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    - • ;. -2111 Me lIIIT,DEPAn VONT, , '
~,.- ,- ' 4 ' ,-'; -' ' ' . " • September 2iii 1847. ~
" Sala Is hereby given to the holders of stocks of.the
' - fililiat Btiteirthat'thialmiatment will minima such
tertiacete...M IMO Pei raeivad .here, Oily assigned tit,
the, United etetes, previous to the lit day of Noma.
'' ', t -ibermar, a the rase heretofore Of ereo, and paid,,pis :
„ ..,
ao pat cod. gremiuni on the loan of 1812.
„-, ' ' ~ 88'Per earl. premium on losis of 1847 and 10 pYili s
- - 8 per cent. premiunion Texas indemnity 0 'per cent.
etakiloadlier With the interest sterna in each 'awe
- fiouilatilly. , • , ' •. ;. ; ,--- ; .' ~
Catlitesta of stock received hero on; and 'aft.r t he
~' la di; of 14min:ibex. until further notice shill be given,
will be purchased athe following fates, via: ..,. . 1
' ' ' S 'pet emit priabilion the loan of 1842. - ' ,
, :i
14 per eanf. preidinn on the /One of 1847 Wad MO,'
l ii
- , 6 per eent. premium on Texas indemnity fi per eent:,
. 4 `t
Arithliiideerned.interistiisyid3bithereini, itspeativeo.
• Ifhae certhiestes ordeal, inscribed' end tra n s f ers.
• - 1
, __lletdri the books of the TrearirY;eball be ieeeiied her e,
.i,,1 - , :IllignOS te.thetnit.4' States, between' the let Deni:
- .. per, when lite transfer books will be dosed, andthelet
".:1 et lanurdy, wienth. half-yearly Interest Is payable,
:' r pie 4,,oineis, filtered fertile half year. ruMit be .1)23
....; - ,U.4. 1 i to ihOyrnited'illatia by the stockhebled;el. two
'1 -- Interatr'atie Miriam haif-Yea can' be included it( Me
. -• , . ,
... ..,_ _. . I • - •
'?i ' iletnela
.. ~
..,, bid
the eenteiwill be Pashto by the Aisiet.
~.-. - Ont Trimmer Ott the interest schedules; as heretofore:
;a all mas, the purchase sums *Abe settled %fair
of fife L aw ful bolder llii stock, who shall muds). it to
7 5 4 --nu Unitedttatesin the mode prescribed by the reguli.
.Aiens ot sisiannents of stock . and remittance will' be
~ ~,...„.adiipt the amennt by draft' on the assistant tram
., _ ' 141 st Ilindon,lfe*lfork, or 'Philadelphia, a the - op.
-.'. +34;140t the party In, hose favor the settlement shall be
-; iiiiiil: , One day's *Unions' Wawa ;will be addedltom
th e day e t ,el eate! hail, tOOtte:Sniftto be Sent bisnall.
; -. • --: ." 11019.21.1.00/11i,"
~' -
is ..,..,•,. -, , , ~. -'. ;larger; of the,Tressay.
tip ,-)11
rzg . ,
4kt, `'
, V
- 'C"`Nb~IY'~.
Vrilsulalplns, at
,'the intersection of Market toad : William streets: l -After
• proper regard to Morals; health; andiaifety, the first
aim of this Institution will he; by constant attention to
the ordinary branches of edueetion, tentithethelehildron
and youth, committed to ihi'care, aeon itior.nui sotto.
Leta; this sectitui aim will be, by judieioas attention
to other branches, including ancient and modem tau-
Pages, to Midie:titiini Berm sarir.issisolioisas, end
in the end weans-and OallAtlin MEN than, they would
otherwiao becrtne.'"; ' " • -
This Semirieriyfilsiinguldied for purity of morals, so. ,
clef enjoynient, and eileceiMul *Deletion, has a pa
tronage fie DELOOT ati any institution whatever, as may
be seen from the thettlitt the following gentlemen, well
known to the coinifilthttY,liave, Au, had scale or Winne
muter the care of Professor Saunders: The Mon. J. W.
Astenuel, late united States District Attorney;, Thomas
President of the Bank of Pennsylvania ;
Messrs. E. S. Burnett; W. Goddard, T. 8. Keen, S.
Newell, H. Wesendona, Win. G. Moorehead, J. Cooke,
William Goodrich, Washington Butcher, William Bach.
null; G. G. Westcotr, Postmaster or philadolphial
Messrs, Thompson and Teeter, President and Vice
President of the Pennsylvania Railroad COmpany; Drs.
Bicknell, Ward, Rnaton,'and Tyler; Bev: Mears. God
dard, Cross, Renshaw, Wheeler an d Good; Bev. Dr,
Blackwood, Rev. Dr. Newton; Messrs. J. 0. Mitchell,
W. W. Kean, S. Dixon, T ;S. Watson, Matthew Newkirk,
0. Dana, Jay Cook, Thompson Black;Charies Provost,
Ill.Eicalallen,lB. S. White, J. A.Gendell, John Caldwell,
J. B Callahan, S. Newell, T. T. Atwood, Richard Blue.
den, Y.-IL Smith, H. 0. Blair, T. S. Taylor,' T. Malls
ter, S. Anemia, G. B. Keen, J. B. Silver, S. riutchlw
sen. li. T. Phillips. J. K. Loud,, Thomas Eingerald,
Editor Philadelphia City Item; Dr. Wol. J. Birkey; Dr.
Caspar Morris; Captain T. Vogdes, Tr, S. A.; Ron. Joel
D. Sunderland; Gen. F. Wynkoop; 'anti MANY OTUtan
of high distinction.
Report of the Roo. Ellie Lewis, 'late Chief Justice of
the State of Pennsylvania; the Mon. N.B. Browne, late '
Speaker of the Senate of Pennsylvania ; and the Bev.
W. W. Spear, the Bet. Edgar M. Levy, and the Rev. 0.
8. Ewing, on the part of the Patrons and .Niaminers
of Prof. Saunders , Institute, West Philadelphia.
As our sons or wards have. been pupils of Professor
Saunders, we have - hid opportunities' of-becoming
thoroughly acquainted with the discipline, instruction,
and general character of his Institute In West Phila
It affords us pleasure to express our most unqualified
approbation of bit entire iyitem for meral,intellectual,
and physical culture'. • • -
Rift pupils are trained to *nice Sense of propriety in
their intercourse with their - tete/oln,, and with one
aptinter Yis L is,,,peyer, saw seirdttary more like a well
40(iiresf afteelguete-Evetivisit4r ornst"be.
delightfully imprened wlth thojemyedinij rimerfuluese
and ate
end -the higher branches of
mathsrasidesite lfitefesively taught, with great seen
ribyo,l4.-Engliahisranches, and especially arithmetic,
receive perticulanattention.
ProfessorSainaders has selected for his seminary a
magnificent grove of lofty treee, 'Covering more than' two
scree. The exercise& in this delightful gymnasium min ,
atittitiliii emelt pariof - the charm end advantage of the
Institute. .
Present l at ',eyed examinations of Iris pupils; we were
highly gritided with all Gusty° witneseed. -
StITS piss IN AMC •
Leirtruna—Having• bad a son un
der- the Professor's charge, and in his family nearly a
year. pest,,,we can speak of his school as eminently
Worthy of pationige,—iTehn W. Forney, Editor of the
To those parents who desire to combine the beet phy;
slat andquoral derelopment of their 'Children, with
high-tuned, sound, and j udicious , mental training, the
Institution of ProL Saunders offer, pecidiar advantages.
—(Editor.of She Npiscopaißecorder.. • .
Saunders, wejearn, Is a model teacher, both we
to discipline and inimeniTul instruction. Parente who
have pateonised.his.lnstitute are delighted with IC—
[Editor of the Christian Chronicle. „, 5 ,
ProfrfE.-11,Soutatersda a gentleman of great merit
and recogalied ability In him profession. :We are not
surpriaed to learn, that his climes are rapidly filling op,
—(Editor of Me North American.-'. , _
Slew. idatneonsn' iserrivors.—Thin Seminary is 10-'
mite. la the midst oft grove - of noble trees; and has in
its front s largo portico, extending the whole length of
the building, and in Its rear a beautiful garden. The
'view of the surrounding country, and the city of Plain-
Aelphis, from the upper portico, is magnificent. In the
choice of his location, Professor Saunders has combined,
in one- all the belpa the), Gyeclan philosophers brought
totheir assistance in impressing the minds of their
th'e grovo,"the porch, and the Lyceum.' If the
youthful mind can any where receive deep dranghti Of
knowledge or imbibe Morals In their parity, this is the
apot,so tho,mers for the work. Wo were present while
the smaller boys recited - their lessons in Latin, and
were highly delightid with, the readiness with which
they declined the verts—the real key to the language—
and the facility with which they rendered _English into
aild2oics...cerse.Editor of , ths,'Etweng But
haw: • " '
Aloe -issvtrnin.—Ttds"seminsry, m ost;
eDrtbly loetted in West bas received the
hi heat conimendations:, front Zags:Lewin, General'
Wynko9, Colonel Forney', "G. o.'Weetcott, Esq., and ;,
others *he have had sons or *gait tinderthe "charge of f,
Prof,' SitniMnifl.' We - take pleasure in that his
editcational plea.' is with that students find books are
'creation rather thane tedious:task; and that inildness„
'deaden, and the law of love, are alone depended,nponl,
leir insure' attention in the school-room. • Our personal
`linPorietiortonables us to giVi)intilling endorsement to the
may fiattering encomiums which the Professor weirdo ,
Inotitinilderaretaived.' • s' • • '
We haffeheind gtintiernem - itliose 'sons are under his
waij in' inch "withuslastio 'terms of his 'entire
tosnagemenn, -And' arrsngenients, that , sysi are con. ,
attainedilo request' itey,or our fri4nds who have sons to i
Oman' to - paybitn. a visit.—[Editor of the Pennsyl
,tiltaitne. _J - ,
' We have long known Professor Saunders, both in Vir
gilds and-in this city; - as an able and experienced,
Una ek, mind hive repeatedly borne testimony to hliad
mixable system of instruction. The names of the dil
tingnishodontioteen'who are his patrons, furnish an
enflAsmenneraendation of his Institute "to, th e public.'
"—Tfffffrot.if Me:Christiort Obbetter. , ' "
Prof. financiers has a most 'delightful location, end;
Avery advantage for a school of the highest order, in!
flittnA nokrand youag men" for college or tweliees„ Net
: dialhoromalt teacher wad an'adwirable
.10,scirool"- whatever, is composed of ',Tenth from morel
• ;• eaveriefewnr system - 01 4 1
bestrewn= more admirably adapted to. the capacity or;
"youth:Or teedleg More to make them lOve their studies.'
—irdieor of the Sits. .1 :
41105280Ei . MattNDX.B9' Irs,ncrl37l tile own 1104
Mediate; 'able, add 'Judicious; supervision; ieuescquired I
"yresiet menbrity,'7,-AEditcy qf fire City firm.,
;I,lt.taLorde me great pleasure to testify of Premises E.
,D;.Siturdlern' Wife . as my classmate in lisle College,'
,', for fichole.rship, he has been re
-sosaisabli itionriciful in the m i t:tweet for 'a teite of,
1 .4 . 0 9;) t 0 r f r 9arg rz • r gi n°4 r 4.--11.1
Sf i n f o eoot pm air , lOC .„
.247fijiefOing is, from Comte Soin,:fr. ea*, of
. - ,
&lien, teeny lot to be acqueleted with Protes-'
mill,: Bo:Saunders, as a teacher of youth i. frour his first!
oommenceinent in inyvieinity lathe Masi successful se-,
tabliMiteent - Of the, Institute in Petersburg; and I can
fly, It laterally, never, been my lot to know a more
muswasted„ educator, upon -the breed meteor more 4 as
-wsil'ia Intellectual culture.
Nit underelgned having been piston el the Presby-:
rerun trtnaajdis regain, Winlat.'Pyca
....fassor Eaundeps had charge Op
,tha , Irmiltution , referred
Toile /alibied to tostifyto the romettible success with
which his' Inborn iin,"that city were , attended.—[John
Leyhurn, 'D. D., one of She Editors of the Presbya
stotaaseclamps tee can accparrnodsda slaw mote ya;
own Stailli,`to Mamie' the itholn_tbee, or
~.,(fessetwesi-fainilies prefer) from -Monday. morning tilt
errealng,"nt 'll,,correlponding deduction in pricfiq
Address- - ' 'TROY. SAUNDERS,
of tie iririoni quelitiesjuit reoeived from Minnesota;
A*1:01,V44.1110 absortroorit of Panay ROWS of our ow 4
aluto.facturo; and for solo ,wboloaolo pad rAtail by ;
020. , 81 WOW:MIL, I ,
4/6 Areb Offeet
4 40 1 401% 4 4 4 4 Volnikit4l.7The , Anittial
** ofrebtailwajetny win b UM on Matelay Jteiti
Lief.,) *-114 . M., at the Secretary's
',ollo,ll9,l4#3 t kpilith'4orea;: Ptitlatail .
i-pwritialarty *tasted. _
ioolo4tit tt. SAIETIIURST.
' 1 fturit• Etectropathy....nii.
-Atawittiaritit nadtencea, who sza highly delighted with
suaT,Ypielments: He lectures this Week,
1 *Mak *044 pa, Feuoirs , Hall; Fekt
an Tuesday and Saturday evenings, end at ,Bsring
cquer,,s..t broad , add PPring 00 4 ea
Orbits, on Wednesday and Friday evenings, at ft altiota;
ap office, 1237 OpriarGarden street.
ilavitig Fund—Office 103 Widani
' 'door weit of eeeond street:: Seisiviii "do
pinata ligialii9'of One Della end urraidi,:iviteaii
„ 95904 a:pinto/nn:nal% end idioms Inieteitae tini
cd five pit neg. per annum.
t ,¢Pap,iperndmis, from 9 until b °tele*, tad widen
4/ 44 6649% 4itil 9 in the evening. Veildinte
PriskUs-101;• TresiureF, Mule, si.ldorria;
tam James B. litingle.;
:•-yaawi l l i rpit aik t:, c l i r dPap,....7"Tain inviganible
;:9044diiiidaptisiatininaya$4.19(aha mr,a oli9las'nad
. walking atainatieslumme in , medicine, an d is the acid
`i.iiiailOimdfaliabla airadnatitt 'Milt:far infants and
. ' i1,t,P 1 020.. 1 •! '- :. „', , ' : ~- . . •-,. !
•.4 • tar ihaalarkindaance p speedy ape ,fa Mtentod in
WI mum of 0 clic, windy pains and spasms. Ballaves
''';' O I 0110*illiihiOtehildrirel itaroing dtiriol2•fi
h4til o ar)'.{:tli• 1 ?7. 4 1 i.iNI Vris r t l4l ‘ l " -
~ . 644 Witinvoll; / 0 a o Oness, •rimouncico.,
, , „,.'"--MitisoliSonkSatdiat-laaalissom•-a sia4M4 masae/p.,
` l4 AinisViskiiiiii hiaaaiaiiida oft aisanidilalkindat
•-•'` , -, ' .l:.*,: i lP: * *o l .7. loii *- bil / 2 041°1/11i
- _..100#14114,431.4P1tel
A4lraivivoliat siorsa4onen sta ., etpl# a.
,I,l l for alto th il4 l lol 4 6 44 ,10 #: And ho sifts
vitiMtlW,, PrAll. 1-.;:— ''~i i I IQP44 4
•oversidifula - -:;ii —
_ Jana UMW At fed on'
-, , llevelaclFirsul,Ariva Vex, Cent. lutetest—Nl.
tinsel Safety Trust Company, in 'Wnt. Street, south
west corner of Taman Infest, S a lIILADILYIII4. Assets
over Ous Attimoti MAD ► 11414 oT DOLLA.RB, invested
in Hsu. MBTATS, MOlrrialatlßOßo2l9 ROOTS, and other
fret elms securities, oe required by the charter. his
Institution oontinee its business entirely to the rued!
Ting of money on depo'ell,.
The office is open every dity born Y o'clodk is the
morning until 7 o'clock in the evening, sod on Monday
and Thursday ev,nuags until S
On the let inst., by the Rev: David Magill, Mr. JOS.
RUSSELL, of Lanceeter county, re., to Miss SARAH
ANN ANDERSON, of this city.
On the Bth Inst., by the Rev. Edward McKee, Mr.
FREY, both of thte city.
Suddenly, on Saturday evening, the filth inst., ELIAS
0. DEAL, aged 20 yeast eon of Daniel Deal. DUO no-
Ma of Interment. • '
Oa the Bth Ind , CONRAD RIP.PERGER, In the 88th
year of hie age.
On the 9th lost., SUSANNA. FREE, wife of WILLIAM
FREE, In the 33d year of her age.
On the Bth lost., Mrs. SARAH BATES, In the 78th
year of her age.
On the 9th inst., hfre. JAMIMA WELSH, in the 93d
year of her age.
fErFourth'Ward.—A meeting of the Demo
cratic .Executive Committee of the FOURTH WAND
will be held this (MONDAY) En:NINO, at 7 o'clock,
at the house of W. MOMITLLEN, Eighth street,below
Punctual attendance h requested, as business of im
portance will be transacted. •
By order of the Committee.
ISIoiIitiLLYJN, President.
.108HUA M. Durrell, Secretary.
co l2•ltlr
It 7" Meeting or the Malt and Liquor Dealers.
—A Suede' Meeting or the WHOLESALE AND DETAIL
be held ea MONDAY, Oct. 12th, at 9 o'clock In tho fore
Street, below Green, for the purpose of repudiating the
action of a factions minority seeking to control the ma
jority, in their absence, at the close of the meeting at
Diligent Hall on Thursday ereninglask
By order of the. President, and approved by many
V - Phlltidelphta,Oot. s; 1857.—Pat the Regu
lar Stated Meeting of the LIQIIOR DEALERS' ASSO
CIATION, hold this day, a resolution was adopted,
unanimously. to withdraw the Ticket known as the
Psoeta's Tumor," which was formed by this Asso
ciation on the let inst. The following-named gentle.
men were "appointed a Committee to carry oat the in
tentions of the mooting Ifeniy, 0: bleeser,, Jame'
Drady,and J. Y, Magair..
Ohalinunpro. tarn: tignor Defile& AILSOaIitIOD.
„ _
The above Committee hereby notifY the 'members of
the" Liquor pesters' ,Associatlon," and the public,
that they have suaritided the publication of the ticket
known an the People's Ticket," and recommend that
all members of the Association, and their friends, ex
erchie their own interient and preferences in regard to
the candidates of the several political parties to be
voted for on Tneaday next .
The ComMittee also notify all whom It may concern,
that any ticket , published hereafter as a "People's
Ticket" has not the, sanction of the Liquor Dealers'
Association, or any ionuection therewith.
117 Notice to Consignees.—The Ship Non-
PARBIL," Captain OP.OIIOII YAWS, is now discharg
ing, under general permit, at Queen street wharf. Con
signees will please attend to the reeeipt of their goods.
THOMAS 111 . 011ARDSON dr, 00.,
oc9-5t 101 Walnut street.
IV' Girard College: The Directors of the
Girard College give notice that they are prepared to
bind out, in the State of Pennsylvania, nineteen Or
phane, in accordance with the will of Stephen Girard, to
suitable occupationS, Such as agriculture, navigation,
arts, mechanical trades and manufactures , " The mas
ter will be required to teach hie apprentice his respec
tive art, to furnish him with suitable board and lodging
in hie own place of residence. , (except where, for special
reasons, the apprentice may be allowed to board else
where) and to provide him, upon the termination of his
apprenticeship, with at least two suite of clothes. The
waster will be allowed to take each orphan on trial for a
term not exceeding one month. Personi desirous of ob
taining an apprentice can apply at the College between'
the hours of 3 omit. P. M. or, if not residents of.Phila
delphla, eon addrees the undersigned In writing, stating
name, residence, occupation and references—the latter,
whenever possible, to ba citizens of Philadelphia. •
, . , , • lIHNRY W. ARES',
Secretary of Girard College.
Up to 12 o'clock . Last Night
GIRARD HOTEL—Chestnut street, beiWeength & nth.
Mr Mayhew, New York A 0 lilayhew,blassaahusetts
Judge Gilchrist, Washin'n John Carson, Baltimore
Wm II Norris, Baltimore Win 8 Reese, Baltimore
Jno D Turner, Va L L Crump, Virginia
W N Baugh, Virginia Jas T King, N Carolina
8 Duncan, jr, Washington Thou B Oakley, N York
Inc, 0 Holden, Mass ' W Towers, Washington
S H Sonrben, Washingthl Dr Alfred Hughes, Va
D P Heckman, Va N W Noell, Virginia -
Jno N Sadler , Vs P P Scott, Baltimore
J T Stephenson,Kentucky Pedro Pde Mosquera, NeW
/no E Wylie, N Haven Grenada •
E D Moore , - , •T A Walton, Mississippi
N Thomas; Miss - ; - A Moubeimer, N Orleans
Jno 11 Lamar, Georgia J T Goddard, Macon, Oa
hionteltb; Georgia • Nathan Adams, Chicago
J 5 Glenn, Montgomery, At J T Chandler, Lexingtn, Ga
W 8 Culbertson, N Albany john Chicago •
Mrs Ilaideinan, Pa ' • 'JO Hand; Richmond
0 - B gopscom, Richmond 7H Hillaman, jr, Va
Bishop Boykin Darli, South (is KDickinson and la, NO
Boykin and la, Olt 0 W Partingtoc, Beaton
P Spaulding; Boston Mrs 0 T Dickerson, Oinn
0 W Stanton and lady, H O WLI Grant,Wilton, ti
Clark, Boston F Chaney, N Y
9. Slaughter, Lyneldig,Vis H Bottardi and lady)? Y
Mad. Tara, N Y US Parker, Harrisburg •
J Arnold, Washington LII Laurence and In, Utica
Harrison, N Y " JO cropper, and lady, NY'
JD Dane's, Jr. Belt P Denmead, Belt
11 Outman; Atlanta; Oa JP. Shepherd, N
John W Clark, NY, " lan W Britton, N Y
Palmeri New York W W Sherman & la, N Y
Jno Murdoch & la, N York Richard Lee, New York
Abraham Bussing, N York Geo W Shaw, Ohio
Marshall Oliver, N York Tr A H Jackson, Conn
James Emtnitt, Penns Thee A Doyle, K Island
T Leonine, Virginia ' Iggioddard,licriffork
Win H Hardgrove, Vs W G Laguna, Oasandagua
E W Moore, Texas S Henan, Georgia
8 B Bucher, Georgia - E O Auto, 8 Carolina •
IV 0 Mixon, Alabama Master 'A V Scott, Vs •
Coo Itualltord, Wisconsin E L Buttrick,
Jno G Morris, Baltimore John Nog, New York
R Richardsen, Georgia RVg Rog , Virginia
Oapt Eagle, 17 0 N Green. Virginia .
Jell'A,9Cearce Kentucky H Butler, Pldla'
Dr Mayo, U reN . T Spear, Oharleston
A J Berry, York District, 8 0 J P Mangey, 8 Carolina
A 0 Sanford, Ohio, • J B Curtis, Ohio
John &Were & wt, Penni' D,Afaefarland & la, N Y
Gen Geo 4 Granger, 80 Jahn B King, Chicago
Ohm; Morris, Delaware Dr Prank M Rieder, Reod'g
d+.t o dB beets, N H Wm Mac .Neill Whistler,
Jaa Head, Mt Molly, er 3 Philadelphia
Jo hn Morrison, (Ruin, 0 A A !bluer San Prancisco
1' W Parke San WrIACIIICO 0 Park, Vermont
W S Shattereek, N Y Pred 4 Carnes, N Y
W H Smith, Boston' - W Batch dc la. N 0
W J Scott, Vs • a o Chappell, Va
0 01M01011 Eivridsnce,R I P W Scudder, Batton
II Schoonmaker,N Y- A Analre, 11 V
Geo W White & con, N Y Ata Leema, Washington
W 8 Vetridge, N Y Jos H Miller, N Y
T Rolf, New Orleans
MERCHANTS t,HOTEL—Fourth street, below Arch.
Joseph Chlog, Ohio " James Campbell, Y
Henry SCA, Oin, Ohio W Warner, N Britton,Ot
Mrs Glass & Son, 11l T Johnson, Phila
Hon O Scott, Pa,hw Ii Washington
A S Snowden,Cusrliind co P Lauer, ItWing
ET Ebb, Mercer Drabook, Taunton, Mu
Wm W Hester, Ind JAI Jones, Clarion. Ps
J H Haber, Jr, Newatead,Hy JamteaP Scott, Pulaski, Ps
A J Wangb, Pulaski, Pa E Byers, Pulaski, Pa
J H Wottbrldge, Newark J E Heron. Syracuse, N Y
Mks Sumner, Streams, NY Mrs Cochran, Plttsbusgh
Joseph Villltdaer,Na. iktorelmeTrelit,Siluerssille
II A Guernsey & Wells . H E Lehman, Lancaster
bore', Pa I Haney, blame co, Pa
0 Wet, Waterford, Pa • T Oramblet, Ohio
fi M Carson, Tenn Harpoon,
D T Vincent, Ala • Hon I S Black, Wash's •
G P Howeddass • C Lerett,
AMERICAN HOTEL—Cheatnnt, above Binh.
Wm 11Squire, N 0 L H Carter es la, Bait
B B McOlees, Balt DJ Simpson, S 0
B B Miller, PUB J A Stebbins, N Y
Wto R Seaver, Philo 0 G Goodman, N Y
fiSendford, N Y E & la, Erie, Pa
B E Lemon, Pa ` ' 7, Cooper, Pa
W Holstein & la, Monty co J Wayne & la, Monty co
A Wetherbee 010, 0 - Alex Daley, Va
N 0 Barrett, is - 'J E Newsome, Hartford,NO
T Coleman, Concord, N 0 Wlt Jenny, N 0
Ino T Miller Shelby, N -0 P Flynn, Ya
Leißla, old G N Miller, N
0 M Newell, Philo:. W 0 Whipple, N Y
Speakman d li, Bait J Dougherty, Del
Philip Beekman, Del ' Geo Beekman, Del
Jos A Ryan &Jo, Louisiana; ft E Rood, Phila
Ira W Porter, Philo R X Champion, Ohio
Mrs 8 A Champion& den, 0 E Dougherty, Del co,Pa
A J Thorne, N A Landts,'Oltford, N
Montgomery, Va _ Wm Murfee, Va
Jan 13 Harrison, Ya - ' - A W Norfleet, Vs
D Wile* Cheater, 8 0 1 dlocnm, N Y
Thus S Yieltera, N 0 - R W Preston, Va
G Caldwell, Vs R 8 Pettibone eG w Go
Semi R Poynter, Conn - 8 Hopkins, Gnionsboro,NO
L Brans, West Chester - J P Anderson, N Y
Jas M IScOlellanp, Ey 8 Dreyfous, N Y
W W Spencer & wife, Conn Woo T Young, N Y
ONION HOTEL—Art street. above Third.
E A Vogler, Belem, N O A 11 Webb, Belem, N
S S Plowing, Viminia AB Wingerd, Penns
U Btonehouse, Waynesboro , J Booebreak, Waynesboro'
UM Pratt, Lewistown, Pa B W Pritchard &Ia Ohio
11 W PeJISIOOk, Renew, Pell, Newark; N
J 0 Orontes, Radon Pa VS Zigte Heaton Ps
John Carter, Tamaqua, Ps 'a Cook, Newark, N J
Nath'l Mains, Chi, 11l a Straub, Bloomfield, 11l
I Bistletqk la, Bloom fel, /11 P Striker, Pittsburgh, Pa
A 11 ace, Mlnenrillo A Noble, Reading
11 II Koons, Reading 0 0 Idilnor, N J
BLACK BEAR INN—ilfth and Merchant
J D Wiley, York co, Pa J P Thornton, Norristown
Callahan & la, Philo 0 Hatton, Del
D B Nyce, Phcenlxvllle Stephen D Byers, Ps
Jacob Nice Chester oo Thos Broome!, Del
Bung Beltser, Pa ;no Sill tc la, Del co
nos Decrees; Cheater co Mark Brooke, Del co
dm 'Larkin, Del CO, Pa Geo W ilmraia,'Del co, Ps
Lewis Garrett, Del co, Pa. Jet Garrett, Mester co
Davis Ramble r Chester co Darla Hanna, Chester co
Wm. BOSS, N John Blakeley, Ohester,Pa
Ed'd Hilliard, klanahockln James Watson,Phila
&Iraq Brown, Phila. • Edwd Hayes, Philo
SPAM VNlON—Market street. &bore Sixth.
DL P McOtees Atlantic, city no McOlees, Atlantic city
8 Lissberger, Washington Ohs' Ilardlng, Roanoke
Chas Wiliolry, Boston Geo W Haswell, Boston
1.1 McDonald, PattivilleJsOkson, Halt
Jacob P Banta, Lancaster W Berg, Piing
WM It Berry, York, Pa W Hellman, Middletown
John Smaltzer;Pii - Geo Warne, Po.
Geo arMS,l t aneaster,ra , Chapman, Boston
z ~,„ . Grafton Beall, Jr. Mass
MADISON 1100818-13econd stied. below Arch.
A Thornet Widen, N E C Weston, iloston
ti Birbot, Newborn, pt 0 8 P Houston, Del
P Misses, Reading G Leagrent, Reading •
W Gray, Del -A II Logan, N Y'
Mime, Pittsburgh T B Leedom, iferr'W
MMurdock,Chestco,Ps • Ns Wilms A. Le, Ps
M A Pield, Phils J Ides, Pt Deposit, hid
D Dennett, Del • L - 8 Virden, Del
Y Townsend, Del E Gibson, Louisville, py
Binder, N T Lariosway, N '
8 Beynoldo, B Ps
Jos OasorinN N P Leff, Delaware
J B Connelly, Delaware • Cleo D Gasohol Pa
NATIONAL HOTEL—Baca 'treat, arboas TXIII,
Wm L flamer, PhilaSelptila
0 Big jSne , Biltimare ' Wfl astaby L pittata irg i,
M Patterson, New York • Thine', Etsdist
Geo W Xoloaa, J,X•ylmar t lamcalfea ; •
oeo Slobt, , Waymathorof Tips Walley, Wajamboto
Jos L Wllkeibuto It Kirkpatrick tr, la, Ohio
0 Itammbetr Pa r , IA I, Msore, lasssater •
Mta Quiser, is 1- •-, /Sim Stlfit/j
A Jlfitattinaer, 8911- Hares AMa Rfttoolls •
James A 1/lohs t Obio 0 Xlmahuth, rattarilla
- 01;(1ts,;:z.A ISX!-WalSsioPOttliTillet , •
IVOTIO ;•=iltrYta ' WINE, in SEVINT“
A' atilt, ahOTO'OheetniitOrill be doted fore few
days, for itiorrimint and zeitiimishing. 'MU' re
opened in • • ie that will va mpire , farorablY With any
house in the tiltev,
The choice oldilirandlecin tostom-honeei
to the Mate
.; of iohn tiny, Jr., have beep Pitrebiatu
by the anbeCribef, ; .
follat WM. GM:
o'clock P. EI. on Saturday; Oct. 10, 1817. [Persons
applying for advertised Letters will plums mention the
date of the List.] Open on Sunday from 7g to 8J o'clock
A. EL, and 2 to 3 P. It.
Arent Mrs Jas D (Meson Sarah McGloin Maria
/Winton Mies Gila Mary McConnell Oath
Altman Mrs A. 0 Gent Mary McCambridge Sal
Mitt Mre Garrth Caroline klelntegart Dridgt
Andrews Annie Si Giberson• Mary Malinffice Sarah
Adams Sarah Clomp Margaret McLauria Penel
Arnold Mrs Grey Miss McNally Ellen
Altimue Sarah Gibbs Mrs Mellarvey Susan
Allen Mary and ardner Mrs Mary Marano Arm
Busily Gorham Mottle McGlmeley Rose
Armstrong Amelia Gray Mra A 0 MoGran Rosetta
Beeson Maria Grirnsbara E A Nelson Anna M
Brooke Eliza Griffith Orlando B Nixon Aniline
Barton Mrs E 0 Henry Mrs Nagen Mrs A
Bonen Isabella nausea Elizabeth Ottobeck Emma
Barret Libble Bantle Islrs Owens Mary
Barrett Oath Hague Mrs Geo 0 Obert Mrs
Ball Mrs Ambrose Ilembold Mary O'Neal Mrs
Barbour Mrs C F Fiendebauch Mrs Provost Lucy
Ball Maria M Ramble Marg Peterson Chris
Barnes Mary J Hainan Mrs Si H Pedrick Sarah S
Beasace.Cath Hawley Mrs Susan Peden Mrs
Baldwin Hach I` Harris Mrs E R Porter Jane
Bear Emma II Henderson Elizabt Potter Marg
Baird Amanda Heller Mrs Blialbt Powell Mrs G
Bicking Min EMI:Inv Marg Parr Mrs R W
Blots Mrs Levina Mani! Sarah 0 Price Mrs Mary
Butler Mrs Lucy Ilawp Mrs Hannah Prugel Christine
Buckner Miss Hammond Martha Pedon Mrs
Bullock Sarah Henry Miss Emma Parker. Mary
Buckley Willie Hart Miss LonisaPotter Anus T
Buckwalter M A Hartnett Hannah Place Mn E V
Brown Jane J Harrison Mrs F Philipps Jane
Buck Harriet Hess Clara M Palmer Mrs Si
Blye Id los Mary Hail Mrs Edwd S Pears Mrs S E
Minion nisi 0 Harris MraPaulino Potter AZ
Brown Mrs A 0 Herman Mrs Paul Mrs J
Byrne Cattee 0 Holland Mrs Susan Pennock Sarah
Byers Mrs Jane 'Hooper Miss W A Peden Mrs
Bowling Elizabeth Itutchiaon Mary ReGy Delia
Brown Hannah P Hunter Mrs Jane Regart Phrebo A
Bryan Rebecca. d, Houle Jane P Rice Sarah A
Bryant Miss Ann Hugnemln Mad Haverty Sarah
Bryant Mary " 'Hubbard Emma 11Reed Lusatia
Butterworth lb Hutton Mary J Ramage Emily
Buckley Hannah Holmes Miss Eliza Reid Mrs
Braden Miss R Holler Dorothea RY:4 atraS TIV
Bracken Julia Itutcheins Eliza Bras Marrama
Bring Jane Ireland Harriette Rogers Sarah
CalhoonHenrietta Ireton Miss Mani , : Robinson Eva
Cardwell Mary Jones Sarah Ann' Robins Mrs B
Carroll Julia Jellrey Fanny Hassell Mrs 0
Cary Mrs O J Johnson Sarah Been Mellen
Caserran Rosetta Jones amloseph , e Rtappreiht Elvino
Carswell Mrs Ella Johraton Sallie E Saunders Sarah
Calloway Mary Jo:Anion Min Anna Shelley Miss V
Carter Lucy Lee Johnson Julia A Seal Mrs A L
Carlisle Rebecca Johnson 0 Diana Shaw AIM E
Cash Mrs natl.!' . Johnetonaliselane Sarah Miss M A
Carter, Josephine Solna Henrietta Shute Miss It
Cain Catharine Jennings Sarah Schobe MISS Sus
Christman Mrs EP Johnson Leary Shairen Margaret
Carson Margaret Johnson Mrs M Showerd Joseph's
Clark Ruth D Jordan Miss Scott Mrs Francis
Oleemann Gaels% Rhodes Mien Sarah Salzmann W
Clement misi A W Relater Honors Schwartz Caroline
Clark Miss H D Ramble Mare J &mon Marie
Comenia Mary Raynor Miss W ' Smyth Christiana
Custer Mrs Metier Louisa A Smyth Elizabeth
Cotten Mrs Anna Kirby Mrs H Smith MISS Jane
Cooke Sarah IC Relapse) , Minh% Small Mrs Betty
Craig Susan Keefe Mre Smith Mazgarot
Cory Catharine Really dlisa Mary Snyder Mary
Crutchfield Mrs Kelley Miss Rake Smith Eliza M
Connelly Mies N A Kerr Mrs Eliza 0 Simmons Jennie
Colman Mrs Ezra Kennard MroMary Smith Hannah
Colman Mariana.' Longstreth Bennie Siegiser Sarah
Coakley Any Lynch Miss Ellen - Smith Miss Anna
Crane Julia A Lee Ulm Elizabeth Slovene Emma W
Crean Elizabeth Larrieon Merlbh 0 Summers Mania
Culbane Julia Lyle Mrs Rosa Somernpike Anna
Cohen Fanny Loyd Mre Wrn Stoner Mrs Johne
Cauvery Biddy Lithge Margaret Sparkman Susan
Cooper Sarah I lintman Pauline Springer Kate
Culhane Julia La" Mae Gears ht Steward Ann
Connelly Mary Lanigan Mrs M C Btockdale Mrs GI,
Curtis Emma Ludmans Fanny I, raldus B
Craig Mrs S L Loten Mrs John T Stuart Mrs 0 0
Connell MissAnno Longbine Maeda Stederman Mrs L
Crumlieh Bridget Little Mise Annie Sullivan Mary
Harrah Mrs Lewis Louisa M Statdiran Mrs E C
Dempey Bridget Levis Mrs AHarny Stuart Anna E
Dating Anna Linsenbeigler Pus Swiggett Mary
Dibble Mira Ann Leypoldt Mad Si Beeney Elizabeth
Deisryey Marg't Logy Mies Eleanor Stradley Sarah
Denney Mary Lange Wilhelin'a Straus Carolina
Dale; Mary Lssres Mary Ann Stockton 11
Davis Letitia Leeds Ann DI Stuart Mrs E
Dltzel Mrs, Leroy Margaret Todd 0 B
Deers* Margaret • Lee Mrs Jimmy Tripler A E
Bailer's Mary E Locken Mrs Mary Toy Elizabeth
Davis Ella% M Lauo Miss A A Tireeey Mary .17
Deutschmann D Leary Miss Ellen poison Margaret
Davy Miss Marl Leo Mrs David Tingstroin Dire AI
Danz Lime Lobe Mrs Sarah J A
Demong Eliza .7. bledkiff Almira Todd Mary A
Davis Mm z 0 Massey Catharine Townsend It S
Dellorl Ells% Morahan Story J Tomer A M
Downing Mrs D T Mathews Maggie Timpson Mary
Doran Mrs !if K ilfeherire bfarg'ta Tolen Mary
Druck Miss F Merriam Carrie II Tenex Elizabeth
Drennan. Julia Markle Anne 0 Truman Sallie
Duncan Lydia Merrill Mrs Wm Tennant Mrs L
Braintnotad AnnM.Martln Georgians Teney Mm
Diamond ft Si Martin Miss Mary Thompson Sallie
Duquin Anna Mariatz Mrs Lucy Way Mrs F it
Dunkin Mrs 11 F Mann Amelia Ward Mrs P P
Duval Mary P Mathias Louisa Whittington UrnS
Dunkin Mrs B P Marcus Bertha Walters Lizzie
Duffield Mary 0 May Penney E West Sally
Douglas Elizabeth Meyer Mm Walsh B M E
Ewart Matilda Maloney MraMary Weatherhead Mrs
English Sarah Merrick Amelia D L
Elder Elizabeth blifiln Elizabeth Walker Eliza
Egan Catharine Miller Mrs May P Walker Mrs 0 0
Evans Mrs Miller Anna E Whitebread 8
Eby Sarah E 0 Mitchell Caroline Williams of
Elkart Sarah Miller Mrs Lizzie Williams bl
Endicott Lucia Al lau Mrs LB Willie L
Ewing Mrs Win E Moore Rachel El Winchester 0 J
Everard Mary Mullin Mrs Mary Winetold Mrs (1E
Faughender Margt Muller Christiana Williamson A U
Fost Anna E Monger Anna E Wiley Ann
Fos Miss Mary Morris Mrs Anna Wilson Mrs M A
Frost Mary E Moore Mrs Oscar F Wharf Mrs II
Forrester Bate Michener Sophia Worton Mrs Capt
Flynn Mary Maag Margaret Wood Julia S M
Foster Pauline Montgomery Bliss Wyman Lizzie
Foster Miss It Alice A Wright Mrs 13
Fee Sarah Monday Elisabeth Woodall Mre llf
Fraley Miss al A Morgan Miss Kate Wolfe Atm A
Fink Miss Emma Morell Loretta Woks AAI
Farrell Mrs Ann Meyers Mni Laura Wood Meg M
Fortenbaker Mary Morton Koala It Worling Julia
Finley Sarah Morrison Rachel °instead Oath
Fountain Pauline Mueller Roaiene Veronica Sister BI
Fleet Mrs Sarah Mullin Margaret Ilinpbby Mrs RIT
Fuller Miss Mary Muffle Mine Marie litley Biro S ,
Fies Mary G McAllister Mrs Yarht Claire
Foehan Mrs Mary McPherson, Isabel Vegan Mra E
Fisher Miss McMullan Rose Zeller Mrs It
Fitzpatrick Julia McHugh Isabella Qulllinan M
Frisby Mrs Mary McLoughlin Mary Yates E
Guys Ophella McKee Miss Ann Unner Mrs 8
Gallagher Sally Mcßim Margaret Queen Mrs
uraTate Edith McGloughlin Mrs •
Algea Jae Cell:loon - Easton Dr Rollin
Alexander W J Cana Wm Eddonee Ralph
Adrian Orsobinl Carpenter D W Eisele John
Adams David Carpenter TAttis II Eltvlng W A
Alexander Hugh Cauder BenjF Elenworth Jai
Allen Wm Campbell El 13 Ebbe Bernhard
Aiken C 8 Campbell Robt Elwell Henry
Allen d Albert Carrahan Rev D F Elliott Mr
. . . .
Adams M H Campbell Edwd Eater Capt Joshua
Alexander Dr H Carter John Ellwell W H
American flecr'y Carna Wm 0 Egan Win
Education So. Cassidy W E Edet Anthony
dell ()mean Id Eberhardt F
Alexander II W Chewier Wm Mato: of the Lite-
Jahn 'David Chimes hi rary Journal
Allman John A Chamberlane N 1.1 Elwell Wm II
Allison MORN. at Churchill Capt W Beard Hiram M
Son Chrietee James Etter Jaa
Addis A A Chadwick Chan Y Evans Thos
Ashman W N ChristeeCapt W El Ewln Philip P
&wain Albert W Channel Jae Endes ohl
Awl& D ' Clark Lewis
Audibert Emile Clark AD
Appletraugh Dr JS Clouser Oeo W Emory &melt
Mier ML Clark & Carroll Erskine Ito‘' F.:
Arnold Young V Clark Baml W Evans Oeo
Anderson Oeo Clark Oliver H Erettman W
Anton Christian Clyde Robt .1 Farrell Walter
Anter James Clark 0 Faulkner W
ducker Edward Clifford Capt W D Fallow John
Anderson T A Coffey John Fetzer Leonard
Ashton. Dr Cook J D Fuel Peter
Alvaro, It .7 Connelly Martin Fell XII
Baker P A Corbett W L Farrar Capt Jots 0
Baker Benjamin Cooper Saml W Fkalis Mons Rose
Barrisloa Conrad T A Pletcher ) D
Barman Jae Cohen S E Fisher & Bro
Oomley IL ;fisher Siml P
Cousins Dr A 73 Flock Geo
Daggs H
Barns Cleo
Barlow Benj Cox B J Fitfaun B
Ileran lI E Coates John Filler Wm
Barrett Beaver B Conner John S Fitz Jacob
Bartlett Ultam U Cohen Ii
Barns Mesa &Co Cook 0 U
Barter. John Cowles Andrew 0 Fitzgerald Pat'k
Bailey E 8 °only Andrew 0 Finch Sam'l
Baker Hon G W Colton Edwd F Flock John
Barney S S Conom Jonathx L Francis J II
Barnwall Jr Wm Coate k Audio Frunks Jew
Barrington U Cope Ellt
Fallagan onla A
Barclay E E Cockrlll Thomas Funatenhefin
Baron Edmund Cox P Foster JOB
Barrett Chan E Condon Capt Jan Fubon NM Jr
Becker Wm Conley Nancy Foster Wm
Beach Wm Cohn Julian Forsythe Win F
Beall Theodore T Cox Wm Fran) , ft
Benson R W Collins A B Foster B N
Buckwlth A. Cochran John Foster Ohas
Beox Der J E Collins fey V D Fogg Eban F
/Deland E C Cowart Chas Foontain Coo W
Begley Andrew Cook laaac P Franklin Rer
Berger Jean P Conley Andrew 0 Pox Daniel
Berger Paul Cothorn L /I Foster 0
Beall Theodore L Cobb Key Arch P French T •
Bennett 8 P Oondley John W Punier do Co
Birch Thomas Ooryell Ingham Narks Henry
Birnbaum F CooperB W k Co Frankel Oh
Bickel John C Orumbloin B Ferman David
Breleohowsky M Curie Andrie Fritz Jos
Bigler H A Oroga W B Frances Geo
Redman John Id Crosland Chas 8 Frazer J
Birmingham T Crawford Than Frey, Carl
Blair W II Craig Wm Fullerton Mat'w
Black Jas CunninghamSones ForeY Rey
Blodgett B - °regulation L Fogerty Oapt G
Blow Rob R Crompton W Prank Henry
Blount Dr T3l Oronibridge Wm Fullerton Alex
Blaine Antonia Curry John ljaddon J
Black Baninet entmlughamOlivr Garden /can r
Berkley GT B Gulp HenryE Ganenback P A
Boucher Chas A Crawford WII Gardner E
Boguln Fred Berkey Dennis Ganetson Henry()
Bonsai Win Barbee James Garrett 0
. _ .
Bottombey Thos Davis RI Gary T 8
Boucher Almond Day John Garnsey Edwin 8
Boyden David Davie J C Galstrher Rev M.
Boyd, Ott &Co Denning Baml 0 M
Boyd Jos L Danaher Michael Cloth Nicola
Bookbinder L Davis Dr Perry Geissler Ohrist , n
Bowmen Ben Doran Dan! Germerehansen p
foyer Jas /3 Davis Adam 0 Gety 8P '
Brower Wm . Dermott II W Gelpke Rudolph
Drown Robt B Delacrola Jae 8 DrJ
Brown Rev All Develan James 13 Glassrell Lt Wm
Brown Ti! De Roux Mons Gillespey ,T J &Co
Brown W 8 Deloughery Jas Glut Adam J
Brown .7 11 Delaburthes Mons Gilidden W
Brooke M 0 Dsvor G II Oilman lob
Bradfield .7 B De [ferment Hone Gi b son Thos . •
Bryce Jas G De Villa Gasperki Gobin J P 8
Bradfield Geo W Desbardes Moos J Gormless Dr P
Brower Dr B P Davenport Wm Goshoru &Co
Bryan Geo Demurs J 8 & Co Gordon J W Com
Bradley Thou Dijon 11 Gordon Geo E
Bryan John 8 Diclo Lenard W Gwyn Jam
Brannon Wm Butz Joseph and Goebert Vanant'e
Brice W II family GuttoieJohn
Batton E It Dick L W Griecorn Smug W
Bradford Goo R Dillard Dr 8 Gregory Jas II •
Brogan Jos Bliley Den) P Cramer Oh & Co
Brick Wm Diller Levi D • Glamor, Pat'k
Brosins Isaac Dickey H 8 Grattan &McLean
Bryce J W Doherty Wm Greham 0 Court'y
Brandon Jacob Borg Geo amanita M. •
Brandt E Dor, llazietou&Do Grog & Bros
Bradfield Mr Dohs Stephen Ginnenhattsen II
Burroughs Win Boson Jas H Goner John II
Burger Chas Downey Francis . Gray 8 II
Burris Wm 8 Donovan Wnt J . Greenfield AH '
Butterworth Edna Bongo's Felix Gray Rioted
Burns Patrick Doudoro A B . • Greenwood oho
Bunnell John W Donnora Stephen Guerollo Blg Copt
Burke John Diner G W E
Barges Wm Drury Coonelhall Haverstick 0 J
Bactilder Ace Dolby 8B El Ilallsnd Henry
Busby Wm Drone David ' Haskell T 4
Barns Geo H. Dupuy P E Hawkins Wm Q
Burson Edward Dunning °apt B P HannYwou W
Burns Hugh Duriford & Prey-tibial/still • ,
Burdett Wm moth Hassler Id & Co
Burk Isaac Dutton Sarni Harris Myer! 0
Burma Dr Jos Bartok A A Herrie B 8
Butte 0 H Dukundalt Dr K Harvey Jos .
Buehler George Duty Hugh . Harrison SI
Burris Mr Drummond Pierce Harvey Ilium
I Buckwalter I B Dunn Jos H Harman Ohns
Byroser a It Dundor A.B - . Hamm II II
Cummings ° 0 Duffield Edward. .- Harvey °hoe B
Campbell W P Dustin Thou Harker Henry ,
Carr Cot Robt Dyre James IP • Herman Heyman
Carter Blt Dindevey Robe ,00, 't
Campbell James Dusenbery Ohm Haig Gustier
Cameron itephenP Droning Wm Ilerkellager a
Oontredor Lorenz Durney - V P Henry kir '' •
Oolderwoodßobt Du Helsel:l Heritage dos B '
Cmpbelt HinityplDrain Joint ' Her/drip Dr ludo
°arty John Eberhardt IV P Heassoy John
Hertz Dant ' Mitchell JII Sewell J N
Ilaney , Matthew - , Illitohell Thee Seeley D W
Helmer Jos Aliggis Nicholas Sheets ADr
Howard Mr ' Miller Dr Daniel Sharpe Richard
liostertstauJOllll Miller ilfr,US N Straun Daniel '
Howard Thee Miller Her J Shields Wm
Holsterman Jae 8 Itillwant G P Shannon It R
Hollenshead Wm Miller OCi Shimming Geo
Hoffman 3 Milh Hugh Studer Anton
Itowltz Chas Miller 8 Shields Ceo II
I'ol ineslohn W Mitchell D A Sherpless Wm
Hoge Thou Mitt Yelearo Shreve I. I.
Heffner Thou Mitchell D Skultter Wm Ti`
Houghton F Aleiningua Chas Skinner T L
Hoyt Henry 'Middleton P lilbhald Oboe
Howard John Jae Michael }Merited Singer Thaa
Hoff Abnor Mitchell drSteuet.. Sinclair A, U 9 A,
Honer JOA B ' ter Simer 3 0
Ilosterman &Wont orriss Edward Simmons Wm II
Hodge J Monaghan James Stout G B & CO
Hogan & Thomp• Morrell 311 Slack 3 II
Morris Dr. Howley Smith Wm P
Hoyt L S Morgan Jno Jos Smith Jae L
Itollis P L Morgan Thos A Smith Jos W
Hodson Henry Moorehead Jno Smith Chas
Hopkinton W R Mosterson Patk Smith flurry
Hoffman Vieni, Morrison Jno Smith Wm(
Hooker Christian' Mores P Smith I E
Hincle Coo F Morse Geo A Smith A it
Higgins John P Morgan D Smith R H
Hicks 'lsaiah Moffett Alex Smith 3 H& Co
Hill Jos Moniger NormanD Smith, Mason A
Hildebrano John Mooney John Co
Hutchinson W W Moorhead Jos 151 Smith Joseph B
Hutchings John Morgan Math P P thnith.o Eber
Hughes John R Moore Ana P Smith 0 Castor
Hull 0 R Mupleman H 0 Smith TG, M D
Hunt Jae L Marc John . Smith Chas
Hand Chas Murphy John Smith Sawl
Hubbs A 3 Myers Wm Snyder J 0
Hunt Jacob Mullin Daniel Snowden Jos S ,
Hutchinson' K MoCrossen Owen Snyder es frost
Hutchinson E McCrearey 000 3 Snyder Mr
Hutchinson Hugh McCollister Than Sowerby Thos
Hunt Freeman McClintock Robt Springer SauslD
Huteman B L McAvey Jos Sprigs Las Indies
Hunter Rbt McCollister Dant Hanson
. .
truffnagle Chris McClain° Edward Steel /as
Hall John A McCarthy , Dennis Stewart James A
Hammett Lawson McDowell Dr Jae Stone Ohms
Ball Wli McCallas? C C Story Albert
Haley /as A MOCabe Isaac Stephenson Wm 0.
Hall C 11 McDowell Born'd St 71abow's
Hamlin Jos 11cOlurig Wm Oluch
Haines MoAnolly John Stuart John
Ilan Bawl P MeCaMu Mr • Staek Wm W
Jaa !dreamy Patrick Story Hold B
Hamakas David McDonough Jno E Strong Hilbert 1,
Hamilton Dr Win liteAlte Neil Stewart Win
Minton Ills McCalla Philip 0 Strong Joseph
Ilarkness W B bleCaully Emily 0 Stapp Thos
Harper Henry S McCully Jr Co Sturn Michael
Easlett John McCawley Lt 0 0 Stewart Edward.
iceman Coo W ffolnelly Peter Stetson Chas
W Mcllulllna Banal Stewart Jos B
Ilassey Pat'k McGowan John Stephenson Wm N
Liar tulark M Mclutoelt Joseph Stephenson Stphn
Harlow P W Malivaine John L Steavens J
Hawkins Win WMarra Michael Stewart B
Derlolehertnner /McKee IPm D Sterling J
Hardt& Peter S McMullin Joe T Stevens Ww N
liarkeere W . 13 McMillin J Sterne 3 & Co
Macleod Ii L McGowan P & hi 4 Stone Mahlon
Marcia 7 A McNeir Oeo A B Stewart Cottle:that'
free & None McNair Donlan Saco Chan ,
Ida Oboe G Neal Rev Jai 2 Sudden Wee
Innston Jet. Wooster Lorenz Symms Tim •
Jones Elwood Neuman Wm Sweeney Wash W
Jones Owen LI Norris 8o man
Jones T W. 0. • g Wean James
Johnson Too gugent Chas Tailor 11
Jones A J Na,W6n J • Tatlifero J W
Johnson nos B Norma Jere Taininer J P
Jones Chas T NlchOson. Sam! Taylor jaa & Son
Johnson T W Nichols Theo Taylor Geo
Johnson J . II Nagou Taldmage & Neu•
Johnson Jos Newcomb Abner ler
Jones E& Co Norton J A Taylor JT ÜBN
Johnson J . Newbold W A Taylor Y L
Johnson B B Nichols I)apt W 0 TaylorJohu
Johnson Chas Oliver 04as Templeton B
Jacobs John O'Leary lrellx Thomas Dr &Co
Jackson Win II Oclns J 111 home P D
Josland A 0 Owens James Thomas T A
Jacobs Mr Ogilby Chu "barer 0 P
Jackson II A O'llryne 7abn Thompson 0 E
Kahn N Palmer Lt U 8 N Thrall Dr P
Kant:. Henry Palate& D John Thorn John
Kendall Rob t Payne Jae Townsend .1 E
Kennedy Knee D Paulin Win Treehold Wm
Kelly •Wm II Patterson Bawl Tread well .7
Kennedy E Parsons Wm 0 Turner Ohs
.. - .. ...
Kelly Jim Penny Joseph Truddell F
Kennedy ThosF ParkerLe Roy Turner J A
Kennedy Robt Paton James Townsend 3 0
Kelly 11 A Palmer :anus Torhey Wm
Kelly Terrence Patterson 0 W Toole Baru
Keller John Parker Thee Tones Wlll
Kenton I Patterson John Tucker (leo
Kralliter Cyrus Phillips Sam F, Tobin Jas
Koehn Brace Perham'', Gift Co Treadnen 1) 9
Kruser Cyrus 2 Phillips J 8 Townsend Rev 8
Klein Chas Phillips A P Tracey Jos
Kentland Jn 2 Peaking, II ii Walton Jerome II
Kirk Jas F Perry Levl Weubel Jos
Kemnlear 3 A Pearson John Waters Thomas
Knight Octevius Piper Dr J Walker Richard
Kline Isaac II Pitts R 9 Walker John
Klaiber Theo Pinkerton R D Warten 1,
. . .. .
Krily Mr Plersol Wm Wallace John
Krainor II 0 Platt It B Watson George
King Henry a Potts Dr 0 a Warmington J II
Klouder Geo re:m.llldr Warren Jotepb
Kurtze Joe K Pomeroy Dr B G Wagan J E
Rohn HII Polluljer MUIR Ward W L
Knight & Cowen 2 Porter Henry Walter P 0
Laurence Wen Poole R A Walker II J
Law Jae 2 Pritchard Wm Warnick & Barks
Lane Nathan Promer L3l 6 dal
Lawrence LII Prince L P Watson Joseph
Lapeley David Presbury, Sykes & West Doctor
Latidenberger J P Oo West J Q
Lawrence Ed II Prentiss Rev W 0 Wells D A
Lane Rawl M Purlogton Edw Weganalsye G W
!almond Wm Hahn John 0 West W N
Law Mr Rainier Wm A Werner Chas
Lankaster Win 11 Randolph John Webster N G
Lanier Jam A Rafferty Michael Weaolake J W
Laler Oapt Radoux Francois Webb 0 A
Lane Levi 'landau Jos Wester Richd
Lambert E Rankine N W Westlake JAI
Leo John Raylleld W P 'Wharton Capt 11
Leo /ease Raisin Warner ,W 2
Levant, B R Rawlins II lid 2 Whlllmant W A
Lengent Geo Herd' Win Whits G
Leeds 8 P Reed Th Dram White James
Lewellen H Reed Col Wm A White S W
Lewis L Id Reirend Mons Whitaker D 11
Letherman Win Reynolds John White R
Leis Thom Reed John Whitaker 11W
Leconte John 2 Reid Thee White SW& Co
LearyAndw If Rea B la White E. W
Leopold L Reynolds L White J L 2
Lelonte John Reese Julian White R J
Lippincott Wm Reed Jas .7 White IrW &Co 2
Lippincott Thee 0 Repplier Chas R bite RkJ
Londcey Adam Road 9 Wheeler Hon J
Lipscomhe Bt Q Miley Garrett Williamson Rev &
Mello, Allen & Reed John . OH.
Wilson Reuss Win Williams Edw
Loifrank Rice Daniel WeSin Jac
Lyons Dr ggi . Richards IA 00 ' " Cfnniill3oo r '
Long Leonard Richardson El Wilkerson Id J
Lyons Tiros II Beare Jos Williams B D
Loudon Obedioh Richardson 0 $ Wlmpsheimer J
Lowell Jno 0 Richards Henry 11 Williams Jno 1.1
Lutz Jl4 Richardson Lea Willard F B
. .. _
Longstreth Henry Richardson 9ti Wilton P Y
Lundy Joe P Ridgway Jacob Williamson D
Logan Fred Ridgway Thus F Williamson Dr 0
Ltaih Henry Romick J U
Lorene Jacob Robb J II Vf (Means Jno
Lodge Chas Robbins T 0 Weland II II 2
Logan Jon E Royer E K Wiener B
Lodge Enterprise Roney N W Winters Olibert
No 031 Ross & P C Wilson Joseph, U
Lodge Ajelon 2 Robinson 11 El N
Lodge Northern Rodgers Wm Winuegardner S
Liberty Robinson Coo LI Williams WA Co
Lowell Copt .1 9 Ross Dr Pike 0 Withous Sol
Mahood William Rawlins Dr Wilson J L
Maclean Archibld RosersOli Wilson II 11
Madison A Seeley Resell Motet Wilder 0 B
Malone John Rowe Il Altman M
magill ar A Rorer Feel W Wilnler it ROI: re
Madden $o Taylor Royer* It E Woodward E
Malone John W Rosenthal TA. Wolfe II E
Martin Patrick Ropes WII Wood Ohas
Morgan Edward II Roberta Jaen Woerner D
Manure Jacob Rowland It Wood T II
Miming John Robinson Jot Wimeledort II
Al .ples Chas 2 Rochhill B - Wood David
Afanadeld D F Rudolph Chas Wolf A U
Manross Prof N B Buoy Wm P Woolman I)
Mullin Arthur Russ Wolfgang Wright Thos . '
Moor Jelin Rodman Marry Wright Oro
Mann A II Ruth David Wright Fred
Mayberry Thos . Scott Sas D Worth J W
Marglln Mr Sankey Fred Wm Wylie Jae
Mariner A Buck. Sehande Chas Wyatt Solomon
Ingham Saylor David II Wyl' John
Mulin A F Scott G 0 Yanorskell II
Megleney John Sebumerher 0 W Vane John
Mears a W Sanders Wm 0 Vogel W
Murwach John F &utter Sir Vatiller 5
Meredith Morris Scales A W Vincent Fred
Mullen Semi P Schmid Anton Upriehsrd Robt
Merlin A F Sadler Wm Quinn Wm
Meyers Hermon N Schweteer &Co Yombathurt Jos
Moons John Sugars— Yager 0 W
Metcalf Men ry Senior John R Young A Q
Megan James Seidman Rarl Young Dane W
alendee Jacob Senn Edward Zeuler John
Merrott G W sell Jame, Young John
ideignelle James Bedwick Theo Young If 0
Meredith Morris Remitter Mr Young David 2
Megargy D& P Seger Diego Ziegenfuss I
English J II
Evens L L
Flack T
Fate Bo b ' B
Will continue to offer during this week their entire U.
sortment of
under the cost of importation.
dust opened, several cues of Yaris-made CLOAKS
ocl2.rlw No 428 CHESTNUT STREET.
z.A• Street.
. _ .
Will continue to otter during this week their entire
assortment of
under the cost of Importation.
Just opened, several eases of
1026 CHESTNUT Street, lour door, below Eleventh
And 318 B. BECOND St.; below Spruce.
PACTOEIES.—Nos. 95 and 97 GEORGE St., below
Tenth, and SEOOND Street, near Union.
Orders made at a few hours' notice. se22-imit
Thomss Williamoon,Trnstee, dm. as. Robert Palmer.
Levari Facies, March Term, 11M7, No. 858.
The President, Directors; Ye Co. of the Bank of Penn
sylvania vs. Robert Palmer and William 421sy ton, late
trading as Palmer, Clayton & Co. Yenditioni Exponae,
March Term, 1857, No. IMO.
The Auditor appointed to distribute the money in
Court, raised under the above entitled proceedings, by
Sheriff's sale, of
No. 1. Menmage and lot of ground on the west olds of
Delaware, seemed Arcot between Pins and Union streets,
in the city of Philadelphia. containing fa front feet
and in depth 96 feet to a live-feet alleyj bounded north
ward by ground formerly of Oeorge Fitzwater, now of
the heirs of Charles Allen, and southward by ground of
Joeopb Marshall.
No. 2. Lot of ground, with frame and brick tenetnents,
on the south side of Mary eked, between Front stet
Second atm* in the said city, beginning 188 feet from
Front street, containing in front 20 test, and in depth 85
feet. ,
No 8. Lot of ground with the two three-story brick mem.
suages thereon, on the north side of Prime or Washing
ton street. In the,said city, 61 feet westward from the
northwest corner of Delaware Fifth and Prime streets,
containing In front 24 feet, and in depth about 69 feet.
Subject to yearly ground rent of forty .eight
Will attend to his duties upon MONDAY, the 26th day
of October, 1867, at 4 Weigel( P. K., at kit office, No.
294 South PIHTlif street, below Walnut, in the Said city,
when' and where all persons interested are required to
make their claims, or be debarred from coming in upon
said funds.
0c12406 GEORGE W. DIDDLE, Auditor...
PlMADaLrina, October Ist, 101.
Sealed Propos;Le will be 'received at this Oftto until
the 80th day of NONTAIBILIt next, at 12 o'clock, for
the Bunting of the folloring Wham' and Landings for
a term of 'three lean
Arch street Leading, at the foot of Arch etreet, on
the river pecomenalng Deeetaber alit,
Meo, George's *eat Lending, at the foot of Otorge
street, on the elver Bohaylklll—leese toneneenelng Jena
ary let, 1858.
Approved enmity will be required.
oei-lik to la Commis:doom of Market'
Grp Qoobo
„roles bg 2luction
• N0x.1:30 and 141 SOUTII FOURTII STREET,
(Formerly Nos. 01 and 60.)
Public Bales at the Philadelphia Exchange every
Tuesday Evening,
Ilry- handbills of each property Issued separately, in
addition to which we publish on tho Saturday previous
to each 13410 one thousand catalogues in pamphlet form,
giving full descriptions of all the property to be sold on
the following Tuesday,
STORE every Thursday morning.
V- We bare a large amount of Seal Estate at PEl
vate Bale, Including every description of City and
Couutry property. Printed Lieta may be had at the
Auction Stone.
ID"' Real Estate entered on our Private Sale Re•
glster, are advertised occasionally in our Public Sale
Abstracts, (of which 1,000 copies are printed weekly.)
free of charge.
On Tuesday evening.
20th 'natant, at 7 o'clock, at the Philadelphia Br,
champ, will be sold without reeerve, for account of
whom It may concern
-1123 sham Philadelphia and Pittston Coal Co.
11000 Coupon Bond Oulumbla Coal and Iron Company,
25 per cent of the purchase money to be paid on each
of the above at the time or sale.
. . .
Also, 10 shares Philadelphia Mercantile LOOO and
Building Association. 02 per share paid.
6 shares Ridgway Parra and Land Co. E2OO per share
paid, for another account.
6 original shares of the San Francisco Laud Co., equal
to 100 new shares.
Also, 10 shares Philadelphia Exchange.
5 shares American Academy of Music.
Shores Philadelphia Library, Mercantile Library,
and Philadelphia Athenicum.
Ws sale will include—
Valuable Property, known as the Port Providence Axe
and Edge 'Fool Factory, on the Schuylkill Canal, oppo
Elegant modern residence and offices, N. W. corner of
Thirteenth and Arch streets. 25 feet front on Arch
street, 128 feet on Thirteenth street.
Orphans' Court Sale
. . . ,
Valuable Beal Estate, St. John street, between Green
and Coates Streots--several manages, and lot 37 feet
8 inches front.
Three-story Brick Store and Dwelling, N. W. corner
Eleventh and Christian streets. Sale absolute
Valuable Wick residence, barn and stable, and large
lot, corner of Cherry and Wakeling streets, late borough
or frankford, It fronts on three streets, and is a very
detltable iltdation.
Pour three.story brick dwellings, on Ninth street and
°lnuits street, between Willow and Noble streets,
. . .
Large and valuable lot, occupied u a coal pard, eaet
side Ninth street, north of Poplar, with railroad track,
office, are.
lhree•etory Brick Dwelling, No. 810 Poplar street,
between 1. ighth and Ninth streets.
New three-story brick dwelling, Na. 129 Frankford
Road, north of Bedford street, with a three-story frame
dwelling In the rear. .
. .
A neat modern three-story brick dwelling, with back
buildings, fio. math Fifth street, below Washington,
C2d Ward.) . .
. .
SOO, Also, a around Rent of $OO a year , on the pro
perty at the N. N. corner of Putnam and Howard street%
(late Ren.sington.)
Will include the following—
Neat modern three-Story Brick Dwelling, 9. W. cor
ner of Twelfth and Oitron streets, above Wallace street,
with a threoatory brick dwelling on Citron street
Valuable lot S N corner Jelerson avenue or bfoya
mensing road and Moore street, and Crosby street.
Large and valuable lot N N corner Jefferson avenue,
Moore street, and Williamson street.
Large and valuable lot, with two-story brick dwelling
and frame stable, Moore street, adjoining the above,
and ilitendhig through to Williamson street.
Valuable lot and frame stable, Moore street; adjoining
the above. Sale of the whole, absolute. Full particu
lars in handbills and plan.
Handsome residence with double back building, and
replete will all modern conveniences, No. 1311 dpring
Garden street. This is a very desirable residence, and
in a beautiful neighborhood.
Thus ale will include
Orphans' Court Sale.
Valuable lot, N W corner Prime and Seventh streets.
Valuable lot, fronting on Prime street, and on Pass.
yunk road.
Valuable lot, Passyunk road.
Two three4tory brick dwellings, Seventh street, west
side, north of Prime street, They will bo 'fold ups
rately. See handbills and plan.
Also, by order of Orphans' Court.
Three-story brick dwelling, No. 288 North Fifth above
Noble street.
Also, Two brick dwellings, Union and Hanover streets,
above Prince street, Kensington.
Sale Nos. 189 and 140 lama fourth street
On Tuesday Morning,
At 11 o'clock, at the Auction !Rote, cases (kennels
glower Roots, from It. Venderschoot & Sons, Ilaarlem,
comprising Hyacinths, Tulips, Crocus, &c.
Sale In Primo street.
On Tuesday Morning.
At lOo'clock, at N 0.6.39 Washington, or Prime street,
below Seventh street, the neat parlor, dining room,
chamber and kitchen furniture, of a lady declining
eV' May be examined on morning of sale at eight
Bole No. 211 South Sixteenth street.
On Wednesday !denting,
At 20 o'clock, at No. 251 South Sixteenth street, third
door oteitttripttlts Omit, the surplus furniture of a
lady declining housekeeping, comprising superior Eng
lish tapestry carpets, four light eliendellers, Indus china,
Sue china jar, large book-case, flue hair mattress, feather
beds, store-room and kitchen utensils, lerge preserving
pan, rolls of new rag carpet, oil cloth, dos ,
Sale Nos. 139 and 141 South Fourth Street.
Ou Thursday Morning,
At 9 o'clock, at the Auction Store, an extensive assort
ment of excellent second-hand furniture, rosewood
piano-forte, French plate mirrors, tapestry carpets, A c.,
from families declining housekeeping.
Also, a Parkes' patent sewing machine In good order.
On Thursday evening,
October lath, at the Auction store wilt be sold a
valuable PRIVATE LIBRARY, comprising English and
American editions of Important and interesting worts
an various subjects.
Also, a number of beautiful pictorial and Illustrated
Also, a very euperior double Magic Lantern, with dis
solving views, cost upwards of SM. For particulars
see catalogues and the boots which will be ready for
examination the day previous to sale.
2010 No. 201 North 21.1 th street
. .
On Friday Morning,
At 10 o'clock, at No. 281 North Sixth street, below
Vine street, by catalogue, the entire elegant furniture
of a gentlemaudeclining housekeeping, including a very
elegant rosewood piano, seven octaves, made by Short,
cost ; pair large and elegant French plate mantel
mirrors, richly framed; elegant pier mirrors, One row
wood drawing-room turniture, Crimson brocatelle coven),
elegant velvet carpets, One oil painting, elegant chan
delier. dining-room furniture,_ patent extension dining
table, chan
elegant walnut chamber furniture,
latest style ; plain chamber furniture, &e., &c.
ID - The cabinet furniture was made to order by
Moore & Champion, has been in use but a short time
and equal to new.
*** Catalogues will be ready, and the furniture may
be examined the day previous to sale, from n to 3
1D We beg leave to Inform the public that we hold
our regular weekly sales of Furniture every Tuesday, at
STREET, where every possible attention le given to ob
tain th e highest prices for the goods of those who may
favor us with couignments. Families having portions of
their furniture to dispose of, or those detaining house
keeping nod not wishing. seise at their own dwellings,
can hue their furniture CAREFULLY REMOVED TO
fl Persons favoring us with consignments can rest
usured that their property will not be sacrificed.
COMICIIIIIiO/111 more moderate than those charged
byeother Auction Uouse In the city.
Consignments respectfully solicited.
Bales paid immediately after the goods are sold.
ELF:VENNI Street, above Chestnut.
Doors open at 7 o , clook—to commence quarter before
Admittance 26 cents.
Ethlopdan Life Illustrated by Saudford's Troupe of
Stars—New Dances by the Sanford Children.
To conclude with
Also, 6 dozen morocco roans, for binders or shoe- Box, S. S. Sanford ; BOX AND COX.
Cox, Cool Whit*.
Bale et the Xnetiou Store
Ou Tuesday Morning,
At 10 o'clock, will be sold at the Auction Store, the
neat household furalture of a lady, deceased.
Also, a large mantel
OROCC mirror
ROANS. hric frame, cost 522.5.
On Saturday Morning,
11th of October, will be sold without reserve, in the
fourth story of the Bulletin Building, Third street below
Chestnut, the entire stock and Sutures of an extensive
printing office, comprising Adams power presses hydrau
lic presets, a large quantity of type, and everything tined
for conducting an extensive book and Job printing office.
Eg• Terms cash.
pffr" A three•story Brick Dwelling, with two•stoty
brick beak building. WO North Ninth street, above
Wood street. Bent 100 per annum. Apply at the Auc
tion Store.
A drat-class Printing Offiee, with a good ran of bail
nue, four printingpreasee, two Ruggles and 0130 Adams.
Type and everything necessary for - the bualnees. Apply
at the Auction Store.
ARCH Street, between Third and Fourth Street/.
SALES EVERY EVENING, at 7 o'clock,
Of Boots, Shoes Hardware, Ontlery,Watchca, Je w
I °r P W, Vlt T a ll ttl oodet t ion;
I—tudooaatle II goods sold
the Auction House packed. ocl-lm
N. Z. comer of BARRON sod BOOTH Street"
At 73g o , olock, et the Auction Store, of Hardware Out
lory,Housekeeping Articles, Clothing, Watches , Jewel
rp, Fancy Articles, &e.
Three beautiful Boardman k Gray's PIANOS, as well
u three beautiful MILODTONS, offered this week at a
Feet eaurl2 o ol owing to the great Paanclal crisis.
Musical Instruments of all Mode at and below cost.
Serena very One (halters am_ung the lot.
JOrni Mann, Agent,
No. 11602 OILESTNOT Stmet,
call-ltr above Thirteenth, Philadelphia.
2, 1857.
.43nles bll Auction.
4:31 eirEsTraffr Street, opposite the Oak=
betwee!l . l4,:Ftt aTylFirth Streets.
NOTICE.—We Invite special attention to the positive
ante of the entire coatentS of Guy's Hotel to be held on
the premises, 31 South Seventh fittest, on Wednesday
next, 14th inet,, commencing at 10 o'clock precisely.
Included will bo found the entire chamber furniture,
bode and bedding, carpeting, matting, mattresses, hot •
store and pillows, washstands. bedsteads, /cc.
On Wednesla7,l4th lost,
Commencing ut 10 o'clock precisely, we will sell. on
the pretnises,3l.South Seventh street, by order of Mrs,
Sarah Baines, Administratrix, the entire furniture,
bar-coca and kitchen articles , liquors, wines beds and
bedding, embracing the valuable contents of the hotel
May be examined early on the morning of sale.
Also, Parlor and reception chairs, plauo, rocking.
chair, ottomans, centre-table, looking-glass, coal stove,
mantel ornarnetits,frained engravings, chandelier, cur
tains, plano•corer and stool, &c.
Also, Carpeting, arm-chairs , sofa, tables, sideboard,
pictures, looking-glass, table-clothe, towela, castors.
plates, table and tea spoons, knives and forks, glass
ware, COM. stove, &c. . .
Also, Decanters, BAR-ROOM.pitchera, clock, looking-glasd, oil
paintings, lice-proof safe, chandeliers, dishes, looking
glass, bar and fixtures St.c.
Also, The Tory complete and valuable kitchen uten
sils and furniture.
Also, Dressing-bureaus, French bedstead and bed, oil
paintings, carpeting, wash-stands , feather-beds, hair
mattresses, dressing-glasses, secretary,
Also, Several thousand flee Havana cigars, brandy,
wine, whiskey, claret, champagne, gin, dc 0.
Thursday next,
16th inst, commencing at 10 o , clockprecisely, we will
sell without reserve, a valuable consignment 01 furs,
made up in a stylish manner, for ladies' and gents' wear.
Included will be found, viz :
Ermine capes and cuffs to match, vlctorines ' neck
ties, gents , coat collars, ladies' French sable victorlues
and cuffs to match, Stch capes, foot mutt's, gents' gloves,
muffs, h o.
Also, One splendid Myatt sets, coat 3125.
Also, One do carriage cape and cuffs, cost SITS
Also, Oents' newest European style fur cape.
Also, Twenty sleigh robes of grey fox, coon,_ and black
bear, prairie wolf, Rudman Day Uompany bear, rocky
mountain, ikp.
Also, Carriage mate. peletines Sec. comprising the
most elegant and valuable assortment of furs offered at
auction for a long period Ladies and gentlemen of this
city and vicinity are respectfully invited to make exami
nations prior to sale.
Thursday next.
In connection with sale of furs. commencing at say
11 o'clock, we will sell a valuable consignment French
and Scotch embroideries and millinery goods.
Also A in elegantly Palle printed cashmere shawls.
Also, A' line men's and women's hosiery, gloves,
lambs wool sad merino shirts and drawers, riding guant
lets,lmelt gloves, &o.
. .
Also, An invoice best natality stiver-plated ware, con
sitting of rich tea sets, castors, table and tea spoons,
table forks, &c.
Also, An Invoice lietinantown knit goods, such as
shawls hosiery, hoods, pelerlues, vletorines, wool
sleeves, Esc.
Also, An invoice tine gold jewelry, consisting of
cameo pins, ear-drops, gold sets, sleeve buttons, shirt
studs, he.
The whole will be arranged for examination with cata
logues early on the morning of sale.
SIXTH end RACE Streets.
AT PRIVATE BALE—GoId and silver patent lever,
Lopine, English, Swiss, and Preach watches, jewelry,
of every description, musket Instruments, Ac., Ac.
AT PRIVATE SALE—Arranged on second floor,
household furniture, of every description, beds, mat
tresses, carpeting, looking glasses, fancy articles, Ac.,
kn., An.
Out-door sales attended to personelly by the Auction
eer. Charges very low. Consignments of furniture.
clothing, jewelry. Etc. Ste., solicited.
S. E. Corner of Stith and Race Streets,
Where money will be loaned on gold and 'direr piste
Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds, Clothing, Dry Gads,
Groceries, Begare, Hardware, Cutlery, Furniture, Bed
ding, "tortes, Vehicles, Harness, Stocks , and on all ar
ticles of value for any length of time agreed on, on more
satisfactory end liberal terms than at any other estab
llebroent. [eel) M. IVATIIANS,
NATHAN'S great sale of FORFEITED GOODS will
take place in a foe' days. Due notice well be given.
NVEDB'S great sale of forfeited Watches, Jewelry,
Guns, Plidols, Musical Instruments, Ice., wlll take place
shortly. Due notice will be given.
WEBB'S great sale of Dry Goods, Clothing, Bedding,
he., being forfeited collatershi, will take place shortly
Due notice will be given.
and MONEY LOAN OPPION, No, 112 South
TIIIIID Street, below Walnut, oppoeite Pear at,, only
eight doors below the Exchange.
Hours of bottoms froni 7 o'clock, A. M., until 10
o'clock In the evening.
Out-door Wee, and sales at the Auction home, at
tended upon the most satisfactory terms.
Rstablished for its last Thirty Years.
Advances made from one dollar to thousmds on Dia
moods, Silver Plate, Watches, Jewelry, Hardware, Her
chandise, Clothing, Ihuniture, Bedding, Cigars, Musical
Instruments, Guns, Worms, Carriages, and Goods of
every doscrlption.
All good" can remain any length of time agreed
All advances, from one hundred dollen! and upwards
will be charged 2 per cent, per month; ow and over,
time lowest market rate.
Thus Store Noose haring a depth of 120 feet, heelerse
Ere and thief-proof vault' to store all valuables, and pri•
vete watchmen for the premises; also, s heavy luau•
ranee effected for the benefit of all person' baying goods
advanced upon.
N. D.--On account of having an unlimited capital,
this office Is prepared to make advances on more oath.-
factory and accommodating terms than any other it
this city.
Money advanced to the poor, in mall amounts, with
oat any charge.
_ .
Gold Patent Lover and other Witches, Jewelry, and
Olothing will be cold at reduced prices. aul•ly
9 mitaements.
1 - 1 E. A. MARMIALL Sole Lessee
Fifth Night of the Italian Opera Season.
First appearance in America of
From her Majesty's Theatre, Loudon, and Imperial
Theatre, St. Petersburg ; and
PRIMO ILLEISO P11011701.0 t
From the Royal Opera Howie, Oosent Garden, London
THIS (Monday) EVENING, October 12,1857,
Wilt be promoted Verdlis grand Opera, in four ants,
Melts Mme.flessaniga.
Don Carlos Signor Amodio.
Ealing Signor Buttardi
Don Hoyt:tomes Signor Tagllefieo.
.MAX SIARETZBIC, sra.ical Director and VollatiCtOr.
1 .1 %10g or AnutssioN :—Parquette, Dress Circle, and
Balcony, $1 ; Family Circle, 60 cents , Amphitheatre,
2.5 cents
It 7 The Box Office of the Academy is open from 9 A.
St. to 6 P. Id., for the securing of Reserved Seats and
Boxes, without extra charge.
Treasurer Mr. T. hicKeox.
The Opera will commence at 8 precisely,
Da- Carriages will set down heads South, and take op
heads North.
—Bole Lessee W. WHEATLEY.
Boats or Paiosa.--Orchestra atolls, 60 cents; Drew,
Circle (no extra charge for Scoured Beats), 60 cents;
Family. Circle and Ampltitheatre 20 cents; Beata in Pri
vate Boxes, 76 rents ; Whole Private Box, 83 Gallery,
13 center Gallery. for Colored Persons, 26 c ents; Pri
vate Box in Gallery for Colored Persons, 98 cents.
Box Office open from 10 A. M. until 8 P. M. Doors
open at quarter before 7, performance to commence
quarter past 7. •
J. M. 11.WHITTON Treasurer.
THIS (Monday) EVENING, October 12, 1867,
Will bepresented, by the great Mar Company, the
celebrated Tragedy o f
Lord Ilastinge, Mr. Wheatley ; Duke of Gloster, Mr.
Dolman; Jane Shore, Mrs. Davenport; Alicia, Mrs. D
P. Dowers. To conclude with Planche's Romantic Dra
ma of
- - .
Alleaandro Massarone, Mr. E. L. Davenport; Prince
Blanche, Mr. Thayer; Ottavla, Mho Taylor ; Maria
°rule, Mhia °raise.
nee, Mr. E A. Marshall ; Stage Manager, Mr.
John Sefton. PAWL—Dress Circle and Paquette, 60
cents; Upper Circle 25 cents; Private Box and Orchestra
Seats 75 cents Box Office open from 9 o'clock A. M.
to 81 1 . M. Doors open at 7 o'clock; performance to com.
mecca at 7)(,THIS (Monday) EVENING, October 12, 1857,
Mr. and Miss Mchings will appear in tho popular
Domestic Comedy called
Rolanto, Mr. Rlchings • Duke Vivaldi, Mr. Showell;
Clari, Miss Etchings; Wife of Pelgriuo, Mrs. Stoneall.
To conclude with the popular Comedy called
David Brown, Mr. filching.; Duke of Albemarle, Mr
Shea ell ; Lucy Morton, Min Ricbino; Lady Flambee
court, Mrs. Silsbee.
Mies Ridging will Meg the favorite conga " Home
Sweet Home," " Happy Momenta," .kc.
FIFTH and 011E8TNUT Streets
In which will appear every evening this Week,
Min ANA DUTAL, Soprano.
It will be bee drat appearance ttt AttlettCll.
Mad. PAYNE & Mlle LEFOLLE will also appear,
Aided by Comedians, Vocalists, and Musicians of ac
knowledged talent.
Commencing at TX. Admission. 10 cents.
ocl2-1w• THOMEUP, Proprietor
Blass nub Oina thare
are now gelling their
with •
se2o , 2w-ftuw. PHILADELPHIA.
Jusurance Companin
802 WALNUT street, west of THIRD.
Wm. M. Swain, Jar. Walker,
John Anspaeh, Jr., Jno. McClure,
H. N. linnoughs, Tho. Oraren,
J. B. Hughes, A. B. Gillett,
P. D. Sherman, Yunnan Sheppard, •
Wm. P. Hacker, Omni. Jones, M. D.,
J. P. Steiner, 7eseph Klapp, M. D
H. A. Shackelford,
Eon. JOEL JONES, President.
Non. G. W. WOODWARD, Vies President.
Jul. S. MoMott.m, Secretary.
J atteD. ALTOID. Aulitimt Secretary, ant-em-if
NUT Streets.
Large and mill stuns received, and odd back on de.
mend, without notice, with BITS PER GENT INTER
EST from the day of deposit to the day of withdrawal.
Oleo hours from 9 until 9 o'clock every day, and on
MONDAY EVENINGS from 7 until 9 o'clock.
DUETS for sale on England, Ireland, and Scotland,
from El upwards.
President—DTßPllNN B. °BAMFORD.
Treasurer—PLlNY RISK.
Teller JAMES R. BUNTER. sel7-Iyit
James Peapler, laborer, !Janke of Rstuylklll
Patrick Wadort, laborer. Rock r• ad
&cord Division.
Druid, laboior, Front and Moore et
Fran e CLOI,Co. watermou, Church et above Moore
Jacob Ratio, moulder Sommer et ab Second
Cl flastou, cabinet tucker, lleutuaik et
Patrick Iluseay, laborer, Lantaider at
Wm Kcaucy, lobo, er.ltya street below Rood
A K hell, moulder, Reed at, 'bora Third
T I.wrenc, bluebtrolt b, Dickerson et below Fourth
itiobard Delon, Sinus n, Roed at plane Second
Win hlottniog, mould, r, Trellis et
It Mt IC , m, u, col d n nh,er, S road .t below Read
A blot., At,, thzei at
31LSorloy. laboier, Pinta and Mural
Jobs., D.der.ion. I,,burer, !emitters, below Seed
Jahn labor,
cr. a , Z 4 at, above Prone
P Lendolamo, segar m dyer, Sununu(' et abort Socond
Weabor, u milder , 3looro et below Front
Usury 't It g-u.cords Issuer, Einunoil sod Jartia Yt
Janioe, Ware, ewto•uttr. Jambe above B,c ad rue t
J is Wildou. satnrrosn. Lancaster atb.low Itecd
Jolla T Unruey, monii.t..r, Teem. et *bolo Front
ehnip Dewier, riaciaior, Jeffersoa •• and Greenwich at
1110 a 31Iti hi 11, cat pent , r, Second of cpooette [lava
J.rein bah t chelllnger, Front of Above Morrie
77,f el Divide
ha to Grigg, lea eler, second st stave Reed
M., tie 0.1,g, cordwainer, Second et ab Recd
A Brad,, laborer, Reed at above Front
Wng Bright, viit nailer, Corn et above Reed
J M tsurry, pollah.r, Johnson's lane
Kit Ci eiborue, bock keeper, Med st ab Third
G 0 Claiborne, book keepir, Reed et sb Third
(1 Edwards, Cooper, Jubilant'. lane
Pat's. °rinsed, laborer, Reed at below Front
ft ft Bodge.. clerk, Second and Reed eta
E 8 hal, Pecker, Reed at below Fourth
J C lUDs, Machined, Corn et Wow Wharton
Mr Ireland, watchman, Second et below Wharton
glen Ireland. bookbinder, Second below Wharton
Win Kew, birtender, Front above Reed
Jobs aloklenn, laborer, Front above Been
'lea 'Rickards, printer, Wharton ab Second at
Frame Riley, sawyer, (lunch obßeed
John Smith, Braman, Corn set Wharton
Weldon, laborer, Wheat st be Wharton
J Armstrong, machinist, Reed es bel Seventh
Wm Belk, basket maker, Dickerson at ab PKth
Boyd, victualler, Hay at ab Fourth
Jive B Orangle, printer, Sixth bet Franklin
Perk Dearnune, umbrella maker. French at
J WOE beet, painter, Worth eb Fourth
G h Galen, darter, Firth hod Wharton eta
John Bosley, blacksmith, Jonlatta at
o Lenoty, do Dickerson st ab Seventh
0 L .nsbncher, victualler, Dickerson et bet Filth & sixth
Jos kicCreery, printer, Dickerson ab Fifth st
D Reed, weterraan, llorstrneu at
W II Snyder, painter, Wharton st ab Sixth
II Snyder, do do do
J oe eye, Ice, grocer, Reed sr ab Fourth
Chas atafBa, cordwsiner, lafth et eb Franklin
IV Tendert, booltteeeper, Fourth et W aide
E Thomas, cabinet maker, Owen at bet Reed
J 69 Tuley, sail maker, Mortaman's at
0 -0 Trump, painter,lieurth and ?dome gig
MTh Dudsten.
B Altertser, cordwatoer, Tenth et bat Wharton
L If Allison, painter, Federal and Anode es
lobe Barriegtoo, bleckstalth, leder& at ab Tenth
Dreiel Daley, blacksmith, Ninth at ab Federal
Daniel Emu boolbioder, Eleventh at ab Anita
/rah Ernst. baker, Eleventh ab Anita
Win Enos Cord, Four:sok toad below Wharton et
E Feeley, Boman, Madison at
Wm Gormley, tatter, Eiylbert It
Thos Graham, printer, Passynisk rood
SI lie, derratva, lab, Tenth at
ty Jameson, cupeuter, Washington st ab Tenth
W Jones, collector, Federal et ab Paasynnk read
Jacob Ilitteadaborer, Pusymilr road ab Reed
J o hn Ksiselcordwalner, Pwayunk road ab Reed
Ohms lie Hey, boiler maker, Lafayette st ab Ninth
Lowers, bticklayer. Wsehtngton st ab Tenth
If Montgomery, gardener, Paasyouk road Del Reed
A Morrison. tailor, Austin st ab Wharton
ileGulre, laborer, Passynnk road ab Federal at
bolo. McGee, cordivoluer, Bummer ab Ninth
vat'l McCarty, carter, Bylbart at
Wm Potter, trunk maker, Lafayette it
g Simpson, storekeeper, Tenth and Wharton at
lee Smith, laborer, Antis et ab Tenth
P Watson, stone meson, Pasemink road ab Federal st
It Kelley, laborer, Washington ab Tenth
Sixth Division.
II Allen, coachman 16th end Bedford ate
John Bowles, brick's:later Shippen above Broad
II Carpenter, toothier Loyd at
James Doman, dyer Brood above Shippen
J 1F They, druggist 15th and &nth
J yeas McNeal, carpenter Shippen above Breed
enemas Riley, cordweiner Loyd below hhtppen
Seventh Division.
John Blair, weeper °Minden above 11th
Andrew A Burk, laborer Dormice street
John Dealing, bricklayer South above 18th
James Terry, laborer, 17th below Montrose
GI Jordan dealer, Ward at
Omelet Kline, laborer 17th below Rappels
11 Flaherty, laborer Webb above Catharine
mound Ltecb, Inspector Ward above Prime
Patrick Morghan, laborer South above 18th
James Mcllenry, polisher 18th below Shippen
Samuel Sheets, gaefitter Buck lane
James Sample, laborer South below 18th
John Widoce, wearer 17th below Shippen
Eighth Divide's.
James Drown, bricklayer Dickerson above Bth
J N Bischoff, cooper Paasynnk road above Reed it
E Davie, laborer Otto and Plotter eta
John Gamey, gardener 10th below Reed
Philp I i tig, conlwalaer Paasionk above Reed
Henry Harney, laborer Charlea add Dickerson ate
Richert MMus curter Ring below Pump:nal reed
Andrew Lumley, ballot maker 9th below Wharton
Wm Marker, laborer Bayard above 7th
Path Idol:alien, laborer Morris above Bth
rboa Prentice, innkeeper 7th and Wharton
J A Russell, corderainer, 9th above Federal
(I W 0 Schrader, engineer King brim, 70th
D y Slavin, police, eighth and State eta
Wm Stinson, laborer Charles below Dickerson
tVm N Tharp, cordwalner Sib below Wharton
W Widen, pollster lanyard above Bth
Ninth Division.
Jamea Degorgue, innkeeper, rem road and OhrMien
H Gardiner, D B Arsenal
P Pealing, laborer Prime below Ferry road
lama Rosa, laborer tooth above 19a. at
T A Beeeket, musician 12th below Washington
Jams Carter, taborer 12th below Washington
John Douglass, laborer 19th above Federal
A W Graham ' engraver 12th below Washington
Daniel Lllll, laborer Federal above 12th
John Morey, laborer 18th above Federal
Daniel Henry, baker 13th above led.rat
James Hoot, innkeeper 18th above Federal
llortes leathers, laborer 18th below Federal
John Leatherman, wheelirrigbt 13th and Wharton
Chad. Meagher, carpenter 12th below Washington
tiebrrt M trite, cordwalner 12th below Washington
Jawed hicAlveny, laborer 18th above Federal
James McDevitt, cordwarner Anita bat 11th and 12th
floury McCarty. weaver 18th above Federal
tames 31,Allanghlle, laborer 13th above Federal
A Quigley, laborer lath above Federal
Thee Thornton weaver 13th below Federal
Fratcls 'Porter, laborer lath below Federal
C Violat., Cordwainer 13th below Wharton
t Werner. varnisher. 12th below Washington
James Willis, cord er.dnar, 12.1 t below Washington
J K Wiley, laborer 12th below Washington
Patrick Flatley, cord weiner, 2 Dentin it
!Mood') Gornto, laborer, Front and Prime
Chow. ItORBa. laborer, 21 Federal at
rtnmee Genie, laborer, Prime below Front
James Kelly, taborer, Church and Washington
John McFadden, boiler maker, Front and Prime
Wm Murray, laborer, China below 2nd
Philip Kiter, seaman, 9 Prime
Patrick Devine, Laborer, 1102 Front
Patrick teMesly, laborer, 23 Federal
John McCue, Water, 133 John at
UdDlltta Relfantelder. tailor, 9 Primo
{lichee! 31e0ormIck, superintendent, Front and Wharton
Franklin L Stebbins, moulder, Keete and Front
.Ivues Murphey, rope maker, Front above Prima
Bernard Kavanaugh, carter. Front and Prima
Daniel &lettere, moulder, Wheat above Wharton
Wm &TM% messenger, Front and Federal
John Derricksou clerk, Marine 'here Front
John .3 Barr, clerk, Front and Wharton
John Nara., engineer, Front and Marion
Joe B Webb, carpenter, 212 Federal
flash Barr, Innkeeper, Front and Wharton
Reread Division.
Joseph J Cohan, etetioner, 4th and Christian it
Hoerr Kelly, ship carpenter, Church
John Grantees., cornltrelner, Wilson above Church
Charles H Fink, cordwainer, John Mara Front
Charles O'Neil, laborer, Church end Prime
kder O'Neil, laborer, Church and Prime
awing, Cloholin, laborer, 479 Front ebore Christian
James Kelley, labor. r, Church tab Washington
Andrew Doubler, plumber, 3 Beakless
Moron Baker, mathioist,Elwanion below Christian
James Florence, Waterman, Swenson ab Washington
Nichol. Nolan, w sawyer, 438 Front below John
David Boss, rigger, 2nd above Huy
bleary Brown, carter, Swanson above Washington
Patrick Leahy, laborer, 5 Higgins ct bel John
eteoltwin Catlett, mariner, 428 Wharton
John hi Jones, wheelwright, 343 Front it
Chu N Tither, laborer, Church below Christian
Wm Lewis, seaman, 'AI Mary it
Moses Kean, seg. make., 110 Christian et
Joe A Jones, dealer, 2nd above Washington
Third Attrition.
Alfred Taylor, carpenter, 1123 Third chore Federal
Herrman Rolling, blacksmith, Second ahoy. Wharton
WA 0 Ilelllnaey, carpenter, 323 Clark at
samnel T Griffeth, boot litter, 328 Clark at
ilenisroln D McKinsey., skip carpenter, 325 Clark et
NM Justin, whip ntalter, Jr ffereon av and Washington at
Chas Strain, laborer, Bayou ct
Alfred W Hand, clerk, Marshall above Third at
Constantine Dougherty, clerk, Clark at above Third
floury Deck, cordwalner, Jefferson av below Marlon
rrancia Timmons, tailor, 811 Clark at
James Stewart, laborer, 319 Clack at
J a me, fillies, moulder, 339 Wharton at
Wee 11 Bleekshaler, cabinet maker, Carpenter ab Thftd
Daniel klolysed, ealeemao. 303 Washlogtoo above Third
Stara Dirin'ort
Joa Smith, rigger, Marriott at above Fifth
George 11 Guyer, cordwainer, 918 Lewis st
William Douniston, carpenter, Third and Christian
['homes J McCann, seaman, 427 Marriott st
Win O'Brian. laborer, Marriott bet Fourth and Fifth
Edmond ullrlau, laborer. Marriott bet Fourth and Fifth
Edward Lynch, carter, Third below Christian
Samuel Norris, upholsterer 902 Jefferson av
John O'Neil. drayman, Christian above Fourth
Nathaniel J Oahu. printer, 310 Median at
Adam Weber, taller, 219 Madlion at
Geo al Thompson, ship carpenter. 320 Christian
Hold Perser,tsalesman coy fourth and Prime
Felix Mulholland, skin dresser, Marriott above Fourth
Chas F Phyla, grocer, Second and Chrial.n
William Weep., ship carpenter, Tyler welt of Fisher
John Morris, seaman, Youth above carpenter
David Oaten, blacksmith, 413 Ctulstlan abrre Fourth
Joseph 8011, rigger, 217 Madisen
J K Dousherty, umbrella oar, 9 R cor bib and Marriott
Arctilbsld Little, clerk. Filth and Marriott
John Lyons, cord nether, Pasayunk rd bel Prime
Jacob Hughes, oordwalner, Pam, oak td bel Prime
Daniel McCarty, cord whiner, 114 t Pesayunk rd
Arthur McDade, laborer, 1158 Itlahth above Federal
Thom.. Sarin, liquor dealer. Eighth and Plover
Henry Peters, saltwater, 609 Federal et
Roderick M Crawford, cordw, 1163 Passyrink rd
Hugh Duffy, laborer, 10 Little Washington et
kdwerd Mortimer, cabinet maker, 513 Federal
Lewis Wooemeyen boot maker, 140 Plover at
Arthur Flocal,Jsnitor, Panyunk rd bat Prime
Jacob Dawson, gentlemen, Charles above Federal
11-ram McGrath, cordw, Passyank rd bad Washington
Wm Wilkfos, cordwainer, 1129 Eighth bet Washington
James Parell, laborer, Plover bet Seventh and Eighth
Jai J Frailer, carpenter, Plover bet Seventh and Eighth
Jas Whitehead. cordwalner, 1130 F,fth above Federal
Patrick Manta, laborer, Prime bet Eighth and Ninth
Salk Dimiton.
John Kelly, in Mhar. 1014 Fourth below Carpenter
Patrick Houghson. machinist, Christian bet 6th and 6th
Wm Sink, cooper, 523 Carpenter st
Jos Loney, morocco dresser, Fifth below Carpenter
Jas Robinson, ton llama, Marriott b.l fifth
Wm Kerlin, printer, 12 Ideebanie at
Wm II Wooldridge, printer. 1000 Parker et
Anthony X Maggi, plumber, 423 81116 et
Rohl C Titternary Jr, jeweller, 423 Sixth at
Henry Mulholland, limber rowan., 1008 Newton It
Georgerd Crap, tin plate worker, 1031 4th bel Carpenter
Francis F R harts, cords...leer, Oh above Washington
It 0 Edward!, eta. k, 1016 Fourth st bel Carpenter
&rent!. Dimmon.
French' M Shinn, cordwolner, Halowell at
James 0 Kelly, carpenter. Sixth b,-low Christian
Bernard Devine, boot fitter, 927 Seventh et
John Meßrnna. laborer, Eighth and Carpenter
Philip Rile), laborer, Rlngold et
George Gibbons, blacksmith. Manion bed, Paaajank rd
Real H Adams, tinsmith, 6=9 Halowell at
Edward Garman, stone cutter. Eighth bol Marriott
Charles Burlingame, planer, Paaseunk rd bel Marriott
Eimer Smith, engraver, 7th and Carpenter
John J Sirlnger, tailor, Render place
James efrOlemon, laborer, 622 Real at
John .1 Wringer, stone CIHMI Render place
John Dann, gentleman, Washin t ren above 6th
Michael McGoldrick, printer, B nton at
James Gallagher, porter , • vie
Carpenter above 7th
John Donnelly, blacksmith, Marriettbelow 7th
Thomas Gallagher, laborer, 720 Carpenter at
Vim Borne, tarter, 002 Christian above 6th
Judson MoCnen, painter, 6th below Carpenter
Philip Gelahemer, laborer, 736 Carpenter et
Edward McGuire, laborer, 735 Carpenter et
Samuel Mciletrldge, cerdwaloer, Carpenter below 7th
/eighth ZWririon.
Wm Bricker, revenue anent, Federal below dth
Geo W Clerk, cum Redwood above 4W
Wm Blackburn, corderalner Paarrunk rd and Mend
Richard Duvall, moulder Wharton above Oth
Anamet W Clark, oak caper 4 Redwood at
Pt , r"rk ners , f r-•f+a r I S.,
r - "
1.:•; o •
James B Baclela, c aanc r 411 Le i+. of
Manta archer, cabintt mans, Z. 31 Rests,. ed at
Wm A Baud% silver smith 405 It< d
Win A Beale Jr, clerk Wharton ea se .ith
Stephen Hew:anon, rordwaluer 723 Federal below Sib
Jolla W Roach, bookbinder MI Federal n
JOlOO Whitey, baggage resider Prime below 10th
Robert Sine:, carpenter 11:85 10th below Prime
J/111/.3 Finn, tailor 9th below Auburn
Idugb Criatn, weaver 11th bat Primo
Jain o s Shoe, grocer cor of 9th and :tuber's
118 : 118, Kenny, laborer Little Wa,blaircon telowlOth
Thernaa McKnight, moulder 9;b ets:re ITasincitton
James 3 Wood,, stereotype finisher 452 south 9ch
Patrick Llngtee, laborer 950 Auburn at
Patrick Daly, curler 824 Carpenter .t
Peter Wtods. lititklayer 452 ranch 9th at
James lingbre, geatteman 915 A aborn et
Thomas McNulty, carman Cnrpenter above Bth et
Thomas McNichol, ufst blerriott abate Bth
Cexica Broughton. tnooldsr 827 nunnit et
John Gooney, bricklayer 9319th below SLarrioll
Richard Brady, porter 30 Suffolk ac
Joseph McGarrey, tailor dare Bth
George Kroll, salesman 824 Lurch at
Anthony J Smith, gardtuer 8.11 and Christian
Andrew Forbes, book binder Auburn above 9th
Michael Patton, clerk 911 Larch at
Edward Dougherty. bar tender cor 9th end Christian
Patrick W Saab, gardener ear Bth and Christian
Thos H 8 Rh, sideman car 6th and Christian
John Smith, sborer 3ferriot bet Bth and 9th
John Hearst, W G maker Auburn bet 9th and 10th
Tenth Division.
Michael Baena, weaver Milton below 10th
Jelin Cassidy, laborer 931 Little Washington at
James Sense, engineer 1236 Crablien it
Philip Smith, soap boiler hlcllrary st
/easel McGrath, bricklayer Milton abase
Thomas Daly. weaver. Carpenter below 11th
Philip J Smith. rolk Agnes below Christian
James Smith, sergeant of police, lath below Cbristima
Petrick Maldoon,cordwelner Cana alma 10 la
?dither , / Casey, fewer Sfargarette bet BM stetiffith
John Mcßride, carpenter Stilton ahoy(' 10th
Thomas D Grover, cargenter,ls Christian at
Norris Henderson, cHcer, 2nd below Queen
James Eolith, cordwalner, Beck at
Albert N Bergent, shipamith. 45 Beek at
John Town, aallmaker, 117 Clainnian et
Jacob Weber, iron worker, 385 south 2nd at
William 8 hfcGine, tobsccioulet, 839 south Front it
Joaeph /i Grog, dealer, 829 south From et
George 11 Toy, shipwright Front cob Christian
Thomas Ackland, mariner, a 7 Beek at
James .11/11011, cooper, 41 ChAtiso at
Napoleon Sagas, varnisher, 833 south Front
James McCbale, laborer, Front at
Daniel Andrews, shipwright, 838 moth Front at
0 It Bids, instrument maker, 837 Solherland at
Enoch Eldridge, dealer,l2l Backs pls.
George Career, restaurant 845 eentli 2nd at
John Graham, Hotel keeper Front and (lathe lee
Joseph Dixon, Minelayer Front and Catharine
Nathaniel SW:May, shoemaker Front and Catlerthe
Henry Clark, printer, Front and Catharine
semuel Bigler, Rainmaker Domsna court
George 14 Drain, weterman 806 Swanson
William P Elliott, umbrella mater 239 Christian
Thomas M Bill lt , Mather Z 9 Christian
William Kelley, laborer 787 a Front sr
frauds atm:derma, tailor 259 Queen at
Heinrich SChenebberg, tailor 359 Queen et
Patrick Mdtigdnyman Slutheone wart
William Tommy laborer Bird at
Patrick Neville, porter Youngs place
Tim Pinto, tailor back 112 Catharine
Lath Heyman, clothier 843 s 2nd
W Kerwin, laborer back 217 Christian
Third Disition.
Jams Ring, printer 777 # 3rd
James Dowels, laborer, 227 Concord at
Jobe Togher, superintendent 227 Concord
Bernard Kroger, cabinet maker 3rd and German
William Rowley, jeweler 907 a and
J o hn Warrington, boot deter back 779 a Front
Toomey Dennis, laborer Gaya alley
W Norris Batton, clerk 83 Catharine
Edward 3 Hurdle, cordwalner 767 a Front at
Henry Morris, stereotyper back 802 2 and
Wilber Henderson, e.rdwainer 767 a Wont at
John 660onner, laborer 372 a Front at
George W Stephenson, printer 323 Ostbarine
Samuel Adair, laborer Christian bet 6th
John H Bradley, tailor &hand Christiaa
James Ben, printer 332 Queen et
Neal Campbell, tailor' 806 a 4th at
Robert Donneily, laborer 541 Christian at
Chertea lord, gentlemen sth and Queen
Joseph Magee, bartender 6. th and Queen
Edward Pans, silver smith Queen bet 6th
Henry G Pierce, tailor 524 Catharine at
T Bothell, music teacher 621 Queer, at
Joseph Thomas, brim founder 8 Carberry court
David A Thompson. brats Butcher 15 Tronor at
I Edwin Treas., carpenter,3l9 Queen et
, gannet Bell, clerk 333 Gngen at
Amos Enterline, saleemen 818 a 3rd st
Samuel D Schwerts, pointer 816 Wen:acre it
William H album, sbeetiren maker 427 Christian
Ira B Ridgway, grocer sth and Oetharine
John M Ridgway, grocer 60, and Catharine
A J Bowels, cabinet maker 418 Catharine an
Agatha Hall, cabinet maker4lB Catherine at
Daniel McGrath, carpenter Turner at
W Myers, liquor dealer 410 Queen at
Chariest M Woman. clerk 407 Christian at
Pala Lomax., clerk 833 a Fourth at
Amon Linetnerty,iostenment maker 7 Cobb et
George Mune, watch cane makes 508 Queen at
John V Jeffries, hatter 804 a ad at
wollam Jethiee pilot 804 ei Set at
Michael O'Connor shoemaker We,xacoe and Cate ee th e
Patrick Shields, carpenter 800 s sth et
Imnea McAleer, gent 41 Fl 3
German et
George PhHly s, dealer 417 Catharine et
Meek Low, wattle nee maker 4,1511221/20/2, It
John Oath, tailor 764 s sth et
James Simpson, tobaxwMtbit 4th and Catharite
Michael Rene, laborer Herrman& court
Clement Clark, shoemaker Gales wort
Clement Glut jr, Intermit Gale. court
William Friel, seamen 203 Paasynnk rood
Patrick McAleer, tailor 418 German at
diet/. Division.
Thomas Harrison, laborer 679 a 6th at
Jacob Heckel, M D 6th and Catharine
John Morris, bricklayer 826 a Bth at
Andrew Murphy, batter 6th and Catharine
Timothy O'Leary, laborer i W s 6th at
Joseph C h arm, laborer 701 and Fitzwater
Tomei Celiedt, laborer 6th bet trimmer
Robert Wright, blind maker 779 a 6th at
Daniel Smith, coedit - Muse 710 e6th at
William Knox, laborer Adam and Clymer
71 P Hllppla, smalltime 808 Paaolunk rood
William Mathias, shoemaker Passyunk road
FranciaDensell, printer Walt st
George L Dillon, taller 788 Peasynnk road
Richard Dillon, bookseller Uri Essayuult mad
Charles Noble, laborer Clymer hal 6th
James litCarthay, laborer 6th bet Fitzwater
Seventh Divirion,
Mans Byesly, gold heater 712 Cbristian at
James A Phillips, printer 808 s 9th at
Jacob W Wilhelm, clear maker 821 Christian et
James Carty, arrant, 765 a 9th at
George W Schultz. carpenter 9th lbw Catharine
Thomaa Swift, tailor Floweret
Idirchaal Connellybatchar 724 Stewart at
James Campball, carter Hubbell at
Isaac Ennis. chair painter Walt et
Peter Kelchner, thirmith 824 a Bth at
John M Johnson, cordwainsr 719 Stewart at
Eighth Divsion,
Hoard gleam, saver smite Chf.suan st
Thomas Morgan, Mater, 13th itnd Christian
Barnard erDo,,oen, eh:meatier 1810 FiLtdittar at
Charles P Montgomery, machinrst 1333 Christian at
SfSitem Orley, Painter 1333 Cbrietian at
Francis Quinn, cordwainer Shippen lane
Patrick Donahoe, printer Orange et
Diodd W Uthgrow, gas fitter 1321 Eatea it
Jame. bile, , shoemaker Pintwater ab 12 th
Michael J Thomas, carat Moore at
Michael Stoic restaurant 76011th at
Peter Ramon, blacksmith Rates et
Hugh Motley, bater Christian at
Francis &Harm, founder 11th bet Fitzwater
William Links, block cutter Orange at
Charles Owens, laborer 13th and Catharine
Patrick klcHennakgrocer Bran and Catharine
First Division.
Janus klannteg, slap Maer, 619 Prost at
Patrick Hart, cord, 41 Almond at
Robert D Bayne, cabinet maker 22 mouth at
Jams Preen, innkeeper, Pront al,d Almond aka
&mut //maim
W Bartlett, agent, Almond as
Charles 8 Rambt, hatter, Tot groat
Jame. 11 Hahn, ship joiner, 313 Senate et
Philip BOW,. rear maker, 133 bleed at
O W Bonn, lamp maker do do
John Maierrin, rigliter;stuppen at share Front
Edward Runt, tailor, 702 Front st
John 0 Scheer, jeweller, 192 Almond at
John J Biotic tailor, 11 Vernon et
J M Douglass, stone tatter , 8 W Front snd Shipper, .
Richard Duckett, batter, 114 South at
Wm Gov, aßseramitb. 111 BMW] at
Charles Tamme, tailor, YU&tippet' at
John Murphy, carpenter. Harper's Place
Samuel Mew, tailor, 8 E tor Third and Mdpgan
Timothy Toomey, batter, =2 Itlex t ,,,,t
John Foes, restaurant, Shipper, st below Titled
John Diabase, cord, 626 Morse/4
L M Chateau. reporter, Monroe it 'bore George
Andrew Pincher, weer natter 620 Geosge et
Sohn Stater's, g old: aster, 232 Shippen at
John Thomas, laborer, 8 E Third sod Shippen eta
Frederick Ludbrhik, laborer, 710 George it
Edward Bank, dealer, Kenny's Place
Gotlelb Weld, tailor, 235 Shippen
Francis Thole, tailor, 729 Third st
John T Winpress, conk 621 George et
'burnt Dirinon.
Goo H Roberta, jeweller, &Wan at above Third
Wm Johnsen, bar tender, 8 8 Pine alley bet Fourth
Joseph T lain, blacksmith, 303 Pine Alley
Janes Remeater Jr, plasterer, 5 Elliott Plum
Wm Headley, Waterman, Shippen at above Third
Cornelia Beller, ship carpenter, Snippet" et bel lour'
Edward Murphy, painter, 19 Pine Alley
Isaac Grant, reetanrant. Shippen
Yarned Con, carpenter, 9 SEW Prue Alley bel Fourth
Thome.' Brown, stone rarer, Shippen at bet Forma'
Broderick Bloomer, laborer, Stanley at 'hove Third
James Merman, wstatman. Shipper' at bet Fourth
Joseph Stewart. moulder, Gore's court
Frederick Gukeirman, cord 315 Gorman st
Francis Jewel., tinsmith 334 Stanley et
James Btockley, cooper Shippen at below fo ur th
Thomas North, dealer 606 Ball alley
Wm Wallin, Dealer 606 Ballalley
Henry Hay, hatter Lister's Place
Wm Hunt, dealer Pine alley bet Fourth st
Daniel Gallagher, baker 510 8 Third it N side
Wm Simpeon, book binder ni Pine alley
John Shay, caster 8 B our POOrtil at and Pine alley
John McGhee wsterman Shipper' at bet Fourth
John Zimmer, mannfecturer 300 Shippeu
George Leper, cabinet maker 311 German et
Ebert Swain, umbrella maker Shlppen st above Third
Ptfth DiViSkV
Thomas Garcia , tailor Monroe stab ove Fourth
Edward Garvin, printer Monroe at above Fourth
James Heerlen, cord Charles at
James Gartner, hatter 413 Monroe st
Edward McCann, driver Shippen at bel Fifth
Samuel Scott, printer 623 Passaynnk road
Robert Scott, bar tender 435 German et
ThomaaJ Hughes, packer S W ear Fourth t Mountie
George Williams, blacksmith I.7l2hipprn it
Franklin Spicer, clerk 171 Shipper' et
I Theodore Paynter, carpenter 431 German at
Ids Hider, book binder 414 Shipper, et
S'rth ihrinon.
John kic3lulllo, police E Aide below Shippers at
Thos W Parker, bricklayer Prosperons alley
Thomas Stineca. police Shipper' at gy,0,.. Sixth
John MeConnelly, dealer bpapard at
John McCoy, Cord 626 Shipper at
Edward Mullen, cord 626 Shippen it
Thomas Burton, weaver Spefford st
}rebut Murry, laborer Spatknal et
Hugh Dockerty, laborer Griswold's alley
Jame Morrow, Mere 512 Shippen at
John Boileau, Cord Prtibuccus eller
Felix COMM, innkeeper Baker et bel Seventh
John Mulkey, dealer &sherbet Seventh
Hobert Murry, laborer Spefford et
veh Diruion.
Jeremiah Shure, labor Se er n 8 4 Bedforl et
Thololllll Moran, dealer 610 Seventh at
John Mitchell, laborer 810 Seventh at
Edward McNulty, bar tender 610 Seventh at
Alex Stranaben, bricklayer 645 Shippen
Michael McCormack, laborer 613 Bedford at
Henry Gordon, weaver, Bedford et lei Eighth
Daniel Bradley, dealer 8 8 Bedford et
John McCabe, tinsmith 036 Shipper' at
HenryShultz, cord 8 E roe Ferenth and Bedford its
John Davidson,D dealer 241 ihlppen at
Patrick Boyle, Waterman Frey'sg's alley
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George Brown, laborer Green's mart
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