
iu tho detective business, James 11c
Cane put. a bullet through his heart.
On charges of robbiug his wife's jewelry
Btore of $1k,ik)U worth of stock, Lyoucu
hanger, of New York, was arrested.
For trying to blow up ths Nelson monu
ment, at Montreal, Henry Morclor and
two companions were fined -. each.
Foreign houses with New York branches
had any number or inquiries from all
parts of Europe about the new bonds.
John Hardy was hanged nt Welch, W.
Va., for the murder of Thomas Drew. The
killing took place over a game of dice.
Three shots wero tired at Mrs. William
Qivens, of Atlanta, while asleep, and her
husband was arrested for the shootiug.
Bravery of Midshipman Addlsou saved
seaman brown, of the British warship
Garnet, who fell overboard iu P.squimault
The Montgomery made 18.85 knots on
her trial trip without tidal corrections
Her contractors will earn a premium of
Colorado's sonato will dismiss every of.
ficml and adioiiru in order to compel tho
DOUSe also to adjourn, leaving Governor
Walle iu a quandary.
Putting n brink through the window of
Harrlr.gtoii fc Freeman's jewelry store at
Boston, a thief grasped 1,U00 worth of
diamond rings and escaped.
Perfectly Satisfied with His Victory Id the
Hornblower Case.
Vacancies in New York State Will Be
Filled Very Soon Poucher Is Next
on the List Likely to Be Confirmed
as United States District Attorney
Soon Fault of Doyle, of Buffalo
Happy When the Machine Was
Washington, Jan. 19.
action of Senator Murphy in
reporting favorably yesterday
ternoon the nomination ot
Valentine Pleckenitein for col
lector of internal revenue for the
Twenty-eighth New York district is
taken as an indication that the New
York senators will not be factious in
their apposition to the generality of
New York appointments, even though
they may not have bueu consulted in
the selections.
But it is understood that Senator
Hill continues to antagonize the nomi
nation of General P 0 Doyle for col
lector of customs at Buffalo on political
grounds. The senator is said to hold
that General Doyle voted tbe straight
Republican ticket last fall, and that he
went even further und "rubbed it in"
on the senator by sending congratula
tory telegrams to friends in Washing
ton upon the defeat of the Democratic
William A. Poueuer, it is said, is op
posed on oilier and personal grounds,
but bis friends here now think that be
will ba confirmed us district attorney
within a few weeks. After the senate
has shown a disposition to confirm
some of the New York nominations,
the president will rend a fresh grist to
the senate, Among them will be c il
lectors of Internal revenue for New
York and Brooklyn and several judic
ial appointments for the state geuor
New York Democrats who are in
hopes of getting a hand into the public
crib need not feel discouraged by the
attitude of New York's senior senator.
Now that Senator Hill has taught Mr.
Cleveland a lesson in the Hornblower
matter he is not disposed to interfere
with tho tiling of smaller cilices. Mo
opposition will be raised in the senate
to the confirmation of men who are fit.
to till the places they are namod for.
Indiffareat Manner In Which a Murderer
Fpaut HI, Laat Hours.
CANDO, N, D., Jan. 10. Albert F
Bomberger, tho fiend who in cold
blood murdered the father and mother
and four children of the Kreider fam
ily and assaulted the eldest daughter,
was hanged at 1.30 this afternoon. Tho
fall broke his neck, giving him an in
stantaneous death. Tne execution
took place upon a gallows within an
enclosure located about three-quarters
of a mile from the court house.
Bomberger spent his last night on
earth iu ths auditor s ofhoe playing
cards, He nlso wrote two letters, one
to bis mother, and the other a sort of
an address to the public. At 12 45
o'clock tho sheriff appeared and read
tbe death warrant to which Bomberg ir
listened with s-lf possession, although
pale aud nervous.
A Constant Stream of Inquirers at His
Houss nnd Office
Philadelphia, Jan. 10, The condi
tion of Mr. George W, Chllds con
tinues favorable throughout today, and
tonight his physicians report bim as
much improved. No one is allowed to
see Mr. Childs.
A constant stream of people was at
his house today inquiring for him and
many telegrams from differeut parts of
the country were received at the Led
ger office from prominent mn seeking
information regarding Mr. Child's con
dition and expressing their sympathy
for him iu his illness.
Councillor Revived Juat Befor, ths Cof
fin Lid Wa, Scrawed Down.
London, Jan. 10 Thousands of per
sons gatnered in the cemetery at Bur-ton-on-Trent
today to attend tho fu-
jural of Town Council'or Churles
Wiletnan, When members of the
family were called to take a last look
at Wileman's face before the coffin
lid would be screwed down, two per
sons eaid they saw signs of life.
Physicians who were summoned pro
nounced Wileman alive. Tho funeral
services were suspended and the crowd
was dismissed. Wilemnn wns taken
from ths coilin aud he is now under
Nomination Pap ire Hecommended for
All Their Stat, Candidates.
Philadelphia, Jan. 19. The Penn
sylvania Democracy met nt their head
quarters, 1,000 Chestnut street, Michael
J. Ryau, presiding. A report was re
ceived from the finance committee.
showing subscriptions amounting to
over $2,000 iu the first two days of the
committee's work.
It was resolved to recommond nomi
nation papers for candidates be til el in
every ward, so that there will be com
pleto tickets In every ward and divi
sion for the elector to vote for.
Not Anionic ths Other Charjr D' Affaire,
at the State Dinner.
Washington, Jan. 19. Goseip in
diplomatic circles is busy today over nn
incident of the state dinner at the
white house last night In the pub
lished lists of invited guests as punted
in ths newspapers, the name of Secre
tary Hastings, who, in tiie absence of
Minister - Thurston, is Charge D'Af-
faires of the Hawaiian legation, was
Mr. Hastings was not among the
gu-sts present at the dinner, and, it is
now learned, that bereoived no invita
tion. This omission, whether accidental
or intentional, excites comment, be
cause both the secretaries of legation
of Korea and Columbia were con
spicuous among the list of guests,
wliich, in fact, included the head of
every legation now in Washington, ex
cept the Hawaiian legation.
Statement Showing tho Output for the
Last Two Years Compared.
Philadelphia, Jan. io. The bulle
tin of tho American iron aud Steel
association, suys: The total produc
tion of pig iron in 1803 was 7,184,809
gross tons agaiust 9,157.000 toua iu
1892. Tho total production of Bes
semer steel ingots iu 1803 was 8,188.894
gro,s tons against 4,163,433 tons iu
The total production of bosseraer
steel raiis in 1803, nxctpt a compara
tively small quiutityof standard and
street rails nude from purchased
blooms, was 1,086,858 gross tons, against
1,458,789 in 1892
The Republican Government Will Be
Like Our Own, with President and
Two Houses of Congress.
Honolulu. Jan. 12, via San Fran
cisco, Jan. 19, per Monawai. Tnere is
no important change iu public affairs
oa the island since ths advices carried
by tbe Australia. Strong remon
strances have been addressed to Min
ister Willis by President Dole in regard
to his "menacing attitude toward tho
provisional government."
It is privately learned that a new
constitution is all ready to be promul
gated at tbe proper time. Chinese
laborers are to be imported until Japan
is ready to contiuuo the supply on sat
isfactory terms. It seems to be defin
itely ascertained that for several weeks
and prior to Thurston's visit, the pro
visional government has been working
out a form of constitution for tbe In
dependent Hawaiian rspnblic which is
now substantially settled upon.
Its form is like those of the states of
the union with the president and vice
president and upper and lower bouses
of the legislature For voters for tbe
lower house, the chief qualification is
the ability to read and write the Eng
lish language which will exclude mors
of the Japanese. Iu this house the
natives and half-white vote will
greatly predominate. For the upper
house will be required in voters a con
siderable educational and property
qualification, sufficient to procure a
predominance of intelligent wiiite citi
zens, who will also coutrol the choice
of executive. Certain special powers
will be conferred upon the executive
and upper house, acting in concert,
which will enable them when well
agreed to prevent the obstruction of
necessary legislation by the lower
Fight Sure to Come Off Without Gov
ernor Mitchell' Interference.
Atlanta. G.i. , Jaa. 19. A special
from Jacksonville says tns Duval
Athletic club bas leased the railway to
Mayport, Fla., for Jan. 25. In esse
the governor stops the fight at the
arena the fight will occur at somo
point on that road. The club will al
low no one ou the train without au ad
mission ticket.
In this event the fight will take, place
under a tent holding 0,000 persons.
It will be impossible for the governor
to stop tho fight. The tip will b) given
as to the loc:ition on Jan. 84, aud the
battle will be fought to u finish on
Jan. 25. Both men are training hard
nnd tne town is full of sports. Mitch
ell is growing iu favor in the batting.
To Be Held in Armoris, During the Next
Three Months.
HaBBISBOKO, Jan. 19 An order was
issued from National guard headquar
ters tonight directing inspections to be
held in the armories during February,
March ami April, at such times and
places ns the brigade commanders may
Special atteution will be given to
armories aud condition of state prop
510 AND 512
Black Skirts
In Italian Cloth,
Brilliantim and Silk,
Both Lined aud Luliucd.
One lot 57c.
One lot 79c.
Ann lor 08n BmmtMm,
One lot $1.50
Former Priw
Former Priuo
One lot $3.12 '";: 'n
These goods are well
made and finished and at
the prices are ths greatest
bargains ever offered in
Maltese Cross
Captain Ticking of the cruiser Charles
ton is soon to be relieved.
Ambassador MacVuagh will sail for
Home tiie last of this mouth.
Kiske Conrade is In Washington seeking
tbe Tyrone postmnstership.
A lose Of 9780,000 IB gold was shown in
tho treasury, the figure beiug 9090,777,847.
The number of offers received at tho
treasury depnrtmouts to buy bonds was
surprisingly large.
Mr. Henderson, Iowa, offered ns an
amendment to the agricultural schedule of
the Wilson bill the corresponding claims
iu the McKinlev law.
Tbe house elections committee hns de
cided in favor of Settle, Kep., tbe sitttug
member in the contested case from tho
Fifth North Carolina district.
The proposition to consolidate Oklahoma
ami the Indian territory and admit them
us one state is being pressed by its advo
cate! upon the attention of the house com
mittee. . -
A Held of Ice stretching twenty miles
eeaward blocks the port of Odessa.
Prussia's deficit for the coming year is
estimated at 1 10,111X1,000, which will bo met
by a loan.
Smith ,t Wesson, the Amoricau revolver
manufacturers, lost their suit at Brussels
against Liege manufacturers, charged with
counterfeiting their trade murk.
An appeal of Armenians to tho United
Siatei government for protection against
the. Kurds hns been communicated to Tur
key's sultan by United States Miuistor
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