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    ,• !C NN. A
BAITION—Vi .1% M. • .
COII74IIIIIICATION9 hal:11141ra for publim.
OH 111 thOtAOLE must ba'ace.Orepagied by
a re sponsible name, nt;a m*1 . 41)043 1 0( 04.
eerlty on the part ef 103 writer., Thu name'
will not bC pahushed unless scl deslred . lir
the correspondent.
c or respondents should wake their cOulf
munlcations Mort and to the point. Our
space sates limited for very long articles;
Write, only on one Ode of the paper, and
o s plainly s possible, without flourishes.
OVIIRCRIMM4 who full to receive the
T.Aets tegularly, will confer a favor .by
leaving notice at this office, where all cotn•
Plaints of irregularity or Inteltegq of 41e ,
livery win ho proniptly attended to.
uvr.r.risstis are requested to head .in,
their a dvertisements as early hi the dem,as
1 , 0 „0 1 ,1 0 , as oar rapidly increasing ciretila.'
tton compels " 10 go to 11/PlB about 2 p.
BRIEF 1411NTIOIC14..—Upr- 'latest tole
. gr am from Washington,, 'revolved twot
minutes and sixty ,eeconds beforo g oi n g
t o otoo,annOuncos that tho Wa
ti,;, o Company arrivod • safely at that,
Tho odlot Is announced from ,Paris that
fashion has determined le I abolish
chignons. Whet 10'011 that will be—uiy
country--women I
Eggs and HastorSunday C011:10 011
010 28tb of Mareh,:thisyour. '
As April approaches, the host busidosi
to look uftor—your,o,w, , ,
, winter whioh has Just &potful,
• has bbon a benlison' to the poor—as the
dart wow foriumately fgsy dad far ()e
-tymon which wpro unfit, for out-door.
It Is coneotiad hy,oi'ory:ono except our
members of Cdunoll, that Moro aro too
many loose bricks in 'our pfivothents - -
tboao carried in bats only troublo the,
heads of their owners.
Travel to this town is 'not very brisk
at prosont—as wo notice that theArains
and stages are lacking their Usual lively
lots of passengers: • ,
. Some silporstitous sear states that 'inr.
Ovory foggy day ,in Fobruary, we will
liar° a frost• in, merry May. , We hopo
not—as tho foggy days In Ended rebrnary
wore nimierons. •
A large ,nUinber of piioplQ we're attract,
od to tho depot last evening ti witness
the departure of the Wauhington Hose
ComPany, • •
A row took pir‘eo 'in ti salenn ill 7th
tAreet last night, alai hi,tho meleo a MO
VIM knookod - down stairs., „
Ice, four inches, thick, was' cut this
DeleCtiVO Lyon proceeded to' Harris
burg this itiOriting to lIIVCSIIgato criniluEd
Mfairs, .
Market was largely attended this
morning. No change In prices. Miller
nod egimplonty. . ~ In . ,
Another baud is to be'orgaulzed this
city. . • ~
A velocipede rink Will 1)6 opened in
this city by 9 gentlemen frOin Now
York. .
' ,
'he Express_ Companies tiro doing a
II ely business. , , • i . , • •
, JadieB NV lin wait White a train of ,citre
is eissinwat itifand Penn streets.'should
not stand ; too eloie. ' We noticed yes•
wally that a lady came • near being
caught. i
Now crossings aro badly needed at
Second street mind Cherry alloy ; also at
Second and ,Frankliii fiii*Clit'l , , .
. •
I.m raot waHNTs.—An example, of rho
rapid growth of our city seen,by
a visit to tlio. neighborhood of Eleventh
and Elm Sts. 'Whore but a few months
ago woro open , lots, neat and wag) . ..
table buildings are now Hpringing up 1
every direction, and the streets are aliVti
with the sights and Hounds of improve
ment. Tho location Is high, boalthyAnd
beautiful, and since rho attention of per- )
sons in want of homes has been attracted
to the spot, building lots hate doubled,
and sometimes ttobled, in value. Thom
aro manylexoollont sites still unoccupi
ed, bat .tho i onterprlsing societies known
as building' Wtoolatlone will no doubt'
moon secure thopt. '''NYater Is obtained
from Wells, tho' pipes G,not having been
laid in that vicinity. The Water is said
to ho of oxcollont onality. Tho streets
are not pavodi but the groand is Hp firm
that thero hi comparatively little mud.
'The groat ad vantage H of the location,
howoveris Its dry and elovitted position,
from which the whole city can be seen;
whilo at the samo time Um aseent is so
gradual as to give 'but little trouble to
team % oftbr tho streets havo bean proper
ly mat The populatioW tiro goneraily.
Indust ions and . 'enterprising!, 00rIlltillit
and .Merleans of german dose:cut—such
apo !anon as always unite solid thrift
with alsonal comfort, and: such a popu
lation as Is a beßoJit to any eommunit,y.
Ws prodlet that' the, fzrowtli of mr•city
in that direetiMi'wll I bo oxtremely rap- .
Id, as spun SS the building -aliSOillatiOtiAi
with their usual keen eye, to laminas-.
and prolit, shall cowl - nem tho work of
improvenumt there. II - carried on wi,th
their mold ow:11*y Mu) ability, their. loiii
oratlenti hi thl4 locality cannot tail to' 156
highly romunerativo. ' • ,I !.
Tho symbingtort COinPtiny,'nebom;
pulled by the Ringgold Band, left last
owning for Washington,' to take part in
tho fnaugural nerenionlevto-inerrow.
paraded• In ;their .now uniform,
which is the neatest and most tasty Of
any firenteit's f4cittlpments tvo !lava over
seou l .The overcoat is of dittlf., heavy,
cloth With ajauitty cap.ooind bay
seta ik hrass bu t tooo, instead. of the, nti, :
m igliti r 1 4 4 0 40 1)04ons
Th or i l gmborinl thicty, , men. 'The Band
inado.a Ono' appearanco hi their hand-
POMO uniform, and discoursed the
most eloquent music,. • Wo ' , fool satisfied
that no finer or' more gentleMatily-look ,
ing body or men will appear on parade
at the lA- , - ;1,,
__ e '
A VolotENDAnrm &TOUT. Fruit
trees to the ;State, junfee m i
ore or " less
( rota tusowevery yetti. Itls a Op
‘vortli fait 'that while great care is ob
oe/3%4,in proporkyAfrAlog thew 1 4 111 -4 1 ,
Making good tieleotlenS, and while they
blossom In the spring,litey IWO 'general- ,
ly unproductive. A movement is now
on foot for the introduction of. .insect de
stroying birds throughout Alto :Stutoi as
they are the-only praotleal eradicators
of Insocce.: !Vi . trious' lithet twain:4', have:
been resorted to te destroy these enotnies
of fruit treett i but they; have all preyed'
MAI) llen.Z.A deg bolontilpg to Mr.
Abraham Moyer, of Perklomen town
ship, this county, : near the lino of /Jppor.
l'rovideneo;wone Mad lath: Week, and bit
a eon of Mr. Moyer, a lad of about fif
teen years, pud ales) a ypung,epu , Atr.
Miebael Filed, a neighbor. Wd under
stand that tue animal exhibited pncleubt;,
ed aymptonts of hydrophobia., ,Hortui
'lately ho was killed before hotOuld 'fret,
away to do * furtber misehlor. •)Mtlik the
boys Who :Were: bitten ilikV(i 1;0014140i,
t o a Mr. Fry, An residing,
Porkiomen tow ushiP, hag the repu
tation of being able to cure hydropho
- and other strange diseaso!lr—R ile -.
town • . `):
flutam—llaslnoss'on' 110 !'
very dull still° proftept tinao. TOM in
110 t u}uolx pamonger frOrql t sokt but t
110 coal Is earclod.
ri a*All%44*
Houser:—This therning about 4 o ' cloc k , at Are, , broke 'e t / 11 -:+-A - t#:.: fam i ghto:
housObbelongin 'thldr • Aiterlok. eitliated
ofln the'violnlty Vbirtteititilind' tlttkitil'
. 4 . 4 t0i1d streets, and', beforeitAbo•- ret/A4
eottld render any, tilidstaneo
tbe lislllK
was consumed . 7'o alarni"Wisprolt-
ly oboyed bythtrfitiro AroAt3o , ooo t''
burr ditloty . vits - ekiterioni
Inleetting up the bill 'ln' litittontvolitl•
fetreft, nearly all like cotnponitat , turned',
11043wardi 'nib I r riontletilp.hueCeeded
•in getting at the. pro biit todiate' to (Id'
any-4 4 gooil._'; Tito hit ildingi l 2o .by. 1:4,. of-'
• franiei and abont,-.400 Potinds Qr riard*H
ttfget)ter with ail. ttto artioleirrr butcher'
VoV;contains, *itieons_otned In aboitt.te'l
,ioittlies. 11q0..., is '' int , ;itifjoinitig
;stable and .'a ' i ”large, , ...barn,
the stable boing away about 10 re'et and
!the. arn about 2o i fpet. The flames had';
`oeitilltilttleated to tho stable, but were cot-
tingnished bofore . waking" anY'progrem..
Tito tarn was saved .by, water having
been thrown against the sides with buck..;
dt-, ;tho roof being • covered with snow,'
- awl As the. snot./ incited the root was
kopt•wet and thus i tho 'flirt/ was kept.
away. We could not imeertain how the
time originated, but'it is surmised that it
was caused bydaot ashes; lire hitving
been in the tire plaeo last, Watt: The
loss , :autouttfi to ab:ntt ti-190. No luau
tine(); , ~
' Our I.oesjpor4 Lettey, ;, :,. „ ~
' ) tallEarciirr, March 8, 1809.
Mn. EDITOR t—f,have nothing special
to report fromAins direction, es,
your reporter has.gathered all the rie,ws
tbat transpired iwitbin the past few days.-
' The'titgle coma to a ds regularly With the
news from t\ll,payts of the county, end,
thus Wo are Dept iVell pas of ' • ,
Air. 'John I'ioutline') has coin plated 160 .
improvements 'atihls hotel, and - is now:
prepared to acegininodate guests with all
(1,19 comtiwts they, Ina* desire., . . '..
Dr, I.ovan's woolen mill le.r4iniingit•
fitillspood, ana;turni Out a large hinount
• of Itoods diiily.„ - ! .
.'r We ifeVe' heard; •of• 'the , api)oareeee opt
ibalhotot iu our, neiglib.Oting yillagc r lait 4
'l*4 littliveoptitleeole the,etetv• : • , . • •
The reactivity) in hotter condition- no* ,
slued frost hag not in, and farmers begin to
.nonet lAA Am
, - Our lirera win ' , smolt()
I goOldoirle,li:Oadtie,Virf' 't he, belnyenon,
iOf Vieli, 8114 tilis epting, a3 - ; - Riest T :the
1 owing. Was .doim, during. tho winter.
f o illsir 111 ;: t :e.;.V/%
6ctknkljt•s ; eritio ,lx,oitll or, ljairvil kfe aieayNgOp V :,t i 5 •,i ir.lrAt.
Nmv.sPArisits for NllO cheat), 4
1300).c. Store, POllll Street.
O- -1_
morning a coal oil lap in the
cl Illatittlaetory of Mr. D. 8. li:rb,• at
klyyprtown, Berke no., exploded, scatter
ing the burning oil in ,every direction.
A'number of hands were in-.the shop at
the time, but brtittlately no ono' was in
jured. Tim dames were tioon extinguish
ed, Without doing 'Very considerable
TI r: MAN ABOUT 'l a e\yN--
is With his daily report
' of crime, of 1011 r, add of sport ;
Lest It might offenu your eye,
You'd best puss this noosenso by.
PASOug along South Fourth street, vat •
'lie:treed a very,. dainty -Thomas. Cut on
deavoring t'd eroSstho street, pleking his
way along voryearefully until ho arrivod
in • the middio of thou street, whoa .he
found it utterly- impossible to avoid get.
Wi ► g into the mud, and not wanting to
Soil' his feet, ho turned and came back,
preferring, we Suppose; to remain on the
same side, rather than run the risic of
drowning. In this ease It won ld have
been well to get the '.shovel brigade at
work. Out Sixth street wo had occasion
to cross the street; but having. a little
more courage than the aforesaid Thomas,
wo 'persovered In 'Crossing, and arriving
ht the middle, we found our understands
high sink into thb mud Just about elx
kuthefi deep. IAtt,WO didn't stick—we
never do stick encouraged with the'
'hope that we could substantiate the link,
,extrlcated °Omit, dOtermined to
leaVe Councils. know that 'they should
appropriate a little attention lit that di•
rectum in the matter of tilling tip and
putting tho street In a bolter omulition.
linally arrived at Station No. 1, which
revealed nothing now, and wo loft for',
Station No.2,in the Ninth ward.'
Just as we turned a col nor, we
saw .14 moan comp towards us "
something in limo style • hero
presented by our artist, w,ho
happened to'pe on the spot"— ..„
Ho canto at full Speed, with a thm,./..11....411
boys and a colored woman running after
hisn, crying "stop timid!" We followed
the exalted popuiSco out Ninth street,
and having sat down on a curb to take it
wo inquired as to the cause of the
excitement, and found that a colored
bradder had decamped from' tho' houso
of At friend, and in remembrance of his'
gratiindo for a night's lotlghig stoto p.
bitiidfo of washed clothes which haul been'
brought to the house the nightprovious & .
110 was overtakop and tho bundle taken
from him. Ho plead 4, poverty " and
cried for mercy, whoa pity was taken
upon lir-Ind ho was let oh' without
punish, out. Comingdown Penn street
wo alio 'poor soldier on. a corner, grind.
.riva • y at an old organ, WhiCh seemed
to,bo doing its host, playing the OM of
that old song, with a gusto,"o, sing it as
we used losing it, fifty thousand strong,"
and nO doubt Ids thoughts Se
,40 again on
the battle-hold whore' ho lost jsia arm;
again he was lighting over, in his mind,
the battle ; again ho was foremost in tho,
charge, wounded, earned to the areal.. in,
the ;ioSpital, and home. How molancho
lx.ho was looking on his dubeliargo, pumper
in a learn°, bangtog to tho organ, Just
notioing,persons bow and drop a mite in
his hand. Pool' fellow I South people
deserVe better of their cO,tltdry. •
POLief: ' A I'rithB.—. - 1 - olin . CUrroll had,'
left the Station house yeaterdity,morn=
lag, after IA sweet night's siumbe.r.—
l'ostorday afternoon, howovor ' .he was
lignitl ,on Penn street,' Most boentifullV
ruid':gloriously - drunk.. ~Chia MoNail
Wanted him to fulfil his promise to' the
li.layor, to leave town, bid ,4 he'd be
If he would." ' Consequently, ho again
had the pleitsurp of a snuixe in his old
41.11114:Ws last night. liewined hoeamo•
ho had no money to pay the lino imposed.
• - Itehaol'Cassidity was drunk and (US
ordehy IWl'renlillti above Sixth street.
Airriisted by Officer Stellouborg - . hued
153.2:, and discharged. .
Henry Mali* 'vas drunk in Bth street
helpw : Penn at 4p Carly hoar this morn
ing, and also attempted i.t) abuse Milder
i.owis. The officer, however; provial too.
mulch ;for hoary and :his, friend Major •
Bonaine, and took them both to tho SCA
tion house- This worning Major B. had
(sorted Henry sufd left 4ltil I;PIMIIV/s.
- 0 was thereupon sent• bblilita the berg
beamfo ho eonlil;Slot pay the -fine din
'Edward 'Loaf Wilf4 'arrested by Offieer
firebug, on Seventh 'titreet below
P ni, for drunkenness,, Ife had no ni.o-.
'nog and was retained.
There were 11 lodgere'lAst night in the'
n StattEni House. • '" • •
4pio'ritira monument to the !stabklity
tlntl'Bltfety of Savings Mid Ttuilding•As
scOotions. 'l'o-flight tho last oleetton for
'ofiledis of the old German Savinge Asso
ciation ::takes placo at Bentz's Saloon;
(FlotO's) the association expecting to
clorip its attain t; after having ft - Oh-tar.
rie but the prorate& and. ,pr,(?y!sisms of
sits constitution.- ,!,
, •
ghost,whiqhlo9 said mattes its tip,
410 , 111 Tame at •totirsville, near tho plaoe,
AlviAto Miss. Beaver was murdeird a few
.yelitik ago, hits not made' its at pearanee
within tho last few, nights. Men aro
Watch, and Ar ! alt" will not bring'
,Ahe mystery to r liglit; a dose of powder
and lead perhaps A ;will. We wilt; ter
furthor , Idevolopnonts."
• "
" .•
. . .
, • .
•' . . ~• i , 1„ 7,
. , o'•••••• VlNO*Ftif4 , ....e...i.on.wit .7•7, ,, , , , i.,:. -.....f.-7. , ,, , r. .
''S tiiPiN D.RN TT 111) -
1 .,, ...... —...
,-- ,
,','-:), .i, - ' '•,, . , .
0 4111*431401441.-
.... , r -- .. - .:: ,- z:Z.--' :- ads.-t^"::
••• l;i,24ti ~., ..,„ yt!-0113
°'4a .a
.U;RePtd.f9tDanS 114.816.1-' - ' .t4i.,i':!l'4l .1
. .
; - ; - 'll44eq . wzr, relt 5.,,
,4141 1 / I *,
1404, r 44 'strike on idontlay, 0 UM (wk.
meworettio Colebrookdale liallroadaqt
sl.7s:pei , day ; but it':' Is euppqae4 that
,tftey w.lllll go to work in & ' Wit & tiro
for'Llio 01 wagost St SO'tior c4V..4 ,, ;:i.,1 .
ROW fIY puritanical cord
respondent of the Disfiatch calls the hod
Wel "hops" of our firemen ' , Rowdy
13a115," and stigmatizes the firemen
themselves as "RoWdlos." Perhaps if
property should, ever be in danger
trout the, he will change his opinion
when he sees the brave firemen gallant
ly battling with the etirling flames which
thriciten his roof and his household
with dostriietieu, Our firemen, as
a , 1 as, aro anything else but rowdies,
and , we defy those Who malign them to
Lind a lonleter, more. respectable, nnq
More ordPrly tire deportment than that
of which the pity of Reading may justly
be prOud. If the Dispatch correspond
ent had ,aeori the volunteer firemen of
*Philadelphia, New„ Fork,. and 'Ait t iffir
cities; a few yearn age,: het would:: eel
.proud and thankful (bat the ,- firo
ponies of his own pity are so diatinguislad
ad for gentlemanly condpot. Firemen'
like mirth and etijoymeht, and therwill
bavO it, and so lentraft their enjoyments
aro orderly, and not injurious to 'the'
nubile at largo, they should be protected
in them. 'had better 14 pluck out
the beam from his owte.'eye,'" before he
dattempts to cast out the motes la tho eyes
of our gallant firemen.:,
- • (Communicated.)
- :11 - 11!:ItInpron t—Tilere , is a considerable
Inquiry. as to what 'thb United' StatOtr
authorities In Philadelphia intend doing
with . tbe;case of Albt'rett, who ' - iVaa to .
'haVglbien tried long before :this„ibr hle
participation in . the 'alleged Witty • it' right pet Col. Alettin
slynl libid:Proseoute4 tO the eqd„ef thh i ,
law, antlk the Government
Isforrett's l ease T What - Js the matter in
-Philadelphia? It haa. been i hinted
MoxieWs friends tart $2OOO distrih n tiai
ribnortainAnarters Nfe w nld settle the PROT,
r ter:. 'lfow , is this, al , where:Ai, ;h0;
inOunY,ln go ? 'Was It loXattd era
tubgo dttili that ho Infd no nioneyl: , ' " 4
A (iitAND CONCHUt UV I)o Ned * by .
Wititoealdilitary n 404; assisy y ,y, tie
Aved lag ; lilt° nnorohox v ilt gene
Opera lions°, on Monday ev vgAleit.;
13prooraunno In to•day's Eactt s. -
'.%lPothe D4,01-rilonday morning
a son' of. Mr. John Osble, residing at
Morysville, near Boyeriown, was found,
dead tin, his rom. .; Vhe deceased has'
beet% an invalid from'ePllepsY for sever
al years] and recently' muttered also from
,foyer. On 'Alonday while his
attendants were absent from his room
ho bolted the door on the inside, and ad
mittance had to LA:gained by means of a
isdder placed on the outside of the house,
and .thence in throtiih a window. On
•gotting into. his 'vein*, was found dead.
Who young man mi, about 25 years of
OUR. worthy to w ns m an, Mr. Fred.
Lauer, receives the followlns notice in
theill.stoit Commonwealth of Saturday t
18 'Tipw said that Gen. Pramsle E.
Spinner,' United States Treasurer, will
probably be appointed minister to some
(Imm& court, He Is of Germanic ex
traction, and' both writes and ,speaks the
Germairlimguage with fluency. Awhile
ago a German, who in nn extensive brew.
or in Pennsylvania, Sent a letter ,to Gen.
Spinner on the subject of the fitiatiteen•Of
the 'country ; to which the handsome
original of the taco on the fifty 000 notes
wrote n lengthy reply in German, which'
so pleased the Iwo% or 'that , !tont the
General U barrel 'of boor! 4 Zirei tagbr.
.1-pter" , .
, • •
'TAM WASIIINOTON limtxtinwato.
—The Harrisburg Pablo( of this morning
containi tho following noticoof the W044)-:
iiigionlioso Company's arrival ip that
city last evening : , ,
'The Recfplion 'lllO
Washington Hoso Company of Reading,
nonlbering about thirty.mou r accOMpa•
plod by the Ringgold Baud Jof that city,'
arrived last evening et half-past sight,
°Week. They worojnot at the depot by
committees from Um different, fire crow
panieS of Harrisbtirg. (loners' Knipo,
.Chief Marshal, soon assigned thent to a
position a , among ouri)remen. They
marched through our streets lathe order.
published In the papers, the bands
o'xdoliontly. The Ringgold Impressed
all with their prolicionpy. •
me washington Mae Company ,of
Reading Vero the guests of tho-Waih,
Ingo:al Hose CoMpany.. of • this city, who
en tortsined them. In the most satisfactory
Mention They oft for Washington this,
The State 6 1 rtl: 1,3 Oeitially compli;
mentary, and speaks Yery Ilattoringly of
the. al)posrance of the.• members of tho
Washington and their -handsome uni
, ~--o"
Spatrm.—To-daY is - a beautiful day,
and one would think that Winter hits
gone and Spring has come. We hoPei
she Will usher in az:season of buslness`
prosperity 'fir which - we can all give
thanks: The country stands in a very•
singular condition, sofar us its business
intereSta uro concerned.r Its trade and
connnerce may be altneSt immedlatelY
renderou of tho"most - encouraging and
profitable nature, or.they may be pros.
trated tar belowthe loVel of stagnation
to which they have :descended steadily
within the last live year e. A little skill
and inodetatlun lu the nibuinistration of
piddle affairs 'are only needed to make
everything bright and thriving,' anti'
bring petioo and plenty' to places . when)
those .vlsitlints are oddly needed, 4,
little ( improdence, one or, two ugly fide'.
takes, 'anal tho rultintis condition of
things, with which the entire country,
(more especially the. fieuthern section
tipitor,) has been se , long familiar, will
lf nip or all parties and fac
tiolis.ntill,latt unite 4..b"tfiko advantage,
'loth() spirit or good Will; Of the offerings
of. universal prosperitY, that are now!
opened Wore us, Spring will be tbe`
tetionf Col4rier of Wtalth,'Harmony an'd
• • -
Atinf,4nn.—Wo leak* that two moll,`
ono of , theny''h' - lineliatbi•, - Were arrostad
at., Sinailig Springs. , fypsterday, on
eharp'oc stealing chiekettC , . )1:3001olef
f4wls wereletind In theltpi".,
We refralit Worn ruentlopltilt
Inames,,itnill. the galft.ol_ the parties le
fully establliihtiil.
I F you (rf , 411 your 40 riot
and piat4lllo:
tie free front rust, 40 riot lieip,tlitiqiii'
woolen (Shiers. Artßtes of 400. 2 40,
bright Iron will often rust when wrapped
"in woolens. The beat prevontite of tuatt•
is a froquerit applicatidit of the Ilittl ,of
w l
i 'boiled pork. AO off" tiro groaisiti
he ssienally, and keep the, w,espen in a
0 ton °Over. "An experience of soveral•
3T ro-warrants us in recommending thia
treatment of arins.t' ' 'Aritiorpr's .011 is
Amid, .but ; pork rind is cheaper, ittid"fre?
sinently lipttur in preVetitingrwit. t ,
roiNVIA STOLEN.—One night last Pleotilci`
ioventy-fuur chickens yt,ere *toted. "fel*
JatuesBWitrtz, in Cuntrittownslllo,ncross,
the Seheylkill froinAttiading. No.traos4
of tite thieves hasbeen discovered:: , , ,
:OVA taro beard soma quitor to k , but
Wo rellifir;itnow at; little about the Riots.
of Utah tease L 'cOrres,PONlcAitt_ We
suppose the thatteris tnif nano's:ti t tbb,
(lovornment officers in PhibistalM t,
do not presume to giltmimitat tkey OM'
1()., v.c Z ,- ; ft: rtt i fi4i inupt
'IEfOrtOS ' : — ../ 01 100‘ 4 0k* ,
i t
4.1011111 , 7 liPlcall, Paw __
' .likt ,,% " . log '''•! • ', , t , /
• (.Ikilit s iregithi p*tottir ,
. 61 . 11rit , cill mititi‘ made Ids ,
lam - =,. Vitt the Water
. -...% ... we:m.low .
..titat* this
" , ..'l`, r- v 1 .. ti D. ht .':1 bad the
• . ,', eii . ,?., rn Oa tht, . t tha Was.
tor '.430: , - ' ti mers shoulC ye been
elected Itotth . phrposoof having himself
Waled a Water uoinirdssioner. Said nth ,
oumosity#So the. 27th., cl 4 hiondikspi
eistOhipt4;; Feb: t2t l 180, twwise;,o,l24
knowin man eel ed a caucus of the Ite•
bitolua. !members at tho Dolutooloo
4 ) ; , , " W w iri t ee t°vh(eza4sh!vktrrn
okietui...-y,:ar voted in ...vow of Ever
Hoch, eituw wales cue Witl9llt of °tiler
mut wohld hot strike the bells Y al e ; end.
poor follow,,"bo was left on in the odd;
and thbrotO* ho has a rlght.til bowl Hip
pWO lyithlelhto head. .:
itoni ANON.
Firtisft:'/WitliErt, = Tttle
PletsxV iituj'atitutb,Ated . tittCon years,
had.ti*i Of Ma fingers nearl.t- reaehed ot
by iti4tt4 it in the cog wheels at the
lirottlen' Mill ofMr. Bruinhahh, in South
FilthAtt*t '
' a•ifxtritre , hayo, noticed 1 hat Within
the p feW Weeks' a Mtge number of peo
ple, su ff ering with Neuralgis, ltheuteatispu
laud tlishases of a like nature. come to the
hotel of Evan blighter to tie` mired. roe.
steel; agent of Sayre% instant 'Pain Cure,
-aptileli the medicine ;mil le OM oases g YLH
relief, The bad weather has'eaused
mires of Revere tattering; Espeela Ily • !von,'
rheumatism and neuralgia; and the many
oases performed by Sayre+B Instant 'Pain
Cure should convince Any one that It is re
ally a blessince tp humanity. Mr. Weldor
deserves credit fOr his humanity in apply.
lag the Pain Oat's without charge" to the
poor and every one will wish( him ,bIIeCOSS
in :t he , manufiteture of (this • excellent
flati'ett's,)regetablo Hair Restorative
took Alit tiyilt,PrOututp oipl. ; all 04441,,
tore at tho New' Llampiihiro. State Fair. It
,atandscotifeisodiy without a rival through
out the qouiltri, (milk) drivig ail other
Preparations front the mirk t.--4/Wiihulit•
P/i l'itpll t t yes, Ifeb 25-4w(l.
- ---
.4•Ft 4 , 9 1 119 3 .- , On ' 'evening of
ite If et, at the dortitur,ollteitenth and
,I'Or.a, etreeta.: jlio owner etin ' turf* the
eatto btapplyiet* at the BAkiLE
is 44 Xl4 4 1 8 0 0f 9 1 ,fular 8-4td
1 4 . 4 tb . ' L
and beet .iyorl4-1:12 pugs', ,Nylth several
lino engrgylugs. Price bff omits. or .eltle
ut the. EMILE lIO9I{ 8 ORR.
mar • ail Pena struet.
.• 117 —
OTIOEI—The regular stated meeting of
111 - the Delubbr@to Assobiation will be
held oft next • tiATURI)AY HVENING; (atb
Saloon, No. Ull Venn tit rest, ()dicers of , the
AssOblittlou will be eleeted , fori the ensuing
year at this Intjatilig. A full attendance) le
elpeeted. ISAAC It. FIBIIEI4 yrest.
r 1 . 1. 71 1 4 AVAN Nun, Secretary. • • '• •
- ,
. . ,
FirlgtAtill?tESlDENCE.:,;No. North
Ahab 400 Reading; Pa. Idea 8
special meeting of tho.
TIa t IDArRVI I ITI.Vt ? :, . Wlll'.be held 111
Ineuttzerl•nrorefioested to be present.
Ity order,of R. A. HOWELL, Pest,
mar 3-241 , _ -
• • • 01 , "
:Winter Mit .11 ary Baud,
• , - . AND • ' -
Keygtoue,. Op
.itioxfpr, MARCH[ 8, isoto.
era., llouge,.
.. _
3111. ‘ J031tr1t WINTER.
r, I ' . / 1 .91. T FIRST: '
1, Overture, Barber tiuville, Ro..hilitl.
Want NSTRA':' '
S. (Aiorgi,, •rlor Wald, • U. llatier.
8. Waltz' On Wings of Night. C. kqust.
• . 1
1 •
4.' Solo; • Sei•enud Chilled with i •
the krest, li, latelluer,
• MCC; li. RUOAD*.
I , 1' ,
utigno, Nlppon anti .liippen,
:lENNE i liciliOß. •
• . 1 , 411 T bECONp,
1. Grand 6ploct WO from TrdVltltn, Vertll,
2., Terzette i 'I God is Love, . C. Rroutzer,
14E8410. t'. IigNINGEit, 0, B, lidloAD3
. • . — AND J. S. SCROEICER,
Z. l'olkai tioWn Robin, N. Bousg net.
rieeolo Solo 14 Sebastiihf lloehniain: •
4 . 43 1 0.114 thlr •Wittitiorer aus oat,
. , . Mainland • C. Gayer.,
`, ,' .: .. ;tII.4ENNEttCIiOR.: .- . t
51 Galop,' • ' StOl: Finch, ', -C. FAUST.
Doors open at 7 o'clock—Colic:oft t•om•
mottoes at 8 Weloe,
. .Tiekets 40 tanatt;to all parts, ig the house,
'atm ha had at U. , C. lialtpler, No. WO
Penn street, r, illosinger,' Itll roan
stl•eat ainlifrOanAmhers of t ' * Band,
mar 34,dd1.. , 1 ,
, .. • ..
TUE NE}lt t . ,. ; -.
• .
~ •
• i •,., '. .i . •
, • • 14 , • 14.0 . B I. I, - 1,
.a • .
;, , ~.,,.,•
vote A1., - ORBI 'N AND 3 US:TION ,: or
, . . ~ TILE PEACE4' • •
'.'•41`001071,64 February )9111,14),:'
.. • 91 , t•roll sato at the •
• . •
1-0 ' ' ,
'lll lAit 'nn StroO, q
r int4•l ' •
: r
tv ) „1 j„.•! ; • ! .1.
rial4,4* & IiOLLOW USII,
,•,,:...-3 ,:, .-1 . it; ~, 1
~".;111.1.,iit•T: • • or 1,..., . ,
,:•); is , t; •.' A A• ; :,,•„.
'..) 1, ~ .;. it: ,', v, , ...i . . . • i :,i
vi , r)
r.l - I tit . 4 1 IF I• ' ,
. 1 452L1C0P Rl' b . Ltil , •
.;,,•.,, 1.•;,,,, i
•','i di '"AIkADING, PA. . .T: •J r'
4-iY —
L, woo -5 , „ it f 1.,..
W44 ; o4,—•VrinTerllatel il ii infdrll9..agarl
, tarlpF • rjo i t ot *oaa c t u o m. t ake . %h u e two Of!! •
fitnali j bt iy,i u who
.no b 6e•wm k
geifekety.i-gms ,ba ktorl•liteifterl ,to obit-,
preiht T o" 1/90!1,4 ono from 93 W VI liar
week w 11.1,400141. Noun no ci apply lin
ings.' *At teiVittnentled by.hi lily roxpoot
tit* Or,tiCutti.„ l A.' Catholle I * r f urred t 'lo*
1 11 ; Vattio4larit apply at_ 1 . . :
.•,inft. :fc...,9' '
i i
Tork OFFICE' ' •
wifisi r, Ft:uthierBlo,o44l' , ' being eon
vitivistli decision rif The City to,
*loiter, tint election of %%river Couituis-1
Aiello tik linl 1869, villa illegal,. and
iii t
,tliftt t tie uo Board kof WateriCom.
It 1 • 9 1 4 0A 11 , ° City , or rionuitig;iii e x . •
i p t
tattil 0 0 .riku Of.aW, therefOro gives no
-416-0-thut hie tritnittee on. City Property •
belhglltdt . pkeil howl of all property
Inikongrnt t ' ii oily of tin thug, mint °all
itimileatt it, ' Avatar, use or wa er, in taut,
,o! sittots 0 rta In In gto Wu 'IV ater.l3lo4
1 4 .
imilm pl,ti ~; City mist' , bel tratiSaated
1/11tT i ghter tamitteo, alitell by tifie•fte,i
I.l4oneiti '4 trot until tile tAe-ie,ttiw..
l i
ftitry eta iti b . .r.! 4 , .
'"• i • JolllVD.'2dolliti4.
trio .• , . iiititiono Conficify PrOpetti;
' i g-rf -. V
._, , 1'..:,-,...t.....„... IL , ' ....4.11.4— . . ,
, llol t i T tiri l lNst l l 4.3 e l o v t, b 4 i t c' itri u n a g 9 4 [lt
I vitottoligt , , il PosseesiOnfilfpn_lnaili -',
A iiiißtifil •
V \i,
- u• "yam P
Siirrenn street
7 - - -. :T - ,, - ;•• - - - IL . • ---- -- ----qO-+-•-• --- 7 4.....21
A 1 4 :DETWAN AND AtiVoimEy
, . s ut t .4)y.etice No. its ;South Sixth
X . Li 01. , - Sit ki int or collecting nuctimi:
v_tYan6lng". l lolo,.• ut Um Saddest notiee.
PA; Waite k$ eVt 11901 for Atlanta Mt nalikcrib,
wetting tupreirlitteli onlimsfitiliblotorms,••
• anarchl-41 • . ,
tf-,,. ,
:"i .
t ;fit i4lt tt „ r,;N I .....-4,-
i -.- ~..,
..'j 1 i1e,..e..7 i lit ' • i - 4, '4,4, r,•3",!:),
' '' 'Pl''''' '4 •'• ' ':l 4 . ti , lt ,4 ‘ (11 : -e., .• _
, -21
ova be
. , told
GERMA*MiIi EiT(4 l3l. Bti
< 1.• '
... ~'i
L 0544 AT THE 4., „.'
A „ • 1.) )._ _
•.' . ..•-
nit 4
xo. sr,NEisz - ,
4 ° B 8 1 1
, )lr i llUtill, RlC with' two - story back
b din 'el age at. 1314',rente street, be
toterva Nfighth *IA Ninth satiable for a
Lod ge ; j4O tlttrd story ie arranged for a
Lodge' ichtim; Avift to
tour 1-ttl ' t. 9 South Ninth street.
aultablo for onion pOrpoons of ittiv
No, 8 Routh 'Fifth el met, Readlog, l'a.
mar 1-3tll
hereby elven that Alto to
LI burs or FRINN DM IP al' Flan
FIRE ENtlifilt Y, NO. 4, OF Tith
CITY OP , READII4I," Intro app:led tb the
Court of Cotntuon Pleas of ilerka County,
for ri Charterer Incorporation by the above
style and tine, avid Unit such Charter will
be grunted by the said Court. on the Eighth
day of Idaroli v lBtiti, unless atollelent reason
1)0 showit to the contrary, on or before that
day. IV. B. (1141ESEM411,140thetiotary.
tub Th-frudStrutr, ,
Like 'yoloano46llajthru tesue to the
foul and fiery' contents the loop into.
r . tsn'. roinoVo the Onus() of such ettffor
tug it- is . onls . • tidoii;asary to vitailico' the
Blood by supplying It with 118 'Zito
211)41'SRUlititat gNit6P O
prOfectod solution •of the Protoxttje of
Iron), tiO thie Offootunitv, and give
-airength, vigor and new life to ttio WllOlO
ity€4oW. , ' - .
Extrgtel of a lelter front. AR! , S.
•• •• ' ' Haul of it Orton,
Leer yours t was "a; sufferer from Bolls
so that my life bectunewearlsome through'' l
their ;frequent (pent and persistent recur.,
retitle; finally a , carbunololormod in the
Small of my back: - During its progress
large .pteees of deeettlPosed fleVf Wore
every day or two cut away, and t o pros.
tration and' general dibturbanep of the
system were great. , Before I had •i•ecov
ered from this attack two smaller, olirbutt.
()lee broke - out hltihor Op, and 1 Was again
threatened • With a , recurrence of the suf
ferings to whioh I had so long hpon sub.
iotod.'lt was. itt this % time 1 commenced
taking the PERUVIAN HY IMP. • '1 contin.
1;04 tithing it until I ltud used'llve bottles;
since then], have have hint nothing of the
kind, 'for years 1 was no of the, greatest
stitferers:;l)t her medicinesgave Meparttal
and temporarytelleffbut this remarkable
remedy, -with a • kind of lutultiVe sense,
wont directly theroot of the evil, aod
did its Work with a'theroughneAs worthy
lot ite.bstablished . charactor.” •
A tl2 piftro Pamphlet sent free; •Tho
germinehas'surkauvieN Wray r'' blown in'
the glass.
J. I'. 141 N SIEIOIt Proprle_tor t
' • • , No:0 Dey street, New .fork.
Sold by druggists generally. " .
a _ •
" Thu best kno n remedy ter
io all Sts nntolfold forms, including Weal,
( ( Immo?, Apphifcsi 0411.illieufmCtmatteiplion.
etc., N DR. ANtittlayl WATHR, infra
40101011 (4 ,kodine.Vithents a solvent, dim.
covered after, many years of scientific F.
march and, ettperlment.,For eradicating
Intofers from the system it has no equal.
Clkoulars seating). , _ • •
, • • •J, DiNotnitm.
drug 11 fey Street, Now York.
Sold - bv[fob 8-4wilaw
611,110L10 NAN VAL,
'KEY OP- 1114AV,EN. •
MrS-i :qIqI,II,I",IIHART's
I •
Ity 1100N . 131W1 SERIES.
T. ;
. tig()l (X li()0 K
, 111 ,*41.1:44111 gellQO,l4 BELL.,
1 • • ' •• -` • 1 0 011„811.1,g liY
& C 0. .) ,
ATIrfI*:VAG . slooli
' 14,0j • 4719 ,fitatect, Readelik6'. l'a,
', r .
'itOAS - k . ItAtiri-FNBITSPr .
Corner titti GO Opr 414 61!!!tet.
(The first ZuMbisr , Ftp4 of tut a.,baow Oen 11 1 )
t .7.. TqX A•Cfrii i ; algAillitii AluilitosTl—
,V9Piv:lPWAlTl4lip IN TEM MTV.
; . 'wo ,havo , copt4o4lY 031 bonel v IV /MO
A0004:flout af AU , Muds of Um plSvatell
will bo dloPoliOd of at tho low° inarket
pricen 10:4 1 1O4titteli tO full , Porch, efe.
AUG. F. got,
COM. W, ItitUD batllBll,
I s
irto?.• 24.-trd • •••• • ~ t.! .
~. ~., _
........ ,
.•.L....4:.....L:,::1 • ~ ,'.,) 0 . , 1 , _
' FREDERICK :W; f TAAVER'; , 1 -'' e ”
' ' '•
' v 4 Clft'iri lA . tytk; ,, •
•. • . iti fit tzl .‘.• i?
Cbrster i It , • ct A t op elreelP, ending,Pa
8016 Agtot tor„flitio and !Aebanon_,bettetict,.
forthe celebrated . v.. .. ' ;': .'' WI
§.Amr,aca ,spAziu COMP A NY.
Tbelneet rellalidei::ind durable &oleo ever
piaeed befere'the pubJle., •
col and 04r
,tyiuk i ttOore purchasing oleta•
Where. : i-0, (' . --•--- ,
Ill i p o p t r t iAr e O r up offered to buyerb. ~,..,.
I) L A T'V, iilikt SCALER ~
yai b.arat 441,11er i aile'ebeao.. -(scot 4-
• 'L •IL
6 • .
Ll Becker, ocklitt townehtp of Malden-,
- creek, to theiot,y,of Berke. 'eg2,
MAO aii,asqlgnipet or all hiewitate fo'
4o l iia .VoF l of:natoaine place, lit - tkast for ,
h . ottigit orbit' fkllttO re, on V.,1,1,1. day Of
' lL Viiel i g Y estart;tii "
g # r 011. that all liektiOli A
•thcitaoll e'finsp o
snnA t
o e w it iantge , i
op t r O e ge n i t
4aWillacO, .11O e
niollate n pynien sa to
i theNi(erin nett. ;
ft ll t. qt w ti . .
jiALE ; IIIt-:
80NAL PtiO.PAratTY.—Will on'
irriday..littiraYtO.lnact at'l'd , olock, P. M.,
at the 11.061tWAY119USE. In the towpshlp
otAlaidepireek,Ahe followlnepereonal,
• 1 . ) „ 1 1141411 1 144 °
..eitrptit.ihatles; pit:4olloa, intrrart4„wash.,.
, 41tarititytinwitre: Pryans, chests - ,•Aslteri.
hrtillep,sadenii. pica. vieyariag,Other
attio)eit_i •
VqwlKmanoma4cl.mnown at the time aia
,pletee tiy • JOIIN- ticl(tAX.
.„> "!'Aiselgne, pl. Ell B • ey;
;Thilytil.ATosir,,4motfoneitir. . ((eb 26-41 W
-• • - :
tVrtirstftll:4.%lAigii lot 01 a l ipew sp .l.l beta; on 11401: Ilk due omise, IMAM owl-
014 4 ,11010 0 10 1014 :t.
inotE t e, Itictl t ovair i krvicpt
• Orrice;' No t N6I7PTIAIR.TH; '
. cad beStil it S an 'the Se AO
felne i t i n s.„ Vhet or
hip a y atorte* •
deo dant • • •-k „ ~,.;
IVITANTRIX.i.A young rot of 17 or le
y years, to:, learn the
Chiroughly. •unly Alto Nears apprentiee.
p renuleed: For Anther formadoi
Soothe/46Sr Corner:of 'Tenth and_ 9f den
Streets, Philadelp ll ta4 , • fob N.Stdi •
xrl), l PlCle—Th ',undo/tied hare Me;
.I.l_poisild of thu. 1.44uP A 1 xprras huolh o t.
to mr. Branton V an Lea r,, y whom it VIII
hereafter be mreied on,
'An ortirra for baggage td ihd (mu the tl e•
Sixthwill ho lett ilit - Our *Moo * No. 3.) South
Sixth etrOot, ris horettiforej
fob 11-301 , ut, ft. p TER S SON..
(4, Ij4;,tarna':4, , C,
r t . 4, GRIESENER'a
Extensive Grain Warehouse,
Nor► reedy for
Who may wish 'to more Oraln, Ao. Roma
awl aortuoisalon reasonable. Also. a superior
stook ot
I ' - • •
Boreele wholesilto. And retail. it lower prleee
tho.. eiti . be ptirobased eleewltere. Ale% a
oupertorlot o , •
Buckwheat Meal, and totatosa:
.1 . .
~ • N orth
ofileo.los N Elighth St.:Beadinsi i rsi.:
feb6., .' •
alt — la r a :iiiili — iiili.l4lU - ill 6ii .
. :OTAGER 41W buiLq.
. ExteAdiid to Milton Station4elwed Reading
nt Ba. Th., trl‘tioexly, Tuosday. Thursday and
€atur day. Returns a anlo d aye and arrives at
-, t p ln arr° he follow slim r ed l ost %does: .
. warn, onglersvillo, Adairotovn,Bphwartir.
villa, Rea storm. ~ I
Lemma 'Boyertown -at 8 O'eloCk. h. Th. Ar
IiVOS at Reading at 10 o'olook, h in, Itehisning,
oaves Reading at 23i p. in.. 'slim at Roy
fldown at'T it. in. It serves Sttin rmille; Brum •
eldville, areshville, Yellow II use. Rarivillo
and toyervown;
Leiwoo Ratko! :at 3 o'clock. a. w., arrival
at Having at o, cloaks non. Returning,
leaves Reading at 2 o'oloqk, p. !in. arrives at
Ittlllorsburg at 9 P. in. servos Lei baohs.
Dower rn, Berpylile, l Rehrersburg, Botha),
Attipohogcon and Holsters Mills;
Leaves Reriditpt 'ott 3 °witty Wetl»esday and
FridaY at, B *CIA, lieturnlim leaves
Bleßell on Tuesday, lituriqaP ftwipturda,y,
arriving pt Reading at 4.1 i q olOog, In, it
impolite main% Ware. IS, Ottnex i g: Hawravi
svillo. Mudgy Oreek.,Terre Weaverli
and Blue Pall,
, •
LoaVqs Itoading , Qn Monday, Wednesday
_ri Friday at .7 o'clock , a, to. Aarrives at
Rending on ,Tuosday Thursday and Saturday
at 5 o'clock, p. tn, Jetnipprl. Penn,. Book
orsvlllo, Jrnanuo Furnado, organtown, Talbot
vino, Honey Brooke; 'Oa ' • ridko owl South
Herniltage. .
Loarea•Lobachrrille on !Tumidity. Thursday
and Saturday at 48 i c 't i dock, a. il. Arriyes at
o'cloo a.
Bondng at 0)i tn, Het ruing. Logy, ea
Howlng at 234 o'cloo ,ip. nt..' /rives at Lo
bachsvlll9 at 6 q'olook. p. m:it:80rY08 Almico,.
Oloy and lobaohevllle. ' • , • ,'
Daily by Itallrgad-.—LeAvoOtortiling at 0 ti.
m. Arrivelnt 10;30 a.'En. ; Blies Fritz town.
Roinholds station; 'Stavons,.iip rata t
Litis, kranhOm, SPortipF 11111, andiev
Silyer§prinp. • it,' I _ .
VigBW(ifitiikEil TOiiilnDtittO
Trl•writitly by t3tago—:Loyo's 6stohobter
on Monday`, IVcinewaY Anil Filday at 7k. tn.
Arciveg at litrdeboro lb. Returning,
leuites Birdsboro - on Tuesday, ahursdaind
Saturday at 7 a. m. Supplies °algae'sllo.
Bluelleok Loos 'Wallace % 7.71041aud. don:
vile and W est White and.
READIRO It01)1430N •
, p
Sonal-waptli Stago-toaVos Reading. on
Takoiax nturnay a1 k 7:30 R. la. 111114BiliVt3
attending at I-a. m. • . •
Sena-weekly by 'StrilrO —. l-igavo „Reading
T -Tuesday and Saturday at Om a in. Arrives
at Reading gt,,TAl•a t i;a: Supplies Addyip's
layerlitkiwer Hi44dlbeFF; Ntiith Ikoldolberg,
xrlok's mils and most.„ . • , ,
• :,1413ESPORT.T4, li4A. ' ' '
Tri-weekly by Stose.-Leaves Leesport ' ties-
IThursday and Saturday at.l2 tn. Ar Ives
at OeirrtOli nit/ Willi SuppSef South E ans.
vil Walla ruoittotrn.• ' ~ ~• • :, ;
COX OWN TO VlROlterltliali •-
_ Tr i -weekly by Stage—Loaves 'oxtown 'Eves
day,'Xhursols7 and Saturday at a, in, Acrli'va
at Qkttown at 14 ). In, Supplies xtrbyv_illo,•
Afolialop,) arid Virgiusieill,o. , -
Trl-rreekly by Staao—q,eavits Itehrorebitri
Tuesiati Thursda, and Deter ay at,jl 8. tn.
Arrives at 11.4ihrersharg at. 6' p..tu.' SupPllei
Wintersrilla anti not. ~ •
• ;
INyilora In
Ji9 n sPo: ( oo'ol{ 8; VOiato t
1111 . 1: •
ON Nkiir . Yd
interestoo44 4Yl.lAposite. - •
Open at o,a,c.fisi' • •
cpse ((Op. n
1.1869 •
'T4v,ittiattuariniutti, ibx
N. T.', GEM:),
F A B WP N A I3 Lii
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