Reading daily eagle. (Reading, Pa.) 1868-1883, November 30, 1868, Image 2

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IpplIDAl4 , NOVRAIBER ?1868.
T -a*witsiarcid /two nctopiiisirmar4
'vs "or OV* IiiiOVIESIIMIONT. •
.>E;' &), DAVIN
cootml94l9S, tkq, fleet 0111!!0 States Tea'.
aelsr . esesitly , lent to.Parpguay resent a
I ruiiiip&plult , to our flag and our Conso
—the latterope of the irrepressible,iita4. l
burufseolltr,it is apparent. that the sensp. 7
ptftyletin, regard' to ontragescommitled
by 4pes t ,,i`e , tptorof Paraguay, were false;
and that " Washprn's cowardice was the
•' ' • all
. „
cageotall tps , frouble. ,,
aaimpesiog naval 'dernoni
strOloiimpleaSse wenk and hardly pressed
~ Taragnay,,he Tlnited States
saverrapprit t heaTiu disgfaeed itself in the
.1 1 9:04;i1 19 .thq l P 5 1 rPif0 w ! :9141. instea d,
of 1 1 , 1 44 3 0# u , 7 M9Y/fl i !! 111/ F?, , °1. (,,f h e t Y tan - ni f
cal !faßgor J9, ( 40#!.. ,t!!'3,Prpvincei
40 1 ,000110i 1 q 0 0. 1 > ) arflfu,a,b our g° ll3 ia
niso ithe / tglt ppFeloterfere to put a stop
to t vßp i iist, by compellieg i thc,Bmperer
witWpv i lds forces pf , pelt, White and re
Elorpip , 'llo,?rit!4°, 'i n OPir!i ner nt
puisiO t o . fTiletlifp i o tphelE"''ocvn coil i 1 ,974
whlol►badly need iinprovement,, in ail 'rest
pelts f il l die i gipirior Would' employ as
.. Ott /I.j. l) ' I I a
inn ills ud f'fll9l mu4 l ,9miq
the iuppFovemeot and , proper cultivaiiOn
Br"s.iae be . ) / ! l ts ItY"l447,idanOered and
wlll4 hhii;roiqess war wk the only na't
tien t Ihich hits !iept ftis tipanDllk blood pi l de+
ficed, t b,Oronnspuot i tatin algamation„ it would
ba I r 4 l l. . 1 1141384G : his people , and the
I f9l ld 11 gener al. : . •
The Vnip4 Btatesgovorninent Was bitterly
oppoml Eoani t tniliaa, EmperorofMexico'
Deciapss he was the only rnonareh in,North
,Aplaries that )Mexico was
better goleraed i by Maximilian that it had
beenfof leng;years befors,er:has been sineS
his deag9 , l3nt ornrge7ef , rupent opposed him,
and eveiilhrcaleued to, !iepose him by force
of arms,. almly because he had established
,:t , 1" / ),* ~‘ 4
maul inAmrlep. /.„ .40e yet the same
do mimic! patty who control' ou r government,
aud'ifilkii 4 iiid+Lseg &ilea 'the •Murder of
1114119,1,fipii,Rew•ta;koshIce with the Bp:Ter
ar,OPribMit 9/ 6 .QPIY 4 . eu l6lll int faaaarq4 on
this continent, against , the only nation in
80 pt6141 1 100W7PaaltDkPiltil, an abaaia4
raetutrotrivyrblOhNta pmeTvP4 anything like
ktable i goverprespt for many years past. .
a 11 , 4v4, 1 7 AO PIVA/19!019 8 ) to 8 ,4
, nothing 011ie geed owe!) for ; 'which the,i ,
figtOrrtlip, defence ,of their country against
foreign,invasiont 7 shonld enlist cm their side
.thp aympatkies, of all, civilized nations / and
for the .great, I.lnited Mates to ' take pert'
afilthAt.,,lTOititt but t'etol° nation, which- has
even tw:coegbt bravawomen into the field,
pesitiyely $1164.1901. Ifluelisenduct curdle
part, of oar,go,vernment should bring the
,blush of,simme to the cheek, of every Ame
ricatvwllo leteB blB country. ,
The truth ia, the United States govern
rnept Ipia the, reputation abroad of being As,
cowardly as it Is domineering, conceited and
insolent; ft,can browbeat weak nations like
AlgiersiPortugal, Mexico,.or Paraguay, but
_powerful, nations like Erance e,aa insult our
rtin4441(041 , with Impunity, while our bore&
iary. enemy, Greet Britain, is permitted to
take, rebel, emissaries from our,eustody with
ouLrealstanee, and to refuse payment for de
prodatiens committed upon our commerce
by English built vessels, armed with English
• #n0. 1 04 manned with I.;tiglish sailorff, paid
1p 4tiglish gold, ; While professing to be the
champion of civil liberty, our government
kneels *ad cringes at the feet of that meet
despicable and cruel of, absolute despot i lson,
the government of Russia. While profess•
ing,tobe,the champion of freedom and free
religion, our government stands idly by and
permits our Christian iirethren in Crete to
be slarlghtered and enslaved by the heathen
Turks, when only : one of the fleet of w,ar Vo , ll*
eels, which ,hash been for months engaged la'
.escorting Admiral Varragut on his expensive'
11141010112r6 trip to Europe, would have given
to tbi brave Cretans a free country and ft kee ,
religion, dihanne upon such _ inconsistency
And '
cowardice I The once, gloripua stare
.and 'stripes have
~been dishonored tieie
0 . 40 r time by, there to,wbom our people ha l ve
cenfided, their ea* ,
49400.8 *OPPA'FF•tisAii , feeling, we
charge our gorernment with cowardice and
thconsiittner In • !ta", foreign policy. We
charge it with . petty 'OpPreision and unwar
ranted inferfireilee in.the privnte offoire 'of
Mexico, tempo % arid, our own Soutbarn
cowardice in regard to the in.
sulfa of Great Britain, with aiding and abet
itiiy Ak.its familiar iercourse with ,
44411011lieyi np4 Brazil,t4d tr , withhold
ire s a d ,PPlftn4Oickng,r/iPfr*
aguay and Cuba, and worse than all, with'
tacitly eneeuragiug pis forcible suppressipd
of the Christian religion in, declining to in:
today* is ,behalf of the oppressed Christians
in SYria, Crete and elsewhere. Such a de.
apicable arid cowardly foreign :policy is
enough to make an - American in-a foreign
land blush% oVril hiA nationality.
These abuses should be reformo, as soon
as possible. f We are aware, that a few Do•
mocrutic newspapers, unaid4d, - can d`o . bat
little under present circumstances to better
the condition of governmental affairs, bat
the entire * press of our country Conibitied
,bavette power to agitate this subject until
the,sovereigns of our nation, MY !EOM,
by petitions to Congress,shall cause a differ
ent and more creditable course 'to be pi:m
-.4A. Wo call upon • our brethren of the
press, throughout the Union, to unite in
their efforts to make the United States gov
ernment the champion of Justice and Right
all over the world, instead ofa cringing eye•
ophunt before the crowned heads pf Europe
present shameful position.
Some itinerant scribbler from the "hub of
the universe," has written a long letter , to
the Boston Advertiser, from Reading. In
this letter, which the Daily
, Times . of this
city was aillyenough to publist,hestatesthat
the Hessians captured at Trenton by Wash.
ingtOrt settled around Reading, which
"may account . for the supremacy of the
Democratic party in;"
Such a jackanapes should be kicked out of
mir community.' At th 6 time'of the Rovela- ,
tion Reading had a . populatien of som e
fifteen hundred persons, and was noted for
the manufacture of wool hats. The original
settlers were of all iiationa l 'aed very few
the Hessians settled here. They were for a
time encamped near Reading, having been
sent here by Washington, on parole, because
the people here could understand their law
ittage l and because they would 'be secure
against recapture thy the British troops.
, The Democratie'forefathera of the Berke
county Democrats fif to-day, were unswerv
ing patriots duiing the Revolution, and as
slated Washington in every way. The Hes
aianS, by the way, were forced into the.
British service against their will. Those
who could I .tve the British service did so,
and became' true and patriotic citizens of the
United States.
The people of Berke county should ferret
out this strolling Yankee, and drive him
from their midst. The probability is that
his ancestors, like himself, were "loyal,"
and supported King George against their own
cbuntrymen, Benedict Arnold was, a na
tive.of New Engiand, not of Berke county,
which never was, and never will be, a fa
vorite region for "loyal" sneaks—alias Tor
ies—who are now, as heretofore, the advo
cates of a central despotism, ruled by the
We learn that a reiiolution has been
passed by Councils ordering the smaller
streets of this city to be lettered—A, B, C,
and so on. It 'appears to utl that it would
boa much 'better plan to number them •by
half numbers. For instance; 44 street, which
every one would know was between .4th and
tith streets, would be much more • readily
found than E street. It would not be diffi
cult for a stranger to find 14 street, which
would know Was between 10th and . I Ith
streets, bni, he would have to step and count
up the letters of the alphabet lefore finding
out howler from the river the same thoroqgli
faro wakif it was lettered as .K, street. In
every city where the experiment has been
tried, numbers have been found preferable
to letters for clesinti s fing streets 'We hope
Councils will act upon our well meant suo,-
*cation, and number the smaller streets by
half numbers, We hope, also,, that the
names of the streets will at once be put up
on nll the corners of the main streets, as' at
the present time a stronger eannet tell in
. what part of the city he is without inquiring
of passers-by, which is a disagreeable
necessity. • _
The Muscatine Courier is responsible for
the following expos . uro of the plans of the
"in Detroit, a fow days ago, a conference
was held by Wade,Colfax. Chandler, and a
few other extremßadiCals t ,at the , private
reiiidence of Chandler. 'And it has come to
light, at that conference,• that the,suggestion
was made by Wade r and , assented to with
great earnestness by Chandler, that the 'ad
vanced'Radicabishould make sure of Grant,
by requ i ring from him a written pledge to
support and favor the congressional reciin•
atraction policy in its every. detail, with all
the means at , his command . 'And this,'
added the Ohio fanatic,'must be done be
fore the meeting of th Electoral Ciillege.!
'But,' said one of the party, 'suppose he
would not sign ? "Then, - ,'..aaid Zach Chand
ler, stretching his arms half-way across the
table, and pointing. to Ben Wade, 'there is
our next President I' The last observation'
wksintended, doubtless, as an intimidation,
t," influence Grant, rather than to expr ;
.the Michigan fienator's belief that the' ex.
tieruista, haveit in their Power. to control
the vote in the Elect Oral College." ,
"THE WORM Moves."—A correspondent
of the Pottsville , Standard 'states theta he
gro, named Peter Smith, has bcen• commis.
Sionid by Governor Geary "to act as s po•
'iceman at the town of lieyenstein, Schttyll•
or.elsewhere, as required."—
'Rah for Cleary 1
Gextmas. Buices, a 01104 44e t'!a l 4
sterling Democrat, waa elect:ea to' idastreSS:t
at the hike 'election by the 'Vemeentey ‘te
Third New York , District, by a triumphant
majority. General grant hal jut written,
a letter to bins congratilating him 'an hie
.election, and "intimating that there will not
probttply be anything in the next adminietta•
tioh which 'a moderate Democrat may not
support. 'There is considerable excitement
amongst,,dicaLs in conseqience of this let
ter, and e t tis pronounced a decidedly
large and unruly elephant.
Tog great question now appears to be—
"IS Gen. Grant in favor of imputtial suf
frage," la thee a Radical paper in the
country that ean,auswer it? •
• MONDAY, Nov. 30th.—
Judge Diirrell l following the precedent of
the Chief Justice, has dispensed with the
"Troweled." jurors' oath in the U. S. Dis
trict Court at New Orleans.
Judge Conley, of the- Sixth Distirct
Court of New Orleans, has sustained the'
quo warranto of the Mayor's Chief of Police
against the Metropolitan Superintendent.—
The latter has applied for an injuqtioli
against his opponent in the Fifth District
Court. •
The Circuit Court of Richmond, Va., has
given judgment against that city for $15,000,
the value ',OOO/barrels of whisky de•
stroyed by Order of the City Council on the
night of the rebel evacuation in 180.
The City Council of Charleston, S. C., of
'a trial of two weeks, him declared the
recent election in that city irregular and
The forthcqming public debt statement
will show an increase in the debt.
Eight companies of the Twentyninth
United States infantry left Memphis on
Saturday for Texas.
Two companies of United. States soldiers
have been sent to Augusta, Ela., to keep
order at the Municipal election, which takes
place on Wednesday.
• Arizona advices to November 12th ' state
that the Wiens were depredating in all
directions. They had killed a mail rider
and robbed the mails near Wickenburg.
The registration of :voters in New York
city for , the Municipal election is • 178,688, an
increase of 4818 since the Presidential elec.
General Doubleday bat been granted six
months' leave of absence by theWarDepart
The ex-rebel General W. C. Wickham hall
been chosen President of the Chespeake ano
Ohio Railroad.
Dr. Arthur E. Petticolas, Superintendent
of the Eastern Lunatic Asylum, of Virginia,
committed suicide at Richmond, on Satur
day, by jumping from a Window.
T. A. Marsh, late of TempleteMarsh,New
York, who is s Charged with embezzlement,
has been arrested at Memphis, 'on his way
to Cuba. He had with him $16,000 in bonda.
Padden. & Son's brewery, in Louisville,
Fy., was partially destroyed by fire on &tut
ay. " A man was killed by the falling df
one of the walls.
The propeller Akron, of the Northern
Transportation line, has been seized at Pori
colburne, Canada, for infraction of the ens
toms laws.
The town of Center Point, Arkansas, was
sacked on the I.oth inst.,/ by two hundred
men claiming to be militia. As the citizen's
were holding an indignation meeting in ref
erente to the matter, next day, the two
hundred returned, fired upon the assem
blage; and, arresting three Komine,nt
zens,'shot'them in a neighboring field.. At
last accounts the ruffians still held the town.
The customs receipts from November 16th
to . 21st, at the chief Atlantic ports, wee
The "New Nation," a Republican news
paper of Richmond, Va., has suspended pub
Mexican advices via San Francisco State
that Alvarez, Governor ofj Guerrero, had
been complained of to the government for
privately appropriating customs funds.
General Lozado had issued a manifetto
stating that it was not his interest to war
against the Federal Government, but ho
could carry on such a vier successfully.—
Frightful murders are reported near Man-
O'Baldwin is under bonds to keep the
•;Tatnes Smith threw Patrick Cler'
vat of boiling beer ittliew YorkontS
Smith escaped, and Clark will paob
li i rvin South America.
. Lima, Nov. 29.—The mail stea
Rio Jarkeiro, brings the following n
the war in Paraguay.
. • The Brazil Hans had sent a colum
men across !than Chaco forest, to a
position of Lopezl at Villetl► on tl
The Marquis de Caxias was awaitin
ifelorrient . of this flank moveme .'
tack the river batteries with his fle
clads, and forte communication
army on Oran Chaco.
. ,
•• • weans *pails. .
./' 'LONDON, MY, 29.—Thoappreh
tfiloodshed in Spain are increasing
thought that a •
,collision -, between
aarchists and the •repuMiearks w
igevitabln result of the, excited p 0
test now itt pregreas. -Meintial
Westin fersoi Of the nation la nn
Madrid despatch states, that th , t
.tions by the 'people to the nation
amount to $BlO l OOO l ,OOO teals.
ADVERTIBE in thelßAa
1 ir ,... w .... _.„•....
t SHAWL ANI) tuyAg E 1# ‘rt
Also in Stock, a fall assortment of SIIkVe
will be sold by, the yard, or Made to order in
at short notice and moderate prices.
*Naas a Steam Ilinalake in New York
The.liad has discovered an engine in
Spruce street, which furnishes the motive
power to over one hundred" and iiientYl,tive
different printing presses. Skating alvs
belting distribute the power id every diree.
tion, the main shading being i three.fourthi
of a mile in length s and the connecting khuf
over a mile.
A rubber belt one hundred and twenty
feet long, connects a fifth story presi on
Nassau atroet,with main shafting on Spruce.
The engine prints MeLaughlin's toy books,
tuns the immense establishment of Brad
street and .1. W. Otiver, beside many other
job printers, a hoop-skirt manufactory and
several binderies, and prints nearly Afty pa
pers, besides magazines and books innumer- ,
able, among them the itail l tho Independent,
Dispateh,Leader, Star,Eicaminer aud Citron.
iele, Observer, Coerier, Clipper ] Will4e's
Spirit, Turf, Field tied Farm, Police Oa-
Kett°, La Crosse Democrat, Lager, No
York Weekly, Literary Album, New Yet
Democrat,, Sunday Times, Commoewealth,
Scottish American, Freedman* Journal,
'Emerald, Tablet, Irish American, Irish Ped-‘
ple, etc.
States Circuit Court for 'West yirginia,Chief
'Justice Chase presiding; has recently decid•
ed, that under tte Internal Revenue Law of
1804 r receipts for freight on goods delivered
to a Railroad Company for transportation,
are islandbills of lading, and are not 'nib
jeet to a stamp duty. , It „ was further held
that in the . ease of an employe of 3 a railroad
company issuing unstamped papers oontrary
to law, the corporation should indidtei
for an attempt to violate the statnte l and not
the clerk.
Tao experimental firings at Fortro,
roe have been completed, and the reported
result is, that none of the' targets had 64-
cleat strength to resist the ponderous balls
discharged by - the heavy ordnalice used.—
The targets wore built of granite and of
earth, faced with iron.
A CARGO Or 00011108 le reported to have ,
arrived recently at Galveston, TOxlifl. These
unfortunate Chinese laborers, it is stated,
were consign9d an merchandise with the or•
dinary bill of lading, and wore to be sold at
auction to pay freight and charges. Tnko•
thirds of the Coolies were fetnatei
• •
At the Provers' Hotel Gbr. Fiahth &Washifielet(sto.,
The highest number of Made thrown , takes first
choice. lowest number takes second choice. Tick
eta 2.5 coats.
nov 30
Philadelphia & Reading Railroad.
i . (nevißel.) ;
BRA DINO, NOVRII RV g 23.1863.
Vl' TRAINS, November 23, 1868.
Five Philadelphia, paming Reid
inq at 730, 1035 and 11 30 a t tn., and 4:26 and 630
PP,P. • , J,, •
up to Yottsville, at 10 40 a. tn., add 5 all and 800
D. tn. ....
Weal to Lebanon and Harrisburg)
Western Express from Now York, a 105 a. m,
and 150 and 1019 p. m. I • i !
Harrisburg Accommodation Train at 715 a. M..
and mail trains at 10 45 ss. in. and 005 p. m.
Ott Sundays, the doWn trains pass Readings at
940 a. in. and 425 p. m„ and up train* at 10.60 a.
m. and 5 57 p. m. •.
The 425 p. fn. down, and 10 60 ion, up trains
run only between Philadelia and Re difig.
Bp trains leave Philadel phia for Reading, Er
risburg and Pottsville, at 7 and 815 a. nu, •i 40
noon, and 330 p. tn. and 515 p. M.. Or RIM it
only. The 8 a. nsi v traitr m
omot with trasfor
Tamaqua, WI 14imsport. irtit Buffalo. Niait ra
and Canada.
The 815 6, M. and 8 30 p, m.*up trains from Phil
adelphia, and 1035 a. tn.' and 425 p. tn. Psibon trans
stop only atprinoi pal mations. bel9vr Reading.
, Heading AccoMmodation Train s tette* Read n
at 730 a. m. , returning leaves PhiladelPhia at It 16
p.m. '
Pottstown Aoconsmodation Train leaves Pol i ts•
town at 645 a. ut-. returning leaves Philadelp id
at43o Western
. ,
The Express Trains eoAneet at Harris
burg wh express ttainkort the Feitussylvania R.
R. for Baltimore, Pittsbus i gh. st4d all Points W al,
and the 19 equal train conneets at listrhburg or,
Pittsburgh. Lineaste_ t _r Chansharsbwrg,.. HUH) ti.
Scranton. Pittston, Wilkesbene. -Willianto rt.
Loek HaVen_ L ElMlrs and the Canidatx:, ; s
Passenger Trains leave Uygur PePoi:4B 7CO o f m
and 615 p. so.. for Ephrata, muss,Liregeter lad
Columbia, _ 1
Through First-clam Contson ticket! and EPil '
'rants' tickets t reduced fares, tell the princips'
points In the ortb i lYest and_the' anadt.s. i
00 ilumfllow, TIC ETA , .
With 260006 r at 25 peicent, Aiscount, betty es
any points des red. I
ILEAdE 2 . 101a7R, .*
lilloeslfor 2000 miles between all points? at ST N - 00 . ,.f0r•
Bunnies and business firms.
sgAsoN ricknia ;
flood for the holder only, for 3. 0, 9E412m0n lbs..
between all point; sit reduced fares: ~431sheol setOloll
tie ets at one-third less than the above. • ,
P niers ill take the Express Trill's
alpt e pot. and all other trisinsatXbr:'
OP, . + l' ,, ~- ' . apses
00 Igt It 101101110.16 Wed iiikb pger.
beforetesseng e r are requested to purchase th eir tick et..
eII7 Mr s nail at Miner fares ate chime
-4f paid e MC' . • • 1• '
( OOPOIQI) , issk_ets T ra i n to
bar' 730 a.m.,
AwsoMmoditton Train to Philadelphia Sind rosters:l t
at $266 each. ' • I. •
k into a
ibly die.
der' frtm
wa fr m
of 2000
ttwo)s the
k the de
t, to pt
of iron
with the
bsioss of
1 - Built is
the, le! o•
1, AP Oil
kcal cOn•
the pe
atted. , A
unimiza a coos
0. A. NICOLL% Cleikl, Sup%
( .4
PL4.9l,tqLfi'llf,9o4Pf ,/1(
I #rtittft'nEXAttat:Letigg',,!'., - .'l
.FRosTgo'nffifitigittratitatA t )
—1%2 »w ;.; .;‘• •c, ••,
• J.
vets, Velveteen's did '151'001114 bietbs i 'Wat t
the moat dur,al4le Itid„.f4pkttifincibt4 4)lmvirr;
• • ,
Firittraen4wle. fti4t•',,toor e omits 4 o44)
five reading room for yoggirloonlinn, 041101,11
be held in the Library 11M1, Fifth and rank f
streets, °Ws:dewily /pvening.! Nov+. AO. 1868, at ,
o'clock,' whieli all portent desiraufOf promotin
the moral and intellectual etanding of the youn
meteor thie 014% ufe Inv lied to attend. Several ad
dresses/I will 14 tleliveredt .• • •
John if#. RielOrd?./
A. G. Wean,. Ir. thienter-f tf .
Jacob 8, - Livi6gobd, " 0. lz MoKnigy i .
P. R. Behmuoker, • f Iddhlen erg,
W, H. Livingood,, /tome° . Yundt, , •
A. El_,_Bassaman, . U: Atliker,
W. Brine?, W. J. oodlfard,
B. P. Boyer, . gigbt, • •
J. Knabh, • W. H. earhart,
Jacob BON:114J T 4103140111
J. (I, Boltzer,, ievi B
11.13hear6r.f eAßaeri , ;
Ldwin Sbaltett. , ff • dec. aline!. '
K. §tauffer, Kline, million 111
B. D. smith; ' hit 0, Fegrson. Co
F. Leaf Smith, ' 4l, Ishtar& li4tete,4 '`. Ancona ,• antis Jlmeson,
Daniel K. Knitter. " gaol htmentrout,
nostißlt • , f, , • f
:LION SALE.. All the fi xings fora 1; 0 28'0110:i I
.1' 25 Bushels, for Palo tery.eheip;;lnelliwllo e
20 inehee hy_PO reet t Ptilli Dsubler t lYortn. Pit D ,
Iron '. midi Uoivor. Plpes,/or all ltlnfilVklitll3smu •
%iris's Mal. ilitiring township, Botha odd° ty, Pa.
' I' l . & rah": .I,loalle 1144.40 1 b°UgAt. B , o Pfk ad ro, l l .
des red.
, ,
, . .
wrotilvltc , -.4llilatoutol4,tneeingot
th , r/ 31 '
111 tune. Padding and , Savint ABSOCIIitIOII °tit
int, will NI held on Tuesday..eirirninir 44:'
o'clock, nt Hoyer's Saloon on *WM%
Sixth.. The iniation fee 0125 bentriettr 16ab it arte
kill bo received. There are also nine Direetorkto
be chosen. Fankuhl itidndnneft is requested. By
order of the P. .J. MOSS
not.ii74W t'. 1.
OT . 14 11 / 4 r+A 14 poltif 'meeting Wyllie Meehan tole
Eind norkingntop's • livlngs A#looll+oo nill
he 01 qn WiIOWAY oVen tt., Va.' ist, ,1%8;', at, 7
b!et oak, at the Taylor, indef. fot the' purgetti
nenlinalinit sthreb o'r.inore petTetie id nefirdes, to -
reetore for throb year*. and one ottent4"t4llolls to
eerre as 'free rater for One' year t the' sante to. be
elected At the regular Atint3ol PleOtleir Of 11_0 gook
hi:Adore,' on Wednellday dVettintti the 9th e Diteent
ber following, at the iamb Unto tnd_plaoe. ,- By o -
der of the Board. • AARON STBINB4CH, Prbst.
iP. D.•Waage, Beerelarg. ~,. -- 90.YZ1t911
Would call the attention of the publielo his larie
tobk of Parlor, Wilco and Cooking Stoves, ltauges,
Tin, Hollowware and Housekeeping goods °revery
description, • • , „
Rooting and Spouting promptly attended to at
the lowest price, tliVe Mn a call. [nov 27-3moS
-1 wino, on City Property of the corporation of
the, city of Reading hereby invite proposals (until
ti o clock, P. M. of ov. 30.1868,) tl•Mn the tpoveral
Fire Insurance Companies, reprcionted in this
oitY, fdr the Insurance pt the vinous progenies
belonging to the corporation. The amount_ of in
surance required on each property and other Ofir-
Oculars, can be ascertaiped .by , the
office of the Departukent, Sortheast"corner 'of
Fifth and Franklin streets. • ' I
nov. 24-td UAW, Secretary?.
A:MERMAN now is' Es"Tote*NT.
Corner.of Fourth and Penp 'streets, 11:11171 it'
• .tirituctanefrpois s
e u
on of this saloon e hiul hating on hand a mostoo -
DIAto stock of everything in the eating and dila
log line, we are prePared to meet our friOndika (l
accommodate theM in the hest mner, (Vat a
f r
served in everystyle. • . ' . nor /7 - /' th
TORT noon T.40:110, 544 Penn Wait. Sin Sln Schinooker House building. , Apply itApt.lsa
• • •
J. D . . H
Announces \ to the public that he has opened a 1 ,
, ,
• $
nt the N. E. Corner or EWA bud' Franklin 130.1
where he will ktep oonitantly on hand it large aid
well seledted. Etc& of -Groceries. &0..
which he wilteell at the lowest tnarket price. ►
A shako of publio.patronage is re spectfully solic
ited. Country proditechougt4 and sold.
J. D.OlOll,
N. E. Corner Eighth and trattitlin.
inov.4l i
Imeti,Eriatifutic 4 . .
.I. . ~ , .e
. • $ , , , ,:,, t „ is
J • •, , - "' 1Y
' .R , APIMAIIiMItoi.
One of the beat Izoneee'ontetio efthiiiirte.altfea.
It to loceted on the line of: the deat•P. nhamoir .
Italltond abontin i f i dirr t Oetlbeil nefit 11 "
l ire t el, W i l i l l; it j e t l i l l &tit ) l ife; rivii.:!.:3,lcitlya a
thud ed i atel st in font of the W 0411444 16' ',,''
garEverythipt in phdlitnntt the hotel
,tiF ti,. r
Weed. A ant retelitiert Stable ltirisorttept in
e6nnection with the Hotel. • rah*
Penti street, ~h,ancl, S eveiihi4,
All kinds of best Rhenish wine always on hist&
and'sold at the lowest price. ,4 nov 12-Sett
IM P 4 1
Pro• 341 Penn etreet A three dopy,
nelow the Baqt.a oatee,toV i r
cheap and well made' BO
13110B$ and UAW.
049-3mosod - . LAIOOTEITERI4.
19SEP4 REPJAWr, 79, -
. • • • i• , !
REAbINO.!Pg. ~; •
8' T
of,iiiidkorifidita i i rr , orive . itwo r zt.
o to o ri ft plidd Xraki
1114444' t" a"
I 8
r i wvoil in bit told id, tholowsirt
a p u ti d ee re c ta i t ., o, ski 9 , i!iik,ln!..6.4rovhttle4l,9t
NEWSP4PERSII 4 1t1:141. 1
pen, on nand at t <Am which 9 will be void
Fei6s wiylAY,B.Ryi 7;
' *IQ f t t tis
1W and • Wadilitsa* *free*. ReadNi, p a ;
ech l gg%aft 4 skiiiikteliatieiii44olo4fO r
celmmitk 41 " 4 ''-A t•••
li s 400 iiliabl• and•puiiil4l,l Beaks ins PUS*4
i ' 7
4 Ntt u itr i tileb4o ilst 1
.? ittnorld il % 6 Id , itts,,„ ll-441
. 6t fitx: .ht *
' ' ''' ii 1 1 , It , V 'ft) ti Iki 3 0'04 tali B
ti 4 `• ll' , t t1 , .1.,, ,, Vi .
1" 1 11 #0 1 1PRk I M MO" If. ,
' \ Towilt3i- ItitN4RkllN/44118.
0 •
IN' R I O TIM 11 C? #00441
The undersigned respeptNly invitee pnblio
ittropap,4ll:ll; ":91): pet!tr : timm
IlialtElß WES.
'lt burns less coal, makes more heatitAttaighle
TOOtl. goad eyes better eatlifftetlon th an any mot
lay to+eitt tonlitstlyittoqtailtublle.
T e a vantage of thiS thigs f` nth) . " ANT
tua will e fully explainqd by t e ptittor, w 0
guarantees that hew
i 1 1.14 De abl e to to sattary all w 0
t!,S e t e a rdlto b i l 4el I: l l 9 tarie mlrlotr. ° NU%
musky comprehended, that It need! only to of moo
ioonelnori the, most S kept att. .in Root of tele -
neetplly refers the pu lio,, by percolation. t o
litg iialwrini s mr . "rfc" 'II°
.site ,nolfki,us
•0. D. Gawan c ~ ,:•-, , !JILL Om. •
G. A. Nicnotta, ' ' tamer :AMMON,
JOHN brittilOHT. . CSUA ?MU%
rt, , t , ,) f ~ OtphytiVipme, * 44, ?god.
it ~.►i I ."...... 1 . 4 1 0..
kl4sliiiiiiiit‘i ipeciiiti4 ' tt9n tciAifv, . • 1
r /"
li b ili 3 n l t ilt intAtroritratt li 'lt u rtte lt tf l ' Int e l
this city. -fh
' ea rikApOratipil
the ire p Olty all, No. 4:1 r.yeet alter
High's, *Midi/Jetted anon* PUlVeanba at Mar
Partloular litientlin Y.sidtiid. , i
~ i , . •
..,.‘ -,,..‘,..,., .4.44 1 .1&-iit::.
-I: Pjaatlic /ate PIVINUge
v. , ,? ; .“,t-17 ;11 li , ' -- e i '...• - ';':
_ .
i p
He employs none but sktlltiittliti4 hifir- lip
lialer, ppAy eiteouttol t iturran ts pa.
set Ott. , ,'-• . :.w , liY ill' , 1 A ~
may, 4 . , „, „ ~ . tie. • " min St..
Wliows4,l44l4,llpAu. D4I4ER IN
• .1 = Titu
'BEADnitt, •
Kidpe'ednitimetly on liend Qatar retest the
let lPi ;; 1 ; 4 T 0,1 !":
A general assOrtmeil of •
within ilNlP; f: ilEtti 4 o6kc; SPAM,
CAROLINA t- ftEiito
mionwAN PANEL,
L U tivLß
ThOrenahly seasoned and under cover.
teTiti t t. re lo c et t h l o i le, B l l o. ° , l gifl emPur
On the Corner of Fourth 80ine ilt*,
Or, addreas,
. - • • 40041 Pa
Would hereby announce to the citizens of Readies'
that, owing to a considerable number of tickets re
maining unsold no well as coupons unreturned,
they are compelled to,partpono,the drawini until
tho trd of Doceinber. Tickets can be 'had, for a
short titnq. of IL D. Riechard, Agent, Plough and
Horror hotel, and at Strickland .k Bro.
Wareroom, corner Fifth and Was!does
BELOW milg.
2flE IJNi)ol43filAb i.
vita public) attention to their splendid atoll 111
rat-class furniture now and constantly on 1684.
and made to order to suit customers.
Among other articles. especial attention It tar
Ylted to their unsurpassed
, I's .* • '
and eyery otter :alio), In thole Mon of bum*,
Every artlc e manufsethrod bp:expiry
their adultra ly Finged mann rt. with •
most nerfeick mac ery t tn B 4 sk Itd zopolnip elo
and finished in nsutp. ed' minter;
'Also prepared to execute all orders for
. All Went promitleoneented, and wanipted to
give satisfaction. , , or. 10'
''77:r.)f)l MO' N.E r ;VA N TED! ~
c AtarlorojstalSolnaglitoripn Pinanoo'o!
Velo l. nt °l44ll4ll* "s
ZWd trPw, esil,“if !, .•1 .-
tattiittr; .
.F:l'o3' , illiittliktilt !., boil&
ak untixtfir
:rittti ro . . t in -.0 N *A l e
. x,,lA'aiortificti VePor
nt.' ti 7 Omit s wiring osn motor to
likloo .. 1 ppy toed ~ n»igned, trigned, or to
111 • ei meta. c L (1
:1 . • 3) A i
et ,
,' 'J`, Y. i - , .s. i• :LS'l.ft. ~
' • Comm to Ob fa
. ' 1