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In great variety
at prices
Suit the Times.
c. B. PRATT.
January Sale
Woolen Dress
In anticipation of
our regular annual
stock-taking we have
re-marked all our
Dress Goods stock
so that immediate
buyers may secure
Values in
Rich Foreign
Dress Goods.
Little Batch of Kaadabla Parionali and
Some General Gogsip.
Special to the Bcvanton Tribune,
MoNTitosE, Pa., Jan. 15 The Rough
and Heady Hose company will hold
their annual reception Jan, 31 in the
T. C. Allen has recently purchased
tome valuable real estate on Chenango
The aecond and laat week of court
for this term beiriin todav.
Charles Sayer, of the firm of Saver
& ShalTur, was in New York last weak
making purcbasti for their new store.
On Saturday the town council noti
fied Chief Engineer Smith that the Are
hydrants would be used hereafter in
case of fire, ao that the days of the
back breaking hand engine is past, for
which the firemen return thanks.
The large storehouse for ice at Heart
lake was destroyed by firo last week
which reminded the readers of The
Tribune of the cartoon that appeared
in this papsr a short time ago. showing
a fire in a fire extinguisher factory.
E A. Barney, the wide-awake har
ness man, is moving Into his new brick
store on Church street.
Hon. Galusha A. Grow spent Sun
day here and attended divine services
at the Presbyterian church.
Sayer & Shaffer now occupy their
elegant new stone building on Pahlia
Special services hnve bnen held in
the Methodist Episcopal church for the
past two weeks but are now discon
tinued. Sunday was more like an April than
a January day.
Hon. James T. DnBois, of Washing
ton, D, C, delivered an interesting ad
dress at the meeting of the Snsiiue
bnnna Connty Historical society ou
A litt'e daughter of Professor B E.
James has been seriously ill with scar
let fever.
rout or town oormsponilants of TUB Tnin
Om: should bU'U tliulr namns In full to oiioh.
i ior puuucauou out. vo sjaam
aguiuat dcci-itiuu.l
Rav. Mr. Hogan Preaches a Vary Prac
tical and Forolb'.e Sermon.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Forest City, Jau. 15 Last Sunday
renins R"V. J. C, Hogan chose for his
text '"They watched Him whether H
would heal on the Sabbath day, that
they might accuse Him," Mark lii. 1.
"The Lord's enemies, " Mr. Hogan said,
''drove Him from Jerusalem and He
made Capernaum His place of abode.
His enemies followed Him The Lord
was preaching and they watched Him
to see if He would heal the man with
a withered hand. Nothing was
said, but JfSOj knew what was in their
mistaken and malicious heart, and He
put this question to them: 'Is it law
ful to do good on the Sabbath day as to
do evil? To save life as to kill?' Like
cowards thev were silent.
Christ then illustrated the spirit of
the Sabbath law. Christ is our ox
ample in Sabbath observance as in all
things. Hi will furnish us a safe rule,
How did lie keep theSibbath? It is
safe to say no money could induce Him
to open his shop ou that day. We can
not think of H'.m keeping open store
to sell milk or meat. He attended
church, lie went about doing good.
We ought to givi God one-seventh of
our time. Our nature demands it
Uut today 8,148,000 people in this
country are at work. S mis of it may
be necessary work, but a vast amount
Of it Is unnecessary. The United States
government is greatly at fault on this
question in regard to the mail service.
Stveral years ugo petitions from
twenty-one states were sent to the
postmaster general requesting the dis
continuance of Sunday postal service.
The postmaster general replied: "So
long us the silver river fbws and the
green grass grows and the ocoan tides
rrne and fall on the first day of the
week, so long shall the mails of this
republic circulate on that day."
London with its five million of peo
ple ullows no mail to be collected or
distributed. The preacher then char
acterized the Sunday newspaper as the
fountain of Sabbath desecration and
the sewer of all news trash of the day.
It is tho dirtiest sheet printed. It is
training an army of boys to be Sab
bath violators. The man who adver
tises in a Sunday paper may bo a dea
con, but be desecrates the Sabbath just
as much as if he kept open store. The
speaker then said the congressman
from our neighboring district is th
biggest criminal in the crowd in this
respect. He publishes a Sunday paper
in violation of the laws of God and
man. How can we expect the rabble
to respect our laws when tho law-mak
era themselves are not respeotable?
The workiugman is much slandered
on this subject. According to the pol
itician and the money gobblar, the
workingman wants everything that is
devilish; but the fact is the politician
and the soulless corporation want
seven days' work for six days' pay.
But the workingmau is no fool. Con
tinuing, the speaker said that in 1883.
when they desired to open the mme
urns and theaters in England, a canvass
was made and it was found that sixty
two labor organiz itions, with a mem
bership of 48.482, were found in favor
of open museums and theaters, and
against such desecrations. 2,412 labor
organizations, with a membership of
501,705, went on record.
After the sermon, Mr. Hogan read
the following resolution to be pre
sented to the Forest City borough
council tonight, which was adopted by
a large number of those present:
Whereas. Wo understand that aa elec
tric railway company desire the right of
way through the main streets of our bor
ough. . , ,,
Ruanlvad. Thatwa hereby respectfully
renuest our counrilmeu, if they should
grant tne irancuise, to niaae mu u(ien-
lion of Business on iue uiacoruiuunucu ui
street cars on Sunday a condition.
William Eddie, of Montrose, Killed In a
Peculiar Munix.r
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Montrose, Pa., Jan. 15 William
Eddie, a resident of this place, was
snddenly killed at Liircbardville on
Saturday, by having a tree he was
chopping fall on him.
He leaves an invalid wife, and twins
bout two years of age.
A Quarter Century Teet
For a quarter of a century Dr. King's
New Discovery has been tested, and the
millions who have received benotlt from
its life testify to its wonderful curative
powers in all disennes of Throat.f.'hest nud
litmus. A rumodv that has stooil the test
so long and that haB given so universal
satisfaction is no experiment. Each bottle
is positively guaranteed to give relief, or
the money mil be refunded. It is admitted
to bo the most reliable for Coughs and
Colds. Trial bottles Kree at Matthew Ilro's,
Drug Store. Large size 50c, and j1.00.
Changes in Old One Frac.ically Give It a
New Chiractnr.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Montrose, Pa., Jan. 15. Company
G, thanks to the energy of their cap
tain, have now a well arranged and
comfortable armory. Captain Ainey
took yonr reporter through the refitted
armory and he was surprised aud grati
tied to see what a change had taken
placi. For years it has been little less
than an excuse for a place of entertain
ments. The room was large aud lieat-
d near the entrance by a stove on
either side, but the people who were
brave enougn would go and sit through
an entertainment and suffer from the
cold and thou sulfur from a cold sev
eral dnvs afterward.
All this is now changed. In place
uf stow.', a iarge furnace makes steam
that is sent around the room, and sev
eral radiators will keep the room warm.
The gallery that extended across the
bnilding has been taken out aud in its
place there is a large meeting room for
the company, and the captain's private
room, which is large and beautifully
arranged. Down stairs under the com
pany s rooui, the quartermaster and
first sergeant have wall appointed
rooms, besides a room for the janitor.
1 ho stage has nlso had some improve
ments, so that Montrose can uow boast
of a fine armory, and a much better
place for entertainments than it has
ever before hail. Company G doserves
to be congratulated on their good for
line in having for a lealer and com
mander not only a brave; and true of
ficer, but a man who is able to plan
and execute such improvements as has
been mads in this armory under his
Montiou of Well Known Persons
and Other News.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Peckvii.i.e. Pa.. Jan. 15 Mrs. J. B
Grover, who has been visiting her par
puts, has returned home.
Keorular communication of Oriental
Star lodge, 588, Free and Accepted Ma
sons, will be held tomorrow ev-ming.
Don t forget the fcniwortli league so
rial tomorrow evening at the home of
Mrs. W. S. Bloes on Main street, iliere
is a rare treat in store for all who at
Henry Lantz died at the home of his
laughter, Mrs. J. b. (jrrltman. at lieu
Place Saturday afternoon with apo
plexy, aged 00 years Mr. Lanlz was
farmer and lived at Scott. He leaves
a wife and four children; two sons and
two daughters. Funeral services will
ie held at Brown Hollow Bsptist
church tomorrow afternoon at 2 o clock.
Interment in the Scott cemetery.
Chief of Police Simpson, of Scranton,
and his brother Harry, of lieil I'lac
spent Sunday with their cousin, Frank
Simpson, of Ulakely,
Mr. and Mrs. hranlf lienscontor were
called to Shitkshinny Saturday on uc
count of tho death of the former s
brother in law.
Mrs. J. W. Reck returned Monday
after spending a few daya with friends
at Pittston.
My physician said I could not live, my
liver out of order, frequently vomited
greenish mucous, skin yellow, small dry
humors on face, stomnch would not re
tain food. BnrdoQk Blood Hitters cured
me. Mrs. Adelaide O'Brien, 3?2 Exchange
street, Buffalo, if. Y.
American Recruits Get the Promise of
Fifty Dollars Per Month.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Montrose. Pa.. Jan. 15 The recent
announcement tht James F. Harring
ton, a recruiting officer for President
Peixoto. of Brazil, was traveling
through northeastern Pennsylvania
trying to enlist soldiers for Kio Janeiro,
was not unfounded.
Mr. Harrington has been in these
nnrtB for nearly a fortnight and has
enrolled a round score of Susquehanna
county belliirrents who seem perfectly
willing to fight, bleed and die for a
foreign county, at the rate of W a
When rialiy was sick, we gave her Castorla.
When the was a Child, she cried fur Castorla.
When she became Miss, she clung to ( 'ostorta.
When she had Children, she gavothein Contort.
the ball room will present a very at
tractive appearance.
Slick Game of Two Clever Scoundrels In
Wayne County,
Sitecia1 to the Scranton Tribune.
HONESDALB, J'a,, Jan. e5. During
the absenee of C. D. Coons, of Man
chester township, in the west, John
and James Pay, living noar Sii9qn-
lanna, Pa , entered his home on .Ian.
10, representing themselves to Mrs.
Coons, who was sick in bed, as public
officers, and produced documents
claiming the right to take Mr. Coons'
bay gelding trotting horse, bred (J,
fast rising to prominence. They had
Mrs. Coons sign a bogus document on
er severe protest, took the horse and
Coons returned home yesterday, came
to Honesdiile and placed the case in
the hands of Attorney F. P. Kimble.
Squire Smith issued a warrant for the
arrest of John and Jams Pays. Con
stable Brown left for Susquehanna to
night. 1. G. lUiinas, of Scranton, has
been trainiug Fred C.
Various Mcvments of the Candidates
for Publ'c Office
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Taylor. Pa., Jan. 15 The political
pot is brimming over with candi lntes
for the various borough officers, and all
those who have announced themselves
would be a credit to the offices. H. W.
Ree is In the fl-ld for tax collector.
William P. Griffiths is out for justice
of the peace.
Efforts are being made to bring Uli-
ver M. Williatne, a bright, intelligent
nnd successful business man, out for
burgess, but at this writing he has not
consented to accept. If he consents to
ruu he wili make tho other t'.vo candi
dates, Mr. Harris aud Mr. Nansteel,
hustle to win.
For street commissioner, which will
bo appointed by council, there aro
Hill i am b, Jones, David A. Lewis,
William Reynolds and a doz-iu more
are after the appointment.
What Has Occurred in Recent Houra in
That Live Borough.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Avoca, Pa., Jau 15. Professor J.
E. Dwyer, of Hazltton, spent Sunday in
Don't forget the Silver Like quartette
concert to be held lu tne Methodist
Episcopal church Feb 3
Mrs. li. T. Fric.i u slowly recovering
from her recent illness.
Leon Schraeger intends erecting a
new building on Main street.
W. It. Manners opened his handsome
new drug store in the Brehony block
this evening. The store fixtures are
very neat and attractive.
W.J. Healey left tonight for Niagara
university, New York, wtnre he will
r sume his studies after spending the
holiday vaeatiou with his parents on
the West Side.
The new tower on St. Mary's church
is nearing completion.
Extensive preparations are beinr
made for the dedication of the Primi
tivo Methodist church, which is to take
place Jan. 20.
King Elwell, of N"w York citv. is
the guest of W. U. Manners.
Mrs. M 1'. O Brien was a visitor to
Scranton yesterday.
1 no marriage of Janus Cawley, of
Pittston, and Miss Mary Kelly, of this
place, has been announced to take
place in tho near future.
Miss M iry Wnalen attended a ban
quet ut Carbondale last Friday even-iug
ilie Ladies Aid society of the Metho
dist Episcopal church will meet next
ednesday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Fred. Dommermuth.
Talented Ptttstonians Will Entertain
Patrone of St. Mary's Fair,
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Avoca, Pa,, Jan. 10 A number of
Pittston people will entertain the pa
trons of St. Mary's fair on Thursday
evening with the following programme:
Duet. "Lovo nnd War."
J. P. Inmnn nnd M. E. Goldon
Recitation Miss Nellie Busnehan
Instrumental music Touhill f amily
Tenor solo, "Mollie Bawn"...M. E. Gulden
Comic 'story Con Carviu
Bass boIo. "Dear Irish Homestead."
,l. 1'. inman
Instrumental music Touhill Family
Tenor Bc.lo. "She Left the Man that
Loved Her for Another" F. Mnckin
Dancing specialties P. Lynch
Comic songs Cou Carviu
Chief child dance of world.
Miss Mamio Lvnch
Farodies on popular songs.
Will Qengber and Tony Walsh
The Boundaries of the Bjrough Divisions
Are Established.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Taylor, Pa. , Jan 15 The commis
sioners appointed to take testimony in
regard to dividing laylor into wards,
met Saturday afternoon at Price Li
brary hall. Many .citizens Wore pres
They decided upon wards as follows:
First ward, Feltsvillo, ll ik street and
North Taylor to Djpot street; Second
ward, from Depot street to Union, in
cluding all of the .North district of
Lackawanna township; (Third ward,
from Union street to Ridge to Taylor
to Main ; Fourth ward, from corner of
Ridge to Washington, Storrs to Bohnl
tice, Lunce and Taylor street to Ridge
Fifth ward, from corner of Taylor to
Bendhani, These lines have given gen
enl satisfaction.
HONESDALE happenings.
They Are Pleasantly ReluWd In Snauoy
Little Paragraph!.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Honks pale. Jan. 15 Canls are out
announcing the marriage of Miss Runa
Watts to Charles McDowell Wednes
day Jan. 24.
Miss Stella Steinb'ck is visiting hot
nncle, Benjamin Gardner, on E ist
Fred B Whitney is calling on Scran
ton friends this week.
Morris Freeman expects to leave
Honesdale Feb. 1 for a two months'
visit at Albany and Georgia.
R. R. Voris and 0, M. Prue, of
Scranton, were at the Allen housi to
day. Superintendent Rose left for E.ldy
ville, N. Y., this morning.
Some of the More Notable Pioneer City
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Caruunpale, Ja., Jan. 15. On Wed
nesday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the
Baptist parsonage on Lincoln avenue,
the Ladies' Aid society will meet to
elect officers for tho ensuing year, and
in the evening a reception will be held,
to which a general invitation is ex
tended. Tea will be served from 5 to
9 o'clock.
On account of tho inclemency of the
weather the big parade of the Andrew
Mitchell Hose company did not occnr
this evening, but, the weather provitig
favorable, it will take place tomorrow
R. W. Pitman, an employe of the
Ilomlrick Manufacturing company,
will resign his position on Wednesday,
and will at once leave fur New York
Miss Jennie Annger returned home
this evening from an extended visit
with Miss Sally Johnson, of Kingston.
Will collltm, or Scranton. spent Sun
day with his parents in this city.
Mrs. Barbara. Martin, Miss Annie
Piel. Will Piel and Julius Kslsch, of
Honesdale, were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. John Mohrs, of Park street, over
Notes Which Tell of the Movements of
Borough Residents.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Taylor, Jan. 15 One week from
tomorrow night the cantata "Santa
Clans" will be agaiu given in Weber's
Tho Price library reception commit
tee meet tonight to arrange for their
coming affair on Jan. 20.
The borough council uisuU Wednes
day night.
The Democrats of Old Forge town
ship will hold their caucus next Fri
day night at Sheridan's hall.
Harry Rivenburg, who has been Old
Forge correspondent of the Scranton
Times has resigned to accept a perma
nent position with Powells Musio store
of Scranton.
Griff Price wishes to announce him
self a candidate for councilman.
The Freo for all Teinperauce society
will hold nn entertainment tonight in
the Mothodist Episcopil cburoh.
Dan Jones was in Archbald Saturday
Wednesday is pay-day at Taylor,
Pyne and lloldon mines.
The week of prayer is continued
again this week at the Congregational
and Welsh Baptist churches.
Chronicle of the Happenings of a Pros
perous Community.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Moosic. Jan. 15 Mrs. Ablo Storm
is improving.
Mrs, W. O. Drake is on the sick list.
Mr. Rimage was buried Saturday in
the Marcy cemetery.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. LewiB spent
cnniiny at n insom.
A number of boys and girls of this
place went skating on the Columbia
pond Saturday evening.
Miss Susie Lewis spent Sunday with
friendi in scranton,
It Will Ba One of the Finait Events of
the Season.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Carbokualk, Pa., Jan, 15. Ou
Wednesday ning, in Keystone hall,
will occur the annual masquerade ball
of the Gerraania Singing society. This
eveut promises to be the grandest af
fair ever held by this entertaining so
ciety. The committee who have the
affair in charge aro Carl Sehrader. John
Von Berk, A. G irbart. John Molars,
Peter Kruniz, jr., nnd Joseph Krantz.
On Wednesday morning Mr Fahreu
holt.of Scranton, will be at the Harri
son House with a new and elegant as
sortment of costumes and undoubtedly
Dr. ED. Grewer
The Philadelphia Specialist,
And his sssooiatod ttulf of EiirIInIi and Gor
man 1 UylcianB.are now permanently located
Temple Court Building
.111 SPRUCE ST.,
Where tlioy may i, rom,alted DAILY AND
The Doctor Is a graduate ot tho ITnivorsity
oi Pennsylvania, formerly .demonntrator of
pkysiolugv and surgery at tho Mediuo-Chlr-urglcid
College, of Philadelphia. Ho Is also
an honorary n ember of the Medloo Chirur
glcnl Association, and was physician and
Burgeon ill-chil-r of rhu mnat i t. .1 Am.,rinnn
and German hospitals, comes highly Indorsed
by the leading professors of Philadelphia and
New York.
His many yoars of bosnital experlenee en
ables tide eminent physician and surgvon to
correctly ding nose and treat all doformitioi
and diseases with tho most llnttcrimr success
and his I i. ti standing in tho state will uot
all -w bim t.o accept any incurable cane
Ifyouhavo Dean Kiveii up ny your physi
cian cull upon the doctor and bo examined.
He cures the worst casosof Nervous Debility,
Scrofula, Old Bores. 1 atarrh. Piles, Female
Weakness, Affections of the Ear, Eye, Nose
and Throat, Asthma, Deafness. Tumors, Can
cers and Cripples of evory desorlptloa. Con
sultation In Emdishand German Erne, which
shall he considered sacrotl and strictly confi
dential. Office Honrs: 0 A. M. to O P, M. Dally,
Sunday, O a.m. to -' p.m.
There are hundreds of young men and young women in this
country who have splendid ability, but they have never been
wakened up.
Wood's College of Business and Shorthand
Has been an inspiration to hundreds of young people. If you
are tired of inactivity and want to do something tangible,
come to the College.
SHORTHAND COURSE. j. g WQ0D proprietori
Seeds and
Large Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
Lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
Statement Dae, 19,1808, called for by
tlic Comptroller ol tin Cui-runcy.
I.oan VI, 90-1, 4 73 10
Overdrafts 7IO.
United States llnmla 00,(1110,(10
Other ltcmile 44H,rJ7.7.-
HniiKliiB Houee I!K,074,46
Premlumi nn u, s. Bonds.... 17.448 75
Dili- fruin t 8. Trraiiurr 10.000 00
line in. in ltauks 881,139.09
Caib 17:i.00l).ott
Capital - 00
Suriilnx U40.000 00
Undivided Criiflla 89,988.99
c Iroulatloo 189,000.90
Dividend! I npald 1,889.80
DepoHlte.' 1,799,989 K(
Due to 11,11. 1, - 80.044.07
WILLIAM CONNF.I.T., President.
JKO. II. CATLTN, Vlee-I'iesident.
William Council, George IL Catlln,
Alfred Hand, Henry Belli), r .lattiea
Aieliliald, William T. Smith, Luther
Till bank nflem tn dopnultnre every
facility warranted by their balances, busi
ness end responsibility.
Speelal attention given to business ac
counts. Interest paid on time deposits.
&lrn. J. Ji. Aughcnbauoh
01 Etteis, P8
Blood Poisoning
Intense Suffering II Years.
Hood's Healed the Sore in .Seven
11 ( ! A Perfect Cure.
"I will recommend Hood's Hamparlla as
flrst-olass. It has proved lis merits to us.
Twelve years ago my wile was ploklng rasjr
berries when she scratched herself, on a brier,
tho wound from which soon developed Into a
terrlblu sore, between her knee aud nnkle. Not
withstanding' all wo did for It, It continued dis
charging lor eleven long years. We tried medi
cal sliilfon overy side. Willi no effect About a
year ago she rend of Bond's Sin saparllla and
concluded to try It herself, and while taking the
first bottle she felt Letter aud continued with It
Hood's ' Cures
until today she Is entirely well and bolter than
ever. Tho sore was healed up In seven weeks.
Her limb Is perfectly sound. We attribute her
cure entirely to Hood's harsaparllla." Jacob
N. AlioHKNBAioH. Etteri.Yurk Co., Pa.
Hood's Pills cure all Uar Ills, Ulllou
neis Jaundice, Indigestion, Sick Ucadauho.
406 and 408 Lackawanna Avenue.
'YE have completed our inventory and
naturally have found some odd lots
which we will close out at actual cost.
They Must Be Sold
In our Carpet Department you will find
bargains in Tapestry Brussels, Ingrains,
and in the finer grades, such as Moquette,
Velvet and Axminster.
Dropped Patterns, Remnants and Old
lieces wdl be sold regardless of cost.
RHfiQ Specal 3o-inch Smyrna Rugs
nUQu $2.50; reduced from $3.50.
Dry Hemlock
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building,
SA& Scranton, Pa.
HILE many maimfacturairs ami doaWi nreinnkins? extravagant state
meats concerainir the niorlts and dnrnhilirv of mpilinm or low i:rudi
pianos intendiag parcbaser9 should not fail to examine tho famooi
Illnstrnted book containing valuable information on pianos on application
E.C.Ricker & Co.
123 Adams
National Bank of Scranton
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000.
W. W. WATSON, Vicu Prusidont
A. 13. WILLIAMS, L'Mulor.
SAMi nt, IllNEH, JAMES M' F.VF.HnAtlT,
IaVlXa A. FlRCR. PlKlli'K B.,
(. has. l. Matthews. John T. 1'uhtxh.
W. W. Watbon.
Tills hank invltos tho iatruDR uf busioosa
uit'u nun nrni3 ifeiifruiiy.
DKXTKIt MI0R CO., Iire'p. Tspltil, Ij 000.000.
"A dollur nred it a dollar earned. ' .
Thli Ladles' Soldi French loii;ilu KI1 But
ton Hoot delivered freo nnvwhern In tho U.S., on
rocelptnfCaeh, Money Order,
or l'oawl Nolo for L,'iO.
Kuiiiil evory wny tho boon
MM 1" nil retail itorct for
12.60. Wo make thin boot
MM therefore we guar
antee tho (, ttile and rcear,
mul If nny ono l not BntUlled
wo will refund tho money
Ir. t)ier
n Heine,
K, ft KK.
and half
your nine;
V fit yon.
Dexter Shoe Go., ItOSTON. MASS.
upeeiai lertni w neaitrt.
.SOB "rl ' vN3B,vllMC
These are Center Tables.
Last week we interested the men
with Office Chairs, which they ap
preciated, as we judge by their pur
chases. This week we will try and
interest the Ladies with Center
Tables at One-third less than former
prices. They will be displayed in
our large show window with prices
on each. A Table of this descrip
tion can be used in numbers, as
every room in the house should
possess one. They are as handy as
a shelf or mantel, and decidedly
more ornamental. Look up your
spaces and . come THIS WEEK
and select a Table.
Remnants of Carpets ,
And Odd Pairs of Lace and Chenille y
Curtains at "Way Down Prices."