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Mak*, 401,4% truism* IA IsoB.
14 ° A A9&. 11
not ;ff • MEI
, "Um' c9urn't
volemwir_pAopzont L itt
There Is no device 00 contemptible, =4
no crime too gtotiti fOrihe s4 o k 4oPilbli!
cans to mitnniit *henihnir.leiiio of Pb' lei Is
`ln da 9ge r, T 6 ' TaWtitin iteir plitioiti su.,
prenatal', thay will..voser,ttOas many, altd m
moan Welts ,ai they Practiced too obtain It
. otiflinikbYt 11 ; . 11 111 tearoB o ; ' I,
Ono of the moat petty of Aoki favorite de"::
vices ii that Of 'cnerupting tin!! MIMI' of tho
rising generation,by putting into their handi,
the plausiblalsolioods of designing l'an
. kce advent ureis, In the shape . of. school
books. .. , • . - \
Years .befern' filo l'atO terrible war was
brought 14003.1,1',,,b1 Y:ankaa agitittiont .the,
ht,ritaniet,d , linnikol .101fAtfed tbron,Blo4.
the nattutriltillital ,o 41$ llorth'Orb lieol9 Bl ,
against thetr'Outtkrratfultriittf,SaOlif,- 4a.
contrived to introduce their Olin ettniof.
books into tneo of thh. ,, Norilarit'enhoall t
for the postio#i.-„or Prgtaring.o4 tolndi'of
the rising gene ration for the gran s trciniti.ida
in ilivor of aholitionktm and negro equolitY. ,
, The imtneditite 04181)610414s of the Win ' rific•
hung gliskere s burited old wonion for witchi l •
pressed men to Acid* for sorcery, robb'ed,
tho Indians In the mint open and shameless.
manner, ; and imported slaies by ohits'klds
into the Southern States, flooded the echOois
of the, Northet:n
,Stutes with biziohtt Inculda-`
: dog the doctrine that negro slaver wai.ihe
worst of all possiblo . sins, and tbat the South'
• ern people wars a race of heartless wretchei,:
deserving of iotal . ,eiterminntion. ,
In 1848, 4,he ,Lilo. of 'Fred. Douglas,
writtev by hitaself,". woo used. as a readipg
book in curtain sohools in flew jentey, bit-1
tor!, denouncing Southern inelitutions, aid'
gradually filling thn youthful. mlitils Atha
studied the insidious iinyonei , with a ptqi,
tetniciti hatred
,ge the Southerti piople—the
fellow•couittiiiien'of Washington; SoffOreon
and Jackson—and a' desire to dissolve the,
bonds . of the Federal Union for Which our'
forooish4Obitillt and ' 411 e4- ' ':" ~' ,;'' ...... '''
,rho stung was the case , in o;her Statoe,
and the sante', bi the case' afpreient. ,It, is
roll known that in noarly all the Nortli t itru
States, for years past, the nisch Reptit t li•
cane have used every effort to obtain istati•
jority of the school board.;o4ol4lo the
Demooratiotith incredible, `atttpidity,,baYe
iiequently peimitted them to stecomplhih,
The consequence Is that many of. , the soligol
book' now, inkon in nni.o3 o ,bb Ve TRl9te
with the meat perniciOus of Black Boliabli..
oandoctrittes, ' • • ' . . ~ , •
A munple is now before us,. s olititled if.A.n-'•
demon' s Davenport's 'Story of alt.. United
states,' published bar
.. riab Hunt ?s Son,'
1 4 4044014 ~ *A, .I,#. d is - *06,4*90 ,
( 1 1
590* 04 InittiiiiiiiiiVhloh reiSiskoriti
t` 4100 4 iliii41klirilik 01 inia 440; #4 Si Ili
4.. . :. :00 4 alt 4:4o,Acqrq4 . :FiLiapt
$ , .',, , ' l 4ololi t v ale- of . ifk a c jitivw,n
•' w.. We.. 10 :to' -08.1ato lOW* l lAtipin`
e 1 ~
- ` liintith u l no Stitei;ltrhile trot S .iverd;ii•
' o** t' in , ' the Italo t Of the strocioun,
of illhe torsireirekthe heree•thier end'
Tuuditile.i- Ql4. Johi 40:fent who invaded
the; soil 0,404 alitea4o*lsertY and
ends* '#',!!4l;4 ttIOAT4O/10 the United
, Slatell iiimitWi Penh atttlnitot - down not
onl*,,eithoine nt *NI*, but, United la
matitite.ioA4rinstot*,4l 4 deii. • ibia*‘• ,
Lblininitriteldttipim..l49o,ond good 'at)tn,
A A l 44. l o4 l olfloolikd 04004r:40A saint
. ---A af,:iii.f-L - - wio
Joao to
lon . atiitlit connection' ‘ / the tattle by
this tery*l t ll i e itistipian t ,Tke credit of
a lu
'piping 01": le otA tifittualfsi costly'
given to li*PloPev ' lie 0,i,1in7,.60P00tn, i '
events . ei.,11 .` ttime favi t 4 44 of
blow* *iqin .444 eiiiirtot 14 do ,
feat or one *Wei at ihe wend battle of Ball
Run. The only potash in the , book, (ew
'opting one of Washington . which ia placed
at the bottom Of a chaptydia one of Lincoln,
;thick, ift . stria* ` a prominent position at the
bead ote I:4ipter, while his Emancipation
Pialatintilen la even litsiniplenouttplace
4 .alter, n 60 ,WOlsitotien'alt4ipendenee, and
0 010ie the COnetitotion pf OM Unitedßtates I
The above are only 'a few i , ;fitleprothinerit,
ebaraeteristies of this Yankeo electioneering'
docinnent;, It ii only a simpie of the - kind
of 'works "Mph *Mk Republican fanatics '
brie , Win and 1011 are en/ilavoring to 41-
(reduce into our Schools. : .;,
' '4ll Democrats . ahperd hien their'gtiao
egatait 4ch inhieitons publkations. They i
shout() take care to claim their proper ve-,
presentation in all..sehool boardi, • and IA
1 , have all ,each pernicious works kept out of
r the school,. -- The tuorepeity,.coWardly and
conteCoptible an electioneering dodge may 1
be, the more hi 'tho probability that the
RI010101: wit! at4l ll o to make use of it.
Finir tinible•yeave °fiat, and fout).depress•-
lug years of debt and texiatioa, lave resulted
from the m achinations of the won . whaissue
.and endayse,aUch taind•poisOnipg works as ,
that above•mentioned, and it is the duty of .
Democrats, everywhere, to put (stop to ail
ends attainPta l to engraft, upon our common
wheel system a stock which will bear poi
sonous fruit for, years to come. ..v
Deptocrats, w a tch your school boards and
'school booke,.and,see that this evil hi rune-
Alec!! ( . ' ! , ' ,
~~. ~,"
. • ,Tpq~ 19,;1889.
Tbo PhiladelPhia Ledger Stfits that Jo ,
'seph Cabot, President of the Allentown iron
Company, the office, of which is in Phifader.
phis, has been 'Ocoyered to bo a defttplter
to tho amount bf oieF'sloo,9oQ. ,
At patralo, 0, F. Thomas and
P`anieti M. Johnsoil, tiomber's of a, firm of
'publiebeis; have been arrested • for defraud•
ing thelovernment of a quarter of a miifieti
dollors'.. •.The parties:aro °barged with ob
tarning receipts for printing blank eavelopes
to that Amothit.jho fraud 'was,eonsuintnated
through 11,, F. Lee, late chief clerk of the
post oilide., ir,ho itemised were held to bail
in $16,046 each: • , •
The Negro lire Brigade-*Septentho ;Session
—Beast RUMP 440. ' , • •
WauutuproN, Aug. 20.!--Bverp - white man
}tore is rciolc!ing togday eve' the action 0
the Board of Fire OomMitisioners, in remov
ing all the. negroel from. their places .in the
Pre Department and tilling the rant posi
tions with Citilte , Men. Our people now feel
_lt Beale of security, to which they ki i iv q boon
strangers since last June. • Under negro.
control the city was in- constant -.4nger. 7 .
!rile records of the Radical papers here show
that . net a collect, alarm ~of fire has been
bounded by the tire telegraph since the negro
government installed its men over , its con-
Vol, and all 'of the' city journals agree that
the nteam,fire engines have tuit . iticeedded in
r endin g a single . tire in time to do any good.
Were it not for the Government steam en•
gins fire brigade,the public fed •privitte pro•
poity)airdwoutil have, 693 t at the mercy of
the incendiary., Somtfof the negroes whom
the Mnyor'nnd biu negro Councils . have ap•
pointed to . control 'the' Piro Departme t ut
proved to 4.6,ihe.*oroi4esperadoeti,
Sirrsunsti:esastog.. •
It I. believed here thatieungiess will meet
again in Septetuber for. the purße s se,ef devis•
Measures for the nuuttpultition of . the
Southern electoral vote. . •
Butler bitrittelfia likely to be investigated
,when he seta back to Washington., If some .
of his enemies prove trite to their word it 'is
alkid that the ,tablei can be completely turned
upon him so far as ettenipta at' bribery are
concera4 ead-that evidence is ie thehanda
of some parties here to cou,vict him.
VllOlll maw
NEW Yotig, Aug. 20,--While the Houston
street feriy‘boatGeiard gturiesant was On
her New York. front Williamsbnrgh,
at 8:o'clock last night, an uOtiowp wninnn,.
About of age, wearidg .long black
silk mantilln,junved of,erboard and was lost
tolight, althEnigh every, exertion •was wade
4. the officers of the boat to find her.
Four horde of , cattle, each containing an
affected by tha plague, arrived in the
lieliihbp:rbeed of Now York yeaterday—caly
Oqe o 414 1 h o ever, reached tho city pro.
4;" this one la at Dutra Head, The others
have beeo placed, under strict loaratiOne.
•, STILIt TlWlllitlitt •
Ban Paatfoloop, Aug. 19.:,- 7 Naho adr ices
ofingust lithp'otate that judgdliarer,
!the Pee*tatleceoiliclate foe
,Oclogress,i4 800
ietesti. pe election is claimed hi_ 600 aro,.
• e pasaetigo; troioa entike,central Pacific(
rnilcoad are now renniug . 2Bs -miles east of
• .
lipkimnockto._ ;
officers acid crew ofthovireOptisterou.;
l ahip ilowittiWved lietet.o4ay: • -
The crevAANLeeraofthO l atip*Adobon,
loot . son. Jots 19, saved
"4 1 1 1.-
T 4 , 1 ♦ 4 .
• , .
HIGH PieAelltS.
AsMier Oust Orono Id'hor I
T he fteme all=The Wreelge(!,
ed news frem Berlin t 10 , 1, ,,
peal;bas bien
oo7eomint by three haeOre4 0.
bale been enrolled in the raPil art*
r,eiralte were arr e sted Alike 14;41fl
4 ptia
4e.. Ow, and bay!: 44 m 1 / an*roAto the
galleys' for periods varying 'from Aimee to
fifteen years. The appeal dates that the
three huadreAleserters .bad been deceived
by promises held out to them at the time of
enrolment, which had not been afterwards
adhered to. The intervention of the Pros.
sian Ooveivmeht is implored. •
Saxony - hoe declined the invitation of the
Russian government to take part in the mil.
Bars conference relative to the use of ez
plosiiiibullets., The conterenee will open
at St. .Petersburg on the',l6th of October,
saki the,North German Confederation will be
represented 14 , Prussiaonly.'
.The "submission" on On part of the
enialler Stat.*. is, of course, sneered at in
&once, but it is perfectly in accordance with
the principle 'On whieh the North German
Confederation was fabled. By the terms of
the Union Preside was to have the command
Of the North german artny, and the' control
in Military affairs..
Poland:—AAVarstiw correspondent of the
Daily News says that great consternatien has
been, caused in the Palish capital by the
nesys..that M. Ohryzko l `one of the most pop
ular Men in Wireaw l and a prominent men- ,
bee of the Natignal Government of 1863, has
'been condemned to be' chained to
wail; in the silver mines of Akatonia, the
most dreaded of the Siberian prisons. M.
Obryzko was banished to Sib,eria during the
ineurrettion, avid when the revolution broke
out in Siberia last year, ins employed in one
of the, Govern' ent establishments in the
\vicinity of Irkutsk . .. There .he prevented
many Poles from joining in that in.
surrection. This beneficial interference was
duly reported,' and the Government; reward.
,ed it,'says the correspondent, by transport
ing Di. "because' his evident in.
fluefice • with,his countrymen 'makes him
dandrous," . The war against the . Polish
language is still continued.
Rome.--A very signifleont item-of intelli•
genes comes front Civita Vecchia. A short
time ago a number of Frolic!' soldiers wore
returhed from the garrison at Remo on
furlough to France. It is nowt said that the
force which ' has been gent -Out to repleco
them is, greatly superior:,in number. This,
of course, Means that the French garrison , at
:Rome is to 'be increased. • '
Aecoiding to all Accounts, the cattle dia.
vase which has broken out in Russia is
identical .with the rinderpest which has
caused such devastation in Britain. What
*eveti may be its nature, it is spreading with
alarming rapidity. •
khns nuvr broken tout in sonio•distrsets of
truesia on tie,rolish frontier. Some per.
Rene who bad eaten meat of animals infeeted,
bocame.sotiouily ill, and have been sent to
iaiaretto for treatment: "All possible pro.
cautions have been adopted to prevent the
apron(' of the contagion."
SerMerle and UMW.
Oenlocratic Enthusiasm Alt over the ani;Atril
—Meetings in• New Yoik, Ncto fersell, - ntut
POITUIIKEEPHIE ) August 20.—0 n Tuesday
night,there,was nn ininteimo—
the hirgest" ever held to ratif y . the nontinn
tioni. Speeches were =de by lion. Homer
A. Hon. S. S. Cox, mullion. E. O.
errine.. .
TRENTON* A.4.10.--: , ,Meotings have been
hold,'Mid are to he, idoiver the State. 'The
Democracy are terribly in earnest, and will
roll up a rousing Seymour and Blair ma
jority. h)
• \--===--
(Correspondence *venlmg Ilaral4,l .
ASTON * I,ktigiist 19.—Ye3terday an 'im
mense meeting bf the;Dentotracy of North
ampton county hem here. senator
Buchlew and Hon. Wm. A; Wallace made
tolling' speech'es r ,In the evening Centre
Square wati crowded, and General McCand
less, of your city, and Ediard Harvey, of
Allentown r spoke.
We have a rousing club of White Boys in
Blue up here, and county will do
better nt the coming electiOn than ever
glee dill,
From North V4trollito—Aft IsitOrehlusgr
01 tipteebOto.
RALEIGH; Aug. 20.-- - -The North . Carolina
Democratic State Convention has adopted a
resolution inviting an 'interchange of speak•
ers between the North and South during the
present campaign, and instructed the State
Hecutive Committee to select two or more
Of their) ablest speakers and'best men to
come Ninth and represent to the masses of
Otis section the true political feelings and
the condition of the people•pf that State.
Imporisisiitewit from iieurlfiniy—The
lien, Defe4ted•
LoNnoX, August 19.—Advices have been
received hero from Rip Janeiro to July 31st;
by the regular mail steamer. ,
The allies, to the number often thousand,
had . attneked Fort Humaita,on July AO, but
were repulsed with toss' said to *amount to
• - •
three thOnsind. " -
• A sitnuiteneons,attack trunk on the Para.
gueyaa defences in the Ginn Chaco had bedn
also repulsed. ; - .
`lmportant iktatement of chief Justly"
Chase., a.
WAsuiXtriex, AugUst 29.—Chief justice
Chase 'has returned here from his official
,visit to-. West Virginia. lie. expresses his
opinion that the Conservatives are largely in
the.ascendaney in that State and will control
the Prepidentiallikket. . '
Wire Murder.
!kftt l itoN, Pa.., Aug. 20:—A 'eoloreo mon,
named Joshua Jones, shot and killed` his,
:Nri(e t 'while walkipg with - her . :this itrieroo9l,l,,,
14 ceiittit Ortiiii .l 4 this town.' escaped
sip) has flatlet bon captured. • ,!,
.tionts fo) _ _ the ...great titan
Leann. N. C., on Thursda , with his
ArOat cat from ear to ear,. and a. maze
fled ,to hiti body.. The SPOO4 , !hula!'
in'a creek.. A Wank° teart'whe.• j _ttPtik
with hint the day before, it sup ell' Duo:
murdered the captain for TOO vii,1111:40 had'
with him. , • , I,k . ''... ~,,' , • ,
--The letterofthe 1 ed I n h
,-- e gang concern t e
"tireat Ilennehoir robbery 30 eaid to be in ,Eu.
rope. He is' a dissipated young Man ofgood'
family, named Saeger ' who lavished consid •
erable property willed to him previously.—
The robbery ' as surprisingly well planned
,fne a novice:, • ..$ 1 , .
-7-Thad. Stevens
,bequeathedto Mrs.
Smith, his mulatto -
"housekeeper'? the sum
of $5OO per annum, or the sum of .$5,000 in
hand, at • her option i also • certain-Nrnituro
used conjointly by himself and the colored
lady Aforesaid, ',Wonder what partititlar ar 7
tide of furniture Thad. meant, and whether
It mu; a mahogany four-poster or n•tuaple? It
will be cut up into canes and sold, probably
—said canes to be donato_dby"loti" persons
to townships losing the stoallc . st number at
Radical votes at the coming electiOns.
—The dead bodies of five men have beon
found near Fort Scott, Missouri, supposed
to haie been'Texati drovers,.who were kill
ed by the Indians or some of the bands of
robbera in that section.
FiATURIAV 181114:
A cordial invitation is extended. to all lovers of
plant to bo prent. ' -
Dan te
cing to Zolutnenee at 7 (01N+. A good
BAHD:ov Moto has been engaged for thet occa
sion.' K. it. tiOOLMAItT, Proprietor.
lictenerohor' & **hiller Vereiinue
promised for the above pje-Nteaie tespoottldly'
roquostod to ho sent to Mo. Ph. illaullnger.
No. 612 Penn street, by tilispnitsloy Lv(
Ming, August 22, or notice zany be loft at her
house and she will sond for them.
111...Coutributions that-limy be :table to suffer
from long keeping, may be sent in until Igesdav
nwrning. at 9 o'olook. aug 21-3
MENTS.—Tombsnos and Monuments of dif
foront kinds can ho bough t , at any time; vorY
cheap, in iith stroot,,nfar alnut, Hendll. They
will he sold singly, or by the lot, if desire •
nug 20 3-t • JOSEPHINE B 1111. f.
It be sold at)oltAo
10, after the closing of the
arket, inM ar ke t t
Square, on Saturday next, August td, 808, the
hi_ghost bidder.'
TRIMS OABII. atig,2o-2t•
nn $i
%ranked within . A reasonnblo• dtstanco of Tti
an Vifth streets. between' Hits time and the rat
of otobor, by 0 small faintly. MA" nt the o co
'of tho . .1)A11.1. EMI L%
a 10 t f
R. Reollll4 De DAUM ICUJIIN. •
pfko k gt 4:o*
and , I.JHUO* 'I,
Tli f
08 & 610 Penn St.
3. 0,
- - Loaoo arid Mitingor.
CESS . .
ret• appearoooo of
fi l o to
tito N
!atile actress and &memo from
id Philadelphia Theatres. ,
'lrst appearance•of
in tho Groat' ,
Second week of
in new songs, °lionises:tie.
First night o f ( the Roaring Farce.
Firs night of the FitEHOMAN'iI 'BURIIA . U.
_Urge and best show ever in Reedit g.
rofo nance every Sagunto) ternoon for.
I adios and Children, at:2 o'clock.
Ad Adm i ssion 25 Cents ; Orchestra seats 85 Cont. s'
Ohihir n Riots. -Doors open at. 7.% I curtain rises
at Bo' lock.
Friday Evening, Augn,ll 21st.,
agu 17- f . . , _
. ..
f ' HY THE . •
Goad Will Steam rite' Oo
.. • .. se
The i ; good Will Steam Vire Company of Allen
town reuld hereby respectfully announce to th
°Meow of Lehigh and adjoining counties, that in
obedience; to oft repeated andstrongly, 'exp
wishes real the part of many of theticket-holde
in their firit gi ft onto/Prise, they IfOre dote/alined
upon an d made all the necessary arrangements for
a aeco d grand gilt drawing, °Me NIPOn a much
larger scale than the one they last• winter 'brought
to so stivesaful and satisfactory a tertnlnation to all: as ticks t-helders. The pro Posed
enterprise ,will be made up • of 25,0011' tiekets, and
the value ofthetilits to bo awardeas prises will
amount to SM,OOO, the highest prise onsistlng of ,
$l,OOO IN (SOLD clog t
11 14 r
As in the past. se in this, shall ho esty. fairness
and impartiality • characterise the
li t:wing. Our
last enterprise gave universal Banta tio,n: Every
thinrdrorgised was duly carried ou t, Is admitted
by RUK and the tnenegers of this nerdy inaugura
ted driveing pledge themselves that from this rule
there' shall be no deviation.' 'Vie pro fi to arising
will fall to the treasury of the Company, and. to bo
applied; to a purposd that'sulely benefits the pub.
lie. We therefore hope for the same liberal en
eourement extended stain our first undertaking
of th a character. which it all we need , o insure a
perk Success. Considering the object. it must
ac t
ly commend itself to the public; the dis
pense loos of fortune will certainly both largely
reward nail agreeably surprise a large proportion
of lose who may be disposed to 'try their luck.
R ygalNeea r Hon. 11.0. Longnegicer, Hon. .
. Dri geli,ifen. 0. B. $e all, Hon. J, D. lai Iles, 0. 17.
Haus: edor "Allentown Deraoentt,"i Rhoads*
Kern me rchant tailors; Henry Bitting, dealer in
. Hats and L Caps.
_• Soipel, Shlmer dr Co. 4 wholesale
groterst 0.- B. Moser. druggist: Christ . .k Sam,
dealers in Hats and Caps. • . .f r
.14 4 1,D. Iteichard. flole AgentS N
r the city of Head
ing. Tickets min he had, o f im, or at the ow
and HarrollihoteLsorner of 3 and Per streets.
. t 1 24. W. .WOLLIf; Cheirman x , -
flue' I t• - • AllentoWn. I'. 0. ra.
,1 2 1IANCIr.
The KOCK spa FIXTURES of a mtuomty
and TRIMMING STORM, on Peri# Street.
doing D,Arst , ctoss btudnosP. •Reamo*—going to
leave 110 . 9it.Y •Address ; • .
. . •
0 01) 'th BA, LE OPPten.
[Fttipppr piton bad, lit the HA ,op
a 21-1*
• **Oa DISTI IOT ATTOlUvalt, ' 1
r ' .1" 0 -th• F 1 , - * ii 4 :r' ' I? .
! 'ma ' 01. *. . I s' ' . I 1 :t '''' Dis t t:
'41, 0 1164 1 .74 `4 'O, . N"'"1- , 7viVn
krill. a ka i dati r the 9 °,1 ' Wild itS: c
l n og ! Ili 6. lt ti Viit f ul_rrisktt fievl i kottuta;
',mow,. e b: ruccwmis I. 0 tolu.Vs t o nom us
girebilltritittegAig N e tt:l ° 4e* it ) Ati l t a%IIT;, to ' .
testily end eotittety.
Reading. July ta,lBi;f3. . . . • • tr
_ . tit' .4811ENtLY,
1,11/E hatte,beea j110010)Siitt to announce te
name ii)t xliebael illocoditioMigli, or t he
city of Ikbading, ass carictldate for Assembly, int-
Jeri to the dectrion or the Democratic Delegate
Convention. 1- ' sus lot!
'CUR have !Lynn autborittl to eXITIOUtiee 1t11)
VT name of willholiaOUlT /LS s On*
date fur O
e untY • Oorantissioner, au eat to the de
cision of the Deetoenstio Deltirate ovum%
45-if •
Wig I.lMtlitsen'autholit to aeure the
v_ v earner of ivtimuke p. 1,1. 4 ing of mond
Township, as IR gendyer or too Aud torottb-
Jett to tho deohaono the next Domotratio veto
gate COWYcliitiOtl. •
iieWorit Atlilud2o • 1868 . 44 1 4
the subsoil ; announ i toyse as oandldftto
for Director of o Poor. eu ict to tho , ttetlision
tho DetnoerAtio eleglitoi O. If nominated epd
elected, tey wholo'endes r be to belie
num conducted in a hunts anefeconoudoat ntatt
notkeing committed ' to any titan or perky of
won to Nift that y' out this or measure to the in-
Jury of (No ti4-payets an 4 ott l iirs concerned.
lEL 1). LORA '
Lower Heidelberg. SO.- • . DIR
FOlt cOUNTY COMMItit,:a6NEI3, ' •
II lag been senate(' by a large nail of Itionds.
il l
I otter myself as a eilidate for the o icof.Qci tit
ty Coallelnioner , att eet to the dee aon of t 6
Detcmertitio Delegate °he% ands Quid 1 e
suceessfal in obtaining t he rmailnallon , and o
elected, I pledge myseitto ischarge ty dutine to
tho best of, my ablitty,,a4 protect the fitOreSte Of
Tr,e t
the chit no Oldie CoulliY. ItbiNßl' ItU)Lli,
Reath 6. Augus%l7-to :. ,/ • • ,
• - El I.OW 11114110081131.—Incourated Vf
I f
I. ttioxery libel uppcft ) , given Me 144 year y
the Democratic uAy nvention for,the Sla e
Legislatute, and or hie I am very thetikftd. •I
again ,olfer myself, s a candidate Int UM' Immo
ogle°. inbject to the decision of. the tont liletno
erotic Delegate, Donyention.' /ft unuldriate 'aid .
elected, I pledge myself to use every °fort to pro
mote the. beet interests or the rioltural. labOr
lug and mechanical classes of the, Piptriet, end of
the mass of the people geeefally, as 101V1t111416 .
-_ • RIMPOCifUIIY YOUT4. 42.6 •
a 64 ft A. 1. KtqFFII
MOTZER'. tly :HOKE'S :
(thinnevly . A. Bouiimliehl'a).
FREEC C E 4,1. 1
, .
. ' •
'II AVM! bought out Mr. A. Ileakumehre Sa•
L loon, under tho,Post °Mee , the undersigned
announce that they iftt continue th'e husiness•un-;
dor the above firm, and glroylde all the Varieties of
entertainments rot Welt this glade Is celebrated.-
Pre° Ooneert Every Evening
1 • , ' • 1 . -,
;LITNOEC trirknylaortwiNd.
• BoHotting a continuation of itio - patronago of nn
aoproolatin public. thly aro . ' , .
' / • , - Yeti' itinieotful' `: % ••
i • : , ,• r .., J.
a Miser, ,
44-100. . 'e, Didenloke • .
OF VALUABI rtar bizie. zy I N THE,OITY OF
e ,,,
' • TWO-STORY t BRICK DIVELtIN()11011811
with Woo roma*, and a large twd-story Framp
lougo adbinfitwith lot 130 footby 115,0 rt South
inth etredt. ( o. 233) hetweon au amen
Spriteo, in the oily of Reading, Is o ff er a i t privato
solo upon very easy conditions. A goo barn and
stables are upon the lot, end the build ngs are all
now. This 4proporty would ho very suitable for a
hotel Or sal m with garden, or !era tnanuAtguring
business.' r particulars, a p pl y et this 'wilco, or
upon the 't ulllO.. . •' ljuly 30-8 w
14.'15, laboya property can also be exchang
ed for a fit 11,.
ws for 01,1 Berke.
1 - 1 A
, t j /V 0 ,
FOll, t
I , \
4 t
( I A. 'l3Eit P 4 1 •8
WATT; ooms
No. 403 Penn. Street.
rent inheements offered to Lagea And
Abui a few gond secon4ll!and Piatios for
sale cheali. •
O"'Call OM
E 4 A. BERG,
No. 4(l#3' Finn awl,
Ko. i 4 Nownit 'siva sr.,
(Nixt door tOtbe Jao rang Dispatch °Oleo.)
• t•
20,00 caw paign Badges!
Direct from the tuitem and Other, manufaetorler,
which owe eenpell at. New. , York PTIOVF, by thou'
rand, hundred or
gpo -dogen. The are the Onto, a- eortment ever Offered for rale the city of nee&
lug, bar jpirover hgndred Itfereot Datterhp,
tnen 4 5 Medals. .
bleeve Button! l Studs. Att.
Good 4geata Wante4-4 spin! Percentage at,
lotted. I "s•
Oar 'Retail twice* are from 10 ecnti'i to 001.1er
sone *lll do well to sive, ufaci# l, b O r ", , Pumull'
tag elsewhefl;
SOctETY OADifitkifratiVie4,o PINS
of ill ti tladr Wage toirteii
p a id et4ollb. # 4 , 1 1 4
41 4 k
eerie orm wage ' 'end. te woo" jihic
Cooke PrOPod7 rfrdlitod. • i • ,
, :OD ;-1
Rooffators Gera* i'Toni o ,
G!reat Reviles fir, a
s y iNseas e sl og n
Zfrir f mock or DitrwiN
Ififituars 'Gonna. Bitte
;07votqs0 or thA Warr' as tat/ trilatsi
einally termed ,o,llrecr . sliip AVMs. ani
rely .
t an d On ! five 0 .iv oasi s ,
toe 4jaavkisu . . •
11001;4114 ili 8 0 ERMA N '4' °NW
Is a Consignation of an the ing_kilseftha Itit
tort.willttne rofst nmail i t t r, or, sas Urea ihtit
ranstc. de.. ma ng oho o M o tes( p eneant inal
aufeanie Tamil Ostler 0, 10 UM 110110,
KOore pro 1111 0 grodm no • rams itleoilow
‘ 41101 0 0 41W 11111 0 14 , • ~.. ... " • •
1100 FL Ali D'S 01411MA* BITTERS,'
m ore w h o hoe° no objection to the combination
of - the Bitters. as slatted. soil nse ,
UOQVIIAN1Y8•0111 . 11 , ?4,1,11,TONle.
. _ •
; They are :both equally El l fr ccnitto ttis
14010 tneutesnat Virlueo , the eh() te Otlyetut 'awe
being *mere matter or taste e t e onto Wing As
most palatable. •
The stomach, from a Lariats !Lewitt, NA ar
Inahrotion, Dyspepsia. rderrOUS Dar, ote.. a
vary apt to have Its !Unctions demist . The Up.
IR, ti:UPANIII 01010111 Y OA ik. one with kb.
asto Beni t on econseakf atiheten. the result of
*hie is %lint trio patina suffers from severe w
more of the Ibliowine disease's •
Consumption. Flatulence, Int Viies. Fops,
. ofAlloodto_the Head, Addi OT•itl0 0010 et,
Nausea, lirtiotrn„..l4rens rot thud, Fut •
0111 1 ! or 1 eight in the Blonmeh, &or
_ - Nruoitat Op, Otpkitut or pliant:lring ,
t it the rit or thositompets, bwitdming of ,
_cilia, Omni, lisirriell or Platoon, Breqpit,
, t(irring at the Aleut ttokr or ( * i t.
, ing wallows when in asy Pc ost re, Imo
of tsionfola or 1Y bit re 0 ht. 1)411
'• • Pain la a Boit Denolestoy of, g Ors- ,
p l..
Lion, allow!), OfttnktikinjUit NYee• • '
Pain itt thel3l4l ilt va° lol , l l s 4 l%
3 0
Sudden aloha. o elsA, Both a tt.t a IA
• . Constant Martin no of kivit, and rent
DO on of SPirial. -
The suterer horn theta disdiumit shout giterelfs
the uresteat caution lu the oblerttow otyereeds•
tor tilst)Ase..purekasluir ugly that, vitito • Ism
toured, from nis fityestliratieris And Winn 1144 ,
messes true merit. Is skill/ (filly onukpouli s ier....;
the from tujurlous logreladientt, *ad iiii b bk.
. fqr Itself a revutatien 'ter the cure el Iseases,
u title connection we would suhtult those well
. Down reutedtes— , , t . , .
1100PLAND'8 GRII,MAN nrivrEns
. ' •.
' . AND , . ' ' '
. _
#agreato SY Dn, A M. JACKSON; Philidelphli, Pi
Thirly-ilvoiirshinae they were litet introduced
rreoun ry ftotrt 9 artUan,Y dodos *bleb time
hey avo undoubtedly porforn:ed more ourea t atul
ono tea euttering humanity to i gallop extent ,
than any other raute4tea griow to the publia.
. Theaorommitee 11115 O Jot/ 0 0M-
Fi l l i i s ti, a t iT h i Vtiota l Ettil4 " 4ll:o ll oll::
idneye, and all Dins; ,Ortfing 'con) g Db•
ordered Liver. atentitoh of Ittlestinee. • •
. .
• ,
D E 111 I, I T Y .
• „ ~ .
/teaming ftoiti any Nude' Whaterer 1 Prostritton 1
of tho System, ilidttoed by seVere Labor,
ilardshlks, kapesure. Veyers, Ao.„
There Is ow medlelne extahs loot to thole. rem ,
*dies In such els. A toe Au) vlsor,,ls Itnparted ,
to the whole SY. ern; iti? Ailii ) k , t o bieUllnitnelked. '
Mod: en.loYed. t 0 ste 1104 a e 'Proverbs, th e
ood Is nodded, tki complex on mos a -
and ealthy, the yel ow•lltige se oated from
Fe eYey, a bloom Ira rem to the o ee sow • tut
oak and nervous luvold beeotnes a strop* sad
healthy being. • • ' •
H . Prilll39NB ADV4IO3ED IN WE, • I
. ,
Mid fooling bond Orte Walls hmill
re:t 2 thpil m ib
that w. l. Instil new , agml i tir nit:
inOf4UlA tho . oniArgy igitt II or 91,1110)1,4011tbr
AIN D11.1111. 1 11p their onruo on yip,* cm To
osiih'and tioliPideso to their remaining year', .
It ss eitebUslied foot tbdtfutlY opplialf el
the re it e portien °four frulat on ire Soldeat An
the e yment or goo noudt o ,rbto n tlBo Inuit
own 0 premien, 'ewer sleet well. 'sues" ere
langui dovotd of ell energy, oxtrotnoly neywous;
an if h eno sopto. " • .1
1 ill class illpersonS the DlT d 'altlit. or 1110
TOMO. is Y recommend
Are made strong by thp use of either
remedial. They trill curs every ease 01 MA of ltAfil
DIU% v11010;4160.
Thoispuds of. certificates' have, ;tomtit Med .14
the Wads (lite proprietor. but ewe tro *bow°,
the publidatiou 01 but few., Thebo, it WI I be ob 4
served, are men of note, and of slush standing Mitt
they must he believed.
Son. Oporge W. A+Voodliard.
Chief Justice of the Supremo I CCltlit;'
• Puttablit,rmta, March 1867.
"I find llootland's Germen t lettars Is j} odd tont°,
useful in diseases of the A otalueol'AXlAN t 0 1
groat benefit In cases oftli,do elbl. wan tol
nervous nett/min the system.
Youxu. ' •
From Boy. Josoph
. . .
Pastor of the Touth Dithtlat Cimiebillilla. .'
, Dat t<ACYBo4.,..4)4Ajtalltg-1 have been (remain r
i it
ly re aided to eonueet my name with 'scoop
Dail 'atom! of differtnt lanai of inedleinao.Put to-,
gani g tug. praoreVas or s ot my a v p .ti tc rt N-1
*Leap ore, I hare iii ull.l.lome actin • t
with,* clear proof in, oriolis iii HOW 4 PE, , '
Ultitly inlay own family, or tn Use oi,,ug. of? •
'audit* 111/1U Bitten, t. *boort for olieeTrelli Nit
mmare rap to esyrera my full lionviqtlen thittil
gfaqa eVay vitae *latent; ant evectally,po idv r
(bill Kitt, it i's a ire and yak° 10 priyarittios. I
so e cases it may 411 j but tnituiljy, I doubt not-1
wil e very hone alai to those Whostifferiftem the
&DO e_C44llOl. ' „ ,
• ` Youto , verYto4Pir t i s -, , ''.,.. -
• 1 , J.d .It ABll. ~
i ! led *W110,1;01401 et.
Roe. Jatael ',X4144104.
Judge MI6 Supremo CouttoPolll47llo/11i•
.. .
c-- , . •
..,- P05t,a.4004, 06:p '" A442E418
. . . , . . • ,
• "1 canal* lloolland's Outtalks !litters a veilso
61e,tnedici;ts 111 taso Of f itts4 go t i , q l jelltlOP br it
iiopitic t 013 corilte 'JUN froth illoyeapetithlitio , \
- 0 arot liart. ! :,;,, -•-, 4 . ,., '-, .
Pro xtev. , *, rr.zitiast4 ~, . .
; 4641 1 1(04 Editor 011110 64 11471 t ilitladf ipill it,
.I.`bsvo4erived dessidoit Dena t V i tt Sa.o l--
/lotiyEakd'i (Annan Ilitterik And Oct .P ate ,
to reeotuutend them nis g UlOst via ' 141 la
viho are eulttritm front , rrenthlit,:thett I ity, ;oy , Rota •
disearbs arising troth derathreuieut oc.tb t , Wire,
YOuni, truly, .".- ' - ....- -, , •
• . . . D 118 DA It •
• • ' • --..- jEr.
C -11
ikeyfand'i avow*
Bee the the ingqatin
Principal oflleoand
Eledicine Store, No :4Z
ForiOrly C. M. dit6iiii** Co.
4"fle kv • OeViaiely#74 try ofeafi f
irogiolura de tiiait
to per botttoi or* ball dozen or am.
•• $31.D0 pot 444 to eiotnioe tboittidili
bor.'s otter to got .tio gooefAitif
,4 . FrEavt , o glut ,
• .
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