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    of tijc Unitcli States
For Hamburgh,
The Danish Brigantine
Den Nye Prove,
A fine flout vefTel. Will be ready to take in her cargo
on the firO-of May. For freight or passage apply to
Rofs & Simfon.
April 25- dtf.
gUvCrHfc'N aSout 1000 Bbls. of flour—fte may befent
to sea at a small cxpeuce, her fails and rigging being in
.very good order —apply .to ,
'James Campbell, or
George Latimer.
April, 49. §
for L 0 N DON,
The fine new copper-bottomed Ship
Mount Vernon,
BURTHEN about 412 tons, will be rea
dy to receive her cargo on Monday next, and will fail on
or before the IQth of May next, great part of her cargo
engaged. For freight or passage apply to the fubferibers,
No. 11, Penn-ftrcet,
Willings and Francis.
April 27. .§
. FonKingfton, in Jamaica,
tThe ship
Dominick Terry,
Will fail in twelve days,
t or Passage, apply to the Captain on hoard'
at Cuthbeit's wharf, or to
Jeffe & Robert Wain.
May r». §llt
*'-jk SILAS SWAIN, Commander,
WILL fail on or about the ift 0} May. For freight or
passage apply to the Captain on hoard at Walnut-street
wharf, or to PHILIP NICKLIN CO.
April 13. , ' §
j « The Copper Bottomed Ship
'Mmßk ladt louisa, 1
WITH all her-materials, as Ihe came from sea. Like
wise te be difpefed of
A number of GANNON and SM A LL. ARMS,
on board said vessel. For terms apply to
Parker & Wharton,
May» 3
For BR I S I O'L,
TaJtcDaiu Bliss, Master,
WILL take Goods on Freight, and be ready to receive
tfieni in a few days. For freight or passage apply to
Thomas iff John Clifford.
Who have for Sale,betides their usual affortmentof
Ironmongery, Cutlery, Scullery, &c.
.Crates of Glass and Earthen Ware; Crates of Vials;
hn\< -of long and ftiort Pipes; Bristol crown Glass afTort
ed, from 18 by 11 inches, to 9 inches by 7 ; Copper Sheer
and Bottons; Boxes of Tin Plates; London and Briito'l
Pewter in Calks assorted; Bristol Grindftsnes; Garnet
(kCo't. patent Sheaves for Blocks. Atfo, a bale of
And a few Pipes of OLD MADEIRA WINE. -
April ii. "w.
JuJl Arrived,
And formal, it the Sloop TWO BROTHERS, Samuel
Marchant y a quantity of
Tar, Pitch, and Indigo :
Alfa for £ik,
The said Sloop,
Burthen i(bout 400 Barrels,
SHE i goti : strong vessel, and bas been chiefly em
ployed as a Coaster. It not fold in a few pays, will take
if freight, And proceed dircfi (br Newbury Port.
Apply < 0 ISAAC HARVEY, jun.
May 5j §lm No. 5, S. Water Street
John Miller, jun. & Go.
No. 8 Chefnut-Jlrecti
Have imported in the late veflels from Europe
Amongst which are
Striped ,aiuj cUudetf NANKESNS,
Dimities and MuQinets,
Neatly assorted in packages,
All which they will lell on the mod reasonable terrps,
'Cs&.ov the usual credit.
May 11.
~~T~O~ be SOLD,
A Three-fiery brick House, No 80, N. Second
IX street. The lot is about at feet front, ants 288
" deep, to Bread-street, or Moravian Alley. It has
.ocg h~tnone ef the bei&ftands for business.
id. A frame Dwelling-House, No. South Front
itreet, with a Bike-Ij,oufe, tjl\e Lot is about 17 feet
front, by 130 feet in depth.
3<l. A. handsome Lot of 25 feet by 200 feet deep, ex
tending from Third street to Geoi ge-ftfeet; it is the ,>U
I.txt below South-street: on Geofge-ftreet there is a two
story tenement, a frame ditto adjoining, with agood
bake oven.
Likewise a LARGE MEADOW f ARM, Ctuate oa
tf*: River Delaware, at a convenient distance from Phila
delphia Market—the Meadow is of the best quality, and
'Hgoodtank. Ther« are commodipHs buildings, with a
proportion of arable and woo-diand. and Ctdar
Sw .mp. For ternis apply to T j LfFtiE,
No. 40 North Siih-ilreet.
March 2K\ 1796, dtf
Edward Stow, Jun.
HAS for sale, at his Store, No. 41, South Water ftrett,
New Englandß Hogiheada, tierces & barrels,
SHE r R t R Y , and Wines,
Mess, Prime and Cargo Beef, ,
Spermaceti and Wax Mould Candle*,
Tallow Mould and Dipt ditto,
-400 lioxes hard, White S»»p, -in -nceeHent errdei- *
Tor Ihipplrig. May ii. J fiw
For Sale,
A Three ftoryBRJCK HOUSE and Lot, in Cheftiut .
street, between Front and Second llraets, in which
Messrs. James Calbraith & Co. have for many years (and
now do) carried on business.
Peffeflion will be given in one month, or foorter. <
For. terms apply t« WILLI AM BELL, or
April ai. y § <
From on board the Brig Abigail, from Liverpool, '
EARTHEN WARE, in Crates; and
A quantity of COAL;
Thomas iff John Ketland.
April 20. $ j
At Ruflell's wharf, the CARGO of the Ship Lady j
Louila, James Cooper, master, from China, and the .
Cape of Good Hope,
consisting'of ,
SUGAR, inChests and Bags ;
WINES, in Butts and half Butts of superior £ua-
Ify * -*■ - - "■ —*-- 1 j —- ■ .. 1
A fnsall quantity of BRANDY;
Parker iff Wharton,
No. 109, south Water-street.
April i 6. §
The remains of the Cargo by the Pigou,
from Canton, viz.
WIDE and narrow Nankeens
70 Quarter Chests Souchong Tea
. zo Tubs QuicksilVer, and ,
A quantity of
Tea-Table and Dining China.
May .7. 3tawim
John Miller, jun &-Co.
No. 8 Chefnut Street,
Have received by the Ship
From Calcutta, .
160 Bales of bengal Goods,.
Of a .-U.*.; ior Quality.
350 Bags of SUGAR,
Whis!\they will i'eji on advantageous terms.
May tc.
George Oobson,
B£GS leave to inform the Store-Keepers in Town and
Countrv, 'that he has removed from Market-Street to
N Q * 25, south Third-street,
where he is opening a Large and Elegant Affortmeßt of thfc
undermentioned articles—viz.
$upc:fine London Cloths and Kerfeymcrtf,
York.(hire second l>o.
Elailic do. do.
M;x'd and Biue Coatings
h.anneDs, See.
Manchcfter Printed Callicoes,
London Chintz ditto,
Blueaod ditto Furnitures,
India ditto,
Coffacs, Baftas, BattiJlas& Conjevrems,
4-4 9-8 5-4 & 6-4 Superfine India Book Muslins,
4-4 and 9-8 India Book Handkerchiefs,
4-4 and 9-8 Scotch ditto, '
4-4 & 6-4 plain do. Muslins,
4-4 & 6-4 Britifli Jaconets,
6-4 Britilh Checks and Stripes,
4-4 India do. do* do.
4-4 ditto Chilloes, Madras Handkerchiefs, icc.
A large affoitment of figur'4 an d plain Muflinets,
Quiltings, Dimities, and Striped Naokeen*,
Ginghams of the full Quality, fubjeft to Drawback,
Itidia Nankeens,
Men's White and coloured Silk stockings.
May 9 '^2weotf
~ For Sale,
A Few Casts of First Quality
Enquire at No. 71, South Water street.
May a tht & f tf
A very Valuable Estate,
CALLgn T IV IT T E HH A w, situate in the
townlhip of Upper Derby, and county of Delaware,
7 i-a miles from Philadelphia, and half a mile from the
new Western road: containing £3° acr€S extcllent land,
45 of which are good watered meadow, 90 of prime wood
land, and the reH arabTefcf the firft quality. There are
on ths premises a good two story brick house, with 4 rooms
on a flocy, s nnder tlje whole, with a pump^well
of in i'ront; a large frame barn, ftaplcs,
and oti i'venient buildings ; a fnioke-houfe and {tone
forin<*~ -iufe; two good apple orchards, aild one of peach
es. The fields are all in clover, except those immediately
and are laid out as to have the advantage
ps water in each of them, which renders it peculiarly con
veni -.nt for crazing.
The Situation is and heal thy, and from the high
quitivatkm of the land, the good neighbourhood, and the
vicinity to the city, it is very suitable for a gentleman s
country fe*t-
The foregoipg is part of the of. Jacob Harman,
deceased, and offered for by . .
Mordecai Lewis,
Qdh 9. Surviving Executor.
A FOUNT of BREVIER, half worn ; about four hun
dred weight. Enquire at the Office of the Gazette
of the United States, No. Ilj> Chefnut-ftreet, §
December I.
Just Arrived,
In the Snow Boston, James Kirkpatrick, master from Li
5000 Bnlheli SALT ;
ioo Crates QUEENS WARE; and
An Aflortment of SHIP CHANDLERY; 1
Ob board, at Piae-ftreet whaff. Apply to '
■ \ > y antes Campbell, or
d - George Latimer.
April 49. §
Samuel Richardet,
RESPECTFULLY informs the Gentlemen
Merchants, that he has this day opened £he CITY
city of Philadelj hia:
The Snbfcription Room will be futnilhed with all the
daily paper! published in Philadelphia, New-York, Bos
ton, Baltimore, together with those of the prinoip->l com
mercial cities of Europe—They wi| regularly filed
and none permitted to be taken away on any aceount.
Tea, Coffee, Soupes, Jellies, Ice Creams, and a variety
of French Liquors; together with the usual refrelhments, (
will at all times-be procured at the bar.
Gentlemen may depend on being accommodated with j
the choicest of Wines, Spirituous Liquors, and the most ,
approved Malt Liquors frorr.London and other breweries.
The Larder will befupplied with the prime and earliest (
productions of tho Season.
.Large and faiall Parties, or single Gentlemen, may be
accommodated with Breakfafts, Dinners, or Suppers, at
hours most conv.nient te themselves—a cold Collation is
regularly lwpt for conveniency, th« Bill of Sare 'to be had
at tha bar.
The Lodging Rooms will be completely furniftied, and
the utmost attention paid to cleanliness, and every other
£s*. Richardet will behappyto receive, and
Wmmands of his Mendsptrff the Public at
large; and with gratitude for their favours, he pledges
himfelf that nothing on his part ihall be wantipg to pre-;
serve that patronage with which he.has been Co distinguish-:
iagly lionored. 1
Philadelphia, April 19. §
WANT £V, 1 i
ON Loan, for two or three years—loop Dollars for
which a mortgage on Landwili be given aifecufitv
The land is clear of every incumbrance.
Enquire of tne Printer. '
Jan. 9. d.
Gt orge bringhurft,
D ESPECTFULLY inCorms his friends and the public, '
IV that he has removed from Arch-lireet, to No. 23 in
north Fifth-flreet, adjoining the Epifcqpal Burial Gxot-.nd 9r
where ne continues the business of
Coach making in all its Branches.
He pi a kes all kinds of crane neck and perch Carriages,
ftrch as loaches, Chariots, Phaetons, and Coachces ; also,
Chairs, Kittereens, Gigs, Sulkey4 ; and/all kind, df Har
neis, with pjated or brass mounting. Ht? Hath a good;
j tupply of thje bell matcrisls, and a {lock of the best sea-;
foned wood. y
Orders ffom any part of the United States yvill be du-i
• ly attended to xvith the grcatell punctuality and aifpatch j
His hix care id tn .■'cxecii-'
1 rion of and an unremirt •! attention to :he tfe-
-"res c ( f hr«> cmplor«-3, he prarvciu^^]
cient recommendations.
He* has l'everal tecond-hanu Carr; g:s jr iale, viz. a,
coirpleaL Co?.chee, wirh eo. ; ri fen nd Venetian ,
blinds all/ound; aP'hxton; a Chair; and aSuTkey with
a falling top. /
All kinds of I 'M on Comniidion, aiid Car»
■ riages taken in to Itandby the month or year.
, sp 3 Apprentices co the Business.
Philadelphia, November 2i. t,t,&#3^.aa\vdo
China Goods.
THE Ship Ao-l i"JT<c, Silas SitiaitK, Commander,
from Canton, will,commence jhc difcharjje of her
cargo to-morrow morningat Walnut-street wharf,
Confijl'mg of j
Yellow and white Nankeens of excellent quality
Ptfil.-tn faffetics, black and coloured
Luflrings, do. ' d&.
Sattins black of various qualities
Sewing silks in afTorted cpljowrs
Vermillion in boxes
Caffra in chests
Quicksilver in jars
YOUNG HYSON reln 1 eaS *
CHINA WARE, ornamental, with Table and Tea
Sets generally afTorted.
WHITE SUGARS, and a quantity of
First quality Bengal SALT PETRE.
For Sale by
Philip Nicklin & Co.
April 8. " h&9
ABSCONDED, on the night of Tburfday lajt, the
■jtb inji. Boston Murray, a black indented fer
■vant lad, t8 or 19 years of age, and about 5 feet g or
9 inches high'; one of his ey»s is defcSt-v! tn the corner
to ward: his r.ofe His apparel conjijled ofafnuff color
e ed rouad jacket, with a Manchejler -vefl under tt ; a pat,
, offu/lian trfw/ers, and under them a light mixed cloth
e pair of breeches. Whoever apprehends thefaidfer-vant,
:, and returns him, or confines him in any jail tn .Jennfyl
- -vania or Jersey, so that I recover- bim fkall receive the
•- above reward, together with reasonable charges.
1 No. 109, Spruce-Jlrect.
► Apfibll. -
; 30 Pipes Cogniac Brandy,
» Corks, in bales, and
Holland Gin, in pipes,
*' % For Sale by
1 Benjamin W. Morris.
j December 31. eoi;ltf
• ttte the fubferibers, Commissioners appointed by law
W to take fubTmptions for the Gap, Newport, and
Wilmington Turnpike Road, d., hereby give notice, that
wc will attend for that purpoft at the house of Samuel
Cochran, on the 6th day of pusEy>
Cliefter County, ajth April, 1796. [May 7.eolm]
Washington Canal Lottery,
N°. T.
WHEREAS tht State of Maryland has? anthoriTed
the underwritten, to jaife twent£rfis thousand,
two hundred* and rifty dollars, for the purpofeot carting
a Canal {he City ofWafiiiwgtor*, from the k*o
tomacto theEaftern Branch Harbour.
The foltmTjng is "SCHEME of Ko. f.
. ~yU \JSffc'* io.aoi dg&fc
I ditto 10,000 io,obo
ylaa drawn ">
Tickets, each f S *°° 35,000
6 ditto 1,000 6,000
10 ditto 400 4,00 d
10 ditto 100 2,000
55 ditto 5(3 1,7.50
J7jo ditto 12 69,008
To be railed for the Canal, 1,6,150
5850 Prizes, 175,000
11650 Blanks, not two to a priae.
17500 Tickets, .at Ten Dollars, - 175,000
The CommiiTioiu-- have taken the Securities re*
quired by the aforefaid aft for the pumSual payment 6f
the prizes.
The drawing of this Lottery will commence, without
delay, as loon as the Tickets are fold, of which
notice will be given.
Such prizes-as are not demanded in fix months after the
drawing is finilhcd, ftiall be ronfidertd as relinquiflied for
•the benefit of the Canal, and appropriated accordingly!
(Sigtudj NOTLEY YOU^G,
City of Walhiiicton, Feb. XI. §
rzr,.: ' ■>--*
Knox, Henderfon & Co.
N0.46, North Front street,
HAVE imported in the ships Liberty, Concord and A»
driana, from London, a frefh supply of Goods luit
ed to the season—consisting of
A beauiful affarttnent of "willed, and v fi!k Nankeens,
Cottons, Thread, cotton, silk &>.ot-
Calicoes, and ton and fllk Hosiery,
Chintzes, Diaper and Damalk Tabid
Muslins, 1 "lothj,
Mufiineta, Lawns,
CordecUnd India Dimities Camhricks and
Ginghams, Cambric Muflifis,
Cotton Counterpanes, Linen, cotton and silk hkft,
Plain, striped, clouded. Sewing Silks, &c, &c. &c.
Like a iff,
A few bales well assorted colors, Londi>ubeft super lie
Cloths, best fuperfine and fecoud Cxlllmeres—Alto, fur.-
dry packages of Cullicoes and .Cbinttes, and other goods
goods fit for exportation.
Per the Glasgow, Capt. Williams, from Dublin, a few
boxes 7-8 and yard wide Iriih Lmelis.
May 4 Jlww&fi
This Day is publijhedt
A T th° iii'Wr Rffik-Str"-,
' JrT. Volume 1. or a _£=e -
A Description of Spanfjh St. Domingo,
' Tiajtfla'tjd from the. French of of M. L. E. Moreao ok
St. Mery, raembef of the Philosophical Society of Phi
ladelphia, By WILLIAM COBBET.
{ j With anew, correct, and'elegant MAP ai the whole U
Hand. Price Two Dollar*.
The to this Work, are requested to take up
I the firft volume, as soon as convenient.
The second volume (which completes the Work) will
be ready f<?r delivery in the coyrfip of the. preterit: monfh.
The complete work in the French language may like*
\i lie be had at the time place. May 9 6tsaw
' >■ -i < • ———•— • ■ Ai-—-
Imported, v
' Inthefhip Birmingham Packet, from Calcutta, an &
for sale by the Package, by
Samuel & Miers t 1 iftier,
Tandah Coffeas, Batna, and nt'ier Baftas,
Bahar Hankerchiefs, Persian Taffatics,
Humliums, Flewer'd and (potted
Emerties, Bandanoes
With a variety of other goods from that place, andagen»
eral affSrtittent of European SPRING GOODS, asufual.
Long and {Sort Pipes, in boxes of 5 groce each,
An aflortmenfc of Store Jugs and Pitehers,
Queen's Ware, in, assorted,
Gfafs Ware, in Crates ai/d Calks,
Sheathing Paper, by the Bale,
. gjftyWINES
Spermaceti Candles, and
A general ajfortment of Irijh Linetls,
Received per Ihip Glasgow, from Dublin, by the package.
May il. §iwe&3w
For the accommodation of a private Family,
e SMALL HOUSE, fituatedin some airy street, within
the limits of the city.
r Any person having such a Ohe to let, and can give pof
r lefiion before the middle of Juhe next ensuing, will hear
. of a careful tenant by applying to the Printer of this pa ,
r per. May 14. eotf
A NEAT three story Brick House, almost new
• A situate on the south fide of Filbert, midway
between Nifl'h and Tenth Streets. For terms ipply
at No. ?l, North Water Street.
May T4. dtf.
1 1 1
New Hat and Hosiext Sto&e,
WHVtFSALF. and ftstXlL,
No. 134 Markct-Jfrect, 2d doorfrimi tbe'corner of
Fourth, South jide. ,
MENS* Black American and lored ditto
Englilh Hats, of various . Childrta's fancy ditto " • ■
qualiiiej and prices AII kinds of filfc, silk and
Ditto Drabs and Greenun- cotton, cotton, dc thread'
ders HoTe
\ Ladie's ditto, black Knit colored Pantaloons
And a assortment of Ditto Drawers
fancy ditto Ditto Breeches Patterns
1 Colored Beavers Silk Gloves
With a gnat variety of ele- Knotted, colored ditto, cot
g?tir and falhionable trim- ton
tnings, &c. A quantity of mending cot-
Youth's black and drabco- ton, sorted Colors.
N. B. The Hai» fiqilhed in the ncweft fafhioa.
Nay ). dim