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FIRST - : DITIONwAIe .114 Ilfi
TIM MAN ASO 1 PIN. In attired , Pisces
*bat the 'city,. where the ItrtiOn4l l 4lf• colim
titre flooded ritfrinctheheak7 . veins, bit 04009 0 4,
aimme watt dotiehe seitt*for guinlnelitur
. 7301114 A l and' tha hills : sent valleys re-,
echo With • i*eriEd*ote otthe'r,f4l l .ol4 , o*
liras. ' t Wont seise .that a gang idrobbeire
are prowling over t hi tray. We bealo4 untie
ler of depredatiOns verpetineW Atlrtfeltweek.'
Our fund friendeebbalci heft a nuarp „.
„look-Out for
! t h e m—There ere entaing "Itignitee"' boasts
in this city. 'We know of fieveralpersons who wort'
hoarier. -1,0011 out !for beggar , ' Speak
thieves. Whge tog aro {Hillis o 4o 4 *
e* to
have' their head/ h i ghat ebeiefi. - to'
others as you would have thine deniffolroie." 41111'
how often Is this done. fff-----The Volk obe i n foo o n
Penn street, atioli Eiththif..o.l•4lofrederielt
Sehuldt s are drainer toward eorephillos.--Tbe
cattle plague bas, •PPetirst lii} fotat portiosieof
Lencaster - eptintg...-W appear
and 'alit!.
lopes are a dm in the market at present, the:sup
ply greatly exceeding the delimit '.-..isnsitd..
Ing Railroad Company are relaying the curves of
their road, where the heaviest 'weararid tear ad
cur, with steel relic ,The rails are imported from
Manchester, England, and, it is said. will endue
' ten ordinary Iron rails..------T, he annoyhtgelosquf..
toes will won be among the : missing. ---tome of
our Most 'ordinal* and I philanthroPlo Oltlieni ale
devoting much attenUon to the eithioet Of life lag
turance.--;;Lots of men and boys tinting silent'
the Schnylkill and canal, last trientn,g. One man
caught 24, "catilest."—+lfinellsge I put •an a met.
quite bite Is iaid to relieve 11 ininantly, The best
lain is to, mutilate,
them rate..
-w be n t men
' gllfe foeely to a worthy b eet otebasits i itspeus
the act by soriero or Ple , ltetwoye " ntmen
who so iWeby Rang , the ethir MAI, we-we
i won't go ,home till !tiepin/J' eamilisohrAttneat,
analog I bogie* the 16tIodlionietilb moraine.
--The deatend feesitablilligbal lip•irthot lit•
creased- Illeneekshite'lleinetere will lite
''• dedicated on Sundae: , Seetnaliet 20th. Preaching
loth, forenoon and afternoon, by preachers from
ebroad,—rollygolorog says it Is oleo to be kissed
by 4 pannier Itreexit, lint that It isajueb nreel to 00
kissed hyittleityglre. -Jollygolonei his fin abiding
I ovo for iweet things.—Thn• fall sty). was intro
duced last evening -on Penn street. A young , gent
hit his foot against a ourbitone 'and measured his
length, as *Was brilidtlf, uVolithOsidowalk.—
it is "fashionable" fora lady I t. cut ; her ' fi nger
nails pointed; It le nun)* ' time e,rtiebody is
/presented with a set of silvet—The engine
"Lebanon" has been rebuilt and will shortly leave
'the shops.—There was .tjultetti exeltonlent in
front of the Mansion house yosiefday morning, in
trying to catch a pot squirtel.- 1 A beautiful and
costly blunter Is now heartgeetten up by the ladles of
the Washingtonstreet Pfeil:44ollo Church, whioll
Is SQ be preeented, to a Loden. We hill give Par
ticulara when the Vreeeptatiell Ulm place. --A
complimentary benefit. to Meters. Fehr & Moyer,
tendered by 3. 0. StoWarh the interithibig Malta'
ger of the Theatre Cionnaue; to-night.' An °ilia
- bill offered. All the favorites In theirtest special
ties.—The store on Penn street. between`Fourth
and Fifth, known as the New York store. is being
torn out:a partition run through, and remodelled
on a more modern ityle.----l'e have been Ink
formed by seine faintets of our eounty, attending
CORA this went, that the bookwheatorop thLe year
is likely to toil gorilla tailor°. 'We do not know
howttrathtul this *ten:tont may be; but helot to,
see pad-cake materiareheap, ei "birokwheat oakee
and secaO•Stril? ,tire guile n luttury.:—Thls Is a
bonutiftil 'MO. ' The' talk ninon Is noon Us and we
, may nor, look for copier weather. Next,auerter
wlllbrlng winter=-4reary, cold, freezing and snowy
winter..,-----The last roso of enamor" is now sub,
posed to have dleaplioared,These . who wish'
to be \well Informed on, the volition lames whioll
now agitate the pubilo Mind, should subscribe for
the &axe, so that` hei May veto intelligibly.
Reading our boast of three ecollent barids.----;--
Daniel Wenteich. of the firm of B. U. Markley &
dopirppt, matittruturere s bas sold om i t and re
tired friitb;lhe business.'.m..--Tlin Seventh siren,
opeolhouse,wlll open next week nuder the man-
[lenient of Pred;Atoiconder:-4 1 ho Onyderillie
Bundle) , *SoheCtrotilgefer 'township Will celebrate
in the woods near their school house to-morrow.
'.----Complaint In tegard to thwoondition'ef the
streets in the north ern part tiit the city is m taie,whieh
we hope will be hooded byithe proper authorities.
—A 'tetanal market this morning -an &hood
nun of everything-prices pretty fair.—Ladios
interested In the Reading Library, arc invited t.• 5
moot treeirli , at the Library Rome, on Thursday
afteineone et htittivinitli o'olook,to consult ai to the
boat moans of promoting the interest of the Library.
—The Unlonflunday School otilethel township
will hold% colebietion In Daniel Beshore's woods,
near %ashore's Tavern, on Saturday. Septeinber,
191 h. The Muhlenberg Band hasbpon engaged for
' the 000ttnen.----Playing croquet in the dining
room le the latest. , A' large, force of working
men -is'aingssed u pon`' the 'extension - of the Rest
Penneilvenhiltailroid to ltestanyster•itro
again li favor and rich lavoied, this tieing the
month with "r" In IC' 'Restaurant keepers aro
locking ter flush times, i end oyster dealers an Id
crease of . ordeiliever beetime Re absent
minded as to mietaketiomelitidy'e well-filted peck
et for year OSA SI On0.•-•""t"Do you Want to got
a good, eoulfortabl eiter °halt? ahon go sue three
that McKnight head* remitted *on' Nevryork;
They titio . dotin Anything oyer offered for sale.--i-
Mrs. Peripereortt don't like the rule of three.. liar
triplets have' consigned her to a servitude which
she characterises, as awful.---:-/teantlful photo
s graphs of Seymour and Blair for wale at the Eagle
iiiokstoreeit--Be eirrobel in affeetinir the simple
minded you de knit beeeme tinft-mlfided.-;---Fr.e
picnic to-night at the Militirg ciaiden.4aleove
buttons of wood with , colored ' monogrnms are
among the laiest.hie Morning et gownsman
stopped on '% `wateiniolon rind at 13th and Penn
streets, whoa he slipped and.fell. Not hurt.
Ting OANDIDA4SI3.--So far l . the
named pettiona hay p annoppod 'hum °lva,'
by giird,.aa eandilintua for MOO, slibloot to
thomeettlon., ergo Domooratio, Delegnte
Coaventlup; ; • "
J. Lawton ea ng. -
4.4lttibbi '
A. T. O. Keffelkßflmjillit•
Heiny'Brobst, Vulpebooebn., •
, 1
Henry S.• HottensteinLMaxataynkY. -
Riebroonii L. Jone?,' Rtiailing..
R. B. Rheadti, Amit4
bistrid' •
Israel - C. , Beeker, Esq., Reading. ,
Potet D. • Wanne r; Esl: l lleading.
Edward•lL Shearer, bail., -Reading.. 'William M. ,
Goodintin,.E.t., Banding..
• Ousts. Conitisissioßer.,
%Mani S. Young, Riiiidipg'• •
Adam Pox, Reading. • .
Aaron Gets, Readitig. •Ils • . 1 / 4 1 ,
Henry Seidl°, Res4ing,
Richard Hoffmaster, :Rqading., . .
George: R. Yorge . t. Douglass. • ,
DewaltS. Huts, Kniztciwn.
r_liram - E.•Ludwig, Amity.
William B. Albright, eninru. • •
Miehauj T. Seibert, Womelsdort: •
Lupe Frantz, Tulpeheetma..
Direder,o tite•liaor. .
°bold, Penn. ' •
Daniel B. Leath, Lottir-lietdelberg.
Henry Philips, Centre. •
Ehrgood, Robeson.'
• • Comili .4tiditorJ
etet S. Albright, Perry. /
• "
TURAS is jk pet* dearth of local news,
AVVVILW ')a 4119'00 e
gene • n teteiting
the de (lands for 'Sensations or .. news when
there l a il9f,ao !IP:0000f. - •
Ur:tranquil:. enuacw.—This church,
*hid* Via; Veen cloned fok rnevertil Sondnie,
will be opened for; Divine eerviee,l to-
morrow. Rev. D. Peters, the newly elected
pastor; will preach morning and evening,. at
the usual hours Tor services. '
Bsyrist,Cittlaolt.--Aerviceants;y be expeit
ed in this church - tomorrow morning and
vening,'ioeuetval... The pastor, Rev. Geo*
Freer, has Just returned from a visit of four
4)r five weeks amongst his relatives in the
torthern part of the State,
•QUASTIMLV Mlltifird:-.;The ulna 9usr 4 r •
Omeeting,. for worship, or the thietety of
riends, beheld to•morrowl(First•day)
o f fttern9onl - FAM ceolock,in the new mot*,
Lespouoe l ktreekitheve
Alpo meet tig e morningoit tea o,otock!'
Strifralfrietids fr . Onfft \ tlintet(c4 gto exPOthid
tow Present. The pnyo RN) reipeetfuily
Krittil to attehd. , , , „ , .
liti.— • t ' _ •
0 Pik °Unbent, ', it ytill be seen, is again
09 ltio,travele,-;-joterdsd. • ' - .
'Yes; lo Is 00 Ma ilk to' tbo. head water*
tf,144 Slyer, phased by Oregon Kentaeby,
dine, nod 'ffevade: He stopped in Vermont
'ask his colored friends thero.for a Lideoln
ipnatjorityi but he didn't get it, and he deptit-,.
mit 4 sadlOhnd wiser animal, ' ,
, •', v ....a.,..1_,,..._...„1_.:. •
logel.'s Jones''' led"' finVer'. • Obey& . Sunday
hoots bill bold o,9ollbratiOn op t f'stPt d af ,
ptember 12114 -1m 'in "Hp tertheiser s
oods, about one mile 'iitim, Rorbach's or
le Hotel, in . Distriet townahip. T4o tiny.
orevilhi Obrastißend will be presentl t o, en •
ken the rode . atddresies will be deliver
by K.W. Fritch and A. 3. Long, of Huh
enberg College; all are invited. Should the
eather prove unfavorable tr theitboie day,
t will be held on the Saturday following,
t., ep 19th. ' '
A• NARY Ittnna.- , =The bebt assortment of
!Ppm end titney eagee,.bird eeed,,tieh bone,
cage hooke r &0., in- town, id 012 Penn 8t,,,
by Meoowan Miltitnore,
Sept.' 6-2 w ;
, . 7 ............ — 7 ,,
WO were shown, a few ,days ago; a , stone
toyer four inches in circumference, removed
by Or. A. P. Carr,- of St. Clair; Schuylkill
county, froml l ho bladder' of a yoSting man
peed 17 years, residing in Centralia, Colurn-
Ina County, Pa. Also one tli inches iu cif
bumfotenee, removed fron'the bladder of, a
boy, in Silver Creek s BoVuylkilleottnty, and
a dozen or so of-pebble-shaped stones, ro-
Foved front differ*, persons. Dr. Carr
informed the . thirtieth operation of this
ind last weelf, and has been successful in
every instance.—Journal. ,
Pomea..4.watne.-.-Two •judividualioccu•
plede the look-pp !nit night.,,
Thomai Boone was arrested in Widen
berg street,betWeen'Bighth and Ninth,shout
midnight, Ie was- BO "glorious". that :ho
abused. his family,and,ereated a_disturbance.
Officer Schrader Ives appealed to Mketthe
model husband to a;place of security, where'
be could do no 'damage. • He was retaiued
this morning )ix default of. the payment of
$8.25 fi ne, aniol giving $2OO bail ,for gbod
behavior. • I -
The other person,had been arrested also
during the night, in an unfinished house up,
town, The hearing was not to take place in
his case until the afteinoon, ,
PAlifTB l oils t varnishes,, French and Ame
rican glass f aid a Atli assortment of builders'
hatdivare t generally, 4612 Penn street, by
1160ouran 84 Miltimore.
Sept 1-2 w cod.
Tined "MaXatawnr appeared in the Patty
mes this' morning, statmg that the publish
reilolution of a Democratic meeting held
in Kutztown, in which the delegates from
MairalaWny wore instructed to support Hon.
J. Lawrence Getz for Congtess,Was a fraid,
gotten up by Mr. Getz himself. •
. We are able to Correct this false statement
of the correspondent of the times. We have
before us tho original copy of the resolutions
passed by the Maxatawny Club, in the well
known handwriting of the Secretary, Mr.
Daniel Kehler.' The resolution alluded to
is es follows:
"Resolved i -That the delegates to be elect
ed on Saturday next be instructed to support
and urge the renomination and election of
Hon. J. Lawrente Getz, for Congress.".
' Will the Times do justice by making
correctipri? ;,Theerigtnal copy efthe Too a
tionmay be seen at the Emma oillee.
held on, •Th rt i
A ()RAND celebraticin was e: ,
day last by the pupils of the Sock Sun ay,
Schoof, in the' grove near Gilmer's. The u
pilla of the ,sehenl, attended by their euper
intendent and teachers, met in the Church,
preparatory; to entering the grove, where ad+
tir,esses were delivered by M. D. Evans, of
Pottstown,and by the Rev. Messrs. lioffman
kind Knapp. Mr. Evans spoke of the advan
tages to be derived from aregular attendance
Upon Sabbath Schools: ,He said the public
School system, and its heavenly sister the
Sabbath school,wero laying a, suite foundation
for the future greatness of ofir country. Mr.
rt, Was liStefied to with Intielt attention, and
Wag Wowed 'lly the Reverend geritleinen
named, in able and - pleasing ' discourses.—
Prof. Illtn. Gilmer bad charianf the singing
pxereises of this school, ,and the' manner in
which all acquitted themselves, ; has added
itnotherlaurel to Mr. Gibiter's reputation as
one of theliest musleleaeheis in the etiunty.
go may well feel proud of the performances
of his etaki, line .4elebri4iiids passed
ileasantty to all the participants. ' -'!
-Stsauisa Surolps.-0q Pritlay week, Sirs.
tlizabeth Siublair, the mother of Hugh,Sin
elairl'and who lived with him `on 'his farm
near Frenahtown, was discovered hanging
lifeless from the limb of a tree. llertelothes
were very wet, caused by crossing the fields,
and the rail feuee k near the tree, upon which
it is supposed she stepped to' fasten herself
tort, limb, was Covercdwith deed
WWI 'Clitniickitted with a half cotton, 'neck
handkerchief,, which was fastened in loop
knot about her neck. • fithe'trie was 'a small
dno t • and stood about one hundred and fifty
- yardai front the • heate.- Deceased at the
time of her 'de4, O v f . watt Supposed to . be in
fair health, 040 *ln remarkable for her ite-
MirP t y,Witllting mile aft er mile ithwppareat
ewe, 'No reason is assigned for tliti com
mitting cif'this rash act.. She •lett home the
pteSieus, statialto funAly . th t she
*at going to Milfor to appad,o daT two
With her ` grand -chil . She was sea 84
I DIEL: ' •
ZIEMOLL-Seh(eraberlith. tip this city. Sown
ZIRBP/B, in the 76th year of Me "fe l -
Friends and aignaintanote are rraheotraPt
N l t 44 to 'attend *ailment: Oh hest Tuesday after:
'peon. 41 o"elook. froth his rteldeuce. 4o: gift
Pentreireet t 13,* es at
#4 Am* .
DAMY At. /4(AM
' 45'88 4 81111.44 i , 8 73
Dares 10E002 42 minutes.
STATE Or 12 sittaix M.
Wind Welt-tYiesther , .
• " 'tiTiti of stitincometint:„
2 P
4° M.
80 • °
Monday, „.7 7
62 3
frupfliA 174; 810.
70° , 700
Prt, , I °
D. L.—meet Second 74
moans ) turn the meeting this
evening, at Sixth and Penn streets. • •
A Funrr.—A rough-and-tumble light cie.
tarred between two men at the 1314elettiar
tirern, initiceter township, a few evenings
ago, during which a einb,a saw and st.'.hatehet
"ere brought Pilo requisition.
!flour and Blair flag,measurin 26 by 80 feet,
Was Sung to the breeze at Sixth and Penn
ttreets, this morning.: The coato which it
Is attached is itri3tehed from the_ Keystone
Hotel to the.f3ehtnneker Rouse:li
ROTKEItiIOOII or To Urioiti—ho ' Gran4
Circlec of the Ilrotherhood of the' Union in
Ppurnylvanis will meet in Philndelphin next
Week. There are twenty six subordinate Cir.
C :s in the Statile an 4 live Home Continu
a one.
C. C. Cotmarine, the detective who figur
ed so extensively in the Rohrer murder cue,
was brought before Justice Prailey, of Potts•
ville, on • Wednesday last,. on a tafffitnns is-
Sued by Esquire O'Brien, of Tamaqua, dated
the first. f September. After p hearing he
was bouniLover in $5OO for his appearance
at Court.
ongitio "Pennsylvania," used as a
pusher on the Reading. Railroad between
the Palls and Port Richmond, is no doubt
the largest locomotive,in the stlo4cd States ,
It has twelve 41riiing whoels, and ireii 4 l4
over forty , four tons, A railroad man in
forms us that there aro only two larger' 10.
comotiveg ip the world,. and they: are used
on the ME Penis RailwaY,
lebit escaped from the
_clerks coot y Alms
goose ow. Wednesday. Thgt About
tnidnight; 'ottle'er• Kemp foul her at Jack
-00108 looks, wot.and 'tattered' and totii."
Rho presented 'a , pitiable and forlosettondi
tion, lie took her to the station rinse, and
the next day, otder.of the Mayor, con•
bayed her back to the Aline 'FfOitse:
.EVVRYRODY should. go ' to the benefit of
Messrs. Fehr & foyer, at the Theatre
Oomique, Auleehachrs Hall, next Monday
bvehling• (800 advertising columns). An
extra bill 011 be offered, and all the favoi.
ites • will appear in their. specialties. '
Such en iaetitdtion ',es the ThCatie
Covalent) will do more good than a doctor
and a drug store in cases of "Ate blues."
Go , to the excellent performances, have a
good laugh, and be healthy and•happy.
Turn out and give the favorites'a benefit
of the right kind, •
No. 101, 0. N. of P., was instituted by D.
D. Q. C., Richard IL Jones, on Thursday
evening, Sept, 8, lioB, at Leesport, Berks
county, Pa. The folloWing officers wore in
stalled,. I
V. P.—Jacob S. Omit
W. C.—Dr. r. 0. Snyder.
V. O.—J. J. Mohr. /
11 B.—Chas. Mohr.
F. 8.-h Dr. A. J. Dunddre.
B.:—Lew. M. Kaufnum.i
G. r -Frank D. Faber.
I. S.—F. Boyer.
0. S.—J. Danbeit.
.TRICATRE COMIQUEo—NVO ail know the re
lining influence of a first4,class theatrical en
tertammentlin a city like ours. Such an en
tertainment lain our midetr--one that merits
patronage; and which we should endcavor to
establishvermanently among us. In the per
son of Mr. Stewart ) the gentlemanly propri
etor of the Theatre Comique l wo not only re
cognize an able and accomplished dramatist,
pleasing and affable in the rendition of his
amusing local dramas, but a gentleman of
strong impulse and undomitable energy.—
Mr: 8. came among us an entire stranger )
and at a tinle that no less than halt a l dozen
places of athuseinent (some in the shape of
.open air concerts), held, forth `in different
parte of the gity. He is drawing , full houses
nightly. His companwonsists' of "twelve
star players, selected m the theatres of
Philadelphia and Cininnati. Their pro
grammeki is'entertainin y,replete ; the roar
ing farce, Blinks an& nks, and the:cornical
songs of Mr. Collins, bringing "(town the
4house." We should feel proud of this insti
*tient find give it our utmost aid and sup
port, as it is without doubt' the best resort
for lovers of fun in our enterprising city.—
Strict regard to decency is had in the per
formances, making it a delightful family re
sort. AMATEUR. -.
, —.6—
(From our ittuitbur r g Cornrow ),lent.]
• • HADIBURGIi Sept: stb, 1868.
Editor Daily Eagle:,-Nearly all our suih
rner beakers have gone . home, and the
streets of, onr' town present a less gay and
*lively appearance. Aire regret very ,anuch
the departure of our Philadelphia friends,
whose visit here has been a source oil great
pletusure to us, and whose , genial demeanor,
and testhetio tests' infused - a healthful Ina&
once into society, and gave life and spirit to,
it generally: .
'Friend after ?rind depart,
Who has not lost ntleitd
The is no union hors ofirsasts,
.That finds noutero tyh opd. •
To-daY, pie-nic of all: the Sabbath
School children l and 'teachers, .and all those
friendly, to the 'orgahization, comas oft at
Seaman's woods. The little fo s lkd are, al•
ready moving to and /fro, and are chatting
over the good time, they are going to have in
'the woods.
Each school will meet at their respective
churches, and thencetnarch to the corner of
State and White Oak streets, where a pro ,
cession will be formed and then march to
the woods& It is expected that about 700
children will be in line of procession, ae
companied by thl Hamburg Cornet Bow].
Mr. Ed: F. Smith, who )01 this:place last
; May for a tour in the weal, returned home
on ;Thursday evening "
~, He speaks very en
couragingly ;of the crpe, especially corn, it
boring the heaviest crop ever protium' in the
west, th ere . being one eontinuous corn field
fromthe Mississippi river to fittsburg. The
,grasshopperii are very `tirimerous i however,
in some of the States. The triiiN or ) which
he came through to • Quincy, lit, was Step
ped, on etccov i at‘ tlikee Insects being on
tht tea 11Ll utobeis as to (ins() the
wheels of the lopemotive to slip. S. 0..1.
•••• • .4•• y • An , 7" , ' twwo.6
a 1.2 oNcLookr•--111a.
', Joha Wrsittiora.' Heil Klohs and JO's.,••
Ayres, lailitir toiling ea !ohs stud Areir;
trithnoll . o . tO'Divid IP night, committite,
011 1
of .84141 Lt. * Mao. 36 Jan..T. 1867. s
wig' ts=silil apcitt ano tn for 2.90 lit ',.. JP
itslVa. ou the 18th, of Daly 1800nnd paya ble
.months after datii ' , lti tho'order of tat'
PM . . - Upon.this note there was a'credit of
vlOO pao on the 28rd: of March 1807. The
dispute in the esse leas sot to an Item .bf 2140
nitwit was Originally an individual 'debt:of
Agres t i:me of the partners, and winch it was
contended by the deft was erron e o u s ly taken
into account in drawing' up the amount of
the site, iihich was given„ for a bill of
liquors sold to the firm by the plfr. Pro
ceedings upon an investigation for habitual
drunkeness were cOSitalinced on the ltith of
June 1866 against - tiguy Molls, which re
sulted in his betijriitolnred an habitiiid
aiunkard on '-' the , ~.,,,, 61h.
of August followiiii when" . ,Divid
McKnight was appointed his Committee.—
Pending this application Abe note had been
given, and wbile,as it was roaintained by the
defence, this was,ineompetent to enter into
Contracts, while theref e the indebtedness
upon the note was admi ted--extept , as' ta,
the slo—it was cOnteu ed that . 10Oha w4lll
legally inca pable of assenting to the -,assain •
ing of this indebtedness. of his partner. The.
prosiimption of lair was in favor of this view
of the case, but evidence as to 'his sobriety
. 1
at the time of the rati fi cation f the indebt.
edness wu admissible to pr re his compe
teney. ' Several witnesses testified that
t 1
me was drunk nearly. all the me about thli
period, but, Franklin Kalblic testifieitthat
)dohs was pertbctly sober, w en ho admit
ted to him, that the firm owed Lavens be
t Ween nine hundred and 4 , 10001 d dollar!,
The whole cue therefore, appears to resolve
itself late.a question• of the credibility of this
witness, , ~, : ~, ' . , , i .
This cane was tried bell:la44th* limit April
term, when it ranked ,in a verdict for pit
for $438 98,.‘the jury deducting the $.160
from the face of the note. A new trial was
granted, because the verdict 'was not in MO
cordanco with the evidence,' Upontbialthil
the jury found for pill._ for $4OO 00,. , which
by some manifest error' in calculation was
$24 87 less than the' former verdict. J. S.
Richards for pill: Green fonlell.
The above wits the last ease for trial at'
this term, and the Court adjourned •at 1:30
p. m. till 10 o'clecieon IdondaS , niorningf
Foinin DkoWnxo.—Williatn. Myer . , II boy
about 18 years of • lige ' . who liyed with his
mother at No. 8110 First . -Hookloy lane, left
home on Thursday morning: on on 'errand. -
He never returned. Search was made for .
Vim in the afternoon, and the next day. (Fri.
dliy ), and this morning, When, between Sand
9 o'clock, his body was found in the Schuyl
kill canal, at Foos & Bingatnau's., Baty mill,
heydnd tho West. End 'Rolling Mill. The
body was first' Seen:4 Simon !toyer, a
brdther of the deceased, wino, with' severe}
othorl yOung men, were dragging the canal:.
It was in' ft Rerpandicolar position in the wa
'tar, and between the wharf and canal heat:
that was lying there. Simon, With the assist.;
ance'of Addison Doyle and Hopry •Rowmal l
placed.tho body on tho wharf, and the Coro•
ner was sent' for. A short distance above
the Watcr's ' edge, on a stone,* the point
where. the body was found, were,traces Of
blood. Ti'e deceased was subject to falling
itts,i,and it iq supposed that ho was attacked
by if - '43Pell while in the vicinity of the water
and .Tell in and drowned. On his forehead
is a wound which ho is supposed to have re
ceived while falling, probabl Against the
atone. •Ho had been seen in t t vicinity' of
the saw mill, and on the rollipg mill wharf;
asiate as 4 o'clock - on, Thuraday afternoon ' ,
after which he had not been aeon.
time during last night the ticket office of the
Reading Railroad Company at Shoemakers.
villo was entered by burglars and the iron
safe in it blown open by,thci use of powder,
The safe door was shivered to pieces, and'
all the window panes in the building we re
broken by the explosion. The noise WAS
hoard by a number of the citizens of the vil
lage, but they supposed it to be the firing of
a by a hunter in q uest of' game, •
The safe contained - some $26 in , green ,
backs bolonginic to the Railroad Cempany,
and isome • slo in silver coin. belonging to
the ticket agent, John Mervin°. Thelon:Ger
was taken, but the latter having been
placed in small steel-pen boxes, was not
found, although the boxes were evidently
handled by the scamps. On Thursday night
a safe was blown open in Harrisburg, and
it is supposed the same perpetrators did it.
Leer 1118 Wkrou.—Kilyan Dnkle, 'a
middle-aged man, came to Reading lust even
ing and put up at the Keystone House. This
morning he visited market to see the throng
of people and the prodite offered for sale.
He carried in his vest pocket a silver lever*
watch attached to a gnat d placed around bin
neck. When he ieturned to the hotel after
his sight-Reding, he discovered that ho no
longdr had his time-keeper. He had been
relieved of it while passing through the'croivit
at marks.
Tim ate rains have s swollen tho streatne,
moistened the parched Garth , benefited
vegetation, cooled and'purified—the atmos•
phero, and proved a blessing in Query re.
epect. Let up be thankful.
, Tan • Great, the Grand, the Only reliable
rernedytor Rheumatism, isientalgut,' fpm
base Sprains and Braises, Swelled !lands,
Stor t hints, Sore Throats, and pain of ihy
sort and from any tame,. is Da. Ruessi.tle
Magnetic Oil. 60 cts. and $1 00 per ',bottle;
American House, Reading. tang. 'lB-IM,
, .
our Mends will nits preparationa fort&
'storing gray hair they should use the bestir'
the market. , Our attention hltS Inte l; been
called to an ild° e3F nsiVe
male and a very high rentation t known as
Ring's Vegetable AMbrosuip and we are in
cliaed to think that it possessts.moie desira
ble and less objectionable qnalities than any
other in the market. It restores gtaxor r a:
ded hair, to its original color in a most re
markable manner, and by its invigorating
and soothing properties removes all dandruff
and humors from the scaltp. Give it a.fair
trial andyon rarbint roil to like it.:aug 181 in
FAR . and near ..throe heat: the , Whole
Country, the newspapers teem With'the,won
dean' cures performed. by. Pr. ftnesell!a
Magnetic Oil. 00 eta. and $lllO per bottle.:
American House, Rending, (auk! 1114
Da. Lauri hie just"received a iargolot
n tos d e ru Zw ai d d esir m e e t d ee ill p p e* .
ti a j olje
(and whd doss not?)-ire • tiottitt exprqe them
to go to him. His prtges ace veasonahle,and
he waits mion all tiitttuitcpuer t o it . pitympt
nd genilemantjUsanner s - AD presettitiona
are put up, bi the, most careful • 'tanner, and
tere la - no danger tif any mistakes oc•
odning. • - ,-. •
The Doctor has also sal kinds, of toilet
articles for eale,—bils, washes, soaps,:
brushes, combs,' &e., &O. ' • ,
&Member the place-No."l' biortaftft
streets. • 4 I • •
-'atottift stt
11 . 111$ *IA I 11,010ii"4,
{ice a N I A~
Orac4lo. WOO* Mt litl=l,
t o : ' 104
estieiled - Oe Tlintisiey; shill 'take their
• tot* in tboltookot
The difficulty shont . ,the oppolitiotot of
Ftevengi :Sopervisol has nit ket been set.
Ceininisaion4 has
Made some more neminations for thus
offices, so as to template the Hat'
schooner leaded with Ante was rib tato .
by a staiiiiSieit'tset teleia tittilta:iister•
40. ,The. waterstited the thee, which set;
the schooner on,firoo4 itt,.„4l,,ri up.
Ifaron Lederer, tie new 'Altettlen
for 1 50.. Wes44"o"4: w!' s _t e t at elOVf-sr
by the President.
Three tlien were hinny bunked by a okra,
glycerine'. explosion the finesse tunnel
The ca ttle plasma has appeared . in Ohl %
near Cleveland. - •
*Ai! et r,11.144 'fruit
• ti t
ioi6rdaS, 17'00; - aloirOf
*I Ono of theni wilt ptobobly
, 4,eolored teen, mod 108 A 41,1
pt Poughkeepsie, N. .
Speaker Cot ii i { Or as escape
from captors by th i SfilsdissidsiSi sairetl. at
I poorer. •
1 : The Clisyssei Indium an ai t 4 te be 1111
100141114 fekte t . , toitielit tioollitelt Ow tire
12 1 ,helfie Reilviy • le Ake 1;11 - 00
jAegit s a troops ;A to leteieept
'Owe. The Indians have slaughtered 18 OA
near Fort l y odas etkieked endeavtlired tvos
}reins' there,and kilted tbree Oelese.
igaimmova MID 'MIMIC
, A Meothij
,at oa th .
BATH, Sept.. 4.,- 1 1'hert wli 'great `
ocratic mass meeting here laat night. it
;reconnect to ordei by Rdwird derrell, Rig.,
the , ..,\tr. Wristle t ~ Esq.„
Presided,• and introduced 'OEM% 8, 8. Cox,
Who made a long,, foroible,..and eloquent
epeedh--la thorough divieitiott the'Eadidil
pally and its , is trowelling
along the coast, speaking on the destructi4n
Of the American comnier4o4lllp•bullditg,
by, the ftadicale.'! .
•,„ , •
Two degrees recently forced itt entrance
into the house of a window lad near (teen.
rifle, Alabama, aud committed horrible out
pages. nip? idterntrdii. ; oepWed and
lynched. •
Boohoo' 4 Bro.. Vilkkoni "ilo. 10 Nor* r ani `it;lHi
. .. oOoto Mt loin
- - • •
n ,
outo, Sept, 0:
id il . I RIM , '...'
14 1 t S S -B; lgil' au lit iZ-. :...
ow .6. 0, . "1r sio QT.. a. , .
VS . M a ni 61; sad d Jan:
ow .I& §:70'10.1303. ";-.! 'l, , ••• - ;'. t
c oli iI r •YAWACtIp t 9 lio'fik;l4 - -, ,' '';'.
Id, 1 1 4 4#‘ 1 1 11 P!); 41Moop , .., •
• . . " ' ' ' Etopt.4-3p.
Ourros porlb.•• !-', f. : • , * „'' , t -,,
Soo** *- - - '- " i '••• .. :• Al r e .
111 4 1tO B LIIII*. 7, ' - 7. ,- 7, .. ,
apatite*, - .rt . • .
h P
.7 1 i, 7 75
-' - ''. * • P . , : 98,1'1-111
• Northitest, ••- - • -
-p. and 0810. ~- 1 . : ' •". '': ' - , ,; 10 1 'l4 _
- 'a ii , :i•ut,
itirsVaua..!: .::. 1 ,. . 7 ~ " 1 - 9 CIO
; r Lveat. lit! ..1' :r:' . . •-, • 12 VI 1 0 0
.. iVn bat, WEllte. . • • • .
:.' '•ltie. - - - • - - • • 1 Mel 68
, Corn Yell. •-: - -
. 7 1 04 - 1 1 1 ('
0 W i est,. •-•• • :-, -.:•: t`..' - , , i lutlf
igp •-• • •. - •- • ' • -'! . • 1 •
Mat per bun - -
Earley. ~..r . .. .r . „ 7 :,. , - ..... ...
,•, 300
. . :-, • . •.:, i i : a) 5430 coo
me mess. .
~.). 1 . ;h.; ...
.'.. • Ila
i'. ooB llll ljo o 4 --... ~, s.• ::- q ~.. ..1 .. ` .7 „.. . ~ ,69
p a
:18 Obit: ' ',' • . 1 ,. ;,,,. ,-. y ) ,
tqc --
. I liko 2 Mi l
kou em, ••.) . --, -', , -,,. • : ,
law ,Or i( t 4 , ,‘,.-... , ,, L , ,,,....'
. i .
„.:: iii ii• *
by drisszu,_„.. „ ......
td • , i -• ;,...- .':
',.yditaji 4. , ..c,;-,-i!:‘'i:;,:, , ,i.;11-;;:...: ,:.,,,.'
i abk rBl. , " ,54.. • ,‘. , , :
~ ,i 4l,
.leti‘rt.iii .. ,hyi; , .:.::,. 7 :,:• ; ., : ggri
, 1;74 ~,;.,..
~ ; 1 •: tQ, ,:. '; .
.., t
'Coal POT.t O A - , ,''' ' . ; . '." ~ ~• , . ',
Mt ill 02 halide : A
bro a-, • - At a
`1 " • pre ared i ' -- ,4 ; .
I:ehisb lump._ eapitet,.. brokla ~,: - :'' ti `
•, Opetant„, ._.O :,, 14 'I: ,-• • •-: 4 Nei
do - onoyl.rel asa, , ,
,-./ . ..
,- ~.... .
a ialtelist ts b i ro t I;en:% ; ':'' ..4 '.' '•-•':': .7
84i1 2 1
g_i t anditov A y . • .• - --, •••• 1 - 8
.__ tlbreataat. I •„ . ~.• r :-,7,,- • a' 300
inort artoo:., • • ',-. •
,4 7.1i 1 , 4 0:. ' / ' l ' '4 - :", '-' - '`. i," ''' '4, -* ' , '` lit I ,':i''' :
AgAitwo..4iie,o( l 9lo. l 4iaf.io4r. "
• l• *llb4; "
• A n-71 4
t AT I PL *o ° o l '
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to 9 viips.w. - ri 4 o , auntat— . •
1111 44Veri(
ti ;,4.4
1: II 5 ' '
!/I y.ts t ra. -
qL. , I IIA , IqO
• -1 11 100
, 61 p, „ • •
Santo' ' •
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ouvraTT-CNlkefis *re.,,--t.4m44.v•
4mowed. , 44 : ' %l yrivtonvi•••w. , "'"l'
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• , Id •,•
BPkink gal 4 1 ,141110,1 44 4.,i4:4660/ 410
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ty!sl4ll ,
F t iIN I V *
f """
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(k 1)17 04J.S , •
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. 11 4. 1 . • W
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0. 11 , 7
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giutc_: • , InC_II041•31
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*414,gal lintru k ;
It#ol4l,"Wr b i 4 '
"Pk; 14
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1‘11441117,;, - A.04,1 , poRs i t,ri:
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1 ~* Pli r fßß 4 iNt PA I ONNV St' 4
1 # l.l ffi lr ' I '1
''' f, ;' i T r I 1 41 i P` 4 k
h , c ;-‘,, ,-, ~,, .1,.; „ ~
1C A Wog Wittot ,
'rDigtidteitsa hipirtettA'‘! ' : . f.'
. • .., ~ .0' 03
001,Bit ' / Nt
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*, ,; , ,
F~~l ,:,`iti~'r
_`i':'4't_. 'll~.
, --;-;