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I Pipe
i Valves
I Fittings
ftiimiuiimiiii iiiiitiuifiuiiiiiiii
Protest Hade Against tbe Way Law Regard
ing Fire Escapes Is Observed.
mil my a
NorrmanA Moore
120 Wyoming Avenue
S08 Penn Ave.
Offer for This Week
A new line of 4o inch
all wool Bourette Stripe
Cheviots, made to sell
for 75c; 7 yards will
cost you $2.03, or only
29c. per yard
List of the True Bills and Those Re-
urned Ignoramus Costs in Every
e but One Placed on the Press
ors County Directed to Settle
in the Case Made an Exception of.
Wall Papers,
Wiudow Shades,
Mattings, Rugs, etc.
127 Wyoming Ave.
Gordon, Charles Blaok, pros., Samuel Mel -
fOL Alary V. JJuiry, prox. All 01 tnese
prosecutors were directed to pay code, ex
cept Thomas Jucket. In that case tbe
county was directed to pay tbe costs.
Court Thought His Int.restB Adverse
Jesse J. May.
Court yesterday refused to appoint
Attorney A. A.Cnase guardian of Jess
J. May. a minor child of tbe late M. D.
May. Tbe little boy had asked that
Mr. Chase be appointed, bat in refus
ing the request tbe court said that it
was tbe "opinion that tbe interests of
the said A. A. Chase are adverse to tbe
interests of tho said minor, and the
said A. A Chase not being of the same
religious belief as that in which tbe
said minor has been brought up, and
the court having doubt of tbe mental
capacity of tbe said minor to make a
proper choice of a gnardian, declines to
approve of tbe said choice, and has ap
pointed Attorney M. A. MtCinley, In
stead." The appointment of Mr. Chase as
Kuardian of Eugene P. May, another
minor child of Mr. May, was approved.
Both guardians wei directed to file
bonds in tbe sum of $300.
Demands for Sir h on the Relief Agouti
are Numerous.
The relief agents working for the
poor board and the associated char
ities would like those churitably dis
posed to send all the shoes and clothes
they can spare, to the ground floor of
the Mnnicipal building.
Many requests are daily made by
needy and deserving persons for raiu
uent for feet and body. The agents be
lieve their are many the in city who can
spare partly worn articles that will be
appreciated by -food people, who are
not to be considered ineudieauts be
cause they accept overcoats or dresses
they are too poor to buy, and that are
absolutely necessary to shield them
from the inclemencies of tho season.
The "Land of the Mbnight Sun" will Iw
the attraction at tbe Academy of Music
this evening.
The new order of exercise adopted by
the Green Kidge Baptist Sunday school
was used for the flrst time on Sunday
The regular meeting of the Women's
' hristiun Temperance union will be held
nt 303 Spruce street this afternoon ut :
A meeting of the Commercial Travelers'
homo Association of America will be held
nt tbe Westminster hotel this evening at 8
The Ladies' HocIbI union of the Penn
Avenue Baptist church will give a turkey
upper In the church parlors this evening
from 6 to 8 on tbe occasion of the annual
pew letting.
All ladles who are iuterosted in the con
templated amateur theatrical performance
lor the benefit of the Associated Charities
are requested to meet tomorrow morning
at 10 o'clock at tho residence of Mrs. Fran
ces B. Swan, 681) Clay avenue.
The llrst number of the Hnwlev News, a
weekly paper into which Editor Slattery,
brother of John P. Slattery, the Canouse
avenue merchant, pours spirited Demo
cratic doctrine and crisp local now, has
teen retoived. The Mews begins well and
has The Trihi nk's best wishes.
By reference to our advertising columns
tbore will be seen an excellent opportunity
for investors. The Scranton Axle Works
offers for sale $75,000 of tl per cout. coupon
bonds with iuterest payable semi-annually.
These bonds are an extremely safe invest
ment as they are a first mortgage on the
entire plant of the company. They are
Issued for tho further enlargement of the
works. For particulars address John M.
Kemerer, president, or Col. E. H. Elpple,
treasurer of tbe company.
The 'grand jnry disposed of all the
indictments before it yesterday, vis
ited and inspected the county jail and
nt i o'clock in tho afternoon pr -sented
its report to Judge Arch, bald, who
went on the bench to receive it. The
report presented by Foreman Q, V.
Wilson w; as follows:
To the Honorable the Judges of tbe Court
of (Quarter fe$. ... of Lackawanna
The grand jury inquiring for the county
of Lackawanna nt tho January session.
A. I). ISM, respectfully submit tho follow
ing report:
That they have disposed of nil th iu
dtotmentl presented to them, according to
their belt judgment, and luire made re
turns of their liudiUKS thereon to the court.
They desire especially to call the atten
tion ot the court to the; provisious of tbe
laws regalating tire escapes upon hotels,
factories, lodging bouses, etc, and to the
fact that the provisious of said laws are
Dot complied with in n great niHny in
stances m Lackawanna county, and es
penally Within tho limits of the city of
Bcranton. They recommend that the at
ten I ion of the proper ohlcers be culled to
the matter with a view of euforciug tbe
provisions of said law ill that respect.
Judge Archbald said that he did not
know what could be done about the
recommendation with regard t6 tire
escapes, but lie was convinced that the
publication of the protest against tbe
failure of builders to obey the law
would be productive, of much good. He
then discharged the jury trom further
duty. The true bills returned by the
jury were;
Bawdy house .Margaret Gehere; Wil
liam Price, pros.
Tippling bouse Margaret Gehere; Wil
liam Price, pros.
Attempt nt rape Philip J. Leonard;
i'nrah J. Morgan, pros.
Secreting property to defraud creditors-John
W. Mcl.aiu: William Hess.pros.
Embeuletnent P. J. Callahan; John
W. Kinsella, pres.. Lewis H. Beble; F. E.
Wood, pro.
Kiot John Doboclt. Joseph Ziirneny,
.John Gadow and George Beruotb; Joseph
Gluck. uros.
Carrying concealed weapons, Frank
Mollinaro; .lames F. McAndrew, ores.
Diechurgiug tirearin?, Andrew Mebal
lick; John Evans, pros.
Felonious wounding, Bert ilartman
William Gilbert, pros.
Forcible entry and detainer, E. J. Ehr-
good; Jonas Christ man. pros.
Felonious attempt, i a ... Mollinaro;
James 1. JlcAndrow, pros.
Alfrny, Phelix Pelulns, E. Jabn and
John Buishinsky; Michael Dutfy. pros.
Poiutlng lirearms Charles N. Banker
Joseph Stautou, pros.; Patrick Malia,John
t'aino, pros
Larceny -Patrick Muuley, Thomas Gib
bons and Frank Morrow, T. F. Pierce,
pros.; James JJanui-r, Charles Uidgway,
pro3. ; Anthony Peanut and Anthony vat
eutine, Anthony Voudor, pros.; Felix
union, W . T. Simpson, pros.
Malicious mischief John P.usnn and
Owen Malis. Uwen Leo. pros.: Wolf Mc
Toifor and Stopuen Slavioskv, Paul Van
Go:!lo, pros.; Theodore Roberts, Mike Pen
yah, pros.; John Doback, Joseph ur-nit-ny,
John Gudon and Csorgo Bernott,
Joseph Glick, pros.
Neglect of duty M. M. Luddy, Thomas
Owens, pros.
Aggravated assault and battery Wil
liam Davis, Michael FnriUa, pros.
Assault and Battery- Matthew itrey,
William Acton, pros.; George Prokepovity
and William Davis, John Drozdeck, pros.;
George Proltopovitz, pros.; George Has
pnsko, Philip Williams, pros. ; Michael
t erko and George Huss, Isaac Harrison,
pros. ; Frank Barrilla, Andrew Cooamage,
pros.; Barney Crevolis, Matthew Tonu
latitch. pros; Autrust Blankenhurg, pros.;
David Kane, J. J. White, pros.; George
0'L.eary, Mary O'Leary.pros. ; Mrs. Michael
Lymuu, Tnomas Jacket, pros.: Wilbam
James, Willlsm Davis, pros.; W. J. Mc
Hale, Paul Keller, pros, ; Michael t-noe,
John Polo, pros. ; Edward Coukline, Wil
liam Dillon, pros.: Frank Shanley, Edward
Humphries, pros.; Anthony Monagban,
Barbara Monahan. pros. : Patrick Judge.
James Moran, pros.; Frederick Harper, M.
J. Bolgan, pros.
Cases in which tbe bills were Ig
nored were:
Larcony- George Moon, John Mclfale,
pros,; William Hogan, Max Klopper,
pros.; Frank Cbilaw, George Jones, pros.;
John Slopentzki nud Joseph Gelonetz,
Peter Wincbiewicz, pros.; Anthony Kos
suth, Balfe Mnrrosco. pros.; Sauipko Par
saka, Mosko Pasalopa, pros.. Sarah
Devers, John C. Moran. pros.; Joseph
Stanton, Charles N. Baker, pros.: Minna
Batten burg. Charles ti. HBanker, pro.o
Samuel Monell, William Matthews, pros.
Attempt at rupo Jainos .. , ,., Harriet
Smith, prox., to piy costs.
Adultery J. W. Stroud, George L.
Varus, pros., to pay costs.
Embi zilement John A. Hart, U. G.
Stockwell, pros., to pay costs.
Perjury JoReph Jnpichick; Andrew Snr
rosta, pros., to pay costs.
Keeping gombllng house -Joseph A.
Dolphin; William Davis, pros, Philip
Williams to pay costs.
Assault -Andrew .Camenska; Stanislaus
Gorzleuski, prof., to pay costs.
fornication and bastardy James Fer
guson; Ellen McDonough, prox., to pay
Misdemeanor in office Jainos Mnnley;
Joseph Arlglni, pros., to pay costs.
Nui.-ance-John P. Mooro, Jacob Kah
er; pros, topayooets.
Aggravated assault and battery -Palrl-cio
iradorii, William Pasquina; pros, to
pav costs.
Forciblo entry and detainer George
Corey, Charles Mesher; pros, to pav costs.
Tippling house-John Early. Patrick
Mcllnle; pros, to pay costs. Henry Ort,
John Vinson; pros., Samuel H. Smith to
pay costs.
Selling liquor on Sunday P. B, Higgins
and Kobort. Willis. ( 'nthnrine O'Donnell:
prox. to pay costB; Joseph Dolphin, Will
iam Davis, pros.; Philip Williams to pay
Malicious mischief Thomas Rowland;
William Leonard, pros., to pay costs: Au
thony Rowland; William Leonard, pros.,
to pay costs; Hugh Gannon, Mike Morko.
pros., to pay costs; Isaac Harrison, John
Perko. pros.
Robbery Alexander Clark; Moses Ca
hey pros.; Audrew Cleary and James Sul
livan, W. T. Cleary, pros.
Secreting proporty to defraud creditors
William Gilleran, William Hess, pros.
False pretenses Anthony Sorupersand
A. Lawrence; Francis Gelibsky, pros..
to pay costs; John Theburg; Adolph Kas
kio, pros.; to pay costs; John Wickham;
Lyutau Walters, pros., to pay costs.
Assault and battery John Nealis, Cor
nelius Usddtn, pros.; Margaret Gehere,
William Price, pros.; Mlko Maylewicz,
Peter Kate, pros.; Michael Lyman,
Tlionias Juckett, pros.; Edward Killing,
Carrie J. Bnchniati.proX.; Michael Gospar,
R, Rerkowlcb, pros.; John Backawanud,
John Pitts, pros.: Adam Branko, Joseph
Shuloka, Joseph Golss and Valentine
Copnt, John Hhutsky, pros.; James Rey
nolds, Mary E. Edmunds, prox.; Auton
Coinage, Peter Vonos, pres. : Michnel
Reynolds and Catherine Reynolds, Mary
K. Edmunds, pros.; Georgo Scbacky, An
drew Huddy, pros. ; Peter Hiehl, William
Bleb), pros. ; Jobn Burke and Mary Burke,
Frank Lenuihuu, pros.; Alexander Fran
cis. Solly Valongans, prox.; Joseph Vu-
belka, Martin Tullalla, pros.: Patrick U
Walsh, Margaret Walsh, prox.; Andrew
It is Being Exhibited This Weak at the
Edxn Uusee.
The ferocious nntamd lion "Wal
lace" which is beiu extiibitol at the
Eden Musee attracted immouee crowds
y-ster day afternoon and eveni g, snd
all who attended were astounded at
tbe conragous conduut of the animal's
traiuer. who vetitttrned into the cage
at the risk of being a patron of the un
dertaker before he cuino out.
"Wallace" is a magnificent species
of his kind. The very appearance of
any one near the oage in which he is
confined serves to arouse him to a ter
rible anger and his Ion 1 growls and
the hungry snapping of dangerous look
ing jaws inspire fear in almost every
p.ctator to say notmng or the
East Indian trainer who onters tbe cage.
As a first class attraction in popular
priced places of amusement, "Wallace"
has never beeu surpassed in Bcranton,
and is well worth seeing.
Manager Jelferson, who has assumed
charge of the Edn Musee, is a woll
known Scrantoniun, thoroughly vofsod
in the theatrical business, and if tho
show in the theater yesterday cm be
taken as a criterion of wliut the pat
rous may expect, Eden Muses will rank
as u place of amusetuint of tho very
best grade, i he performance was not
woak in any resptot and most of the
entertainers were new to Hcriiitou au
diences. Tho favorite Nurauton boys,
Dillon and Murray, the clever Irish
skotch artists, were given a ronsiug
welcome by their numerous local
friends. Thoy responded by giving as
neat an Irish turn as has ever been
seen her. Mclntyre and Rice in a
refined sketch tire so far above the av
erage variety sketch performers that
their work was decidedly refreshing,
and was loudly applauded. Miss Inez
Pearl danced and sung herself into
popularity with the audience. E Idie
Sbludlii sung a number of excellent
parodies and Marreste and iiill ex
cuted several very good dances,
. .
An Organization That Rdndors Some 'Ex
ceedlnaly Qood Musio.
The Magnolia quartette, which made
such an unqualified success at Wonder
land last v. by its remarkably good
rendition of plantation melodies, has
beeu secured by Charles H. Hlggtnf, of
this city.
He will tour the couutry with the
quartetto, wbioh will In the future bo
kuovfii as the African Jubiies singers.
The qusrtetto is composed of A.
Browu, first tenor; C. (Joins, second
tsnor; T. Grundy, first bass, mid W.
M. Cheeks, second bass. The concerts
gon by these jubilee, singers are espec
ially adapted to church entertainments
everal Witnesses Testily That They
Saw Fick Strike Page with His Fist,
and He Is Held by Judge Gunster in
Tyenty-tive Hundred Dollars' Bail.
Michael Fick, of Mayfield, was la-
ore Alderman Wright yesterday on
the charge of murder. Fick is accused
of beating John Page over the head
with n stick and then leaving him in a
coal shanty, exposod to the wind and
uin, from tho effects of which Page
died. Tins occurred in Mayfiold 'on
Christmas night.
John Lowry testified that he saw
Fick strike Pnge and afterwards hit
im with a Btoue. Theodore Wacana
testified to finding Page lying in his
coal shanty nt 5 o'clock on tho morning
of Dec. ilij, He had the man taken into
his house where he would be warm.
His shoos were frozen to his feet. sPage
told him he bad cut his head by falling
from a train of ears.
Dr. Scnnlori, who attended Page, de
scribed the wound as being a gash in
the sc ilp about three inches long. He
felt un ler the scalp, but could hnd no
fracture. The wound hud evidently
been iuliicted by a sharp instrument
nd with the exposure which Page was
subjected to, would have a tendoncy to
produce death.
Michael Dai. in stated that Page had
come to his boue Christmas night an d
asked for food. Michael Fick had como
it it few minutes later and without
provocation struck i'age with his fist
twice. The witness then hsld Fick
nutil Page got out of the bouse.
Later be heard cries out in the street,
and when he went out saw Fick strik-
ng Page with a stick. Danio's wife
corroborated his testimony except the
latter part.
George fSewonski who boards 'with
Dauio also saw Kick striking Page with
a stick and saw Pago run awv. When
Fick was why he bit Page, ho re
plied that Page cauu around at night
and stole from tbe houses.
Tho alderman decided that Ficl
should be held and had him taken be
fore Judge (inuster, who heid him in
bail in the sum of s'.'..,-n to appear at
court. Bail was furnished.
Coroner Kelly Thoroughly Investigates
the Jtrmyn Oas;.
Coroner Kelly visited Jerinvn and
investigated the death of Lafayette
Lowry yesterday. Alter examining
the body and malting inquiries, Dr.
holly decided tliut no inquest was
To a THIBCNE reporter last evening
tho coroner stated that he thought
Lowry had died of heart failnre. .Tiie
only wound found on the body was one
on the head, caussd by being struck by
the wagon wheel. Lowry was dead
and his head dropped over the side of
the wagon.
He Is Taking Ton JHuoh R;sponstb lllty
as Dslong's Bondsman.
A. J. Casey, of the firm of Casey
Bros., bondsman of Alderman C. M
De Long, of the Eighth ward, wants
to be relieved of his responsibility and
yesterday petitioned the court to com
pel Mr. Dj Long to give security to
indemnify him.
Tho petitioner says that by reason of
Alderman De Longs intemprat
habits and insolvent condition t:n re
sponsibility of tho surety on Iub bond
has b en greatly increased. The mat
ter will be heard in conrt on Jan. 15 at
'J a. m
ichael Fick Will Have to Aiiswor
Death of John Page.
(or the
Judge H, M, Edwards Docs His First Duly as
a Trial Judge.
Little and O'Connor Will Design the New
High School.
J. a Mott was in New York yostordsy
John T. Porter spent yesterday In the
Jobn G. McAskie has recovered from
two weeks' illness.
Miss Nellie Sesmen, of Avoca, visits
In Scrantou recently.
C. E. Bradbury will spond this week in
rotter county on business.
Dr. H. 0. Wheeler, of Carbondale, was
visitor to tbe city yesterday.
O.-car Sturmer, of Danville, Va., called
on Scranton mends yesterday.
P. G. Harding, of Pecltville, spent Son
day with friends at bcranton.
W. B. R ickwellwas among the Scran
tonians in new xork yesterday.
A. F. Rhoades, of Carbondale, wai
Visitor to Scrantou last Saturday.
K. N. Willard registered at tbe Murra
Hill hotel in New iork yesterday.
V. W. Scianton was in New Vorkyes
leiiisy auu stoppeu at me imperial.
Joseph M. Boies returned to Ynls yes
ttrday after spending his vacation at
Mrs. J. B. Nielsen and Mrs. W. M. Card
ner, of Honesdale, passed Saturday In this
A. J. McNenlis roturned from Chicago
Saturday after a year's sojourn iu the
western metropolis.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Nettlnton are enjoy
ingllue Jane weather iu their "Southland
homo, Luke Helen, Flu.
County Auditor S. S. Sprnks will leave
this morning for Alleutowu to attend the
Lumbermen s convention.
MIsb Blanch.' Wood returned to her
Honesdale home yesterday, after a pleasaut
visit with scrantou trieuds,
Dr. M. J. Murphy, ot Providence, and
U.MlLn.K,,liiuri nt Sxrantnn ., 1 1 -,, ,1. I i I,
fair at Frtceburg Saturday night.
Misses Marie Curran and Agio Lyn of t
returned to their homes in Scrantou yes.
terday artur a few days stay in Avoca.
Miss Mettle Williams, of Sorauton, at
tended an enjoyable party last week at
the residence of Ambrose A Item in, of
Master 'Km erson Uose, who for several
days bas been tbe guest of bis ancle, L. G.
Rose, in Honesdale, bas returned to his
home in Scrantou,
Miss Nettle Berkeley, of Throop, yester
day resumed her studies at Bloomsbtiig
normal school. She was detsined u week
longer than usual owing to the illness of
her sister.
Miss Fannie A. Winton returned to her
school yesterday after spending tbe holi
days at her Scranton home. She was ac
companied as far as New York by ber
father, B. M. Winton.
Mr. August Lango and Philip Brm
bacher left yesterday for New York. With
Mis. Land's husband, pastor of the Hick
orv Street Presbvterlan church, thav will
sail for Germany Weduesday and will be
absent tbree montns.
The following persons will leave for New
York this afternoon to attend the conven
tion of tbe Coal Operators' oaeociailou:
William Connell. president of the associa
tion; 0. B, Johnson, C. D. Plmpsou;
Thomas 11 Warklns, James 0. McChire,
Mayor W. L Conuell and K L. Fuller.
They will return Thursday.
Tboe Who Will Quid. Affairs for the
Coming Yasr.
The Builders exchange held an in
teresting session last evening and
elected officers for tho ensuing term
The onicers elected were: President,
John W, llowartli; vice-presidents,
John Colligan, Charles N. Lord: re
cording secretary, James Collins;
reading secretary. Willmni K Will
iam?; treasurer, 1 nomas L Lyddon.
Direetors for two years, tteorge W.
Finn, W. R. Williams, Peter Stipp,
John Colligan, lL.-nry Gunster, David
P. Thomas; committee on appeals, D.
P. Thomas, George D. Brown, Conrad
Schroedir, Thomas E. Lyddon, John
Nelson. H. C. llinmnn, U. A. Kauf-
hold ; delegate to national convention,
Conrad Bcliroeder; alternate, John Bo-
uore; delegate at large, George D.
The convention will bo hell in Bos
ton, Fob. 13 and 14, nnd several
prominent builders of tins city will at
tend. Oae of the subjects to be dls
ensssd at this meeting is a uniform
contract. A committee of tbrae was
sppointed to consider the matter and
report at the next meeting.
The officers will bo installed at ft
special meeting on Monday evening
Evidence of Many Prominent Citizens
Was Takon.
The hearing in tho case of Dr. Burr's
family against tho doctor, charging
him with being an habitual drunkard,
wascontiuurd before Attorney Churles
L. Hawley yesterday.
Many prominent business men of the
city wre sworn and their testimony
heard. Some had senii Dr. Burr
drnnk: others testified that they had
never seen him drunk. The entire day
was consumed hearing testlm iiiy.nnti
4.J10 o'clock, when adjournment until 9
o'clock this morning was made. The
esse will end today.
They Were Three Actions Arising
from Disputes Concerning Wages.
He Presided with the Ease of a Vet
eranCases That Were Tried Be
fore Judge Gunster in the Main
Court Room Two Cases Con
tinued for Settlement.
Judge H. M. Edwards tried his first
case yesterday. He showed that he
can instantly adapt himself to bis sur ¬
roundings, for ho seemed quite as much
at bis ease passing upon the law points
raised by the attorneys as he was when
a pleader at the bar, s
The January term of common ploas
court opened yesterday morning and
Judge Edwards was assigned to try
cases iu court No. 8. A case arising
over a dispute about wages was the
flrst one called for trial before him.
Miss Bridget ( I'Mnlley was the plain-
till and Frank Carpenter the defend
ant. Both parties reside at Crboa-dale.
In August, 1892, Mr. Carpenter's
wife was tnken siclc and Miss O Alalley
was employed as nursa. She acted in
that capacity for seven weeks and Mr.
Carpenter paid her claiming that
tbe agreement was that she should get
$1 per week. MitsU'Malley demanded
75 cents a day and sued to recover
$8 75, the difference between what she
says she should have received and
what Mr. Carpenter paid her.
Attorney James Mahon appeared for
the fair plaintiff , and Attorney- H. C.
Butler for the defendant. The jury
bud not returned a verdict when court
Statesman (Dorge Fanninir, of the
South Side, sued E. H. Jordan and
Thomas McDonongh, who conduct a
livery stable on Pig street, to recover
$0 for digging a ditch and laying a
pipe for them. It was the second case
tried before Jndge Edwards. Attorney
Jalnes Mahon argued for Mr. Fanning
and Attorney T. B. Hobau represented
tbe defendants.
They denied having employed Mr.
Fanning end said that tbe owner of
the property. Martin McDonongh, was
the proper perr.on to pay for whatever
improvements were made. Martin
McDonough was called to the stand
and said lie hud been willing and ready
to pny Mr. Fauning's bill. A verdict
was returned in favor of tbe defend
When court adjourned for the day
the case of Patrick McLouuhlin
against Jermyn & Co., was being
tried before Judge LI wards. Attor
ney A. A. Chase appeared for the plain
tiff and Attorney George Vv. Beale f r
the defendant. The plaiutifi claims
that he did not rsceive from Jertnyn t
Co. the full amount of the wages that
he earned in March, April and May
Before Juge Gunster, who is presid
ing in tbe mam court room, two wages
cases were tried yesterday. In both
Jermyn & Company were the defend
ants. ' Felix McLaughlin, one of the
defendants, sued to recover $1083
Tno defendants admitted owing him
(! 03 for work done in May, payment
or which lie refused to accept. The
jury sam Mr, McLnughlin was entitled
to 814 91.
Patrick McLaughlin, the other de
fendant, sued to r-cover ijiil Oil that ln
declares Jermyn & Co owes him. Up
to tbe time court adjourned no verdict
had been retnrued in the case.
In the trespass case of Nellie Stev
ens against the Peoples Street Rail
way company, a continuance was
nskod for and allowed on tbe gronn 1
bat negotiations are pending for a
settlement, The same action was
taken for a like reason in the esse of
Anthony Ruane against the Hillside
Coal und Iron company.
An Uniuomssful Atump to Enter
ArchlUot Duckworth's House.
An unsuccessful attempt was made
by burglars early Monday morning to
enter tbe house of John A, Duckworth
at Onincy avenue and Olive street
The nuy window faciug u lighted elec
tric arc lump was bniiilv shoved open.
Mr. Duckworth, awakened by the
noise, frightened the marauders away
before entrance was secured,
Will Be a Candidate for Ssl-ct Council
in the Eighteenth Ward.
John Cawley who received .6 votes
at the Democratic caucus recently held
in tho Eighteenth ward for select conn
cil will be a candidate for the office on
election day.
Mr. Cawley Is a popular Delsware
Lackawanna and Western conductor
und he is snuguine of his election.
Ltlaud T. Powers in the Y. M O. A
Standard Course.
The third number of the Young Men's
Christian association course occurs Friday
eveulln, Jan. Hk Leland T. Powers will
give "David Copperfteld" ns only he can do
it. Single admission in cents.
Triple BUnd Java and Moona
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JANUARY 9, 1894.
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Cor. Penn Ave. and Spruce St.
It Gives in Detail the Precautions
Adopted The School Can Be Built
with tho Money Appropriated for
That Purpose Teachers' Commit
tee Report.
i i
Officers Elected for Easumir Tsrm to B
Installed Saturday.
Tbe following are the officers of
Scranton castle, No. 117, Knights of
the Golden Eigle, of Scranton, elected
for the ensiling six mouths' term:
Past chief, Samuel J. Lavies; noble
chief, Jobn C. Shuuk; vice chief, David
E. Thomas; high priest. John T. Jen
kins ; venerable hermit, John B. Dt
vies; master of records, William G.
Howelle , clerk of exchequer, Elwiu
Howell: keeper of exchequer, Richard
E. Jones; sir herald, Peter Turner;
worthy bard, George S. Price ; worthy
chamberlain, Josepn iietemsu ; ensign,
David Welch; esquire, Jacob Sohmer.
first imnrdsin 111, L R. Follett; s-cond
guardsman, Victor Smith; trustees,
John Sullivan; representative to grand
castle, William Q. IIuwolls.
I nose ofbuers will be installed next
SsturJtiy evening.
He Was Named by Independent Dsmo-
crats of Seventh Ward.
A caucus of the Independent Demo
orats of the Seventh ward was held in
Curran's hall, New streot, last night.
Janet Gillespie was chairman, Miohael
I nomas secretary, and Patrick Weir
und Martin Gilgallon tellers,
JanM J. Padden was unanimously
chosen for tho oflieeof school controller
and the district officers named at the
lute Democratic caucus were indorsed,
Tin: great people of this country who
accomplish so much 111 tbe nltairs of lite
have the peculiar fashion of executing
whatever may come to them in tho line of
actton on the spot. There is that pile of
Harper's, Frank Leslie's, Jicl.'lure's, He
viow of Reviews, North American, Cen
tury, etc., that you have read. They are
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(iiirMr. Schwencker can transform them
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the numbers together, before they are lost
or soiled, and bring them to Tin: Tftlli'NK
binders? A few cents will give you some
beautiful books tbut will take the place of
those rough and ragged magazines.
, . ...
We Off-r Today
Canned goods for 10c. worth 13c., and a
Lie. line worth from 'JOc. to Hue. Ask to
seetheui. ' Co0Mttt.
. . .
Music Boxes Exclusively.
Best made. Play any desired number of
tunes. Gsntschi .v Hons., manufacturers,
10W Chestnut street, Philndelphla. Won
derful orcbes: rial organs, only V and 110.
Specialty: Old riuslc boxes carefully re
paired and Improved with new tunes.
The high school question, so far as
the architects and plans are considered,
is finally disposed of. At last night's
meeting of the board of control Mr.
TboniLSon, chairman of tho commit
tee, presented tbe following report,
which was unanimously adopted:
After numerous meetings aud careful
examination- of tbe plans for the new high
school submitted, as provided for in tbe
prospectus, by their professional advisor,
Professor Ware ot Columbia College, tbe
committee unanimously agreed upon tbe
plans uuown as :so. y, presented by Little
& O'Connor of 98 West 23d street
Now York, provided tho building, accord
ing to said plaus, could be erected within
the amount appropriated by tbe board. for
that purpose, viz: $150,000.
lu order to ascertain this lact the plans
were submitted to three competent build
ers, two selected by the commute., nud one
by the architects; and their report belne
satisfactory, tbe plans have liually beeu
adopted in accordance with tbe authority
vested iu the committee by the terms of
the prospectus, subject to such revision as
tbe committee may deem necessary, and
Little & G'Conuor and Professor Ware
duly notified.
We also recommend the payment of 250
each to the followine architects, us stipu
lated iu tbe prospectus, they being the au
thors of the four next best plans: Poole
& Sutton, of Newark, X. J.: Nyatt 4: Not
ling, of Baltimore, Md.; George Oakley
Totten. 1r., of Now York; Lord & Hew
lett, of New Y'ork.
We further report that In accordance
with the recommendation of the commit
tee, adopted by the board Nov. '-'7, IBM!),
relative to the strengthening of the mine
supports under No. 1 school property, ar
rangements have beeu made with the olS-
lalsof tbe Lackawanna Iron aud C'onl com
pany to huve said company do this work,
tbe agreement being that the board shall
pay only tbe actual cost to tbe company of
labor aud material.
We recouimoad that the finance com
mittee be instructed to have the balance of
unsold school bonds duly executed by the
proper officer, tbe bonds then to be de
livered to the city treasurer.and the proper
receipt to be taken tberefor. The commit
tee huve approved aud recommended the
payment of the following bills: Mtildoon
& Bowe. WSS.'iO; James Gillespie. $13.75;
C. B. Pratt, 4.00; F. R. White, tl.SO.
Mr. Wormser, of the teachers' com
mittee, presented the following report,
which was adopted:
We recommend that the resignation of
John U. Wagner, principal of No. 10. be
accepted, aud that M. J. Ketrick be
1 1 ansterred from the pnncipalship of No.
(I to that of No. 10; tbnt D. W. Phillips bs
appointed principal of No. b vice Mr. Ket
rick translorred.
That Mrs. Josie D. Knsuss bo appointed
principal Primary C at No. SI, the position
made vacant by tbe death of Mis Jeunie
T. Lankan.
That Miss Mary E. Monies ba trans
ferred from No. v:i. annex to Primary C,
No. 2t, vice Miss Bhedd, resigned.
That Miss Frances Connor M appointed
tacher at No. 88 aunuex to the position
made vacant by the transfer of Miss
Thet Miss Lizzie M. P.aubbe transferred
from No. 25 to Grammar B, No. 33, to tbe
place made vacant by tbe death of Miss
That Miss Anna R. Dnvis be appointed
to No. 20, vice, Miss Rsub transferred,
subject to adjustment of grade by super
intendent. That Miss Drlesen and pnpils be trans
ferred from No. 28 to the building recently
fitted up on Dickson avenue.
That the resolution shortening the ses
sions of the preparatory school, Washing
ton avenue, be rescinded and the two-session
plan be adopted.
Mrs. Surah Morgan was appointed
janitress at No. 19. Mr. Williams
eked for the privilege of permitting
pnpils from B-dlevue Heights toatteud
school No. 18, their school having been
burneJ. This permission was granted
The new fence at No. S3 was reported
in bad cinditim and tiie matter wss
referred to the building committee.
Mr. U'Mslley e tile 1 attention to the
fact that the Vacant lots on Stone ave
nue were assessed to John Schwenk.
The matter was referred to tho finance
Are worth going a long distance to S
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After Swearing Off
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nence with tbe birth of tbe new year U
perhaps hard to estimate, but we now
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inveterate babit, n babit which has become
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wruld bavo been easy to quit, but having
ueglected to do so the babit continued un
til by the constant or fri qtient use of tbe
poison there was forced a change in the
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sary, to keep you reeling good aud you
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BRADY In Duntnore, Jan. 8, 1S94, Mrs.
Elizabeth Bradv, widow of Isaac Brady,
aced (i; years, BS days. Funeral Wednes
day at 2 p. m. from residence, 201 Maiu
Btreet, Duntnore.
HANAWAY In Scranton, Jan. 7, 1894,
Laurence Ernest, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Hannway, aged S years. Funeral
Tuesday afternoon nt 3 o'clock from the
family residence, 2tS Lackawanna ave
Dr. Hill & Son
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