Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, May 09, 1796, Image 4

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    Notice is hereby Given,
THAT in pursuance of an a<ft cf the General Affem- ]
bly of Penrfylvania, entitled " an A& to enable t c
" Goycrnor of thia,Common wealth, to incorporate a Com- States
• 4 for making an artificial Road from an intcrlection d
■* of tha Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike road near r jght v
" the Gap Tavern, in Lancaster county, to Newport and ing .
" Wilmington in the State of Delaware;' the commit- (l T
fioners in "said aft appointfcd will procure five books and „ ; nt| , r
attend at the refpedivc places directed therein to receive „ Stat{
fui)fcr : ptions for Stock in the company, viz. One book ln c(
will be opened in the city of Philadelphia. One in t e e< j g {l .
Borough of Lancaster, one at Strafburgh, in the county i earn i t
of Lancaftcr, one inthe Borough of Wilmington, an to t j,i»
one at the house of Samuel Cochran in the county ot Chc.l- times!
ter. i
The Subscribers, agreeably to their appointment m and
by raid ad, will attend at the City Tavern in Philadelphia, A
with on« of said Monday, the 6th day o June
next, at lO'p'clock inthe forenoon, until 4 in the after
noon, and for the two days following, if Decenary, for
th . putpofe aforefaid ; on the firft of the said days, a^ -
person of theageof 11 years {hall be atliberty to fubfcrilic A j
in his own or any other name or names by whom he (hall be are bi
•uthorifed fir onethan Jon the second day lor one or twjharu, terent
and on the third day forme,Pwo, or three Jietct, and 111 any any
fiucce-eding day, (if the laid books shall fontinue onger or a i
Open) for any number *f shares in the said Stock.
Every petfon pr<--viouQy to fubfcrlbing in said books is alf<
must pay to the attending commissioners twenty five del- n " m ®
lars for every share to l>e fubferibed. " a
ROBERT throu
■Philadelphia, May 7 3™tJ«n. y.
— — r — — * Al
rKtIJfUSALS there
From the peace of X 783, to the termination of the'pre- 7,
sent Sefflon of Congress.
I. This work will b<; comprised in two or three oiftav#
volumes, each about 490 pagefe.
11. The, price to fubfenben will be trto dollars per vo- D(
lume, handsomely bound. .
111. No money will be required till the volumes are de-
IV. Should any of the fubferibers disapprove of the
work when complete, they may decline receiving it.
V. It is expe&ed to be ready for press in >thfc spring of jyj
VI. soon after the above time, as one thousand copies '
are fubferibed for, the printing lhall commence, and .
shall be finilhed asfpeedily as pofiible. w h; c
VII. Subscriptions received by the Authbr, No. lIS,
Market-ftrect, and by the chief Booksellers through-
Out the United States. 0 f ec
10 THE PUBLIC. , p<
' THE ol>ie<ft of the prepofed work, is, to present to
public view a connected ftries ol the chief events of a
period of American history, that does not yield, in 1m- «
psrtance, to any period of equal length, in the peaceful £\
annals of any country in the world. and
DeGring to excite no eipesati«n9 but such as he ihall an<^
endeavour to fa isfy, the writer is thus early in announ- nifte
<ing, that the body and confidence of a regular history, j n t |
is not to be looked for in this work: neither his tale..ts pe ip
nor his avocations allow him to hope for this. His hum- for
bier talk lhall be to Iketch out the mod prominent tea- befa
tures. It lhall be his study to colled and arrange the
most intcreftlng materials—to smooth the ruggea path— p
for abler hands, who/by such means, will find their la
bours abridged, and their progress accelerated.
His chief view will be, to give the History of the Uni
ted States as a confederated Republic. no- V
tite will be taken of the most remarkable cireumftances in
the history of the individual States, as far as they can be >
collected. This information lhall be tlaffed under fepa-
rate appendixes. an( j
The Author solicits the affifUnce of such G?»tlemen
as may be pofTeffed of documents calculated to promote _
the execution of his plan. They lhall be received with -
due-gratitude—carefully preserved—and fafely returned.
February 9. lawllt
F O R S A L E, fin |
A valuable collection of the newest Publications, _
Juit received from via New-York ;
Among which ar« the following:
THE Amsrican Pilot, in two parts —part the ift con
taining charts and plans of the coasts of Newfound
land taVraaore, and th;gulph and river of £t. Lawrence,
Part the 4d containing charts of t..e Britilh channel, and ■jf}-
the coast of Ireland to Cape Clear; of the Atlantic Ocean, Nt
and the coasts of Europe, Africa, and the Western Blanks,
of the whole coast of the United States and East Florida;
the «ulph of Florida, and Island of Havannah, drawn
(aim aftoal f«rveys and the lat'eft difctwaries. {
A Defcripwon of the Country 40 miles round Manches
ter, its geography, productions, river aiid canal naviga
tions ; its towns and villages, their history, population,
commerce, and manufactures, by Dr. AiUin; printed ob
veUum paper, and iUuftrated with 73 copperplates finely .
Hunter's Voyages to New South Wales and the Sou- :
them Ocean, illustrated with 17 maps, charts, views and
other emhelliftiments, neatly bounß in calf. ■
Civil anl Commercial History of the Britilh Welt-In
dies by 18. Edwards, £fq. with maps, views, See.
The cennedion that fcbfifts between Agriculture and
Chemidry—by the Earl of Dundowiald.
The Course of .Hannibal over the Alps, ascertained by
T. Whitaker- • » ; , -
The Life of General Dumonrier, m 3 vols, written by
Chtlmer's Estimate rif the compilative strength of
Great Britain. j
History of the Moravianmiffions among the Indianso. j ;<
North-America, with the manners and customs of the m
na Cotporal Brown's History of the Campaigns in 1793. j'
4 The s Studie»of Nature, by Bernvdin de St. Pierre. re
The Political Tellament of Maximilian Roßtfpierre, gi
with an account of the secret negochtrons carried on un- : rj
der'his AireflJon. - . . , ,
Wifeman's Commercial Letters m. the five principal p
Ungaages of Europe. p
A Pocket Vocabulary (5f fix pnncipal languages.
Anftruthir's Ueworts in Chancery.
The Works of Peter Pindar, with a head ofthe author;
The SpoitWgVvagaiine. .
Tbe Britifli Critick. or new Critkar Review 1 of she lat
est publnatioiw.
llie Works of "Edkiund Barke, Esq.
Defcnre of the American Constitution, b/J. AOains,
vice-Prcfidentof the U.S. Afrilt 8. law
Tor Sile,
A Few Calks of First Quality
I N D I G O.
' Enquire street.
right whereof he claims proprietor, in the .words
Censor, or monthly Review of the dwe U
» interesting political occurrences relative t» tne Umtcd ,
" ™
ed States intuuled « an Afl for the encouragement of
lean ing.'bv feuring the copies of maps, charts and I ook>
to tU tors and proprietors of such copies during the
timestherein m^ed " SAMmL CALDWELL,
Clerk Dili. Court Pennfyivama.
• April ay. - ™--
• A Printing-office for J
s A goodalTortmentofTypes, the greater part of whKh IJ)0
■ are but little worn, a good mahogany Press, wuh the djf
, ferent Printing Materials, in complete orderT°| executing l6> ,
ran v kind of work. Tlje fituat.on is very eh p b ' c> "' he , l
r for a newspaper or book-work, a *£nVwell
porulated city, within 30 ""'es of Philadclptna. Th n q
s is also a very considerable advantage anfing from the
- numarous applications for bla»ks and the g e " e ™ . N.
of advertisements, &c. &c. and a handfomv. profi denv T;cket
from the great quantity of Rags which may be collected
,h A±;;«y-v.'»-is
Likewise will be fold wuh the o!See,, a ar n e anynu
binders' Press, (used for prreffing books m Ihccts) I.J Th ;
ther with a number of bookbinders tools, alm ™ "T. vate b
Any person inclining to the above, l alay i l>av .
the refulal of a handsome colledion of books, bound a
in sheets—They will be fold very low. ~. ,
Fer the price, and further particulars, «t No. f F
>4, north Third-street, where a of *« thOT ,
I maybe seen. April 26. i_'_ — t j,„ nv
" "30 Pipes Cogniac Brandy, p* a
Cotks, in bales, and wilfb
Holland Gin, in pipes, u " iv '
0 For Sale by Th
Benjamin W. Morris. r °.
' December 31. eodtf numb
ie Boarding School for Young Ladies.
f A TRS. GROOMBRIDGE havingremovedfrom I.odge " r '[ h
5 iVX Alley, to the corner of Eleventh and Spruce-streets, ar£ jj
for the advantage qf a large, convenient House, 111' a dry, J<>f c
j healthy fitu'ation; hepes for the continuance of the encou- mourl
' . ragement (he has hitherto so highly experienced; and for Th
5 which she returns her fmcere acknowledgment. t he la
' .£s° Mrs. Groombridoe is aftilled by Matters of the Hote!
firft ability; and the ufeful, as well as ornamental branches a j" cc(
of education are particularly attended to. ber c
ff) February 8. § lw s 3 n > frienc
a N O T'[ CE, '
A GREEABLY to charter, is hereby given to the ?
u ) £\_ Members of the Corporation for the relief of poor
and diftrelTed Prelhyterian Ministers, and of the poor
111 and diftrelTed Widows and Children of Presbyterian Mi
n" nifters, that there will be a Meeting of said Corporation * *
y* in the Jecond Prelbyterian Church, in the city of Phila
,ts pelphia, on the 23d day of May next, at 4 o'clock, p. m.
n " for the dispatch of all fuchbufinefs as may then be brought
l' before the board. f f T "
~ April 21. d Secretary of the Corporation - i
Urbanna Mill Seats,
"0- Q ITU ATE in Cecil county, Maryland, on the banks of
j n O the river Sufquehanna, about one mile above fide wa
bc ter, and commanding the water of that important river, A
33. the channel conducing the trade of which comes so near
the Mill Seats as to make it convenient to speak the boats;
, en and Mills may he so fituaced as to receive them al«ng their E ,
oce walls, and by water lifts take in their cargoes. qt
There is a power fufficient for many and any kind of Dnt
e( j ufeful WateV Works, and so much may be justly said in d<
t * commendation of this Scite as would be inconvenient to Ladi
insert in a newspaper publication. Aud
— Those who may desire to be concerned, will probably fa
find tkemfelves well pleased on viewing the situation. Cole
_ Leases for any term of years may be obtained on appli- Wll
■Et cation to the fubferiber, living on the premises. g 3
, April 19. iaw3m I
Treasury Department; I
on- Revenue-Office, March loth) 1 I
r -d- "PROPOSALS will be received at the office of the
Jr Comniijjiover of l thc Revenue, (No. 43, at the comer of I I
and Third and ChefnUt-ftreets, Philadelphia) for building in I I
:an, North-Carolina, I Sto
I. A Light-House upon Cape-Hatteras.
11. A Beacon House upon Shell Castle island. I Ji
Descriptions of each, and all other particulars, may be I —
] lc f_ fee» on application at the offices of any of the Suyirinten- 1
j dajts of Light-Houses, or of the Supervisors of the Reve- 1
;® n nu'e, or of the Colleflors of the Customs in any of the I
[ OB ' States ;as also at this office. 2a<v3m 1
dy "For sale by the fubferibers,
' ou " : IN PENN-STREET,
an< * 130 Quarter Chests frelh Hylon Tea; ' ITJ
100 ditto do. frefli SoutKong Tea; IJI
300 Boxes China, contaiaing small tea setts of 41 6-i
pieces; Bo
an 400 pieces Bandanoes. 1 Po
jby Willing & Francis. Co
January 30. jtaw. j j
by African Free School. Icc
II ° f place of Tcjcher to the AFRICAN ERIE SCHOOL, La
f 1 in the city of New York, being vacant by the refigna- IBr
ns °* tion of the late Mailer, the Trustsfs give this pubjic inti. ILa
mation to all persons desirous of that situation, ihat they will
receive applications for that appointment 'till the firft of next I
793. June. jf 0
It is expelled that the applicant be well qualified to teach I
'• reading, penmanthip, arithmetic, and the piinciples of geo- I
erre, graphy and English grammar, and that he produce fatisfafta- I
1 un- ry leftimonials of his good moral chata&er. I
The Salary of the Matter will be 500 dollars per annum, I
clpal payable quarterly.—Further particulars may be learnt on ap- I
plication to THOU AS EDI>Y, 1 I
, SAWUEL BRO\V,N. f Committee. I
thsr ELIHU H.SthITH, | j
New-York, May 6, 1795. (May I
e lat- "" * 1 |
Venereal Diieafe. '
IJms, J. MORGAN, No. 178 North Water street, 1 n
aw JL/ Philadelphia, give? advice daily in all cases of Physic I a
and Surgery, particularly VENEREAL COMPLAINTS : 11
io which from facts and rnnuitc obfeivation he warrants his
method of' cure most effeAual, easy and expeditions.
N. B. Secrecy, honor and moderate terms may be depend
ed on.l
The DoEVorlikewife prepares an infallible SPECIFIC for '
the cure of the above complaints, to supply seamen, travel- I
lets, and country xttfaibitants. wilh plain and proprr diiec
fif tionsfoi'tbeir aft. May 7. f. rfl &w. gt ! |
City cf Wafaington. onthe
SCHEME ofthe LOTTERY; No.ll, pn
federal city. 35
A munificent ? 20,000 dollars, & ? 50,000 Cadw.
40000 5p
1 ditto 15,006 & 30,000 ___
! ditto 10,000 & culh .lO,QSO 20,°00 Q
x ditto J, 000 & cafe 5,000 10,o»
X ditto ,*» & cafl, 5,000 10,000.
1 ca(h prize or _ 10 , 0 00 „ VV
ado. 5,00® each, are,- tote.,
,0 do. 1,000 - _ Q rd-je
10 d °" -s°° - 10.000 "
100 & ' . - «.000
aoo do. 5 . - 19,000 on 0 f
4CI ° J O, In •- 2Q<OOQ f>»ch ]
t.oo® da. . jr Jo , <joo the c
15,000 do. 10 bc eql
. ** t iU'IK
16,739 £«»• have,:
tt,* 61 Bl ank *- riod,
; Tickets, at EigUt Dollar*, 4*oooo claim
! £
or prizes, in ten days aim u. 6 , 'oil or
: -
. vate buiMuigs to tie , f,, x( e j f or t he entire
i Two beautiful »»^ -^tWfep™w in g. i
fronts on tw 'h P cel 4e and four corner buildings, AVI
,it ispropofed to efeel t f lojteiy is fold, and to convey
8 as soon as po - tQ tlie f ortu nate adventurers, in
I «3«ss iea&ssis*
f iTnff The money prizes will be payable m thirty day, ,
for which fortunate _
numbers arc not produced within twelve months after the c
— u Closed! are to be conf.dered as g.yen towards •„
the fun 4 for the University ; it being determined to fettle
. the- whole bufinefcin a year fr»m the ending of the draw- 2 ,
' ing, and to take »p the bon .s gjvon is
;e ' The real given for the payment of the Prizes,
5 > are held by the President and two Diredtors of the Bank At .
f ' j )®f Columbia, ~and are valued at more than half the a- w
mount ot the lottery. . ~
>r The twenty four gentlemen who by appointment of
the late Commiflioners aflifted in the management of the
ie Hotel Lottery are requested to undertake thi» arduous talk
- s a fetond time on behalf of the public ; a
ber of these having kindly accepted, it is hoped that the
friends to a National University and the other federal ob
iecis may continue to favor the design- _£
By accounts' received frem the difterent parts of the
\l Continent as well as from Europe, where ' he tloke " g e
have been sent for fa-le, the public are allured that the
I drawing will speedily commeiwe, and that the: care and Bui
* caution unavoidably necessary to injure » fafe .f
the tickets, has rendered the Men fufpeofion inifpenUble.
l' .§„ Tickets may be had at the Bank of Columbia ;of J[
Tames Weft & Co. Baltimore; of Feter Oilman, Boston , gol(
of John Hopkins, Richmond ; and of Richard Wells, g t
Cooper's Ferry. eve
New Hat and Hosiery Store, fo r r c
f Wholesale and Retail, <ju<
er, No. 134 Market-Jfreet, 3d door from the corner of
;ar Fourth, SouthJida
ts ! MENS'Black American and lored ditto Th
eir Englilh Hats, of various Children's fancy ditto "T\
qualities and price# AU kinds of silk, silk and
of Ditto Drabs and Greenun- cotton, cotton, & thread pi e
in ders Hose
to Ladie's ditto, black Knit colored Pantaloons
And a large assortment of Ditto Drawers lm
iW fancy ditto Ditto Breeches Patterns mi
Colored Beavers Silk Gloves faj
With a great variety of ele- Knotted, colored ditto, cot
gant and fafhionable trim- ton Jo]
mings, &c. x A quantity of mending cot
{ I Youth's black and drab co- ton, for ted colors. 7-
— f N. B. The Hats finifhed in the newest fafhion. f
I May 7. dim
th l Nankeens. \<
°f I r T -, 0 be fold cheap, a Qjiaotity of NAiV KEEMS no
rin A- fubjeft to the benefit of the Drawback, at the wl
Store of the fublcriber, No. 45 North Front street.
Joseph Sanfom.
d. May 3 eo3w fu
rbe r— ■j,.. ■- —— C 1
I No. Jii, North Front-Jlrtet.
;ve- 1
the Printed Calico and Muslin to
I Have jujl received a fuptrh affmtment sf the folio-wing artciles, ti<
I -which they offer for sale. fir
I TJRINTED calicoe.s Gentlemen's neck handkfs. eti
IJI 4-4 wd. book mufluis New faftiionable lhawls
» 10-4wd. ditto dittt Madras hamlkerchiafj cc
1 Book muslin handkerchiefs Tambotr'd muslins bl
I Pocket ditto Gurrahs a
, I Colored, bordered, muslin Humhums
I handkerchiefs Coffaes &c &c ri
I Very new fancy ditt? An elegaHt and frelh afTort-
I Elegant tambore muslins ment of ribbands and
I Colored .work ditto falhes ' ~
30L, Laced figured ditto Cotton ftockicgs
i^na-I Brocaded ditto' Warded ditto .
iriti. I Ladies plaids 1
will I And a variety of other articles, just opened.
next j Many of the above goads arc particularly calculafeJ
j for the Weft-India market. ,
teach I December 23 taw
num. Jofepb & Jefle Sharplefs, )
1 a P" I No. 32, south ThirdJlreet, C
Have received per the Hamburgh Packet, 1
J A variety of Mer chanmze ; f
I /"CALICOES, Furniture do Dimities, wide
I narrow-clouded and striped Nankeens, Checks,
j Ginghams, elegant Veit patterns of Camel's hair, mufli
ftreet, I net, and Marseilles, Hosiery, Galimers, Jeans, (uperfine
wrc lan1 an e f Cloths, Calimancoes, Spi»nings, Moreens,
h ] lrifh Linens, arid dry Goads in general.—Also, '
;pcnd- I
Saddlery and Saddlers Tools.
j expert a large additional iupply of dry Goods hy
IC for j the firft veiTels, which tiey will fell on reasonable t#rms
travel-J for calh or usual credit. 3d mo. 30th. oawtf.
d ". eC " 1 r frf' J^ nu "' ber ef Countß. pan«i, and Mai
't 3' I WTles Bedm^tltg.
1 7 b be fold at public fate.
On the xßth day of June next, at theCifyTavern, in Phi
TT'OUR Lots of Ground in the town of Lamberton,
? county of Burlington, and State of New-Jersey, ad- .
joining the river Delaward, late the.Efcatc- of. William
Richards, deceafcd, with alUhu buildings **<i. improve
ments, bounded by ground of John Mitchell, LamW
Cadwalader and otlicrs; a clear indifgiitabte title will be
given. Jhe terms will be made known at the tim: ar.d
place of sale. April 28. m&th.
General Poji Qjjice y Philadelphia^.
' M«rch i6> '-79^.
WHEREAS funtLry Letters, transmitted in,tli Mjii'.s
of the United States, te and from Norfolk, in the
state of Virginia, were opened, and Note 6 of seve
ral denominations fraudulently t?ken from them at York,
in the fttte aforefaid, in the mouths of O&ober, Novem
ber and Dcsem'nerlaft,: aijd pa*t,of ,fai4
aud fomc calh have been recovered and ar; now in poffcfli
on of tfos RoM4»fter Gene:al. la .orjjer th<;re{pr,e , that
such Bank Notes as- ihall be identified maj be.reft'dred-1»
the owners thereof, and that the rcmainingnotesand calh
be equitably diftfibuted among thole who are entitled to
them. NOTICE 1.3 HEREBY GIVEN-toall perf<HEs : wh>
havc,feffc»«< by fuch/raudulant pra&ices, th^„ pe
riod, aad OB .the route aforementioned, to .cjljfcit „their
claims without delay, supported by such reafonabte proofs
as mi.y beneceffary to fubilantiate them. Such notes as'
>f ihall be identified will be reeeived by application to the
n General Poll Oiti?e, oa or the, of July
npufc; and'tl>£,x«fi<lue of such cafy.and «ot«s will b«
y divided araoiig ; the claimants in proportion t9 theirrefeec
>r itit losses, to be afcert lined by the neceffsryproofs,v. hiclj
on or before that day ftiall'be produced tothe General Poll
i- Office. (lawtju'y) JOS; HABERSHAM.
JS NO. 313, KIGLH-.^TRtl-T,
s - A VERY general lATl9.N;ojjlm wm.
>'-• TT'XTENSIVE collection of tj\e latest Irish Editionsbe-
X_j ing now arranged, he begrs to offer them for Sale,
"! on the fame modern* icrnis, as have for feverjl years
a past, so particularly dUtinguifheri them; tn/iitavfivs
thofo Gentlemen who may favor iyftt with ayeiifjott, tUt
re their orders from, any defiance, whether fpf a ; felf vu
-2 lUe. •r an entire Library, fhfill be executed v,:ith
tc promptitude, and acknowledged with thinks.
Catalogues for the p»efent year are prepared, and
will be delivered .on application
:le N. B. A number of Truulfs to be.difpai'yiflf.
46th April- m&tfov
ts, i'/JU Uay is fMUjbed,
Ilk At No. »or Arch (Ireet, aU'q bp h»d at Eo>
a- well's Printing Offioe, Nf1,53» inxhe l'wpe ftr«ef»
° f From Nimeguen to Basve^
Jk Shewing
?- The actual Seat of War
ib- Between the French and jfuftrtfips.
March 26
:he ' WA NTE U, '
£ Several Apprentices tp the priating
,nd Bulinefs Apply at the Office of the Gazette of the
of United States, No. 119, Chefaut flreet. S_
, u . - LOS T"i
IN the city, on the Point Rsad, the 13th inftay.t, a small
GOLD FRENCH WATCH, made at Paris, with a
* gold chain and two gold fcals, one having the initials H.
; " s > Bt. G. and a Lion crefWtfceother a Lius crest oqly. When
ever finding the fame will briqg them to No. ViX
~ Front-street, Ikall receive a generous reward If o|Fer«4
for sale to any of the Watch-makers in town, they are re
(juefted to flop the fame. April 13. 5
The corner of Market anrt Third-streets, Philadelphia;
MOST refpeftfully informs his friends and the public,
that he has received, per tte last arrivals, a'com
:cad pi ete ant l general aflortment of almof 1
, Eveiy Article in his Line;
Immediately from the manufactures of London, Bir
mingham, and Sheffield, all of which are ps the nsweil
falhion, and will be fold, wholefalc n»4 retail, on [hr ■«-
cot- terms, anthe Notes of Mr. Robert Mqi'fis, T *
JohnNicholfon received in payment at thcif current value,
tot- March 5. t^'tf
George Briughurft,
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends yid the public,
that'he lias removed from Arcji-jltept, to No. 53 in
iMS north Fifth-ftrcet, adjoining the Ewfcojpal Puriai Ground,
the where he continues tjie
• Coach making in all its Branches.
» He makes all kinds of crane neck and perch Carriages,
w such as Coaches, Chariots, Ph.xtons, and Coachees; also,
Chairs, Kitteroens, Sulkeys ; and all kinds of Har
pefs, with plated or brass mounting. H« hath a good
Vupply of tUe icft nwtcrials, aud a of she iti fiar
foned wood.
Orderafnoin any part «f the United Spates willpe o»-
j ly attended to with the greatest punctuality and difpatdi.
' 5 His long experience \f\ bttfyaefs, kis cart in the execu
tcilcs, tion of his work, and an unremitted attention to the
fires of his employers, he flatter* himfelf wUI prove fuffi
dkfs. cient recommendations.
■ He has several fceond-hand Carri ges for sale, >
1 compleat Coaclvee, with a coachman's feat and Venetian
blinds all round; aPhston; a Chair; and a Sulkey with
a falling top.
All kinds of Carriages fold on Commiflion, and Car
riages taken in to (land by the month or year.
[Tort- wanted to the JBufinqfs.
id Philadelphia, .November 2,1. t,t,i?iß3y.?awQ»
S H O T,
OFall sizes, from 3» lb to Grape,
Cambooles, Pots, and other castings ewcuted at the
. shortest notice,
? e Nail rods, from lod to.spike,
Hoop Iron, of all sizes, for casks or cutting iotonaus> ' rom
a brad to lad nails,
Anchors, frqm 17 ioolb.
Bar Iron,
A Quantity of James River Tobacco,
tOriina Pork.
.Herfings in barrels, k
Kiln-dried com me4l in Hhds.ajid Bbls.
Rye flour &c. to be fold by
' Levi Hollingfworth Iff Son•
hecks, FOR SALE.
A FOUNT of,BREVIER,.haIf worn ; about fourhim
' e £\. dred weight. Enquire at the Qtiice of the Gazette
' 'of the United States, No. 119 Chefnut-ftreet.
December I. §
•..1 ■ n . .
wtf. mS —No. 119 —
[Price Eigjit Pollari per Anoam.J
■* ' ' .