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    Sums* PHIT THURSDAY 3 0, '
For or Charter,
BURTHEN loout loa B'jis of flour—(h e may sent
to sea i f > f na. exp i- her fails and rigging being in
very good order —appiy«
fames Campbell, or
leerge Latimer.
Af'l. *9- . §
bllOWfiEB E.
r-J""2"V OR SALE, i
>feffi;3gk HEBE,
built vefTel, car
ries buOiels of grain S6OO barrels flour, is rea
dy to ta*e tn a cargo. She four years old.
A» no has foi]^
Sugar, Coffee, Coco and Pimento. J
A Parcel of CHOICE IrT WINE.
June 6 \ eo
For Cadii
fail on or abon 1e inft. fjom
Eitcelleut accommodations for Paffaiig. passage
only apply to Miller and Hoops, at I\-York ; or to r
the Printer hereof. We 13. fi w ]
her tSale at
ON Thursday, the ,?oth inft. at •} o'clo* at t h s Mer- I
chants' Coffee-Honfe, v
P* The Schooner si
Polly & Say, {
r»-. BURTHEN 77 tons, well sou' and may
be seen at the wharf of Messrs. Jeffe & RobtvValn.— \
The terms of payment will b* one half «f thi,urchafe
money at 60 days, and the remainder at 90 ds 5 m ap
proved notes,
Footman & Co. Audlioncts.
June 22 $
THE Cargo of the ship Catharine, John Farrada ma s
ter, from Hifpaniola, at the wharf of Messrs. Jeffe r 0
bert Wain,
Confiding of
156 Hogiheads of SUGAR #
51 Hogiheads") COFFEE \
aS% Bags j
44 Hhds. of Clarified MOLASSES
72 Bales of Cotton
The said ship,
BURTHEN about 24 or 4500 barrels—
EW_-2lj Strongs well found, and may be sent to
®S&SSis£f=3»c>fea at a small expense. Apply to
John Graig.
June at ___ §.
Pennfylva'nia District, ) "
Notice is hereby given,
That in purfuanceof a Writ to me directed, from the
honorable Richard Peters, Esquire, Judge of the
District Court of the United States in and for the Penri
fylvania DiftriA, will be exposed to Public Sale, at the
Merchant.' Coffee-HouTe, in the city of Philadelphia, on
Tuesday the sth day of July Zie&tat 11 o'clock at noon,
The Schooner or velTel called the
iSIt 4 Delight,
With all aH<l Angular her tackle, &c. The
fame having been condemned within said court for the
payment of Mariners' wages, &c.
William Nichols, Marjhal.
Marfbal's Office "> 22—§
June 21, 1796- j
For Hamburg,
Thomas W. Norman, Commander,
A remarkable fine, fait-failing Chip, with excellent accom
modations for p2ffrngrrs. A confiderablepart'of her cargo is
engaged and ready to go on board, and is expelled to fail in
10 days. For freight or passage, apply to ihe captain en
board, the lower fide of Wainut-flreet wharf, or to
Peter Kuhn.
June a 8
~ TT"no b l e,
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and the
public that he has removed his office to his house No.
147, Chefnut Street,next door to his Former refidciice, where,
every Business in the line of a Brokfr, are faithfully tranf
afbed: Money procured to any amauM at a moment?» notice.
WILL be kept a numerical book of the drawings .of all
the Lotteries now extant —For the purchase of Tickets, infor
mation will be given as ulnar. Canal tickets in the second
Clals are now lor (ale. from every information received,
Waihinnon Lottery will abfoiutely commence in a few days,
lime 34
Mr. F R ANC 1 S,
(Of the New Theatre)
TAKES this opportunity of returning thanks to his
scholars and to the public. Mr. Francis intends,
on his return from Maryland, to open a public aca
demy so? dancing, upon a plan entirely new. He
flatters himfelf that his attention to hil pupils hi
therto renders any promises of consulting ' I,s future
schemes on the raoft liberal and ftri(?tefl terms, ot pro
priety, totally unnecelTary.
N. B. Private tuition as nfual.
Ready furnifhed, for three or four months, certain,
A GENTEEL three story brick, house, No. 70,
North Eighth-street. Eor terms enquire of
Mr. Francis as above.
June 28. d "'
This Day, at Willings & Francis's wharf, from|the Brandy
wine Miller,
A cargo of Rum & Sugar
from St. Croix.
For Sale by
'John Nixon Sff Co.
hat 1, c , intends to maice applic.i- -
f t Jftne wal of a Certificate, No. 1609,
r r '°j ~o r »cd the 14th December, 1795, bearing
interest at c iJ^ nt lrom lft J anuar y» 1 79 6 '» in
la " ni e c f D Jmunderdale & Co. of Leeds, in Yeik-
Jh're ts ' The fame isfappofed to have been loft
on its liew Yor ' c ' un dcr cover to Blsecker &
/rthat placc, on the 6th of January lad'
yr Thomas M'Euen.
jfiladelphia, sad Jnne, 1796. §6iv
a YOUTH of from tt 10 15 ye»r« of age* refpcftable
character Conne&ioas, as a# Apprentice to the Mer
cantile business.
A poly to the Printer.
June 23 H
To-Morrow Morning
Will be LANDED, at Hamilton's wharf,
FROM on board the schooner Eliza, Thomas Arnold,
matter, from MALAGA,
Ditto, in Jars and Boxes,
ANCHOVP' S, in Kegs,
MOUNTAIN WINE, in qr. calks, &c.
And for sale by
Peler Kuhn.
June §6
'THE Members of this State Society arc hereby notified
*• that their Anniversary Meeting* tor the piirpdfe of e!e€h
inp Officers of the Society, and tranfaftinsj such other bufi
ntfs as may come before them, will b* held on the 4th day of
July next, in the State House, at 10 o'Clock in the morning :
whereth«yr punctual attendance is Teq :efted. After the Lu
finefa is finilhed, the Society will adjourn to Mr. O'illlcrs
Hotel, in order to celebrate the birth-day of our F&e : dom
Independence. The dinner will be on the table at
3, o'Cock. The Mcmbersof the other St2teSocieties oi the
Cincinnati, who ma> be in this citv on that day, are particu
larly invited to join in celebrating; it.
By order of the Handiltg Committe,
June M 1; -
A small Invoice
PER the ship Harriet, capt.Thomas W. Norman, from
Hamburgh, consisting of
Ravens Duck,,
Damafl< and 1 Tabie Clotb3
Diaper J
Holland Linen
Cambrics, &c.
Gold and filyer Watches.
Which will be difpefed of together or by the package.
Apply to
IsaacHHarve y jnn.
No. 5 South Water Street.
Jjine 25
lAVING been encouraged by several of his frionds,
to 'ndei take the Business of an Insur \ncs Br.ok ir,
to ihich he served an Apprentirefh p, has this Day
' opetd an Olficeat his Dwelling,
No. 29, North IVater-Slreet;
Whe; he will be glad to execute Orders in that Line,
and hpes bv his "Attention and Punihiality, to give
full Sisfaflion to all those who may be p.lealed to
favour. im w ith their Business.
d.noth J:i.
JUNE between Shippenand Market streets, a red
\ okcaco POCKE r BOOK, containing a Check
on the Ban\ of the United States, drawn by Peter and
Henry Mienlcenin favor of Mr. R. Potter, for 1,000 dol
lars, and fevral notes of hand past due ; together with a
(hare in the Jew Theatre, andXeveral other papers of 110
consequence bit to the owner.
Whoever wjl bring it to No. 136 Market Urcet, (hall
reteivethe abote reward.
N.B. Payment of the Check is Hopped at the Bank.
June 15. §
' Sales of India Goods.
The Cargo ef the (hip Ganges, capt. Tjngey, from Cal
cutta and Bengal,
A Large and gereralaflortment of Bengal ani Madras
A Ivariety fine worked and plain Mujlins,
Doreas, Al-o,
A Qua v if Exce'lent Sugar,
In boxes at.. -Mgf-• BLACK PEPPER.
For Sale by
Williams lif Francis,
No ai Penn 3treet.
June 8 §
Terierllff Wine.
TENERIFFI Av;>- !} pes, hogiheads, and
quarter cafi ;, am' Si rF =; Stones, jnft ar
-1 rived per the ft hi om Tenerifle,an<l
| for Sale by
j hn Craig,
Ko. i Dock ttreet.
Best Soft-(h el I'd ALMONDS,
RAISINS in Frails. i
SHERRY WINE, in Quarter Calks?
Bristol and Irilh WINDOW GLASS.
May eo
A FOUNT of BREVIER, half worn ; about fourhun
drcd weight. Enquire at the Office of the Gaiette
of the United States, No. rip Chefnut-ftreet. §
Fifty Dollars Reward.
THE lad evening, between 5 and 1 o'clock, a 'brjc Red
MOROCCO POCKET-HOOK, containing :o or 30
Notes ot Hand (inclofedin a Parchment) to a confid«rab!e a
mount. Also, (undiy papen, <- ertificates "ot 6 per cn».
Hock, a deed of a house and lot in Middletown, &c.*e.
The above reward will be paid on delivering :he Tame t»
the Piinter hereof. Asi'isot great confequcnce to the owiv
et, it is hoped it will not be wiihheld.
T»k- payment of the Notes is Ikoppcd.
junt<9 0
Notice to Claimants
Appointed by the Merchants of thii City, <who are fuf
ftrers by Britijh captures 9
That every Claimant who has not already exhibited
well authenticated proofs of his property, furnifh,
without delay, proof that the property claimed is bona
fide American, of its cofi or value at the place of expor
tation, and at the p!a<fe to which it was destined, (where
that car be done) and the freight payable or customary,
at the of ,-ij.t.rt (ton, for like poods and voyages.
When the elaim is for veflel, to fpecify the tonnage, age,
where built, and the actual coll or value.
These documents ought to be proved by oath, or affirm
ation, of the party claiming, made and certified by a ma
gistrate or notary public, and corroborated by such other
tcftimony, as the nature of the cafe will admit.
Such of them as are handed to the Committee, will be
forwarded to the Corr miflioners appointed on the part of
the United States, to adjust the Claims of American •
of the Committee.
Philadelph'a. Til Tune. T"o. d4 w
No. 76 High Street,
HAS received, by the latest arrivals from Europe and
the Ead Indies, i well fele&ed aflortment of Silk
Mercsry, Linen Drapery and Haberdalhery Goods ; which
he fell, Wholesale and Retail, on the lowell terms ;
Some ?s»e India muslins embroidered with gold and silver
Superfine Jaconet, and Mulniul ditto
j) 0 ( \ do do Handkerchiefs
Some extra black tafFetics,lut«ftrings and colored Per Hans
Bandano H an dkerriiiefs
Long and (hoi't Nankt 8'
Englilh Mantuas of the firtt guality
Danufk table linen and napkir.% very fine
Sills Hoficry, an elegant aiTortmsm
Thea? and cotton do
Umbrellas—green (ilk, oil'd do. and do $loth
French cambrics, very fine
Iriffi Linens do. Ac. Sc. Junej4 §
A Genteel family with t« rent ,i COUNTY SSA F»
in an agreeable fituati<«i, within a few miks »f
Philadelphia. If furnilhed, it would be more agreea
Apply personally or by letter to Mr. Taylor, at Dr.
Yeatman's, No. ii;, South second street, corner of
Second ftreef June 6. £_
Just Arrived,
!n the Snow Boston, James Kirknatrick, master from Li
5000 Rttfhtli SALT ;
100 Crates QUEENS WARE; airl
An Aflortment o<f SHIP CHANDLEK Y ;
On board, at Pine-street wharf. -Apply to
fames Campbell, or
George Latimer.
April 29. S
Fcr Sale,
\ Three story BRICK HOUSE and Lot, in Chefnut
i\. street, between Front and Second street*, in which
Messrs. J«mc» Calbraith & Co. have for many years (and
now tf<>) carried on bufimfs.
Polfeffion will lit. given in one month, or sooner.
For tertfis api'ly to WILC.IAM BELL, or
April 21. $
Samuel Richardet,
"n informs the Gentlemen
M«rchantSj that he has this day opened the CITY
city of Philadelphia.
The Subscription Room will be furnifiied with all the
daily papers publiihed in Philadelphia, BcT
ton, Baltimore, together with those of the principal com
mercbl citi«s of Europe—They wdl be regularly filed
and none permitted to be taken away on any account.
Tea, Coffee, Soupes, Jellies, Ice Creams, and a variety
of French Liquors; together with the ul\ial refrefhments,
will at all times be procured at the bar.
Gentlemen may depend on being accommodated with
the choicoft of Wines, Spirituous Liquors, and the most
approved Malt Liquors from London and other breweries.
The Larder will befupplied with the prime and earliest
productions of tho Seal on. *
Large and small Parties, or single Gentlemen, may be
accommodated with Breakfafts, Dinners, or Suppers, at
hours most convenient to themlelves —a cold Collation is
regularly kept for conveniency, the Bill of Fare to be had
at tho b2r.
- The Lodging Rooms will be completely furnimed, and
tkc utmojl attention paid to cleanliness, and every other
gZF Samuel Richardet will be happy to receive, and
execute the commands of his Friends, and the Public at
large; 'tad with gratitude for their favours, he pledges
himfelf that nothing 011 his part ftiali be wanting to pre
fer ve that patronage with which he hasbeen so diftinguifh
ingly honored.
Philadelphia, April 19. § I
\ LARGE Commodious dwelling House, No. 124
t\. Spruce street, with a convenient stable and Coach,
House,—Also for sale a Chariot but little the warfe for
use. _ June 1. eotf
George Dobson,
BEGS loeve to inform the Store-Keepers in Town and
Country, that he has removed from Market-Street to
N°- 25, south Third-vreei,
where he is oyenirg a Large and Elegant Afl'crtmcot of the
undermentioned ai , 'es—viz.
Superfine London Cloths and Kerfcymerc*,
Yorkfhii • fccond Do. Do.
Elallic do. do.
Mix'd and Blue Coatings
Flannells, See,
Maaclveftcr Printed Callicoes,
LondonChinr* ditto,
Blue and ditto Vurnituies,
India ditto,
ng Cloths,' Coflaes, Baftas, Ea;tillas&Conjevrems,
4-4 9-8 5-4 & 6-4 Superfine India Book Muslins,
4.4 and 9-8 India Book. Handkerchisfs,
4-4 and 9-8 Scotch ditto,
4-4 & 6-4 plain do. Muflins^
4-4 & 6-4 B'itifh Jaconet*,
6-4 Britilh Checks and Stripes,
4-4 India do. do, do.
4-4 ditto Chilloes, Madras Ac.
A afTortment of figur'd and plain Muflinets,
Quiltings, Dimities, and Striped Nankeens,
» Fancy Wai^coatings.
Ginghams of the firft Quality, fubjefl to Drawback,
India Nankeens,
Me»'s White and coloured Silk (lockings.
May 9
For i'ale by the fubicribers,
130 quarter Cliefts frelh Hyfcn Tea;'
ico ditto do. frrfh Souchong Tea:
390 Boxrs China, containing fmail tea setts of 41
400 pieces Bahdanor?.
l Willing £5° Francis.
• January 30 3 taw *
Yazoo Lands.
» - -
, Mav he had at the Editor't Qjfu .1 19. Cbefott-Jlrirt,
A few Copirs of " n Report of the Attorney
" General to Congress ceniiming a Collection of
Charters, Treaties aud other DocvwrnTs,
relative to and explanatory t>f the Title to the Land
: situate in the South Western parts of the United
F States, and claimed by certain Companies under 4
' law of the State of Georgia, puffed January 7th.,
'795- __
By the Brt" Welcome Return, from Savannah t
27 Bales COTTON.
■ By the Schoorter Aligail, f em Charlejlen,
too Cases Prime RICE.
1 And, Ly the Schooner John, from Bojlon,
SEWING-SILKS, various colours,
COSSAHS, and India Bandannq Ilandkchfs.
For Sile by
. N. & J. Frazier,
No. 95, South Front fttMt'
IF be have also on band, and for Sale t
Prime Boston BEEF, in barrels,
Sherry.pd ? WINES,
1 tnenne ) »
Carolina INDIGO, Jkc. &C.
May 31 Tnw&fim
Lottery and Broker's OlEce,
f N Q • 64 South SecondjlreeT,
■ -"PICKETS in the Canal Lottery No, 11, are now re-i
---4. dy for sale, a Check Boajc kept for the examination
. of Tickets, and Prize* paid, "without deduction.
f The Subfcriher solicits the application of the Public «ir
any ot his fri«i)ds who wish to purch fe or fell Ev.nk Stock,
Certificates, Bills of Exchange, or Notes, Ihiiiles, Lend',
Lotts or .Merchandise of any kind, or to obtain Money
" on deposit of property.
Late /Igent for the Canal Lottery Company.
June 6.
R ols & Simfon,
French Checks
Printed Cottons
' ) Tabic Cloths and Napkins
' l Nankeens of an excellent quality per the prukagfe, fit
for the Weft India market, and entitled to the Drawback
Grey Ginger in bags
Superior old Sherry in quarter calks
A few pipes and quarter calks Lilbon Win«s
June 11 §
A Small Invoice of
if Fo Sale, ly
c N. & J. FRAZIER,
f No. 95, South Front-Street.
f. June 18. 2w3taw.
d F 0 R S A L E,
y A very Valuable Ellate,
>, /""IAIXED TIVITTENHAM, situate in the
VJ townlhip of Upper Derby, andcountyof Delaware,
h 7 j-2 miles from Phtiadilpjiia, and half a mile from the
1 new Western road i containing 130 acres of excellent land,
s - 45 of which are good watered meadow, 90 of prime wood*
ft land, and the reft arable of the firft quality. There are
on thepremifesagood two story brick houTe, with 4 room 3
>c on a floor, and cellars under the whole, with a pump-well
at 0 f excellent water in front; a large frame barn, ftablcs,
> 3 and other convenient buildings ; a smoke-house and stone,
'd I'pring-houfe; two good apple orchards, and one of peach
s.s. The fields are all in clover, except those immediately
'd ander tillage, and are so laid out as t» have the advantage
cr of water in each of thcra, which renders it peculiarly con*
venient for grazing.
■d The lituation is pleasant and healthy, and from the high
at cultivation of the land, the good neighbourhood, and the
es vicinity to the city, it is very suitable for a gentleman's
e- country feat.
h- The foregoing-is part of the estate of Jacob Harman,
decealcd, and «ffered for sale by
_ Mordecai Lewis,
Oil. 9. eo/] Surviving Executor.
— —
& China Goods.
TH E Ship Atlantic, Silat Svvaine, Commander,
from Canton, will commence the discharge of htr
cargo to-morrow morning at Walnut-flreet wharf:
nd ConJiJlin S of
to Yellow and white Nankeens ot excellent quality
Persian Tafietics, black and coloured
lJie Lufirings, do. do. ~ ■
Sattins black of various qualities
Sewing silks in a doited colours
VermiHion in boxes
Cafiia in chests
Quick HI ver in jars
HYSON SKIN, ( «. n
YouNCr hyson f *relh leas,
i Cr' \ WARE, ornamental, with Table and T«
rally alTorted.
1 UGjK-RS, and a quantity of
I For Sale by
Philip Nicklin & Co.
pi :■ ?.*
IV A N T E D ,
: u pprentices to the Printing-
Apply at the Office of the Gazette of 4ke
t IS s No. 119, Qhefnut-ftreet.