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    he made some mistakes; but he has been thwart
ed in the most malignant manner from the very
outset by the politicians in Congress and the rad
icals in the Cabinet. The greatest fault imputed
to him is excessive caution and lack of self confi
dence. But this arises from a just appreciation
of the difficulty of his task. An inferior mind
would be blind to this, and commit such terrible
blunders as that of Burnside at Fredericksburg.
McClellan was gradually feeling his way and
fitting himself to be a great military leader. He
was becoming bolder and bolder every day, and
More expert in handling a large army, as at An.
tietam, when his career was cut short by en order
from Washington, and inferior men put in his
it is not in a year or two years that a soldier,
MU with a good military education, but who
has seen little or no service, can rise from the
position of a captain of cavalry to that of a suc
cessful general commanding 100,000 men. How
long did it take to make the victor of Waterloo ?
How many battles did he fight in India and in
the Spanish Peninsula before ho attained the
skill to cope with Napoleon? At an earlier
period of his history Bonaparte asserted with
truth that he did not know one man in Europe
who was capable of conducting fifty thousand
men to battle. Why, then, should the fruits of
the ripe experience of years and genius combined
be expected from so young and inexperienced an
officer as General McClellan? By the greatest
military judge in the country, the veteran Win
field Scott, he has been recently pronounced the
ablest general the war has yet developed. He
had done the best his circumstances allowed, and
would have matured into a first class general as
rapidly, perhaps, as any who ever precede him.
with two or three rare exceptions. But he was
recklessly sacrificed last fall by a combination
of party spirit and imbecility, and from that day
to this the Army of the Potomac has made no
progress, while it has suffered serious disaster.
We fear that, through the same blundering which
hareharaeterixed the acts of the War Department
and the performance of so many of our generals
in the field, other disasters may be in store for
our army in the present campaign.
But there is one source of consolation and na
tional pride in the report—one distinguishing
feature of the war—and that is that the incom
petency of generals and of the War Department
has been redeemed by the intelligent courage
and discipline of the men. They have fought
like hives on every field; and even when they
knew that they were marched into the jaws of
death, without any advantage to the cause, they
shrank not from the sacrifice. This was the case
at Fredericksburg, where they said to each oth
er:— Boys, we are going into a slaughter pen ;
but we toast do it; come on." And even after
the dreadful defeat which they anticipated they
were ready to try it over again next day. There
is no example in history of troops fighting so
bravely and so well who have been so badly led.
By their brilliant fighting qualities they have
won imperishable renown. By the conduct of
the war from first to last the country has been
disgraced.—New York Herald.
Saudis sub Doweral
Hen.! brightest banner that !oats on the gale,
Flag of the country of Washington, hail!
Red are thy stripes With the blood of the brave,
Bright are thy stare as the van on the Wave;
Wraptin thy folds are the hopes of the Free,
Banner of Washington! blessings on thee!
4 "X's" CONXCWICATZeIi, In reply to the Journal, ie
in type, but again crowded out, by an snannal prelagare,
upon our columns. We are sorry for it, but our " pont.
up" pages compel no to serve our best friends in tbis way
Much oftener than is agreeable to us.
This issue of the Reading Gazette commences
its twenty-fourth year. The present publisher,
who was also one of its projectors, finds no little
gratification, and some degree of pride, in Con
trasting its small beginnings and timid experi
mental efforts/pith the fixed, permanent, and
self-sustaining position it now holds among the
newspapers of the interior of the State. The
Gazette is old enough to speak for itself and to
take ears of itself; and, in circulation and in
fluence, has attained to a point beyond which few
weekly presses ever reach, Ito subscription list,
which has been steadily increasing, from the date
of its first publication, was never so well filled
with good, paying subscribers as at this time;
and its increase at present is more rapid than
ever. Since the first of January, 18113, we have
entered more new names upon our books than
were added during any previous year of its ex
istence; and new subscribers are still coming in
daily. All this has been accomplished without
any special effort on our part, or other induce
ment, beyond a steadfast adherence to the prin
ciples which we early embraced, in the full con
viction of their truth anti justice, and which we
believe to be essential to the preservation of the
free political institutions that our forefathers
established. Amid all the mutations of parties
and changes of administrations, which have oc
curred within the last sixteen years, the Gazette
has remained faithful to the party which has
proved itself, by experience, to be alone capable
of administering the Federal Government, under
the Constitution, in peace and union, and in har
mony with the reserved rights of the States; and
will labor earnestly for its restoration to power,
as the only hope that remains to the nation of
saving the Government from anarchy and disso
lution, on the one hand, or from the equally fear
ful evils of arbitrary centralized rule and mili
tary despotism, on the other. _Grateful to the
friends who have stood by us through so many
eventful years, we enter upon another editorial
year with the encouragement of their peat ap
proval and support to nerve us to renewed dili
gence and energy, and to inspire us with the
confident hope that their good-will and "material
aid" will continue to attend us.
Bunts Jan.—Wiliam Muthart, a well known
horse thief, who was recently arrested for steal
ing horses in Lucerne county, and committed to
jail at Williamsport, succeeded in making his
escape from prison a few days since. The
Sheriff offers a reward of $75 for his re-arrest.
Mutbad is well known to the police officers in
this locality and we hope that he may be captur
'Emeasnnts ORDER No. 8, referred to in
Tenant Congressional investigations, bat never
exhibited to the public, appears in the New York
ITeraki of Wednesday. It demands the dismis
sal of Hooker for. insubordinate criticism in the
lino beim Kredericksburg ; of Franklin, Smith,
Skulls, and: Ferrero, Who were useless; and of
Newton and Cochrane, for going to the President
With impertinent criticisms of their commander.
its TErVaston Daffy Eayreae appears in an
enlarged form and a new dress, which improve
it. yeePy. These-are .Embstantial evidences of
Isrmosrm, which has been well:earned. We wish
its enterpridng publieliere a ceatinuanee of pros.
The Democratic County Meeting on Tuesday
last, was a monster gathering of the people.
Called only by a single notice in the Adler and
Gazette of the previous week, without handbills,
Circulars, music, or any of the means commonly
employed to create an excitement and draw
crowds, it was yet by far the largest mere county
meeting that ever assembled in Reading. The
spacious courtroom, usually large enough to ac
commodate all who attend our ordinary ptiblio
meetings, was found too small to hold even one
half of the attendants on this occasion, so that,
after organization, the meeting was adjourned to
the Court Hence yard, the ample space of which
was soon tilled with thousands of staunch Demo
crats from every quarter of the county, eager to
testify by their presence to their undying de
votion to those principles of personal freedom
and constitutional right which were bequeathed
to them by dEviettsoN and the founders of the
republic. This meeting was a significant ex
pression of the feeling that has been aroused
throughout our county by the wanton attempt
that was made in the streets of this city a few
weeks ago, by a party of intolerant and perse
cuting Abolitionists, to excite mob violence
against a few hundred unoffending country-men,
who came to town, ill-advisedly, it may be, but
peaceably, in strict conformity to the right which
the Constitution declares shall never be taken
away from them by Congress or any other pow
er, and with no intention, either by word or act,
to disturb the peace, or to interfere with the due
process of the law against their neighbors who
had been placed under arrest. Tho lesson that
the meeting teaches is, that the people of Decks
county, who have always been distinguished for I
their patient submission to all their duties as
citizens, also know their riylas, and have de
termined to maintain them.
The resolutions that were adopted aro plain,.
outspoken, and to the point. They are bold,
but not defiant—decided but not intemperate, in
their tone and language. They counsel obedi
ence to all the duties which the cilizen owes to
the Constitution and laws, and to the authority
of those who administer them ; lint at the same
time they firmly declare that the rights which
are guarantied under the same Constitution and
laws, shall be jealously maintained against all
attempts, whether of Executive power or military
force, to usurp them.
It was to be regretted that any thing occurred
to render this meeting necessary ; but for that,
the Democracy of Derks are not responsible ; and,
the necessity having arisen, they have met it in
a manly way and as becomes freemen.
The Democratic Convention of Dauphin county
met at Harrisburg on Tuesday last, and elected
Dr. C. SEILER and Jolts RAYMOND Delegates to
the next Democratic State Convention, and unani
mously instructed them to support Hon. HIESTER
CLYMER for Governor. The following are the
resolutions of instruction, which were adopted
by the unanimous vote of the Convention :
Resolved, That the sound Democratic princi
ples, the brilliant talents and the unblemished
honor which distinguish the character of the
Honorable iIIESTEIL CLYNE:It, are fully appreci—
ated by the Democracy of Dauphin county ; and
that, therefore, our delegates to the State Demo
cratic Convention are hereby instructed to use
every honorable means to secure his nomination
for the office of Governor of this Commonwealth.
" An honest man IS the noblest work of Cod."
Resolved, That our Senatorial conferees be in
structed to use their best endeavors to ensure the
election of a Senatorial delegate favorable to the
nomination of the Hon. Hies-mut CLYMER.
Resoived, That Fred. Lauman, John Wise and
A. W. Loomis be the Dedbcratic Senatorial con
ferees from the county of Dauphin.
The Democratic Convention of Lycoming county
also met on Tuesday, and, as we learn by a dis
patch from Williamsport, "instruothd unani
mously for ILIESTEIL CLYME.U."
The Democracy of Berks feel highly compli
mented and encouraged at these additional evi
dences of the popularity of the candidate they
have presented for the Gubernatorial nomina
tion; and anticipate with confidence thpt the
State Convention will make him its choice.
sey- Itsaraa's Ms.o.atste. fur May, is out, and
completes the 26th volume. In the ability and
variety of its contents, and the excellence of its
pictorial illustrations, it is a superior number.
The best articles are " Campaign in the
War of 1812," and "A Trip to the Caucasus."
In lighter literature, it gives us a number of en
tertaining articles. " Rosemary," a new Story,
of which Part I is printed, promises to he very
good. In e-otering upon a new volume, the pub
lishers pledge themselves that every department,
of the magazine will continue tole conducted
upon the same general principles as heretofore,
with such additions and improvements as may
be suggested by a constantly increasing experi
ence. Harvey Birch SI, Brother have the May
number of Harper for sale.
ser THE ATLANT/CMONTHLY for May, is pub
lished. The following is a list of its contents :
Charles Lamb's Uncollected Writings; Dark
Ways, by Harriet E. Prescott; After " Taps," a
war poem, by Col. IL B. Sargent; The Human
Wheel, its Spokes and Felloes, by Oliver Wendell
Holmes ; Paul Blecker, by the author of " Mar
garet Howth," " Life in the Iron Mille," etc. ;
Up the Thames, by Nathaniel Hawthorne ; The
Fern Forests of the Carboniferous Period, by
Prof. Louis Agassia ; The Countess, a poem, by
John G. Whittier; Gala Days, by Gail Hamilton;
Give, a battle lyric ; Only an Irish Girl ; Shall
We Compromise? by D. A, Wasson. The num—
ber is of unusual variety. and merit.. Hoskin
Ticknor & Fields, publishers. $3 a year.
THE ECLECTIC MACFAZINE.—We are indebted to
Messrs. Strickland & Brother for the May num
ber of this truly valuable repertory off Foreign
Literature, It is embellished with handsome
medallion portraits of the Prince and Princess of
Wales, and contains eighteen selections of the
beat articles from late Foreign Magazines, among
which " The Jewish Church and its History,"
" The Japanese Martyrs," and " The Antiquity
of Man," will be found particularly interesting.
The Eclectic is published monthly at .$3 a year.
Single Nos. 42 cents.
tion in Chicago on Tuesday for city officers, was
closely contested, and the vote was large. The
total vote east was 20,200, and the result is
complete Democratic triumph. SHERMAN, DOM.,
is elected Mayor by 1788 majority. The balance
of the Democratic ticket was also elected. The
Council stands 20 Democrats, and 12 Aboli—
HORSE EXIIISITION.—A grand trial of the
speed of horses will take place on Wednesday
next, April 29th, on the grounds of the East
Pennsylvania Agricultural Society, at Norris--
town. Several horses from Berks county, - we
understand, are entered for competition. The
entrance fee is SI.
IterA FRENCIIY TRAGEDY occurred in New York
last week. A deserter from the U. S. Army poise
(mod himself and his sweetheart. The poison
worked violently upon him, but had less effect
upon the girl. He tried to strangle her, hut his
death 'struggles weakened him, awl be died, while
eke recovered.
Pursuant to a call issued by the Chairman of
the Democratic Standing Committee at. the request
of over one thousand citizens, the Democrats of
- Dories county assembled in Mass Meeting en
Tuesday, April 21st, 181i3, at 1 o'clock, P. M.,
in the Court louse at Reading. Eery portion
of tha county was numerouely represented, and
tle attendance was the largest of any similar
meeting ever held in this county.
The meeting was called to order by Wm. B.
ALRIUMIT, ESCI., Chairman of the Standing Com
mittee; and, on motion of Jesse G. Hainan - ,
Esq., the Hon. S. E. ANOXIA. was unanimously
chosen President. The l'rcuulent, on taking the
chair, made a short address in explanation of
the object of the meeting, as stated in the call,
which was read ; whereupon the further organi
zation was mode, and completed, as follows:
E. ANCONA, of flooding
Vice Presidents t
Albany, llenjamin Levan; Alsace, Benjamin Folk;
Amity, Ezekiel Rhoads; Born, Jonathan S. lierboln; Bern
Upper, William Schindel; Bernaille, Franklin Harbach;
Venial, Andrew Kum; Brecknock, William Knauer : Cen
tro, H. 11. Philips; Colebreektiale, A. K. Gilbert; Canaan.
roe, Robert A. Gilmer; eatura ' Elias Fritz; District. David
Frederick; Douglas., Ephraim Fritz; Earl, Daniel French;
Exeter, Solomon Duukle; Ovoid:mien. Sohn Dreeeler; Jef
ferson, William N. Pottalger; Hi. mburg, William Stewart;
Heidelberg, Kelly L. Fisher, Heidelberg North, John Dun.
kelberger; Heidelberg Lower, David L. Wermich ; Here
ford, Michael Gory; KUMOWI:I, David Eisler; Imogomamp,
John Batter; Maideucreek, [leery Reiter; Mario; Michael
S. Thlrweebter; MaXalaWity, Lewin K. Hottenetein;
lenberg, Daniel Shell; Oley, William Knabb; Ontelannee,
Jonathan Rickenbach; Penn, John B. Reber; Perry,
Michael Hoffman ' sea.; Pike, John S. hotterer ; Richmond,
Benjamin Merkel: Robeson, Samuel Wicklein ; Rockland,
John Boer ; Rtnicomineanor, William Frey; Forting, Geo.
Lash; l'ulpehoceen. Jacob Kurt Talpohoccon Upper,
DAniel Warta; Union, Berman Umstead ; Witithingtuu
William Heins; Windsor, William Miller; Wouielsdere,
}tenry H. alauderbach ; Xrndirxg, J. Y. Gilmer. lot Ward ;
W. F. Brown, 2.1 Word; John L. Rightmyer, 3rd Ward :
Joseph S. Moyer, 4th Ward : William Rhoads, Jr., nth Ward.-
Afrmidaddierg sonnig—haniol Gilbert, (Worse Van Rho
kirk, Heine Lon6euecker.
William Rosenthal,
Charles W. Eager,
golomou L. Custer,
Mahlon F. Wolf!:
3e 0. Hawley,
James B. linutilel,
Mahlon A. Sellern,
Franklin S. Ludwig,
Upon the BilliCultlnt , that a delegation from
Montgomery county was present, lingers. Daniel
Gilbert, George Van Buskirk, and Burns P. Long
enecker, of that county, were nominated as hon
orary Vice Presitleuts.
On motion of Mr. I'. Doering, Esq., of Ham—
burg, a committee of one from each township,
borough and ward, was chosen, to prepare and
report resolutions expressive of the sentiments
of the meeting. This committee was constituted
as follows :
Committee on Resolutions
Albany, Solomon Finer; Amity, A. 11. Vanderslice;
Alsace, John Missimer ; Bern, Philip Berger; Bern Up
per, Joseph S. His: Bernville, John L. ]eager; Bethel,
Frederick Berner; Brecknack, Isaac Filterlingi
Daniel Zerbey Colobroendale, Henry B. Rhonda: Cher
, maven, Eli Becker; Guinea, William Bertolet; District,
Jonas Miner; Douglass, D. B. Manger; Earl, Samuel
Balm, sea.; Exeter, Solomon Close; Greenwich, Charles A.
Kline; Jefferson, Jacob Miller; Hamburg, Bonneville
Derr; Heidelberg, John L. Brown; Meidelbera North,
Adam Miunieb; Heidelbergt ini wer, D. B. 'Dinka; Hereford,
John Dolts; Kutztown ' J. D Veer; Dongewamp, Levi
H. Lima; Maidenernek, Jo o H. SVGA; Marlin], Jacob
Tice; afaxatawny. Hewett S. Kith Mnh/enberg, J. Z.
Bechtel; Oley, John R. Eilelman; Outelaunee, Jeremiah
Mengel; Penn. Samuel M Klee; Perry, Reuben Sehiffert ;
Pike, Reuben P. Drumheller; Richmond, Solomon Leibel
sperger ; Robeson, Jacob Kurtz; Rockland, David Drey ;
Rnmersibmanor, Cheri. Levan; Spring, ',Michael. Good
man; Tolpehoeece , Valentino Brobst; Talpehoceon Up
per, Reuben Potteiger ; tinton, John McGowan Washing
ton, George Scball; Windsor, Daniel Bawdier; Wound.-
dorf, Franklin Zerbe; Rending, Edward H. ki,bearer, let
Ward; Jenne G. Hawley, Id Ward; Sebastian Lieber, 3rd
Ward; Francis Roland, 4th Ward; Ephraim Armstrong,
Atli Ward..
At this stage of the proceedings, it was found
that only a small portion of the people present
could be crowded into the court•room ; and a
motion was therefore made, and carried, that the
meeting adjourn to the Court House yard. On
re-assembling, all the available space in the
yard, on the walls, and upon the roofs adjoining,
was filled with an attentive assembly of sevuiA
thousand persons.
The meeting was again called to order by the
President, aud, during the absence of the Com•
mittee, ably addressed by Wm. ROSENTHAL, Eoq.,
in German, and by the Tz• - 'n. J. Cluny - JONMS,
in English.
The Committee, haying returned, reported the
following Resolutions, throng 4 3 essr, G. HAWLEY,
Esq., to
W.LIEREAs, it is among the inalienable rights
of a free people to assemble, either in pub—
lic or in private, openly or secretly, as they
may choose, subject only to the Constitution and
Laws of the land; and whereas, an attempt has
recently been made by the present authorities of
the United States, in violation of those rights,•
by arresting peaceable citizens of the County of
Berks, carrying them. beyond the jurisdiction of
their own Courts, on charges and pretences
founded on mere rumor and without the slightest
foundation in fact; therefore,
Resolved, Brthe Democracy of Dories County
in mass meeting assembled, that while we will
obey the Constitution and Laws of our country,
and make no forcible resistance to the execution
of any process administered by the government
within the [Units of its logitLoo.te functions, we
will not submit to nor tolerate the slightest en
croachments upon our rights and privileges;
such attempts will meet with our resistance at
all hazards, arid regardless of consequences.
Regobed, That secret societies, political or
otherwise, are not in themselves in violation of
the Constitution and Laws, and that whenever a
free people see proper to organize themselves, in
secret or in public, they have a right to protec
tion; and if the government, for political pur:
poses, fails to render that protection, we pledge
ourselves to furnish it to the extent of our pow
Resolved, That whenever such societies are
organized upon principles at variance with the
Constitution and Laws, in their letter or spirit ;
or wherever the tendency of such organization
infringes upon the constitutional rights, of any
citizen, on d'ecount of the place of his birth,—his
religion or any other. guaranteed right,—we re
gard such societies as illegal, subversive of law
and order, and deserving the condemnation of
all good citizens.
Resolved, That while the Democracy of Berke
recognizes and sustains the rights of our people,
under such restrictions, to so organize as a mere
question of right appertaining to freemen, and
deems it of the highest importance that eternal
vigilance at all limes should be exercised to
guard against the slightest encroachments upon
any rights, we do not deem secret political or
ganization either desirable or expedient., so long
as open organization can be maintained without
danger from armed intervention or of bodily
harm. Unless such danger exists, the tendency
will almost invariably be dangerous to the rights
of others; by falling into the hands of bad men
public liberty as well as private right may be
undermined before the public is aware of the
danger; these evils, under the control of good
and true men, may be avoided, but secret socie
ties of a political character are favorites with all
that class of men who dread the light for fear of
Resolved, That if secret political societies have
been recently organized among us, it is to be pre
sumed they are for no other purpose than the
protection of their rights against unlawful ar
rests, or the execution of unconstitutional laws,
until the contrary is proved; the character of
our people warrants this belief; but, as such ob•
jecls can better be secured by the open organiza
tion of cur whole people in strict accordance
with law, and without furnishing pretexts for
armed intervention by a military power., we
earnestly recommend all such to abandon th e
secret features and join us in open organization
in every Ward, Township and limmugh of r • •
county. Such a movement will give us strength
and power at home; inspire confidence, and
wield moral influence abroad.
.Resoloal, That we are equally hostile to Aboli
tionists north, and Secessionist• south. We re
gard both alike, as tending to the same results ;
one is the openly avowed. a
Confederacy; the other thc.alvoeate of princi—
ples which must. inevitably .1 there.'
Resntoed, That we regard the Emancipation
Proclamation, the Conseriptiott law, and the
Confiscation eels, as ~ :oarly uueolu.liutional;
but while we pledge our united efforts to test
them in all legal modes within our resell, we
will not infringe upon, or violate any law, what
ever may be our present opinions, until it is pro
nounced by the proper Judicial Authorities to ha
mill and void. It is better to bear many griev
ances of a temporary character, than to plunge
our country into anarchy, ending in military
despotism, and destroying all our hopes for the
Resaved, That resistance by force to an inva
sion of our personal freedom is a virtue; and if
the insane threat of a distinguished military
chieftain, (distinguished more for the position
he holds, than for achievements in arms) to put
his heel upon the necks of Northern men, be at
tempted to be carried out, we promise hint a
warm reception. In order to allay any undue
excitement, however, that might be occasioned
by this threat, we deem it proper to add, that as
this same authority has informed us, that we are
not to be molested, until the rebels are lint sub•
clued; we are of opinion, judging by past pro
gress, that the pvv.t.ient. generation at the %rth
can hardly feel themselves interested in the
• Rooked, That we recommend Open orgariza—
ttone in every Ward, Tourahip and Borough of
our County, in order to su.l!ain Lha constitution,
the Union and the Laws, and at the same time
to resist every encroachment upon our personal
rights and freedom, guarantied by that inetru
rnent, and those laws.
Resolved, That we are inflexibly and unaltera
bly devoted to the Constitution and the Union,
with such additional guaranties as may protect
the rights of minorities from all future aggres—
sion. Wo do not approve of this war as at pre—
sent conducted. We never did approve of it iu
itself, but accepted it in preference to disunion,
anarchy and despotism, under pledges that it
should be conducted solely with a view to the
restoration of the Union. These pledges have
been broken, the War is converted into an aboli
Lion crusade, and we are free from any obliga
tions, except those of obedience to law.
Resoled, That we will patiently wait the pro
gress of events. Until power passes from the hands
of the present Administration under the forms of
law, we will continue to urge upon Congress,
and upon the States the repeal of all unconstitu
tional acts, and the calling of a National Con
vention to amend the Constitution. If these
fail, our hopes centre in the sovereign rigllts of
the State of Pennsylvania, and in order that she
may be prepared* to exercise those rights, we
urge upon our fellow citizens the necessity of or
ganization, the selection, and election of our ablest
anti best men for Governor, and Legislat ors ; and
in the meantime we have no terms of peace to
offer to any quarter, except upon the basis of
Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting
be published in the Democratic papers of the
county, in the Age and Evening Journal, Phila—
delphia; the Norristown Regisler Ilarrivinvg
Patriot and Union; and Unbar/ill Post.
The resolutions were unanimously adopted,
with loud acclamations ; after which the meeting
WAS farther addressed by the lion. thanes
CLYMER and JAMES B. BBC/ITEM, Esq. All the
speeches were eloquent expressions of the spirit
of the resolutions, and were greeted with hearty
applause. At 4 o'clock, P. M., the meeting ad
irier Tin; Ray. J. P. Mneneurit late Chap
/Ain or the 50th Regiment Penna. Volunteers, now Pastor
of-St. Peter's klethodiat Episcopal Church, in South Filth
Street, wilt preach a permea at said Church to-morrow
(Sabbath) evening, to the working-men of Reading, who
are especially invited. All the Seale ore free. services
commence at half-past 7 o'clock.
see•- THE UNION PRATBit MEETING will be held
to•worrow (Sunday) afternoon, to the Baptist Church,
Chestnut street, above Fourth, at 3 o'clock. The public
are respectfully invited to attend.
N. B.—A business meeting of the friends of the - Union
Prayer Meeting will be hold this (Saturday) evening at
7 % o'clock, In the Evangelical Mission Church, Chestnut
street, between nth and eth, for the purpose of making ar
rangements for its future direction and prosperlty. A full
attendance is requested.
Se' NATIONAL FAST D& .—Thursday next,
April MI, will be President Lincoln's het Day. It will
be observed in this city, we presume, ee bucli daye here
tofore have been, by a general cessation or business. The
Banks will close, co that persons who have pa) Ment9 fall
ing due on the Seth, must attend to them the day pieced-
ler monthly tneetin, : ; of tle Club will be held thin criestrtg,
et S o'clock, iu the Club-room, Eberer Hall. The &et of
a serer urluclurvz topics, trill In deliver' by
Jioili ft. Beg. V.ruf.ral Et' te'I , I4!IC , J of all; MOTU
bern in Anil:henna.
o'll'eject of the Leetnre ntl tci Pnri y in
from• tf Disunion, rather than Itenattnt wine Shoot?! I
triennial Convention of School Directors of Berke county,
to elect a County Superintendent for the next three
yearn, will be held in the Court House, is this city, on
Monday, the 4th of May, at 1 o'clock, P. M. The canal.
dalea for the miles, no far as we have heard them named,
are—J. S. Ern/et/trent, the present Superintendent; John
Ralston, Rag., of Reading; Herman Smith, of the Phil
omatheen institute, Birdsboro; and J. B. ilankey, of the
Mount 'gement Seminary, Boyerstown.
James William, of Philadelphia, the most remarkable
musical genius of the day, whose performances on the
Piano Forte have won the admiration of our most distin
guished musicians, will, by special invitation, give a Con
cert in this city on Thursday evening next, in Odd Fel•
lows' flail, assisted by Miss A mile Wells, a favorite Vocal
ist, Mr. Shilling, and the Reading Instrumental Quartette
Club. Master Wil Ilan playa the compositions of the best
Masters, with perfect precir.lon, with a mace and expression
that would lie remarkable in an older performer, but are
truly surprising In one so young, With the remembrance
of Cottschaik's wonderful skill and almoet magical execu
tion on the Piano, it will be a matter of curious interest to
the lovers or music to see how the same pieces can be
played by n boy 15 years of age—to other words, how far
inborn genius eau supply the place of years of Cindy and
practice. We hope Master Milian will be well patron.
j THE "Lovnb LEACCERS " had a meeting
In the Court Honee on Tuesday night, ett a set-elf to the
monster Democratic gathering or We game afternoon. By
advertising it, in daring handbills, as a sort of "free Con
cert," with vocal music to please tte ladles and children,
and the attraction of speakers from abroad to please the
mss, and by sending the dram and fife around the streets
for an hoar before, to wake up the folks, they contrived to
Mt the Court-room. Of the music, we shall have nothing
to nay. The drat epeaker was Mr. James U. Campbell, of
Pottsville, a defeated Abolition candidate forCongrees, who
d6gusted many or hie own party with the violence and
abusiveness of bin remarks. " Copperheads," •• traitors,"
° hang them I° and such-like clang, wade up bid speech.
Ile woe followed, in much better etyle and temper, by
Morton McMichael, Esq., of Philadelphia ; who, although
an uncompromising partisan, never forgets that he is a
gentleman. IHn speech, on title occasion, Was within the
limits of courtesy, at least. W. W. Ketcham, of Ltmerae
county, late a State Senator, and now a prospective nand:-
date for Governor, wound up the entertainment. What
the resolution were, If any, we do not know.
Liens, Esq., of Mertutown, Lungswamp township, bad his
pocket picked of $342 on Tuesday evening of last week, an
be was about entering a passenger railway car at the cor
ner of Thirteenth and Callowhill streets, Philadelphia,
with a carpet-bag in hie band, after louring the heading
train, in the llepot. He had also some gold and sliver coin
about bin person at the same time, bet it woe not taken.
The professional thieves and pick-peekete Of Philadel
phia appear to have free access to the street railway care.
Almost every day we road accounts of robberies commit
ted In those conveyances. The victims are generally
strangers •to the city, on their way from the Railroad De
pute to the Hotels. We would caution our country friends
who may have occasion to carry large •111e3 of money
about them when going to Philadelphia, to avoid the
street rail-care. If the distance frum the Depot to the
places they intend to stop at, is Wu great to walk, they
wilt and it ranch safer to take a carriage.
war. NEw LANDLORDS —Mr. Samuel Fasig,
forme, ly of the Der!, euarity linc , e, and [ate landlord of
l'arere." le Oath re Tee , enlui., ea he
Packerack Hotel, at the La coaster Bridge, whore all who
call will lied him `let !tome,' prepared to accommodate
them with the best the market ellarde.
M. Just.. Keels.;,_ old landlord, hoo became the lcusee
Of ❑enntinl'e Thgel, C)Titer of I'onrth end Penn !duet., and
trill cuudnet the ' , ante in the I,en eiy in. fhia 1., 011 e of tll9
inrgett public houses in the city, and one 14 heater suited
to the couifurtablo accontutodetion of travellers and perma
nent boarders.
Stir BuY Tugm.—The Now-York Illustrated
Papers for May 2 are oat, and for sate by Harvey Birch Sr
Brother. They contain an nauvnally attractive variety of
engravings, Biestrative of the progress of the War, Ste. Tha
same firm are also agents for all the New-York and Pkila
doirbla Dalllee, tho Monthly Magazines,
DEMME OF AN Aoen Mairrtow.—Mrs. Ma
ry Jackson, relict of the late John Jackeoe, a former real.
dent of Readiug. died on the 2,1 of Spell, IStiVyt the resi
dence of her eat - tenor, Abigail Po,kae, to Chador county,
at the age of 07 years. She was horn in 1770, shortly after
the Declaration of Independence, io Birmingham township,
Delaware county, in the vicinity of the ground on which
the Battle of Brandywine was fought. She was 1 year old
at that time, and Sena familiar, in after years, with many
of the participants in the battle. shelves married ou rho
lath of sth month, 1779, to John Jackson, of Reading,
whose family wan among our earliest settlers. She, with
her husband, continued to reside in Bending until about
ISSO, when they removed to their farm near Parkentbarg, county, leaving their eon, the late Samuel 8, Jack-
Itea, at the homestead in this city. John Jackson died in
15.71, and his aged partner had over niece been living al
ternately with her two daughters, Mary S. Lawrie and
Abigail N. Parker, She was very feeble for many years ;
but, the past winter, which she spent with Mtn. Parker,
her health was remarkably good, and she was able to walk
out several times, when the weather was good. On the
evening of the 19th of March, else complideed of illness,
and gradually grew worse, when she was seized with par
alysis, and on the afternoon of the 2d inst., she quietly
breathed bar last. She WAS Interred on the afternoon of
the sth, at the Parkerevitte burying-ground, by the aide of
her husband, and eon Samuel. The deceased was an ex
emplary member of the Society of Friends, and an estima
ble woman in all the domestic relations, as many of the
older residents of Reading, who enjoyed her ftlendshlp,
Will remember.
IMP NEW CHIEF or Pouen.--It will be seen,
by the following ecnatuanications, that Mr. MAST has ?e
-nigma the office of aid of Police, and that the Mayor has
appointed Mr. REUBEN GOOMIART. formerly one of our
City Constables, In Ids stead:
READING, April lA, 1863.
To !lie honorable .Theeph S. Hoer, Mayor of the City of
DEAR Wit ;—When I accepted at your hands the appoint
ment Of Chief of Police of the City of Heeding., I did so with
the expectation and prospect of relinquiehing the buntings
was at the time and am now engaged in ; bat circum
stances over which I have no control compel 1110 to con
tinue the same, and as the office of Chief of Police and my
present busithies might and in all probability would con
nect. I feel compelled to resign the oleos of `Thief of Police."
1 hereby then most respectfully tender to your licher
my reeiguation of said °dice, returning to you toy most
grateful thatike for the mark of favor and confidence shown
to rue, and hope you will be able to select acme person
to succeed we who wilt discharge the duties of said. (Once
With the beet wishes fur your continued health and
prosperity, I am with high reused.
Your obedient :servant, J. B. MAST.
Satsuma, April 20,1862.
I have accepted the ahoveresignstiou, and have appoint
ed na Chief' or Police, ltai•axx 000D1fAlit
The Night Police and extra Policemen are the follow
ing: tat itrord.—peter Ritoknorman; Sal Ward—John
Doebler ; Levan; Ward—John
'Lachman; Llk Ward—Jou Coodhart; and additional,
Win. S. Young, Clerk of Markets, and Peter Orib, Janitor
at Lock-up. 4
This is all my Police force at present, audit one besides
in authorized by me to act as Policemen.
JOS. S. MOYER, Mayor.
MY" MILITARY ITEll.9.—Capt. E. P. Pearson,
jr., of tbelith U. S. Infantry, Las been plated upon the
Staff of Major General Howard, Commander of the 11th
Army Corps of the Army of the Potomac,
Lient, George B. Rhoads, of Company B, Nth Penna.
Volunteers, has been promoted to the Captaincy of Com
pany I', of the acme Regiment. The new Captain is an
original " Ringgold Artillerlet." a brave young officer, and
has stuck to his post with a fidelity, that proves hint . (at.
though Le dime not measure as many inches as some of his•arma) "every inch a neither." Elle Captain's
commission daten frOm the Battle of Fredericksburg.
Capt. M. A. Mass, or Company B, 84th Peuna.Voluntaere,
ban been ordered to clone his recruiting eines in this city,
and report to the Superintendent of the Recruiting Service,
at Harrleburg. Ha has colleted Su men since he has been
Capt. Frank. B. Shatters, Jr., of Company H, 88th Penna.
Volunteers, having tendered his resignation, has been
honorably discharged from the service of Hie • United
following neonate of money have been sent borne by the
:nowhere of the Companlee named, belonging to the 128th
Company A, Captain gclnneltar,
B, hicNall,
" Richards,
44 1, Jonan,
K, " Newkirk,
Tito money of members of Company A, has been Cent to
Mr. Jacob Suhmucker, North Sixth 'street; Company B, to
N. M. Eisenhower, South Fifth street; Company B, to W.
G. Von Nieda, Sixth street, above Penn ; Company 11, to
11. F. Felix, N. W. corner Fifth and Pena; Company I, to
J. S. SoLiwder, at 4.ff100 of J. llasronman, Esq.; and Com.
pony K, to Newkirk's Hotel, South Sixth etreot.
The members or Company E, 46th Penna. Regiment,
have seat money home for their faulllies to the late Cap
tain Cornelius WllBO, in Eighth street, below Franklin.
TO HARRISBURG.—A through mail between pestling and
Harrisburg, is now carried by the afternoon Passenger
Whine on the lelhtuen Yelley Itaitroed—opening at the
Reading Post office at SP. M., and closing at 5.20 P.M.
No mail is carried to any Way Poet Offices by the after
noon trains. Letter; &c., for points between Reading and
Rarriebnrg meat be sent by the morning mail only, as
The mail route between Reading and Pheinixville, has
been curtailed by the discontinuance of the lower portion,
and now extends only to Brower's P. 0., in Berke county.
It leaves Reading every Tuesday and Saturday, at 7 A. M.,
and supplies Birdsboro, Untetead's, Robeson and Brower'e
Post Offices.
—Our readers who are accustomed to trip the light fan
tastic toe," must not forget the " Hop" on Wednesday eve
slug neat, on the occasion of formally inaugurating Au
ienbaeb'e New Halt." The Hall is now entirely finished,
and presents a beautiful appearance. Determined efforts
have been made by the members of the " Washington"
and their lady friends, to make this Me Party of the Sea
son, and from the character of those engaged, we know it
will be accornpllshed. The tousle wilt be by Wittieb's full
Orchestra of seven musicians.
urday morning Wt. about S o'clock, an Mr. Daniel kiln,
nersbils, who was engaged in blasting rocks in Leinbach's
limestone quarry, at the Western end of the Penn street
bridge, was in the act of pouring a charge of powder into
a hole that had been drilled for a blast, it soddenly ex.
ploded, and burned him terribly to the face and bead. It
appears that a blast bad been made a few moments before
in the rock near the newly-drilled hole, from which Eire
moat have communicated, and caused the explosion.
ganisation of these Clubs le progressing finely. Adjourned
meetinge were held last Saturday evening in the several
Wards, at which the form of a Constitution wan adopted
and the necessary measuree taken for placing the Clubs on
a permanent footing. Some or the Clubs have already
elected their °Mears, and the others have made nominations
to be elected at a future meeting. These Clubs are to
be subordinate and auxiliary to the General City Club.
gerDrtowsun.--A young lad, about eight years
of ago, SOD of William O'Dear, was drowned last Saturday
in the Schuylkill, bolow Jackson's Lock. He, with a num
ber of other boys, was playing on some canal boats, when
he fell into the deer. Search was immediately made for
his body, bat owing to the strength of the current, it was
not found until Sunday morning at 10 o'clock.—Times.
in this city on Tuesday and Wednesday evening next, In
Odd Fellows' Hall. Sanford is well known to all oar citi
zens as one of the best singers and performers in his line
that lives; and we learn that his Company was never
composed Of bettor material than at present. He will
need no extra exertions to draw crowded houses.
JpSrADMIEBION TO TUE BAIL—On the 23d it'd.,
In the Court of Common elm of Barka ounty, on 'notion
of tho lion. Hlester Clymer, Masers. C. A. LEOPOLD and
DAN rot, t!Cilittainit, were admitted to practice law in the
Serena Court* of lierki county.
ifilr AMOUNT or COAL, transported on the Phil
adelphia and Reading Railroad, during the weak ending
Thursday, April 23, 1853.
Tons. OWL
• • • 27,166 OS
- • 611 OS
- ItipGA OS
- - - - ;166 14
- . 6,1154 12
- - - 6,160 16
From Port Carbon, •
" Schuylkill Haven,
•' Auturrt,
" Pork Cllnton,
" Harrieburg, -
Total for week 9:1,047 01
Previously this year, - - 941991 19
- • - 1,005,041 00
To same time last year. • • 646,220 09
GOVErtNieliNT laMala.---Jay Cooke has
openea an agency for the sale of the U.S. 0 per cent. Gov.
erninvot betide, at the needing Savings Mink, where these
highly desirable securities may be obtained, in large or
email amounts, free of charge for commissions, Sic. These
bonds bear G per cent. interest, which will be paid at the
Bach, eemi•aanaally, fa gold, or its equivalent in pre
Correspondence 1?/* the Reading Cootie.
NEW llciti.l2r, hobo Co.. Pa April 18:h, hitch.
mo. GETZ—Sir :— vur towe was in a tratatadooB
Stato of ex ditetilent. The filets are ritiaui—do men Ilummel,
of Snyder county, it deserter new the Ailey, 'vas hero as
homing the funeral of a deceased sistarJAiter the relatives,
with a large aseembly of neighbors end friend, were quiet.
ly coaled in Church and the preacher wits about opening
the servicee, a hergeant Gehhart, who allesee to have bean
on detail for several mouths already, to arrest deserters in
Stotler county, walked up to Hummel, pointiog a Colt's
revolver es hie brearit, and saying in a mumbling manner,
"You are my prisoner." Hummel thereupon started up,
end drew a Sharp's four.shooter. fiehhart snapped two
cape without effect. After this, they both discharged all
their loads at each other. There were in all elite clots
fired. Thie happened right before the consecrated altar
of the Mara, in the midst of hundreds of innocent women
and childrali. Hmnmsl luring his wife and Ono child by
hie side. As noon as the firing commenced, bewever, the
coneternatiou, shrinks and lamentations were so great and
intense. as to he beyond description. Hammel, as it to
Rapp/sea by We physicians, has a mortal wound through
hie left long,. Gebbart hail th reo Intl let boleti in hie matte,
but they being Loth very thickly padded. protected him
partly apt act the balls of en Wieder weeper. As good
lack would have it, no tunocent persons Were hit, although
there aro bullet-marks upon the weal, of the Church.
There are very many deserter, through all these counties
in this part of the Slate, and the question is now, are the
arrogant. insolent and indolent provost guards of Lincoln's
tyranny to lie ,boat for months to await oeCtlitlene like
this, and amid all that should be considered sacred and
holy. heighten the Mitrese of those who are already bowed
to the earth by their afflictions. I forbear farther com
ment, leaving year readers to form their own optrilotte
about what can be considered simply outrageous.
. One that has had at lent two years' experteoce, None
need apply Atlas they can produce eatlaractory teatime
nista from their former employer, and can speak German.
Apply to DelitaL 11. KEIM, Pottstown, Pa.
April 20-21
DRIES, In South Fin Street, above Franklin, oppo
site the Presbyterian Church. Apply to 111CrIARD BOONS
Esq., South Fifth Street, above Chestnut.
April 25401 P. M. DRIES.
For County Superintendent.
YEARS, actively engaged in teaching—the last Ave
in Barks county—l now very respectfully present Thyme!"
to the School Directors of Berke county as a candidate for
the office of County Superintendent of Schools, pledging my
beet °gone and entire experience in the business, if elected.
Butimeono, April 25, 1862.
To the School Directors of Derks
numerous ft./elide of &demotion, I have at last con
sented to Le a candidate fee the also of COUNTY SUM ,
I NTENDENT, on the 4th day of May next. If elated, I
pledge a faithful and Impartial fulfilment of the duties of
the office. .1. B. JUNKET, A. M.,
April 26-2tfl Principal Mount Pleasant Seminary.
of Jacob Shaffner, Assignee of William Shaffner, ban
been Mad in the Prothonotary's office of Berko county,
and that the same will be allowed and confirmed on Satur
day, May 30th, ISG3, ueleee cause be !Avowal° the contraryy .
April 25-41] A. W. IiAUFFMAN,
of Benjamin Gordner and Daniel Braucher, Assigneee of
ter Blusher. has been filed In the Prothonotarre office
or Berke county, and that the same will ho allowed and
confirmed on Saturday, the 30th day of May, Mid, unless
canoe be shown to the contrary.
April 2i5-4t] A. W. KAUFFMAN, Prothonotary.
DemoCratic Meeting.
.LlLCumrti, Robeson, and the adjoining townships, will
be held at the public house of Jacob Becker, Req., in
CuJura township,
On Saturday, the 2d of May, 1803,
At 4 o'clock, P. M. Addresses will be delivered In the
English laniguare by Ron. 8 1 E. Ancona and Jesse G. Haw•
ley, Esq., and in German by William Rosenthal, Esq.
The above meeting is called in pursuance of a resolution
pawed by the Democratic Statolizig Committee for the
county of Berke, on the net lot., to organize a Demo
cratic Club. (April 24-21
of the Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Sinking
Spring, have certain information that some members of the
Company are or have been allowing night meetings to be
held in Barns and other buildiugs on the Insured premises,
thereby greatly endangering the security of such properly
from Fire ; Therefore, all members of said Company are
hereby uot(ifed, that by thus diverting their insured pre
mises from its proper non and purpose Intended at the time
they were insured, they will forfeit all claims for damages,
and that the Company will not be responsible for lessee by
lire under such circumstances.
April 21-3 q BY ORDER, OF TIM BOARD.
2 290
On Saturday, April ?6th, 18P3, will be sold at Aso•
lion, in WeA Market Square, a large lot of Fruit, Shade
Aand Evergreen TREES, small Fruit, Shrubbery,
ltoses, Greenhouse Plants, and 1 great variety Of
the Choicest GRAPE VINES. The above stuck its
from the West Cheater Nursery and in perfectly ca
liable. JOHN W. BURKHART, Auctioneer.
April 25-1 t
J Philadelphia, intends to give one grand
At the above Ball, on THURSDAY EVENINO, the 30th
April, at 8 o'clock, on which occasion he will perform some
of the compositions of the greatest Masters. He in bat 16
yearn of age, Lae net yet &Mimi his &mond year of
tuition, and in by this time considered thegreateet musical
prodigy of the age. Be will be assisted by
A Dret.elam VOCALIST from Philadelphia, and by Mr.
stumaner and the Reading Instrumental Quartette,
CO Tickets 26 cents, to be had at Strickland & Brother's
and klechier's Booketoree, and at the door. [April 26-It
PHANS' COURT of Berka county, will be sold at pub
lic venting, on Saturday, the 16th day of May, A. D. 1863,
at theFackerack Hotel, is the City Of Beading : All that
one and three quarter story FRAMS DWELL
IRHOUSE, with a small Kitchen attached, and lot
groaud, situate in Ringainan street, between Fourth
and Fifth streets, in the Oily of Reading, Berke county,
adjoining John Burkhart's property on the Rest, and L W.
Harper on the West, and fronting on Binganiact street, the
lot being 73 feet in length, and 19% feet in breadth, the
bourn Wing 16 Peet front, nod 64 feet in depth. Late the
propeety of Coin M.yer, deceased.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, when
due attendance will be given, and the tome of sale made
known by
• PHILIP ALBRIGHT, Administrator,
By order of the Conn.—Deem HAHN, Clark.
April 23-3t*
PHAN'S' COURT of Berko county, will be sold at pub
lic vendee, on Saturday. the 23rd day of May, A. D., 1889,
at the Keystone House, In the City of Reading, said noun
aty: All that certain three-story BRICK 110118 E, with
two-story beck Banding (brick) and lot nr piece of
ground, situate on the west side of South Eighth
street, in said city bounded as follows: North by property
of Jacob Marobal l, Went by a2O feet Alley, South by pro
perty late of Daniel 'Miller, deceased, and East by said
Eis•btlt street; containing in front on said Eighth street
ninety-aye (00 ), feet, and in depth East and Went one hund
red and seventy (170) feet. On this property are some 40
or 60 Frail Trees, of various kinds of the finest qualities
of fruit. This property will be sold whole or in tote to
suit parehasers. Late the property of Jain+ G. Marshall,
M. D., deceased.
Sale to commence at I o'clock In the afternoon, when
due attendance will be given, and the terms oC sale made
known by
SUSAN A. MARSHALL, .Adminletratrlar.
By order of the Coart.—BA.NIEL RAHN, Clerk.
April 2.1-41
Merchant Tailoring Eitablishment,
To No. 13 East Market Square, between
Fifth and sixth Streets,
vl' spleadid assortment of
To which he invites the attention of his former customerB
and the plth lie genera/iv.
have on heed now a complete assortment of READY
MAIM GLOTEIING of my own manufacture, which Will be
sold at the very lowest Cash prices. Please give me a tall
and examine for yourselves.
E. W.
(April 25
LIG. COLEMAN, Critter. (April 25-41
ustTERIE.4 "it," "C," "D," "F," and 93,"
let Artillery, P. R. V. 0., serving nester-
Major O enure' Honker. Promotion. to office
from members of corps only. Every officer must Brat
servo in the under graded of Sergeants. Soh
TWO DOLLARS paid to any person bringing an accept
able recruit.
r i id" Recruiting Stutinn—Schmacker House, corner of
Pone and tlixib Streets ; Reading.
pril 25-109 Major and Recrnitina Officer,
Vorner of Second and Fraraklan Streets,
fuIIy inform their numerone old ountoinore and the
public generally, that they continuo to hoop on itand'a
heavy Kook of Broken, Egg, BEd, Stove sod I, lwebaniere
COAL from [be hest Mines. which they will sell In lam or
email qoan[lties, at the lowest market prices. also, RPM
MOUS COAL of superior quality, and Hickory and Oak
WOOD, by the cord or otherwise.
der All orders faithfully attended to, and Fuel deliver
ed promptly to any part or the city, without extra charge.
April 25, HOMO/
Yours, &c.,
lionit 1
NM HIS 1111
ice' 3OE .r: 1101 V'
.311113 4 gdaithlllo
....sii 310 K _Aft_ "IIiMFT .11E-4 NM' 9
April 25, 1853,
.416." X" COMN3Z/0 7F 2 '.W/LX oCIMUSA.
Of the best makes,ilr4uaker and other styles,
veri t S. II CIS ; and
Men§ 'Lad boys' Wear
Qf ever:iniancription, which we are also offering
at a reduction.
Public Respectfully Invited.
April 20 N 0.125, Corner of Fifth and Spruce &real
Philadelphia and Reading Sail
Arab. 211, IM7.
(Panning Reading)
DOWN, TO PHIL ADELPHIA, at 6.00 and 11.10 A. 11.,
12 noon, and 4.20 P. M.
UP, TO POTTSYILLE, at 11.10 A. M. and 6.00 P. N.
Western Express from New-York at 11.67 midnight.
Mall Trains, at 11.07 A. M., and 600 P. M.
On Sundays, the Down A, M. Train panne Rending' at
9.20 A. M., and Up Train, at LIM P. M.
Both 11.10 A. M. and 6.00 P. M. up Trains connect at Port
Clinton for Tamaqua,Williamsport, Elmira, Buffalo, Niagara
and Canada.
The 1130 A. M. Train only connects at Port Ohnwn
for Wilkeebarre, Scranton and Pittston.
The Western Express Trains- connect at Tlarriaberg with
Express Trains on the Pennsylvania Railroad for Pitt,.
burgh, and all points West ; and the Mail Trains connect
at Harrisburg for Lancaster, Chamberaburg, Sunbury, Wit-
Ramaport, Lock Haven, Milli& and the Canadal.
Through First-Class Coupon Tickets, and Emigrant Tick
ets at reduced Farm, to all the principal points in the North
and Went, and the Otrearlas.
With 26 Coupons, at 25 per cent. discount, between any
points desired.
Good for 2000 nines, between ell points, at $4O 2S—for
Families and kittidaese Firms. &aeon rickety, good for the
holder only, for three mouth., in any of the Passenger
Trains to Philadelphia, ats42 Woad'. School Season Tick
ets one-third leas.
air Passengers will take the Express TralneWest, at the
TIPPER DEPOT, aid all other Tralne, at the LOWER or
80 IDs. of baggage allowed each passenger.
Paireengers are requetted to purchase their 'Pickett
before entering the care, an higher Pam are charged It
pol l
in care.
Up Trains leave Philadelphia for Reading, Harrisburg
and Pottsville at 8.10 A. M., and 3.30 P. M., mad at 5.0)
P M. for Reading only.
AMPExcursion 'Tickets, good for one retur n 6.00 A. N.
Accommodation Train to Philadelphia and, at $2 Oct
each, and to Harrisburg, good for three days, by all
sensor Trains, $2 22. G. A. IVIOOLLB,
April 26,1863-U1 Genera/ Superintendent.
Estate of John Leader, late of Mk
'sobers township. Merka county.
ters of Administration on the estate of John Leader,
late of kfuhlenberg township, Berke county, deceased,
have been granted to Wm. H. Livlogood, of the OW of
Reading, comity aforesaid; all persona having claims or
demand. against the estate of the said -deceased, are re
quested to make thorn known to the said administrator
without delay, and those indebted to the estate are request.
ad to make immediate payment.
April 24-411] Wfd. B. L/VINGOOD. Adkai.l.tmtor,
;state of Jacob Reif enyde r
_, late of The
Borough of WomeM B
ori, erks county,
deceased. •
to the Estate of Jacob Relbinyder, late of the borough
of Womeledort, Berke county, deceseed, have boon grantAl
by the Bantam of mid county, to the aubsorlber, melding
In the oity of Reading ; notice le hereby given to all per
ilous indebted to sold oblate, to make payment without
delay, cad to all Laving claims against the game or WY
kind whatsoever, to present them, properly authenticated,
for settlement.
• April 2G -et] DAVID L. REIFSNYDER, Executor.
In the Cubans' Court for the County
of Berke, Pennsylvania.
J. S.ttou of David McKnight, Adminielrator .3
season Gehrle, for specific performance. And now to Olt :''
April 23rd, 1883, on motion of Daniel Brmentrout, Eel.,
the Court award a citation against Abraham Oehrib, re
turnable to the 28th day of May, 1883, at 10 o'clock, A. 31,
before an Orphans' Court, to be held at Reading, is sod teL
said county, to answer the said petition. All persons in
terested in said matter or in the estate of the said Susanna
Gehrie, are hereby notified to attend if they think proper.
By the Court.
DANIEL HAHN, Clerk 0, C.
, ril 75-4 U
--- ---
Estate of John Bitter, late of Greenwich
township, Berke county, dec'd.
undersigned Auditor, appointed by the Orphans'
am of Berke county, to audit, resettle and re•ited
the account of Frederick Ritter, and Rlizaheth Ritter,
Administrator. of John Ritter, deceased Jand make di.tri•
button of the balance in the hands of the accountant, will
meet the parties interested at his Wilco, to eth street, in the
city of heeding, on Wednesday, the 10th day of May,
A. D., Me, at 1 o'clock, P. N.
April2s4l] R. FRANK ROYER, Auditor.
ed by the Court of Common Pleas of Berke county , tk ,
t, restate and re4ettle the account of 11. If. Schwan/.
Esq., Assignee of Jacob Gebman, late or latingewe MP tow'
ship, Berke county, and make distribution among the Per'
eon legally entitled thereto, hereby gives notice that ha
will meet the partied interested, at his otHee in the borough
of Rutztown, on Monday, the 16th day of May, 1863, at 2
o'clock, P. M.
April 25-3t] _ , CHAS. W. ESSER, Auditor. ,
Estate of James Rolland, late of Tipper
Bern township, Berks County, dec'd.
-1 ed by the Orpheus' Court of said county, to audit, re•
state and reuettle the account of David Rolland, Adm i ai 7
motor of said James Holland, deemed,' and mike di
button among the persona entitled thereto, berehy turn`
notice that be will meet the parties interested at his °di,
iu North 6th street. city of Reading, on Tuesday, May 1 . -',
1563, at 1 o'clock, P. M. -
April 21—It]
A. B. WANNER, Andlto
In the Orphans , Court of Berke county.
pointed. Auditor by the Orphan.' Court of Berko coun
ty, to audit, re-state and make dletributine among Ind
Persona legally entitled thereto, on the account of Franklin
V. Wagner, Assignee of Daniel Seaman and wife, or Up
per Bern township, Marius wanly ; hereby laves notice• that
he will meet the parties interested at hie °Woe la BKat Pe.
Square, In the oily of Reading, on Wednesday, May Litho
an; at 1 o'clock,-P. M.
April 25-30 RICHMOND L. JONES, Amlita.
Estate of Stephen Lengel, deceased.
TION de Louis non et cam teolumento itnaom,
the estate of Stephen Lengel, late or Heidelberg tow uship.
Berke county, deceased, have been panted to the sulloen.
bar, all persona indebted to said estate, are reverted 1 '
melimimmeMatepayment, and those braving el.bes
the lams, will preeent them duly atehealleeted
Akent;,to MICHAEL LBPRIBL, North litadelbrrr..
Administrator de bolas non at CUM testament(' a nnex' ,
. April 26, 1862-et for sold,
wife, of Lower Heidelberg township. Vor"
' County, have executed a Ueed of Assignment of sii their
Matntn,,,to the subscriber, residing in the city of ilosdA
,iinritst for the benefit of creditors, all persons"
MO - 6W Inane Miller, will please make pal Went, IA
k winieming claims, will present theta for settlement.
20-3t] WIC R. IaVINGOOD, Assigikee.