The press. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1857-1880, November 12, 1857, Image 2

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'-"liplifett 1 4 4'1'41 '",- of 0 6 ,44 f d eserving are
Outere.ol2.l4 - theaeasitahligessu take,* pin.
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`kArt'ettiy,'_,liiii . i', rigOirhau; , ii 2 • a mo ment - of
114 1 0,i . e4flrienient, ti , J attack , was made: in
- 714 'Z . ** i4ti'')4%e teliiii*l,o6l6 flour
-,. - istke,4tiol,Mdititi , mgy , e ff ect was $ prevent the
Artier* who had flour to selrMU"sistiag
- it'Veltrdt r ;itrUat i ;tii , i 'ark iliWeiati44 . is full
-I: ,it itifil :104 TN , , ii4ode _ iti ,;,o4oPent _,Oke.'
AO VOL is, to be accomplished by Mit thecOs.
Walstabeln- community Istilettwlth henevoleat
litett*#he pre read tkvisaille the Worthy,peor,
'Mid to dr viaftiiig within .their iieifin to
,1,.. illye work - 0' th98614940pgi charity; but, t
,'...- ii well to remember,-,tlutt-wbilt. the relief of
tiiii'sitteritig is ti kilt 40narteittioiry;' Wire is
another eteßcokob !powlite,h,society jf'gitistrly as
', ,:pay, interested, IA tliAt,ts. ii,is P/lIESNIVA
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In such ' - tisfig'''-ji.tliii",iii'erli" are'' many
selfish deniagO&S,,wildess , and ,setUming
lett;'itlit; taltatidountatsci of
,ilkiiilitioltif, under
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,'' _ .`'''' rc,,',, .'.,,,, '' :, , 4" _ _
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pelt of `trade and industry, to intimidate
endanger Capitatiply odds to the impro
intbilitieof their obtain g ` tha h alone
could fhrnish them 8 .4 7
it. this Ountry . ad
rdinaircifeumsan ent
d revolutionme
'ferment is not one stained with fraud and
Wrong, maintained by force, and prostituted to
he benefit of the few at the expense of the
y. 'lt is - a GO vernment of the people,
f • rgleatatives for their
• 'T
r i slays taxed heavily for
iarinoamititir city Whenmetual want among the
1,401.1.t-inewaa unkpown. Now thaVan
illitlapity 'ail:M*4 is ' among' r us, iittia
,4 41 VexerU iai wily ba t tiila are not being,
charitable citizens.
wax ";Aiiinftterielit.of the:people, and the
- publlO'Oeai3eentiottligi *ill heti niaintainadi at
o** fiii4l4.! TWO tiMO interests of ET epOes,
***l 6, 1 atp ;dike invOived iri its ate:
481+114:rtA;;. "
,V,O,rfoutul ,a flecond
ieft#,4-410 wilttaujiy
Oda arfioswilla the emplement, as, adker, 6f
ohs ett l ist thWurtally • nowengaged - by • the
liditinikivet*ut to raise uPtrie'uttiserous
014.1,1i0114?Wari eloisi? of the late
'4ol6634lraroreretiik'hi the liar4or of Se
but°, Poly billINOWOof•lbe-entiurese•of the Freud'
aultEsidileh'ships-of4tar. A third letter, also
thil of Interest, and•writien with the same tie
tursatlithadoW4vOliball: ipeOdity present to
'our readers.
-. .1
a iberilisse;•"! hope to receive the first
'SAO, 14 ,, from' Mexandria p ! in
210 fits OSTIT Al TO gnus," by
,*l l-- infOlin4 rno*Pl irlisktint9iiil Peen.:
~4.0.040/ infonnatien, that mOtAkolleve.
-issriltonOltinsesteasble us to ' anticipnte the
eilittelli.44lbr the India tiverlittidlfail. -
InotiYp . Tait,ll44he first
'of n'aitinstif letters Isom Ales, Wbfch, we
-knew, win be Appreeisted for ithe information.
LINT convey. • •
,-Tbir antic Atop, of reeeiving daily news
t i ** '0 1 , ,- -A7tvt *fp"
4 44 44,00:p Ole Puliliestion Q r Ti n g
' innsF Was commenced, last August, that we
, ~ . ',, • , ititlnfensitsiry:te maltea - arratHgernents
4f' ibriginal CO* aponderteck, trent` Lohdon and
*444 - At* eu 40 tififttfliCthp pub,lie.'WOuld
, - liiike;intifeit i t ti,,Peiiist4 the 'dpUils, iti
# eiriiiiVOrt*tondence,,of , iventeon, which
1 1`' , - _elsgtaltdiseoptatudeation lad ~ posted them
iro.ialro'r#looit ;;gore, , But Air there ie an
I , end if thilyo4traniiie ',Play:4A, (for some
*alibi 'af Ilittsts' We iiiiie ne dtiiiht that mi
-1 ginal Foreign Coiresptindeme,, communiea
gag snob !interesting -particulars -respecting,
pliatitis ainnts fiti'do 'ea find 'thOir way in
! ' to siiroPeitil neifiitiperii;:iinty, 4viilued 4 our
,4al,4loy:will be accept o4, et,ieslst, - as,
pa t ig of ~pitz: pontinued
_4efermination Act to
Jrpstrt4ottpoor - inti,ns in givpg The fulleot and
'Meat i t.iill4,l,lii fitelAgenee limn ill ' qtiarters.
1 o,iiel? liii4r4; , from 1 11 4ils'find LOndok We 'have
itling4 to teeeiVe, and publish .in: this
journal„ libey wtllhavp the merit, at mutrate,
,/ %of • being virittenin , all good faith, by tellable
1 - peltinstand in ifteirebOetiVO lonalitide whence
,efiChdidtet *lrbil*. ' •
tiri4o4F:Ote;s4ilatAttp* ti,Veyint.
. 9 .44 04:the:JO/son* Rapers have boen
printing jetters yrrittett horn iCardeis stating
t.Grovernor Warn/Michas been compelled to
To#ltbry:- • beam' Mb *wakened wrath
ori' account ,
sit ,i!akteitipn' of ',the„ Word and Ittcqco
,• We ,percelve that several of our
VostOpirs fiallp info - 'the kali() error.
Pit*Wis anplone thing hi Itonawr J.
• • feiwideli he is distinkOilted
juipkt*arly,other, It is bia moral
hiaiVirve is a vri.sisi and hia unfaltering
!ptlirteltoilitton , It i t d h e e a libe o ra ns tely n a t ssum in es i T i hero
in re
oeseploc IYAZE*II. He Will nOt fly
Itairia;tjiiiiiat;„ 4f heshould leave for itasitins:
Ateristillsktato as ail hoporablernani, am),
I Vail% falba theatre of • his't*ltrailo'ne: atv
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P. l tOffi*,
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Itsjitio.leitoofiPPVlVefstavel). - ,atittnded bait .night.
:dAsrlea mithiwaseirdijirp.:4o, tatireenithatonr.
tirttiswswalesatera Arch Btreet, , Walnut. Street and
i.Theitrev crowded: AC the destenitesed
- ties itiebt*squifot iv The Ifravotoreoi is *Olt,
likidtOrtiAmvikehonreivirorarrotlhe Aioadeiciy,
mis riloiddlal'it Sowed, was Well *filtrated/.
*dimple though' net
the dtar or the (Waning.
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11441`_ mivbas 410 fulfilled
i!nlo!*!. ad' -tiliX 4 . 4oo too* gftiltr(aa vre hoard
tirmietiteiv*Yeszo ago, Bumka,) but, wtiat
ieili,titke ismuMi &chat by nu Means nessitt . d unqua
lified Oratpiendation. Ifer Middle notes are anal.
iitsfy harnioalets, but when she gets above them
r 4 t ir eatiflin id fahlt—harsh'and shrill. No
dotd)t 14 - sea* ti' tits sir:' We have seldom
'f3l--r.4`'A.-.'11);00qi I*i" V 441 140. The secon'd'
tikes , evintag, when
PALO' Otstikoisit, Thlberg;
,tginpe„aad gistspr,fike irMencello, player) will
and attrattive ratinhlnatiefi of talent.
ilabravatitag, at the lamina Vaud Hall, Madan
taii'monte. will deliver liar new leatare, On
fbalita niestadAultals furore, and
ierana,dad'iniar ptlbiite Teildai2oa by a large
bittld VUeadqy wren;
nink, li3bb San rtipeat bop
4.4 0 ;1 0 irifidar4 l , l 'anltive dare wy,
4f,* l e'R4ise• • •-•
v.4.inee tMoroodore Perry's
negotiatfon'Of a treaty With the Japanese govern
ment, whist before was a terra incognito to the
sminmereisitworgt Am& tnieralkt fit justly mani
fested in everything toulting,the papaltapinstita-
Mops or that; people.. In aid of this spirit of hi.
riulay, we era pleased to - !cern that arrangements
are 1)04 Elide gent who 'was th first,
uielime,4lY tLe only Aissaeloag,Vrhareskertir any
Usag a the,Et4fre, arid tatigle4 #ope, to
dourer 1, iintittn Iteving?or itssaVeit Ilia customs,
tatibitea,:, and arta, of :the Jaygggqeso., 4
,I'7,e: have
kearttlotteature rattob praised both foi itiMatter
tat style, aid we therefore hope that the iablio
stiay seonitainan opportunity of hearin one who
km! 7
nett peeallar fabilities to gather informs.
sr' sfr : Permit an old per•
sena ftlind; sits); as yoi knob, a lifelong and
eensistint Depobrah to cingratelate you bfi' your
'seitkina :toad able eepotisal, In Tins Puss, of the
.coriraorpnrsroti brOomisper WallteriiidAlieretary
Stanton, is the rejection of the fraudulent election
_returns of Orford disiriet, and M'Gtheo county, in
ltinsis,` Me; IS" no flare,' holvever, than I would
attav Or pelted frYfiiott, 'view, dell your imitti•
oaf aritecesieitta. • .
pr~Clelaemeatbet.with what fearlowand
•trepld AO, thiough =the columned the old Lancas
ter Illeifig#Or", you battled agaitist the Millers.
:trifiri:,,ls'oriagrViesuslistoiiii, and liantingden Brooch,
'iands, perpetrated by the Altair and Stevens
dynasty, in the yeas 1831, is& against the entire
henibinatiori or ballot:ha' Milford and pine-layers
of"this fitate,'hyArivitever sagjteet they were
kpown,:f.TC ryou veld-wink at similar frauds ecru,
no matter by whore perpetrated, or even fait to de
notinai Mein, you would :strangely falsify the un
broken ourrenkf your political life.
lt the - Domoorstoi 'of Pennsylvania hams boon
emuistent.. And straight-forward In, sey
one veracities' inereithfasin tillettier, It' bee been
aiiill'cleeouncilnrileotion frauds,
let, their, entlite paik bistory shows. They very
JustlY regard the purity or the bailohhos, es un
atitykis the entlivitsclatand.goverritaental fobrio
Ar the ePoetri , andlwhen the hlootliefremeilise Is
*fated at tiro fouiliin; hit fhi, afrailim that emit.
Asge thsgste,Musi., bo, potionettlikewisii„ . ‘ , When
the fputulatiems lire' distrtied,", asks a sacred ,
wilter whet shall the rightejsca do So in
cif peiver Is nor
-blatiArdaiffet, ha ve ? , Then'
etesttope.eftimgettiat ,
It Is wally true' that the -Democracy of ionn
ijrliamla,lin ellteitristed ideation oases, have in.
1 944 , teere:to sup:McNeil than to form.
Legit fonas end'hilinllglitles, it is trae,fibey have
'weedesgisisk blit,titey,Lbev; , not givan to them an ,
Importance) beyoidathatainaytigre deserved. They
%el% aidalitirsarOir+oe. to hi' tiblerved
Mime_ ist truth; AO*, anti:Ociaored
mulinsillenattiesighteefletth ,
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tomtit at; lisita4ticsi iwirsaudedt senators aistrepre.
APiaildiv4lllto poweitnlB36 ;- tut th 4 ;hints:limy
fk4itailkt.' , 44oo o4 49 tia.l44 4 Wer the
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will bittitfa beio , roteditiiiithrialsorman, aqd
li*Witi4 `*lo3o:llll64l4likaaoOve :seal, for Mt
1404411110ri earshVi9!oung
ideraig',/tltlatalidriaanollii,iiiallWria*.do Set,
*We,* WS nof Atio . plcount of an en,
Eradiation ! An libnest, titsophistioated, sincere,
generous man, would h e tool* to mitts, irre
spective of abstract niealit)es 11 saved the
left of the lad . B tsoa at or. for forms!
o n'atdtm t
4 1
: 1.. rnor ear:has even dim
w i t,.
~ ded the' all ' ."forma" bfOktv. Ido not
•.'`V ,:
; 14to i nc to' Bove front , what I have
- q.
-• , ' that ~ 'en this Ponnillerisation cannot be
urged against him. But,.even if he has, the peo
ple aro not, by any sash diroty:argarnentation, to
have sand thrown into their epee; and have their
minds diverted from certain stupendous and fun
damental troths, which rise as much, in point of
grave and solemn import, above all techatealttlee
' • • abstraetions, as ban life rises, in the scale
i aVelhVibtilii tiMiffeidiail ettiffiliti:
'and kid-gloved and starched-collar gallantry and
politeness'! , , ~, •-•
Besides, there is sw just jurisprudence dispensed
over the affairs of men from the heavens; and
this righteous and equitable overruling justice
tins distinctly recognised by Mr. Buchanan at the
close of his able runt excellent letter of accept
ance of the Baltimore nomination, That juts
prudence is never exerted on the side of irnoact.
P. LADELPRIA, NOV. 11,1657. 0. P. Q.
. 1 , 411111 WASUIIIiGTOIS.
ffloweemadence of The Pre.%
Otaytbii Treaty Anattlied—Yrissari soon
ro be•recognlsed as Minister from Meatus
nopresentative of the United Stitt@s
Govern Meat to be sent to that State—England
aCheckinateg—Hard Money Message of Me.
Buchanan—Bight of State Banks to circulate
Hank.:Nolop—Bankrupt Law for the Banks,
*o., &c., &c.
IVAsuntorox, Nov. 11, ds37
This Govermitent is now pursuing a policy with
regard to Central American affairs which will, no
douht, Woe deduce, from tiviir present entangle-
ment and oonfirion; order and help for our great
interests in that quarter. The Clayton-Dnlwer
.treaty, unexplainable as has been, and is, its pro
"viston to ehollenge the agreement of the °entreat
,lng.parties, will be thrown aside, and thus will be
carried out the universal ,desire of Democratic
members ~ e f the last Congress, and negotiations
between England and the United States, having
for a basis the points involved in that instrument,
with others which have arisen since, will be once
more renewed.. The rights and interests of this
Republic, I am led .to 'believe, will be advanced
antl i adhered to in these negotiations with all fame
ab and. Whatever cenolusionznay be
reached Will certainly provide for them eiPlioitly
'and te their most extensive.reciuirements.
Olisia" Rica is unshed forward in her vin-
Ivarraittable invasion of Nicaraguan territory,
according to all reliable accounts current in the
political ctroleaof Washington, by Great Britain,
who, although now fighting millions of insurgents
in her colonies, and with difficulty raising mound
means for the struggle, still looks with lodging
eye to the control of the rich trade which will
pass over tile routes through Nicaragua, 'from
"olearsto ocean. Guatamale, and Stec Salvador do
not look' with favor . upon the growing arra
genet, of Costa Rica. Speaking through their
minister to the Ifnited States they utterly disagiee
With that .Ptitver in the reasons given by her rulirs
for the blockade of the San Juan river, and will
oppose her in the execution of her tyrannical de
sign in fOrming an alliance for the threatened war
with their sister State. Yrissart is this minister,
and beside being accredited for these States, he is
accredited here ue the diplomatic representative of
Nimmons, the name of one of the Presidents of
that State' being attached to his credentials. It
has not been officially announced to the Depart
tient of State that Martinez has been elevated to
tire I Preeillertey of Nicaragua', to take the place of
the temporary Governnieht, created by necessity,
`aftei:the expidelon of Walker; but it has been an
nlouneed that there Was' no opposition to him, Jerez,
hie Mdfeagne, and his party, uniting in his support.
Undet,' these Circumstances, then, it Is , more
then 'probable ,that in a short while Mr. Buchanan
wilYrecognise and receive Sailor Yrissari, and at
.once 'reopen that official communication with Nina
ragas which has been so long Closed. As soon "as
thht Is done, a minister will be despatched theta to
take charge of our affairs. The President iteist
lag about for the proper man for this responsre •
'trust. He has fixed it as a sine gun non at
nobody Will be selected that does not speak
Spanish language. •
is time, indeed, the the United Stet" shotild'
hoed 'settled policy in that quarter; that stettie
shorts otonta r ,f t made to support the interestsof
this country there, and to thrust aside England,
' who, ahevo.6card or under-board, as it suite
• soaks to gain, wit tight or without it, the control
:of the great channels of commerce the world over.
- It is rumored; that Mr. Buchanan, in his first Mt
imal,metslage to. Congress, will take bold grotind on
'the turreney qnistiou ; that be will re-affirm the
prinelpied laid 'down to clearly in his cielebrated
speech on tho' Independent Treasury Bill. lie
believes that it wait the intention of the framers of
the Oonetitptiori to establiab a bard•itioner nat.
ranch and 'Og the notion of Gentile eine° Oil
,Noti d shiady, troth that intention. It
alit be hte objeot, then, to retrace the table knee
taken, and to bring the Government ,back to the
rue ground.
The line will be made in the next Congress,
whether State banks hartthee.icatutlenal rower. ,
sy - mititFottouTating - ‘ , promises to pay.", There
trill be a large party to take the negativ e of the'
wbo will net, it is said, yield until a
'JO°lOlOll65 hien given on the question by the
Suprenie Court of 'the United States. A general
bankrupt law for the banks will be presented for
wilful. This will provide a fixed legal course for
putting into liquidation insolvent banks all over
Am Union.
A despateh from New York WAS last night re
• ceived at the. White House, stating that the ar•
Turnabouts ordered for protecting the property of
the Gove9mant in that'city in ease of a riot, had
been promptly and fully made, and that tgele ar
'rangeMonts had restored public confidence end
probably prevented shrious disturbance.
Alexander Obesney;of Pa., has been appointed
route agent of the Poet Ofttoo Department on the
lido from W,illiamsport to Sunbury, at a compere
cation of you.
hfarousX t :Pillow has been appointed a lirst,claas
($1,200) clerk in the Vension Bureau.
W. D. rapier has been appointed An examiner
in the Patent Officeorice A. Herbert removed.
-P. B. Clark has been appointed an assistant ex
aminer, vice W. B. Taylor.
Iteturni Of the survey of township lin es in No
brake have been received at the Geueral Land
Offloo of townships 5 to 12 N., of ranges 1 to 4 east
of the Bth principal meridian through which coursee ,
Big Bine river.
Also, the surveys of township lines of townships
17 to 20 N., of ranges 1 to 8 east of the same meri
dian, and through which course Platte river and
Elkhorn river.
The recoipts into the United States treasury
from customs, sales of public lands, and other
sources, during the quarter ending September 30,
amounted to $20,929,817.81. During the same
parted the expenditures of the Government
amounted to $23,714,528.3f, The expenses of the
War and Navy Departments were over $11,000,000.
The anuouneemout that Wen/ell Phillips, of
Huston, was to loam° at Oonoett Hall last eve
ning, on the "Lost Arta," attracted a very large
and intelligent audience long before the hour of
commoners. The leature was an extemporaneous
effort, arid abounded in learned allusions without
number, showing that the subject selected was ono
to which he had devoted *mud: research. 'The
frequent applause with which ho was greeted by
the hudientai was sufficiently expressive of the
approval, which the lecture mot with from his
hearers, Among the distinguished members of the
aohoorwhiCh Mr. Phillips represents, °lithe stand
we noticed Messrs. J. Miller hitoKimtri and James
Mott. At eight o'clock the lecturer wan intro
duced to the audience, and addressing the ladies
and gentlemen assembled, said :
Ile bad great pleasure in taking hisplaoe among
the corps of lecturers in these Northern States this
,ssaiam. lie considered that the system of Lyoeum,
stow in pro rota among us, was destined to become
one of the foundations upon which the destiny of our
future rests. Th I s system of lec tu ring lied bed( intro
duced in Europe some years ago, but from its un
c ongeniallty to their civil arrangements, it had
died oat, but he was glad to say had been again re
vived among the Anglo-Saxons of this 'Western
world. Thourauda of men were now nightly lis
tening to intettigentlea tures upon almost every sub
ject all over our country, end it was not predicting
too much to say that that Saxon blood, with ice in
one band and granite in the other, Would yet stamp
its indelible impress upon thirteen States of this
Slat to come more directly to the subject of the
lecture, he would now briefly
. examthe into the
reality of the modern progress in the arts and sin
enced of which we boast.
The phrase was often used, "What would our
.grandfathers say if they could see what we are do
ing?" He was afraid that the nineteenth century
wke° mpch in the habit of taking off its hat to
Itself, and boastfully arrogating to itself a credit to
which it was not justly entitled. Nor was this
charm:4464lo merely applicable to the present
age: Loll 13efente Romulus was, (traces had been
familiar:with arts Co which her more boastful sue
clamor, Rome, had never attMned.
If we wen bank to the cradle of time we should
find, he thought, that the spirit of the nineteenth
century was net strietly One of progress, In many
respects we were' oven wilting to admit this. In
the arts of painting and sculpture, for example,
we acknowledged our' want of proffeleney. The
comments upon such works as Powers' Greek Slave
were not that it was perfect, hat that it reminded.
of Fablan, showing that we dittnet claim an
tutlityin tbiarespeot with 'the ancients ,
e Ant oven ntanybf our beet news
et llsa 11. 0, 7 reSPeotable antiquity, and,
I I; { miadetrhtion alit', he cited quite a number
' of Whitens instadeei, that were received by the
audlerwas With great. mortiraekt.
Some of the Jekyll, claimed to be of modern
Origin, he trace,d , to anthers who lived fifteen con.
furies ego, a4d lleged that even theyjuld s tow
them from Source: rain ingio ancient.
But it was not these' arts, bat those Of a more
ireettill and Useful ithitraotifi, forwhioli the pre.
'aerft. age boasted snob anparalleledpis-eminence.
lAA Illustration of or' emu. . in this reseeek, he
Aid one hundred and fifty yours ago the die.
eoveries and novelly of arts recorded In old Greek
works were At,t)reorts as fthglons, and yet upon oW
andnatioutil wit, fp„W*lllollo4fility, of them had,
since then: , ' Wit, -piesinioal eh* There
were usually ' ' tiAatpa whiob these olsi‘ro,
$., J/Z " 3 1 41t ,0 reJect' them, he'
cause wegiti no • . • , , L , a nd the m and the otitak,
wee to Welt pes - . 1
, 11,4* ,Seeueli 4f.';
nifineetaint t . - :..` t ' . ',, , • ,:. . - .',;( 7''. I
The laglo of;;
s l svil l' oll ethilE;Ntt u i
did-not endentlSA '' intite‘OlvtlAi
_i re
stand it, WeitillsWeent with by the leo rer ice
masterly menner• iltrebte-to commenting_ apes
the Machines used with suds mighty forge by Ar
chimedes in the clog. of Syracuse was willing to
admit the truth of thi history oeCaUre he mutter-
stood the powit u tif tik %le di ti lio let reapeati c *ibse
staMteegt the , , lilted ala It
of stirrore In A a laa en sat hie' shiph of 'e
eraellepterfintarsameirefteriateadra , -
lons. Yet, after the kat wIl oh Buffett matt In the
eolith isf- PrishoblefiGsliteistif itelliesklibillteolt etude
a means of warfare hating been actually eoP
ed by danlaniteheb lisqNble was at once credited.
The art A giros-nail/Pr the lecturer i
as a efet'prlintipai bustles of the arts W I=4
ne ste t ad uall o ; drititigr i* p{4 l 7: rettnr i pit e r r t n ieU t l iiiili tlre.l aa he
assumption thatgleess was a modern invention wee
effectually isentradietedib thereat that the titans
elehunsing of-a eityi overwhelmed seventeen anti
lints hid brought tolig4t beautiful penitents o, f
this artificial eryetsd. Metny,ef the arts connoted' ,
with Isiss-Making bed eeteallybiten lost.:,,lterest
said t at tranblerabedbeeti fotend In'Obrich,
When lied With tirittitilltininted 'the a eeriness
of beihgfilled ititraetall fi ehni.and w o agate'
peered with the (dating Of the water from tile,
glass. Then agile, the eoloredigleas of antiqnlifY
had never been, sepielled,,in modern timeapt
even by the most isetebtatea Free* artisans., e
glass In , the_ wlndowt of told obitrehes, upon w tot
the stories bid beitt for thaie handfed years, we e
so perfect, that a modest! lint etelitimed, on ' Itioke' l
ing at.them, and the 4, dim' rellgione light" erhts
they caused; with ihatreelbelings of a reset, t hat i
'time' ;reread filate4 hate that heaven - bed -sant- i
them deWo rAPIP: O O so44Ponifor,t," .. , 1&I
It was _far snore jtherattetts„heye_ver, trt knlff.-1.
whether the ineleisbi 'had' eeiedgileillate,fliklAr' !
relentifes plirpossist-:- . t010rn.406, ' toneeopes, - . ) tp:'
EVerett had in' one of , file eloquent lectures re-,;
oently remarked that Whirs Galileo hod Writ%
looked through that tube bf .1110 own inVenting;.
then the moons of aerates-.had buret upon kerne*
vision for the Bret time. Plot In Gilts Mr. Everett
was certainly mistaken.' Thousands of eyes lAA
looked Open those gibe befete Galileo lived; elf'
might well,be inferred froMthe fief that modetrn I
discovery had turned up front' the 'nay relies 'pi:.
the past pieces of glass whietteneti of aelenee Wet. ~
prepared to say had once forded parts 'of. the PK
escape. . *
. -
As eet'insteetfe 'of the minute mechanism ef the
sealants,' be related a ease of golden ants having
beep found so neer ' the same ewe of the natural
tint thit, held a few feet ;from' the eye, their legs
were imperceptible, end yet, minute a these must
have been, there . was a machinery within them by
„which they moved as if with natural locomotion.
He belleved,that modern times claimed nepenthe'
to-this. He 'o.i:shin own possession an image of
Hercules ellgraved„oe, an ancient silver piece no
lever than a quarter of a dollar.
looking at this with the' ;unaided eye there
was 'nothing extraordinary in Ito appearance, and
yet 'when Viermieresoope was applied, the very
hairs of the eye-lashes were distinctly , visible; and
modern art oertaiely profaned to, do ne bettor
than thie. • In eismiesing the article of glass, thri
lecturer thought Oat there was now eueloient evi•
depot to believe that thetelesoope bad been known
to the' aneitelast,' that it'bed no brother but the
Pentateuch, a iia even' that was a younger brother.
The 'nearer next 'took up color ea' an theatre'
lion of his theme; add showed thatihe ineffaceabill,
ty of the colors need by ancient prtista bed never
been jenualled in modern times. •
_executed three hundred
years age,liteltml. as fresh to-day as the day they
wore flashed, andyit Ilifhael was but a bey in the
subjoin' he wee' etek 'diseusaleg; and, upon the
wholte ise' thoeght -theme. sad barbarisms* knew ta
mest es much es we do.. (Great laughter and ap
plause.) • ,
The French hinnies' of being the ,first colorant of
Europe; and yet, if they went to te vale of OWL
morel where girle Made ehaWlii , worth $lO,OOO
apiece, 'Wei
'would nee colors not only that they
could not imitate, but thet they were totally igno
rankled., ~, r,..1 h, .
• The malt Were nexti rt trodueed. by the speaker,
and vagina instentes were givete, to prove that
even in this. ' tended branch we" Were behind the
, , . , , , ,
There wits , a
itiond extant, that the steel of
the ancient Irmo e 'bad been tempered by the
soldier seleinettet weapon by the' hilt, pulling it
fret:nth° fite,anCruehing np some mountain pass,
waving : it ae ,404 rent, end thus enured its els
eerier. temper by the cold air to which It was sub.
ratted. ,
This, of o°i:trio, was an exagge'ration, yet it was
evidence tit thby were aotignortintif the manner
In which steel is produeed: '
• ' Built he hid not already trianoeided the limits
of • Lyceum, lecture, he should like to advert to a
few, of, the meobiale arts.
Tho.pyramida of Egypt were here cited and
,dwelt upon as an Instanee of the unparalleled me
' ohanioil skill of 'Put egos. A very notable fes
tal) of these pyraidds; 'was that In the top of the
treat pile tvillett covers the kliire tomb three
holes had been ditoovered. ' •
In order to apiertain whether these were con
aeoted with the tfilmb underneath, a oat had been
placed dit the,tomb nod kitten let down from the
tap by it string..T wenty-four hours afterwards
the Arend the Slta were found together in the
tomb +, So that these .Old barbarians bad even
bOn sidated It worth their While to ;ventilate their
tomba, while In the excessively intelligent
and .enlightened,nineteenth century, , had not yet
progressed so far as to properly ventilate our dwell
kne. . .
medical acienoewis the no topte of the lecturer.
fie believed that this was the hist, discovery claimed
by medical Wenn; and yet there were numerous
instances in history, many of which were quoted,
to prove that the elboacy of water as a rem
dial agent was known and practised by the an
dante. Charles Lamb had said that the *rater
cure wag at least as old as the Piood, although that
particular application of its prinelples had ,killed
a groat many more than it cured.
Among the concliding topics Introduced: was
the balloon triumph—tut wag claimed—of modern
times. 'lle for his pant had long nattered AlAeolf
• ,thiceria-ar. lea.‘ -....-wahlelnvOnt,,Wn the
erualuighl diaLm a title to; but 0V4411 this had
been *ratted front us, by a runt discovery of
Layard; among the ruins of Nineveh; vie : a etch
upon which was seulptured a- garden filled with
spectators, looking up into the air at a fleet of
The oonottultal; remarks of the lecturer were
ohiste avid impressive, and embodied in a attain of
rare oloqueneethe idea that arts Were oely worthy
of being preserded and improved seamy were made
to subserve the great purpose of human elevation.
Mr. Phillips spoko near an hour and a half, and
retired from the stand, at the elate, amid rounds
of rapturous applause.
Iromo*ort Dictator—Martlal LawProilitmed
NZW °marts, Nov. 11.—The steanship Ten.
nesse° has arrived from Vora Crus t 7thinst., with
advice& from the city of Mexico to the 4th by
mail, and the 6th by telegraph.
The Tennessee _brings over half a silllon In
Epode, and highly Important intelligence.
On the 4th inst. the political guarattees of the
new Constitution were suspended, and President
bomonfort was clothed with dictatorial ?errors.
Martial law has been proclaimed in the district
of Cuernavaca, in oonsequenen of imbue aim.
°Utiles between the Spanish and Mexicnat citizens.
General Alvarez was still sueoessful against the
rebels in thiSoath.
Later advises from Yucatan state fiat Cam
peachy had surrendered to the Goveraccont troops.
The revolution In the province had, however,
talcen new life, and, indeed, the *tole of the
people wereln arms.
Wsantemsox, I v. 11.—General Dover, the
Connuissioner on Indian Affair, to-dry wrote a
kter to Brigham Young, In reply to hiOPOMMUDI.
oation of the 12th inet., administering to him a
sharp rebuke for the improper manner at' admin
istration of the Indian Superintendency in Utah.
As he exceeded the appropriations by nor. tiro
$31,000, he has no reason to complait that his
drafts have not been paid. So far from =enraging
amicable relations, Mr. Denver tells him be has
studiously endeavored to.impress Upon se minds
of the Indians that the Mormons are triode, and
the Cievernment and the people of tie United
States enemies to the Indians.
The rule is to withhold annuities fain hostile
Indians, and "Mr. Denver knows no raison why
this should not now hO applied to Mr. }lung. In
reply to Mr. Young's objection to thoynnence of
troops, Mr. Danvor says if it is his intention to
preserve peace, they will not interfere with him.
However, theExcentive has no alternatir,e but to
crush out the rebellion, and for this purple all the
forces of the Government are placed soder his
control. Young's claim for double salary's against
the law, but if it shall bo amertained that his ex
penditures were properly made, be will be paid
if Congress make an appropriation for that pur
pose. [This intelligence was publisher in our
Washington letter of yesterday--ED. Psints
A number of white men having unlaleullY in
truded on the Cherokee noutral grounds§ and re
sisted all efforts to remove them, application has
been made to the 'Government to eject them by
, ,
From Nebraska nod Utah—Colonel Jhhasott's
I:mitten—Three Government Train. Mnrnt
by the Mormons, ,
Sr. Louts, Nov. IL—Advice:l, from Port Laramie
to the 22d ult. state that Col. Cook's gemmed,
the seoond dragoons, were four miles this side of
thafort, and had encountered a snow-Orm five
days previonsly.
Col. Johnson, who,.has in ,00mmand the Utah
expedition, was last heard from. when twebundred
and thirty miles beyond'.•Sort Laredo, The
snow was seven !mhos deep a hundred mileti
this side where the expresi loft him. Owitg to the
slim supply of Corn, and the entire &Wilco of
grassy the team and' dragoon hereto we falling
News bad reaoiied For , tarinilii %Alba Mor
mons had burnt three clovernmfliit trains oensist
leg of twenty-A.l , e warms, riettr flr#, bine
ty miles behind Col. Alexanderi counitt4,4lioh
constituted the vanguard a,rray. t
his rumored that the 4tivind loth reelseets of
infantry, and the artillery huou7,, *lll,tihe pos
session of the Mormon villages on Ilearri•er, and
make it their winter qdarters t . ,
Arrest of Gen. 'filfntheo:*t ',14(0 , :041
misted - to lint s
N E WOnLeAzis, Nei l- 4:+y°' °Gil WOr sias
streaked late last nlght,tli*ollidavi.Citede by
the eustem,house °Mears litsrefettop
taring design's. Ile itl4;o4l4eil s4'ltted to
boil in $2,000. lits,otreist.l!)44,44l)o Enter
fere with hie plans,
Wailtington Affairs
the Freshet in . , New lkoak.
Ainawv, Nov. 11.—The rkatorth 4 tfltrwaet
ern, part of ~the State Peri!gNearlest t at has
been ltnow4 fe prevail 1 .,, Oterkland has prove*
rrit4e 4sirr O t i v e• . 8 " - 1,1,..' anitltrta on the. New
YOXgffilril AM
~;' •.c. - 1. % , (71n broken; and the
rha" ' '''; ' ''- - ' . ... 5 '.:•: 34Yaiflor,kiethe ea,
reaCilhAt:'" s..'Vt•rli::•C Emit the Wag, , ..,57,-•
heiediltillti ' r„, ,-, •f a r , qi, ieetfn that aillr'7lo
4c't 'wain )4042%.'' .tr' — Myatt it ;t:. . .';''',..'
pieelpitating Big 011111 loaded with • • 1s• a
ditch. There was no parson injured. •
Hem are entertained that the old road be
tween Etraanae and Rochester will be passable
op• t tiV 1, )1
,” '',, 1 L :P. P. :f1
141;x1i1,4 . ~ Nay. i.— ll'e'ritilrolid (rack im
-•:-, talltiatratilif"ftfrignirit
washed away the 1 brae railfhprikter
la 11 higlLasi ntr d d bride i odlior
tr. tlio tt ' idge las en t•
rl airly. Thd w bogilfiti4 to kg de.'
We learn that a po ton of the - bridge near
(holing ban been WaSbed swot, but partioulais
bay. not plc San itschlidal i M'- 1"
The Feedlot he fear Tarr..4hprege to the Erie
12X 1 Thirratilifd iidd lirle and
WillianisielitliChatliii Railroad bithietiteaf•
;ly goneionarnotettnecanteealmtrit. tette New
Yank and Mae Railted Atiok# Molly datuged,
8 1 4 , all 1049'. : • brist scupOtt APs5l1 0 4 Otpottui In
i t,h4,l*Wboxe torin oarriek mray,,so that no
tr # B rei#4taaßY4oo9 l w#er Is
.•1 :Aire*"
0 311101.10avt, , wo47ffin1
.3)4B,o4krtkiiip ,
Mqs , ,t,
ti t o k )
which was alio culirel
,telitit. hir441,9=04
1, 1 49 11 s. l s o 9AgaCillatrik ,
'Atwar;litbv. It
RddY, airiVatertba, has ben• destroyed, by fire.
Lose $40,000. •
Soiling of the Nista
New YORK, Nor. 11.—Tho Persia sailed for
Liverpool, at noon, with $600,000•in specie.
Bei* Robbed
New YORK, Nov. 11.—The Goshen Bank of
Orange county, New York, was last night robbed
of $30,000 in bills, and all the specie contained in
the vaults.
The Arabia's News
.11osrou, November 11.—The wires on the New
foundland Telegraph line, will& were prostrated
by a heavy storm which prevailed on, Monday
night, aro not yet in order.
Nair YORK, November 11.—The Newfoundland
line closed 11 . 19 o'olook, and the Arabia's news had
not been reoeived up to that time at the St . . John's
°Moe. The steamer will be due here on Friday.
Destructive Fire in Boston.
BOSTON, Nov. 11.—The buildings
,Nos. 13, 14,
and 15 Tremont Row, have 'Men destroyed by fire.
F. A. Jones & Co.'s dry-goods store is inoluded in
the destruction. They lose $25,000. The loss on
the other stores has not been estimated.
Resignation of Goy. 'hard, of Nebraska.
S. Louts, Nov. 10.—Gor..1Sard, of Nogaska,
arrived here yesterday, en routs for his home in
Arkansas. Re has forwarded his resignation to
The Wisconsin Election
CLEVELAND, Nov. 11.—The election of the Do
mocratio State ticket in Witkloieln is generally
conceded, although the Republicans will have a
majority in both branches o 4 the Legillature.
The Ohio Mein;
Wunzusta, Va., Nov. 11.—Tho Ohio River, at
this place, is twenty feet, and rising. Boats are
plenty, and rates very low to all accessible river
Terrible Tornado,
Murata, Nov. 10.—A terrible tornado prevailed
IA the vicinity of Brownsville on Baturday.
Fire at Charleston.
CHARLESTON, Nov. 11.—Thefaotory of tho North
Carolina Cordage Company was destroyed by the
yesterday. The loss amodnte to $50,000, of whloh
$12,000 is insured in Northern Aim.
Montim,Mov.lo.—Cotton.- 7 8a1as of three days,
TX° bales; prices 120321-
Barmuoria, Nor. 11.—Flour dull. Wheat dull,
evil& :shade lover. Corn unehanged. • 'Whiskey
2243 onto. r
Naw °MA'AM', Nov. 11.--The €otton Market is
unsettled, awaiting the expeofed news from Europe
by the Arable. Bales to-daY, 1,00 bales, reoeipts
4,100 bales; molasses declined 10; lard in barrels
13o; eastern hay $18; Exehange on London 101.!
on No, York 1 per cent. premium.
Auavam, Gs., Nov. , M.—Cotton. Bales 401)
bales. Market closed buoyant at 1341.21 cents. ,•
SAVANNAH', Nov. 11.—. Cotton. Oelen 590 bilya
at 12a1.21 cents , . •
....CoLustaus, Prov:l•lThacistolso—...eur Moto,.
eloeod twileveeoft-est - 110AM
Mcneraounstri Ala., Nov.N 11.—The eaten of Cot
ton to•day were • , uninsportant, although prices ad
winded is; omit. Sales at 1119111 cents. • ,
CLIMILZEITON ' Nov. 11.—Cotton. Sales 908 bales
at full prices . . Good Middling 12a121 cents.
The Unemployed Workingmen of Me Seven
teenth Ward.— Another Demonstration at
lrashington and Jefferson Streets.—Pall of
the Platforot.—Tho meetings hold irb different
sections of our city, during the past few days! , by
the unemployed workingmen have all boon very
largely attended, and of a character evidentlY
earnest. In a number of owes the rpeaches have
been filled with the most intlamntatory . remarks,
the tendency of which certalulrinjurtous to the
order of the %immunity end the general Welfare of
Yesterday ofternmin ' shortly after two o'clock,..
between two and three thousand persons assembled
at the oorner of Washington and Jefferson atkoets,
agreeably to the adjournment of /nether meeting,
which was held at the same place on dopday, in
pursuance of the following catemilTely circulated
"To the unemployed workingmen and mechanics of
the Seventeenth ward: Believing for tome time poet
that a movement Would be made by the citicene of our
ward towards relieving The suffering and d istreas which
prevail to a greet exteM" in our midst by those whom
fortune or other circturudaneee have placed above went,
and as no action has been taken ea the subject, and no
our patience is estenated, we now call upon the work
ingmen, and all those who sympathize with them, to sa...
ennoble at two o'clock P. 51., at the corner of Washing
ton and Jefferson streets, to take into consideration
,abet le beet to be done to relieve the wants of Buffeting
humanity. By order of, the committee of arrange
The meeting was organised by milting William
J. Ash, of the Seventeenth ward, to the chair, and
appointing Mr. Axe as secretary. A weakly -eon•
emoted platform, at an elevation of some eight or
ten feet from the ground, answered the purposes
of a rostrum, and was surrounded by about as Silo
a body of wofkingmen as we have e'er aeon
gathered together on one occasion.
Mr. Jamea O'Connor, chairman of the previous
meeting, was Intreduced to the assemblage, and
stated that in company with others who had been
appointed to wait on Mayer Vim, in relation to
the mass meeting of the unemployed workingmen
which Is to take place this afternoon in Indepen
dence Square, he had discharged that duty in the
morning. The interview was described as being
of the most pleasing and eatisfactory character.
The Mayor hitd, spoken to , them very frankly on
the subject which now so Inuit ocouptes the public)
mind—that of adopting speedy measures of relief
for those who are bowed Awn by distress, and who
ire willing but unablOo'obtain employment, and
had promised the committee that whatever he
etnild do toward Maiming them' in the prosecution
of any peaceful and lawful design, would he very
cheerfully done. (Enthusiastic applause.)
Mr. Sch.:lutes then mime forward and read the
following statement, twhich is to be submitted to
CitiCounoils :
To the President and Menther., of the Board of
Select and Gammon Gannet? of the city of
Gstivtanstr,--A public mooting of tho onus..
ployod mechanics and workmen of the Bovonteenth
ward was held tjn Monday,' the 9th instant, for the
pnrposeof taking into' censideintion in what way
their grievance' mullahs redretised Or their anger
ing Mitigrited.' Th,flk PeOpOd to be .but One Pre-
Vatting, 0P14104 9aget.t)ttint—that et working for'
,a living. Bat,hon Wit that with to "be supplied
wherelolt week! pros. remunerative both to the
engagers tindemploYedl *Solutions were passed
stating the oausethrhiolikalled them together, and
&committee was appointed to.divise nations for
their N
We, the undepalgeed Members of the committee,
haring altary oritioal duty to perform, and been
oliesen from the aeitting without much fine for
attkay,,nifoic nn ittilointed time' to oonoldbr what
could bo doraito , retieve their distress. Our con-
Wia,Abitt *anklet make 10, appeal to your
honorable fio -take their ease- immediately
into oonsideration, and adopt some plan whereby
not only those men, pit numerous others through
out the city, can beprolltobly emp . loyod,
No deubt ninny will say , that it IA onsy for us to
ask your hellorablo bbdieh to provide work for the
delving lames, but it it hard for yob. to perform
it with the ballots! again of the city ginoarnment
ahnOtt in a Stele of bunkruptoy,' gad city warrants
hawked - about the streets without rumsoy in the
treating to r e deem , g ook
N ew , weeottAllto to wpm a plan to your
honorable lotilby,,whioh the) oah be °rooted with
out 1061 theproperty, hail:rote, Apse int er e e t we
have as much at hehit ad that viltom lob under
take to 'Provide tor:
Now, hhia ootinnittee Bello % that there leplenty
capital in tine city ; all it, Sleeks safe invest.
moot ; and.wo prcpaee thotieur hohonlblo bodies
will horrwi s tp tlita pont of spo,ooo, or mere—
that you will espeu4 th e in iMptoTtnl
in too prooln*of this peat city that too ambunt
which is tuuttiskity to MAP the interest of thilVeum
for given pirka suirbe taken of the hot'.f it,
and dednotedlrtor the wages of those who will be,
employed during the winter; that a oommittes . br
your lionorabla body will compute , how, far that
wM go tornoulgtt the winking classes / Awg how
long ltritotiltl, t4r,e you to &pond that siiniin the
orObleaway thithloh you havoiterelaforiseen ft p.
prspriating ttioney **A purposes;
Jellerittglortnan improve tageradatilinnewlitetr
we ednahlet.prioticable, vre„hopeyeantrill 'mho no
delay in commencing °paragons. And rair couw ,
mOdspoas In duty bound, shall ever prayi 'du., bo.
Tim lading of this stattanont was gtedtod with
1404414 ePPloww•
Oar, toehealoe 'who read the ? following opetition,
Whit% was unoulmouely adopted ac the eapgetolon
of the sentimenti of the people of the Seventeenth
ward :
To the Select and Comtnon Council, of the City
of Philadelphia:
The undersigned, a portion of the unemployed
residents and laborers of the Savants° ward, .
, . .. regretfully represent to your tol• .!
to, , ire,Aldth consequence of the vast o .-
a% : , 'and dlatress whioh prevails thro u
k' , At_ 1. haidttent of the city, and more es I
' Vittiataisteenth W.ard, they are comps lici '
irly to'petition for theadoption of some etkod
• ulated to afford prompt relief to themselves and
those dependent upon them for their daily sup
port. In the midst of apparent affluence we are
In want, and thunetisurrounded by every external
indioation of weal% sto need the common noses.
a•es of life. As hatbands and fathers we petition
•.- , and sea we hope you will heed ns. There
'", • • ' ' •40 1 10140thess willagieitigsbe
',,,. ; no I f p as to forOa or arms; nothing
* ''veis'':'tPoti .aPailp*lbn of •Ret¢ Mho, are
kla a 'i airy, No that they bay
fir'" food an ;raiment. for their wives anti
' . ''''
' who are mew drooping 4hrough, hanger
an , na e.ness.
W ado mostearnostly, In view of the alarming
eeMdition of ourselves and other dieraployed , lilt.
nem, w i fe upon your Amporable bodies a prompt
proseo# OA 4* isA the publii, jerks and Improve
,. nuts Mali histe,hatoopt i ojepted and for whieh ap.
igroprta done hauls been made! SttolVeotlon en your
part, creditable aS it would be to yourselvesi is
oallontfor by every oenelderation you can have for
the welfare of your conskttueney. While• it *ill
give 04.1pp:tint to thdja'whgagir r i llOßl WO nut
alto for algid ikiellt be ' Mehlitirtnt
to , ,many,needy onee; ' 10, Ird 'l , i lol oal t i
lielirbiedid strong it . 'Sir 0 .;.•
Evelymdapathy 0f, 2 j... ), At ',-, - o
°ease. .!,very ois , q• '" •
smdkeltion whsrah We lit . ~ , 51 Write: - te
description were mode bypre.
Messrs. Weldh, Dennis
Street, (who was particularly .violent,) Ash, and
O'Connor. At about four o'clock a delegation of
workingmen from Spring Garden, beaded by Mr.
G G. elsok, chairman of the "city committee of
unemployed workingmen," made their appearance.
As they stepped upon the platform, it showed signs
of giving way, and a number of persons were in
duced to jump from it. Mr. Clark took the stand
and stated - that at a meeting held In the mornidg
ho was elected chairman of the committee of one
from each ward, and was determined to contend'
for the tight. JD referred to 'the meetiall to be
hold (in Independence Square,. and expressed a
hope that it would be conducted in the most or
derly manner. Be desired to gee no bannere, de.
[At this.moment the platform gave way, and some
fifteen or twenty persons,
oureelves among the num
ber, were precipitated to th e ground. We found our
selves almost suffocated under the heavy weight of
three or ftiur men who had fallen on top of us, and
it was with the greatest difficulty that we managed
to regain a standing position. No ono was seriously
injured, although several persons had their arms
and legs bruised. A Beene of the molt intense ex
citement prevailed at the time of the fall of the
platform, Mid it was some momently-before order
could be restored
'Speeches were made by John Thorp, William IL
Jones, Mr. Stafford, anti others, who counselled
moderation, and deprecated all attempts at vie
!elms. • It was resolved to proceed to -day to lade
'pendenee Square, not in a body but individually;
after which the meeting adjourned,
. .
IA this f voilneotion We may state that at half-past
eleven o cloak yesterday morning, a committee of
workingmen, now out of employment, presented
themselves before his Vonor, Mayor Vaux, to con
sult with him as to their condition at the present
time. They numbered twenty-four, one from each
ward in l the city. They were headed by Mr. Geo.
Carat', who introduced his companions in suffering
to his honor. The whole party stood round the
table in the Mayor's private office, each man bad
lie hat in his said, and bowed respectfully to the
Mayor 119 they were introduced. Tko Mayor re
ceived them very corirteetiely, saying, " I am hap..
py to meet you, gentlemen."
Mr Carter said : Il it please youillimor, Mayor
of the city of Philadelphia, we have presented our
selves before ,you this morning to ask your consent
to our proposition to hold a public meeting to-mor-
Mayor.—r am perfectly gall:stied; there will not
be the slightest difiloulty in your way,
Mr. Car ter your Honor have any objection
to grant us permission to hold that meeting in In.
dependence Square?
Mayoi.-4 have no control over hie oity property
department; for that you must apply to this corn
tuisstoner of oity property, Mr. Ahern. For this
purpose I would recommend that you appoint a
sub committee to meet him at twelve o'clock, and
I have no doubt he will cheerfully meet your
wishes. •
Mr. Carter: l lM there be aril expense attend
ing the ereation of the stand ?
Mayor.—Mr. Ahern will give you all the infor
mation you require on that subject
Mr Carter.—Will you assure no that the pro
tection of the pollee will be extended to WI ?
Mayor.—Most certainly. I will do my part in
maintaining the peace of the city, and in protest
ing you from any infractions upon your rights
whilst carrying out the objects of your meeting.
0210 of the committee here addressed the Mayor
in the moat feeling terms, as follows
Permit me to address your Honor, the Mayor of
the city of Philadelphia. Peihaps you little un
derstand the experience of the vrorknigrden - at the
present time in this city. Our true position is
this: We want well-. because bread for ourselves
and families Is thclegitintate result of work, but
we cannot get work. We were unprepared for the
-.Asia at the time when it came upon at We were
discharged without
.rt.moluent'a notte,e as id our
families arelarollericiikinswittetioe.: M. Mayer ?
we are eapable (if - loaning, and are prepared
make a loan, to the city of Philadelphia. There
is work enough to do on our streets, and we can do
it. Wo will loan our labor, and our labor is capi
tal, if you will assure us that the scrip of the
city, which we are Wiling to accept, will be taken
for broad and butter, tea and sugar, or other such
necessaries of life as may be wanted to Batley the
araTings of hunger. We are peer, and at thapoint
of starvation. We cannot beg, for that is against
the law. We will not steal, for that is beyond the
limits of that character which, as workingmen, we
are not prepared to part with
The Mayor, who seemed to be deeply afflicted by
the scene before hint, then addressed them in sub
stance as follows: •
Gentlemen: I ant oxceedingiysorry thatoircum
stanees, Ink, as we all labor under at the present
time '
but more particularly whioli bear down
with groat weight upon , the workingmen of our
- city and county, should have brought no together
this morning. But, gentlemen, 7 think the pros
fleet brightens.
These dull limas are but of short daration ; they
Cantiot, in.the nature of things, last long, and there
will be a demand for labor again. • Ha said that
he could see every day the evidences of a change
for the better. No man had yet made bold to
eaplain the cause of the - great 'revulsion which bad
laid business prostrate and turned the man of toil
out of employment. He certainly did not pretend
to understand what bad baffled wiser men than
him, but there wee one thing that he wanted to
have infused into soeiety, and that confidence—
confidence, gentlemen—and as the Mayor used this
expression the delegation bowed their &s Sent.
There was more confidence necessary to establish a
firmness in the thoroughfares of business and corn
mere°. Without confidence our families would be
thrown into disorder and misery. Confidence be
tween man and man was necessary to establish
peace. The workingmen of the city of Philadel
phia would do well to remember the feelings that
have always animated her citizens in the discharge
of their duties—love. "Love each other" has al
ways distinguished Philadelphia, and he hoped
they, the workingmen, would not depart from
that good old rule. lie appealed to their know
ledge of each other's circumstances, and hoped that
they would be united in love and perfect oonfidenee.
Above all, he enjoined, upon,them respect for the
law and constitution of our dtty and State, and the
man who, for sinister motives, might enter their
organisation to distract and excite them to carry
out those designs would bo watched, end would be
held responsible to the law for his acts. lie
reminded them of their duty as moral beings,
responiibie to that Alusighty power who rules
men and nations. lie looked upon them as the
bone and sinew of the city, the strong arm of the
community. He concluded by advising them, for
the sake of their bunnies, and for the sake of them
selves,apd for the sake of the community, to put
confidante in their common (led, and to set as men
witti.hearts, which he believed them all to be.
Gentlemen, let nothing be done unworthy our fame
as a " City of Brotherly Love ." Ito bid them good
morning, and they left immediately.
Arson Case.—Yestordqy afternoon, before
Alderman Eneu, at the Central Police Station, the
three young men named J. Dougherty, J. MoClare,
and Daniel Macmullin, had a shearing on the
charge of, getting fire to a stable at Pavia street
and Pennsylvania avenue, oh Sunday, ,morniug,
Mr. John McCosker testified that while in an
unfinished building •in that vicinity •be was at
tracted to the window by hearing a conversation
Waldo. Ile Raw some youngmen (this defendants)
and board thein arrange a plan to aet fire to the
stable. After the evidence of the Fire Detective,
41esander W. Blaekbuzn, who testified to the
arrest, the accused wore held to answer the ohargo
of arson at court.
Fires,--4bout five o'clock yesterday morn
ing a slight firo.oectrred in an .oil faotory in
Ohtlatisn street, above Sixth. The damage done
Was quite trilling.
Yesterday merle Tire broke out in a row of
frame buldlingsOC t Gray's ferry read,below th e
toll.gate,'ormod by atthew Newkirk, Esq. The
estimated loss is about $3OO.
We learn that it is the • intention,of Abuse
who will participate in the meethsg jp ,Indepen
dense Square this afternoon to dispense entirely
with, banners, tinge, acd music. There are to be no
large delegations from the different 'Wardle, but all
are expected, under an order of the chairman of
the conamittee of arrangements; to go in their indi
vidual capacity.
Another Meeting of tho.nnemployed work
ingmen of the eit.y.apea b o ld er i_ eteg a the
Aoteon Brewery, Noithlhird street. The speeches
aad reanlntione lib**, of the same deearlptien as
those Of fortnin miatingt, The proceedings were
ipitited; nut were piirticiPeted An by e ' nuol's
,of persona. , Speeehoi were made in unglish
aißt Gorman.
Last evening a young man Waft picked up in
the street, 'where he das found In an insensible
condition, and oonreyed to the, Central Station,
y„.lt was ascertained that he wen suffering from eon.
gestion of the brain, /pod Dr. Coed, of the Board
' of Ilealth, was called In. Its the wane of an
ihair:the patient reNived, and was taken borne.
Relit( Meeting —A relief tneolltig of the
i g. ,
th i iim,f (Oho Statewide. ward was hold last eVen
jug, a t,, 410,110dt:1g Room, southeist corner of
Laurel and Itetobel streets :The attendance was
respectable; and a froward Aiwobletlebrforted.
Police t
the wards were
Item.—We do not remember a day
1 4
whieh furnis so few police ittems,as f iesterd'ay.
The returns
while thkodleurof the pollee
dev e o r id et o u t rni
t o e f t rom
magistrates Fere comparatively. deserted.
rt Beauttfidestabiishad
at Morrie Cp.'s Ntirka, In the Wirreteeath,ward.
'044/110 good/terra to tbeoillisena of that Boor
!shins portion of the city. .a
4 Funeral Drum.—The decease of Mr. At '"""" -41 " 61111411614111 * -1111111 WW11*.--
E. man has. , nted a presentation that Plimall.ntriai Mlif.di — Erentait.-tQuereitron
woul do. • • , ii" . 24 ' ' s,.- n one of much Kenn- • Emir continues to be` tisk& fteitly at it arrives, at
Ina re- I;•;. .-" of a " kettle drum"
,„ i n t; . w a s b oo , t .. yi noto , o t i IMIO for fratioality. Breadatollessttilitt no "ner
d, it " , It ed that Mr. gaud: ationoandstbent 2,000 bilis flour. somas We s t on ,
an Id pre. ' -,t it on -„ Irof the Band. This ! extra;. liaie 'lti4ze taken at 05.42a55:7k The
F;: , - it, will - ,n t , - . ,
. eral of Mr. K., form , bou t of the Ales 40/1, ^es allie ,getwase figeria e for
. P e ean
tedd .ia ' .., • Elwor th more will perform ,
, shipment. Standard saperfne is bat ss-rt
~. . .
~ gin ':.,°_ ~
..i f mr. wainwri ht
---- 1 per bbl, without Swank lihrownethat rate. The
g ett „„,.,,, A ~...a 1, 4„..„,,,„„0 t--s=tm t at fi,4,,,
heari in th e ease of William Wainwright, ~."-7.7,', "
_e.,"'" 4 Ll ." r 'l= ~,......z from
la • ' ~resident of the Commercial Bank, who is .1 • 1111 i 4 . 01 $ 3. - 24 Pu1 4 g."w" 141111 ,,,.."'“`"'`,.. 7 -
oba . • with perjury , which was to hare taken itallepplhe latter-for famry iiiiillY Yen/A' 'yam
Vase last evening before Alderman / 6 / 4 1.6 bti ' Meal and Rye Flour remain inactiiii:'ind -the
was postponed until Monday next, in consequence I .. rkot s t it t 3 AO fit n l . Alai Alp 2.5 for
of the absent, iii thg Wed attornurvi ( Voilfitif Wait s ' Wh'eitS arejitlgNiallteAth -
DistributtlYtV of•Dfeicr.:LZYnetibMit after- 1
- -- • - - - -•--- - onto • title • 7, }bushels were
ban_e_l l lPW . n gf.
~.PA.,44, 4 0` ,4•o„.fererOsWMPW"Sof4 ll - 3 "
'31r,35. for White, 1110 , 00121.10,,nranted, -and about
90e bushels old yellow brow* 76sitSeal, - 4,000
i ldtelield neW sold at 56c, and 500 t Mii,idsdo.;at
, .
Ontssimminehemged, atiA4,llooemslaidaficesth
ler, 4niil Petite - Of/A* have -toilikVtikkt VtaMtle.
Jt3te„ll:Aellinit:na' *Anted at .7313. 5 Ther fee &diem
and PenrutriOir Cotton is not itttpdrell fn.,
Viitiii Mot ore ifiiittot to moouxototottbio th•
44,-voimperallybtld obolethaylewe aLbnyers,
cro:iiiirial digialaidoTi•iludta anisAtieni at
P ri ftßej s ZPA lll V ig _:_, I .. 4 6 , l2l LVt" rth Y
of po w : are ...,.. ,p. •,......• o.erseed,
'abd'iliti2.2s-Pir Hebei ihr TinibtlY, iitnitgeor
none ofterioir, or setting. ,
,Wkiskez is,selling too
4eritiaidat',2lefof *41#444,44 pismic for
arrel's, itii'litt:4oolli,:::..!::
-, -
at Willow street, below Third. from a lager beer
establishment, ItgrajoielpWft poor of that die.
trial. A largo et - of arsons were present,
PPkaerdij A_
An examtnalunill be 'field SIP"
&nor Baundere' St West j raleiPbja,
on i6ioh ereation addressee MillibeVilbrered by
Rev. Dr. Wattwortlk sad Mr. SjiNtlr.
;1 a """‘"
e, •
. .• tIllf. , 1":')
111 X ,Poto.Npy
.iftwopraittA r lieir:u,
Telnie bf WIWI& l ifsigpto
at..tabratheseittiomikr. •Psnwlsiiiiisc
sant MI 1 1_ . 6 _ 1 !!§laft, ?‘„lit'oga•
lion sixes of 1.14,5t,g, 1114,9§ , M7 iftf; o ; Bear
larset - llatinad, sissest ink t attudiptVa . ind Amboy .
44 e, Or IVO at 65; Cbookieig Ihiaiscre
01'7141116 4144 litarth'
- Itos4 ll 4o, ll .4aroaa_.,
41 : 00:lit•fiWY
s '-tf • .
' so:4 -Ito
of TiodAell-
Alta to -e
eB on
be found important to
!his is A movement is
ly errors appear to be
..iums'eash, the same as
in the fire business, and the credit on yearly rlsks
six mouths for the whole premium. The company
which first comes down to the cash system in its
business, and pays its losses as soon as they are as
certained and proved, will ultimately be the most
Successful. There is no brangh of business in which
oompetition has done more injury by extending
credit than in that of marine underwriting. We
are glad to see the Board of Underwriters moving
in this matter, satisfied, as we are, that it will ,
prove in the long ran sdrintageoas to the policy
holders as well as to the companies.
The new tariff of credits, we are informed, is
essentially as follows :
Ou single risks, " to or from ports in the United
Steles or British Provinces," the credits to be re•
aimed from three to two months. " Out and home,
on seine risks," from four to three months. .
On risks " to or from the west ?oast of America,
and to the Sandwioh Islands," ot vice versa, the
credit to be Sour months instead of alx months.
"Out surd home," six months lastemnif eight
On open policies, " from all foreign ports to porta
in the 'United States," six months.
On all inland open policies a credit of eight
All eien policies 16411 full, to be closed until a
new oseditlse. opened.
Premiums under 350 to be considered as doe in
eash, but when the accumulated premiums of any
one party, during any one month, exeeed 1)50, a
credit of two months may be allowed. An pre
miums to be settled, according to contract, before
the delivery of the policy.
Premiums for time risks, for one year on
vessels, to be settled by two notes--one half the
amount at six months, and the other half at twelve
montha; and in cue of non-payment at maturity
of the first note falling due, then the policy there
after to be void and of no force. The same ride to
be applied to all risks ad shorter periods than
twelve months.
The Persia to-day took out $600,000 in specie,
being nearly half a million less than *ea antici
pated. The Arabia, due atlialifax, is aapposed to
have on board upwards of one million of dollars
These shipments of specie to and from the country
will continue' hile exchange MAW unsettled,
and debtors want confidence In the drawers of
There have been several heavy shipments of
silver from Mexleo to New Orleans of late, and to.
day the telegraph, aanouneee the arrival rif : the
Tennessee iteanuthieWith half a Inlpioa of debars
more. It appears that we are likely beasfiwth
to receive a large end steady supply of silver from
?deem mines.
We copy the following official, advertisement of
the receipts and expenditures of the United States
for the quarter ending September 30, 1837, Geolo
gy° of trust funds and treasury notes funded :
Prom cuoroms $18,273,727 27
" sales of public lands 2,00,449 811
incidental and allecellaaeona swum 296,841 OS
._ 4 ,20,429,817 21
civil, tof' ign fittfo••=29. Odd zdoooili.
neons f -
2419Ad0 vo
Intarlor (pedaled sod Indlo2l • 1 3,24,903 99
, • 7,29149* 83
N. 17. -'-- ' c:. . - 8,914,909 99
Old public debt - '.... .sa e
Bodomptlon of stock lose 1842.241,429 fe
-Do • do 1848. 25,100 00
'•' Do . do' '1847.40.650 DJ
Do , do ' 184E1.911,900 00
Redemption of Tezoll iodetrd
ty stock
Payment to oroditore of Texas
per act of 9th &pt., 1950.... 89,019 04
Iledempt'n of bounty-land stock 25 00
Premium on stook redeemed... 243130 00
Interest on public debt, Weld&
in; treasury- notes
We annex a comparative statement of the ex
ports (exclusive of specie) from New York for las
week and since January Ist:
1855. 1856. 1857.
Total for the week.. $1,424,903 11,493,364 $2,111,469
Total for 10 m0ntha'63,896,098 68,970,988 81,979,266
Since Joelst... t P 6,320,001 $68,464,932 ;64,038,135
The following are the footings of the Boatop bank
statement . for theyast week., ~.
- •
• Nor. 3. Nov. 10.
Capital steak 1131,960,000 $31,90,000
Loans and diaeounts 50,125,700 50,530,600
Specie 3,090,700 3, 33 '0 0
Due from other banks..., 5,442,600 5,953,500
Duo to other banks 3,300,000 '4,295,000
Deposita 14,624,000 14,176,566
Circulation 6,970,600 6,223,000
The Pon says: "'The money market continues
in about the same quiet state that has been ex
hibited for several weeks. 'The banks are still in
creasing their specie—on Saturday morning,' they
hold $3,420,600, a gain of more than $1,100,000
above the lowest point of September. Money is
easy enough at six to eikitper cent., for those who
retain bank confidence and. call for.moderate sums
only, In other words, so many large . borrowers
have been recently killed. off that the banks are
able to take care of the remaininggood ones, when
their requirements are reasonable. Outside ne
gotiations an on the increase, though not yet
numerous. Loans on prime stock eollaterals
are in more favor, and paper, with a few favorite
exceptions, ig rather despised. With exactly the
right names or stocks, money is pretty easy of
access in the street, at 11 to 11 per cent. and occa
sional loans are made at 12. But for anything in
ferior to the very best in the mind of the lender,
money is almost as tight and dear as ever. There
Is, however, a general indisposition manifested to
submit to very high rates, with a current idea that
money is to be latch cheaper ere long, on a wide
range of securities, pow considered inferior."
The amount of toll" redeived on the New York
State canals for the fourth week in Oototer• was
$91,195, against $143,8 . 0 for the same week last
year. The total decrease in tolls this year, up to
the close of the fourth week in October. was
Two bad breaks in the Erie canal, near Palmyra
and Newark, are reported, and at least fore days
will be required to repair the damage. This is
particularly unfortunate just at this time.
The $500,000 New York State loan, to supply a
deficiency in the sinking fund, was taken on Mon
day at an average premium of five and a half per
cent. A portion of it went as high no 108 13.
November 11, 1557
Reported by R. Manly, Jr., Stock Braer, No
"80 k Walnut ttrat.
2000 14 Puna It 6 , 8....48 I - 26 Wirilibuig R 49K
100 Rending
lots. iey
141 do_
425 do 104.18 X
,30 do .........x5.18}(
N Popo 11....caeb t 8
30 do ..... cad,. 8
2 Morrie. 0612 pref
• 3' 'do` s tag
20 Belly Mead It .....80 ,
2 do
2 111beh111 b 7
5 do - b 7
10 4
Girard 204 . 0
8 8%
25 4.4 cash. B,V
OD do 48
3000 do 48
830 Wilmington 4 o's 81%
1000 Otttn&n. & 6s , 53.60
11100 Soh No 6's '72 ...70
100 do 70
1200 do '82.65%
1000 Ches .4 Del Cs 40464 •
3000 do 64
1000 Pei It .1/sort 11.82%
4000 do 82%
1000 Penn 6 , s 81%
6 Nortietoyta
4 d .
do o
10 do , 56%
..°1 1 44.1 8 $
60 Long Wand R
20 Reading R
0 do
11 Penn R 36,..;
2 do 3034
20 do 30x
6 do ' 36X 36x
30 MLlTlebarz R 50
23 N Peon it —.cash. 3
1 Morris Canal pr.. 80(
5000 Penn 81,1 f
5000 do 111
0000, Ca Jatzi R 4106,1.00
1000 N.& Am RI% 16:69
• • • .
SOO Saba 70 5 v So 1 99.5 X
1000 P*99 11 o's lstmt 91
'ZO City 6's
200 do ,
1000 do • .
RM. Asked.
get N es 'O2 prat ld
Wmi'td:Elmß7 11
do lit mart Vow . go
do do 2dus, 494
. 1 61
Lood 8X 9
Girard Bask itx
Lehigh Zin0..... % 1
Usiouthertal ..... 3 3 X
New Creek.-- X X
Catasisse R R... 5 7
°Loki* r
Rid. Asked.
findel 444 , —B4 N lAN
Pananyri 81X
hong:C ' 18)4 /3 )ti
do oda 10 OS
do 5
6'0,4d 81
'diOrrln Ond Con 85 40
Bohn N as k
7 553( 278
. . ~•• I 7'lT
do Reed!lig ..... ..!.t../8X
100 do b3.11X
100 Reading 18%
110 do 4wz..1.3%
Indict close* .„16e18X
- NEW YORK Odrrial IiftiRKIBT, Nov. 12.
For baeres, at The Vaabington Drove TOIL corner
,Srjourtl; &voile' auet
itzest ; at
ChW,srlain'aTlialsou Emit Bult'a, *ad, foot:bf
I 4eltistsou Welk 7ltor /MTN, 'WSW and 14.1•00,
(*M P " a iallag, • " , Prownilig ' s. in Blzetktiseet,
sear Third , areas, and also nt - O'Brion's Omani
Bliira Road, (far eows, onlvia 4 and bantam clay)
P mg "" et ' -
l i t r a r; v iin t..:
.. Rslititen I Tor
, a..
rind ci na ri
quality per girt. $9.50410
Ordinary ii,nslitY do
Commori quality ....„do , 04.50
Inferior quality do • 114.5043
cows 'LSD CIFIrtIr.. . -, •
- . - . Viritirp
First quality
Ordinary quality.
Common quality..
Interior quality..
Extra quality..
Other qualities.
First quality..
Other qualities
?irst quaTlfi,
°Merlin"Sties aMe.
...13.5n.saira.—The receipts of Boef.Cattla damn' g
the past week have been heavy, and mostly of an
ordinary description— About 3,000 head have
been offered at Alternates. The average qeatity
of cattle was somewhat inferior to that pf.last
week, and the demand in consequence was-mode
rate. There is einnisinquiryfur good beeves, which
are very scarce. The market is about half a cent
lower, taken as an average, but some. ;abut were
made at about 10 cents, which is about as mach as
was obtained last. week. The supplinune chiefly
train Illinois, Ohjefend this State.- Salm ere made
mostly at about 9 cents, with perhaps fall as many
under as there was SU and-under that figure. The
attendance was large, but the market decidedly
Bat, being more dull for4ll stoat than last week_
Therewere about 3,300 head on sale at the ydrds,
which is about 200 head more than last week. In
all probability a large number wilkbe left over
Milch Cows, Veal Calves and Sheep, aid Lambs
are gaiteedingly dulL The latter sell ate iodize.
tion of two or three shillings per lteid lewribau
last week . The pens are ihdl of ahem, while there
is but very little doing.
swine are plenty and sell it a roduetkvn otle.
BUFFALO, Nov. unedisaged
• prices. Sales 3,000 btu. et.54.001811.1h for Jew
, fine Tipper Lake; $4.8740.25.1ar altos Ohio,
Indiana, and Michigan: Wheat inner. , • Sales
60,000 bus. at 711a806 for 'Clain* spring; 83.84 is
for Milwaukee' dub; $l - .lllfairils Tor' White
Canada. Cora steady. lons _ at. cOe.
Oats firmer. Sales 004 , hip 'rif t . cents , musts,
Freights active-14 wheal tailreMTork. lake
jasper!" for the twontyqour beers Nova* at DOGII
to-day-4000 bbls. flour; 150,000 Inmeibizak 73,009
bus. emu. Canal erports—' 1%000 bea.irlitiar, 0,000
bus. corn, -
• CHICAGO, November 10.—Ploor tie*. Wheat
Inn ; sales at 64e. Corn active; gialea at 480.
Oats quiet. Shipment, to Buffalo—Ka Soar; 06,000
bushels wheat. Shipments to Oswego—NO Soar;
47,000hoshels wheat. Reeeipts tegday-1,700 bbls
Sour; 100,000 bushels wheat, - holds emu.
°SWUM, November 10:DAUM
Wile* is stead 7 ales to-day, ir,oao bushels at
87}aMe for Chicago Spring. Cora is dell; for
warders are buying to put np -freights, but there
are no shipments from' which to fix quotations.
Lake imports--LT,200 bushels Wheat, and . 2,00 a
bushels barley. Canal esports—'2,6oo bbls Sour,
aid 0,000 bushels wheat.
CINCINNATI MAIIIIRT, Oot. 2,— . llowr—The
market remains inactive, and prises nominalbr un
changed. The bad weather and abeence of ad
vises from New York - operate against titUfside.
The sales to-day were canine& ta 150 and U.§ bbls
at 54,50; 140 do extra at $1.57, acid 54 stoat WO.
The receipts during The last twenty-four boors
were 2,365 bbla. Wbiekey—No change In the
market. The ales are 900 bbla aklsk, and.lso
do from wagons at 1.51 e. Seed-LA sate of ISO ba
Hex at 80e, a decline. Oil—A wile of 100 blMresl
at 650—time. A material decline; Also, 20, do
Linseed at 530.
Batter.—A sale of 10 bbls prime; roll 20c.
Market arm- for this description Groceries.—
Nothing new in thee market worth reporting. The
demand is quite moderate. Wheat.—Sherri 1e no
change' in- , *Wad • te itKatt---
equal" to the ,reeellitir, an pro
Oales of 600 besbels good white at 87c ; 380 do do
at 880 460 do dowt 86o; 260 dd dent ne; 4)0 do
red at 76e;,400 do ,fair white at. 831 e. Cosa
Sales of 1,100 lin:halt at the sipper depot at 38e.
We to 38 to 40Oas themeet /tye is
in fair request at 56adite. Matley,there tea fair
inquiry for prime qualities of spring and tall; but
the market is still unsettled, ritut we.. ninStajpote
prices nominal at 6045 c for fall, an 4 45 a 65e for
(From the New York papers of last evening.] '..
!drape amt.—Morris O'Connell, the alleged mur
derer of Theresa Spitxlin, strangled on last Friday
night in the basement of No. 31 Greenwich atmt,
was captured at Gi o'clock this morning at the
home of Sirs. Murphy, the corner of 6th avenue
arid 27th street, b 7 Off Gilfeather, of this lit
precinct police, muted by three of The list pre.
met officers. O'Connell is the fellow who %seep
from (*Eder Gilfeather, on the night of the murder.
and since his escape the officer has been unremit
ting in his exertions to retake him. Ile states that
he has scarcely slept, night or day, since his pri
soner got away from him. In his efforts to awe! ,
tein where O'Connell had secreted himself, he was
aided by the police of the 15th and other wards,
who are deserving of credit for their perseveranee
and untiring exertions. -
O'Connell was traced from place to plate, but,
until found at the house of Mrs. fifurper, always
managed to elude the officers. This woman is
either a relation of his, or a particular friend, and
when questioned as to his being in her house, she
denied that he was there. Officer Gilfeather was.
however, not to be put off with her denial, but
having procured the assistance of three of the offi
cers of the Twenty.firstward_ he and they watched
the house all night, two being in front and two in
the rear.
41,310 72
1,951,782 66
$23,714,6V 37
Finally, at *six and a half o'clock this morning,
they commenced searching the rooms- .and found
the fugitive in bed with another youth in an up
per room. They awoke him, and finding hiaiself
taken, he trembled, and was ao mach agitated
that it was almost impossible for him to get oat of
bed. He was handcuffed and brought to the office
of the deputy superintendent of police, and thence
to the coroner's office, ;there a commitment was
made out for him.
Some two weeks ago, as three of the servants of
Mrs. Lucy Mitchell, of West river, were going
home fromithetfield, they beard the squeal of kpig,
and looking in the direction whence the noise pro
ceeded, saw a negro, known by the name of Nate,
making off with the pig. They gave chase, when
he dropped the pig and ran towards the house
of Mrs. Boyle, an adjoining neighbor to Mrs.
Al. On reaching the kitchen the pursuers
asked for Nace, at the same saying that he
had been trying to steal
_property belonging
to their mistress. A negro named LiOnar4 re
plied that he whom they sought was not there,
and that if they did not take themselves off he
would make them. Charles, the eldest of those
present, and a valuable young man of twenty-one
years, replied that he should go when begot reedy,
but immediately left for home. They were fol
lowed and overtaken by Leonard, who struck
Charles over the right eye with a hoe. which felled
him to the ground.
By the assistance of those who were with him he
reached home, and Dr. Murray was called to
attend him, and for several days he appeared to be
doing very well, but on the 3d inst. be became
much worse, and sunk rapidly Justice Winters=
caused the arrest of Leonard and committed him
tojail to await the result.
Shortly after, the negro Cherie* died, and a jury
of inquest rendered a verdict fixing upon Leonard
the crime of murder The people of the neighbor
hbod were very much excited, and they declare
that if be is not punished by the law, he cannot go
at large in that vicinity again.
The coal tonnago over the Lehigh Canal, for
the week ending Nov. 7, was as follows
Mona Chuck.
Summit Mines
Tunnel No. 2
Room Ran Nines..
Rut Lehigh Nine',
12,299 14 351,195 61
A. Lathrop and others, Pea
and Dust Coal
Rost Maack Chink.
Spring Mountain Mines 1,475 10 33,978 12
East Sugar Loaf do. 477 12 22.412 19
Coleraine do. 609 01 42,061 10
Stafford d 0.610 11
N. Y. and Lehigh Coal Co ... 147 07 '26,303 14
German Penn. Coal Co 310 17 6,228 05
South Spring Mountain Coal. 678 14 16.731 09
North Spring Mountain Coal.. 217 07 11,213 05
Bearer 31eadoer Co 314 15 4,110 17
P.n. Maness
'Hazleton Coal Co.
Cranberry Mines.
Diamond Alines..
Council Ridge....
Mt. Pleasant Coal,
R ockport.
Buck Mountain Coal C 0....
Waft Hat".
NrCkeSbarre Coal CO
Wyoming Coal Co
HaPtiord Coal Co
hThrTisaniings of the Lehigh Valley Itailr4 for
the month of September, 1851, Were. • 5P 5459 52
Month of September, 1856 > 934 24
• ,55
Inorlncrease (equal to 25 per cent.) 0 28
Rarnings of the road for ten mot : l'auumg
September 30,1857 1,245 75
For 10 months, ending Sept. 30, 1858. 182 13 81 ,01
/ore me mast to 105 pa font,), toOrg 19
..per 14 647 c,,
-. 41550,
K 2543. 25
3 a 4
Murder at West River, 711 d
roit irr lOTA L.
Tons. Cwt. Tons Cwt.
—10,055 Od 214.693 os
540 OS 0.745 13
_ 1,764 05 47,513 03
10,1S1 17
1952 05 50,959 17
1,352 06 L 9.558 04
62) 01 24,873 CO
1,179 08 32,758 07
598 15 8.90 1
1,153 3,9c. 2
ST9 04 9,60/ 3
34,573 Ob 55.# 19