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    _I*r», " f f jf
"a. '* y.*''*ji'
of f!]se mtlifed jpt t&tl0
For Hamburgh,
The Danish Brigantine
Den Prove,
A fine flout vef&L Will be ready to take in her cargo
' an the firft •£ May. For freight ar p«ffii«;e apply to
Rofs & * Simfonv*
-.v *■ *L
BURTHEN about 2000 Bbls. of flour—fke may be sent
to sea at a, small cxpence, her fails and rigging being in
very good order—apply to ** ***'
James Campbell, or
George Latimer *
April, »p. §
For L 0 N D 0 N,
The fine new-copper-bottomed Ship
Mount Vernon,
BURTHEN about 411 tons, will be rea
dy to receive her cargo on Monday next, and will fail on
or before the 10th of May next, great part of her cargo !
engaged. For freight or passage apply to the fubi'cribers,
No. 21, Pcno-ftrcec,
Willings and Frahcis.
Aptil 27.
Kearney Wharton
HAS REMOVED his Counting-lloufe from Mor
tSn's wharf, to No. 18 Dock-ftteet.
May i?. §6t
John Miller, jun & Co.
No. 8 Chelhut Street,
Have received by the Ship
From Calcutta,
160 Bales of Bengal Goods,
10,000 Pieces Nankeens,
Of a Superior Quality.
350 Bags of SUGAR,
Which they will fell en advantageous terms.
May ie. ft
For Kingston, in Jamaica,
Dominick Terry,
Will fail in twelve days,
For freight or Passage, apply to the Captain onboard'
at Cuthbert's wharf, or to
Jefle & Robeit Wain.
May 12. §l2t
» SILAS SWAIN, Commander,
WILL foil on or about the ift of May. For freight or
pafTage apply to the Captain oa board at Walnut-street
wharf, or to PHILIP NICKLIN is" CO.
April 13. $
Copper Bottomed Ship
WITH all her materials, as (he came from sea. Like*
wife to be disposed of t
A number of C/\NNON and SMALL ARMS, l
<cn board said veJTel. For *crms apply to
Parker & Wharton, '
May 2 § t
For B R IS 7 0 L, ~~ J
the new sH,p
Theodore Bliss, Maftcr,
WILL take Goods on Freight, and be ready to receive
them in a few 4ays. For freight or passage apply to J
Thimas John Clifford. *
Who have for Sale,befides their usual affortmentof
Ironmongery, Cutlery, Sadlery, &c. ,
Crates of Gl?fs and Earthen Ware; Crates of Vials;
fcoxes of long and Ihort Pipes; Bristol crown Glass assort
ed, from I*B by 12 inches, to 9 inches by 7 ; Copper Sheets
andßottons; Boxes of Tin Plates; London and Bristol
Pewter in Calks assorted; Bristol Grir_dil»ncs; Garnet
fc Co's. patent Sheaves for Blocks. Alfa, a bale of
And a few Pipes of OLD MADEIRA WINE.
April ii. caw.
JuJl Arrived,
And feu- fak.ii the, Sloop TWO BROTHERS, Samuel I
Merchant, maJUr, a quantity of >
Tar, Pitch, and Indigo : 1
Also for Stic, fc
The said Sloop,
Burthen about 400 Barrels.
SHE i* a good f. rone; veflfcl, and has been chiefly em
yloyed as aGoafter. If noi fold in a-few pays, will take °
in freitrht, and proceed direst for Newbury Port.
Apply to ISAAC HARVEY, jun.
May 5. § im No. 5, S. Water Street
John Miller, jun. & Co. J
Nc.SS Cliefnut-JlrMt, • Jn
Have imported in the Ute vefleli frono Europe, an
Amongst which are of
Striped and clsuded NANKEENS, frc
i'Dimities and Mblliocts,
Neatly adortedin packages, I n
IRISH LINENS. dittq,' ed
All which they will fell on the, mart reafohaWe terras, Ca
for Calh or the usual credit! )
May 11. (j 1
Edward Stow, Jun.
HAS for sale, at his Store, No 41, South Water (Ireet,
Netv England Rum, in Hegfheads, tierces & barrels.
PORT Y ' ind s WINES '
Mess, 'Prime and Cargo Beef,,
'{t '• SAefm4crti and ".Vax Mould Candles,
t "Sloald atWcl <y"ttO,
ioa lioxes hard, WUke Snap, in excellent order
May rt §iw
For Sale,
/f Three story BRICK HOI.TSE and Lot, ill Chefuut
11 -tV street, between FTontanci Second ftraets, in which
n Messrs. James Calbraith & Co. have for Hianj years (and
now do) carried on business.
Poffcfrum will be given in one month, or sooner.
For terms apply t» WILLIAM BELL, or
April ai. §
Treasury Department;
Revenue-Office, March 10th, 1796.
PROPOSALS will be received at the office of the
Corpmijportcr of the Rcvatvt, (Mo. 43, at the comer at
n Third and Chcfnut-ftreets, Philadelphia) for building in
0 ! North-Carolina,
I. A Light-Hc»ufe upon Cape-Hatteras.
11. A Beacon Houle upon Shell Cattle ifiimd.
Descriptions of eai;h. and all other particulars, may be
seen on application at the oKices of aii/ of the Superjnten
id its of I.ight-Holifcs, er of the Supervisors of tlie Reve
nue, or of the Colle«ftors of the Cuftoni. in any of the
; as also at this office. i.w i-iu
Landing, ,
From on board the Krijr Abigail, from Liverpool,
EAK'J HEN Waߣ, in Crates; and
A quantity of COAL;
Thomas & "John Ketland.
April 20. §
1 — *
At Rullell't wharf, the CARGO of the Ship Lady
Lotiifa, James Cooper, mailer, from China, and the
Cape of Good Hope,
SUGAR, in Chests and Bags ;
WINES, in Butts and half Butts of superior qua
lity ;
A small quantity of BRANDY ;
Parker iff Wharton,
, No. 109, Couth Water-Jlreet.
April 26. § *
The remains of the Cargo by the Pigou,
from Canton, viz.
WIDE and narrow Nankeens
70 Quarter Cherts Souciiong Tea
io Tubs Qiiickfilver, and
A quantity of
Tea-Table and Dining China.
May 7. 3tawira
ift. \ Three-story brick House, No 80, N. Second
.£*. ftr«t. The lot is about 21 feet front, and 288
feet deep, to Bread-street, or Moravian Alley. It has
long been one of the he'%lands for business.
id. A frame Dwelliag-Houfe, No. 460, South Front
ftreet, with a Bake-House, the Lot is about 17 feet
front, by 130 feet in depth.
3d. \ hsndtome Lot of 25 feet by aoo feet deep, ex
tending from Third street to Georfe-ftreet ( it is the 3d
, Lot below South-ftrect: on Gcorge-ftreet there is a two
story brick tenement, a frame ditto adjoining, withagood
bake oven.
Likewise a LARGE MEADOW FARM, situate on
she River Delaware, at a convenient diftupce from Phila
delphia Market—the Meadow is of the best quality, and
in good bank. There are conimoJioHS buiidings, with a
good proportion of arable and 'woodland, and Cedar
Swamp. F»r terms apply »o JOHN LITLF-,
No. 40 North Siith-flreet.
1796. Jtf
This Day published,
AND for sale by B. DAVIES, No. 6s, High ftyeet,
H. & P. RJOE, No. 50, do. and J. ORMROD,
No 41, Chcfnut ftrtet,
[Price 2$ Cents ]
From the Rt. Honorable Edmund Burke,
To a Noble Lord,
On the attacks made on him and his pension, in the
House of Lords by the Duke ot Bedford and the Earl of
Lauderdale, early in the present fdlions of Parliament.
By Peter Porcupine.
May to §
Boarding School for Young Ladies. ■
MRS. GROOMBRIDGE havingremovedfrwn Lodge (
Alley, to the corncr of Eleveuth and Spruce-streets, '
for the advantage of a large, convenient House, ini dry, .
healthy fitnutibn; hopes for the continuance of the encou
ragement flle has hitherto so highly experienced; and for *
which file returns her sincere acknowledgment.
g/" Mrs. Gnoon»*uxit is affifled by Matters of the '
firft ability; and the uf'ftil, as well as ornamental branches
of education are particularly attended to.
February 8. §2W 53m
For Sale,
A Valuable Grift and Saw Mill,
IN New Jersey, near V.'.e Forks of Little
The Grift Mill is sixty by forty feet, two water wheels,
and calculated for four run of Stents, with screen, fans
( and boulting-ciotlw, &c. The Saw-Millhas two faws,and
, capable ofcuttingiive to 6 100 thousand feet of Boards per
year. A valuable piece of Cedar Swamp, within a mile
and a half of the Mill, and within three quarters of a mile -1
of a Landing The Lumber, &c. may be taken by water
from the mill tail.
also ror. SALE,
Several Valuable Tracts of Land, c
In Pennsylvania, for all of which payment will be receiv
ed it: the qotes of Messrs Morris and Nicholfon, or in
For further information apply to the Printer.
May 17. saw I
• ; .... . . , 1
juit Arrived,
in the Snow Boston, James Kirlipatrick, maftcr from Li-■
cet » vcrncol
' jooo Bushels SALT ;
100 Crates QfTEENS WARE ; and
j An Affonment ot-SHIP CHANDLERY^
f 0 K. 6 A4i E
; On bo.vrd, At PUie-ftre«jt wharf.— to
' y&'&t or
tier George Latimer.
April 29. — $ •
Samuel Richardet,
D ESP"CTF[ILLY ft.ftrws the Gcntlemo,.
lc . ! Merchants, that he has this day op'.'.led the CI I'l r
; city of Philadelphia:
The Subscription Room will be furniflt.'d with all the
' daily papers publiflted in Philadelphia, Nsw-York. Bos
ton, Baltimore, together with th ife the principal eom-
Tnereial cities of Eilrope—Tkey will b« regularly filed
and 110116 permitted to be taken away on .ny Account.
Tea, Coffee, Soupes, Jellies, Ice .Creams, *i)d 4 variety | (
of French Liquors; together with tht usual relreflimeuto, ,
.| 1( . will at ail times be procured at tkt> bar.
Gentlemen may depend on being action *ft<Klated.with c
j n the choictll of Wines, Spirituous.! ,tnc tfht ito/I ,
Approved Malt Liquors front London and other breweries.
The Larder will bel'uoplied with the prime and earliest c
! produilions of tko Scalon.
• Large aad Imall Parties, or Tingle Gentlemen, may be
accommodated with Breakfavts, tiumers or Sappers, at
;n * hours :r.o!t cor.v.nieiit 10 tlirmlelves—a cold Collation Is
tegularly kept for (roiivejiieney, the Bill of Fare to be had
at the b»r. • ,
l'he Rooms will be conipl-tely furnilbed, and
— the utmost attention jfard to cleanliiiels, aad every
•£T S< lut-L Richardet will be happy t»recove, atwl I
enerutf the<ommaHds cf his Friends, and the Public a"
- 'il v-'iiti gratitude for their favours, he pledgee
himfeff that nothing on his part Iballte w.'J.ititig to pre"-
serve tlut patronage with whid'. lie-has been to diilinguifh
ingly 'tonortd.
Philadelphia, April 19. 5
— ~~ * WANTED, e
ON Loan, for two or three years—2ooo Dollars for
which a mortgage on Land will be given asfeenrity
The lajid is clear of evory incumbrance.
he Enquire of tn« Printer.
!*"■ 9- 1 d.
George Bringhurlt,
RESPF.CTFUI.LY informs his friends ami the public,
that lie his removed from Arch-flre«, to No. 23 in
north Fifth-ftreet, adjoining the Lpilcopal Burial Grot.nd,
where he continues the buSncft of
Coach making'in all its Branches. t
He makes all kinds of crane neck and perch Carriages. '*
. such as Coaches, Chariots, Phaetons, and Coachees; also, ••
— CI airs, Kittert ens, Gigs, Sulkeys ; and all kinds of Har
ness, with plated or brass mounting. He hath a good ' D
fup|>ly of the heft materials, and a flack of the bell sea
soned wood.
Ij Orders from any part of the United States will be du
ly attended to tfiththe grcatell puittSualitv and dispatch
His long experience in bnfinefs, his care in thetxecu- j
tioa of ami an unremitted attention to the de
fi/es of. his employers, he ilatters himfelf will provelulh
cient recommendations.
He has levLral feconihand Carri ges for sale, viz. a ?
compleat Coachee, with a coichrtian's feat and Veh'etian ®
blinds all round; a Phoeton; a( hair; and a Sulkey with
— a falling top.
All kiocU of Carriages fold on Commillion, and Car
riagrs t<>krn in to liaud by the or year.
' 0' Apprentices w anted to the Bufmefs.
rbHaitipLim, November-»i. t,t,&fim.iawJo
t- China Goods.
TH E Siiip Atlantic, SiUi Commander,
from Canton, will commence the dtfeharue of her Ii
c,r S° to-morrow morning at .Walmit-ftrcct whe-f,
0 CortJ? fling of
id Yellow and white Nankeens of excellent quality
F'erfian Taffetics, Uack and cr loured
,n Luftringt, do. do.
1- Satt>ns bbek of various qualities
d Sewing silks in afibited colours
a Vermillion in boxes
tr Cassia in chests a
Qnicklilver in jjrs
t- BOHEA, 1
. YOUNG HYSON > Fl e s h Teas.
CHINA WARE, ornamental, with Table and Tea
Sets generally aflofted.
WHITE SUGARS, ind a <}uintify of
' First quality Bengal SALT PETRE.
e For Sale by R
f Philip Nicklin & Ct.
April 8. t.tb&s —
AIiSCONDKD, on the night <jf ThurfHay lafl, the A
ttb infl. Boston Murray, a black uM/itudfer
■vant lud, 18 or 19years qf and about 5 feet 8 or
9 inches fcgb > °"e of bis eyes is defeiiive in the corner fel
1 his r,ofi His apparel conjifled of a fnufftolor- °f
c ed roundjacket, witha Mencbtfier Ve/} under it ; a pair l ,c
' offufliov tro-icfers, end under them a light miiedcloth
' of breeches• Whoever apprehends thefaittfer-vant,
~ r and returns hint, or confines him ia any jail in Per.nfyl- /
I'aitia or Jersey, so t/.vt J recover him fiall receive tlx JL
. abeve reiuard, together with rcqj'i,.iab!e charges. be
No. 109, Sbruce-Jlreet.
April 11. df
30 Pipes Cogniae Brandy,
Cotfes, in bal«s, and
Holland Gin, in pipes,
, For Sale by
Benjamin W. Mdrrh. mi
December 31. e'o( 7 >f
Advertifemcnt. Dit
WE the subscribers, CommtfTioners appointed by law f
to take fublcriptions for the Gap, Newport, and at
Wilmington Turnpike Ro id, d« hereby give notice, that {
wc will attend for that at the house of Samuel p 0 ]
Cochrart, on the 6th day ot Juee next; Wl
Chester County, 25th 17y6. [May T.eolm] J
I W aihmgton Canal Lottery,
■ T V n°. i.
WHEREAS thi State - of Maryland has anAorifcd
the onddrAfitteu, to ralfe twvwy>fix jiiptiftnd,
two hundred, and fifty dollars, for tlie prn pose of cutting
a Canal through tft-j City of- Wafkington,* froju til---fa*
toaaacto the Ertfterrt Branclj .
The Mmß| is .hi SCHEME I. ,
■Viz .1 Priit ftt 10,600 Coile.rsi'j...-' tto,oo,>
; "' 1 1 'io,t»eo • - 10,000
'jlafi&siivi!? _i
i "*».«»,• *dr■{ ■- -- -
(1 ijlifto t ; OOJ (j ,CDO
to rihr-a 400 4,0c&-
to ditto too ' 4,008
™ SS &<t 1 2,750
. ti
To be ra]fc<i for the Canal, 10,2^0
!f *? 5 ° Prizet > 175^=0
XIOSO BUnks, 1101 two to apritic.
17560 Ticket?, at Ten DotUrs - 1^5,033
The Commiift'have taken she Securft*'s .re»
' v quired by tbe aforeiai.l && for the prnviuai peyttiem of
tht prizes.
The daiwinfc of this Lottery will commence, \vith'>ut
delay, -as loon as thj Ticbets are fold, of winch timely
J ■ notice will be ?' veil.
••ft Such prizes are nayicftanJed {n llv months after 1 hft
' drawing is ti I.»^ '-.-.1,i1l JrV»r coufider das reiiiYqr.ifhcd lot
th. benefit of the Cir.}!, anri appropriated accordingly.
, d 1.1.W1S DFBLOJS,
a a W'm. M DUNCANiCN,
l( j City of WalMngtoti, Feb. 11. §
at , — : * -»
g Knox, Henderfon & "Co.
k" > No. 46, North Front street,
HAVE imported in the fhiffi liberty, Concord and A
driana, from London, aft elh fupplj of Goods iiric
ed to the feafon—Confiftiug of
" A beaui hi 1 aflortriient of wi led, and silk Nankeens,
Cottons, Thr<wd,<ro;i9ii, (ilk & cot-
Calicoes, and I > :ofl .»pd,fiyt tlofii ry.
Chintzes, Diaper uqd D<n>ufe Tstbte
Muslins, ' j/otht,
Muflincts, L.iwjij,
Corded and India Dimitie-' and
Ginghams, Cambric IWt.ftins,
c, Cotton Counterpanes, Linen,. cotton ajid filkhifi,
in Plain, striped, clouded.] Sewing *ilks, & c . tec. &c.
d. T.ikevjfe,
A few bales well assorted colors, Lum*«ibeft ftrper ine
Cloths, best tuperfinc ami Aicouii CrffitiieTev—,\Uo, fun
!S> dry packages of C.liicoe* and C%in«es, and other goods
.;ooas fit for. cxiJbriatrVn.
r ' Per the Glasgow, Cap* Williams seem Dublin, a few
1(1 boxes ?-8 and yard widjjlrila Linens.
j. May 4
j- TJrit Day is pnblijtied,
!>• A T the author'sCi'ok-Srorc, ccrntrof ftont ani Wat
x ' uwt ftveets, Vwliitric I. cf n
r* A Defcriptien vf Sp:;?:r/h St. Domingo y
I'ranOflted from the French ol of btf. L E.
Sr; MtKY, member cf the PJ-UofoiJucal of Phi- •
£ ladelphia, By WILI,IA\I CQ3BCT.
j| with s WW, coma, and el MAPvi the whote S»
fland. Price i'w6 Dollars.
r . The Sdbfcribets to this Work, ai e reifueftcd to take n»
theftrft voluhie, as Toon a> convrrjcllt.
The second volume (\vf,lch eonij let :s the \V«rk) WiU
be ready for delivtrry in tlie courje of tlie n-.onti>.
The complete work in the frencft language r»ay iito
wife be had at tKe fame piace. May a 6t3«w -J
— , --V. y
-r In the ship Birmingham Packer, from CilculU, and
for fait by the Psckage, by
Samuel & Miers t iilier,
Tandah CoCias, B.itns, aiM other B.*ft4S,
Bihar Haiikerchiefs, Persian TafTatics,
Humhums, FbnveFd and fpottql
EmertSes, Bamlanoes.
With a variety of other goodifrort that place, and a gen«
eralaflwrtmeniof European SPRING GOODS, aiu{u»l.
Lohg and (hurt Pipes, ifjbotesor j grocs cvfa,
An affortmentof Stone Jug-, and Pitchers,
(Queen's Ware, In Crate> ilTofted, ,
Glass Ware, in Crates and Calks,
Sheathing Paper, by the feale,
. 3pfWINES
Spermaceti Candles, and
A general ajfortmenl of Irijh Liaem^
Received per Ihip GUfgow, from Dublin, by the pac?.ai?e.
May ti. §lwej>3«
For tlie accommodalion of a private Family,
SMALL HOUSE, situated in fomeairy ftrcet, vithih
the limits of the city-.- ' ,
Any person haviftg-fuch a one to let, and can give pcf
fcflion before the middle of June ne*t enfsing, will hear
Of a carcful tenant by applying to the Printer ol this pa
per. May 14- eotf
A NEAT three story Brick Hpuft, almost new
fituatt on the (buth liije of Filben, midway
between Ninth/ind Tenth-Streetsv For terms au»ly
at No. 71, North Water Street.
Ma ? '4- dtf.
New Hat find Hosiery Sto&e,
Wholesale and Retail,
Ko. in Markft-Jlrect, door from the earner of
t'ourth, SouthJide.
MEN'S'Black Americanand lorcd ditto
English Hats, of various Children's fancy ditto
qualities and prices All kinds of Tilk, silk and
Ditto Drabs and Greeaun- cotton, cotton, & thread
ders Hose
I-adic's diito, black Knit colored Pantaloons
Alid a large •ffortrilint of Ditto Drawers
fancy ditto Ditto Breeches Pattern*
Colored Beavers Silk Gloves
Wiih a great variety of ele- Knotted, colored ditto, cot
pant and fafhionable trim- ton
v n ""F'.^ c - . . , A quantity of mending cot-
Yo uhs black and drab co- (on, sorted colors.
N. B. Tlie Hats fioiilsed in the ncvi eft fafhion
**'y7- , ' dim