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,e»lnS» ton* kten desired tn the Veiled States. end it la
■ •g*T‘*t f rtW»,«nt th»t We. WsSkirPstwk #lll he
■ ? Tan Wnssur. Pniss will be prieted 'oUeiiellont
whitepaper clear* new-type pal lit qu* to f 01 for
: o?ihefdeV.L Wteepondouce
from the Oil World and the hew domestic Intel!!
!*»*•*. pnmt # &* J«Ioi« Markets; literary Be
the progress of kgri
; ,«Mn>tocliit, rartoju OeperMntn.fco,.,
• ■JO’’ JVwiii invariant in advano. . .
'liuwiaaLT mass will"h*rent >to inbiCrlbera,
A tgwi) pckahniu* at 82 00
thrjpjtoftfeftr SM
Sir* eopie* for . 8 00
Ten eotdea for 1 12 00
Vcrkhty eopitiSj-srhen seat to one addrece .20,00
.Twenty eojdca.or hddreisof eacli iubacrls ’ - •
her;each perpnnum \ t , ISO
'-t <tfitweetjrrjme, jtr, over, we will jQndan
.eStrw copy to the getter-np of the Olub.
lufodtMpetenarereq.aeeiedto act ea agent* for ?H*
W*e*lT *n«« f r
catena it a great faWif rpy political Irndper
aenak TritUi tM kU tom #ho Centre a « at claak
Wttklj Hmpftpet,, will i*y ; give Thk
,W»r«,r*,Muf» largo olfeulaßnh’an th«tr respective
.Mlghhcchaodc L JOBS ty yOBNETt
a JSdStcr »EdProprietor< ;
CfF ffiTst,
FJUDAY. AfytjtVfti U 1867
'• It Was the custOtn.doHng- more -years than
we made ■
a speeeh xm attypabilcoocasion In England, to
ißfroduce i aparti£ukp‘.»eto ( f jxpiesslous. which,
were so constantly ipnl upon ' doty that they
'steteotyped.-afia were'recolv-.
ridicule. On these
tdeciMloiiai'stbei Ainerloane..instead of. < boldly
anationslityjas decided-asthat of
,B«a?,^^erpr<)i(4eBtdayB l too -
bqrpydb fcompllliieiititbeSr ilhigUsn hosta by
S;tO be '■brethren of the sanis great,
oxpa rape —»
1 lhWB,=literafeirev and historic; r<seolleetidns,”-i-.
''bound, e^tO'&ch.;b^Wls' : c(f ! fela;((onshijp.
flrmer than treaty eyer.made,” and so''ringing;
tt)Ay<£s»ggft pft jone idea—namely, that this
American, but merely
a ihmtly of Eng--
land * -h
,ta Snchconfegßlods. tevtiffing democratic Amo
fipAdown to aristocratic England: wore .made
inaeonlplinientary.apolpgotlc. manner as If
t|ewere. phidd to
f Clalßtkiodrcd there and hare the slabs aUowod
ondwerecomplacentlyTeceived -by; John Bull
M mattar-of fact bejibna dispute or denial
Son^fif-.our,ablest map. high in station and
in „intellect,repeated. »thia. constant ouckoo
«ote,y»ndi with) the eanction of, snch snthorrty.
be stripping ludeodj if oiir frifotds
what was told them.,
especiiflywben asserttenand boliefso strongly <
flared ihen-nafloted bHtourmoprt
a ..?«ft*OwhUe,.snchi stqiements obtained, neither
ctukeacynorcredineetere Withtis Itiaaa well
eiiateiice of the planet
Simott 'With llft long certainty on lus
ptt i flrtt addressing ia.
Public company m Sq^andydeviated onto! tic
BsiipHrfep«Md diottofilmd told his auditors
fa; 8 * was hnJjApte-
irfj'iift ■ r 7 Jj^P-n
nbroad and at"
endtothe system ofAmaricahs fathering them-
WSW ,WS *“.»?##»*«' «44« b»:» manner
toilet Ms iSearorai fchowthattHey bad to deal
pwn, r'Sor Withe Detno
’|jjr|ices (tug
rraeoftheliW) whlcbhls whole life has been
'he. niw
;-w»ke''Of;ltr\' BnoEAtfXv.hia takehahopporta-
so Jrinly had
!sml Sefore,} tliej mindoft EngUMt’i About
; .^^*oe|i'ago si a
openW.ofa *Mtr
ney, to commemorati the eircnmsthnce of the
of t|jt Boston, bpy-‘!
ing massaoh'usetts in 1638, wliire
. Bpjtpn—UiO f greW City of that
;Stiti.siThe- occasion :waa highly jnterestlbgi
4nd.the.'Annerican',Minister very impropriate ly
one of hl« Weeheii wo »uhjo!n ! . . ; i i' '
'^il‘]^4B'fEis i 9ifeiiWiea !i on the
‘Wett/Wt nSdbnbt'hi S’vietX i
dtiSianieSrtrraJ'jii’u entitled'W high'praise;
tet Ujnas aooonmllahedjWowiorei BhtT do wot■
.Ajtgia-3ax<in rau. Jt Is a matter.of - fair troth to
•iay toytfh that them: if'h'very large proportion of
i^'ritii^tfthe'UnitMiStaterwho are Celts, wot,
ah|loißaioiU,‘ •-'Xr i tße« ; he;ajiy ‘lrish' hero they j
**' ■'"“*‘sB prAine
)or States
ify SUte
that is
s» ik is.
and bret,:
a country
>nd notpom ;
t than
'Wales, 'Scotlana, Ire;
:dltiWJi» dti#rii to albißst hfething on examina
:\Of;J-tate.i; compiled ; ao4
to; the
from official;
fto 4 s ®i f '
ejoae «bfc jg 56.-.. These
s |W'.Wrii t «lU''thit,an-theabOTe-nara(i(l:
AM petfSi"i)s bf ~ fi o relgn birtli aiv
)85,«ir.;in,vthe Wert
ssbrtlttoSoinotfj' 4 we World
*m$Afri,W$&kJwb to
designated,) parity , of proportion sanctions
riassnmlng that 1,000,000 was Irish—mak in g
/47j980i lathe totaliriah omfgratfc»Jfti'Ow'j
ielrish areCeltiojhotAngio-Saxon”So are
he Welch and this Scotch. 'Add in'their num
hers andwehivo 1,890,000 Celts’agkiniftSiZ,-
Ot»'4ngiot|hidn'; ind onisjlkge elo
iit dr itfr constituent parts . as jij nation" is,
ascertained- have understated It,
M thp irish are entitled to their proportion out
ot tbose who emigrated ftom-tho West Indies
and British North America. • > - j
If or does it rest here. Qermuny has sent
us 1,205,087-of her' natives, and the- greater
ptfrt of Cjeftnany' is "Celtic, not 1 Saxon.' So
are Prance,' Spilth,/Pprtugal, Mei-ginm, Swjti
acytynd,, and j many ptlier ,'grpet', countries lit
[.arid; A9ia,;,..The., result go t(f
show that, of over 4,000,000 emigrants who
arrived,hero < between 1819 • Mid 41866, icon*
siderably more, than itree'/ourtAi-belong'tf»
the Celtic race, -and that not inore thari one
eighth woro Anglo-Saxon,.' The: tlirio tail- J
Hons of our population, when \vo asserted oni-
Independence, was made" up in mtiehthe samii
manner.. ~. / ‘1 - [
.- Other raccsbosides these hayo ;entered into
.our < population. ,v In smaller . proportions,
others have; Coma in. Prussians 'and Turks',,
-Danes - and - Greeks. Sardinians and Oorslcatis,
Mexicans and Maltese. Chtdese aivd ; 'kiti3oo%
Indians and 1 S oiith Americans; Persians an^ ‘
Cabducks arc also among'tii. ’ They fcombinp
io make a population in wldch ' the . character
istics and: temperaments peoples' and
races are.lmprovingiy combination ‘
.Which, has produced, what,may ;bei, .called a
composite order of, Man.ittwhichthepbysicnl
and mental poinfs of excellence In- each- race
are so amalgamated that'tho prtdufct is a grept'
People; fall of mentql ' and;’'hpdlly ’ 'actlylty,‘
Him id purpose, rapid in 66neeption, eovtaiu
in execution, »hd,unconquerable in Will. Here,'
springing, up propndps, is.a new race, fitted to
develop tho resourcesjAndpsUbliah the supre- 1
■ rnacy of'.a pughty;hation4% s Hercules among
tho people of tho osrth. whicfijspven iii its iri- :
fancy; seised the "ierpont >of "oppression- and
crushed it ’tb thpdhath.',''/ J.
. We Ogre# ; toenifwith'Mr-
echoing MiCPuciitKAK’s preyiousopinlpi!,jhe
denied',,that ■ ArnericgiHi'were
and, declared that-they vrere .a mixed race.'
The quick,- morcnrlal- temperament of,the Celt,,
on.the one handy and the ploddingjheivy Chi
rac tet of the Anglb-Sakon, bn'.thci other, 1 Would.
not have salted, eSch by Itself,-for this coup-'
, tore, of other meia|s.mightadd.tpat consistence,
to the.mass. which .makes .it at. once beautiful,,
durable,and nseihl. - What .we really ore;- at
would bo difficult to sky,; ’ but -Anglo-Saxon we
arenot.-" - u-'-’ - 1 ’
Those best-possible sourcesbf infonhattoh,
tho'newspapers, inform’ tli'e public that k'grckt
/tie champetri had been given at Newport,
R. 1., by Mr. millionaire, to com
pliment , jjr. Feaboot, the London hanker.'
C snaideriugthe discriminating, yet, munificent
manner, in which Mr. Peabobv has disposed jof
alargaportion of‘hia’immense weaUh/duriig
his;bripf return-visit to his native land/ few will
beao ill-natnred as to deny that he is worthy
of nil honor. ' In the present' Instance It caihe
lh a ' very pleasant way. ' Two 'thousand five
hundred'other individualswerc madehappy on
thatj occasion, and, but 'for somp. 'diffljjulty jof
from, JlW.Yorij, -an additional five
hundred,who were invited would have assisted
on;the occasion./ • ;■ v /i- // j >
i > TVe pass by the account of Mr.jW'sTKOHp’a
Vilhji~ the Chateau stately ; edifide,
It would, appoju'j'yet inanfflcfent. for the acbbfn
; wiu>
whoie afiiur.must havolbocn very showy ajid
splendid.’ .'Tho “fashion of New York”
(Whatever that may be, Bpybnd Hying beyo'nd
one’s means In « brown-stone front honsci,”
we .knew not)—this « fashion,” «nch as ttis,
was fiflly represented. 'As Hr. Snows, the
plethoric sexton of Graco Church, New York,
who invites the parties given by ostentatious
wealth, in Upper Tendon;, was not in command,
his noble army of young party-sans, the Fira
oahuoh corps, with their' cleaned kids, were
not on duty. But Miss Fiord McFlimsoy, of
Madison-squaro was. there,:and many of iief
charming relatlons from all parts of the Union,
dashing/ -lively/ and attired 'to : perfection,
agreeably 1 blending fuss and "feathers, with
flounces and fbrbelows, and' tho usual liberal
circumference df loWs. |
ITb’ej fete, a deligiitftUaflalr, by all accounts,
lasted only from seven.,, .Yet, with
•goodmanagement,a great deal maybe done
in four:hours.. The reporter.graphically re
lates what'a large quantity', of flirtations,
eatings, drinkings, „ dancings; " and gobe
ral enjoyments'wore crushed up' ibto that
space. 1 "We should' not'. be'surprised were a
couple ofhuudred marriages to arise out of this
grand affair at, Mr. Wbtkobe’s. We have
been informed (from.the loveliest and ruddiest
of all sweet lips) that there is no place, like a
crowd for !t popping the question”—because
the delicate attentions which come under .the
name of dittatlbn arwfllcre'unnottced,whereas,'
in a drawing-room, they wouidßet, people on
’tha staro.
The fete had other heroes besides Mr. Pba
pont., .The New York reporter relates,-with
manifest enjoyment, that among : Mf. Wbt
uoee’s guests'were a brace .of - real/live, Eng
lish lords, “unmarried, hnd appafently good
feilowß.” ' Theso/sClfiis of arlstocracy were.
Lord Sbkiaoor HiaVky; oho of the Marquis
,of Bristol’s sons,;Jind Viscount Awkobfb,
eldest aon ef the Earl of Spencer. Tlierewas
aiiotherlgentleman present,,Who, though not a
thejeentre of.'attraction.,, Shis was
.a npgro -nitavrateur from. Now York, a mil
cJicSiiairol. in; his way, being actually worth.
$200,000 or so. The enthusiastic reporter
(probably with an-eye to future “stews,”
“ roasts,” and “on the half shell,” from the
{ioneflcence. of the dark worthy) affectionately
.speaks of him au :''tlmtacoOlwj)lUh(:d colored
. Ctit/ porvßrao,” addlpg that bp. (the Chi/, not
the oyster-house regard
the vsiole affaiy M.his gpotkeoSsJij’ .psewherei
her speaks of, Dowmm as. a i< genertajssiinp,”
with : an >, army of ..servants ;at hlscqinmand,
“eachwith a silver salver in hiph&nd,’’ reai
silver; no doubt, and no electrotype: Clearly,
mbrejsf^eef'hfefiigdevoted tohim than to Mr.
tYETBOB*,' Mr.'FeißonV, 1 or those “ oppstently
i good fellows,V $e .Englisli ltyo lords, pow»-
jk<j was tho hero.of.tbo entertainment. There
might have been a yvorso in a paler akin. '
I: What may have been the cost of this sump-,
tuons entertainment we do riotknow precisely.'
Btit an approximatlng estimatc may readily he
formed. It wonld not Surprise us to learn that
asinuch as t 25,000 had been'disbursed. 'Wo
shotdd npt boanrprised, eitlier, tohoarcom
piaints of. this expenditure as wastoflil—which
it is not- ~,; •. ... ••
.Ip one wqy or another—with wliat the host’s
disbursements .on one hand, and the guests’
various outlays on the other—perhaps $76,000
•have been put Into circulation,on thie occasion.
The superfluities and extravagance of the
Wealthy' make the comforts of ' the poor.
Money thus expended, goes'■ into' a variety of
channels/ fructify lug as ilrilns, and hundreds
of'persons are benefited by it.. The mere ne
cessaries or life are few and small—tho super
fluities,are many and costly. From’.lhis cost-,
lineps springs* variety of profit, and w, great 1
many people share itMVbm the; niorchan t who
supplied ihiTchampagne the’ coacli
mhn who drbVoJthe company to tho festival,
jind. th/bfeisMtjer himpolf out for
V df .lt/ I ', ;
L Mcfiiia on vbe Kahsas SimyeytHa Pab
■%&»{trSfce edltdT: of; tie Washington,Sfafsi,
has inquired'at the. 'Wftr Department inrogard
’to tlte- reported ntorder of. Certain sert'eyJnfe
parties: ihNcbfaska,-and bSB 1 learned thatjio,
Uiiitdd States Officers are atthla tllhe jneWng
flurvoysin that-region; itfder'the, auspices, of:
iho <loyermnent ,* The ' individuals; mdrdeted
mnst have helonged: to ,parties: otnploycdky
theTerrltorial authorities, and Sot uythd Go-.
•yerSment, i.- -'.c.V : :
tiyykiuik **»**.'.t?..;. '■ !
. 7-i ,7,1.71.’ NpwTq»«,.Aujjftu?
There is busy note el preparation la the thpatri,
ealand pmsleal world, if. lialf oftbe goqd.tljlnge
are that are promised! lieWoTorhiKm is
oortain rrhiit is meant bj&af'vibarra’tdo richtutus.
Next MOndiijMjkht, Veetvali the’ mSgiiflbeutVehe :
of the figure end contralto yoled,
tho'orls’nai whou'the Trovetore -tjrte 'flr*
Sio'i, perform iho pfis 'of a#.
<3ypiy at Burtonjs 'Titealte7. < . l lha J
only six nights, and ihu beautiful, betvitolilog
prime doana .wIU bo the only .aUrnotjon; bat-hti.
dramatio talent and porsonal charms wllhniithi,
honte/ besides,’sha really einge nieelyi i.Hihi^fw^.
a rnmor that Jocepl, <‘tho great ArtorioantOioV,”’.
who failed-so signally last -reason, was te hsstit’
VestvOli; but h 6 hss/been itihdunied
his fiasco l,* ini had a convenient diarrhoea yfren thb:
his roller again, If fropJtquJd igiprudefyly' ;
netnevtogotinfotho.WjlSj . Tilriy
~ J l reasoliflHs.eii'beiw , »T to New, Torit,; asitiiiilifc
will, doubtleßS,-,be.iwar»ly ireoelreda Ihßhtopti;
is;-that tho-supply of great prlmi dormutHS not
equal to tho demand; the natural‘laws of t’ridedo
not hold goed in this instance. Albom/ls fhd'toilj'.
Jift’tlia stagfr.t
be jKltfr eyery.other fopgiho,of .fjjintiiifrg ■.
FrcszoUni, probafrly, iaae’g(>od’*s
rites,-, JOsi, faltMw.ljty,- , the ; Am«fcp,p|gri;
donna, is also formally aunouneod to ytppOfiWp-io
tbit city id September,- rHaylshe meet. With hittof
fortune than' attended the effort* of- Satire tWhjfrt
iWhoii last direbtid towards-oijmt&tio suMest.'r
Jlut there are other novelties in store tomato,
tik, Tagliaflco, and RQnaoni in one trodpe.\fttir
Marotzek for conductor*. and
Philadelphia- favorite,- for soprano—is not that bi
tJomVinatioo qf talentto make one ;to>
ieaf? Tet oven this,- it 18 projnued,,
hove- at Marshall's theatre* for two momSa.frwi
; tho fimtof October. > Then£h&iberg,And4>’4hgr|,'
and Vieaxtemps ar£ <se*tainly'ehgaged*by
und Viyior, tbehorn-playor, and Roger, thf
Frehqli : j t6iior t 'jflitiBife , e,'to rival the {nimehf
.iUtraotioris.: 'Wo WdUtracted by,
lffppy bo ottkei
.other dear-charn^draaway!" - Xhisia'
lull of/fare, fbrnexfc winter. Ths,<?»te»
■uwtes- of -tho' thefttrp’going publteuffaij.
wonderful a list of dainties. ’ •>' W-
Mlss Harod/first, wliom Now’ York I 'hi
'wltV' ‘ jirid ‘bo ptttdfr
I righteously aamlres/is toplhy^ah
! . 'jfojwjllfe'
hiPrbeardTteferottd It epogk; .apjijnnj
li toraryuxirit.: Ido .not augarwoll ,1
toil soooess ofthe'tmdertakiflg.ejjiao)
thopartoi P/udri her OTfn,und''
able to' play It again,- i twili beimr
Heron to disturb our recqllecth
Frenchwoman, roaiiygreat as, Mi
-■ i Charlotte Cushman ißuisy'torei
aba will- play an.ongngcirwnt at.
the fall, and pit heWOlf against the -
baa lately arisen hersupronmey..'
tie Wo great vtjp have ’ bash' their own Soils
where thoothcr. Then'that w
man, Edwin ‘Bootls, t gWf
yete)laotio aml undeveloped, itistrue/but »
.famo'jney, one day. rival the greateqtfpnthe
atage, -will also soon return toNowiSerk.- lie
a dcoldodand - 1 favorable impression' here
rpring, anil will doubtless deepen, as well as re
it, wheii bp next nppearion our boards. "Will
this in e'xp(ytetira,'i(ii reality, wo . hare. Ms
Mitchell and the Marsh children? I ', '
(Forth® Pros*.]; _ , , ’ vV/ *
. umite'd states mintl ", '
In your history of the ffniterl Statas-Mi
yoqr Bret tone, you say the'UnSted States
WSHinstituted in ,1792, and.theaboVe dale*
Mr mentioned U the date CflnMmWati,
In a work On the Coin* of Matshcauteff
Felt,' Issuediu 1839, it tayt the United'
' d'ho'etattmont' hr
in IfSflOonJfresa made It
to which l " tiferenee waa _
1 i? j irons c<i i ngV, 11 'fun/ove r j a w o?£** ; "u 1 1 u,
oonfedoration,,previous to the adoption of thoCijn
oUtution',:anddidnot ovontunte, in any practical
remits. On the 2d of April, 1792, tho codo of laws
was enacted under which Amoricah coinage dar
tint issned. No* coins whatever wore, issued by
the. GeneraiOoyornmont previous ,to 1793, in
deed, the Mint, was not folly in operation until
January, 1795. The operations of .1793,1794,, and
1795 are tiow blended in one aggregate tall
the tables,of national coinage published,.and this
is, no doubt, because the operations of 1793 and
1794 were vory limited and chiefly experimental. •
, Light-House , Appointments.—L. H. Bel
knap, at Ashtabula, ‘Ohio, $4OO per annum,
vico Saxton Bigelow, removed. . •
' John Bolton, at Sunken Rock, Now York,
$350 per annum, vice Jacob P. Waggoner, re
Franois Henry Bathbum, at Beaver Tail,
Bhode Island, $BOO per annum. . ,
David - K. Farnsworth, at Nash’a Island,
Maine, $B6O per annum, vice Daniel Curtis, re
moved. : -
1 A. Johnaton, at Lloyd’s Harbor, New York,
$B6O per’annum, vice John S. Wood, de
clined. ■ 1
John D. Reynolds, at Isle-au-Motte, Now
York, $2OO per annum. ; V
NavAb Obdebs.— Lieut. Jas, 6, Maxwell,
has been ordered to the sloop-of-war Cyane.
Llent. Thomas 0. Harris has been detached
from the receiving ship at Philadelphia.
Lieut. Jas. B. McCauley has been ordered
to relieve Liout„Harrls. •
. Surgeon S, Rldout Addison has been de
tapb'ed ffoin'.ltbe'Cy»no,.‘and Surgeon Wheel
wright has'beeja ordered to,relieve him. ’
.-.Surgeon J. O’ponnor Barclay has been or
dered to the, receiving ship Ohio, at Bostoti. .
Tho' Oldest Man.
- A correspondent of the St. Louis RopuMiom,
writing from Klwoi>d. K. T., says : “ One who Uvcs
on his oiaim near the edge of this city is, perhaps,
the, oldest man in America., He is Mr. Jamos
O’Toole. Ho was horn th , the county of Donegal,
in the north of Ireland, somewhorh aboiit the year
1730. Ho wos an old man in the frijiH'rebellion m
1798, when; becoming implioaUdwlih Lord Jfiti
gorald, he Bed his country, to soek froedom in'oqr
then young Republlqf viius life hsuhaan checkered
with many changes.’ He has beon-'tossed about
among various soono'9,ind4by maay diverse oir
oamstanoos. Ho moTb(!;Vto'’Bt. Louis thirty years
ago, and established thofirat brewery there.; He
moved to tho Flatto Purcheroin 1838, and lived in 1
Buchanan county, near 'Bloomington, until two
yoars ago, when ho came to/;Kansas and made a
pre-emption, and he enn now- walk eight on ten
miles with ease, to visit his friends or attend to his
business affairs. Ho says bis ago is abopt one
hundred and twentydlve years.” '
The’Lave Senatob Rusk.—We sco it
’mentioned in,tho fitafesthata loiter was' roedved
in IVarhlngton on Wednesday evening confirming
thA death, by suicide, of Senator Rusk. It lssta
tod that, but a short time previous to the sad, oc
onrrcnce; Senator Rusk had been out working W! th
his men, and was heard to remark, regrettlngly,,
that Houston and himself had heretoforo..bee» po
litical friends. bntngw.they were political enemfef.
He wont to his homo a short time afty words, inna,
while standing 'in the door, he, placed the imjzslo
of his riflo to his forehead, pulled the trigger With
n string, 'and fall "book Wat® Into the yard in th,o
agonies of death. -'-fyn?'
■ - Escape of SixPsisohebs. mow J ah,.—Sir
prisoners osoepOd from the Sussex.eonnty(H. J.)
Jail at Newton on Friday night They worked
through a brick arch with some heavy iron, and
then with gimlet and knife out through tho floor
ing, crept to the Sheriffs office, and left by a win
dow. Four were white and twoblack, confined for.
laroenies, burglary and assanit and battery. ‘ All
are atilt at large. ■
. Teaohebs’ Association of Pehnsyevakia.
—The regular Semi-annual meotlng of; the
State, Teachers’ Association of Pennsylvania
took place in.Chambersburg on Tuesday last.
This Association was organised in 1862,; and
numbers over two hundred mombors, com-,
prising the ablest and most experienced teach
ers ot our State.
, The hawrencehurg Register states that with
in the last few weeks nineihen have biSeii arrested
In Ripley county, Indiana, lor passing counterfeit
money and haring in their possession bogus coin
and counterfeit bank bills, with intent to put them
in ehoiilatlon. Five rf the number kayo also
been arrostod as principals and noeessOrics in burn
ing the store of Messrs. OhopnVan A lltioklns, at
the Pieroeville station oh the Ohio and Mississippi
railroad. Tho 'namek of the parties arrested, as
hoar tut danlbo reoolleotod; are as follows:; Two
brothers named Foster,'jog, Zacharloh liorisey.
Hutton, Xtampbell/Box, and two brothers named
Wiley, who hove been hold to boil for their ap
pearance at (he next term of tho Ripley oircatt
ooart.i t , . ‘
iThflßohvar,,( , reim.) democrat of the 4th
hu the followingc.Boms week or two since two
brothers , bad, a misunderstanding at Saulabury,
and one: shot, the.other, and, even threatened to
Shoot bis fatheri The.yonng man .who was shot,
died the other day from , the effects of the wound.
No arrest ha i yet been made, nor, we understand,
will ■ : , ~
Dniott estimates -that the
■damsgo done to the bridges,gutters, and sewers of
that .oily by the recent' hard rains will not ho less
than ff» tfamsandMlart! '
‘ For tho - American, Academy, of, Musio,. Mr.
E. A. /Marshall has. engaged,, through Max Ma
retrek, the. ftno ballot. troupe which, under Sig
nor-Boiman!, of. Turin ana'London, have ob
tained , ostraordiiiaw popularity ‘in Europe.
They wiir.rl|||r' 1
■ t .Tf 10 Annu|Borieflt 'of the; American Dra-;
.matlo Fund isto tsfce-'jilhco at Niblo’sJ New
; Yoit/dn m sm 1®. 1 , ’ •
' 'The ' Prbi?abime‘ (&' lively theatrical daily,
edited 1 by Mr. Charles MdLaughlin, at New
'Y6fk,)Bays:': . . .; .
wKiThore isonvdit that Mr. Jas.t/Maederihas
r'boen roguested'to .organize an-English Opera
'. with Miss Behrend as the priica don
, nay ,;lle has ;tjie, subject undor consideration,
; /hut will probably .decline the task.?;
Jfc: Wftij.jliufton, of New Yort, has of-,
( ranged to give a season of six ,representations
; of tjio Italian,Operant, Ills .theatre,.commenc
/.m’g'ijn'Montoy , hext with ,thd “Troyatore.”
Tho companylncliides Signorina Foltcita Vest,
f Vali And L’tiuisa'.Cdrtantl, primal-donna; Signor,
; Macdaferi,'tenor;■ Asmodio, bafytohti; Colttti,
! basßbj'andPorr Torriaril; Conductor. ‘
1 '"Mr. t/llman has rdturned- from /Europe; and
has engaged tbtf soprano slngbr, Madame Frdi!-
-zolinl, of tho BilUn] to sail oh <
: ithoBth of. August)Carle Formes, tjio basso;-
, Gazzier,fheibar,ytone; Labocotta; tho: tenor;
: .VlOuxteippSi the.violinist; Kletzer, a German,
-Violoncellist,andAnschut?;, conductor./.. Hois
Also ncgptlatipg \yith Boger.tho French tenor, !
,qf,the Acotfemy. In addition, to ,thO. opera,-
•there yytil po day concerts and other novelties.
; ,Tlie N.;Y.‘jßer , a«!,says,“CMrlolte Cushman
will, ptotoly be briti’of‘Buttdri’s flfstiitars.
STtfrarlea Mathews cbmea'oVfer bayly in tle : an-'
tumP, tojd'yHU probably go to Niblo’a. Mr.'
TVallaclc Tcsutnoa tho management of his own
theatre, and, it (ssald/dpuhs With the Unmoral
drama.- Miss Laura Keehb, who,lms beondc
.lighting, tliu provincials,-Bulfaloos anil others,
lopens'her theafre lit September.” . • t - - -j 1 ‘
'Mfs. : VinlngcWhose Stoughtcr, .Mrs.: John
; TKoodj is so, well, and, favorably, known, to /the,
' Now York.publiopwas /one: of.fhc passengers
< rhy tjjfljpprsia.., ; ; ~ ,
At thp. latest dates Mr. Maretzek- was in
, /Londo(#arrenging engagements for Havana.
, and.'Philadolpliia,, with Taraberlik,, Boncopl,.
; and Tagliailco. . , , ' , ;
! ;-EHsa,Logau has gofle.itotho.seashoro: in one
f of„tUe Now England ( States, io/inslicato for
„-"<v ■:£/ ■>... . ; -
i» TheMajaheUildreuwillreturlno.theßowaril
iddlje»*unb JBqstfjn, in the full. . -Ci.Jg&j i :
' ■ Mr. 0. WllklMsU has leased' .the, BOTeetter
(W«8-),tbea|rfv,. : , X.; : . „ *}»
v.- Oharlottpd§wißpton has leased, the St. Louis
tpwwyaW'.owd; it, “Oli&rlotte .Crjunilij^s
igela Seiton, daughter of. John Sef
iher debPMsst week as Fracine, in'
thpM ijl f Trenton, N. J., where'
it street Company, is performing,; She
'WfuljJ. Slie is said to he a good vio
int street theatre,Baltimore, lias been
‘Mr. A. Brewster; 0. S. Tilton is to
manager. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Tonnyhilland
’G; Jones have Been engaged.
. & : McVickur’a new theatre at Chicago
, opened in September. It is computed
'Wllldihld 8,000 persons.' 1
Be Bar re-opens his St. Louis theatro
the middle of Augiist with the Ravels,
11 cojitlpuothe season until tlio end of
!r, when ho opens tlio St. Charles, New
jngliBh \yiil commence tho next season,
National, Boston, on tho 24th or 81st of
likiX THEATBig.»fB._At tHo last ad
>in, Snu Francisc'o, Mrs. Julia'Dean
id, Mri; McDonough were ’playing a
il engagement at 7 the American The
jilaS IneOj aftcra find benefit at the Mo
ttali, was testing temporarily from her
• •Miss Provost was playing at this tlie
fheSanFranciaCo Mlnstrclswere giving
tea 'of farewell entertainments. i
fa'.Aldridge.the black tragedian, had
iry successful at Stockholm, iu the part
ik. Ho was called for not less than
is,, and was greeted with nosegays
’ Towns.
' U> erect a peopfe’s thcatre in
'CCOmmodallug sti thousand
'IVI-W adiuUtfil at ah ex
. and' educational dramas. • It will
either be termed the « Theatre du People,” or
the Theatre du Prince Imperial.”
: Hr. Grye is to commoncu a series of Italian
operas at the Theatre Royal, Dublin, on the
80th of August.
-Austhalia. —G. V. Brooke has returned
from Melbourne to Sydney,' and was playing a
farewell engagement prior to leaving for
England. Madame Anna Bishop and George the Italian Opera House, Mel
bourne. The report that, Bochsa loftaldmo.
Eishop $60,000 is,said not toby true. There
were found among his papers English consols
for a large amount, but they had been can
celled long before, and were not worth the
paper they were printed on.
Kentucky* —The Louisville Courier gives
all the senatorial districts with the following
Arnerican members holding over, 18; Ame
rican, members elected in 1857, 7—total 20.
Democratic’members holding over, 6s Demo
cratic members elected in 1857, 18. American
majority, 1.
, ft will, thus ho seen that the Americans have
it minority 'of one in the Seriate. Some of those
.members, however, who hold over, represent
'districts which- are now largely Democratic,
and may feel disposed to obey the will of their
The House of Representatives will, from the
evidepijesbofore us, stjind about as follows:
Democrats and Old-lino Whigs, 69 j Ameri
cans, 41; which will give a Democratic ma
jority of 1? on 'joint ballot —abundantly large
forull purposes. ' , _' " ,’ '
" Tho AmericaOs ' elect several of'their sena
tors arid representatives barely by the skin of
their teeth. '
The seats of several of the American mem
bers enumerated in the above list, wo under
stand, “will be contested.'
Texsessee.—We copy'the following from
the Nashvillo Union of the 9th instant. “ For
Ccmgreis. —Tliero Is no doubt of the election
of the six democrats claimed in our paper of
yesterday morning; and if tho Democratic
counties in the first and second districts liavo
donohalfns woll as the Know-Nothing counties,
wo have carried both those districts. Messrs.
Zolllcoffer and Ready are tho only Kuow-Notli
ings who aro certainly elected to Congress.”
The Nashville Banner, (American,) of the
same date, says: “ Tliero are numerous un
authehtic rumors afloat, more or less true, we
doubt not, but unsatisfactory. The rumors
from Upper East Tennessee indicate a general
hilling'off of our vote and largo gains for our
opponents. When the unpleasant certainty that
we aro. in a minority in tho gubernatorial, con
gressional, and legislative departments is
forced upon our minds, we have little inclina
tion for compiling the details, and most of our
readers,-wo apprehend, have' ns little for ex
amining; them. This: task will prove more
grateful and inspiriting to our opponents thin
ftm<f,>nd we leave the field to thorn.” ,
liASSAS.— A lottor dated Lnwronoe, Aug. 4, to
the Cinoihrintl Gazette, Bays: “ Yesterday an
election was bold in Kansas on the eleettenof State
Officers, members of the General Assembly, and on
the adoption of tho Constitution."
The ioUoning arc some of the returoson the vote
for the' Topeka Constitution :
For. Against.
052 2
108 6
09 2
69 0
197 I)
280 6
97 0
250 0 •
199 0
300 0
720 4
Lawrence . .
Palmyra . »
Franklin . .
Fishtown . .
Qulndaro . .
Oflawkee . .
Prairie City .
Qsawattaimo .
Leavenworth .
Alabama.—This State has now nn unbroken
Democratic delegation la tbe Legislature; a thing
th&thus not happened before for twenty-four years.
Bunions Fbksurt in tab lUwffAN Rsveu.—
We learn from the Newbrummcfort of Tuesday,
that the heavy rains of Monday nftornoon anu evo
pingbavo produced quite a rise in the waters of
the Raritan, it having risen opposite this city this
morning some four feet above (he usual high water
mark, and completely hiding tlvo tow path petwoop
the canal and nvor. ,Wo learn that the dam be
longing to the Dolawftre and Raritan Canal across
the Ratltan some five miles above this olty, was
completely carried away by the pressure of the
watey some time during tbo night. Thin, wo fear,
will seriously interfere;with the running Of thejfac*
lories ftbovo tbe bridge, as they were supplied in
part wlth'the waters from the Raritan through the
dam. The water at 12 M. to-day was subsiding,
and a portion of tho tow path had bocome visible,
' A Present for Preiidottt Bacftanan.
A singular marked cone, of Orekbn growth, most
ingemously oarred with a penknife, u to be pre
sented to President* Buchanan- by several of the
eititehs of Corvallis, Territory. It is
ihouhted with appropriate inioriptions, and around
thebpdy of the Stick la entwined ablaek venomous
sOrftrat,designed to rcpresentthe Republican party,
main the iwtof seising the Constitution, which is
supported and defended by ft band, supposed to be
thavbf-Mr. Buohanab.—-/lfra Caltfomta, ’ 1
The jail at CrawfojdaviUe, Ga., wan destroyed
by fire on the night of the sth inst., and a negro
prisoner burnt to death,
Joseph H.. Jackson, of Franklin-township,
Cheater, county, Pft., committed suicide on Friday
week, by taking laudantiw: His head' Wai“sif
verod o f or‘%fUi age-" 1 Ha was- a watbh'and clock
maker by trade, and had,followed, oleaning olooks
““aber ofjypara. - Ho laayea a wife and one,
„ 1 . 0 N f w Castle Journal aaya tlio Vrorkon
the Hetr Castloand Pittsburg Kali road isbrogrwu
• Sora “%f «r Are piles wUIVo ready
for laying down, the tails', fn or tdithe,
balanoeof the grading -will-'soon be dtme.- The
tEo road-is almost finished,
and wo wo told,contractors are preparing the tim-.
her for putting dp the bridg” g^^fiyaa pS
Orr mu, xukie .Taizs !—So jotob roa-
CtiiSADOM.—An oriler Similar to‘this must recently
We been laauod from the Police Bepsrtinfnt, for
84 5 thr /° ; ChinMo! leUl all hairy
?«? from some tailings [“, t hV
City Hail, and fonrnod that they were nosh from
the heads of three' Chinese thieves,', new working
outsentonoea tntho,chain-gang.. .Chief,Onrtis in
tends to treat all eonvioted Celestial thieves in the
satoo manner.— SanFrahciscopaper, **
• ' Tho SHenlifii American tells us that a'wliito
fur on the.tongue attends simple fever and inflam-'
rnatitm., yellowness, of, tho tongue attends * de
rangement of the,Uvor, and ft, is common,to' bilious
end typhus fevetS.' 'A 1 tongue viTldty 'bed on tho
«p.:nnd.edgenr over the whole surface attends In-'
gflanpnation of the stomach or bowels. A white
velvot tongue attends mental diseases.' A tongue
tod ht thelips,: becoming brown; dry, ahd glased,
attends typhus.state., .
•Souse of the grain buyers of Springfield,
Illinois, are.maklng oontraots forwbeat ut Hallo
per bushe'i delivered In thg eity during the month
of August. l - i- ■■■■;
' ,Th|lpsa hy thhflre on Sunday'at the Chad
c«ekJWtolt aMthen-JForks, ,at Newark, N. J,, la
net as. large, as at, first reported, Jteiug, as nearly,
ps can be ascertained,'about StS.OOO. The-brlgtn
of the fire is still tavolireddn mystery. ;
;> Aston of J. Knox: Walker, who was iprivafc'
Seerbtary to PresldoAt Polk,'.was killed on Batnr-
Oay week atMomphi« v Teun.; by.accfdentaUy fall
lag fro mhis pony.:- His, foot became entail glcd’tn
the stirtuWthehorse"taking 'fright, ran® Tull
speed,, and’ mangted him ip a dreadfulirfatihcr.
He was abonKWolVe yearsoldiK.-. ll '--' j .
Mf- A.’(/. Chapman,acthigaa’conduetor ! on
the take Shore" EailreafcJWs instantly killed at
the palem’station-oltStffiirdayaftorn oooV 1 '
• ; iieutomint JofmAToran, ofthr Pittsburgh
•poliori/ died suddenly In tEat 1 eity;ohTue&ay'
evenfeg! 1 '• -l*
‘Fife thpuamidpbiindsof powder WereseTzd
on board i Roikety at ; fit: a tj
d&Jra -rftlce, 1 and confiscated.' The" ooi jdn dfJttj
KoeXtfi “wenfcupV to'oourt and paid a finfed jHf
wSilehlfl powder ll webfc ofT’-fortbo benefit
. jUmnen’s. funs'. , r Aportioiz of tike,powder'.belcßdd
;to the .UaifcedSt&tea Govcjgment, J » ’
I i Qn, Monsflay ; moralng 4 fire.. brokp. at
Chloago, in the,north spd uf the cerpento&jH ve
-pair &opof the Chicago; St. Paul, anaffi-da
*Lao 'Railroad Obmiiahy, on
depot-grounds.ln the wejt division. , The,
being flames spread
itv, extending to W parts of the premises; irom
whioh nothing* of-value was removed. Logs $1&,%
000. j. j ; u. , , t .
' A young, .woman, yarned Virginia Berry,
committed suicide in Baltimore on Wednesday
mornings '' ‘ ‘ * '»•
Accurate experiments bave been' made ; in
iHinois&s to the comparative value of timothyand
clover hay. , The experiments were oarried on tor
two years; and tho results were that the.clover
hay uniformly yielded ten per cent, more milk
than’the timothy. . >
. In the conflicting accounts concerning the
corn and cotton orops of the South and Southwest,
it is difficult to find ground* for an opinion' as to
the promise, • In several of the States anfaTorabfe
aoconmtf appear to, preponderate, whileln Alabama
tyd m most .of the Southwestern States the re
versals the case. A journal published in Party
county, of that State, reported, on the Ist insl:
“The planters in every section of the Southwest,
with the exception of a few localities, inconsidera
ble in extent, conour in the opinion that-the ’corn
and cotton crops of 1857 will exceed largely thatbf
iaatyear.” - j
The fancy dress ball at the Hygeia Hotel,
Old Point Comfort, took place on Thursday night,
1 with great eolat and 1 to the delight of a largo and
! brilliant assembly of ladies and gentlemen, mostly
from Maryland, North Carolina, and Norfolk, j .
Mrs. Elisabeth Bjchbourg.«i relation of Qeb.
Marion, of revolutionary fame, died in Tennessee
on the 28th alt. i:* j
Sheriff Cary, of Essex county, Maas., Btites
I that delirium tremens in the .inmates of the House
i of Correction is becoming hutch nioro unmanagea
! Me than formerly, and attributed the fact to pots*'
i obedliquOrs- -■* >‘ s * ’ ‘ •-&-% }
I There is to bc-agreab hale of fine
Ill,; on'the 29t> insU-Th&p
! Hud
| elation, and will boatffl at auotion.' ‘ [
. Elizabeth Cordell,* young woman residing
at Wfttaga, Knox county, Illinois, b«d two pins, in
her mouth, and suddenly sneezing, swallowed
both} one was extracted by opening tho wind'
.pipe, and the other entered her lungs, and caused
her death.
flie Hon. Thomas L. Harris, a Democratic
member of Congress from Illinois,'has been at
tacked with hemorrhage of the lungs, and at the
last advices his recovery was deemed doubtful. He
was re-elected last fall.
Wo learn' by the Tonawanda Pilot, that on
Friday last. Hr. Heacock, a citizen of that village,
while attempting to fasten the binder upon a load
of hay, fell backward to the ground, striking upon
his bead and shoulders, Und so injuring the spinal
cord ,os to cause paralysis of the limbs and lower
Sart of the body. Ho lingered till Sunday, when
oath put an end to his sufferings. He was sixty
years of age.
A number of counterfeit $5 bills on the York
Bank, Pennsylvania, are in circulation at Harris'
burg, and will doubtless soon find their way down
here. They are said to be well executed, and lia
ble to deoeivo even experienced judges of bank
paper. Tho Harrisburg Herald mentions a gentle
man who took $l5 of this trash before he discovered
it was counterfeit. , ‘
A party of four Oswego gentlemen have se
cured in three days’ fishing in the brooks of Red
fleJd, northern Hew York, one hundred and fifty
pounds of dressed trout. With another party, in
ouo day, they took abouteighteon hundred trout,
many of thorn of largo site. *•
One of the watch-towors of the Auburn (N.
Y.) State Prison was struck- py lightning during
the stona on Monday afternoon. The tower was
badly shattered, and a sentry who was in the tower
was stunned but not killed. The sentry’s musket
which stood by . the wall inside of the tower, was
fired off by tho lightning.
The physlcUns of‘Albany haying been seve
ral times called on to participate in post riorum
examinations on thesummons of a ooroner, and the
supervisor of the city having refused to audit their
bills therefor, the entire body of physicians,
seventy-five in number, resolved to refuse their
services op such occasions, .believing that the
laborer is worthy of his hire. Consequently, on a
recent occasion when a coroner’s jury was “ sitting
on a dead baby,” the coroner was unable to ascer
tain whether it was still-born or u case of infanti
cide, for want or that professional knowledge which
only physiciaus eould furnish;
Marshall Butts, of Covington, K>\, arrested
some days ago & person for some petty offence, to
that oily, and afterwards had reason to believe hijn
one John Ply, who murdered, the 39th of Juno
last, a young man named David' Mr. Thompson, in
Murfreesborongh, Tennessee, and for ..whom the
young man's lather, John Thompson, of Octobeba
county, to Mississippi, had offered are war two'
thousand dollars. Ply had been minutely de
scribed, and the marshal wrote to Tennessee re
specting his arrest, and has received, within a day
or two post, such intelligence as leads him to feel
almost certain that hiß present prisoner is Ply, and
no one else,
The late Mrs* General Copmbs was the Gene
ral’s third wife., and much younger than her hus
bttad- “ILr first husband was a Mr; Mann, of
MaimsvlUe, R; 1., who left hor a very large pro
perty in that State. She was the eldest daughter
of Mr, Jonathan Brownell, of Little Compton,
R. 1., and a cousin of Gilbert Brownell, of Boston.
Mrs. Coombs was a very beautifdi woman, tall,
?;raceful, and of queenly appearance, and her intel*
ectual acquirements are highly' spoken of. She
was a member of the Episcopal Church in Lexing
ton, Ky.
Last week, says the Piedmont (Va.) Inde
pendent, an old miner, accompanied by a dog, got
Into an empty mining car to go up the incline at
Hampshire mines. His dog, in attempting to get
into the oar while it was in motion, fell under the
ear, was orushod to death, threw tho car off the
track, which resulted in killing bis master. Thus
died the master and his dog. The miner’s name
was Johnson.
The Hon. John A. Quitman has boon re
nominated without opposition os the Democratic
candidate for Congrats from the fifth district of
Lost week, a man, naitied Hiram Pratt, riet
with a fatal accident on the Summit HOI Railroad,
some distance above Mauch Chunk. He attempted
to jump on a car whilst ju motion, foil, and the
cars passed over and out off one of his legs, which
caused death; ’ - - -
Tho Second Annual Fair of tho Missouri
Agricultural and Mechanical Association will coni',
menco at St. Louis on the 28th of September, to
continue for six days. Over $16,000 Are offered in
premiums, and persons, stock, and machinery, ap
proaching the olty by railroad, will be charged
naif pricQ for conveyance. y
Jackson Burger, of York county, Pa/J com
mitted suicide by stripping the bark from a tree,
and afterwards hanging- himself therewith, lie
was found suspended by-the neck from a tree.
Pecuniary diffioaltieajwqrq the cause of tho r|sh act.
A man by the-. hame of Jolm Stewart, who
deserted bUfioitwhetf a child, attempted the other
day to sue ogt ; ft writ of habeas cot-pus before one
of the associate judges of Snyder county, Pa., with
a view of taking e tne lad, now sixteen years old,
from hu master, to whom he had been apprenticed
at Beaver Furnace. -The judge decided that the
father had no right tothc boy. . , .
■ Tho Toronto G/ofo mentions that an inquest
was to be held upon the body of a young than
named John • Carfare, formerly of that city, who
died suddenly while upon a visit to the Statesfor
the benefit of hit health! His friends on hearing
of his death procured the JxhuntftwOn of the body
aid its removal to’.Toronto, wlioro mortem
examination was to bare been made.’ The deceased,
was' the owner of considerable propfirty in Toron to,
and ww within one monteof mb majority, I
"We gate a brief Notice, yesterday, nfideffbe
telegraphic head, of the antral of >v.- »ta.«m.hin
Central America at New York, with two week?
■fetor news from California. Our regular files hare
since come to hand* from which we glean the fol*
(lowing details of thp news:
The United State* steamer Granada, S. P. Grit
ilDjOommazider,hailed;fromAapldwnll, Arignst?,
at y P. M., for Havana, .with tfiaJnsUa ana pas
sengers for Row Orleans, ...., f Tj .
Her Britannlo Majesty’s steam stoop Tartar, off
Asplnwalt. ‘i -V r >- :
• The-royal .mail steabef Went, arrirodat A spin
♦wall, Aogast 3, from San Joan del Norte.
Edward McGuire, seaman, from the UniteAgtates
thijl independence; fell foerboard oh the night if
Abe 23th (nst., and.was drowned. ; , 7
In Nicaragua quiet itfjheorder of, the, day, arid
affairs are MshmSog a helltiy tone.'- The two die ,
tatora. Martlnes and jerei, called the Senate te
gojher on tho 6th ultimo, ,wh ioh assembled at Map •’
agiia. Thejiffaire appertaining to' the transit'and
CgetA Rlci'mct "with a
nappy Senate
giving its oordial,adhesion io.. the -transit, contract
# < lJ re^ ty P r opo*'President Mora on “behalf
of hu ? c.i *-
t v rM ji ent . Mom l 7° Washington, and
.mnderte'dwarfejfeoftjii mail steamer Mora.
. on the 4fll ihst., etosts,of abre than ordinary ih
terest haw .transpired,within the, borders .of the
PaciSo SUte. The eighty-first National Ann!-'
rersary df oof Country’s InderiaAdenbd star oh
sersed more generally, and with fin gwfaterbßthu
■«WV “"Wi over before- .
*o Stato,.oelebratedjie'day
witbiio official demonstrations. A number of our
Wife IMahdMndfe a fetge gathering ofexoor
stenists from this rity, And stSaoramehto, Maryj
j|UoKO?d Plaoeretjje $o un
•Miningmatteri.aa usual,''jraßess mhoS interest.
4? will - be, Soon, by, reference elsewhere, hew dis
gioni. Fltiming operations oh thoetreami are prfr
grossing rapidly favorably, ,aa the waters ate
nearly down to the summer level, thus enahlinw too
miner to easily drain the bed Ofttie rivdr. * - '
, Agrioultural.prospeota are good, and the crops of
, gram Sjfl.beiug harrested ip excellent comiition in
most 'of tho bounties; despite the uhprhcedanted
■ drohght which has prevailed ' Mttob'attentiohhis
been paid to, gardening jn .the; interior: counties,
and already many, of the mining precinots ale'
supplied' With frult aridvegeiables; grown In’tne
immediate vicinity. '■ Peaches,'.pears, plums; *pd
oots, apple?, grapes, sad bprrles, all of California
growth, are to be had at reasonable rates.;, ’: ‘ ,
Some disturbances* are frepdrted as havitisr
■place amongst the Pitt nrer-Indfaiis* In' ißu3Wu
eoontyp but they can bo traced to «o reliable
source." ■'* * *'**•■ • • j
| The Democratic State Convention assembled at
Sacramento on the Uth, and adjourned aina die on
, the night of the following day, after a bo is tc rods
season. As was anticipated, the Administration or
j anti-Broderick narty were greatly In the asceh
, dant, and, pore down all opposition.*,,.There wa4a
I desperate effort made to adoptstringent resolutions
f condemnatory of the Vigilance Committee/hht
the majority were jevidentiy indisposed to.rendw
the agitation on that exciting subject. The follow
ing nominations were made; and afterwards de
clared unanimous: Bor Governor, Johnlß. Weller;
for Lieutenant Governor, Joseph. Walknn: for
Comptroller, J. W.'jfandeville; for Treasurer,
Thomas Findley; for Judge: of- the Supreme Court,
Stephen J. Field; for Surveyor General/ H. A.
Higlejr; for State Printer, John O’Meara. There
is little donbt that the disaffected will all give in
their adherence to the nominations. .
The Republican candidate for Gpvernor, Edward
Stanley, has already opened the campaign m a
rch delivered in Musical Hall, In this city, pn
evening of'the 15th, before an immense' au
dience. fie lully defined hie position, and took
strong grounds in favor Of Republicanism. : '
A State Nominating Convention of the American
party has been called by the. Sachems, to convene
at the capital. It is surmised by some that jib
nomination for, Governor will be’’ made* hut by,
a fgl gy wg'othUg tfflkrt will be pro- i
' The White Sulphur
of resort for the pleasure-seeking portion or our
population,. and at present there are of
two hundred guests at the elegant hotel, which is
charmingly embosomed among the hills of Napal
' A difficulty occurred in the Sazarao saloon, on
Clay street, on the morning of the sth inst, be
tween Willis Corse, the proprietor, and James
MoCleary Gordon! The latter struck the former, or
tripped him.down soveral’times, whereupon Willis
drew a pistol and shot Gordon; the ball entered
the right armpit, passed downward through the right
kidney, and lodged in the bones of the mp.- Wulis
gave himself up to the* authorities. Gordon was
.removed |o Dr. CooperVeye infirmary, on Mission
street, where he died on the'6th inst., at half-past
six o’clock P. M. Deceased was a native of Balti
more, aged twenty-four years.
Mr- Woden, ft native of Baltimore, was thrown
from a horse at the Mission on the 4th instant, and
it is feared fatally injured.
A highly respectable lady, named Richardson,
was found on the corner of Stockton and Sacra
mento streets, at two o’clock A. M., ou the 4th in
stant, perfectly crasy on the subject of spiritual
Mr. Bowles, chief mate of tho clipper ship Comet,
was severely injured by the premature discharge
of a gun. upon the ship’s, deck, which was being
fired in honor of the Fourth. Mr. B. will proba
bly lose the sight of both eyes..
< Washington 0.- Hannaman, inspector in the
eastern house,' was. found. dead in his. bed on the
15th instant, caused, by hemorrhage of the longs.
Deceased was 29 years of age; a native of Illinois,
and had resided in California since 1849. ‘
The Finahce Committee, appointed to examine
the books of the late county treasurer, R'» E.
Woods, discovered, on the Bth inst.,another defal
cation of $l,OOO, money paid to the treasurer by the
auctioneer for State duties in the month of Decem
ber, 1888. The treasurer and his deputy are una
ble to explain the matter.
About.eleven o’clock on the morning of the 9th
instant,'a bank of earth, forty feet long by seven
feet wiac, ou thonortheast side of Aleatrai Island,
which was being excavated tor the Government
works, suddenly caved, and buried throe of. the
workmonbeneath; two of them, Daniel Pewter, a
native of County Clare, Ireland, aged fifty years,
and Jacob Unger, anative of Baden, G ermany, aged
twenty-five years, were instantly killed. Another,
named Antoine Vtccrmnn, was also mnch injured,
one of his legs being broken and greatly swollen.
The deceased vu removed to the coroner’s office,
and the injured man was taken to the hospital.
A race came off on the 14th ultimo, over the Pio
neer Course, between Daniel Webster and Fred
Johnson, to wagon, mile heats, best two in three.
Fred Johnson won the race. Time—2.29, 2.38.
: Charles M. Peterson, the assayer and banker,
who. was arrested on a charge of grand-larceny,
was tried on tho I,lth ultimo and.convicted.
The number of deaths which have occurred in
San Francisco during the week ending the 11th
ultimo were 29,6 more than during the preceding
Week. Of these, 18 were moles and 7 females; 1<
were natives of the United States.
Theelearner Constitution, whicJUeft thUcity far
Puget’s lke Bth.inst., encountered
heavy gdlcs anffgreftt. stress of weather when off
Mendocino, and sprung aleak. /The pomps were
manned andworkedybut the water gained on them.
A large portion of a valuable cargo was thrown
overboard, and, the ship pothook in distress. . She
arrived off thd Heads on the evening of the 13th
inst., and was towed up by the Martin White.
Joseph Finley, justice of the second district,
committed suicide about 12 o’clock M., on the 14th
inst, by shooting himself through the head with
a pistol, at his residence, on the Square, between
Broadway and Vallejo, Stockton andPonelt streets.
Deceased was a native of Baltimore,aged fifty-five
years; had been for several years a resident of
this city, and was highly respooted. Depression
of spirits, caused by intemperance and pecuniary
losses, ; is supposed to have led ’to the commission
of tho rash act.
Iu theatricals there is some stir here. Mrs. Julia
Dean Hayue and Mr. McDonough are playing a
successful engagement at tho American theatre.
New plays, well pat upon the stage, and popular
withal, are drawing good houses.
, Miss Inoe, after ft ane benefit at the Metropoli
tan, is resting temporarily from her labors. Miss
Provost is playing at this theatre. ■
The San Francisco Minstrels are giving ft series
of farewell entertainments. They leave on the
steamor of the Bth prox.
Mr. and Mrs. Stark are at Sacramento.
General health prevails throughout the Stato.
Politics in Californla.-*NomlnsUon of John B>
Weller for Governor.
[Prom the San Francisco Herald, July 20.}
' By ft telegraphic despatch in another column, it
will bo seen.that the Hon. John B. Weller has been
nominated, on tho first ballot, for the office .of
Governor, by the Democratic State Convention
now in session at Sacramento. That he is the al
most unanimous choice of the Democracy of the
State Is fully‘established by the vote which' he re
ceived, and that be is eminently qualified to dis
charge,with honor to himself and benefit to the
Ke, the duties of tiie high offlae for which he
eon nominated, even his political opponents
will readily conceded The offioe of Governor of tho
Stato of California pan.ftdd no additional lustre to
the n&me of John B. Weller. His name is connected,
not only with tfie history of this State, but of the
United SUtek. It does not require the nomination
for the ,Governorship of. this State' to bring bis
name before the people. He is known, and his
Sreatiervicfts are acknowledged from one end of
loHiate to the other, and hiaeleetion to the guber
natorial ohelr cannot r he regarded ea so much an
elevation of tho man as of the office under his ad
ministration; and wo speak of it with etery confi
dence, for the nomination we, regard .as• almost
equivalent to election. Wo may expect a digni-.
Bod. strong, wise, and economical government. We
cordially endorse the action of the Democratic Con
vention, and will labor heart and band for the sue
cess of the gifted and worthy standard-bearer put
forward by that body.
The Democratic nominations, altogether, hare
m» n'liTMf jiTiMi- J iw*in ii r'n?* 'rim
the typography, W miMi of * Bheet eho^tabe
rente. end otter
rent oihiMhi the
resouSoes of the sorremidißg country, the Areata of .
population, end inf iifoimaihin IhitSriU be iftreetin*
general maw,- ■" ff.r-L'. ‘ .
very geheiMnffiffiietibii W
city end »ntjr„ad,mtt, dootylees be 'retired
with equal favor.m other portions of the State.
Some duappointtfteht has been naturally expressed
by thoso wtmde pef»iUl'p»tttelitiea here not re
ceived the endnffleqipnt of the Convention; but,
we are pleased to Ray, uhmixed withany bitterness
of spirit or. dipncliiwtloA to abide. whollr and de
terminedly, by Sbtf decision dTthe CihVetition.
U A.r.i -rt -•
News from Portiaad,o.-.T»ytothaj9th July, and
from PogetSouhd, If. T., to 25 thJqoe,. bedbeeu
received at San,'ftario6oo.' The newe is veiymee
gre. i*' i* ;'-U ’’ -- i:U’%jS7 .rv.f*
' The official] rote rfOregon Terrilary.sia ascer
tained to be U folicnre : " ~ . „ . .
For Convention . . , ; fr,BlT
Against • ; ~--1.679
'Total vote 1 - ,«• .
Majority for Convention
For Delegate—Lane, (Dera.).
,r,: t i.-j
‘Democratic majority
Ttotolvdte. ’j-*
a . decrease in.'tfe*
Jg“»4g* compared with that <fftwoyears‘since, of
Portland had.a gtwtd timooC iton
Independence day. Various pleasure parts? were
fortnedand addresses delivered: a
■ Ur, Dsirara, ®»te of
it will be recollected, was wounded white 'firing a
ssht& at Portland In 'April ‘ lasL'on tlitocsssibil of
: tS>«ran«rt orihff cotmttr ent’ cf Obhn
ndians being alloired to retain possession of it for'the
tfASHCTGToi*: <
Thera l»T»l»an(eTiiW f smUtMafridoi«rfrPSret
Sound, amjng from, that fauifol sMnw,-of4iS-
visits of the British ahdAhjesienlhdlans-
Iti[l}t«tafjmt a Koctharn: Indian srsa kilted if a
BeoSoml*;3i Whidbjr’s Islaad, and that,, son
after, tharnnidfifjjio doceased, oh'tMra&Tta
«d capped
its occupant?, fire 19 n&nbSrcwbom they carried
off Slavet Aparty hsvejtisb Med
two garnish Inritena. tia>t r Tier©
has been'a fight betw^eflfwd 5
In^an^at>V»loria l
and wounded. Agooddealofttsitementnaaare-v
vailedamOng -the Port Iforawud
•JWW ,the d*»&nf Qeofttel *iaroe,
the Chawidcnm, Chief, from tho Meets, as was rap
poaed by theW/of
can, June H. -., -, r ,j .V-V^.T,
Americas AXD Bbitish Lis®^-—Oho of 'tna *l*o
men-of-warj ttht otitby fh* British! Covmmttehl to
conrae will he IMopted.lnthe coaonet ofAheumr
vcj-—Washington JXsutihlicnn, June 19h,
' Ahoountsftom th 6 Colrii!e mtni!*' «re diferKig.
New diaooreries of gold hare been made,
Nieolat, in the British possessions, disuS ftoin
OoMUe ahont 350 mflesi ; Jp •“i >x??
■ iWTEKESTirtGTPItdsf SEW^cSif&bi.
We hin Panama dates to the * 4th- roVAshost.—
.The new law relative to the security and*, adminis
tration of affalrfe <iu ' the’ ; Isthmus/fah" #lsy&<s
whfeb.irili be .found fa. the Letter of owr,
dent.) whinhhad passed the Conan* at Bogota,
' gate much diasatisSetion ■ to OSIW
pieassero general in their epntampatjqn, of it—
a hejjidr and UtrM of the 4th says :"
- Whilst veadmitthat matterehad erriratstimah
doubt Whether the
and tfae, arrangement of national affair*? 5 which
the Cobgtea hißogots basest
tod .to effect the improvement:
appear* to us a very crude, hastily gotten uS jll
juaged piece' of legtafatfauV the
will he to render matters her* more diffi«tit of ar
rangement, complicate to an
already too complicated system* cfadgaaijfr.*Son,
render security te« certain, deprive tha Stote of
Panama of many of its soYdreigd-rigSW attdWthe
only resources it possessed bj.
any good, and. impose a most unjust anftqnl of
taxation upon the foreign
tions on their oommeroml 1 _
We take the following items from the Aapinwall
Coiirier: ' ‘ : ' -' - 1 " :i ‘ t-
W* learn there iaa probability rhat-lhri-work
will, soon be recoipzaeoced upop
thaeena,~ un'darihe auspices of natives arid foreign
residents We hope'.ihe
Tbo steamer Thames arrived at J bis port on the
23d from Ore;town. She bHngsuO'itewariPfiiifcrt
ance from Central'Amepea, except that*jSesmral
Barrios, who attempted a revolution mtrhaiumala,
baa since died- : * ■ -'-..I'JL '■
. The British ship Walton MawaMer,
-AMMaander, was total!jr
Gnslloran Bay»farfr mileou(H4h.«t of*d»sg3>re
vioM to.the at of JJoy. *
Mr. Mbonwj, the caritaift»j? wife, aSt^etevea
JBB»»3inlT lamentable, anAmartbeeJesed b,
ererjr honestTupright citizen
and regret. J Vtom Uie Chamber
tirej down to theloweet Court of Jnstioexjn&fgues,
abases, and illegalities are carried on/suea as in
no country in the world claiming toMrinistarciTv*
lized would be permitted to exufc^v
Decision tit Regard to tho Nicaragua Transit
Routo—Grant Given to R. C.Webslcr and J.
C- Harris —Nicaragua Gives her -Adhesion to
the,Contract—Treaty BetteeenCfitfc and Costa
Rica "*
The Costa Bican confidence was re-established,
and affairs had assumed a healthy aspect: 9 i
A oonrier arrived at Sad Jooe oa the 23d of July,
bringing the news teat the right of . .wgy ores the
Nicaragua Transit Route had been granted toR. C.
Webster and J. C. Harris, aon-isdaw' of -Charles
Morgan. Nicaragua, it is said, is w party* and
gave her consent to the contract.. -The -only infor
mation we have been able to obtain on the subject
is containedin the following letter cF-tbeborres-
S indent of the New York Herald; dated S*a,Jose,
ostaßica, July 23th: .
Since my last communication the final veto has
been put upon the straggle for tee: rigfcthf- way
over the Isthmus of Nicaragua, by our
Siring the grant to his old ally, Hr. R.C.W ebstor,
and his former hitter opponent, Mr! j t (/.Harris,
son-in-law of Charles Morgan.. 1 have raadd dili
gent inquiries as to the reason why our goyern
ment admitted Hr'. Harris 1 name in tee heir grant,
and have ascertained the following facte: - ■
The grant of. right of way over the-Isthmus
which Charles Morgan A Sons < had bough 6, from.
President Evans, contained the odndibon that
Morgan A Sons most carry tee forces of ih4 repub
lic and any emigrants amounting to 1Q,090 bytheir
steamers, receiving in pay a certain'amount of
land. When Costa Rica declared war against
Nicaragua, she declared hostilities only against
filibusters, not against the patriotic, party in
her sister State. Consequently,' in conformity
with the laws of nations, Costa Rfea had
no claim by conquest to that whiter ahe had
Sained by. the force of arms. Morgan, Garrison A
o.j having acted up to the tenor of their grant,
given by Rivas, held a fair claim toteerigbt of
way over the Isthmus, and our President, taking
this view of the case, readily agreed to the plan of
amalgamation proposed by Messrs. -Webster A
Harris, and gave these two gentiemeaAha-eentrol
of the Transit. Mr. Anderson, who returned to
Costa Rica as the agent of Messrs. M. O, Roberts
A Clark, backed by the personal presehceef Mr*
Power, of the Star
been fairly ontwitted, aad.isnow J.g>had.uptm by
the Government and light.
He left tee country ijt Janhftjfr last as Mr.-Web
ster’s secretary, and iff playing tee pan of betrayer
has lost ail position he formerly held.
Commodore Vanderbilt : bid* also high for the
gsdenpriie, but the Commodore’s agent* the notoriS
oasS. M. Spencer, is net endowed with-sufficient
shrewdness to play the part of& good Negotiator.
The fight has been a severe and hard contested one,
1 some of the aspirants denouncing their; com
petitors in the most unqualified language..
The conditions of the charter are not- generally
known, bus it is said to be far more liberal .than the
one.formeriy given to Mr. Webster. - Nicaragua
has given in her adhesion to the contract/ The
Nicaraguan Senate assembled at Harare:v%arly in
the present monte, and tfc<Trawfity and
other questions met at once with a .satisfactory
solution, the Senate agreeing'to the “treaty” pro
posed by. President ifora: : The
arrived by special courier two days ago, which put
an‘end to all possible rupture between ThVtwo Re
publics; each‘State is to participate cqbally in
the dues and profits derivabto
contract. Mr. Carey Jones* commissioner from
your,Government, is still herehe has had several
interviews with our President, and the-pobtie is in
formed that Ida mission is of tee most-satisfactory
and cordial character. Out Government .has sent
on (in compliment to Mr. C. Jones’s visit) to-Wash-
Ington, Captain Canty, clothed
powers, and wo are told that he is instructed to
assure the Cabinet at Washington teat oar Govern
ment is only too anxious, in hey foreign-relations,
to meet the wishes of the joeophT of'the United
States. ' 1 --
The last batch of thefilibusters, 340 i&snunber,»
were mustered on the 15th, and, after racejring a
liberal supply of provisionaTleft via
for Greytown. where thff steamer Tenwftsee was
expected to ha waiting to convey the
States. Everything that could be desired for the
support and comfort, of these poor deluded'Tallows
has honestly and liberally been done by* ow Presi- %
dent, and iCla to be hoped that on at-V
their nativo homes they will not be back ward in
speaking of the Costa Ricans in ; thel*hgj*age of
truth.' Some 250 of the filibusters, 'teieay Ger
mans, have preferred to remain and Mttipj in the
Republic, and cannot fail to do.well *
‘ Ire look nowto the good-faith of the-'United
States, and do trust she will find it a solemn duty
. to put down all .attempts'made in future by the
would-bo filibasteriffg genendg to delude and en
trap innocent citiiens to unite in anoteef,invasion
of Nicaragua. ‘ .. .
Later from the Sandwich luandsl
Death of Chihf Josnca 1/. Lee,
Chief Juitice .of tea Supremo Court of the Ha
waiian Kingdom, died pfconjtoapgte&gtHonolalu,
on the morning of the 28th long
been ill, and' hlLdreeate had been'foribpie time
daily‘expected.' He had been at the
Islands riffefe October, :■
1 says that two new and extensive anger jfisptations
pated in Hilo, or^faw^^^'lwmite will
corisiat of about 2.500 acres,
SamsingAOo.; the other iiabtiut4ofi caret, owned
by Messrs UtaiA Co. Both thelft.fijmahave long
been resident phiaese merehentib.sim.4re pos
sessed of ample capital to uie recent
imptoTemenfftad P*rry profit,
vhv r 9^233