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•'■ ■■ f- J jSEgITKMBEK .ty, 18fi7. .n s j
--V-B3* aathrfllr^'pag<l®«il' : >afP'Uid:aditorial!
■ Wftd., Putnam’*
September—General Newtfi'&orV&CissOii t!it
'"JbrfrdSS'’ of'cdnStituttdiml" principles J Xltai
. lOriDemoCratieyl but ill in -nXiioyiiNiitOnaly
. !, ;aiwayJrtWij*t6:tße“ Ftetii ;Bnt
** fJiHIUUjUnn Z’lL.Lii 1 - ta tnn Ka'
■ quontly!c»rrieii ; 6fl)-by> tiiefthporlcSf of'SUch
•,,denoyh«m teen; gneaflyngsslwljbystbe ;uii
nlcinaS r »'li'itllln!.-lltTi!i^OnlM3<,l;!'lt!. J iB'iCtirlOUB.
■ 'iliW'-fStififfb' &sMfi<flVafes eSMe«t%ibb liScf.
-. -4>i f*¥:
>■ A*!» Mwiitfconf «#i pnd«E,fb,q „bap of 4Jjd-.
<i liffon ■ itaprtcltiabilityi 1 Tbeifleld for.the ’OpB- •
y, MsudKuiartwy^wiflftjdMiO'iWoi^miflsta
•‘' aoabff< that if'Fatl dpon' of eotiservatiTeyiof, ■
ii' gctber.-Kr; SgWA*B: and . hia; follower* would l
be coinpfclled-eSthSi'td' Ohangetlmtf tactics,:
.-uCprDe^^^i Stale’," Ap k?^>l'! J
■y f rania>weJ do/aot-boast bo aduoh/srf/ojjrs conj-'
jwX’ w<»“»4*
'' : <ictitrtpg : si , e*t!iess ; .'hai! : ratharloAaliseBas-p\
InSt it is'a’Vdfy high fcatiiGr fit duf'capviba|,
.«,?W«. m
- f - Wends of projection, app* M„J»oaiae ofbiir.
■ ' maiiufiujfUHilg l strooriorltydand hence ji good
; i b Andjalmostr without} exception,! to;
!';,H«f , fflOT n fie; ) Bpon,^e,,traa^ l ,hiia .persistently.
xresisted.iitßnt wo are bright, glad to the__
: r, ‘'ssls ft-
Syracuse.nopd-thi 'loth ! of - tbo
'•> leidefa df the party ;inet'together; hnd,i after,
’_ * a’ a tieyr
• sspolfomwitli';
•*" clistaoterJsilafKumpßiiiid boldness; f feGpi.
,) : *.fl9r..oJd *m flriois fimiK fin.o# riu’i
*tf aißifcnr of i good
a , Mayor.,Wflop’s speaohM.wara vigorous and to '
tho point; Hon.JouW Cocua’AiraVrsS suggqa
w tlvo Mai cSHabst i dnd Uk SldiCLtS/ tbo' youig
M iwi*:pre«nt in high spirits, and ’ auroundod by,
;'';a t h<At;BfhiybtbdWCTdB; :: dtV.ddia , bavO ; :re,.
Mshelffio’sconehaA JonH'VAN
His readywitandhumor,and hiv
! ■ Woridorfol 'knowledge of the vrodjdy would bajro
" WUte^jfipib^sJ't^in 1
!sirlwto*fohiwep,'*4.iJiese J ';£o‘irOTpr, it-, sopb»'.
impossible tSatifcwTorkshonid gowrong'at
‘■‘;ftli‘d Ijwkt!elB6tfiHr.'':'Tii'oy 1 jwkt!el86tfiHr.'' : 'Tii'oy ‘fifo''bound "(Bat siii 1
•, •, liaTO.,slltbeen,*«ttfi«, m JW'dbta to hop® tijat'
■ the’itrnce'wiit'lsstj'at'dd&st ‘beyonid* thodfixt’
: : Syracuse, Democratic J OOnydnHon,! speechbsj
• regblutionai.and alij'the msAllpbsS ikd eonroge
l of Danui; M. SwkiES are 'conaplcubW v ", this
. '.jgpntleinan„very.young ,»m he igfor hie’ f<4na
."l and bis .talents, baa.•ihad a :migiity share (of
feinßt; and 1 is’cdn'-.
tics and law; bnt ho hcars himself b'r&velyjand
1 - f is surd to maka hIS niiirk' fd tho '-cbmidtf Cout
lto..andjtnen^iteri»lfoE i Capable
1 '•: ‘ iof'fct&iintitrimiQi ?t3s ; ttUe)(What l bdld spirii
. npt?).he isypt succpapfnfin iocuiji^iintmdj!,
''j |t
: /.'all times;; . ’,--- -V'. 'i < . ; ■> •■.‘tsu \j - .
•a ;i ‘Xho 'jN'ew Totk/pbinbitafic ticket *!S'.sa(d'
: ■ 'blw. acv-ov -IT
to be a good pnp,,f, T.he„nomination of, Judge,
Snpreme. Conrt
of ’ the Btate.Wai a -Mandsotne frlbutb to
- •■ .d?4»fi4gVpj^de|^ ; s 3 e ,#^!l?M# <
■ , - of thft conatjtutionality ofthfl.cdious acts of (be 1
Sewaed LegislatiMfOj'"depriving' tlic’ pdobio'
dfthW.Mty 'df‘ Nbw' 1 T6fk , ''of”ihiff4iEiits y .
i - i.'torlab-f oommißsion;.: but ' in. dhlliyjho'fwa's,
. guided by tl/A‘ law,"ind ‘Pot’ by htaf pirty^e*
their- ticket fOri/ro-olection.’.' Such de
, inKlec
: 'L
* | ,or : !rovolatioa) wi«W<>lßTOnlo{i Wlth th6ii6wB
certain greased cartridges,liEf&ry.onQ idowpofc
; i/£.JaKiw wha{'thi£PmednB; s<> webkftirbxplam! it.'
tho* 4 imirrtfverteii'tB:to ! ttuifiok , ‘War^
into ;|s t tuneW'degcnptiim l oft car-
'"tHdgo, : in '-tha ball/ irtstoaft of being.
,/.'.T|if',nsTi^pe!en«Sfefcft».w|wXTe t t9iK<> 1
straight forward, like an arrow from the-bow* ;
1 ■'; { tvhon iKscKsi^cyyrora'tio-iaa^^t, 1 initead of
by, turning pvcr. sodorev in, progress
through! the .girl ■» it} iSi-.necebiry.'toJinoreaso
''"thefbrcfe witft tvhieM fs-eiSfited
'‘ “‘froß,tb ! “rrr}( r tightly bet.
, «•/, popjr i^ 3 pln<w t jpaiJnSgoai •
'i*- therefore, aro exabfly flttod tbtlia barrel.,and,' .'
■l'm, »|ijridg?,
- ■ thus -greased, is potintothegun-barretyriho-, .
ev.erlxabtolqaiithe'gbitinttiitb'ite dfftmb end/
‘lt jwittiin^cbwt
‘ ' mHibcatton whiob
, Mho,-spark..or..flame, .which ;dls
-1 wekporti <> f .<.;■> t |
. , Now, this is what the
L‘.:*^fp^y‘co)npj|^^jjf w ‘ , &e'
cartridge was, gn&t& ,ot .®i&»+«
Mi-.f ari-nneleanrmumai ainongtbeAsiatics,'whethdr.
■' bf ‘of'BrJhittS b¥ r Mahoniet-h-aiid iris
or, »*!
. ;.i 5 c?“P9Mr iftWlngt «ff,’(i#%«rf»4 fc kr
' bring his month in contaet.with the abhorred,
, !j i ,'grelis4 ( :-b.tbi'tonoh'( it with 'his, hand,'was an
abomination, but to put his llp‘s"to it ! waa a
violation of belief. j “ ')*
A judie : .ou^,n)yi t British, iidfs,.
r r- iall tlMkr6bnoiioi»<sftrirld*oa; «tathtm jnarttfiv
"•' Gassnfb is>ri<rt%‘jttdlpiqnsmaueilllo'iseimply
&trel^owis>rWii6 l tQol^ifr.d<jgrpoJnLihOiOiJ , cuin'’
<* ‘'dtfbntioif ,*Gffieb,»;indfiwasotaade' ■ Vieethy' pi
~. ■-bb'.'boiild jbavo: > sufflcibnto-rnyney 1 to^make
'.Englandi .s fre ; broke,,np isovoral. Sepoy rcgl
i u t|. ‘thb- ear*'
,i „<i,fbi«tojriirpise>:of , inBliitlilgithflirfaith‘.i j«(|t'
• ;,'ivlaughiat the greased eairtrtdgea. tiThoaenyfu)
pgrb fgrio-.
t't,7Mnbo,iulntwii.^jjgb^WßUld ; ;C,kWplfcs()ldlers
view a command to desecrate the. Host? "in'
~ ..... and
« i-,,.- d'ld^to.Vsoeatftldgaa■
r ii ■ thd.paper,.of, .which was.composed, of.the in
„ „f copntryfor the Jpd!sn.arMx,> , .„, . / ‘
-i-; { ••>}.« !•) "fif •lil.' it.te'.i 4-f Y{\ rj’T'l I<, . t;
It,IS almost .certain .that: no tether, attempt
.0’ !be>
fcri jrelah|Jlwj))'\iq f ltn^Bo«,‘.
jier than next aummoni'Fh’sro seems bvoiy pro-
bability of thocabteboingsold, at fail cost price, 1
«i ihe)^te('inteißqttefly/wh6 |: 1 w l a'nt direct
• i;S j lisibfflwMWJlWslf
.v;'„ir-,if the proposbd linei.bai establishedyiherb,!S'.
?^.h®ri^bd!^.a*®W»'iiS!f^,^ i ‘
i,-/’«iofihttlligfence betbreetttlieae'twoaeats ofem
!“ «•
% \ Ajl.'i toir««Sf^^^Sr-foar;
; hoar 3 ahprfd Wtbc 'posld a l? pecu
. Fwii«7of. Saturday, sintd « Om«T«»" is
7; : /';:;/7#»ewd«doot<o4»r#
rl-'v tf if ■♦
Profound thinkers bM’ft.pMaed MghjiS?™!*.
umß upon agriouUure^Sdl^fedl^^T^S ul "'
that evur engaged iaadlfUid.
Ho who makes tivOjhlSs ol%as|j|row wo ro
but one grow before p a
benefactor of his race. Many of the great men
of America, as woli as of all other countries,
have often longed for the quiet and unobtru
sive; but interesting.' usefulness-of a farmer’s
life wMIf thßJsjvoje angugetim the perform
ance of themost important and honorable public
happiest momonts. have been
: spdntl“ agtionltnral etnploymdnts; Wasumai
, jojk'i'adihisJttoiint'V'orti.bri, hip'Mpn
tlcello, jAOK6Os hia Hermitage, Clay his Ash;
'!jffi<i,’ snsritti iiis Marshfield, tjnd : Buchanan
so happenod,' however,
indjuk cotlntryi th'nthgrlcuUnrel has, in the cs-
bfmatfy, bepn'i'pbb'cd of its tfuedig-
'tdty, ambbeen regarded, mainly, as a sphere
jfor physical, : net; for Iptelloetuir labor,; as a
called .‘ .into requisition. ‘Hence, the idea
prevailed , i ' l t'ha't those who
Jtmve.i obtained liberal ,' .educations 'should, .as
a necessary i conseqijoncoof • each ! scquisi
-liQpi, j( 4banddn : ’agricnlture ; ‘ Utid'.'soek 'tn ore
Coiigenial' empioymoiit, either in . the . learned
1 in-ntanufactilring' or conimer
.eiatoccupations.' ; 'The, imporUhco ,qt ejnploy
idg-'the highest.order of mental activity, in
.tmrshite ljas
not been, generally, acknowledged, .A,new
Ssv rapidly becoming .inanga
many centuries a mere, routine of laborj has
jyen-nigli “pissed, through th'e intermediate
gVade oii.ati aHj’e of ,tbe most Interest
ingj as .it Certainly is one of tbe most impor
tant, of the sciehdbs ;' and the conviction is
gTowing, tjia.J l tlio propprcomprehensio i n of the
laws.ofycgetablqlife, and the typst methods of.
enhancing the productive powers of the earth,
affordiithenies-.whiohomayjiwell .engross,’ tho
’Oanjest attentlofl of the .most gifted minds.
concert;, the welfare
of the whole human family, • . ■ . .
grp pleased toAotico that an important
istepih'ifib ri'gti't direction, in jins, respect, has
’been; taken in our State, which, with a very
littfe tiniely ihaistanco, we consider the
importance, of the object it, contemplates,)
’Carinot fail to prove’ entirely successful. ’Wo
\to’fhp' 'establiahipent. of’, the farmers’
High School of Pennsylvania.
}lt is located njion a farm’of two,hundred
acrw, touch.oi 1 . which b’aß already,been some,
what improved under the direction of the
Jogrd <jf.Trustees, in Centre County. A
■fanner’s house,,a,largo harn, and, some out
buildings have' booh erected, and tho cellars ef
.a collogo huilding liivvc been excavated) ,Tho
latter, edifice is to cost $55,000, and to bo
hipiblo'Of'accommodating, a largo number of
iStudontsb 4*110: frusteos haw notv at tlioirdis-.
pOsai, besides the large fern donated by Gen,,
Jamsb.lUwm received from private
sources; and $25,000 received from tho .State,.
if dndiyiduals'or'societies will; contribute
iSadjtKWljmdrb’.thq, §lafe'will, also advance
$25,000 additional—tasking a total of $lOO,OOO,
This sum is considered sufficient to put tho,
school,into, practical,..operation) ; Tho system
of inst ruction proposed embraces'every branch
‘bif,, knbwipdgo.calcuiatod td be diroctly dr, inci
dentally i beneficial' to ,thb faimer.. It is. da
signed-to 'accommodate;pupils' 1 for the low
Sumof.SlOOperannum.,’ ,
' On the 2d of September a meeting for. tho
biectiori of Trustees was bold.'on the High
School farm. Forty-four delegates, chosen by
Various County Agricultural Sociotios, wore in
"aftondaiico. Hon,FnEDEEiCK Watts, of Cum
berland, JAmesMiles, ofErie, and Joshua P.
Evee, of Delaware, Were unanimously chosen
Trustees..,. Judge Waits was elected Presi
dent, Gen.-Jakes Inwnf, Secretary, and Ed
triLED p.HjnfES, Treasured An effort' to raise
the remaining. $25,000 was decidedupoul One;
thifd of the apnoiiat was promised by various
.geuflemen present, odd the President was au
thorized to appoint committees to solicit eub
(Wiriptions in each county’of the State. jVe
cauuot doubt, tliat by a litilo exertion tile do
sired, amount can be readily obtained. 1 , It is of
..grpat'*,importance to ell tlassbs, and to none
moro than these who roside in the cities, (for
upon, them the'bnrden Of high prices of provi
|i6hs'ih,lls niostheavilyi)ihdt agriculture should
bo the higheatstatd of perfection.
'With sUcb immense natural resources spread
pjtfbefore us,.that by their proper develop- 1
rae'nt’wo could feed tho, world,- agriculture has
nbf received; ;tliat' attention' if richly merits,
and never will,' until the system of
.Specially • ‘educating; young men as ■
gs contemplatedbythoF’arihera’High School,
■isadopted. Wetheroforo hope this project telly,successful. ‘ 1
Hurper'tJtfuhly baa, disappointed us* From
tho njannor -ih j which it throw itself into the
hroa-ohi to irecejyo 'oilr arrow diroc te d against
Harper?* expected that it would
,hhve been more courageous. But the better
part ofjValoi: is \ , . (1 ■
b esteem Harpers,Magazine as-an admi
tfarperlsand without having been
to understand on what it rests
jf^jjro^nidipns'jto J 30 'a f “ Journal of Civiliza-
good sense of many of its’
articles—and have even : used its « Man about
Towh v>; platitudes, (by Richard Swiyeller,
jnnior, Esqaire,) as a substitute for laudanum.
,But wo.. Idinent to observe' the decay of its
ptiick'. Seriously speaking, wo/ flunk ’fliatit
ought not to have stolen away out ,of the’dis
cussion it throw itself into. : '
Jfafptr*} '’ 'Sfaftdiihe' 'for' 'August attacked
American rneri for want of politeness, saying
that the' American was “too'often‘known
abroad by‘.his .high pretensions and low. breed-
Hcirptr’* Magazine ■ for,' September,
baldly deplfired, without 'atiy reserve or quali
.ficatlon,, that the. largo, class calio'd <» American
.Wbrneh”;'b dkefe ■' l bold-faced,’ loose-ton'gued,
d^ipgj'.nngracious,,' flUinting, ■' lohd-'yoitedi'
broheed,’recklessly-daring,'iself-assnred, boid
eycd Amazons. On the part of the fair sex of
this, country, W,o pleaded “Not Guilty’’ to this
griovbui and called on Harper’s
'Mdgazine,iho accuser, for the proof.
. of givingisuch proof in the Octohor
■npinber ‘of thelr Magazine, Messrs. HaUpeu
pgldish'di auricle |iU t!i'eit. ’.W'iifWg, in which
>it said that the American ladles.“who flourish
ajj h'atbripg-plaCes and the fgsh'ionablo resorts,
ago ioa, : ;wup, ,/rtpplojie, anti bold,’’anil that
“ tho gonerality of Aluorican fhshionablo wo
tpoa'aro not fitted to"be good, wives : and
mothers.”- 7’:, .. , , ."'
But the Magazine originally drew no dis
tinctlon'as fco thoso who “-flbnrish atwateriUg
placea]” bud, broadly’'condemning a?? Ameri
'can women, rnado hd.fpecial ‘condemnation of
“fashionable” wombm only, in truth, tlien,
.both and Weekly have libelled the
‘ ’"Perhaps ei reply to pur remarks is to 1 appear
hil'iho.jtfagaaipe?.!, l\'o'Bhail bo glad to see
what 1 the wholesale libeller of-his country
,i TJierd arc two.species of prescription. One,
purely legal, witli whibh we have tiocoucorn
atprbsont| iho othor, mcdical, which engaged
the attention of the American Pharmaceutical
Association" on tho fourth and final day of
thoir.meeting, ip .this city,- in Convention.
1 : Thoi Association have ,mado a-Jeclaratibn,
and sblcmnly passed a resolution. The declara
tion ,is‘ ,to. the, oifect that the extemporaneous
prescriptions'; of- physicians -arb : frequently
written ip manner, and that their
quantities are carelCsaiy symbolized!
,: t ThO rosolutiou.convoys a request,, running
through about . thirteen, lines of small type,
,(imd',tfefef<?re v6ry wordy,) to the effect that
physicians should iwrife’.lcgibiy. , It is to bo
doped that they will try and do so—it is
scarcely to . bo expected. F or tlio most
part, bad-writing is a habit. Now and, then
ittiiay arige; from somo brganfc cause—for we
fooblioci that the' jatb j)r., tho geolo
-1 gist, though ho could'carvei and even dissect,
'With pkill and dolicicy of tdiich, nobbonof took
-up a.pon than the attempt at caligraphy, which
was the roatilt; resembled the - meandering? of
'aniiifoxiphtbdrspldor. just .emeiged ftom an
ink-bottlo,.npon a ghost of paper, more than
Lawyers frequently write illegibly— lor ra
piditycngonders carelessness, which bocomea
habitual. , There, jp a story of a* celebrated
English lawyer, familiarly called “ Jock Boll,”
whp.iad, thfti iWodps of writing-one Which
ho could road, Imt his.clerk - could not—another
which bis'clerk'" could 1 read,' and ke. could not—
and a third, whish room sotßd dcoiphir.
This was the whs jfljrpduoed as
tho leading the cijlebiated case of
®.ytmkt£s, ffignwlM, repottMMy Cuakiks
'Pm**' W' II '"'] I 5 s ..
got tho c<p&raphWpf aoca not in
yolye .the poa sibili fy 1 0 lb ypach ief to any one
concerned, ihft even to pfoperti/fwhllo'car'dess
or bad writing in a physioian’jjsprescfiptlon j
may bo fatal to life. It is actually necessary,
therefore, that the names of the medicines
ordered, with their quantities, should bo most
legibly written—and .the more so, seeing lived
thak.ppt Jlßfull
of tho medicines, but only contractions of the
names, shall fie .written down.,, A physician
may design to ordor a sertipie (twenty grains)
of Oalomel, in pllulat form, so, that each dose
would contain two or three. grains of tile medi
cine.lf ho,wri{e, the prescription as care
lessly as is sometltneS done, the* thing may be
mistaken for Corrosive Sublimate,' also a pre
paration of mercury, and a deadly poison.
Ono is the Sul-nmria3 t the other is tho Oxy
muriat Hijdrargcri, and in tho scrambling,
hasty, illegible manner of writing now actu
ally affected hy medical mon, one thing might
be mistaken for tho other, and (unless tho dis-
I penser, who makes up the prescription, be
sagacious and well-informed) a, mistake in
volving life might be mode.
Out'of thjs arises the great question—what
training, do . those dispensers get, and, what
Security .have the public that they are compe
tent for the' great .responsibility which they
assume? .Another day we may answer, it.
.Meantime,,we recommend physicians, and all
persons, to'write legibly—if they can.
An Error.
Tho Times ;is in error .in* saying, that
one,' of the !proposed amendment,*! to ,tbe
State CQnßtitutlpn.wift liiplt the,number of
Sohators from Philadelphia! ■ The Constitu
tion of 1796 provides that no 'city or county
shall elect more than four Senators, and this
was left unchanged by the Reform Convention
of 1838, and is not affected by tho proposed
amendments to be voted upon next month.
Thoso amendments provide for single Senato
rial and. Representative districts in this city,
but do not reduce the number to which she is
entitled. As to Senators, the number will re
main at four,' as flxed by the Constitution of
1780, lyhiciiis the number allowed by the ap
portionment act of laid winter.* l * The reduction
in our Senatorial representation Is owing to
consolidation, and to no constitutional change,
actual or proposed. Wo believe tho plan of
single districts proposed by one of the amend
ments is a good one, and will be generally ap
proved, and it ought not to be prejudiced by
allowing the error *of tho Times to gouncor
rected. "• ■' 1 ' ’'
■Lancaster County#
We are pleased to record that tho Demo
cracy of Lancaster county have placed tho
namo of IVilliaii Patton at tho head of their
ticket for the Senate. Mr; Patton has long
been identified with the political issuosoftho
county, and his zeal and untiring exertions
last fall, in the election of Mr. Buchanan and
the Stato. tickot, entitle, him to the further
confidence ho has received,at the hands of his
party.' *We will publish the whole ticket, and
all the resolutions passed by the Convention,
as soon as bur spaoo will admit of it.
Tho Democracy of Montgomery county
meet in Convention at Montgomeryville, to
day, to nominate Assembly and county of
ficers. ' ■
[Correspondence of The Press.]
Washington, Sept. 13,1857.
Tho disposition of tho public lands has always
boon a Subject of excitement in legislation and go*
vernmont. Pardos hare boon - organised and di
vided upon this issue over sinco tho beginning of
tho Bepublio. Tho vast amount of revenue result*
ing from tho sales of these lands has tempted tho
States, or has lain in the troasury asa pretext for
f&t&l special legislation. Somo' years ago—not
long—our publio men flattered thoinselvc* that a
settlement of this most vexatious problem had been
attained. Tho rivalry on the subject of distribu
ting tbo proceeds among tti<r several Bcatosy folded
before the wise and apparently practicable scheme,
Always kept in view, bnt sever till then fully
Organized, of opening the public domain to the
actital settler. This ultimatum was supposed to
bo tho very perfection of legislative justice, and so
indoed it was - intended to bo. But what has boon
the result? While in many oases the actual set
tlor has been aided and protootod, tho craft
and cunning of tho speculator have enabled him to
overcome the spirit of tho law.' In this way,
not only have vast fortunes been accumulated
by a Few men, without promoting tho ge
neral good in the least, but prices have boon
raised beyond the minimum of tho law, upon tho
poor and tho outerprising emigrant and settlor.
The way this is done is about as follows; An opera
tor in lands, who ccos and covets a fine tract of land,
employs a gang of mon, who go to the land sales
and bny as bona fide settlors, and after, thoy got
their titles in scrip, thoy transfer these lauds to tho
speculator',' and got a small compensation for their
trouble. Vast bodies of land aro thus concentra
ted upon individuals, who too oftonjdemand exorbt
tant advances upon their investments. When these
individuals layout towns and invite and cultivate
emigration to them in good faith, thoy can
be, and have boon, of groat advantage to tho
countrytoo,many .cases,
they stimulate peculation by getting up bogus
cities, or by folding on to thoir purchases till
prioes have appreciated to tho incalculable injury
of -tho surrounding communities. In most overy
ease they extort frpm the settlor. It is known
tbit in the, State of Ohio, at this very day, Immense
tracts of land, belonging to a few persons, and fre
quently to one person alone, are lying nnoultiva
tedand uninhabited, in the midst of flourishing
neighborhoods. Thoownors will neither soil nor
improvo. They can afford to retain possession, and
they do so in defianoe of tho appeals of those who
are anxious to promote the general welfare. But,
by far the worst result of this system of concentra
ting the, pubito; domain in tho hands of the
fow, is the- frightful spirit of speculation and
stock-gambling; to which it has given rise.
;Tho, donations 'of'!lands Up tho' gigantio
railroadd of the, West, while it . has great
ly, increased,the .value of. tho alternate sec
tions belonging to the Government, has stimulated
those ungovernable infatuations of speculation to
whioh wo have alluded. Wo aro now reaping the
bitter harvest of this system.. Thousands of inno
cent men feel it in tboir distant homes in. tho far
off Territories, while the ohglneers in the groat eity
of New York—not, lam glpd to soy. in Philadel
phia—wait in splendid mansions for tho tempest to
pass off, that they may emerge into splondid specu
lation onoe more. : .
' I ttyow out these suggestions for what they aro
worth.- They may,attract tho attontion of some
praotiofil mind in Congress. They certainly should
suggest to all patrioiio legislators tho reflection,
tbit somothing ought to bo done, if not to euro the
present suffering, at least to prevent a rcourrenoo
of theovila umlor which so many great intoresU am
groaning. . Occasional.
Washington. September 12,1857.
D£Ar Sir: Although I repeatedly perused
your excellent journal duriug iny rooent absence
from this city, I did not meet with a copy of, its
issue of the 12th. August until it was plaaed in'my
handstwo or threedays ago by a friend. 1 ■ Tho opi
nions' and views therein expressed in your ,letttor,
in relation to the enterprise with which my name
is prominently associated, are.of so liberal and pa
triotic a character, that £ cannot refrain from ma
nifesting in this manner toy high appreciation of
tho sentiments .which ; promptod their dttcraneo.
Those sentiments, are as ennobling as was that
magnanimous spirit which created us a nation;
they are such, if thoy can bo mode to prevail, as
will perpotuato our Union'upon torins equitable to
every citisen thereof. Tho most profitable of all
lesson* for the non-slavekolding States to team
is proper respect for the slavcholding ones ; and
this lesson you have, in a succinct but most judi
cious outline , furnished.
’ Thero is not a solitary mombor of the Union that
will not' be benefited by xay proposed enterprise,
nnd beyond tho limits of the South none moro than
Her oapital may be brought within
ton hours of llwupton, Hoads, and her commoroiul
emporium within seven, by the extension of the
Wilmington and Scaford Railroad to Oherrystone.
A now and profitable market will bo oponod for tho
products of her interior mines,
i Tho absorbing' idea of to-day is the Atlantio
Submarine Telegraph. - Tho wondering world no
longer marvels at Us promised performances. Prac
tical experiment,has disarmod incredulity, and tho
consummation of tlio undertaking is regarded as
good os a fait accompli. To-morrow it will bo‘
united with reality, and the absorbing idea will
then become tho iron steamship of 30,000 tons.
Mechanical soionce is exerting all its energies to
otarpow'd?' old Neptune, to render the sea as safe
M the What can it not accomplish that
is not positively forbidden by natural, immutable
law ? 1
Tho principle in navigation contained in tho
Great'Eastern I regard already qa a success, even
if she herself shall bo defective in, many particu
lars. In every'lnstance the. experiments which
have been made'in naval architecture and engi
neering cocotorively prove ; that power is ihdiepen-
Mbit to speed) and that the larger and etroager
the hull of a veaielj the groMtathe power proptW* 1
ttonatoly wblob may be employed to advantage fo t
propelling it onward, _ - •
TUo iron loYiathan will require deep water, safe,
moorings, 'hnd'smoQtlt cousts. Thoy oon find them,
nowhere else so well, alik<* in winter apd BUimacr/ai
nt tho onti&nue to and on Milford-llavcri and tho j
Chesapeake Bay. Traffic will ho forced ty avail itsolf i
of thorn. With such facilities as tney will possossfor
ameliorating the condition of travel and trade—ex
pediting movements and diminishing prices bo twcon
tho two hemispheres—thoy will ho spared tho ne
t qos3ity of pecking Jnjsine«s. Thoy will have onougfc
'todo without. As soon 14 wpwagop dtp exchanged.
Europe and America,voyagers aud
commerce, mails will he "satisfied 'with
nothing less than the utmost attainable speed on
tho Atlantic. Before the end of the present Presi
dential term the passage will bemodo between the
Virginia Capes and tho ! Bristol Channel Inside of
seven days. From those Capes to ihePaoific,,over
lUud and via the Gulf of Moxico, tho travel will be
accomplished in six days, nnd from thence to Atis
tr&lia and China in fifteen days more, in oil from
Europe to either of those countries, (across the
southern portion of North America,) in 28 days.
This will bo in advance of tho existing British Mail
contract time more than twenty days!
One of the great-objeots of my entorpriso is to
draw tho traffic intercourse between Europo and
China, Australia, tho Sandwich Islands, California,
New Grenada, Peru, Chill, aud tho West Indiog,
over the United States. This will bo tho most ex
traordinary revolution in transportation, between
distant points of the globe ever perfeotedor im
agined by tho most prolifio brain. Who so anti*
Bouthern tts not to ardently desire such a consum
mation! It will make our heaven-favored coun
try tho centre of tho earth’s surface, realising to
it from foreign nations billions and trillions of dol
lars. - -
1 As you have treated iny enterprise with so much
of friendly consideration, I may venture to inform
you that I have not the shndowof a fear oftho
failuro of its oompleto development. The stock*
holders, who are limited to a share of $lOO cocb K
are multiplying rapidly from day to. day. The
list of subscribers is alroody graced by the names,
of many of the most distinguished statesmen oftho
6ge. • • '
I will remark, in conclusion, that the enterprise
asks no aid or subvention whatever from the Gov
ernment. The only remuneration which it oxpeots
for mail carrying is its fair earnitigs according to
established poßtal rates. Yours truly,
Editor of the Press.
A.Dudley Mann.
Acadejivof Music.— On Wednesday evening
Signor llonzani’s romantic ballet called “Faust”
will be produced here, nnd it is said that the man
ner of its production will bo greatly superior to
any performance of the sarno class ever exhibited
in this country) The manager of the troupe
(which is Italian) is maitrede ballet, for Mr. Lum*
ley, at Her Majesty’s Theatre, London. The jm&>
formers aro colebratod nil over Europo. Qreat
cost has boon incurred in getting up this ballet of
“ Fnust,” bat porfeotion in stngo representations
oannotbo obtained cheaply. AVo havo received
the programme (for it can 'soarcely bo callod the
libretto) of the now performance. It has been
translated and adapted by Miss Caroline Riohings,
and from that translation wo obtain sufficient in
dication of its plot and purpose. The subject issup
plied by Goethe’s fiuo drama of “Faust,” which was
founded on the German tradition of a groat scho
lar. who sold himself to tho Evil One, for a season,
during which he was to possess and enjoy youth,
pleasure,' and wealth. Gootho, though Tery far
(in actual life) ‘ from being a man of moral action
and delioato fooling, has created, in tho person of
Margaret, one of tho most charming and sensitive
of dramaDo heroines. She Is retained in 'this
pieoo. throe aots and ton tableaux , tho lifo of
Faust is wholly run through. Iu tho first not, wo
have Faust In hts study, haunted by vaguo desires,
and in a very saitablo mood for temptation. To
him at this crisis appears Mephistophiics, a demon
of peculiar aspect and insinuating address, who
suggosts that Faust will sell his .soul. Faust re*
fuses, but presently, with tho assistance of an
associnto-imp, who assnmoa the beautiful appear
ance of Margaret, Mophistophiles gives him a
charmed draught which renows his youth, aud
swindles him out' of the' signature to the soul
selling deod. N. B.—lf the deed wore not
duly registered at the Recorder’s otfioe, what
would its validity bo ? Tho second Aot shows
Margaret in her native villago, on tho eve of mar
riago with her lover, who has just returned from
tho wars. Mophistophiles appears, companioned
by Faust, nnd fascinates Margaret, who is elected
Queen of Beauty and Virtue. After this, sho is
tompted by tho Seven Deadly Sins—and, jnat os
sho is yielding, breathes a prnyor to Heaven, which
savos her. This act terminates with a splendid
scene, of Margarot’s Coronation. In tho last Act,
there is considerable “ business," Margarot’s mo
ther, lover, and friend being introduced'
TSnß'llfo inhobbhrbauso brß'or mothor’s death, by
poison, and surrenders herself to Faust, who kills
tho lover. Margaret, on the ovo of being arrested
for murdering her mother, refuses to find-safety by
Qight with Faust, And is lodged in prison. Hera
occurs tho most intellectual action in tho whole
piece—Margarot’s struggle between tho fe»r of
death and tho security which flight with Faust
promised hof. Her better angol provails—sho
goes forth to execution. Tbon follows what, in
Goethe’s play, is called Tho AYalpurgis Night
dance, in tho Uartz Mountains, terminating with
tho death of Margnrot, and tho ascent of her puri
fied spirit to heaven, while Faust is precipitated to
the fiery gulf below. It will bo scon that there is
groat scope for pantomimic action in this picco.
Tho motif, nil through, is the contention between
tho principles of Good and Evil, us exemplified by
the chamotors of Mnrgarot and Faust.
Burton's National Theatre.— This comedi
an's name as a boneflclary attracted a very fashion
able and inconveniently crowded houso at tho Na
tional, on Saturday night. Tho pieces wero well
noted, and went off with great spirit. Burton hqs
a method of infusing energy into his compeors, and
his own humor seldom flags. >Vo nevor heard
heartier laughter. Mr. B. made a neat and plea
sant speech, and avowed that the brilliant assem
blage boforehim demanded more eloquent Omsk?
than ho was able to uttor, complimented himself
on tho beauteous and elegant display of tho fiir
sex that graced tho boxes, and reverted with much
feeling to tho presence of many of the old-time pa
trons of tho drama, whoso smiling faoes had giv«n
him countenance on many similar occasions in
years gono by. Mr. Burton repeats his bonefit bill
this evoning.
Our readers will boar in mind the salo of modoro
and ancient oil paintings, to bo held at tho auction
store ofWolbert & Scott, 431 Chestnut streot, thus
morning, at 11 o’clook. Tho collection ombraccs
somo works of raro merit, and are to be sold with
out rcsorvo.
Official Statement of Exports and Imports for
the last Fiscal Year~Revenue Cutter* Re
plevinrd Appointment —Removals Court-
Martial—Naral Courts.
. Washington, September 13, 1857.—Th0 flubjolned
statement, exhibiting the value of foreign merchandise
imported and cxjwrted, and the value of domestic pro*
dueo exported during tho fiscal yo&r ending June 30tli,
1857, has just boon made out at tho office of the Register
of the Treasury:
Free goods
Dutiable goods.
Free goods
Specie ; $80,073,352
Merchandise, (including products, Ac.) 278,008,718
Total exports, foreign and d0me5tic....5302,919,144
Mr. J B. GDinniß, special agent of tlio Treasury
Department, lias telegraphed to tho Secretary of the
Treasury that tho six now revenue cutters which were
seized by tbo United States Storshal, at the suit of
Messrs. Knapp, Wilxiss ic Co,, of Pittsburgh, tbo at
tachment having been issued for materials furnished
tho builders, Messrs. Mebut & Gat, of Milan, Ohio,
have been rcplevincd, and are now on their way, under
orders, to lay up during tho winter at Sandusky, from
which place, at tho opening of navigation next spring,
they will anil out on thoir Orst servico.
Jno.'H. LiTcurißLU has boon appointed koopor of the
Long Island Head Light House, Massachusetts, in place
of Richard Nichoi.s, resigned; salary $350 per annum.
Thoro havo boon the following removals since Friday:
1 Jno. 8. Kbvins, second-class dork, Register’s office;
salary $l4OO per annum.
It Ricketts, third-class clerk, fourth Auditor’s office;
salary $lOOO per annum. ’
Gkokob W. llall, second-class clerk, fourth Auditor’s
office; salary $l4OO por annum.,
A naval court martial has been ordered to assemble in
Washington city on the 23d last., for tbo trial of Lieut.
L. H. Lyns, to consist of tho foHowing-named officers:
capts. R. B. Cunningham and A. A. Harwood; Cotu
maudersW. W. Hunter, T. J. Piok, T.A. Jenkins,
John Itooasna, and J. B. Mahohlakd. J. M- Oab
,lisle, Feq., Judge Advocate. ■
On Saturday, before Naval Court N0.,1, Surgoou
Green and Gaptaiu Eoarnan were examined for tbo
applicant in the case of Lieut, MAjioif. Lieut. Wooih
liDtL was then called on the samo side, Adjourned.
In Oourt No. 2, in Lieut. Williamboh’b caso, Captain
Tatnall, Commodore Strinouam, and Liont. CBArles
Hunter testified iu favor of the applicant. ‘
In Court No, 3, Mr. Phillips read the defence in
Commander Lockwood's case. Lieut. Glasson’B case
was then taken up. Adjourned. ti ' ‘ X. Y.
Another Failure in New York .
New Yoke, Sept. 12.—Messrs, Carpenter and' Ids,
dealers in stt&w goode, bave Xhelr
ties oro large,
ILaier (tom WiM. and Dt.n.trr.
WiSuwojoli, Bopt. tonttiern raid farnliliM
New Orleans M lilt M j 0.,, ! , '
. Havana dates to tho 3a Instant t the
sajnr in 'Vo* «itf mated jtf 200,000 boxes “
' •jtjiehaageon'NeW Ycrk at a®B){ per *«>nt,
) twilit. Freight«cvrer'0 I >ominal i The .vomlto was'
stii'A unabated., The crop* lu the lutorlor Worn nattering. ‘
The report (bat the vomito had appeared at'fioguale
GianuVww* denied.
AcfljV oorMl,lio rl{,cs h«l arrived in Texas at Bexar
on the S.'nh u 't. Thu plantations iu tho Cibodo would
not proihu*® a thousand bales of cotton.
Tho Che Deaton Courier repot Is the brig Portland,
• frbt® *' or w Ith coal, grounded
n't Ocraookd lalst, and iS nowfiiii af wat<ir /ffie yOsloj
• ....... ...
1 Tho front range beacon, on Sullivan's Island' baa bceu ’
1 rebulltj and lain operation. -,, . , ,
the Persia Off Cape Race. .
>St. JoUK3,Be'pt. 13.—A steamer, auppoted to bo the
Persia, from Liverpool bound to flow York, passed Cape
r*qo about ,6 o’clock on Saturday morning. Her dates
are to Saturday, the 6th Inst., one week later than by
tbeEurops. ’ ''
Boston, Sept. 12.—A fire broke out lu Northampton
street, in this city, this morning, |n the extensive cor
daga factory j Messrs Sampson nnd Tappan. The da
mago to machinery and building amounts to about $lO,-
OQO, and Is,insured. It probably the work of nn In
cendiary. Tho third story and roof of the factory wero
burnt.' Ithdd bcou iu operation,only n month, and yen
terday was the first tlmp that tho wbolo of tho machi
nery was put iu operation.
The Metropolitan Douse, in Treniont street, was da
maged by flro this morning to tho extent of $2,000.
Another Alleged Wife Murder—Arreat of the
'Nkw York,'Sept. 12:—Matthew Datiln, an English
man, about 40 years of aga, was taken into custody on
suspiciouof having caused tbo death of his wife. It ap
pears that Mrs. Danin has been Rick for several months,
and that on the morning of’the 11th inst. the accused'
ordered her to got up and prepare breakfast for him,
but being unable to do,ROj she declined, whereupon, ns
is alleged, he dealt her a heavy .blow in tho faco or on
the head, and then left the bouse, tJpou the Infliction
of thd injuries, Mrs. Dantu grefr worse, and died In au
hour Afterwards. The accused .was held to await .the
result of the corouer’s, inquisition. The deceased rd
sided at 09 East Thirty-fifth street.
Departure of the Vanderbilt and Atlantic.
Kbit York, Sept. 12.—Tho luuil steamers Vanderbilt
and,Atlantio sailed at noen to*dny, tho former with
$12,000; the Atlantic hadnospecio.
The V. 8. Frigate,Mississippi*
Nfw York, Sept. 33 —The barque Evadne, from Bio,
reports speaking tho U. 8' steam frigate Mississippi on
tho‘Oth of August, in lat. 0 deg. south, long. 34 deg.
10 min.
' Nbw York, Bept. 13.—There is no signor the ex
pected steamship Baltic from Liverpool. Thuwoather
has been thick alt day and still continues so.
Race between Flora Temple and Brown Dick.
Albany, Ni Y., Sept. 12.—A trot between Flora
Temple and Brown Dick took place hero to-day, Flora
again proving victor, winning three straight heats. Tho
time made was: First heat, 2m. 33fts.; second heat,
rn. SOfts.; third heat, 2m. 30s.
Hazleton, Pa,, Bept. 12.—Mr. Charles Wine made an
ascension in the balloon ” Old America,” from Taraa
qita, this afternoon, taking tho piaco of his father, tbo
well-known aeronaut, Mr. Johu Wise; tho l&tterdo
clining to make the ascent himself on account of the
inefficiency of gas suppliod by the workß of that town.
Tho balloon c&ino down in tho pines of Luzerne county,
and landed in a treo a total wrock. The aeronaut was
uuinjured, aid arrived hero a-foot this ovouiug.
; ' ' ■— i
Doable Tragedy—Suicide and Extraordinary
.; Death from Fright nud Excitement.
Cantos, Bradford county, Pa., September 12.—W. 11.
‘ Qreenmah, Esq , a lawyer of this place, committed mu
cido to-day by cutting his throat, while laboring under
a fit of delirium treiueus. Mr. Spaulding, tho proprie
tor of the Cauton llotol, fell iu a fit on seeing Mr.
Groeuman’s corpse, and died immediately. Tlioro is tho
greatest excitement prevailing here, as tho partloswore
widely known and respocted.
Anniversary of the Battle of North Point*
Baltimorb, Sept. 12.—The anniversary of the battlo
of North Poiut has been celebrated to-day with military
parades, target firing, Ac. The Old Defvuders celebra
ted tho day at North Point. A number of political clubs
paraded this afternoon.
Nkw Orleans, Supt. 12 —Tho flics of Mexican papers
received by the steamer Texas, give particulars of the
still existing trouble between tho civil and ecclesiastical
Further Insults have been committed upon tho Ameri
can consul at Masatlun, arising from the caso of tho
Americau schooner Oda.
A new difficulty has also occurred between tho Gov
ernment aud the British charge d’affaires, on account
of tho insults to tho British flag during the absence of
tho chatgo from his post.
Intelligence from Yucatan Btatcs that the Revolution
ists woro gaining ground.
California Steamer Below at New Orleans.
. Nkw ' Orleans.—Sept. 12—Evening —The steamer
Philadelphia is reported below, coming up. She will
bring California dates to the Gth ult.
Tha Meaner Central America left Havana for New
York on tho morning"oTiho SUi inssl. ' *
Nrw Orleans, Sept. 12.—Sales of 1200 bales of cotton
to-day, at 15ft«rl5ft. Corn is declining. Exchaugoop
London U quoted at 109, and bills on New York range
from ft to lft.
■WiiHATLEY’a Aucu Btr«kt Theatre, Arch sthelt,
above Sixth.—“ANow Way to I'nvOitl llubts”—“Cape
Walnut Street Theatric, N. E. corner or Ninth
ANO Walnut streets.—” Damon and Pythias Two
National Thratre, Walnut Street. above Eianra.
“ The Dutch Governor”—” Tho Mummy ”—“Founded
on Fact.”
•Another Foul Murder: —Within a stomrs
throw of iho econo where Mrs. Voldoz was so cruel
ly butebored a week ago, another tragedy occurred
oh Saturday evening.’ The facts aro as follows:
The murdered man is named Peter MoVey, aged
ribaut. thirty years, a Imkor by trado, and residing
In Catharino street, near Thirteenth, lie is repre
sented ns nn honest, iudustrious, temperate man,
and at tho his brutal murder, was on hisro
turn homo, having his bread oairt with him, his cus
tomevs being attended to. During the day, MoYoy
hnd labored nssidutmsiy at his businoij, mid did
not appear to havo indulged in anything of an in
toxicating character. Unfortunately, however,his
curt cumo in collision with a furniture car driven
by a young man named John Gallagher, residing
in Flower street, who, in a violent state uf excite
ment, made the murderous assault upon MoVey,
which has resulted so seriously.
Hiohord Conway, who resides in tbo 1 vicinity of
Bodford and Sixth stroet*, assures us that ho was
on the corner of Seventh and Shippen streets,when
he saw tbo deceased eoming up Shipped street,
near Seventh, with a breud oart. Tno deooaacd
ran against John Gallagher, who was driving a
furniture oar, when tho lattor sprang from his
wagon, placed hia hand in his pockot, and, in a
loud voice, asked, “ What in tho holt nro you do
ing?*' The deceased theu oxoused himsolf, and
Gallagher said that ho would take uo excuse what
ever. Gallagher then pullod his hand from lus
pocket and struck tho deceased iu tho face. Ho
foil into tho stroot, from tbe effects of tho blow
given, within a quarter of aq inch from tho gutter.
Francis Murray, residing ntthecornerof Scvculh
and Shippen, wcat to tuo assistance of MeVey,
and with tho aid of another person, got him upon
hi* feet. ' Thoy then gavo him u glass of water,
when tlio polioo como and inquired tor a cart, for
the purpose of tnking him (tuo deceased) to the
Hospital, who was theu evidently deud. MoVey
did pot speak from tho timo ho rcoeivod tho blow
and fell. During tho intorval Couway went for a
cart, and In tbo meantime tho oflicors hud ob
tained a sottoo, and after carrying him as far as
Seventh and South stroots, a physician was mot
with,, who oxiuiiined his pulso. lie said tho mnn
was dead, pnd it was useless to convey him to tho
Hospital, Subsequently, tho deoeased was taken
to tho First District Station Houso (Southwark
Hall.) Gallagher left his furniture car, and iov,
mediately started off on a run. Oopwav states
that ho saw uo knlfo usod, 1 ' '
Tho dccouscd is a stout built man, and leaves a
wife and two obUdren to lament his suddep apd
torriblo death. By mcaua of strict industry, ho
had boon enabled tu the property In which
his family resides. MoVey hap rosfdod iu Cathav
rino street about oighteou months, and in this
country about eight yeais,
Gallagher is aged about, twenty-two years, and
is uieo very robust in his build, llis char.iotor for
pcoco and quietness has long been bod; and it was
only on Saturday that sontonoo was to havo been
passed upon him fora murderous assault upon a
Sir. Spollbrink, tho proprietor of a food storo at
Fifth and Bodford stroets, having been previously
oonviated Itt tho Qourt of Sessions. It was, how
ever, postponed until Saturday ne^t.
( The wounds inflioted upon MoVoy appear to havo
been done by 3omo sharp instrument, from whioh
'the blood flowed copiously. There is one on tho
chin, and another in cfoso proximity. There is
plso a serious bruise upon the loft temple, tho
result, no doubt, of tho fall.
£t will ho goon that tho testimony, os dotailed
below, is of tho tqo£t contradictory and conflicting
Character. ' *
: • coudneh’n investigation.
54,207,507 •
'294,100,835 \
1 At 0 o‘olock on Saturday ovoaing, tho Corouer
impanelled tho following jury Frank Taylor, P.
I. Mitchull, E. Rush ItoUur, Enos IVhiteuur, Ed*
nund u,1( l Abraham Abbott
■ Tho first witness called was Richard Cjnwuy,
fhoso testimony agrood progißoly with that givon
above, with tbo oxeoptign tjiqt bloqd h°.f3P \° fl°'v
fjoui hU mouth tho moipout after h a ‘“e
Iho witness also 6uid that tho deceased mamicstod
» desire to fight, but oxhibited a peaooablo did*
tosition. Gallughor wuutcd to fight nil the time.
Uhls witnosa ho* told a fctruight'fonTard atory, and
etys thBt ho has no permanent rfiri4«n<?P> i!!7 or,J in
tlo markot, and dopends upon that for a hving. -
Francis Murtoy, sworn.—Resides at N. E. corner
StVonth and Shippen; shortly after (J o’olook, tho
diseased pasaod by with his cart, aud crossed over
Slinpon, almost to tho curb-Btono; thoy (him and
Giliagher) had some words in Shippon, below Se
venth; tbo docoasod was whooling a barrow somo
twenty Btops or more from Gallagher; ■ words took
phoo at that timo, but I don’t know tho causo; Gal
lagher arid he would smaok him iu tho mouth if ho
wJSd do It again, hut I don’t know what bo had
dope; deoeased replied thqt ho could not; Galla
ghir said if you wifi como ovor I will try it; tho de
ceived stopped, dropped his cart, walkodbaok, and
they both mot in the stroot; thoy then squared off;
OBUegher, I think, struck him; thoy thon olinohed;
whts tho dccea&od fell, it was a heavy fall on tho
book; Mr. Doughorty wm with mo, and wo made
for tho doceasca hnd picked him up; ho was lying
upon Ms book, blooding from tho mouth; the fail
wuS caused byadesperato soufflo; saw Gallagher
with no furniture oar; an ofTort wag made to givo
tho deceased water, but ho could net take it, in
oonstquonoo of tho blood coming from his mouth;
never sdw Gallagher drink, but ftupposo ho is a
drinking man; ho nover was in my place moro
than twice; saw Gallagher,strike deoeased twice •
eac^sjtor hew^dowcj lm PWnriJyiw^urinfc;
Fires In Holton. ‘
Non-Arrival of tlie Baltic.
Accident to an Aeronaut.
Further Mexican News.
Coronor resumed'the investigation at ten
o clock yesterday morning.
Richard Conway recalled.—Was standing on
tuo corner of Seventh and Shippon strsJ3 about
six ,0 olook; mw deceased coming utF/Sal&pcrtj
street; decoascd run uguinst Oallnghcr tfßii if
bread cart; man with broad cart cxou?cd
toGrtljaghert Gallagher paid he vould uotflifcusd :
hitn; Gallagher said if ho como hack ti&woultfk
break his d— jaw; Gallagher stopped his«
horso and jumped out of tho wagon, and
nt the baker; don’t know whether ft was a
kmfo or black jack; did not 6eo the weapon;
as the baker was failing Gallagher struck
arid kicked him, and then turned aud run,
‘leaving the bakor on tho ground; J. Murray canio
up aud picked up tho deceased with the assistance
■4it Wine
water of which deceased drank part; he was not
quite dead when£wo officers got- a settee and con
veyed him to Seventh and* South', they met
a doctor who examined the man, and said there
was no use taking him to the Hospital as he was
then dead; flfferjrards accompanied an officer to
the scene'of occurrence, but could not'find Galla
gher ; I never had any quarrel with Gallagher; he
(Gallagher) wasdrivinghtswagon whenitoccurred.
Fallamon was at his door.
g Eovi Fish, residos at 016 Shippcn stroot.—l waa
sitting against the awning-ppst, near the gutter,
reading a book; my son was,.standing next to mo
when the baker oamo by witii his cart; the boy said,
“Poppy, bo hurt me;’’ the - bakfir replied, “You
h‘>d bottorlook out for y6ur‘logs;’* my sistor-iu
law, Juiia Walters, said bo had better go off tho
pavoment, Into tbo middle of tho street; the baker
told her to go to , and used othor obscene lan
guage; tho man that struck the baker said, “you
ought to bo ashamed of yourself to use such lan«
guugo to u female;” the baker usod the same epi
thets to tbo man, and told him ho would give him
satisfaction if ho wanted it; the baker loft biscart
in the middle of tho cross-way between the cornors
of Seventh and Shippcn streets; tho baker struck
this man first, in the breast; tho baker bo«*an the
fight, and after ho strnok, thoy olinohed, and the
man gave him two Wows, which knocked the baker
down; ho struck the baker onco"after ho was down ;
Qollaghor was standing noxt to the house, nearmy
Andrew Fries, resides Shippcn street, between
Sixth and Seventh, at tho shoe store—l did not
sec tho beginning of tho difficulty, being engaged
with a customer at tho time; I only saw tliera
clinched; all I saw was this man Strike the de
ceased, nud they foil 'down; tho deceased and G&U
laghor were both down; after they wore down
Gallagher atruok hiui a blow in his face; as .soon
as he struck him he walked away; did not.see
any thing in his hand; can’t‘say how ho was
dressed; so quicOonb I could talco no notice; did
not soo any car thoro at that lime or during theday;
live on tho samo aide of the street it occurred.-, -
Bear, resided sguthwosLcoraer Sovcdtb
and Shfppen—Hodrd fhp/ baker Sj&y someth!^to
Fallomon’s family; then, heard a man say to ba
kor, “ if you want anything come baok ;** the ba
ker turned and wont back ; after this went into my
storo; did not soo Ghllbghor strike a blow'; don’t
know tho man that struck the baker; ho had on a
bluo coat, and I, merely kpeyrhin\by eight. ,
Officer Hubert Connell, sworn now John Gal
lagher; loft tho Hall at half-past five o’clock yes
terduy afternoon; mot Gallagher at northwest cor :
nor of Fifth and Shippon street, on my way te my
beat, which runs from Sevonth to,Tenth, and South
to FiUwator; onothor young man was along; he
was going up Shippon; I asked him if be had got
his scntopco; don t recolioot who the young man
was; Gallagher tyns rather drossqd up, had‘a black
frock coat, singlc-brcasicd, high-crowncd Kossuth
hat, and black pants; know Unllagber very well;
have known him to bo in some quizes; ho ii a med
dling, quarrelsome man) be wears no whiskers; is
pretty stout, yathor than slitn, about fivo foot eight
inches high;'bO siid Mr. Mimfl had postponed the
sentence bcoauso of tho absence of Mr. Rankin; he
was not dressed in a way to drivo a wagon.
August Siginond resides in Shippcn street, below
Seventh; I saw Fallaujon’s family sitting in front
of their door with two or threo neighbors; Galla
gher was sitting to their company ; know Galla
gher very woll; he has a furniture ear, which he
.drives; hp has moved ipe; ho had no furniture
car with him at tho time, but was dressed for
going out; thoro was no furnituro cor about
thcro; saw Gallagher driving 'a carriago with
two horses; ho was nlono in tho wagon;
saw him coming from Seventh and South,
and go down Sovonth; this was in tho morn
ing at ten o’clook; did not see any ono with him
at that time! saw the baker ooming from Sixth
street with his push-cart; s?d on tho side
walk whero tho r'allrmons woro sitting; some of
tbo Fallamona were sitting near tho hougo and the
others near tho awning post; in doing so the cart
struck a child uq tho log; tho child was struck
with tho sido wheel, and not with tho front wheel;
tho daughter of Fallamon said snnothlng to the
bakor which I did not hear; a man who waa there
said something to tho baker, when the lattor
stopped biscart aqd wpqt towards Qallaghor; as
soon as the baker aame up to Gallagher, tuo lattor
struck him (tho baker) in the face with his hand;
saw nothing in his hand ; they olinohed together,
when Gallagher throw the baker down uud hit
biqi two or tqn>9 times in the face, until ho blop ;
03 soon as this WA* dono Gallagher got upand went
towards Eighth street; when the baker was falling
ho grasped at Gallagher and both wont down to
gether : tho baker was thrown down with force, and
struck bis head on (bo flog stones; whonGallnghor
went away ho walked slowly, looking back throe
or four times; os soon as Gallagher struck the first
blow both men catno down, the baker falling un
dernoath; after Gitllngbor went away a grbat
crowd gathered, and some of the police came, who
picked up tho man, and that is tho la3t I saw.
Tho jury rendered a verdict that the deceased
eauio to Ins death by a blow or blows, or q fall, to*
flatted by tho hands of John Gallagher,
A rumor prevailed extopsivply .that Gallagbor
had been arrested, but It wak without foundation.
Police Hems. —At an early liour yesterday
njocnlnn'jvj'erx disgraceful fight took place at the
corner of Front ana Maiden slroots, ooiwocn n fpt
of drunken rowdies. High Constablo Blackburn,
who was returning homo aftor investigating tho
cause of tho firo in tho Nineteenth Ward, assisted
by Offloor Ootly and others, arrested John S Firth,
John Mooto, Edward Riley, William Blair, David
Hoover, J. Seibort and George Roberts, who wero
commi'ted by Alderman Devlin to answer ot Court.
On Saturday, beforo Aldorman Eune, a final
hearing was had ip tho case of Hickman,
Lovi Niue, and Samuel Shook, arrested on suspi
cion of pacing and attempting to pass counterfeit
$3 notes on the Hudson county bank. Offlcoia Ho.
374 and 388 inudo tho arrests, and on the person
of Hickman wero found fifteen of the spurious notes,
while ou tho others there was nothing discovered
to implicate them in tho transaction. Hiokman
had previously statoJ that tbo money was obtained
frowNlooin payment for a watch, but on Satur?
day ho recanted his ■qoida, said bo bad beep on n
spree, and was positive that an iopopentmap had
boon accused. Nioe and Sheok wore ut once dis
charged from custody, butHiokipan
in default of $3,500 ball to unawor at Court.
Austin S. Knowles, an ox-policeman of tho
Ninth ward, on Saturday, was held to bail by
Alderman Em»o to answer the charge of continually
threatening Mr. Albert Pohlig, who resides at
No. J 7 Fayottpßtropt
The Scott Legion will visit New York tliia
morning, accompanied by Gonoral Patterson,
They will number nbout 00 men, aud will take
with them Rock’a Comet Land. Thoy wilt
probably return on Wednesday, and will bo re
ceived in this city by the National Guards, Rnfier
command of Capt. Rotor, Lylp ,Yhp latter com
pany hayo gfinoroijgly tonficrcd tho uso of their
splendid hall, when it is completed, to tho Logion,
for their first ball this season.'
Serenade to 'Democratic Candidates.— Tho
Eononal and political friends of Moasra, Albert
>. Boilcau, and Joseph Crockett tho Democratic
candidates for tho office's of Recorder of Deeds, and
Clerk of tho Quarter Sessions, serenaded thqse
gentlemen on Friday night, Tho compliment was
very happily rc'olprooatqd on tho part of Messrs.
Boiloau and Crockett, apprtipriato speeches were
made, collations sorred, nud there was a good time
JDelaware County Agricultural Society.—
This Association, now of several years’ standing,
will havo an exhibition of stock, horses, produce,
ami machinery, at tfitj town of Ohonev, on Thurs
day, Friday, and Saturday, (tho 17th, 18th, nnd
19th instant,) commencing at about 8 o’clock each
day, ami closing ut snn-set. Tho display of horses
is lilioly to be very good, and thcro will also bo a
good show of milch cqws. The dairy, products
will bo shown in full force. For tho oooommoaa
thm of visitors, this exhibition will he held in an
enclosed field, on the margin of the Delaware, nnd
close to tho depot of tho Philadelphia,Wilmington,
nnd Baltimore Railroad. Tlio moans of nooeas
from this city are at onco easy nnd cheap, by rail
way and steamer. , Perhaps tho bettor way would
bo to go by ono conveyance and return by nnothcr.
Chestnut Hill Agricultural Association. —On
Saturday afternoon, on the pretty half-mile courso
belonging to this association, several trials of speed
between “fnst’Vhorsoscamo off with spirit and suo
cosa. There was a largo attendance, considering
that tho afternoon threatened rain, and thqt (his is
strictly a pplvuto enterprise. . Adjacent ta tho
coiirso js a hf}ndbomo building, the. Pavilion, vrhich
is fitted up with tasto and ologance, and will soon
havo all its appointwonts completed. The associa
tion, of which Gwen , i? Prosidont,
Will hayp an Agricultural Fair or Exhibition, in a
few weeks, and us their grounds aro within easy
driving and railroad distance from tho hourt of tho
city, tho affair will probably uttract muoh atten
tion and many visitors.
Gunning Accident. —lnvariably at this season
of the year a number of accidonts occur to those
who aro fond of shooting reed birds in the rural
portions of our city., Too muchcaro cannot bo
exorcssod by sportsmen. On Saturday
persons woro admitted tothn Pennsylvania Hosni
fal who suffered umr» nr logs by the prematuro dis
ohnrgo of their guns.
Fair Continued. —Tho fair in aid of St.
Bridget’s Church at the Falla of Schuylkill, which
was held in Jayno’s Hall, last week*will bo re
moved to-day, to tho Musical Fund Hall Locust
street, whoro it will be continued during tho present
week. Tho display of useful and fancy article:! js
very orcditablo and uttraotivo.
Accident,— During the alarm of fire on Sa
turday night a nmu namod Jamos Donahue was
tunovqr by tho Fiiondship Engino, and vory se
riously injured, at th«V corner of Fourth streot and
Franklin Avenue. He was conveyed to his rosi
donco in Lloyd’s Court.
Railroad Receipts.— The receipts of the North
Pennsylvania Railroad for August ahaur, tho oreat
oat Jnoroßfao oyer thu corresponding period of i aa t
yoarof any mpnth so far in 1857: Tho receipts
woro .$30,005.35 last month, and $8,042,23 in Au
gust, 1856, thus giving an iperoaso of $21,903 02 or
over 250 per cent. This is a vory hundsomo rove
nuo and argues well for tho fytqrd of this coin
pon?-, Tho passenger business qf tho mouth was
vory largo and tho freight tonnage quite satisfac
tory. Tho following Is a statement of tho receipts
for eight months of 1857, and 1856:
1857. 1856. Increase.
January $T,400 03 '53,319 68 SU76 40
February 13,51*78- . 3 210 60 0,304 18
March 17,098 61 ' 4,123 20 32,965 25
April .19,294 47 4,898 31 14,396 16
May., ,23,711 47 6,959 27 35,752 20
June.. 23 530 52 8,535 75 14,994 77
Ju1y:.;...... 25,938 06 8.404 53 17,533 53
August 30,005 25 8,042 23 21.963 02
T0ta1..*,5158,584 14 $47,498 63 *111,085 51
Tho rocointa of tho Penuiylvania Railroad Com
pany for August amounted t 05456,710.65, against
$367,713 66 in the samo month last year—an in
oroaso of 83,907.97. Tho total for oight months of
1857,1856 and 1855, woro as follows: ,
1857. 1866. 1855.
Januarr ...$253,880.53 $203,109.83 $298,777.16
February .... 413.779 34 218,442 10 191,014 22
March .. .... 690,875,40 . 520,183.70 377,482.97
Aorll 491,106.66 610,989.11 355 349.29
Mar 401,177.67 453,686.25 325,711.00
June' 366,963 08 . 344 291.55 302.176 70
July 392,087.01 322,672.09 - 307,616.34
August 456,716.05 367,718.68 . , 897 628.09
13,367,557,83 $8,316,978.83 $2,585,606,80
Fatal Twenly-ttmd Ward.—
body of an unknown
iSS** 110 a wa ‘l ®t tho German-’
*4? w . , @7* ter A portion of tho wall
R dw«Ruppnm[9, thortfiy fracturing his skull
nn t *|bqucHtin Hiec«t.<e, and a
rdnd|Bod in ‘Ue facts.
!•' Jffi. festival of tlio
JGorij@n Sjingotbu.odWfii placo 0.-ilii, j Mmon
L1IU15: Groat pfspsratfona hnvo boon mnd< i\,r it,
our German friends will no doubt enjoy
tfittn?olves as thoy so woll know huw.
resseh in Pur/.—There were in tins port
yesterday three steamships, sixteen ships, eleven
uniques, fifteen brigs, and thirty-five schooners.
A Child, Ipifa fevf fell
into n cess pool in Fffth street, near Noble, between
>lO &Dd4l o’eloek on-Saturday* night;
was alive when taken out, but baa since died.
' —ITT rrr-‘-
llrom the New York papers.) • •- . •
In the suit of Munson J. Lockwood against the
°ditor of the New .Ywk Dally Tivtfs for a libol
alleged ,to have been published in the letter of a
correspondent some three years since, a verdict was
rendered on Friday at White Plains, in Westches
ter county, in favor of the plaintiff of six cents
damages. >
The funeral of Jacob A. Dallas, an artist of no
litth? celebrity, took place on Friday ot 9 o’clock,
from tho residence of his fathcr-in-iaw in Fifty
first street, near Tenth avenue. The ceremonies
on the occasion wore in accordance with the wishes
of the deceased. His literary and artisiic brethren.
u> the number of about fifty, assembled at the
honso, and Col. Thomas B. Thorpe delivered a
feeling and # appropriate'eulogium upon the cha
racter of their deceased brother, after wfaieh tho
body was conveyod to tbo New York Bay Cemetery,
below Jersey City, for iatormont ' Jf
The steamship Baltic, which left Liverpool on
the 2d IDBt., t» now dno nt this port, with fourdavs
later European nows.
The steamship Central America, with tho Cali
fornia mails to the'2oth of August, left Havana for
Now York on the Bth inst. She may be expected
to nrrive at any moment.
Andrew Jackson, Jr., in company with Cooneil
mnu Van Tine, arrived in the city yesterday, with
the gold box of General Jackson, about which so
much has Intoly been said, and which is likely to
create considerable furore In certain circles daring
the'next few days. Mr. Jaokson was met on his
arrival by.the Gold Box jCommitJee, aqd is now
theic < gueipt. , ArrangetmSta are |n progress to
make the formal presentation of the relie to Major
pyokman, on Monday next/ as interesting as tho
importance of the occasion deserves.
Tho Street Commissioner controversy was ye -
torday transferred from tho Court of Common Pleas
to theSuproiuq Court. The Court will meet on
Monday, when doubtless a day will ho assigned for
the argument.
Judge‘Russell yesterday discharged John,M.
Lawler, ebarged with embouling tho funds of the!
proprietors of the St Nicholas Hotel, on the ground
that the allegations preferred against him werd
not sustained.
The arguments on tho motion to quash tho in
diotmonts found against three'hundred parties
who havo .boon indicted in the General Sessions
for an nllegod violation of the Excise law, in sell
ing liquor on Sunday, wero mtfde yesterday before
Judge Russoll. He will render his decision at an
early day.
In the Court of Special Sessions yesterday, Geo.
Ackerman, who pleaded guilty to publishing an
obscene paper, was brought up, and discharged bv
paying a fine of $5O. , '
(Correspondence of The Press.)
New Your, Sopt. 12,1857—5.20 P. M.
Thcro is littlo more quiet in tho market to-day.
Tho inoreased strength of the banks, particularly
in tho important element of gold, and the reported
great increase on tho last average, render people
laorosangumo and confident, although I must say,'
money is not a whit loss scarce, or borrowers more
leuiently dealt with, than during tho week. Wd
are still in dreud of the rebound of our recent
trouble from tho interior, and, until wo aro aware
of the extent of our danger in that quarter, of
know that it is past, tho disoonnt market, and the
facilities for collection and negotiation by the mer
chants, will continue tight, ilearn to-day that the
principal banks have resolved to be moro liberal
in future to. their customers, and to pursue their
o°ntraotive policy moro modoratcly and gradually;
and if this prove to he the cose, we may look for a
decline in streot rates, and a slight slack-up in 1 tho
general tightness ot tho markot generally for tho
regular .branches of business. X have to report tho
failure of Messrs. Carpenter, Ida & Co. in the
straw goods business, and it is said that their lia
bilities are vory large. ■ Their are also re
ported to bo considerable. Some bills of a bank
called the Bauk of Morgan, Georgia, are said to bo
in circulation in this city, signed J. H. Smith,
Cashier, and J. W. Giusey, President; but it ia
doubted whether the bank has evor been organized,
and the pnhllo arq cautioned -against taking them
until information is had regarding thorn. Foreign
Exchange la very dull/ Bills on London at sixty
days are quoted at 107all)73 for good commercial
signatures, and 108al031 for bankers’ do. Francs
&io unchanged. The cash transactions at tbo Sab-
Treasury for tho day are us follows;
Receipts, $109,328.23; payments, $210,476.60;
balance, $70,483,802.52. Thoieustoms receipts for
duties to-day are $05,000. The proceedings of the
Clearing House to-day wero: Balances in coin,
$725,352.02 ; and’olearings, $15,971,954.72.
The, stock market opened with a little moro
steadiness this morning, and some stocks improved
from yesterday’s low prices. Rending advanced to
45 at the first board, and closed, at the second at
4B|, arijo of 4 per sbaro sinoe yesterday. Erie
at fi«t board, and jell back
again-nrtmrspCTipu; rvnuvyirnnia t'O.ll Company
is i better than yesterday ; Illinois Central closed
firmly at 92; Michigan Central at 64, and Michi
fan Southern is down again to 18 La Crosse and
lilwaukee left off at 15f, and Cleveland and
Toledo at 36i. All sorts of rnmora nro In circula
tion with regard to tho hypothecation of unpaid
stocks, payments qf 4 per cent, a month for loans,
&o M Ao., by several roads, but they cannot bo
tracod to ony reliable source, and are consequently
unworthy of belief. Things are bad enough, with
out their being made worse by false and malicious
ruraora. It is rumored that the Chicago and Rock
Island Railroad Company will pass their next
Tho bills of tho Huguenot Bank nfc Now Palis,
ulster County, aro discredited. This is a very
Small yuncorn. Appleton Hillyer, Esq., son of
Ohqrlea Hillyor, President of the Charter Oak
Bank, has been appointed oauhior of the nowly
oponed Etna Rank of Hartford, Connecticut. Tho
following oontrndiotion of a rumor in tho Herald
with regard to the Cleveland and Toledo Railroad
Co., appears in this evening's Rost :
Office of the Cleveland ash Toledo)
Railroad Co., No.' 18. William street, i
m NSW York, Sept. 12,1857. )
To the fvfiiorj of' the EtwitW Post: Tho in
timation in tho Herald that tho Michigan South
ern Railroad Company holds a olniin against tho
Cleveland and Toledo Railroad Company is alto
gether erroneous. Not one dollar of any such
claim exists, J. B. Warino, President.
The faßqwlng sales of stocks and bonds took
place by auction yesterday, by A. 11, Muller:
$20,000 Mil. aud Superior K 8 d ox
ceut. farm m hda,,,,,'. 39 to 40
60 shs Uankof StMeof N York.. 100 ea. 90
26 do Qbatfiani Bank (hypot).... 25 ea. Withdrawn.
47 do do do 25 ea. 70
35 do BnkoftheConwnonv.eaUh.looea. oqvj
16 do People's Ins Co sQpa. 101:5
lOdo - do do 50 ea. 10234
60 do Peter Cooper Ips C 0,,,,.. 20 ea. 100 W
30 do United States In* Co 25 ea. 122 V
. sfi do Metropolitan Ins Co 100 ea. 05
6 do New World Ins Co 50 ea. 100
Aaues.—Tho market for pearl.; is a little easier at
*7-60pots are steady at sales 70 bbls>STcrFNi.—State flour Is somewhat firmer and
in rather aetire demand for export. Superfine Western
is a little lusher; extra ty-aßd* have declined. The fol
lowing are the quotation?, *5 t 20.a55.40 fur common and
good itate, $4 qU<t&s.6s for extra do; ?5.15«55 40 for
common K*goou Michigan. Ohio, Ac., $5.50a56 50 for
extra do; s6tf #8 for extra Bt. Louis, and s6.sortsB 25 for
extra GeaesKee, tho sales are 9,000 bWa Southern floor
'« demand, with sales ofl.lOQ bbl* at $0,573
$5 90 for mixed to good BalUnHuo, Alexandria 4c
and $0®7.20 for fancy and ostra brands. Canadian
flour is a shade with sales of 800 bids, at $5 20
for Bqpcf. ahd $3 SOtfT.lO for extra. Rye flour is dull
with sales of 50 bbU. at $4 10<r4 25 for fino to Bun*»r’
Com mear la firm at $4 15tf 4 20 for Jersey, and $4 40a
4.sotorßrandywine; BalesfiOhW#.
CorFSK—la in moderate request at firm prices. Rio
maybenuoted aUlellNo (tho latter an extreraeprice)
with sales ofUoO bags; Java at lßtfc, with sales of
180 mats; and Maracaibo at 12013 %c, with sale 3 of 200
Cottox—ls very quirt at the following quotations
upland. Florida. Mobile. N.Q.&Tex.
Ordinary 13?* 13 V 33 V l-j*
Middling 15V iftlj 35V 35V
Middling Fair., , M 16# 16V 17*
Faj.r,. l6# noni now.
Qna|S—Wheat is firmer and lu good demand for ex
port, with sales of 42,000 buaheUi at $1 27«t$l 30 for
red Bouthernisl.27®s!,Bs for white do j $1 42 for white
tyntipky; sUs«rst » for raised Michigan; 25
for red Indiana, and 91.32# r °f white do. Oats arc
dull at 5ft»00o, tor State, and 81e(J2c. for Western Rro
is nulet at SOaOOo.' J
lilDSS—Are dull and drooping. Buenos Ayres is in
conio demand at the decline, with bales of 13,000 at 30c
cash, in bond, (a decline of 2 cents )
Ikon— la dull at ?28a529 tor Scotch pig ; other kinds
Lb \tuek.— -The stock is larger, bat the demand ialess
active at unchanged priced. The following is tho root®,
ment for the week:
„ . . Hemlock. Oak.
Receipt 5,,,,,,..,,, 61,300 H.tOO
5a1e5.,,,,, 54,200 6,600
Slope,., ..,,87,300 20,100
Nayal SToaEs.—Spmtij vi i'urpentino arc louver and
more active at cash; Crude do. is quiet at S 4 •
Common Rosin la firm at $1*80: Fine do, ia ia pood do-'
nmud at former rates{ Tar ia dull at $1 S6K«$2 37 s '
according to quahtjr. , ,a>
Oils— Are in limited demand at nominal rates
' first Foard.
2,000 Kentucky fta 100 300 Erie R slO 20V
I,WK) Georgia 0u 100 250 do 13 20’$
5,000 Mfbsourt 6i a3O 70 200 do b3O 20v
4,000 do 70. K 272 do e 20)$
16,000 do 70? i 117 do ad 20^
1.000 Virginia Cs St 5 Hud llivor R 20
1,000 NYCen 7a 04 550 Harlem K b 3 7
1,000 Erie Con’62 43 SlO litadiug R 45
1,000 Hud R3Jiu 55 100 do b3O 45 V
5,000 Hud Cou 50 200 do c 45
3,000 Harlem Mm 88 53 MU A Mifa b 3 35
s‘ooo 111 Cent b3O 84 50 do b 3 35)$
1 S‘OQO do 84 200 Mi SA NI c 21 j$
l!000 LaC «t Mil 33 300 do c2l
5 link of America 08 8 do 21}$
10 Ocean Rank 70 20 do prfd c 42),'
5 Am EX Bk 94 5 Sixth Avenue 84
15CoutiueuM Bk 04 32 111 Cou R 93
40 Bel A Hud Cnl 105)$ 5 do c t>3
3A do 105 75 do c 02)4
7 Pork Bk 95 25 do e 92
31 Bk St N York 04 100 Clove A Pitta 15
100 Penn Coal 70 lQOGal&Chic 74 v
100 Cum Coal f 11J$ 225 do c 74
100 do '*3 11)$ 50 do smr 73V
ICO do b6O 11)$ 25 do c 73)2
17 P Mail SCo 08 470 Cleve A Tol c 37
200 N Y Cen R 70)$ 950 do c 30 v
150 do b 7 70)$ 400 do b3O 37
ISO do 70)$ 200 do c 364$
25 do slO 70 100 do e 36 V
60 do blO 70)$ 25CARIR c 78V
60 do c 70)$ 113 do b 3 73
50 LaC A Mil c 15 V 110 do 72 V
255 do • a 15V I 65 do 72
100 do , b 3 16 j 125 do 71)$
2,000 Missouri Os 70 # 250 N York Ceu b 7 70 v
10,000 ' do 70# 5 do 71*
1.000 do 70# 300 do »30 70
5.600 IU Ccn Bds 1)30 84 100 Erie Railrod b 7 20V
2,000 Harlem lstm 60 lbO do 20#
30 do
65 Bk of America 98
200 LaO & Mil R 15* 100 do MO 20V
50 do b3O 16 250 do b3O 20V
320 do 16 121 1 do s 3 20*
i.o do bflO 36X 100HeedingR 45
60 Del & Hud Coal 106 100 do ' 47
50 oambCom 11 100 do blO 4rv
100 Cleve & Tol R b3O 36W UOler &Pitt«R is
. 12 Miih Cen R ' M 140 do • 14 v
IQOMJohB&NIp&e 18 60Q do 16*
109 N York C(o ’ TOJf < “
FnnxsiLrsu, **?**£*•
The records of the Stock Board to-oaf, *how *
of saltvaf difieres^/s
dently the purchases of *.ttr«ted by the ruling
low prices to "make investments: SetWd hundred thins
o f stock wore bought ia this manner to-day, affording
ono of the laotfclievriiig iedfixfioaithat hare yet ap
petrel of the return of confidence from bar
exile. North Penusjlvaoia Railnud advanced
City B K Sixes , Beading Railroad jtf, and Peao
aylvaom Railroad . Thero wa* not an eageraw* to
realize uponstockflatalinUtany' aometime*
h* en the case. Tbo rush fur mosey upon tb#
also abated under the relaxation of many of the banka,
and the week cloaeli with a farmer* cheerful aspaet than
any we have had to' record during its progress ,
Oar facetious Market street friend, Col. Thompson,
sends us ocular demonstration that stocks are going up
In the shape of a bombazine choker fully fire iftebfes
high. The Colonel is pleased ns upon
the course we have pursued during the
difficulties. It his been our honest conviction that
tbe*e were only the result of a pmic—»■ grouudleeeaad
unreasonable fight oa the part of hankers and mopejed
men, which might disappear in a few days under wist
measures Counsels; but'whtcS; da'tke
other hand, might be excited by acommon effort of the
daily press into wide spread and ungovernable terror,
despondency and ruin, - Coder thwfl 4ur
duty was a plain one, and we have striven to perfbtsr it
to the best of our ability If our efforts have to any
degree contributed to the restoration of that ke&exou
confidence under which alone our plan of doing bnstofte
upon credit can be maintained, we shall have beta
abundantly rewarded. -
We need at alt times, and most especially to times
like these, confidence in each other and confi((esS* to
ourselves. Sydney Smith said of Lord John ROJSeU 1
that his lordship's confidence in his own capabilities was
so great, that he would accept, at a moment’s notice if
it were offered him, the command of the channel fleet.
This exaggeration is characteristic of the witty clergy
man. but like all hU jocular sayings, it involves a use
ful truth; and in this' case the kernel of thfl SUt
cracked in the joke is the secret of the success of Lord
Bussell, the means by whieh he made himself the sbUtft
man perhaps of his day in England. TVe would not
have our business-men ignorant of wholesome doubts
and wise precautions, but we trust to find them always
discard foolish apprehensions, and confiding in the gent,
r&l sound judgment, honesty, prudence, tad jefieitta
enferpriso of themselves as a whole, seek by every
means to support one another ia times of trial,, ssd
with unfailing nerve to meet and surmount the difficul
ties that may beset them individually. ' > •
Wcaronat infallible, and we do not pretend that wo
can never be wrong, or never be mistaken, Imt with all
the leading journals of the country doily pacing through
our hands, and with every disposition to learn and pub
lish the Ruth, we are compelled to say that we can find
only a general prospect of good times and easy finances,
which may be realized for cur own community, if we
will but support, encourago, and confide to edeh other.
, Tho New York Tribunt says : ‘-The Board of Brokers
has before it a proposition to restrict tlmo sale*to thirty
days. It ia thought that it will be adopted, and if it U,
it will ho a step in the right direction.” , ,
Messrs. Breeae A Kueeland, of Jersey City, who re
cently suspended payment, expect to rdssae to the
course of a abort time.
Th Atlantic Fire Insurance Company of Brooklyn has
declared adividend of $5 Sff share* payable go demand.
The l’hcenix Insurance Company of Brooklyn ten 3P
cent. ' _
The stockholders of the Catasauqoa Rank, Pa., bn
Monday, Sept. 7, elected Ell J. Allentown Pre
sident, and Geo. W. nammersley,of Germantown, Cash
ier. Tho new institution expect* to commenoe bustoea*
during the coming week. Its capital la £400,009. -The
stockholders of tho Pottatown Bank on Wedaroday, or
ganized, and will commence business toa few week*.
It is thought tho Bank of New Jersey, at Sew Bruns
wick, will b‘e able to resume business in a few days.
Their liabilities are leas than their capital, and.they
show a surplus, above liabilities to the pnblie, of more
than $300,900. :
The New York Bank* reject the piper of the £nk of
Orleans, it Albion, In tint State, one of fhfrSafelgrfSß*.
Banks, chartered in ISM. Its capital U J-JM.UX*.'- Tk»
Courier and Enquirer says the liabilities ff the Jrttttic
are quite limited, betas &s follows
Circulation. June 1857.
Individual depositors, do.
To meet which they held at that date:
Bills Receivable
Stocks, Bonds and Mortgages...
Balances duo from other Banks .»
Specie i.
Miscellaneous Securities.
We insert the monthly receipt* of the several corpo
rations as follows, with those for the corresponding
month last year:
Aug. 1866. Ang. 1»T.
New York and Harlem Bail. . . _ .
road $900,51% 90 ‘ $99,08* «
LaCrosse and Mtlwaukie Kail-
road 61,28 4*l
Michigan Central Railroad... 205,649 89 221,36*98
Chicago and Rock Island •- - *
Railroad 149,265 4: ' IW.W4S4
. 5tpt.6,1856. Bfpt 5.M6T.
Morris Canal Company ?301.43L. 28 - $199,83f'96
We have reports of the failure ef the following
named hanks, none of which, thanks to the wise preci
sion of our law in reference to email no tee, wSI i trouble
our citizens:
Huguenot Bank. New Palti, New York-
South County Bank, Rhode Island.
Miami Vallejßank, Dayton, Ohio.
J.P. Yelrertoo resigns the Presidency'of the Peo
ple's Bank, of New York, in consequence of
of tho late firm of Hunter, Buckley, ft Co.
General John Wcidm&n, of Lebanon, has been elected
President of the Harrisburg and Hamburg
The neropfield Railroad will be finished to Wsahin g
ton by the 15th or 20th of this month; * ‘
The New York Express says: We regret tube com
pelled to announce the suspension and assignment of
\\ m. 3. Bell, ft Co., bankers, in William street.' £kii
suspension has been caused by the inability of th# firm
to raise money on securities, which, up to within a few
days, were considered perfectly available. The liabili
ties of the house are small, and the assets abundant, it
Is believed, to pay dollarfor dollar.”
A proposition has been mad® by French capitalist* to
purchase of the Erie Road guarantied stock to the ex
tent or $5,000,000, at about legal rates. They propose
co purchase the shares at 40 a 3 cent, interest, of
course sharing all above cent, with the other stock.
So long as tho road pays no dividends, this would be a
choip mode of providing for the floating debt, bat upon
the resumption of dividends the old stock would be Or
astern in value. '
Comparative statement of tho imports of Foreign Dry
Goods at New York forth® weelt,*nd Tised?as; % lflt:
For the week 1855. . IS56< < 1857.
Centered at the port. $2,039,387 $1,948,512 $2,084,438
Thrown on market.. 2,107,378 1,875.355 1,911,115
biace Jon. Ist. rT^{ ; t
Entered at the p0rt..545,066,028 $73,938,551 $78368,45$
Thrown onmarket... 47,826,624 75,596,97$
The following is a recapitulation of the import of Dry
Goods for the week ending Sept. 11.
Pkgs. Yaloe. I Pkjr*. Valne.
Man. of Wool 1554 $491,415 | Man. of Flax 432 S£4,SM
do Cotton 1099 272.052 j ilLscoUaneona29o iff Ml
tio Silk... 868 096,936
Pkg<. Value. pk«;
Man. of Wool. 4255138,84 T Man. of Flax. 99 $19,711
Do. Cotton. 120 20,969 Miscellaneous 74 wgw
Do. Silk.... 41 34,135
Total 763 $235,914
Pksrs. Value. I Pkn. Ytlu*.
Man. of Wool. 476 $144.600} Mao of Flax. 204 $41,671
l>u Cotton.. 206 54,749 J MiaeaUnaeooe S4l 70,551
Do. Silk ..309 95,7351
Tlie PottsviUe Miners Journal f of to-day, satnJ up
tbo Anthracite coal trade of the last week as follows :
1R56. 1857. Lou. Gain.
Schuylkill—Railroad... 55.773 37 204 18,5©
“ Canal...:. 32,793 87,5» ....V.' 4,7*0
Lehigh—Railroad 5.403 10,812 '5,409
' 4 Can'll 38,233 34,071 2,142
Bel and Hudson Canal. 18,009 20,918
Penna. Coal Co 27 188 28 476
.Scranton, South 4,158 7.SM
180.033 176,903 20.711 17,581
1769,03 17,581
Dec. for week, tons... 3.130 3,130
Tbo shipment* of coal over tins Huntingdon and Br*t&
Top Mountain Railroad, for the week ending Sep*4loth,
amounted to 2,&86*£ tons.
The return from the Bonk of England, for the week
eoding the 254 August, gives the following result*,
when compared with the previous week:
Public deposit*.... .£5.793,503 Increase. .£257 SM
Otherdeposits D. 765 80.1 .Decrease... 811.0 8
8eet...... 3,508,867 Deereore.. 36,380
On the other aide of the account:
Oovernm't securities £10.593,654 Unchanged
Other securities. 17.353,385....Decrea5e..'£50,108
Notes unemployed... 5, 148,145
The amount of note 3 In circulation is £19,208,605,
being a decrease of £84,420, and the stock of bullion in
both departments is £11,239,131, showing a decrease of
£29,T75, when compared with thepreeedfog return.
Reporltd by K. Jlanfey, Ji
-Broiir, No. 80*
100 Ci*t R 6’s I*s R go
4000 *do lots S 5
1000 do so 85
300 Citv G*a 84#
SUO do 84#
500 do new 93#
llOXPennnß lots 8
4$ do lots 8 V
I 5 Minehill R 56 V
10 do 2dya 50#
- do 66#
1 do SBJ,'
50 Reading R bovrn 22v
100 do b 5 22%
50 do tswn 22 V
50 do b 5 22*
100 do l>s 2J*
50 do *swu 22*
100 do I>s 22*
95 do lot* ‘22%
2000 Citr R 6’s 85
2000 City 6’s 85
35 Reading R 22 V
100 do 65 22k i
50 do s 5 22k 1
50 do g 5 22V
100 do »5 22V 1
25 Morris Canal 45 * •
400 Wilmington R C’a SO
3000 City R6’s lots 85
2000 City 6 T a $5
_J2 ‘Minehill R lots 50 #
103 Penua R lota 42V
10 Cam & Amboy R
„„ A w . Bown 100 V
300 Lehigh Zinc 1
15 Reading R s&vb 23*
150 do cash lots 22*
2 Harrubg & • bSva 53
25 Bchl Nar prf Mvn 17
35 do • L& 17
*0 do b 5 IT
5Q Long lal R biwn 8*
50 do 8*
50 do 8*
152 Penns R lots 42*
50 Union Canal 5*
2 Caul A Amboy & 100*
25 Bear Meed R 50
12 do 50
7 do 50
6 do 50
8 N Bk Kentucky 112
2 do us
2 Louisville Bk < », 108
50 Long Island R a 5 8*
25 Union Canal 5*
90 Penns R lota 43*
Ureas* Ambojrß -100
6 .do, 100*
50 Morris Canal pref 89
8 Farm A Meehßk 61*
BOARD. * a
25 Morris Cnl Con’d 45
25 do 45
100 Union Canal b 5 6
45 Reading R 22*
5 do 22*
2 Farm 5c Meek Bk 61
2 Man 5c Meeh Bk 26*
500 Long Island R
Bid. Jititd.
ÜB6VM 116
PhiladsCa 85 85 j*
J3ul.' Asttd.
SchjlNwPref 17 17*
Wmsp’t A Elmß 14 . 16
dolstmort7'sW 71
do RB €5 85*
do Ne* 93 93*
Penns ss, 81* 82
Reading R £2* 22*
do Ronds ’TO 07 70
do M G’B,’44 83 88
Penna RR 42* 42*
MorrisCsnl Con 45* 47*
ScbylNaY,6a?B2s3* 58*
do Stock 8 12
80 Reading B 23*
100 d? *i 83*
do do 2d a6O 62
Long ZaUnd-- ft - 9*
Tieksbnrg 7 7*
Girard Bank 10* 10*
Lehigh Zinc . * 1
Union Canal 6*l 6*
New Creek %} *
Cals visas RR 7 9
MOReadfß**' *****
18.0 W
61 £OO
.4,243 1,675,201
.1,537 409,231
.. 2,418
... 1,288
.. 3,726