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Fittincrs i suits that aggregate $40,000
I i City
Solicitor James H. Torrey lutervicwed
by a Tribune Reporter.
Norrman& Moore
.20 Wyoming Avenue
They Are Caused by the City Not Ob
taining a Release or Properly As
sessing the Damages They Might
Have Been Avoided Pach Case
Will Be Tried Separately.
Ti8 Penn Ave.
Offer for This Week
A new line of 4o-inch
all wool Bourette Stripe
Cheviots, made to
for 75c; 7 yards
tost you $2.03, or
29c. per yard.
Wall Papers,
Window Shades,
Mattings, Rugs, etc.
127 Wyoming Ave.
regular meet-
-).. t couucil will LuM
ng this eveuing.
Tbe Baker opera will present 'Talk"
st the Academy of Music ttiis nil :
The tale of seat! fur James U. Haokis iu
"Grimes' Cellar Loor." wit) open at the
Academy box office tomorrow morning.
All commercial travelers are requested
lu meet at the Westminster today afl.SU
to attend the funeral of Brother L. I.
The tire last evening was at the house of
a iiuiu named Triveltieve on New York
ttreet. Only the inside of the building
wad damaged.
Tbe regular monthly meeting of the
managers ot the Home of the Friendless,
will occur tomorrow morning T'ridayi at
tbe usual time ami place.
All singers having copies of Dr. Clark's
cantata, are earnestly requested to return
them to Haydn Evnus studio over Stella
& Foley's, Wyoming avenue, at their
earliest convenience.
The bill of Sheriff Fahey for feeding the
prisoners at tbe county jail during the
month of December amounting tn $i4G.5o,
was approved by the county commission
ers yesterday.
1). D. Simpson, of North Main avenue,
was held in 830(i bail by Mayor i.'onuell
last evening for beating bis wife. He ac
knowledged the offense when brought up
for a bearing.
Tbore will be a caucus or tbe Republi
cans of the Fourteenth ward at Co-opera
tiva hall on Jan. y at B o'clock for tbe
nomination of candidates for select ami
common councils and all other ward Ora
eers. Market men, on lower l.ackawauua ave
nue complain that the employe Ht the
crematory keep the barrels that are sent
out containing garbage. The matter is to
be brought to the attention of tlio board of
Members of Scrantou Conclave No. 117,
Improved Order of Heptasophs, will meet
at Kaub's hall at 1 iso o'clock sharp this
afternoon to attend the funeral services of
l.everett I. Seeley. Members of sisteroon
claves are cordially Invited tn attend.
The Remorse club, of this city, have
elected the following officers: Frank C.
Hughes, president; John 0, Lewis, vino
president; John Leonard, secretary; Frank
U Hani, treasurer; Or. John Cusb, Wil
liam Luxemburger, Dr. Frank McCJfatb,
A sewer in Moir's court in tho property
of the Lackawanna Iron and Steel com
pany, bat been blocked since Saturday.
l'ho newer was broken into in three differ
ent places but the obstruction was not dis
covered till yesterday. It was a cement
barrel left in the man hole, the street com
missioner thinks, by careless workmen.
Attorney I. H. Burns yesterday pre
sented to tbe court tbe petition of Mis,
Ellen Gibbons, a property owner on Meii
diau street, asking tbut viewers be ap
pointed to ascertain the damage done by
the grading of that street. Judge Gun
eter appointed Attorney John M. Harris,
Charles Koempel and C. F. Van Nort.
Tbe marriage licensee granted by Clerk
of the Courts Thomas yesterday were to
Adam Perdeys and Lizzie Future, Peek
ville; Patrick Norton and Katie Kelly,
Pcrantou: Alexander Zawouskl and Jo
sephine Vanerskl. Arcbbald; John Irving
and Mary Caffeity, Scrauton , Cornelius
ivtcGuIre and Maria Mullaney, Scranton.
Tbe proceeds of the performance at
Wonderland this afternoon will be devoted
to the needy ones of the city. Tickets for
the entertainment have been inthebands
of the members of the police force for sev
eral days, and a large number have been
sold. Tbe performance is first clans and
those who attend will be well entertained.
Tbe Cornell Glee, Banjo and Mandolin
clubs, will give aconcert at tbe Academy
on Jan. IV. It will bo followed with a re
ception at tbe Bicycle Club house by tbe
Cornell Alumni association, of Northeast
ern Pennsylvania. The Cornell musical
organizations are very strong this year,
and an excellent entertainment may be
Much comment lins been caused bv
tbe numerous claims for damage that
have arisen during the past year, all
having their origin in public improve
tuent Home ot these eases date back
for several years and the surprising
thing nbout the situation is that Ira
H. Burns, ex-city solicit or. is attorney
for the claimants in each iustanca. In
deed Mr. Burns makes no secret of his
intentions. Ho proposes, if possible, to
show that mistake was made wuen
ho was turned down last apriri i. and If
the signs portend anything, Mr. Burns
will bo a candidate for tho position a
year hence.
To learn something about the atntns
of affairs as at pressnt existing, a
TRIBUNE reporter waited on City So
licitor Torrey yesterday. Mr. Torrey
was loth to spoak. He said that he
preferred to fight the battle out him
self without the aid of the newspapers,
but when the reporter pointed out to
him the deep concern of the public, hs
couseuted to speak.
'Why are there so many suit" pnd
nig against tbe city at this time'.'" asked
tbe reporter.
"Because the city has made public
improvements, such as gndiu streets
ami constructing sewers, and in aomn
cases opening and widening streets,
without securing a release or assess
ment of the damages. Prior to the con
stitutlon of 1874 the courts had liell
that there was no liability on
the part of municipal corporations
for consequential damages arising
from municipal improvements. But
tbe constitution of 1874 provided
that not only damage for property
takon, but also for property injured
must be paid by all corporations exer
cising the right of eminent domain
At least nsTearly as 1881 the Supreme
court decided that under this provision
of the constitution municipal corpora
tions were liable for any consequential
damage resulting to property from the
grading of streets. So far ae I know
no claim was ever made in Scrantou
for damages for such cause unti' tbe
present year.
"What is the total amouut of the
damages, as claimed up to date?"
"In round numbers upward of
"What method of procedure will
vou follow.''
"The statute gives tbe city the right
of appeal from the award of viewers
within thirty days after their report
has been tiled. 1 have in every case re
ported to couneils, when the reports
have been tiled, and in evury casa I
have been instructed to appeal. A
separate appeal must be filed for every
individual property for which dam
ages have been awarded. Upon each
appeal the court will frame an issue,
in which the property owner will ap
pear as the plaintiff and tile city as the
defendant Each case will have to be
tried on the question, whether the
property is damaged, and, If so, how
"How much time will elapse before
tbe easesgeton the trail list?
"I nless they are advanced bv rule,
or order of court; from one to two
years after they are begun. As in
other cases! a regular jury trial will
ensue, tbe costs, ranging from $25 to
$50, to be paid by the losing party.
"Does it make any difference in tho
case, if the property holders petition
for the improvements on which they
claim damages.'
"Hid supremo court has held that
tho mere signing of tne petition for tue
improvement, does not stop ihe pro
perty owner from claiming damage
The fact that he has signed a petition
may nave some weight with the j ury
upon Ills claim.
"Is there auy way by which the city
could have avoided the prosonc diffl
cultvT "Yes. The act of 1839 provides that
viewers to assess damages, may be ap
pointed before the work is done, and
the city, if dissatisfied with the amount
of damages awarded, may repeal the
ordinance and so escape liability This
method ha been pursued in all casos
where Improvements have been pro
vided for within the presont year, un
less the property holders voluntarily
released the city from any claims for
"What will be the future- result, in
your judgment, of this step on tho part
of dissatisfied propertyholders Will
it not act as a bar to progress aud pub
lic improvement ?"
"Whether or not any portion of tlm
cost of an improvement should be paid
ont of the general city fund is ex
clusively a legislative )ii9tiou for the
councils. The important danger to be
avoided is tho making of improve
ments which are liable to result in
claims for damage without a clear and
distinct knowledge of the amount of
these damages. The most important
consideration in the minds of property
holders Is the advantage to be derived.
Without any previous settlement of
tbe damage! 'the property owners are
very apt to forget the b unfits aud
magnify tbe damages. "
"I think the natural result of tho
present situation will be, that coun
cils will hesitate to pass ordinances for
Improvements, until claims for dam
ages have been released, or settled at
such amounts us the councils are satis
fied, ought to be paid out of the gener
al city fund."
barrel apples, one half crate of oranges,
confectionery ; Mrs. P. J. Horan tur
key, cakes, canned fruit; Mr. Koempel
drugs, John MeHale, Olive street,
turkey: P. McNally turkey. P. H.
Gilgallon, liquors, J. J. O'Boyle,
Penu avenue, crate oranges; Eugeus
Kleberg, dishes, orange, cakes, Mrs.
W. B. Dniriran. itrv roods: Miss Louise
Qunstor, candy; Miss Nellie Coleman,
oandy: Mrs. Simon Rice, oranges; Miss
Mary Hickey, confectionery; Mrs.
John Casey, tea, coffee and fl.iar: Mrs.
Carey, cinned fruit; Mrs. F. McDon
ald, cakeB and candy: Mrs. John Colli
gan, turkey; Mrs. P. Coyne, apples
and grapes; Miss Bertha Knlttel, con
fectionery; Miss C'jUins, dry goods;
Miss Ellen Cuinmiugs, clothing, Miss
Katie Gordon, cauu I fruit; Miss Mc
Andrew, Hyde Park, canned fruit;
Alpine Knitting company, six dozen
children's nndervests; Mr. Huntingtou.
New Process bread bakery; Miss Annie
B-rreit, Mineral street; Mrs. John
Quinn, New street, clothing.
Hen Who Passed Counterfeit Money
Answer at Couit.
The Coin Passed Is First-Class in
Every Respect Except That the
Ring Is Not Exact and the Weight
of the Dollar Is a Little Below the
Average Men Are Held in $5,000
Ball Each.
F. E. Looniis, of Scrantou, and Asa
W. Scolt, of Jefferson Co., Com
plete a $190,000 Sale.
F. E Loomis, of this city, nnd Asa
W. Scott, of Jefferson county, have
just completed a sale of 0,000 aores of
s'tumpsge in Jefferson county to George
V Kipp& Co., and Clark Bros., of
Snllivau county, for $100,000.
This tract lies near l'uuxutawney
on a branch of the Pittstur. Buff ilo
nun Rochester railroad, ami contains
70,000.000 feet of hemlock, 10,000,000 of
line, 10,000,0o0 of oak, ash ami poplar
besides some chestnut and maple. A
band and circular mill with 80,000
daily capacity will be built at onco by
the purchasers.
Impressions Created bv the List Ser
vice of the Dylne Yea".
WillMhSarri Ltodtt, Jan i.
Tho Wilke8-Burrean v. ho upends Sun
day in Scrantou and does not attend at
least one service In the new Elm Park
Methodist Epicopal church misses one
experience for which, in the opinion
of the residents of that city, irrespec
tive of denominationnl affiliation, he
ought never to be able to forgive him
self. Jast now the Elm Park church
is Scranton S pride aud to it tbe stran
ger receives a cordial welcome.
Aside from the spiritual benefit
which it is hoped all who come mav
receive.the handsome edific. the grand
organ, the big choir, everything in
fact about the new church is dear to
the Scranton heart and tbe people want
their enterprise and the magnificence
that has resulted from it admired and
appreciated by the stranger within
their gates. And with all the elegance
- and as Dr. Buckley said there is not a
handsomer Protestant church in the
city of New York and evidences of
wealth on every band, there is no ex
clusiveness. but the genuine epirit of
Mxthodist hospitality prevails ami
neither kid glove nor broadcloth is es
sential to one's welcome.
Tbe death of the old and birth of the
new year were naturally incidental
themes in last evening's service and
the sermon by the pastor was an earn
est appeal, particularly to the young,
to improve the opportunities which
are nifordod all to win success in lifo
and to prep ire themselves for the fu
ture. The music was grand and the
vocal features were a quartette and a
chorus by the full choir. There was a
congregation ot nearly 8,500 persons in
attendance, nli apparently in thorough
sympathy with the spirit of the
occasion. The references to the
dying year, the possibly neg
lected opportunities nnd the
earnest to correct the
errors of the past, invest il the services
with a certain solemnity that was felt
by every one in tbe congregation. It
was a servio long to bo remembered,
and whatever may be said in depreca
tion of elegant church associations and
snrroundiuga, it cannot be denied that
amid such enviroutnents, thoughts of
heaven are inevitably suggested, and if
one is at all susceptible to heavenly in
fill ?no he must feel it on occasion like
tnat of last evening at Elm Park
e -
Very Enjoyable Dance Held Under Fat-
ronaae of Prominent Ladles.
The subscription dance at the Bi
cycle club house last evening Under
the pa'ronage of Mrs. Jobu P. Kelly
aud Mrs. Josenh O'Brien, was one of
the pronounced social successes of ths
season lue music was furnished by
Bauer's orchestra.
Among those present from out of the
city were Miss Barrett, Frank Brown
and Mr. Tighe, of Carbondale: Miss
O'Mallev, of Chinchilla; Miss Hart,
Misi O'Brion. Miis Sullivan, of New
York, Misses Lauahan and Dr. Lena
ban. of Wilkes Barre.
From the city were: Mr. and Mrs.
William O'Brien. Mr. and Mrs, Scott
Cnsey, Mr. and Mrs. M. E McDonald.
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kelly, Mr. sod
Mrs. M. F. Sando, Dr. and Mrs. Bur
nett. Mr. nnd Mrs. John E. Roche, Mr.
and Mrs. E. V. Beyle, Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
A. Ruddy, Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Mc
Andrew, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Neville,
Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Flynu, Mr. and
Mrs. P. H. (iilgallon. Mr. r.iud Mrs. J.
J. O'Boyle, Mr. ami Mrs. W. J. Burke.
Mr. and Mrs, R. M, O'Brien, Mr. aud
Mrs. J. J. Brown,
Miss Braiuard, Miss L, lirniuurd,
Miis Kelly, Misi Beamish, Miss Nallin,
Miss Smith, Miss Bnrke. Miss ( ' Mai ler,
Miss Hart, Miss Harriet Ward,
Miss Si idee Ward, Miss Corbett, Miss
H che, Mia Croesen, Misi White, Miss
Allen, Miss Duffy, Miss McCarthy,
Miss Scaulon, Miss McDonald, Miss
Barrett, Miss Leonard, Miss Kelley.
Miss Mellon.
Jmne Beamish, John Nallin, Thomaa
P. Duff)', James F. Mitchell, John M.
Corbstr, W. McDonald, P. O'Malley,
William Coyne, Frank McAndrew, A.
T. Duffy, J. A. Collins, J. P. MoCaw
ley. M. J. Healey, Stunlsy Smith. M.
J. Walsh. Uttorge McDonald, and Jo
seph Levis.
The two men arrested by Sergeant
Spellinan nnd OrB "era Ssnl and Siltrv,
for passing spurious United States coin
on the merchants of Providence, on
Tuesday night, ver given a hearing
in police court bv United States Com
missioner Colboni vestur.lay morning.
Thy wore held in the sum of lfr,000
bail each, to appear at the next term
of United States court.
There was a largo number of wit
nesses present at the hearing and all
identified the men as the ons who
pass'd the coin. Sergeant Sp"llman
and the officers testified to the arrest
and to the 'amount of money both good
and bad that was found on their persons-
S-rg"nt Spel Imnn also id nti
fied several pieces as having been found
on the men
When questioned the shovers of
the "queer" cav their names
us Charles Wells, of Corry, Pa . and
Michael Webb, of Franklinville. N. Y.
Wells appeared to be very sorry a 'd
wpt frqnnifly during th hearinir
Webb is a hardened customer and
looked as if ho had been a crook all his
life. In his possession was found a
poem entitled "Lament of a Convict."
Tne coin found in possession of
the nen, was dollars and half dollars
of first-class workmanship. At first
sight the money is to all appearances
good, as it is made of an alloy that
looks like silver. Tbe ring of tbe
coin is not just perfect, and its weight
is a trifio under that of the genuine
The business men who were victim
ized were M. V. Morris, William Jar
vis, A M. Atherton & Co.. M. Dile.
Eaos Flyun. W. B. Christmas, John
Morris, A. K Dstweiler, Miss Scnhill,
Miss Lach, George M Malley, J. E.
Stanton, Johu J. Morris.
Manner in Which He Disposed of
The will of Jobu J. Godwin, the
South Washington avenue merchant
who died Inst Thurday, was admitted
to probate yesterday by Register of
Wills Koehlnr.aud letters testamentary,
granted to Patrick Walsh.
The will was executed on tbe dsy
Mr. Godwin died and was witnessed
by Attorney P. W. Stokes and Dr. W.
K. Dolan. It diiposes the property of
the desensed ss follows; Michael
Thornton, cousin, Ireland, lot at 403
South Washington vnus: Thome
Thornton, cousin, Iieland, lot at 405
South Washington NVentte; Michael
Wnlsh of 410 Soutb Washington ave
nue, cousin, lot and building at 407
South Washington avenue John Walsh
cousin, lot aud building at 409 South
Washington avenue ;Bridget Donahue,
for faithful services for many years
$1500: Msrgaret Walsh for faithful
service j'JOO; children of tho deceased
brother, Peter Godwin, $1000 each.
Tbe balance of his estate is to go to
bib- brother. James Godwin.
On the Fly.
9 -
That we are hudciuarter a for everything in
the line or Watch us if you have any idea
of purchasing any kind ot a Watcb, lady's or
gem's. Oold or Silver, you will wake a griev
ous mistake it you do n ' give us a call and
Kit our prices, which you will And far below
all otnere. especially in all tbe high grades ef
Elgin, Waltharo and Hampden movements.
If you have any doubts und are at all posted
on prices gl e use call and wo will have uo
trouble m convincing you. We still have a large
stock to Uisp ) e of, aud will otter you won
dertul Inducements in Jewelry, Silverware,
Clock) nnd ail otlor goods which we have iu
c. w
Tbe Servloes Will Be Held at Penn Ave
nue Baptist Ohurch.
The funeral of L. t Saely will take
place this afternoon at the Penn Ave
nue church. It will be a military
service and will be attended by the
officers of the Thirteenth regiment and
Mr. Seeley'e company. The pall bear
ers have he-n selecte I from Companv
D, as follows Sergeant! A. F.
Stokes, Thomas Gillman, Corporals
John M. Hughes, Leidy R. Reel,
Frank Branda, John F. Gibbons.
The following order hns been issued
Quarters D Coxpant j
13th BKOT. Inf , 3RD Bkioade, N. (i.P.
BCRAXTOKi Pa., Jan. 3, 1S'.U. )
The company will assemble at the ar
mory of the Scrantou C;t" guard on
Thursday, Jan. 4, to attend the funeral of
cur late secoud lieutenant, Levoritt 1.
Assembly will be sonuded at 1 o'clock
sharp. The men will appear iu uniform.
and great coats will be worn. Bv order of
HOMtROra Barnard,
Captain Commanding Company.
Fremont BtoeRS, First Sergeant.
January S3 lo tbe Last Day Filing Thorn
With Commissioners.
Jahuary will be tbe last day for
filing certificates of nomination with
the county commissioners and January
30 the last day for filing nomination
The election will be held on Febru
ary 0, und eighteen days prior to that
is the last day to file objections to the
nomination papers or certificates.
Donations That Were Btceived During
the Month of December.
During the month of Decomber con
tribntlons were thankfully receivod us
Patrick Ooiden, or Parsons, 100; a
friend ?5, from an unknown friend
through Carbondale bank 25, Richard
O Brien $25. W. T. Smith $10. Mrs. B.
E. Leonard 910, James Nolan $5. a
friend $3, Mrs. John Coliigan $1, Mrs.
Keating $1, Mrs. George McCarty one
Heapycaktkrs 13Tfl Recmcxt. 1
no Brigade, N. U. P.,
Scranton. Pa., Jan. '.', 183.
Regimental Order No. I:
With profound sorrow the colonel an
nounces the death of Llenteuaut'L. I. See.
ley, of Company D, Thirteenth regiment.
Lieutenant Seeley entered tbe regiment
as a private in Company D, April fl, ls85,
was promoted corporal June SS, 1880, and
to'sergnant Feb. "4, 1SS.1, aud to first ser
geant April 11, ISWJ. He was elected sec
ond lieutenant of Company D, July 11,
MW. In all the grades through which he
has passed, ho has cominsnded the respect
and love of his superiors and subordinates
In respect to bis memory tbe colors of
tbe regiment will be draped iu inourniug
for thirty days, and the usual badL'e of
mourniug will be wnru by the officers dur
ing that time. The rlagof the armory of the
Scrantou City (Junrd will be displayed at,
half mast on tbe day of the funeral.
1 aptain Montrose Barnard, Companv D,
will provide an escort to the remains from
his company. Tim regimental drum corps
will report to Captain Barnard at tbe
armory at 1 p. in., lbursday, Jan. 4.
Tbe officers of tbe regiment will assem
ble liijUnirnrm at tne armory at 1 p. m.,
Thursday Jan. 4, By order of
Colonel Ezra H. Riiovle.
W, S. Millau, Adjutant.
Althoutb the present winter has uot
been specially goo I for pickerel fishing
by the' tip np"procuss that is, by holes
cut through t, Ico nnd little painted
sticks, so arranged that when the fiih is
booked, it tilts one end op. as a warn
ingseveral eizable catcues have been
reported. Three Carbondale anglers.
Mr. Carpenter, Mr. Cook and Mr H irt
man, are reported to have basketed 300
Bounds out on Sicklor's Green
field, recently, und anotner party, con
sisting of two day later
captured 120 pickerel of reasonable
size. One of the best fields for this
kind of sport is on Lake Carey, when
safely froz m over. The necessary ap
piianc.'S may bs rented right at the
lake side , and there are hotels and farm
bouses near, so that frozen fingers and
toes are entirely unnecessary. Har
vey's lake is a fair resort; and so is
Luke Ariel. In fact, the opportunities
for winter piscatorial pastime are
numerous hereabouts, more numerous,
perhaps, than fishurmen hardy enough
to brave the necessary cold.
' ft S
The biiliilera of the city ar not over
burdened with orders at present, in
fact there is a marked lethargy in
building circles. A brisk spring and
summer is expected, however, as a
compensation for the dull winter.
There are man v man who contemplated
making improvements or erecting new
buildings during the months just
passed, but became frightened at th
palsy that attacked the business worl 1
and helped to increase the trouble bv
allowing their money to remain idle,
thereby giving eloquent evidence ot
their own distrust,
As soon as the spring opens this de
layed volume of bnildingisexpected to
gush forth and furnish steady employ
ment for the armv of men who labor
at the building trades in this city. The
largest strncture to be erected in th"
city this year, so far as heard from, is
the new high school.
a e
By tbe opening of the regnlar bnild
ing season the new Delaware and Hud
son station on Lackawanna avenue
will be practically completed. The
mild weather thus far has favorod the
work and the building already begins
to assume commanding proportions.
Iron girders nnd columns are being
used throughout with the inten
tion of making the 'station ns nearly
fire proof as possible. When com
pleted it will be an ornament to lower
Lackawanna avenue.
Pi nn Ave and Spruce St.
For Furniture, Etc.
Are worth going a long distance to
see. No such collection can be
found nearer than New York or y
Philadelphia, and then It is notsur-
passed tn tbe matter of unique and 5
exclusive designs, or richness,
daintiness and delicacy of mate- g
rial. In a word, our Curtain stock g
tbis fall reaches our bighnst ideal g
of what is should be, end cannot g
fail to meet tbe approval of tho g
most refiued and artistic tastes, g
Yet all this does not mean high g
prices. On the contrary.tbe values g
we now offer are submitted for S
yonr inspection. Of coune, we' ve S
everv r;iko, and among tbem will S
bs found the very choicest crea S
th. n- in Brussels. Irish Point, Swiss, 3
Nottingham and other Lace Goods , g
also the New Snowtlake Swiss, g
witb bilk Btripe iu contrasting g
colors. Also full lines of Bilk g
Stripes, Tapestries, etc., made to g
Have yon ever Huntington tried
For oysters stewed or oysters
At Lackawanna avenue 413
You'll find tbe nicest you have
Open Until Midnight.
y a
Hull &
Looking for
Hull's Furniture Store
205 AMD 207 WYCMIRG kU
Henry W. Kingsbury Withdraws from
the Contest for Nomination.
Henry W. Kingsbury, whose frieuds
prevailed upon him to become a candl
date 6 succeed himself as school cou
troller from the Seventeenth ward,
has withdrawn from the contest and
his name will not go before tbe caucus
tq-morrow evening.
Mr. Kingsbury has been a membsr
of the board of control for the past
twelve years. For two years he was
president of the board, in which
capacity lis served with much execu
tive ability. To Mr. Kingsbury is due
much of the credit for having uch ex
cellent schools as No, 'Si and 35 iu the
Seventeenth ward.
The withdrawal of Mr. Kingsbury
leaves but two candidates seeking the
nomination. These are Charles S.
Penman and Frank S. Barker. The
caucus will be held at the office of
Alderman Post to morrow evening.
John II. Brooks yesterday returned to
Milton NY. Lo'wiy was in New York yes
terday. II M. Bailey, of Wllllamsport, was in the
city ou business yesterday.
Miss llesBle Green, of Wilkes Parr.', was
visiting Scranton friends yesterday.
. F. Kingsbury returned yesterday from
a trip to Amsterdam, Ctlca and New
Sheriff John J. Fahey was able to be at
bis utHce nftain yesterday, but still shows
signs of tbe ravages ot the grip.
Mrs. Sarah Evans and niece. Miss Sarah
Williams, of Nauticoke, are visiting
Evan S. Evans, of the North Eud,
John J. Murphy and T. 3. Iluffy left
yesterday for Washins'tou, u, c, to re
sume tbelr studies at Georgetown uni
Thomas C. Jones, a member of the Uni
versity ot Pennsylvania Ulse club. Is
spvndlug a few days of his holiday vaca
tion at hit home ou Jefferson avenue.
HEAbyl'ARiKRs Company "D,"
Thirteenth Hkuiment Intantkv
Third Brigade, N. U. P.
Scranton, Jan. 9, 18D4.
Order No.
Tbe company will assemble at the ar
mory of tbe Scranton City guard on
Thursday afternou, Jan. 4, to attend the
funeral of our late second lieuteuaut,
Level lit I, Seeley.
Assembly will be sounded nt 1 o'clock
sharp. The men will appear iu uniform
and great costs will be woru.
By order of
Montrose Barnard,
Captain Commanding Compauy,
Freuont Stokss,
First Sergeant.
JANUARY 4, 1894.
Your choice of three beautiful
pictures, "Telephone Girl,'" "De
livering: OhrllttuM Presents"
nud "Maidens Swinging." Send
by mail or messenger or bring
coitpous like this of three (litter
cut dates, with 10 cents, stamps
Ot in, to
Cor. Penn Avd
Spice St.
Such an ornamentas ths new Federal
building is to ihe corner of Wssbing
ton avenue and Linden street. The
high board fence that so long sur
rounded the building has disappeared,
tho ground has been cleared and
Scrantonians begin to , appreciate what
an attractive lookiug spat that corner
will be when tbe grounds about I'ncle
Sam's building are b:autitud iu the
k a
The advance guard of tho business
army has been steadily advancing on
Adams avenue for several years, and
the building of the new telephone ex
chaugo of the Central Pennsylvania
Telephone company ou that avenue
serves to clinch ihn bold that business
is getting on it. The building Is almost
completed but it will probably be the
April I, before it will become the home
of the yonug ladies who so sweetly lisp
"Did you calli" and "What number,
pleaseV" A number of workman are
now laying cables continuing the tele
phone wires into the new building, but
tho work of connecting the wires and
getting them ready for services is tedi
ous and will take some time.
a a
The Frothingham theatre is a build -
ine the erection of whic'i has been
watched with great interest by Scran
tonians, When its erection was begun
there were many who staked their
reputations as prophets on the assertion
that it would never ne completed. But
work on the building was pushed with
vigor nnd dally tbe walls grew in
height Now that the building is un
der roof and considerable interior work
accomplished there are 'fewer prophets
who declare that the building will not
be completed.
The great people of thl country who
accouipllih so much iu the affairs of life
have tbe peculiar 'asbion f executing
whatever mav come to tbem iu the line Of
action on the spot. There is that pile of
Harper's, Frank Leslie's, A cClure's, Re
view of Review?, North American, Cen
tury, etc., that you have read. They are
a joy forever, out not a thing ot beauty.
Our Mr. Schwencker can transform them
u that they will become tbe brightest sad
bandnomsst volumes In your library As
soon ss you read tbis will you not get sll
tbe numbers together, haore they are lost
or soiled, and brins them to Tuk
lander-! A few cents will give you some
beautiful books that will take tbe place of
those rough aud ragged magazines.
Dr. C. C. Laiibach, ututist, Gas and
Water company building, Wyoming ave
nue. Latest improvements. Eight years In
Furniti'HE, merchandise, all classes of
goods stored at 1 lv Krankim avenue.
Our Remaining
Remnants of
You can have
at Cost Price
This Week.
Mueio Boxes Exclusively.
Best made. Flay any do-ired number of
tunes Gsutscbl & Son, manufacturers,
Hi80 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orrbustrlnl organs, only $5 and 110.
Specialty: Old music boxes carefully re
paired and Improved with new tunci.
Best Set9 of Teeth, $g.oo
Ii rinding the painless extracting
ct teeth by aa entirely new pro
cese. S. C. Snyder, D.D.s.
Per Cent. Discount allowed in
Cloak and Fur Department.
Special Reduction on all Winter
Prices on Millinery cut in .
Agency ior Dr. Jaeger's Woolen Goods.
Store closes at 6.30 P. M., except Saturdays.