Reading gazette and Democrat. (Reading, Berks Co., Pa.) 1850-1878, May 24, 1862, Image 1

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EDWARD H. synuunnt, • . •
5t...0 1 " " 1 " 11 " 441 .1 11 ,4 (1 4,
Enagovtir.: .
VA hes removed Ids office to Ow • north odds of
Coot Wed, first door below Sixth.- . Lao 22$f
1 4 1 , d, bigoW Sixth. 110811bg,.i!ii,
ui 1113011 sisth,Readlita.l% - ' .
ma i
a 7.11 be at Frledettellorg, every - Thaledeir.
1.0 Wilber 29, 1860-Iy*
. . .
Charles Div*
OW to the Olhee David
a do ; aedoesed. 11 nal drink m idge VIVA
• •isprii 14
igallael P. Fiem
os. to North Sixth street, opzeite the gestoxiß
saagnf, Fa. _ _ 1. 3 P1T 166151„,
In— chutes K. notiewn,
i n l et, below tbstlivtkostit etde. - Isprill24l"-
David EL ogieszt..
Anee is Itaxitt Ift=rate tie itercemm -wm
odd vitally eat takissineeee
boa. ", • . PPRIT-tt
pavld:N•tr, ,
nniOLESALE 411s.REtAllAtailifitt;
Irotelgu romiosthi btrlotscrt... mnsist
pan „ mit , m ai m , Pa. Match 10, 1880.
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laciVa-011mi - Dt iffmtsw
siuk stria, Garai ix. o l io, ar; „ nay
Late Hart &
TVALNII IN roitpaiit
So. 14 ha Pas Shun. - - '
AIANDFACTIII**I4.,„,t eltrfr/s
Atoos it Daodir'
. 401 ,
prios, tufting,
Sir allr terwom
Dr. G. W. NE ttAllinillt ---
ECLECTIC) . : - PAX11:4 4 11,%..
N ir
o .atserilestrisVass.
Etririntit -
ro filoN.,_ftikskrititer•
'TILE ABM - WELL' , g 4 " _ _
I. lllll b In • *•;,,, •
noyatiosh an. I • a I
older the , . 7 1 • ;
Li well. to.
17 44 Thankfal for Um
nayofeuz 110
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orgietia , "Pt TeliWirstilklylWltiq
Nollialiß o
Wm; abcoro Milk north MA* . :-.._,.. - --.::
JO 14WirnsiattrIllilli , r y ff ir,
Watches, Jewell'', 1119.014 . . Si r V»
attention, adol• -
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111-1' V.IJ.
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Rairiiii4*l: ..A11,1
"9 - mtSft - rrEstltmAtrPe_ri*Tg ,
tAVl2lliPiti:-. -'' . - • .:
ORD 4.:
guMWWW IWINIWIY aidaivatarossistolv Zits
lutes from Paris =I ismnMlncolimst IMM•111011plir..
Air. Paris
nanny Inxiinsr4o tridt mu eirmionnrailiMa t r, Ainsit . lioly.,-.
1 , 4111114 1 ,4 .
rtitTANtte akitatilk:,
linen Lout, ,imakiik dteidtt ilitAileitit
Groceries, Gloyss and:Oteensyrafe.
178 T RECEtViiihdCiattitli /iBi3ORTAIENT.
4 f wfdli ti•iiiftilfla
W: . 1 174.'llieregre o hits aaa l nii#:
MlEWi4Alfitb,svitod stowkot otAsswAxs
aid oitocuris ai "A. 2* Not* NM
Z. D. aMlia
if to st ladies laagaiwrifoka adaif h an d'amlNA
._gym ac Vaa
agaii - Lsiallat Tann if lo lin.„
anew, naining, •
a➢ DR
- • -
RE LOEST naPßovEsairk wet , . E.l--
Going, and a great variety of
can aed /Mkt Otreett
aprii aei
_li . :
Granlte Ts sseura Okraaty . 1 .
'DOR SALI AT . neat•VoenOlana
47 Diana ishworigooritiolc
R e g a . istit z OLD 5y..118
PR SAL Connaan. -
ut untinent of. Liyarpool Was mr Owed In
FOK sax 41 1 .104 OW _ A. . Lams
assomana of Pftuburei, Boston and 7fnnah (flaw
*ma dematridcw .
est Minh of Dar and Rotal %ma China and gam*
'ware foraikua eau-offoradin an=d•
Manus at Plautellagaft
a 221 L non IE WROAWIr..
lIEENSWARa...4II , 40110 ' STOCK 'Or.
' ' l l ll A , • •
•VA giblc4e - •
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jou : 10E.
REM:tot •-,
ea the eelakinint -compensate, /alai "or
onto* rah& not only_ run down the systao4 Ind
destroy ill Alma emit* be tend on trial to Pomo
the following, proEties, pad to, whlob. the most ealueble
teltiblobible .1010111, ilia paispnlots.
Sol. Wit** gh; and as a soothing syrup, Seeds
*eery weilt,it Weedy bee sellable! tirolaftvost propdr
non at meow in children which can be triad to Whoop.
ses gh.
I larrinitiry Medlin end ltsmaoldel 061fildlduts; !ha 16 6;
IMIIIIIMAICIonaumption, ifs splendid tonic proportion matte
not only tke most petted ebony to any Mown, bat
bands up and rattans the rotors salmi roanrrimos of
the' Cosaidetst. nursery should be without is, nor
ahould'perebla fall to get egembleet, to be kaki with alt
angora, as the only ts do tootles to Ate melee.
r _.
( touli
saritv 4 l'u Z4f . ''
Lo Iff et."
• This grail Neuralgio Remedy and Natural Opiate cal;
- for special attention and latamat, being free of Opium
or preparations or Oillnm',or Warty but its iierletly 1/1/11F
Mb or medical propotina For Neuralgia, Entnimatism,
Clout, Tooth; sad Bar delta, bptau Cauplaiste, Blaidiug u.
Lew or litommh. Bose or Bay Hever, Catarrh, Sad all
minor NertroturComplalnts.
Por Loss of Sleep, Chronic or Nervonee Bead nab., leek
Beed-Aelet, it hes no equal, and to which we offer teettino.
dale from undoubted acumen
Por ilorliciam Tremens it iit a'Sons Ramedi..
For Bowel Complaints. leslndlen Chelan Will* II le
ingaidiais adapted, In not only.ronoving wee pelt* bete
sating aft • physic, a grad *mired well Optem,Wedol. fot
°Mycenaean/et and dineethiesyetws, bus makes *wrier
worse Ilan thedlelesse .. •
.....alyelelsee wit Auk elation, awl on deftente Porm
ono yriTzUl *Mlle wIIL bison%derelog th,An.
&gas an Opiala lose leen Isenenuttee, ant lathe-
Coo& Itentely etteb.aerest sitissig On Mutt Naha pelt.
rota insaUdn we ink Leonesponienet for Painptalets or
etlanetson, without .peptegeenitops. , • L. . .
ceso9LartmCough Remedy', 60 cents pm bottle.
, . . 20 de
Talc/x . 64u, 60 " it
JO BM • lluattrZe WiDe.Errettr &stair/
11towiaamairaialiWharf; phi Nail
lap Wee au wail lama waddle. bd4iEdtdelliaeu!
Fnny* eneteleZ WWI by Retavarsutax a Intoa,
Forkeilling. • levilereettl47 . 4111114311111/
Mir ILLZZIPie CO 4 rtaisaiapwa.
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Aa ra
-717 74. 2:
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• •:
IMIEAW11111111101( MOIL%
vim -
KeY rm , _ ,ana
TOO I . A.S BAR - TO '
Vie''public litre Weowei upon him, &patrol tikoke
PUttedeelp to call the attention . of Maraud+. sad Alt-
Itoopectte 116,,ainabliglimataiirkara aaoataatL7t na
lima a large aaaortalant of, . , „
roreign and
Which he le' ble to 'ell et the • lotrest Market priori. As
he peraliame his Mark from the frrindipallmpartal of Mir
Takata Philadelphia, for cash; he to saddled that hi
sell air eheap to any establithmenCln ' theeellnhl7,i i %ls
stock roaelsta of bait kinds of MM E BSA= ,
HOLLAND 011,11' ef'direient %nada ; llnotonashalt, Ohl
Rye, Scotch and Irish WHISKITB. • •
411 kinds oflordisnitid Dcimegle Menufsetered,frn
Alan—Ninr lingirma Spirits, tarradier
Bnlndyi, : Blackberry Brandy; 'BiggerßeAdy; Pralt
Brandy; Awaited Oordial,'Wlna din
Helm also on hand &huge amortmeat of Old liononobele
end Comm.. Whiskey, which be : WILL sell very cheap,
width cannot be sorpsnied any Where larilityAnd plan,
has alga a very large ate* dfzJl Alt; erWeb will
be id geldw as at any other entabllebnialcaad 'warrant.
ad live sailethoOon., . -.•
all grinds from my store Maraud 110 glee
erialr the Orem* of babe rationed. ' *.
-.W.-Orders received and promptly attandedlM
Harsh 22 - 3m] . TOBIAS BARTO.
Admen* Bordtagoad nOrornandhiglionatrnthof nal*
puyluisod the satin Stook of
WALL Pavia - - •
wiaPftw..4 l gAl! l 7 l . 4o - ,
p:l..Goethich, eadieatia for a . Vine 'Wrist% that
1 0001, a # , P OW 940 , 14 01- bit and IMMUIPII to Alm
• awe_ Tsaile. for tna v r o. :tiatlauhar. ind dopteadhat
he WALL zaput .. ng.sptspEnumipea
4 E a
eke and Who lagoewe,
*Who be e 'rieelei_Atth tog as& 'Witte
ih• pua; w' e Will be aided n tarsi risme*: &
'low; teWhich the attendee of perolumers Is respsatiolly
• - - - •
=kilt games" Jr.
:• thweempr go ehir. coo-- ziociolitalF=MC
MeehenAhatie. - - - ."
voiiclui — uruius,Aiiima.
iigs BIIIMICRIBBI4S, t 11/1571.141. - BOUCAM
Am 914 314461144144tran 'aid /PDX . *mi . at tn.
elier, %wogs= is Co:, askA n=
twist** ot tooas; rotol . , losu tho an
tho pyiblto to:pair Wile ' sat of
.1: .141.12w1i5, Virmaxi- .
moll, alum., pall* Ts,
v.. 011ottWALK MADDMilit_ • '
0040E , 271111107 W, taa k es,
Width they ate deteradoeil to eidl at Um very kind:Rae
lot Meek wii?lissle wall tea. , •
OZO*olll.llllalt !Mt,
• Collura Flak sad•Yeeititld'BlSl 1141m* hen atter!toßetient!e
v ari g n uno, 2 gam% O). . •
I:asuium TilE , . 1 r
jam id _ ti, T. TACVSNOW...
:,:; '
A zmw sTYLE OF sauTTLE
14 81. TOL E. A' /TB CONSTRUCT/OA LikkfiT
tos, sad eaty to learn, that sl ay ono oda °pasts It
. Sew. IMILIXIti t
':,.soutd•AstAgtotilt sit . ; r. .
f - i terilliiiii, Wit and Pint - luaus.
' • • .IL W. cloomacp,. -
* d Ewe idddifil, kr, at the law' vele& of $3O. .i.
u:Um thittitw othir Is OttpstnottAtt*Tßi.• Ctat
1.• tt.
....1ati.15.4t1 • • ..- i Ita.ltititt; ulna - UlithiTiVilladthr; PS:
. .
. . . . ...
~ ~
. :. „Air,4l,,_
i i
, t ,,, ~.../.
r i t h5f q ,,,._,,,, T .
. 4
*edi t Weathers Blankets , Com Sortable.,
guilts, Cushion*.
And AA other &tides belonging to the bueineu.
' 'Audi 214m] ' ,LllOll mom.
To theitotherialkpauglitere WA:aeries.
Sy $. Pluaeoast, 11.-D.
Is 0 wangle II • rem, o paw*
pe r w and
NOW 10 1012:31it 'Wasiak :of the 4atere'vf life:aid ionise
pearls of 101•dogi.
640 Ingeseings—Pefee S 2 00, wit by =ell free of expense.
Mdse.*, witeieinnXthe
JOY, COll Jr CO,
maseh-se-anA sad 0114.tont - 100.; 101.110.0•10100., Pa.
A Valuable Residefeta at Pante Saler
Acns °MISR, liatithepropirty of David Xediry,
, Loboroby oared for Wry siewski 031 Mitetillinlit
lirwithin the limits of the city of Yeaihre; ad- -
owing lent al Th 594939 tnter gtheire
ororovommto afaulai of a TWO-sTONT WAWA
DWELLING ROUBB with Brick Kitohoriattoottedt. /Um
'toms ea the Ora lOW 3,01 Naafi ex NW asaold. Yana
likable. Water ricer the door. .
1' •
Peres whaling to view the px94ar'l =tidos* by cellist
ipaa WOOD fa. SCEWIRTZ, or M-53 11.e.WLICf.
Dap Tot&
- LL THOOSTII4.7"NifiIt AvY °bow
klXioisuz sassitaii,
„ - • B. DISSPRIS.
Poirobila, iory.,Goods lot atoms Wm
, .
The Only Place Where a Cure Canhe
Jinn* Cartalit, Openly and 0517 .11ffieetnal Nandi 'la
Ike .World for all Viral* Dleseess, Weakness etas Hack
or Limbs, etelettires, Affections of the • Kidneys. ind Blad
der, Involontary•Dfookarps, -Impotency, GenetalDehlll
lty,Nervoia, Languor, Low Bpirits, Costa
sonlbehAffs, - Nalfstiodien Oahe Neest, 'watt Tteaddlig ,
Dimness of Sight or Gliddiner,.Dissase of the Mud:
Thtoak, • Nose on Akio, Affectlems of the Liver, Lenge,
Stomuh or Nowelathose TenirdeLlsordeni arising from
the Solitary Habits of . Youth—thee men MIA solitary
praMkommors fatal to their etelimnthan thssoiMbt Byrom
-to thelfarinashf Illysses r blialding their most brilliant .
lopes or asitldpattnacroliderbig toarri he., impossible.
Sapsclally, who hare become the fistfuls of Solltari
that droadltil and destructive habit lablehannoally sweeps
to as untimely grave thousandi of Young Men of the most
exalted talents add brilliant intellect,' Who might other
win hairs entranced lintaidng "Simakft, *lth the thunders
Of slainencs or IValted to sestamrthe liringlyre, may tall -
With 11104Ellft. '
warned Perseus, or U ToungMensonemplatingemsriage,
bring aware of physical weakness, organic anbilitr,
mines, int., speedily cured.
He whopleees himself under the rare of Dr. J. MIT
. 11 09a4 Waldo tOble as a Piaboalet and °nil'
SestijzolLniste WA= ao a PiTalotau,
• ORGANIC virsuuramon
immediately Cured, and'Full Vigor Restored.
This Dislreedltg Allbetion—witich:rendois Life inteeisble
sad maselaga leoposelble—is the penalty rata by the `llO.
NM et ORPlr ess ißtaldliadTh TUNIS WI% W *PIVer
to commit isr 11 `011,40 being . aware of the urea 1
consequences that ratty mum. NOW; who that understands
the subject will pretend today that the power Of procrea
tion is lost sooner , by those felling tato improper habits
than by ; the formiciet? Besides 'holm deprived the pleas
ure or healthy °Aping, the most mime and dentructive
speptem to both body. aid sand. arise. The system btl -
Mines Deranged, the Phynleal and Heath Ilinetions
W 004.84.11. UPS of Proeleative Power, Nervous britablll-
Ity, Ditatoppis, Pelptatien of Ms Heart, Indigestion, Con
siltetional Debility, a Westing of the Tome, Coop, Coe
ettelettos, 'Remy' Mid Natl.
ORIBe, It" IF month Prodsorlok Street.
Lefaltalletite gets 4. from Baltimore street, ilito loose
from th• eeriett. Fail hot• to atom esois ant aembee.
Letters mot Paid aatlooldata a doff , . The 40ater's
Biplanes loing in hi. °Won
A CUR U ariumaimuo sir
two 7t/Allll.
So Minn or /mil:cm Drum
Member:of the kepi College alterations; Louden, Gradu
ate fom,ose of the.moat eminent Colleges inthe'Unitsd
Sims, sad the m ater part of who.. lin hp ban spent in
liMPtaill or London, per: Philadelphia t u rd e lse
'Whim' me Meted mite or the most sof - sureifeat
woe aver known enspleteiblid with in Maimed
itniAltne enielaSamar, great nernhonim, being alarmed at
sudden annuls, bbfelems, with frequent blushing, at
hamgot aoloofillatolOth # l oP , allatiof of mind, ware. eared
Dr. J. addenda sit these litho:hake Injured themselves
1 1 toattisoss dfiLioUtaty UM. which Ma
bath body and mind, unfitting them pc either hgdapy
study, lonely or manse%
Tames are Winik*g thedia44llll4lllokll6olY aids welds
' edby atria habits of south, vie : Welchem of the Reek Mid
Limbs, Ma in. Head, DitihhFoirs of glehti-Imia N nn t ..
PO/ 1 4TP 2.0012. Of CAlletiMption r hs.
Nssrestr.—The tearful abate on Um mind are much to
be dreaded—tooli of itosico, Confodottof Ideas: Stipa
elon of Spirits, Belt Forebodings, Aversion to Society, S.lf.
Dicenint, Love of Solitude, Timidity, he., are Immo of the
Mai Patinae& .
Thomas= of persons of all ape can now indite what le
kllO moo of their declining health, losing their vigor, be
coming weak, pale, hernias and emaciated, hexing ante
, gal" appearance about the eyes, cough and 57/11F0g111 of
comenspiton. •
Towne sompot.
iro.havalmittPii Utatuams by e. move 'puttee foeta
-1 god in whinaloie. a habit •frequentiristemed from evil
empaitions, or at school, finales of 'Mott we sightly
lilt, eau Whin Weep, apd if not wired rondos marriage
thopomibMitad destroys both mind and body, should op
W4as Pi (hat a young the hope of his country,
:the aiding b hie parents, Albania be matcher from all
provosts and enjoyments of life, by the consequence'of
deviating from timpani of nature and Indulging in It oar
tato saeretteblk Such persons sear, before contemphOt
Nt,a,didslatelie '
rosermas a viand mind and body are the meat mmsetiT
requisitee to premise sonuebial hapeinees. EndeK with
' est Wet lb MOW tirasali litt lemma a wigry DU -
I map; the; prospect hourly deltas to the new; the
mind - becomes shadowed with despair and filled with the
ntelausholy regocnon that the happiness of another be
' eomes blighted With our own. • •
. .
Whin the misguided end Imprudent eatery et pleasure
dads that halms imbibed the made at this ' M ahn disease,
ft too often happens that as ill - timed 'acute ' of shame, or
dread of dbmovery, deterehlm from applying to those Who,
from edneatlon aad respectability, can alone befriend him,
deisyrrig tin theconstitutional symptoms of this horrid dis
ease make their appearance, etch aenicerated are throat,
eland BON, 110d0.101111. pone In the heed led limbs, dim
nese of eight, dernrneee, umbe on the Ws-imam end acme
biota's . * da the' heed, **And sztrenditee„ prolgeming
with Mental rapidity, till at WV thelealate of the month
or the beside the nose batik and tb 4 Prictlis of thbraM
fel disease becomes a horrid object of commiseration, tin
death lints a parted to dreadfal 'orderings, by sending
him to n. that Vnatturvered Country from whence no trav
eller *brae
II ii i glOknkgia, lad that Wanda fall victims to
Ms terrible dhows, owing to the neekillfobtese of brnor..
set • protorderk who, by &Ono of that Deadly Paps,
lifiroury, ninths conadtunon slid make the redline or
Taal WA your lark or hulas to as rare of Many
Jearzuwitaul wreaker 'Pretondors, deg:goo of lesowirdrea,.
nasea4aOhanotar, , abo ropy' Dr. Johnston% advertise•
neentkargia tholeurguere, la .11a sowerpapea, regularly
kdocatad Pleygdans,, incapable of Curlall, they kap 7uw
trilling Walk after arta taking heir filthy and Potwar
oar oompounds, or so long as the unallort we eautaioir
alma, aad In dolma, lava lOW with- mho& health to
Dr. edejlk cr.rew your owagalliardisiggotakawd.
Solesuroa calf Pleyarian advertising.
fite werdealtlega er diPlowar grape hang to hyena s : ..
- H. 4 humming or treatment raw unknown to all Wars,
.preVarei. - tram OlifirAphre timottialkospltels of Enirote,
fbaita6.lntha.ronntoaad *AAP atillidlinta.
ger th in - awake em igrate >n tat world.
RPM& Off' MTh
The !soy. dimes& tweilletnum yew ai m
s e e m, au& the liallhddiS 11111101ntnit flur g leal. Operations
illtreriNd"JAWS% by the repodoto of
the 'Sun, "Clipper." and sway Wm men, bonen Or
whisk byre tbyeiteed Cud WIN befent
besides his stantibitge • geitiNewt ebareeter sad re
eponsibtlity, is a - inszetent gaaniatbe to the
akin Minim apeedilV Cure&
110 Meese reeetml, T4eiew retiabi led fieslabslif
awiteni to be moron the Poly- 'Pinions willing amnia
Am; a p, ead . portion of eateetieetoolit
warm. M. ' Pa r" - SOIMPLIING
Of the lisidieboi,Lock itospital,,Beltimore, Maireed.
0 ,71 0- 1, ; . . . -
11 ritinito3lP4Eaw
itisoeliarsous. and,
, .
NIB 41131, 4Clio alli
KA.O4.k . *mot imUsgAND .
annazo.d Irma molts,.
GOLD PIM. Plitt r Altr10111111;
371.11.71/11 ZOOMS
- -
ZEUMAitrir 'AtclQina DOM
-Midi to ordeal Chtiltheil Sad Sabbath - Illehdals MOM
with met assiegy and Bitaday School Miles publitatio"
st eatidtupwiwieek '
Sip °edits from Constar Nerehsala solicited sad tiled
prorapyr at the lowest arltiole. pekes.
swhirs supplied with Wade at the weal discount.
N. B —Book. and Nude sent by mil postage paid, On
sooolpt of Pablishars , . Priem Jan MU
;,4 1'1, 4 f An!
in Whobrats 401
aran 'CM'. moss; AIL
Bro. 8 West Pasta StrasA,asst . door to ;he
Vide* Roadtiff, Pa. .
TirSt nog 11Bwzrerni AND
klairdelplihi, wiftl wag at
• UMBRELLA& &e.,
Stec offend for sale In Beadlng; an Le pm oßlit BB au
Vs Boob. La Is easblini toselletthe loweetlerloss.
• large lot.of the best oputilty of B•D PS•TaIiRB oft
hand, io which the iitaseitob of BossokoeDars is reseosto
folly DoottemL
one iteadoe• sal Tweedy-10. Deese 811•••• ODOM
esoossoa. 'oblate. will be wild . clump, Cell awl wiabilee
-00 Ironlinlininor gond.. . [myth A-41
Rabe Street, above .Third, Philadlphia.
- r r inducements, not only on account of updated ratetrof
hoard, but from Its central location to the avenues of trad,.
es well as the 00iiniliendllf afforded et the Warta
7aelletzpec Bothee7e =Wog Piet Pied coltetignons to It, by
- which guild Win pui to end from the Hotel, should they.
betoretured to the regales °melba; connected. with they
EL;I am determined to devote my Whale itteitUon to
anelfort and etravanienee of my gasses..
Term, $1 Ml yrsr day.
IP H:'llTdifilffr; Pl'aprieirst, .
Formerly Um ape IWO, Lebenett" rs.
T: V.eavaes, Mg** Plant , Hi4f
Man Ii a berIaINIII ell In Barbary, ! reesival tato •
Lego tads, which bears a aaras ditelltrlag 9llll .4 an d.
ashy I" from tbegreat damps of Matting with rSIIIHNIM
assisalns.--Drs Shawl
Up„ Id/gift and rawer I
RotellklYalky Su*
Nor rest the, till OUT
Ligl'a wearisome wale.
Inctlurwild,forma ranger
Thy footsteps betray
To metals and dare,
Oh I &lob, mad away I
Hem lurks the dark savage
-Walsh; and by day,
• To cob sad to Immo,
, Noraereplos to slay I
Hs walls for the Slaughter;
The blood of hts prey
Shall itata then= "sitar;
Than drink and sway
With 101 l thinigh an languid,
Tbd AA:4W obey t
Spur on, .thoagh In =gala,
There's death In delay,
No bloodhound, wrourbwmatul
Ti Ilemer; than they t
Pass by It usdistid,
Or Ditale, and away t
Though eon be the total,
Ttiy . ctod. te 414 stir;
Though deep the *tal l
lidd not 'l.Eoitusey;
But, rapt hi high Inden t
'Loot on to the day
Ifeken Anuttenielitelle
Thir CUM illittitiliat,
Thad shalt thou forms
'inlay thy repose;
Wham lice's patio glass
Bioassay' Alma
Ts% &Ifs RUH them xest &se
Homes andi ayst, •
With acme to stialast.thas ; .
Than dnials„.ao assay
)EAR Ata'Eki
'Yenta/bar year„ the novelises tit the suradow,_
Isar alter year ihankylaska thrill , as elr,
"te}r ager.yperpin wureirwes la e}w‘rwr • •
• i f °4 I I6II • II, PAL tokild,lirgokalkd.l44 l l se on We Wire.
Teen after yaw, ea auerw4dade.retenviag; " •
Sr Iteld lowine Waremiair aline thoo wintry ineali,
tau Vim tiltimility* MAX areaelleginge
:km we With Wire ewe gently that nem on greW el&
Ilergsfireargitta lidyerbSge,ingele
• Skoog hops of manhood, content align Win
LoTed In s hundred ways, each idletant fashion, ,
- Set loved napreinely r Wan as We wawa ler* NM MIL
Doge* and bonniest I Sleigh blanehed than curling
trend, •
'hough loose cline; the wedding ring to that thin hand
, •
/!flithreet of ell oro Oat lose liii8;l
Strestest of 411 Spathe lips bug since kissed aline I
'Se let the world go round with all its Sighs and tinning,
Its and &outs o'er fancied Mg, its howl; o'er pleasures
but ;
Igiatarlicb it calla icmr'slind• Pr us win *sir's beginning ;
I deep ay mai :beat ill , aerie lad lava dm in the last.
King death was a nee Gbh Sara;
eet where sta Irim-acrol4 ado',
dad llipidailkilla 74110 W,
la 4 immpod oat his eettl4daak whet
Ilareab 1 for the eoehbtath ,wlael
Than 011ie to Mks guar a' raidloa.
Wham eyes bad forgot to &Lao,
Mid widow* with grief If/Madan,
Yor a draught a tho marls* wins
Sarah for the' ooal-blaok wino I
The seholer left all his Wards&
The loot Id" Stymied Wow
Ind the beauty hoz bloom rotonsfog,
Like Itee to the ft diet root
Hertel' f for the east-black *tee 1
Alicante to the ism old NW,
Whir buthartUriiii efw 4r9ird
dad he tee thief Alt held se yellow,
And pledgee:llmm In Death's buck *tee;
lEthlry Oorwtapll
Cats mat Sititiss.
Thot's s Lrge fano*. I. mated thirty
twO enrringee.." .
itY•i, its 'lficth4 ftamol of Mt. Elio. No
died very rich."
Itow.mtich did ha leovo t" ,
"A large amount of money. air; I don't know
low ono* Some miya half a miltiosof dollars,"
f, Hy doable esseldered greetlomi to the
eceeteueity, I preeeeke.?"
i ‘ sir? " The =Pk to wheel I wee opeek•
hg, looked into my Isa with-tbs slr of •9Re
'Bose mind woo, not moody otestas to toymotat
log. .
Vein" man of his wealth mast hare been a
very entei, War
" Useful ? I don't know dig he wan pattioa
larly He • was rich, and did 'not cars
Ail& for anybody but Manion."
"II vim n imp]. wow" um I, "wen
though curing only ler himself, ho fiti4
been the Ineinoter of large indwdrialanterilsee,
thi!otigV widolk raspy were beneftitediii
`i!ist was shook his head doubtfully. •
( I Wbit did he do with himeonsil
"I never head of, ids dolag.aaything with.%
particularly," was the ruseetidaotory answer.
"Money roust hammed in order-to wake
anon's. Wee he not is boatmen
" No, Idr." .
What, then, did, he do with himself ?"
"Oh, he was always . about after bits of pro
perty .that Lid to be told. He was ohs* for
bargains in real estate."
g , ,Sh, I see how it wait. Then he ad and use
for his *OM ?"
" IIL that way its did. But - when s piece of
property came into his bands there was an end
to its improvement. He let other people improve
all around him, and thus increase the value of
what he owned; so that he grew rich every day
without patting his hand to anything or benefit
ing anybody."
"This was your half million man t And so all
he has , left are these • property accumulations)"
" AIL"
" Then him death it not • regarded as a public
calamity ?"
• " No, indeed, sir. It I. considered a public
busk He has a sough of ono, sad * Couple
of pomp-in-law, who will scatter ranch faster than
he 'saved. Ms moment they come into pones
sion of his mutate, it wkil be divided, and lots of
ground, which ought to have been improved
Yew* ego, Mill be sold and covered with hatad--
souse buildings, them giving trade and industry •
new impulee. - Why, sir, he has boon a thad
Weight oa our town for years; growing flower
and richer through stibor peoplfi enterprl:e l Rid
yet not, adding a building himself, or is any way
serving the.common good."
I thought," said I," from the long-array of
carriagen, that dealk bad taken, is OOP
a valued and now . leniented citisen."
" Mere ostentation, sir. But nobody is deJ
caived. -There are plenty of idle people who'
pleased to ride la, femoral carriages. Old Elio
wilt be yet • away with a peat flourish; but that
Willi* the last of /dm. no WWI maketall the
mourning, oar.';
"But surely," said I, 16 hie children are not
without natural affection t Yon do not mean to
say that theirs is only the semblance of sorroert"
"It is nay opialoti, Sir, dist HIV are tiled in
their hearts. Why not? He stood hard and
unyielding as iron between them and the wealth
they desired to possess. He was cold, sour
tempered and repulsive ; crushing out by his
menher and ondook, 411 nsiorg Skileittlen. They
had too much policy to quarrel with him of late,
though the time was when hot words were said
LO pass between them."
•• There are no gleams of light in your pic—
ture," said I.
"I copy from nature, and can oily give what
I observe," he answered. There are deep val
leys where the sunlight never comes, se well as
golden tinted landscapes."
see • another funeral," said I, looking to
wards a distant part of the cemetery. "Then
are bat two carriages, yet I see a long line of
mourners on foot. Do you know who they are
buying ?"
re y ec n
" Not a rich man."
"Noe l
"There is no need of asking what he has loft.
It is tho burial of a poor man."
" Yes, of a men poor in this world's goods
but, so far as his means went, he was princely in
his munideSElMl. Sis &Mh o le; i 9 it PIM°
The nweelace brightened se he spoke.
“-You knew him IP”
. 4 Yee, sir, knew him Fell. Hio will a Ms
maker, working hie ten hours every day, and
earning just ninedollen a week. But those nine
dollars seemed an inexhaustible fund for goods
He had ne wife and children of his Own ; to love
and ears for. They went, years ago o to the
blessed -land whelk -he is now following. 80,
after applying his own hatable needs, the rope
maker had Ilve Ulan svary IMMO , ter invest—
meat. He did not put this in the Savings Bank;
nor buy tumble-down houses for the poor to
live in at a rent of 60 per et.. on their Cost;
nor take up barren lots to hold for an ad—
yenta in pries, consequent on neighboring im—
provements. No ; his investments were made
in a different spirit, as you shall see. Fiat, he
paid every week, to a poor woman in
the neighborhood, who had tiiff 6hildfa te lap=
port, and who could not leave that to SO ant to
work in families, the sum of three dollars, as
teaoher of little boys and girls whose parents
were unable to send them to wheel. Two hours
in the morning, and two in the afternoon, these
poor children received instruction. lie was their
benefactor, and hers also: for it was one.of his
sayings, that ws must make the right hand help
the left. His means of doing good were small,
and so he made them go as fuss possible."
"He was a noble fellow !" said I, in admira—
tion of this poor rope maker.
"Tom Peters—yes; there was fine staff in his
composition, if his hands were dark and bony,
and if his °lethal did smell of pitch , and rosin."
"He has left tender and fragrant memories."
He bay, sir. The long lino of funeral at—
tendanta are all true mourners. There is no
sham there t"
"And what else did be do with hie money ?"
I asked, growing interested in the rope maker.
" Re hid tit* diem a weak, still, for diem
Two dollars only l"
"Yes. Let me see I For one thing, he paid
bay half a &enema week to read two hours to a
poor blind woman, and in order that this read—
ing might not be given to a single pair of ears
he took oars to have the fact known to as
many as chose ,might come and listen. The.
consequence was, that more than a damn per—
sons met every evening in the blind woman's
room to hear what was read. This suggested to
• Tom ibeway in which another half dollar might
be noisily inmate& The men in the ropewalk
were meetly in the habit of spending their even—
ings in taverns. Tom found another lad who was
a tolerably good reader', and paid him half a
dollar • weekly to read gond, two hours, each
evening, for such of his fellow workmen as he
could induce to assemble for the purpose. He
began with three ; Mon inereasing to ten; and
wheel E HO beard of the matter, ever twentymen
met nightly to hear the boy read."
• U Admiiable 1" midi, with enthusiasm. "Ad
mirable 1 I stover heard of s wiser investment !
And he had one dollar left I'
"And how was that disposed of t"
•• In wayelinnumerable. I cannot recount them.
Whit, the ged DM retell managed to do with
that dollar is alatait Masao ; not el QOM. IS to
the magnitude, but as to ',misty. It seemed to
duplicate itself, like the widow's oil and meal,
whgneyer drawn upon. You were always hear—
ing of some good ad in whiet a dispensation of
money was Involved. Of n woman helped in
making up her rent; of a dainty sent to a sick
poighbew ; of a pair of ohm to a barefooted boy
in Winter ; of 6 hook to it dad. Why, air, tom
Peters has loft behind him enough good deeds to
endow a whole calendar of saints I"
So I should think, after what you hare said
of him"
6 , And jai; sir, remember, he only earned *ins
dollsrs s week !'
"I remember that, vary distinctly," I answer
ed. 61 Yes, his deathisindeed a publis calamity.
It is no figure of speech to eity that his grave
will be watered by tears."
"None, sir, none. He will be sorrowed for
by Stihdribds, and his memory will be venter
and More fragrant. as the years pass by. He
built his own monument before he left us—of
good dee4s."
I parted from UFO otrampr ; end se I waLlted
from the einnetery I said to another mum who
steed by my side while I looked at aNM plena
of emblematic statuary :
a They have been burying a rich man ?"
la Yes," he coldly
What did he leave?"
"Nothing but money"
"They buy been burying a poor man also t"
~ Tom Peters." A light broke over the man's
"But he had not ma money to leave," mid L
"But something far better," answered the
map 16 6 tone of rebuke.
Whet ?"
"Good acts, which, like good seed, will ro
tas earned jut nine dollars Wita Edward
produce themselves a thousand fold. Tom Pe-
Wlll O , En t ."—there was cutting contempt in him
topos,—," was worth, it is said, a million; yet the
mumble raps maker did. Irbil* living, a hundred
litherthe most good with his money, and leaves
62 !Ott WAN; Oall av OA inefeilling in taus
through countless years. But the estate of old
Ellis will not pea to the third generation.. Tom
Peters had the true riches, that are impaishso
Peeple talc, who a man like Ellis diet,
`What property Imo he 14 behind him x* but
when one like our good roPe•maker pasessiwaY,
tho angel. ask, • What good deeds has he sent
Wore him r That is the difference, air I the
tinatemetrable 'diferehoe between the two nice
in giving, made himself doh ; the other, in
114abW/C l olt OSA 1411 , 1 ..! ml~Orspi Apps i e 4
poor, that hio taitalrOlf li pita na raan'a
I tuned from the cemetery with some new
laspressiorut stirring In my ,mind, and the ques
tion, " Whet Mud Of 6 logiey will you leave ?"
preuing itself home to my thoughts.
" , Let it be good diode rather than money ;"
said half aloud, in the glow of earnest feeling,
and Went bull again into tin living, bush stir
ring world, to take up the laboring oar Whieh
had laid down in weariness for a brief season,
and bend to my work with a serener spirit, and,
I trunk a nobler life-purpose.
From thear. Y. Math 9444.
TIM 11111111111 VACATION
"2 Mill to have a glorious time this TIM*
eon," said Charlotte Brown, as she walked in the
pleasure ground of - Institute, with her
arm around tho waist of her favorite classmate,
"What do you Intend to do 3" finked Panay.
"Oh 1 everything. I'll make pa take me to
Elaratop or. Newport some of the time; and
then I'll make a visit to uncle Hentrs..theire
just come home from Europe, and are. fall of
Parisian gayety and London style ; and what
time I spend at home I'll fill up with horse-rid
ing and uteri.' geofflidhig, and &ado', and frett
ing parties; so that, by the time I some back
to school, I shall have had enough of phonies
to last me until Christmas."
giVery nlee,to said Panay, you Will, indeed,
have a glorious time."
"And bow will you enjoy yourself?" asked
"I don't know" Wall the Ihort lIIPI7I Vol the
conversation ended.
What a common answer "I don't know" is
andbow 'adorn it means what it eays I It gen
erally means: .."1. do know, but don't vent to
tell." It Is, therefore, truthless, and these who
use it, 'wilds sense are guilty of falsehood every
time they use it. Fanny Stuysen knew, as
well so one can know what is in the future,
how sits should *did Ike Comics Theatino ; but
her holiday enjoyments Weld& not be of a fash
ionable or expensive cheraoter, so .he did not
core to recount them. She preferred stooping
It was a large, substantial, old fashioned farm
house to which Fanny returned when her school
term slimed ; and the young first thought
as she approached it diterfinte between
her plain, unpretending home, and the elegantly
decorated mansion which should receive Char
lotte Brown the same day. She had never seen
Charlotte's residence—herialpression of iii Opt
and beauty was merely hem desoriptiod; yet
the impression was vivid enough to supply her
with a striking contrast to everything within
and around her father's house.
Her father, MANZ came to Meet her at the
depot, and *rimed the fondeet joy at tight of
her, but oven as Abe received his warm, welcom
ing embrace, her eyes glanced at his homely
roekaway and coarse team, and she thought of
th. antailiating harem whichh would
meet Charlotte, and she could hardly repress a
"Here she is here she is l" shouted the little
brothers, who were witching for the filkirkYr
and mamma ran to the door to kiss her daughter
as she entered. Fanny threw herself with roe/
affection into the loving arms; but at the ma•
mat, her mental eye caught a ammo of Char.
lotto's silken robed mother, and MN of liorti.
lication fell upon the `cotton gown of her best
The supper table was spread extra idea this
emirs in honer of Fanny?' return, and Amer.
ful good nature sat on weeny face. Mr. Stays=
kept piling good things on hie,daughter's plate,
and calling hie wife's attention to the genteel
IlePitite Of the 1011901-girl ; while the boys laugh.
ed and said slater would tat heartily new that
she was at home, with no studies to trouble her.
Fanny smiled, and tried to seem pleased with
the leving aileations lavished on her; while oho
was inwardly buil picturing the evening seene
in Charlottes home—the luxurious parlor lit
with costly lamps, the table adorned with shin
ing BUM, and the dainty repast.
Neat day Jane and Willy, two sonsipa who
lived at about a 'nil* distance, cam. to see Fanny
and welcome her home. They were In high
„spirits, and fell of plans for the holidays; and
Tommy.and George, Fanny's brothers, entered
joyously into their gay anticipations; the hap.
pineal of the, group communicated itself to
Fanny's heart, which began to glow with Pleas
ure, but then owe the thought of ChatiOttel
cousins, just come home from 48 Europa," "MI
of Parisian gayety and London style," and her
own homespun kindred with their rustic enjoy.
meets looked so mean in tosiptilion fut phs
could Scarcely conceal her disgust.
Her young companions were slow to perceive
that their sports were not affording as mush
pleasure to Fanny is te theNifitilit; they there'
fare continued to arrange new frolics for ugh
day, with the special object of giving amuse
ment to the school-girl.
One day it was a berrying party to the wood.
They were prOftided With a Rift lout, and ear.
clad to the entry of the wood in a large farm•
wave. This wagon•ride Wes great fan to the
Mae Nom wim laughed and sung, and told
merry stories all along the read. Fanny was
called upon to recount some of the recreations
at school; but her mind wag occupied In sketch.
lag a faibionablt pitaiv pe#l7l mak as C har.
lotte would, perhaps, be partaking In, and she
could scarcely rouse herself to reply to the gay
Arrived at the bright, groan wood, through
who.; Welt Map the strong sunbeam (mai
not penetrate ; the young folks sprang from the
wagon and rushed Into the grateful shade, where
they could run, and leap, and play, to their
hearts' content. Willy took Penny's hand for a
run, he maid; and before she weld Mitt he Was
Boeing among the trees, dragging her, alma
breathless, after him, until, in passing a clump
of bushes, her dress got torn, and then he oast
himself en the green earth and burst eat laugh.
" I don't like nob rough play," Bald Finny
pettishly. Willy immediately bewail grave,
end iremackirl
it Why, yon're not half al 'ltaly as rat natoi
t o be, Fanny. ru ask =oh not to undyon to
that dial school soy mon."
"Oh I We not the sobool," eke replied e moTta
so lively se ever; but I'm older, you know, and
not quite am wild."
Willy did know that she was older; but CO
WIS he, and BO was Jane, end so We all Ida
young friends, yet their spirits ware as light as
ever. That Something had damped Fanny's
eheerfablese was plain, whether she admitted It
or not, and she dealt lit bait tenderly with— while, perhaps, her gayety would return.
80, the boy arose, and said gently ;
" Well, we'll not run if you don't like it
pink berries, and play at anything you
please) , And the day arts Nitwit in doing what.
trier Fanny pleased; and Pansy tried to WWII
P i tat! d t. 9 190 1 11 'hi 111 MIS t h e . 11 the till 4
on me visions of Stllloolllllo /UM IN thiant
amusement* In irttiQh Chittlottto bat, a itipp r
When hayingtime came, the young people es.
much sheused to thedire o aft
peoted rna t foe , and F a nny wee y l om n. hpjed e k:w .
membered it, but did not outlaws stdozioftt
now; however, she went with th em sad fob
on, as they tithed and tossed the ripe grass, and
helped load the wagons laughing sad flatting
the white. She walked about, and tried to wear
a smiling face; but the sun was hot, and her
parasol gave her bet little shelter, and the aroma
of the Bovinity bay Rap a farm odor, and she
thought of the shady walks and the &Meats
perfume of exotic plants in the gardens where
Charlotte was now, doubtless, luxuriating.
Thebright mtd.smuker holidays passed slow.
ly enough with Puny Stnysen._ The goad ald
homestead, with all its life and ohm was dolt
to her. Everything got up for her amusement
failed. She joined in the merrymaking, and
mingled in the ganef of eimPle Bare but it
was with cold and formal movement.; her baset
was away in the proud scenes which Charlotte
Brown had described as composing the 4s Ettlri•
an time Pt of her 'variation,
There was notes snob regret es there slight
have been among the Steven young folks when
Fanny's holidays drew to an end. She kid
neither been happy nor made ethers so. Home
had not seemedlike home to her I and the aim.
pie country pleasures, in which she had been
used to luxuriate, had failed to interest her.
Her family had been dieappeinted in the joy
they had expected from her visit; and, when elm
left to return to school, there ware fewer tears
on either side than had ever been shed on a like
occasion before.
Penny autlaipated entehiatatitsmist *a her
reunion with her Mead Marlette, In listening
to the lames amount of the manner In which
she had spent mutation r thereby busing more
et the ways and manners at the gnat World,
while her imeglnation would be dinned with
deseri4ons of their dwellings and &uses. It
she could not live in the happy circles of wealth
ygd tenhisp, elle might ) at but t have her taste
ter eta larder eljeyntente indulged by a
hearsay aunitintenee with them; end so abr
looted forward to her muting with Charlotte,
hoping a rich treat In the am the tatter would
hue to esinntrudeate.
The day at length name when the papile Of
Institute reassembled for the tall term.
They Tin, for the most part, sad at leaving
Dome--same had eyes rod with weepingi but
even the saddest lint her sorrow, and the tear.
stained eyes lost every expreseion but that of
sympathy when Charlotte grown Ostend.
The young girl, lita SO py and brlillnot, was
pale and mournful. Her dress was -deepest black,
but coarse in texture, and plain is style, and
altogether so changed was she from what she
had been and what they had mooted still to
dad her, that her young nompanlons twig snares.
17 matte it was, indeed, herself.
She was melted In perfect Coos. The re
spect which real grief insert* was dimply fall;
and though they gathered round, and kissed her
warmly, yet none presumed to question of what
each longed to know, the story of her sorrow.
Different, however, from those of all the rest
were the feelings of Penny Stuysen at sight of
her altered Mend. With a sudden rush tit§ IS
her mind how her pleasant holidays had been
embittered by the envious musings upon the
supposed richer enjoyfaents of this bereaved
sad afflicted creature. Awe hatted lilt shame
sooomplurying the thought, pierced her heart
with a pain which made her cry aloud; and, in
en agony of tears, too strong to he controlled,
/hl hurried rftee the loom.
Whigt tires bad modified Charlotte Brawn's
grief, se as to enable her so speak of her mil
fortunes, she told her young friends all; and
Fanny's head hung down, and her heart wiled
with self reproach, as she howl that the Vitt
Gwen which she had disturbed with discontent,
and the simple fampleesuree which the bad
despised, had often been thought of with long.
lag by IN to whoa the worn WI 'pool MAW
and deceitful.
Charlotte returned from school that summer
recation to dud her palace-home wrapped in
gloom. Her father was lying cleft—s ilelttsp
brought on by distress of tabu, in ooseetinenee
of the utter Ware of hie Wow. Iffe death
ensued; and the definitely nurtured family were
hit (Atha peurdieth The friends, tree• ready
to blame than to empathise, offered grudging
ald—whieh the heart broken-widow rejected;
and mortified their pride the more by ptherieg
together the fragments of her late hilibld
and opening a .boarding house.
Her daughter sits sent bask to school only
that her education might be fiaished with the
slew of making India a trefilliell 1554 de
ended Obariettee Ohs kept atilaiturCialli
bih envy.
rockets are n marked feature of elated ilk
Their history le the history of humanity, and a
catalogue of their suoussito contents meld fn.
ash a condensed bleitrePlT There set. an
pockets in gm eivieter Wen hi that ear
feet parents had to need to hoard or sppreprl—
ate, for the trees and herbage of the garden Of
fend them alt their simple wealth. There were
no pones in Adam's first blouse of skill, fef
as yet he had no knife wherewith to oat totem,
and was innocently ignorant of the potently of I
the marvelous weed. Eat when life grow hut
and human internee otaiiieting, awn the Podi
a beano a developed Itketttetlea, a Napa
for the mean of dilly lobos, *meal, end ODD"
wavienee. Ills a serial, not A selfish &Digitalin.
It dental's eepplloh set hoards The treasure,
of the atter are burled in it mitt While thit
subsidies of the pocket ere opproprietelf known
as °lump. Prom its warmest cutter email the
penny for the street-sweeper. the On fir the
pot of the inetdo, sad the weekly ;May for
*heaths of ovary kindly tune.
But the most ohntioterietio depilate are not In
money. Children prefer the toneree to the att.
strain, the snd to tkil MOW While the Mlle
teen weirs the *elm of his sister. tile poet*,
like hers, is filled with cares end candies. But
very Aeon he seeks a wider range of aollelthe,
lag the aweetinests, not yet WOK ante
poUsesion inch by inch 'with ielreherr, ileh•
hooks, tops, itittoettinp, and Won i n hp h
umaantelit the knife gains to capon% in sit
Ivor/ fele & If studious, in pencils and taping.
Then emus the hangout period, vim, the
country boy makes inesltinents in Pellet and
shot, and the young citizen Is an ematetir In pie.
kle end penman asps. Mod as We sew.
sates with peace, the tomahawk with Ike o a k,
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*Mount Wilma *tutu eohieved by see
Mint battle of asy &lettuce wu that of
Brunet" near Detroit, fought ingest I, lilt.
Our bine was *nit 000, that or the British and
fodtatoisoookbtoed 760. Our ion was 111 kilted
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Brook, who oommeaded the latter, wrote to Eli
General Prom* t *I When t detail my good tor*
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1,700 i that of the *Remy TOO linglieb and 100
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the enemy frs2. At the tattle of Baltimore cb
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