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Valves I
! Fittings j
Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avenue
the city of Captain & 1). Fellow, an 'l
important witness.
The replevin case of Guernsey Broth
ers against Meredith Jones and Attor
ney Q Comegys was referred to Attor
ney C. R. Pitcher under the act ol
Au amendment to the deolara
tiuu wns allowed to be filed in the
ejectment case of Thomas Bromoge
and other against Norah Diver
At 11 o'clock court a Ij nuned iu the
main 00 art room for the da?, there
being no oaeee ready for trial.
mm n HEPsuuri i mim tpi i n run TmiTfi nmfl nmin iiioimniinn nun nNnnii nnnnnrnn
ulilhK II UMIiMJIIU 1ELL5 11 1KU1H bill 5!IKu iNolinRnLL M K MHO
Ho Tries to Hold Up tlie Bill of the Electric
light Compaiiy.
Mrs. Mary Rosenagle's Story Is Flatly Con
tradicted by Witnesses for Defense.
JGC Penn Ave.
Offer for This Week
A new line of lo inch
all wool Bourette Stripe
Cheviots, nude to r.ell
for 75c; 7 yards will
cost you $2.03, or only
29c. per yard.
Wall Papers,
Window Shades,
Mattings, Rugs, etc.
127 Wyoming Ave:.
Tub Home for the Kriendlees will elect
officers for the year this afternoon.
The Lackawanna Social club held its an
nual ball in IfBSiO ball last evening. There
was a large alte idauce.
There will bo a regular meeting of the
board of health, at Us rooms in the Muni
cipal building, at A 0 clock today.
Steel Hie eases are being placed in the
office of the county commissioners by the
office .Specialty company, f Boone tar,
I'pto bllt evening there were ten cases
of contagious diseases reported at the
board of health rooms. Eight were measles
and two were scarlet fever.
clothesline thieves are operatiag in the
Tmrd ward. They stripped the liue of
Mrs. J. Cannon, of Hudson street, luut
night of the family washing.
Frank Chilon, Benjamin lieorire, Alex
ander Frances and Samuel Monell were
discharged from the county jail yesterday,
the grand jury having ignored charge
against them.
In (uarter sessions yesterday a nolle
prosequi was entered in the caso of tuo
('ommon wealth against William Atherton.
The prisoner was subsequently released
from the county jail.
L G. Klory, for the past, twenty five
years timekeeper at the I lit' works, died
at his homo on North Washington avenue
late Wednesday night The deceased had
been ill since before New Year with the
Uardner T. AlWOOd, tho express nfoeton
ger who accidentally shot William ICeeloy,
onggagemaster on the Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Western road on Oct. ablest,
wns discharged from custody nt fSelvidoro,
N. J,
Those who obtained marriage licenses
yesterday from Clerk of IneCl nrts Thomas
were: James .Manning and Ellen Kelly,
(-'crnnton, -John Thomas and UMsgJafflCS,
Sciauton; Kdward Norman and Kuitua
Bevon, of Wilkes iinrro.
''Pride nnd Poverty" at Wonderland
with Al. F. Oarcy in the loading comedy
role, is Ilrst class. The work of Miss
Stamford and also Miss Kate Woston is
excellent. The play itself is a good one
and the comedy parts are all carefully
The attraction at the Academy of M tisic
this evening will lie "A Railroad Ticket,1'
a first class farco comedy winch was pre
sented here a few mouth ago with grati
fying i-nccem. The company nnuer the
direction of Manager Freeman is an ex
cellent one.
Tho lion, Wallace, now being exhibited
at the Eden MuMO is a magnificent ani
mal and should bo seen by all. The per.
formauco giyen by Bronco Uoccaclo with
Wallace is one of much daring and skill.
An excellent vaudeville per.ormapce is
given in the theater.
"A Study in Scarlet."
Jury Says He la Entitled to Damages in
tha Sum of $500.
Yesterday morning tho jnry in tho
c ase of M. If, Baird against Walter B,
t'artis gave a verdict of 500in favor
of Mr. Baird. He sued for $25,000.
The damage were asked for on al
leged malicious prosecution, which re
sulted In Mr. Baird being incarcerated
in the county jail for thirty-six hour.
Jt wae the belief of the jury that it was
)rt worth afancy price to be the forced
guest of the county for a day and a
half with incidental features in tho
ehape of a small cell and prison fare.
In the case of Qilmore & Duffy
age i net Attorney O B Partridge, gar
nishee, a verdiot of $310 wan talcon by
For sHVecond time the case of Mrs.
Ann Mnnley against John L Hull was
called for trial but was continued for
today on account of the absence from
Judge H M. Edwards manifests a
praiseworthy desire to expe .ite the le
gal business that comes before him.
While ho displays gr-'at courtesy ami is
desirou of giving litigant a full and
fair hearing, he impress -a ou the at
torneys that it i not proper to use
lessly waste litue iu the trial of case,
as it retards public busiuess and is uu
just to litigants waiting for a bearing,
lie tnles questions very quickly and
the point at issue is no soouer stated
than the ruling corn? quick, clear and
a ft e
Time has dealt gently with ex-Judge
Handley since he retired from the of
lice of president judge Of this county to
privute life. As he sit with bit Attor
neysat the defendant' table in the
nmin court room yesterday there was
but slight perceptible obange from his
appearance in the day when ho gr.tcod
the bench with such dignity, and was
looked upon as the Tilden ot tho Lnott
awenna Democracy. There lit trifle
inoro silver iu his h nr, hut the stern
face is the same. The ex julge still
affects tho long broadcloth coat, the
black cravat of antique cut nnd the
GHudstonlan oollar that were distinc
tire marks of his attire when he was a
prominent figure in public life.
Eg Congressman, one of
Mr. Handle)" attorneys, baa returned
to the mo tern style of collars. For a
long periftd a hie;, expansive linen band
of immaculate whiteness, similar to
that which President Cleveland always
wean, was wont to encircle the not al
titudinous nock of the ex-congressmau.
When Mr. Amerm in and President
Cleveland cumo to to parting Of the
way on the tariff, the expansive collar
was relegated to oblivion and oae of
more modern sty la adopted. Mr.
Amerman has been very successful in
politic, having, like President Cleve
land, sustained bat one defeat.
ft 4 ft
There is no more interesting Individ
ual on this week's panel of jurors than
Putrick McUarry, of Fell township,
familiarly known as "Chief." Hefore
Lackawanna county was thought of
Chief McGarry was one of the coa
spicuous mmb?rs of the Otrbondale
delegations that went to the exciting
Democratic convention of old Luzerne.
There have been few Democratic con
ventions held in this county since its
creation that h ive not beu grsced by
his pro8nce. Though well advanced
in years he is a fine specimen of vigor
ous and virile manhood.
Held in St. Mary's Hall, Proviilac,
Last Evening.
Highly successful was the entertain
ment, for the benefit of the poor, given
by the Christian Doctrine society of
Holy Rosary chnrcu in St. Murv's hall,
Providence, last night. The larg hall,
which had bf:eu urtittically decorated,
was crowded to the doors with an ap
preciative audience.
Tho first, on the programme wis an
instrumental duet by Mise3 A. Bill
and llary Urady, which was warmly
encored. MiI A. Dolphin's recitation,
"Uobort, of Sicily," was effectively de
pivered and much applauded. Miss
i Kathryne Mongan next treated the
I audience to a vocal solo. Mis Mame
Flynn'l recitation. "The Bishop and
I the Cow, "was followed by a vocal nutn
,berl; Miss Selina Noon. Miss Ad-ir's
I rendition of the Catholic psalm made
a decided hit she wis repeatedly en
I cored. The dialogue betwaen Mettle
Flynn and Mary Moron was particu
larly interesting, and the duet by
I Missel Mary O'Boyle and Or-jrtie Mc
j ilachen well rendered. Miss Lotts
Hawk next delivered a recitation, and
I then came a vocal solo by Miss Allen
I which drew forth round after round of
applause. M. J. Coyne's hutnorou
recitation brought the entertainment
to a close.
Tim success of tho occasion is due to
the zeal and untiring exertions of UjV.
Father i I'Donnell.
Annuil Banqi'. of thi Sorantin Cale
donian Club at th Wyomlne.
The annual banquet of tha Scranton
Caledonian club which will be held at
the Wyoming on Thursday evening
Jan. ,85, gives promise of being an nn
usually enjoyable affair.
The one hundred and thirty-fifth
anniversary ot tin birth of Scotia's
bard, Kobert Burn, will be celebrated
in oratory and song by w?ll known
persons. Among thoo who Will spe ik
are Judge II M Edwards, Mtyor W.
L Connell, Captain B. E. Morrii,
(Colonel Franii J Plttiimttons, Dr.
June McLeod, William T. Smith,
Senator M E. McDonald, Professor
Gporge Phillips nnd others
The music for the orc tsioa will be
rendered by the Caledonian Ulee party
under the leadership of Professor J. H.
McMillan. Supper will be served at 9
- e
Pleasant Atf.iir Under Autplcas of
Woman's Guild.
Last evening the Woman's Guild of
St iiUke's church gave a reception at
the rectory for the rector. Rev Rogers
Israel anil wife. The affair was an ex
tremely pleasant one and there was a
large number of the parishioners in at
tendance. The refreshment tables were spread
very prettily with pink decorations
and they wero laden with many deli
cacies. The committee in charge which also
acted us a reception committeo was
compnsod of Mrs. O. L. Dicktou, Mr.
S. H. Steven. Mrs. L (1. LaBar, Mr".
William Marple, Mr. Thomas Sprngue,
Mr. John Highriter. Mrs E. J. Smith,
Mrs. Jt. J. Foster, Mrs, D. T. Losson,
Mr. Charles MoMullen,
Petition from Citizen to B Prsientsd
to Mooilo Water Company.
The citizen! of Bellevae at a public
meetiag decided that they needed
cheaper water and a committee con
sisting of James U, Dunn, Thomas D
E Iwards, Thomas Jones and Thomas
M. Morgana was anp anted to got up a
pstitiou and present it to the Mooiic
Water company at its annual meeting
to be held today.
The matter of having a polling place
was also discnsied at considerable
length. The county commissioner
will be asked to erect a booth on tho
school house grounds by a committ'e
consisting John E. Williams and Rob
ert 8 Davi. ir. John Hale presided
at the meeting and Jacob T. Jones was
The Third Ward Commoner's Motion
Tabled and the Bill Ordered Paid,
with the Exception of One Light.
Tho Lamp to Be Put Back Opinion
from City Solicitor A Good Meet
ing of the Lower Branch.
Common council met in regular ses
sion last evening and tho number had
k very busy mealing.
Tho Important feature was that
James J, drier nllempted to holdup
tint bill of the Scranton Electric Light
and Heat company, amounting to
$J,G18, for tho reason, as be stated, that
tho company was not living up to-its
contract, it having placed a light at a
different point than that oalled for in
the ordinance. The bill had bo.'n.with
all others that cams from the auditing
Committee, approvol, but in the sixth
order of business Mr. drier move I to
reconsider. This motion prevailed,
but tho motion to hold up the com
pany's pay roll pending a change ac cording
to the ordinance, wus not so
Mr. Robathan spoke against, the mo
tion and then moved ta lay it ou the
table. This motion prevailed. Mr
Robathan then moved that the com
pany's bill be Paid save the one for
light that Mr. liner objected to. Tais
prevailed and then on motion of Mr.
Duhigg, the chairman of tint light and
water committee, was instructed to
have the light, that had been moved
without authority of law, changed so
that its locality would coutorm to the
The biil of Contractor Nichols
amounting to $87 Ul that wa referred
to the city solicitor, wae returned with
an opinion from Mr. Torrey, iu which
that gentleman said tue city was not
liable. The bill was for 'lieaderi,"
These are miniature curb etones to
keep the pavement in positiou. Mr.
Torrey took the ground that no asnes
ment hud been mad for tho purpos ,
ind by tho terms of the contract the
city was only liable for tho assiss
ments made for tho improvements
specified iu the ordinance. The bill
was ordered tabled.
The following opiuiou from the city
solicitor was read:
In November last I brought suit upon
claims for grading Lucerne street certi
fied to me lor collection against about
thirty property owunru. They tiled ulll
davit of d feuse, alleging as i he principal
ground of defense that under the provi
sions of the act of lSsj the councils had no
power to improve a street by grudiug only
and to make an assessment for the cest by
the foot front rule.
The sufficiency of this defonso
argued ill tho last nrgtiinont court before
Judges Archhald and Gunster. They
handed down a statement that they were
unable to agree as to the sufficiency of the
defense; and, therefore, refused to enter
judgment. L'poa this refusal, the city
has tho right to carry the case into the
supreme cvurt for determination there.
The question involves not only the legality
of the assessment on Luaerae street, but
is, I am Informed, on some other streets
where asaxistUMUts have not yet been col
lected, and which were graded by the foot
front, rule.
1 think it would he desirabio to obtsin a
ruling of the supreme court, if possible,
upon the question as early as possible, iu
order that the assessments m J he col
lected, if legal; and it' not, that; step)
may be taken to secure a reassessment.
Awaiting yonr instructions l am
Very respectfully yours,
James H. TOOJUtT, City Socicitor.
Manner in Wliicti It Is Placed by City ON
cials Having Charge of It..
Tho Fair Plaintiff Says She Was Led
to Believe That the Wyoming Man
ufacturing Company Did Business
in This Vicinity Defendant's Wit
nesses Say She Knew the Property
Was in West Virginia.
Whon court adjourned yesterday
afternoon the defense was being heard
in tho case of Mrs. Mary Rosonagle
against ex-Judge John Handler It is
probable that today will bt continued
in listening to the evidence of the other
witnesses for the defense. At 11 o'clock
yesterday court adjourned for the day
in tho main court room and the trial of
the Rosonagte case wa transferred
from No. to the main room.
After court ooenod yesterday morn
ing Thomas Jilfklni was again called
to the stand. He aid that in tctober,
18x8, ho first became a stockholder of
tuo Wyoming Manufacturing com
pany. He considered it a good Invest
ment and In September, 1SHJ, pur
chased (3,000 additional stuck on the
two for one plan. From the informa
tion In his possession in D cember.lSs:),
he considered tho company sound li
Dancially and safo investment.
S B. Mott testified that be owned
thirty 6hare of stock in the company.
He purchased it in 1881' for $1,500. It
was represented to him that the com
pany had a ninety nine year lease ou
the coal properly iu West Virginia.
(iorge Du B, Dtmmiok, the vic
president of the company, was the next
witness called bv the plaintiff On orosH
examination. The comnauy was in
good condition in las; hut In 1880 its
interest iu the West Virginia coal
property had to be fold, lie acted a
receiver of the company after it be
came insolvent. The amount of
stock he had in it was $10 000
Besides the West Virginia prop
erty he understood tho Wyom
ing Manufacturing company owned
several aori of coal land between this
city and Olypbnut In 1888 the com
pant was making money but instead of
paying dividends ihe earnings were
used to improve tlin property. In 1881
the company lost considerable money
through tho failure of the Scranton
Iron Company, to which they si Id coal,
and by tho closing of the batiks, in
'.vhich the company' money was d
iiositod The property was sold twice in
18S0 at public sal". Tuo first time it
brought between : 000 and $0,000, the
second time about ' 000. The property
sold was very valn.ilile.aud the company
had made Improvements on it that coht
much morn than what it was sold for.
?.Ir, Mary Roscnagle was re-called to
the stand and said she would not nave
purchased the stock had she known
that the property of the Wyoming
Manufacturing compiny was located
in West Virginia and had not Judge
Hundley, In whom she had the utmost
confidence, recommended that she take
the stock and guaranteed to pay the
dividends ou it. That closed the testi
mony for the plaintiff and Attorney
GUorgeS, Horn opened for tho defense,
saying that they would show that no
misrepresentation was male to Mr.
Rosenngle to take the stoe'e. She was
told that the property ot the Wyoming
Manufacturing company whs located in
Weet Virginia and that if she took ntiy
stock slio would have to take her
chance in the investment tho same a
the otiier stockholder.
Richard Evans, the first county stir
It Is Provided for in the Annual Ap
propriation Ordinance and Amounts
to $l,COO-lnsurance Agents Who
Placed the Insurance on City Hall
and Other Property of the City.
Mow Bills Are Paid.
Bcifnr olfti.f u, t in tliio niitnitr hmj tliun
tiwiuuvitiiuin a. -,1 to tha stun. II. Is
troduced: Mr D.ivies brought iu three i
I reeolntionl that were adopted. They
Were: Directing the city engineer to
change nurn-s oa streets where one or
; more are nuraed alike: to make no tin
provements on any street not accepted
by tho city ; directing the city engineer
j to name all streets now accepted or
i that may hereafeer be accepted by the
I city.
Mr. Robothnti introduced a resolution
I directing the bnildmg inauector to pre
pare plans for new homes for tho Nay
Aug and Crystal companies, subject to
I approval of the mayor and board of en
! gineers. It was approved
Mr. Grier introdncod a resolution
directing the purchase of a sito for a
new home for the Cumberland Ho3e
company. Approved.
These ordinances passed first and
second readings; Preventing the erec
tion of sharp poiutel picket fences,
making a transfer for light in the
Xin h ward, transferring $83 from
Carbon Sirct bridge to Seventh ward
stre-t repiirs. These ordinances
pes id third reading; Providing for
euro and (hg stone walks at Excelsior
hose bone, amending ordinance for
paving Madison avenue, improving
Tenth street between Fellows aud
Hampton street, empowering Economy
Eight, Heat and Power company to
erect plant.
The ordinance repealing the grading
I of North Msiu avenue will lik-ly b
repealed, Mr, Thomas, who is very
popular, opposes the uew plans and
'presented a petition against It. He
also moved that the matter be referred
to the judiciary committee and his mo
tion prevailed. t
The ordtnanos vacating the
Drinker turnpike was concurred in aa
amended by select council.
Tha Magnat to Malta Arrangsmint
for Stat Lsagu Hasting.
This evening the directors of the
Scranton Base Bill associatiou will
meet at the residence of President St.
John, in Forest court.
On Tnesday next the Pennsylvania
State league will meet in this city and
the meeting ttiis evening is tn make ar
rangomsuts for the gathering of the
magnates ou that day.
The Forest House will be nssd as a
headquarters and tho meeting probably
be held thero. The Bcranton associa
tion intends to entertain it gnaats in a
manner btlitting the fair name of the
city for hoepltciltf.
Arja William Put on Estimate Com - " Vlo 8. W. Robert.
In Wednesday's Tniuu.NE attention
was called to the fact mat it would be
n - try for Cptain Moir to appoint
a meinbsr ou the estimates committee
of common council to succeed Ceuuty
Commissioner S. W. Roberts.
Captain Moir acted on the suggestion
last evening and appointed Arja Wil
liams to the vacancy. E. E. Robathan
will act as chairman of the tax com
mittee, vice John P. Kink, county
In the annual appropriation ordl
uhiics, as drafted by the citv' legisla
tors, there is one item, as follows; In
uraucc, 11,900 This amount is ap
propriated annually for placing inur
ance on city property, ami i regulated
by a commission consisting of the
mayor and the pretideuls of select and
common councils.
The usual rate is about 1 per cent.,
although ou some properly it u not so
high Soma of tho policies expire in
March of this year.
Insurance bills aro paid as other bills
contracted try the city. They nre Bent
in quarterly, passed upon by the audit
ing committee, and then have to be
actd on by councils and tho mayor.
Formerly this branch of the city's
finances w; 8 carried on by the city
solicitor. Bills would come before the
auditing committee and tho members,
having no knowledge of them, were
placed in a peculiar position. In order
to know what they were doing they
passed tin ordituuee rectifying tho
Among other matters that would ag
gravate the auditors was that of in
surance on fire departnisnt house.
The members thought it was a waste
of money but while the sul jjct was
under discussion tho Neptune Engine
company's houss of Daomore burned
down and nothing was saved. That
settled the question for all time.
Mayor Connell. Charles E. Chitten
den and Captain Jam Miir have
i made a very fair distribution of the
patronage at their disposal, and luiur
anco agents in general have no cause
for complaint. The commission has
been very Impartial. The bull: of the
Insurance is, of course, on the city
The insurance carried on the city
hall was placed by agents named be
low. The amounts nre as follows,
each representing svral policies in as
many different comnania: Roberts m
& Hitchcock, 110.000: C (i. Bol m !&
Co., $10,000; Peter Robin & Son,
$10,000; H. E. Paine & Sin. $10,000; R
W. Luc- it Son, $7 500; Norrman S
Moore, $10,000; O. H Birdcall, $5,000;
James D. Evans. $V000; Phillips A'
Holmes, $11,000; W. F. Kie.l, $o.030;
G H. Schndt & Uro , $3,000; Henry
Belln, jr. $5,000; W. J. B irk , 7 5));
W J. Lewie & Co., $10,000; Charles
Full-i i: Co., $7,000; A, Conrad c Sjn,
I if !. O00.
Miscellaneous insurance is placed as
follows: C. H. Schadt & Bro hive
$1,000 on stone crusher au I $300 on
road rollor; C. G Bolond ha $1,000 on
the lame, $1 000 on the station house
and $1,500 on Capottie bridge; W.J.
Lewis h is $1,300 on Capouse bridge
and $.',000 on crematory.
Fire department property is insured
as follows; P. Robling. $4,850 on
furniture of Friokliu, Neptune, Ex
oelsior nnd Columbia companies:
$1,000 on furniture of the Liberty and
Niagara companies and $9 130 on
buildings and $1,000 on fnrniturs of
Franklin and Neptune engine houses.
C. A. Schadt cV Bro. have $9,100 on
furniture 'f the Crystal Ho 0 'inpanv,
W. J. Lewis A Co have $4,000, five
eighths of which is on building and
mining I balance on furniture of Liberty and
Other Children Being Gathered in for Bering
ou the Streets of the City.
am an
Two Little Girls Call on Mrs. Duggan
and Want to Know if They Can Help
by Giving the Children Arrested
Some of Their Clothes The Offer
Accepted Children Held Until
Mayor Connell Arrives in City.
engineer aud surveyor and in 1S81 was I Niagara Hoi companies. This firm
Fnr bale.
Fine upright piano at
Jefferson avenue.
a bargain, 345
ent to Wost Virginia hv Judge Hand-
ley to mike nn examination of tho
Wyoming company's property. He
found it valuable ami so ropirted.
J. C. Evans, Oeorgu Reed, Henry
Lschor and Mrs. Mary Christ then tes
tified to hearing or having conversa
tion, with Mrs. Kosenaglo, showing
that she knew the property was located
In West Virginia when shi purchased
atock of the Wyoming Manufacturing
company, this being aflat contra lie
tion of the plaintill's statements that
she believed it did buiues iu this
The testimony of Mm. Rose Locher,
now dead, taken at the former trial of
the c.19?, was also read to the jury. It
related to a conversation between Mrs.
RoMnagle and Mrs. Lochor, in which
the former said she had purchased
stock In Judge Ha&diey'l Wet Vir
glnta Coal company, and was goiug to
Hundley, W. 'u., to keep boarding
Attorney E. C. Ditntnick was ou the
stand when court adj unicd.
P I I A. I Sprncei's Horse ami Da
cam yd with the Procacdo.
Harry Fhux, a well known horseman,
sold a horse and turnout in Berwick
which was tho property of A. L. Spen
cer, of this city
Faux was in Berwick list week driv
ing the annual around, and at lust he
made a deal with H U. Klin, of tho
St. Charles hotel, nnd decamped with
the proceoda.
Faux is in New York city and will
prohahly be brought back by the aid of
a requisition.
Dr. B. H. Throop Severs His Connection
with tbt Danvillo Hospital.
Dr. B. H. Throop. of this city, for
many years past a director of the Slate
hospital, at Danville, sent in his resig
nation yesterday.
Dr. Throop decided that be wns be
coming too old to attend to the duties
incumbent on th I Office, and that a
younger nil would do better, hence
tho retignatiOU, Dr. Throop was ap
pidnted by Andrew U. Cnrtiu, tho war
governor of Peutiivlvauia.aml ha since
served continuously.
JANUARY 12, 1894.
Your clioiqe of Uinr beautiful
pioturafJ,TelepboneGirlM "De'
livering Christinas Presents"
mid "Maidens Swinging," Bend
by limit or messenger or bring
coupons Like ibis of three diner
cut dates, wiiii h 'i nis, stnitijis
or coin, lo
Cor. Penn Ave. and Spruce St.
has $9th on furniture of Cumberland
Hose companv.
Phillips A: Holmes have g3,000 on the
building anil 3,ff90 on the furniture ol
tuo Franklin Engine company, and
88,750 on the furniture of the Hook and
Ladder house besides. $4000 on Colum
bia Hose house
W. J Llnrke A Co. have $1,100 on
building aud $4810 on furniture of Un
eral Phliniey Baglnt compiny. This
firm also incnyeu furniture in th
houses as follows; Nay Aug,l,089 81;
EC tgl ,tl,885:Exoeliior, $l,000:Pnoenlz,
11,980.70 besides $5, 1i0 on buildings and
$1,000 on furniture of Franklin and
Neptune Engine houses.
C. Q.Boiand A Co. have $5,000 on the
Xeptune Engine house eaud furniture
$500 on the furniture of the Willi un
Connell Hose company and $S0O on th--furniture
of the Riliet company.
It Took Dace at PntniAburg T.asc Hon
dny Night
The newly elected officers of Peters
burg castle, No. 68. A. I). K of M. C ,
were publicly installed on Monday
evening, Jan. 8, by D. D. 8, 0. George
H, Shires, of Providence Castle, No. -Ill
The officers installed were S. K. P
Q, Rudolph Tlu her; 8, K. C , W. It.
Neileen, & K. V. C, Edwin Richer;
S. K. first liaueenant, Charles lUuer;
C. of S , Charles Mi'ler; A. C. of S.,
Anthony Stompp; L Q E. A. Wen
eel; chaplain, Peter Kretz. trustee, W.
II Nellion.
After the installation ceremonies
were over the members and their fami
lies, sat down to a bamiuot prepared for
them by the lady frieuds of the castle;
after which thy were entertained by
inasic, speeches, etc., until a late hour.
After Swearing Off
How many have taken vows of abslf
neuoe with the birth of the new year is
perhaps hind to estimate, but we now
know that such cQoru are Cuttle against
inveterate habit, a habit which has become
a disease. There was a time when it
wc uld have been casv to quit, but having
neglected to do so the habit continued un -til
by tho const nut or Iri intent use of the
poison there wns ft reed a change in the
nervous system which made it not i nly
possible to drink, but necessary. Then
yon could drink n good deal and not aeem
to get drunk, but you nlso found It ncces
sary, to keep you feeling good and you
"craved liquor" became you had become
diseased, Now that swearing off does no
good and the pledge can't bo kept, go and
make your resolution good lor all tune by
taking treatment nt the Keeley Institute,
7i0 Madison avenue, Srantun, Pa.
Kfuaio Box Exclusively.
lst msde. Play nny desired number of
tunes. Chiutschl iV Son., manufacturers,
lo:Kl Choctuut .street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orrhestrtal organs, only ?5 nnd HO.
Specialty; Old music boxes carefully re
pHiied and improved with new tunes.
Two more children were arrested by
the poliee yesterday afternoon for beg
ging on the treets of theoltV, Thev
were taken to the statioii liosse, Whore
they were oared for. They gave their
name as Anuie Kashimie and Loraine
oft. Both claimed a residence on
I nun )tt street.
Th y were clad in garments unfit for
old rug and their appearance bespoke
the typical street gamin Their fac-s
and hands were begrimed with dirt and
both looked as if they never knew of
the cleansing properties of soap and
About 5 o'clock Mrs. Duggan ques
tioned the children. Annie Kashimie
said she lived with her father. Sue
lal I that a woman who lived with
them sent her out to beg everyday.
The Zofa child was sent out by her pi
Mr, Dngg in asked tho children if
they would liked to bj washed and
have nice drei-ses, The children did
not at flrt understand, but when they
noticed the condition of the Dnmbroski
girl who was playing around the corri
dors, they eagerly asasuted.
They will be held for a hearing un
til Mayor Connell returns from New
' York.
i While the children sat in the elation
i house answering Mrs. Dttggan'e quee
i tion, two little girls about 15 years of
age cam there. lliftv were looking
f is Mrs. Dnggen They had Been the
officer! arrest the children and know
ing that clothes that would fit might
be acceptable, they came to s -e if Mrs.
Duggau wanted dresses for tho unfor
tunateone. They guv their names
to n Triuune reporter as Plauche
Brookl and Cora VVilou, and their res
idence as Forest court.
They were not members of any
Charitable society but juit thought
they might be able to heip along this
great work by rescuing the children
from the slums by contributing clothes
for which they hal no further use.
This is Indeed sweet charity when it
comes from such a sourc.
Whil Out Driving a Strait Car Crashes
Into Hr Carriaga.
MisEstelle Phiuney, step dan rht-r
of Marshal Preston, of Park Place,
came near losing her life yesterdiy
morning by being drsggod und-r a
Peckville street car about thirty feet.
Miss Phinuey and her brother, Wil
liam Phinney, were driving oa the
Providence road near Diamond avenue
when the Occident occurred. There is
a sharp curve at thi puint and the car
rounded the curve and struck the car
riage. Both Miss Puinney and her
brother were thrown out end Miss
Phinney fell to the track lust Under
the car. The carriage was demolished
and the top fell between the yonug
lady and the car and protected bet
I from serious injury.
Dr. Wehlau happened to bopassin:
I nt the time and he assisted Miss Phlu
j ney to her home, where he nnd D:
I Ross made nn examination. The left
wrist was dislocated anl a bon in the
left hand was broken.
Mr. Phinney wag badly bruised.
Aro worth going a iong distance to
see. No such collection can be
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exclusive design, or richness, g
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rial. In a word, our Curtain stock g
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meet refined and artistic tastes, g
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with Ellk stripe in contrasting g-
colors. Also lull lines ot i-ilk g
Btripes, Tapestries, etc., made to g
1 ?
mum iiiiuiuiiiii tMiMiiiiHiiiaiiK
2 T x
We have the roost complete osiortinent eT
HenB PuroiSblaa Oood that ever appealed
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n - j
205 Lackawanna
Dr. Hill & Son
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TOnALQIA. for estraetina teeth without
Iin. No ether. No gas.
But His Way cf Scutiag It Did Not
Happen lo Suit.
Frank Sherwood was before Abler
man Wright in police court last even
ing charged with being drank aud dis
orderly. Sherwood walked into the resi leu te
of Mrs. Moore on Main avenue, Hyde
Park, on Wednesday evening, and sit - !
ling down to the table, ordered th.
women of the family to give him
something to eat.
They Complied with his request, nnd ,
while he was masticating ih food,
lent for an ofiloer. He was fined od.
For Furniture, Etc.
Tin: treat people of this country who
accotr.pilsh so in the nffairs'of lite
have the peculiar fashion of OlOCUtiug
whatever may OOtnetothea in the lino of
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Harper's, Prank Leslie's, . c( 'hire's, He
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Llnd T. Fowar tn th Y M. C. A.
Standard Course.
The third number of the Young Sleu's
Christlau association course occurs Friday
evening, Jn. 19, Leland T. Powers wi 11
give "David l 'oppet field" ss ouly ho can do
it. Single admission 78 cents.
i - - '
The three pictures, "Telephone Cirl."
"(food Morning'' and "Swiuuing." offered
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i j 1 1 i
q uiscouni anoweu in
O Cloak and Fur Dept.
Special reduction on all Winter Goods.
Prices on Millinery cut in
Agency for Dr. Jaeger's Woolen Goods.
Store closes at 6.30 P. M., except Saturdays.