The press. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1857-1880, August 11, 1857, Image 4

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Comp" Tittnlf tyfykiptid,. jiroicH its,. Philndai
Mt %UT K w unikn
- L a
• ; ■£ sxissw vpsiHQm §1
1# nob. exaggerated praise to aA»r|&tna
i# °ft *ta American Continent renoWn for her multlpHedana inuhß},
Frakkiw, a Gnutih, a Oi»«,
thptnanile ofthese : *'lUnslripaB 7pliikiithroplots
Mematb havefaUrapp#i]
,wone her
M os# ■ -^hiiS
for th&BU&d* fhs Deaf and DonfoV weHosmi
'M ; fot Home;? &(
iHouse of Bettpp thOjtMf ;^pfisd
benevolence is an inmafWCelbiMmpina -that
- lierethesecd oi’
’ liberfjlly scStteredr'fiiiHjwaidJinttf'i^&tTisf
- Aittdngsfthe ttirijf , no'bleltiarllinj|i a|feslj
for:js*iehileas Children”, ..N
observer canat all coacieVfijtll&’VSXt Jnjlfilbfcf
of neglected cbildreni exS*KKg:ln thiß cltywhcj
ale 'deatlttttd of 6iny (SfieSr may be
thedaytime, they rtako as’cn«rte«tf’> rotinijiof
altcrn&te begglag these pftrj
s«itByai'amattcrbT‘course r §>p3!^ro. V: e!xposed
;to flUjhe,suffevSng.apd demtatipi-iMident tp
‘ vicipusjarid
'drenched,’ They-ofo
pußlied, kicked. cnffed. and-beaten. - 'lf-'boysi
■ they learmto swearJ.lie'Md
steal:;.;’’ If s girla; ! eVety ’ttibddet? ahS i ' ; einiap)e
instinct is crushed Smothered.. Together- tpy
'mingle among thedciiiivedofj'botn>f)exee'Sii
-sccneb pflteeritlohsi&sf^dJV^^^^igl
* where thCy’arohnddledby grohpa ; i jn'cellars
and garretßj th'o neitiday'tO feotriehfortU and !
.resume: their circle ofdebasemont.'* .Suehcbjlr i
.' dreS left- tpl
,3 aUteiwiirrun^carccrhfproifiigacy^tobame,'
lundecdtlxeir.days'in.pi'isonaatuion seailblds,
, by a law of moral continuity as.fixed and iliev
’,th' ' '[ r"^i«£■£<*■?/. if k |
i Spent 1 annually ;te, jmsiish'cthe offenders,-witch;
;;fhett ylctdtts
•’»; reBttoeAjgi»fflii!gj»ftbeiridfipHr3toW>iamiH' l
■-. ply this.jyant.js the design bfitbiSlßstitdtiod. 1
::BSdwSng:tljiis S' the .ehMalsfathcir to ttajMn.".
j and, that to df
the»c juvenile,outcasts requires, iimpraplietts
V’allMch ineviU
" tto ’doom «n.‘ apgeia' l
pinions, into a region of purity, holiness.and
"love. The:designiB,rto:tanintcirdjmie~smiin
,-Uie. child’e findffess
•;hrM.affcchon~t6 ; iciqpvp[s lrnm the pestneu-'
' : ,tial »tmosphere;m,whict|;it sited, eutsmiaeri-.
Mi eiistence, and amidst «euisceneff abd:lssd
r;,tp^nuStd;trainif,nnfor.bMlblnm'' I b'ere‘ i ind‘
,^!p^W:(4(ii^^'^hgl : ri',¥Md,mohift work
■yjjtfmerCTjthe holy nngpls:M tbey.bend their 1
.JmrM wceg from the stfe,fS6fWt l^g.
„ There Is. often magic Jn
(Abate /hr JFrteatitttr CidldriHii’,r.Jlhp!J.y;erY’
. - jVreetmemones. It is not b mere 'plSc<f to
' igtUoqa of 1 tenderness wdlnre.'irAnd, iosuoh
a spot, wv holdr |a
jdghtfbl claim. . The loxes have; holes, and ttje-
Abirdsof. the )ur have iesta.A-llie.oxinoweait;
-hil6w»er < andtheaas:bisj!u»rter , ».crib. The?
hen gslhorethi her chickenSniraier her wings.
The aht has her molehaiKiiid ’ttgi Wider her,
-*eh bon andtbc;twvhgefhltiger
■ -nave their forestiair, afirt eyen tfce'cbiledrep
nobpld may comp^SMshaJthlS^
--, insect,ana-reptUe:-eacbiy l yn.% h#nSe y |arid,
ifcbe demedto the lmtoortalberitageef ;God,
4k*t r alone be fugitives .and iWnatrarera-t-uThat.
Were aflbel on the> designs of a- beneficent
Creator: asd the mitsion of a compassionate
Redeemer i
- ' Theorigta of the Homo is interesUng. Gn
aftprnoen pl the 18th' of ‘April, 1868, two
iadjei-fvere sittmg together in a parlor: -Their
- conversation turned-.on doing good:-.vTheiove
of Christ conittiinfedthem: - fhen and.there
- was ine Home projeciea. argnea tnat
, i God had -given ..the:eafth; tp .hisichiidren for 1
. ! : tlte- iinpliOrt-rof A’Li, (Uidi 'tiiat 'to"rcCtify, ca.
,J ’hearly as'pbssiblbj!(p* ihedhalltie's’'ofsocial
cohdition, wad a dafe'Optli-5t religibn aiiff h%<
r-jhanity. ilf-but once M acentnry h littlebeing
' Tverebrought .inbybxibt^he^jif J d9ii^e ft and
, . the purity and.bligs bf4ngela, r dri df.griiwirig'
-op ft ,eiipii^f;a|sainSif:j6odivaiid'; W?ttfMin‘g^an
- ’ heir'of, tmendihg i vittfehSffiesS;' s -
. . labor could' -bntop gj-eat,to jsaye:;psftbe{ng
- fromsnchmjsery, tedielevate fttp-dnchhap:
' nancea:wKen they‘knew!therfe trerbramvimsbr
•Of BucUbeihgs.attbeir* yeiyidoorB,'who,
, throngh tA^finsthlmfihtiHty,‘’might ,be .added
-,er,;tlrsbirgli regions'*
.iOfdarhnessßnd despair 1,-.-; «nt-io ; ?
VCbristian.Mjcs, then and.’ thereJ proibcted this
~ .nobJo cliarity, . Thpy-heAfd thc .voica’-of.-tho.
Saiiionr raepfi'infadinonitbry he-’
; ‘; ixMa'fiopi ficdTOn^if*TaßeTiee^f^si--'
.;, 1 of ones n?t:Tfieyisaw
- that-to- removc temptation from the threshold of
, l life .was better than to Crect penHehtiorics flnd'
, .‘dbdflblds; at the ««i: of .it,...They, saw that 'ffie
juyenilc4 e gradt^i(>hiffiby f daldorad,was by eg-'
t anr^li®?i'aP d Ifftte
.•irisatiemgo:.pfybtoipfriteers-,>vras sell a
vacimtniche.for-tllottfw’Sili-'Thjs ..public de
tiieraiiiMmssi Mpplyfjandmlgbt'
'; ;,Sott3od;r^yo
for eflfecting if? And'to feat conference, and'
'^lroae;la^(fs,'asrbj:a:4irect4uie"6f., r gen<!Blbgy,'
'vie' tmcb.tKe'p4terimy t sftl{|iinsymtipn.“
s':™ ;Hpw wonderfal-tbh /waysipf',’Providence!
Truly, Hie ways are not aepurwaysfnor; His
« flfodghls ai onr tliongHts? -, If oa'c'tnith,&()re ;
.- ,thao;anotber,.baa Jong siriiSd;ijosj(,'aTiiteiiwith
adamantine pen on onr consalontnessi-it io tliat
' with thbri-aio'TiS tjjJUnl From aged*
; dpt tbe'mo'sl, I bhp'rb'!^SiM l '’lfe'4.edttbe»i;osnl|s’'
■; Ofe' mesf. etupendoiisVJiTfidiiihlestß creature
. that,nnobservedtp mortaleWreVelSlnbceta’a
■ ’ depths, or on tlig highest'nhmiltalb' peahdj'af-'
; -forjls, of the. everrpresent -and/all^incirciing
Deit-y proof as strong as the mountain-itself
•ortheo<:eahwliici] ; ,rolW; 1 in v is9lated’'graftdeiir.
- tdwvnsl- 1 ■
.. ;Thcseurethe;prooftof-*lofty andmagnah
■ Smous heroism 1 , to- pMn'tad'to esofctitP in the
■ 'same Me'atß^to;j«yoaftWP^^l^b sKw
hings of the samo gerieious and noble impulse:
:So acted thesela&iesi'.Tlieyknew’thatto.di:
.-i-llbeiatb ; was;well,hnttb:ajfihbi»lter.“f?JSabti.
; leiih' had a maxim in bis. afthy: ‘“ Tbe Lord.
■ .■helps thosewho help themselves.P- fcuthersaid,
•‘So actas,jf.alJ7,ttepaßded,oa’!’tliyaelf, u :Biid <
mit ¥
, depended on thy .Godi anil nothlngon thyself."
.Ontbieprtaciple those ladiesproceeded.-Thelr
5 capital .was fa rraE.’and', miivte ; Bit'aKfficy
Weil fenewiUiatG.odaccomp.llshei such’gracftiua
designs iniii'«mitdhite | ';io ? 'i?on!icious depen*
.; Uentiindusiry and. selfmenylng- seal, - So' to
tfiHMpmtfliiim vfWMi&Wify \*to4M to
*#■ ®o,
Srt beat rcspdbifvely! te : titc ,, a«&al. '
nd-ihljhencd.ittuit .tlio Jittlo. ojiea doon 1
a thousand, ftnd the smali oneaArttorig
nation. Hot since , the daya of Chnst have-'
any hve loaves and' two flsnes multiplied so--
rspicDy Tbd*couisit|on of iute;cst;w«}.lil(o '
. amw rplied in nHdtviotcrby-delighted umhiria -
- ,'tbfahgbtbe snow, eaeh ravolution .incredslng •
ft fp alaigth and jtee, , :; iu ’ i... -
Th&dwt'ttep now was Jo oOect anbfganiza-'
tied: A. imeeting was SKdorflingly:’ ;c«)lod,*isy,Aprii 28 1868, which wasmfeieffiW
tidderfftentf* «
.='4iA'TWW ttppb Chrlß
■ihaoltyi andoebf.vmg that.undur/tProvidSßcej
tnOJB ;3^”®enhry}l
• -*e;«ifti*dtnoniaen«hthe
’.ing'-.Wbrhtfd, at
ttedt audthefol:'
Clark, Mrs; Smirk E. ,W.: Hitter
Mrs. Jr WJ OM*iot», vmt, ,£«>««:,Enfield, Mis'
•it.: Hatnruoty M&M«»^M|i3 i
Whipple, M. D,;;'yraßl«cs^ , rii't)lKas liafp, PreVulont;
Bon, ‘Jpwiih;Jsan6B, J,' B, Oum
rTpS?n- W.‘ ctsgMrn, John
M. Ogdenj Js Jf Bkrilay, Sale fiblllns, A. V. Mnrj
«hy\fllfJllWh»<s¥(jrotf-B«ilthfßowiia, GoorgoWj
soMS;iH-' .IVu ■ Sftffor<l’ v~ >;■. u- . ... ■..; }
", s^he^<p^ttUion\wlnl^'ii&e. next stop,
sras Kf' -IAVe if. money is
the root/bfWtteWfhuViitiijnef ftsilf is a great
blessingtoSueh -is-the XDlvino economy -that'
cbUihhe»‘aiSd ) asyhUtm Camiotbe built ■w ithout i
Perhapsthebeit proof of'its more than tutela-;
ry power,is the fectthatieven our blessed Lord
'dld-iiot wifilude fiTsbarthlypilgriniagowithb'ut
'its tifej’tttid' Wroughta' iniracletoobtai nitt ;
:!f The’ , fltst Wort of the ■ 'Society ,to ■ procure
to’ .fairs ; as; d
SB ; bf ‘fai6i6B''ftimisp whether for, churches
, i&6ttt''r%iSbh; ‘These
serupKsf mptrso
dnuCh“to-;the: uSe r.aS'to.vtbo abuse.,: In this
caW’‘thß.'cSi>edielatß'rovedhlghly fortunate;
was nothing, occurred
io'fb/feiidf'tlie' Sensibilmes 'of the most'fhsi
InAtfeiAndrof .art, nt- ,would , bp, difltciilt W
Set-td'thO'fanoy. 1 ,;.Tho:,MuBeum:was, a
<ms> ,P|J&
atkji'flowerelrlt, wear the ■rseasonr/when i. the
'gardens"are • arrayed• in -thair-early - summer
besirit/y ahdifdfimabpMdi arbutfd'dtd'thtfhdr:
! tlctfimtl»ik i BotitHtMl^"'la¥gb t fttwets;
Oh, how the universal heart ofhumamiy bless
'ia' fliu'irs!' ' They hold the rahk inthoearth
fling their fragrance'ovor the cradle of slapping
ppijfctjKpbJldalj inf
animate dead- they, rob. bftheir repugnance, 4
'dnaie.tdmbtibfthiiaepartad.aioyaiei planted,
' 'as'gratofblTnomonto'cs Of, sorrowing- affection j
-Who’ BdeS';ndt'il6y;e',floyferi?;,Tird^);4dl a ?,'
wus'wdiit‘t'd',garlahcl';With' 'uiehl JujjJ JbfWm
altars—the Persian' !)ends, before thcm.inact j
of .idolatrous devotion—tho Hinddd tlpa with
'iaiemiiheJirrMf - of.lifs .'C!ipldS.tiie„'.sa¥,ag4
Indian, seeing' them in ihair native, vuiduoas,’
’ rggftedS'tliem'ak assort of. illuminated ‘Biblej
. spread, ouLfor, his, inspection ' by : the/Groat
Splrit npon the . prairies, 'and fcv’en frpip.niapy
perhaps to impress W the worshipper's cont
Bciousnosk hibre Vlvidlythß' troth, that “ man
. JcoipSeth;figtb;aB, a jfois'fr,‘andis cutdQwp.’’ •:
r * Tothe delight of.'a'lSi tltp Pair yielded
i' a clear prbfltofFoffn.ThOtfWlipOgßfßoifSßitn
i. DoniAns! to winch jpamerbus, liberal private
r AM.hh'ohFdtho
.- qolonger a mere experiment, it was a fixed
■ fact, ;!It 'vras' bitter dtselfA oliildj liever Itie If
, ! friendless/ 7 lt sprkoii ttlnteßt,' like Minety&fro m
‘i ihenead.ofJoveidf likeAdaihfrbin the hand of
Godilnto the;maturity< of- -a peribttV character
at a SingiebOund;: A buildingwas forthwith
•raptedonßiftfonWood Street bfelow’Brpad.v.A ;
, divided and subdivided jutacbromittoes, each
with"aßptop'rtafefOnptions. The readiness of- '
Used-. uneiaftef another found there,
'torts" of A"ho‘me.V,WeeKday '
schools,- ware, j opened.- -The,; Legislature v
Pennsylvania granted an act of incorporation',
and tne Exdcutive' issued a' ctifirter/so that
May, ?,18ftt,4he, Society celebrated, it 3 ; flrat
anhivoraaiy. -i.!’i,'. i ’ ,
'■ ; Sbbn it : Was disCbveted : tMt. owing;' to the .
many r app}hnitiopii ■
,bmld«if;W»s’iMde , q«at9*'i"Jt*as'!resbJy,edito
'irect one; "Of- course;'the -word‘/ait was ho't
path; of 'th'o. just' is &B'tho| shi
ning light, that shmetlimore’ and more pnto 1
thopcrfeottfay.” '-oFlrst'the blade;.then the 1
Ohr; aSta* tlnitdha'th}l , j6io(hi:’ , '‘A 4> it , tof ground, 1 ’
deep) was'presented, on a small ground-rent,
bythe'teasage'fsof'the'HoußOOfßefngc. Du
aignsancLsgeciflcations. were, procured, 1 :dhd a
'otherFloratFSirwaaiheld in May; 1854ywviuch
.Mb®c4a ,l iM'iwo«t i >Mvb;thp)isshrahhti
hmSK^ahCswhhiy-J^hbtor l ,'.'flftitn'e |“ta
of dune; 1854, in- the - presence of. alargeus-.
sembktge'ofladieß und gontlemcn,- the corh.jr
stoii'e’was laid, wftH'apiiroprtStefellglbhs'e&.r
cises, cp.nducted by the .writer... The bulldog
rapidly 'progressed,' and oh the ~ Ist ..of; Mjiy,
day the chfldreu were removed
partook pf a.featiyal oreparpdfor ;
fcihabenefitcters.' i
:ble i wdfSppri?ai^<it i Thp)^Mrf;9f'tlifi J ,citisr
presided. Hev. P. F. Mayor deuvefediafct
yeptynd,eloquent) prayer.; , Glaghorn,
Esq., the earnest and most actiye fnoodM.tho
InStltiiticm.'gavp an interesting hlatoryiof its
'rise andipfogreasl '*">•'-> '. . _ . ;
The Chinese.. Museum having meanwhile
been desfittyCd by flriij'.the iadieS wofebbllged
to liold tiiolrlhiVd Floral Fair iii'COiicert Hull,
dfiehtiy .diminished.:' The: proflts. 'neverthe
to'prove fhit 'thh’holdwhlch the Institution
th'eheafts peijplei && npt an
ephemeral' feeling, but abiding^'based jon a
'irThfStbdpie itfdhe‘of'the%ost' bdsUtlfnland
‘auhjrtantialinpfillitdelphia. ’.Ttisbullt,,of brick,
fifty feet,. lVontj rSesentjvflve. feet,deep, four
Stories MghfTnelttdlng-the'bssemontj which is'
.entirely aWria jtfoidifyij’P# tM Sfatjflbdfi' are _ <
kitohen,'dlrimg-roo;u,end,laundry. Oh the
»econd,'-parlor; kcomtnltteeMOoni; -.reception
■ room, schoolroom,, sewlng-room, ;hnd fllazha.
-Tlw’thifdjand fourth sionCs,!are devoted,, to,fhe
matron’s .room,- chambers' for- -teachers and
j chlldretff jnurSery/and,infirmary.There arc
and pl«y-grouhd» are lh the .rear; . with, aide
yards-,;add.the hoilding 18-supplied-.wlth-gas,.
Watery"dud ,'"hsiiirtg. .apparatus..' ‘ IhcTbplldlng
andfundtore cost not farftom $25,001), and on
it.there’is jiddobt.':'- -■ .'<• a-i'..,,
, li iseffimhtcd that opt leas than Five Huh
nnßn'phudreh havft'pnjoy ed the benefits of the
Home since its organisation. By the 4th. set-,
flour of the charter, ft is made to assume a legal
eVhSieCti'dA’ ; wltfi the ; coiistraite3 : 'autlfifMe| of
mJd;ffudgbst , of.'; Courts
charge;:, in consideration j.whefebflctlio j City
■CPimeila: by authority pf an 'Act of Assembly,
i O9n@b^te's^ooo!aohlkliy,, < ft>'ils',atipp6‘ft. It
is Worthy,'bf;Rpte',-, that in-hp-oaSQ.,whatever
have tho managers accepted # cent of remunc
ratidh'fof.tlife’maiutehahcc df any 1 oneof their
numerous,iftbuilyi for,, witU.'tbcVeipeptidh! of
the appropriation referred to, tile expenses' of
;theliouie,'am'otintißgtonot 'less’iliatf $6,000
per ahnuinyate'adfrayed l#’the' eoulrlijntipris
of attberal and6ynipathizingpublic..,:, ,
!>i Tho Lord opens tne hearts of the.people to,
!" ! sSfpty > tMd'fun'fi < iai tfie/SfeTJhbdMf •
Here, then; Wo have a:'free house, fHs
clothing, a fret .table,, free education, ./ree
| everything, fop hundreds of (file popr and des
titule, '/ltberally . granted, by -an .Assoefafion,
which three years ago had tio existence, and
| started. Upon pithing I, .And, the prawning es-
isfthat Its rhahegers
ask’seatcelyA'questioh; "Whether’tie parents
bp Jiving whether,'
i,,oryrio}p,.<it'nu..%kiin, 14 «nt ! a
,-sugle.isaneiis ralaedn-inthetnpplißaht a.citid
l-and' friendless—ttni kt once’ it ids a. passport
t is the’Homet'aild is'frJ'bhdliisa r' |
; .In, proof,iofithe,;benefieent'rest|itsi, of. the
.fiome,.many bighiyinteresting facts'eauld be
i‘ttliUilorated_. . -"-f i -
K ijrlgfit-eyed
aged fwo and a half y.eare, ; was,taken from one
.ofthe tupsCriauseous, and filthy lanes of. Sonth
,wprk.- i.Besejted hy.the, hpsbpnd,-. tteo.ipother
. waa'jJn 'tbo.,extremeatippverty.:eniaoiat«iiid
, ateky-althougb highly: respectable'and adiscl
pie ;of •'Jesn's. ■ She hafeOxcbanged 'the, trials
‘ of ,tlme . ,fgr the . joys, of eternity;. . Her little
daughter" Virginia, a fefv nionths heforo tho
mother’s death, watfb'rbiight to the Home, and
•hsaainco beonadept«d;-bya;vycalthy gentle
‘triafttmd his'lvlfe'aftßo We6t; ! as'.lhei'r,;own
.ch.ild jud.tbQ futnrehetress offheir estate., !
'■ isAaother little:girl,-three atld aVhttlf years
o]A' wasjtnystefioußly.Jbftjn the sajopn pfethe
■railrpod dppbt', op the arrival pi.the Plttfbflrgh'
cara -by .a-pretonded annt, who sailed-imme
diately for England. Thia eliild' is generally
fsfippbScAfp have been stolen In England, f Bho
‘w% '#elhdfdSsed, apd found to, he highly ln
•telSgenti. , i ßesetfeA and friendless,' little Mary
jaße Wds' brought fo the HOmo,’kept fpr;ha)f
iyeifot mote, Atii then' adopted by’a wealthy
■-‘'ABrtle'imyl'elghfyeaTa'OldyWaS plctfeti Up
frb'pi; tic ■afu'bets, and liaa, sibCe beeh adopted
ihy an eroinent lawyer- in- New. England, :wlio.
fS edoeating him %,. Under, the :bub
pteps of, pur,freemstlfutlo!ia,he may one,day
,adortlths Senate (;lwnbor„or,.preside of# hla
-Ooitntfyt*',destinies in the WhltC' House ! • >. a
Klumt departmentof
:'JndWd f have we Witnessed' "enCli striking dis
■playgiof the epschw onpeiintebdinihWvpghee
.'<flM9d /; 4? in of;thCaa''e#dren.
rfttidiA a Cloud , out of Egypt’s. bondagb,'
Dinnegovcnuneht;. not jthat'.God up
•tie,suaran.dgiyeßto:tiw:wli!dß:powfirio «an>,
giwiid is every, atftigriing beam,
v of^Betiabo^. : tA,eiwtisnb^or|
yevhow niaiiy, alaal.weep, ; floods -fit .tears
over scenic! fotebidiifations of jA'i/Wnttoa,.
Map;dese.rtSiamldst;soenea ef Mtual.flatress.
1 “i*!* 3 abedtiover,. plays. !ana,, noVels-aWf Wot
offered oa at) unwnwSefl s&!noffortheyf3ed j
yide Pjresidetitß,
ionrenpond #i ®*o
■9, Hiram Ayiw,
ilmovlefewiMP'indoJjteaueeH,, c..:. J 5 -,/, .*•? 4 .«;
in ito dis
Mary Bason, left byber will $6OO. Mr. E.
RittenhOuM, 1 $100(1; >' SftaV l Fr<#tad, $833,33.
f MK ! o§dfge Hay'; s6ooo;'B'eSsiettji) ttieae'saiiis,
about s2§oo. havodboeu'-iroallaed from lifo
membershipS.J.whlch'are isiudd dttwenty'dol}
lara ,THfee duraij’ , ate;&st : hpart as a rnp
■spec’tiVo’Tund rot ilie permanent support’ of tM
Institution.' jmsuuv ' I
, Our sketch 'Would jba 'lmpeffeCf, .did',^u l pot
iridude'in it'apassjn&'jrlpute'tothdMnloYy of
the ; Hopie’Si earliest,. most. laboriousi -friends.
On ,the ;W.tH nf-Japiuiry, r JB66,.Thowas,;S,
■Mitfcßelk Ero^df'tb«;city; beih‘B ,on' a',.joijr.
_nojs tlifgugl) the .Holy fraPd, took; sick at fim
maso'u3,lnSyria,rindafter a' fowdayst illness:
departed th.ft ljfe. 'n the 88thyear of his'age.
’a tnePUppriof.tba .Boajcl of
Trustees, a member of the Building Committee;
and TrCaSuter, tod -in ' all tbeafe yarloua. relal
tions mnnlfested,a,(n93t.'liTely,anduhtiringieal
for .the suecessdf.tha.lDstituiion.Thus Men;
itjited with its intoresto iVem tbe first,’ the' loss
of his ! irtTaluablo seryieeif filled' the hearts' of
all With' the slPeeresf sorrow, ,
...Full of .faitlrand ofhope, our noble friend
breathed out hiefspTrit ihto tho. hands of God,
3? ipritnitive Christ itoityi
du-the city,rendered memorable in the 1 world's
annuli) .by thO'niiraeiilous etmYersl on or Saul Of
TatsusV ’ind there,V.frt.’aWayfrbm'horae or
lie hig hpnes,', be reyivifledby thd
trmttpofiGod'On'thfe.Tesurroetlon ntorn'. >■ In
•the'ibsence if.bis; heloVed family, who lovCd
they knew him best, the.
Bytnpatiilzfngi missionaries v therestationed,
cemetery .;< jThfltrgiaTe l eyen in .the far dis-;
tai!Ce, B'jnidSt’tllh.'sabred■ shrines- and .hallowed
Wallts'ofthblhrtfninM Syrian city.elicltsmediJ
.taUpns;(iJ[ and holy jpy-s-.of sort
row,. that a -noble: son and ;a manly ibrather-was
'S<lttftp'6rfi!dlifefttfe-l-6f holy
joy, that this' injih^al(Spirit has Been' Set as k
bright.jftweV’jjrihfli'jadlani'duulem.of-the cru-i
cifled Redeemer t.i; -- s'-:'. »
Few such 1
. Ifalfted-Ttiosefet noon!! 1.-1
lo rllis, Mtlstermust- have loved hiin.murli, '
'Jb'oUlhiSi'liemS sd Sooii.'l > j
~vv fe-_,: v .'ir ... ' I
; i - if| i n »*■—- }
Gen« Jaefeion’a Gold^Box—Letter from Colonel^
T ' ' Butler*.
As ft diUtf ndbtttap'dipg r seqmfc/ ( to 1 exist- in regard
to certaia tjf'my lftiiiohwd. and.venera tod
friond/GetiiAmhdvr, od
-to V|weltf«apter. o£tbe bUi.preseutpdio ( th«s
bity,iif«!KfeiS s prkr®nd>#ow to ; bc; awarded to .the
mratgaUantof State;! trust;
itwilTsiot bo-doemed obtrusive in me to attempt'
“ to vindicate* thetrtith of history,*’ by tho state-;
menfof'oorUinfacte within tiiy knowledge'. *
The box reforred to is not a- snuffbox, but ft masJ
sivegofdbdx,'designed to convoy to tUo illustrious
tonaut of'ttm Jlcrmitage tho complimentary rote
of tho freedom of tho city of Now Yoifk, and was
-entrusted to tho bands of -my late friendi Mr.
jVid.C.jColdon, of that city. bearer of
letters front .uiygolf,thon p cadet at
Tbore aro, morcover, th 6 .pre-j
seated'to tho old hero by tho ladies of Charleston;
and tho ; piotore representing the'gallant Poinsett
flaunting th* glorious stars and stripes in defianob
of a'Mcxiosn mob; - * 11 ,• ’* i
r: Fielftig an especial interest in th&apprpprlationof
these valued and valuable relies,'oUrfyintlio. lasi
year I wrote to Senator,Slidell, requesting.him to
d&UHhV atifenifoif , 'Bf-tiiy' v lMhenteaffiend'Senblor
Butler to the-Jfajf that.tW. were awaiting tho ao«
tion of the State of South Carolina; and. the lattcf
■ replied :tt,“ Just avthoatoab t>ft our Legislature, %
brought to the view of Governor Adams the oiansb
of Gen JaokflQn’aiirill/to which my attention hni
been called by. M*.u Slidell. Some proceeding will
be instituted'to aarryi into effect the honorable
bequest of the General.; He manifested a paternal
spirit'to hts native State, well worthy of comment
.aatlon. * It d)ffi6uU, however, ,to oarry intp
.effect the clausoof the will referred to,” ,
* j'i isAt,} E. G. W. Butler
''' ' tmpaVtant Decisions,
i, ThotoUqwing'4tf|pottaqt decisions hare rooently
been' made by the /jeotetary of the Treasury: 1 '• i
Slr/;t ‘acknowledge tW receipt of yodr report
Underrate of' the 19th' ult.', enolosing' a communi
oatiohirom Messrs,. Bra«ns <fe to yourself, ap
pealing from your deowion as to the rate of duty
to be exacted on an bnppVtotion of cotton vestlnge
and cotton fringes, entered by them at your port,
ail Agents 'of Messrs.’ Platt . I& Sobottler,' of Phila
delphia/.;* &.,•>: u.:u r;.-, *’
l understand you to have decided that the' arti
elfci inqueßtion’dledOmpfehended tfrideic the do
tignation inadheduhJ C,‘ tif the tariff;’aci of 8d
March,.. 1857, ,of - all
, .wholly of ’cotton/ which' ■ arer bloached, prfntod.
painted or dyed;’’ and subject to a duty of 24 per
cent.; the importers,- plaiuuisg J to enter them' at a
duty, of 19percent:/niidortnQ r cie3ignation of “mar
nufact-orea of cottoh .not other
itieV.provjdcdifbr/’, in schedule D of that act
r Ootton fringes and.' cotton. vßstinga, not being
! specially provide® for by name in any schedule of
sohiM? » of ,tH»t
tariff as “ manufactures composed wholly of cotton
not otherwise.provided v for.7, But. in the tariff of
3d March, iBd7,' modiry)&g that of ls46,'a new
class of ,cQtton fahrics.has ,b€sn, added to schedule
0) toiwit:!, M iUV manufactures of
cotton, which are bleached, printed/ painted, or
dyed^ > ! so thatthe articles upquestion ! are notr
in schedule O/being composed wholly
ofiCQtto^.iaodzbleaoh^d,> printed,;paintcdior dyed,
and,no;t in, any' other schedplo
of' the; tyriff provision - ip schedule; is no;
longer,&pplicab}e .to. the artioleadn question,' but
they «re properly olassed in achcdaleO. . The de
cision mode by-yon in thisoaso is ’
.Very respectfully, your obedtontservafft,
f . ..Howell Cobb,
' . J . ' ! 7"‘ " J . *’* ’ Secretary of the Treasury. ,
.. J; ‘TdOUPSOS hUebN,;Es«4, •” i. >,'•/. ;;
‘ 'Collector of’ Customs; Baltimore, Md.;
.. Tbk COTTON feoND.—At ift pubtfo, meeting
te«oiitly‘' held ’in n ;B!D«u)hfialery,'jAlderiiian- Masoh
stated tome interesting facts'.in- Telfttioni
■valae of Cotton, riot dnlyori- anrirtiole of tiahufal
lure, -but-aa a bond or friendship- between Ojfeat
Britain and the United States. He said that the
firstbalo of cotton wfla* imported Into England froin
Amerlca 1n’1782, time.,the entire con*
sumption in England *Vri9Untefi
nearly All df whieh earn© from the BritiehweJt In
dite, the'Ftenehand Batch possessions, and from
Turkey, ‘=The;'CbhsnmptWn 'ftt the present tiuie
to 900,000,000 pounds ; rio less than 700,000
Workman ate eningcd 14 tbetrado, and a popula
tion $ from 3,000,000 t0'4,000,900 U indirectly de
pendant; upon iti r 'At thia moment there are
30,000,000. spindles and *300,000 looms at work, or.
there .would bo that humboribntfor bad trade. ' In
1845 there was in the v&rtoris porte'of England.n
stock'of cotton-equhl to’ thirty-nine woofs' eon
pshmpti6h, arid 0f,1850 it hhd dwindled
down to about twelve ,frflekS' oorisumpti6n f Four
fifths entire .supply of .9Qttop oamo from
Amierimv end ,thus the, .bond between tbo two
countries is ; the most': important ’ that can be
conceived. •>•■ ,• » ■ ■ \
\! Louisiana Sugar 'Choi*.—Afuorrespondeht,
& planter, writing to the New Orleans Delta , says
in reference to the Louisiaha sragar orop :•
, The truth is this, tho'Lom&iujla sugar planter has
dnothei- short crop beforoVhim. __ It will be a short
crop f best,'rioyr r; '.The'most favorable.future can
not prevent thlsland an early fall or uiif&vorablo
may roduoe! the product oMhe growing
crop to the figures of loat year, or even-leas. Thoso
are the foots. - -My own< or% I am persuaded, is
fully two weeks behind lotft year—h very late sea*
son—and while thtr stolid Is better, my only hope
is in a late fall, this',‘‘from the very backward
spring,' wo may ; reasonably expect.’ I 'am por
euoded that my crop, is in no way the jnferiorof the
crops of my neighbors, arid the universal statement
that I hearnpon the whole ooast is, u My stand is
good, but the oanes are / very small.” Believe my
predictiou-rdt will iake d pioat favorable season to
give utf 209,u00'hOgsheads; ftpd with bad weather,
drouth, or An, early', fall/ there is no estimating,'
with any degree of oertainty, how little we 'may
•..Died,at Ha?lewpod, in*the county of St.
Louis; Missouri, bn the 27th of .July, Major Kioh’d
Graham, in the 78th year of his age. , Major Gra
ham vras the lost surviving son of Riohard -Gra
ham, of Dumfries,. Prince William county’, Virgi
nia. , He was brother of George Graham, acting
Secretary of .War during the administration of
Fresident Moproei and Subsequently Oopnriissiohdr
of the General;Lund i of John Graham, first
United States Bistriot-Attorney for 1 Louisiana,
Secretary of Legation to Spain,'Commissioner to
the Soutn American republics, and Minister Pleni
poUmtiary’ to Brazil,- arid of Mm. Catharine
aay, of the city of Washington—rill now deceased.
Major Gr&ham entered the military aervicb during
with .Great Britain, and served with
distinction as aid-de-camp on the staff of Major-
General Hamaon.' - .*
-' Tlio of.tijo New Haven (Conn,) Pal
ladiuni has boen shown a beautiful pearl of nri
ovalfihspe, three-eighths of an ihch by ono Quarter
andjehetrixteenth.; It ‘is said v the hand-
BomeßtspecUpenthat has boon brought into Now
Haven: It 'was found on Monday, August 3, in
the head wafers of tbo Quinnipiac, pe&rjConipounce
pond, fc the'town of Southington,’ Tho Messrs.
Monrosß ofForestYille,' foundonq some tw.o years
since that .they sold to. Tiffany A 0o„ of New York,
-for £2OO, andhnvc taken from ihat vicinity during
.the past few yearc soioosix hundred dollars worth.
Oh the day aboyo mentioned, those gentlemen,'
With Mr/ Bradley, wenton an exploration tohr, arid
ip owning vtt hujliol., of , fresh 9 r,olnma
' About three o’clock on. Sunday afterndon the
drying Building connected with the Chadwick Pa
tent. Leather .Manufacturing Company!s works, at NV J,, took fire, and together! with the ad*
joining; building, containing tbo office and ware
rpomi, Almost entirely otthriumed, »* Tito loss is
estimated at 820,000, and Is fully covered by insu
rance. ; Beveralriertoris were very. serjoußly injured
l b*;thfitMUhgtof d waU. .AinoioJ them are Jaime#
M: ftahhby,a large" Carriage tmanufacturer and
formeriy.toaypsr of the city; peter Riker, a fireman;
PqtetWefsellaud Christopher McVoy. The origin
of the fire has not been ascertained ]
f, ; fNk^ank|i f C?Ri^fy
„t{dns five boys, on S.un T
''day<Mornlng last, in the mlllraco at Hamilton.
'liwifn'ea. befws tfiO; Mcidclii "was 'dWcovifoi.
Three of (hfWfra wore brother!, and all QermaiH;
Their,nam6BKur jfllbrm.aot dltl nQtlearn.”. I
roiltome Bjfllrpitdj.Th iHhloh is
the largest of tbo lefnd in tha United
,Btat««.-.. Itlj(.1100 foot long, and la built onUrolO
by miif. Iron
itottertlonshuiaSd 1 ■■ i « .
'.i fiylvesWr liind, of tas ’given His
tiObi to bo.ealletl the Lind UniVorilty; ia to bo
loflatfUin,bei(i|logaoaH«dLaltei , orkt; i .:’.p ■ ;
Thp,population,-/pr.. Ireland in 1 1841, \van
iMMifWj i*?' ; dcoroada in sia
tesn years, 2,12?,748. '
j J •" ; ..1
‘ ■ Our recontexpositiobsof tli9 _agrjcultural
'respur66s 6f illipbi^", !#X ,tiik probiphpr o ',
ductjon of;tho current year, havo. we are gratb
fled to know,- giventhe most lively Satisfaction
td’all;ciltzens who entertain a proper degrdcpf
prldh in our noble State.; The estimates, at
first, took overy one by surprise, by rcasoirof
their magnitude,.because all hflyc;bcei«
jCCUsiomed to look back to the production of
, 1849, as. revealed In the United States census
Returns of'lB6o,as the standard of our capfibjli
ties'.’ Bufcsopulpable.sdpliilnanddonvliielng
was the reasoning by which these estimates
were demonstrated to be' inside of the actual
facts, that' no 'well-Snformed.'perton ndw'pre
tends to doubt , their 'general accuracy. 1 tit,is
• wholly unnecessary, therefore,-to add'to wfiat
wo have previously Said tipon this branch of
the subject. ,The croakers who last sprtaglpre
dicted famine and .general bankruptcy for the
West, and who labored assiduously," but In
vain, to bring about a verification of their pre
dictions; wll),of cOurse, continue ib ’aifeels hi
the' estimates we have made; but iiiark tniai
thefe ishot a Irian or journal amon’K themwlio
will dire assail the argumohts by which they
are supported, or venture uponhcoursVof
independent reasoning to prgvq them erro
pehus. ,<T ,
‘ -The question of an. abundant crop being
satisfiictorlly,pettled,>the. nejst subject of in
terest relates to'the probable demand for : o'ur
surplus and thonmarket value Whioh that sur
plus will command. In ,the,,first , place, we
have to remark,-that • large' hpf ofiy Surplus isj
the amount to 5 go upon the market'will no the
as great qa, some would suppose who iaro hot
fully informed on the. subject. The crop of
1866 was but little short of the ; es(jmate we
have made Tor 1857.. ) Of. that.crop only about
tv/ehty-orto'mllllbn exported from
Ohltfago. It la to 'be' rememherodithat home
consumption is constantly and rapidly on the
increase. > Our. city and village: population is
larger probably by twenty per cent’, than it was
in 1856’.' ' ' ’• ‘ - i ‘ ,; ■■
A, larger number of operatives are employed
ipom our railroads than then. Stock growing
is followed on a -much larger scale, and the
pfacticoiof purchasings Stock in Mlssouf i,'Ar
kansas,Texas and other States, driving thfim
tt>lllinoia,where tibyhis abimdaj(ipnd Reding
for market,' is 1 now very .'extensively fol
lowed. Add to this, that the unusual length
and sevCr}ty of last' winter, and' the high
■ price? at which breadstuff's have‘rated.the'pre
sent*, season, have together reduced the stocks
in the State to a point of unexampled lowpess.
iNeVer before, has a harvest* found the ‘barns
and cribs of the State so near empty as the
present ,one.. From all of which it is clear
the* amunusually large proportion of thb pre
sent: year’s crop will bo needed for homo con
•.sumption. ,; , . r , ... ■ ,
' In,the next place, the progress of immigra
tion Westward kasopened a market for a por
tion of our surplus in that quarter. Kansas,
Nebraska, 1116816™ ; lolva, Minnesota, and
Northwestern Wisconsin, will each in turn
draw,'upon our granaries. Tlio extent of this
market .will, of -course, be measured somowhat
by the extent of immigration in the fall,aud
spring, and the amount of immigration will bo
somewhat proportionate to the largoness of our
surplus crops.
What.we have said of short stocks iri our
own State, is .true of stocks in all the other
grain-producing States, and it is truo also of
all. the, great;markets of the, country; from
.whldh' the hoii-pfoducing States qbtain their
annual ' supplies.- * Moreover, - in many ' of tho
States tho production of breadstuff's,' from
causes that we have not time now to enume
rate, is annually, falling off., .This feet, we ap
prehend, is not very generally known, or due
weight is not given to its importance. Let ns
have recourse again to the revelation of the
United States Census. Take,-tor .example,
the difference .iotho'production of wheat for
the years. 1840 , and 1860, ,in. the following
States, as shoWn bylthCse official reports: ‘
. : 1640; - '* *.< 1860,
bushels. , bushels.
87,009 * 41,752
'1:801,830 1,088,634
. .4,803,162 f1;142 822
,838,052....: 294,045
Maine * 8«,108i 898,259
Massachusetts 157,923, 31,211
Mississippi 196,620 137,990
New Hampshire 422,124 185,668
.Rhodelsland 3,098....... ...4... - 4ft
Tenne55ee,,.,.........4,509,692.,...' .1,619,380
In these ten States thoro was a falling off in
the production of wheat of about six million
bushels from 1840 to 1850. The causes which
led to this result in that decade are more-active
at the present time,than then;' and the natural
result is, that the States named, 1 as well as some
others, are annually.becoming laiger purchasers
from the producing States, or, if- any of them
hare hitherto grown more than enough for
home consumption, they arr annually becoming
competitors of less import* W In’the markets
■of the world. The facta teU’witlv wK a little
weight upon the range of tho breadstuff market
of the country. ■" T ' -
IVe have now only to.ponsWar the probable
foreign demand for out aprpjfip to wiug this
’discussion to a dose. And .hjera, at tho out
set, we are met with a state of facts analogous
in one. respect to those which exist hero.
There are no accumulated stocks cither, in the
leadihg markets of the o|4 world hr In ‘ the
hands of producers: Sotao Of, the "countries,
of which- France la a notable example, that
but: a few I years ago exported ’brtiulstufi's
.largely, are now purchasers in the same mar
kets In which jn other days thay.Wero wont to
sojl. Thope mountains of grain that formerly
stood out upon the shores of the -Mediter
ranean and tho Black Sea, that increased in
bulk with every now harveat—ttat sfpod there
protected from all weather by an impervious
matting, of roots beneath wliich the yellow
grain reposed from year to year in safety, and
whose, accumulated stores were a perennial
guarantee to the world against fimpner-these
have totally disappeared. ,■ 1 .' '
The war of the'Allies against Bussia-told
the -story. Odessa, Galatz, Ibreliap Elga,
Dantzic, St. Petersburg, arid other famous
grain depots' of: the old world,,are, not, the
powerful competitors that they once were. In
Liverpool there are no'large stocks, England
will probably average crop,! but sho
will want .much oft our surplus.. Especially
will this be the caso if, ss now seeds to bb al
most certain, she have havo an East India war
to fight .through, compared with which the
struggle with Russia was mere pastime.
, Then'the events now transpiring.ip Asia in
dloute the probability of a market fori Ameri
can .breadstuff in that portion of the world.
The intestine war that has been in progress in
.China, tor many years has-culminated in p
fhmine of unexampled severity. : It Wasopce
the custom of - that government to lay 'up
stores iu seasons Of abundance for years of
scarcity. But its unhappy condition of late
ycare has put this, policy utterly out of the
question. Apd now .the, people are raaddoned
with hunger, and are' porpetrating upheard of
enormities in,the work of plunder. Here are
three hundred millions of people in want of
bread. How shall they bo supplied? Is it
not probable, nay almost absolutely certain,
that America alone can furnish tho means of
feeding them ? Thorp were but seven millions
of peoplo in Ireland in 1847, and yet we all
know how the fumlhe in that country affected
the market for breadstuffs. Should China bo
conic our customer, who can estimate tho ef
foct upon prices ? And that sho will Is much
more likely than that she Will hot.
, Wc leave this subject wltb tho strongest
possible conviction that all tho. surplus bread
stuffs ot tho year’s production will b$ wanted.
Prices .will undoubtedly- fall off from their
present high range, when tho new crop begins,
fairly to be placed upon the market. : 'fhat is a'
natural result, and may always bo expected
under ordinary circumstances. But we are
quite as confident that the average prices for
the next twelvemonth will bo both remunera-
tive and satisfactory to tho producers. Our
great abundance will not prove,a calamity, as
some assert, to thoso whose industry and
energy have created it. TVe regard it more ifi,
the Ught of Providential ordor by which tlio.
rations of the old world will be able to save
themselves from some of tho dreadful conse
quences of the wrong and disorder which pre
vail there. ■ ;
Meanwhlle the result at homo will bo such as
to excite only emotions of gratitude and thank
fulness, not alone for that , stability and cer
tainty that characterizes the .working of ora
tlreo institutions, and which saves, lis trom the
intestine strlib that devastates other landß, hut
for that thrtility'of soil and that ollmfdic adap
tation which enables us to supply the wants of
the, suffering elsewhere. Prosperous ns the
Northwest has .been-heretofore, we are un
questionably just entering upon an cia of,pro
gress that shall eclipse the past. .5
, The Louisville Courier notices the arrest in that
city ou Thursday, of three counterfeiters, who had,
been operating in Indiana, abd who had juat
arrived there from this elty: They* rOaistordd
their names as T.J. ArbucklV Wra flugEes, and
A. J. Dearth.. The following Is n description of
the money found, in their possession: The counter
feit paper money consisted of fifties on the Union
Bank of Louisiana, twenties on .the Stale Bank of.
Louisiana, twenties on theßiat* Bank of Indiana,
twenties oa the Farmers’'and Drovers’ Bank bf
Wayncshutg, Pp , teds on the DattorV Bonk bt
Connecticut, tona ou tho, Ziorthweetcrn Bank bf
Virginia, fives on tho Meroantilo Bank, of Hartford,
and various raised notes on Tennessee banks. The
bogus coin was well but ooalq readily be
demoted by itslight weight'. The one aollar pieces
weyeunfinished.. .|. , , . , , i
~ A. monument is at last'to bc-'mjad overthc
grave of this great, and,excellent marti Mr. Modi
fj 1 ’ 1 ; It is'nlready prepared—a plain, granite ohp
hemht, bearing n* ihsorlptien
except the date of his birth and death—end in the
rwli Wlhbds end neighbors in
Qrange,Va,, and thclrohlldren, 'Chasfeapl plain,
is v representation of the bcnutifdl simplicity
** m w^°,o “ e ' llo, i r ** is design td
to Mr. .HaDlot, a Captain of the Staff and Atd-de.
: Uwtp. os the Qeneral KegnattH do Saint Jean
dtAngely. The nuptual oeremony was witnessid
oyiMfbJLUon, the United. Btetes ; Minister, nnd
bCycfal .French generals and,high fundtlonariei.'
- 'Tlhr Tyler, who for thirty years has occupied
the chair of Didaetlo Theology in tbo’.Theological
Institute bf.Conneotiout, haairesigned'-’-Tho inflr.
.mltles of ogmpresent the only motive to thfs%ovk-,
meat - The Dootor is now more ' than'weyenhf-fibe
■ yoatn old. He is to receive an ahnUttb of |MO t»r
itWtoVsWyi -j, wr.
K 5 'MBteT-NAfwJjik.SAFJSty thust ’oost
o"rVS^L a iSi^ VTII : wl!S f oollN^,
. IVOORPOKATID XT fit* BIAT* oV I t BKriBTtrAk|)k*.i
Moaey Ss rofceWed ib any aura, lirgd or small., and tnf
ftomtna day of deposit fo. the'day of witbv
. Tb 6 oifice *bpen every day froiu 9 o’clock in the
mOrQiagHUTo'rioeklritbe evening, and, on Monday
and Thursday evenings till 9 o’clock. " t
All srimir,large or amall, are p?dd i>«k lb gold oa s9}
jtnapd, withbiit notice, to any amount.r > '!
* , HOR. UJ&hEY L. BUNNES, Tre^den^,.
' . -ROBERT BELVRIOQB. Tice Prealdbrii.
. W«„J. Rbbd, Secretary. ‘
, ‘/'. IK * DIRKCTORai, *' ' / .!
,Hon. Henry!/,Bonner, O.LandrethMarine,-,
Edward'L. Carter, P. Carroll 'Brewer, , 1
. Joeopb B.,Barry, '‘ ,
'Saral. K. AaMou> 1 Henry h. Oburcnmab, I
‘Jam** B. grimb,,FtXncU Lee,',' ' [ \
. .Thia'Company'.coDflnea ts .busiriesa entirilytothe
receiving of, money on. interest. The Inv'eAime&isl
amobntmfetoorw, . 1 , y
are made In' confqnnity with the proVialana of the
RENTS, and such first class securities li will always ini.
sure perfect security to. the deppsitor*, and which can*
’ &bt fall to give permanency stability',to this Ipsti*
, ~ ,'. ’ aul*ly ,
K) FIFTH and WALNUT Streets. Open dally, from
• to Sjdpd^ap.Tuesday pad until ?
otolock'. Large or email sums received, and paid with
out nttiW with*FlYE PEW OBNT- 'INTBREBT, by
obeek or otherwise. . JOHN THOMSON, Prea’t. ’
,•aiOI*T4ET AWP TBSlfln»Ha, ' L i > '
WM. T. EtBBRT. ’• .. ;
ItOBTSBK , . , .
Win. 0.1/Udwig-,,
Charles E. J,»x.
A: Mitkejj
Israel W. Morris, Jr.,
'Wm.NeaL i' ’ ;
Thoa. NeUson, > i
Thomas S. Reed; M. D.
James Russell* . ,
Thos. f\ Sp*rba*k,
Oscar Thompson,
Tetar "Williamson, \
Isaac 8. Waterman, \
Charles T. Yerkea.
John B,Auiiip,
Jobhß- Addlcka,
B»l®moaAtt«r, •
?r sWlUwn.oiwlc,
Spbrtma Qlark, Jr.,
Charles B. f O&ratairo,
Bobert Clark* v
Charles BaUik*"
Wm.B< Foster,
. Benjamin Qarfcard,
; JoimjQrdanvJr., ’
Lewis Lewis* Jr.,
TV°i .BOCK street.-,five
■ 1.1 PBft 6Ew$ f SAVINGS FUND.- aul-ly i
A' ‘> * NiE.’comrof CHESNUT end TENTH! 1
Chartered by the Btate of Pennsylvania, 1865.
, Deposits received dally from Otoe, and paid on de
mand, with interest.
Deposits received from merchants and others, payable
by checks oh sight. -
Interest allowed oh the average balances. .
’ ' JOHN MILLER, President.
JOS. W. SOUDER, Vice President.
J. L. HUTCHINSON, 1 Secretary. *■ aul-lm
itlarljinerji anb Jron. ; •
fifth and WASHINGTON streets,
manufactore High and Low Pressure Steam Engines, for
Laud. Hirer, anu Marine servloe. '
Boilers, Gasometers,'Tanka; Iron Boats, Ac,, Cast
ings of all kinds, either Iron or Brass.
Iron framo roofs for Gas Works, Workshops, Railroad
Stations, Ac. < ,
Retorts and Gas Machinery of the latest and most
improved, construction; , , .
Every description of Plantation machinery, such as
Sugar, Sow, #nd Grlafc Mills,'Vacuum Pans,,Open Steam
Trains, Defecators, Filters, Pumping Engines, &c. ..
Sole Agents, for N. RUlieui’s Patent Sugar Bolling
.Apparatus; Nasmyth’s Patent Btoam Hammer: J. P.
Row’ Patent Valve, Motion for Blast Machinery and
Steam Pumps. , ■
Superintendent-—P. H. BARTOL. ~ », au3-y
Engaged exclusively in themanufacture of > '
Manufacture to order Locomotives of any arrange*
ment, weight or capacity, for the use of Wood or Coke,
or £»/wmjm>ur Coal in.iJs crude static or • > «
In design, material and workmanship, the Locomo
tives produced at these Works are equal to, and not ex* 1
celled by any. The materials luedlo construction are
made on the spot, and insure the best quality and most
reliable stock. The Urge extent of Shops, and Oor>i
plete Equipment of Machinery and Tools, enable
them,to execute the . „ . ; ,
' OP anyarbanoeHent required.
With Forgings of any size or form,
. And MACHINE WORK generally.
aul-ly ‘ ‘ “
ER works.
PBAOTIOAL And theoretical bnmnjsbbs,
, ..--mmiS AND FOUNDEBB.
Having (or many years been is successful operation,
and been exclusively engaged in building and-repairing
Marina and Hive* Ingtaes, high andlow preesgre. Irp|
B £? ts A sy,^:^ialw^ro P*^ rB i **•» *<?•) respectfully
offer their service*'to thq public/aa being fully prepared
to contract for Engines of all sues, Marine, Hirer, and
Stationary, Having sett* of pattern* of different Meet,
are prepared' to execute Orders with quick despatch.
Every description l or Pattern-making made at the
shortest notice. High and Low Pressure, Flue, Tubu
lar and .Cylinder Boiler*.’of the bestPezmsylraniaobar
«?al Iren. Pairings'of ail sixes and kinds: >lren and
Brans Castings or alt descriptions; Holl Turning, Screw
Cutting, and all othtr .Work connected with the above
business. ' ‘ ‘ '
Drawings and specifications for all work done at their
establishment free of charge, and work,guaranteed.
The subscribers hare .ample wharf dock boom for re
pairs of boats, where they cad lay fn perfect safety, and
are provided with shears,'blocks, foils, &6.,5cc., for
raising heavy or lightweights.
aul-y BEACH and PALMED Streets, Kensington.
Handy & morris—
Warehouse 8. £. corner FRONT jutd. WALNUT.
Nineteenth centuryi—the
This Is now the groat standard remedy for diseases of
the Blood, Stomach and Liver.
If you have a Cancerous or Scrofulous affection, at
once use the Imperial Dtpvrative. ■ *
Tetter*— Are you troubled with this obstinate and Un
pleasant disease Use the Imperial Depurative. 1 Try
out one bottle. • ’ » • ■- ' - '
Haro you White Swelling, Hip Disease, or Glandular
Swellings f The Imperial Depurative will effect a oure.
Try it.
For Pimples, Blotches andEniptions of the Skin gene*
rally, you nave a prompt and certain remedy in the Im
perial Dtpujativt t .Cue bottle .will, satisfy you,of its
Use the Imperial Depurative, .if you would hare a
clear, healthful, and beautiful complexion.
Use the Imperial Depurative for a diseased state of
the Liver or Stomach.
For females of. a weak and debilitated habit and shat*
tored nerves, the Imperial Depurative is just what is
required to ro-invigorate the frame and restore the ner
vous system to a healthy state.'
We know the fall value.of this great remedy, as we
are using it every day in an extensive practice, and see
its great curattvo powers manifested in numerous cases.
Wo know it has no equal in this country;
The curoiul preparation, great purity and strength of
the Imperial Depurative renders large doses or lqng
continued obb of it unnecessary'. It acts directly upon
the diseased pact, and. it is not necessary to wait months
to discover the benefits to he gained.
' .If you wish to purify and enrich the Blood, and pre
vent disease, aa well as core it at this, season of the
year, use one or two bottles of the Imperial Depurative,
and we Will guarantee its beneficial effects.
Prepared by Dr. LOUNBBKRRY & CO., and for sale
at the Principal Office,- No. SO North Fifth street, throe
doors below Arch, where patients may consult Dr. L.
daily, free of charge.
The Imperial Depurative is the great remedy of the
nineteenth century. “ aul-tf
JL A TION, Extract Buchu, removes all the symptons,
among which will he found Indisposition to exertion,
toss of Power,' Loaa of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing,
Qenetal Weakness. Horror of Disease, Weak Nerves.
Trembling, Dreadful, Horror'of Death. Night Sweats,
Cold Feet*j Wakeiblness, Dimness of Vision, Languor,
Universal lassitude of the Bluscular System, often euor
moua Appetite or Dyspeptic Symptoms, Hot Hands,
Flushings of the Body, Dryness of the Skin, Pallid
Countenance, Eruptions on the Face, Pains in the Back,
Heavi«eu of the Eye Lids, frequently Black Spots flying
before the Eyes, with temporary Suffusion. Loss of B|ght.
If these symptons are allowed to go on, which this me
dicine invariably removes, soon follow Fatuity and Epi
leptic Fits,. ,
TION, Extract BUohu, for all Diseases of the Blad
der, Kidneys, Gravel, Dropsy, Nervous and Debilitated
of the above difitressiog ailments, use HELM
BQLD’S PREPARATIONS. Try them, and be convinced
of tbolr efficacy.
KATION, Extract Buchu,
“Givehealth and vigor to the frame,
And bloom to the pallid check !”
And are so pleasant in thoir taste, that patients be
come fond of them.
'JTJ. TION, Extract Buchu—See overwhelming eviden
ces which will be produced to show that they do great
f:ood to all who honor them with a trial. Evidence open
ot the inspection of all. '
TION, Extract Buchu.—Price 91 per Bottle, de
livered to any address. Depot, fill South TENTH street,
Assembly Building, below CUjjGjjJUX street, Philadel
Address letters, 11, T. HELMBOLD, 62 South TENTH
street, below OUEStNUT, Philadelphia.
. Sold by Druggists'and 'Dealers everywhere, Beware
of.Oounterfeita. < - ■ ■ • *u7-3m#
Uoptß oitb Sljoes
MARKET and FIFTH Streets.
Gentlemen's Best PqUnt Leather Gaiter Boots,
“ “ ,Oa}f , i do. do.
it Patent Leather Oxford Ties.
n-• u . Calf- do. do.
i« *r. Patent Leather said Oalf narrow
alrap Shoes, i ' •' - ' ■ v
■ Boys* And Youths* 1 Patent Leather and OaU- Skin
Gaiter Boots had Shod.' ’ } ’ •'
iuLtt ! F»r tola by GEO. W. TAYLOR.
KET Street, and, Nos. $ 4nd & FRANKLIN -PLACE,
have now in store a large and .welliwwrted; ctotk of
BOOTS and SHOES) of City and Eastern ravmfacture,
which they offer for sale on the best term fbrGaih, or,
on the usual credit. ,a
Bujera are invited to call s and examinetheir itock.
aul-dtf r • - *
P. OALDWeXE—Wholesale
su'd lie tail WHIP and CANE Mnmifnciarer.'ifo. 4
North FOURTH Street, .. ..J*u4
i^OORIK(^iB6XRF3^ J 6^WO|ro
'A.-• ltaafloeHngbo&kds;4fio*t,fol’ttlet>y L *t
Ml 119 North Water Street,
_ *,4)A:s*'l\.n*Krf \
I'whßsiW l ,TOtie Ni.4OS(IaWM) , 4VAtNOT s{.
Capitol and Surplus, $250,000.; r*. >-* ‘ ' }
C .;Thls Companf.contiiides. to make lusurance against
'loss 6r damage by Pita ahd the:perils of th®. S« OfloUhd
-Navigation and T ranagortattonj at current raWfa. * ;
'.•J^Pr^dwit^OEO.* \. •
Yice. President—B. E->ROSS ■* '
Secretary and TreasureruQ. R. COGGSHALL.
■> Assistant Secretary—B. H. BUTLER.
. ~. J. t ''WRpCTQBS. . ■
Gebrgo H,.. .j V h iV s I '*•’• ** W". Bailey,'
* B. P. Ross, ‘ «!-fW T • Charles G-Imlay, 1
A.O.Oattell, - Wm. D..Lewis r Jr.,
Joseph Edwards,-.- **} 'f J- L.,Pofß«rpyi.: :
Dale, . * Andrew Jt:_ '
‘TtQn.Honry M. FbUer. , ,7H;B CoggahaUl',,. v .
FostcrS.Perklda.,; . . ” Samuel #-j '
,• JohnH. ' ' ‘, A ..P,.' j
auS'ly' ‘ '
WALNUT STREET-. : Charter-perpetual. Anthorhied
■ FIRE IN9URANOE—On merchandise generally,
household furniture, on stores, dwellings, Ac. ;Limitod
<«rperpetual.. . i‘ • , , ,
.MARINE INSURANCE—On .cargoes, freights, and
vessels, to all parts of the world..
INLAND INBURANOE>ftdn goods by, rivers, canals,
lakes, and land carriage, to,all parts of the country.
DIBKGTOXg. 1 >■ ' .
‘ Oh&t-lesO. Lathrop, l«3Walnut Street
Alexander Whilldin, 14 North Front Street.
Henry DrMoore, Farquhsr Buildings, Walnut St.
John O, Hunter, Arm of Wright, Hunter A Co.
E. Tracy/ find of Tracy A Bolter r '
-Thoa. L. Gilieapie, firm of Gillespie A Zeller.
Stillwell S. Bishop, firm ofßlahop*Simons A Co.
WiUUun Darling, (late of Reading.)
• i Isaac Hazlehurst, Attorney Aad.Counsellor.
. J. R« McCurdy, firm of Jones, White A McCurdy.
John Bice, 90 South Fourth Street.
Jas. B. Smith, firm of James B. Smith A Co.
Then. W. Baker, Goldsmiths’ Hall. . ■
£. Harper Jeffries, firm of Wm.H, Brown A Co.
0.0. LATHROP, President.
.WM. DARLING. Vice President.
JoasPH J. Hooksl, Secretary and Treasnrer.
H. K. RiOHißDaoa, AsaUtant Secretory. ,■ aug6*ly
A SURANOE COMPANY, incorporated by.the State
of Pennsylvania In 1645, are nowesUUiihed in thelr
NEW OFFICE, No. 433 CHESTNUT Street, where they
are prepared to make ALL KINDS .OF INSURANCE,
from LOSS BY FIRE; ou* property of,every description,
k Town >or Country, ineludihg PUBUO BUItDINGS,
At», MEROHANDIEE ot 111: kind. • .BIOOKS ,OP
GOODS, Stock, of COUNTRY" STORES.'Go«& on
ELRY, FIXTURES, Ac., Ac., Ac., Ac,, atn>oder»t«
rrates.qf premium, and for any period of time v
This Company refer to thelr. past career aa an ample
guarantee for the PROMPT SETTLEMENT of all their
LOSSES. There are at this time so unsettled claims
against them. « ROBERT P. KING, Preset.
M. W. BALDWIN, Vice Pres’t., •
• Fbjlboib BLAOCBCBRs/Seo’y. " , aul-3m
pany.—The pennmutual ufk insurance
COMPANY, Southeast Corner of THIRD.and DOCK
Streets. Capital, $fi12,725 03. t
INSURES LIVES for short terms, or for the whole
term of life—grants annaitiea and endowment—pur
chaaea life on interesto in Beal Estate, and wakes all
contracts depending on the contingencies of Life.
I Thoy act as Executors,. Administrators, Assignees.
Trustees and Guardians.
Five Per Gent. Interest allowed from date of deposit,
payable bank on demand without notice.
ASSETS OF Tnß COMPANY, January Ist, 1857.
Loans of the State of Pennsylvania, Phils- 1
delphla City, Penn’a Railroad, Camden -
‘ • ana Amboy Railroad, and other Loans $179,885 38
Bonds, Mortgages and Real Estate..: 117,187 19
Stocks In Banks, Insurance, Gas and Rail.
road Companies 81,729 98
Premium Notes and Loans on Collaterals 193,692 01
Cash in Bank, due from Agents, Inter
est, Ao 88,780 47
Guarantee Capital, Subscription Notes.;.. ..' 100,000 00
■ * ■ - $711,225 03
DANIEL L. MILLER, Prciident.
- SAMUEL E, STOKES, Vice Prea’t. 1
Job* W. Houbob, Secretaxy. > . * aal-ly
XjL TRUST COMPANY.—lncorporated by the Legis
lature of Pennsylvania. Capital $500,000. Charter
perpetual. Offictf la the Company’s Building*. 8. E.
Corner of WALNUT and FQURTu Streets, Philadel
phia. , - < • ,
This Company Insares tlvea during;the natural lire,
or for short term*, at-the njual zuutbal rates of other'
sound companies. . !...<•
Stock rates about Twaurr per eeift. lower than above.
Premiums, may be paid.quarterly, .Rolf. yearly or
Money received' on deposit daily, by this
llshed Institution, returnable in Gold, on demand, wN I
five per cent! interest added. i • -
Office hours from 9 A. M. tUI 5 P. M., and on Mon
.Joem O. Sma, Sec’y. [auMOt] President: .
Arctic fire insurance compa
ny, NEW YORK.—Office, No 29 W.ll .treot, *A-
Jolting the Mechsnlee’ Bank—OiUh .Capital, $260,000,.
with a eurplua. ,TRU Company Insure BuU«ng«: M«t
chandlie, Fnrnlture, Veasela in port and their Cargoes,
the Rl h ks P f ifw"* 1 °” W I),im!lge ?*»•
‘ ° ° . dillotors.
Henry.Grinnell, JoehuaL. Pope,
Celeb Berstow, . Rufus R. Graves,
Henry 0. Brewer, Henry Davis,
Edmund Penfold, 0. H. Liltenthal,
Hanson K. Coming, Theo. Polhemns, Ir.
Ogden Haggerty, Elisha E. Morgan,
Thomas Monagan, Abm. R. Van Nest,
.John H. Earle* William A. Cary,
Albert Ward, Thomas 8. Nelson,
Charles Esaton, Jsrnes W. Phillips,
Louis Lorut, , Charles A Maw,
Samuel G.Glidden, Edward Hlncken
Steph. Cambreleng, Wtn.B. Shepak,
Thornes Scott, , OhadeaL. Froet,'
John H ard LothropL. Sturgee,
Henry K. Bogert, William B. Foedick,
Peter Edes, Emery Tliayer,
Benjamin H. Field, Oeo. Westfpldt,
A. R. Frothingham, Zalmon Taylor,
Thoa. F. Youngs, Henry E, Blossom..
Samuel L. Mitohell,
ALBKRT WARD, President.
Bionaan A. OsaLKr, Secretary. an 10-ly
XTA COMPANY, perpetual, Granted by
the State or Pemmlranla; Capital. $500,000. Fire,
Marine, and IniandTranaportatlon. ,
*, CIttSCTOBS-' ,
Aaron S.UpplncoU,', ' Charles Wise',
Wm. A. Rhodes, 1 Alfred Weeks’
Charles J. Field, Jams* P. Amrlh,
Wm.B. Thomas, 1 * -
Wm. Neal, 1 " John P. Simona, ’
AAEON 8. UPPINCOTT, President.
WM. A. RHODES, Vice President.
ALFRED WEEKS,’ Secretary.
J. W. MARTIEN, Surveyor.
Thia Company was organized with a cash capital, and'
the Directors hare determined to adapt the business to'
its available resources—to observe prudence in'conduct*
Jng its affair*, with a prompt adjustment of losses.
Office No. 10 Merchants* Exchange, Philadelphia.
aolMfly 'it
No. m WALNUT Street, oj
BINS BISKS on Vessels, 0
Canals, Boats, and other eai
sored, and ample security In
Edward Harris Miles,
John M. Odeuheimer, i
Mahlon Williamson,
Samuel J, Sharplew, -
Isaac Jeaaes,
Hear/ Preaut,
Edirard G. James,
William L. Spring,
Franklin Q, Jones,
Daniel Haddock, Jr.,
William Taylor,
James Murphy,
Win. F .Smith)
A. J. Antelo,
■ Samuel L.
Joh* o. Ksma, Secret
62 WALNUT street, west of THIRD.
Wm. M. Swain, Jer. Walker,
John Anspach, Jr., Jno. McClure,
.11.'N. Burroughs, ' Tho. Oraren,
J. B. Ilughea, A. B. Qillett,
F. D. Sherman, Furman Sheppard,
Wm. P. Hacker, thunl. Jones, M D.,
J.P.Steiuor, ■ Joseph Klapp, M. V.
H. A. Shackelford,
Hod. JOEL JONES, President.
Hou. (i. W. WOODWARD, Vies President.
Jtfo. S. McMdlms, Secretary.
Jambs B. Alyobd, AsnisUnt Secretary. aul-3m
Cash Capital $300,000. ,
vicinity adjusted at the PA
By leave vre refer to
D. 8. Brown k Co., Phlla. I Hon. Joel Jones, Phlla. *
Cheffees, Stout & Co., << i Hon.'Rnftu Choate. Boston
Hacker, tea* Co., “ I Hon.?.B.Williams, EartM
We have facilities for placing any amount of Insu
rance in the most reliable Companies.
AGENCY , No. 413 (old No. 145) CHESTNUT ST.
NIA.—Offic*. N, W. Corner FOURTH and WALNUT
Streets, Philadelphia-Subscribed Capital, $600,000.
Paid-up Capital, $200,000.
DAVID JAYNE, M.D., President.
Samuel 8. Moon, BeCretary. aul-ly
_ _ Slimmer Ueeoris.
above Establishment is now open for tho season as a
Summer Hotel,” for the reception of guests. No ex*
penae has been spared to make this a first class Ilotal.
The house has been furnished Entirely new, with every
article of fashionable furniture necessary for the com*
forts and luxuries desired by families; superior cooks,
aud attentive and respectful servants, engaged to answer
the call of visitors. The sleeping apartments are fur*
nished with all the comfortable and desirable requisites
for qqiet and refreshing repose. The proprietor, how*
ever, relies more on action than promises, and will en
deavor to he equal to the requirements of the times and
the public., aulo-10t*
X SPRINGS. VIRGINIA, will be opened for there*
ceptfon of visitors on MONDAY, 22d JUNK, end will
remain open until the Ist OOXOBRB.
Through Tickets can be obtained at Baltimore, Wash
ington, Klohmond and Alexandria.
Passengers leaving Baltimore in the early tftornlog
train, via Alexandria and Manassas Gan Railroad to
Btrasburg, reach the Springs from 6 to o o’clock same
evening, and those from Baltimore and the West, via
Rasper '4 Kerry and Winchester, from Bto9 p. M -
aul-2w J, N, BUCK, Proprietor
jyjOUNT ' -
Caro* Braisos, Joly 23d, 1857 ,
A CARD.—The lukscrihor Airing understood that
report* ere In circulation In Baltimore that he intend!
doling the Mountain nome for the season, takes this
method of contradicting them, and .lying, while the
company is not quite so large as usual, atm it is fair,
considering the . lateness of the season, with dally an.
cessions end a prospect of a much later aeaaonthln
usual. It will hi KEPT OPEN TILL TOE WEST OP
OCTOBER, &nd longer, if secisstt/,
COONT?, PA.—These Spring* in -ideal** at a
gftnjteto? ttedbiuN*from tSUmYtr * Smooth
la about W mllee, VfaHorf leaving Baltimore
tn tha jfaomlng train via the Northern Central And Oow
bttland Valley RatiraMJwlU itsvh 'at'the Spring** ba
lime evening far tea, by otnnlbde** from Oh*mber»-
bary. Vh» aletanoa Jr&xi Qhamberatrarf I* 16 mile*
over a eraooth turnpike toad,
• No; 37 Booth THIRD Street, PMUd»MM* ,
COLLECTIONS promptl/ made on »I 1 acoesaiWß poldts
In thoTJnttod States and Canada; ,
1 Stocks. BoudJ, 4c.. Bought and Sold 00 OMtunlmoO.
Gneurrent Bank Notes, Checks, ho-,^ouj;ht ( at th»
•lowest rates.' . ~ J
Deposits received sod Interest Allowed, as per tgr*.
went, aol4b»
PKiialwd bv iM H6vsl\ ttalapl the twoHouse#cjitbe ik**mbly aT*hU
tivtiof Me Commtmxeeallk <>/’Pc«nsylt>ajiia inutiL oOijnr»t>nwe«lth Torthesafeiosiof wfT- ,1.
era* Asnmblymtt ThittHhraUtfWtagamendmentsare ftta.T ..ITitoas«jhapd. andtag
proposed t$ the qf the Gommonwalth. thm f twenty Scemd I day of- June,-woe Itojggtydft*
accordance with 'the provision* of the tenth.' aiUtla r &* G- yU«“JrI
thereof. ■ <• , t , , aofi-mJfea ,} . -Secretary-oftheOua>«mr»«i»h
-' riMT iraxpMssr. - f r i 1-1 *
. There shall be ah additional article to said CopsUtu
tion to be designated «a article eleven, as follQwa:— <
.- . ; .
► ,,- r' ; *
Sbotios 1. The Stew may contract debts, to fhppljr i
CMoal deficit or fellares lb revenues, or to' meet expen
ses not otherwise forwent the entente
hinotiht of such' debts' direct' and- contingent,-whHhar
assembly, or at dliferenfc periods of time,shall neTer ex
ceed spren hundred and fifty thousand dollars, sndr tfre
mou'ey arising from the creation of. such debts; sbalThe
implied© purpose• which it was to
repay the debts so contracted* and to no'other purpose
i whatever.
SeotioxS. In addition to the above limited power,
; the State may contract debts to repel iqrasion, suppress
insurrection, defend the State in war. or to redeem the
Sot outstanding indebtedness of the State: but the
yarisSng from .the contracting of inch debts, shall
be applied to the purpose for which It wa* raised, or'to
VotiySuch debts, no other purpose whatever. 1
, .gtctws 3- Except' the debts above specified, In see
tiofis mie and two of this article, ho debt whatever
ahAll fcd cwwted by, 6t on behalf ofthfi State,
i sx6ffQX d. To provide tor the payment of the present
1 debt, find any additional debt contracted ar aforesaid,
the legislature shall, at its first session, after the adop
tion of this, amendment, create a staking fund, which
shall be sufficient to pay the accruing interest on stub
debt, andawxustlrto reduce.the prindphl thereof by a
sum not le« thha *two handrW and fifty thousand dot
lars: which sinking fund shill consist of the net annual
income of the peddle 'vcfrks; from time to time owned by
the State, or ttaproeaedi of the eale of tb* mbm, or
«nr part thereof, and of tfci income or proceeds of sale
of stocks owned by the Bti|e, togetherwith other fund£
or resources, that mar be'Mgnsted by law. The said
sinking,fundwy.he bnn*Kp&* tinm to time, by t*
i tignin£totfaity.t«t ofihi or affair Revenues of
the State, not required for the ordinary and current ex
penses oi government, and Unless in case of war, iuts
slon oi 5 tatfarrectionjoo* part of the said staking fund
shaU be.uood or applied otherwise thrift
ment of the public debt, until the inww&tf nu*debt.
Is reduced below the sum of fire •
’SebtioXC. The credit of the shall not
In s&rmnßtr,W pveht,be.pledg®djiub tossed to, any
indMdaaJ.- company# corporation, Cf.asmiftifßi.nor
shall the Commonwealth hereafter beoomg iJoto* owner,
or stockholder, in any company, association, or cor
poration. i
Siono* 0. The Commonwealth shall not assume tho
debt, os any part theceor, of any county, city, borough,
or township iof.of. any. corporation,« *£ircUsio* ;£»•
lesa such debt shall have been contracted; todMhtothe
State to repel invasion, suppress .domestic insuwgtion,
defend itself In. time ox,war,or to ilssiftthe State in the
discharge of any portion of its presant tadebtednete.,
Section 7. The legislature /totim^to.any
county, city, boroogp, township, dis
trict, by virtue of a vote of Jts citizens', or otherwise, to'
become a stockholder, in or
corporation; or to obtain money for. or loin \W credit
to, any corporation, association, institution or party.
There shall be art additional article to' said Constitu
tion, to be designated as article Xllas follows:
xxticur xn.
op New counties.
'No countj shall bo divided by a line cutting off. over
one-tenth of ito population, .(elthei; to form a new
countj or otherwise,)' without, the express assent qf
such county, bj a’ vote of th 6 elector thereof; nor
shall ataj new eonnty be established,’ containing less
than four hundred square miles.’’
From section two of the first article of the Constitu
tion strike out the words, i( oftht dry of Philadelphia,
and of lathtauniy rerprctiVely;” from leetion five,
same article, strike out 'the words, “afpitiladelpkia
and oj the several counties;", from section seven, same
article, strike out the words. '} ‘ne itker tke'cttg tf-Phi
ladelphia nor ony,” and lntortln lieu thereof the
words, li a»d no;” arid strike'hut li settle*fonr, same
articles’ and in Hen thereof insert the fellowiox: ; ’•
- “»Ssctfos 4. 'ln the/ear one thousand right inodred
and sixty-four, and in every re
presentatives to the numoer v of one hundred ,'kbalr be
apportioned and distributed ' equally, UmWpsont the
State, by districts, in proportion to the hrimber of taxa-.
ble Inhabitants in the several parts thereof; except that
any county containing" iit least'three,thouton<r five,
hundred taxablea, may be alio wed a Wja**<« yepresen- ‘
tation; but no more than threeeomitfo shall be Joined,
and no county shall be divided, in tfc* formation of a
district. Any city containing a •anfficiwtf pfttthCr of
taxable to entitle it" tp at least two repreMQtrifr*",
shall, have a separate representation aasigped it,
shall he divided into convenient district* of eontigunas
territory, of equal taxable populatiams near as may be,
each of which districts shall elect one representative.”
At the end of scetiott'seyen, tame article, Insert these
words, th* lily <f Philadelphia sJUUt be divided into
single senatonu.distpetSjofcdntigii'cnti ftrrifory as
nearly equal in taxable boptuation as pesitMe, but no
ward shall be divided in tit formation thereof?' ■
The legislature, at Its swwtott.AfWr the adoption
of this amendment, shall divide tfo ptiy pf V h&adefphi*
into senatorial and representative districts, iff til* nu
net above provided; such districts to remain BBCfrwgftl
until the apportionment in the year one thousand eight
husdttd Ana slxtv-four.. ",
•rotmtHAJmrpjnrer. • *• -
Thar* shall bn u) additional section to the first article
of *ri£ which shall be.numbered and read
M a«OWOS afi. Tk* legislator*' J*%U have the power to
alter, revoke. oV Ancolj koy &eri*r fit incorporation
hereafter cdnferwd bV; op under, amr Specif, ftf general
law, whenever'ln their opinion ft pay be ifijnriPM
to the vitiiens of the Commonwealth; in foeh WWW,
however, that no injustice shall be dona to thf corpora
tors. % • -
■ Ik Bssat*, fismh 2b,ISS7. (
■ Jlesolvtd, Thai this resolution, pass., : On the first
amendment, yeas 24. nays 7 ; on tfe* second amendment,
yeas 23. mu 8 : on the third amendment, £eas 24, nays
4; on theloarth amendment;yeas 2B, nays?.
. [Extract from the Journal.]
** 7 GEOvW. HAMEBSLY, Clark*
i iK TuaHoossor B3PasassTATjv*s,Ajaril29,Wf-
Resolved, That this resolution pass. Oh the, first
amendment, yeas 78, nays 12 : on the second amendment,
yeas 57, nays 34; on toe third amendment, yeaa 72* nays
22; on the fourth amendment,yeas 88. nay 7. ‘
[Extract from tbs Journal.] , -
Filed In Secretary's office. May 2,1147. -' •
' A. o. OUBTINr
Secretory oftfc* Commonwealth-
Suobutaut's Orrtfif, -
- SAMiaMM, Jhnu 2^1367. '
Painjyfeanur ss ?
I ao certify that the shove and foragdmg Is a true arid
correct copy of the original “BdKflafionpfopte&gamend
ments to the Constitutioo of the Commonwealth,’’ with
the vote in each bran eh of the Legislator* tipon toe
final passage thereof, as appears from toe originals on
file in this office. - - -•*
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
[lb.} hand and caused tobe affixed* the seal of the
• Secretary’s Office,- -the day and year' above
written. 1 *; Ch OURffR,
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Is &uun, Aforet 97, 1857.
The resolution proposing«cfottd»eiito to A# Consti
tution of the Commonwealth being undereonsWhratJoa,
On the question, < • . » r . .
WUI the Senate agree to the first amendment?
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to the pro
visions of the Constitution, and were at follow, via:
•Yeas— Messrs.Brewer, Browne, Coffer, lUy.Svene,
latter, Flenniken, Fraxer.lngrmm, .Jordan, JtilliMer,
Knox, Laubach, Lewis, Myer, SeofiehL. SaUerau, Sou
uan, Steele, Straub, Welsh, Wilkins, Wright and Tag
gart, Speaker —24. • i.,t- •
Nats—Messrs. Orahb, Greaswell,. Finney, Gregg,
Harris, Penrose and Souther-*?.
So the question was determined in the affirmative i
On the question,
Will the Senate agree to the second amendment?
The yeas and nays were .taken agreeably to - t the pro
visions of the Constitution, and were as follow, vis:
Ybaa—Messrs. Brewer, Browne, Cressweu, Sly,
Evans, Setter, Finney, gieuniken, Ingraft,; Jordan,
Knox, Laubach, Lewis, Mrer, fellers, Shuman, Souther,
Steele, Straub, Welsh, -WUUna, Wrightand Taggart,
sp/aJtrr—23. . '
Nirs-LMessre. Coffey, Orahb, Fraser, Gregg, Harris,
Killinger, Peurose and Scofield—fi.
So the question was determined In the affirmative..
On the question,.
Will the Benate agree to the third amendment ?
The yess and nays Were taken agreeably to the pro
visions of the Constitution, and were as follows, vis:
Yeas—Messrs. Brewer, Browne, Orahb, CrtuweU, Ely,
Brans, Flenniken, Fraser, Ingram, Jordan, Killinger,
Knox, Laubach, Lewis, Mrer,Scofield, Seller*; Shaman.
Souther,‘Steele, Btranb, Welsh, Wilkins, and Wright
-at. • -
jppoaite the Exchange. UA*
Oargoeß. and Freights. IN*
)N HlflKfl, .per BaUroads,
Med annually among the As*
i cues of loss,
tow#.' -
Thomas T. Batcher,
Algernon E. Ashburner,
Alfred Fauitt,
Thomas 8. foster,
Easterns English,
Junes H. Stroup,
Alfred Slade.
A. G. Csttell,
Charles B. Cantata,
Samuel Robinson,
John P. Steiner,
Henry Grambo,
Wm. J Caner,
Jreotaborg. -
iRRIS MILES, President.
iSITT, Tice President,
ry. auj-ly
Nats—Messrs. Coffey, Gregg, Harris and Penrose—4.
So the question was determined In the affirmative,
Qn the question,
Will the Senate agree to the fourth amendment ?
The yeas and nays were> taken agreeably to the pro
visions of the Constitution, and were as follow, via:
Yeas—Messrs. Brewer, Browne, Coffey. CresswelL Ely,
Evans, Flenniken, Fraser, Ingram, Killinger, Knox,
Lauback,Lewis, Hyer, Scofield, Sellers, Bbumxn, Souther,
Steele, Straub, Welsh. Wilkins and Wright—23.
Nays—Messrs.' Crabb, Finney,' Jordan and Penroee—4
So the question was determined in the’affirmative.
, fl . „ April, 29,1 WT. {
The resolution proposing amendments to the Consti
tution of the Commonwealth being under consideration,
On the question,
Will the-House agree to the first amendment?
The yeas and nays were taken agreeably to the provi
sions of the Constitution, and were as follow, vis;
Yus—Messrs. Anderson,’Arthur, Backhouse, Ball,
BeckT Bishop, Bower, Brown, Calhoun, Campbell, Ohase,
Cleaver, Oruwford, Dickey, Ent, Eysier, Faesold, Porter,
Gibbocey, Gildea, Hamel, Harper. Heins, HieeUnd,
Hill, Hlllegss, Hoffman, (Berks.) Imbrie, lanes, Jacobs,
Jenkins, Johns, Johnson, Kauffman, Kerr, Knight; Lei*
Bearing, Longsker, Lovett,Manear, Mangle, U’Calmoat,
M’llvalu, Moorhead,' Muttuna, Mrcwaman, NLchola,
Nicholson, Nunemacher, Pearson, Peters, Petrikea,
Pownali, Purcell, Ramsey. .(Philadelqhia.) Bamsey,
(York,) Reamer, Reed, Roberts, -Rupp, Shaw, - Sloan,
Smith, (Cambria,) Smith, (Centre,) Stevenson, Tolan,
Vail, Vanvoorhls, Vickers, Vooghley,Walter, Westbrook,
Wharton, Williston, Wltherow, Wright, Zimmerman
and Gets, Speairw—7B.
Nats— Messrs. Backus,Benson.Doek,Hamilton,Han
cock, Hlne, Hoffman. (Lebanon,) Lebo, Strothers, Thorn,
Warner and Wtotroae—>l2.
Losses In Philadelphia and
t Uaddphia Offict.
So the question was determined in the affirmative.
On the question,
Will tne House agree to the second amendment f
The yeas and nay* were taken agreeably to the pro vi
sions of the Constitution, andwere as follows, via:
Ybas—Messrs. Anderson, Backhouse, Ball, Back,
Bower, Calhoun. Campbell, Carte, £nt,¥auaold,Foster,
Gildea, Hamel, ITarper, Heins, Hiestand, Billegaa, Hoff
man, {Berks,) Housekeeper, Imbrie, Innes, Jenkins,
Johns,John*on,Kauffman, Knight, L*Ueitrtoter»LQagv
ker, Lovett, Manear< Naugle.M’llraln,Moorhead,Jins
selnum, Nichols, Nicholson, Nunemacher, Paaraon, Pe
ters, Petriken. Pownali, Purcell, Ramsey, (Philadelphia)
Ramsey, (York.)Reamer, Roberto, Rupp,Shaw, Sloan,
Tolas, Vail, Voeghley, Walter, Westbrook, Wharton,
Zimmerman and Gets* Spetaktr—bT.
Nats—Messrs. Arthur. Augustine, Backus, Benson
Bishop, Brown, Chase; Cleaver, Crawford, Eyster, Gib
boney, Hamilton, Hancock, Hill, Hine, Hoffman, (teb.
auon,) Jacobs, Kerr, Lebo, M’Calmont, Momma, Reed.
Smith, (Cambria,) Smith, (Centre,) StevensonTStruth
•rs, Thom/Vanvoochis, Vickers, Wagonsellar. Warner,
Wtetrode, Wltherow and Wright—34.
, 8c the question was determined te the affirmative.
On the question,
' WiU tho House agree to the third amendment ?
* The yean and nays wsre taken agreeablj to the pro-
of the Constitution, #&d were as follows, ris :
Yus.—Meets. Anderson,' Backhouse, Ball, Beck,
Benson, Bower, Brows, Calhoun,. Campbell. Chase,
Cleaver. Crawford, Dickey, Ent, Eyiter, FeuAoid, Fos
ter, liibboney, Hamel, Harperr, Heins, Bieeteud, Hill.
Ulllegas, Hoffman.. (Berks,) Hoffman, (Lebanon,)
Housekeeper, Imbue, ines, Jacob s, Johns, Johnson,
Kauffman, Kerr, Leho, Longaker, Lovett. Maoaar,
Mangle; M’Calmont, Moorhead, Mamma, Musselman,
Nichols. Nfeholsoh, Nunemaeher, Pearson, Peters, Pet
rlken, Pownali, Purcell. Lamer/, (York.) Reamer,
Reed, Rupp. Shaw, Sloan, Smith, (Cambria,) talth,
(Centre,) Stevenson, Tolan, V*p» Vanvoorhls, Vickers,
voeghley. Wagonseiler. weatWook, WlUlston, With
erow, Wright, Zimmerman and Gets, Sptaitr— TO.
Nan—Messrs. Arthur, Backus. Bishop,
Chrty, Dock, Gildea. Hamilton. Hancock, lltoe, Jen
kins; bight, Lelsenriug, Bamaey, (Phtiadel
phia;) Roberts, Strothers, Thorn, Walter, Warner,
Wharton and Wintn*io--22.
So the quostioo was determined in the affirmative.
agree to the fourth amendment ?
The veas and nays were taken agreeably to the pro*,
visions of the Constitution, and were as follow, vta; ,
Yeas—Messrs. Anderson,Arthur, Backhouse, Backus,
Ball, Beck, Bsfaaoa, Bishsp. Bower. Brown.CaHusio,
Campbell, Carty, Chase; Ctewsr, &*#fbr4, Dttfcey,
Harper, Heins, Hiestand, HIU, -
(jSSEI JLUtUttM %***^i«^
tones, Jacobs. JnnkTas, Johns. Fehhabw, 'guffoaa!
Kerr, Lebo, Letienring Ldnfcakir, , Lovetts Manear!
Maugle, M’6almout, STtlYalM. Huatiah, MUSMlraac!
Nichols, Nlcholiod, Nuuemwhft. FaSon, Peters. Pe
triken, Pownali Purcell, Ramsey; (Phtlsdelphi*,) Ruo
(York,) Reamer, Reed; Roberts, Rupp. Shaw, Moan,
Smith, rCambria, ) /(tentrsA Sterenoou, Tolan,
Tail, vaavoorhte,* Viekbrs, Toeghtoy, WagmaeUer;
Walter, Warner, Westbrook, Wharton, WlUlston,
Wltherow, Zlrameraan, and Gets, Speaker—B3.
Nays—Messrs. Dock, Hamtitoa* Haocortt, Btruthars,
Thorn, Wlntrode and Wright—7- ‘
So the question was determined to tiis affirmative.
'j>\ ,
* - ' HAaklahoio, June 2J,TW7j
Pefusjy/eaata, si. 4
Id csrtiiy that the abors and foregoing i« a trtte aad
*■GREAT OESTBAL BoBT* r OOMflCtiqg titoAt
“*tia Cities with Western, North-wester®. and touth
western State*. by'a eontinodos Railway direct. This
.connects at Pittsburgh with drily lie*: of
steamers to all'points on the Warier* Ktwra, a*l at
0!e«I»nJ «ia &niukT with gtummta lUMrita
WMa*#wtoni L»k.s ; mjAiag th. mart WUCt.
«o M 4 from tko CHEAT TTEST..
>»«, gtti. teJ
• *B»2fS£K,3S6;SS“ '
«nd U)M) VMth«n } T&e Mr lot U
Sscoro CLUi»—DonaUt lkKitar- ,W ' ™
Shirting Mi KeMsg, (In or-aSSI
Mia)/ Drag. (^s™).
'leather,'(UtTons or boxw). UfooL
"Fame oiUs»-4bml£ Steel, Cfcafta,
meßouetored, (except Cifan dr cat
4c., MJiXi'ii... .;, ; ...JOc., per u&fe
Fourth Cua»<~C<&*, Visfa.fiaeoa,
Beef}ea4¥eriL{te.caak&jttrtaxw' ’.
•godaAgp t flggß&tt.(fl<j,3»r t gjfefc. ..
Bo*ins 4c.1,,-.-,dQe' mtIW ft
Ylou*—TSc.per mitQfartbcrjtotie*." - J
' Gilox—36c. p*r 100ft*. -
■ -Id: hfeipplaf Geode <ihiaaaj’-jStittt SiM«f
pW»; *" ftf*™" te *L**-t**o&'‘ *i» Ftmuflovnt
R<L%lr6ad” -AH Good* CQQaiffU«i tati* Aiast* el this
4, Son, Sruurffie. tot; »TO**ril, S&l* JtonJodt,
4 Co., N. JT., Graham, 4 Co.. TimuHTi
Ohio; L«e«lt it Co., N 0.64 Kilbvitnet, Bcefes: Lmcli
tloe *
~ H.H.HWHOS, ‘
dntml Vrtlgjti Agen^nMjtade&wt.
' gnjw<nWai«a, MjnyM,^y.
X/SATe as/o Hows, tU ; _ _ . '
All AiM-’. firom BaMtnjtcn Depot,fin ?era
Citr.iu0..,,.... *....777J«35
At 0 A. M., tU Camden tad Jersey City, Ktviif*
~ sey Accommodation ...... 326
At 6 A. M.,TinCdtndenand tlnll< Ti
'tion ;..v. ...y.C7?7t7tt?>*3&
At T A. Mr, Tift Camden sad J«t*w City, Honda z "
Mail aoo
At 10 A. H.j by steamboat Trenton, eta Tawny
*n4 Jersey City, Mentor $OO
At % P- If >i t|» C**o4en ud Amboy, q. and A. Sx>
press.. a 09
At SP.M* tU Camdenabd • Jersey' Oftr, Sret&ut '
Mail. ~ ..;3 00
AtSP. H:, via Camden and Amboy, Aeeomtnoda*
tion) Ist C1a55........... 2 00
At 3 P.M., rift Camden and Amboy, Aooamzaoda*
tion, 2nd Class 1 $0
At Camden and Amboy, Acettmiaoda- '
tion,l4 ClMj*-;;,,;,,,. :3 00
At 6 P.M., via Camden and 4&ibmr, Aecdeaaodo>
tion, 2nd Class .0,. 1 fi
The OP. M.lkte runs daily, : all btfcets
Lackawanna etWestem Railroad.
For Freehold, at 0 A. M. and 2 P. M.
For Mount Holly at 1 A. 2# end ip. J|L
For Bristol, Trenton^ tod
SntAj, Burtta*too, Bufen.
?pr Mount Kojljr. SSUBR* **»&#*•*»»
r. n. -
diets places *i 2 « % - " *\- ' '• '
' Steamboat TBENtt# for Taeeuj atlOaodUX A.
tf.jUtddP. Darlfogtettttd &&&£•£ 4P.
All Uses, except l lcs*a Val*Kt.itxMt
g**e ortr fifty iondi to he pattfcr tte Cot*
pan/ lualt their rrrpanfitilitT ffnr hitnflVfti'nvr -f f*Prr
perpoand nwrit he*
70 . /.v^\SaATxim^Ai*«t
0. ki. tl CO.
R. B. MORREL&jJratk- •
BMuTTrV &. Ge.
On and aft« Thumb?, Julf tL \jSL ‘;
Jorßaltimora at BA. U., IP. U
Wllmlnstio »tJ 4/H., 1,41 S »*! 11P. 1C ;
Poi; KeyCwH» rt $ A. VI, 1 *»d +l5 P. M.
Vi* Softrttt 4. *. f7|J.
FortMUritttA. X-nmAltT.W.’
' TBAQig KIB ren.4BH.Mg4 . -
t«T»Balttnww*4l-M, Bpw,n 4.
ttd U4S i.K.V»^ s -»»
iMS.» P.M, ‘ -
le»T. K«» CmU. it ea> mi H. 06 AV M- md ».0S
p.U- ; •
IMtoJGttfetom tt laja A.JA s «nfl i,an». M.
LMT9 IfUalngfea nl #JA A. I*^9P.MooiUlT
A If «.
BtrSOATS only *t 11 P. M. twm riilTiMiili n
Baltfapogt. -J *
do. \ do. *55 P. Mtnm TUWbm to
Freight Train,'with Oar rttrtstwffl wi
as follows i— ‘ ,
Laavq Phtiadeiphi* tor «nfi
planes at -
Leave Wilmington for do.- 4B.ntPIH.
Leave WilmlngtonfbrFMtedslpUaaA . - 4JIP.K.
ahl-ly , B,M~rayffl,TcHdagm.
dirwt eoßMctlaa «ith .
ParCiodamli. 8t- Lomi», ' InitStr.
ImliMiMolU, , CbnlMri, luu .
Terr* luate, Qunea, -, • - Ifilwih .
In Klnncsof .11 fftlirr mtnr nrt rtf TMlftiljift
nraaif ctou noMtlta, «nlj. cji At Sntr Val
tm Raihiads: * -
.Ml.i. ill'll.,
from tit. lilfriwif fiwtnn, ttttiix.
(mitttmee on Nmnnth rttMi.) a Mlevs:
l Vll
Tut Un«....-..„.. rt „ UUit, t U
Cofnmblnß. S. U»k.naficßaniiti],ui3. P.
}£... lAncaufrir )Acoofmncd.tion ! ) .t .JO, P. M.
Tl» Bx^nulbamlUflj, th. otfcm te3u.Bon
days excepted.
lor farther pqrtteuten see haadhfni. altto ditorat
starting-points. Passengers from theWestwfflfi^this
the shortest and moat sirytitSoua rente
Baltimore, New T<ak <te ßoston. .
Pi—eagor Line Penasyte—ia Raihwed Oe.
Philadelphia, F&rosry, 18$?. ssldy
RANGRMSKTB. Os and after May ttiu MST.
Leave Philadelphia*t ft,LiftlA,HM> A
My and 1,2, MO min., 4, \ A 9, UV, p. 34?
Leavri Germantown stif, 14LLt-wrta.. 10X
U«, A.M.,1.T,,«,T a Wx.f'm.
Tne 7-35 o’clock, A. M.fSnin firam bramnlovs, wil
not step at Interaodiate Btstieae.
o* *on>m.
Leave Philadelphia at»-» A. M., 2,8,10, «0 and
Leave Germantown at 8-tt, 9-99 A. M., 1-10,4k*. f
15, and 7 P. U.
Leave Philadelitoia at 6,8,9-10 min., ITJf A M.,
4,6,5,9,P.M. '
I»« Chutont am At I-IS, T-3S, 10-1». 11-18. Bin.
A.M.,1-» ) S-40 l W8 I '
o* wenara.
Leave at 9-99 A. M., 9. %% umR P.M.
Leave CheetmrtHill at 8 A. fi-go,
P. H. i
On art tfter lUj *Ui,IIST.
* *■^*“ 4 ** 4 **
at 7,St, md 11, A. M-, 3, ud<X>
«■ *nnuft-
Lran PhtlftdelphU vfc&A. X_»aisp. X.
LeaveXorriatovaat TA. MMa«tXP.M.
LaaToPhiladolplilaai'sA;k‘ iadlP.X.
l*ave Dosrttojtow at TV A. X.. utIFX.
aal-iy -HSNBY K. SMITH, Sra-lSaat.
Oapct, KIHTH ttAORSEX ibwti, RdtatelpUa.
xauoh chtok, iußataw! sotlsstowh;
or CARS.
Oa and after WednnMiy, Jaiy Bft. IK7, the tralaa
Q»tU»BadnSUwn aft feHcwe, dally, (Bodnya, ex
roar Bethlehem, Bastau Allentown, Mtadi Ckok,
WUkMbarre.*c ’rl*
Joe Bethlehem, Zaston. Allentown, manei. Chmnk,
Tla Lehigh Talley BaUroed, Evening nyfat, at 8 1*
P. sf.
Puaunr for Barton by BliP. M. traU taka stage*
at Iroa SUU ctatioo.
Pot OoyiaetoTß. (<
4 P.M.
Por Gwynedd, (Accommodation) ct6SS?.H.
Leara Bethlehem at 9M A. M. yith
Passengers, via LeMgfc Taller KaOnM. frees Xastw*
Allentown, Ifaoch Cnanlt, wUkeabarra, &e.« antriaw
in Philadelphia at IS Id K. and&ttp.lf’ ’
Lear* BojUrtoww, (Accommodation) at IttlV.
Leave Gwynedd, (Accommodation) at 160 A.M.
Leave Philadelphia for Doyleatowa, t a r-fiflnn
at BSO A. U. aadMft P. W ' ”
Leave Boyiestown for Philadelphia, (AcftHsmedation
at •A. M. and 814 P. Ji. V
Pare to Bethlehem 81 id
Pare to Maaeh Chink . ’ . Bdd
Pare to Wilkeeberre did
Pamenger .Depot, PBONT and WILLOW Street.
On ud liter Mooter, Jafr #U u« os« Jkttktr
»«U», trains for AOnnUr cup nfll ten Ytesutrstt
•BatMaHt, (SqbAaj. rtoryted.l
.I 1 ”* ‘“T* «r»i*»Ul Iwn Tint rtwal wkart
At7-80A.B. . . ■-
.Sl'ni 1 "" 1 " Uten nai tewA TteirUMt
trite., ■sKte < a»-*« car.HHi»<iSi A.
■Marntec, mil !«»• illaatfc CHy HUmr tattA...... «*Aifl.
rr * l sAto*MOßMTOi‘iiii)BaK»i*L» '*
Will tears Vb»>tn«t .AadatlAU A.IA, aaMAtr.
Wtil l«rs Hnkten>.li W T-Si A. SL, *rf S P,V
. J ?*¥‘L , S rt b * A* CscpwA roteA W t
• steski FiK., takaay llA(Ab«4««s|^tt«MnS«
■ *<r.
maoMAS sTmi
JL munmli
itl-iiA.M. ut