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Pipe (
j Valves f
1 Fittings I
Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avenue
508 Penn Ave.
Offer for This Week
A new line of 4o inch
all wool Bourette Stripe
Cheviots, made to sell
for 75c; 7 yards will
cost you $2.03, or only
29c per yard.
Wall Papers,
Window Shades,
Mattings, Rugs, etc.
127 Wyoming Ave.
tin' county j nil for assaulting her. Mr.
Beppler shj-8 uia wife's quarrelsome dispo
sition is responsible for all tlie trouble.
The report of the inquisition in the case
of Dr. A. E. Burr has not yet been filed,
but us soon as it is, exceptions will be
made b Dr. Burr's attorneys, Hulslauder
& Votburg. The exceptions will set forth
that commissioner Hawloy participated
in the deliberations of the jury, and that
one of the jurors introduced matters in
the jury room not disclosed by the wit
nesses. Thit information, though false, it
is alleged.swayed the judgment of the jury
ugaiust Dr. Burr.
The following are the officers of Pride
of the Valley ra tie, No. 15), Kuights of
the Uolden "Eagle, of Duumore, elected
for the ensuing six moutbV term:
Past chief, Arthur Johnson; noble
chief, Thomas C. Matthews; rice
chief. William Johnson; high priest,
Sudlrr S. Wirt: venerable hermit Harry
B. Cole; master of reoords; E J ward Aug
wlh, jr.; clerk of exchequer, Harry Ed
wards; keeper of exchequer, William Har
vey; sir herald, Charles (.iron; worthy'bard,
William' Cole; worthy chamberlain, John
H. Jenkin; ensign, Edward Angwin, sr.;
enquire, John H. Keast; first guardsman,
John Webber; second guardsman, Job
Bailey; trustees, W. Ureaves, J. Webber,
K. Webber.
Very Peculiar Manifestations Said to
Take Place in the Barn of
Captain Gardner.
A genuine spook is said to be causing
consternation in the vicinity of Fac
toryville. It appears that it makes its
headquarters in the barn of Captain
Gardner, abont one mile and a half
from Factoryville village, and various
good citizens assert that it makes its
presence known by many and peculiar
The twilight hour seems to be the
favorite roiliping tint) of bis or bor
spookship and stones and other misiles
of the earth earthly are cast about
by unseen hands in a most reckless
A few nights ago brothers natm.l
R-ynolds, residing nt Faotoryvllle,
went to the barn to investigate the
causa of the manifestations. They
carried a lantern and as soon as they
entered the barn the rlanie turned
blue. Wheels on the w.igons began to
fly round uf ter the style of a Fourth ol
July snin wheel in full operation and
carriages moved about the building
propelled by unseen power.
The Investigation was discontinued
for that night.
"The Tornado" will be the attraction at
the Academy of Music tonight.
William J. Fay and Ellen Welsh, of
Dickson City, were granted a marriage
license yesterday.
A new class in music sight reading will
be formed at the Young Men's Christian
association parlor this evening.
Rev. Kalph Oillam. with Mr. Bronson.
his solo singer, will conduct the services at
the Rescue Mission this evening.
J. J. Bailer was yesterday appointed
postmaster at Thornhurst, this county.
The notice of an earlier appointment was
The stock of the firm of 0. E. Tropp,
grocers of Wyoming aveaue, was sold by
the sheriff yesterday, it was purchased by
Charles Tropp for J08. .
The children of the public schools will
receive their sight reading music lesson at
the Young Men's Christian Association
hall at 2 o'clock this afternoi.
Today is the day that the magnificent
lion, Wallace, now at the Eden Musee, can
be seen. The exhibition is a marvelous
one and should be seen to be appreciated.
Theodore Hemberger, violinist from
Berlin. Germany, will give a concert at
Young Meu's Christian Association hall,
Jan He will be assisted by Miss Em
ma Conrad.
Ezra Grifnin post, No. 13U, will leave
fur Forest City this morning at S,3i) to at
tend the fnneral of John K. Dairies, an old
comrade, who died at that place Wednes
day. Mr. Davies was formerly a resident
ou the West Side.
Many requests have come to J. T. Wat
kins, chorister of the Penn Avenue Bap
tist church, asking for a ropitltiuii of the
delightful music given by the choir ac
Christmas time. He has decided to repeat
the service tomorrow, both morning and
evening. f
Today will be the last opportunity
Scrantonians wlli have of seeing the un
tamable lion Wallace, at the Eden Musee.
It is really a fascinating sight to see Bronco
Boccaclo, the East Indian trainer, enter
the cage with the infuriated beast. The
show given in the theater is excellent and
pleases everyone.
Fullor Johnson, who resides at Rattle
snake Pond, near Moscow, was before Al
derman Post yesterday, charged with de
serting his wife. Mr. Johnson said his
wife was to blame, as she frequently be
comes Intoxicated and absents herself from
home. He was held in $300 bail and George
Okell became security for him.
Tomorrow afternoon Joseph Summer
hill will begin hit engagement as corneter
at the Yonng Men's Christian association
Gospel meetings, when a series of song
services will be commenced under the di
rection of Tallie Morgan. W. E. Carr, a
well known evangelist, will deliver a brief
talk on "The Bible Christian." The song
service will begin at 3.45,
Mrs. Mary Sullivan yesterday began suit
against the Philadelphia Life Insurance
company. She held a 1,.'00 policy on the
life of her mother, Mrs. Catharine Burke,
who died about six months ago, and the
company refuses to pay it on account of
an alleged failure to pay premiums. Mrs.
Sullivan says she had a special arrange
ment with the agent concerning the pay
ment of premiums. She is represented by
Attorneys Hutslander Hi Vosburg.
Rev. Ralph Gillam will speak at three
services in the Duumore Presbyterian
church tomorrow: 10.30, 3. U0 and 7.30.
Those attending are requested to come
early. The morning subject will be 'God's
Invitation." In the evening, "The Un
answerable Question." An increasing in
terest has been manifested in these meet
ings during the past week, and Mr. Gillam
has been greeted with crowded houses.
He ts an eloqnentand forcible speaker.
Testimony in the divorce case of lira.
Lizsie Beppler against Conrad Beppler, was
heard before Judge Archibald yesterday.
They were married in I87n and took up
their residence in Petersburg. Mrs. Bep
pler says her husband became intemperate
and frequently beat and abused her. He is
now serving a term of imprisonment in
Freas Bogert's Crowd Won't Play with
Seranton This Season.
The men who shove their bands
down in their trousers' pockets to the
extent of a thousand dollars or bo every
spring, so that the population of
Wilkes-Havre may have a base ball
club to bang on to the tall end of a
league, have made the announcement
that they don't want anything to do
with the Pennsylvania State leagu
Not they:
V, hat they want is a gilt edge collec -tion
of aged men who were able to
play fairly good base ball in days gone
They don't care a rap for young
players of the State league kind, full of
snap and ginger and life.
Oh, no!
Such a clnb would awaken Wilkes
Bnrreans from their trance and Wilkes
Bnrreans love dearly to Blnmber.
A town with inhabitants who still
date letters 1893 wants worn out Na
tional league players who have reputa
t ons not ability.
So loug, Wilkes1 Barre, we willjwallop
the life out of you after we get through
trouncing our own State League clubs.
Annual Election of Officers and Appointment
of Committees.
During the Year There Has Been Ad
mitted to the Home of the Friend
less Eighty-Eight Persons The An
nual Report a Very Interesting Doc
umentDetailing the Work That
Has Been Accomplished.
The twenty-second annual msetin g
of the directors and board of managers
of the Home for the Friendless was
held in tbeYoungW men's Christian as
sociation rooms yesterday afterno);!.
Kev. F. S Ballentino opened the
meeting with prayer. James P. Dick
son presided and Mrs. W. D. Kennedy
read the minutes of the last meeting,
which were adopted.
Mrs Daniel Langstaff. treasurer,
made her report. It showed thit there
was on hand Jan. 1, 1803. $8,480 95. the
eceipts during the vesr were $'.i,906 54,
with a total of $7,837.49. The KOAndi
tures daring the year were $3,098 11,
leaving n bulanne on hand Jan. 1, 1394,
of $4,739 88. The report was adopted
and then Mrs. W. D. Kennedy reviewed
the work of the past year in her annual
renort. During the year thirty-four
boys, tblrty-two girls and twelve Wo
men wre admitted to the home. The
total number of inmates for the past
twenty-two years was 1,170.
Iherepirt was adopted and Mrs
Kennedy tendered a rising vote of
thanks. The election of officers re-
ulted in the choosing of the satna ones
that served last year: They are: Presi
dent. Mr. J, Attic.u Robertson ; vice
president, Mrs. C. P. Matthews; gen
eral .manager, Mrs. John G inter; re
cording secretary, Mrs. W.D Kennedy;
corresponding secretary, Mrs. C. B
Penman; treasurer, Mrs, Daniel Ling
Stuff ; eight managers for thrse years,
Mrs. J. P. Dickson, Mrs. V. M. Spen
ser, Mrs. W. W. Watson, Mrs. A, Hen
chick. Mrs. Charles Schlager. Mrs. J.
L. StellS Mrs. R. W. Luc, Mrs. Lu-
her Keller; auditors, R. W. Luci, W.
The standing committees were ap
pointed as follows:
Advisory H. A. Kuapp. E. H. Rinule.
W. T. Smith.
Executive Mrs. W. W. Winton. Mrs. A.
Finance Mrs. F. M. Spencer. Mrs. W.
W. Watson. Mrs. F. W. Mason. Mrs. D. E.
Taylor. Mrs. E. S. Moffat, Mrs. P. It Ger
loclr. Mrs. J. L. Stelle, Mrs. E. T. Cham-
Fuel-Mr3. R. W. Luce, Mrs. A. E. Hunt.
Repairs and Improvements Mrs G. L
Dickson. Mrs. R. G Brooks, Mrs. D. E.
Taylor, Mrs. E. H. Ripple, Mrs. J. P. Dick
son, Mrs. N. Y. Leet. Mrs. Daniel Lsng
staff, M s. J. L. Stelle.
Inspection Mrs. C. F. Mattes, Mrs. Jo.
seph Ober, Mrs. John Nelson, Mrs. J. P.
R-ligious services Mrs. E. H. Ripple.
Mrs. J. R. Fordham, Mrs. W. H. Perkins,
Mrs. F. H. Gerlock.
Burials Mrs. R G. Brooks, Mrs. John
Genter, Mrs. F. H. Gerlock.
Grounds Mrs. Charles Schlager. Mrs.
Luther Keller, Mrs. F. W. Mason, Mrs.
Cora Merrl field.
Desserts Mrs. A. E. Hunt.
Assistant manager Mrs. N. Y. Leet.
Matron Mrs, A, K. Walker.
A N-w Oae Established Last Thursday
at Harford, Susquohanna "County.
W. E Cahoon, of this city, assisted
by members of Camp 8, Sons of Vet
erans, mustered in a new camp at Har
ford, Su-quehanna county, on Thurs
day, with the following charter mem
bers: F. A. Oiborn. A. D Darrow, T.
G. Gillespie. E O. Follet, II. A. Rob-
bins, J. L Robi.ins, C. C. Darrow. F
E Darron, C. H. Whitney, t. E. More,
A. 0. Salisbury, E. R. Flint, G L.
Felton, E. H. Osborn, Elmer Smith
and E. C. Patterson.
ft will be known as George L. Payne
camp, No, 7ti The ceremonies were
followed by a sooial time which all
thoroughly enj iyed.
Those present from this city were
George Forest, C. A.' Ridgway,
George Gardner, Arthur Ridgway,
A E. Stingham, F. R. Leber,
Charles Leber, C. C. Battenburg, H
Hoffman, W. L, Nash, William Wide-
nor, JU. Graham, John Mover, V. A.
Hartwick and W. E. Cahoon.
The Collegians Will Be Entsrtatned Dnr
Their Stay Here.
The Cornell glee, banjo and mando
lin clubs will give a concert at the
Academy of Music next Friday even
ing. Much interest has been aroused
by the active work of theCoroell alum
ui in this city, and the entertain
ment promises to be a big success,
musically ami socially.
The glee club is composed of twenty
four well trained voice?, while there
are twenty-one men on the banjo und
mandolin clubs. Daring their stay in
Scran ton the Ithaca collegians will be
handsomely entertained. Several din
ner parties will be given before the
concert at the Academy, and at its
conclusion, a reception will be tendered
the clubs at the Bicycle club house.
Organisation Stares Out with a
Membsrsh p of Thirty.
At a fnoeting of about thirty of the
mechanical, electrical and mining en
gineers, ebemiits and architects of this
city, held in the office of the Colliery
Engineer Thursday evening, the Scran
ton Engineering clnb was organized.
The club will have its own rooms, and
meetings will be held at stated inter
vals. .
The following are the officers of the
society: President. James Archbald
vice president, F. W. Gereke; librarian
and recording secretary.C. C. Conklln
corresponding secretawr, H. W. Row
ley ; treasurer, A. H. Storrs: directors,
Henry Wejirum, Capuln W. A. May,
The Sunday afternoon meeting this week
will be of interest to the girls and young
women. Miss Delia will conduct a "pur
pose meeting.? In the song service, which
bugiuH at a, 45 p. m Mrs. B. T. Jayue and
urs. ur. Brewster will assist.
A room has been set apart as a recrea
tion room, which will be open from 9 a. m
tin v p. in. daily.
The ladies aiu-planning another of their
popuinr lurxoy dinners ror Thursday
lau. is.
A class in gymnastics for bovs between
the ages of 4 and 9 years will meet for Its
nrst lesson Saturday. Jan. 80, at JJ.SO p. m.
Ladies desiring to now enter gymnasium
classes for the remainder of the year oan
ao so oy tile payment of a for association
members auu ft! for non-members.
Happenings of a Day That Will interest Hyde
Park Readsrs.
Midwinter Exercises Held 'at the
Washburn Street Presbyterian
Church Ex-Superintendent D. A".
Jones Presented with a Handsome
Morocco Covered Bible Hurt by a
Fall of Roof at the Hampton.
Twenty-Seven Persons DUd from Pneu
monia Last Month.
At the monthly meeting of the
board of health yesterday, Secretary
Briggs made a report showing the
total mortalitv for December 107. In
the deaths from natural causes there
were twonty-siven reported as being
due to pneumonia and eight to la
grippe. The total deaths were 1,558 for
the year. There were twenty two
cases of contagious diseases rep rtel,
as follows: Diphtheria, 6; typhoid
fever, S; measles, 1 ; scarlet f.iysr, 13
Dr. Allen reported having the
Dimmock and Schwartz properties.
against which complaint was enters I,
and said the premises were as clean
and wholesome as any in the vicinitv.
Superintendent Loftus and Food In
spector Thomas made their reports.
Doctors Bentley and Fame were
elected delegates to attend the state
convention in Harrisburg, Jan. 26 and
and H. J. Zieizler and M. J, Kelly
were elected alternatives.
The question as to whether putting
water into milk was adnlteration and
punishable, was referred to Dr. Bent
ley and the city solicitor. Colonel
Ripple stated that the Dombrowskl
premises in the West Side were in h
filthy condition and the sanitary ofhVer
was directed to see that the conditions
were improved.
The balauce of ijil.afW due the crema
tory company was iscuised and the
matter was referred to Dr. Bentley
and Colonel Ripple. The crematory
needs repairing and it is intended to
keep the cost out of the amount not
The qnestion of properly covering the
garbage carts was freely dis?ussed and
the rule that the wagons must be canvas-covered
will be enforced. On mo
tion of Colonel Ripple the secretary
was directed to requestor councils that
the wooden file cases being taken out
of the controller's office he transferred
to the board of health rooms. Super
intendent Loftus, of the crematory
was uiven authority to suspend work
men at the erematory when found
guilty of negligence or not amenable to
orders, On motion of Colonel Ripple
it was deoided to close the crematory
for repairs at the earliest moment pos
The board decided on the following
appropriations for the year, and they
will be submitted to the estimates
committee: Running expenses, crema
tory salaries, repairs, tools, coil, oil
and waste, $8,500; purchase of lot,
18,000: interest, S'.'OO; salaries of ofti
clals, $3,300; fence and retaining walls
at crematory, i700; incidentals. 700
emergency fund, $1,000; total, $11,400
Mooting of the Direetor of Bcranton
Bass Ball Association, a
The direetors of the Seranton case
ball club held a meeting last evening
and made arrangements for the coming
meeting of the Pennsylvania State
league, which will be held in this city
on Tuesday next.
The league meeting will be held at
the Forest house and will be followed
by an informal supper. Secretary
Diddlebook will arrive in the city on
Monday afternoon.
Found at Suryea, but It Had Been Used
Wednesday night George Richard
son. of Lackawanna township, had a
horse and carriage stolen. The matter
was reported to the Seranton police.
The turnout was found at Daryea
yesterday. The carriage had been
badly used and was broken in several
IThe West Side office of the ScraNTON
Tribune is located at I'H South Main ave
nue, where subscriptions, advertise men ci
and communications will receive prompt
The midwinter exercises of the Sun
day school of the Washburn Street
Presbyterian church were held last
evening. The church was tastefully
decorated with evergreens. Au inter
esting programme wan rendered by
Miss HoIJy Jones, Kosovelt Phillips,
Miss Lena rraunfelier. infant class
under the direction of M. Louise Wil
liams; Miss Ethel Jones, Arthur
Morse, Edward Vail, Miss Lslia Porter.
At the conclusion of the programme
R ;v. D. W. Skellenzer presented the
ex Superintendent D. A. Stone, with u
handsome morocco covered bible. Mr.
Stone responded with a few remarks,
n which be thanked the teachers and
scholars for the evidence of their good
will. After the entertainment the
clisses repaired to the lloor below
where refreshments were served.
Discussion on Shakespeare
An interesting meeiinir of the Young
People's Literary and Debating society
was held last evening in the church on
South Main avenue. Rev. W. S. Jones,
the pastor, presided. After singing
and prarers, Shakespeare's "As You
Like It," was discussed by Miss Emilia
Evans, who introduced Miss Cora
Jones, John Edwards and D. J. Jen
kins. Tne meeting wus interesting
The Author Found.
An inquiry appeared in yesterday's
issue of The TkibI'.ne e ent in by the
Birdio society of the West Side to find
out the author of the poem "A Voice
From the Hospital." Alderman T. T.
Morgan and Enoch Harris had the
honor of discoveriUL' the bard, who was
JohnR.-ese, who formerly Lourdo ' at (105
South Main avenue, but who has since
left for parts unknown.
An Enjoyable Time.
MissLettie Diyle, of South Main
avenue, eutertainej a number of her
friends at her home last evening in
honor of John Stafford, of California,
who is visiting friends on this side.
Miss Gwonnie Thomas assisted in entertaining.
Hurt in the Mines.
Willie Thomas, of Hampton street,
was seriously ininred at 10.80 o'clock
yesterday morning, while at work In
the Hampton mines, by a fall of root
which struck him on the buck.
Brief Items of News
William M. Fowler, of Jaekson
street, is on the sick list.
Amos Nichols, of Montrose, eashier
in the First National bank, called on
B. G. Morgan yesterday.
R';V. William Kincain, of New York
city, secretary of the American Horn
Missionary society, will oocupy the
pulpit at the Plymouth Congregational
church on Sunday at 10.80 o'clock a.m.
and 7 o'clock p.m.
The Epworth League, of the Simp
son Methodist Episcopal will give an
entertainment in the church on Thurs
day February 8. Among other feat
ures will be a debate, between Misses
Minnie Rinker and Rachel Jones
against F. F. Gibbs and H L, Morgan.
Kay Morgan son of 15 U. Morgan is
visiting friends at Brooklyn Pa.
Special music will be introduced
during the service at the Washburn
street Presbyterian church tomorrow
evening by an instrumental quartette
Mrs, T. 11. Kice, of Academy street,
has been confined to her room several.
weeks by illness.
P. C. Powell, of Philadelphia, re
turned home yesterday, after calling
on West Side friends.
I of a Day That Will Interest
Many Tribune Readers.
Services That Were Held During the
Week at the Young Women's Chris
tian Association on This Side Dr.
King Makes a Correction of an Item
in This Department O. L, Hengel
Tendered a Surprise Party.
The following letter from Dr. J. W.
King needs no elucidation.
Your article in this morning's Taibuke
is erroneous. Dr. Ring at uo time express
ed h'tti elf as quoted. While the case is a
most desperate one, it does not necessarily
follow a fatal one. To be sure, Mr. Smitn
cannot stand many such severe hemor
rhages as the one he had from I a. ra.
until 11 :30, the time when I left him. He
has rallied agsiu, and at this writing, is
apparently safe. Scientitic medicine is
uowbere in it with "The Seven Booka of
Moses," and the ancient "Black Arts" of
Arabia. It is a pity that wo cannot today
mete out the same deserving punishments
as wero administered to witchcraftcy in
the colonial days in that great common
wealth, Massachusetts.
Sincerely yours,
DR. Kim;.
P. 8. You would do mankind a charit
able act to insert the ahpve in tomorrow's
Tribune. My namo attached. J. W. K.
A Wnlcof Prayer.
The present week has been one of
prayer at the rooms of the Young
Women's Christian association on
Cedar avenue. The services were led
as follows: Monday eVening, Miss
Margrettn Watts; Tuesday evening.
Miss Ethel Flanaghan; Wednesday
evening, Miss Cora Turner; Thursday
evening, Miss Flora Tompkins, Miss
Lena Linn led the servlcss list even
ing and Miss Kate Cristophel will lead
this evening. Tomorrow afternoon
MisB Shardlow, physical directress of
the central oily branch, will lead to
morrow s service, and the topic will be
"Purpose Meeting,"
A Rtal Surprise.
The birthday surprise party to O. L.
Helnegel Thurslav night was a sur
prise in the most complete sense The
following persons attended i Mr. and
Mrs. John blatter, Mr. and Mrs. J.
A, Kaiser, Mr. and Mrs.J.H. Brook, Mr.
and Mrs. M. Zizelman. Mr. and Mrs.
B. F. Moor, Mr and Mrs. H. Arm-
brust, jr. Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Arm-
brusr, Mr. and Mrs. A. Schneider, Mr.
and Mrs. A. Helnegel, Mr. and Mrs.
P Hiltz, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Peil,
Mrs. James Croghan, Mrs Alfred
Tolemic, Mrs Jacob Soutag, Miss Ros
Hand, Miss Minnie Hand, Miss Lulu
Sunday, and Miss N llie Croghan,
Michael Hand, Dr. Klb, Geo. Ryle,
Henry Sunday, Tueo. Zizelman, Jacob
Miller, Richard Fraelicb, Milton
Moore, Fred Crogan, Cuas. Dippre.
No Alarm floundsd.
At 2 o'clock yesterday morning the
brick honse owned by M. J. Lovern,
situated on Stafford avenue, in the Nine
teenth ward, was burned to the ground.
The building was so remote, and there
being no city water in the vicinity, no
alarm was sounded. The house whs
built by Mr. Lovern several years ajfo,
and a portion of it was intended for a
photographer's gallery, Mr Lovern
being.very proficient in that ait. lie
has not lived in it for some time. The.
house was tenanted, but the origin of
the fire is not known.
Shorter Paragraphs.
Owing to the intense cold, school in
the higher grades of No. 3 was dis
missid yesterday.
The Democrats of the' fourth district
of the Ninth ward have nominated
John Breen as judge and Nicholas
Sheridan as inspector of election, John
F. Warren was nominated for register.
Fred Truss who had his leg broken
some six mouths ago, slipped and fell
Thursday night anil sustained a frac
ture in the same place that was broken
It Will Be Held In St. John's Hall, Pine
The third quarterly convention of
the Second district of the Seranton
Diocesan Union of Seranton, will be
held in St. John's hall, Pine Brook,
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Papers
will be read by C. G. f! .land, of St
Patrick's society, and M.iior Josonh H.
Duggan, of Father Whitty's society
The iusurance features will be dis
cussed. The following programme for
the evening entertainment has been
prepared by St. John's society.
Remarks D. J. Campbell
Piano Solo Miss l.'urran
Vocal Solo Miss Kathryue Mongan
ocai solo an &aiie niewut
Recitation Mii-s Sadie Oerrity
ocal nolo Miss Angola blewitt
Address T.. Powdurly
Vocal Solo Miss Maggie Harrington
Weal Solo Peter Snyder
John H. Devine, President of the Union
Vocal Solo Will F. Burke
Piano Solo Miss Kate Saltry
Address Rev. P. J. McMnnus
Vocal Solo M. J. Coyue
Cornet Solo Professor Hartnett
No charge will be made for admis
sion to the entertainment.
A Number of His. Fritnde Enjoy an Ex
callent Gams Supper.
John Clelanrl gave a game rapper to
a number of his friends at the Driving
Park hotel last evsniug.
Those present were F. L. Crane. J.
J. Jarmyu, Frank Jermyn, E. B. Jer
myn, W. M. Jermyn, Jumts R, Mears,
John Simpson, George Maddocks und
Dr. G. E. Hill.
"A Study in Scarlet."
JANUARY 13, 1894.
Your choice of three beautiful
pictures, "Telephone Girl," "De
livering Christmas Presents"
and "Maidens Swinging." Send
by mail or messenger or bring
coupons like this of three differ
ent dates, with 10 cents, stamps
or coin, to
Cor. Penn Ave. and Spruce St.
All the Testimony in the Rosenagle-Handlev
Case Has Been Heard
He Tells the Story of His Business
Relations with Mrs. Mary Rose
nagle He Denies That He Ever
Told Her He Had $50,000 Worth of
Stock in the Wyoming Manufactur
ing. Company.
Ez-Judge Handley was on the stand
in court for several hours yesterday
and subjeet to a searching cross-examination
by Attorney Soper as to his
business relations ' with Mrs. Mary
Rosenogle, who is suing him to recover
8,000 that she says she lost on account
of his misrepresentations concerning
stock in which she invested.
Mr. Handley said that be first bs
oam acquainted with Mrs. Rosnagle
in 1807 when she employed him in the
life insurance oase she was prosecuting.
He continued to act as her attorney un
til he was elected judire of Luzerne
county. On Dec. 11. 1883, he received
from Attorney H. W. Palmer $4,000,
the amount of money received in the
settlement of the life insurance case.
From this amount $1,000 was deducted
for counsel fees ami expenses incurred,
dnring the trial and witness hp ten
dered Mrs. Rosenagle the $3,000 re
maining. She wanted to invest the
money and various forms of securities
were discussed,
Attorney J. H. Campbell and Rich
ard Evans were in his office at the
time and he introduced Mrs. Rosenagle
to them. Mr. Evans was the engineer
of the Wyoming Manufacturing Com
pany and had just returned from a
visit of inspection to the company's
plant in West Virginii. Mr. Evans
and Mrs. Rosenaelo had a conversation
abont the West Virginia nronsrtv and
she seemed so well pleased that she de
cided to invest her money in the stock
of the company, She bought a por
tion of his at par and he guaranteed
her a dividend of 0 per cent, on it.
Mr. Handley said he never told Mrs.
Rosenagle he owned S"0, 000 worth of
stock In the Wyoming Manufacturing
company. He paid the dividends reg
ularly until the company's property
was levied on. Be declared that he
never told Mrs. Rosenagle that he
owned $30,000 worth of stock in the
company and that it was paying divi
Several other witnesses were called,
and then Mrs Rosenagle and others
went on the stand in rebuttal. At 3.30
the closing arguments to the jury were
begun. Attorney Amertnan had not
completed his argument when court
adjourned yesterlay. Hs will conclude
this morning and be followed by Mr,
Soper, who will oloie for the plaintiff.
It Will Be Erecied by Members of Phil
Eherldan Illflei.
The Phil. Sheridan Rifles held a meet -ing
on Thursday evening and decided
to erect a mouumeut to General Sheri
dan on Court House square.
The following committee was ap
pointed to take charge of the matter:
M. G. Griffin, chairman; J. C.Vaughan,
s 'cretary ; T. J. Moore, treasurer
The board of directors appointed were
T. J Moore, F. J. Johnson, M. A.
Griffin, J. C. Vaughan, William Daw
son. M. S. Doucher. M. J. Rowan.
Secretary Vaughan was instructed to
apply to the court for a charter for the
Aftsr Eweurlne Off
How many have taken vows of absti
neuce with the birth of the new year is
perhaps hard to estimate, but we now
know that such efforts are futile against
iuveterate habit, a habit which has become
a disease. There was u time when it
would have been easy to quit, but having
neglected to do so the habit continued un
til by the constant or fn queut use of the
poison there was forced a change in the
neryons system which mado it not nly
possible to drink, but necessary. Then
you could drink a good deal and not seem
to get drunk, but you also found it neces
sary, to Keep you feeling good and you
''oraved liquor'' because you had become
diseased. Now that swearing off does no
good'and the pledge can't be kept, go and
make your resolution good lor all tune by
taking treatment at the Keeley Institute,
T'.'6 Madison avenue, Sianton, Pa.
The groat people of this country who
accomplish si. much lu the affairs of life
have thi) peculiar fashion of executing
whatever may come to tbem in the Hoe of
action on the spot. There is that pile of
Harper's, Frank Leslie's, J cCltire', Re
view of Reviews, North American, Cen tury,
etc., that you Huve read. They are
a joy forever, but not a thing of beauty.
Our Mr. Schwoncker can transform them
(u that they will become the brightest and
handsomest volumes in your library As
soon as you read this will you not get all
the numbers together, before they are lost
or soiled, and briuii them to TnK Tribune
binder- A few couts will give you Bomo
beautiful books that will take the place of
thoso rough and ragged magazuies.
Dr. C. C. Laubach, dentist, Oas and
Water compauy building, Wyoming ave
nue. Latest improvements. Eight years in
Bcranton. '
The three pictures, "Telephone Girl,"
"Good Mornfug" and "Swinging," offered
by The Tiuhunk. now brighten hundreds
of homes, 'lueyi.ung men in the office
are kept busy dealing out these gems of
Best Sew of Teeth, J 8. OO
Including the painless extracting
et teeth by au entirely new pro-
S. C. Snyder, D.D.s.
SI. C. A,
Leland T. Powers in th Y.
Standard Courai.
The third number of the Young Men's
Christian association course occurs Friday
eveuing, Jan. 13, Leland T. Powers will
give "David Coppertleld" as only he can do
it. Single admission 75 cents.
Musio Boxss Exclusivity.
Rest made. Play any desired number of
tunes. Oautschi & Sons., manufacturers,
11)80 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orchescrial organs, only $5 and $10.
Specialty: Old music boxes carefully re
paiied and improved with new tunes.
G.W. Owens & Co
Ladles' Tailors and Furriers,
Think that because you have not
bought your
That you can get along without it this
winter. We have three months of
cold weather ahead of ns.
To dress warm is to have GOOD
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rial. In a word, our Curtain stock
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Yet all this does not mean high
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205 Laokawanna Avenu:.
Dr. Hill & Son
Pet teeth, S5.W: best set, ?S: for gold caps
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bridge work, call for prices and references.
TO!cALGIA. for extracting ueth without
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For Furniture, Etc.
Have yon ever Huntington tried
For oysters stewed or oysters
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r j. ii i
0 uiscouni anoweu in
O Cloak and Fur Dept.
Special reduction on all Winter Goods.
Prices on Millinery cut in
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Store closes at 6.30 P. M., except Saturdays.