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    TITV , TY TIN- Am , Fis
iiiiArAN*(3l - ." PA:
Vii:DMISDAY M'A 91 ; 17, 1:6!
CITY AND ~(3,0V-NT-Y'`
VOltamitCtl.foifs - Whetted for pot Heli
um) to the Rearm must be aceopopatiled by
o reIPOD III 4 I . slitt ft . iiitplt 4 / 1 1 001 _,
corlty on the port of the wr ter. wbo nate&
will not bo publiihettrite/388Q desired by
the eerreopondant: • • • A ~•
Correspondence ghoul(' titobei their cow_
intlOteittiOn4 eehnrt.auel to the point, Our
o paoA IS too l olted for very long articles.
Write only on ono side or Mg pettier, and
se plaialy possible' #ltli9nt,,floprisbeli;-
8103010 011 u
pp lain
fail ~,t0 'receive the
F.Aets it win confer -a favor by
mav iDg Detiea at thlaqftlee t where all emu-
Of irreitolurity 'hr laterfeite of de
livery will po promptly attended to.
o\r. , • , .
AnirmttTlOßHS aro rilquOstoit to' hand In
their advertisement* as early In the day as
noii n?to, ea our raphllv Increasing, el reula•
cton cinupele us to go to mess' aliout 2 tr. in.
B iro t spoolal attentiori to tho
lonco and courpletencai or one Jobbing
popartmoni, Qur faeilitleti for turning
out *lrk Are superior to those of any
ether ()Moo in tills city. Five pressos
aro kept constantly running, and any
thing, from the largrist •loestar to the ti
elm omit can .bo printed on the sbortmt
NotIC6 l Our.COrnPo3ltri point bkilftil and
tasty, and wo proudly o our cards,
•k work, &A'3.4 air the best spool-
Mile , mous o tho typographical art Whloh aro
. orlon r p in this city.
ILlviewto ISao it uvaytttreo per cont.
on all daily balances. tour, per cent, for one
ntontli find vo par Cont. for ono 7oar.
• imitEr 1111011,133111.
Another vqld4lpodo(ltahnnl bag been
opane4 at Aulanbaohta llal4. 004 fl 4(
Full bands of bullfro'gi will soon on.
gago In bloody•noun Amigo , atong,tbo
lino of tho ennaL
Tho customary annOal, roturn of our
true and triod old Monde, tho sovontoon
year loottato, thls summer,, is already
authoritatively anutitinccid.
Martino, 11l oponil in
Rock Island t :., lost evening, for ono
Wo nro told that, boor Is now propared
In Phlindolphln so' highly conoentratod
that n ►nan can carry a Asook's board In
his spactsolo calm. Hurts Lash houses.
All Methodists, whethor mato or to
mato, are allowbd to veto on the ques
tion of lay represontation,,V,Thich ,com,es
up In all the churchos this year. •
W notice occasionally sorno spasm6d
1c ameation -of Clroclan bend, but the
complaint scams about played out in our
community. •
, Said an aged man : Sonic, folks al
livaya complain about weather, but I am_
vory thankful when I }vako up In the
morning to find any weather at all.
NVo noticed yesterday on 'Nun atreot,
n waon,'wlth orio bong) attaohod, load
ed heavy ono'ug . ii to mho just Omit a
reveete/b/d load . for two bones. laiiL
about cruelty to animals
Volo3lpedo ,Clubs tv.lll talc° tho place
of Base Ball Clubs next summer.
Tho Prospso for a full crop of grain.
wore novor inure promising. Tho tlehis'
bid fair 19 ylol more. than 'their usual
hhundattoo of the !Watt' of life." ; 'This
Is volconietl by m ind se' heartily as the ,
poor. , -
Ws said hint should ho as good as a
kick. Pontoonlly, wo •ohOulcU Lilco it
bolter; but partlea differ.
Said a youngster In high glee,
ing his purchase to a bosom friend on
pm sidewalk, "Two \poooahuts ' fbr 10
cents! they will make me sick, to-mor:
row, t alui 1 won't Intl to go to Asthma."
Our "oldest Inhabitant" Dromlsos ue
three more snows biadro April.
Shad were plenty n Market, 'yeatek ,
thy, and sold at fron to 05 cents
apiece. •
Spring " \notables n nbundanco at
mar)(4 yostortlay and ibis morning.
Prof. Stool, "tho Instant Pain Cure
Man," witUshortly start out on a tour
through tho muntry with his bandsonto
wagon and team. . •
"Capt. Jinks . oP thd Airsd Mvitfnes"
was torrlbly about' 'again lat niglit on
Peon street, by two you»it men. •
A Man, yesterday,.hra his thoughts Ito
deeply engaged in business that ho
walked agailist a lamp pok. 14 should
retire. .
Buell' it Jiro's' Clothing Hall wilt bo
rcluove(l` to Allahler & Co.'s Ltctuor
Wore, un,stairo,utail Juno lst,sitor which
they Will occupy their now atoro, No. 531
Penn St reot. -
It w s31(1 somotinto ago flint n mon ho erected in Penn
8( 1 11 . 1 1 0. Ilan thnt project ale° fallen
through ?
Another matt, who wanted .to glvb us
a "local" wo suppose, jutni)ed off the
train yesterday at Sovonth and Perin
streots. Fortunately h• did not fall, but
sprained, his foot. When will people
tako warning?
Yesterday at market a little stand on
which sorsa "dutch chop setests'! had been
piced accidentall .u, .to the
gay y of the owner, tind - tbo, "ugly" little
Nags rolled in every (Wootton. They
were loft to roll. •
.11'o aro daily receiving now subscri
bers to the HAMM front the city, and
country. Advertidffs should , boar that
lu mind.
• .
Wo publish no anonymous cornmuni
ccona anti halo friquently aside°. Por-
Nas who wish too prefS their opinions
through the eoltun. Of-tho Enotitt Musk,
tstioral tho - artiote • r hand'lt to tho pro•
priotoni, or tlio ma aging editor., ,
Vol:161e the trio
But few earthly
ouough to know of
!ling tar just now.
onuses get' up early
„hls thern.helves.,
A largo number o
MO boon started a
the last fow days.
Wm. Cox's Noloo pods riding Aphool
' has boen removed tottaneaster's
. .
• , •.
The Right Rev. Wm., 0 10011 Sterims,
111 thoP Qf Ponnaylvaola t rill administer
the rite of C(mtirmetlop at Christ Miura,
on moat Friday ovontng, at 74 . , o'olook.
Tho public aro invited. 1343atti tee.
1. ,.
A diturb:nce took lac° het evereng
nt the church (colore4 in North Tonth
ctreet. A colored obruddor "
tibly boaton. • . wits kor-
Already four plo-nioo aro talko *boat
to come ofT in April. • . :
Thil Reading railroad,oompariy let •Mill
malting ImproventOntei in rgißlq• of of
tho new roping
. .
An tho giaai .1a boginnlng,to grow, anO
hay falling in price, Imitter,goes up..;Tls
11100 r. . 1 ‘
. i glints , A Inn tW
$l 4 - - 7 . 44 - FT - W
Cl,ll • au' 80'010o .0 13 'Wit rq ":
drowned in tbo&buy)kill ontud, ttt;•tb
I toot of tirapm it)ley t betWesn Cboofnu
and IFranknn attests. •' •When foaq
he was standing upright,° W
ter. Ait818141110.3 *416 44110, and th e
body was takeis out and place(
on. seiwsgokt oby i s , Copper. WP
,wth atobettlibtffrednrtitie drentnittVtin
summoned a jury. A pocket book w
tonna )on bin. arson, which •contain.'
twprlpte, a ton dollar 13111 and
(lents epange. Iftmob fo kepi a n
'irktilf Were Elan fOund;••lbit tedelp
read as follows: .
• • Meldencreek, Juno —.
Received of • Abfahato Seeker, 1889,
104• bushels (21 lb.) oabs, et 00 cente.
~ .
- • • '; . . David Schlegel:
• Maidencreok. Feb. 18.
:Received. 'of Nteholaa . Schaeffer . - 76
bushels of Wheat, at $1.75. •
, .$133 00.
• ': ,' : : .Atiralturit Becker.
From the evidence before "the jury,
they wore imago to id ' atlfY the man.
They accordingly adjou nod to await tho
return of the, Coroner, bo.virent to the
residence of M. 4,a0.1 Sehlegel, over
the .Sebuyikill t to ascertain; something
about the receipt's.' Upon the Coroner's
return it was ascertained that his name
was Nicholas Shaeffer, a' resident of
Ontolaunee township, near the Cross
Keyst,l'avern. We aro informcd that hq
owns alarm; and Is worth abdut. 840,0001
Bo was a widower, aitt 42 years of
ago, and leaves four chi dren to mourn
his loss. The two gontl Men who found
the man,were oxamin ti, and the jury
rendered , a . verdict . , hat .ho came
to his death by bo l g aceidentally
drowned. HO was in tho Saloon of Mr.
Daniel .ItitOads.. at , WO foot of Penn
street, last night . about 10 o'clock, and
wee then very,;lnuch • intoxicated. Ho
was well dressed. having on a now suit
of clothes titid a blaok , bat.'.; . `. •
TUB poach rower are beginning tb
start moat tnournful 'stories of prospec.
tive short crops.NOWis the time for
customers to pr pare stories on thebther
sideuf the ques ibn.
RECAPTURED.—Last Wtlak a 'detective
officer in the employ of the Philadelphia
and Reading Railroad Company, cap.
tiered several men .who have been Qom,
witting depredations along the lino of
the road. Three Of the men !subsequent;
ly escaped. Yesterday Chauncey Stout,
alleged to be ono of the esbapsd prison;
eta, was arrested at Twenty-fourth ant
Hare streets, by Sergeant Atkinson. He
was committed by Alderman Paneoast.
Beliettn of lust evcaing.
Wn are not ' , hat/ angry ,' with our
frier d nr the Scranton Register. Ho may
say what he teases about Reading, and
we shaii dike .Aim none einaller."--.
Rending Eagle,
Wo 'fairer 'intend to say anything
about Reading calculated to be, display,-
ing. - Of course we can't help it If Scran-
ton lea little ahead of our friend's town in
the way of enterprise, people; pretty
girls, and smart policemen. 'file things
aro this pert of the coun
try., and come Just as naturally as.a
Reading-girl puts up her mouth for a
kiss. We speak from practical wiped
enoo, friend Eagle.—Scranton Register,
41 Seein'-fa bellevin,' and foolin is the
naked truth," remarked a' poetical go
nius (Isis name has accidentally escaped
our memory) many. years ago, in• fact
long before tho writer of this had exist
ence on this sublunary sphere. Wo Coin
inend•thie to,our friend of the Register.
'Everything ho has Said in the above
paragraph Is emphatically true, with the
eiception of the location of what is
so enthuelastlo over. Ho meant tor,say
Reading, but somehow " got thhige
slightly nixed " as some people do their
Water occasionally), and substituted the
name of the. wild eat town, !Scranton
As ho speaks f pm "practical expert
enCo"-as to hoW "a ReggUnggirl pnts:pp
her 'mouth for a kiss," should bilgal
lent enough to "acknowledge tilt:morn,"
and In his next elaborate upon our rosy
cheekod, handsomely-formed; laughing
eyed maidens with ' breath as sweet.
ly talented as that or the 'clover fields, in
the befitting manner which tho de.
Tat FROVEDIENTEL—On the Perklemon
turnpike, at the firatt toll-gate, •' near
Anlonbach's Cemetery, quite a i little
village is springing :. up. Mr. Daniel
Ilelfrich, •is ,finishing - . two neat brick
honhes, adjoining the 'one In which be
resides. aturtbree others, beltmging to
Henry A ulenbach, Mrs. :Maria. Doan and
Peter. Demi, have boon built near by
within the past year—making a total of
eight dwellings at this spot, Including
the ono at the toll-gate, occupied by our,
genial and obliging friend, Mr. Samuel,
Fry., The , t location is a fine ono• ler
building, pudi c -as it, is ;within the eit'y
limits we expeet soon ,to see the road in
that vicinity lined With neat , dwellings.
Between this point Aud the city proper,
however, a portion, of tho ground .is
rather low' and ,Ivot for' building'
poses, and will equire considerable ,fill
' ing up, and Alculvert or channel 'of
masonry over
co ose Valley Run, which
ripples molocli usly across the road and
through the tiol s, resembling at- a dia.'
lance "a silver' ribbon deftly twined."
Along this road . o many beautiful sites
'for country seats, nth tkiiU)le space far
pleasure grounds, a d any requireeox
tent of rich soil for gardens while- the
urrounding scenery is ravishingly beau
tiful. When the street railway is finish
ed to this part of the city. territory, we
expect to see some of the most tasty and
expensive dwellings in , this vicinity
erected along the Peri:lemon turnpike:
For beauty of location, pure water,
beautiful scenery and healtliful) air,
Reading will rival any city In the Union,
and her future growth' and prosperity
will no doubt be at surprising to the
people of rival cities as It is gratifying to
her own inditstrious and enterprising
now frame houses
over the olt7 Trithirk
*...;.. -,.....-.-
LoTs BOLD,—Mr. John neidier, ft few
days ago, sold two lots, situate in South
Sixth street Wear...Cliestnut; to 4jl
Landis, for the sum of $2,700. Also to
J. B. Grissinger, fottr lots adjoining the
above, for $4,800, arid ten lots situate in
Pearl street, for the sum of $4,500.
A NEW VELociremi.—So much , has
been.said about the velocipede—a thing,
whlokat first eight, looks as If It wasn't
all there—that we are rather timid abs;mt
intreduoing any mere , of it; but we
Can't help saying; KontOtbing about the
i„ilaat improvement,” which is nothing
more nor less than 'a one-wheeled ma
chine-, and quite a noytY in its way. 11
% I
does away with seats, p also brakes and
all. There is a crank a p.abed to the
ax on each side of the w eel. You sit
:betireen tho spokes and turn the cranks
withyour hands. The rider. goes round
with the wheel, The sensation is there
fore peculiar, and is much moraexolting
'than the ordinary velocipede. This tyla
chine however, will never ' be 'popular
with the ladies. • • ' ' '' •
•Pnontim.,--There wore three boys
selling' apples ; 004 Martini mit with a
eeEtale number ; 'John had 10 apples',
William had 15 apples and Peter had
20 apples:. Each bey lipid his apples for
the same price, anti when all were sold'
they each had, the came amount ' of
money for their apples. - What amount
did each realize?
Aitorre.- 4 -A. reaolntion was recently in.
tiodtioad into tho City ,Connell o tat the
Committee on - Finanee tie lmarnoted to
"offers reward of My dollars tbr the*.
rout and ,convle s tlen ,of, parties ,whe rna
ileionly,and w Uu sit tobaod4 , juice
Joriladles i .dropei s and on Abe doors and . windage pt reef don* In (be oily.
;~,~ , .
emo - 1 -:J; vivfoot
"" - ^- 4 -7-714
r Pik me A, Wan bile alp/ We lea t ce,
lets the brillhintenneldttelidd the clear
Alice sky aro fife 4 berittile of spring. In .
'Olll7 l e ctrdon ittlu td ", "d. ippont,,
iylticth itjinnekma ;1110.e., are' prk,
POWS battlosith
and froktibe ollowo we seepefkiese
the superb 'bye* nths, tended y, we•
giart,'s ivrateb,Ml mei Xn short lime;
qogitrOCl. be 4 . shout
t te`seilnga w 11 be •In full bloom, tak:
ing the air redolent with their sweete.
In fact, "1 tibool, these tincies, *8 the al
manacs say s tiatnrCis 01401dg:on her
holiday 'attire arid looks freish and fair,
as youth and Want, always do.
mind*our reader?" that the locturo this
evening,at tit. ; Peter's Catholic Church
will' be , peciillarly, attractive, frot the
feet that i s iThe Irish. in I..morleo, their
Faith and their Patriotism," fors a
topic of considerable interest at ;the'pre
sent day. The probeeds will be , appro
priated in aid of the Pastoral ,reaidsrsee;
which, with the eloquence of the dis
tinguished Divine whn is announced to
deliver the lectors, will, it Is hoped, in
sure a largo auditory.
.AOSTOtiLTURAL .001,1vENTIobt.
—Tbts body meets lu the Senate Chem:
her at Ltarrlebnrg today. Two Eckert,
Rig., Hon. Charles •Kesslor, Joseph L.
Stiohter, John H. Gornand, A. F. .I.IOAB,
and Frank D. !Manors, Aro the
dologatoa from tho Agricultural Noeloty
of .11erks county.
oveoho State military eompanieti 'are
being organized under the militia lava
of Pennsylvania, and our State*wiffsoon
have a thoroughly organized and splen
didly equipped volunteer army, 'always
ready for immediate service. An entire
'regiment at Philadelphia, the Fritz
Guards, one conipany'at Haetoti„ ono at
Reading, two at, Scranton, and ono at
Harrisburg, haVo just been armed by
the Adjutant General. Montgomery
ceunty, though first in the field in 'Ol,
far behind now. . Who will Move in die
Matter ?-:-Rechan s ge. .
~____.... :
' T &Minas', lISTIICUTB.—As the. regu
lar t mo'for tho meeting of the Teachers'
lust tutd would fall upon Good Friday,
the resident has appointed the preced
ing (next) Friday. instead. The Insti
tute will', accordingly:Meet in the High
School Building on e Friday evening,
March 10th, at N o'clock. The lecture
will be delivered by Frei Winchester, of
Winchester Seminary; , his' subject will
bo "Elocution." Two important sub
jects for discussion aro on the table, viz :
Ist. Should children in the Public)
Schools be required to Prepare lessons at
hoino? '2d. Why are Assistant Poachers
in Secondary Schools paid a less salary
than Principale in Primaries, vathough
the former is considered a step higher in
the . teachers' grade? The Institute
paper is in the able hands of Miss Annie
1. Prints, Principal of the Female
grammar School, Ist Section. There
will be the usual musical entertainment.
The public are always, welcome to
those happy reunions of our Teachers. ,
•Turt RAINBOW'S BALL.—Tho annual
ball of the Rainbow Steam Irlre• Engine
Company,' No. honor of their 96th
anniversary, will take place at Emote
eee Hall t Bth and Perm streets,' this olio.
Mug: The Rainbow is ono of the most
gallant anti etliolont e‘ompanles In the
Departniont, and - their .balls •are
alikays largely attended and. prove' in
variably vory s pleasant gatherings. The
EAGLE Will endeavor to. be represented
on this oceieilon.
DELPTX AIIWILT.—Last night a
young man, named Frank Smith, a. bar
ber in the employ of William Still, who
has hie'saloon in ?dishier's Hotel, waS at.'
tending service tit the' African Id. E.
Ohurch, on North: Tenth street, near
Walnut. Ho left before the services wore
over, and in passing rdown the street was
assaulted by al* young, who
assaulted him with stones and a razor.
He was terribly beaten about the head,
and is now at the Dispensary, in Court
street, in a very. :critical oonditioo, his
skull being fractured. • Warrants were
ißsued 'for, the arrest of the assaulting
party, and also a young. colored man, by
Alderman. Richards this morning... The
warrants wore placed in the hands of
Constables Schwartz, Diehl and Detective
Lyon, and they are, now tinder arrest
awaiting the vomit of young Smith's
injuries. •
DIN boil City Treasures of
. Lowell,
Mass. ; is a defaulter 'to tho am ount of
$32;929. -Ile is in jail: His - name is
.Garnipli f and ho has certainly garnished
his neat well with greeubaelts. •
commanderof the Fourth
Southern Military District, has' been in
structed to act, as Provisional . Governor
of Mississippi until Congress reconStruets
the State.
HAVANA, Ifarch lg. —The following
news has been received from 'Mexico :
Col. Mcyer l forrnerly of the United States
army. was arrested on n charge of at
teritpting to carry over his regtmenVto
the rebel General Negrete. litany of
fleets veto have act3d under Negrete have
been. captured and shot. Frequent ar
rests are made in the city'of Mexico of
persons alleged to be iniplicatod,in rev°•
lutlonary plots. Wealthy capitalists, re
presenting millions of 'properli, are mi.
gtating 112 m the country. .
lly the Cuba Cable.
HAVANA, March 10.—Rudolph Pole,
an American, formerly of the Confedetate
army, comends 1500erebels at Segue.
He was, r coutly a clerk in the mercan
tile-home of Bishop, at Caibarion. The
Spanish tioOps'iare advancing on the
rebels front all 'directions. 'I hero wore
two fights n4B hours at Boca. 40 'Libel
prisoners were taken, and 175 are. re
ported kilfl The rebels defeated ,r,t
Mayati are oving on Holguin. A steam
t .l
transport n 4 arrived 'from Barcelona
with 1100 S abish troopi. There is great
military (totality in the Central and Nast.
ern Departments. Skirmishes between
the troops and rebels are referted in
various places, but no serious ongsge•
moat seems o have triiten place.
BAN FRANC ico, Mach 115.—Savage and
Smith, whoordered
,Lienteriant Corn.
mandor Iditc ell, of tbe United fltates
Navy, in Oct b i er last; Were toils) , sen.
tencetlto 10 ears each imprisonment in
the State Pri on.
Indian outr geS art reported in Hum
holdt. County, California. One man,
while plowing his field, was shot an d
; killed,.bis,hous plundered and fired, his
family barer) , o coping ,by flight. Immo
dinto piirsuit w s made, but the Indians
:eecepect to'the ogritaine,"! .' -
' ; Lata.Arfrin intelligeice r eports the
imlian deprd tions an 4
, •411.4itrAi-.."iis
AlOlOO4ll Th ‘" 1 1 19Pie l Rra bC O Oll‘. 1 0
9plaiser4tedi,ol4 attar of e;termitiatinn
is suggested, 0 intnencingt , with the trin ,
nacre 6E14 In lane reahlielt 0'414.96v,
pranseOrdiary lion. .
:.:..FWS ~ VrNl
_ ..M__,
_ __._
From MOEleo.
cirs ."a1 /mlinn
.. , ~,
for 01
• , it; , on
• •
Mt. 44 -6 Alit row,
lotion -flirtation of
w 0 3 , 1 1
Mr. t. Jrgen.
The bill ettaping the Tenure-of
OlficeactWati discuss a..
In the Sande, lir!' Kelley's 'Coiaage
bill was considered aad recommitted with
i 1
an amendment by Bet, providing
Dlr. ut
that the' purchase of material, for 'the
coinage 001 be by public adverasement,
and.tran rho lotvest hiddar., •
Mi. if introduced bills's:Hi-Wing
Texes'into several Stiltes and Territories,
which wifie referred.
Itinnisantio, March 17.—1 n the Sen
ate. the following bills passed finally
An act. to, authorize the East
vania Itailroad companito deoliire'litock
dividends.-_ .
An act chenging the name of the ,State
Camp of the Patriotio Order of Junior
Sons of America. •
An act to incorporate the Pennsylvania
Industrial Home fOr Blind Women.
An. act requiring county commit - goners
to give bonds with intreties for the faith•
fui performance ofl their duties.
An net to provide for ,tho adjudication
of certain military claims.
In the Ilea's°, the following hilla were
passed finally:
Senate bill enabling railroad, canal
and slack water navigation comjeartios to
straighten l. deePen, widen, enlarge and
otherwise improve Enos bridges piers
and a9ueduete.
A bill authorizing railroad com i llanies
to increase the number of directors to
seventeen by a vote of the 'stockholder&
pig tient. fora yeatr and ' 4 per A'ent,
aliorter periods. Money paid on demand s at
the Readied sairings Dauer, (mar 11-dk
CRAVi'LEY-1/11ARP.—On the Sth Inst., at
Spring lirook;Luzorne county, Pa.. by He•.
8. Rose. Mr. James Crawley, of Vermont,
to Kate, daughter of Thomas Bliarp, Red ,
of Philadelphia.
An Invaluable Artiole for the Toilet,
I't Glum TEiIiTALLINO Oirr or Tris Mrs,
ON BALD Brots,
Restores ita Natural Color,
(nip raves its Growth,
Invigorates *he ralp
Aid Hoots of Ih6 Main
Increases the Secretions of the Coloring
*latter 01 tho Hair, Removes Dandruff,-
Cures Eruptive D [tosses of tho Scalp,
Changes Whiskers and Mustaches to their
' blatural . ColOr, Does not Stain the Skin 47,4
A Few Among tions , Caeei hi ProOf of
• its Invaltiable Proimiles.
W. C. Moaroomenr, Str.—in
all New York there is net a preparation for
the hair that can compare with Montgom
ery's flair Restorer, as a° - renewer of coler
and, drosehig; - Undoubtedly yours is the
great hair tonio of the day. speak from
experience; having used many prepara
tionstand yours' is the only • Ono that .hue
heriefittell me., My hair had been very gray
for a limber •of years, and year Restorer
has perfectly renewed the orllnal color of
the hair and greatly improve( its '
As a dressing for the•lni4r• It s exquisite,
s and in every reapect a pleasure to use it.
• D. ILlClillOrte, 102 &let Maiden 'Lane.
New York, Augiist 28,1848,
W, o.lilonramitasv, 140 North oth street—
Dear b'ir.—My hair hasibeen gray and white
for over thirty years, My son, a merchant
01 this pl Joe, purchased some of Montgom
ery's Hair Restorer.'' I was Induced to try
It, and in one week it restored my hair to
its original color, which was a dark brown,
It not only restored my hair to its natural
color, but rendered it soft and glossy, and
remoVed all, dandrue front bead. Asa hair
Louie it is the beet I have over used, r• feel
it My nuty to lot the public generally know
that they need not trotir gray hair itay. lon
ger if' they will only USG Wm. C.'Montgent.,
cry's Hair Restorer.
• i . .7.AMEB B. 11/1:11RER.
Iloorgotown, 11131., Milroli 18, leee."
' . TESTIMONY o — Flo V.ILT;TAM MAti. .
Wu. O. lifoNvoomani-.Deflr bir.—l take
pleasure in giving my ostimonY to the tin-,
,caoy of your flair ReStorer. my hair hay
ing been gray for saver I yegro,and hearing
your Restorer nighty spoken of 1. doter.
mined to try lt, tam now. happy to ltate
that it has done all yo advertised It to do
—baring restored my I at , which was very
gray, to its Original, no oral Color. It le a
splendid preparation I r the hair; and I
advise all persons Who ave gray hair, and
'wish it restored to its n tura' color, to use
Montgomery's Hair Restorer. It also keeps
the scalp clean and free from dandruff, and
is easy and plentiant td use. Any person
who doubts the truth of this certificate, can
Call and see fOr themselves. Tours, truly,
WILLIAM IL ROSE, 1/06 Market St.
Philadelphia, Jan 8; IE4B.
Prleeigl.ool,tiiree bottles, $lOl six, *3.00.
sold by tal.DrOggists. '
• WM, o. MON TUOME la Sole PrOprletkr,
140 North Sixth street, Pa ludelphia.,
mar 17-trid '" • • ‘ •, .
. ,
'-'" , 7 ° * -- 7 — " au ".7 ;"--4,-.;-7---" -..........:.......•,..-.
• - .Tnz BADEN-B
,ADEN • .
Constitlition Invigorating Syrup
to meet those disorder. arllo# *tom
Sal •ihnie ,and Sexual tsetse.pineigetto,
yet linnwentrig gives' tone end 1 vigor not
only to the organs of generallon, but t 6 the_
system pnerally A cheats Involuntary sem-
Ina{ eyrilsolone Sod discharges, Mires impo
tent*, and removes tho long train' of Me
treeing, symptomS toenitlngs from Nteis,
sive or unnatural use or the'eroxuarotgans.
call or send for a clrOular, Orders for
Haden-Baden Constitution Invlgoesttr
Syrup shonld be addresSed to IVM. U. MO NT
UOMEItY, No. 140 North Sixth Street. rrlce
et per bottle.
HARVEY 11111011, Agt.
tnar 17:41044
iton R&wAll4O-Tio Firemen's 'Unica
4"; yid pay a rownrd of 320 for the or.
rest Atli OODViOilan of anypuma or per
sona rafting a &leo alarat of gra within the
Ilatita of the Olt,y of Reading . .. •
dOliff,A.* num,
Chief Zoglneer Fire mapartmetit.
mar 18-Iwd
. ,
W110141184,Cr and lit All 4 defilers
in VlSti t •TfIUCK.
have • renneved their thitabilithmerit
front the biuminent of : the City,
corner 814th. • and, filierry streets, to
South Etat,' korneir ot. Seventh and
Penn streets. it large sleek' of Oysters,
Fish. Fruit. ,Truek,.,proecties .Pm
virsioue. eitipittioni it tut tuip4, p?r eqle
et the Howbeit ittarkei in tem - • • • (
all tint, old tinstegiers; be Tony nel wool tit 4444100 94r.ato0igobe.
tore rare wag emu-here. •
trlat,4 o EsnAttifV 4 nltollll,*
1 of
• *`" 1 1- -t• '•e4 . •
u I .)„ , : ttimAidliffg rll
- • 404i,55it1t5441144,
ihilic4 . 6 4 4,4t o : 4 4,litaik '
street, quo 4 u follows:
, 014 U.S. dish Q, ,Tt A ? l,"*( l )3llt ,r i nho
Old V.B : 6al* • y• : = 1 19
Now U. 8. we t 111411 L .Toly.otid Imo. • 11.%
New U. B. Wolk* may 011 d Noy. • 117
Ne w
U .
- •• , • 11
eir3 , 44 saKrafa, avid. ±‘, 111
24tmr•11.4.11. 4' Nisi '. Pa,— f,
\ Tea Wort,' 800 s, • • • • 1
)Gold In NO,' Tor 1:D101TO:11441w, • , `731,.
)Oold io Beadlog at. Bushong & Bros., .130
Stogann Broken OW
Pe• . .
Peel ' i •
Ultatnitiorleoa I •
Rea ing Grain •=11:2=1
White Wheat Flour por Uhl., • - ' $ll 50
Red " BUT*, Faintly per bbl 10 50
~ . . .10 CO
Best ..... SO
Connnoii, 00
Bran, 40'
Corn Meal, SO
• .- —,—.....,
fled tt
11ye 1 40
Oats ....... .....:...., . " *. 0 ' 65
Corn . . . ~ - 85
Reading House' , revere Market
...v., roll+,
is Boall\ (trio
44 VoatUutl
41 " thop
$s Dtutton,
it Pork,
44 • " etea
44 ' Sauoage
8110 I
, 6 dr{
11 Tn tiosl
111 ,
rOtatooB l ll4 .. . brhel
_____ 7 ___
'. nay
,and Straw .11.1ar2i've. ,ii
Timothy Thy , 516 IA fur 20I?0 lb,
Long Rye titTaw l6 A. :
Meadow fifty ',. ' 14 utl .
blanglocl 11 00 " '
1 1 ,
" Wm, wonders no or cease 1" is the un
iform exclamation of the millions who
constantly use "Ila rott's Vegetable Hair
Restorative." Ono bottle will convince
the most ; skeptical 0 its miraculous effect
upon tile intmati hal --Norfolk Ilrghttan.
mar 17.1%41. 1
Tim Elm, BAR AND 'ATASEn.—We refer
our readers to the a lreelPtnent of Dr.
Garrisjn, of Now ;To
l k,' who Intends . to
( 3
visit 'loading monthl y .• This will afford
an Opportunity to thos whO are afflicted
- *nit Deafness, Catnr h and diseases of
Oho Eye, to avail thom elves of the Berri
-nos of a skillful Oculist and Staled, Doctor
Garrison will arrive on Tuesdoy, April
'6th.Oillee at the Aux rlean llonse •,
'mar 17-onul. ; .
... •
WANTED.—A good and oxperioneed
WILD'S NUMB. Apply 1131 Penn
Street. - marl74.tir
V of ladies' hat and bonnot framesj'aney
Bonnet Silks and Bonnet Velvets and Dress
Silks. The
ever opened in this city. • , _
, • MRS.4:'O,i• Q. KEV.:EII,
mar Iti.d Si? Penn street.
ABOUT eight years lfgo 1 was fiti l acked
with a (Deem!) which made its appear.
a igon ne tOg Af e la oree f o r a
-the 'for,
of length of SORES,
time,wetv kept
my condition bedame alarming, whenDr,
of, Biddle street, was.ealfed in ; /wit 0
attended me for two the end of
which time he prenounerktny ease hope.
less. lie then called in tn of
Lombard Street • Infirmary, ail cons ulting
physician in my cose,whe also prortou Ice
my ease inourablel--to Use his own words
"my lower liMbs would rot eV , Both
told me 1 might poultice, ,but it was tad alto
taking medicine; and both stopped °m
ing to see nie.• During the time or a little
before their attentions°, the sight of my
left eye Wit me Deal lingered
of the die
ease. In this coin:Won I lingered for near
ly a year, when a friend brought me from
Coleman It Itoger , s'Drug Store a bottle of
the 8/14.1‘1`1',.111 , 0$ HOOT and BERM
J(J1(1.1. When I dommencod taking it I
was confined to my bed, and not ,able to
stand on the finer., Alter taking that bot
tle I felt better. cent inugd until I
had taken eleven •bottles, when I was en.
31reiy restored, my sores nil healed, Ltl,
general health as good as ever, and any
sight nearly restored. •
• ,No.l Federal Street
State of Maryland, Banisters City :
Sallie I
is to certify that ort this lth day of
March, Ititia, personally appeared befcce
me. the anbsoriber, Jtisticie (K UM Potion of
tho Btato of Maryland, In and for Balti
more City atoreeald, Mary Hodges, nn
made oath in due form. of law,• - that
matter and feet& stated In the fOregott g
iiertitioat4s are true es therein stared.
. 'sworn before me. D. BRIDE,
Justleo 01 the ream).
. Weetern
It Is unnecessary to eay ..ithything more
Togo Mug the Curative tioers of the ,
SAMARITAN'S BOOT, & ',144141 JtJIC• 8.
Mere to a case give, up by two of the
most able Doctors of rialthaoro, one of
them a Physician to the Bombard Street
Infirmary. In Mallow% 'City, an, nstltil•
Lion that le known Oughout:' 1110 coun
try. The
is a positive cure, Km Scrofula in all its
forms,. Ulcers Soren Sot's. Tatters,
Sealea. Boils, ac i d all diNeasee of the blood
end skin. Asa remedy for Syphilis it is
positive. thysiolans, by the usorot this
remedy you will permanently cure ibis
dreadful' disease. Stop then,•,tho
painting and caustic), which have' always
fall(41, and nab a remedy that will leave
your patents with sound bodies , $146 per
The only real *nil Poaliliro mire for lion
art hma, (Meet, 'and .1110Atte lalng_from
indiscretion. *ilea 'oPalb and ileum
ri Waearded only se e act mire,
They are• purely veg • table t 0 re in from
•tyro r,O fogr daps, thu ureic') g expaturo
AO trouble. Yrlee, • ale pee ages, $?.03;
female 43.00. dent hy all.
utruconanceA OU IYUITtS:
The attention or fe • laic* 11; Called tothei
use of tbia renteqr. $ positive care
for thwo oompla.ntsJ • • , •
. by Ilervey, I 8.8. diefelia, and
by Druggift,o, D ' 13510 ND •S, CO.
" Qt 6 opeef4.4eskt,"s*
41, mood . workman. teady - Work; anti
$904 wane* raid. App Vat: • - ,
now 17;1tAlf 440. Ai r SiSiiiK kr.
W 4 e ms . ' WO O
Me, • p
• -• • 041 por
- . 623 44
, • _IS 00 ; "
•• „ -
344 • "
• 28 Ota., ))1#•
PAYIN01;1110E8 •
dairy, 1 / 1 lb.,
itl" lb.,
peok, 0434
, ctuarty ' 14.- ,
' • 13
lrloln,• )1 " 20
t i 1 -
i 1 il f
sis W l•4l. oo ••••
14 • 486
It le
111 1 ea 20
If 20
11 0,4 26
11 28
11 Q 1
14 18
' l oa t h
1 .
Ok i od,
) Ivo, •
1; live p p
1: --
. ,
# 20
4 ..61) WOO
7 e , a tt"
. T t: O OtBAN AN
1 414 18 larirrOXt
illt t .. f t.Strfe. 0. 4 L 4 . 1 0±1.0t
'is boreby stylitit t 'tpte Commission!
,ate of , Borba county will Iri atteltdlllloo
at MOM Ogee in Beading, from April 13th
to let Or t yr 1 Iteg nei, torit ;ppm of
lotting, leti 8 041; it* and
room.* rt
t t i os the, ea . Altittose
Who ibil•to'avail em,selvina ot tilts oppen.
%unity *ilk posit rely bo excluded from
Making a oontraektitxttamt year,
, I -• .•' '` . BIC S. YUUNO, •
_, : . t 1 c t i •,/,‘"
_t_ 0 : ) 1 t:01111140Q1:03t4i. t .
March Bab, tang. (mar 10411twttot
LW 11A1,4—The t lIHICH HOUsE, No.
1• , • Sonth• , Elehtti ltreet, ,, with all the
rnodern - contenhatere, Rua n lot - CS by 230
toot Wiltbeeel4 at Patine Pale on PATTI/.
HAY, March 20,_1869,at the Novetone House.
Comlltlons made known at time of Rale by
pier 114t41* THOMAS ZELL.
New Furniture Store,
' 4 ,, No. 327 & 929 Penn Street.
I Invites publicsttont ton to We large and
excellent attlftt bartians i Rod.
stead o,Was st n d 8,%% Ardrobea, Cupboardh,
Reek Cases t chatra. Soctt4 o_ttvlt sorts
Mid patterns awl at all ' • •
All kinds o Cabinet Warfc‘, Rein the most
ornamtnittAl Bureaus, Betistotot4 and Rook
Cages, to ttio plainest art lul ei of Furniture,
Promptly made to order. Windsor engirt;
of ail kinds always on bawl.
Old Furniture 'll oneviod and Varnished.
The old stock will reinele at the old eland,
810 Penn street, until April lat.
Atttr April Ist., the onttro ',took µill bo
ransiforrod to the
NEW STOltac*.t, 4.29 11INN 81',11
~ • .
itirnady npoini. wiioro nil In want ot• Fur
niture can be suitilii in Biro iinti price,.
tntir.l24yttitirj . Wl o t,TAlii KLINIC.
'm1(101'4'1)0 ausplecs•of tho
Will bb dolivorod by
eith street, on lb° ovoning of MOW Mb,
UN, at 7N o'clook, .
The Isiah . .Atnerfra ) /par Faith and
the4r Patristista.
Prooccds in ald of t ho Pastoral reeldon .o.
Doors ()pea at 40,4 o'clock m.) Leta vo
commences ill, I!,e, o'clock. •
Tiakots, 2b cent . for Bate at MO Palo al
realitcnoc, or by ultimo' of t ho Committee.
1 ) . A CONNEII,
J.l). TI(111.
mitr 164td
130,1.1tDiNG ANTED.—A young'uoniin ,
,L) man doslrea boarding La a privato
Ily, OA, nor week.- A thl roils
March o+2wdi "J, 9 EMILE OFFICE..,
Quintoi Tomatoos I Quinton Tomatoes
The gain ton vaulted :tomatoes are the
beet In tho maticet, For sale by the case or
can at the store of
mtiv 8-tl
L 7 •
k..7B111".:--ProPOsals for holding the annua l
exhibition of the Pennsylvania State
Agricultural poctoty hi Bs:number next,
will bo received by t tie undersigned :until,
Titestlay„ March 17th, 1et.,9. • A guaran,
ton for the ?terfortuance of the prowler=H tx on tonder will Ito roquired.Tho Exec.,
will moot tithe Gotutnitteu en thu 17th 01
March, and :decide upon location. Lot.
shbuld bo addressed to Amos H. Kapp,
or A. Bod liamilton, Harrisburg.
fob 20- Itw
m n
4 1 0
• M
.( .9;
JP4, l ,v
a ° MOP
ki g o o 0 .4 I - 1
g4., 4
4 0. $
1 1 '
El •
• , r-
Balcs , warrittiiell,to olve iffittafa otion
• c. It UN TING ,
561 Pfbiti
, mar 4—td
a throe-story brick beat building, with
al the 'modern iroproventente,and In good
conditicin I 29 by 230 feet:" For infortua
We s apply to JACOB 8011BIUCK RR,
• Neat IfetatO Agent, No. 80 North OM Bt.
mar ,th•eicd* , •
itOItiPittSTING 4"Tery detorfriticia of Jo b
oey exsoot#4 at the rEAGL"
g 1 1401 otl 1014411t• 543 Peu street.
I:yriAPZ.TES,t t
Ittlptiotrully patortuilAbo.bitlsoliti qt neon.
tag and vicinity that lin wilt visit tuts (My
monthly, Oillco We American Muse,
ml4ll/111 be prepared' to rcoOlve partehts on
Tuesday, April Stil l until Saturday:lloo9i
Rad alpha on ldenday, my *Om, to w 6
tho after that Wile due heti a
writ ho given of moil iiiThointinont,and can
be consulted for Peafilese t ,soloo •in JIM
Head, Catarrh, Discharges rori 34 tAhr.
Acoumutatiop of_iifax In the fiir,llinitrue
lion of the Eustachian Tuho; ha all acute
or (Throat° Diseases of the Ear and Ai r l'as•
AltPr PAIN, • r• •
. •
and porteotly resembling. tho natural
I. ,
' 01414:M0NA, FOR
Skillfully tierlertued,utut n . 11418'00408 the
. -
Treated, and every operation ill'A t uipl and
Optitaintle Surgery, porterinett , by nr,A1.6.11!
~ . ,
ISON. • .
", •
lots. GARRISON treats datarth bittip ale
of medicated inhalations.
NOTICE,—Any one deslione having
my opinion in any case relating elthf.rk to
the Eyei Ear. or Catarrh, will at. all Mies
recelYe the Etarne Mindldty,lf appllottlos; Ile
made In person. lam generally . able to
Inform the Inquirer whether or not tt titre
eau be effected ; It not, whether : • relief ;Win
be given, and to whata.atent.
DR. UAREIBON (lone not protentl, to nnro
All diseases, bat froth o4erlenco of
wePtY Ware Practice 14, tni one and, th
, nonso n ntry h 4 propatOd to_ treat u.ll row
DR. (LtItUIESON rofom by,poymlooll o
too following ynodlool go_a non l*. O.
Ott and Dradovett t Novt YorkAgi,v Ittir.
Sanborn and Dr Dloico; twat:ins Or. pore,
Piero,r. Woolwarjl, Trtg t ,li f , k.clion.
BohemianPiero,lOW IfOtic i
. ±jfir father, PartlaWart. iegereettfl ifier.
a:imitate, 40, g soh tt for aao molar. .:
mar INIMOikw
,'^i i a i ~
‘1 • n ‘ • .
ijisu sits or with
A Troatiso on DoniAoav-Qatirrb,
c '
- , •
I i
1Y: , , lii
Ist .• r I
' j -~
„L. 4
. a",