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    Ajihould deem It
w ,'jbrduty ofovery
, ?|^;fe<^(jyji(sfctbfttrmea ; A that atiy trteinbei
tymWtowiyzfeTßjW jomßpnt Js capable
or being made upon tuo evidence, to makesueh
continent t6art<my,'an<l-Mifliout'referenei t# his
own there- isß'diffi- 1
OHfett ’ttie Shade ifoOlbr;; he ijrbmnid to give tho
Whr.tis thoO’pittii)li,fcVs?SoUio;thi B 8 ! > (bit hot |
nan;) wild" puzkle A PhiifuUlpkui. lawyer. ;J ,Per-
EMKAonDiKASi-,t'iMjit;- i A traveilerthrongh j
Wetzel connty/Vd.; observed thßt in almoit'.'eVery
precinct there livett-tbrceor fotujiamiliM'byiJhe i
. nano of Morris,',ind-having Eomo.auiioty toieara;
the extent of tbjCfaiaii y? ;jnBde.ihflnity i <.'nndi'wa»>
directed to the mother of .thewholo; tribe for in-!
lometien/hnting.lwen nrevioasly told thiti she;
still lived.thoitghhpifards of SiTeardof age; He
; interrogated Old lnay'WlitOlj tWd gently,:
gr»M children, onehundrod and eighteen great
m£ft4obUdre»|V»H4"ona great greatgrand oniltl.!
eJd'Vrtjteepuon 'of; flvcOd'ead;i2-girls and 3 boys)]
A6w itainif in ti G one neighborhood;; One- of her
,; and another U. ’One!
“|£fepthei*,#W|sothO!f tflXMmn.iM !
Wbthet:;6fil3; ,ali the.raskof ten i
. S PdßhojihiK'rnoWfit'B,
TrbpiSiJKiw ■ tmUorbn old man, .lives within seven
M otythoSaUimort and lOblo: Bailtoad, bat
never saw a railroad uofil a few days ago:
- tOM. i
4£tadflhe binfcs certainly, j^rm.thprigooira^t,
, *xid a«lfkfe> «sfltsiirtbAulijrtra»t; people
Wba jcnowwiy tbinguf business affairs, theexfera
tMgnae*<>tib&ftpQklg>iß'*ifohiur td?rtnier ! tfiem
only”ixjv(@j& ’ its
baijk iliff-banks bamgot »
coa*MteftWe,«n®xnt en $1,000,000,
■ indipendehtof -the-CAUiQi-tttAdemit tanoef-and-1
know/rfroui 6 r *mtHisrifcy'tKafc
-than. they barr beanfqrsofpeHliiie.
ThejTfcr^aowever, 7 doing nothing in aiabounffl,% *
advicepf the Daily,ijmtti in whoso moneyarti
olenthis mornlng, they .were .reeonmiended all “ to
look one way,”. from three <i’olook ; and
" that the ■ way. vto' Immediate relief ftoaHnanitf.”.
On tHe'ioatratyi they hire lookedininnhy ways,
and much:more in. the,direction of making; tkom
sei vesks ssfeVas they;can, titan' pinning shy ‘risk
for philanthropy's'sake. lAKonoy. is not scarce ;I
bsUere itiwrn is plenfcvof. it, bait those wlio
havafltJare .determined. t 6 keep, itf'untilthey
. see how things afe cgoitig to tam j and Uinsv
, ness men. who'.havd.deposiu in tho . banks
either; leavi" in e'sSi' the violent
contraction .of bankaceommodatiou oonUnuos,,or
else thaydraw'themipnlJO discount theirown piper,
Mtpmeet their avoid,
the sacriSoe that many are obliged to make tu honor
. their engagements, ■ The bank QohtrtusUon of orose ■
On fivemillions within ten days,' if eorititmidlh a
Similar wtgo for .onpttteryrepk, will, .nhdoubtediy
■ ereate es'nsideraHo etnbarrimimcnt. of the most
. seribnsnitnre, and Will tend to damage, rather than
aecatp.tha.benks thpmrolves. i Jfow tbat tbey have
' ,netnededlnptenp)ng.|he ezportof.speeie:by bring
’ tag down the raleof eiohange, there is no apparent
nMdforabiltting thSirdbors to all offerings, aatlioy
did yeeterday t slnce. by dolng so, they only oblige
if I)it^Htf«htf , ahji#ta: whulf they bontdother
t'commoroooftbo country. I
. aomeßUp ami ior
«^l^:^l^^U.i^‘thOipaBC,:tbV-iailure u of;a
and Trust Co,; aod jhe
depraciatlQubf iiewi ; railway
tlie cause foe jeopard
uiigfaf-ic^triQ^th^ohigherand morelegitimata
_p«iperity of the country
- had expended too muohl and
xnetthaAppmal'ofallSearntfo itien; butlt:isno,
reason, beeanse.a sraaUdose.of a.eertalnmeaieiito
is ueeeotivaofibealtlr, thst large doses taken rap-
IdryjcwiUhPtdo barm instead; of good.'.i have
good reason'to bolievo that our banks are strong
and pft!f#r«t'f»,i&y .iraergeW, thd ' cT’ Hhr
al4, andihe’miHoloi&batidbilfs'ofthe Baijk'nate
detebthte .to'.tadt(te^Bfcw.ifiitwahi(auSlhfc; mu
•re ate>arej;»ljetina)ly.te' [ iffhe fsiinre.eftbe Me-
Aseooiatlon) which, notwlihstand,
tag .Ute-wisdom‘of sst post factor prophets tind
p&hteyaii of probabilities; wm ntterly nnorpeeted
by ,the mtbjlo, is 1 ikply. to, proke disaelroiis only to
; erallenaßnglwrpfahp Stateibr an araonnkeanal
to to pay tap doposi
ta»*jj«en»h«tld the,atee.ten^n»Mtnttes i
tataeotent, tfbey willihave to appolnt a roeeeiver
•Mit BIU JllqnitlaW thail - affaire.,.kShte' feefe'das
to the liabii!ty <d' bank; stmkbolders, will ndtd
rMfylkive'eSnSdohoeito drSsltore, r »nd'ptatent a
iai»;ftr.tbe tritWratfaU&f.Bieir;^balancss;, Birst
%Utt;PpH dhd notttaiki'elte, Is jtrafc saleiiblo to
h>?h#tej,Mm.l3,per ceat. npto 2
madfftpiir pent, amonth . ;In owh ango nothing is
, doing.;, Bapkershsigaatnres aremomlaallytraotcd
at lMtalOd} ; for storlligi'and 517,f0r irancs; hot
geedkirdattires cad bebooght easily at innoh lower
f is for cash. The Arabia, which salted to-day,
hot tftke out a suigle dollar.' Tho rcport tiiat
Ainerioah Erohange and Metropolltan Banks
navi tefijsda'coantry ntoney on deposit is unfotttid
od;t f bey;o6ntinne tO'rodeem in the nsnal way.
• JI-VUSUAfthiMM.' .«> Y> t V*i W
' *m*mm ,; 7~, «
".AJPaymant, , t»54,145.28
n- ..12,188,659)76
•!;2BoMosipta for dntiea atthe CustomHonsato
i tgiem*.
• PWf-w!W»t
■ WSWMiV A <MI : . below former^prtees f Jmt
ViKUiieand Wiforcift advanced • little. Illinois
: €«teblta4i per cent, better; Qalenaand Ohieago
IffdSWeago-nadßi Island StpahaLhCrosso aM
lsSJb»..!ll«meh>o.ln»oo;t,;.-4l7eai3» .
W Ao . 8o ~ do....iv..ltea'Mflthdawn. s
v yftfwheM 7e«ofetA..v2Bihmfeiaid..fc jg 'I
’ i<»idO-;»eS»«i;T)i*’Ci. s .;. i ;.>/'2S«L'BUK' tr/a . A !
,<B«riTCWW'BAi*B,' f ßiitV'iij
■ 4*AriV v.:; 410, •,; dp' /'>' 22 ■
P-, 40Sixth AvU ■ f 'B6 -
l»Wt .;db • ; hOff fid - S.NH& nB - . la,
S -V 100 Seeding UMlrMdc 02 ’
: sb-«v ■ = ?&
& is .
.... SoopO*o,Sam)Wllsj 100, ad 0.,;.., tio‘63 ,
, 'jWO;f»-JCo'-r-;lli V .n ,- do’; ; ' i»'«3
. £M M£.*Pi 0o J 0 ?.. tlhMSo A S:I» RMIJB ■.
.a«Sa,Co*lo()Vi J 3 , ,0a .;
_JS_»Mnlncjß76 . I
.fMParioriQo..-,;,.w,Vi ~*V«M'
;-ci'aw 70.' iso; to - - -'so
if.W 'ia . esj- ,76*. dd..' -Irliitlu
■ rfßcvViJo "• ■ l7r M 1 SJOQa'AOWiifi ofoe
. IMS yew H rit 72k iOO,QI«v * Tol B siStk,
> 900 do ; , . sfio 115 lob Obis A It I it , .3 70
„ “-.72)i 106,; d0,.-;:;«a }6«
.* ’ 'WlXyx o
-' ffraSfyfc
' ■.-■MB.CaW WtlCn*. ,iS;-' 20 ; ‘: do^T 1 ,',; •'; "M&
t&uQa: J W':., r -60 *rf« Huilmrf;* -,2lJ{
' iilOOiß r-CisS'K 7- !% MO&Mlnpli *7b3 038.
• •1. ../ • Mi coo .dp , >-
- i 100 ■ do. lo , ;«10.T3 lOfiCleTfe'iltUß ' ldS
; ‘WilijEwSiSSpJto;* Ai)4J Bjfao (l^tTtn.
-■. t \
■ ?lpur.H Icwpr, at
" .fof'Br&nafrfliieJ , : ' : '" ‘ :
•,.-. oOMMBS*»i«toth dou, 7, ;';-v J
i •.- < ®S ,s ’^ T h® ““«•«> »,,W lo
::fw-We*t«rOiM(l 01003ctfnjdt
renting tordvln
jading Bailroad
r t opening at 26
jipfll stock used
16f course suf
fered far more in price, in consequence, than any °^ e * > *
We repeat our opinion of yesterday,- that it is an excel.
•lent investment at the present prices. It « « * P Br
iblyreUcd npoa to pay nesrlylS per cent , 3 on invest
nwnt.. It shwM.'for the present, She fate of other se
curities of the most undoubted value.
Yesterday, In flow'York,» poremWlT «“!> 1™ tnMO'
Ibr Mr: ludlow. M auotioneW, of *lOO, 000 of Ohio »l«s
of the new loan of 1880, which had been hypothecated
hv parties; ami was thrown'upon tho market by ,ho
holders. This loMiwM taken lwt winter atlo3X,and has
quite recently been quoted as high as 108. Yesterday
it sold atprice* varying from 08 down to 00—the average
price: being 92. These bonds will secure a handsome
profitio the'purchasers within a Very few days, and-a
similar , return may bo confidently expected from any
good stocks purchased at the present extraordinary
, plcMV' vf '_;y /'
\ Too'much sixes* Is lald upon the reportß, many of
.them entirely false, and almost all the others exagger.
afedj l -which aro issued in hourly bulletins from Wall
streetj 'tho caldron of stock-gamblers and des.
that confidence is os
scarce;there aa the, veriest-bear that, ever trampled
widows orphans out of their dependence for bread
by.hlV could .wish, the;conclusion must
_coihe to‘every thoughtful mlnd that we cannot avert
theSpeedycomingof better times, by oven our most
insane folly;' .We never gathered a greater harvest than
thaVbfglss7; our cotton never before promised to yield
it will this year;, our railroads are
-spread far-and wide into the rich Talleys of the interior,,
to'bring their products cheaply to purchasers, and we
have an enormous fleet of merchantmen ready to carry
oursurplos to foreign marhots, and bring back increased
.wealth to our seaboard, -c. f
("Shall the faUurd'OfVfew stock operators, and the
moneyed institutions who have foolishly and wickedly
attempted to sustain them,.bo allowed to spread terror
over the land, and blight the brilliant prospects of.the
future * - They cannot and thoy will not. The West
ond'the &mth' are teemingjrifh wealth.. Out of Wall
laad,U7rich Jtnd prosperous, To tbo
man .who has (nerve enough to ralse above the
mlfts Whlch momentarily over the
s^nby,market,and i 'Btirycy iberifch'prospoctßroundi the
present depreciation' of stocks affords an opportunity
rarely presented• of realizing.great profitsin a short
time./Tbisisthetiineto buy. ' / /
The Tribune say a: .“Mr. JohnThompeoa has made
aii asslghment to Mr. Platt Adams.' Mr. Adatns la well
and favorably known' to jhanr of our citizens, and repre
sented Greene countysevonu years in the Senate of the
Stated —. '' r ' ,
'/The. Dubuque and Pacific Railroad is not now on the
market for fifteen millions, but only for s6oo,ooo—more
than 'half of Whleh is already 1 subscribed. The link
weatwardis oho of the, if hot the, great link to the Pa
cific, and must command .trade andtravel.
In Bxchsnge, the.'-business is quite,small, audit Is
very difficult'to make Rales of sterling, even at much
reduced‘rates' The.leadirig drawers a*kO£®o#, but
sales pf ilrst-clnsfl outsido bills have been raado at 8®
8% 'i and 8# I s called the top price. Private transae*
tional by leading drawers are rumored at about that
figure/ This put a'fltop, for the present) to the foreign
speciedratn. .
The Hide mad Leather Dealers Company was organised
inßoston on Tuesday, by the choice of Directors, and the
election ofLee.Clcflin, President, and Joshua March,
.Cashier,/.The Bank is expected to ge into operation
earl/in October next.
/The following table allows the receipt duties on fo
,reign, imports. at Boston for the first seven months of
1867,and fob the corresponding period last year:
1858. - 2857.
(587,478 58 $541,253 36
; 660,628 83 704,883 16
.. 855,262 76 €21,075 70
.......... 843,873 19 621,660 75
.742,840 03 850,813 05
595,128 02 135,113 30
\ 669,736 54 . 740,447 64
828,800 91 791,130 80
Aprft..'..'. .... J .
May;. 1 ,;;.....;
i Augu5t............ ....
,«5m4W TO *4,660,2:8 66
4,606,278 66
Decwuwe,.; .;$1,191,070 10
; The total value of good* Imported iuto Boston during
the last week was $926,913.
Amount of imports during the corresponding
' tteololu 1856..;.; $1,138,917
Amount of imports from Jan. 1 to Aug. 28, ’57 86,017,050
'_• The following- are' the footings of the Boston bank
Jrtatemont for the past week, ,afl compared with of
the week previous
.. r.i - August2s, ifiept 1.
Capital'stock. $31,960,000 $31,960,000
Loans and discounts 53,610,600 68,853,000
5pecie..u.i.,..'........3,497,000 3,431.800
Am’tduo fromotherbanks.. 0.321,000. 1 6,180,000
Am’tdue toother banks,,... 4,383,800 . 4,224,000
Deposits,... 16,755,000 , 10,664,700
Circulation’.6,66s,7oo . 8,657,300
. Yesterday’s business at the'New York Sub-Treasury
miaWfcUoW#:'-'* '- 1 ' *
5230,689 66
....... 330,697 47
..... j. 12,219,293 68
Comparative; statement'of the exports (exclusive of
specie) from-JTew Yorkto foreign for the week,
and since Jaalst’j' ;
' ' ; 3 655. 3850. 1857.
Total for; the week $660,653 $828,274 $1,149,011
40,441,808 ,52,242,850 47,438,00*
Since January , $41,108,401 $53,009,124 $48,687,015
. The Clereland and Pittsburgh Railroad Company give
notice that its September Coupons will he -paid at tlie
ijomb Office., /
.-f .-The says :7"-V
; 7‘THe September Interest heretofore advertised to be
paid by Atwood & Co., for Mat-shill County, 111., and
for the Payton.and Western .Bead, is provived at the
ContinentallJ&nk. The Bankbf incite public will pay
bathe 7 per cent.'lnternal Improvement Bonds of Flo
rida.' Messrs.' Briggs & Co.,' will pay on the Florida
Railro&dß per cents., The Coupons due ou the Bonds of,
the Terre Haute and Richmond Railroad will be paid at
the office of the Farmers’ Loan and Trust Co., in this
city.”, . , . r
‘ The Drafts of the Breckenrldge Coal Company will be
paid at the'New YOrk office of the Company, No* 93
Greenwich street. , - t
,'<-The Interest due on the Erie and Kalamazoo 1862, and
Smifhera.Mfohlgan.iB63 Bonds will be paid at the office
of the fionthern Michigan Company.
- The Richmond Enquirer says that the report thAt Mr.
Ludlow, Cashier of the Ohio Trust Company, has been
arrested on suits o£ the , Merchants? Bank of Wheeling
ahi Farmers’ Dude of Virginia, Is entirely Incorrect, as
far •as B»nkfo c«Dcerned,&ud that the
Farmers’ Bonk of Virginia has had no transaction what
ever .w t lth Company. '
/■ The Pjlitaburgb and Bofitoa Copper Mining Company
have declared semi-annual diridCnd of $l5 per Bhare
oh*Hid shares; 1 August 31, , to holders
’AuguHt 20. ! .‘This makes $BO per shore for the year, arid
is ihe seventeenth divivend in succession, since the first
payment in>May,lBtt. ‘The amount paid .thus far Is
$l5O net share, or a total of $90d,000.‘ The whole cost
iOf the mine to shareholders was $lll,OOO, or SIB-60 per
shore/ wnd tbe stuck sow sells at $2.60 per.share,
ex-dlvidend of $l5. Very fiavorable letters hare "just
been recelyed/rom the Tolteo and various other mines,
[which are getting oui considerable quantities of copper.
The. product, of the Isle Royal for 'July was twenty
eight tons. , . •
«„The following Is the amount of coal,transported over
the Lahigh. Valley Railroad, for the week ending August
.kixxs., , ' Wfißiri. ‘ IPBxinonfiLT, Totai..
, 3 ' i • ’ , Tons, Cwt. ,Tons. Cwt. Tons, Owt.
SptlTigMounUiD....2,6Bs 18 l6 83,906 14
'East Sugar Loaf.... v . 2,288, 09 ' 65,811 08 ' 68,099 17
’N; .York Ac’ Lehigh.. ''446 03 25,263 04 25,703 07
CoUndt Ridge,.. ...1,003 1$ 43,224 14 44,223 12
.German Penna...... .... .. 6,307 19 6,307 16
Colereine A: Stafford.l,ooB 07 , 33,249 05 34,257 12
Dolbin tc Dehaven..' 392 13 5,691 02 ■ 6,683 15
Hazleton ~....2.269 04 30,604 11 32,863 15
J. B. McCreery A Co. 201 08 3,739 11 3,940 19
- 10,180 00 295,172- 10 305,352 10
The following Is an abstract of the business of the U,
A. pension Bureau for tho lost month, (August,) under
theactof 3d March, 1855: ; ; ■
■iJumber of epplicatlonsfor bounty land received... .1,547
Number of warrants or certificates Issaod... 1,561
% Number objesrof land required to Satisfy these war
rants/. S9I&JL 'u r i -.V - • - * . t
-Total number of applications received....,, 279,215
Totalnuraber of Warrants 155a0d.........212,768
' 'To srtlsfythero warrants wilt venire 26,465,910 acres
u The Board bf. Con trolwho are charged with the-dis*
trlbntloQ of-tbe public lands donated by Congress to the
State of in aid of various railroad enterprises,
ha-re granted 63,000 acres of those lahds to the Detroit
*ad'Milwaukee Railroad. Company, upon the completion
of their roid from lonia to Grand Haven. This grant,
says the Detroit Advertiser, insures the subscription or
pope*A fqw mouths more,therefore, will seej
•thisjjeWhnd direct thoroughfare completed and openi
forbuiincM. Vu \';' P 's ' 1 i "' 1 ' \
' >\Tlie Soothern HVis«; railroad, extending from
-Jaaesvilie’rm, the Mllvraukle ahd.Misslsslppbraitroad,
■w&twaVd to the MtaUrippl river, has been opened for
' as redhead, twenty-two miles west o f
,'s r ~ -
(ilheDit enters of tboHewctstle and Darlington rail*
rpad ’ arO pushing forward the work with commendable
'ehe/ftt; Already six miles df.ihe.road-woyare graded,
.and alvge force of men are at work. The company de«
airs, and intend;'**- soon m poMlble,tol*y down rails
audplacd a lodomotiVe on that portion of .the road al
ready graded.. !,
r Wlioh £nWied f this road will prove & valuable feeder
to the Pittsburgh, Port Wajtoe ocdChicagb Bead, with
which it trill' connect At Darlington. Lawrence county
Is rich in agricultural product#, and the town of New
(fcettMoes a large amount of manufacturlng bustneas.
At present the Ohio and Pennsylvania easel is the only
rnedjumfor thetronrai&slqn of freight, and the large
.tratel which goes is'compelled to pass
over twelve miles of,most shocklngbod road.
The Knoxville Whig states that the president of the
-Xaet 'teimesm and Virginia' Railroad has recently
enough to complete the rp*d from Ball 1 *
Gap to Blue Spring; The ireok is now being laid from
Jonesbordughj-'ln the direction of Blue Spring, by a
strong fese'e.-’The gap la the to ad is now but fifty miles,
and ..will, soon, be reduced to ten. By tbo first of the
coming Whig thinks, the road will be entirely,
•Completed, -it connects hot only the most of the Cotton--
'grpwlhgwglon of the South, but aconßlderable portion
of graln-ifOfllcg country, 1 With all the manufacturing,
'commercial, and couramlcgcltiesof the Eiurt,at 4 saving
of at Itaitthree hundred mile#; .-
Anappl|eat^»f^ t en,lnJanqtlou to restrain, the Chi
cago, aud, fit. Louis' Railroad Company, from
building extension 6t the, present toad from Alton to
rgf/liouis, was argued at Springfield last week. The in
jhnetiod iva4 St. Louis Republican
tbepriyileire of of
'their, road from Springfield, tp the Mississippi
railroad/ commencing at any point they please, At a re
:cent~meciitig the cpmpany .passed a resection authorl
xlngf acontr&ct with Mr. Mitchell and others at Alton,
Associate With Gov. Mattesoo la the ownership of the
GhWgoVAltoG, and St. ton]# BR. to build theroad from
Althhto St*. Louis, mi a portion oj the branch of
gqmpa imd-Noridiwest).&ilrmbd. from totho
Railroad., OUnfier, this iMoluttou
wm abstracted' for and/iW construction com*
appUeatioa’fpr an
howeter, been legally
done, Tho charter of the SAnkatPOn and Northwest
lffalUedl the road, a .contract with tho.Cßi*
eip sH-Mlonroadh/ build It was duly ekeehted; and
the Master in Chancery had no alternative but to refuse
. [
;7 THqfyaetedtf .tbutoddtrill be run parallel with the
Terre Raute road to Alton, and but * row yard* fromit,
:rn sVF&ftWH Um t&U 4 lc-‘ iu :s* hi '
UUgliOswl, fof tt>°
andlogAag. ssth,-ytu*i folio*. i‘~ . .
~~ nb±‘ : ; .:w ■ -tOML.
Mauoli Ohuck. infokos*’
BmnmltMtoes.. W >S3 J 3 M Ji;5 55
Room Run Mines ....1,657 10 36,634 10
Suu& tm™:... ....... 1,246 17 17,073 08
14,090 01 237,2550 15
A, Lathrop and others, Pea
and Dust Cool 164 09 2,021 10
East Mauch Chunk. '
Soring Mountain Mine 5....... 1,116 01 21,714 02
Sit Sugar Loaf do 1473 18 14,368 03
Coleraine ■ .do 1,839 10 ' 32,727 H
Stafford . ‘do *■“ _ _
N. Y. andtchighCoal Co ... 1.280 14 17,998 12
German penn. Coal Co 22
Booth Spring Mountain Coal. 630 00 10,700 02
North Spring Mountain Coal.. 63} 10 • 6,109 02
Bearer Meadow 1 Coal -306 08 1,035 18
Penn Haven.
Hazleton Coal Co.
Cranberry Mines.
Diamond Mines...
Council Ridge....
Mt. Pleasant Coal,
3,443 00 60,308 02
3,002 15 38,035 10
SOI 08 16,529 01
800 02 21,748 06
898 05 3,398 03
Back Mountain Coal G 0..,.
White Haven.
Wilkesbarre Coal Co
Wyoming-Coal Co
Hartford Coal Co
For the week...
Per last report.
Total 27,821,932
Reported bv R. Manley. Jr., Stock Broker, No. 80#
r Wa)nut Street.
300 CltvS’s 89 21 Reading R 26
100 do 89 100 do b 5 26
600 do 2d vs new-06# 100 do *5 20
1000 do &5 89# 100 do R 5 26
600 do S& E ox- 0 do s 5 20#
emptss 90# 0 do 20jtf
8800 do exemptss 90# 9 do, b 5 20#
13 Penn’a R 45# 05 do 26
2 do . 46# 43 do s 5 20
2 do ' 46# 00 do «5 26#
10 do b 5 45# 200 do cash 20#
30 do b 5 45# 60 do cosh 26#
100 Reading R b 5 26 60 Girard Bank 10#
60 do 2dys 20
1000 Elmira R 7’slstm 74#
1000 Cltv O’a new 95#
600 ’do now 95#
400Penn’a 6’s. . 83#
3Cam tc Am R 107.’.
2 do - » 107
1600 City r6’b 89#
2000ElmiraR lOpct 80
350 Reading R lotsW 27
60, do 27#
50 do 27
60 do 27
2 do 27
2 do 27
100 do b 6 26#
35 do 26#
25 do b 5 26#
100 do b 6 20#
100 Beading R 27
100 do 27#
200 do *5 27#
100, ; do b& 2
200.'. do 552
3 Reading R ' 27
15 do ‘ ‘bs 28#
11 do b 5 20#
60 do 26#
100 do b 5 29#
IPenn’aß 46#
12 do 45#
1 do 45#
6 Mlnehlll R 68#
3 Girard Bank 11
10 do. hslo#
500 .City Gas 6’s
Sid. diked.
tTB6’s,' } 68 116
Philada 6s 89 089#
do RR 89 089#
Bid, Asked.
Schyl NavPref 19 «20
Wmsp’t&Elmß 20
do IfltmortT’s 73# 075
do do 2d mO3 0&4
Long Island 9#olo
Vicksburg . 7 ® 8
Girard Bank 10#<*10#
Lehigh Zine I#o 1#
Union Canal B#® 9#
New Creek #® #
Catawissa RR 9#®lo#
do New 95#095#
Penna6s, 82#083#
Beading R 28#®28#
do Bouds *7O 77 o7B#
Mort 6’g*44, 85 086#
Penna RR 45#046#
MorrisoanlCon4B a5O
Schyl Nav Os »82 60 063
do Stock 11 Q>l2
100 Reading R 26# |
50 do 20#
100 do 27 |
Reading closes
400 Reading R 2<lys 27#
100 do sswn 20#
PHILADELPHIA MARKETS. Evening, Sept. 2.— Bbeidhtuffs of all
kinds are still dull and unsettled; and in the absenco of
any export demand the Floor market is very inactive,
the sales being limited to about 160 bbJs. superfine at
$6.60, and 200 half bbls.W. B. Thomas’ at $7, but there
are more sellers than buyers at the former rate. The
home demandi s also limited within the range of $6.60®
bbl. for common to extra and fancy family brands.
Brs Floor is steady at $4 60 bb!. Corn Meal meets
with a good and about 400T)bls. Pennsylvania
Meal brought bbl. Wheats are selling slowly, and
only about 3800 bushels have been taken by millers at
138a1430 for red, and 150®166e for white, the latter for
prime. Codn is steady in price, with sales of 3500 bush,
yellow at 88c afloat, and 86c in store, chiefly at the
former figure. - Oats are less plenty, and about 8500
bushels have been sold at 34036 c, the latter for
good Jersey. Ere Is unchanged, and sales are making
at 80eS5e for Southern and Pennsylvania, Bark—
Quercetron is not inquire! for, and dull at £49 ton,
at which rate It is held. Cotton— Holders are firm in
their demands, with a very small business doing at pre
vious quotations. Groceries—not much doing, ex
cept in Coffees, which are selling moderately to-day at
good, stiff prices, but the sugar market Is dull. Provi
sions are wanted, but the stock is about exhausted, And
so transactions of any moment hare been made public.
Whiskey Is dull at 28cforbbls, and 27c for hhds, and
very little soiling,
WOOL—A late New York paper in speaking of this
article, says:
The market duf Ing the beginning of August was quite
active for all kinds of domestic Wool, but more particu
larly for the low and medium grades which wore eagerly
sought for at full prices, showing that all grades, or do
mestic Wool coming In Competition with foreign Wool,
now imported free of duty, are notonly in better demand,
hut comparatively much higher than the finer grades
protected by 24 cent. duty. Wool growers understand
the language of facts, and will now desire to have the
duty removed entirely.
Withlntlie last few days, or since the difficulties In the
money market, there has been but little demand, and we
can therefore buy at lower rates.
. The stock of fleece—the bettor grades—is not large,
while low aud medium continue In short supply. Pulled
wool is, however, in fair demand, at full prices, but the
stock is also small. Small quantities only of No. 1 aud
super lambs’ are now coming in.
yino foreign wool, imi>orted direct from the wool
growing countries, met with a good demand, and sold
at high prices, principally Cape wool. We have to
report but a small business in fine Mestizo, in conse
quence of the price asked being considered abovo those’
of Cape.
Low foreign wool sold rather slowly; manufacturers
and prices not warranted by the sale of their fabrics,
land—except Smyrna wool, the sale of which has been
good—all the other kinds of Mediterranean, Russian
.and Buenos Ayres moved heavily. Donskoi, being in
good ’ supply, is considered worth the attention of
buyer* at present pritM. East India wool la in bettor
demand, and will continue so, as Its value becomes more
The accounts from all the wool markets, here and
abroad, show no abundance of wool, and indicate firm
prices, without much change or decline.
The recent stagnation in moat branches of business,
caused by the depredation of railway stocks, and other
shares, in consequence of which a number of heavy
failures In the stock market havo occurred, has been the
means of creating a sudden crisis, the influence of which
js peculiarly unfavorable to. our money market, and a
similar effect has been experienced elsewhere. However,
the money deportment will soon recover, as the stock
trade is merely a branch of the general business, and
the influence referred to having arisen from speculative
movements, will not bo felt, we think, for any length of
time; and parties engaged In legitimate trade will not
be seriously inconvenienced by it, as tho harvest, both
with us and in Europe, is pronounced a good one. With
favorable crops, we may expect good prospects for future
trade, os it sooms already from the news received from
tho English and Continental markets, that the wool
commands not only firm but advanced rates. The latest
auction sales In London, of about 80,000 bales of Austra
lian and Cape wool*, went off with spirit, at an advance
of l®2d V ft, above last May’s auction prices.
ues in brisk demand and the market for it is quite firm.
Wo have reported to*day sales of 76 hhds. Bacon Shoul
ders the terms for which were kept private, 20 hhds do.
Bides at 15c, 60 tierces lfams atlfic, and of some 50 hhds.
Shoulders and Sides in lots at 13c for the former, and
15c for the latter. Bacon can he bought in large lots at
12#c for Shoulders, at 14#c for Sides, wo hear
of uo transactions In Bulk Meat. The market for It Is
steady at ll®l2#c for summer cured Shoulders and
Sides, and 12®13#c for winter cared do. Mess Pork is
hold firmly at $2O, and wo quote Prime do at $2l 50®
$22 per bbl. Beef is steady at $2O for Baltimore Mess;
$l7 per bbl for do No 1. There is very little doing in
Laid, We quote city rendered at 16®15#c in bbls and
16®10#c in kegs. There is no Western Lard here. We
have reported to-day sales of 200 boxes English Dairy
Cheese at 12#®18#c.
Iskakl Morris, )
Joseph C. Grubb, > Committee or thx Mohts.
JohhWelsu, )
At tJu Merchants* Exchange, Philadelphia.
Ship Joseph Jones, Flowors San Francisco, Soon
Barque Minnesota, C01e..............Ri0 Janeiro, soon
Barque Ala, Davi5,.,.... London, soon
Jason.. New York 8remen.............5ept 8
North 5tar...... New York Southampton. Sept 6
0 onVashmgtofl.New York Liverp001...........5ept 2
2CdfQkUT£,.*.,..New York G1a5g0w............5ept 5
Adriatic......,...NewYork Liverpool. Sept 18.
Aram..........New York Havre.,, ...Sept 19
oof Baltimore. .Liverpool New Y0rk........., Jolf 20
Niagara......... Liverpool Boston Aug 1
from . roe oar
.Liverpool New York Aug 23
....Havre New Y0rk..,., Ang2o
.Liverpool' New York ~Aug2Q
Glasgow New Yora .Sept 6
PHiLADEIpnu-Ji’rcm New York 2d, arriving at Ha
vana Bth, and New Orleans 11th. Prom New Orleans
,20th} Havana 23d, arriving at New York 28th. .
QuAKfea Cirr—From New York 7th of each month,
arriving at Havana 12th, and Mobile 14th. Prom Mo
bile 22d, Havana 21th, arriving at New York 28th.
, Oahawba—From New York 12tb, arriving at Havana
17th. and NeW Orleans 10th. From Now Orleans 27th,
Havana 29tb, arriving at New York Bd.
Xmtibs Cur—From Now York 17th, arriving at Ha
vana 23d, and New Orleans 26th. From New Orleans
6th, Havana Bth, arriving at New York 13th.
Black Warrior—From New York 27th, arrive at
Havana Ist and New Orleans 3d. From New Orleans
12th, Havana 14tb, due at New York 18th.
Isabbl—From Charleston lQth and 4th, due at Ha
vana 23d and 7th. From Havana 10th and 24th, due at
New York 18th and 31st. T ’
The California, mall steamers sail from New York on
the 6th and 20th of each month.
iUariuc Intelligence.
SDN 815Efi.....
.6 33-SUN SETS.
Brig Morning Light, Hull, 5 days from Boston, in bal
last to Captain.
Schr Damsel, Smith, 6 days from Baltimore,with guano
to BA Bonder & Co.
Schr John Howard; Baker, 3 days from New York,
with mdse to Crowell & Collins.
Schr Tbos O - Acton, Snow, 3 day# from New York,
with stone to eaptaln.
Schr Jas English, Neal, 3 day# from New York, with
mdse id captain. „
Schr B O Scribner, Carlisle, 6 days from Salem, with
plaster to captain.
, ,-fichr H Curtis, Johnson, 4 days from New York, with
rndso to captain. ■
. i Schr Mary Ann, Reed, 4 days from New York, with
mdse to captain..
Schr H Blackman, Sherman, 6 days from Salem, in
ballast to captain.
Schr Era. Wheaton, 2 days from Tockahoo, In ballast
to Tyler, Stone &-Co. . .
- * Schr D D L Sturgis, Norris, 4 day's from New Bedford,
id ballast to Baum, Ogle ic Co. '
. 3*br BWaasett, liaise, 4 days frem Baldgeport, In bal
loettoOMmerkCo. 1 ■ • '
tiflbßrtSf Price, 4 d«y« from Pawtucket} la ballast
\.®2f r Warwick, Warwick, 4 days from New
.Hayjnj in bolioet to John R White.
l«t W & 3 ft<,la Hew T ' rtE ’ [nMi ,
»ltß iftßtftSSAfc SBpfrfiMMß i. Mt.
. °>7>“ S;iM«aieo, laittf, Slfri front So«oa,
In ballast to L Audeureld A
«J*r 'P«nnylv»nl», rnrstyM,,, ftojnHomclfi 1#
ballast to captain. , * v < . v
Whit.,« inOdlfUtto
schr John Lauk, ArtUh.l tUvfroin'Frederica, Del,
with wheat to Jos Barrett* Son ■ ’
J'V,*'' Ward TUI l day f r ora Smyrna,Del', with
wheat to Jas Barratt & Son. . >
Schr Mary O Jonns, Hill, 4 days from Nowrit, Md,
with cot-n to H McColley.
Bchr Haniy Wolf Mklnj,? days from Milton, Belt
with wheat and bark to JII McCoftcj
Sohr J A Hazzard, Daw, 2 daya from MilforU, D.?,
with wheat and bark to J H McColley
Steamship Kennobec. Hand, 24 houra from N York,
vio Cape May, with mdse and posaene'era to Jas AH
derdico. a -t . •
Ship Georgia, Malcem, Sayannah, D 8 Stetson A Cq.
Brig Thomas Walter, Uiorth, St Darts, Jaurotcho A
Oarstairs. '
Brig Black Hawk, Putnam, Boston, Barcroft, Lewis
A Co.
Brig Edward, Carman, Boston, Qhas MlUer A Co
BrigSuwasset, Ilulse, Providence, do
Schr BenjO Scribner, Carlisle, Charleston, N Sturte-
Tant & Co. ,
Schr O A Hecksher, Stubbs, Beverly. Mass', do
Sohr Eugene, Whito, Boston, do
Schr O A Paine, (second clearance) Forbes. Eastport,
E A Souder A Co.
728 03 46,669 17
7OO 05
657 17 7,516 00
867 12 16,108 09
Schr Courier, Crowell, Boston, Van Dusen, Norton
& Co.
Schr It Blackman, Sherman, Salem, , . do
Schr D L Sturgis, Norris, Boston, Baum. Ogle A Co. ■
Schr Ella, Bourne, Boston, Blaklston, Cox tc Co.
Schr Pennsylvania, Fargo, Norwich, Noble, Hammett
& Caldwell.
Schr Indian, Thomas, Baltimore, 8 J Christian.
Bchr Eva, Wheaton. Roxbusy, Tyler, Stone & Co.
Schr Empire, Price, Newport, Lewis Rothermel.
Schr n Warwick, Warwick, Alexandria, J R White.
Schr Milton, Steelman. New York, do
Steamship Delaware. Shaw, Now York, J Allderdlce.]
Str Ilenry L Gaw, ller, Baltimore, A Groves, Jr.
Str Black Diamond, Hamilton, New York, W M Baird
& Co. . .
602,258 04
. 997,413
iCorrcspondence of Tbe Press.)
Nbw York, Sept. 2.
Arrived, barque Wagrand, from Montorideo, ~
Boston, Sept, 2.
Arrived, barques Growler, from CrensUdt; Bienti,
from New Castle. ’ ( .
Correspondeupo of the Philadelphia Exchange.
CAPE ISLAND, Sept. 2, 6# p M.
The barque Jos Maxwell, for Laguayra, went to sea
this morning. A fleet of herm brigs and schr* went in
to-day. Wind NW—weather pleasant..
Yours, Ac., B, HUGHES. ,
Correspondence of tho Philadelphia Exchange. * -
. ; • ' LBW?M,DeI.,SORt.I. *
I have not ascertained the names of the twd barqqes
which paased'Jnon Sunday,, Shin WUUam,‘fpf Valpa
raiso', went to sea yesterday} barque E K Kaufc, tot
denis, on Saturday morning! ana brigs Wluyaw, Morn- 1
Ingjzight, Elizabeth; and senr Kmeline left yesterdayy
The brig Joshua and Mary still remains in harbor’for
orders. Wind BW—weather clear and pleasant.
Yours, Ad. WM. M. HICKMAN. -
Correspondence of The Press. ‘
Hxyrr Dx Gbaox, Bept.2.
Fourteen boats left here this morning, laden aud con
signed as follows:
Paxton, blooms to Cabeen tc Co; John Irwin, bar Iron
to E J Ettlng tc Bro, and lumber to M Trump tc Son; M
P Miller, lumber to Malono Sc Taylor, Thos Craig, lum
ber to 8 u Bally & Sod: 811 Trump,lumber to M Tramp
tc Son; May Flower, hit coal to Chester city; Frank
Wyke, Dr L 8 Filbert, 8 O Collins. W O Bradley, Major
Landis, Frank Fidlcr, Isaac Prince, and Mary Dockard,
anth coal to Del city.
Steamship Boston, Bellew, hence at New York yes
Steamship City of Washington, Pctrlo, for Liverpool,
cleared at New York yesterday. r
Steamship Philadelphia, Griffin, for Havana, cleared
at New York yesterday.
Steamship City of Richmond, Mitchell, hence for
Richmond, at Norfolk 81st ult.
Steamship Kangaroo, Jeffrey, from New York, at Li
verpool 20th ult. < ,
Steamship Ariel, from New York, arrived at Cowes
20th ult.
Steamship Indian, from New York, arrived at South
ampton 20th ult.
Ship Margaret Eliza, Straut, for Buenos Ayres, cleared
at New York yesterday.
Ship Mohongo, McDevltt. for Londonderry, cleared a
St John, NB, 27th ult.
Ship Wm West, Wadsworth, from Calcutta for Bos
ton, was spoken April 80, lat 5 08, long 87 04 E.
Ship Vandalia, Anderson, from New Orleans for Bor
deaux, was spoken Aug 5, lat 4216, long 37 40.
Ship Hindostan, Jayne, from Oulcntta, July 8, for
for Boston, was off Kedgeree 4th.
' Ship Boneta, Hath, from London for Calcutta, at
Algoa Bay June 25, leaky; had been ordered by a survey
to discharge.
.26,# about.
Barque Young Greek, Humphrey, for Boston about
Sept 10, was waitlug the new crop of fruit at Malaga
9th ult.
Barques Emblem and Oak, hence at Boston yesterday.
Barque Wheatland, Despaux, for South America,with
flour, sailed from Richmond Ist inst.
Barque SaxonviUe, Bobee, from Calcutta, arrived at
Bostou yesterday.
Brig liucy Atwood, Paddock, for Jacksonville, soiled
from Now Bedford 31st ult.
Brig Ormus, Baker, sailed from New Bedford Slat ult.
for Philadelphia.
Brig Eaglet, Dunham, hence at Boston Ist Inst.
Brig Eliza, Thayer, cleared at Charleston 29th uli.
for Wilmington, NO.
Brig WII flrune, Knight, for Bahia, cleared at Balti
more yesterday.
Brig Aaron Eaton, Perry, hence at St John, NB.
27th nit. ’ * ’
Brig Orison Adams, York, for Philadelphia, sailed
from Portland 31st ult.
Brig Handy and Menonsh, hence at Boston yesterday.
Brig Geo E Prescott, Gllkey, for Waltham, cleared at
Plctou 22d hint. , ’ ’
Schr ArJeUs, Chase, cleared at Boston yesterday for
Philadelphia. .
Schrs Gen Marion, Hulse, and W H Mitchell, Grant;
for Philadelphia, cleared at New York yesterday.
Schr J K Stoncbaek, Rinley, front New Haven for
Philadelphia, at New York yesterday.
Schr J O Brooks, Graffan, bonce at Portland 31st ult.
Bohr Only Son, Perry, from Delaware City, at N Bed
ford Ist lost. ’ ’
Schr Emerald, Bacon, hence at Barnstable Ist lust. *
Schr Crystal Palace, Leighton, hcnco at 8t John, NB.
28th ult. ' ‘ *
Schr Henry Nutt, WiUlams, hence at Charleston
30th ult. •
fichus Josephine, (str) Grumley, and Rough tc Ready,
(str) Kellogg, hence at HartfordistbHit/ : —V
Schr Cyclone, Dali, for Philadelphia,Railed fwnNe*
Bedford Slat ult.
Schr Mary l Ellen, Cottingham, henco, arrived at Nor
folk 39th ult.
Schr* Charm, Blimrd, And Flight, North, hence at
Norfolk 21ft ult. . ,
Bchr Ring Dove, Palmer, sailed front Alexandria lit
Inat. for Philadelphia.
Bchr Empire, Marshall, cleared at Boston Ist Inat. for
Schrfl Fannio, Spence, and U Betts, Godfrey, hence at
Boston Ist Inst.
Bohr Jane C Patterson, Hand, cleared at Boston Slat
ult. for Philadelphia.
Scbr Nlcauor, Parker, sailed from New Bedford Slat
ult. for Philadelphia.
Schr Connecticut, Nelson, hence at Bangor 29th ult.
Bchr K T Smith, Leeds, hence at Boston Ist lost.
Schrs Aretis, Chase, and Chas D Ilallatt, Hodgklnson,
cleared at Boston Ist Inst. for Philadelphia.
Bchr* Polly Price, Baker, and 0 A uroiner,-WmM,
hence at Dorchester 27th ult.
Schr Spencer D, M&pea. hoiice at Fall ttUa l Both. ult.
Schr Timothy Pharo, Oranmer, sailed from Fall River
29th ult. for Philadelphia.
Bchr Fanny Fern, Briggs, hence for Boston, at New
port 81stult.
. Bchr JBA F L, Pharo, hence at N London 31st ult.
Bchr* John Farnum, Baker, and Cicero, Yates, hence
at Providence 31st ult.
Bchr Sophia, Godfrey, hence, was below Providence
31st ult.
Schra Star, Taylor, and Almira T, Gandy, sailed from
Providence 31st ult. for Philadelphia.
Bchr Buena Vista, Clark, sailed from Bristol 30th nit.
for Philadelphia.
• Schr Gem, Crane, hence at Blghton 28th ult.
Bchr 8M Kent, Beany, hence, arr at IMltimore yes
Bchrfl Bloomfield and n L Phleger, hence at Balti
more Istinst.
Bchr Y Taylor, Abbott, for Philadelphia, cleared at
Baltimore Ist Inst.
Schr Rboder k It on lad, Hoffman, for Philadelphia,
cleared at Wilmington, N 0, 3Ut ult.
Btr Bichard Willing, Ola/poole, hence at Baltimore
yesterdoy, and cleared to return.
Propeller Novelty, Kelly, cleared at New York TCB
- for Philadelphia,
Lmcii—On Saturday afternoon last, the ship Nor
way was launched from the yard or Mr A 0 8011, at the
foot of Stanton street, East lttver, NY. The Norway is
a first class ship in every respect, and has all the modem
improvements, including a steam engine for loading and
discharging the ship, fee. She is of about 2000 tons
burthen, and is 221 feet 6 inches in length, 4S feet beam,
and 30 feet 2 inches deep. Bho is intended as a general
freighter, and is npw loading on government account
for China. The Nis to be commanded by Capt Major,
and is owned by the builder and othotfl of New York,
from whence she halls
Fr barque Olympe, Estebe, from point Petre, (Goad)
26 days, arrived at quarantine, Charleston 30th ult: was
bound to Havre, and put in leaky. While trying to
make Charleston hatbor in a disabled condltfonTgot
ashore on the broakers near Edlato'lslaml on Thursday
last, and after remaining thoro some forty-eight hours,
was assisted off by the steamer Edisto, and towed by her
to Charleston. >
NEW YORK, Sept I—Arrived, llr ship Raphael, Hay,
from London; ship Cairo. Wo osier, from Sacuv Aug 18.
barque Watren llallett, Haleett, from Oharouta, July
18. July 18 left at Rochford ship Brandywine, Under
wood, from Mobile, discharging timber.
NEW YORK, Sept. 2.—Arr, sehra Isadora, Walling,
with mdso from wreck of ship Roswell Snraguo, ashore
at Squan; Wm Collycr, Rowland, from Bridgeport:
Rucna Vista, Ilneklaud, Newport, RljElecla Parker,
Parker. New Haven: Breaso, Clark, with mdse from.ahip
Clara Brook man. ashore at Squan, Faulkenlmnr, Falken
hurc, do do. ,
Olearodi-Shlp Bellewood, Bush, New Orleans: barques.
f“lly..bylo, flavandi Ariel, Must) Builck, Trieste)
brigs Zero} Went, Bathurst} B T Martin, French,
ton} schrsC Jayne. Tyler, Richmond: Montrose; Wins
low, Galveston: Olobe, Oauten, Washington; Betgen,
Megee, City Point. .
PORTLAND—Ar3Ist ult, bapls Chevalier, Woodburo,
Shields; Odd Fellow,' Elliott, Havana: Nelson Place,
Thurston, do. . ' - -
BOST()N, Sept I—Aj Steamer Admiral. Small, St John,
NB, vm Eaatport; Joseph Whltn'ev, Howes, UalUmoce; (
shlpJullot,of Boston, Moulton, New Orleans, Bthhit:
brigs Leviathan, Morton, Plctou; Iris, Bogart, Pictott:
A l* Fluker., Partridge, Baltimore: David DafEold. of
Bostoo, Tabbutt: Br echs Billow, Foraey, Burin, NF:
Union, Leblanc; Church Point; Steward, LleWetlyo, si
John, NO; HarryHwlth, Anderson, St John, NO: Mary
Jane, McLean, St John, NB; schr* John 8011, Ham,
Richmond; SR Allen,Baker,Richmond.
Tolegraiihed—BrigDeinamra, from Baltimore.
Cleared—Br steamer Eastern State, Klllanj, Yar*
mouth, N 8, and Halifax; ship Misconomo, Geo B
Swasey, New Orleans; Br barque Halifax, Lavbold.
Halifax; brigs Icarian, Charles <J Chadbourn, St
Thomas; Henry (Br) Boudrot, Pictou; Belle Foulet,
(Br)LcbUuc, do; Mauzoul, Ames, do; Mercy 8 Cou
sins, Lancaster.
Sagua la Grande, Aug 18—In port, barques Theodor e
Curtis, Oliver, for Now York loading; Gen Jones, Tap
ley, dischg.
At Antwerp 17tU ult, ehlp Roger A Hiern, Btewart,
for N York, uac; Troy, Bnlch, for do Aug 26; Viking,
Winsor, for do Sept 1; David Hoadley, Magna, for, do
SeptlO; Tropie, Nowell, For N Orleans Sept 20; oarques
Talavora, Merrlthew, for Boston, Aug 20; Austin,
Wildes, unc.
AtGiaßgowlßth ult, ships Uonrieita, Tr&parten, for
Sidney, NSW, Idg; Mlcmac, (Ur) ‘ McNutt, for Halifax
aud Charleston, do; barques Uudeshelm, (Dutch) Bay,
for San Francisco, do; Jacob Prentiss. Jamieson, for St
Jngo, do; Jane Daggett, Lambert, for N York, unc, Sid
14th, Dr brig Florence Nightingale, Bobbins, Boston
and St John, NB; 17th, ship Rome, Liucoln, N York.''
At Constantinople 6th ult, barque White Cloud, Hoyt,
disebg, to roturn to Smyrna, and leave the latter port
for Boston about Sept 16,
At Smyrua Bth ult, barque Combridge, Harding, for
Montevideo, July 4—la port, barques Manto, Savage,
for Boston, Idg, to fill up at Buenos Ayres; Ellen Morri
son, Lewis, for N York Idg; brig Baltimore. Johnson,
for Baltimore: L Peacock. Franklin, from Union Island,
Go, for N York. Bid 16th, barque Wagraau Sears,
Hampton Roads. ' * < "•*
Arr at do June 25, brig Joliet, Dunton, Baltimore,
and probably sld for Buenos Ayres prev to July 4.
AratPiotJu lOth ult, barque Mr! Norton. Qerrior,
Bostdn; schia Esther, Le Blanc, Bath; 21st, AnnVLe
vasbe, and Fellow Craft, Ditmars, Boston: Emma Far
bisb. Kendall, St John, N Bj 22d,barquo SebraCrooker,
TiPDouald, How York; brigs Northern Light, Gannlon,
and Leader,.Levashe. Boston; 23d, Gen Pollliwior.Por; Bridget, Leblanc,. Saloro: Martha 1(111, pun-,
nells. Snedlftfc; ' , , .‘ . T 7
Old 20th. .barque B Fountain, Kellar, Boston; brigs
Ann Gannloh and Caledonia; petttpas, do: Lliabri,
.Colley, and Beatrice. Dyer, Wareham; senrs New Lon
don, RamsdeU, and Mtry Atm, Leblanc, Boston: 21*t,
brigs Sarah Wooster, MoOro, New York; Bithbp McKin
non, poudrot, and Abeooa, Forest. Boston; Time, Mo’
'Ddugrtl, Pembroke, Me; schr Emily Polrout,
22d., brigs Ororimbo, Rogehrook, Dlghtofi; AUarCtta,
BJbwij Rlyer; Thomas, and Union,
Jus, So,ton; Blldeford; Mtb,
urn, Anna Laurie, -Forbes; G M Johnston, Ross, and
AnnaG Torrey, Griffin. -Bockm: schrs Adelaide, Bou
tin] Mary Jane, Forrest, and Mazeppa, Merchant, do;
Sarah, Hutchinson, Saco; 20th, brig Lydia* Storer, Bib
ber, do. Coal shipped during the week, 6722 chs.
Ar at 8t John NBiSTtHuE, brigs Mary Ann, Cole, New
York; Alruccabah, CarHslu. Georgetown, SO: 28th,
Peru, M’Lellan, New York; achs Catharine Brown, Bull
vao, hence; Franklin, McLean, Salem; Mecca, Edgett,
Eostport] 29th. Athol, Farr. Alexandria.
Qld2?th, ship Monterey, Mayo,Dublin; sch Margaret
Elizabeth, McDoUgal, Providence; 28th Anna Decatur,
, Penarth Roads; Rufus Choate, Rich do; schooner
Brunswick Lion, Craft, fiallowell.
Lint of AnivuU at the Principal Hotels,
MERCHANTS* HOTEL—Fourth street.below Arch.
A Gold, Balt P 21 Hunker, Pittsh
J R Wallace, Atlanta Ga J W Bradley, Ga
W J Kuhns & slat, Ohio Isaac Long, N 0
J W Duuran,Tenn J W Jackson, Tenn
T M 0 Armbruser, Bolt GLDuton,Va
J R Glass, Pa An Packard. Va
W Dultz, I'hila Samuel Hartley, Ind
M W Bhindel, Lancaster K F Greenough, N II
Mrs Andrews. Pittsburgh H C McCluchen, Tenn
T P Mills, Bridgeportlnd B Sanders, Bridgeport Ind
0 Beck, ConeraviUe Ind W 1£ Moore, Milton Pa
J W Hays 6c ly, Tenn Miss T Peck, Tenn
MraStepens, do WF Speer, Bellvernon
C II Bpllkcr, Texas G Gingrich, Lebanon Pa
Wmllelner, Milton, Pa J A Wilkins, Tenn
GW Funk, do John W Johnson, St Paul
Mrs Funk, do M Cohen, Savannah
D W Moore. 1 Clearfield, Pa H Haym, do
: Wm U Huffman, Wayesb'g Wm Feabit, Mt Jackson
Wm McOreery, Pittsburgh John L Hays, do
■ Abram Lozier, Aurora, Ind D K Sparks, Lawrenceburg
II Ray, West Wheeling, 111 Stephen Neal, N 0
M J Brown, Ales, Mo John L Dawes, Pittsburgh
A Thompson, Balt Mrs Scott, WUkesbarre, Pa
Mrs Eldrin A 2 sons, Har- E A King, York, Pu
risburg E P Flint k la, San Fran
BMcKenney, New London, JW B Murphy, Trenton,
Conn N J
GeoC Clare. Washington B Teale, Worcester
J O Freelana, Mendvlile W II Mcffert, Nashville
It E Siller* A: la, Pittsburg J D Gower, do
A Miller, N Y Hon J S Yost, Pottstown
Lewis Strange k lady, York E M Pollock, Harrisburg
Ponnn ' Mrs Pollock, do
Chae D Emery,,Williams- Prof A L Koepper, Lad
port, Pa ■ caster
J Goodman, Columbus, 0 EM Enfer. lowa
Jas GuUderaheimer, Balt J A Caldwell, La Porto, Ind
J.O Hammond, South Bend Jos Paul, Ohio
Ind Jan McLeran, lowa
Ed Hyle Elijah Sturdcvant, Ot
Jno Dean.AUeg’y city, P» John Porter, Pittsburgh
MMBaialUng,NY H F.Ulott, phiia
•j , W Dlgby, Pittsburgh
t - GIRAJUfHQUSE—Chestnut street, below Ninth.
SFPatSrgfcforttl ML Ogden, Washington
Harris, Pa Silas L Johnson, Rich Va
.JjQ,Canfield <k la, Balt • Oeoßßagby, do
CBm Haihmond k daugh, SO John D Lively, do
MiflaMcKee, do Jos H Spencer, Balt
fi Wood, ya • C Walbridgo A ly, Wash
Mlsa M Wt»od,-Ya Gen H Walbridge k la, NY
Ml* Hall, Pa 8 8 Spencer, Lancaster
B B Leyr loud A la, Ind II K Eastman. Chicago
J S Mitchell k d, Milwaukee Mrs Eliott, ri
Jos PCl%rk, Albany Miss Eliott, do
F M Crook. Balt H T Eliott, do
GOoMßtomman, Pa Miss R Lebanc, Cienfugos
Jos G Ogden k da,' N J R K Porter k wf, Ga
Mrs Whitaker, 'do F B Hacker, 8 C
Thos Parker 6c ly, k Wash John T Brown, Ky
Mbw Parker, do Miss Ingraham, Miss
0 Alexander k wf, do Mrs Kirby, do
D Mcßae, Wilmington, NOW Coverly, Harrisburg
Joshua Harvey; Balt W B Shepard, Tonn
John E Harvey, do Geo M Mnginnls, Fla
Geo M Dean, Boston Miss Gatlin, do
Wm E Short, Va JGDolt, do
Oapt J Young, do W Garnle, do
W 8 Groesbeck, Cin, 0 Lieut Evans, do
Dr W WOnnsbee, New- T V Holmes, do
bern, NO T Fernandez, Cuba
M Colas, Cuba Jas Price, Wilmington
G W Farquahar, PhNa llarvey Price, do
J G WhltweU, N York Wm Orauo, Manchester
E H Hatch, bt Paul J Richardson, Georgia
K B Gossett k la, Cin Ohio Miss Richardson, do
M fi Mauhis, Trenton Alisa M Apstey, N York
J W Sylrester, do SlissK J Atkinson, do
Geo W Bylreater, do E Hnndfout, do
N Hunter, Leesport J N T Levick, N Orleans
T B Cramp, Moutreal Henry Block, do
John W Grant, do A B Williams, Buffalo N Y
MII Merrimau, Chicago B M Mooro, 111
J W Austin k la, Louisiana Mr Schoonmaker, N Y
AMERICAN HOUSE, Chestnut street, above Fifth.
John A Calender, Smyrna, J W Harper, Va
Del G H Eachus, Chicago, 111
Harris Telt and la, N Y Wm J Naglo, Bait
A O Anthony, Ky Isaac"lloskiu«on, 111
JobnUemmington, lowa J Lloyd Shalieubeger, Pa
Chas B Reed, do John McAdams, do
John HHarrison, Chicago Jno O Stuart, Chicago
P V D Lockwood, Kings- D Dougherty k la, Pta’vlle
ton, NY J A Reed. Phiia
Barnuel Smith, N C J W Irvin, Baltl
SM Hobson, do Wm Walsh, Richmond, Ya
A II Pierson & la,Wooster, P S Pierson k la, N J
Ohio Prof Geo A Haynes, N Y
E A Clark, N Y Mr* Incho, do
W Incho, Jr do David Dodd, do
8 F Duckworth,do AR Davis, Lebanon, Tenn
T Brlaeham, do A W Strong, N Y
O 8 Ricnard*, Troy, NY E W Dennison, Boston
Thos Godson, do John O Havemyer, N Y
M 8 Goodtnon, Newark,N J I< Jiutes, do
JII Orosbee, Pror, N j Janies 8 Sanford, Wash
Mrs M Amden, Trenton It C Sanford do
W W Woodward, N Y Miss C Sanford do
Chas T Lewis, WUksborre ThosSmlth, Pa
8 M Lawton A la. N O J Eckert, Reading
O Keos k wifo, Rlch’d Va R J Smock, N J
S A Whitney, N J A L Mellen. do
A Crane, M D, N O F E Voas, Charleston S O
John Chandler, La J Bunstlne, Dayton
Baml Reber, St Louis O M Harman, do
JacobKapp,Ga FStringer, NO
J Rllett. Ga Thos O Payun, N O
E M Edington, Texas O F Turner, Louisville
A R Toft, Charleston 8 0 0 G Torry A la, Hartford
J Leblanc, Jr, Olenfugos Miss Terry, do
A U Mechlin. Washington N Winslow, N C
Mias F Mechlin, do J 8 Cannon, do
J A Norello, London 11 F Strohccker, Charleston
fl W Donegau, Ala A C Strust, Portland
9 fi Sanford, Galena J 0 Tcrnm, Miss
J’.A Wniiamsoo, Memphis 0 J Field k dau, Miss
Jffi Taylor, N Y Miss M J Clay, Ky
9 % Tata tor, N Y Mias B Field, do
Mr* A Marshal, Cin Ohio Miss M Miller, do
% < - Miss P Holloway, Ky
W C France, Balt ' Mrs Mary Conrad A dau ,Lt
R Rose, Cal Geo Brown, Conn
A J Ingersoli, Mobile R Langden, jr, N Y
HI! Ware, Selina J C Snyder, do
Eli Porter, Vicksburg Geo Kellogg, jr, Conn
DMcOullan, do D K Storkton, Utica Mo
E 8 Greenwood, Col Ga A Lodewig, N Y
UNION HOTEL—Arch street, above Third.
M H Williams, Savannah Geo Mendel, Wheeling, Va
H Mitchell, do 9 W Luceoch, Liberty, O
I»«C 8 Hands, Del 0 F CUne, Richland eo, 0
Henry Saxton. Carlisle John Brower A lady, Now
John Reed A la, Orrville, 0 Castln Pa
R WClendenln. N Castle,Pa 0 Renford, Somerset
S Ehllson, Berlin HII Scott, Huntingdon, Pa
JIN; Henderson, N Athens,o A V Bonnet I, N J
Wot Cannon, do 0 Rover, Reading
David GarU, Easton, Pa Jacob Ileyxn&n, St Clairs-
Dan’l Lsrer, Patterson, Pa ville, 0
S Wilber, Ma4Ui»n, Ind J T Amkin«on A lady,
G J I’algett, do Chamberaburg
Ju A Brandt, Cumberland JaaCalwell, Allegheny city
Ffl- - Henry Carver, Bedford co
J Y Callen, Colnmbuß, 0 A Mode, Savannah, Ga
W 8 Clawson A lady, N J fi Bostick, Fort Wayne, Ind
J 0 Rosegraut, Ohio J Wlster, do
fiaml Crooks, Bloomfield, 111 John Lerch, Bethlehem
Emanuel Brown, do R Krause, Davenport
Thos Youpg, do Bonj Moffitt, Ashboro’, NO
Chas Blttenbender, do S Hall. Va.
SHall, Va F P Hollister, Montrose,Pa
Chas G WUcox. Phiia P Wells, do
Albert Mory, Dayton, Ohio
CITY HOTEL—Third atreot. above Race,
Geo Martin, Wmsport N M Kerr, Phiia
lUleh Herbert, Elmira. R Williams, do
Miss L Hopkins, Hudson J Richards, lk rde itown
M N Franklin, Parkaburg J M Wood, Doyleitown
D D Jones, Phiia 8 S Paul, Cambria co
F Rules, do A Beckwith, Va
MADISON HOUSE—Second street, above Market.
P Holllngshead. N J Wm A Benbener( Delaware
Jacob Binder, New Jersey Wm C Powell, do
Q M Clayton A la, Freeport J W James. do
A Waterhouse, Now York Jno Reynolds, Jr do
Jacob Smith, Penna Henry Bailey k la, Pcnna
JG Wheat, Delaware K Holies Hartford, Con
JW Davis, do J V Moore, Odessa, Del
J T Sudler, Cambridge E N Moore. do
U 0 Murdock, Chester co A P Kennedy, Kentucky
A Bailey, .do 8 F Lawrauce, Chester co
STATES UNlON—Market, above Sixth.
John M Phillips, Moss W 0 Mager, Duucaunon
Qeo Hooch, Perry co, Pa J L Reenc. West Cheat, Pa
J Weames, Ind co, Pa H Walker, Pa
Wm Brooks, Ya Mrs Keller, do
Joel Miller, Pa DK Barton, Balt
Mrs Danner, do A II Chase, Lane
DHKimmei,do BUOrslip. Pa
J B £ino, do A Melley, do
G H Bardwell, do D W Ross, do
Jaa Mullion, P R E
OH Blake, NJ
i NATIONAL HOTEL—Racostreet,abovo Third.
J M Hodesby, Tamoqua Samuel Scott, Pottsvillo
Jo* J Greor, Doyleatomi H J Hendicr, do
BDa Paw, Easton Geo W Morgan* do
8 H Woodward, Wheeling, JFGemmunAwife.Doitou
Va A fiimbol, Indiana
L 81ckler, Wyoming, Ta D Walburn, do
Geo Heckman, Reading M llerspcr, do
J Fisher, do T W Mayhew, Lancaster
M DWetman,Daupbln, Pa B Mayhew, do
JohuStoue, do R A Glover, Schuylkill co
Isaac Bard, do D Glover A la, do
SS Conley, Pa P Lavenberg, Pa
WmHugg, Reading Peter Bowman, Glassboro’
' P Williams, Woodside, Pa.
BLACK PEAR HOTEL—Third street, ab. CallowhUl.
David Welda, Lehigh co JB Gelring, Kimmao
Mra Weida, do Sami Perry, Mohravllle
Wnt» Gerliug, Amity J Troxolls Warren, 0
J.Weand, Allentown J Heffner, Mohmlllo
Albert llino, Bernevillo.
Special Notices.
' TiiU being the season of the year when
Diarrhoea, Dysentery and Cholera are unhappily hut too
prevalent, wo remind our readers of Brown's Essence
iff Jamaica Ginger, and Ills Incomparable Cholera Mil
sure. Each nets with the curative and magical power.
Vhe medicines above named Imre truly arrested the fatal
frogreps of disease, and saved hundreds of lives. It
Sefc&tcn’t Saving Fund —Office 303 Walnut
street, one door weßt of second street. Deceives de
posits in sums of One Dollar and upwards, from all
classes of the community, and allows Interest at the rate
of five per cent, per annum. Bloneys paid on Demand.
Office open dally, from 9 until 6 o'clock, and on Mon
day and Saturday until 9 in the evening. President
Franklin Fell; Treasurer, Charles M. Morris; Secre
tary, Jam«B B. Pringle.
Bower’* Infant Cordial,•••This invaluable
Cordial is prepared from a variety of the most choice and
efficient aromatics known In medicine, and is the most
perfect and reliable carminative extant for infants and
young children.
By its powerful Influence a speedy cure is effected in
all cases'of Cholic, windy pains and spasms. Believes
and mitigates much of children’s suffering during denti
tion or teething, and by its soothing properties Iran*
qulllaes pains of the iou?«f j, looseness, vomiting, Ac.
The Infant Cordial has become a standard remedy,
and has bees used in thousands of cases with the most
abundant success. No family should be without it.
Prepared only by Uanar A. Bowed,
At his Drug and Chemical Store,
N, S. comer of Sixth and Green sts., Philadelphia.
To whom *U orders must bo addressed. Aud for sale
by Druggists generally, au 13-ly
- Saying Fund—Five Per Cent. Interest—Na
tional Safety Trust Company, in W surer Street, south
west comer of Third Street, Pbiladblpiiu. Assets
over Oxn Million and a Hal? or Dollabs, invested
in JUal Bsta?*,’ Mobtqaqis,Ground Rshts, and other
first class soedrltl&i, as required by the charter. This
Institution confines its business entirely to the recei
ving of money on deposit. Any sum, large or small,
is wcelvadj Mfithetooney is always paid back, with
out notice, to any amount.
. The-office ia open every day from 9 o’clock i* the
morning until 7 o|clock in the evening, and on Monday
so 4 WHungti until 9 o'clock.
August lttb, et the M. £. Parsonage. 1823 CallowhUl
street, by Rev. J. E; Meredith, Mr. JOHN R. LED
GER, of Fraukford, to Miss PRISCILLA ROSCOW. of
Philadelphia. *
August 31, at G&Uagherville, by Rev. Win, Duncan.
Mr. J. E. FOX to Miss CAROLINE A. BOCKfS. both of
On the let Inst., ELIZABETH, daughter of John 8.
ond Sarah GUI, aged 7 years.
The relatives and friends of the family are respectful*
ly invited to attend the funeral, from the residence
of her parents, No. 1110 Frnnkford Road, above Otter
f.t.. Kensington, on Thursday morning, at 10 o'clock,
without further notice. To proceed to Odd Fellows
On the 31st ult., JOSEPH BURROUGH, in the 77th
year of his nge.
The relatives and frionds of the family Are respect
fully invited to attend the funeral, from his late resi
dence. Ponder Mill Lane, near Adam street, Frankl'ord,
23d Ward, on Friday afternoon next, at 3 o’clock, with
out further notice.
,117“ An Adjourned Democratic Meeting of
the citizens of the Ist precinct of the Eighth Warn will
be held THIS (Thursday) EVENING, the 3d Septem
ber. at the MKTAUOKA HOUSE, South Tenth street,
above Spruce, for the purpose of deciding upon the ex*
peuiency of changing the Precinct Democratic head
Quarters. »e3*lt#
U 7“ Fifth Precinct, Eleventh Ward.—At a
meeting of the Democratic citizens, held at the house
of Aaron Gilbert, for the purpose of selecting officers to
conduct the Delegate Election, on Monday Evening,
Sept. 7, Samuel Taylor was elected Judge, and Jacob S.
Mintier and E. Wood Inspectors.
L. Wolles wbbbbr. < inspectors.
Samuel W. Tatlor, Clerk. , sc3-lt#
07“ Notice to,Consignees.—The ship “Sul.
wart,” Captain Lucas, from Liverpool, is now ready to
discharge at Shlppon street wharf. Consignees will
please send their permits on hoard. All goods not per*
mlttcd In five days will he sent to public store.
07 A Meeting of the Wholesale and Retail
bo held on every THURSDAY AFTERNOON at 2
o’clock, at the DILIGENT HALL, Tenth and Filbert
streets. Every member is particularly requested to
attend, os business of great iraportanco will be before
the Association.
N. U.—Those who are Interested in the business
(and aro not members) are invited to come and join
with us. By order of the
David m. hogan, blank book
Manufacturer, Stationer and Printer, No. 4]g
WALNUT street, between Fourth and Fifth, Phlladel*
pl»»- ' Be3-lm
Lewis b. coffin,—
South-east corner FIFTH and QUEEN Streets,
»op 3 lmo Philadelphia.
000 on< * well secured mort*
HP * jv/UU gages of these amounts for sale.
sep3 It* Fifth st. below Chesnut.
TO LET—A CLUB"BOOM. Apply at the
STAR HOTEL, Harmony Court. se3*3*t#
—Sole Lessee ~W. WHEATLEY.
Soils or Prices.—Orchestra Stalls, GO cents; Dress
Circle (no extra charge for Secured Seats), 50 cents;
Family Cirele and Amphitheatre. 25 cents; Seats in Pri
vate Boxes, 75 cents; Whole Prirato Box, |3; Gallery,
13cents; Gallery for Colored Persons, 25 cents; Pri
vate Box in Gallery for Colored Persons, 38 cents.
Box Office open from 10 A. 51. until 3 P. M.
J.M. D.WHITTON Treasurer.
THIS (Thursday) EVENING, Sept. Bd. will bo pre
sented Sueridan Knowles’s ever-popular play of
Julia...,. .......Mrs. D. P. Bowers
Helen Mrs. E. L. Davenport
Master Walter .Mr. Dolmau
Sir Thomas Clifford Mr. Wm. Wheatley
To conclude with. 2nd time by the Star Company, the
Laughable Comodletta of the
Sharp Mr. J. S. Clarke
Sir Charles Courtnll Mr. Dolman
Lady CourtaU Mrs. Tannehill
Grace... Bliss Anna Cruise
11 above Eighth.
Admission Seats In Private Box, $1; Orchestra
Chairs, 75 cents; Dress Circle and Parquet, 50 cents ;
Familly Circle, 25 cents. Doors open at 7. To commence
at 8% o'clock.
Box Office open from 10 to 4 o’clock, when seats can
he secured.
Stago Manager Mr. 11. Watkins
THIS (Thursday) EVENING, Sept. 3, 1857, will be
acted the capital Comedy, in three Acts, of tho
Amlnidab Sleek..... .......Sir. Burton
' The capital Farce, as played st Burton's Theatre, New
York, with uuboumied success, for several Beasons. of
Joe Bags Mr. Burton
TRE, New York, Is non- playing his best charac
ters at the NATIONAL, In this city. Ho appears to
night os “ Aminidab Sleek.” and also plays two parts in
the farce; ono of which, “Madame Vaaderpant,” has be
come a standard favorite. Visitors should not neglect
this opportunity. se3-lt
X FIFTH and CHESTNUT Streets, entrance on
interspersed with the almost miraculous performance of
throwing real daggers AGAINST A LIVING MAN, and
playing a SOLO on the FLUTE, when Standing upon a
Pyramid of Wine Decanters.
Commencing at half-past 7. Admission 10 eents.
and Mrs. HERMANN VEZIN. from the princl
fial English Theatres, will mako thefr first appearauce
n America, at the above Theatre, on Monday evening
next, September Bth. sel-6t*
►3 ELEVENTH Street, above Chestnut.
Doors open at 7# o’clock—to commence at 8.
Admittance 25 cents.
SECOND WEEK of tho great burlesque on the
Opera of
Written expressly for this establishment by John Har
rington, Esq.
The Manager respectfully announces that in conse
quence of the immense excitement produced by the
performance of the above burlesque, it will be repeated
MONDAY Evening, August 31st, ana every evening this
week. Previous to the piece
£egal Notices.
GOMERY county, Augußt 39th, 1857. Notice Is
hereby given, to all persons interested in the estate of
Mary Alderfer, late of tho township of Lower Salford, in
said count? of Montgomery, deceased, that Abraham,
John, and Benjamin Alderfer have applied to sold Court,
by petition, praying for a decree for tno sale of the real
estate of Raid Mary Alderfer, deceased. The said Court
have fixed WEDNESDAY, tue 30th day of September,
1857, at 10 o’clock A. M., at the Court House, in Norris
town, for all parties interested to appearand show cause,
if any they have, why the prayer of said petitioners
should not bo granted. By order of the Court.
J. 11. DAVIS, Clerk of the Orphans’ Court.
ocntlcmcit’s‘i r nnrisl)ing (Eoobs.
CHESTNUT Btreet, above Seventh street, Philadelphia.
The attention of Southern and Western Merchants, aud
Strangers, is particularly invited to this improved cut of
Shirts, the moat perfect fittlug article made. At whole
sale and retail, and made to order. auS-lylf
tjats, Caps, &r.
• HATTER, No. 430 CHESTNUT Street, below
Fifth, Philadelphia. au4-lmrp
aul-fim No. 8 8. SIXTH street, Philadelphia.
For Sole anil to £ct.
FICE or STORE, No. 222 South Third street, oppo
site Pear street. J. TKNNENT.
OjOnn or s6oo book bindery for
tfPIFW SALE—Sovoh years established, dclng a
fair Job business, which can bo Increased, both blank
and printed jobs. Location, 535 Arch street, below
Sixth. Blnuk books at cost, Jobs bound to order.
Story Brick Dwelling, No. 8 PORTIOO SQUARE,
SPRUOE street, above Ninth, south aide.
Apply to S. & W. WELSH,
au2t)-2w* No. 218 South Delaware Avenue.
TER, N. J., FOR SALE, handsomely located and
shaded—Lot, 75 feet by 140. Price, $3,000. Also, Lots
suitable for manufactories, fronting tne river. Apply
to O. ROBB, No. 311 South Fifth street. au26-lm*
FOR SALE! A one-half interest in a well-estab
PRINTING OFFICE, located in a city of!2,000 inhabit
auts, and one of tho most prosperous in the West The
paper; is National Democratic in politics, it Las the offi
cial patronage of the Post Office, together with that of
the county and city—it being the official paper of the
city, and the aggregate annual income of the establish
ineut Is about $10,000.# The office is supplied with a
superior cylindor press, a Ruggles job prehs, a Wash
ington press, paper cutter, card cutter, Ac., together
with un excellent variety of type, fixtures, Ac., alt In
good order. For a practical printer, or an editor, this
is more than ordinary opportunity. For further partic
ulars, address U. G. CROUCH.
Galena, Illinois.
#There is only ono other printing office of any kind
in tho city. aug29-d«wlvr
Dancing academy.—naylor &
and SOUTH streets, commencing TUESDAY, September
1,1857. The subscribers, In offering this prospectus to
the dancing community, respectfully acknowledge their
idudntss during past seasons, and pledge themselves
that nothing shall bo wanting on their part to make the
coming season surpass In brilliancy that of former
Mr. N. and Daughter haTe, with untiring exertions,
added to their already full Uat of fashionable dances,
many new ones, which will be Introduced during tho
For Children—Tuesday and Saturday Afternoons from
3 to 5 o’clock ; for Ladies and Gentlemen— I Tuesday and
Saturday Evenings from 7 till 10 o’clock. au 27-3 m
Vy promptness and at the usual rates, by
No. 25 South THIRD Street, Philadelphia.
They invitp attention to their unequalled facilities for
the adjustment of controversies in all parts of the
United States and Canadas, and collecting and securing
afforded by thoir thorough organisation; having local
agents in every settled county iu theUulou,and by pros
porous associate offices in
Boston, Louisville, Dubuque.
New York, St. Louis. Detroit,
Baltimore, Cincinnati, st Paul’s.
Washington, Pittsburgh, MUwauUe,
Charleston, Chicago, • Memphis,
Mobile, New Orleans, Savannah.
Each local office controlling its own collections, and
having daily business connections with the moat reliable
and experienced attorneys in the country
Tlwyalw have lupertor facilities for collecting draft,
and maturing paper at points not accessible to Banks
and Bonkers, and Remittances are promptly made by
tp c *r correspondents for commissions that exceed but
slightly tho current rate of exchange.
By the old of intelligent correspondents, they are able
to have Land Warrants located, claims adjusted, titles
examined, in all parts of the West. au4-tathAs-lm
HS. TARR ’ 8 manufactory“of
WORK, GREEN Street, above SEVENTH, Phlladel
phi*- “ »ug29-lw,
Ut WALNUT Bt., Wow FITTS. saUif
Can&i&aUa for ©ffice.
For assembly—
Subject lo Democratic Jivlet. gel-lw»
For assembly—
Second District—Second Ward.
CT* Subject to Democratic Rules. feu 28-lQt*
JL COURT, JOHN P. M’FADDEN, of Third Ward.
Subject to the rules of the Democratic Party. ao!4f
For assembly-josefh j. kebfe.
—Second Legislative District, Second Ward.
Subject to the decision of the Democratic Convention.
FOR RECORDER of deeds.—t. b.
TOWN, Fourth Ward. Subject to Democratic
rules. au 20-dtSB
For clerk of quarter sessions
“■WILLIAM BAFFIN, First Ward. Subject to
Democratic Rules. au 20-taep 8*
Recorder of delsM—albert d.
BQfLRAU, Sixteenth Ward. Subject to Demo
cratic Boles. augtiWtseps»
For prothonotary of the dis
trict court, WM. M. REILLY, of First Ward.
Bubjoct to Democratic Rules. aul7-dt*eB#
Eighth War I—Seventh Legislative District. Sub
ject to Democratic rules. au!s-tsepB*
Prothonotary of the district
COURT.—’WM. LOUGHLIN, Second Ward. Sub-
Ject to Democratic rules. au!6-3ep7»
to Democratic Rules. au!4*
FOR ASSEMBLY— Second District, PER
RAN J. COOK, Second Ward. Subject to Democratic
Rules. au!2-tC*
JOSEPH CROCKETT, Sixteenth Ward. Subject
to Democratic Rules. au 12-4w*
For recorder of deeds—thos.
J • HEMPHILL, Tenth ward, Vine street, above
Eighth. Subject to Democratic rules. aulG-lm#
FRANKLIN McILYAIN, Subject to Democratic
For CORONER—dk. feodore mier
&ON, Fifth Ward. Subject to Democratic Rules.
Ward. Subject to Democratic Rules. auB-lm*
Phothonotaky'of the district
COURT, GEORGE F. MEEBKB, Twenty-second
Ward. Subject to Democratic Rules. au 4-tSeB
For recorder of deeds—r. r.
YOUNG, Seventh Ward. Subject to Democratic
Rules aui-lm*
For coroner—n. c. reid, m. d.
Subject to Democratic Rules. au4lm*
For assembly—first district,—
JOSEPH H. DONNELLY, First Ward. Subject
to decision of the Democratic Convention. aul-sw#
DAVID R. McLEAN, Fourth Ward. Subject to
Democratic Rules. eul-tseB*
Fourteenth Ward,
Subject to Democratic Rules, on aul t seB
For recorder of deeds—geobge
W. WUNDRB, Thirteenth Ward. Subject to De
mocratic Rules. aul-6w#
For recorder of deeds—n. f.
WOOD, Thirteenth ward. Subject to Democrat!,
rules. au3-te*
Clerk of quarter sessions.-.
Subject to Democratic Rules. aultaepS
<£ intentional.
The west Philadelphia insti.
south Ride, between William and Till streets.
This excellent Seminary will open, as usual, on the
Ist September. It is delightfully located In a situation
which combines the advantages of country air and ex
ercise with proximity to the city. The health, moral
and personal comfort of the hoarding pupils are the
special care of the indefatigable principals, Mr. and
Mrs. Bred, who devote every effort to render the Insti
tute a homo as well as a school, both for boarders and
day pupils. The terms are moderate, considering the
many advantages offered, being only $225 per annum for
boarding pupils. The system of instruction embraces
the wholo scope of mental training, and the best mas
tors have chargo of the various departments of ian
?u«ges. music, drawing, painting, Ac ; the object being
o furnish a really sound education to the pupil from the
commencement to the completion of all studies to which
the female miud can apply itself. For further particu
lars apply to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. Rkeo, at the
above address.
We cordially recommend the above Institute to all pa
rents desirous of providing a really sound and good edu
cation for their daughters. Mrs. Keen has had upwards
of serenteen years’ experience, andhersystemof tuition
has been eminently and uniformly successful In forming
accomplished pupils.
Joseph Kern, West Philadelphia.
Berea Bicxkell, M. D., “
A. Convkbbr, D. D., Philadelphia.
Hbxbt W. Woods, West Philadelphia.
E. D. Sauxdkbs, Professor Blunders’ Institute, W. P.
1 most heartily concur in the above recommendation,
and think any parent highly favored to hare a daughter
under Sirs. Reed’s training and instruction.
sep3 3t 903 Clinton street.
and OIIKBTNUT Streets, Second and Third Stories.
Koch Student has individual Instruction from compe
tent and attentive! Teachers, under the immediate
supervision of the Principal.
One of the Best Penmen in the Country has charge of
the Writing Department.
Please call and see and get a Catalogue of
Terms, Ac. se3 lm
HEMAN ALLEN, A. M., ia prepared to
receive a limited number of pupils on the Violin;
or on the Piano, and to play Violin parts or accompani
ments with advanced pianists. Apply at the residence
of his father, Professor ALLEN, No. 215 South Seven
teenth Street. Circulars, with terms and references,
at G. ANDRE A Co.’e, No. 11W Chestnut St. stVlm*
LOCUST Street, west of SIXTEEN aHv wiU be
opened on MONDAY, September 7th, at 9 A. M.
The Principal will be in attendance at the Academy
during the first week in September, between 9 A. M. and
2F. M.j to receive applications for admluion. Circu
lar* may be had of Mr, HILL, Sexton of St. Mark’s
Church, or at the Academy.
au29-2w# J. ANDREWS HARRIS, Principal.
Tho pupils in this Institution will be instructed ia alt
the branches of a thorough English Education, and every
facility for the acquirement or knowledge provided for
The discipline will be a careful pointing onward and
The school-year la divided into two terms, of five
mouths each, commencing first of Ninth Month (Sep
tember,) ana first of Second Month (February.)
First Department, per term of five m0nth5......|25.00
Second “ “ “ 20.00
Third “ “ » 35.00
Fuel, Ac., per term 1.00
Philadelphia, 1857.
Thomas Kimber,
Samuel Settle, Jr.,
Mannaduke O. Cope,
William Settle,
Thomas Wlstar,
Anthony P Morris,
Joshua H. Morris,
Uriah Hunt,
J. D. White, M. D ,
Benj. 9. Jenaey, M. D.
Robert K. Wright,
Thomas D. Smith,
George Griscom,
William F. PitSeld,
David Vanderveer,
William B. Thomas.
LADIES, (boarding and day pupils.) N. W. corner
ELEVENTH aud GREEN streets. Fifth session will
open on September 7th. Best reference given, in
cluding all present and former patrons. ao26>tf
and BUTTONWOOD streets. Professors of the highest
qualifications employed. Catalogues containing full
particulars, pupils’ names, testimonials, Ac., can be
nod ou application.
nu2s-tf F. DONLEAYY LONG, Principal.
Hall of st. james the less.
The Annual Session will begin on TUESDAY, Sep
tember!. v
Circulars maybe obtained at the Bookstore of H.
HOOKER, S. W. corner EIGHTH and CHESTNUT, or
of tho Rector, Fust Office, Falls of Schuylkill. Phila
delphia. aul7-fitn
CHESTNUT St., below Twentieth, will re-open on the
SECOND MONDAY in September. aul9-fiw*
1 v persons, male and femalo, to gaiu a share ol this
world’s goods and comforts as a
Nos. 148 and 150 SIXTH Street, near RACE,
will re-open on MONDAY. SEPTEMBER Ist, for fall
and winter Studies, embracing a knowledge of
by simplified methods, In a short time.
THE LEIDY’3 take pleasure in saying, that during
the past year a large number of persons acquired a
BUSINESS EDUCATION, enabling many to secure pro
fitable situations, and others to prosecute their business
operations successfully. au22-3m.
Giltier-tUnrc & Jnuclrj).
First door abote Chestnut, ou Ninth street, second
story, Philadelphia.
Constantly on hand and for sale to the Trade,
LADLES, Ac., kc. ’
Gilding and plating un all kinds of metal. ae2-ly
Francis p. dubosq & son, late of
Duboaq, Carrow * Co.. Wholesale MANUFAC
delphia. ’
F/ias-cis P. Dcaoaq. wm. H. Ddbosq.
au3l 3m
Seining iUargmw.
-c*. WEU3TER, A Co., beg respectfully to introduce
themselves to the public as the manufacturers of the
adapted to manufacturing or family purposes.
Free from the otyectioua which have been urged
against those already known in this market. THIS
THEM ALL. and wilt be sure to commend itself, upon
examination, to families, tailors, saddlers, shoemakers,
and seamstresses. Those in want of A GOOD ARTICLE,
that will make a handsome lock-stitch, work WITH
or GATHER; ludeed. that will give entire satisfaction
even after they have been used For years, are invited to
call at our rooms, 108 South EIGHTH Street, up stairs.
Sewing of every description executed in the best pos
sible manner, aud on reasonable terms. Samples of our
work sent by mail to any part of the United States.
And in now open for Exhibition at Second Story, front
Room, No. 726 CHESTNUT Street. State and County
Blghta for sale, Apply as above, au2o»tf.
WICK & BRO., K«.1»3 N. BSCOif® StTMt,
,0(18. Smog, ...
hotels aiii RtstacratUs.
tnSt-tf MogXBBBX 4 SONS, lumtnu.
TON PLACE hotel, bboad
rnw IV SH”"' EWHIH, rtrwt, New To*.
style o *** 1 * CB P t^on °f guests, in the European
r>t Rnovfn^ rom i a t 0 **7- sum
MEALS served atali hours by the CARD, at modcrafta
‘thft * P l ®?* favorably known te
feet, end our friend., patron., and the tAtelUnn n nZ o
in general, map reat aunrrod that no .Sort ilSlb
wanting to maka tha CLINTON worth, thn faror vhkh
we hereby respectful!, Kiieit.
WXSAKT * 00.
CJCOTT HOUSE—Corner of Irwin Street
►3 and Oniaesne W.r, Pittsburgh. B. 2> UAKKhr
Proprietor. anlMm
tOines aiib tiqnoxe.
120 RT WINE.—In bond and entitled to de
benture no calks st. Joseph’s Pnre jnlen Port
Wine, Inqrs. and eighth.. --vs.
key? 2 “““J % M* l * ScotehWhin-
Piftj pipes Anchor Bin.
-ed J. J Unpnr Brandia, all
of which I offer to the trade at reduc-f prices!^
an27.3moa 88 and W?/—♦
. BBS of BBAKWM, WINKS, 4c. : iSo ?H:
*“ Jr , s*gs n <* th * eld wheat! wlisKwr
ho. 6 North TRONT street.
LIQUOR STORE, No. 228, Southeast Cornin' of
OEOEPE and SOUTH gtreet.. ’ S*, ,
South FIFTH Street, PhAadriphhT nU,
Brandies —pinet, c*atmon & co_ Ma
rett 4 Co'., and other brand, of r *r —~r nf Tannna
rlnUge., la half pipe, and quarter e»*k. : Petlwndeta
Boehelle Brandies, pal. and dark, In half pine., onartwr
oaek.andonMlghthcask., rt! laCiuWSKwrtSi
imported and for sale bjr
HENET BOHUSff fc CO . ' '
anS Hoe. 2H and 233 Booth Tsartbstreet.
AA JtKD fcioEß BEKE BBEWEEI, S» 03 raew
ho. 938) North TUIBO street,
order* promptly attended to* . ” “"f 1 ™
~BaUa bg &nrticn.
V» JA CHESTNUT Stro.t th.
House, between Fourth and Filth Streeta.
Two Hundred and Firty in number, on MONDAY MOBN.
ING, SEPT. 7th, at U o'clock! at the
CHESTNUT ST. _We will sell one of the finest GoW>
tlons of Modern European Picture# ever offered in tfeht
City, including choice and beautiful Landscapes. Maria*
and Coast Views, Figure pieces, Interior*, and a great
variety of elegant and Interesting subjects, all finbhei
In the finest style, being mostly original* by celebrated
artists. In the Collection will also befoundaitumbee
of exceedingly correct Copies, afta.‘ tiie Old Hasten
token from thei originals witkexqms»tec*r»;
All the Pictures have been framed la rich gold silt
Frames, made Lxpresalj to suit each pleturefand aU
being In perfect order, are fit ornaments with which to
adorn the parlor, gallery, or drawing room. The whole
of this superior Collection will be om& for
all day on FWDAY and SATURDAY prectdSrK&K
X n Evening until ID o’clock, whenthe Ladiea
and Gentlemen are invited to examine them With Cata*
iogues prior to the time of Sale.
Parties from a distance can have their Pictures
'on the spot so as to be sent with perfect safety. • *
Moses nathans, auctioneer
SIXTH «nd RACE Kn<te _— »«*. «WeT
At the 8, E. corner of SIXTH smi EAOK Streets.
.*,2 n . , t W ? AY MOT, Sept. <3?^
At 10 o’clock, consisting In part of—Jenny Lid, hSA
post, cottage, aad other bedsteads; dressing bora*m
HUhstands, feather beds, usttruses, carpets, nriag
seat sofas, marble top sideboards, boo tut tables, elenat
spring seat parlor chairs, card tables, e*nt« ÜbW.
Windsor chairs and settees, cherry tables, UxnitTke
&e., together with a quantity of superior secondThaod
furniture, plush diran parlor tables, staled blush
chairs, bedsteads. 4c.
Dealers, housekeepers, and others, will find U to their
adTSiitafje to attend the sate.
In addition to the sale or rural tar, on TO-MORROW
(¥rlda,) MOUSING, at in o'clock, at the 8. sTecSSSt
SIXTH and RACK streets, ,m hi sold
•ome oral French Flat. Mirrora In rich gilt framta ■ one
circular tap square French Plate Mirror in rich tilt
frame, with handsome bracket; several gilt-frame tehcr
tup Mirrors, together with walnut and mahogany frame
Looking (Hasses, 4c. J
take place la a lesr daja. Due notice will be slrro
WEBB’S great aale of forfeited Watch esfjwlry,
Qnns. Pistols, Musical Instruments,Ae., trol taka
shortly. Due notice will be giren, ™
WEBB'S great sale of Dry Hoods, Clothing, Bedding
Ac., being forfeited collaterals, will taka place shortly.
Dus notice will he given. ■ 3
ABCn Stmt, Iwbma Third sad foarth Stmts
Of Boote. Shim H»rt»Me, CoUejy, WiteliM, Jtv.
" 7 ’ W “ ! P“> **•*"> *uxt Gottis, Xdttoch,
J{. B.—Terms of Kight Sales, four montke’ credit lor
approved city sccepUocet, for acuna of $lOO sad with ia>
temt added from date of sale. M£l*lb
N. K. eonwr of BAKBON u 4 SOUTH StnoU,
*t»Y» gtcood. *
At TK o’clock, U the AbcUod Btoro, of ftfl
*terr, Hotueketpuiff ArtielM, Clotti**, ’Wtt&m.itwu
rjr, Vue? Article*, Ac, ,
THIRD Street, below Walnut, opposite Fear it., aalv
eight doora below the Exchange. * J
Hours of business from 7 o’clock, A. M.. until 19
o’clock in the evening.
Cut-door tales, and sales at the Auction Bows, at*
tended upon the most satisfactory terms.
CAPITAL $200,000.
BuahHshtd/or tki lasi Thirty Years.
Advance* nude from one dollar to on Did
monda, BQver PXate.Wetehea, Jewelry, Hardware, Her
ehandise, Clothing, Furniture, Bedding, Cigars, Musical
Inatromesta, Gum, Hone*, Carriages, and Goods of
every description.
AU good* can remain any length Of ttm agl«|A
upon. *
AU advance#, from one hundred dollars end upwards
WiU be dugiJS p« Mat. pm mouthlMS ud. otk,
the lowest market rate.
This Store House having a depth of 190 fret, has large
fire and thief-proof vaults to store all valuables, and pri»
vate watchmen for the premise* ; also, a heavy
rattes effected for the benefit of all persona haring goods
advanced upon. •
N. B.—On account of having an unlimited capital,
this office ia prepared to make adraacea oa snore satis*
factory and accommodating terms than unv other in
this elty.
Money advanced to the poor, la small wmnti. with
out any charge.
Gold Patent Lever and other Watch**, Jewelry, and
Clothing wUI be sold at reduced price*. su-3y
Lb. kite & co%
No. 413 (Ute 129) WALNUT st.,
A new and superior style of Spring Beds.
Ltdub. Km. Joa*w Wairo*.
au3l 6m
Revised edition of lyman’s
Containing in a most attractive furm the prominent
event* of the CIVIL, RELIGIOUS, and LITERARY
HISTORY of the W ORLD. It will be found one of the
most complete methods of imparting Historical Informa
tion, By it* use in families, the reading of any work on
Uistory will be rendered much more interesting and
profitable, and to Teachers one of the most invaluable
aids Retail price $1.50. Juat published by
(New) No. 16 South FOURTH Bt.
Copie* sent free of postage on receipt of price. ceS-fit
/ SOON BE PUBLISHED, the following standard
Books, vis: Blunt’s Coast Pilot. 18th edition: Bow
ditch’s Navigator,27thedition; Shipmaster’*Assistant,
9th edition.
W« invite Attention to our new gprfug Centre CCTB*
passes, which answer for either Bghtor heavy weathrr,
and are especially adapted for steamer*, <ad TtwU
where the motion is considerable.' They require fever
repairs than any eompaas now la use.
Marine Opera Qlaaae* of raperlerquality, Sot Giaaau
Aneroid aud Mercurial Thermometer*.
American, French and English Sextante, Octants, Quad,
rant*, Aiimuth Compasses, Binaries, Log Glasses, and
all kinds of Nautical Instruments and Books, constantly
on hand.
Also, Charts of all parts of the world from the latent
aud best authorities.
Agents for Roger*’ American Code.of Signals, Denies
Chronometers and Compasses, and for Abbott's Haw*
meter, and an instrument for working cat problems in
Nautical Astronomy by simple Inspection and with per
fect accuracy. They nave received the approval of ex
perienced shipmaster*, and have been adopted by the
u. S. Navy. E. k G, W. BLUNT.
au3B-im* No. 179 Water Street.
*JL ABY FAIR. HFTH lad ASCU itrretl.
In order to gratify the wishes of our numerous u.
trons. and induce the bock-buying public to fill up their
libraries at the usnsi low prices, we intend to preeentto
every purchaser of books to the imoant Of $1 and up
words, a Gift in value of from $S ee*t» tos}o9. Call at
our MtaMiriuuent, look it our valtuM. .took, u 4 wtael
for yourselves.
Recollect you are not buying at chance, tor erery pur
c •ff er **** books at the usual price, and very many
will get, in addition, a present worth having, mfldia
A-d No. 335 CHESTNUT Street. N. B —No connec
tion with any other house in the City. aul-Sca
Girard fire and marine insur
302 WALNUT street, west of THIRD.
Wm. M. BwaU, Jer. Walker,
John Anspaeh, Jr., Jno. McClure,
H. N. Burroughs, Tho. Craven,
J. B. Hughes, A. S.GiUett,
?. D. Sherman, Furman Sheppard,
Wm. P. Hacker, Sami. Jones, u7d.,
J.P. Steiner, Joseph Kiapp, M. D.
E. A. Shackelford,
Hon. JOEL JONES, President.
Hon. G. W. WOODWARD, Vice President.
Jso. 8. McMullis, Secretary.
Jauts B. Altoed, Assistant Secretary. aoI-Sm
Department of highways.—
Office of Chief Commissioner, S. W. comer of
CHESTNUT and FIFTH street.*.
September Ist. 1857.
BFALED PROPOSALS,eotitled Proposals for bund
ing Wing Walls at the West End of Girard Avenue
Bridge. wiU be received at this office, until FRIDAY
next, September 4th, at 12 o’clock. No bid will be re
ceived ualess it ia accompanied with the names of two
responsible sureties.
Specifications and a plan of the work may be seen at
this office. • john McCarthy,
sel*3t Chief Commissioner of Highways.
IYJL Sold by CHADWICK k 880., SECOND Btmt,
flr«t door above Race. onglB-3moa.
A also Plain Flag* from two and a half inches to
feet, wholesale and retail, at the Flag Depot, Ho. 90
South Second street • taglß-las*
TV WICFfr O. M 2 N. SECOND ft. anl«-$m-
rrmouAs e. Baxter.—hakdwake.
tiflTtNtett,NO, er Nl<«o *